What I’d like to see the Seahawks do now

Devonte Wyatt has the potential for greatness

Address the offensive tackle positions asap

I don’t want the Seahawks to feel like they’ve got to draft a left tackle at #9. I’m not as high on Charles Cross as many others and while Trevor Penning has intriguing physical qualities, I don’t think he has the potential to be special — unlike the defenders available in the same range.

Find a way to bring in Duane & Trent Brown. Or pivot to Eric Fisher if needs be.

Solidify the offensive line to create the flexibility to approach the draft with a BPA mindset.

After spending so much on the safety position and more recently at tight end and running back — the team really needs to get the left and right tackle positions sorted.

Accept the situation for what it is at quarterback

Let’s just be honest here. Players like Baker Mayfield and Tyler Huntley are not taking you to the Super Bowl in the future. If you trade for either, they will play on essentially one-year prove-it contracts.

If they perform well, they’ll cost a fortune to keep. If they struggle — you’ve wasted a pick.

Seattle should be setting out to find a great young signal caller and they should accept that it might take a year or two.

Give yourself a chance to hit the jackpot which is a cheap quarterback on a rookie contract — freeing up cap space to build around them.

You’ve just got to take your lumps in 2022. That means a competition involving Drew Lock, Jacob Eason, probably Geno Smith and a rookie.

That rookie shouldn’t be a high pick either. Jack Coan isn’t that much worse than the top players. Take him at the start of day three and let him compete.

The chances are you’ll then be well placed to draft someone like Will Levis next year.

I don’t think they’ll do this by the way, as I’ll note at the end of this piece.

Create a fearsome front seven

This should be the #1 priority for the Seahawks. This draft class is set up to create a terrorising defense.

Speed, violence and pass rush. That should be the aim.

Plan A for me would be to draft Jermaine Johnson or Kayvon Thibodeaux at #9 to partner Darrell Taylor. If they are off the board I would do one of two things.

Firstly, I would check out what offers are available to move down. Recent reports have linked the Chargers with interest in moving up to select Jordan Davis. Can you get a high-ish pick next year and LA’s third rounder (#79) this year? That #79 pick will be extremely valuable in this draft.

If you can move down, I would do so with the aim of selecting another edge rusher (Boye Mafe, Arnold Ebiketie, George Karlaftis) or — my preference — you draft Devonte Wyatt.

If the offers to move down from #9 were not attractive, I would draft Wyatt with the #9 pick or Derek Stingley Jr.

I want the Seahawks to try and draft a special talent. Not a ‘decent’ player or someone who’s raw and needs a lot of work. I want special.

Stingley has shown elite potential at LSU — even if he’s struggled to show it after LSU collapsed in 2020. In 2019 he looked like he was on a pathway to becoming the best cornerback in the world. At SPARQ he ran a 4.30 at the same weight he’s at now. He also jumped a 42 inch vertical. He has the potential for greatness.

Wyatt is the closest thing the Seahawks are going to get to a special interior pass rusher — the rarest of things. There simply aren’t many people who are 6-3, 304lbs and can run a 4.77 with a 1.66 10-yard split.

His arm length (32.5 inches) is below what Seattle has looked for in the past. However, Geno Atkins (who I’d compare Wyatt to) and Aaron Donald also had the same issue and they coped well enough. Much in the way Russell Wilson had everything except height — I’d argue Wyatt has everything except ideal arm length.

People question his production (2.5 sacks in 2021). I wouldn’t worry about it. He had 26 pressures last season. He had a 14.5% pass rush win rate which is superior to Jermaine Johnson (14.2%) and Travon Walker (10.8%).

On top of that his run-stop win-rate is 11.4%. Compare that to Perrion Winfrey (6.1%) and Travis Jones (7.8%).

In five years we might be wondering why Wyatt wasn’t a top-10 lock. He dominated at the Senior Bowl and he combines supreme quickness and excellent hand-use to penetrate as a pass rusher. He can play stout at the point and won’t be a liability against the run. He can play any down and distance.

The Seahawks want a game-wrecker and he could be it. They’ve needed interior rush for years. Wyatt can provide that.

If they took him at #9 I would celebrate that pick. If they can get him after trading down — so be it.

