What measurables tell us about the Seahawks in the trenches

Kyler Fackrell’s identical twin

Here’s an interesting note. Yesterday we mocked Kyler Fackrell to the Seahawks in round two. Look at this comparison with Obum Gwacham, drafted by the Seahawks a year ago seemingly as a Bruce Irvin hedge:

Kyler Fackrell measurables
Height: 6-5
Weight: 245lbs
40-yd: 4.72
10-yd: 1.62
Broad: 10-1

Obum Gwacham measurables
Height: 6-5
Weight: 246lbs
40-yd: 4.72
10-yd: 1.66
Broad: 10-1

The difference between the two is one pound in weight and Fackrell’s split is 0.04 seconds quicker. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re wondering whether Fackrell could be a target for the Seahawks.

By the way, the tape above is another exclusive video you won’t find anywhere else. Thanks to our man Justin P for some great work yet again.

They love freaky D-line athletes

Only two players have had a quicker short shuttle than Frank Clark at the combine since Pete Carroll joined the Seahawks in 2010 — Alex McCallister (2016) and Bruce Irvin (2012). Clark had the #1 short shuttle (4.05) in 2015 and the second best three cone (7.08). He also had an explosive 38.5 inch vertical — fifth best by a defensive lineman since 2010.

Basically, he is the definition of a NFL freak.

So how does Clark compare to arguably this years closest version — Emmanuel Ogbah? They are similar in size (6-3, 271bs vs 6-4, 273lbs). Ogbah’s 4.63 forty beats Clark’s 4.79 handsomely. Yet in the explosion and agility tests Clark is far better. Ogbah’s 35.5 inch is three inches shorter, his three cone is 7.26 vs 7.08 and look at the difference in the short shuttle — 4.05 vs 4.50. That’s significant.

Nobody in this class gets close to Clark’s combination of size and agility. Shaq Lawson managed a 4.21 in the short shuttle and a 7.16 in the three cone. That, plus a reasonable 1.64 ten-yard split, is the likely reason some are projecting him as a top-15 pick.

Clark’s combination of freaky size and athleticism is exactly the type of thing the Seahawks have looked for in the early rounds. This was clearly evident in the two trades for Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham — plus the 2012 selection of Bruce Irvin.

Nobody in this class has that type of talent. So if you’re hoping to see an EDGE drafted early as opposed to a SAM/DE or a DE/DT, you might be disappointed. It might be one of the reasons they look instead to a guy like Fackrell or a DE base/DT nickel hybrid.

What about defensive tackles?

Looking at the best defensive tackle performers in the three cone between 2010-2014 provided some interesting results:

Nate Williams — 6.99
Fletcher Cox — 7.07
Brandon Bair — 7.07
Vaughn Meatoga — 7.10
Aaron Donald — 7.11
Nick Fairley — 7.14
Tyson Alualu — 7.15
Mike Martin — 7.19
Jared Smith — 7.20
Ndamukong Suh — 7.21
Jared Odrick — 7.22
Kerry Hyder — 7.23
Derek Wolfe — 7.26
Tydreke Powell — 7.31
Jaye Howard — 7.32
Gerald McCoy — 7.32
Geno Atkins — 7.33
Marvin Austin — 7.33
Billy Winn — 7.37
J.R. Sweezy — 7.40
Sharrif Floyd — 7.40

The Seahawks drafted three of this list and converted two of them to offensive linemen. It’s not overly surprising when you look at the top 2016 O-line performers in this test. Tyler Johnstone and Jake Brendel rank joint first with a 7.31. Cody Whitehair is at #3 with a 7.32.

Jared Smith, a D-line to O-line convert project, ran a 7.20. There’s the difference in athleticism between defense and offense that everybody talks about.

It’s why Justin Zimmer might be a candidate to be their latest convert — if they can see beyond his shorter arms. Zimmer reportedly ran a 7.01 at his pro-day. Joel Heath — another player we’ve discussed as a possible O-line convert, ran a 7.44 — very similar to J.R. Sweezy.

If the Seahawks place a premium on the agility tests (three cone, short shuttle) — Bronson Kaufusi’s 7.03 at 6-6 and 285lbs compares well to the top names listed above if you consider him a candidate to work inside and out. He also had an excellent 4.25 in the shuttle.

Jonathan Bullard ran the best three cone for a defensive tackle this year at 7.31 which is comparable to Gerald McCoy and Geno Atkins. Sheldon Rankins managed a 7.44.

Why the short shuttle is important at DT

I was asked recently about Jordan Hill’s athletic profile. Looking through the numbers today brought up an interesting statistic.

Hill ran a 4.51 in the short shuttle. Here are some comparisons from this years class:

DeForest Buckner: 4.47
Emmanuel Ogbah: 4.50
Jonathan Bullard: 4.56
Sheldon Rankins: 4.59
Kenny Clark: 4.62
Javon Hargrave: 4.70

Hill only managed a 22.5 inch vertical and a 5.23 forty. His excellent short shuttle, 33.5 inch arms and big hands were likely what convinced the Seahawks to spend a third round pick.

Jaye Howard probably isn’t considered a major athlete by fans either as they recall the fourth rounder spent on him back in 2012. He actually had a 4.47 short shuttle. Again, look how that compares to the top performers in this draft class.

It’s not a definitive review of what they look for in an interior pass rusher — but they haven’t drafted many interior rushers since Carroll took over. The two best examples we’ve got suggest the short shuttle is imperative.

There aren’t many good short shuttle times among this much hyped DT group. As intriguing as Javon Hargrave is based on tape — he had one of the poorer shuttle’s (4.70), he only has 32 inch arms and his mitts are an inch shorter than Hill’s.

That said, Hargrave’s vertical is 12 inches higher and he ran a much quicker forty.

Perhaps Hargrave’s explosive jump and sprint are as intriguing as Hill’s great short shuttle? That’s one possibility. The other is they really value those short shuttle times and zone in on short area quickness and agility. If that’s the case, they might be more likely to focus on Bullard (4.56), Willie Henry (4.53) and Ronald Blair III (4.53) to boost the interior line. All three can work the DE-DT position we’ve been talking about.

On the subject of DE-DT’s…

Cassius Marsh had the second best short shuttle in the 2014 draft (4.25) second only to Jackson Jeffcoat (4.18) who the Seahawks signed as an UDFA. Marsh’s 7.08 three cone ranked third, again just behind Jeffcoat. Marsh’s two agility tests were better than Aaron Donald’s and Jadeveon Clowney’s.

If you’re wondering why he’s a candidate to switch permanently to SAM linebacker — there’s your answer.

If Frank Clark and Bruce Irvin weren’t evidence enough of this team pining for freaky athleticism and agility — Marsh is another classic example.

What about the offensive line?

We talked recently about the possible importance of agility due to Russell Wilson’s willingness to improvise. Yet since Wilson was drafted in 2012 the Seahawks have not selected any of the 15 best O-line performers in the short shuttle or three cone at the combine.

Indeed, Justin Britt had lousy times in both tests (8.14 three cone, 4.69 short shuttle).

However, that doesn’t mean the Seahawks haven’t recently focused on greater mobility on the O-line.

Kristjan Sokoli — who the Seahawks converted from defense to center — ran a 7.25 three cone and a 4.36 short shuttle.

Garrett Scott — a 2014 draft pick — ran an excellent 7.09 in the three cone and a 4.40 in the short shuttle. He wasn’t invited to the combine.

Earlier we highlighted Jared Smith’s 7.20 in the three cone. He was another defense-to-offense project.

There’s a number of names on the list from last year that theoretically could’ve been targets for Seattle. Jake Fisher, Ali Marpet, Cameron Erving and Ty Sambrailo were off the board before Seattle’s pick. All four ranked in the top-five in the three cone in 2015. Mark Glowinski, who the Seahawks did draft, ranked sixth.

Even Terry Poole managed a 7.66 three cone which is similar to Jack Conklin and Joe Dahl.

Athleticism and mobility, based on the 2015 class, might be a greater focus. And if you believe they were interested in Marpet or Sambrailo — then you’ll be invested in the possibility of Cody Whitehair, Joe Haeg or Connor McGovern being options.

The knock on Whitehair is they haven’t drafted a single offensive lineman with sub 33-inch arms in the Carroll/Schneider era.

The broad jump might be the measurable they focus on more than most based on recent history. Since 2012, Mark Glowinski and Terry Poole rank in the overall top-15 among offensive lineman (both jumped a 9-5). In this years class only Jason Spriggs beat that with a 9-7.

Joe Haeg jumped a 9-3, Cody Whitehair a 9-2, while Germain Ifedi, Joe Dahl and Connor McGovern all jumped a 9-1. Whitehair (1.73), Haeg (1.75) and McGovern (1.72) also had good 10-yard splits for their size — with McGovern adding a massive 33 inch vertical.

It’s another tick in the box for some of these potential targets. At least a couple of these players might be playing in Seattle next season.

Texas Tech’s Le’Raven Clark hasn’t completed a three cone or short shuttle due to a hamstring injury. He could also be in the reckoning.


  1. badjujus


    My main issue with it is that Gwatchum has the arm length we covet with our pass rushers 34 3/8, where as fackrell is 33 ish.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Fackrell is a likely late 2nd round target, while Gwatchum was a 6th rounder (?)….. one provided exceptional value. Sadly, he is playing on another team now : /

      • vrtkolman

        If we are ignoring their actual skills sure. Fackrell isn’t a WR convert. It’s. a longshot if Gwatchum will ever be playable.

