What is the 2023 draft class REALLY like?

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  1. GoHawks5151

    I watched all Van Dyke’s games last year. I thought he was good but they never really thought of him as a 1st round guy. I’m glad you brought him up so that I could watch these games again. His deep ball and processing are real good. Not an overly mobile dude which scares me a little is this modern game. I don’t know that we will be in range of Stroud, Young or even Levi’s if he rises. So TVD should be must watch TV all season

    • DeHawksGO

      Seattle has 2 first round and 2 second round picks in next year draft so if there is a QB they realty want they can trade up to get him. I think it was smart not to take one in this years draft. Next years draft looks great for QB’s and we have the capitol to get a great one. Go hawks!

      • Troy

        Not that I’m banking on it but there’s no definitely when it comes to a winning season for the Hawks or the Broncos… so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one or both of those first round picks are in the top 10-15. Not operating off of hypotheticals just pointing out it may just shake out similar to the previously mentioned situation.

  2. OregonHawk

    may or may not work out, but, Washinton State has a transfer QB Cameron Ward … worth a look?

    • Peter

      I’d like to see him play two years at WSU. Big time jump from whatever division incarnate plays in to the pac 12.

      Though. The reverse of Willis i do like seeing him bet on himself at a higher level.

  3. Jeremy

    Rob, I think it would be interesting to see a breakdown on Drew Locke, from analyzing his college game tape and his work with the Broncos. What do the seahawks see in him to have so much faith in him and do you think he can develop into a good QB? If seattle builds the trenches and the defense they don’t need a great QB.

    • God of Thunder

      You don’t need a great great QB to win, but you need a good-to-great QB.

      Foles, Eli Manning and Flacco are the good QBs who won the SB by getting hot at the right time, playing great for just long enough.

  4. James

    If Young, Stroud and Levis are 1a, 1b, and 1c; then the next three or four guys are still solid but I don’t honestly see the next Seahawks QB coming except from those first three. Seattle will have the draft capital to obtain one of them. The other three or four guys might well have been the first QB picked this year (Pete says Drew Lock would have been the first QB picked this year and I’m sure he’s right).

    Young/Stroud/Levis all have strong arms and good athleticism, thought none would be mistaken for Malik Willis for physical skills. But they stand out mostly for being very productive and making the sort of plays that suggests a potentially elite NFL QB.

    I know Young the best by far, and though he is very slight, he never gets injured, and his size should not overshadow his strengths. He is clearly the best decision-maker, performs the best under pressure, and is the most accurate. His carving up of the Georgia defense in the SEC championship game was one of the most impressive performances you will ever see against an all-time great defense. If you doubt his arm, watch his perfect 65 yard in the air throw to Jameson Williams for the TD. If he had not lost both his WRs in the title game, he probably would have won that game as well, but his backups could not get open quickly so Bryce could attack the Bulldog blitz the way he did a month earlier. Oh, and he is Pete’s definition of a point-guard QB. We’ll see…

    I am curious to see if Stroud overcomes his inconsistencies, and if Levis can perform on their level with the pressure on. 2023 will be an all-time-fun Seahawks draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Young is not the best by far

      • Danimal

        I could be wrong, but I think he was just saying he knows him the best by far. Definitely has the biggest national profile and is on TV the most.

        • Rob Staton

          Ok, maybe I misread

    • samprassultanofswat

      Thunder: Here is a list of Super Bowl QBs that won a Super Bowl. But are NOT in the Hall of Fame. Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Earl Morrall, Jim Plunkett, Bob Griese, and Joe Theismann.

      So there is plenty of proof that you don’t need a Hall of Fame QB to win a Super Bowl.

      Here is a list of QBs that have won a Super Bowl that are still active or retired who are not eligible(because of the five year waiting period) for a HOF vote. Foles, Eli Manning, Flacco, Big Ben; Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers .

  5. Jordan

    There’s more than just those three to keep an eye on.

    Stroud and Young appear to be the top 2 in most rankings.

    But then… a lot of dudes worth checking in on: TVD, Richardson, Leary, Jurkovec, Hooker, Levis, McKee, Ward, Hall (in no particular order)

    I’m not sure a 1C has emerged yet, so it’s all going to be very intriguing to watch to see if someone has a huge single season rise a la Burrow, Murray, Newton.

