What I hope happens next for the Seahawks

The addition of Dre’Mont Jones was unquestionably a strong start to free agency for the Seahawks. They begin with a bang — addressing a huge need with a talented player at a great age.

Listening to some Broncos fans discuss Jones ahead of free agency, they clearly felt he was an ascending player — a key interior pass rusher capable of providing high-level disruption. They felt like his best football was to come — and now they’re going to watch him walk out the door as things reach a crescendo.

His 6.5 sacks in 2022 came in just 13 games. The Seahawks have needed an 8-10 sack interior rusher for some time and they may have found their man.

Still, there’s no getting away from the fact his run defense isn’t a strong point. You wouldn’t expect it to be — he’s 6-3 and 281lbs. The key for the Seahawks is to blend players with that kind of frame with some big brutes. It’s why in my last mock draft I had Seattle take Keion White at #20 (6-5, 285lbs) and then Mazi Smith at #38 (6-3, 323lbs).

The more they can do on the defensive line in free agency, the more things are free’d up for the draft. I’m not overly concerned about the linebacker position at the moment. I’ve taken a real liking to Tulane’s Dorian Williams and think he could be a hidden gem in this draft class. I also think there will be some options at the start of day three and that a big investment at linebacker isn’t entirely necessary.

So my preference over the coming days (or today, if, you know, they want to keep the celebratory mood going…) is to pad out the defensive front even more.

A’Shawn Robinson is big, solid run blocker. He isn’t going to win many defensive player of the week awards but he could dramatically improve Seattle’s run defense.

All of the Fangio-inspired schemes have trouble against the run. This video does a good job explaining why. You’re going to need some beef up front to properly execute this system.

Greg Gaines would be an ideal alternative but I suppose you could say — why not both? If the 49ers can finagle their cap to add Javon Hargrave, how challenging is it for Seattle to do something for these two?

They did just release Quinton Jefferson to free up cap space.

It’s probably wishful thinking and the draft could provide some options to add another player to pair with Robinson or Gaines.

The other name is all-time blog favourite Calais Campbell. He’s an ageless wonder and while his dominating days are in the past — he still managed 5.5 sacks a year ago and a PFF grade of 77.2.

Unless you’re keeping your linebackers clean, I’m not sure it’s going to really matter who’s playing back there. I would still be very interested in bringing in Cole Holcomb or Drue Tranquill — two players who fit the bill in terms of physical profile and attitude. Lavonte David and Bobby Wagner remain available too. They might take some time to determine their next destination.

I’m intrigued to see if the influence of Brandon Jordan will pay off. There was more than a whisper doing the rounds that he’s so well connected (and respected) in the league that he’ll be a great recruiting tool for the Seahawks. Perhaps that played a part in the Dre’Mont Jones signing? He’s worked with most of the top defenders in the league. Two prominent edge rushers — Leonard Floyd and Samson Ebukam — are former clients. It’s also worth noting that recently, before arriving in Seattle, he’d been training Will McDonald.

It could be the Jones signing is the peak of Seattle’s free agency. It would be energising, however, to think the Seahawks could make further moves and really inject some quality and experience into the unit — completely freeing up the draft for a BPA extravaganza.

That would put the Seahawks in the tier of ‘intriguing 2023 teams with potential to make some noise’. Let’s see what they can get done.

Finally, the center market hasn’t really taken off and Garrett Bradbury, Jake Brendel and Coleman Shelton remain available. A veteran hedge for the draft is needed and the options are very much there for Seattle.

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  1. CojackTX

    ILB deals have been pretty modest at the early stages of free agency, so I am optimistic a reasonable deal can be reached with someone. Other than Williams, who are some mid round LB options you like? When I run the mock simulators I often find myself struggling to fill that position if I don’t select Sanders or Campbell in the 2nd (FWIW, I don’t view Henley, Overshown, Pappoe and others as scheme fits). Overall, LB (along with safety) appear to be pretty weak in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Campbell in R2 is too rich for me

      I actually think DeMarvion Overshown is better as a Kam-type safety

      Right now I’d be focused on Williams + a value veteran + Brooks returning

      • Mick

        I like your idea with Tranquill quite a lot, apparently he’s good in coverage. I would make sure that our new LBs are better at that.

  2. Sluggo42

    Commanders Sign LB Cody Barton

    Per Pelissero, the Commanders signed former Seahawks linebacker Cody Barton to a one-year, fully guaranteed contract. The 26-year-old made 11 starts last year and piled up 136 total tackles, but he also fell from favor with Seahawks coaches for a time due to poor angles and coverage lapses (Barton was targeted 51 times and allowed 44 completions). If Barton is being tasked with replacing Cole Holcomb, it’s a pretty sizable downgrade for the Washington defense.

    Grade: C

    A “C” ???
    That’s way better than what I would have given, which would have been an “F”

    Hoping we can find some LB’s this year…

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Is it a little surprising that Barton is one of the first linebackers signed and on the first day?

      • jed

        They’ve been spending too much time on Seahawks Twitter where Barton is an above average coverage linebacker despite all the poor metrics and tape of him tackling his own teammates and Aaron Rodgers trucking him.

        I do respect the x’s & o’s guys, I just disagree with their Barton take.

        • Rob Staton

          Is Desmond Ridder still a high R1?

          • jed

            Another miss.

            But, the thing about forecasting & evaluation is that everyone misses when you do enough of them. I forecast fashion consumer goods for a living and I nail the forecast sometimes and sometimes, well not so much.

            • cha

              Okay what I am picturing you doing all day


              • jed

                That’s way too accurate. 😂

            • Rob Staton

              I think you’re being generous

              Lot of contrarian views like ‘Barton is good’ and ‘Ken Norton is actually good’ and ‘Desmond Ridder is a R1 pick’

              • jed

                Probably, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Can definitely be a fault of mine.

          • Big Mike

            No, it wasn’t Ridder it was Malik Willis.

    • cha

      Ari Meirov
      Terms: Former #Seahawks LB Cody Barton will sign a 1-year, $3.5M deal with the Washington Commanders. There’s another $1M available in incentives.
      7:32 AM · Mar 14, 2023

  3. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks are releasing DT Quinton Jefferson, per source.

    • Rushless pass

      It’s about time!

    • Mick

      Sorry for him, but I’ll celebrate this one. Time we get better.