  2. STTBM

    What do you think of Jihad Ward? SI has an interesting write-up on the kid. 6′-5, 300 lbs and fast…

    • Rob Staton

      Great backstory, decent three cone and short shuttle. Wouldn’t rule him out.

    • Nate

      His name is holy war…not sure if that’s a good thing or bad?!

      • RWIII

        Probably a GOOD thing.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Actually Jihad means “struggle”

      • Ishmael

        That isn’t what jihad means at all.

      • STTBM

        The word Jihad also means “to strive, or struggle…” it has more than one meaning.

        According to the SI piece, his Mom named him after a childhood friend, and only converted to Islam much later, so he wasnt named for terrorism.

        My first name has become gender neutral, and my middle name is straight out of Hillbilly Hell, but I surely hope folks dont hold that against me lol! Cant judge a kid by his first name!

  3. Nathan_12thMan

    So Kyler Fackrell is a pure Irvin replacement right? SSLB + RDE (SAM)? That would be nice, but there are two downsides to that IMO. First off I love the idea of Marsh getting the SSLB job and Frank Clark being the RDE, for some reason I think he can totally make that transition. Second is that you have Kyler Fackrell going in R2, which means we miss out on McGovern who I am extremely high on.

    However, great article. Really cool to have those measurable tendencies/rules that the Hawks use and using them to find “Seahawk guys’ in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think McGovern might go round two because Mitch Morse rose in that way — I know a lot of other people have McGovern firmly in the rounds 3-4 range.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Well, for the first time, I hope you are wrong then Rob lol. Hope he falls to our R3 pick.

        • RWIII

          I doubt if McGovern is still on the board when the Hawks are on the clock in the third round. If the Hawks want McGovern that had better take him in round two. Heck McGovern might already be off the board when Hawks pick at 32.

          • Greg Haugsven

            That’s good for the Seahawks then, they like to take there guys usually a round early. Maybe McGovern at 56?

            • RWIII

              My bad. The Hawks pick in the 2nd round is 56.

      • Madmark

        Not me I think he’s going to slide up and go earlier than expected. Its not really a secret anymore to move guys inside anymore.

  4. STTBM

    Losing Gwacham to NO sucked. They kept him on the Active Roster all year even though he’s raw like suhi. That shows how teams covet freaky athletes.

    Wouldnt surprise me one bit to see Seattle keep looking for another Gwacham-like prospect to groom.

    • RWIII

      “Wouldnt surprise me one bit to see Seattle keep looking for another Gwacham-like prospect to groom.”

      That is a given.

    • lil'stink

      Gwachum looked to have a few flashes for the Saints in the second half of the year. Bummer we let him go. I would think that Sokoli would have been a better candidate to cut and then get back on the practice squad, he’s even more of a project than Gwachum.

      • kenny sloth

        Dont wanna lose sok, probs

  5. Jeff

    Isn’t a players’ film far more important than measurables though?

    • Volume12

      Not if you know how to apply those measurables.

    • Rob Staton

      It looks like a combination of measurables, tape, production and grit.

      But there’s enough of a trend from 2010-2015 to believe they won’t take average athletes who just have good tape.

      • Jeff

        Ok let’s put it this way. Take a guy like Spriggs from Indiana? He’s an athletic freak but he looks soft on tape. How do we weigh that?

        • Rob Staton

          If he didn’t have the measurables they wouldn’t consider him. He does have the measurables so in his case — they may be open to drafting him but be put off by his tape.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Jordan Hill is a fine example of this – only inversely.

            I’m pretty surprised SEA drafted a DT prospect who could manage only a 22.5″ VJ, even if his other agility scores were better.

            But Hill had tremendous tape.

            • EranUngar

              Hill was coming of a knee injury in 2012. (typical…)

              Just like Michael Bennett, he had a terrible combine and improved greatly on it on his pro day. He had a 30″ vert and ran the 40 at 4.92 on his pro day…

              Michael Bennett at the combine : 5.23 40, 1.78 10YS, 31 vert.
              Michael Bennett at his pro day : 4.86 40, 1.62 10YS, 36.5 vert.

              It happens…

          • STTBM

            Exactly, Rob. If Seattle ignored measurables, they might have drafted Michael Sam, a player who was very productive in college, but lacked the athleticism to excel in the NFL. From his behavior after college, he seems to have lacked the grit they look for as well. Its a combo of things, and Seattle has honed their approach to personnel after big misses like Harvin, and a few draft mistakes like EJ Wilson, that 4th round LB they drafted a full round ahead of Chancellor because of his character and ignored his measurables, which was a big mistake. He wasnt a good enough athlete to make it in the NFL.

        • James

          If you are weighing measurables, Spriggs is the elite of the class. His feet and quicks far exceed the other top OL prospects. As far as his tape, frankly all OLs coming out today have major fundamental flaws, as Cable, John and everyone else point out all the time. Spriggs had an outstanding career and he performed on the field. All the OL guys, McGovern, Ifedi, LeRaven, Coleman, etc, have major issues to resolve. It is difficult to determine “grit” in today’s college offensive linemen, based on their tape, since they all play under controlled retreat due to the loathsome spread offenses. If Pete stays true to his sparq-god preferences, don’t be surprised if the big Hoosier is headed this way.

          • RealRhino2

            I also think we need to carefully define our terms here and what we are looking to do. For example, my admiration for Spriggs has little to do with his measurables. His movement skills are all there on film. Also, film =/= production. Film = traits, IMO. I don’t think we’d have drafted Michael Sam on his film, because just because the film showed him getting sacks or TFLs doesn’t mean the film showed him getting a quick burst upfield, being able to bend, etc. And the scheme can hide or exaggerate production.

            I would say three elements: measurables (arm, speed, agility drills, etc.), film (traits), production (results). Of the three, I would say film is by far the most important, measurables next, and production last.

            Measurables should confirm or detract from what you see on film (e.g., love the cornerback’s movement and fluidity, measurements knock him down a bit b/c of 30″ arms), and production provides clue that for some reason traits you see on film aren’t being converted into results (e.g., player takes plays off, doesn’t finish well, etc.) I see measurables coming to the fore when you are talking about diamonds in the rough. Small schools, players with limited experience, etc.

            But that’s just me, maybe.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think the interview process is actually very import to Seattle…. sadly we do not have access to this type of information normally. This would explain why they took a chance on Clark last year (for example).

        I would love to hear what type of questions or scenarios they put recruits/potential picks through….. like a fake emergency situation or something not normally scripted…. such as a trip to childrens hospital with RW to see how the recruits work/behave outside of the football environment. These are strictly examples, but I would bet dollars to donuts they have some off the wall stuff. Did the recruit pick the pink sprinkled donuts or the plain donuts in the cafeteria….. LOL

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          There is also one that I’ve heard is used by companies as well as NFL teams. How did the recruit appear, were they prepared and lastly how did they treat everyone…. not the coaches, but the “normal” people they encounter while in the building and to and from the airport. This can provide a ton of insight into the “go” of the person, not just the “show” portion of a person.

        • kenny sloth

          Idk if they are a team that grills most guys like that. I remember they took okung bowling and though he shlwed good attitude while failing mis3rably at it. Maybe they are more rigorous now to make sure they dont get no glass guys no more

          • GeoffU

            I don’t think they “grill” people like they were suspects down at the police station, I think they try and get cozy with them so they let their real personality out. Our team is very much about personality fits as well as all the other stuff.

  6. Nate

    It would be interesting if the Hawks slightly trade down for Le’Raven Clark, bumped Webb to LG, and then got McGovern 2nd round to be C.
    Unless they trust and give starter shot to Sokoli, which I would be very happy with!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s possible. He’s probably the only OT prospect SEA could reasonably expect to be waiting for them after a modest trade down. I think they’d let Clark and Webb battle it out for RT/LG. Clark could be a very effective LG for SEA his first year.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Please no Webb at RT, at LG would be fine.

        • bobbyk

          Agreed 100%.

          • drewjov11

            I still can’t figure out why anyone would draft Clark that high. He’s so bad. He’s a two year project minimum. Zero technique and he’s just not that trustworthy. I don’t want Russell running for his life every year.

  7. H M Abdou

    R1 Ifedi
    R2 McGovern
    R3 Tyler Ervin
    R3 DT/DE?

    I think it’s possible to wait on getting a DE/DT guy. It’s not nearly as urgent a need because remember: Pete and John still have Mike Bennett in that role.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Could be nice to get a Bennett type this draft cause possibly Bennett could be a trade option next year. If he doesn’t hold out this year he would for surely next year. Not sure you would want to pay a 32 year old huge dollars, maybe trade him for a second and let the new Bennett type replace him?

      • H M Abdou

        Good point, but truthfully I’m tempted to use that R1 pick on an area of immediate need: LG or RT. I know Bullard is really good and has high character. On the other hand, Ifedi also has high character, and his ceiling is sky high. And of the OL’s we’ve highlighted lately for the Hawks, Ifedi can play tackle, as opposed to Whitehair and McGovern.

      • lil'stink

        I’ve thought about that angle as well, but I think we try and extend Bennett after this 2016. He did the right thing by not holding out, had an amazing year, and has become an important leader in the locker room. I wouldn’t be surprised if we show him some love like we did for Marshawn, only to an even higher degree.

