Slot vs outside cornerback & notes on Lewis, Wormley

Jourdan Lewis visits Seattle — what it tells us

According to the man himself, he’s either visited the Seahawks or will do in the near future.

This is significant for two reasons:

1. It reinforces the belief Seattle is going to focus strongly on the slot cornerback / nickel position rather than outside cornerback

2. It suggests length is not as crucial in the slot

On the first point, here are some of the reasons why the Seahawks might be more likely to draft a slot cornerback at #26 instead of the more popular prediction of an outside cornerback:

Our piece on wingspans highlights this isn’t a great draft for long cornerbacks. The Seahawks have never drafted a cornerback with a sub-77.5 inch wingspan. There are only six cornerbacks in this entire draft class with a +77.5 inch wingspan. The only two ‘fits’ expected to be drafted during the first two days are Kevin King and Ahkello Witherspoon (and Witherspoon is allergic to tackling as noted here). It’s possible their only serious outside cornerback target at #26 is Kevin King.

— It’s worth remembering how the Seahawks have filled the #2 cornerback spot over the years (and as of today, Richard Sherman doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to being traded, so they are looking for a #2). They used Brandon Browner (ex-CFL), Byron Maxwell (6th rounder), Cary Williams (free agent) and Deshawn Shead (UDFA). So the idea of Jeremy Lane, Neiko Thorpe, Pierre Desir or a returning Shead starting across from Sherman is not fanciful or unrealistic.

— It’s still likely they will draft an outside cornerback at some stage but is it likely to be their first two picks? Or is it more likely to be someone in round three or in the later rounds? Remember — they’ve not previously drafted a cornerback earlier than the fourth round. They’ve consistently waited until day three.

— We know the Seahawks played a lot of 4-2-5 last season (explained here). With Jeremy Lane at least temporarily moving to outside corner (in Pete Carroll’s words) there’s an opening at the ‘fifth DB’ position. That position was a 71% defensive snap role in 2016. It could be even more significant in 2017 as the Seahawks appear open to adopting a nickel base moving forward.

— This draft class is strong at safety and slot cornerback. Some of the best options at #26 are likely to be players who can act as a big nickel or orthodox slot corner. Obi Melifonwu, Adoree’ Jackson, Chidobe Awuzie, Justin Evans and Budda Baker are among the really enticing options.

This brings us onto point #2 — length.

Jackson, Awuzie, Baker all have sub-32 inch arms and short wingspans. We know the Seahawks have strictly drafted long cornerbacks in the past. Is this vital in the slot?

Their two all-world safety’s don’t have particularly long wingspan’s (Earl Thomas — 74.5, Kam Chancellor, 76.5). And the way the league is adapting, the ‘fifth DB’ position is pretty much a safety/corner hybrid.

The meeting with Jourdan Lewis kind of confirms length isn’t as important for this role. He has 31 5/8 inch arms. He’s also small — listed at 5-10 and 188lbs. He’s in the Adoree’/Budda bracket for size.

It might be a coincidence but Pete Carroll attended the USC pro-day (Jackson) and Kris Richard was at UCLA (Fabian Moreau). Now there’s the Lewis visit and Melifonwu has been in Seattle for a meeting too.

A lot of the mounting evidence points to the slot cornerback/big nickel role being a major target — arguably more so than outside corner.

And this shouldn’t be a surprise given the way the league is trending and Carroll’s lukewarm assessment of Jeremy Lane’s performance in 2016.

More on Jourdan Lewis

Having a more open mind on size/length has opened up a lot of new options to assess. As noted yesterday, Chidobe Awuzie is a diamond. He just isn’t long. If that doesn’t matter in the slot he could easily be Seattle’s first pick.

Awuzie is one of those players who could go in the top-15 or last into the early 30’s. There’s a few in this class. If he’s off the board — and if Melifonwu, Jackson and King are too — the Seahawks could do with alternative targets.

And that’s arguably where Jourdan Lewis comes into play.

I sat down to focus on him today for the first time, watching three games initially. Here are things that really stand out:

— He is ultra competitive despite his lack of size. Awuzie has the kind of gritty personality that matches this team but Lewis takes it up another notch.

— Lewis is nearly always in position to make the play. He lives in the WR’s hip pocket. Even when he gives up some separation downfield, he finds a way to get a hand in there to make the play. Despite his relatively short arms (31 3/8 inches) he actually has a 75 1/8 inch wingspan. It’s not elite length but it’s good for his size.

— He’s possibly the toughest little b*****d in the draft. Considering his size, it was a joy to watch him in run support. He gives absolutely everything, leaves it all on the field, never shies away from contact, tackles competently and does a far superior job than any of the big cornerbacks in this draft (this CB class is lacking in run support overall).

— Solid run support in this ‘fifth DB’ role is absolutely crucial.

— He had the interception of the season to win a game for Michigan against Wisconsin. It was Odell Beckham Jr-esque:

— You can clearly see he isn’t the same type of athlete as Adoree’ Jackson, Justin Evans or Chidobe Awuzie. He is very much a gritty, well drilled, well coached, loves the game type of player. That lower grade of athleticism is probably what separates him from the pack. Yet there’s not a huge drop-off in performance.

Lewis ran a 4.45 forty at his pro-day with a 4.29 short shuttle and a 6.88 three cone. At the combine he jumped a 10-1 broad and a 34.5 inch vertical. Not great numbers but not a problem either.

I think it’s highly likely he’ll be a top-50 pick.

In a scenario where the likes of Awuzie and Jackson are off the board — or if the Seahawks have some kind of a plan that involves a real desire to trade down — Lewis makes a ton of sense. Alternatively, they could look to trade up from #58 to target Lewis and take a pass rusher (for example) with their top pick (eg Bowser or Watt).

If you were impressed with Awuzie’s character yesterday, there’s more of the same here. This is an interview he did at the Senior Bowl:

Is Chris Wormley an option too?

The Seahawks seem to like and appreciate the Michigan defense. It’s not a big surprise. Despite the often heated rivalry between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh, there also lay a kind of mutual respect.

And while Lewis could legitimately be an option for them at slot corner, versatile D-liner Chris Wormley is another possible target too.

I wrote a brief piece about Wormley when I visited Seattle last November. Here are some of the notes:

For starters his gap discipline is excellent and that’s pretty much one of the most important things if you’re going to play D-line for the Seahawks. They put a high priority on players who can execute their jobs, control the situation and work against the run. Wormley is very good here with plus strength and the ability to handle 1v1 blocks consistently well if he lines up inside or out. He plays with heavy hands in the run-game.

He’s nearly always on the field for Michigan (doesn’t get subbed very often) but he’s still willing to string plays out and work in pursuit. He plays with an edge and he’s tough.

As a pass rusher nobody would say he’s twitchy but he does have a decent get-off. He had 6.5 sacks last season and 14.5 TFL’s. This year he already has 7.5 sacks and 7.5 TFL’s. You can’t argue with his production. He’s savvy with the push-pull move and he has enough power to drive blockers into the backfield to impact snaps even when he doesn’t get on the stat sheet.

