What if ‘the big four’ aren’t available?

Quinton Coples quickly realises that sleeveless shirt = people can see tattoo

We’ve highlighted four key names to watch for the Seahawks in round one of the draft: Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Quinton Coples and Trent Richardson. This is a team that knows it needs to improve the pass rush and with 2-3 key additions to the front seven, Seattle could find itself in possession of a border-line elite defense. Many people consider this a ‘six-player draft’ – a sextet of elite players that are expected to go early, possibly 1-6. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be the top two picks, potentially followed by Matt Kalil, Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson and Justin Blackmon. Out of that group, the one most likely to squirm through to Seattle is Alabama’s Richardson. We see him as the wildcard option that could divert the team’s attention away from the pass rush.

However, what happens if all four players are off the board by the #12 pick? It’s a question that’s been asked a lot recently, so I wanted to address it. I think it’s unlikely that Upshaw, Ingram, Coples and Richardson will all be gone by #12. Impossible? Not at all. Unlikely? I’d say so. But it’s perhaps more likely in the aftermath of the Washington-St. Louis trade than it was previously.

Had the Browns moved up to grab RGIII instead of the Redskins, it would’ve increased the likelihood of Ryan Tannehillgoing #6 to Washington. Tannehill’s position in the top-10 is now in doubt and he could be replaced by one of the top defensive lineman or Richardson. Now, the ‘Bama running back has three potential suitors at picks #4 (Cleveland), #5 (Tampa Bay) and #6 (St. Louis). Cleveland could take any one of Blackmon, Claiborne or Richardson. Tampa Bay would entertain drafting Claiborne or Richardson depending on who the Browns select. St. Louis are not an obvious candidate to take a running back but if Blackmon and Claiborne are both off the board at #4 and #5, they may simply take the top ranked player – and that could be Trent Richardson. The Rams will own five first round picks in the next three years as they begin to rebuild and they need to seize good opportunities. Drafting Richardson – despite their other needs – would be a classic example.

If Richardson goes in the top-six, the Seahawks are then banking on one of the top pass rushers getting through picks 7-11. Jacksonville’s intentions will become clear during free agency, but their main priority has to be finding offensive playmakers and improving their pass rush. Expect the Jaguars to go big on the free agent wide receiver market to potentially open up the opportunity to draft a defensive end at #7. Miami could be in play for Ryan Tannehill given the links to Mike Sherman, but if they address the gaping hole at quarterback with Peyton Manning (looking unlikely) or Matt Flynn (could become more likely) then you have to believe the Dolphins will be in the market for a pass rusher too at #8.

Carolina needs to improve it’s interior defensive line more than the edge rush at #9, but Buffalo at #10 are another team who will be aggressively searching for pass rush help. It might be best to start pinning your hopes on Miami not concluding a deal for Manning or Flynn in order to make Tannehill a logical choice at #8. Even that won’t necessarily guarantee anything. Todd McShay’s updated mock draft looks at this scenario with the top eleven going:

#1 IND – Andrew Luck
#2 WAS – Robert Griffin III
#3 MIN – Matt Kalil
#4 CLE – Trent Richardson
#5 TB – Morris Claiborne
#6 STL – Justin Blackmon
#7 JAC – Melvin Ingram
#8 MIA – Ryan Tannehill
#9 CAR – Quinton Coples
#10 BUF – Courtney Upshaw
#11 KC – Riley Reiff

Even with Tannehill landing in Miami, McShay still believes the top three pass rushers leave the board in the first ten picks. The Carolina pick is debatable, justified as such, McShay: “The Panthers have big needs at wide receiver and corner, but with no worthy options at those positions, (Quinton) Coples becomes an attractive option. Coach Ron Rivera is looking to shore up the defensive front, and you can never have enough good pass-rushers. And because Coples is a top-five talent who should slip just a bit because of an inconsistent motor, he is almost a value pick at this point.”

McShay is taking the approach that Coples is too good to pass at #9. Indeed, McShay has consistently kept the UNC lineman in high regard despite a disappointing senior season. I would argue that the Panthers’ greatest need comes at defensive tackle rather than the edge rush. Considering they’re also likely to use more 3-4 looks and maybe even more towards a permanent switch, I suspect they’ll be looking at scheme-flexible players too. Dontari Poe and Fletcher Cox flashed enough athletic potential at the combine to warrant consideration here and should either be taken at #9, it makes it very likely that one of Coples or Courtney Upshaw will be there at #12.