  8. Trevor

    Awesome write up Rob! Great work as always. This blog is so much better than any other site out there it is not even close. Thanks again

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

    • Brad

      100 per cent agree. Today’s writeup is a perfect example of this. Thanks for your insights, time and time again Rob!

  9. H M Abdou

    Would you rather have:

    R1 Ifedi R1 Bullard
    R2 Kenny Clark R2 McGovern
    R3 Ervin R3 Ervin


    • H M Abdou

      Sorry that’s:

      R1 Ifedi
      R2 Clark
      R3 Ervin


      R1 Bullard
      R2 McGovern
      R3 Ervin

      Which is better?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Bullard, Mcgovern. Ervin for me

        • Greg Haugsven

          Don’t think there going to take 2 tackles in a row either.

          • LGreg Haugsven

            Never mind, that was Kenny not LaRaven

            • H M Abdou

              Kenny Clark could potentially be an inside out guy also. I think he can be had late r2, which is why I presented those 2 scenarios.

  10. H M Abdou

    Bullard, McGovern, Ervin seems to be the preference of the Hawks as well. I think this is more likely, although both scenarios are good.

  11. Rik

    “Bullard (4.56), Willie Henry (4.53) and Ronald Blair III (4.53)”

    Yes, please, I’d like all three. Bullard in the 1st, then OL in the 2nd, RB and Henry in the 3rd, then Ol (Glasgow or Dahl) in 4 and Blair in 5. Probably wishful thinking.

    • RWIII

      Yes I’d say wishful thinking. Willie Henry is a middle to late 2nd round pick. At the very latest early 3rd round.

      With that said the Hawks need to get a run stuffing defensive tackle in this Draft.

  12. Ishmael

    Intersting discussion to wake up to. They don’t seem to have a specific set of measurables for the OLine, outside of 33″< arms. It's more a collection of seemingly nebulous traits and attributes. Makes it quite tricky to scout and project who they're after.

    • EranUngar

      There is a key attribute regarding OL picks that we have no way to predict accurately and it effects the Seahawks pick greatly.

      It’s called – “Tom Cable likes him” and Tom works in mysterious ways…

      • STTBM

        Hahaha Eran!

        Yeah, Lord Knows exactly what Cable sees in some guys…

        • EranUngar

          i think he would be as perplexed as we are.

          Then he would check the DVOA ranking as see the Seahawks offense ranked 2nd in the NFL…and smile…

          • STTBM

            They got destroyed by Carolina and didnt make the title game, let alone win the SB. I dont think scoring highly on DVOA behind Wilson, Baldwin and Rawls makes up for that, or makes Cable smile. But who knows? Maybe he pats himself on the back for DVOA after all…

            And I do get your point, and agree with it to an extent; Seattle has proven they dont need an elite offensive line to win the SB.

  13. GerryG

    So what DL from last year would no longer be on the roster (in theory) if/when we draft another one this year and they make the team? We couldn’t even Keep OG last year.

    Siliga replaced Mebane, everyone is still here correct?

    • GeoffU

      AJ Francis and Demarcus Dobbs would be the two at the bottom end.

      • GerryG

        Francis is the guy I wasnt remembering. That would be a net win then.

  14. Nate

    TJ Green interests me at FS backup, after Whitehair/Ifedi/Bullard/Vernon Butler Rd. 1
    Might have to take him with the second Rd. 3 pick
    Also, Ervin sounds good, but it would appear that the Hawks want Zac Brooks.

    • Rob Staton

      Brooks is visiting the VMAC, but Darrell Bevell also personally travelled and met with Ervin at the San Jose State pro day.

      • GeoffU

        Ervin’s looking more and more to me like one of those guys Seattle may feel they can’t leave the draft without. Feels a bit like Tyler Lockett from last year.

        • STTBM

          Ervin is getting a ton of interest. He very well may rise and go way before Seattle picks in the third. Seattle will be covering their bases; they try to find several guys they like at a position that are close in talent–that way, they can trade down if the opportunity presents itself, and they dont have to trade up to get guys they like.

  15. Willyeye

    Other 2016 OL prospects with good SS and TC:

    C Jake Brendel- SS…4.27; TC…7.31
    G Sebastian Johansson- SS…4.51; TC…7.27
    T/G/C Anthony Fabiano- SS…4.34; TC…7.41

    So here are a few O-Line guys with incredible Short Shuttles and Triple Cones and they don’t need to be converted from D-Line to O-Line. They already have years of experience at O-Line in college. All three of these kids are under the radar right now and could be UDFA’s for the Hawks should nothing much change.

    Other 2016 DL prospects with good SS and TC:

    DT Connor Wujciak- SS…4.27; TC…7.32
    DT Dean Lowry- SS…4.38; TC…7.26
    DT Bronson Kaufusi- SS…4.25; TC…7.03

    Kaufusi has of course already been discussed on this blog. Wujciak and Lowry are just a bit more obscure prospects. If nothing changes for these two guys, I think both might be available as UDFA’s. I’d love for the Hawks to give them a shot after the draft.

    Just a couple of DE prospects with good SS and TC:

    Alex McCalister- SS…4.00; TC…7.0; also #1 DE in Broad Jump with 10’8″
    Stephen Weatherley- SS…4.42; TC…7.07; impressive 1.59 split at 267 lbs.

    Both of these kids might be available in the 7th round or as UDFA’s.

    I’d love for each of these kids to make it to the Hawks 🙂 All of them would be great late round picks or UDFA’s. Go get ’em JS!

    • Willyeye

      Forgot to mention: Kaufusi is an exception to my last sentence…not a late round pick…would likely be available with either of our 3rd round picks.

    • kenny sloth

      Just saw Alex McCallister’s numbers for the first time on Zach Whitman’s excellent 3sigmaathlete.com 6’6 245 with some good measurablea at a big school. Gotta hit that tape

      • H M Abdou

        Problem is, Alex McAlister is a stick figure. Where would they play him? He can only be a situational pass rusher. I’m guessing he’d be available in the mid-rounds, unless some team really loves him.

        • GeoffU

          ONLY a situational pass rusher? sign me up! 🙂

          At 240lbs, his 40 and 10-yd split are so slow though. Not sure what to make of him.

          • Volume12

            There’s a rumor that they like Marshall’s Sebastian Johansson. Have made a couple trips to their campus to enquire about him.

            From Sweden.

            • H M Abdou


        • Cameron

          FWIW Randy Gregory is 6’5 235. He would have been a top pick if he didn’t have a problem with the reefer. Bigger problem for me re: McCallister is he’s a knucklehead. He got kicked off the team before their bowl game.

          • kenny sloth

            Someone else can throw a ‘high’ pick at Gregory. Too many gotdang pot shops up here. I still havent gotten to mcallister tape.
            His numbers pop like crazy though.

            Only played 40% of total snaps in two years due to injury and suspension

  16. nichansen01

    What are people’s thoughts on Justin Hamilton, defensive tackle on our practice squad last year? Siliga, Rubin, Francis, Hill and Hamilton form slightly unknown but interesting group of defensive tackles. I do beleive a run stuffer will be drafted at some point this year

  17. kenny sloth

    Love the cut-ups Justin, Rob.

    That gorgeous logo in the bottom left corner, too!

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    As much as I would love to have another DL to OL prospect with Seattle, let’s grab 2-3 OL who have always played the position(s), even if they need retraining. The ability to call out blocking schemes or understand defensive fronts will already be second nature, it would come down to technique refinement. Is this too much to ask?

    • LGreg Haugsven

      Funny Charlie. I agree, I don’t mind taking a developmental guy later in the draft but for back up purposes only. It would be nice to actually draft a center that’s actually hiked a ball before.

  19. bobbyk

    Justin P,

    Thanks so much for this video. It was awesome to see another game, as I’ve already watched the USC and CSU games more than once (or twice) on youtube.


    Awesome blog! I’ve said it before but easily bears repeating every once in awhile.


  20. Ground_Hawk

    How about Akron’s Jatavis Brown as a potential for the deathbacker role? He tested well at the Houston regional, had good production, and it sounds like he is motivated to excel at the next level. Any thoughts?

    • Trevor

      I really like him a lot. One of my favorite prospects in the whole draft. Huge chip on his shoulder from always being told he was too small. Great leader with incredible production.

      I hope he is another MAC guy who we pick up and he comes in an has an impact like Rawls.

    • J

      Length/size is an issue there

      • Ground_Hawk

        I haven’t seen anything about his arm length yet, so if they are sub 32 that could be an issue. Does anyone have a link that states his measures?

  21. Robert

    What an awesome article! Excellent collection data and trends! I also have a rekindled hope that Hill will hit his stride as a pro and be a solid contributor this year. Thanks for all the great stuff, Rob!

  22. Brandon

    With the talk about Oline measurables, how does Glasgow compare to the likes of McGovern, Dahl, and Boehm? Is he still in heavy consideration? He’s still me favorite prospect for C right now. So much grit and toughness, can’t help but love it.

    • H M Abdou

      Not excited about him, to be honest.

  23. Wall UP

    Fackrell @ OLB wouldn’t put fear in the heart of TE, much less O-lineman pulling in his direction. JS mentioned about being a bully again up front. He doesn’t show that demeanor. The combination of Marsh & Clark would fit better and perhaps Freeney @ 171 will fill the role of 2nd, 3rd Dn nickel package covering TEs.

