Seahawks post-draft Q&A (and what’s next?)


  1. Sea Mode

    Updated UDFA/Minicamp list, now ordered by position:

    UDFA (17)
    QB Levi Lewis (Louisiana-Lafayette)
    OG Shamarious Gilmore (Georgia State)
    TE/WR John Mitchell (FAU)
    TE Cade Brewer (Texas)
    WR Rodney Coates (West Florida)
    WR Jake Herslow (Houston)
    WR Demetris Robertson (Auburn)
    DE Josh Onujiogu (Framingham State)
    OLB Vi Jones (NC State)
    DT Matt Gotel (West Florida)
    DT Josh Rogers (Buffalo)
    DB Joey Blount (Virginia)
    DB Josh Valentine-Turner (FIU)
    CB Elijah Jones (Oregon St.)
    S Deontai Williams (Nebraska)
    S Scott Nelson (Wisconsin)
    S Bubba Bolden (Miami)

    Minicamp invite (18)
    QB Kaleb Eleby (Western Michigan)
    OL Paul Grattan (UCLA)
    OL Alan Randall (FCF)
    OL Jake Stetz (Boise St.)
    OL Keenan Forbes (Florida A&M)
    TE JJ Howland (Yale)
    WR Jaylon Redd (Oregon)
    RB Jace Jordan (West Georgia)
    RB Sincere McCormick (UTSA)
    RB JD Woods (Baker)
    DE/OLB Samuel Wright II (Princeton)
    DT Javaree Jackson (Saginaw Valley St.)
    LB La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis (Southern Utah)
    LB Avery Roberts (Oregon St.)
    CB Mykael Wright (Oregon)
    S Tyrese Dedmon (Idaho)
    P Race Porter (Washington)
    LS Daniel Cantrell (Boise St.)

    • SoCal12

      The lack of Linebackers in the draft and UDFAs is still really interesting to me, especially with the talk about how important they are in a 3-4. Either they really trust Cody Barton or we’re going to be playing some interesting formations.

      Does 2023 have any interesting Linebackers? Maybe they’re targeting that draft as well?

      • Garrett

        I’d love to see our announcers take a shot at the LB from Southern Utah!

        I wonder if they are looking to add a veteran at LB? Don’t we have some cap space once Dunlap comes off the books?

        • SoCal12

          Really wish John Clayton was around to try and pronounce La’akea Kaho’ohanohano…Davis.

          Yeah a vet is also a possibilty at LB. Maybe Antony Barr?

      • Cory

        I found that strange as well. They seem particularly thin at LB, but didn’t draft one and now only one UDFA LB. Must be a veteran or two they plan to bring in?

      • MountainHawker

        I’ve noticed that too. I think they must really like Barton, Bellore, Rattigan and/or Donkor

    • TomLPDX

      Just want to say it again Sea Mode…thanks for posting this list.

    • STTBM

      Thank you for posting this Seamode!

    • Palatypus

      LB La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis (Southern Utah).

      Let’s just call him Lake.

      • Coach

        We’ve got a DK on offense, how about an LK on defense?! 🙂

        Go Hawks!

    • James

      Thx, SeaMode! We are loading up on safeties because Jamal and Quandre may miss all of the OTAs and even into training camp before they are fully cleared from their injuries.

      An analyst on Seattle 710 radio, who knew Sean Desai’s history, said he likes to go with 3 safeties and Jamal would likely be a hybrid in-the-box rover/safety, with Quandre and Ryan Neal or Marquise Blair the deep guys.

      Interior LBs do seem to be thin. Jordyn and Cody I like, but BBK is a ways off from full recovery, and will he ever have enough heft to play ILB? That leaves Rhattigan and Muse. Donkor is surely not ready, and I don’t know any of the other ILBs on the roster.

      If there was any doubt that Clint Hurtt is going with the 3/4, Mafe and Smith are pure 3/4 OLB/Leo types, as is Turner and Nwosu. Our remaining DEs are 3/4 types, not a single 4/3 DE left.

  2. Mike

    Maybe Race Porter wants to learn from the best or he wants to stay home, but he’s got zero shot at making the team. Mykael Wright was all-world coming out of high school, so his UDFA status says a lot about the coaching he received at Oregon.

    • CaptainJack

      He’s actually a great punter. Of course he’s not going to beat out Dixon. I think he could have a place somewhere in the league though.

    • Graduate

      The real issue with Wright was less coaching (though the Oregon defensive scheme didn’t do any of the CBs any favors) and more that he ran a 4.6 40 at 5-10, 173 lbs… he weighs less than he was reported as having weighed coming out of high school. He simply doesn’t seem able (or willing) to put on weight.

  3. Ryan Purcell

    I have been watching highlights of Kenneth Walker non stop. I get a Barry Sanders kind of a vibe. I get the feeling we are really going to enjoy watching him play. Not your everyday set of moves.

    • SoCal12

      One interesting thing that Chris Simms pointed out was that Kenneth only fumbled the ball once his entire season with MSU and twice over his entire college career. That must’ve been a huge plus in Pete’s eyes. There’s really only one thing Pete hates more than throwing the ball and unchewed gum, and that’s turning over the ball. While Carson was great for us, it must’ve really pained Pete when he dropped the rock.

    • Roy Batty

      His cutback while in full stride is incredible. Ungodly balance and strength to do that over and over.

      His patience at the LOS is top tier. He waits for the hole and shoots through it. If it starts to collapse, he scans the line and picks his gap. If the defense hasn’t set the edge, he recognizes it and goes for the easy gain.

      One thing that really impressed me is his slipperiness. Defenders grab for him and he bends, jumps back, or bursts out of reach just in time. He did that to the #2 pick, Hutchinson, a few times this last season.

      He will get his reps during camp for the passing game and if that clicks with him, god help the opposing defense, cuz no mortal man will be able to stop him.