    • cha

      So if the Shelby Harris release becomes official, we’re looking at

      $20.4m total cap space
      $10m effective cap space

  4. geoff u

    Mazi Smith is becoming highly appealing at 38

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks are keeping the 3-4 scheme they need a true NT and he certainly seems like the best option in the draft by a wide margin. Really think he is a must have in this draft class. My only concern is whether or not he will be there at 38. I tend to think he might be long gone.

      Would love to see them get Mcdonald at 20 and Smith at 38 but NT seems like a far bigger need than edge so they might have to take Smith in Rd #1 ideally after a slight trade back if they really want him.

      • geoff u

        So many promising options in the 2nd round, I almost hope they package some later picks to add another in this range, and/or trade down from 20 a few spots.

    • Rushless pass

      I would be so excited if they drafted him!!

  5. cha

    It appears a bunch of lower level Hawks have been signed per OTC. Good news.

    Mike Jackson
    Vi Jones
    Cade Johnson
    Josh Onujiogu
    Jarrod Hewitt

    • cha

      Ryan Neal at the Right of First Refusal tender of $2.627m too

      • Trevor

        Glad they got that done with Neal.

        • Big Mike

          Ditto. Good player and the Hawks need him after the pompous peacock is gone whether that be post 6/1 this year or after the upcoming season.

          • Pran

            Does Neal’s salary come out of Adams pocket.

            • Big Mike

              It would be a better use of the funds. I mean what would be better, paying a good player that’s on the field contributing or buying more Louis Vattan coffee cups? Besides, it would mean cap savings if peacock paid Neal out of pocket.

      • Roy Batty

        Not the more expensive 2nd round tender? That’s a huge savings.

      • TomLPDX

        Still means another team could offer him more and we don’t match it. I hope we are able to keep Neal.

        Cade Johnson just seems to keep hanging around! Hope he has a breakout season this year.

        • TatupuTime

          Yeah, he hasn’t signed it yet has he? Just means that’s the tender. I think it’s likely he’s back (mostly because the NFL often values veterans based off draft position still), but would be an interesting guy for another team to take a run at. They could look at Seattle’s safety room and speculate that they won’t match on a decent salary for Ryan Neal.

      • Mel

        Surprised they didn’t give him the 2nd round tender

    • D

      ryan neal as well if i’ve read it correctly?

  6. Trevor

    My top 10 wish list for the balance of free agency. If they can add a couple of these guys I would be pumped. Most of these guys Rob has hi-lighted in detail as why they are a good fit for the Hawks.

    1) Ashawn Robinson- run stuffing DT

    2) Cole Holcomb- Speedy young LB

    3) Drue Tranquil- Speedy young LB who can cover TE’s

    4)Chancy Gardner Johnson – If the Hawks wake up and move on from Adams he would be perfect fit

    5)Ryan Neal – Unless there is an injury issue he is a must resign IMO

    6)Garrett Bradbuy – Still young and the perfect athletic profile.

    7)Isiah Wynn – Solid LT and ideal backup for both OT spots. Have to think the Hawks OL coaches might love this guy with his experience at OT and versatility.

    8)Greg Gaines – Soild run stuffing NT with some pass rush upside. Love his motor and still only 25.

    9)Parris Campbell- When Marquise Goodwin was healthy last year I thought he made a big difference as a dynamic WR3. Campbell has not really lived up to his draft billing but the Colts have had awful QB play. Might be a solid WR3 if the price is right.

    10) Calais Campbell / Bobby Wagner – Not sure how much they in the tank but both would be a good scheme fit and an ideal leaders for this young defence on an inexpensive 1-2 yr deals

  7. Roy Batty

    Pairing this off season with last year’s draft just solidifies the belief that Schneider is back in charge of acquisitions and drafting.

    Following that logic, they have to be targeting a NT and a quality LB next.

    I have to believe Schneider is methodically following a plan and that he wants to have the ability to do whatever he wants on days 1 & 2. He will have all the flexibility to grab whomever he chooses. No dire needs and BPA all weekend long. The center position is the one area that I think he might pick a prospect a bit earlier than projected. We will see.

    Exciting times.

    • Big Mike

      I 100% hope you’re right. Evidence suggests you are so far.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I dunno. I think more is made of this than there really is to it. Imo, this implies that there’s serious disagreement between Carroll and Schneider such that one has to prevail at the expense of the other. And I don’t think their dynamic is anything like that.

      Yes, I agree one of them has final say. And yes, I agree it appears that Schneider is that person at this time.

      But I also think that he and Carroll are highly simpatico. I don’t think Schneider’s running roughshod over Carroll regarding personnel decisions this year.

      Conversely, I don’t think Carroll ran roughshod over Schneider in seasons past. Even if there was disagreement, I think their interpersonal style is collaborative. Highly collaborative.

      • 509 Chris

        I feel the same way. There’s become this narrative that every save move is John, and every blunder is Pete. I just don’t think it’s that simple. We probably won’t ever know for sure but they attack problems and needs together and try to find solutions. The adams deal for example was desperation but I imagine regardless of who came up with the idea they both signed off on it eventually. Same with trading or not trading russ.

        • 509 Chris

          Meant to say savy not save

          • Big Mike

            I believe Pete has stepped back from the draft fairly significantly. There were reports he overruled his scouts and likely thus John for several drafts. I don’t think it’s coincidence we had our best draft in ages after the supposed “nothing” meeting with Jody last year.
            Do I think they screamed at each other, etc. no I don’t. But I think there’s a very good chance John deferred to him on occasions he didn’t want to. I also believe it’s very possible John told Pete and Jody he was going to leave if he didn’t get more say over personnel, especially the draft.

            All that said, it’s very likely we’ll never know for sure.

            • God of Thunder

              Can you cite any of the “reports” that suggest Pete was overruling anyone?

              I too have *heard* there was smoke, but was there ever proof of fire? Anything to cite?

              • Big Mike

                I believe it was all smoke but if someone has a solid link please post.

        • Peter


          Which one of them kicked off the billions of transactions, brought in rice, miller, gallery…probably both guys.

          Who knew about russ….John. who knew about Earl instead of taylor mays? Probably Pete. How about marshawn? Probably both.

          If this draft is say “just good,” instead of great is that then ball back in Pete’s court? Or is that still John unless it sucks then it’s Pete.