    • Dregur

      Yup, I’m willing to be QB1 in the draft is someone we haven’t even thought of as QB1 yet.

    • GoHawks5151

      I like Cam Rising from Utah as well

      • Peter

        Utah plays maybe the most analagous to Seattle brand of football. Hopefully Rising can further improve his numbers. Not bad but very Huntley like. Effecient. Very low turnovers. Not a ton of attempts.

        I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him as I probably watch more Utah than any other pac 12 team.

        • GoHawks5151

          I’ve likened him to the best version of Baker Mayfield physically with a much better mindset/leadership. Do with that as you will

  6. Troy

    Rob, do you have an opinion on Phil Jurkovec?

    • Rob Staton

      See the video/pod

  7. bk matty

    I see 6 QBs drafted in the top 12 picks potentially… A team will fall in love with Phil Jerkovic out of BC….

    • Rob Staton

      Bit early to project that kind of thing

      • bk matty

        a lot of bad teams need QBs and there are a lot of QBs in this class with ‘traits’. NFL teams love traits…

        Houston, NYG, Seattle, Wash, Detroit, Chicago, Carolina will likely all go QB early then you have Tennessee and Atlanta eyeing the spot if things go pear-shaped this year.

        • Rob Staton

          Not disputing there are a lot of teams who need a QB

          It’s way too early though to talk about who or how many will go in R1. There’s a whole season of CFB to play

          • bk matty

            there is no fun in not projecting…

            • Rob Staton

              Sure and I am projecting myself

              But there are some things that we can’t project at this time, such as how many of these guys will be R1. Some of the players being talked about in R1 have barely started any games in CFB!

        • Peter

          Houston and Mills might surprise. To me he looked like the best pick last year working with a completely messy team.

          Tennessee seems like they may not consider QB. Tannehill can still play very well for their team and Willis faults and all is in the best situation for him with Tannehill still able to go and him getting time to really put in some work at a pro level.

          • Robbie

            I’d say the same thing about Carolina, if they believe in Corral at all they may give him a chance. But under a new head coach next year (assuming here) they may pick QB round 1.

            • Peter

              Could very much see Carolina kicking off a new era with a new qb next year.

  8. Spectator

    I am also interested in the rest of the draft. Hearing the WR is even better than this year, is interesting.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, I don’t think this year was even that great. Crazy WR market had teams buying lottery tickets in the first two rounds.

  9. Peter

    Loved the most recent long form podcast and getting a good starting grip on qb prospects for the upcoming season.

    Muddled my way through Walter football’s two latest mocks. One from walter the other from his right hand man. It appears Walter has become a bit of a SDB disciple over the last little while. Levis to us #13 overall.

    I’d be very happy with that. The only small thing I hope he doesn’t do in the pros is run straight at defenders. Occasionally that’s fine. But at the next level? I’d rather not see it. Still arguably my favorite QB prospect next year.

    His guy Charlie Campbell however…..a first round WR right before Levis? Maybe if they strike gold with Lock. But at some point to close the loop of this era Seattle needs a QB that’s not some retread or people trying to wish Geno somehow nearly a decade on has finally put it all together.

    • cha


      Still not as cringey as the cardboard cutouts

      • GoHawks5151

        I don’t know man….Its real bad

    • Denver Hawker

      The radio hits the “Let’s Ride” thing multiple times an hour- had a long explanation to my wife why I barfed in my mouth

    • Brik

      Playoff stats:

      16 GP
      61% completion rate
      236.6 ypg
      1.6 TD per game
      .75 INT per game
      3 Sacks per game
      95.3 Passer rating

      Just saying…

  10. ZHawk

    Jake Haener from Fresno State is another guy I think could sneak into round 1. He’s about the same listed size as Young, but definitely looks bigger. Another mobile guy who gets through his reads and can make all the throws. Check out his game against UCLA last year. Definitely some Seahawk-y traits there as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Haener had a good season last season but round one?? I have not seen anything to think that

    • Dregur

      Haener is a great college QB.. But his ceiling is a 2nd round pick. He’s small-ish, doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, but is smart and moves fairly well. I am also curious if losing his HC and OC to Washington is going to affect his numbers, that offense is pretty friendly to QB’s.