      • dregur

        Despite that, he apparently doesn’t switch the ball between arms like most RB’s are taught.


        Exactly correct
        there is alot Of Hawk fans complaining like 6 year olds after Chistmas …let it be known that Walker can carry a Team he has balance speed moves and power rare qualities

    • Dan Lane

      I totally agree! I really think the 12’s and the sports world will be surprised. I’ll bet our record will be better than Denver’s.

  4. uptop

    Honestly would like them to take a look at JC tretter. Im not sold on Blythe being a long term solution. Id love to have a good vet center for a rookie qb next year that has already gelled with Cross, Lucas and Lewis.

    • James

      Before his untimely demise, our beloved Prof Clayton, asked on local radio for the name of an “unknown” guy on the roster who Pete really likes and may surprise everyone with play time. He named the Center Dakoda Shepley from BC.

  5. Chawks1

    Rob, I won’t be able to make the live Q&A. But I hope you dig deeper into the 2023 QB class. I would be interested in your scouting report on Jaren Hall BYU.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure if you saw it but I shared some thoughts on Hall in another thread. I think he has some good athletic qualities but as a passer, I’m not convinced he warrants being listed with the top-of-the-table prospects. That can change, of course, next season. But based on my initial viewing I didn’t see a very likely top pick.

  6. dand393

    Nice little clip of Walker

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Wow that moment when he gets the call, to be in his living room with him…

      Such a low key, humble kid.

      • Roy Batty

        Go Green, Go Hawks.

        Love it.

        DK had a similar vibe at his family get together. Low key and humble.

        • Rob Staton

          TBF DK went to the draft and went home when he didn’t get picked in R1

    • Rob Staton

      Love that video

      What a great guy… very easy to root for

      • bmseattle

        Yeah, such a great video.
        And you know that guy is going to come in and work his rear off.
        I don’t envision him putting on extra weight or taking himself off the field if he’s winded.
        I’m excited to watch him.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Got massive “Ricky Williams” vibes from his demeanor in that video. Quiet, a bit understated and lets his performance on the field do the talking. Seems like a really quality kid.

      • Dregur

        I disagree. Walker seems confident, but shy, but Ricky Williams suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder.

    • Big Mike

      Fantastic, just fantastic

    • VanHawk

      Wow, that’s what you want to see.

      So hyped, are we turning a corner yet?!!


    • UkAlex6674

      Walker was the one player I was hoping we’d come away with. I was genuinely concerned that Penny and Carson would be it for the season. Cannot wait to see him suit up in a Seattle uniform.

    • GoHawksDani

      I like this dude. Similar vibes to Lockett

    • porter

      Wow, that warmed my heart. He seems like a truly genuine, grateful and humble individual. Can’t wait to root for him in a Seahawks jersey!!!

  7. Jerry

    After reading a bunch on the Hawks draft, it seems like there is a theme of paired selections with variable focus on traits versus production.

    For instance, they drafted two CBs in the 4th round. Coby Bryant has a lot of experience, and is a pretty polished guy. On the other hand, Tariq Woolen has very little experience (converted WR, 2 years playing the position) but with perhaps the most upside in the entire draft class. In terms of measurables, he’s an extreme outlier. Both seem like steals where they were drafted, but the traits/performance and risk/reward are very different.

    In the 7th, they took two WRs. The first, Bo Melton, was a pretty good 4-year starter who for some reason slid to the 7th round. He’s got a pretty good chance to make the roster, I would think. Especially for a guy selected that late. Dareke Young was selected a few picks later, and is a big guy with great traits. However, he’s coming out of a small school, was overlooked due to lost time from injuries, and was used as much as a RB as WR. He’s a very interesting guy with upside.

    I don’t want to stretch the analogy too far and include Cross/Lucas or Mafe/Smith. In all likelihood, they just selected the guys they liked best and played the board. But it seems like the Hawks ended up with complimentary pairs in this draft.

    • UkAlex6674

      I am so excited to see what Bryant can bring. On paper it seems like an absolute steal where we got him. If he can play up to the level of his accolades then we have nailed it with this pick.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I too love the depth at CB we received out of this draft. Having a healthy and deep secondary allows me to sleep better at night during the NFL season. Super excited to see both guys in camp and also watch the progress of Tre Brown.

        • TomLPDX

          Tre is the Tasmanian Devil. Can’t wait to see how he plays this year.

    • STTBM

      Jerry, I think you’re on to something. Seattle went after the Premium positions too, and indeed doubled up on them, in the early rounds getting the best overall player they could at each position, and later on one solid player with experience and one with high upside.

      I think it likely Seattle would have drafted Tindall or Chenal if they had fallen to them, but I’m still a bit baffled they didn’t trade up the few spots necessary to get one. Perhaps they were intent on filling positional need elsewhere over LB this year, as you suggest…

    • Bill Valent

      The Noah’s ark approach to the draft, 2 by 2. Is there a flood coming?

  8. Paul

    Watched a bit of Hendon Hooker play (and also some interviews). He seems like another QB who could end up being in the first round discussion next year if he plays well this season.

    Some pros:
    – good arm
    – athletic
    – high character guy/leader
    – size
    – good accuracy on short passes to the sideline and going deep (when he actually takes shots)
    – good runner when he actually decides to take off (or on designed runs)
    – didn’t notice many turnovers or overly risky decisions where you think “what the heck was he seeing???”

    – not many throws over the middle or deep within the Tennessee offense (relative to other throws). lots of quick passes towards the sideline (especially to the right side of the field) or long developing plays that end up being thrown away or sacks taken. not sure how much of that is on him but it makes it tougher to get a feel for his arm and decision making.
    – pocket awareness. Stands around a lot and seems to be either (1) not moving or (2) escaping with the intent to run. very little middle ground of finesse movement within the pocket to extend the play and make a good throw.
    – some inaccuracy on intermediate passes where receivers have to adjust a bit more than is ideal.