Aim for greatness, not simply a player who could be pretty good or needs serious development. Try and find a star. For me that means looking at players like Wyatt and Stingley with unique skill-sets and rare traits.

They would be my Plan B if Johnson and Thibodeaux are gone.

Picks #40 and #41 should continue to build up the defense. It feels inevitable that one of the picks will go on a linebacker. My preference would be one of Channing Tindall, Leo Chenal, Damone Clark or Quay Walker.

If they take Wyatt in round one, I would use the #41 pick to select Sam Williams the Ole Miss pass rusher.

I think a front seven that includes Wyatt, Tindall, Williams, Darrell Taylor and Uchenna Nwosu can be special. You will be able to attack teams with speed, aggression and difference making ability. You would also have great depth.

Wyatt, Tindall and Williams in particular have also produced at the highest level in college football in the SEC. Two of them are from Georgia’s sensational National Championship team.

This would set you on a pathway to success on defense. With your investment in safety already secure, you would be a cornerback away from a potentially fantastic unit.

To me this is a plan nearly everyone can get behind. Who wouldn’t want to watch a front-seven like this?

Whether the Seahawks would be prepared to focus solely on one side of the ball in the first two rounds, I’m not sure.

But if they are able to bring in Duane and Trent Brown to play tackle — and if we accept the quarterback situation is what it is for 12 months — this would be an exciting start to the rebuild.

A final thought on Baker Mayfield

The Seahawks are being linked again today and I think the situation is becoming fairly obvious here.

This is how I see it…

The Browns have zero leverage because they have spent a fortune on Deshaun Watson and have no choice but to move Mayfield on. Leaking to ESPN that they ‘want an adult’ at quarterback was unprofessional by whoever said it and has turned this into a crisis for the Browns.


There is no way whatsoever Mayfield can enter the quarterbacks room in OTA’s or camp now. He’d be well within his rights to be a royal pain in the arse — which is not what Cleveland needs as they turn to Watson.

Neither can they afford to sit on an $18m guaranteed salary which they are on the hook for without a trade. If nobody makes Cleveland an offer — they will have to cut him and eat the whole salary. That’s where they’re at and teams know it.

Comparing this to the Carson Wentz situation is futile. The Colts chose to move on from Wentz. He could’ve returned and it would’ve been steady away. There’s no such option for the Browns after trading for Watson and insulting Mayfield.

The Colts and Seahawks are seen as potential suitors. Both immediately distanced themselves from Mayfield, amid reports the Browns were laughably asking for a day-two pick in a trade.

The Athletic and the Seattle Times both reported that each team ‘wasn’t pursuing’ Mayfield. I’m not sure Indianapolis will ever be interested. I suspect the Seahawks most definitely will be.

My feeling is that Pete Carroll will see this as a chance to make Mayfield the next Marshawn Lynch. A player who was seen as uncontrollable at his old team, acquired on the cheap who Carroll turns into a star.

Mayfield, to be fair, needs a coach like Carroll. It would be an ideal fit for him. He’d have plenty of room to be himself. Carroll will like his competitive spirit and channel it — rather than restrict it.

However, what we need to remember is the Seahawks badly wanted Lynch in 2010. They were extremely patient, not concluding a deal until after the season had begun.

They won’t have to wait that long this time but clearly it feels like they’re willing to take the same approach. Let the situation come to them.

In this case that means one of two things. It means Cleveland eating a whole chunk of his $18m salary (which the Seahawks can’t even afford right now) or it means the Browns basically giving him away — or even giving Seattle a late round pick to inherit the contract.

A fair deal is probably one of Seattle’s fifth rounders to get Mayfield for $10m. Plenty will scoff at that. I’ve seen many tweets claiming the Browns should be able to get second or third round picks. It isn’t happening.

They need rid of Mayfield. Everyone knows it. They’re going to have to facilitate his departure just to move on.

I would rather the Seahawks stick it out and just embrace what this — a rebuild where you aim to draft a quarterback to eventually start. For me that would mean a later pick this year on a Jack Coan type and a higher pick, if needed, in 2023.

However — I don’t think Carroll will see it like that. I think he and Schneider will fancy rolling the dice if the price is right.

It has to be a deal that speaks to the situation. Which in this case would be the Seahawks relieving Cleveland of a problem and inheriting what amounts to a one-year rental to have a look at a player who will be incredibly expensive to retain if he performs well.