    • ZHawk

      Like a lot of QBs in that 2nd and 3rd tier, it depends on his performance this year and improvements to his mechanics and mid to deep accuracy in particular, but I think the arm talent, ability to throw on the run, and decision making is there. Not saying he’s going to ascend into the same range as Young, Stroud, Levis, and Van Dyke, but maybe he’s a guy a team like the Colts would be wiling to take a shot on in the late first. I’d put him in the same tier as Tanner McKee and Jaren Hall (BYU) at the moment.

    • uptop

      Hes a good college qb but i dont see him as a starter

  11. AL

    Pete Carroll to @IanFurnessSea on @SportsRadioKJR, when asked about DK Metcalf: “We want him to be here. He wants to be here. We’ll figure it out. It’ll just take us some time but we’ll get it done.

    There were some rumors that Metcalf might be the next wide receiver to push for a trade given his contract situation per Grey Papke, Larry Brown Sports.

    It will likely take a four-year contract worth $25 million or so per year to get it done, though. That’s exactly the contract agreed to last week by Metcalf’s college teammate, A.J. Brown, after he was traded Thursday from the Titans to the Eagles. Brown’s contract included $40 million fully guaranteed at signing, including a $23.234 million signing bonus. And like Metcalf, he is represented by agent Tory Dandy.

    Asked by Shannon Sharpe about the exploding receiver market, Metcalf said, “it’s all smiles right now.”

    I’m thinking it will take a lot more than what A.J. Brown signed for, possibly even a reset of the wide receiver market. The question is, is there a point where the contract just gets to rich for the Seahawks?

    • Big Mike

      For no reason other than gut feel, I don’t think it’ll take what you think it will. I believe he’ll be content in the same spot Brown is. If he’s truly as happy in Seattle as he says he is, it’ll be enough.

      • Roy Batty

        It’s all about the guaranteed money.

        Put up a big enough number and he signs.

        Plus, the man has done nothing but embrace is role as the face of the franchise since the Wilson drama concluded. All smiles and love for teammates, the franchise and fans. The complete opposite of every other WR’s actions.

        It gets done in the coming weeks.

        • Hebegbs

          Exactly Roy. Will be almost identical to AJ I believe with slightly more guaranteed.

  12. Volshawk

    Rob, have you reviewed any of Hendon Hooker’s tape? I’m obviously a bit biased, but the kid really came into his own last season and put up fantastic numbers for the Vols. Is there a feeling that his production is driven more from the “gimmick” offense vs his talent?

  13. cha

    Seattle signed its last four draft picks: fifth rounders Tyreke Smith and Tariq Woolen along with seventh-round selections Bo Melton and Dareke Young.


    • samprassultanofswat

      The sooner with get all are picks signed. The better.

  14. Hoggs41

    I think for sure you have to be leary drafting a QB from either Alabama or Ohio St. Its easy to throw the ball when you have 5 seconds and your recivers are wide open every play. Ill take a guy from a lesser school all day that can elevate his program the way some guys like Mahomes and Allen can.

  15. bk matty

    I’m totally fine paying DK 100mln for 4yrs, next year is a throw away year in many respects as we wont compete so fine, the year after we would hope to be competitive again, and in 3 seasons ideally we are going for a super bowl and by then its just a 2yr deal that looks cheap

    • bk matty

      unless they can get some absurd return for him,

  16. V

    Bob Condotta: Some Seahawks rookie jersey numbers via http://Seahawks.com: Bryant 8, Walker 9, Woolen 39, Mafe 53, Cross 67, Lucas 72, Melton 81, Young 83, Smith 92.


    • Rob Staton

      Wish Walker would’ve gone for a number in the 20’s

      • Ace

        Sadly, it seems only #21 was available. Would still prefer that over the single digit on a non-QB.

      • James Z

        FWIW: ‘9’ in numerology is the number ruled by the god of war, Mars… works for me as long as he becomes a warrior instead of a candy bar.

