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  1. Troy

    Rob, thanks for pouring yourself into this. Much obliged

  2. CL

    Nice, looking forward to it !

    You can also talk about Penny then:

    [Rapoport] Sources: The #Seahawks are in agreement on a 1-year deal with one of their own — RB Rashaad Penny. The former first-rounder turned down more money elsewhere to build off his stellar second half of 2021. He gets $5.75M with ability to earn up to $6.5M.

    • Denver Hawker

      Perfect deal. Win-win.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m impressed he turned down more money to remain in Seattle for a one-year prove it deal. Tells me he thinks he can build off his incredible success at the end of last season and maximize his next (and probably last) big contract in 2023.

        • Seattle Person

          He also knows Seattle is going to run and run a lot…With this contract Carson is all but gone. No chance he’s back even if he recovers. You can’t pay 2 RBs.

          • Felipe

            Any idea what Carson’s cap hit would be, if released?

            • cha

              $3m in dead cap

              They save $3.1m by cutting him but will probably want to earmark $1.2m for the veteran injury benefit if he doesn’t pass a physical.

              • Denver Hawker

                I thought they might keep him on the roster as a draft hedge. If a good RB falls to them, they can draft one and cut Carson. They can cut/designate post- June 1 and save more.

                • cha

                  Agree. But the Penny signing means they’re down to about $6-8m of room at the moment. if they have any legit interest in tackles they’ll need to scare up some room.

                  • Brett in AZ

                    Can’t they just sign a FA and then cut as-needed? Do they have to have the cap room free and clear before signing a FA, meaning make pre-emptive cut(s)?

                    • Rob Staton

                      They can do what they want now. Just got to be under the cap by the end of the league year

                  • cha

                    Sure they can

                  • Brett in AZ

                    Post June-1, Carson saves 4.6. Am trying to use Cha’s estimates from earlier (cutting Carson, Meyers, etc.) to get a feel for how far we can stretch w/o reworking other contracts.

                    • Rob Staton

                      According to Over The Cap we can trade Jamal Adams post-June 1st and save $2m.

                      Sounds ideal to me…

                  • cha

                    $21.33m dead money in 2023 though.

                    There’s always a catch.

                  • BSLBobby

                    Yeah, I saw we would still have to pay an extra $3M to cut him next year… turning that into $2M savings this year would be a nice mitigation, otherwise we’re looking at 2024 before we can finally end the embarrassment.

          • STTBM

            Uhhhh…..Pete Carroll might pay multiple backs. Just like nobody gives up QB compensation for a strong safety who can’t cover, then pays them $17 million per year….yeah, you can’t do that…unless you’re the smartest guy in the room, Pete Carroll…

    • Mick

      Great deal for us, hope he stays healthy.

  3. brendon


    • MyChestisBeastMode

      1 year for $6.5 is what I saw.

      I was thinking 1 year for 6mil was good value. Happy it wasn’t much more than that. If he maintains anything close to that 5 game tear from late last season he’s going to get $12-15 next year. Hope he can. But, also think a nagging injury is almost as likely given the entirety of his career.

      Happy the Hawks made this work. Now, draft another RB and lets make this RB group unbreakable as they’ve been the opposite ever since Marshawn years.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s a fair deal to see if he can re-created his late-season magic

        But they need to cut Carson and draft a replacement

        • Ashish

          Leonard fournette can be good draft hedge if we trade or let go carson.

          • Rob Staton

            He’ll be too expensive for a hedge. He’s already saying he wants to be paid

          • BobbyK

            Brian Robinson time! Perfect 1-2 with Penny. Probable day three pick. I’d love it!

  4. Palatypus

    Slow down Rob. Your putting up content faster than I can read it.

    • Roy Batty

      The great thing about it is the quality AND the quantity.

      Those two things rarely ever go together in a blog.

      • Brett in AZ


  5. Burner

    Hey Rob, 3pm PST equals what in our time? Daylight savings has thrown me here 🙂

    • Rob Staton


      • hobro

        Rob, it really isn’t at 3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). It’s at 3pm PDST (Pacific Daylight Savings Time, the local equivalent of BST). We’re currently 7 hours behind you. We’ll be 8 hours behind when you switch to BST in March.