    I’m not even close to what you’d call a “QB evaluator”, but those are my initial impressions. Seems like a tier down from Levis/Young or even Van Dyke. But also could be a guy to keep an eye on if he takes a step forward with another year in the Tennessee offense after transferring the year prior. If Tennessee does well this year he’ll have the chance to showcase in some big SEC games as well.

    • Pugs1

      I mentioned him the other day. I expect he gonna have a big year. Definitely worth a look.

    • LetLockCook

      I don’t know what stock we all put in the age of the prospect but he’ll be 25 by the draft next year. He’s 2 months older than Justin Herbert.

      • Pugs1

        I didn’t know his age and not saying that it’s not a factor but if you think he is going to be great I’m not sure it matters if he becomes a franchise QB for the next 10-15 years.

  9. bk matty

    Team is so well set up for next years draft. We have so far fewer holes now and will have 4 picks first 2 rounds to fill what is left. Its so much easier to draft in that case. Just look at what the Jets did this year. I feel we will have similar situation next year only we will also be getting a top tier QB…

    • bk matty

      next year:

      1st Round picks
      Starting Franchise QB
      Top 5 in class DE

      2nd Round picks
      Top 3 in class LB
      Top 5 in class CB


      • bmseattle

        Can we get a decent center too, maybe?

        • Schrub

          I mean, like ever?

      • Roy Batty

        There are some game wrecking DTs, too.

        • bk matty

          I would LOVE them drafting a top C in the 2nd round next yr over the CB. We dont draft CBs that early anyway.

        • austin

          The team would benefit so much from a game wrecking DT. I’m 100% on board with going in that direction. It’s been too long.

      • SpennyDunks

        Still lots of needs but helpful to have lots of picks / cap space. Hope we address DE, CB, or OL in FA.

        • clbradley17

          There were several good centers in UDFA, many in the west. Donovan West of ASU (49ers got him), the Utah and BYU centers and a few more. Also liked the Mercer G/C Jason Poe, is an excellent pull blocker who excelled at the GA pro day, running the 40 in the 4.9s at 6’1″ 300+. 49ers also got him in UDFA.

          We had a great draft, especially filling 2 big needs at OT. The only other options I would’ve liked to have seen is to trade back with a 2023 3rd into late rd. 3 to get Tindall at LB, choose C/LT Zach Tom or CB Mathis with the early 4th, and get QB Coan or OT Walker with our last pick. And get WR Austin with a UDFA. The day 3 OT(s) would help protect us against injury to our high picks and be stuck with Forsythe or Curhan, or compete/backup at guard or center. But we did fantastic compared to the head scratchers of the last several years.

      • James

        If Denver would go 0-17, I suppose I could suffer through a 1-16 Seahawks season, on the condition I had a keg of Manny’s on hand every Sunday, if that means we could pick Will Anderson #1, and Young/Stroud/Levis #2?

  10. KSB

    Do any of you think any of these invites or UDFA’s have a chance on making the roster or Practice squad?

    Just curious on who to watch come pre season.

    Always liked watching these guys to see who made it.

    • Seahawkwalt

      I think Sincere McCormick has a very good chance

      • Spectator

        Uber productive. Does he have bad testing and measurable?

        • Sea Mode

          Small, neither fast nor explosive (at NFL level, obviously)

          • clbradley17

            OG Gilmore is strong(36 BP) and athletic, 1st team Sun Belt conf. with 51 consecutive starts. Safeties Bolden, Blount, Nelson and Williams all ran 4.5s or under 40s, as did LB Vi Jones, who had 6 sacks in 2021 for NC state. QB Eleby had 23 TDs with only 6 Int. in 2021. DE Josh O. of Framingham St. has good size at 6’3″ 250 and had 13.5 sacks & 25 TFLs, although at a very small school. CB Wright of Oregon ran a 4.56 40 with a 6.82 3 cone.

            I think several of these or a couple others could at least make the practice squad, and maybe 2-4 make the team for either just STs and/or 3rd string backups. Especially if they retain the larger practice squads of 15 or more with weekly substitutes, instead of 10 like it used to be before covid.

      • Cheese22

        There’s a lot to like about Sincere. He looks a lot faster on tape than he tested, he is very patient, he has a really good stiff arm and he uses his small stature to disappear behind OL. He even twists his upper body at times to get through holes in the line.

  11. Palatypus

    Funny story.

    When I was sitting in the front row at the 45 yard line at the Senior Bowl this year, I had no idea that I was going to be in Pen State punter Jordan Stout’s personal cheering section. He was pacing right in front of us with his chin down just like John Madden described Ray Guy in his first book.

    Late in the game, I don’t remember exactly when, they needed a big kick and the guy behind me started screaming, “MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY STOUT !!!”

    Then he completely nailed the kick. I couldn’t see where it went but It had to be inside the five.

    People were asking him for autographs but he was like, “Not now guys , I need to focus.”

    If Race Porter somehow beats out our amazing Aussie, he will certainly earn a similar cheering section.

    But I would highly recommend they not call themselves the Racists.

  12. Rob Staton

    Richard Sherman can’t help himself.

    A whole section of his pod on the Seahawks’ draft.

    • Roy Batty

      I watched it this morning.

      The guy spent more time paying attention to his phone than he did to the actual podcast.

    • Peter

      Enjoyed this.

      Not the part about Geno. I suppose if Penny/ Walker really can pound the rock for 150 odd yards a game and Geno can basically stand there and do very little it might be okay.

    • TomLPDX

      Funny when he blocked out Lock’s name.

    • UkAlex6674

      Sherm being Sherm. For the most part we all enjoyed him being an a*** when he was in a Hawks uniform, he’s not going to change now.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        For me, Sherm always fell into the same category as Gary Payton. He’s an asshole, but he’s ours.