    Of all the players listed as possible options, their hasn’t been much focus on the 3tech position. With the loss of Bane @ 1, the only viable option to start there would be Rubin. He can take on double teams, as long as he stays low and fights his tendency to stand up. With that being said, who would be the starting 3tech?

    There is where they may focus their 1st or 2nd selection, not @ OLB. They have that covered.

    • H M Abdou

      I think they want to continue using Rubin as 3T. With that being said, if the Hawks draft Bullard, where would they play him? They like size in their starting DT’s (both). And you have Avril and Bennett. Would he spell Bennett? 26 seems high to take a rotational “depth” guy. Bullard is a very good player with solid character, I must say.

      • Wall UP

        Bullard would be challenged starting @ 3tech in early downs against the run packing 285lbs. He’s more comfortable starting @ DE, then sliding over @ passing downs. But, that’s what Bennett is presently doing. I don’t think Bennett is going anywhere.

        Rubin is a tweener. He can play both. His greatest asset is that he’s hard to move off his spot. He’s a load when he anchors down. He alternated with Bane @ times to give him a breather. I think that’s why their so high on him. However, a natural 3tech that would put a fearful inside push against the opposing OL would be a better fit.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Pre-draft I’d say Siliga will replace Bane in Base. That could change if they draft a 1T who challenges in TC.

          Just my opinion, but I think if they draft Bullard, they’ll look to work him inside more than out. Ultimately, they’d like him to be their 3-down 3T. They could also shift Bennett inside full time and work Bullard from the RDE where Bennett is now.

          • WALL UP

            The more viable solution is found in these two players battling one another here:

            I realize this is an unpopular choice for many. But, this may come to fruition with their 1st & 2nd picks, with a trade up in the 2nd for Coleman.

            • H M Abdou

              Coleman has some nice traits, but I’d rather have Ifedi (higher upside). Plus, Coleman is older and has a medical.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                I like Coleman as much as anyone but I agree with Rob it’s a bit concerning he’s not healthy enough to test before the Draft. Plus if he falls far enough in R2 to be within reach of a modest trade up, it means he’s more of a health risk than originally thought.

                Can’t get on board with Nkemdiche. I just don’t think he’s a Pete Carroll kind of guy.

                • H M Abdou

                  I agree on both points. I’m glad Rob talked me out of my excitement for Nkemdiche, dude has some serious problems off the field. And honestly, ON the field he also has some weaknesses (inconsistent effort from game to game, series to series even).

                • Volume12

                  Coleman is always hurt. Scares the crap outta me.

                  • Trevor

                    The injury is a concern but he has only missed 1 game in the last 2 years as a starter. He is still my favorite OL prospect in this draft and the perfect RT in our system. The thought of him and Gilliam as bookend is very exciting to me.

                    After Coleman I like Conklin next best, then Ifedi who I really view as the best LG prospect in the draft not a tackle.

                    If got either of those 3 with the 1st pick I would be happy if they decide to go OLine with pick #1.

                  • Wall UP

                    Trevor is spot on regarding the best option for the Hawks, in that order. As a cancer survivor, you just can’t discount the will of a person that overcomes such a challenge.

                    The grit it takes to beat a disease is something that translates to the grid iron, most definitely! Frankly, when looking at Ifedi’s game tape, there’s not that grit, that nasty Cable demeanor that stands out, like in Coleman’s game. I personally think it comes from what he has striven to overcome.

                    Missing 1 game in the last two years is not scary for the returns that come from a man on a mission. He’s differently a Seahawk type player with a huge chip on his shoulder.

            • Darth12er

              That’s some good tape, kinda wish they could have highlighted Nkemdiche at the same time.

              • Wall UP

                With the Vets that are in the locker room and culture that permeates throughout the organization, this will provide Nkimdechi a strong framework to start his professional career.

                If he’s there @ 26, picking him and Coleman with their 1st and 2nd picks would fit their needs @ 3tech/RT/LG and possibly the LT position.

    • Rob Staton

      Siliga was signed for the one tech. Rubin is the three.

      • kenny sloth

        They’ve called Rubin the best 3tech since they’ve been here
        Gonna be a comp between siliga and hill for the 1 tech.

  24. JimQ

    In as much as we seem to be in number comparison mode, I’d like to point out the numbers of a likely round 5-6 prospect (where you might expect to find a developmental guy) that has some great #s. FS-Justin Simmons.

    The term “Deathbacker” has been used on this site, specifically mentioning Deone Bucannon. Lets see how their numbers stack up:

    2014 draft, Deathbacker/SS-Deone Bucannon: 6-1/211
    32-3/8″-arms, 9-3/4″-hands, 4.50-40, 19-reps-BP, 36-1/2″-vert, 125″-BJ, 6.96-3cone, 4.26-20yd shuttle, 11.22-agility score

    2016 draft, FS-Justin Simmons, Boston College, 6-023/202
    32-5/8″-arms, 9-5/8′-hands 4.61-40, 16-reps-BP, 40″-vert, 126″-BJ, 6.58-3cone, 3.85-20yd shuttle, 10.84-60-yd shuttle, 10.43-agility score (Lower # = better)
    134.9=pSPARQ, 1.8-zscore, 96.2-NFL%

    • GeoffU

      Interesting find, JimQ. Would like to add their 10-yd splits:
      Bucannon: 1.54
      Simmons: 1.60 (combine), 1.56 (pro day)

    • JakeB

      Some of the media doesn’t seem very high on Simmons but I think he’s more of a round 3 guy

    • Morgan

      3/31 is Middle Tennessee State’s pro day, where S Kevin Byard will finally be timed. The guy is a beast. 5’11, 219 with 33.5 in arms, giving him roughly the wingspan of a silverback gorilla, plus 19 career INTs. He’s also focused, articulate, and is a dedicated student of the game. Can’t wait to see his times.

    • Cameron

      I love Justin Simmons however I think he’s too slight to play SS. Consider this: Simmons has almost the exact same arm/height/weight as Tharold Simon – who nobody would confuse for a ‘deathbacker’

      Having said that. I would love to draft Justin Simmons in the late rounds, only I’d convert him to cornerback. I also doubt Simmons last that long. He’s a 3rd rounder for me.

      • JimQ

        As I stated, IMO- I like Simmons as a round 5, (#172-overall) selection for the Seahawks as a developmental DB, based on his excellent testing #’s, past experience & potential. Sure, he could likely be gone by round 5, the Seahawks have a long wait between picks 125 & 172, where he may be selected.

        However, if I’m looking at a round 3 (#90 or #97-overall) draft slot and I want a DB, I’d easily take FS/CB-Sean Davis of Maryland. Davis has very similar testing #’s to Simmons & is currently the better player due to his established reputation as a real hard hitting “thumper” with an intimidation factor already in place. (2015=5-forced fumbles + very high % of solo tackles). Sean Davis would very much upgrade the roster by taking Steven Terrell’s current roster slot as ET’s backup and potential replacement in a few years? ——— So many choices, so few picks.

  25. bobbyk

    I am amazed at all the optimism for Marsh playing on a great defense. He has as many sacks in the NFL us most of us do. Probably all of us combined. Two years in the NFL and you’d think maybe at least a half sack or something, but instead he’s left to being “good” at holding the point of attack on run downs (almost zero production rushing the passer when asked) and “is getting good on STs.” If he got traded to a division opponent for a 7th round pick in 2019, we’d laugh at that team and not be fearful of him starting against us one single bit.

    • GeoffU

      0 QB pressures as well. I’m with you on the pass rush part, he never even gets close. I think expecting him to excel in the area wouldn’t be wise. Could see him moving out to SAM though. Might be difficult though with his inexperience in coverage.

      • bobbyk

        If I were a QB and saw Marsh at SAM, I’d audible to a short pass to the TE all the time. That’d be easy pickings, imo.

        • STTBM

          Yes, Marsh just seems to be a guy who just isnt athletic enough to play in the NFL except at ST’s. He’s a tweener, and too slow even at his slimmed down weight to really excel. And he lost even more speed when he bulked up, yet wasnt big enough to play the middle.

  26. pqlqi

    Rob, you are spot on in this post… about 15 times. I’m absolutely convinced, outside of the Seahawks front office, no one understands their draft approach better than you.

    A few years removed from it, I want to ask what your thoughts are when you reflect on Courtnay Upshaw as a potential draft target for the Seahawks. I remember there was some heated debate at the time. Looking back, how much more do you understand now than you did then? Knowing what you understand now, do you think Upshaw was ever in consideration as a first round pick for the Hawks?

    Anyway, it worth saying it: I think your content is consistently better every year. A genuine thanks for the gems like today’s, and a second thanks for the countless hours behind every column. Cheers!

    • Madmark

      Courtney Upshaw To big and slow. As a matter of fact I do believe we draft Wagner the year Upshaw was drafted.

  27. Bird

    I’d forgotten about Fat Rabbit. Also scored very high on the nickname metric. 🙂

  28. drewjov11

    For me… fackrell doesn’t warrant a second round pick. He has these long stretches of zero impact and that he makes a splash play. He gets blocked a lot and he sometimes takes too wide of an arc around the tackle. I just am not in love with him.