          I do think John is being more of a gm than we’ve seen before. But they are one of the longest tenured duos in the league.

        • geoff u

          Well as they’ve always said, John sets the table and Pete makes the decisions. Or at least I think they used to say that. Someone said that anyway, probably. What do I know I make comments on a blog.

      • AL

        I agree Blitzy, I think folks make to much of this.

        I think what people look past is Pete and John have been in a harmonious relationship for the past 13 years, which strongly suggests they share the same vison and work very well with each other.

        I don’t think theres any big mystery concerning last years draft, by their own admission they changed their approach and took the BPA.

        I believe they’re pretty hand in hand with most of their decisions.

    • geoff u

      Pure speculation, but I think Pete is seeing in hindsight that a lot the moves/draft picks he pushed Schnieder into doing (Adams) / not doing (Trading Russ earlier and making a move for Mahomes/Allen) haven’t paid off and he should trust the man more. One playoff win in the last 6 years has got to be eating him up. It’s certainly eating me up.

      • Peter

        Like a marvelous comics “what if?…”

        Mahomes or Allen but with Schottenheimer instead the great Reid and apparently pretty damn good Daboll. A nonexistent run game (checks notes buffalo still trying that) and all the failed picks up to last year.

        The piss poor defense.

        Mahomes is amazing. Allen nearly there. But the chiefs are stacked. And Allen still hasn’t overcome that teams few but important problems.

      • Big Mike

        Entirely possible Geoff. Maybe there wasn’t as come to Jesus meeting with Jody. If what you speculated is true, all my admiration for Pete for giving up some control. Personally, I don’t buy it but then I’m a cynical old guy so………..

      • Troy

        very interesting take here….makes you wonder how good the hawks could have been if it was 100% JS calling the shots

        • Peter

          Probably the same….

          See: Andy Dalton and Pete telling John no thanks.

          Also what world are coach and gm not working together? What gm gets to override every coach, oc, and dc’s preferred players in draft or FA and just does whatever they want to do.

    • Jordan

      Feels like Schneider has been on a bit of a heater over the last year or so for sure.

      -9.5 sacks Nwosu
      -Geno at 3.5m + incentives
      -Huge return in the Russ trade (which I think will look even better when we see what the compensation for Rodgers and Lamar end up being)
      -Great 2022 draft class

      -Geno re-upped at very team friendly deal that doesn’t preclude drafting a QB
      -Dre’Mont on day 1 of free agency

  8. EmperorMA

    We do not save much money by cutting Jamal Adams, and we lose money in dead cap space.

    When healthy, Adams is one of the best football players in the NFL. I cannot and will not dog on a man for getting hurt playing this game. If he comes back at his previous level, he makes our team SO MUCH better.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      You don’t think $8.44m is much money?

      I do and I want it available for anyone other than Jamal freakin Adams

    • Mick

      On one side, yes if he got hurt playing for us, I have sympathy. On the other side, with ~9 mil we can sign a safety and linebacker and start them. It is what it is with the cap.

    • Roy Batty

      Cutting Adams nearly pays for the signing they just made.

    • Rob Staton

      I love how people are still clinging to this about Adams

      • Matthew

        Just need him to play an entire season at an all pro level, then become the SB MVP while helping the Hawks win a second championship to make that trade feel like a success.

    • Ashish

      When he is healthy – Adams has played only 50% of his games. He played well first year that’s it. I will cut him in a blink.

      • Rokas

        Except he didn’t play well in his first year. Could not care less for that record setting 9.5 sacks from the safety position. He blitzed an awful lot, and every time time he didn’t get home, the defense collapsed. And boy did the defense collapsed an awful lot. Also, makes me wonder if that “high character” mojo, is related to the Adams as well. It must have been a humbling experience for PC/JS.

    • Orcas Viking

      When I look at Adam’s, I sometimes think about the young dad who use to be an athlete in HS and college, but has spent the last few years behind a desk and decides to go play in a pickup basketball game with his former buddies and blows his knee out 5 minutes into the game. Adam’s is sort of this guy but at the professional level. True pro’s…I.e., BWags…take care of their body and don’t just rely on athletic ability alone…Adam’s appears to be guiding on his athletic ability without truly getting his body ready and as he’s aged he has become the young dad behind the desk.

    • HOUSE

      Adams can be cut as a post June 1 casualty and it’ll open up over $8M year. Yes, I understand that he would have a death cap of $7.1M in 24 and in 25 as well, but there won’t be the questioning of “is he going to be available” or “is he going to be healthy”? I personally believe this is one of the worst deals the Seahawks have ever made and at this point ripping off the Band-Aid makes the most sense to me.

    • BK26

      Oh boy, here we go: we save a big giant headache and a big giant black hole of bad football play. As well as cutting a cancer that his eaten away and divided the fanbase.

      You are right, he was one of the best in the NFL…in 2018. Since then, he’s been a gimmick player, and a bad one. It’s neat that he broke the sack record. It would be just as neat if one of our defensive linemen breaks the record for int’s for a dlineman. It is not why you have the player.

      He gets dogged on for being a liability, overpaid, hard to root for, cocky, not any kind of leader, taking plays off, having bad fundamentals, what else am I missing.

      Sometimes you can’t just believe the easy, lazy take that the media and the fair weather fan that doesn’t want to think critically any deeper than “that guy is good” or “that guy sucks.”

      You get too used to headaches when you have the all the time; it’s the norm. Once you are finally rid of them is when you realize what you were living with. It’s time to get past this headache.

      Anything I’m missing Big Mike?

      • Big Mike

        His PFF grade in 2020 when he was healthy, 52.2. That’s REALLY bad.
        His PFF grade in 2021 when he played I believe 13 games was 60.1. Pretty poor especially when one considers the money he was paid.

        I wasn’t going to join this discussion but since you asked BK26, I jumped in.

        • CHaquesFan

          Not sure iff PFF did grades but was his grade for the 1 quarter of play he had in 2022?

      • Peter

        Really great way to frame the sacks phenomenon.

    • 509 Chris

      When has adams really impressed on the field in a Hawks uniform? I hear this constantly on Twitter and Facebook but besides those mirage sack numbers all I see is a liability in coverage, dropped interceptions, avoiding contact/ hitting his own guy, and over celebrating other guys plays or plays that are inconsequential. Please let’s just cut him and never speak his name again.