Even so, let’s contemplate the unthinkable situation where the Seahawks are out of reach for the top defensive ends. What do they do? McShay suggests Luke Kuechly would be the choice – something I would tend to disagree with as noted in this article last week. In this situation I think the Seahawks would face a dilemma. Is there an opportunity to move down the board? It could be a case of damage limitations – miss out on the top players on the team’s board, but make a calculated move to still secure prospects in the three positions the team craves (for example: DE, LB and RB). It could be a case of targeting a position that allows the Seahawks to move down considerably yet still acquire a collection of players such as Zach Brown, Vinny Curry and Doug Martin.

Of course, you need a willing trade partner to make that kind of move. If no such deal is forthcoming, what then? Zach Brown is considered draftable by many teams in the top half of round one, even though he’s received a lot of negative publicity recently. The likes of Andre Branch, Whitney Mercilus and Nick Perry could also emerge as candidates – although none carry the same versatility as the trio of Upshaw, Ingram and Coples, which could be more of an issue than some think. The reason I’ve not concentrated on other pass rushers is mainly down to the one-dimensional aspect of the alternatives. The Seahawks want a rusher who can be used in different positions to create mis-matches. Upshaw, Ingram and Coples are all flexible – they’ve all moved inside, played the edge and Ingram and Upshaw have taken on some minor coverage responsibilities at times. Branch, Mercilus and Perry are all pure edge rushers. Vinny Curry in round two has the kind of power – if not the size – to be used in different ways and may be more appealing for that reason.

I would argue it’s unlikely the Seahawks would make further additions to their offensive line and I don’t expect the team to draft a quarterback at #12 this year, even if Tannehill remains available.

The wildcard in this new scenario could be Dontari Poe. I think Fletcher Cox is more suited to the five-technique and he hasn’t got the lower body power to hold up in Seattle’s larger front, but Poe would fit like a glove. In fact, could he even shed +20lbs and become a solid three technique? He’s already running a sub-5.00 at 345lbs and benching more than anyone else at the combine. Could he shift some body fat without impacting his strength to become even more of a mobile freak of nature? It’s worth considering – even if it weakens his ability to have an immediate impact as a rookie.

It’s mere speculation at this point and as mentioned earlier – I think there’s still a very strong possibility we’ll never have to cross this particular bridge and one of Upshaw, Ingram or Coples will be there at #12. Yet the situation is maybe a little more cloudy than it was prior to the trade involving Washington and St. Louis.

Projected big board for the Seahawks

The big four

Courtney Upshaw
Reads better in space than Melvin Ingram, the perfect compliment of good run defense and pass rushing ability.

Trent Richardson
Insurance against Marshawn Lynch wearing down, but also a further dynamic addition to Seattle’s run-centric offense.

Melvin Ingram
He will have his supporters in the war room and has the versatility to appear in different looks.

Quinton Coples
This coaching staff won’t be too concerned about his motivation, but legitimate concerns about his run defense exist.

Second tier possibilities?

Zach Brown, Dontari Poe, Andre Branch, Whitney Mercilus, Nick Perry, Doug Martin, Vinny Curry, Mychal Kendricks


  1. peter

    Perhaps Dontari Poe becomes the piece we use to trade dwon even say three-four spots to pick up a third or fourth.

    Possibly because of the great job of this site, there seems to be a good deal of players right around the late second round through the early fourth who I would be interested in seeing the seahawks get, and it’s not simply for me the new found infatuation every seahawks fan has of late round gems, (though I do suffer from that) it’s just there seems to be a lot of different combinations in my mind that wouldn’t make me as upset, as getting Tannehill at #12 or Cox as that I believe our big three would look that much better if we had some solid pass rush coming from different spots, everyone knows that the defense, any defense runs in a loop…if your front three are amazing your pass rush looks better, if your pass rush is better your DB’s look better, if your DB’s cover better your front three…well you know.

    Dontari Poe does look amazing, but I’d love to see some pass rush, and LB and either Martin or Turbin.

  2. Doug

    ya, good post…

    What do we do?

    I would grab Poe, just because he is HUGE. His potential with some training and pro-coaching could make his quite a catch. Sometimes the best way to get better outside rushing is to increase the inside rush…

    So for me…. Poe is the pick

  3. MeatWad

    I am happy you addressed this concern with this article. Thank you Rob.