    • Robert

      I see a very smart player who is long, but plays stiff. He’s not an explosive athlete.

  29. Volume12

    Cincinnati O-lineman Justin Murray is either a VMAC visitor or being pivately worked out by Seattle.

    His 3 cone time was over 8. But, had great numbers elsewhere. Seems to be something they’ll overlook in rare circumstances. Or if they’re mid-late rounders.

    • Volume12

      This kid is pretty damn good.

      Watched 3 games of his and I’m impressed. Completely dominated VA-Tech’s Dadi Nicolas, not saying much, and besides one sack and a couple hustle plays, got the better of BYU’s Bronson Kaufusi, which isn’t a knock on Kaufusi.

      Excellent pass protector, needs some work run blocking, but does a good job turning his man away from the play.

      Definetly can see why Seatle likes him.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Possibly a late round or priority UDRFA target. Needs work and needs some molding.

      • STTBM

        One Mock Draft I saw (WalterFootball?) had us drafting Dadi Nicolas–hows that for a coincidence?

        I also saw that Seattle is checking out a former UCLA player kicked out of school for being accused of Sexual Assault. Cant remember his name…

        • smitty1547

          Torian White LT

        • troy

          OT Torian White from Hampton?

          • STTBM

            YEah, he played for UCLA before getting booted.

  30. H M Abdou

    Western Kentucky CB Prince Charles Iworah: 5’10” 192lbs

    25 reps of 225lbs
    38″ vertical jump
    10-8 broad jump.
    4.32 to the mid 4.3s (4.35)

    • Trevor

      Those are impressive #s! Any idea what his arm length is?

  31. SeaWard

    Sometimes it’s not about measurables. There are practice champions and gamers. Some guys just perform during games and tick al, the boxes. I know which ones I want on my team

    • H M Abdou

      Fair point.

  32. KD

    I was looking at Walterfootball and checked out some of the players that the Seahawks have had visits with, and I just wanted to give some thoughts on a few of the lesser known names:

    DJ Foster – RB/WR Arizona State – 5’10” 195 – 122.4 SPARQ – The athleticism is likely the reason they wanted to just take a look at him, possibly as a 3rd down RB, but his tape just isn’t very good. Maybe the Seahawks just want to see if his athleticism can translate into Seattle’s scheme somehow, but i’m just not very impressed with him.

    Jay Lee – WR Baylor – 6’2″ 215 – 114.3SPARQ – Baylor players kind of scare me in that they don’t seem to have any playbook, but one thing Lee seems to do well is come back to the ball when the play starts to break down and the QB is looking for someone to get open.

    Lene Maiava – RT Arizona – 6’5″ 305 – 33 5/8″ arms – Was not invited to the combine or senior bowl, but he did play in the EWS game. I was just watching him vs. UCLA and I’m really impressed. He gets a really good push and is able to drive D Linemen. He also played both both guard positions aside from RT. Keep this guy in mind, he could be a really good pick and he is 100% under the radar.

    Will Parks – S Arizona – 6’1″ 205 – 4.52 40, 32″ VJ, 9’7″ BJ – Another player who didn’t get a combine or all star game invite, but he looks pretty decent on tape as a good run defender, good tackler with good speed. Possible LB convert?

    DJ Reader – NT Clemson – 6’2″ 325 – 98.2 SPARQ – Possible Mebane replacement. I really like his aggressiveness at the LOS. Fights like a sumo wrestler.

    • H M Abdou

      Jay Lee seems similar to Lockette the Rocket

      • STTBM

        Lee is slower but bigger. Lockette was scrawny coming out of college, and despite bulking up is still not all that physical. This kid has grit. I like him–and Ive never been a fan of Lockette as a WR.

    • Darth12er

      These are great, thx KD.

    • Volume12

      Wil Parks is a free safety/nickel corner hybrid.

      • Volume12

        Foster is a WR too. Could he be used as a RB? Probably, but I think teams like him as a wideout.

  33. coachmattson

    New 5 round mock draft on nfl.com. Here’s who they have the Hawks drafting.

    1) Apple CB OSU
    2) Whitehair G KSU
    3) Sheldon Day DT ND
    3) Dominique Robertson OT West Georgia
    4) Dadi Nicolas DE VT
    5) Willie Beavers OT W. Michigan

    Would all of you be happy seeing these guys as new Hawks? I know you don’t think they will draft a cb in first, but I wanted to see what all of you think and know about the guys in rounds 3-5. Thanks and go Hawks!
    Here is the link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000648219/article/fiveround-mock-50-cowboys-pluck-myles-jack-derrick-henry


    • KD

      Robertson is another one of those guys with freaky length (36″ arms) and he does show some pretty good agility. I think a guy like that is definitely in play as a 3rd day pick.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIkeWrdFfwo (LT #75)

    • Morgan

      I can definitely see them interested in Nicolas and Robertson. They fit the athletic profile. I’d skip Beavers at 5 since two OL have already been drafted and address a different position. There are some SPARQy tackles that should be available in the 7th, like TCU’s Vatai. Looks like we miss out on Ervin in this mock.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Whitehair might be the first projected interior OLer taken, somewhere in the top 40.

      I’m starting to feel some kind of way about Big Diesel Robertson and SEA, so it’s nice to see him mocked. Is 97 too early for him?

      Of all the ND prospects available this year, I’m the most meh about Day.

      No thanks to Beavers.

      Dadi Nicolas…could he be a SS like Kam? He’s athletic and rangy, just lacks the strength to play near the line.

      DN – 6’3″ 235lbs, 34 3/4″ arms, 10 3/8″ hands
      KC – 6’3″ 231lbs, 33″ arms, 9 1/2″ hands

      DN – 4.78/2.75/1.65 40yd, 41″ VJ, 125″ BJ, 4.38 SS, 7.04 3C, 14 BP
      KC – 4.59/2.67/1.61 40yd, 32″ VJ, 116″ BJ, 4.41 SS, 7.36 3C, 22 BP

      • Volume12

        Eli Apple lacks the length and ball skills IMO.

        I like Whitehair and Robertson.

    • STTBM

      Cant see Seattle not drafting a single DB. I would think they draft another Corner project and a safety, most likely a big SS with some speed.

      • KingRajesh

        We have ten DBs on the roster right now.

        I doubt we can afford to draft more, they’ll just end up being cut.

  34. Darth12er

    I touched on this a little in the last post, but this is 2 mock drafts in a row on NFL.com that didn’t have Darron Lee going in the first round.

    Daniel Jeremiah : http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/mock-drafts/daniel-jeremiah/305659

    Ike Taylor : http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/mock-drafts/ike-taylor/305658

    I understand these are opinions, and Taylor has Jaylon Smith going 19. But did something happen with Lee, is his stock dropping? And should we consider him an option IF he lasts until 26? I can’t imagine his speed lined up next to Wags, unreal!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I would be shocked if he dropped out of the top 20. He would have to be considered strongly if available when Seattle picked at 26. He would fill the 3rd LB spot perfectly….. providing great flexibility in scheme and coverage.

    • EranUngar

      Jeremiah has him going to GB at 27.

      More mocks have DEN picking Paxton Lynch at 31. That opens the trade back option with the likes of CLE who may want to get a QB and not use their top pick for him.

  35. CHawk Talker Eric

    @DavisHsuSeattle: in last six drafts average of 2+ interior OL drafted Rd 1, has at least been 1 in every year

    @DavisHsuSeattle: so whoever your favorite Interior OL- Kelly, or Whitehair or Garnett, or a OT that will play OG- 1 or 2 have a shot to go Round 1

    Interesting observation. Who will be the first 2 interior OL taken?

    • Trevor

      Ifedi will be the first interior OL drafted I think. Ideal LG in the NFL then Osemelle comp is perfect. A wildcard is Ryan Kelly to a team like Wash or Ariz who need a Center.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could defiantly see Kelly going to Arizona at 29.

      • J

        I think he means pure guard center. That is a guy who was a interior guy in college.

        Not sure Ifiedi would count.

  36. ulsterman

    Have to say I hate the focus on measurables – if the sub 33 arm rule is a strict one for oline then they wouldn’t draft either joe Thomas or jake long. Bradley sowell who they picked up in fa also has sub33 inch arms. rob havenstein had a great rookie year last year despite running a 5.46 in the 40.
    I liked last year’s draft but I think the previous two were pretty wretched and it was because they went overboard on sparq and body types in the belief that they can coach anybody up. If measurements are used as preferences or guides, then fine, but I think tape should be the most important criteria when judging a player, as long as they’re at least a decent athlete.

    • ulsterman

      Btw that’s not a criticism of this post Rob, I know you’re just identifying what the seahawks tend to look for.

    • Ishmael

      I don’t mind it, but I can understand why it gets frustrating.

      The draft is a complete crapshoot really. Even the very, very, best GMs and scouts are wrong as often as they’re right. If you can narrow things down with certain provable indicators of success ie. no All Pro corners with shorter than 32″ arms, then you give yourself a far better chance of picking up players who have a shot at greatness.

      Sometimes it would be nice to see them settle for positional competency in a prospect, but I don’t think that’s quite Carroll’s jam.

  37. Steele

    Rob, you have done a fine job identifying Seahawks tendencies here. For better as well as worse.

    This tape of Fackrell is pretty typical. He doesn’t make much of an impact. He’s just kind of “there”. Not particularly explosive or agile.

