What are the Seahawks doing? (Part 2)

What are the Seahawks doing? (Part 2)

I spent some time last night considering the free agency situation with Seattle and came to his conclusion. Why is anyone surprised?

We came into this off-season expecting changes, especially on defense. We thought they’d try to get younger and cheaper.

Not many people expected (or wanted) Sheldon Richardson to return. Did anyone think Jimmy Graham or Paul Richardson would be back?

We thought they’d re-sign Bradley McDougald.

We wondered whether they’d add a veteran running back and look at a ‘prove-it’ deal for a receiver. Both of those options are still possible. The team met with DeMarco Murray recently and Terrelle Pryor is reportedly visiting the Seahawks.

We thought they’d add a veteran blocking tight end. Ed Dickson has signed a three-year deal. They need a SAM/LEO and they’ve added Barkevious Mingo.

Pretty much everything we talked about has happened.

So what’s the problem?

Reality bites I suppose. It’s difficult to accept but we’re watching other teams in a better position to compete for Championships.

For a few years now the Seahawks were the franchise to mimic and chase. They were the ones being aggressive, making the big signings and trades that left the rest of the NFL envious.

Now other teams are the ones chasing the Championship and Seattle is re-tooling. Minnesota is in a better position to find that one extra defensive lineman and make the $28m splash on a single player. The Jaguars are the ones using their remaining cap room to load up the roster and try to cover the mediocrity of their quarterback.

The Seahawks are what they are — in transition.

They can still make some moves to be relatively competitive in 2018. Ndamukong Suh is still available. His addition alone would provide a huge lift to the fan base. It has to be the right fit though. The big spending days are gone. If Suh signs it’ll be on Seattle’s terms.

They added Jaron Brown yesterday and appear to be providing second (or third) chances to a number of players who perhaps feel they deserve an opportunity. That’s probably what they want — hungry veterans to compliment the youth movement that’s about to take place.

The draft is going to be the focal point of the off-season. That’s how they’re going to repair the running game. That’s how they’re going to compliment the defense. That’s how they’re going to add speed on both sides of the ball.

Rounds 1-2 — great options at RB/OL
Rounds 3-7 — great options and value on defense

Whether they trade Earl Thomas or not, they’re likely going to be doing a lot of moving around.

So that’s the dose of reality that’s maybe required right now.

That said — it’s also understandable why there’s some anger and frustration out there. This team parted ways with two legendary players last week. A third legendary player is the subject of trade rumours. A fourth and fifth legend might have to retire.

The Seahawks could lose as many as eight starters, if not more. The Mingo, Dickson and Brown signings are hardly lifting a fan base that has got used to watching a highly competitive football team.

They’ve gone from doing anything to try and win a title in 2017 to rebuilding in the space of a matter of months.

It’d be easier for fans to accept major change if they had a cluster of draft picks to look forward to. Currently they do not. The Indianapolis Colts have also lost a few starters in free agency. By trading with the Jets, they now have a treasure trove of picks second only to Cleveland’s. They’re still in the top-10 (and should be able to land a very good player) and pick three times in the valuable second round.

Colts fans will be buzzing with excitement today, imagining the four or more starters they’ll acquire from the 2018 draft.

The Seahawks have one pick in the first three-and-a-half rounds. They’ll have to trade down (possibly multiple times) to fill holes.

And their only option to emulate the Colts and acquire extra stock is to trade away one of the most popular players in franchise history.

On top of that, there’s an increasing frustration about some of the decision making in recent years. Hindsight is very popular at a time like this but there are more misses than hits in recent memory:

— The Jimmy Graham trade didn’t work out as planned
— The 2013 draft class produced almost nothing
— The Malik McDowell pick was a major risk and backfired
— They traded a second rounder to the Jets for one year of Sheldon Richardson

You can probably add more to this list. I don’t think there’s much point dwelling on it though. Moves that were made simply haven’t worked out.

You could argue, however, at least the Seahawks took a chance to maximise their window. Ask fans in Green Bay whether they wish their team had taken a few more chances during the Aaron Rodgers era. You know what the answer will be.

So what now? Probably more of the same. Players acquired with smaller salaries. The roster filled out. A draft that includes trading down and fixing the running game as a priority. A season that probably leans on said running game and Russell Wilson. Just as it leaned on the defense in previous years.

And in fairness, it’s not the worst scenario is it? Relying on one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and (you’d hope) a much improved running game.

The one big question mark remaining is the future of Earl Thomas. It’s gone very quiet again after Jason La Canfora’s report that Seattle were talking to teams and might get even more than a 1st and 3rd round pick in return.

Who knows what the latest is? Are the Seahawks trying to flesh out suitors? Are they trying to move things along?

And what happens if they don’t get the kind of offer they’re looking for?

It probably doesn’t help that Tryann Mathieu, a free agent, only managed to secure this deal on the open market:

Thomas is better than Mathieu but if he’s hoping for +$13m he’s probably going to be disappointed. Teams are unlikely to be willing to pony up that kind of salary on top of a collection of picks.

The rest of the safety market is ice cold in free agency too. Eric Reid and Kenny Vaccaro remain unsigned.

None of this is good news for Earl Thomas. If the Seahawks are trying to convince a team to give up picks and pay him a massive salary, it’s not good news for the team either.

How the New York Jets trade changes things

The Jets have jumped from #6 to #3, giving Indianapolis three second round picks in the process (two this year, one in 2019).

After missing out on Kirk Cousins they’re being aggressive to get their quarterback. By trading into the top three they possibly usurp division rival Buffalo (also looking to move into the top-five) and guarantee they’ll get one of Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield.

So what might happen?

For a while I’ve thought Saquon Barkley was a lock to go in the top two. I’m not as convinced after listening to Mike Silver during the NFL Network’s ‘free agent frenzy’ show. Silver’s well sourced and reliable and he seemed to believe Cleveland and the New York Giants would both take quarterbacks at #1 and #2. With the Jets now at #3, they’ll definitely be taking a quarterback.

Here’s a quick prediction:

#1 Browns — Josh Allen (QB, Wyoming)
#2 Giants — Sam Darnold (QB, USC)
#3 Jets — Josh Rosen (QB, UCLA)
#4 Browns — Saquon Barkley (RB, Penn State)
#5 Broncos — Quenton Nelson (G, Notre Dame)
#6 Colts — Bradley Chubb (DE, NC State)

Having added Tyrod Taylor and with Hue Jackson already announcing there won’t be a competition at quarterback this year, to me that suggests Allen might be Cleveland’s choice. Physically he is the prototype. He will need time to learn and adjust to the NFL — more so than Darnold and Rosen.

We could see a team move into the top-six to get Baker Mayfield and the Bills are clearly plotting something. They’ve set everything up to acquire a quarterback. Surely they won’t bail now?

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  1. Rik

    Any chance Lamar Jackson is there at 18? Personally I doubt it. But it might set up quite a competition for our pick.

    • Rob Staton

      The thing I keep coming back to is — why would a team need #18 to get Lamar Jackson?

      There’s no threat from Dallas or Detroit. They both have quarterbacks.

      We have a quarterback too. So why wouldn’t, say, the Chargers at #17 be equally as appealing?

      The only reason to trade with us would probably be because we’re willing to take a certain deal. Which isn’t a great bargaining position.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Such clarity and objectivity. Great takes.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Kenny

      • Rik

        Rob, you’re spoiling my happy dreams with a hefty dose of reality (which tastes a lot like cod liver oil).

  2. Bill Bobaggins

    My frustration is less around the lack of free agency action and more around the rental players that the Hawks have received for significant draft capital. You got one year out of Harvin for a 1st round pick. Call it two years out of Jimmy for a 1st round pick. One year out of Sheldon for a 2nd round pick. Who knows how Duane Brown pans out, for a 2nd round pick.

    I can’t help think about the “what ifs” had they made those picks. Hindsight I suppose.

    • Dale

      Rob’s comment about Green Bay’s fans wishing the Packers had taken more chances while Rodgers was in his prime is the answer to your frustration. If we had gone to the Super Bowl you wouldn’t be questioning the moves. At the time they trades were made Seattle had the second best odds in Vegas to play in January. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… that’s why it’s fun.