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  1. Roy Batty

    I can see Baker coming to the Hawks looking to prove himself worthy, playing with intensity.

    But, I can also see Baker coming to the Hawks and getting into an online spat with a critic after a rough start, embarrassing the franchise, and pissing off the fans.

    I’d rather not waste a single pick or dollar on him.

    • CaptainJack

      No thanks.

      Baker can’t throw on the run.

    • Rowdy

      I wouldn’t even want baker if they gave us a pick to take his contract. He doesn’t fit the scheme. Was called immature by his team then backed it up by being immature all over social media. On top of that, I think lock has more upside, fits the system they want to run and was in a bad situation in Denver. I know the popular opinion is Denver has a great offense but I don’t see it. Bridgewater played lights out in New Orleans but looked more like baker in Denver. I don’t think lock is the answer but is cheap with upside in a year you can build the team without feeling like you wasted a year by not making the playoffs. I hope they don’t sign geno either after his arrest and draft a mid round qb who could at least be a backup at worst for years to come.

  2. 206

    Where would the running backs in this class be getting drafted if this was the 2005 NFL Draft?

  3. Marcus

    Would you trade a pick in say the range that you would use for Coan for Mayfield?

    • Peter

      No. Here’s why:

      Say you take Jack coan with a fourth or a fifth. It’s about 1 million a year for four years for a backup.

      Best case he’s the new Tom Brady/Wilson plays lights out you love the guy. But for three years you’re getting great production for nothing and can spend on free agency, and build around him to have a great team shortly.

      If not. A million a year for a backup is also cool also.

      With baker you pay 18 million which means even more cuts. Then if he goes all Marshawn on you in one year you have to decide if he’s a 40 million dollar a year player. A good problem if you have a great team. Short of him dragging this middling roster to the nfc championship how can you justify paying him that kind of money? What if he has like 4000 yards, 30tds, to 8 ints? But Seattle is just 8-9? You have way less money to build with and again he’s baker and doesn’t have that kind of resume. But if he balls out and hits free agency some team will talk themselves into it. And now you’ve paid 18 million for the chance to have a less desirable draft slotting and have to look at qb yet again.

      On the other hand. He’s a guy who has played with a great roster, done nothing with it, so more realistically you are paying a pick and 18 million dollars for one year before you remember who he is and let him walk. And now you’ve missed on at least a back up who was cheap for three more years.

  4. CaptainJack

    So, everett to la chargers. Back to playing in the lovely SoFi stadium. I am a bit bummed (thought he was decent, despite a few drops), but it makes a lot of sense after acquiring Fant (who is bigger, faster and more productive).

  5. Mike


    I’m a religious reader of your content, so I apologize for not knowing this, but can you help me understand why I thought the Hawks had a ton of available cap space this year and now it feels like they spent it all on a small handful of players?

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of short-term contracts where you can’t spread things out

      Plus paying more than expected for players like Dissly, Jefferson.

      They’ve spent a lot without really upgrading anything

      • BobbyK

        “They’ve spent a lot without really upgrading anything.”

        This is the Carroll/Schneider way.

        At least they gave over $20 million to a TE who will never hardly play or catch many passes. If there’s one position we know the Hawks won’t ever get the right return for their investment – Tight End it is.

        • Big Mike


      • hobro

        Rob, you said on the live stream that the Seahawks aren’t in a position to give themselves much more cap flexibility by releasing players. They could, though, get ~$10 million in cap relief this year this year by converting Poona Ford’s 2022 base salary to a bonus and adding three void years to his contract, and by converting Shelby Harris’ salary to a bonus spread over the remaining two years of his contract. IIRC, cha thinks void years are the work of the devil and I’m not advocating either move, but there are ways for the Seahawks to get cap flexibility if they need it.

        • Rob Staton

          Well there seems little point considering they’d do something they never ever ever do and have shown no interest in doing

          • cha

            “cha thinks void years are the work of the devil”

            “And I saw cha coming down out of heaven with the key to the abyss and a great spreadsheet in his hand. He seized the void year contract, the original serpent, who is the Devil and Satan and bound them for 1,000 years. And he hurled it into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, so that they would not mislead NFL franchises anymore”

            As true today as it was…when it was written. Amen.