Wormley has classic size to be a potential inside/out rusher (DE in base, kick inside on third down). He’s 6-5 and 298lbs with 34 1/8 inch arms and a 82 3/4 inch wingspan (he’s the fourth longest interior D-liner in the draft).

He didn’t work out at the combine but managed a lightning quick 4.84 forty, a 31.5 inch vertical and a 9-2 broad.

The key workout to focus on might be the short shuttle. The two pass rush DT’s the Seahawks have drafted since 2010 are Jordan Hill and Jaye Howard. Hill ran a really good 4.51 shuttle and Howard a 4.47. Wormley is right in that ballpark with a 4.55.

Howard also ran a 1.68 10-yard split (good for his size) while Wormley ran a 1.67.

Wormley’s three cone time (7.08) is also considerably faster than any of the DT’s Seattle has drafted in the Carroll era (the best was Howard’s 7.32).

He’s also an authority figure, speaking like a grown man in interviews with a striking maturity and business-like attitude.

He does have a tendency to be a little inconsistent on tape but if the Seahawks do want to add another inside-out rusher, this could be their best bet.

Could they trade down at #26 and then trade up at #58 to land Lewis and Wormley with their first two picks?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

It feels like there’s a strong possibility they’ll add a slot corner/big nickel and a pass rusher in the first two rounds.


  1. BobbyK

    I’d be happy with a Watt/Lewis 1-2 punch if they went with the pass rusher early. Be thrilled with a King or Obi scenario at #26 with a trade up for Bowser in the second, too. Bring on the draft!

  2. Rawls1234

    How far do character concerns drop him?

    • Rawls1234

      “Jourdan Lewis’s domestic violence case will be going to trial in July”

      • Rob Staton

        Depends on the outcome

      • Ishmael

        Only a bit of light choking, nothing that will bother JS even if he’s found guilty

        • RWIII

          Ismael: Did you say LIGHT CHOKING?

          • HawkTalker #1

            Yes, only moderate abuse. Nothing to get worked up over. Not like it was medium, medium-heavy, or heavy choking. There wasn’t even even any recessuciation needed. Why are we even talking about this? |:

            • Hawkfaninmt

              But was there a video? That seems more important these days than the actual incident

              • HI Hawk

                This is the sad truth.

            • RWIII

              This draft is LOADED with slot/nickel cornerbacks. Let’s just avoid the headache. I have a friend that doesn’t like the Seahawks. Every time I see him. he always gives me crap about Frank Clark.

              • Rob Staton

                Why don’t people calm down and wait for the outcome of this hearing?

                • peter

                  Well unfortunately the outcome is after the draft. So fans have a right to be apprehensive. Plus his tweets after the event don’t inspire mature leadership, they are of an immature man not knowing well enough to keep his mouth shut until after an investigation.

                  • peter

                    Well unfortunately the outcome is after the draft. So fans have a right to be apprehensive. Plus his tweets after the event don’t inspire mature leadership, they are of an immature man not knowing well enough to keep his mouth shut until after an investigation.

                • peter

                  Rob sorry about that double post. I actually wanted to add I think Lewis is a really good find and evaluation on your part. And I’m always hopefully for clear and transparent outcomes for incidences like the one he was involved in.

              • Sean Hoffert

                Has Clark had any issues since he got here?

  3. Volume12

    That was by far the pick of the year.

    I was telling nichansen yesterday, Jourdan Lewis is incredibly flashy. Plays much bigger than his size, excellent ball skills, and clutch.

    Glad me and you see the same things with this cat Rob.

    Would be thrilled to get…

    Round 1: Lewis or Awuzie
    Round 2: Tim Williams

    • Rob Staton

      I like Williams but dubious about him being another Randy Gregory. Really, really want to trust him. But a guy who says he’s made mistakes all the time and keeps making them — when does the penny drop?

      Compare that to someone like T.J. Watt for example — and you know you can trust a guy like that.

      Daeshon Hall could be the interesting one for Seattle if they go EDGE.

      • Volume12

        Fair point. At the same time, wouldn’t surprise me to see them take a prospect like that this year.

        Wouldn’t mind Daeshon Hall either. We know how much they love that A&M too.

        Maybe not round 2, but could also see Carroll Phillips as well.

  4. GeoffU

    Could Wormley’s inconsistency have to do with playing so many snaps?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. Hard to say.

  5. Dingbatman

    With Adoree Jackson’s premiere “suddenness” I’m surprised at his lack of sacks or tackles for loss. He certainly seems every bit as quick as Awuzie. Is it a scheme thing? Did they just not use him in that role?

    • Rob Staton

      He didn’t play in the slot. Was an outside corner at USC. Was barely ever used to attack the backfield.

      Suddenness also won’t really help you in that regard. It’s a better feature for his kick return and offensive skills.

  6. Volume12

    As for that mid round CB? I’m saying, keep your eyes on Richmond DB David Jones.

    Can play safety or corner which makes him more versatile. Highly productive. Look how long and linear he is. This guy is a TO machine! And a physical/hard hitting presence on ST’s too.

    Richmond DB David Jones highlights:

    • Del tre

      I really like his highlights! He looks like he’d be great against the run. He looked good in coverage as well.

      • HawkTalker #1

        +100 great find

        • Sea Mode

          Looks nice and long. Good find, I like him a lot.

          Broke the same arm twice, but the second time at least I saw it was a freak accident ala Lockett. He caught a punt, slipped and put his hand in the ground to stay up, and right then a defender came barreling in off balance.

          Easy to see why they brought him in for a VMAC visit.

  7. DC

    Just want to give a big thanks in the calm before the storm. Thanks for your seemingly tireless work Rob and for being a Seahawks fan. Is there another site like this in the entire league? We are blessed here.

    Special shout to V12 also for opening eyes to so many possible players each and every year. If there was a CIA within the NFL You’d be hired in a heartbeat.

    And everyone who is constantly scouting for Hawks in the rough.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

  8. Volume12

    Rob, you checked out that O-lineman from S.Florida? Kofi Amichia? SPARQ’d to the moon and some pretty damn good tape too. Could be their late round addition or yearly freak UDFA.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t, heard of him but not watched him

  9. Volume12

    Something else that just dawned on me. Seattle has used their first overall selection on VMAC visitors or personal/private workouts 3 years in a row? 4?

    • Sean-O

      I was wondering about something similar today too. I wonder what the breakdown is with the Hawks 1st, 2nd, etc round pick being a guy they had “visited” with versus someone they hadn’t.

      Get Elias on it!

  10. Greg Haugsven

    We could possibly throw Peppers in there as well. They look good but I still clamor for my Adoree Jackson/Jordan Willis duo.

    • Ishmael

      I’m with you on Peppers, warming to him more and more. I’d be thrilled if he fell to 26.

  11. nichansen01

    Hawks should sign Moe Ali Cox. Then the tight end position is pretty much set, with good competition. Also seems like the perfect heir to Graham.