  3. Brandon Adams

    I was hoping Seattle would not offload so much talent in so short a time. You can argue that it was necessary from a financial standpoint, but that doesn’t change the fact that Seattle will not be better in the short term for it. We’ve offloaded close to 50% of our QB pressures, 16 touchdowns, and, most likely, the entirety of the Legion of Boom. That is an enormous amount of talent and proven production in favor of a half-proven roster. And all this in a year where we can’t do a lot of free-agent signings or any picks in the second- or third-round. Nobody seems to be willing to just call this what it is: most likely tanking 2018.

    There. I said it.

    At some point, somebody had to. Reality bites.

    Nor does anyone really seem to be willing to label what really put us in this situation: the Duane Brown trade. His coming extension is a big part of why Seattle is extending so many sure-to-be-outbid offers to visiting free agents. And he is why Seattle lacks a second-rounder. All for a 33-year-old player who did not fix the offense and was never going to do so by himself. It was a steep price with questionable return even before Jeremy Lane failed his physical.

    • Trevor

      I don’t think this team will ever tank with Pete coaching. I think they will play as hard or harder than anyone but they are definitely using this off season to clean house and start fresh.

      • Neil

        Sorry Trevor but there were games last year where they looked like they weren’t trying at all. Especially in the first halves.

    • peter

      I’m not agreeing with the ranking but I’m also not sure the way out for seattle.

      the brown trade sort of illustrates a problem for a while though it is not the problem the team finds it self here in.

      the thinking that you are just one piece away is deadly in sports. Attempting to make it seem that the value in any draft is not as good as a trade is deadly. Now Seattle has to get back to doing what they did right a long while back. Serious competition for roster spots and making hard cuts during training camp. From new bodies who may be better than old bodies (ol, wr, rb,) to turn g over all the stones for one year rentals next week as free agency grows colder.

    • Hawksince77

      How is this restructuring related to Brown? Maybe they extend him, maybe they don’t, but regardless, they have plenty of cap space to do so if they want. Or they plan on Fant taking his place after this year for far less. Either way, Seattle didn’t need to pass up on Richardson, or ASJ, or whomever because of wanting to pay Brown.

      What is happening only makes sense. If anything, a bit late. They probably regret not trading Sherman last year, for whatever they could have got for him. Signing ET to a massive third contract would be repeating previous moves that didn’t pay – extending Kam, Bennett, say.

      Pete’s effectiveness has lagged as the stars get paid and get bored. He (Pete) is right to bring on younger, hungrier, highly motivated players. They have a core of proven players, and several ascending. I am amazed Pete has the energy, and the motivation, for going through this process. We are lucky he doesn’t (or hasn’t) simply packed up and retired.

      We’ll see how the rest of the offseason goes. But don’t put this on Brown. Far bigger things in motion.

      • Dale


    • Rob Staton

      I think they felt like they’d lost the culture of competition and if Sherman’s interview with Joe Thomas the other day is anything to go by — many of the veterans were starting to second guess what was going on.

      Some of the changes might’ve been completely necessary and rather than actually tanking — might even help the Seahawks moving forward.

      • HawksBill

        I get the feeling Pete wants to keep the veterans that are supporting his message and shed the ones that are undermining it.

        • HawksBill

          Its not hard to see which veteren is on which side: Kam, Bobby, and KJ v.s. Sherman,Bennett, and maybe “come get me” Earl.

          • Brandon Adams

            I see the “come get me” thing is still completely misunderstood.

            • KingRajesh

              What’s misunderstood? Earl told another team he wanted to play for them during the playoff hunt.

        • HawksBill

          I am not sure Earl is directly undermining the message, but his loyalty does seem to be split between the Seahawks and the Cowboys.

          Speaking of divided loyalties, I am glad that the Yankees are not a football team.

          • jdk

            Who knows what football team RW grew up loving? There’s a reason for that.

            • HawksBill

              He looks pretty jacked wearing the pinstripes.

      • Brandon Adams

        To be sure, I do not mean intentionally tanking, but tanking as an inevitable result of the moves being made. “Recovering from our culture and financial problems ended up costing us too much talent.”

    • C-Dog

      I don’t think a Pete Carroll coached team tanks anything. I think they might likely be using 2018 as a year to get a number of the players taken in the 2016 and 2017 an opportunity to step up. It’s just unsettling to a lot of fans right now, understandably.

      • hawkdawg

        In general, I agree with this. That said, the Rams game at home last year was very puzzling, at best. I saw a team that got its ass kicked in all phases, from kickoff on, when the playoffs–in fact, the division lead–were at stake.

        • C-Dog

          Very tough game to watch. They were minus a bunch of key contributors and it was a perfect storm for the Rams. I’ve actually pinned it as the game that displayed why they need to get younger and hungrier on the defense.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Last year was just a crappy year for the Seahawks. The win against Philly was a teaser of what they could have been, but the rest of the season had more downs than ups. Of course we got are ass kicked, it should have been twice by the Rams last year, but one of their best receivers dropped a sure touchdown at the end of the first game.

          Also I agree that the team may play badly, but they won’t tank. It is kind of sad they won’t tank from a rebuilding standpoint. The only way that could happen is if Russell Wilson got hurt. Lord knows who the back up would be.

    • TatupuTime

      I’m really worried about the D-line (if they get Suh that goes a long way). The back 7 assuming Earl sticks will be very good. I expect the offence to be better with new coaching and some OL/RB reinforcements in the draft. If they can get back to balanced offence this is still a team that can win the division. LA has made a lot of nice moves and has to be considered the favourite (I think SF has spent money like drunken sailors), but they were uber healthy last year. There is some regression coming for LA I think.

  4. Trevor

    I think you summed up the situation perfectly Rob I think Seahawks fans will have to be a little patient and temper expections a little while this team does a reset and rebuilds that ” always compete” championship culture with a new generation of young hungry player. I for one am going to try to enjoy the process and think it will make SB #2 even sweeter in a couple of years.

  5. Lewis

    Ultimately, it isn’t free agent signings that lift a fan base, it’s winning games. It feels like they got away from “win forever” in the last couple of years and leaned a bit more toward “win now” and we are paying the price for it. It was frustrating to see the team perform so poorly last year, but that team still won 9 games. We just need some of the young guys to step up and have a decent draft class to get going in the right direction again.

    • 503Hawk


    • Tecmo Bowl

      Well put Lewis.100%

  6. peter

    Thanks for the great write up rob.

    what to do, what to do about earl thomas?

    He wants top dollar but the market is ice cold this year.

    Seattle thinks they are deserving of a first and a third when they outsmarted themselves with sherman and received a nothing and a nothing with a side of Sherman’s break down of team management to go with. Also an extremely good, younger than earl, corner went for a second and a fourth.

    • D-OZ

      I am thinking a mid 2nd, mid 4th, and 6th for Thomas.

      • D-OZ

        I think Dallas is still in the mix…

  7. SheHawk

    Great summation Rob

    I was with you for your first paragraph Brandon ( minus the tanking comment) but you lost me on the 2nd. Not willing to point so much to the Brown trade – it’s one of several moves that as Rob pointed out got us to where we are. Yes we could have gone slower into this “rebalance”. Seems we’re in a perfect storm with the bad market for Safeties. Wish Honey Badger would have held on longer but maybe AZ fans are right and he’s not the same after injury. ET3 is certainly back physically but unfortunately for us – such a passionate guy – his heart may no longer be with Hawks. All that leads me to think ripping the bandaid off will get us to the other side faster.

    In meantime we need a repeat of the earlier JS/PC draft magic that brought us Sherman in the 5th round and our franchise QB in the 3rd. If anyone can they can do it. Id prefer they go back to basics and stop getting too cute They’re up to the challenge! Hopefully the speed of the movement shows they’re decisively moving toward a predefined plan…. the article post Rams game suggested – jaw dropping changes.

  8. DC

    If we sign Suh, keep ET, execute a flawless draft and hit on every fa/udfa that we touch while maintaining near perfect health throughout the season then you’re telling me there’s a chance…

    So we go from here. Start up front. What do we have on the line? Our best player is going to be 33 years old entering the season at LT. No one worth anything at LG. A resurrected bust playing some average Center in Britt. Pocic? Technically sound lineman who could gain strength. Ifedi? So far a disappointment. Fant? Who really knows at this point. The rest of them couldn’t beat out these guys so I’d say lets get better up front.