            The Seahawks have almost $9m in void contracts on the books in 2022. They were a necessary tool for the COVID-hit cap year in 2021 and for those uses I didn’t have a problem with them.

            What you proposed is creative and not completely illogical but I’m not sure they will go that route. It’s possible that they can reason that the post-COVID cap combined with the $26m dead for Russ forces them into that posture. Hard to tell.

            For Poona, I’d advocate an extension rather than a conversion. He’s earned it with his play. Particularly if you like Devonte Wyatt. Why not pair those two up for the next 4 seasons and give yourself some breathing room this year?

            • Rowdy

              The only thing i think needs to be added is, those moves should be done to push you over the top. Not to waste future cap in a year that just making the playoffs seems astronomical.

          • hobro

            They did last year: “Everett is the fifth player Seattle has signed to a contract [in March 2021] that includes voidable years, the others being running back Chris Carson, center Ethan Pocic and defensive ends Benson Mayowa and Kerry Hyder.” Of course, the cap situation last year was unusual.


            • hobro

              Sorry, I missed your comment while I was hunting and pecking mine. To be clear, I’m not proposing that they go this route, just pointing out that it would be an option if they really wanted to sign a proven loser veteran quarterback or something.

            • Rob Staton

              I didn’t say they didn’t do it in a marginal sense

              What you are proposing was the extreme end of the scale to manipulate the cap. They have never done that

    • Roy Batty

      It probably seems like they should still have a ton of money, but many of the 8 FA’s they’ve signed are re-signed Seahawks on new contracts. It might fool you into thinking they’ve only really signed a few FA’s, but heave been busy signing a lot. Mostly current players.

      Just those 5 signings have eaten up a lot of the available cap.

  6. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: To be honest. I will take either Jermaine Johnson. Or Devonte Wyatt. But if I had my choice. I am all over Wyatt like you know what. Don’t get me wrong. You have me sold on Jermaine Johnson. But I will take Devonte Wyatt in a New York second. It is much harder to find an interior defensive pass rush. I understand that Shelby Harris is a decent interior pass rusher. The only problem is. How many years does he have left? Plus now you have a much improved interior pass rush. I know it is not that easy to find an edge rusher. But it is much more difficult to find an interior pass rusher. No way I am trading down. In fact I might trade up to acquire. Wyatt and if he is gone. Johnson.

    BYW: I agree with your take on Baker Mayfield. Don’t want to trade for him. Mayfield is a long shot to take you to the promise land. So if Mayfield can’t get you a Super Bowl victory. Why waste draft capital on Mayfield.

  7. BobbyK

    I’ll absolutely take a flyer on Baker Mayfield. I hope that deal gets done and it only takes one of their 5th round picks to make it happen (and Browns eat some money).

    Alonzo Highsmith was with the Browns when they drafted Baker. I remember him saying how much he loved the guy. Now Highsmith is working for Schneider. Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in that room.

  8. Seattle Person

    I really do think JJ and Wyatt are both GWs.

    Given the depth of the edge class, selecting your interior rusher makes a ton of sense.

    I’ll be fine with either selections. I’m all in for a defense first approach in this draft.

  9. Trevor

    Baker Mayfield is a flat out no for me.

    He could not win in Cleveland with a stacked roster plus now he is coming off an injury and a vein worse his contract is up.

    In the best case scenario you trade a late round pick for him and he comes in as a game manager for a run heavy offender and plays well. Then what do you do? Give him the $30+ mil he is going to want? No thanks.

    The only plan IMO should be to rebuild the roster and roll with Lock and a mid round pick like Jack Coan. Then next year look to go QB early when you have the roster to support him.

    • Rowdy

      100% I committed above this same thought. At worst you’d have a cheap back up for years to come

    • Hawkcrazy

      Trevor if he plays well you could just let him go and still get your qb in next years draft. If they let him go and he signs a 30 million contract we should get a 3rd round compensatory.

      IMO if he is cheap and Browns eat part of his existing contract getting Baker makes a lot of sense. For a 5 and a $10 million contract on a 1 year deal he does provide some flexibility. If he flames out the cost is not that significant and if he plays well you could let him go and get a high comp or sign him to another 1 year contact and draft a young qb like Levis and let the young buck sit for a year and learn. I kinda like this approach.