  13. Dave1401

    Don’t know if I’m allowed post the link but its rumoured that it’s going to be Seahawks-Bucs in Germany this year. You going?

    • Rob Staton

      I will try to go if I can

      • Mick

        I might be in Germany then too, please let me know, the beer is on me.

      • Palatypus

        Just had a 55lbs. bag of Pilsen malt delivered from Adventures in Homebrewing. Guess I’ll have to make a special beer for the occasion..

    • Sea Mode

      On my birthday, no less!

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Nice. I’m November 14th.

        I am starting medical residency this year. But am seriously trying to figure out how to use one of my few weeks off to coordinate this trip. Feels crazy, and way too short of a trip for Seattle to Europe, but also what an awesome and unique experience it would be!

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Plus one of my best friends from growing up is a mentor to to Joe Tryon, of whom we all are alumni from the same high school. So, the trip would be even more special in that sense since we are playing the Bucs.

    • Tyler

      It’s on now: November 13th, 9:30am EST.

      • schwefelfell

        I‘m from Germany and will definetly go. So excited that the Hawks will play the first NFL game in Germany and that the game will be played in the Allianz Arena, the stadium of my favourite football club.

        • Bobby54

          I´m going as well. Hotel was booked in february (had a feeling it will happen). Super stoked. Was in London 2018, now it will be my first visit in the Arroganz Arena 🙂

      • Big Mike

        Well we’ll definitely get the Hawks game viewing done early that day. That’s a 6:30 AM Pacific start.

        • Roy Batty


          My dogs have me up at 5am on the dot, every single day. I should be settled into the sofa, drinking my espresso right about 6:30.

    • Crosljam

      Really glad i checked site today – Flight & Hotels booked – stoked!

      • Dave1401

        Same as me, just need to get a ticket next. Even if I don’t get a ticket it’s going to be a great weekend in the city

      • Andrew M

        Which airline(s) is everybody looking at? Round trip tickets I’m seeing are all about $1,000. Just daydreaming about going to the game has me itchy to buy tickets before they go even higher.

  14. Rob Staton

    Got my hotels booked for the Germany game.

    Now just need a press pass or ticket

    • Kieran

      Took the chance, after seeing Michael-Shawn Gugar’s post in The Sthletic, and got booked up earlier this morning.
      Absolutely buzzing to see this draft class, and TB12, in person.
      Kenneth Walker to tear it up.

    • 206

      Hell yeah!!

    • Ashish

      That was fast!!!!

    • TomLPDX

      Rob, are you going to try to make it to any of the London games?

  15. cha

    Old and tired: ruNniNG BaCKs dONt maTtEr

    New and improved: aBE lUcaS iS aN aIR raID tacKlE

    • Big Mike

      For all the intellectually challenged “RBs don’t matter” crowd, I have two words for you: Marshawn Lynch

    • GoHawks5151

      And Cross isn’t?? People are wild

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Yeah. It’s like Cross didn’t play football before he played for Leach and Lucas didn’t play a different system after Leach left. Who needs facts, right?

    • MychestisBeastmode

      iT puTs ThE loTiON On.

      gO hAwKS!

  16. Coach

    Found this on PFF about Vi Jones, one of our UDFA LB’s.

    Vi Jones was a linebacker prospect I graded much higher than NFL scouts coming into the season as I loved his upside. The USC transfer has next-level size (6’2.5″, 230 pounds) as well as speed (4.65 40). What he didn’t have was a consistent game, something he finally displayed this season. Jones registered career-high totals in tackles (45), tackles for loss (8), sacks (6), and QB hits (12).

    He’s an explosive athlete who fits a variety of defensive schemes and comes with the potential to play three downs.

    Sounds like he’s got some talent for an UDFA. Will be interesting to see how he does!

    Go Hawks!

    • GoHawks5151

      I feeling a Malcolm Smith vibe

    • Ross

      Best of luck to him.

      Feels like they will have to sign a veteran LB, no? They did nothing in the draft or FA to help out a very thin LB group.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I agree with your sentiments Ross. Alternatively, I am still hoping they splash on Clowney again. Make this D-Line/pass rush upper echelon or at least as good as it can be. LB’er will be ok, except that it’s very thin behind Barton imo. So definite risk with my hope.

        • Roy Batty

          I would rather they keep the money and let the younger players get more reps. Set it all up for 2023 and beyond.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            Totally understand that line of thought. However, I don’t think there’s anything in Pete that is about tanking or underperforming with intent. Which is why I think they’ll continue to look at how to improve the current roster to the best of their ability to compete this year. Even if hopes for getting to post season or post season success are seemingly far fetched for 2022.

    • clbradley17

      Vi Jones LB North Carolina State 6026 225 0938 3300 7918 4.52 11 6.93 4.31 36.0 1006

      These #s above are from his pro day five weeks ago, and in addition to the 4.52 40, he was pretty explosive with a 36″ vertical and a 10’6″ broad. Just seems light at 225 lbs. for a LB, needs to hit the weight room to get stronger – only had 11 reps on the bench press.

      Got the pro day testing results at this site, one of the most complete I’ve seen this season.

  17. cha

    Dusting off a popular twitter meme for 2022:

    Most Overrated: Jamal Adams
    Most Underrated: Shelby Harris
    Best Player: D.K. Metcalf
    Key New Addition: Kenneth Walker III
    Could Surprise: Cody Barton
    Takes a Leap: Dee Eskridge
    Make or Break Year: Damien Lewis

    • Peter

      Make or break year for Damian Lewis? I think he’s going to be fine. If not on Seattle some team will snatch him up in Free agency in two years and put him in at RG.

      • Big Mike

        ala Mark Glowinski

      • cha

        Lewis was a draft score, a building block type player. The Seahawks messed him around the OL and if he doesn’t adapt he is in danger of never fully developing and becoming a JAG. He had a year to adapt to LG and now has 2 full seasons under his belt. Time to step up and fulfill your promise.