  17. V

    Mike Dugar: Two QBs participating in #Seahawks rookie camp: Levi Lewis, who signed as an undrafted free agent, and Kaleb Eleby from Western Michigan, here as a tryout guy.


    • Big Mike

      Walker III wearing #9. Rob will be bummed
      No one wearing #24, as it should be imo.

      • SoCal12

        Coby Bryant wearing No. 8! Gonna call him Blue Mamba.

        • Henry Taylor

          WRs Bo Melton and Dareke Young wearing 81 and 83. Always like to see WRs in the 80s. Old school.

      • Hawks4life

        Was hoping Walker would have a number in the 20s, I absolutely hate the jersey number change they made, this is the NFL not CFB

        • mr drucker in hooterville

          Agreed. I don’t even like WR’s in the teens. In understand why though with larger rosters and retired numbers.

  18. Roy Batty

    Great rookie press conference streaming live right now.

    Mafe is the best. Smiles, smart, and killing it.

    • Roy Batty

      They’re going up by draft position. Walker came to the podium and the camera had to pan down. He’s so much shorter than Cross and Mafe.

      • Roy Batty

        Abe walks up to the podium looking like someone just called him an idiot. Pissed off. Reporter commented on it and he’s all smiles.

        Smart guy. Talks like a coach. Definitely an Archbishop Murphy grad.

        • Roy Batty

          Scrolled back and caught Cross.

          As Schneider said, he’s country. Big country.

          He’s very happy to have Lucas right there with him, going through the process.

          • Roy Batty

            Pete looks more relaxed and really at ease.

            Talking up Walker’s quickness, speed and pass catching ability. Surprised by his catching. Shocked by his quickness. Much different in person as opposed to on tape.

            Stoked about the new corners. Talking up Coby’s ability, Tariq’s speed.

            Impressed with Cross and Lucas in 3 point stance drills.

  19. V

    “Tariq Woolen has just a bit of a hamstring issue and didn’t take part in practice today, though he did in the walkthrough. Pete Carroll notes he’s not “hurt,” they’re giving him just a little time to get right.”


  20. Palatypus

    Anybody able to find footage of Boye Mafe going against Charles Cross at Rookie Mini-Camp today?

    • Palatypus

      Never mind I figured it out.

  21. Shawn

    Bryce Young is the guy. If you can overlook his size (6′ 0″ 194 lbs). He has IT. None of the other guys are as impressive to me on film.

    Stroud is a little too mechanical/stiff for my liking. He’s more of a product of the scheme at Ohio State from my pov (Haskins, Fields, etc.). He has a decent arm & still could improve. But I’m not the biggest fan of his at the moment.

    Honestly, there are things about Will Levis’ game that bugs me. His feet seem to be all over the place. Which can impact his accuracy. He also appears to seek out contact & will try to run over opponents. That’s a big no-no for me when scouting for the position. I don’t want my QB taking unnecessary hits. It’s the same issue I had with Matt Corral. He plays with an edge. But durability could be an issue.

    • Shawn

      Fwiw, Baker Mayfield is the one name that I keep associating with Will Levis. Every time I watch his film. He’s a bigger version of Baker imho.

      • Rob Staton

        What???? I don’t see that at all

        • Shawn

          That’s the vibe I get from him.

          It’s odd that they both transferred. Mayfield (Texas Tech- Oklahoma), Levis (Penn State- Kentucky).

          Baker was kind of a late bloomer & his stock rose significantly after he left Texas Tech. Then became the starter at Oklahoma. I’m not all that familiar with Levis’ background. But that seems to be the case with him too. They both play with a certain amount of moxie.

          Levis could end up being a fairly high pick. I’m just not sure it will translate at the next level. Much like Baker I think he could end up being a very polarizing figure.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s odd that they both transferred. Mayfield (Texas Tech- Oklahoma), Levis (Penn State- Kentucky).

            Why is it odd??

            Joe Burrow and Justin Fields both transferred. Kyler Murray transferred. Malik Willis transferred. Jalen Hurts transferred. Russell Wilson transferred. Cam Newton transferred. Joe Flacco transferred.

            Players transfer.