      • Rob Staton

        Trevor if he plays well you could just let him go and still get your qb in next years draft. If they let him go and he signs a 30 million contract we should get a 3rd round compensatory.

        People seem to forget you only get a comp pick if you don’t sign free agents yourself.

        Even if you sign cheap free agents, you don’t qualify for comp picks.

  10. Gross MaToast

    Here’s my offer for Mayfield:

    Seattle gets: Mayfield + #44 + #78 from Cleveland, the Browns eat $12m of Mayfield’s contract.
    Cleveland gets: Seattle’s #229, Jamal Adams

    Don’t want him, but if Cleveland is that desperate and you happen to get him, nothing prevents you from flipping him and his $6m one-year prove it deal for anything of value and that’s exactly what I would do .

    Not saying it’s a good deal, but I don’t want him at all and the Browns are certainly free to say no and keep him around. I’m sure it’ll be delightful for the whole team.

    Any NFL teams out there looking for this kind of genius in your front office, hit me up.

    • BSLBobby

      I like your thinking. Plus, if they can somehow designate Jamal as a post-6/1 trade, it would actually open up $2M for us this year. His dead cap next year would go up $3M, but that’s a fine price to pay for the draft capital and extra cap space this year. Given Baker’s labrum, we could call it “1 shoulder for no shoulders”.

    • Big Mike

      Great idea but Carroll is still trying desperately to find a way to for the peacock to actually perform at a level say, above being a Safety ranked as around the 63rd best in the NFL 2 YEARS IN A ROW. His ego is such that he has to keep trying to justify the trade. When Adams gets hurt and misses another half of a season, the good news for Petey is that he’ll have a built in excuse for why “best in the nation” didn’t live up to the cost of the trade.

  11. Silly Billy

    If the Seahawks actually have a plan for a veteran QB, wouldn’t it be advantageous to announce it after the draft?

  12. D-Mac


    How do you view Sauce vs. Stingley? It seems Stingley has a marginally higher ceiling based on his 2019 tape and elite athletic measurables, but with numerous red flags (effort, injury history, attittude, etc.).

    Sauce doesn’t appear to be too far behind Stingley with fewer red flags and a more consistent track record built over multiple years. Do you think he can be included in your group of special talents?

    • Rob Staton

      Stingley’s upside is on a different level

      Gardner is a good player. Can he be special? Not sure.

      I think Stingley’s flags are a bit overstated. LSU collapsed around him the last two years

  13. Ben

    Taking a crack at the current projected front 7. With the releases and signings thus far, everything points to more traditional 3-4 personnel for the Fangio/Staley scheme.

    OLB: Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson

    DE (4i): Shelby Harris, LK Collier

    NT: Al Woods, Bryan Mone, Poona Ford?

    DE (4i): Poona Ford (?), Quentin Jefferson

    OLB: Uchenna Nwosu,

    ILB:Jordan Brooks, Jon Rhattigan, Ben Burr Kirven

    ILB: Cody Barton, Tanner Muse, Aaron Donker

    Clear need for one more 3-4 defense ends (4i technique) like Wyatt and 1 OLB like Jermaine Johnson. We could definitely use one inside linebacker like Tindall.

    I think we are relatively stacked at NT, since that’s a better place for Poona as well. Who played nose more this past year? Was Poona the 3T?

  14. SeattleLifer

    I’m on board Rob. Do not trade back unless you are certain you can still get a special/high ceiling player. Take care of the o-line and focus on the d-line early in the draft. I also wish they would embrace the rebuild but think they will push it to win as much as possible (ie Mayfield).

    I’d be super happy if they would acknowledge that they have a surplus of high picks this year and next and thusly trade say this year’s 3rd rounder to move up to get one of the premiere pass rushers because I don’t think the really special ones will make it to 9.

  15. Jim

    Not to rain on the Devonte Wyatt train, but apparently he has makeup and character concerns (https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Devonte-Wyatt-Dropping-Due-to-Character-Concerns). The Seahawks haven’t been shy about taking guys with questionable character, but they also don’t want to end up like the Titans did with Deandre Baker and prior blog favorite Isaiah Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t read anything into that report

      Literally nobody else is reporting this

      And watch his interviews and tell me you see a guy with character concerns

    • jujus

      conveniently left out how the Titans ended up with “Troubled” Domestic violence (LOL) Jeffrey Simmons.