    Give me Wynn or Hernandez. No excuses por favor.

  9. Rob Staton

    Google hangout is live now at the top of the page

  10. DC

    It’s not a bad thing to carry cap space entering a season either. There will be players cut between now and when the real games are played. We haven’t been in a position to take advantage of those opportunities for several years now due to being so tight against the cap.

  11. Hawk Eye

    best case scenario, and not very likely, is the hawks compete for a Super Bowl this year. Not impossible if you look at what the Eagles did this year.
    Much more likely is they struggle to compete for a playoff spot, which is fine if they play lots of kids and they show promise and improve as the year goes on. I am not worried about the defense. With 8 players of pro bowl caliber, they finished 13th last year. I doubt they finish worse.
    The issue is not just the offensive line, but the overall offensive execution. They need to have a dangerous offense (not just to Russell’s health) that can open holes in the run game, protect Russell and not be a league leader in 3 and outs.
    I just need to see progress, with hope for the future

    • Hawk Eye

      and if the Rams implode and the 49’rs still struggle, well, that would just be icing on the cake.

  12. drewdawg11

    Here is something that people aren’t really considering here: Assuming they replace an offensive weapon in the passing game, and they do come through with a left guard upgrade as well as some running back reinforcements, the offense might be the one carrying the young defense for a change. Suppose they are efficient, and they losses the ball for longer stretches and of course, you have Houdini reincarnated at QB. Do we really believe that a defense which features Bobby, KJ, and a young core of talented pups is going to be subpar? Assuming they sign a Reid or Vaccaro, (if they do trade Earl), and Reed, Naz, Jordan, Shaq all take the logical next step, this won’t be a bad squad at all. My biggest concern is finding young specialists to fix our really inconsistent special teams. Do that and we are really making progress. Oh, and Suh wouldn’t hurt, but not if it means breaking the bank.

  13. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Rob thanks again for your efforts. Rest and lots of tea for your vocal cords. I am in total agreement in regards to Suh. Seattle has shown they have no desire to sign big money especially for a player on third contract. Kam and Micheal contract forever changed that. Hence Richard gone, Earl on the trade block. I am of the belief that this is absolutely a step back year (rebuild) oh yeah the team personnel will buy in and play there hardest just not feeling the talent is going to be there or developed yet. Encouraging thing is that teams can turn it around quick as long as we have that franchise QB.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Josh Allen has the highest character of any top 5 QB in this draft.

    Send Sam Darnold to do community outreach he’ll be stiff arming all the little kids.

    Josh Rosen would cyber bully them.

    Baker Mayfield and his dad would throw footballs at their heads

    …… And Lamar Jackson just looks like a WR. Something about him…. Not sure what it is……

    • Kenny Sloth

      -the 2018 QB class to an NFL Owner

    • Patrick Toler


  15. sdcoug

    I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this off-season, as I’m sure most of you have as well. As FA has progressed, I’m even more convinced of the re-set. Not a profound statement by me. Several things to consider, most of which Rob covered.
    1) Age and attitude caught up. It happens to all teams, but the fall-off was quick and very apparent
    2) Cap was maxed and Draft capital depleted. No painless fix there, nor quick remedy
    3) Not a large enough “second-core” yet to easily plug gaps and remain “elite”. Clark, Reed, maybe Shaq and Naz…but not enough remaining around Russ, Doug, Tyler. Have to add to that second core.
    4) Cap room aplenty, but not until 2019.
    5) Overlooked perhaps, but I think a big consideration by JS/PC is the massive coaching changes. While needed, it will likely mean a bit of a transition period to build efficiency.
    All of which leads to what we appear to be seeing play out in FA:
    6) clear cap and create opportunity to compete for positions
    7) strategically sign a few mid-ranged or under-valued assets to bridge; Perhaps take advantage of a player experiencing a soft-market or unexpectedly released
    8) Trade Earl. Hard for me to say, as he has been my favorite all along. But I keep coming back to this: Don’t sink even more cap into an aging player, no matter how elite, that can instead return assets to speed the re-set. Additionally, if next season is indeed a bit of a transition, you’ve just burned another of his talent at top dollar, just for the right to pay massive money or see him walk for nothing.
    9) 2019 now presents a clean slate with significant cap, and the ability to further evaluate roster needs and navigate the direction JS/PC determines is best. All with a full year of Shott, Solari, Norton, etc under their belt.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      +1 and a +1000 on #7 (looks like algebra equation)

      • D-OZ

        Frank Clark will not be extended. The Hawks are changing their philosophy, culture and third contract extensions,,,

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          So we’re minus Bennett, Avril, Sheldon Richardson, and you don’t think they’ll extend Frank Clark? I’m thinking they definitely shall extend Frank Clark. Maybe you’re right OZ?

        • Patrick Toler

          Clark won’t be on a third contract. He’s a very good pass rusher (won’t call him great yet) who is still young. You re-sign him in a second if you can.

          • Hawk Eye

            Clark is 25, played 3 years about to finish his FIRST contract.
            I doubt they let him go, very different situation then Sherm, Earl, Kam, etc

            • D-OZ

              My mistake…

    • Clayton Russell

      Great points. I would also hate to see Earl Thomas depart, but I think it’s a necessary evil to get the Seahawks Ship back into smooth waters. Adding draft capital now, and hitting on these prospects brings in the youth and speed needed.

      Rob, what are your thoughts on J.T. Barrett as a backup to Russell and would round would you think he would be taken?

      • RealRhino2

        Not Rob, but Barrett is an 8th-rounder. 😉

        I don’t see the need to trade Earl unless he’s going to hold out w/o an extension. Still a great player at a reasonable price, not too old, not too injured. IMO we don’t “need” the draft picks. Who are we going to get on Day 2 that will give us what Earl will?

        I think rather than the new staff needing time to learn their roles and the guys to be effective, I think the new staff will generate the kind of culture that Pete wants, the culture that had gotten stale with the same old guys saying the same old things to the same old players. There was no competition any more. Nobody was taking Sherm’s spot, or Kam’s, or Graham’s, etc.

        (Oh, FWIW, not that it’s shocking or anything, but we are going to lose Luke Willson, too, so get ready for that.)

        • peter

          A running back? a new regime finding a cornerstone guard to run the ball?

          the counter for me is not how many games do we lose w/o earl but rather how many games are we losing w/o a running game?

          I don’t think anyone debated whether earl is amazing and brings value. I will say back to back years of injury is a thing. Also I think fans, some, are rightfully gun shy about an extension having watched sherman go for nothing, Bennett go for almost nothing, and kam/avril possibly be gone. For me there’s a sense that a high energy, slightly reckless player with multiple injuries going into his thirties might not be money well spent.

          Also talking about a hold out when the safety market is ice cold seems foolish.

      • Rob Staton

        I see Barrett as an UDFA

    • Dale

      If McDowell was playing like the 35th pick in the draft the money to sign Richardson or Suh wouldn’t be at issue. Stuff happens but a little piece of fate like that can really set a franchise back. Nobody’s fault.

      • drewdawg11

        Well, it’s Malik’s fault for being a moron and it’s JS and Pee’s day it for ignoring the massive red flags and drafting him anyway. There’s actually a fair amount of blame to go around.

        • Bill Bobaggins

          Seems pretty judgmental for not clearly knowing what happened.

  16. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Playing Over the cap calculator again. J.Brown deal and Mo. Alexander deal not on the books yet. June 1st cut for Jon Ryan and Kam Chancellor and cut Cliff Avril, nets 29 million cap space for 2018, and 99 million for 2019. ENCOURAGING! Seattle is not done this year in free agency.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      PLEASE can we just sign Caleb Sturgis. lol. I’m relegated to signing a kicker

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve got some bad news for you… Sturgis signed with the Chargers yesterday.

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          Oh. I’m going to bed now. Sleep tight everyone

          • mishima

            Wishing you dreams of Tony Mandarich and Brian Bosworth.

            • Coleslaw


            • SeahawkeyezSubj80


        • peter

          It’s time Rob for you to start breaking down tape of kickers because the country signed to be replace Walsh is just as bad as walsh!

          • peter

            Not country….But kicker. Thanks tablet

          • FresnoHawk

            Indiana Kicker

  17. RWIII

    I am going to wait until draft before I make my assessment.