    • cha

      Likely he’d have to show something on special teams to get a roster spot.

  12. nichansen01

    If we are going to consider Awuzie Jackson and now Lewis, why not consider Corn Elder for the slot?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s a lesser player — probably early day three. Think they’ll address this position earlier.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He has been a special teams leader, as well.

    • Awsi Dooger

      I’m a Canes season ticket holder. Corn Elder was a huge fan favorite due to his feisty style throughout his career. Until last season when Manny Diaz at defensive coordinator restored attacking defensive football to Coral Gables, Elder was one of very, very few players who applied that old time Canes approach despite the read and react finesse approach of despised defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio under Al Golden.

      Elder clearly outplayed eventual Steelers first round pick Artie Burns in 2015. Not remotely close. But I agree his overall athletic ability makes him more of a middle round type than premium.

      For a value look off the Miami roster I’d name cornerback Adrian Colbert, a graduate transfer who rarely played due to injury. But when Colbert was on the field he was shockingly nasty, especially at Notre Dame. It looked like an ’80s/’90s Canes defender. There were constant whispers from the practice field that Colbert was the fastest player on the team. Then he verified that by running a very fast 40 at Miami’s pro day. I saw it listed between 4.25 and 4.38. I realize that’s a cavernous gap but both numbers were out there.

      I’m not sure about Colbert’s arm length or other measurables.

      BTW, the cornerback who always impressed me in run defense was Kazee of San Diego State. I bet that team all the time due to the wonderful blend of physical basic I formation football and also smart aggressive defense. IMO, they are one of the best coached teams in the country. I laughed all the way through that coaching mismatch in the bowl trouncing of Houston. Kazee has deficiencies in arm length, etc., and also some trouble on deep balls, but he was a terrific relentless and resourceful college cornerback.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


        “I’m pretty sure I’m going to be playing nickel just because of my size and my weight. And I’m for it. I’m for whatever position they want to put me in. I don’t care if it’s long snapper.”

        142 tackles (104 solo), 8.5 TFL, 15 INT, 15 PBU, 2 TDs in 2015 & 2016.

        • HI Hawk

          I love Kazee too. In my draft world, he’s my hedge for missing out on Adoree in round 1.

      • Sean Hoffert

        Colbert looks a bit like Sherman to me. Another guy thats gone unnoticed is Jeremy Clark from Michigan. I think he’d be worth a look.

  13. cha

    “he has enough power to drive blockers into the backfield to impact snaps even when he doesn’t get on the stat sheet.”

    I love this ability. Seriously underrated in view of the “wow” stats like sacks that get promoted so much.

    I could see Wormley and Jaran Reed as early-down disruptors that record 3-4 sacks a year but consistently force 2nd/3rd & longs so Avril, Bennett, Clark, etc can pin their ears back. All without all that much blitzing.

  14. DC

    Refreshing to see the FO adapting based on who they are meeting with. Get back on the cutting edge defensively.

    • BobbyK

      “Get back to cutting edge?” I totally disagree. In the past FOUR drafts…

      Did I say, “FOUR?”


      In the past 4 drafts, the Seahawks have used THREE total picks in the first two days of the draft (rounds 1-3) on defensive players.


      In a nutshell, all we have done with the last 4 drafts in the first three rounds is use the picks on OFFENSIVE players. This includes Harvin/Graham, but it’s also including all of our offensive picks…

      We have drafted Hill (3rd rounder and ONLY defender in ’13 – first 3 rounds), NOBODY defensively in ’14 (Marsh was first defender in 4th round), Clark in late 2nd in ’15, and Reed last year).

      In the meantime, we have traded for and drafted all kinds of offensive players…

      How are we supposed to “get back” to cutting edge if we never draft for talent early in the draft?

      • BobbyK

        Heck, we drafted more offensive players in the first 3 rounds last year (Ifedi, CJ, Vannett & Rees) than we have in total on the defense in four total years.

        • DC

          “Get back on the cutting edge” is a request to the team BobbyK. As in our defense was once cutting edge but hasn’t been for a long time so let’s get back to it.

          Specifically I’m referring to the prospective DBs they have been meeting with this year. The guys that can cover the slot, sack the QB, drop as a 2nd S & cover the outside. Someone who’s presence will keep opposing offenses guessing. I’m excited by the prospect of adding that element to the team. A “cutting edge” player. Someone(s) we can get creative with instead of the stubborn old, this is what we do now see if you can beat it.

  15. Deryck

    I see two things going on here, on the one hand we talk about a big nickel (buffalo) being used but then talk about a normal slot corner being used.

    I guess I’m left wondering which way the Hawks will go.
    Which way should they go? Which way are they likely to go?

    Benefits of a big nickel like Obi is the ability to cover tight ends and be solid in the run game while a guy like Awuzie helps with quick slot receivers.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it really depends who’s available. Melifonwu is thoroughly unique and could set a new standard for the position. If he’s off the board, there’s little choice but to consider the safety/CB hybrid types like Awuzie.

      • Dale Roberts

        How do you rank the buffalo offerings now?
        1. Melifonwu
        2. ?
        3. ?

        • Dingbatman

          Since it came from PC’s own mouth I would put McDougald on that list.

        • Misfit74

          I think a good chance we take King and find another Buffalo to compete with or win job over B.McDougal after that. Clearly the outside corners we like are very rare and one boasting King’s athleticism even more so. If we think Obi can play Buffalo and CB2 he has to be 1b (maybe even 1a) with King.

          • Misfit74

            *Obviously only if we even have a decision to make. King and Obi may well not make it to 26.

        • Rob Staton

          Prefer not to rank. Melifonwu has a ton of potential for that role but he is truly unique. The others are different types of player.

  16. Coleslaw

    I would definitely be marginally more excited to get Awuzie or Jackson, but Lewis is a nice consolation prize.
    Awuzie+Wormley would be really cool. Lots of attitude and swagger. Just the type of guys to spark up our veterans. Also someone said we like to pick guys who don’t have a lot of buzz, here ya go.
    Wormley would be great for becoming the bully again, too.
    I think that WR is just as likely as a pass rusher with our second pick, as there seems to be more quality and quantity in the 2nd round and both spots are question marks for the future still

  17. Clayton

    Do you think Cordrea Tankersley is a consideration for #26? In watching videos of the big corners discussed on this blog, I think he seems to be the one that is the most fiery and competitive. That’s just my opinion anyway.

    • Rob Staton

      I like him but not sure about Seattle in R1. Maybe GB or Dallas.

  18. 503Hawk

    Rob, you just keep out-doing yourself! Crazy good article! I’m super busy w/ life right now, haven’t been able to read all of the contributors’ comments like I use to. (Will try to find some time.) But you can believe I never miss one of your write-ups.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man!

  19. Dlep

    Pauline just put out a post on awuzie saying he could be in play for the titans and raiders so seattle might not even get a chance to draft him either. He also has been invited to attend the draft which is typically an indication of a first round selection.