        • hobro

          * when you switch to BST next weekend

        • Rob Staton

          This is a bit pedantic.

  6. Cover2

    A late round QB that I find intriguing is Iowa St QB Brock Purdy. He is Iowa State’s all-time passing leader in yards. He is fairly athletic, very good at escaping pressure in the pocket, and seems incredibly confident.

    Here is one highlight and a couple of interviews of Brock…

    • Rob Staton

      I struggle with Purdy. Just doesn’t have anything that excites you and his college career petered out. To me he’s an UDFA

  7. HawksGal

    Excellent news on Penny-

    I’m not surprised he signed again with us, he is not an outgoing individual, Seattle is likely family to him now, it took almost three years for him to settle in. Starting over in a strange and new environment could set him back.

    Quote from Penny

    “To be honest, I’m antisocial,” Penny adds. “I’m not social. I don’t talk.

    “Once I get to know people, that’s when I talk a lot.” And only, he clarifies, when surrounded by family.

  8. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    · 1m
    The #Bengals are finalizing an agreement with OT La’el Collins, sources tell me and @RapSheet. He was supposed to leave town today for another visit but Cincy didn’t let him go.

    • Big Mike

      Damn it. Wanted him tho doubted we’d get him. Still….

      • Peter

        Doubt we were in contention. Just read burrows played role in this. Money equal you’d think he’d want to play for a team with a qb.

        • STTBM

          I agree. Coming out of college, he instructed his agent not to look at teams where it was cold. Some of those Southern kids are like that…

    • Rob Staton

      Seahawks need to stop arseing about now and get a couple of good tackles signed

      • Alfred

        I have a feeling that we will end up resign Brandon Shell, because no one want him and all the better tackles will be gone by that time. Just like Pocic last year.

    • Scot04

      This is how they should be treating the Trent Brown situation. Do Not let him get on a plane out of Seattle.

      • Rob Staton

        I fear he’s done a terrific job using us to get what he wants from the Pats

        A lot of very public ‘great visit’ reports. ‘Nearly signed’.

        Yet no signature.

        • Brett in AZ

          This seems likely.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          For all the FO’s emphasis on talking up the need to improve in the trenches, they still don’t put any money where their mouths are. Making re-signing Dissly THE priority once FA started was just more of the same.

          • Big Mike


        • Scot04

          Unfortunately that was my fear from the start. If the numbers are equal, why choose Seattle over a return to NE. We need to overpay a bit or say goodbye.

      • Cover2

        Pete and John are dumpster diving yet again. Spending all their money on a bunch of trash free agents.

  9. IHeartTacoma

    Antisocial, my kind of guy.
    Penny had one of my all-time favorite interview answers as a draftee, talking to Gee Scott in one of those getting to know you things.
    Gee Scott: “Michael or Lebron?”
    Our Guy Penny: “Kobe”

  10. samprassultanofswat

    Glad hawks got Penny to sign on the dotted line. Now lets sign either Trent Brown or Duane Brown.

    • Rob Staton

      No… let’s sign both

      • Sea Mode

        The thought came to me earlier today that they might see Trent Brown is more of a younger replacement for Duane Brown than a bookend across from him.

        Whichever one they get will probably be lined up across from Shell…

  11. CL

    [Wilson] “Bradley Bozeman one-year Panthers deal: $2.8M, $1M signing bonus, $1.035M base salary, up to $500K per games active roster bonus, $265K workout bonus”

    well… a little cheaper than Austin Blythe, who didn’t play that much last season lol

  12. Rob Staton

    Seattle’s focus should be defense early in this draft

    Three high picks to build a fearsome defense

    I don’t want to draft a tackle at 9

    • Sea Mode

      I’m willing to spend #41 on a Tackle if he’s there, but EDGE at #9 and LB at #40 pls no matter what.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m just not sure there’s a tackle that makes sense there.

        While I can list several fantastic players at other positions

        • Sea Mode

          So you’re thinking 95% probability Lucas is off the board by then?