    • Patrick Toler

      Seriously. Still a lot of offseason to play out.

  18. D-OZ

    Don’t let the bed bug,s bite. 🙁

  19. Clayton Russell

    I’d like to point out, Dallas has not made any moves. Something could be going on due to the interest in E.T. Hoping something gets done sooner than later, just so we know what extra picks we would acquire whether it’s Dallas or not.

    • sdcoug

      All quiet on the western front. It’s strange, when these type of rumors surface, there’s almost always follow-up chatter…whether teams are trying to be tight-lipped or not. I haven’t seen anything mentioned since thursday. Like you, just want to see how this shakes out.

  20. drewdawg11

    Didn’t they tag Lawrence? They should probably work out a long-term deal for him. Dez is pretty inconsistent and slower now. They could cut him. I mean, Jerry may be the one owner crazy enough to go hard after Earl. Like I said yesterday, I’m ready for this all to be done with.

    • Coleslaw

      I could see the jags owner doing it. Seems like all the top tier competitors are making power moves. Jags already got Norwell but Earl would be crazy too. That D would be insane and the Vikings too. We could see 2 of the best defenses ever in the same year if that happens

      • drewdawg11

        Vikings have an All-Pro free safety making Earl Thomas money already. Jax would absolutely benefit from him. Their current safeties are okay. Nothing special there. With those corners and that pass rush… yikes. Still, they won’t trade that first because they may still want a QB.

        • Coleslaw

          Sorry I meant the Vikings d would be insane too, just rambling lol

  21. Coleslaw

    I think it’s pretty likely we sign Pryor tomorrow. If not him, we’ll sign another receiver. These guys on the market are much better than the options in the draft. If not Pryor I’d really love to get Jordan Matthews. Coming off an acl tear but it was in like week 3 or 4. He’d give Lockett competition for the #2 spot and would give us 2 big outside targets with him and Brown. He’d be an awesome X for us. Good blocker too

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      Living across the bay from Philadelphia, Jordan Matthews has reputation of inconsistent hands. Don’t know if he fixed the issue in Buffalo

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jonathan Hankins was released by the Colts.

    Very good quality DT type would will command around 8m/ year. I would be on the phone and trying to pursuade him to come out to Seattle. He has a visit with the Redskins already planned, but he is only 26 and has 4-5 more years he can play. According to one report, he was the best defensive player on the Colts last year. He would also be perhaps 1-4M cheaper than bringing in Suh.

    • Coleslaw

      Not trying to be contrarian in any way just some thoughts. I kinda feel like the Hawks only offered Sheldon 6.5 and aren’t breaking the bank on Suh cause they think they already have their pass rushing DT in Naz Jones. That kid is really gonna be something and I think he’s gonna be the “breakout” player for us this year. I mean he really is capable of being that 6 sack guy we’ve always talked about. I see us going the cheap, 3rd wave run stuffing DT route again to get Reed and Jones some rest so they can be the featured guys/ starters. You could do a whole lot worse.

      • Coleslaw

        Who knows, maybe we sign the next Bennett or Avril next week

      • Coleslaw

        Bennie Logan would be perfect IMO

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          I like Bennie a lot too. I would love that move

          • SeahawkeyezSubj80

            Anybody knows if he was still performing well on chiefs line. He was a monster in Philadelphia.

            • SeahawkeyezSubj80

              If we get him at 6 million APR(not likely). 1 year prove it deal. I would be happy

      • H

        That is what Hankins is though, he’s a 1 tech with some pass rush skill. We need some depth along that line reed and jones arent enough inside.
        I still want suh but Hankins might be a more practical solution.

  23. drewdawg11

    Hankins is a guy we discussed here when he was coming out. He would be a solid, veteran move so long as he’s not super expensive.

  24. Pran

    Who thought Saints, Eagles, Vikings would play like that in 2017. one or two drafts is all it is required to get right up there. Hawks will give every chance to players from last 2 drafts to make the same happen in 2018..its about that time! Hope we hit on two to three day 1 starters in this draft to speed up the transition.

  25. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob every year there seems to be a guy who falls in the draft if you had to guess who would be your choice?

  26. DC

    Anyone here watch Russell Wilson when he was at Wisconsin? I’m wondering how Russ played with a good offensive line as far as trusting his protection and staying in the pocket vs. what he has done as a pro. Is he scarred for life or if we build him a good line is there historical evidence that he can stay cool in a clean pocket?

    • Mike L

      The Badgers had a great running game that year (Montee Ball ran for almost 2,000 yards)..and RW ended up setting the single season Passing Efficiency record (191.8 33 td’s 4 ints)..which still holds to this day I believe. He ran a reasonable amount (but less than he did at NC State)..often when they would get near the endzone (he had 6 rushing td’s that year). I couldn’t find any stats on how many times he was sacked that year.

      Anyways…I seem to recall him primarily as a pocket passer (working off of play-action)..who could pull it down and run effectively if he couldn’t find an open receiver.

    • C-Dog

      He was tearing it up. Looked like a man playing with boys. Wisconsin was over powered in a lost to Oregon in the Rose Bowl, but RW was clearly the best player on the field that day.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I remember that game. I wasn’t familiar with Russell other than a highlight here or there. I came away from that game wanting him to be a Seahawk so badly.

        For once I got my wish

  27. Coach

    I’m really hoping we sign T.P. tomorrow! With Russ recruiting so hard, I’d say the odds are pretty good!


    Go Hawks!

    • Patrick Toler

      That receiver group would be deep and talented. Add a guard and RB in the draft, bring in a couple of DL, re-sign Maxwell, and they would be in pretty good shape.

    • peter

      for me if want to see them go after one or two more receivers either in the draft or at least one I. the draft one as an udfa.

      Pryor for 50/50 balls could be good but he’s been injured a lot and even his big year in Cleveland he only had 4 tds in 140 targets.

  28. Robert Las Vegas

    I really think that the colts had a really good day today.trade back a few spots you were not going to draft a QB anyway and you pick 2 second round picks bravo Chris Ballard. And perhaps the seahawks are playing the waiting game just waiting to see who gets cut I know a few still have cut back to get under the cap like the Giants.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yeah, that roster is horrible. They now have a chance to draft a big core of young starters. No one player at three was going to save that franchise. Too bad their ownership is a mess…

  29. McZ

    The market for S may be ice cold, but the market for ET3 is not. The problem is, we will be hitting the market only if and when ET3 gets traded.

    (Vaccaro should be a target nonetheless. The Saints drafted an angry, some say uncontrolled player. He developed and is now a different man. He should prosper in Seattles competitive culture.)

    It all comes down to price, and here we are with 2017s overpriced deals hemorrhaging draft picks. It’s also completely obvious, that a team in transition will neither be a first target for, nor be an ideal fit to “play it safe”-signing like Sheldon or Suh.

    We signed Sheldon for the single reason the Vikes are biting now… Keeping the Championship window open as long as possible.

    The Seahawks are building a 2020 Superbowl contender team. We should fix the OL once and for all this year, and this basically requires two players out of Austin Corbett, Isaiah Wynn, Braden Smith and Kolton Miller. If we do this, the running game will prosper regardless if we add a RB or not. If we add Bo Scarbrough, things will ultimately get better to a point, where we start to believe again.

    And, btw, they made a huge mistake adding the wrong player at TE. Now, the Patriots will possibly get Troy Niklas and develop him into the next Gronk.

    • Alex6674

      Good comments. I agree with Vaccarro and have been thinking the same. He would flourish under PC and fits the ‘younger and cheaper’ model while also actually being a good player.

    • Trevor

      Great points!

    • Rob Staton

      It is a very good opportunity to solidify the O-line once and for all. That much is true. But simply ‘getting by’ at running back isn’t going to cut it any more. They’ve tried that the last two years. They need to identify and acquire a reliable, high-quality running back. And this draft presents an opportunity to do that.

      If they actually do trade Earl Thomas for a R1, a strong case can be made for:

      1. Using a high pick on OL/RB
      2. Trading down with the other, and going OL/RB again

      It’s unlikely because they’d probably want to add a defender too. But that would be an injection of quality and competition to the OL and play to the strength of the draft.