    • Rob Staton

      Another one bites the dust

      • Dlep

        Hey maybe boosts the chances of adoree and or obi being there at 26, right Rob? Right? Grasping for straws here.

        • Nathan

          Well someone had to drop down as a result.

        • Rob Staton

          I think the ones who might fall are Ramcyzk and Lattimore.

          • Sea Mode

            And Cook. I didn’t know until today, but besides the off-field stuff, he also has had 3 shoulder surgeries. Not good for a guy who will need to “lower his shoulder” a lot at the next level.

      • Bigten

        I’m convinced peppers is going to available, and we are going to select him over obi. But have we shown interest in him? Skill set seems to be perfect. Linebacker/safety/corner. Not great coverage, but could that be part because of position and coaching and having to do everything at Mich.? And character/personality is about as perfect as it gets. And granted I’m a buckeye, so this all is tough to say about a player from tTUN.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Peppers will be gone at #26. Too good.

          • bigten

            i agree he is to good, but a lot of people have him mocked after us (i know just mocks, they don’t really mean anything) but if he was there, would JS/PC have a strong interest in him and run to the podium?

  20. Michigan Alum

    As a Michigan alum who watched Jourdan Lewis for years, let me share this video with you. The first play will tell you (almost) all you need to know.

    That’s Lewis playing in the fourth game of his sophomore season. I haven’t seen that play since the moment it happened, but it stuck in my mind all these years. In several decades of watching UM games, he’s the best cornerback I’ve seen in Ann Arbor with the exception of you-know-who. I’d even say Lewis was better in coverage, but I haven’t compared them side-by-side.

    Look him up on Pro Football Focus; they think he’s been pretty much the best college cornerback in the country for 2-3 years.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks! That game tape was more like a highlight reel. He made play after play.

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The rumor mill is that Seattle may draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round to be the back-up.
    A guy needing some polish, but able to sit for 2-3 years and learn the craft.

    I’m trying to decide who would realistically be there when they pick…. tough one

    • BobbyK

      I’m totally on board for a QB in the 3rd round. I always hate when 1 injury can destroy a season. Wilson and ET are the two most irreplaceable players right now. Part of the reason I’d be happy with Baker as our “Buffalo,” as he’s serve as ET insurance, too.

    • Overtime

      I like Joshua Dobbs. He is able to extend plays and pick up a few yards with his feet. He is also a good deep passer.

      Jerod Evans is another one that should be there. He looks more like a RB that throws the ball. He will put his head down and fight for every yard. I don’t see that translating to the NFL.

      I would like to see the Hawks trade back and take one of thes guys. RW3 isn’t going to go injury free forever.

    • Bigten

      Thoughts on Seth Russell from Baylor? Other than injuries, has great skill set and talent. Would be agreat career back up that could play solid for half a season if needed

    • C-Dog

      I think that is a sound approach.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure on this TBH. They haven’t drafted a QB since Wilson and I’m not convinced this is the draft to do it.

  22. Wall Up

    Don’t sleep on Brian Allen as the outside No. 2 CB.

    • Misfit74


    • Rob Staton

      Allen could be a target but he’ll likely be a redshirt type I think

    • Misfit74

      I’m nearly in favor of Brian Allen as THE CB2 target for us after a Bufflo/Slot guy round 1. I think even King will have a redshirt or only be a part-time starter should we land him.

      Better chance of a slot guy playing immediate, meaningful snaps.

  23. MontanaMike

    You guys are so knowledgeable about so many players, i don’t watch college football, but when you mention someone i go and look up everything about them. Now my head is really spinning, there are so many intriguing players that i want, and my love for the UDFA’s.

    • STTBM

      That highlight tape of Lewis vs Utah was wild! He looks every inch a Seahawks slot corner. What a competitor! He diagnoses the route, run v pass, and reacts so quickly…he’s fearless vs the run and never hesitates to lower his shoulder and mix it up, though he isnt a crushing tackler. He recovers nearly instantly from mistakes and stumbles and never, ever gives up on a play.

      Rob has found another guy who is likely on Seattle’s radar for sure…

      Feeling a bit better about Seattle possibly being unable to land my favorite DB’s in the Draft–King, Obi, Peppers, A Jackson, Baker….Awuzie. Lots of guys who could fit in somewhere…

      Yep, this Draft will be fun–at least the first three rounds!

  24. Dale Roberts

    Rob you’ve really gotten on a roll. Thanks for all your work and thanks for answering so many of our comments.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

  25. John

    What are your thoughts on Eddie Jackson? He seems to be the forgotten man, but is R1 caliber….

    • Rob Staton

      Get asked about him all the time. Not R1 caliber to me. Not heard how his injury situation is. Prefer other safety’s.

      • HI Hawk

        I haven’t asked in at least a week Rob. :).

        John, I’m Jackson’s biggest cheerleader around here, but I don’t think you need to use a R1 pick on him. Rob doesn’t think his athleticism is at the same level as a lot of other guys, but I think its more that he’s been lost in the shuffle of coverage since he isn’t doing any testing or workouts. I think his athleticism is a plus, based solely on watching him play, since he was unable to do any athletic testing so far. He was one of the best returners in college up until his injury, and he’s taken 3 INTs back to the house as well. Besides that, his instincts are very good and his leadership qualities are off the charts. He’s played CB and S, he was the leader of the best defense in college football. His injury was a broken leg that will be healed and he’ll be full go by Training Camp. Sorry for linking you to a Patriots site, but its a good collection of game tape, etc.:

  26. nichansen01

    How would this blog feel about this draft:

    1. Malik McDowell
    2. Chris Wormley
    3. Jourdan Lewis
    3. Daeshon Hall
    3. Reyshawn Jenkins
    6. Shalom Luani
    7. Xavier Coleman

    I would be thrilled with this. Seahawks need another edge pass rusher and we really need interior d line help. Lewis will help man the slot, and the collection of Elliot, Desir, Thorpe and Lane can compete for the corner spot across Sherm.

    Rubin doesn’t really do much for me as a DT, and behind Reed and Rubin there is truly nothing at the moment.

    • C-Dog

      McDowell and Wormley physically seem too much the same type of player. I’d be way more interested in Wormley the McDowell.

      • RWIII

        Malik McDowell. This year’s version of Robert Nkemdiche.

    • jujus

      give me w/e LB is on the board over malik. I think he is a bust and wont even make it past 24.

    • HawkTalker #1

      I have changed my position on McDowell. I’m not ignoring the concerns about him checking out when the season appeared to be a bust, but I watched a lot of tape on him recently and a very interesting comparison, although I don’t like all the chatter and bantering about when the YouTube commentator is making points, of McDowell vs S. Thomas by a guy named Vosh Lombadri. McDowell appeared to be relentless on my plays, dominating in 1 v 1 situations, successfully fighting through double teams, continually disrupting in the backfield and racking up TFLs. Playing for the Seahawks, there would never be a reason or motivation to checkout and after being injected with the Seahawk brotherhood motivation and never say die fight, I feel he would be something extraordinary for the Hawks. I hope the “quitter” concerns persist so Seattle has the opportunity and temptation to take him.