          • Rob Staton

            I wouldn’t go that far — but I think there’s a chance

      • Zxvo3

        I could see them taking an interest in Tariq Woolen from UTSA. You can’t coach his speed and size. Maybe PC will have an interest in him?

    • Denver Hawker

      I was just reviewing your post-combine analysis on the lineman and studying up elsewhere. I can’t say I like any of the LT prospects. Good RT class for sure. If Trent Brown is the guy they sign, he seems to have played much better at RT.

    • Cover2

      I’m really concerned that they pigeonholed themselves into drafting an OT at #9.

      I’m fine with not bring back Duane Brown because of his age. But to have Trent Brown in your building, when you are sitting on a huge pile of cap space, and you let him leave…sooo frustrating. Also, they should have called La’el Collins and moved heaven and earth to get him signed; name the Seahawks stadium after him if thats what it takes to have signed him.

  13. Roy Batty

    Hey, cha, any idea what the savings are on Penny’s new contract compared to them paying the fifth year option this year?

    That situation couldn’t have worked out better.

    • cha

      The option was $4.5m fully guaranteed, and it also would have made his 2021 salary fully guaranteed.

      We’ll have to see how his new deal is structured. Not all of it may be guaranteed and/or it could have a modest base salary with incentives.

    • Sea Mode

      They didn’t save, they paid him slightly more.

      Exercising Penny’s option would have meant $4.523M salary in 2022. He got $5.75M with ability to earn up to $6.5M.

      • Roy Batty

        That was more than I thought he would get, but others were interested in him, so there’s the upcharge.

    • Julian L

      I think you’d have sectioned anyone suggesting Penny should get his fifth year option in May 2021.

  14. Sea Mode

    Warren Sharp

    years since last playoff appearance:

    1 yr: IND, BAL, CLE, NO, SEA, CHI, WAS
    2 yrs: HOU, MIN
    3 yrs: LAC
    4 yrs: JAX, ATL, CAR
    5 yrs: DET, NYG, MIA
    6 yrs: DEN
    7 yrs: –
    8 yrs: –
    9 yrs: –
    10 yrs: –
    11 yrs: –
    12 yrs: NYJ

  15. Julian L

    A little more to do in free agency, but overall I don’t hate the signings they’ve made. I think Uchenna Nwosu particularly, has upside especially in the scheme they’re projected to do.

    Despite this, the teams decision again around the Cornerback position is in my view again frustrating. I’d be interested to hear otherwise but I’m not sure why Dissly was given such a bumper contract?

    I think passing on Dissly’s money as a the majority part of a contract for DJ Reed, would have been both preferable and do-able.

    At this point Artie Burns is statistically more likely to be another Ahkello Witherspoon, than the next DJ Reed, and the 2022 draft class has the depth required to pick up a Dissly replacement on day 3 in the draft or later in Free Agency, at a position TE, of lower value than that of CB. Bless Austin is gone and Tre Brown is yet to play again since his nasty injury last year. The team is light in this position.

    Pleased to see Penny back at a fair price for his late season production. They will still need draft another RB to cover from 2023 onwards, and lets get a Tackle or two sorted.

  16. Russ

    Rob, I know you’re concerned about the Seahawks just being a leverage play, but this is interesting:

    Could mean they’re trying to plan for life after Brown.

    • Rob Staton

      They might’ve been shooting for an upgrade then returning to Brown unfortunately

  17. Trevor

    The Jets need to get Zach Wilson weapons. It is priority #1 for them them.

    The Hawks need to completely rebuild the OL / DL and find a QB.

    DK to the Jets for #10 + #35 and 2nd rounder next year.

    This would give us the Draft capital over the next 2 yrs to get an elite Edge, LT and a young QB plus rebuild the core of the roster.

    #9 Jermaine Johnson- Edge FSU
    #10 Ahmed Gardner- CB Cincy
    #35 Abraham Lucas- RT Wash St
    #40 Christian Watson- WR ND St
    #41 Channing Tindall- LB Georgia
    #72 Cam Jurgens- C Nebraska
    #109 Zamir White- RB Georgia
    #145 Jack Coan- QB ND
    #229 Cade York- K LSU

    A draft something like this would give the Hawks a core to build a contender and when they find a QB.