    If this scenerio did occur I would love to see Hawks trade down and pick Perry/Brown/Poe later in the first and depending on what additional pick is picked up in the trade Martin/Polk/Osweiler. In fact, I would prefer this, but as you pointed out what team would trade up? Broncos trade up for a key position of need if Manning is signed? Another WR for a weapon on the Bronco’s offense?

  4. Hawkfaninmt

    I would love to see the Hawks trade down in this case. Maybe with the Lions who could want Decastro before the Boys and Cards get a crack at him? Then take Floyd/Wright, Worthey, and Oz with our 1st and 2 2nds… Didn’t you hear that we signed mario Williams in my dream world?

  5. Phil

    Rob – my favorite Chuck Knox quote is “Faint heart never won fair lady.” It’s time for the Seahawks to man up and sign Mario Williams. Then, having addressed their immediate need for an outside pass rusher, they can think about dropping down in the draft to go after guys like Kendricks, Martin, Cousins, etc.

  6. Stuart

    Rob, outstanding as always, thank you for yet another excellent and thought provoking article! This is is so refreshing, it’s like home cooking. POE, hmmmmm, all good points. You say Cox doesnt have the strenght in his lower body, as a true junior he is just filling out. Whoever drafts him can just send him to the weight room. He will become a terror, I just wish it was with the Hawks. If the draft played out with the big 4 already gone, my vote is for trading down. But geez, if POE did loose say 25 pounds, what a physical speciman he is!

  7. AlaskaHawk

    Just make a pick you wimps! No one is going to trade with us – they can do the math and know they will lose a pick later.

    I would pick Poe, Branch or Perry. And lets be uncoventional and play Poe on the edge across from Red. Any one care for a 350 pound edge rusher!!!!

  8. Derian

    How about a trade for cincinnati’s first round picks, id be willing to trade our 1st and 2nd rounds for cincy’s 2 first rounder + a second next year or 3rd this year. Lots of good players in late first. I really like Nick Perry at this range, as well as a few available linebackers. If courtney upshaw is available at 12, stay put and take him. He will be a beast!

  9. Ed

    Floyd/Martin/Poe could be people that other teams want to trade up for. I would prefer to trade back and get kuehly/perry then in 2nd get martin and hendricks

  10. Rugby Lock

    If Poe was there in that scenario I’d pick him in a heartbeat!! HUGE fella that can move like that!! Scary… and if he lost 25 lbs of fat… WOW!!!

  11. Steeeve

    I like Poe and Branch, but not necessarily at #12. I would love to trade back in that scenario, but the issue is, who on the board is attractive enough to be the target of a trade up? If the teams behind us were a threat to pick a WR, Michael Floyd could be that guy (WRs are that “flashy” pick that always seem to be trade-up targets). I guess Poe could be that guy if PCJS do not rate him highly. I think we’re just going to have to suck it up and make the pick. Thankfully this front office is not one to care if the so-called pundits think we reached.

  12. Jarhead

    See a more legitimate concern than the big 4 being gone, is which ones are left. I still feel Ingram and Coples are guaranteed busts. I know Rob is just reporting via interest he knows that Seattle is showing in these prospects, but Ingram does NOT disengage from blockers, will get washed out in run plays and he can create his own space to attack the QB in. He must have the space manufactured for him. We can’t play him inside, because he can’t speed rush G’s and C’s in the NFL. They’re too good, and the huge TE’s in the League now will dominate him if we play him at OLB ever. I think it’d be better if he was gone. We can’t waste even one single pick in this draft, it must be flawless. Or there will be palpable consequences. As for Coples, I think it’s a little narcissistic of this FO to believe they can motivate ANYONE. Maybe he’s just lazy, maybe he’s just another Albert Haynesworth? You think anyone can get through to THAT guy? He’ll likely end up going to way of the buffalo like every other Seahawks DE since Michael Sinclair. #70 isn’t coming back through the door, and Coples giving up on plays is not going to fly, especially when he’s taking snaps from Mebane, Branch and Bryant who all play like mad men. Richardson and Upshaw I believe have the opportunity to contribute the most, and if THEY are gone, we’re in trouble. I have no interest in Zach Brown. He is a project with no instincts and is just soft. I don’t want a fast guy who plays football who doesn’t nose in to the ball and has no instincts. There are much better options. I do like Poe at that spot, let’s do like Detroit and make a strength an overpowering strength. Perry or Branch may not offer versatility BUT I think they will add the most important thing if we are left in that situation… PRODUCTION. They will produce results! This draft has become a lot less friendly after the WAS-STL trade. Oh and I for one am rooting for Peyton to ARI. I don’t shy away from competition, and maybe having SF and ARI looking more dominant will keep the Hawks from idling, and make them act a little more aggressively, and not get complacement just sitting back and waiting for what comes. Let’s get a taste for blood and go on the attack. I don’t want to sneak by in a weak division. I want to battle every week and earn the title from a super hardy division