      • Ukhawk

        I like him in R2, maybe a tradeup a la Reed

      • Ishmael

        They’re just not going to like a dude who gave up on his team. They want guys who have fought through adversity, overcome tough situations, showed grit and determination. They don’t want spoiled man-children who only want to show up when the going is good. If McDowell had played his heart out over the back end of last season, then it’s entirely possible they’d be interested.

        Although with that said, they’ve never showed a huge amount of interest in a pass-rushing DT. Seem to mainly want the big boys holding their gap discipline, keeping the play in front of them, and letting the LBs make plays.

    • Rob Staton

      No thanks on McDowell

  27. RWIII

    Eddie Jackson in the first round? Really! You must be thinking of Adoree Jackson.

    • Rob Staton

      Adoree’ not Eddie

  28. nichansen01

    My preferred late round wide receiver? Darreus Rogers, USC.

    • Misfit74

      UDFA possibly. Slow as molasses.

  29. Saxon

    Great work, Rob. Any thoughts on late round sleepers? Stacey Coley and Corn Elder from Miami merit a look I think.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Devante Mays RB Utah State

  30. Erik

    I am still hoping Sherman we trade for a 1st and a 3rd. Maybe a 1st and a 4th at the least. If the team can trade Sherman, the board will change drastically in the teams favor.
    I still like Budda Baker at #26. He reminds me of Earl Thomas. Utility player. Doesn’t meet the length, height requirements but, he is fast and he can ball. Same with Adoree Jackson. With Lockette recovering, a player who can double as a returner adds value to the roster. ST has sucked in recent years. We’ll see how the new Kicker works out. Whoever wins the job.

  31. peter

    Rob excellent piece again. I’ve been wondering if as you mentioned about outside CB’s on the podcast about all CB’s in general, if Seattle isn’t going to pick players in the first and maybe in the second that we aren’t identifying such as Wormley? By that I mean there’s a pretty universal belief that they are going CB early but Seattle has shown a willingness to find their players later and train them up. I know that seems more for outside but realistically they do that for all of the CB’s.

    After making great arguments about all the players you could this draft season and kind of circling in on the Nickel position it dawns on me that maybe Seattle can find a nickel corner all over the draft if they aren’t tied to physical form or supreme athleticism. Lewis is a good find per example, but his combine numbers aren’t really eventful and despite playing well and getting after it in the college ranks, 5’10 188 in the pro’s taking on some of the leagues great TE’s and the bigger but slower WR’s could present with problems.

    I don’t know I’m kind of stoked to see Wormley back in discussions. A big dude like that with Reed could be lethal upfront.

    • Rob Staton

      Well of course, there’s always a chance they do something we haven’t forecast. I think if they take Lewis or Wormley first it’s probably after a small trade down. They could take a pass rusher first and a corner second. But I think this is a draft to go CB early.

      • peter

        I totally agree. You’ve just opened the doors to being able to take a nickel with a less than seahawky ideal. Awuzie, Jackson, and lewis I just think they may have more room in different rounds than maybe I initially thought.

  32. coach

    Thanks for all the great articles and highlighting these prospects for our beloved Hawks! Did I miss it, or have you not highlighted Peppers? Do you think there is a chance that he is their guy at 26? What do you see as his strengths and weaknesses and how does he compare to Obi, Jackson, Awuzie?

    Thanks and go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I think Peppers will be long gone at #26

  33. Sea Mode


    #49ers GM John Lynch said he’s received calls expressing interest in No. 2 pick: “We’re open for business.”

    2:24 PM – 12 Apr 2017

    • Ishmael

      Smart. They have SO many needs, they really need as many picks as they can get.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I think this guy might be worth keeping in mind for Seattle in the 6th round (roughly)
    Reason I bring him up is the report that Seattle might be looking for a later round WR to add come competition to the position group.

    6’3″ 219… DROPPED A 4.4 40
    “Davis is a coordinated athlete with good overall size and muscle definition for the position. He accelerates fluidly, showing at least moderate top-end speed as well as deceptive burst to squirt through traffic and break into the open field. He is an effective route-runner, demonstrating just enough burst and balance out of his breaks to generate separation. He was asked to run a variety of pro-style routes in this offense, showing the awareness and body control to set up defenders with effective double-moves. He possesses good body control to contort in the air, spinning to be an effective weapon on back shoulder fades. Davis is a generally reliable hands-catcher. He is an effective vertical threat, showing acceleration as well as the vision and balance necessary to track the ball over his shoulder.” ~ CBSSPORTS

    • peter

      I like him as an athlete but on ethe one tape he has at Draft breakdown he a. Should be dominating his competition because he’s clearly the best athlete on the field. and b. if Seattle drafts him be prepared to wait a year for anything because again in that tape he spent a lot of time with his hands up waiting for a ref to make a call when he could have been throwing his arms out and snatching the ball out of the air.

      To be fair his QB sucked so that did him no favors.

      I do like him and a late pick I’m fine with but the guy I’m all in on later is Jehu Chesson, a player Seattle could get later and could give Kearse some competition. A bit bigger, a bit faster, a good attacking run blocker.

    • Hawktalker #1

      What was his production like?

    • Misfit74

      Davis, Zamora, and K. Hogan are the best developmental upside WRs. Massive upside!

  35. EranUngar

    A few general remarks:

    Yes, the seahawks used Browner and later Maxi at CB2. However, they did it mostly with 2 safeties on top in some version of Tampa 2. Playing cover 1 or cover 3 requires CBs that have the speed to protect deep along the lines. It may be why the Seahawks will draft one before day 3.

    Pass rush solves secondary issues. If the Seahawks will indeed add to their pass rushing package, reduce Bennett & Avril snaps and be able to field 4 effective pass rushers on obvious passing situations, it will go a long way in helping the secondary.

    The key to the 4-2-5 is not the nickle. The key is having Kam in the box providing a LB’s size and power against the run. That allows us to use a smaller nickle if that is the pick they prefer.

    Checking the various mock drafts as we enter the final 2 weeks is illuminating. I have yet to encounter a mock that has all the “usual suspects” (Reddick, Bolles, Obi, king & Jackson) gone at 26. In most mocks 2-3 of them are still available. While we know better what the Seahawks are likely to do, we are not as knowledgeable about other teams. If those 5 are the sure picks at 26, we’ll probably have more than one available for us.

    I am also sure that an OW will be picked somewhere in day 2. (Most likely TE but possibly WR). Those are skill positions that need a year to learn the ropes. With Gimmy, Willson, PRich and possibly Kearse in question for 2018, the time to bring one aboard is now.

    • Rob Staton

      The key is the nickel in the modern NFL. Just as much as the SS. The game has changed.

      • EranUngar

        With a smaller SS and say Jackson at nickle you’d be hard pressed to strop running plays from a 3-1 alignment…

        • Rob Staton

          Who says they have to start a smaller SS?