      • Wilson502

        Jamal “I’m the best in the nation” Adams. 😂 What a effing 🤡. I’ll never forget that. Then the football hitting him right in the head. Collinsworth’s commentary on that was hilarious.

        • cha

          What is sad is the Jamal defenders will scream to high heaven that you’re being tone deaf because he was shouting out to some kid he’d found out about the day before that passed away and ‘best in the nation’ was his meme saying.

          What they won’t tell you is that it is Adams that was completely tone deaf.

          The week before he recorded a PFF in the 30’s against the Rams, which included a wobbly duck bomb by Stafford that my grandmother could have tracked in the air but Adams couldn’t.

          Desean caught it and the Rams scored two plays later. The Seahawks lost despite a valiant effort by Geno to bring them back from the dead.

          Do you really think it’s a good idea a week later to pop on national TV about how good you are, no matter what your intentions are? And then to take a ball off your face that AGAIN could have swung the game around?

          • Big Mike

            Gimme Some Truth cha.

            (John Lennon reference)

            • vbullen65

              Great album! My favorite is “How do You Sleep?”.

              • Big Mike

                Definitely not Paul’s favorite tho.

                • vbullen65

                  Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs

          • Roy Batty

            My favorite quote from Adams is, was, and always will be, “Jet for life!”

            He then went on to bitch and moan about everything Jet related until he was traded.

    • MarkinSeattle

      I will be curious to see you demonstrate that the defense is substantially better with Adams in. Everything I have seen on TV as well as statistics have shown that he is awful in coverage and there is no elevation of the overall defense when he is in. I for one see Adams as a dead weight, an extremely small linebacker who can’t cover stuck at the safety position.

    • 509 Chris

      Wow everyone dog piled on that one. How does the general SDB community feel about the Jamal adam deal? The original home of “the peacock” moniker!

      • Big Mike

        “How does the general SDB community feel about the Jamal adams deal?”

        I have been a fan of this team since their first game in 1976. I was almost 20 at the time. I can’t speak for everyone here, but to me this is without a doubt the worst trade in franchise history. I feel it’s worse than the trade that sent Tony Dorsett to Dallas because Seattle was stuck with no option as he made it abundantly clear to the Hawks he would not play for the franchise but would instead go to Canada for year and re-enter the draft. Adams trade was by choice, Dorsett trade was by necessity.

    • Julian L

      He shouldn’t be in Seattle, because no team should ever spend 2 first round picks plus, on any defensive player. It’s just too much of a risk, as we can see.

      • Wilson502

        Especially for a non premium position box safety. What a stupid trade.

        • geoff u

          Regardless of the result, that’s why I have always been against this trade. Blech.

      • 509 Chris

        You wouldn’t trade 2 firsts for say a bosa or garret level of talent? I agree adams wasn’t worth that but when Ramsy got Jacksonville 2 firsts it looked pretty good a superbowl later.

        • Wilson502

          CB is considered a premium position and a more valued position than a box safety.

  9. HOUSE

    With Quinton Jefferson cut today, I wonder if we see something today or if they got the upgrade in Jones and were just willing to move on and give him a chance to catch on elsewhere

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Narrator: There would be no honeymoon in New York

    Dianna Russini @diannaESPN

    Aaron Rodgers has provided the NY Jets with a wish-list of free agents he would like them to target and acquire, per sources.
    It includes Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, Marcedes Lewis and….Odell Beckham Jr.

    10:35 AM · Mar 14, 2023

    Be careful what you wish for Woody 😂

    • Big Mike

      Diva is not a strong enough term for this guy.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I can see him yelling at an assistant in his private dressing– I mean locker room, while throwing a bowl of candy:

        I said NO yellow peanut M&Ms damn you!

    • RipleyRay

      What about a private office and parking spots?

    • Romeo A57


      Is a darkened Hobbit Cave located in Cental Park on Rodgers “Wish List”?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Yes! He’s on a quest to obtain the one Super Bowl ring to rule them all.

        And Prime Video is producing the series.

        So you know the quality will be there

        • Romeo A57


          Amazon- great at sending me useless crap in 48 hours or less. Bad at providing watchable content online.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I hear the working title is “Bored of the Ring”

            • geoff u

              That was actually a parody book written in the 60s…

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Brady Henderson @BradyHenderson

    The Seahawks have given S Ryan Neal the right of first refusal tender as a restricted free agent, I’m told. That’s also listed on OTC, and a source confirms to me it’s correct. This is the low RFA tender that amounts to a one-year deal worth $2.627M.

    10:42 AM · Mar 14, 2023

    There it is. Second best signing this offseason so far

    • Scot04

      I have to believe someone will be offering Neal more than that. Worried Seahawks lose him by trying to save 1.5M without using 2nd round tender.
      Especially if Barton is worth 3.5M plus 1M in Incentives. Big risk in my opinion.

      • 509 Chris

        Absolutely. Neal is not a player they can lose by being cute and saving a few bucks in my opinion. When you have so few bright spots and huge money sitting on ir or not preforming on the field you’ve got to secure the guys that are preforming. I suppose they can always match another teams offer, I just liked cha’s recommendation of giving him a 3 year deal and being done with it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        But that’s the point of the first refusal. Whatever offer Neal gets, if it’s better than their tender, they can match and retain him. And according to Bon Condotta, that’s what they intend to do.

        They’re just trying to save some money, but they’re not letting him get away.

        Bob Condotta
        Have not been able to confirm this is what Seattle has done with Neal. But as one person close to situation said, Seahawks “are not losing” Neal. One way or another, expect some resolution to his status, and staying with Seahawks, soon.

        10:38 AM · Mar 14, 2023

        • TatupuTime

          Sure, but if a team is willing to offer him a fully guaranteed base in 2023 that’s going to be hard to match for the Seahawks. A lot of ways to structure a deal that would make the Seahawks life difficult if someone wanted Neal badly enough.

          • geoff u

            Good point. A team like Chicago could easily create a deal to sign him away.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          Think they’re doing Neal a solid by letting him gauge his true market value, without draft compensation tied to signing him. Hope so at least. Neal should be retained.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Ryan worth a ton more than Barton IMO.

    • Hawkdawg

      This is not really a signing. It’s a target other teams can go after. And it is a risky one.