        • Peter

          If they put him back to RG i’d agree. Some players shouldn’t be moved around. It’s not that hard for seattle to get that.

          I think if he plays LG and doesn’t step up there it’s likely he goes on somewhere else and does well.

          Heck he might not even be a scheme fit moving forward. Doesn’t make him a bad pick. Just a styles clash.

  18. 12th chuck

    so is it me, or is it looking like a week 10 bye week ?

    • D

      bucs game is week 10 bye week week 11

      • 12th chuck

        my bad, I see what I did, thanks

  19. Duceyq


    What are you thoughts on Curhan being moved to RG or LG with the drafting of Lucas for RT?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s possible given how the Rams converted tackles to guards. But I’d kind of like him to stay where he is and be a good backup or competition for AL.

  20. HawkfaninMT

    Anyone going to Sounders v Pumas CCL Final tonight?

    • Buf


      • HawkfaninMT

        Niiiiice! Just flew in… 80% of flight was wearing the Rave Green

        • Buf

          Excellent!! What part of MT?

          • HawkfaninMT

            Born in Butte… 18+ years in Missoula… Spokane now

            • Fudwamper

              Going to go see History!!!

  21. JimQ

    After watching the draft unfold and seeing Jody doing high fives in the war room, I’ve now concluded that PC will likely finish out his contract and then retire rather than being fired. If this is indeed the case, we should probably look at QB’s in the 2023 draft that would especially appeal to PC/JS. I think the MAJOR qualities the Seahawks will be looking for in their new QB (in PC’s run first offense) include:

    1. A QB “GAME MANAGER” type that can lead a run first offense with a fairly low volume passing attack.
    2. A QB that can a make good DEEP BALL passes on occasion with good accuracy & catchability.
    3. A QB that is very ACCURATE as demonstrated by a very high pass completion percentage.
    4. A QB that is very “EFFECIENT” in every aspect of QB play (including running the ball some, as needed).
    5. A QB that AVOIDS turnovers with a very low pass interception rate and fumble rate.
    6. A QB that is MOBILE enough to avoid most pressures & sacks (and occasionally runs the ball – “safely”).
    7. A QB that is very COMPETITIVE that wants to win every game & even every practice. A dog mentality.
    8. A QB that LOVES football & is a “demonstrated leader” of his team for multiple years.
    9. A QB that is a “WINNER” and is “highly respected” by both his players, coaches & his competition.
    **Not sure if there are any more “major” qualities, but feel free to add to this list for your own evaluations.

    After considering all of the above and looking at the stats & some tape of 8/9 different QB prospects in the 2023 draft, I’ve determined there is one VERY clear winner that fits the above criteria to a tee. Why isn’t this kid talked about more? I know some don’t care much for “performance stats” for some reason, however, McCall’s numbers match his tape pretty well and what you see is what you’ll get. Also, of major importance, he may very well be AVAILABLE with a Seahawks pick, be it late 1-st round or 2-nd round by the current projections if his next year matches or exceeds his past 24 games played. He may not be considered among the top “bigger” names available, but he could very well be just exactly what PC —WANTS— at QB.

    QB-Grayson McCall; 2021: 11-games, 176/241/73.0%/2873-yds/11.9-Y/A/*13.6-AY/A*, 27-TD’s, 3-INT, ***207.6-QBR*** + 93/290/3.12-avg/4-TD’s rushing. (NOTE: McCall’s career QBR is great @ 196.1)

    (1). ****21.9-avg. # of passes per game = a low volume passing attack. (Career: 20.6 passes per game)
    (2). ****#1 in FBS in AY/A (air yards per attempt) with 13.6), (Career: 12.5-AY/A, also a great #).
    (3). ****#2 in FBS in completion percentage (73.0%). (Career: 71.1%) Over 24 games = CONSISTENT!
    (4). ****#1 in FBS in QBR (*207.65*), (Career: *196.1-QBR* = #3 in FBS, since 1956, in the last 66 years).
    (5). ****In 2021, McCall = 3 INT vs: 27-TD’s & seldom fumbled. (Career: 54-TD’s, 6-INT on 495 passes att.).
    (6). ****In 2021, McCall had a rushing line of 93/290/3.12-avg/4-TD’s, (Career: 206/870/4.2-avg/11-TD’s)
    (7), (8), (9) — Costal Carolina is very much an ascending & competitive FBS program while being led by McCall at QB. ****NOTE: RW in 2011 @ Wisconsin had a 191.8-QBR, everyone raved about that at the time, however that is even less than McCall’s CAREER mark of 196.1. —-> What do y’all think about him as a potential Seahawks QB, especially if they miss out on one of the several higher ranked QB’s?

    • Peter

      Will be interesting to see how he does this year. I wonder if he’ll declare or use his final year of elegibility.

      Good numbers all around. Bit considered by how low the volume of attempts is. If he stays on his current pace he’ll leave college with half the attempts as Wilson.

      I like coastal carolina so it would be pretty cool if they have a great year.

  22. Beastie

    Hi Rob. In your opinion what is the starting O-line lineup in game #1 in September?

    • James

      While awaiting Rob’s more expert projections, my guess is , left to right: Cross, Haynes, Blythe, Lewis, Lucas. Gabe Jackson will be traded or released due to underperforming his contract (what are the cap repercussions?), and to allow Lewis to move back over to RG. I do think Curhan will be considered at LG.

      • Hawkdawg

        Curhan did not look good at guard. Much better as a tackle, as Pete noted…

  23. Hoggs41

    Is there a more frustrating player to watch than Raheem Sterling?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      That game was nuts. Real Madrid really are the new Cardiac Kids. They can never be counted out.

  24. Ken

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for all your work, really appreciate your insight!