      And for what it’s worth, Troy Niklas is never going to be the next Gronk 🙂

      • Mike L

        one of the things I don’t like about teams lining up in the shot-gun full time is the rb’s get the ball so far behind the line of scrimmage now..so they have little or no forward momentum when they are handed the ball. All it takes is for one guy to miss his block and suddenly you are 2nd and 12 and behind the eight ball.

        If the Hawks really want an effective, power running game..I think they need to go back to having Russ under center (during the early downs at least)..and then play action off of that.


        • peter

          chicken and the egg….

          I think Seattle has had to put Russel in shotgun to balance how much time he can bodybuilder with a terrible oline but you are right 2 and 8 on a sack or busted run can turn into 3 and 15 in a hurry

          • Mike L

            I think the Hawks should also reconsider using a fullback more (at least on early downs)…if you remember Marshawn’s best years..he usually had a fullback leading the way for him.

            • peter

              I do hope they consider one. I’m not sure if they felt marshawn was effective with one as with out, though I do remember them having one, but either way there’s no marshawn now and I think a little less zone system and a little more man/power and a fullback could help out greatly.

              • Mike L

                Marshawn had the skills to make guys miss in the backfield too…but lining up in the shotgun and giving the ball to a guy like E Lacy six yards in the backfield..with no fullback and no forward momentum …no wonder our QB ended up being the leading rusher for us.

                • peter

                  Completely agree.

      • McZ

        Apart from Saquon Barkley, the 2017 draft was equally deep on RB. Cook and Kamara were easily within the Seahawks means.

        What happened with the first pick in 2017 was a serious case of a failure of judgement. There were a couple of people saying, that McDowell had serious problems to focus on football. Blinded by pure, raw athletic talent, PCJS made the wrong choice.

        Also, I think it’s not fair to say, the Seahawks passed on RB. In 2016, they drafted C.J. Procise and Alex Collins (#7 and #8 RBs by draft grade), and somehow mismanaged the whole affair. Alex Collins, once working behind a decent run blocking line, thrived up to his 5.5 draft grade.

        Anyway, I don’t dispute, they will draft a RB.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t say they passed on RB’s, I said they had tried to ‘get by’. Prosise was a late third round pick. Collins was a 5th rounder. They brought in Eddie Lacy. It was fine to take chances like that but it hasn’t worked.

          With this excellent draft class now (and personally I think it’s a fair bit better than last years) it’s time to make an investment at the position. Not wait until rounds 4-5 again.

          • McZ

            Looking at the long-term value drafted through RB in the last five years, I’m inclined to say, that RB is the position with the most unknowns and ifs. Nothing is for sure, and player development is hard.

            Dallas had not much fun with its Zeke show last season. It was a major step backwards, and the test on his character is up in the air.

            While Jay Ajayi (a R5 pick) is a consistent, reflected and because of that still improving runner.

            Exactly for this reason, don’t let us be fooled by athletic talent. We need a talented, reflected, developing guy. It may be Ronald Jones, but I fear, he’s gone.

            • Rob Staton

              Nothing is for sure at any position. We can’t sit here and say RB carries more ‘unknowns’. It was pretty predictable that Zeke, Gurley and Fournette would be really good and they are.

              You’re saying Dallas didn’t have much fun with Zeke last year. They would argue the NFL made a dogs dinner of his suspension and in his rookie season, Zeke galvanised that team.

              You’ve picked out Jay Ajayi there, a guy Miami happily traded away for a bag of footballs during the season. I’m not sure the Zeke-Ajayi comparison fits what you’re trying to argue here.

              Also not sure what point you’re trying to make about athletic talent.

              • McZ

                I think, we got carried away.

                The point I’m trying to make is, that our first pick will be in early R2, and if it is a RB, we will loose precious draft capital to fix the OL.

                Any top RB in the last few years was drafted by a team having a working OL Gurley, Zeke, Cook, Fournette, Kamara. We don’t have that. Both guard positions constantly broke against halfway decent DLines, it just was a tiny little bit better, when Joeckel played.

                As you say, the draft is deep on RB, and there are some R3/4 talents, that will work good enough to elevate what is currently a non-existent RB corps. With Ajayi and others being examples, that this CAN pan out well.

                Off topic, but Jay Ajayi was traded, when Miamis season was over, and they wanted to monetize a player, which they feared would show renewed signs of old injuries. They also had their new guy in Kenyan Drake. Philly didn’t hesitate for a second, and now they are Superbowl champs.

                • Rob Staton

                  Sorry McZ but this just reads like the typical stuff you hear from people who decide they just don’t ever want a RB early at all costs. Ideology based drafting. The kind that dominates Seahawks twitter.

                  One early R2 pick alone won’t fix the OL in the same way Ifedi, Britt and Pocic didn’t. I don’t have a problem with spending the first pick on an OL because of the players available but this idea that the fate of the OL rests on just one more early pick doesn’t resonate IMO.

                  They need a proper running back and will get one in this draft. No more waiting. No more getting by.

                  • McZ

                    To repeat: I don’t say, they don’t draft a RB. They probably will.

                    I also said, it was a major mistake to pass by Dalvin Cook or Alvin Kamara last year. So, no ideological “no RB” agenda here.

                    I fear, they will put all eggs into one basket, order a power runner in RoJo or Chubb, middle R1-early R2. Not much space for trade down (especially if you have a bad negotiation position). IMO, that’s a risk. I’m not sure, they are biting after McDowell.

                    The other plan is to pick up a Royce Freeman + John Kelly combo, potentially in the same rounds as Prosise and Collins, getting two higher quality backs of different style. And still retain an early R2 pick, which could fix glaring holes: DE, DT, WR. Not to talk about TE, where quality drops dramatically after Hayden Hurst is gone.

                    And, of course the quality of the OL rests on more than one more player. But, if the Hawks learned anything from the last couple of seasons, it is selling all the dumb OL stuff away while not constantly adding fresh blood leads to OL collapse. You draft today, what runs your offense in about three years.

                    I fully expect Ifedi to step up his learning curve and Pocic to adapt better. But, Brown needs a backup and eventual replacement. Same goes for Fluker. They need future OL Talent, now.

                    Btw, Reuter has Austin Corbett going middle R4, three picks in front of Braden Smith. If that materializes, we should be happy. I fear, he might be too pessimistic here.

                    • Rob Staton

                      1. I don’t see how taking Rojo or Chubb after trading down is comparable to the McDowell pick.

                      2. Freeman will go in round two.

                      3. Rojo and Chubb are far better players than the likely available options at DE, TE and WR in the early second round.

                      4. I don’t really understand your point on the OL. You’re not going to draft Brown’s replacement with your first pick. I have no issue with them taking a Wynn or Corbett early but we have to accept they’ve already made investment here time and time again.

                      5. Corbett is a stone cold lock for the Top-50.

  30. H

    Im really worried about what we’re doing at kicker. Last year at this time we had Blair Walsh but we assumed he was just gonna compete, that didnt happen he was handed the role and we got stuck with him all year.
    This year its Jason Myers and again we’ve not made any more moves at the position. I read above Stugis has signed for the Chargers.
    Football is way less fun to watch when you’re terrified of your kicker costing you the game everytime he has to make a kick.

    • Rob Staton

      The problem is, there’s a bit of a kicking crisis in the NFL. There are very few good kickers.

      • H

        For sure, Caleb Sturgis was one though. I guess i was kind of hoping that last years fiasco would have scared them into overpaying for the position to make sure youve got a reliable option.

        • Bigsmooth13

          But at the same time, two of the best kickers last year(Jake Elliot, Harrison Butker) were picked up off of the street late in the game. There will be options, we just have to make the right pick.

    • EP

      Trade Earl to the Ravens for Justin Tucker and a 3rd round pick. Seems about fair

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could really see them drafting a guy that they like, may e signing another one in free agency with no guarantees and let Myers, FA and the draft pick compete and hopefully the draft pick wins.

      • Hawktalker@gmail.com

        IMO not even close.