  12. Brett

    Brady Henderson
    The Seahawks need more help on the interior of their D-line. One intriguing name: Jarran Reed. He didn’t leave under the best of terms two years ago but has had some decent production since then.

    Offers some pass rush that Robinson and Gaines don’t, but not as good of a run stuffer as those two, though still pretty good in that area. Wonder how he’d fit in a 3-4 though.

    • 509 Chris

      I’d be happy to have him back. I’m not sure what happened there in the first place. If I rember correctly the team tried to resign him and he ended up taking less money to go to KC. I wonder what he’d be worth now?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No thanks. I’m generally opposed to “brining the band back” with any of the Wilson-era Seahawks. Time to clean out the place and move on.

        The one exception for me is Wagner because he’s a Seahawks legend. And because he’s still good enough. But only if he understands his relative importance to the team and accepts an appropriate salary.

        • 509 Chris

          Was he a problem in the locker room or is his only crime being from the past era? He still has plenty left in the tank and can serve a position of need on the line right? If he was a jerk then I totally understand not wanting him back but I didn’t see that.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I’m not aware of any problems. I’m just not as sold on him having a role on this team, especially with the new scheme.

            I don’t really care that much either way, so if they see something in bringing him back and they do, so be it.

            But given the choice, I’m looking for someone new.

        • Big Mike

          Nio thanks for me too. I think run stuffer is a greater need now after the signing of Jones.

      • Brett

        I believe the team asked him to restructure his contract (I think the idea was to convert salary to a signing bonus and add a void year) to save cap space and he took offense to that probably because he felt he deserved to be extended.

  13. samprassultanofswat

    The Cleveland Brown’s took DeShaun Watson’s 2023 salary and turned it into a signing bonus. They will be able to save 35 or 36 mil on their salary cap for the 2023 season. Do the Seahawks have any players where they could do the same thing?

    BTW: I prefer Dre’Mont Jones over Javan Hargrave. Jones fits exactly what the Hawks needed. An interior pass rusher. Not only that but Hargrave is 30 and Jones is 26.

    In the short term with Hargrave on the roster he helps makes the best defense in the NFL that much improved. However, Hargrave is only a short-term solution. The 49ers are ALL-IN. They are putting all their chips on the table for 2023. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Poker+all+in&form=HDRSC2&first=1

    Dre’Mont Jones, on the other hand is both a short term/long term solution.

  14. Mark

    Bradbury back to the Vikings

  15. samprassultanofswat

    Now let’s go get either A’Shawn (the immovable object) Robinson. Or Greg (Bulldog) Gaines. Robinson just turned 27. Gaines just turned 26. Would LOVE to see either Robinson/Gaines stuffing the run for the Hawks. Both guys are in the prime of their careers. They (hopefully) have many productive years ahead of them.

    John Schneider. What are you waiting for?

    • OakleyD

      I think he’s waiting for cap space…..

      • Hawktalker#1

        Not sure about that. He can make room quickly several different ways if he wants to make a move.

  16. AL

    Think about this….

    The AFC already has:

    1) Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes
    2) Bills – Josh Allen
    3) Chargers – Justin Herbert
    4) Broncos – Russell Wilson
    5) Bengals – Joe Burrow
    6) Ravens – Lamar Jackson
    7) Browns – Deshan Watson
    8) Jags – Trevor Lawrence
    9) Jets – Aaron Rogers, done deal?
    10) Texans – Top four QB this draft
    11) Colts – Top four QB this draft
    12) Radiers – If they move up to #3, Top four QB this draft

    While the NFC has:

    1) Rams – Matthew Stafford
    2) Cowboys – Dak Prescot
    3) Cardinals – Kyler Murray
    4) Vikings – Kirk Cousins
    5) Eagles – Jalen Hurts
    6) Panthers – Top four QB this draft
    7) If the Raiders or someone else doesn’t trade for #3, Top four QB this draft

    Conclusion, the Seahawks can be successful in the NFC with Geno Smith at quarterback. Now all we need is more talent on defense and someone to coach them!

    • 509 Chris

      Yes the seahawks can compete in last year’s nfc with geno and a better defense. But the NFL landscape changes fast. Just a couple years ago the nfc west was tough as nails and the east was a joke. The Bengals were the Bengals and the patriots were unstoppable. The reason to draft a qb early this year is to look to the future and guarantee your place in it. When the need for qb aligns with a rare top 5 pick in a strong qb class its foolish to not even consider it. These geno is enough, draft d comments make me want to take a vow of silence until the draft. I’ve gotten myself way too worked up arguing with people in person, online, ranting in the shower ect.

      • AL

        Consider this, Pete and John knew or should have projected that at least three QB’s would go in the first four picks with the possibility of all four.

        Now ask yourself this question, knowing this or believing it to be a strong possibility, why didn’t they trade for the #1 pick if their priority was to draft a franchise QB? Especially a particular quarterback, all four of these guys are very different from one another.

        I agree the landscape in the NFC has changed, especially concerning QB’s. Pete and John realize this as well. Plus time is running out, May 2024 is right around the corner and Pete’s not getting any younger.

        Now I’m not saying Pete and John would put their personal interests ahead of the long term success of the franchise, but you have to wonder if they believe their best path to success is through Geno and building the team aroung him. If so, how would a rookie QB fit into that plan and why would they prioritize one? They have 2, maybe 3 years left.

        Knowledgeable people have said they thought the Seahawks preference all along was Will Anderson at #5, I tend to agree with that now.

        Either way Pete and John are comfortable with whoever falls to them at #5. Maybe Hooker’s the fallback plan at QB. Guess we’ll find out

        • geoff u

          People bring up hooker like you’ll just end up with him if no QB is selected at #5, but keep in mind that’s not a given and comes with it’s own risks. It’s very possible/probably another team picks him first.

          • AL

            No doubt, nothings a given.

            My thoughts are, if they don’t come out of this draft with one of Richardson, Stroud or Levis, when are they ever going to have this opportunity again?

            I don’t care if they get Anderson and or a host of other defensive studs, I don’t want to be another team that just needs a QB.

            • geoff u

              For sure, I’m all in on getting one of those three.

          • cha

            I’m resigned to thinking Hooker won’t be there by the time I am comfortable with signing off on picking him. 4th or 5th round.

            Somebody will talk themselves into taking him mid-2nd to 3rd.