  13. Jarhead

    *CAN’T create his own space* is what the previous post should read

  14. Colin

    The probably I have with Poe, is 90% of this board (including myself) had no clue as to his existence till he ran the 40 and did bench press. His college tape is not exactly great, but he has that dangerous word “potential” written on him. I’ll pass. We’re not hurting at defensive tackle and have other areas to fill.

    At this point, a trade down would be good.

  15. Rob

    Jarhead – I agree with a lot of what you say there. I have serious reservations about Coples and some intrigue due to his upside. I have even more reservations about Ingram.

    Colin – Completely agree, and I’m happy to admit I don’t know enough about Poe to say a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He has the potential – but as you say that’s a scary word. The tape I have seen (which is minimal) showed a busy player who moves a lot, but doesn’t have a lot of impact on games. Is it the defense? Is it the player? Is it coaching? He has so much potential, but will it mean a jot if he can’t channel it into production? That’s the concern. But teams looking for a rare NT will give him a long hard look.

  16. Ryan

    If you can’t find a good fit at #12 with those four gone, and you can’t trade down, you shouldn’t reach for a particular position. Just take BPA (be it WR, OL, DB, or whatever). Acquire good talent wherever you can find it, and slot it in later.

  17. Kyle

    Rob, you’ve highlighted your big three on defense largely because of their position versatility, and ability to move around to create mismatches. Is that from something Schneider or Carroll or someone else in the Hawks front office said they wanted, or your own deductions? If the former, I’d be interested in seeing the context of the quote, as it would reveal more about the team’s mindset and possible big board.

    I wonder because what I recall is that Carroll has said he wants to get faster in the front seven, and add more pass rush. Obviously a pure Leo prospect won’t add much marginal speed, and this team values run-stuffing DTs, so it makes sense to look at LBs who can move around like Upshaw and Ingram. But there could be other wild cards at play in the philosophy.

  18. Kyle

    One more note, and I apologize for cluttering the comments, but the writer/editor in me cannot let it go anymore. You are a fine writer, but tend to misuse apostrophes. “It’s” refers to “it is,” the possessive does not require the punctuation. And if you are adding an “s” to make a plural, do NOT add an apostrophe unless there is a possessive adjective involved.

  19. Rob

    It’s my own deduction – and you’re right, there could be wildcards out there. However, the earlier you pick the more refined you can also be with your targets. I suspect Seattle already has a clear vision of what could happen and free agency will shape that further.

  20. SoCalSeahawker

    Aren’t the Hawks in solid position for someone wanting to trade up for a OL? I’m “all in” for tading down if they were to pick up a 1st next year or a 2nd this year.

  21. AlaskaHawk

    The latest report is that numerous teams want to trade down because the draft is deep and there are only a few elite people. If you are so unexcited about having the #12 pick, what makes you think that someone else will be excited enough to give us two draft picks for it? It didn’t happen last year when we wanted to do it. It won’t happen this year.

  22. Jerry Nice

    Rob –

    Great stuff as always…Keep it up.

    Now that The Titans reportedly will pull all stops to nab Manning, what are the chances that Locker is this QB that you heard about? Any chance at all?

    Grabbing Manning says a lot about what Bud thinks of his QB situation, and would mostly hamper Jake’s learning curve for the immediate future.

    Could he be in play? If so, would the Hawks want in? I would easily give our first for him, but that’s could be just me. Maybe two 2nd rounders? Imagine the freakout if Montlake Jake came back home…

  23. williambryan

    It’s easy to say “who would trade up?” but unfailingly, every year numerous teams do trade up. In all rounds there are always moves being made. And from what a lot of GM’s say, they always have even more opportunities to move down if they chose too. So I think there is a pretty good chance of a trade down, especially in the scenario here, and that would definitely be my preferred course of action.

  24. peter

    To be fair Alaskahawks, last year it was for the 25th pick, this is the 12th, just two years ago, San Diego moved up for Ryan Matthews at the 12 th spot and then Philly moved up for Graham a player many thought Seattle wanted.