    As for him comparing to Gwachum. Gwachum didn’t make the team but was at least a low round pick. Fackrell is being touted as a high pick, looks worse on tape.

    • Rob Staton

      Fackrell has several splash plays and shows incredible bend to round the tackle and get into the backfield.

      He had plenty of impact — including a sack, 2.5 TFL’s a forced and a recovered fumble.

      I think you’re trying too hard Steele.

  38. Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

    Rob, what do you think odds are that the Seahawks go all offense with 3 of the first 4 picks?

    I’m assuming that the first 3 offensive players drafted will be two OLs and an RB.

    • Rob Staton

      Very possible.

  39. H M Abdou

    FWIW :

    Tyron Smith
    2011 Pro Day:
    6’5″ 307lbs
    36.375″ arm length
    4.93 40yd
    2.87 20yd
    1.69 10yd
    31 reps of 225lbs
    29″ vertical jump
    9’1″ broad jump
    4.68 short shuttle
    7.47 3-cone

    Germain Ifedi
    2016 NFL Combine
    6’5.75″ 324lbs.
    36″ arm length
    5.27 40yd
    3.04 20yd
    1.79 10yd
    24 reps of 225lbs
    32.5″ vertical jump
    9’1″ broad jump
    4.75 short shuttle
    No 3-cone recorded

    Ifedi’s pro day is April 6.

    Just an interesting comparison, clearly Tyron Smith had off-the-charts athleticism that was perfectly suited for LT. Ifedi seems like a good fit for RT, or at the very least, LG.

    • Trevor

      He will end up being the best LG in this draft class IMO. The Osemelee comp is perfect. The other guy could be Whitehair who Rob compared to Zach Matin which I think is spot on he is a guy who should be plug and play for the next 8-10 years.

      Either guy would be a great pick to sure up the LG spot and improve the middle of our line. Completely different players but both would be good fits IMO for the Hawks.

      • H M Abdou

        Agreed. Ifedi’s upside is so tantalizing, but his floor isn’t as high as Whitehair’s or McGovern’s, IMHO. Bullard, McGovern, Ervin, Feeney, Bradberry. Would make for a great first few rounds if PC/JS wanted to go with someone in R1 with a much higher floor than Ifedi (Bullard). I think Bullard will be a very good player, a safe pick, and allows the team to part with Bennett down the road.

  40. Cockney Hawk

    Been looking a 3sigma athlete.com. I know we are all interested currently on OL, DL and edge players. But James Bradberry CB from Samford looks a great late prospect for the Hawks. I know we look pretty good now with core DB’s signed with prospects like SJB, Seisay, T.Smith and Simon. But looking at Bradberry’s excellent SPARQ score, 33 plus arm length and potential to play Outside corner and safety he looks like he would be a great addition.

    • H M Abdou

      I totally, completely, and profoundly agree. I would love for the Hawks to target Bradberry (I’m quite sure he’s on their radar LOL).

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% about Bradbury. If we go for our normal 4-5th round CB I think he is the guy. If we wait till later I thinking they will convert the WR out of Temple Robby Anderson to CB.

      • HI Hawk

        There are actually quite a few long CBs in this draft, it’s an incredibly deep pool of Seahawky DBs (most are projects, but that’s why their late rounders). Here’s a few more long-armed 4th round or later guys:

        Eric Murray (31.75″ arms)- 4th
        Rashard Robinson (32.25″ arms) – 4th
        James Bradberry (33″ arms)- 5th
        Daryl Worley (33.38″ arms) – 6th
        Deiondre’ Hall (34.38″ arms) – 6th
        DeAndre Elliott (32″ arms) – UDFA

        I really like Artie Burns (33.25″ arms), but he’s more of a 2nd/3rd round guy. Sadly William Jackson III (31.75″ arms) has risen beyond the reach of #56, and probably #26. Of the late rounders, Worley’s my favorite followed closely by Hall.

        • J

          Add Brandon Williams out of A&M to the list. Former 5 star RB converted to CB his senior year. Short but has the requisite length.

          • HI Hawk

            Oh definitely some safeties that fit the requirement – it’s just tough to know which of the guys that are considered a “Safety” would actually be better off as a CB.

            Looking at potential S to CB converts: I would add Justin Simmons, Jordan Lomax and Brandon Williams, and even consider Tyvis Powell (in a manner similar to what they tried to do with Eric Pinkins).

            • j

              Williams was a running back turned corner – not a safety.

  41. Josh emmett

    Love this blog rob! So many people with so many different backgrounds all with crazy love for the Hawks and the draft process, pretty damn cool! Been working on a Hawks mock and I like the way it’s leaning, thoughts?

    1: Ifedy: honestly think they will trade back into second round to take Ifedy/Coleman/spriggs/whitehair/ or possibly Clark because someone wants to leap over Denver for a QB

    2: Kaufusi: see if they can get this dude acclimated to the pros and playing at a high level high ceiling

    3: McGovern: will he still be on the board at 90?

    3c: Ervin: a new toy for Bevel

    4: Ronald Blair: dudes srong, it would be rad to have a run stuffing edge setting end to rotate with Avril in division games, dude put up 32 reps on the bench with 34″ arms weighing 277, Buff

    5: Jaylon smith/Travis Feeney: injury dice roll in the 5th round?

    6: Rashard Robinson: get him into camp and give him a shot to compete. Starting Nickel CB? J lane Jr.?

    7: Vitale: I know the patriots are going to draft him and turn him into a weapon with Brady, hahaha get him here and see what he can do

    7c: Vernon Adams: do they really need a Wiley old veteran in Jackson to back Wilson anymore? I think Wilson is past needing a mentor and adams would be a good first QB project for bevel and Carl. I’d like to see them turn out Dangeruss “clones” like New England does with Brady “clones” to trade with QB hungry teams to gain draft picks.

    • Trevor

      Not sure they will all be available when we pick but I like the draft. Particularly the 3,4,5,6 rounds. It is Coleman or Ifedi in Rd#1 for me as well unless Rankins falls.

      • H M Abdou

        My impression is that both Ifedi and Coleman have flaws, but Ifedi has the higher upside and Coleman is older and has a medical.

  42. Trevor

    As promised here is my top 25 list of Day #3 prospect. Being draft junkies Day #3 is the favorite for many of us trying to find that diamond in the rough who will become the next Sherm or Kam.

    If there are guys I am missing or think should be taken off let me know. Would love to get some more ideas and guys to check out from everyone as no draft board is more engaged than this group.

    Top 25 Seahawks Draft board Day #3

    #1 Matt Judon (Edge, Grand valley St) I am not even sure this guy will make it to day #3 anymore. A small school guy who had big production. When you watch the tape he is one of the only true pass rushers in this draft like a Noah Spence with natural bend around the edge. If his 10 yd split had been a shade faster I would almost say he would be ideal for the Hawks. If he is there in the 4th round and we have not taken an Edge guy early I would run to the podium.

    #2 Jatavius Brown (LB, Akron) I think it is a sham that he did not get an invite to the combine. I think he may well be my favorite prospect in the entire draft. Love watching him play. Undersized but has great speed and hits like a tank. He would be great in the death backer role. Only weakness I see on tape is sometimes he tackles high but no team teaches tackling better than the Hawks. He would be an amazing pick in the 4th round for the Hawks. Think of the success we have had with Rawls out of the MAC and with our two undersized guys Russ and Earl. Please take this guy JS

    #3 Max Tuerk- (C, USC) I am surprised this guy does not get more love on here as he is basically a Max Unger clone. Someone is going to get him in the 3rd-4th round and have a quality starting center who is a really good in pass pro and decent in the run game. Not sure he is nasty enough for Cable but boy would he be a big upgrade over Lewis in pas pro.

    #4 Joe Dahl (OL Wash) Local guy who can play anywhere along the OL. Would really make a lot of sense for the Hawks to take him in the 4th or 5th round as he is so versitle.

    #5 Tyler Higbee – He is the best mismatch TE in this draft. Hunter Henry gets all the press but this guy is the better Athlete IMO. I prefer an inline blocking TE like Vannett or Austin Hopper for the Hawks but Higbee is going to be a steal for someone.

    #6 Deiondre Hall (CB Northern Iowa) This guy has freakish length the longest arms a DB by a longshot and I can see Pete fantasizing about this kids potential. He is a big trash talker who does not lack confidence. He is a raw development prospect that could go I the 3rd round but if he is there in the 4th I am sure the Hawks would be interested.

    #7 James Bradbury (CB Samford) Has everything the Hawks look for in a CB physically with good length and measurables. If we go with a CB in the 4th / 5th round I could easily see him being the pick. Seems like a high character guy as well.

    #8 Tyrone Holmes (Edge, Montana) He had incredible production and his testing #s were some of the best in the draft class. I am surprised he has not been discussed more on SDB. With so few elite pass rushers in this draft I think Holmes would be a great mid round option. Reminds me of Jared Allen.

    #9 Ronald Blair (DT App St) I thought he was going to be a big riser after the combine but he did not perform well. I still really like him as an inside out prospect a la Bennett. He has great tape and non-stop motor. One of those guys who plays better than he tests I think. Had biggest games against elite teams in SEC.