  17. TatupuTime

    Wow, just $15.75M on a 3 year deal for Garrett Bradbury to return to Minny. Clearly not a guy the Seahawks were chasing given that’s a deal they could have easily exceeded.

    • Hawk Mock

      Brendel off the board as well

    • FloW

      Brendel also resigned for four years.

      According to Rapoport the Jets also made a push for him so they are obviously also in the market for a C.

    • HOUSE

      Good starting Center options in the draft and they’ll be much younger/cheaper

      • Nathan M

        Yes please in the draft but currently have 0 centers on the roster… gotta be some kind of hedge signing. It is Kyle Fuller coming back, just in case?

        • OakleyD

          What’s wrong with Joey Hunt? lmao

    • Steve Nelsen

      One thing about Bradbury that concerned me was that Viking fans were constantly disappointed about how often he got pushed into the backfield. It reminded me of our complaints about Austin Blythe. They seemed fine with losing him. I wonder how this signing is being received in Minnesota?

  18. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    Blockbuster: The #Giants are finalizing a trade to acquire star TE Darren Waller from the #Raiders, per sources.

    Oh my. Michael Mayer at 7 ?

    • samprassultanofswat

      Bummer about Bradbury. That is a big disappointment. The Hawks easily could have done better. With both Bradbury/Bendel off the board is clearly looks like the Hawks are going to need a center in the 2023 NFL draft.

      • Brett

        Bob Condotta
        Hearing Seahawks also made a serious run at Zach Allen before he signed with Denver, but simply couldn’t find a way to make it work financially to bring in both Dre’Mont Jones and Allen. Jones was the top target.

        Seattle trying to get both Allen and Jones is encouraging – sounds like Seattle is going all in to try to shore up the DL. Would expect at least one more signing there and an early round draft selection.

        • Brett

          Comment fail

    • HOUSE

      Mayer at 7 makes sense

    • Blitzy the Clown

      A R3 for Waller is a good price.

      And this is the draft class to move on from a TE like Waller.

      Calling this one a win-win

      • Big Mike

        Agree. If you’re a Giants fan you pray then guy stays healthy.

    • Hawk Mock

      If they did plan on Mayer at 7, who does that really leave as possible trade-ups for a QB with AZ at #3? Even though they both invested in last year’s bad QB class, ATL & TENN?

    • geoff u

      This is just like McDaniels in Denver. Blow up the team, install a bunch of nobodys, fail with said nobodys, get fired and the leave the team in even worse shape than when he got there.

  19. HOUSE

    Giants are trading for Darren Waller. They paid Daniel Jones and got him a weapon. Well played

  20. Awm

    Joey Hunt is on the roster I do believe. At least an emergency backup…

  21. Brett

    Bob Condotta
    Hearing Seahawks also made a serious run at Zach Allen before he signed with Denver, but simply couldn’t find a way to make it work financially to bring in both Dre’Mont Jones and Allen. Jones was the top target.

    Seattle trying to get both Allen and Jones is encouraging – sounds like Seattle is going all in to try to shore up the DL. Would expect at least one more signing there and an early round draft selection.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      NGL I really like Allen and think he’s on the ascent.

      But Jones has been so much more consistent throughout his career, it’s not even close. So glad we signed him over Allen. Especially considering the costs.

      But to think they were looking to add both

      Oh my, I think I just got a case of the vapors

      • Big Mike

        Haven’t you heard my friend, vaping is bad for you.

      • cha

        I really doubt they were trying to add both.

        Just negotiating with both.

        Targeting just one player is a recipe for disaster *cough* Clowney *cough*

    • Hawk Mock

      Of course they’re going to say Jones was top target but with the way it came out with Allen signing first, it feels like they missed out on him and pivoted to Jones real quick. Find a way if you want both and that was your plan.

      • Brett

        If they really preferred Allen over Jones they would have just given him the money Jones got, which is roughly $6M more, unless Allen was willing to take less to go to Denver instead of Seattle. But they probably could have found a way to get both if they didn’t have so much tied up to the safeties…

      • DK

        They could have been finalizing Jones’ deal and Allen got what he was Loki g for from Denver, they came back to the Hawks and Schneider said we can’t match or do better and Allen’s deal got announced earlier. Jones would be the top choice and many thought he would be out of Seattle’s price range.

        The front office maybe thought Allen’s market would be less than it was and their plan A was to get both, when Allen was getting offers at higher figures than first though they had to move on.

  22. Palatypus

    If I recall correctly, “Commander Cody” was a clone trooper who fought alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was the one who started calling him “Ben.”

    It didn’t end well for him.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Isn’t he slinging for joopa on Seelos?

      • Palatypus

        I thought he was beheaded by Yoda on Kryshyyk after order 66, but I could be wrong.

        You know they all look alike.

        • Big Mike

          (aging myself terribly here yet again)

          I thought Commander Cody was budsy driving a Hot Rod Lincoln with The Lost Planet Airmen.

          • Palatypus

            Damn, that is obscure.

            • Big Mike

              But one of the best “story” songs ever

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Nah he’s one of the good ones. He shows up in the Bad Batch series which is post order 66. And also in Rebels. That’s where I get Seelos from.

          • Palatypus

            I haven’t seen that yet.

  23. no frickin clue

    Vikings re-signed Bradbury, 3 years for $15.75M. That’s one center off the market.

    Hoping for Wypler, Cody Mauch or maybe Steve Avila in the draft.

  24. Big Mike

    Per Rappaport on NFLN
    Penney signs with the Eagles

    • Big Mike

      Definitely need a RB in the draft now

    • Sea Mode

      I’m interested to see who we pair with Walker.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Would love to see Jamaal Williams here.. He’s tough nosed, glue type guy (unless Hard Knocks was just playing it up for the camera) that gets the tough yards and has the ability to catch passes when called upon

        • 509 Chris

          I think he’ll have too rich a market for us.

  25. Sea Mode

    Lol, New York Packers and Las Vegas Patriots. Just change the names already to match the reality…

  26. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    Source: The #Eagles have agreed to terms with #Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Thats a great spot for Penny! Kinda wanted him back, not too upset he found a new home.

    • Mick

      Didn’t see it coming. Wish him best health. Too bad things didn’t go his way here. But I’m glad we’re moving on.

      I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Neal having an offer too.