    I have never understood the undervalue of the top running backs in the draft. This is only my opinion but many of the TOP running backs in many of the drafts have done very well and have had instant impact…. that is value. I think the Seahawks made a great pick in Kenneth Walker, I was mocking Breece Hall to the Seahawks at 41 as he seemed to be valued in the 40-50 range. Why not take the top running back in the draft if you are a running team? When they announced Walker, I was like ???, then when I went to watch Youtube videos and he read that he won the Doaker Walker award, I was PUMPED about the Kenneth Walker pick. They don’t give the Doak Walker award to just any player, he is the top running back in the nation…WOW! I know this might be out there…… Walker might have the most impact for the Seahawks even over Cross, Mafe Lucas.

    • Peter

      People can’t see the forest for the trees.

      Other teams win with three WR’s. Or rinning backs have short careers. Or the best running backs in the league aren’t often on the superbowl winning team.

      Which completely sidesteps that when THIS team was winning and went to and won the big game we had one of the best runningbacks in the league. “Smart,” fans can analytical themselves to death about value as if Pete isn’t the coach and therefore why do you need a running back…..

      Except of course that Pete is the Coach and if Seattle is going to get back to winning it’s going to require someone like Kenneth Walker carrying the rock.

      I’m stoked to watch him. A great runningback in Seattle has been a feature for so long if you’ve been a fan long enough it’s maybe a more dominant feature than any style of offense, defense, type of qb, or anything else.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Titans looked really good until Derrick Henry was injured. One man can lift an offense up.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I do believe the Seahawks saw something in the Titans model and hope to replicate while tinkering and further optimizing it. Most teams had no answer for their dominant run game. And had Henry not got hurt, they may have kept humming along all the way to the super bowl. But like anything, their model for success is not without risk or potential serious pitfalls, ie a serious injury to the RB, a position that regularly gets dinged up, and also a vital cog to the success of the greater machine. Kind of like the Death Star from Star Wars. Henry is the Death Star.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I didn’t know much about him either, so I watched highlights from the MSU-UM game. Biggest game of the season for them and he totally dominated. I have no qualms with drafting a RB in an early round because they really can take over a game.

  25. iWatch

    Just wanted to say thank you rob for all of your hard work and dedication. We’ve always been so well-informed and this year was no exception. The only difference is seattle actually picked the players you’ve covered and at their proper slots in the draft! I imagine we’ll suck this year but that’s ok because our future is a lot brighter after this super important draft. On paper, they all seem like hits, so we’ll see. Thanks again rob.

  26. Mattd144

    Hi Rob I missed the livestream but was wondering if any chance The Seahawks try instead of trading a late round pick for Baker Mayfield they call up the Vikings and see what it would take for Kellen Mond who is not in favor with the new regime in Minnesota. I know u were high on Mond when he came out last year. Thanks for all the great content you provide.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d be nice but not sure Minnesota would see the point in giving him away. And they’d have to be prepared to do that for minimal compensation. His contract is cheap enough to squat on it.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I also haven’t heard Rob’s podcast yet, but plan to later today. So apologies if I’m stating something that was covered in it.

      Heard on the radio from Florio, I believe, that the Browns, in the event they don’t get a trade offer prior to season, are likely to keep Baker until the trade deadline in hopes to acquire some compensation as opposed to cutting him outright and guaranteeing they eat his whole contract. This wasn’t said, but even keeping him all season could net them a compensation pick which is better than nothing.

      This makes sense to me. Even if it is a raw deal for Baker and increases chances of locker room and media unrest. Maximize the window for an opportunity to recoup some resources rather than concede defeat and gain nothing.

    • Jordan

      Zimmer took an absolute torch to that poor kid on the way out. It was a bad look for Zimmer to do that imo.

  27. Spectator

    Watching Levis film, makes me want to also grab that Rodriguez to replace Homer or Dallas or if we don’t resign Penny again.

  28. Cheese22

    It’s a little ironic that the guy KW3 resembles the most with the ball in his hands is also an MSU guy. But watch some Le’Veon Bell film and tell me they aren’t nearly identical ball carriers, minus the Bell spin move.

  29. CHaquesFan

    Ryan Wilson from CBS high on Seahawks draft, ranks it #4 leaguewide

  30. SoCal12

    Sounders the first ever American CONCACAF champions baby!!!!

    A team of club legends that fully deserve the honor led by the amazing Brian Schmetzer! A historical moment for Seattle sports.


    • HawkfaninMT

      Fight! And Win!

    • cha

      An electric moment for the city!

      Pro sports in Seattle are fun again.

      -Sounders championship
      -Kraken just completed their inaugural year and are building something
      -Mariners have a blend of good veterans and some serious young talent
      -Seahawks have a complete breath of fresh air

      • Jordan

        Julio and Beniers essentially arrived in the same week.

        I’m not opposed to being bad enough next season to get in the Bedard sweepstakes, though I don’t think they will be.

        I think the Kraken’s sustainable long-term vision approach will ultimately prove wiser than Vegas’ swing for the fences – which to their credit almost paid off, but now they’re in trouble. Kraken understood the hockey intelligence of their market, whereas Vegas probably was right to think that they needed to make a splash there immediately (which they did and they’ve got a huge fanbase and Q rating there now).

        Picks, cap space, home grow your stars.

        • cha

          Gimme Juraj Slafkovský

  31. Julian L

    As a lot of fans, I’m very excited with the potential for the OL in Seattle.

    I really wouldn’t mind if the first game started with Forsythe and Curhan at the tackle position, but I think by the end of September we could well see an Offensive Line of : Cross, Haynes, Blythe, Lewis, Lucas. Apart from the Center position, this could fundamentally be the OL for a number of years to come., even amongst the backups. Forsythe as a swing tackle, Curhan can move inside to develop as a back up guard?

    But the Center position, the elephant in the room that hasn’t been addressed for a few seasons now.