    I don’t know about a huge “EXTRA FIRST ROUND PICK AND A SECOND!!!!!yeeeeoww!” kind of scenario that everyon eseems to get worked up into thinking about.

    I think we could realistically work with philly for a slide down for a fourth that could be partnered up to move back into the third, that sort of thing.


  25. peter


    You’ve said some nice praise for Hightower? I know you don’t predict these sorts of things, but what if we slid down few spots and picked Donta Hightower in the say 16-18 is that still fair range for him to go in?

  26. Craig

    Rob, I understand that the O-Line is no longer a liability for the team, but I say that we should turn it into a strength. With our cap space, what are the chances that we sign Carl Nicks? Amazing football player and would completely solidify our line for years to come.

    Also, if we miss out on getting a RB in the draft, what do you think about signing Mike Tolbert? Will he be asking too much for it to be realistic to sign him as a second RB? I think that he’s a good player that can really be a solid 3rd down back that can carry the load in the occasion of a Lynch injury.

    Also, I hope the Broncos get Manning. I don’t think that we play them this year.. I know we play the Phins and (obviously) the Cards.

  27. James

    I’m not sure John and Pete see these as the Big 4. If Poe is still there, the Seahawks could take him to play all their line positions: the 1 Tech, 3 Tech and 5 Tech. Or they could trade down for an extra #2 with a team desperate for Poe. If the Seahawks are simply trying to fill their Leo position behind Clemons, I believe they would go for Perry, who played that position well for USC and has a huge upside. If Perry, they could probably trade down a few slots and still land him. To me the big unknown is how do the Seahawks rank Tannehill vs. Osweiler/Cousins. If they have a much higher grade on Tannehill, they might just pull the trigger on him at #12 if Miami doesn’t take him at #8. If some combination of Manning/Flynn/Kolb fills the qb slots for Cleveland and Miami, Tannehill could fall to Seattle in round two, for who else would still be looking for a qb?

  28. Stuart

    Rob-could you please (pretty please) include the full second round of the draft on Wednesday?

  29. Rob

    Peter – Personally, I’d be prepared for that. However, I’m not sure he’s the kind of player they’re necessarily looking for. But that would be a nice range for DH.

    Craig – I think it’s very unlikely. Robert Gallery actually developed into a pretty integral part of the OL last year and Cable loves the guy. Unless Nicks is replacing Gallery or Moffitt, I don’t think it will happen. The problem with the Tolbert scenario is that FA will happen before the draft. I suspect they want a young, fresh runner who can potentially be the lead runner if needs be in 1-2 years. I think they’ll go big at RB in the draft in the first three rounds.

    James – They’re trying to compliment Clemons rather than replace him. I have no slant on whether they will make an exception for Poe, but I’m led to believe we should keep an eye on the prospects highlighted in this piece under the banner of the ‘big four’. As for quarterbacks – I wouldn’t get your hopes up that it’s a solution solved this year. I anticipate one or two QB’s taken in the R4-6 region. We might see a veteran addition to compete with Jackson added during FA.

    Stuart – If I have time on Wednesday I will do. I’ll see what I can do.

  30. Stuart

    Rob- part II, sometimes my comments get posted before I have finished up. Regarding the 2nd round, could you please mock us someone beside Martin? He would be my pick and I am sure most of us here would gladly pick him in the 2nd too but with a different player it gives us a chance to digest that option for a week.

    If the big 4 are gone, who are the most likely trading down partners and what do you realisticly think we would secure extra pick wise for such a trade down. It’s fun to think of these what if scenarios and everybody here values your options so much, thanks Rob.

  31. Wes

    I have to believe there are players besides Richardson that would make the Hawks pick offense in round 1 under this scenario. I have mentioned Michael Floyd on here before, but I really see him as a legit option for the Hawks given the injury issues at WR. I have watched him play quite a bit over the years and I really believe he is talented enough to be drafted that high. The DUIs are worrisome, but not enough to scare me off.

  32. Rob

    Stuary – Well, I’m hesitant to get into trade details too much because we get into Madden 12 territory then. Teams looking for OL help (eg: San Diego, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cincy) might want to get ahead of Arizona and Dallas, especially if there’s an early rush on tackles/guards. Moving into the late teens won’t net that much – perhaps a 4th rounder at best. To get anything that would get people excited, you’re talking about a drop of 20 picks or move – which I think is highly unlikely.