      I lol because defending your sister in a street fight is not DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Jeffrey did nothing wrong.

  16. samprassultanofswat

    The Hawks have three picks in rounds 1and 2 in this years draft. They 4 picks in next years 1st and 2nd rounds of the draft. The is seven players in rounds one and two of this year and next year. These seven picks are going to play a HUGE factor in the future of the Seahawk organization. I hope and pray that the Seahawks use these picks wisely.

  17. Henry Taylor

    Wouldnt mind Wyatt as high as #9, looks like a special player. My one concern with him is he’ll turn 24 before the draft.

  18. Mick

    I totally agree with not having to go LT at 9. It’s a position where it’s hard to plug in a rookie and have things working great from day one and it would really suck to miss on Trent Brown. We have a history using our highest pick on OL though (Okung, Carpenter, Ifedi) so we might see that happen if they are sold on a guy like Penning. I also wouldn’t trade down. Top 10 players are hard to replace with taking your shot at 2-3 top 100 players.

    What I would consider doing though, if free agency does not work out at tackle, is going edge at 9, chances are that one of the three top edges drops there, linebacker at 40, and tackle both at 41 and in the 5th round. Likely we’ll get at 41 someone better than Stone and in the fifth round we can get competition for Curhan.

  19. Julian L

    If Baker Mayfield settled in at a level of QB play comparable to a Derek Carr, Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins for example, what might his long term contract be from 2023? I suppose that’d be the questions the Seahawks have to ask, and then be prepared to pay it, if they take him in a trade?

    Otherwise play at a Top 15 QB level for a one year rental, could easily push the Seahawks out the range of a desirable QB in the 2023 draft. So whilst leaving them in no position to take a higher prospect QB in 2023, without Denver’s 1st round pick they’ll have less draft capital to use in 2024 to move if necessary, and subsequently will be further away from competing than they are now.

    It all comes down to will they pay the money. Perhaps negotiate an extension as part of a trade? If he’s bad next year, the team will likely still have a high enough pick to select a top QB, whilst still retaining the control of Baker. Otherwise don’t do the trade. A one year rental is a no win situation.

  20. SeattleLifer

    Rashad Penny signs one year contract with Seahawks for 5.75 million, up to 6.5 with incentives. Seems again a little rich for another in house signing all things considered(injury history, overall production etc) but at least it’s just a one year gig. Supposedly ‘other offers’ were on the table but I get the feeling he was’nt receiving any longer contracts with good money attached so it could just be Seattle media speak to make us feel better about the signing/salary number.

  21. MattyB

    a few comments found on and around Drew Locks draft/prospect

    “I love the kid. He’s got the swagger, a big arm. Everything I love in a quarterback. I think he’s gonna command the huddle. He’s got a big arm, he’s a gunslinger.”

    “Well, they got him at 42nd overall — but it’s not by accident. Lock is a fascinating, and frustrating, quarterback prospect because he’ll demonstrate perfect ball placement on some tosses and then miss a target seven yards crossing in front of his face”

    “Lock does feature a blend of deep passing ability, arm strength, mobility and size that serves as a foundation to improve upon”

    “He has had solid back-to-back seasons with overall grades over 80.0, 3,400 yards passing and at least 30 big-time throws. He has shown the ability to anticipate throws and has become a fearless on-field leader. ”

    are any of these comments still valid regards Locks and if so would it be better to go with Lock and not end up with a possible messy Mayfield season by either being poor on field/in the locker room or playing decent then possible giving too much money going forward and missing on the full-rebuild with next season QB draft. is there as much chance that D Lock can do as well as Mayfield in Seattle next season?

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks seem to think so. And they make a valid point to be fair. He’s had no consistency in terms of coordinators and the Head Coach just flat out ignores the offense week-to-week. A fresh start could do him good.

      • MattyB

        With my small knowledge, I’d give Lock a chance against Mayfield given what I’ve read today and with your comment

  22. Poli

    If PCJS give up a high pick for Matt Ryan or Mayfield, I’m becoming a Broncos fan until PCJS are gone.