    What would the Saints take to trade us Cesar Ruiz, the top Center in the 2020 draft from Michigan? He’s not come along as he should of in the RG position, but he’s only 22, younger than Abe Lucas for example. If the Saints want stability at RG, we could send them Gabe Jackson and a 6rd pick. We could develop Ruiz behind Blythe, as a developmental player, to come into the rotation during the season to start next year. He’d still be under club control for 3 seasons, as being a former first rounder he has a fifth year option. It’s a kind of nothing to lose shot at getting an O line that would have long term stability and talent in all positions?

    After the QB position next years draft could then have a heavier focus on the interieur defensive line, as this area of the team is now dominated by vets.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Why would Haynes start at LG but Curhan be a backup?

      Haynes has been on the team since 2019. He’s bounced on and off the roster, the practice squad, etc. He’s barely done anything in the NFL.

      Meanwhile, Curhan was a rookie last year in which he made the 53 man roster as a UDFA and started 5 games.

      So why would a 5-game starter take a backseat to a guy who’s barely been able to stick on the roster?

      Unless the coaches just don’t want to move Curhan inside, but that would go against everything they’ve done by moving OL around.

      • J

        With Haynes it hasn’t been talent but health. That’s why he’s struggled so far in his career.

        If he is healthy it’s a gamechanger.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Taking a crack at your question with no more knowledge than the next fan. Haynes had injuries and did not realize his potential. Or at least until he did. From the rumblings I’ve seen, Haynes had shown out to a level worthy of competing for a starting spot at Guard, at least when compared to Gabe Jackson.

        I am not advocating for anything except to trust the process and let competition determine who gets the nod. If it’s Haynes, then great. If it’s someone else, as long as they’re playing up to par, then also and equally great.

      • Julian L

        I don’t have a PFF subscription, so I can’t get all the stats, though from what I believe Curhan has had only one career start at Guard, though his physical and playing profile translate well to this position. I think if in time Lucas takes his starting role at RT, Curhan’s best fit on the depth chart would be at Guard.

        Phil Haynes always impresses when he plays. He just needs to play more often. Last season he was fit but his opportunities were limited due to a high performing sophomore and a new veteran on a decent salary. When he got his chance in two comprehensive wins at the end of the season, he showed at LG and RG he should start if he can stay fit for a long duration. It makes all the sense to me to put him at his college position LG and Lewis at his college position RG in a younger offensive line this coming season. That would be the ideal scenario.

        Now the Seahawks need to find that Center.

        • DougM

          name, snaps pass grade, run grade, 40 time, 10yd split, ss, weight
          Phil Haynes, 136, 71.3, 66.1, 5.20, 1.78, 4.57, 322
          Gabe Jackson, 922, 55.7, 64.3, 5.51, 1.86, 4.78, 335
          Damien Lewis, 696, 47.9,60.3, 5.24, 1.83, ??, 327

          Kyle Fuller, 447, 31.3, 53.6, 5.24, 1.81, 4.84, 320

          Duane Brown, 969, 69.9, 69.6, 5.08, 1.76, 4.52, 315
          Stone Forsythe, 14, 74.3, 66.4, 5.13, 1.82, 4.63, 307
          Bandon Shell, 550, 60.4, 69.6, 5.22, 1.75, 4.62, 324
          Jake Curhan, 405, 37.2, 62.1, 5.45, 1.89, 4.84, 316


          • Julian L

            Thanks Doug, granted a fairly small sample size for Phil Haynes, but all those stats suggest, we have a pretty decent Guard within our midst.

  32. cha

    Chris Simms lambastes the Browns and I’m here for all of it.

    He gets warmed up at 3:00 and takes another swing about 7:00

    ‘one of the more poorly thought-out plans in the history of the NFL’

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Didn’t Browns upper management market themselves as the Moneyball or Billy Bean’s of the NFL. Clearly, sexual assault/deviancy allegations were not part of their measured metrics.

      • cha

        They have Paul DePodesta (Beane’s right-hand man on the A’s in those days, aka Jonah Hill) to be their Chief Strategy Officer.

        But just like Billy, he has to take orders from the ownership.

  33. V

    “After 11 seasons in the NFL, free agent LB K.J. Wright has an idea where he’d like to play next season…home with the @Seahawks”

    • Trevor

      Would love to see Kj come back and mentor these young guys on defense. Not sure of his fit on the new defensive scheme but if the price is reasonable I don’t really see the downside. Certainly one of the all time classy Seahawks.

      • Dregur

        Definitely inside linebacker, where we need depth. With BBK and Rhattigan both coming back from catastrophic injuries, and no UDFA ILB, we definitely need depth there. What better way to reunite with a player that knows how to diagnose players and is willing to mentor younger players?

        With the fact that KJ was seen at VMAC with Charles Cross, I think the Seahawks have basically told him they are planning on looking at some rookies, and will sign him once they figure out what they have and sign him around the opening of training camp.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I would love that. Make it happen.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      we gotta have somebody from the old squad tackle russ

  34. V

    “FYI: Pete Carroll will join @IanFurnessSea at 1:15 today.”

    • cha

      Interesting. Thanks V.

    • cha

      [q] Draft as a whole, went in with plan to hit positions, boring but good draft? “Really good day’s work, months in the making to get there. Clear about needs on our FB team. Didn’t have to do anything to get out of our lane to get that done. Looked at opps to move but didn’t have to, to get that done. Kept knocking off concerns hoping to hit and felt great about it.”

      [q] Building a foundation compared to 2010, similar this year? Adrenaline to build? “One, not being satisfied with what happened last year. Then opp to take care of things on roster with big trade. Situating things in the FA market, fill needs in draft. Been on field with players and feel excitement. Added to what it takes to have a foundation to be really good next time out. Elements here, good shape financially, draft, fired up and jacked up about it. Fans should be too. Lost a couple fantastic FB players in our program. Doesn’t mean it won’t turn out like you think, could be better. We feel that, players have energy. New coaches, love how players responded, love culture we built here. Last time we drafted this high first time we drafted. Excitement. Built mentality to the whole place – in a good spot now.”

