What about Pat Devlin?

A lot of people ask me about Pat Devlin (QB, Delaware) and unfortunately I can’t offer any opinion. With no access to Delaware games, it’s impossible for me to judge a prospect who some have touted as a potential draft dark-horse.

Kevin Wiedl from Scouts Inc has seen Devlin perform and he has this to say:

“At 6-3 and 225 pounds Devlin isn’t as big as former Delaware and current Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and Devlin’s arm is not as strong as Flacco’s either. However, the two are similar in terms of poise and pocket presence when going through progressions. Devlin is able to feel and sidestep the pass rush and consistently get to his second and third options, and he has a great grasp of the offense and makes solid decisions (22 TD passes, 2 INT in 2010). 

“Devlin isn’t the most mobile quarterback and will take his fair share of sacks, but he’s functional in the pocket and shows intelligence. His accuracy could improve a bit but Devlin’s overall skill set has positioned him in the late-third or early-fourth round area at this point and he could move up the board with a strong showing in all-star games and other pre-draft workouts.”

A lack of mobility probably won’t cut it in this Seahawks offense. We only had a brief glimpse of Charlie Whitehurst on Sunday but in the red zone it was noticable how option-run’s were being called. Whitehurst was given the chance to run if the read went that way and it actually led to a fourth down conversion and a touchdown.

Neither play has been called with Matt Hasselbeck on the field and it’s not a surprise given that both of Seattle’s quarterbacks have different levels of mobility. 

It may not have been obvious this year but the Seahawks want their quarterback to move around, whether it’s an option-run, a bootleg or simply evading pressure and getting out of the pocket. 

I’ll try to acquire some tape on Devlin in the future.


  1. Matt Q.

    Off topic, but to you think Kam Chancellor will start next year? Will Lawyer Milloy come Back? Will the hawks possibly look at some like DeAndre McDaniel

    • Rob

      McDaniel is falling so maybe. He’d have to reach the fourth round I think, which might be a step too far. I could easily see Milloy coming back even given his age. It’s hard to determine whether Chancellor will start or not – he’s featured so little. He gave up a big mistake for a TD on sunday but it’d be harsh to base an opinion around that.

      • Matt Q.

        that was not his fault, i listend to the press cofference and Cox was supposed to be deep and Kam was cover the post that they like to run in that situation

  2. Patrick

    I like what I’ve heard about Devlin, but I agree mobility seems to be a big MUST for the seahawks. I know Locker, Luck, and Newton fit that M.O. But are there any other mobile, strong armed QBs that you know of in the draft? What about free agency?

    • Rob

      There’s very little past the first 1-2 rounds, Patrick. Perhaps Colin Kaepernick is a possibility. I’m struggling to think of many more. I would be surprised if they left it until that late to address the position. That time probably passed in 2007, let alone now. I expect a big move in round one to acquire a QB, or a big splash elsewhere.

      In free agency there’s unlikely to be much in terms of quality, good QB’s are rarely available. I can’t see McNabb being an option. Kolb fits the scheme but will be incredibly expensive – too expensive I suspect for any team.

  3. am

    You beat me to it Rob. Colin Kaepernick has great stats (high TDs/low INTs), is tall and must be mobile cuz he has rushed for a whole lot of yards and would be available in late round 2 thru round 3 going by preliminary estimates. What more do you know about him? Perhaps a future post?

    • Rob

      I’m still waiting to watch the tape from Boise State vs Nevada. I’ll post a few thoughts after that. Gradings I’ve seen suggest he may be available in the round 4/5 range.

    • Matt

      The problem with Kaepernick is that his mechanics are pretty brutal and his offensive system is about as gimmicky as it gets. That said, he’s got nice tools and could be a guy that if he fails at QB, he could potentially move to WR. Nice speed, great size. Not a bad mid-late round flyer, but I still think QB needs to be addressed much earlier. Cannot risk it. We’ve waited far too long and have no longer afforded ourselves the luxury of waiting for the “perfect guy we want.”

      Now, that doesn’t mean to blindly pick a QB, but we have to take a shot on someone.

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