    #10 Justin Zimmer (DL Ferris St) Freak athlete who has been profiled early on here at SDB. I hope someone give him a shot at DT because I think this guy can develop into a really good 3 Tech with a year of coaching. Love his passion and want to make it as much as the freakish #s. Would love to see the Hawks get another guy with a huge chip on his shoulder.

    #11 Fhan Cooper (OT Miss) Filled in for Tunsil and played really well. I am surprised he goes not get more hype. He is a guy who could stick at OT in the NFL. I would be really if the Hawks took him as the new back up OT to develop. I would be comfortable anytime in day # 3.

    #12 Dominque Robertson (OT, Some School I have never head of) Incredible size, length and a good athlete. He is enormous and a pretty good athlete. Ideal development prospect. I think he could be a quality OT in 2 years with NFL coaching. Him and Nebot would be good options if we go with interior OL on day #1 and 2.

    #13 Marquis North- (WR Ten) He is an elite athlete who would like be a day #2 pick if not for injuries and poor QB play at Ten. He is my favorite WR in the mid rounds for the Hawks and would provide a different look similar to a Josh Gordon who is considered similar to.

    #14 Robbie Andreson – (WR/CB Temple) If the hawks convert a WR to CB this year then I think Anderon is the guy. Great length at 6-3 and good speed, ball skills. I like the idea a lot as a 6th, 7th round guy to stash a year and develop.

    #15 Kenny Lawler (WR Cal) I know the measurable are not elite but man this guy has great hands and make some of the most incredible catches. He just seems like a hawks WR to me and might be my favourite mid round WR. Not sure he has the speed to excel in the NFL but I would love to see the Hawks give him a shot. I could imagine some incredible plays with Russ finding him in the scramble drill.

    #16 DJ Reader (Dt Clemson) When I saw him chase down a DB at the Senior bowl it reminded me of a couple of plays I saw Rubin play last year. If the Hawk pick a run stuffer in the 4th or 5th then Reader seems like the perfect pick. I like him a lot as a long term Mebane replacement opposite Rubin.

    #17 Isac Seumalo (G Oregon St.) If he can get healthy he has day #2 talent and would be worth the risk IMO as a high potential interior OL. Anytime after the 4th round and he would be a good pick.

    #18 Justin Simmons (S, BC) Tested much better than expected and just has a knack for making plays. Not sure where he plays in the NFl but seems like the ype of guy you have to find a spot for and will contribute on special teams till they do.

    #19 Stephane Nebot – (OT, Col) Ideal OT development prospect if the Hawks focus on the middle of the OL in the early rounds. Has the size and athleticism to be a quality OT but needs a ton of work on technique. Two years with the right OL coach and you might have a starting OT.

    #21 Joe Thuney – (OL NC St) Tested well at combine and showed well at Senior bowl. Another tackle to guard convert who should develop into a solid if not spectacular player. Would be a nice mid to late round swing OL candidate. I prefer Dahl but if he is gone Thuney might be an option.

    #22 Devon Cajuste (WR, Stanford) Hi lighted in Robs most recent 7 round mock. He makes a lot of sense if we take a WR in this draft and would fit in nicely in our locker room.

    #23 David Oneymata (DL Manitoba) I have talked about him a lot already but I think in 2 years this guy is going to be one of the best DTs in this draft class. Great athlete who just started playing F-ball. I would love to see him as a 6th -7th round pick to develop as a 3 tech.

    #24 Torian White (OT, Hampton) The former UCLA standout has day #2 talent but the questions surrounding his dismissal from UCLA would have to be answered to the point the Hawks were comfortable al Frank Clark. If so he could be a late round or UDFA steal.

    #25 Prince Charles Iworah (CB, WKU) Freak athlete who would be a nice slot CB prospect for the Hawks to develop. He does not have the length the Hawks normally like but he would be ideal in the slot with is quickness and speed.

    • 503Hawk

      Nice write-up Trevor. The way this organization thinks outside the box, day three has become my favorite also. I’ve got this feeling that this draft is going to be really good for the Hawks. Can hardly wait.

    • H M Abdou

      Excellent, Trevor. With great explanations, too! I had most of these guys in mind as well.

    • STTBM

      Living in MT, I love Tyrone Holmes as a DE prospect for Seattle. I also like Tyler Higbee and James Bradbery, they both seem like Seahawks to me. Seumalo seems like a Cable guy for sure. Kenny Lawler looks very similar to Jermaine Kearse–had we lost him to FA, I think the odds of us taking Lawler would have been a lot higher.

      Torian White was kicked out of UCLA due to accusations of Sexual Assault. Cable doesnt care about that, obviously, as they are reportedly pretty interested in this dude.

    • HI Hawk

      You have two stellar outside CBs in this group already, so maybe it’s a matter of space – but I’m surprised Daryl Worley isn’t on this list.

      Re: Iworah. The best slot CBs the Seahawks have had were Thurmond and Lane – both very long, so I think that Burley is just a huge outlier – only picked up as emergency insurance after Thurmond left in FA. Because of that, I’m not sure Iworah would ever appeal to the Hawks.

      • Volume12

        I’ll be shocked if Joe Dahl lasts that long.

        I’d take him in round 2 over McGovern.

      • STTBM

        I like Worley, and I bet anything Seattle is taking a good hard look at him.

        Burley is small, but he plays big. Seattle was desperate when they traded for him, and he’s busted his tail to hang onto his job. Too bad he’s so small and seems to always have some injury or other. I like his moxie.

      • J

        Brandon Williams as an optiom for slot corner.

    • RWIII

      Trevor. Nice list their are some intriguing names on that list. Daniel Jeremiah has Matt Judon going to Cincinnati in the 3rd round. The Bengals pick right before Seattle.

    • Robert

      Cool post, Trevor! Every year, Rob’s articles get even better. And so does the quality of research and comments from the community. Our FO ability to identify 3rd Day talent and then develop that talent is #1 in the NFL. I can barely wait to see who they pick this year. And I’m also super pumped to see which developing players on the roster will rise up and contribute this season.

  43. POB

    Cincinnati RT Justin Murray. Watched 5 mins of him on YouTube and he looked decent. Has anyone one else heard/watched anything on Murray?

    He’s 6’4.5 & 300 lbs. with a 4.93 40 (1.7 split), 29.5 vertical, 8.01 3-cone and 9’8″ broad jump.

    • Rob Staton

      Will look at him. His broad jump is significant — it’s a test they seem to look for. Also had a good forty and split, decent vertical. Measurable guy.

      • Volume12

        Volume12 says: March 30, 2016 at 9:05 pm

        Cincinnati O-lineman Justin Murray is either a VMAC visitor or being pivately worked out by Seattle.

        His 3 cone time was over 8. But, had great numbers elsewhere. Seems to be something they’ll overlook in rare circumstances. Or if they’re mid

        This kid is pretty damn good.

        Watched 3 games of his and I’m impressed. Completely dominated VA-Tech’s Dadi Nicolas, not saying much, and besides one sack and a couple hustle plays, got the better of BYU’s Bronson Kaufusi, which isn’t a knock on Kaufusi.

        Excellent pass protector, needs some work run blocking, but does a good job turning his man away from the play.

        Definetly can see why Seatle likes him.

        Really solid. Day 3 option or UDFA.

      • POB

        Rob, just fyi, I think you have to find videos for other Cinci prospects. I havent seen any highlight/game films where he is the focus.

    • Jay

      I tried watching some tape. At least to me his run game blocking needs a lot of work. His athleticism did jump out, but I felt like it was fairly often he was knocked off balance. Most the time this happened it looked like Murray just stopped moving his feet although core strength may be the issue. However, there were lots of times he definitely looked the part. I can see a potential fit especially for a team who believes they can shape players
      Most people are higher on his teammate Parker ehinger and he is considered a late round picj. He didn’t work out at pro day because of a hamstring issue. He played guard I think two years ago and made the adjustment well to left tackle.

      • Volume12

        He’s much better than Ehinget I

        I agree about the run blocking, but love how he turns his man in the hole.

        Watched 3 games and only saw him knocked off balance 3-4 times.

        Impressive cat.

        • Jay

          Yeah i see what you are saying. Maybe I should have phrased it differently. There were times that he engaged often with the person he was blocking and while he has shown he can move with the defender, far too often I saw him stop moving his feet and end up lunging and losing his defender which made Murray look as though he was flailing. I’m OK with this becuase it seems it’s fixable, but it was annoying to watch when clearly he has athleticism to stay in front. A good late target.

          Fwiw I really like Joe Thuney even if no else does 🙂

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    @nfldraftscout: Notre Dame pro day today. I’m told LB Jaylon Smith has a private visit planned with the #49ers in Santa Clara soon.

    Guess they’re not put off by their experience with Lattimore.

  45. CHawk Talker Eric

    @mike_e_kaye: Seahawks, Cardinals, Chiefs, Giants Eagles and Patriots also at #FAU pro day.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Probably to see German WR Moritz Boehringer 6’4″ 225lbs, supposedly runs a 40-yard dash of 4.39 seconds, and has a 37-inch vertical.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Or maybe DT Trevon Coley 6’0″ 305lbs. From Zierlein:

        “Team captain who is generally quiet, but who became a more vocal leader in 2015. Named team MVP. Coaches praise him for his practice habits and energy. Outstanding tackle production with 118 over the last two seasons. Good play quickness off the snap and intensity cranks up when he senses an opening through a gap. Able to fight through redirect blocks once he gets into a blocker’s edge. Active pass rusher.”