  33. Rob

    Wes – I’m led to believe Seattle will not be drafting a receiver in round one, even if Blackmon is there.

  34. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- The only mock draft that really counts is the one you publish right before the draft. So feel free to put other people in our #12 spot and discuss why they would be a good addition to the hawks. We have so many holes in our team, I could name 6 positions and a good reason to choose any of them in the first.

  35. SHawn

    With those 4 players gone, as well as all of the “top 6” guys, i think everyone in the FO will look to move down and pick up what we can in the middle rounds. The further we drop from #12, the more we will get. If we dropped to the mid 20s we should warrant a 1st and 2nd. Drop into the early 2rd rd and we could likely add that 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th or 5th, maybe some picks next year would be nice. This is a deep draft for late first-2nd rd talent and this would be the value move, even if we conceded some trade value points along the way.

    That said, I don’t think that is the question here. The question is what if no partners can be found for a decent trade package? What if we are FORCED to pick at #12 after all of our targets have been taken? What then?

    We could get the highest rated target position (DE, OLB, MLB (Heater hasnt been resigned yet remember), RB (still have no depth behind Lynch) player available, most likely one of the following:

    Andre Branch
    Zach Brown
    Luke Kuechly
    Whitney Mercilus
    Dont’a Hightower
    Nick Perry

    Or it could be one that most people won’t have in the 1st rd discussion at all:

    Michael Kendricks
    Ronnell Lewis
    Chandler Jones
    Doug Martin

    Or it could be a perfect opportunity for the Schneid to get another WR, which he has said before you can never have enough of:

    Michael Floyd
    Stephen Hill
    Kendall Wright

    Or maybe they will see some pass rush ability with one of the DTs available:

    Dontari Poe
    Fletcher Cox
    Michael Brockers

    AS far as my opinion goes, I would come down to two guys (if Heater doesnt stay): Hightower and Perry, and I would choose Hightower. 12 is a reach for him, but he is highest on my personal board.

    If Heater DOES resign, I would take Perry. I know Rob and most others have Branch rated higher than Perry based on game tape, but I think Branch played in a MUCH better system and for MUCH better coaches at Clemson than Perry did at USC. Carroll recruited Perry I believe specifically to play LEO and Perry was not benefited by Carroll’s job switch (I am NOT a fan of Lane Kiffin as you might tell).

  36. matt

    im totally on the donta hightower bandwagon.watch the tape.he’s fast,has great closeout speed,and fills a big need in a way that fits what the fo wants to accomplish.
    speed and versitility.trade down and get another pick.I also agree with jarheads summary of the 3 players,spot on.

  37. Misfit74

    Michael Floyd.

    /clearly a no-brainer 😀

  38. AlaskaHawk

    Agreed on Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright. They can pick the defense in rounds 2-4. Plus we may get someone in free agency.

    My thinking is simple, next year we get a bright shiny new QB – but who will he throw to? We only have two great and one good receiver. The rest aren’t getting separation, are getting older, etc.

  39. MLT

    Bad news for us again. Texans release there RG! Someone is going to try and get him and that will free up 1 more team picking a linemen and potentially trying for a pass rusher! Not good news for the hawks unless we get him and move carp inside to guard and dump gallery or keep as depth which I doubt would happen cause of what he gets paid. I doubt we do that though I think it affects our draft more though?

  40. MLT

    Sorry I meant RT my bad!

  41. Rob

    Houston is freeing up room to try and re-sign Mario Williams.

  42. Ben2

    we’ve eliminated cox because he looks like a 5 but I think he could be a flex guy for the Hawks and play 3 & Red Bryant 5 tech position

  43. Tyler

    I am going to laugh if the Seahawks pass on Upshaw after all this buildup.

  44. Rob

    In fairness, the ‘build-up’ is really just rolling responses to people complaining about the fact he’s considered to be in contention (with others).

  45. Michael (CLT)

    No. The build up is yours. Myopic and lovable. And probably correct.

    I just pray Upshaw’s “Positives” are not matched to the similarly described Lawrence Jackson.

  46. Doug

    Now I finally figured out the QB issue as most of you have as well.
    Tennessee is going to sign Manning, and we will get Hass back! haaaahahahahaha!