  31. swisshawk

    I want to share a thouht I had for a while now:

    Assumptions; Earl is indeed traded (for a 1&3) and the hawks want to adress the running game once and for all

    Trade for RG Brandon Brooks (compensation; CJ+Odhi+3 round pick from Earl trade). Why the hell would any seahawk fan trade away any draft capital again??? Arguments:

    1. He is only 28, signed for 3 more years (at roughly 10 apy), was one of the top 5 interior lineman last season and he is a OL! Not a fancy pickup at WR or TE! A really good OL!
    2. A veteran RG could be of great help for the development of Ifedi at RT
    3. The hawks have a lot of cap space to burn the next years and finally giving RW a quality line and some parity on defense/offense spending would be nice
    4. But the compensation is to much!!! Do you really believe Philly gives away talent for free? Besides; CJ will probably be hurt again and that roster spot could be used better anyway. Odhi? He could be a quality OL down the line, but he won’t compete at LG (draft pick) nor LT (Fant) nor RG (no more stepping on RW foot) and he will leave in 2 years time anyways. 3 round pick? Do you really believe the hawks are able to draft a quality OL in round 3? I’m skepitcal.
    5. What does Philly gain? Firstly, a lot of cap space (the only have 7 mil this year and 1 mil next year!), a chance to draft a replacement in the 3 round (they actually are pretty good in evaluating OL talent) or some other cheap talent to fill out their roster and aditionally a dynamic weapon for their young QB (hopefully they didn’t watch the injury reports to closely). Besides; the may already have the replacement for Brooks on their roster with former 1 round pick Warmack.

    1 Trade down for two 2
    1 LG Wynn
    2 HB
    2 Defender or trade down again

    Brown Wynn Britt Brooks Ifedi

    Primary backups:
    Fant Pocic Pocic Pocic Fant

    Now THAT would improve our running game for sure!

    Chance of happening: 5%, but one can dream

    Nice weekend and enjoy the journey of our Hawks! 🙂

    • Alex6674

      Wow – no way would CJ and Odiahimbo be traded. We have them on their rookie contracts still, but more than that, Odiahimbo is a serviceable back up with another years experience (and don’t forget the injury he was playing with last season), and CJ…….far to much potential to trade right now, regardless of injuries. No, I’m more than happy to keep both. I really hope you aren’t JS under a false name gauging opinion on trades 😥.

      • Alex6674

        Also if CJ will.probably be injured again why would the Eagles want him?!

  32. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Seahawks have already put a lot of draft capital into the offensive line. I feel with new coaches(new techniques taught) and hopefully a new blocking scheme, they wait and see how they develop. This along with the fact we have little draft capital right now we go defensive line or running back early.

    • Hawktalker@gmail.com

      Not sure if they have time to wait. So far their performance has proven to be unsatisfactory. Actually, you don’t want to keep working to try to find somebody else that would upgrade the team and the effort.

  33. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Personally I want to keep ET, but feeling the front office not wanting to extend for 3rd contracts. I would trade ET for a second this year and 3rd next year. Trade back from #18 to recoup a 3rd round. Then we would have picks in rounds 1, 2, & 3 this year. Get our 3rd round back for next year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Did I miss a report somewhere aboutSEA asking too much? I thought the sticky wicket is ET’s salary, how much he’s expected to want for his next contract, and not trade compensation.

      Why is everyone willing to give away a HOF FS for anything less than a R1?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a very strange situation with Earl Thomas.

        We’re three days removed from a report saying they might get more than even a R1 + R3.

        If that was the case, wouldn’t it be done by now?

        Who is actually in the running here? The only team you ever hear about is Dallas?

        Are teams waiting this out thinking the price will come down?

        Very peculiar situation. I think everyone is waiting for an update from a reliable source.

        Reading between the lines looking at what tuned in dallas reporters are saying — the Cowboys seem to think waiting this out is the key. The JLC report might’ve been an attempt by Seattle to draw them out. And it doesn’t look like it’s worked if that is what was going on.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Geez I hope not. If another team (DAL) were to find out SEA was bluffing, it could significantly damage their bargaining position.

          I still think he gets traded (to DAL), partly because it’s the best move for SEA and partly because there isn’t a single prospect in this draft who might be available at 19 that is better than ET (both on the field and in the media) for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

          If it is salary, is this particular to ET or are we seeing a wider trend of diminishing salaries for 3rd/4th contracts?

          • Greg Haugsven

            This could go all the way to the draft. Once the draft actually starts you could then assume he might be a Seahawk for life.

            • Hawktalker@gmail.com

              I think that is it an aggressive assumption. Not sure Seattle wants to pony up all the dollars for his next contract and Make him the highest-paid safety in the league.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I think if they don’t trade ET at some point before he becomes a FA in 2019, they won’t resign him. He may not find a team to pay him everything he wants, but I’m sure he’ll find one that’s willing to pay him more than SEA.

              I also think it could go all the way to Draft Day. It’s uncommon, but not unprecedented, for a marquee player to be traded at the Draft.

              Also it would be very Jerry Jones to wait until the actual draft to announce a splash trade like this, especially if he’s giving up his R1 pick, and when he’s hosting the Draft. He’s a showman, if nothing else.

  34. Fairlawn

    If the top of the draft does set up QB-QB-QB then Cleveland could/should be auctioning pick #4 — now representing the last of the big four QBs — to anyone who wants to jump in front of the Broncos (Bills, Cardinals, or, acting preventively, the Broncos themselves).

  35. Sea Mode

    Just keeping up with our unofficial Suh “insider”. Honestly though, I could just about publish something this generic and be right as well. Here goes:

    “Source (common sense) tells me that Suh is listening to offers and weighing his options. He wants to make money. Decision expected before the end of free agency.”
    -Sea Mode

    How’d I do…? 😉

    Jordan Schultz

    One #Seahawks note re Ndamukong Suh: He had two very positive conversations with Pete Carroll (over the phone) this week, and absolutely wants to visit the VMAC facility. Again, Suh is reviewing an assortment of options, all of which present great opportunity.

    7:10 AM – 18 Mar 2018

    • peter

      Pretty good! Just soften the line about he wants to make money into something about thinking about his future-or- prioritizing his future plans, and basically you are every tweet from the nfl network.

  36. Pugs1

    Just a theory on the possible ET to Cowboys trade rumors. Could it be that there is already a trade in place but it’s not being released because of the draft being held in Dallas? If the trade is announced now what incentives would Cowboys fans have to turn out without a 1st & 3rd? We all know how much Jerry Jones loves a show.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s doubtful.

      But I do think Jerry Jones is very very very unlikely to trade his first round pick considering he’s hosting the draft.

  37. Millhouse-serbia

    Maybe 3rd this year and 1st next?

    • Millhouse-serbia

      And when we speak about it, if you could choose, would you rather take this or next year 1st round pick from charges or cowboys?

      • D-OZ

        Next year’s 1st. DL depth is going to be awesome next year.

        • drewdawg11

          If a team wants to defer that pick to next year, I would say that the cost of waiting is your second this year as well, and maybe we can toss in a day 3 pick for your trouble. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to wait a year, but there is definitely value in that.

  38. Coleslaw

    This is gonna be a lot but I’d be so happy with all of this.
    Mock Draft: Trade 18 to late 20s for a 3rd and 4th, trade back again to late 30s for a 3rd, 5th and 6th rounders. Trade a 4th and 7th for 2 6th rounders. Walk away with:
    2. Austin Corbett OL Nevada
    3. Rashaad Penny RB SDSU
    3. Leon Jacobs LB Wisconsin
    4. Royce Freeman RB Oregon
    5. Tyquan Lewis DE/OLB Ohio St.
    5. Troy Apke FS Penn St.
    5. John Kelly RB Tennessee
    5. Tight End of choice
    6. Shaquem Griffin LB/S UCF
    6. Azeem Victor LB UW
    6. Cornerback of choice
    7. Kicker
    and so on. This is all I need for a 53 man roster projection

    Way Too Early 53 Man Roster Projection:

    Defense: 24
    DL: Naz Jones, Jarran Reed, Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Tyquan Lewis, Marcus Smith, Bennie Logan, Xavier Williams (8)
    LB: Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Barkevious Mingo, Leon Jacobs, Shaquem Griffin, Azeem Victor (6)
    S: Earl Thomas, Bradley McDougald, Troy Apke, Maurice Alexander, Delano Hill (5)
    CB: Shaquill Griffin, Justin Coleman, Byron Maxwell, Neiko Thorpe, DP (Drafted Player) (5)

    Offense: 26
    OL: Duane Brown, Austin Corbett, Justin Britt, Ethan Pocic, George Fant, Germain Ifedi, Jordan Roos, Rees Odhiambo, Joey Hunt (9)
    WR: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, Amara Darboh, Marcus Johnson, Jake Matthews (or Terelle Pryor) (6)
    QB: Russell Wilson, Backup (2)
    RB: Chris Carson, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, John Kelly, CJ Prosise, Tre Madden (6)
    TE: Ed Dickson, Nick Vannett, DP (3)

    Special Teams: 3
    Kicker: DP (1)
    Punter: Jon Ryan (1)
    Long Snapper: ? (1)

    I think we could absolutely compete with this roster and this isn’t really too far out of the realm of possibility.