          The fact is they aren’t starting a small SS. And none of this diminishes the growing importance of that 5th DB.

    • HI Hawk

      The Seahawks have never relied on two deep coverage, except in small samples to throw a changeup. They’ve been a cover 1/cover 3 defense from Day 1 of the Pete Carroll regime. Shead is not a faster athlete than Maxwell is or Browner was. Besides, Lane is faster than any of them and he’s the presumptive starter at CB2. Rob said it a few times now, but fans really are cringing at the idea of Lane (or Thorpe, Desir, Elliott) starting at CB2. It’s an overreaction to think any CB drafted is being looked at as a starter at CB2 in Week 1 though, Pete needs to trust the guy and I don’t think it happens that fast. Lane is better outside than inside and I have no doubt he’ll probably hold onto his job as the “next man up” (as stated by Pete Carroll); further I think he’ll be just as good as Shead out there.

      Kam is the 8th man in the box, the nickel is the presumptive 7th man in the box – so he does need to play the run physically and set a hard edge since that’s what the SLB’s primary job would be against the run. Lane and Thurmond were physical enough, but if they have to stack and play off of a FB or TE block – a bigger nickel would have a better shot against a 2 WR set.

      I do agree that one or more of SDB’s favorites will be there for the Hawks though.

  36. Peanut

    This is becoming more and more a very interesting draft. At the beginning of the year, the few mock drafts had players that are now pushed out of RD1. Jarrad Davis was a sure top 15 pick, now some say he might go round 2? Kevin King was Seattle’s safe 2nd rounder, now he can go where Sidney Jones went? We were hoping to steal Reddick at 26, now he will go top 15 possibly, and Obi’s rise has been incredible. Rob had him in round 3 I believe in an early mock, now we’re lucky if we can get him at 26.

    • Ishmael

      Daniel Jeremiah has Davis going in the middle of the first round for what it’s worth. A lot of the mock drafts at this time of year are based on guys looking at each others mock drafts and changing their’s so it doesn’t look like they’re missing out. I wouldn’t take them too seriously.

  37. Sea Mode

    You know the other Michigan player I think we need to talk about: S Delano Hill.

    First of all, size: 6010, 216. So no problem there vs. the run. And with 32 1/8 arm, 77.5 wingspan, he even meets our CB length standards, and it shows in PBUs and tackles on tape.

    Besides his highlights, I watched the two games available on DBD (vs. OSU, vs. MSU) and I have yet to see him miss a tackle. Not one. Fights off blocks admirably with his length.

    People like to knock him for his short area agility (4.27 SS, 6.96 3C), but those numbers–while not elite–are just fine, and he plays faster than that, closing gaps quickly and blitzing if asked to. There is a nice blitz on his highlights tape as well from some 10 yards off LOS. The QB ran play action and by the time he turned around at the top of his drop, Hill was already in his face. Long speed is good for his size at 4.47.

    Prefers to secure the tackle, but will also lay a pop when he sees he has the chance. Good judgement in that sense.

    2016 Highlights:

    Personality in interviews was just ok. Seemed really laid back, but didn’t really articulate a lot of football knowledge like Awuzie and others. Videos were numbered though on Youtube and not particularly recent.

    Could be some good value on day 3 IMO.

    FWIW, was also a high-school teammate of Jourdan Lewis. So maybe they got some info there from Lewis as well on his VMAC visit.

    And here’s an amazing stat for Jourdan Lewis I found as well:

    “Jourdan Lewis was named the Tatum-Woodson Defensive Back of the Year. A finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, Lewis has been targeted 31 times, allowing 74 yards, with 14 total yards after catch and 0.36 yards per snap in coverage. The lock-down corner is more likely to touch the football than the receiver he is covering is to catch the ball, with 12 pass breakups to eight receptions allowed. Lewis has contributed 23 tackles, 3.5 tackles-for-loss, two interceptions and 12 pass breakups this season.”

    I did notice a couple PI calls for Lewis in the MSU game. (He was flagged 14 times over the past three seasons, so that’s definitely something to clean up)

    • lil'stink

      Like Hill a lot. Seemed to play a lot of single high safety on his tape, but is built like a box safety. I think we’d have to take him in the 3rd or he’ll be gone by the time we pick next.

    • STTBM

      Those are amazing stats! Damn near Nnamdi Asomugha-like in his prime! PI doesnt bother me–he is a handsy player but not a cheater. He would fit right in…

    • KD

      Thanks for the find. Looks VERY impressive, and definitely going on my watch list

  38. Sea Mode


    Source: Marshawn Lynch has begun NFL reinstatement process, hoping to play for #Raiders or could team with Richard Sherman if CB traded.

    3:55 AM – 13 Apr 2017

    • DLep

      Rapsheet is saying Lynch is going to be traded to the Raiders, being worked out now.

      • vrtkolman

        I’m surprised, in a good way. This could be a free draft pick if it plays out.

      • KingRajesh

        Good riddance. Glad to see him go, but he should have been let go after 2014. When we were looking to re-sign Lynch in the offseason after the Super Bowl loss, I said that it would be a terrible mistake, as Lynch was getting older and slower. I got blasted online for it, people saying that I wasn’t a fan of the team.

        When the terms of the re-signing came out in 2015, I said that it could be one of the worst mistakes of John Schneider’s career. I again took my lumps online for that opinion, people saying it was a “hot take” and again questioning my fandom.

        Now, it looks like it’s coming around. Lynch bilked us for $12m in 2015 between salary and signing bonus, played like garbage during the season, refused to play in the cold weather game against the Vikings after taking all of the snaps in practice, and then looked out of sync with Russell Wilson in the game against the Panthers, leading to Luke’s Pick 6. He then retired.

        Dude never had loyalty to Seattle, Pete Carroll, or the team. He was just out to get his before he got got doe, which isn’t a problem, just don’t screw up the team while you’re doing it.

        • Sea Mode

          Well, it wasn’t Lynch’s fault that they offered him $12m to keep playing.

          • KingRajesh

            It was Lynch’s fault, as he said “Give me more money or I retire/hold out” and it’s John Schneider’s fault that he caved.

        • lil'stink

          Marshawn had some of the greatest moments in team history. He played an integral part in turning this franchise around. We don’t make it to one Super Bowl without him, let alone two.

          Yeah, I think he was a headache to the front office. Probably more than most fans realize. But you can’t fault Marshawn for his last contract. That’s on the front office.

          Don’t let your bitterness because you got blasted on the internet for your comments skew what Marshawn did for this team and its fans.

          • KingRajesh

            You sure can fault Marshawn for that last contract, because he held a gun to the team and was like “pay me or else” and coming off the Super Bowl 49 loss where everyone was like “You should have ran the ball with Lynch” (even though Lynch was like 1-5 with 2 fumbles from the 1 yard line in 2014), could the Seahawks afford not to pay him?

            He had the leverage and used it to burn the team to get some quick cash, which is perfectly in line with his character (“Imma get mine before I get got doe”) but is an unfortunate truth to his legacy in Seattle.