    Ya Rob, I think I gotta go with CLT on this one about the build-up, but hey, if that’s what you think is going to happen, then so what? It’s your blog so whatever eh? I’m sure that whoever we take, Upshaw or somebody else, they will be a good player. I don’t really care who they take, or who we pick as a FA. I know nothing compared to all the big football minds that will be making these decisions.

    My job is to wear Hawks gear, and bleed neon green. And that I do without a second thought…

  47. Ed

    Houston freeing up money for Manning. Maybe we get Schaub.

    Hou – Manning
    Cle – Kolb
    Mia – Flynn
    Ari – Schaub

  48. Ed

    Leinart available now

  49. Doug

    I’m now almost positive now, that we take Tannahil with our 1st pick. He is perfect to sit a year behind TJack. All of this Upshaw, Richardson junk is just to throw everybody off course. He has the tools, and we need the QBOTF.

    There are too many teams that would grab him. Hopefully Miami takes Flynn to clear the way.

  50. Rob

    Ed – I think it’s more likely that Houston is freeing up room to try and keep Mario Williams.

    Doug – It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Seattle has Brock Osweiler ranked higher than Ryan Tannehill. And Kirk Cousins, for that matter.

  51. Hawk80

    Mayock on NFLN stated tonight that Tannehill would not be available for the Hawks at #12. Assuming he is off the board, I can’t forsee a scenario where at least one of the four often mentioned players will not be available.

    Rob – I know everyone seems down on the prospect of drafting LB Zach Brown as an alternative to the others. Do you think he has star potential and is thus worthy of mid 1st round consderation? The tape is obviously sketchy but 4.45 speed could look nice shadowing todays super athletic TEs.

  52. Tom T.

    Rob, how do you feel about Seattle going after Kamerion Wimbley if/when Oakland is forced to release him due to $$$. I think he would be a great addition to the pass rush and would cost far less than Mario Williams. Your thoughts?

  53. Sean

    Rob, I have seen Vinny Curry’s name bouncing around as a possible late 1st-early 2nd round pick. Do you think he has the burst to play LEO? I saw he ran a 4.85 at the combine.

  54. Ed

    Why Rob. Their defense was actually better without him. Reed/Barwin are the olb’s and watt/smith are the de’s. Why would they pay that much for williams when they pressured the qb with a rookie and 2nd year guy

  55. A. Simmons

    I can’t help but want the Seahawks to take Poe if he is there at 12. Pete seems like the type of coach to motivate just about anyone. With Red, Mebane, and Poe and the work ethic of our overall defense, Poe seems like a quality addition. Absolute domination at the point of attack. I’m getting too amped thinking about it. Have to wait for the draft. See who is available. I expect Poe to go early because some teams just can’t resist a freak of nature like Poe.

  56. Ben2

    Yeah would wimbley be a scheme fit? Don’t know much about his game

  57. Rob

    Hawk80 – There are definitely teams out there who would consider drafting Brown in that range. I’m not saying he would definitely be an option for Seattle if others leave the board, but he’s draftable for sure in R1.

    Tom – It’s a good shout because he can also play linebacker. It really depends on what kind of interest he receives – his production has been superb the last two years. I don’t think Seattle will spend too much in FA on players not named Red Bryant, but we’ll see what kind of market there is for KW.

    Sean – I don’t think he’s a LEO, but certainly he’s a player who can play across from a LEO, dip inside. He’s powerful despite the lack of pure size. I think in more orthodox 4-3 looks you’re happy playing him opposite Clemons.

    Ed – I suppose because he’s one of their stars and it’s hard to lose a guy like that without receiving compensation. They took a lot of negative publicity for picking him #1 and it was a huge success, so I think they like the idea of keeping him for that reason if for no other.

  58. AlaskaHawk

    Lasst night Maycock mocked Tannehill to Browns or Miami. That should free up a player for us to choose.

  59. amattson

    UPSHAW! Would make a huge difference – did anyone see how much better Denver’s defense was this year with the addition of Von Miller? I really hope he is there.
    Then we get a starting linebacker in the second – specific names anyone? Outside or middle. I’ll trust your guys’ judgement on that one. Then speedy wr in the third that could make a differnece like Baltimore’s rookie this year did for them. This is all assuming we get Flynn. I think we would be looking much improved over last year with those 4 additions. If not, we take Oz in the 3rd and speedy wr in the 4th. Is this in line with what you are thinking Rob?

  60. Sean A

    Don’t be surprise if hawks draft Decastro. This kid will be an all pro immediately. With the line intact for years to come we can focus on pass rush later rounds.

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