    • Coleslaw

      Leaves the needs for next year to be CB, DL, TE

      • Trevor

        I like the draft a lot but would prefer Hernandez or Wynn by a large margin over Corbett and would prefer taking one of those guys in the late 20s instead of another trade back.

        • Rob Staton

          IMO the gap between Wynn, Hernandez and Corbett is minimal. All very talented.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Very interesting. I’m not familiar enough with Corbett to make that assessment, but it’s great news for SEA.

        • Coleslaw

          Yeah but if you get guys like Jacobs, Kelly and Griffin for taking Corbett over Wynn you do it. There’s depth to do it this year

          • Hawktalker@gmail.com

            Yes, but I think the point is that is not likely. The gap between them will probably be minimal in draft order, which will give you the opportunity to pick up extra players with the draft order savings you had hoped for.

  39. Isaac

    I’m actually really surprised that the hawks have signed demarco Murray. 5 year deal doesn’t seem like a contract that the hawks would give out. Was it desperation?

    • 503Hawk

      Is that true? Seems so counter intuitive.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you might’ve seen a fake twitter account. The Seahawks haven’t signed DeMarco Murray.

      • Trevor

        I really dislike Twitter and don’t even use it. Seems to bring out all the worst characteristics of human behavior.

        • Rob Staton

          It certainly does

        • GerryG

          Social media has a lot of stuff wrong with it. I dont think the human brain is wired to be in touch with that many people/opinions

          • SoCal12

            I think human brains can handle lots of people and opinions… but face-to-face where there’s body language, tone of voice, and all sorts of communication nuances. All of that gets wiped away when your reduced to 280 characters on a screen. All accountability can be deleted and wiped away as well.

            • Lewis

              And the larger problem is that people feel they have a license to say whatever they want, without reprisal.

            • GerryG

              But here is the thing, it’s not possible to converse with hundred/thousands of people from across the country/world at one time without social media. The largest realistic conversation group face to face is 30-40 people. In college you had the 120 person lecture hall where discussion could take place, but there was a leader/proctor and only 20% actually contributed.

              With social media there are thousands of people yelling at maximum volume nonstop. It’s terrible, I quit years ago.

        • C-Dog


    • VancouverHawk

      That is a fake report

  40. drewdawg11

    Some people are bored. Yeah, I wouldn’t want Murray. Not with our line.

  41. drewdawg11

    Oh, and I know that Rob feels that Carlson is too inconsistent, but I feel like we need to draft someone with a high upside to compete in camp. The guy we did sign is awful.

  42. Aaron

    Interesting article from Field Gulls on whether or not to extend Duane Brown…


    He’s going to be 33 and is still signed through this year. I’d wait until we desperately need the cap savings an extension would bring, which we don’t right now. I’d also wait to see how healthy he is this year. First or second game with us last year and he got a high ankle sprain. Maybe an offseason of not holding out will help with that.


    • Rob Staton

      Happy to play it by ear for now.

    • Lewis

      No way in hell do I want to extend Brown, unless he is willing to take close to veteran minimum to stay in the league. Not knocking the guy, but paying big money to dudes in their thirties is a terrible idea.

      • Greg Haugsven

        There is no way he takes the vet minimum. If they did extend him they would only guarantee this year anyways which is basically guaranteed anyways.

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, I understand not wanting to overpay. But vet. minimum? You do know this he was a pro bowl player this year at the 2nd hardest position to fill?

        I think you have to pay him like a LT, but just give the team a way out at anytime after the first year, given his age.

        • Sea Mode

          Haha, didn’t refresh after reaching the last comments and Greg beat me to it while I was writing… 🙂

        • Lewis

          Of course I don’t think he’d play for that. We need to stop paying a ton of money to guys in their thirties over multiple years. You’ve got him for another year. They need to be prepared to replace him after that.

          • 80SLargent

            There’s talk of SF giving Joe Staley a raise, even thought he’s currently signed through 2019. He’s of similar age and level of LT as Brown. I’m interested in seeing what kind of “raise” Staley gets. It could be used as a point of reference for what kind of deal Brown might get. Anyway, I’m of the thought of, LT is the 2nd most important position on the entire offense. If you have a “franchise” LT, you keep him until his wheels fall off. Contradictory to that, I think the deal the Giants gave Solder (0 Pro Bowls) was ridiculous.

          • Aaron

            I agree. You have to be cautious about giving a lot to a guy over 30. His cap hit is 9.75 this year per OTC. I’d be okay with a two year extension until he’s 35. Guaranteed money and biggest cap hit year one, with option to leave it year two. That being said, need to wait this one out. No hurry. Maybe Fant comes back and takes RT and you put him back at LT in 2019. Or maybe they use no. 18 instead of trading down and pick one of the top 3 tackles with the thought to move him to LT in 2019 and compete with Ifedi for RT this year.

            • Lewis

              He’s 33 now, right? So a two year extension would put him at 36.

              OTOH, if you are going to be willing to spend on an older player, I guess QB and LT are the spots you might be willing to do that. Let’s just hope that Solari can get more out of the guys we have

              • 80SLargent

                He’s 32 now. He’ll be 33 when the season starts. A two year extension would put him at age 35.

    • Patrick Toler

      I’d be happy to pay Brown big money on an extension if the structure was right. For a player north of thirty, I always want to know if you can get out of the contract after the second season. Of course players want as much guaranteed as possible. But I’d be willing to pay Brown near the top of the tackle market as long as I could cut him in two years reasonably painlessly.

  43. JimQ

    IMO, there are a few players in the coming draft that I think might help with the loss of DT-Michael Bennett. Due to the real team needs to use their day 1 & 2 picks (whatever picks they end up with on draft day) on the OL & RB’s, they MAY have to look early day 3 of the draft for a rotational DT replacement for Bennett. I currently very much value the rankings at nfldraftscout com over those at drafttek.com. as they seem more up to date. IMO, these are the players that fit the Seahawks DT needs —-> in the —-middle to later rounds—- with their current rankings.

    –DT-B. J. Hill, N. C. St., 6-3/311, ranked #61-overall at nfldraftscout.com, #125-overall at drafttek.com

    –DT-Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays St., 6-036/315, ranked #53-overall at nfldraftscout.com,, #149-overall at drafttek.com

    –DT-Breland Speaks, Ole Miss, 6-3/283, ranked #83-overall at nfldraftscout.com, #176-overall at drafttek.com (If he drops in rankings he may become a target, maybe?)

    –DT-Tim Settle, Virginia Tech, 6-026/329, ranked #90-overall at nfldraftscout.com, #129-overall at drafttek.com (If he drops in rankings he may become a target, maybe?)

    –DT-Deadrin Senat, So. Florida, 6-0/314, ranked #98-overall at nfldraftscout.com, #163-overall at drafttek.com (If he drops in rankings he may become a target, but he’s very short so a big maybe?)

    IMO-all of the above WILL likely be GONE by the time of the 4-th round Seahawks pick, And, with their 4-th round pick they would likely have interest in drafting one of the below guys. My personal
    preference would be Fatukasi. Street’s stats. aren’t quite as good & even though he’s reportedly very strong & athletic, I hate to see a defensive player with only 48-solo tkls, out of 120 total stops. However, Street may have some upside so I’d be comfortable drafting him if Fatukasi is gone when they make the pick. Both likely need some further development as one might expect from a 4-th rounder. Fatukasi is VERY long and his explosion/agility scores aren’t too bad either for his size.