    • TomLPDX


      I guess I can retire my Penny jersey now.

      I wish Rashaad a long and productive career! Except when he plays us of course.

    • Romeo A57

      Perfect! Good for him. Hopefully they can pick up an RB2 that can contribute on the field.

    • geoff u

      Knowing our luck he’ll probably ball out for the next 5 years, injury free.

      • Peter

        Probably. They have a good line and almost do after having a get up to speed style running back playing with our jag-filled line.

    • Rob4q

      Didn’t Penny have his career day against the Eagles a couple years back? Maybe Howie didn’t forget that…hope he can stay healthy and still has that explosiveness! He always came across as a good dude and teammates liked him.

  27. Elmer

    Jefferson being released. Can’t wait to see what happens with Ford and Mone.

    • HOUSE

      Ford is a FA. I think someone mentioned Mone is more than likely going to be an injury insurance claim and his career is probably over

  28. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Hearing Seahawks are expected to hire Roy Anderson as their new secondary coach working with defensive passing game coordinator Karl Scott and helping replace the departed Sean Desai. Anderson was most recently assistant DB coach with Vikings, where he worked with Scott in ’21.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Good for him. He’s really turned his life around since his drunk driving arrest after Pam called off their wedding. Perhaps he sold his lucrative gravel business and decided to give a job in football a shot.

      • Sea Mode


    • geoff u

      And those Vikings man, what a defense…

  29. Gaux Hawks

    Bummed about Bradbury

    Really like the idea of Tranquill

    Praying that ARZ is asking too much for P3… but if Richardson and Levis are still on the board, I get this terrible feeling that someone is going to sell the farm to move up.

  30. Blitzy the Clown

    So now that we know they’re guaranteed to draft a RB, what’s the highest pick you’re willing to spend, and who’s the player you’re picking.

    Assume Bijan doesn’t last to 20 so there’s no opportunity to take him unless it’s at 5

    For me, probably 52 and Zach Charbonnet. Jahmyr Gibbs at 37 would be tempting.

    • Mick

      A lower pick for me. Chiefs found Pacheco in round 7 and they won the Super Bowl.

      • UkAlex6674

        I like Chris Rodriguez.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Those two points aren’t mutually exclusive. Charbonnet could be quite the get in Round 2 or 3, while Rodriguez or Roschon Johnson could be factors in Round 3-4.

        There’s talent to be mind in later rounds, for sure. But with exceptions, there are reasons the players in Rounds 6 and 7 drop.

      • Peter

        Probably because they have the best qb in the game.

        We don’t. And if we want geno to succeed, like we saw last year, if the running game stalls the whole things stalls.

    • Robbie

      I have a feeling Gibbs may go higher than 37. But with that being said, if he is, I’m for sure interested.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No doubt. He’ll be the second RB taken. My guess is in the first 5 picks of R2. But if he’s there…hard to argue against him being BPA

    • Mick

      Walker will play most of the snaps though. I wouldn’t invest a high pick in a RB backup. If they could find Carson at #249, they can do it again.

      • Peter

        Can they? Everyone but carson has sucked. Was injured too much. Or other.

        Except walker in the second round.

    • cha

      I’ve always liked Miles Sanders. Guy is one of the best between-the-tackles runners in the NFL.

      Although I fully admit he ran behind Kelce, one of the best centers in the game.

      If he’s still around after the first wave, you definitely want to have a look and see what his asking price is.

      • Rushless pass

        Not to mention Dickerson and seumelo

      • Scot04

        Right there with you on Sanders. Would love to see him here.

      • 509 Chris

        I like that plan. After using a 2nd last year I wouldn’t want to see any high capital on someone to be a backup, or push walker to a backup role. He definitely seems to get going when he gets a rhythm of carries. At the right price a free agent signing fills the role and allows the team to spend picks on building blocks for the future (trenches)

    • Jordan

      I think once you see names like Tyjae Spears, Kenny Mcintosh, Sean Tucker and Roshchon Johnson start to move is when you have to pounce to ensure you get one from that tier.

      Deejay came on really nicely last year; and Homer is a tremendous pass pro RB3; and both are excellent on special teams. But you need another talent in that group for sure.

    • Henry Taylor

      Chase Brown from Illinois on day 3, has all the measurable they look for.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Evan Hull too

      • MountainHawker

        I like Brown but he had fumble issues in college. Not sure he’ll be on Pete’s radar

    • Brodie

      Tyjae Spears (Tulane) in the 3rd or 4th. Dude is electric.

      This is a deep RB class though and we might need 2. I can see Spears being one of those RB’s that everyone kicks themselves for passing on though.

  31. cha

    I suspect this deal was only good for Detroit. He really wanted to stay and play there.

    Mike Garafolo
    The #Lions have agreed to terms to bring back DL John Cominsky, source says. Two-year deal for $8.5 million with another $1 million in attainable incentives.

    Cominsky gets $4 million fully guaranteed after a breakout season in which he played through a broken thumb.

  32. Palatypus

    Losing Penny is a bummer. But, I noticed Austin Ekeler has been given permission to seek a trade.

    Any interest? What would you give up?

    • cha

      Rather have a homecoming

      Adam Schefter
      Commanders released RB J.D. McKissic.

    • Rokas

      Nothing, having in mind he will want a hefty contract and a star role, which we have settled with Walker.

  33. Rob Staton

    Big interview coming on Friday…

    • JN

      I hope it’s a gator!

      • Romeo A57


        • cha

          The Terminator?

          • Peter

            What is wrong with both of you?

            After awhile I think it might be a………

            I’ll see myself out.

            • Big Mike

              Don’t be a hater

              Bill Hader?

              • Peter

                We have to sign an FA soon

                • Big Mike

                  Silly season my friend

                  But yeah, a 2nd tier run stuffer would be good

    • Big Mike

      And in all seriousness, looking forward to it Rob.

    • Brett

      Moro Ojomo?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not a player interview

        • MountainHawker


        • Palatypus

          I hope Drew Rosenhaus washes his hands this time.

        • Sea Mode

          Hope it’s my suggestion from earlier today… 😉🤫

        • Roy Batty

          Tom Cruise.

          He saw your hat and reached out.

  34. Sluggo42

    If only to be a fly in the Hawks FA room, with mind control abilities….
    That would be one heck of a fly, eh?