    Actually if they trade for those two period, and they miss out on one of the top picks in 2023, I’ll probably rage quit then as well and enjoy watching Russ cook from the pocket then winning the Super Bowl MVP. 😎

    • BobbyK

      As Rob wrote above, there’s no way they give up a high pick for Mayfield when you factor in everything. I’d like Mayfield but even I wouldn’t give up anything much for him. The only way I would is if it were something like giving up our #1 or #2 next year if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl and Mayfield plays in at least 80% of all offensive snaps during the season and Super Bowl. On the flip side, I don’t think I would even give up a 7th round pick this year if it meant taking on his $18 million. It’s a unique case.

      • Rob Staton

        For me these are the max terms of a Mayfield trade:

        Seattle gives up a late round pick, Cleveland eats some of the salary

        Seattle gives up a 5th, Cleveland eats a large portion of the salary

        Seattle gains a pick, eats the whole $18m

  23. Greg Knowler

    Great chat and thanks for all this content Rob. Any plans for a live chat during the draft? I might actually stay up for the pick at 9 this year.

    • Rob Staton

      In the past I’ve done live-chats throughout the first round and to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy them. The draft is a bit like Christmas day to me and I like to watch it and enjoy it as much as everyone else.

      Tentatively here is what I plan to do — a live blog reacting to every pick. Then when the Seahawks make their selection, some instant reaction in written form then I will upload a 10-15 minute reaction podcast as quickly as possible. At the end of round one I will do a live stream too.

      • Greg Knowler

        That sounds great, cheers.

      • Big Mike


  24. Ulsterman

    I don’t get to watch too much college football, but when I saw Georgia this year the two players who stood out the most were Wyatt and Nakobe Dean.

    I remember really wanting Fletcher Cox in 2012, do you think Wyatt could be a similar player to him?

    Another question Rob, if you were to draft a tackle and a cornerback 40 and 41 who would you take who are likely to still be there?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Wyatt is more of a Geno Atkins type

      If he’s there I’d like Abraham Lucas at tackle. Corner — there are a few options. Will have a mock that breaks it down this week.

      • Ulsterman

        Thanks, I’ll looking forward to reading that

    • Mick

      Not Rob, but at 40 you could go Nicolas Petit-Frere or perhaps Obinna Eze. From the corners, blog favorite Montaric Brown or Cam Taylor-Britt.

      • Rob Staton

        I think given the way he tested NPF is not likely. Eze is going to provide great value to someone as a project.

  25. Rob Staton

    Falcons add a modest pass rusher


  26. HOUSE

    ATL reportedly taking trade offers for Matt Ryan before his $7.5M bonus is due to be paid at 4:00PM EST. I wonder if a team like IND is looking

    • Rob Staton

      Without a doubt they will be.

      My hunch is they sweeten the deal with Ryan and he stays in Atlanta

      • HOUSE

        I’m kind of thinking the same. It is interesting how that would work. I live outside of ATL and this fanbase was ready for him to go on Friday. No Watson and Ryan still being around this morning has people here upset

  27. Rob Staton

    Trent Brown back to the Patriots


    What a surprise

    • Big Mike

      TJ Lang 2.0

      Effing sad

      • Big Mike

        Pete and John played again by a guy wanting to go elsewhere?

    • Russ

      You tried to tell me yesterday Rob and I didn’t want to hear it.

      Who’s excited for 2022s version of George Fant and Garry Gilliam?

    • HOUSE

      I thought we had a decent chance of getting him. 🤦‍♂️

    • Denver Hawker

      On a 2-year deal no less. I expected the Hawks to be the ones offering a short-term deal and him opting for a longer one elsewhere.

      Tackle market getting thin.

      • HOUSE

        Germaine Ifedi is still a FA… Let’s bring him back on a one-year/$12M deal. SMH

        • Mike

          One of the real issues is they have been so bad at developing homegrown offensive linemen. Like has any drafted linemen ever got a second long term contract? I guess Justin Britt but that was pretty underwhelming.

  28. bv eburg

    All in on your fearsome front 7 draft. If you are saying Wyatt is as close to Donald as we can get then I want him first. Per the interview with Scot and us watching years of Donald it’s no doubt QB’s hate pressure up the middle. Then grab your edge with a round 2 pick.