            Not to mention, we’re still dealing with the effects that his antics had on the team. Pete essentially let him do whatever he wanted (e.g., didn’t say a thing when Lynch flipped off Bevell when he called a pass in the red zone that led to a TD) and now we have Sherman thinking he can get away with the same stuff. Would Sherman be doing the same things if Pete had come down hard on Lynch? I’d think not.

            • HI Hawk

              He used his one and only chance to get paid and you hold that against him?

              In business, we would say:
              Mr. Lynch felt he was underpaid, he approached management and asked for a raise and noted that he may have other opportunities, but he enjoys his job at our firm and would like to stay. Management considered his value to the firm, negotiated with him and gave him a raise they were comfortable with.

              • KingRajesh

                It’s not like he was making peanuts before! He was being paid Top 5 money for his position for Top 5 production. He decided to bilk the team for Adrian Peterson money.

                • HI Hawk

                  Agree to disagree. The value of a thing (or employee) is whatever you’re willing to pay for it (or them). While we clearly disagree on the value of Marshawn Lynch, I think we can all agree that our employers could never overpay us! Are you a shareholder in Vulcan or something? I mean, it isn’t your money, right?

                  • KingRajesh

                    I’m just a fan of the Seahawks who realizes that money wasted on Marshawn in 2015 and his dead cap hit in 2016 could have went to players that would have actually made this team better and wouldn’t have caused a distraction. Maybe we would have been able to re-sign Okung? Maybe we could have had the money to land Lang?

            • lil'stink

              The NFL is a business, and one that is incredibly one sided in favor of the owners as opposed to the NBA or MLB. I think Marshawn might have been content to walk away from the game after 2014, or at least from the Seahawks, had we not thrown a ton of money at him. That’s on the front office, not Marshawn. And to expect someone not to use any leverage they have when it comes to a contract negotiation… that’s just not how the world works.

              Sure, Lynch was a headache. And yes, I think PC’s anti-authoritarian ways have played a part in creating the Richard Sherman situation. I think that, at this point, if Sherman isn’t traded that it will end poorly for the team. But Carroll deserves as much blame as any player. It’s part of the culture he has created. Sometimes it works, sometimes things explode. But we certainly weren’t complaining when it played a part in winning SB48.

            • vrtkolman

              I agreed with a lot of what you said up until you tried to make Lynch out to be the bad guy for trying to get more money. Literally every player in the NFL is out for themselves. If you don’t like it, blame the NFL for the way they operate.

        • 503Hawk

          I have to chime in on this one. I can see why some fans are angry and bitter. I agree, said it many times, Marshawn was a diva extraordinaire, but so are a lot of other great athletes. (I think Russell “hides” it better, puts forth a more polished, “PC” type presentation.)
          Loyalty to my team dictates that I will NEVER FORGET the great things he did for our beloved Seahawks. I really hope he makes it to the HoF. I have never seen a back quiet like him and I’m so happy that after all of those miserable, mediocre years we had the privilege of witnessing something really special. Honestly, I doubt I will see such extraordinary events in the Blue & Green again in my lifetime.

          Focus on the good. Enjoy the memories.

          • Ishmael

            So much this. Why would you begrudge the man his money? He put his body on the line and will suffer the consequences of that for the rest of his life. He gave us some extraordinary moments, generational moments, that we’ll be telling our kids and grandkids about.

            • Hawks22Fun

              I have to side KingRajesh on this one…

              All of you bringing up the money, “why hate on him getting paid?”…he all ready had GENERATIONAL Wealth…so playing hardball at 29/30 years old for AP money (look what happened to AP’s production…ZERO), was ‘overkill’… $8 mill should be enough at 30 years old…anyways…

              My biggest point is also what KingRajesh brings up—

              Pete Carroll is the ONLY reason ‘Beast Mode’ even exists!!!!

              If Marshawn stays in Buffalo, or is traded to the Browns, NO ONE CARES OR KNOWS HIM!!!

              It is the same problem with Richard Sherman, he doesn’t REALIZE without Pete Carroll, he may not even be in the NFL right now!!! Remember, he played 1 year of CB in college, that’s it!!!

              And PC/JS took a chance on him with a 5th round pick…if he goes to Cleveland or San Fran, what is he now…NOTHING

              It pisses me off these arrogant ego filled 20 somethings have no vision to see how well they have it in Seattle, with the team, the fans, AND the coaches!!!

              Pete is the second most successful coach in the league as far as I know…(the other cheats every chance he gets)

              • HI Hawk

                $20 is better than $15. $20 Million is better than $15 Million. There is no reason in the world why any employee in any company should ever settle for a certain amount of money if they can get more. He worked his ass off for this team, these coaches, and even the fans that want to blame him for asking for a raise. The same fans that have jobs and would never turn down a raise. Every person in Seattle would like more money, no matter how much they already have.

                • Hawks22Fun

                  I see that as selfish and narrow minded…it is what is killing this planet, untempered Greed…

                  Enough is enough, or can be…humans need to grow up

                  • vrtkolman

                    Maybe so, but this is the way it works for 99% of the players. Lynch also never held out like Kam, nor complained to the media about his contract like Bennett did.

                  • HI Hawk

                    Idealism is fun, but do you feel you have made enough money over the past 5 years? I know I would never turn down a raise or be too timid to ask for one if I felt my performance was outdoing my compensation. Can you predict that the world won’t change considerably over the next 50 years, and that you may indeed need that extra money at some point? I can’t fathom how anyone would care more about their employer being able to hire an extra receptionist today than securing their future with a 10% pay raise.

                  • Ishmael

                    I have no problem with the players taking absolutely everything they can get. They destroy their bodies and minds for our entertainment. If you want to talk about selfish, narrow-minded, and greedy, your target should be the shield – not the players.

              • 503Hawk

                Yes, I agree that there was disrespect, especially behind the scenes. Its rare to find a team or organization that has 100% buy-in. With PC allowing his players to be themselves, the public will hear and see these things more so than other teams.
                And, yes, I agree that Marshawn and Sherm probably don’t reach their potential w/o PC/JS.
                But it is their decisions, we can’t control what others think, say, or do. I feel your pain and frustration, but you have to let go of the resentment.
                This is why I have never, and will never, buy a players jersey. I don’t put individuals above the team.

  39. Sea Mode

    Lots of interesting day 3/UDFA TEF OL popping up now that we have most of the pro day numbers. I need to hunt down some vert numbers for a few of them; in a few days I hope to post the complete list.

    V12 mentioned Kofi Amichia from South Florida. Managed a 3.07 TEF with only 22 on the bench. (33.5 vert and 9’6″ broad at 6035, 302).

    Another interesting guy might be Adam Pankey. Like Glowinski, he is from a West Virginia program that favors zone blocking with some power mixed in. 6043, 313, 34.5 arms. Also had a very nice 4.64 short shuttle. 91.98 wTEF.