    DT-Folorunso (Foley) Fatukasi, UConn, 6-036/318, *34-5/8″-arms*, 10-1/4″-hands, *82-1/8″ wingspan*. (Very long & he is described as “unmoveable” vs: double teams & is known to push pockets back into the QB on occasion.)
    5.29/40, 1.76-ET.10-yd, 3.00-ET/20-yd, 33-reps, 30″-vert, 9-6″-broad, 7.44/3-cone, 4.53-short shut.
    Currently ranked #139-overall, Proj. Rd-4/5 at nfldaftscout.com & #125-overall at drafttek.com. 118.4-pSPARQ = the #3 DT score of those tested in this draft, 69.9 NFL%.

    Reportedly, UConn used Fatukasi out of position as a 1-tech, nose tackle in 2016 & 2017, after his decent success as a 5-tech with nice stats in 2015, (when playing at his more natural position????)
    2017: 11-games, 45-tkls, 30-solo, 7.5-TFL, 4.0-sacks (nose tackle in 3-3-6 alignment)
    2016: 11-games, 43-tkls, 22-solo, 2,5-TFL, 2.5-Sacks (nose tackle in 3-3-6 alignment)
    2015: 11-games, 51-tkls, 33-solo, 8,0-TFL, 7.5-sacks & 4-FF (as a 5-tech)
    2014: 11-games, 31-tkls, 18-solo, 3.0-TFL, (Freshman, non-starter.)
    Career: 44-games, 170-tkls, 103-solo, 21.0-TFL, 14.0-Sacks, 4-FF.

    DT-Kentavius Street, N. C. St.. 6-2/280, 32-7/8″-arms, 10-1/4″-hands, 78-3/4″-wingspan. (Described as “strong+”, yet he had 28 reps & Fatukasi had 33 reps with 2″ longer arms!) Currently ranked #123-overall at nfldraftscout.com, #154-overall at drafttek. com. pSPARQ/NFL% =?
    4.87/40, 1.66-ET/10-yd, 2.79-ET/20-yd, 28-reps (hamstring injury, no other tests – yet.)
    2017: 12-games, 38-tkls, 16-solo, 6.5-TFL, 2.5-sacks, 1-PD, 2-FR, 1-FF
    2016: 12-games, 30-tkls, 13-solo, 9,0-TFL, 5.5-sacks, 1-PD, 1-FR
    2015: 11-games, 30-tkls, 10-solo, 2.5-TFL, 2-PD, 1-FR, 1-FF
    2014: 11-games, 22-tkls, 9-solo, 1.0-TFL, 1-PD
    Career: 46-games, 120-tkls, 48-solo, 19.0-TFL, 8.0-sacks, 5-PD, 4-FR, 2-FF

    I know that many here would prefer a big name DT, but in the real world, maybe they have to wait until day 3 to get one due to there many other needs, these 2 guys would seem most realistic to me.

    • Hawktalker@gmail.com

      Seattle’s final draft pick order will not look anything like what it does now. As has been discussed often here, PCJS Will not be satisfied with no day two picks and will likely trade down and trade to get multiple day two picks.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like your post and the way you broke it down for late rounds. Gives me more players to think about!

      • JimQ

        Be sure and take a look at DE-Ade Arruna, the next “Nigerian nightmare”, after his excellent combine, he is a fast riser, that I hope the Seahawks consider. So damn much developable potential there. He might just go in rounds 3 or so, which might be a little of the luxury type of pick, being that rich for a developmental guy, but if they could get him, he might just be a home run pick, at least in 2019 after he learns the ropes.

  44. Greg Haugsven

    As anyone seen the contract details for Ed Dickson? I cant seem to find them.

    • Sea Mode

      This is all I’ve seen so far:

      Ian Rapoport

      More Ian Rapoport Retweeted Mike Garafolo
      It’s 3 years with a max value of $14M, source said. He gets the first year fully guaranteed.

      8:34 AM – 16 Mar 2018

      • 80SLargent

        Signing bonus is $2.6M. Other than that, I haven’t seen anything else yet either.

    • Guillermoman

      The deal is 3 years, $14mm, $2.6mm guaranteed

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yesh Ive seen that. 3 years “up to” $14 million with a $2.6 million SB.

  45. GerryG

    There has been plenty of talk about Seattle’s lack of draft success recently (which is warranted).

    I’d be curious to see some statistics on the number of mid to late round success since 2013. How many starters, pro bowlers etc. How many players, especially in positions of need, did Seattle miss out on?

    • Mike L

      Players drafted in round 3 (or later) that have made at least one Pro Bowl (per Wikipedia)

      2013 draft: 13 players (incl 4 undrafted players)
      2014: 7 players (incl 4 undrafted)
      2015: 5 players (incl Tyler Lockett)
      2016: 7 players
      2017: 2 players

      bottom line: drafting is hard!! which is why I’ll trade a draft pick for an established NFL starter all day long

      • GerryG

        Cool thanks!

        That was kind of my point with the data, drafting is hard!

        Finding Sherman Kam Baldwin Kearse Rawls Lane as late picks udfa makes it seem like it’s easy, those numbers show it’s not. (I know not all those guys are pro bowlers but all were effective starters for at least a while.

  46. Mike L

    Comments on Jack Cichy’s (Wisconsin LB) pro day from “Buckys5thquarter”:

    Cichy: He ran a 4.19-second 20-yard shuttle, which would have placed him fourth among linebackers at the NFL Combine, with his 6.88-second three-cone drill placing him fifth in that group. Cichy certainly didn’t look like someone who was far away from being close to full-go after his ACL surgery seven months ago. If I were NFL personnel, I would be optimistic about Cichy’s ability to be ready by training camp at the latest.


    • Mike L

      note: I thought Cichy outplayed TJ Watt in ’16 and was on a few “preseason All American” lists for ’17 when he tore his ACL. Might be an awesome day 3 pick-up for the Hawks..(disruptor from the SAM position).

  47. Reggie in IOWA

    What could a guy like Jonathan Hankins bring to this team and what kind of price tag does compared to Ndomukong Suh?

    • RealRhino2

      I would like to add a guy like Hankins to the team. Young, bigger guy to rotate with Reed and be part of a short-yardage package. Great run stopper, and heck, had more sacks than Sheldon Richardson last year, too! Problem is he was set to make $8 million this year and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him, so probably looking at a 3-year deal at least for $18-24 million (maybe? I don’t really know).

  48. Reggie in IOWA

    What are we gonna do about the least talked about yet oh so important position of kicker on this team??

    • Rob Staton

      Presumably add some competition at some point.

      It’s pretty difficult to get a read on rookie kickers though. Who’d heard of Jake Elliott a year ago? Projected as a seventh rounder or UDFA yet drafted as a fifth rounder by Cincinnati. Then he was cut, picked up by the Eagles due to an injury to Caleb Sturgis and Elliott went on to help Philly win the Super Bowl.

      Elliott kicked 21 of 26 field goals in 2016 but as a sophomore went 21 of 32. It would’ve been difficult a year ago to project his NFL performance and yet here we are.

  49. Zach C

    Wow, did some delving into Holton Hill today.

    This guy is absolutely circled on my draft board. 6’2 corner, 4.49 speed, 32 inch arms, and looks like a Richard Sherman clone in the way he tackles and plays against the run. Looks to me like his downfield coverage would greatly benefit from the Carroll coaching school, but the tools are absolutely there.

    Seems like character concerns are going to push him past the 5th round.

    Rob, is this someone that is on your radar?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes absolutely. Someone we need to monitor.

    • 80SLargent

      Richard Sherman or Tharold Simon.

  50. D-OZ

    Reminds me more of Sherman than Simon coming out.

  51. Old but Slow

    This exercise to look at what players we have overlooked, missed on, or missed the boat is misguided. All of the league missed on Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, and so forth. Scouting and player evaluation is extremely subjective and very hard to pin down. We hope that our scouts are sharp and attentive, and we count on those who conduct the interviews, and then the communication with the coaches. It is hard.

    It is not hard to go back to the history and pick out the mistakes. “My Dog, they took Pug Woolery instead of Babe Ruth!!!. (made that up)

    Personally, I don’t like to speculate about what might have been, yes, there are decisions that may have made things better, but that is not a good way to look at the past. As I see it, having regrets only leads to bitterness, and bitterness leads to inactivity, and I don’t see much in that.

    Sorry if I am getting a little off track, but I am responding in a way to the request to look at the players we have missed on. Carry on.

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