      [q] Young D coaches, what do they bring? “Opp to put Clint in position well deserved. Leader, top dog as AHC. Active in decisions. Easy decision for him to take over. Big boost in Desai to come in. Both studied under Vic Fangio in Chicago, put foundation together. Karl Scott not a lot of years in league but really successful coaching. Back end of D really matches up well. Force of energy. Players can sense it. Clint head up a really good team w support.”

      [q] Draft – tackles, two bookend tackles, Air Raid can’t run block, counter? “First off, we’ll see. I don’t know if we’ve ever drafted a guy as well equipped as Cross. So much background, so much FB, protecting passer at LT, situated for it. Run blocking only 30% of time. Better prepared to pass block. Great place to start. Abe being a local guy, called Mike (Leach) and thought of both guys. Great info on both. Abe great athlete – both greatest athletes we’ve drafted. No hesitation they’ll be factors.”

      [q] Run block important at LT? “Have to be able to pass block. All the heat comes from there. Traditional fashion pass pro first. Doesn’t mean can’t run block. Pass block absolutely necessary.”

      [q] Chris Carson – drafted Walker? “Don’t know, working out, busting his tail. Don’t have all info yet. Uncertainty, wanted to make sure we have a great 1-2 punch. Got to run the FB throughout the schedule. Kenneth extraordinary talent in this draft. Explosive, great speed. Can’t miss opp to put him on our club. Course of season need depth. Takes that kind of emphasis.”

      [q] 2 WRs, Fant, Eskdrige, run the ball? Balance? “Interesting anyone would go there. Same balanced approach 20 years ago made us champs. Not doing anything more than before. Balance got to get there. Do not want to come into season knowing we cannot run the FB. Make sure to tend to that. Most important makes it better for QB. All the play passes, keepers, quick stuff accented by way you run FB. Last thing we would do is run the ball 40-50 times per game just to do it. If we do it right, balanced FB team. If we need to run, we’ll do it best we can. Fits together. 50 year reunion of Miami team, absolutely running FB team. Same Don Shula won hundreds of games, need balanced attacks. Don’t want to be out of balance.”

      [q] You’re not in the OC’s headset saying run the damn ball? “I don’t have to, every week in practice LOL.”

      [q] OTA’s of QB so far? Lock? “They get it, competition is on. So tuned in. All 3 of guys have great arms. Rip the ball around the field. Full week of seeing it. Big, sharp, move well, can’t tell difference from one to another how well they throw. Lock, quick arm, body control, quick feet, different ways can release FB, knack there. Smith has a world class arm, Lock matches up. Drew excited about way program run, knows it’s up to him to take adv.”

      [q] Drew Lock in 2022? “First QB picked. No hesitation.”

      [q] DK Metcalf important to what you’re doing? Extension? “Trade talk coming from somewhere else. Intended to keep him with us. Just getting started. Great kid. So much to offer. What him here, he wants to be here, will figure it out. We’ll get it done.”

      [q] Jordyn Brooks back to MIKE? 3-4 look? “Not as far a departure as you might think. Emphasizing 3-4 stuff to get matchup personnel right. Taylor OLB be 4-3 end. Chased a couple guys, Boye Mafe, Tyreke Smith fantastic FB player. They’re the guys we needed to make competition an effective spot. Outside rushers. Excited to get a couple guys to add.”

      [q] Veteran QBs come available to add? “Always competing. Always been way operated. I don’t see us making a trade for anybody. Don’t see it happening. But open to chance to improve club. Keep open.”

      [q] No trade then, Free Agent then? “Love you for trying but not saying anything.”

      • LetLockCook

        thanks for this cha

        • Sea Mode


          • Big Mike

            Ditto from me too cha.

  35. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy

    We saw big early run at WR position in last week’s NFL draft with six taken in top 18 picks. Based off
    @seniorbowl preliminary grades for all P5 prospects, next year’s senior wideout class will be SIGNIFICANTLY better than 2022 group. WR trending 📈.

    • SoCal12

      Feels like there’s a bunch of good wide receivers coming out every class now. All the best athletes are probably chasing the eye-watering contracts being paid at the position now. That does raise the question though of if the increasing supply of Wide Receiver talent will ever balance out the massive prices being paid.

      • Jordan

        And with all that said – Pay DK. For all the talent that comes out at the position, they only make one of those (or 2 – Calvin).

    • Jabroni-DC

      You can have the wide receivers.
      Just leave us the quarterbacks.

  36. V

    Where would Drew Lock have gone in this 2022 NFL Draft? “I think he would have been the first QB picked in this draft.”

    – Seahawks HC @PeteCarroll with @IanFurnessSea

    • STTBM

      ….and he could still end up Paxton Lynch redux and still be perhaps the best QB in this draft….so what?!

  37. Robert Las Vegas

    You I was thinking about this today the Seahawks schedule next year involves 2 games with the Rams ,2 games against 49ers, 2 games against Arizona. 4 games against the AFC West . that’s 10 games on the schedule. hate to be a downer but I don’t see a lot of wins there

    • Jordan

      They Hawks have had the 49ers number for as long as the two teams have been in the same division; regardless of who is playing QB for either team. It may feel like a rivalry, but it is far too lopsided.

    • Jabroni-DC

      That’s not a downer.
      The path to a championship team might include plenty of losses in 2022. Fine with that. Looking for growth this year.

    • CD

      Great, that is not a downer, this an upper for me. Better than having a bunch of 8 – 8 seasons and drafting the top DT or OG with your first pick mid R1. Pete still has a bit of goodwill left to suck for a year, maybe two. Lets hope that is all they need to find their way again. I just want to see progress this year with their younger core and would be completely happy if they finish with 3 or 4 wins and a top 4 pick.

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