    • Ashish

      Looks great…

      • DarrellDownUnder

        No Brainer. Shop his arse now…

    • GoHawksDani

      I’d love that draft and trade, but I see close to zero chance getting that haul for DK.
      A single #10 would be great, but I think it’s more likely a mid-late R1 or R2+R3
      Everyone sees this draft is stacked with WRs. Why would they give up that much if they can get the #1 WR probably at #10 for 5 cheap years?
      DK is pretty good, but not that good. For a top5 young WR, you’d get that, but DK is not top5

    • lil’stink

      I’d do that trade in a second, but there’s no way the Jets do it. If they did give up #10 I think that would be it.

      I think GM’s value their draft picks more than we do.

    • Scot04

      The Jets aren’t the Seahawks. Just because we did them a favor in the Adams trade doesn’t mean they’ll do an insane overpay for Metcalf.
      Davante adams in draft value was 1150 points.
      Your proposing 1850 points this year & their 2nd next year(equal to a 2022 3rd) so 2095 points.
      Agree with lil’stink, #10 would be max

      I’d prefer #35, #38, & #111 (1142 points) almost the exact value as Green Bay got for Adams.

  18. Hawk Finn

    I’m really digging your pick at 153. That cat legit gives me Kevin Williams vibes

  19. Palatypus

    Okay Rob, I know you don’t do mayonnaise with your chips, but Wil Levis puts it in his coffee.

    So what kind of mayo do you put in your coffee?

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… he is insane and gross.

      But a quality player.

      (Only milk or cream for me)

      • Palatypus

        You put milk and cream on your chips?

    • Poli

      Is this worse than eating pancakes with your hands? Not sure

      • Denver Hawker

        Definitely a red flag

        • Palatypus

          He also eats bananas without peeling them.

      • Brett in AZ

        Worse. Way, way worse.

        Have had pancakes so good they were worth eating with your hand. Never had coffee so bad Mayonnaise would make it better.

        • Palatypus

          The cafeteria at Tacoma Community College had really bad coffee while I was there.

  20. Seattle Person

    My goodness. Can we start calling guys from Georgia aliens? Devonte Wyatt ran a 7.41 3-cone. Metcalf had a 7.38 3-cone.

    • Denver Hawker

      Wyatt did well on his pro-day for sure.

      In fairness, that Metcalf cone time was pretty bad and a good likely reason he fell in the draft.

      • Seattle Person

        Sure. I’m not trying to dig on DK. He’s done fine. I’m just mind-blown on the 300 lb man doing this. That being said Aaron Freaking Donald had a 7.11 3-cone.

    • Palatypus

      I think they might be injecting estrogen from Simone Biles.

  21. Gaux Hawks

    Great problem to have (assuming they live up to our expectations), but imagine needing to lock this group up in 4-5 years… $$$$$

    …after trading DK for R1 + R2 (9, 10, 38, 40, 41, 72)

    OT: Abraham Lucas (1)
    DE: Jermaine Johnson (1)
    LB: Channing Tindall (2)
    WR: Kevin Austin (2)
    RB: Dameon Pierce (2)
    QB: Jack Coan (3)

  22. Peter

    Rob really enjoyed the podcast today.

    Interesting thoughts on Wyatt. I get that signing linemen seems like they are out of the hunt but none of the dline guys are so important thst hou couldn’t move on readily or simply rotate with greater depth.

    Great stuff on who the cap is getting spread to.

    Different players for sure but 3 years/ 15 million to dissly when I just read Everett is getting 2 years/ 8 million guaranteed. I get Everett is not the blocker that dissly is but he’s a million more per year in guarantees better player? That head scratcher leaves me wondering what is the plan. Currently dissly better be lights out in the run game because he’s also the second highest per cap hit “olinemen,” on the team. And not much of a difference as a pass catcher anymore.

  23. Denver Hawker

    I think a big reason the Hawks struggle to bring in outside free agents is the preferred contract lengths. Hawks rarely give out +3 year deals to their own roster let alone outsiders.

    They very much may be trying to convince Trent to sign a 2-yr deal.

    • HawksLifer


    • Seattle Person

      Same strategy the M’s play…

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