            Levis could end up being a fairly high pick. I’m just not sure it will translate at the next level. Much like Baker I think he could end up being a very polarizing figure.

            This is a major reach Shawn. They are nothing like each other — physically, in terms of playing style or in terms of character. It’s one of the worst comp’s I’ve heard in a long old while.

            • Rob Staton

              Shawn saw this reply and decided to moan about the fact someone disagrees with him, then sent insults via email.

              So I’ll move the conversation on.

    • Rob Staton

      I have no idea what you are watching to come to that conclusion

  22. Palatypus

    Hey, they cut the reporters mic when they were asking about the 400 lbs. player at the rookie mini-camp today and Pete never said their name at the presser. I can’t find a height/weight comparison on the official roster and I don’t know how to get past the pay wall at The Athletic (tried the MSWord trick.)

    Anybody know who West Coast Manatee is?

  23. Palatypus

    And by the way, I saw “Cole Strange: At the Multiverse of Madness” last night and I am absolutely certain he won the staring contest with Bill Belichick.

    This is what “The Stare Down” had to say about his matchup with JS,

    Cole Strange

    Odds: Infinity to Infinity to Infinity

    Over/Under: Nihilism.

    The Great Grandson of Dr. Steven Strange, his eyes are the doorway into the Multiverse of Madness. This is not playing battleship with Death in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey; this is playing chess with Pinhead from Hellraiser. You look into his eyes and the icy fingers of his soul grasp at you. You recoil, but then the digits become hands, sprouting fingers that grasp at you again. You dodge them again, but more hands sprout from those evil hooks, sprouting more fingers exponentially to drag you to HELL.

    Also, he performed very well at the NFL Combine/Senior Bowl, and was very great with kids when I saw him at the NFL Flag event with Jim Nagy at the University of West Florida!

    WARNING: Never enter a parlay with Dromamu. That path leads to eternal suffering.

  24. cha

    Sando collects some random thoughts from execs around the league on each team’s drafts.

    Seattle Seahawks

    This Seahawks draft was brought to you by something teams almost never do: trade an iconic franchise quarterback during his prime years without having an obvious alternative. The Texans did something similar, but Deshaun Watson’s legal entanglements created special circumstances. Seattle simply agreed to sell high on Russell Wilson with two years left on his contract and following the most successful decade in franchise history, even though Drew Lock was the only new alternative to Wilson on the roster.

    “Maybe they are tired of being held hostage,” an exec said. “Do I think Drew Lock is the answer? No. Did Seattle do what they needed to do to cover themselves for the loss of Russell Wilson? Does any team ever do enough to cover itself for the loss of a Tier 1 quarterback? When you get a quarterback like that, you are expecting 10 wins when he walks in the building.”

    Some thought Seattle would select a quarterback in the draft. The Seahawks did not, which some interpreted as misplaced faith in Lock.

    “Their fascination with Drew Lock feels like a contrarian, ‘Hey, we are going to win running the ball and our evaluation of Drew Lock was right,’” an exec said. “Only a Super Bowl-winning coach who has tenure and is feeling secure can do that. This will either be the greatest ‘I told you so’ or it could be, ‘Hey, you know what, I gave it a great run and no one is going to remember this part when it is said and done anyway.’”

    Yet, the picks Seattle acquired from Denver for Wilson include first- and second-rounders next year, making this a two-year rebuild. The same goes for the Texans, who did not draft a quarterback and also are loaded with draft capital in 2023.

    “You don’t draft a bad quarterback for the positional value,” an exec said. “You can take a year and see what you’ve got. Do you trade everything for a quarterback next year? Yeah, if it is the right one. That is something they have to figure out.”

    Houston, Detroit, Miami and Philadelphia also own additional first-round picks in 2023.

    “I loved the tackle Seattle got (Charles Cross at 9) and have no problem with the running back (Kenneth Walker) in the second round,” an exec said. “I’m much bigger on not paying a running back a large second contract because they peak early. I don’t mind taking one in the second round at all. Yes, you can and will find better players in later rounds, but in general, second-round players are better than fourth-round players.”


  25. Zorn Is King

    Interesting analysis of drew lock…


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