    “I’ve seen many tweets claiming the Browns should be able to get second or third round picks. It isn’t happening.”
    Be careful saying that with this group, who would have thought two-1’s, 3rd, and a starter for a safety.

  29. swedenhawk

    Rob, totally understand if you want to keep the conversation on football, but could you say a bit more about this ‘extreme diet’ of yours? you’ve mentioned it a couple of times now and it sounds like you’ve had great results.

    • Rob Staton

      I set the target of getting into the best shape of my life before the end of May, when I’m going on holiday with the family to Florida. For the last two and a half months I’ve been training more and eating the cleanest I’ve ever eaten/drank. Only drink water, tea and coffee. Morning is porridge (oatmeal) with protein powder and fruit. Lunch is usually egg white omelette, protein shake for mid-afternoon then in the evening meat and a whole bunch of veg. Sometimes vary the evening meal and eat protein pancakes. If I’m still hungry have Skyyr or Greek yoghurt with berries.

      I’ve lost a stone which is 14lbs since Jan 1st without losing any muscle mass and I’m training at the same or greater level than I was in the new year. A stone is quite surprising given I was quite lean to begin with. My body-fat percentage is down.

      Best thing about the diet is I’m never hungry and don’t crave anything. I’ve actually thought about just carrying on with this diet (but my wife will kill me because I never eat the same as her or the kids).

      It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience though, channeling the mind to view food as fuel.

      Thanks for asking.

      • Olyhawksfan

        Nice work! Did you cut out beer?

        • Rob Staton

          I did. Drank a fair bit over Christmas (plus wine and spirits) and not had a drink since Dec 31st. Won’t have one until June now.

          • Olyhawksfan

            That’s great man! Stay strong. Hopefully the Hawks draft well so you’re not tempted to drown your sorrows

  30. Deric

    I like the idea of baker in Seattle since some of his strengths seem to be play action, and that’s what we like to do. However, I am extremely fearful we will waste a lot of resources to grab him. hopefully, as you said, we’d inherit his contract and be given a pick as a result or the approach you mentioned.

  31. Denver Hawker

    Hawks with nearly $45MM in dead cap this year (so far). This will most certainly be cited by fans and FO alike as a drag on the season and inability to get outside free agents.

    Pay no attention to the 2021 SB Champion Rams who carried nearly the same amount last year in a lower cap season.

    Russ wasn’t enough to recruit, culture isn’t enough to recruit. No one is taking a discount to stay or come to Seattle. If this team is going to be successful, they need to nail the draft and build valuable cost effective production.

  32. Scott

    NFL Draft Countdown with a 7-Round Mock out. Has Hawks taking the following:

    1.09 – Devin Lloyd, LB, Utah
    2.40 – Kenyon Green, G, Mississippi St
    2.41 – Sam Howell, QB, Mississippi
    3.72 – Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi St
    4.109 – Rachaad White, RB, Arizona State
    5.152 – Myjai Sanders, Edge, Cincinnati
    5.153 – Dare Rosenthal, OT, Kentucky
    7.229 – Reggie Roberson Jr, WR, SMU

    I would hate this draft as a Hawks fan.

  33. Ukhawk

    💯 behind Plan A or B to build a Fearsome Front 7!!

  34. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    Falcons are trading QB Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts, sources tell
    @diannaESPN, @mortreport
    and me.

    For a 2022 3rd round pick

  35. Griz94

    I agree with the first 2 picks going Edge, LB. I also think if you go Wyatt with your first pick, then you need to go Edge & LB with the next two picks.

    I am fine rolling with Stone and Curhan as our starting tackles. It might painful at times, but I see this as a building year anyway. Worst case we get our choice of QB’s in the draft next year. We can go with Eiland and project OT in the mid rounds.

    As mentioned the issue with Baker is the contract and potential draft capital costs. I could see a doing a deal where his contract is extended. We split the guaranteed $18M in year 1 ($9m each Hawks/Browns) and add 2 years that are heavy on incentives. I would probably offer a conditional 2023 5th, that could be a 4th based on starts. If he turns it around, we have a starting QB, Bridge, or a player to trade. If he doesn’t we upgraded our backup.

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