        • CHawk Talker Eric


          “Trevon Coley impressed scouts.

          His numbers include measurements of 6010, 306 pounds, 23 on the bench and a 29.5-inch vertical jump. Coley timed between 4.87 to 4.90 and ran 4.7 in the 3-cone. He met with the Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, and has a workout with the Miami Dolphins coming up.

          The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos have also shown a lot of interest. Coley, whom many teams project as a three-technique tackle, looked terrific in position drills.”

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Coley has 31″ arms too short for SEA.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


        “Previously mentioned German receiver Moritz Wilhelm Boehringer put up Olympian-type of numbers. He measured 6044, 227 pounds, posted a vertical jump of 39 inches, a broad jump of 10-11, timed anywhere from 4.38 to 4.45 in the 40 while also running 4.09 in the short shuttle and 6.64 in the 3-cone. Wow!! I’m told he also looked good catching the ball.”

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          More Pauline:

          “I’m getting glowing reports on German receiver Moritz Wilhelm Boehringer’s performance at Florida Atlantic pro day.

          After his Olympian workout, Boehringer looked equally as good in position drills. I’ve heard everything from “he’s a legitimate prospect” to “he could go as early as the fourth round.” The receiver had dinner with the Minnesota Vikings last night then sat with every team in attendance after the workout, all of whom have requested film. His visit schedule is being set up.”

          • KingRajesh

            THE NEXT JEFF JANIS!

            I can already see it… Boehringer will be drafted by the Patriots or Packers and Brady/Rodgers will make him a stud.

          • Del tre

            Those are Megatron numbers, I would love to see the Hawks pick him up that kind of receiving core could be just unfair especially if it means the Hawks can spend a later round pick and continue to build the o line in early rounds

            • kenny sloth

              Dont mean to nitpick, but johnson was 6’5 240 ran a hand timed 4.25 42.5 vertical and a n 11’7. Broad.

              Böringher wouldn’t touch cjj

    • Darth12er

      Good stuff Eric, thx

  46. RWIII

    Daniel Jeremiah (biblical name ) has the Hawks taking Taylor Decker with his latest mock draft. Right position but I would be SURPRISED if Decker is still on the board for JS.

  47. CHawk Talker Eric

    @Rand_Getlin: Awesome start to CB KeiVarae Russell’s Pro Day at Notre Dame. I’m told he just hit 11’2″ on his broad jump, and had a 39-inch vert … ?


    • STTBM

      He’s another guy Seattle might be interested in, but with a performance like that he may be shooting up the Draft and be too rich for their taste.

      • J

        Under 32 inch arms which takes him off our board.

        • STTBM

          Perhaps. They did trade for Burley. Dont know if he has 32″ arms, but I doubt it. Or are you saying they wont draft an outside corner less than 32’s?

  48. CHawk Talker Eric

    @LukeEasterling: MTSU S Kevin Byard looking good at his pro day. Per source:

    40: 4.43-4.47 (unofficial)
    Bench: 32 reps
    Vertical: 38″


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      @EnterSportsMgmt: @KB20_Era with a MONSTER Pro Day! 5’11.5″, 212 lbs
      40-4.46, 4.51
      SS- 4.20
      3 cone- 6.73

      23 teams, 1 GM

      • Morgan

        I really dig this guy. 19 ints in 48 games!

    • STTBM

      32 reps?! Thats beastly, especially for a guy with long arms!

      Even adding a tenth of a second to his 40 for hand-timing, he’s still fast as hell!

      • STTBM

        Oh, 22…thats not bad!

  49. Volume12

    “We’re drafting for us and what we want,” Carroll said. “We don’t evaluate for the league. We don’t evaluate for the guys on ESPN and what they think. We evaluate guys on how they fit our club and our style of coaching and play. And so we have to be connected in our mentality and our approach and our vision on how we see guys.”

    “John’s a football guy’s guy,” Carroll said. “We’re not looking at height, weight, speed and what other people think. We’re looking at guys at how we can best utilize them and how we can match their talents to our system and all that. And so I think it’s integrally important that the football coach is connected to the process. I’m just part of that process. John is the one that really makes the magic happen in acquiring talent.”

    • Trevor

      I think that sums things up with how the Hawks do player evaluation perfectly.

    • Steele

      Indeed. And while seasoned observers like Rob do a great job thinking as they do, the process is as often unpredictable. They see things in guys that are not apparent to others.

      And when you add Cable to this, it is even more unusual.

    • H M Abdou

      Truthfully a lot of teams, probably even most teams, think this way. They don’t care what the analysts say or what the public says, they draft who they like for their team. Most teams attack the draft and free agency this way, not just the Seahawks.

      • Morgan

        Most successful teams. Back in the dark days of the AZ Cardinals part of their prospect evaluation process was to determine how they would be perceived by the league and fans. Kept them comfortably in the cellar for quite some time.

  50. HI Hawk

    My first Mock:

    FA DeAndre Elliott – CB
    Lene Maiava – G/T
    C.J. Johnson – ILB
    Darius Latham – DT
    Vincent Valentine – DT
    Alex Redmond – G/C
    Duke Williams – WR
    Dominique Robertson – T/G
    Vernon Adams – QB

    7th Marquez North – WR/CB
    6th Halapoulivaati Vaita – T/G
    6th Deiondre’ Hall – CB
    5th Daryl Worley – CB/S
    4th Isaac Seumalu – G/C
    3rd C.J. Procise or Tyler Ervin – RB
    3rd Bronson Kafusi – DE
    2nd Christian Westerman – G
    1st Keanu Neal – SS/Nickel LB

    Building from the back of the draft to the front opens up plenty of options for the early rounds. I have no idea what the Hawks will actually do, but I do think they tend to build their board in the following manner. Identify the depth, the drop-offs, and then allocate regions of the draft that they need to pick at in order to acquire their guys. For example, if you know there’s a 6th round CB you want then you know you can use your 1-5 round picks for other areas. This is a loaded draft, so I think we’ll be excited no matter who we get. The players projected to go as UDFAs is even exciting.

    • HI Hawk

      Formatting got weird on the first list. Those are projected UDFAs that I would target heavily.

    • Volume12

      Personally, I love day 3 and UDFA just as much as day 1 and 2, if not moreso.

      How many teams have 8-9 starters outta 22 that came from the undrafted ranks?

      • HI Hawk

        I’m right there with you, which is why the TV coverage is infuriating during day 3. They keep talking about the Round 1-3 picks while the actual picks are summed up in 5-10 man groups. Personally, I am really liking this draft, there are so many fun options late – even in FA after the draft.

  51. CHawk Talker Eric


    “Another tight end to keep on the radar is Anthony Norris of Southern Utah. He participated in the UNLV pro day last week as well as SUU yesterday. Viewed more as a blocking tight end, Norris measured 6035, 255 pounds, completed 25 reps on the bench, posted a 41-inch vertical jump and 10-8 broad jump. His 40 time at UNLV was 4.77, and yesterday, he ran 4.85 (though he did broad jump 10-11).”

  52. CHawk Talker Eric

    @Rand_Getlin: Former #LSU CB Rashard Robinson is generating a ton of interest. Visited the #Broncos recently. I’m told the #Jets and #Seahawks are next.

    @Rand_Getlin: Combine numbers for CB Rashard Robinson:

    6-foot-1, 171 pounds
    32 1/4 (Arm Length)
    4.49 (40)
    35.5 (Vert)
    10-1 (Broad)

    • Volume12


      His weight doesn’t concern me. For one, any CB drafted is gonna need a year or two in the system. So by than he’s gonna add plenty of good weight.

      And two, Seattle always drafts skinny prospects. If ya look at s picture of their corners during TC, every single one has skinny/thin legs and ankles.

  53. CHawk Talker Eric

    @timprister: Told that #NotreDame WR Chris Brown clocked 4.39 40.

    • Nick

      I love him so much for the Hawks.

  54. Steele

    This might be a good time to pull out the list of linemen and find out which ones have wrestling experience. Rob, have you got anything on that?

  55. Roland jose

    Can’t they just choose players that play in pro style systems in college that fit their profile?, so that the learning curve is faster?

  56. Volume12

    Udub RB Dwayne Washington killing his pro day.

    According to Bob Condotta…

    JS has said to have been in conversation with WR Jaydon Mickens all day. And this guy ain’t ‘Seahawky?’

    Ditto for PC and LB Travis Feeney.

  57. CHawk Talker Eric

    @jjones9: DL Ronald Blair ran 4.84. Shed 8-9 lbs from combine.

    • JakeB

      Pauline dropped a little nugget about the Hawks being interested in Odhiambo as well as Boise’s center

  58. Yesh

    Hey Rob,

    What information do you have on Boise St. Reese Odhiambo and Marcus Henry? Pauline has a beat on the Seahawks keen interest in the pair, says he knew of our interest in Reese for months. IIRC, Pauline practically called Lockett in the third last year, could this be similar?

    • Volume12

      This reminds me of last year when he said that Seattle was interested in Poole and Sambrailo since October.

    • Rob Staton

      I know very little about Henry and haven’t dedicated time to Odhiambo. Will make sure I watch both know because Tony is the man when it comes to draft insiders.

      Neither has tested yet so hard to see what they jumped in the broad — a test that today’s latest article highlights as vital for this team.

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