  35. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    Another big trade! The #Colts are sending five-time Pro Bowl CB Stephon Gilmore to the #Cowboys for a 2023 fifth-round compensatory pick, sources tell me and @RapSheet.

    • MountainHawker

      Seeing these center deals/trades makes me wonder if we were in on them at all. Seem very reasonable

      • TomLPDX

        Uhmmm, Gilmore is a CB

        • MountainHawker

          Fat fingered it. Meant to post as a stand alone comment. Vikings center was affordable. Colts center is up for grabs.

  36. cha

    There can only be one.


    • KnoxHawk

      I don’t follow?

      • TomLPDX

        Comments suggest they look like brothers. Personally, I don’t see it.

        • Sea Mode

          I see it a little bit. And apparently so do several Seahawks and other players. 😁

    • HOUSE

      Fight to the death… Highlander style

    • Spectator

      haha i dont know how you cant see it.

  37. Rushless pass

    So is Myles Murphy injured? Don’t see any results from his pro day?

    • Volume12

      April 4th

  38. Rob Staton

    Adetomiwa Adebawore — 4.26 short shuttle

    Incredible at 280+

    • Trevor

      Was just going to post that Rob.

      Jim Nagy Tweet

      Northwestern DT Adetomiwa Adebawore crushed pro-day w/ “small skill” type 4.26 SS & 7.13 3C.

      Most impressively, when many prospects are opting out of everything, Adebawore beat his Combine bench mark by one rep w/ 28.

    • Trevor

      Rob where do you see him playing in the NFL and is he a fit for the Hawks scheme. Everything about him screams Seahawk when it comes to character an testing.

      • Hoggs41

        Ade Ade sure would look good opposite Dremont Jones with a nice Mazi Smith in between them.

      • MountainHawker

        He’d be playing the same role that dre’mont Jones will be playing.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Well, he’s basically the same size and shape as DreMont Jones, with the athleticism of Bobby Wagner.

        So yeah, he’s a fit.

    • MountainHawker

      Man I want Ade on our team. I feel like we’ll have a very difficult decision with the players available at 20. If he lasts to 37 I think that’s a no brainer

  39. cha

    Zach Klein
    Per NFL league source, the Indianapolis Colts are planning to cut QB Matt Ryan

  40. Rob Staton

    Andy Dalton to Carolina


    Wouldn’t rule out Richardson #1 just yet…

    • Peter

      I will.

      Because I want him in Seattle.

    • MountainHawker

      Fuck. Dalton is a good bridge. They really might be in on Richardson.

  41. cha

    More QB movement

    Adam Schefter
    Veteran free-agent QB Andy Dalton is expected to reach agreement on a two-year, $10 million deal that includes $8 million fully guaranteed with the Carolina Panthers, per source. Contract max value is $17 million.

    • Rob4q

      Yeah, I’m not sure that move is made if you’re drafting Bryce Young. Interesting…

      • Peter

        I don’t know. Regardless of who they draft they need a back up.

        8 million guaranteed for two years? Isn’t that just a little more than what Geno signed for last year…..doubled for two years?

      • geoff u

        insurance in case he’s not ready to start day 1?

  42. Rob Staton

    FYI — when Bobby Wagner comes back to Seattle, my whelm-o-meter is going to be under

    • cha

      My tin-foil hat thinking is the Seahawks don’t want Wagner back.

      They were just nodding to the rabid fanbase, scoring some free goodwill by having a discussion.

      • Brett

        Pretty much exactly what they did with KJ.

    • Peter

      Rob what size “bring him home,” shirt can I put you down for?

      • Big Mike

        I believe Rob is 6’2″ pus he works out so I gotta believe it’d need to be an XL.

        • Rob Staton

          I am 6-4…

          And have a very long torso

          • Ashish

            6-4 strong build, OLB in 3-4 1 year prove it deal

            • Rob Staton

              I’ll probably get more reps than Alton Robinson

    • geoff u

      What’s the over/under on the amount of whelm?

      • Palatypus

        Well, according to the thesaurus, synonyms for underwhelmed are:


        Synonyms for overwhelmed are:

        Snow under.

        • Rob Staton

          I like a ‘whelm deficiency’

          Or a dearth of whelm

  43. cha

    Cowboys talk to the pretty girl, decide to stick with the girl they’ve been with all those years.

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Cowboys are signing back LB Leighton Vander Esch, source said, giving him a 2-year deal worth $11M. They get back one of their top defenders.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Meanwhile, Seahawks Twitter preps the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

      If Wagz does return, I’ve no doubt he’ll be a suitable replacement for Brooks but that bar is knee high.

    • Brett

      Now that Dallas is unlikely I kinda think Buffalo will sign Wagner.

  44. Bballin

    Jarran reed back, Bobby Wagner next. Seahawks free agency in a nutshell. I was joking the other day about this

  45. Brett

    Tom Pelissero
    Reunion: The #Seahawks are finalizing a deal to bring back DT Jarran Reed on a two-year deal, per sources.

    There’s another DL addition.

    • cha

      Please be a favorable contract.


    • Roy Batty

      Well, at least he had a good season in 2022.

      52 tackles. 29 solo. 23 assists. 2.5 sacks. 5 TFL. 14 QB Hits.

    • Sea Mode

      What is he in a 3-4 though?

      • Big Mike

        There’s the rub

  46. Rushless pass

    Super underwhelming

  47. 509 Chris

    What did penny sign for? I wonder if we just let him go or did Philly actually commit a bit of money to him? I like Reed but as someone pointed out to me earlier on the thread he’s a better pass rusher and the team really needs run stopping in the middle. It was a good point.

    • Brett

      Think I saw it’s the vet minimum of $1.2M with the ability to get to $2.1M. I’m guessing Penny just wanted a change of scenery to try to get rid of the injury bug and getting to run behind one of the best OLs is a big plus.

  48. Forrest

    Bobby Wagner’s value free falling. If it was Cowboys and Hawks, Cowboys are now out. Don’t bid against ourselves. I feel for Bobby as he plays at the level he asks for, but he doesn’t seem to recognize that the market just isn’t there for aging LBs.

    I’d prefer Lavonte David over Wagner. In my opinion he’s a better player and wouldn’t come with baggage. But, what’s the market for 3-4 ILBs? The 4-3 “Mike” was more important when there was just one guy manning the middle.

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