    2.94 TEF (28 vert, 9’5″ broad, and assuming the class average 24 for bench since he apparently didn’t perform).

    Played at G in 2014 and 2015 and became known as a road grader, but this past season played at both RT and LT and is said to have done very well.

    All 32 teams were at WVU pro day, so we know the Hawks were at least there.

    • DLep

      Id add the kid from portland state as well. Keizer I believe.

  40. Sea Mode


    Per source, Miami defensive back Adrien Colbert has a formal visit with the #Seahawks today. On Monday, he’ll visit the #Jaguars

    7:41 AM – 13 Apr 2017

  41. Ed

    Raiders are sort of in a win now. Their offense is solid, their DB, not. What about:

    Sherman/Lynch for Oaklands 1st and 4th.

    • bigten

      i would want more, there 1st is late. I would say 1st , 4th and a 1st or second from next year. A team like raiders need to make that type of splash and have the resources to do it. Not many holes or needs for them outside RB and CB. Would be funny if it ended up being Sherm and Lynch for picks and crabtree.

    • RWIII

      Ed: About three weeks ago I suggested Sherman/Lynch for Oaklands 1st and 3rd.

      • Ed

        Sign me up. Saw a mock where Seattle traded Sherman to Chargers for #7. That would be awesome if that ever happened.

    • lil'stink

      Unpopular opinion – I would take #24 for Sherman/Lynch straight up, in all honesty. I really don’t think things will end well for the Seahawks if Sherman isn’t traded. If PCJS are, in part, using all this trade discussion as a way to motivate Sherman or get him back with the flock I think it could backfire in the worst way.

      If Sherman’s tirades continue we might be caught between a rock and a hard place and be forced to trade him for a lower draft pick during the season.

      I would consider trading him to NO for #32, or for #42 and #76. Perhaps Sherman to Indy for #15, even though we would have to throw in a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Or to Carolina for #40 and #64, although they might not have the cap space to make it work.

      Just to be clear I would rather have a happy Richard Sherman than any of my proposed trades. I just have this sense of foreboding that it won’t go as well as I hope if he stays with the team.

      • Ed

        I agree, although I don’t like all your options. For me, AFC (not NE) and then maybe Eagles and Saints in NFC.

  42. KD

    Since Pete Carroll can’t coach forever, is anyone else hoping that when he decides to retire that he will tap Harbaugh to take over? I would love it.

    • 503Hawk

      How about Chris Petersen?

      • nichansen01

        That would be beyond awesome.

        • Vista

          I would enjoy seeing Peterson coaching the hawks. The trick plays could be entertaining.

    • Nick

      Gruden please.

    • STTBM

      I’d seriously prefer Bevell, even though I think Bevell’s worst problem is his bouts of conservatism–which would likely get worse as HC, like the Lions Caldwell; great OC with Peyton, loses his team 3 games per year trying to hold onto a slim lead in the second half getting all conservative as HC…

      Cant stand Harbarf, dont want him here anymore than I do Cowturd. Bleah!

      Maybe Kris Richard can pull his head out and turn out to be HC material.

      I DONT want Cable as HC. O-line coaches make horrid, conservative HC’s.

      • vrtkolman

        I would love Harbaugh in Seattle. Who wouldn’t like a coach who was top 5 in the NFL and now top 5 in college?

        • HI Hawk

          Burns too bright, I doubt he’d last more than 3-4 years if he returned to the NFL.

          • vrtkolman

            It would be a great 3-4 years though. In all honesty, I thought he got a bad rap in SF. Their ownership is the worst of any time in any sport I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, in his last year that team was old and were decimated by injury. They still managed to do alright.

            • vrtkolman


            • KD

              In fairness, Harbaugh did rub a lot of people wrong in SF with his attitude and abrasiveness, but he seems to have turned a new leaf and changed as a person. Still as intense as ever, but I think he discovered that it’s OK to have fun.

            • HI Hawk

              I’d rather have a Pete Carroll disciple personally, maybe we throw truckloads of money at Dan Quinn to steal him away from Atlanta? Harbaugh is a jackass, I’m not interested in his antics and he does his best amid controversy and conflict. That type rarely is able to sustain long-term success, which is why I’m not interested in a 3-4 year window of “win-now”. Rebuilds suck, especially when the team construct needs to change significantly (as it would have to from Carroll to Harbaugh to New Coach).

        • STTBM

          He is a cheater, like Bellicheat only worse. Remember the Phantom Whistle?! No thanks, dont give a damn how much he wins, dont want him. Now, I’d LOVE to see him come back and coach in the NFL to make another rivalry with Seattle. Loved to hate that guy when he was the Whiners coach…

    • HI Hawk

      HC in waiting never really works out anyway, so I’ll wait and see what pops whenever that horrible day comes. Besides, I don’t want to even think about that day.

    • Misfit74

      Carroll is clearly immortal.

      • KD

        It’s the Mountain Dew.

    • bigten

      Sign me up for Urban Meyer!!!!

      • Rik

        From one buckeye to another – great plan!

    • Gray

      This is pretty out there but Jim McElwain is an intriguing coach.

  43. Rawls1234

    #Colorado cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon has had a busy week or so with visits to #Seahawks, #Saints, #49ers, and #Eagles.

  44. Trevor

    Witherspoon visiting VMAC.

    He is right there with King talent wise. He unwillingness to come up in run support has to be a huge red flag the Hawks are doing background work on.

    • HI Hawk

      I think Kam and company will fix his “allergy” problem, so I’m 100% in on Witherspoon in the 2nd round.

      • DLep

        I still think if the tackling issues can be addressed he is an immensely talented corner.

        • Trevor

          Agree the talent is off the charts

          • Del tre

            His press ability is fantastic, having him as our CB#2 would probably come with some growing pains, but by the end of the season i think we would have 2 lockdown corners

            • DLep

              His analytic profile is pretty solid.


              ‘Metric Analysis: Ahkello Witherspoon has a Pro Bowl potential profile. Above average pass deflection market share with above average athleticism. He misses the mark at All-Pro upside due to his age, solo tackle market share and speed/flexibility. However, he has the right combination of traits to be a strong projection as a starter. Thus, I’d project Witherspoon as a long-term starter to potential Pro Bowl caliber cornerback.’

              • Greg Haugsven

                I don’t know about the 2nd round but I would be game for the 3rd if he is still there.

  45. Dawgma

    You can argue the high proportion of snaps played by the 5th DB was indicative of some kind of schematic shift to a 4-2-5 I guess, but it seems more like a “wow our 3rd LB wasn’t very good” signal. It could also be a six of one, half a dozen of the other situation.

    I really don’t think you can say for sure at this point that given their perfect scenario they WANT to be in nickel 70%

    • Misfit74

      Our GM said Nickle is the way the league is now and we have to adapt. 3rd LBs are off the field 70% of the time unless they are a pass rusher.

    • HI Hawk

      NFL Offenses dictate that they play in Nickel 70% of the time regardless of a team’s preference. 3 WRs = 5 DBs, it’s not really a choice unless you want to immediately signal to the offense that you’re in zone.

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