Why an Earl Thomas trade might have to wait

Earl Thomas, like the rest of us, is still waiting to find out what happens next

We’re just over a week away from the draft and one big situation remains unresolved.

Earl Thomas’ future.

There’s no new contract. No trade. Nothing.

Just a lot of talk about the Dallas Cowboys making a move.

So what’s going to happen? A deal with Dallas became more likely the moment Dez Bryant was cut. Without that move, the Cowboys can’t afford Thomas. Now they can.

They also created a hole at safety by acknowledging they’re shifting Byron Jones to corner. With Kris Richard now part of the defensive staff in Dallas, everything seems set up for a Thomas trade.

And let’s be honest here — it feels like we’re past the point of thinking Earl has a long term future in Seattle. By all means cling to that hope if you wish but the Seahawks seem, rightly or wrongly, to be quite ready to move on.

So why hasn’t it happened yet?

Here’s a suggestion…

The Cowboys have holes to fill. An Earl Thomas trade would likely cost them pick #50. Possibly more. They might want to accumulate some extra stock first. After all, this is a strong looking draft in rounds 2-3.

The Seahawks are almost certain to trade down from #18. What if Dallas wants to do the same at #19? See if they can pick up an extra third rounder themselves? That would soften the blow of dealing pick #50.

All the talk this week has been about Dallas and Courtland Sutton. Tony Pauline today reported the Cowboys like Sutton but don’t see him as a first round talent. Technically that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take him in round one. They just don’t grade him as a first rounder. If they traded down into the 20’s, they might be picking from a pool of second round grades anyway.

So let’s piece things together. The Cowboys are showing a lot of interest in Courtland Sutton and need that type of receiver after cutting Dez Bryant. They don’t view him as a legit first rounder. Could they trade down into the 25-32 range, pick up a third rounder, and then select Sutton?

That could then set up an Earl Thomas trade. The Cowboys could send #50 and one of their third rounders to Seattle. Or, alternatively, they keep the two third rounders as a consolation for not picking in round two.

They’d still need to have a new contract with Earl Thomas agreed before pulling the trigger (or at least a high level of confidence it would get done). This could, theoretically, allow for serious talks with Thomas’ people at the end of day one of the draft — with a trade ratified before the start of round two.

This is just me thinking out loud. It could be completely wide of the mark. I’ve seen it suggested Thomas’ contract demands are already a stumbling block. We’ve all seen the talk of Seattle wanting a first rounder. It could simply be about both teams trying to gain the most leverage during a lengthy arm wrestle.

I think, considering how much time the Seahawks are spending meeting projected second round prospects, they probably expect a deal to occur (or they’re fairly certain they’ll be trading down from #18).

Whatever happens, I think we should expect the Seahawks to trade down from #18 in any scenario. Unless Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson or a handful of others drop to #18 (which won’t happen) — the prospects touted for #18 are going to be graded similarly to the players in round two. It’s just that type of class.

Picking once at #18 and not again until #120 isn’t going to happen. We know that. Not with this team, in this type of re-tool. Picking at #18, #50 and then #120 seems only slightly less unlikely to me.

Ideally, if they trade Earl Thomas, they still turn #18 into two second rounders. That would give them three second round picks to try and acquire as many of the players they’ve been showing interest in (Christian Kirk, Ronnie Harrison, Josh Sweat, Isaiah Oliver, Justin Reid etc).

Getting three picks in this years second round? That’s how you launch a new era.

And on Christian Kirk — thanks to Sea Mode in the comments section for highlighting this tweet:

It’s something to remember next week. The SEC isn’t short for talent and that’s high praise from Nick Saban.

Surprisingly we’ve come to learn virtually all of Seattle’s ‘official 30’ visits this year:

Justin Reid (S, Stanford)
Poona Ford (DT, Texas)
Maurice Hurst (DT, Texas)
Foyesade Oluokun (LB/S, Yale)
Ito Smith (RB, Southern Miss)
Keith Kirkwood (WR, Temple)
Khalid Davis (FB, Michigan)
Devron Davis (CB, UTSA)
Leighton Vander Esch (LB, Boise State)
Josh Sweat (DE, Florida State)
Cole Madison (G, Washington State)
Kyle Allen (QB, Houston)
Simeon Thomas (CB, Louisiana Lafayette)
Holton Hill (CB, Texas)
Breeland Speaks (DE, Ole Miss)
Andrew Brown (DE, Virginia)
Julian Taylor (DT, Temple)
Jacob Pugh (LB, Florida State)
Dorance Armstrong (DE, Kansas)
Ronnie Harrison (S, Alabama)
Austin Corbett (G, Nevada)
Kemoko Turay (DE, Rutgers)
Isaiah Oliver (CB, Colorado)
Billy Price (C, Ohio State)
Derrick Nnadi (DT, Florida State)
Tony Brown (CB, Alabama)
Jacob Martin (DE, Temple)
Edward Shockely (LB, Villanova)
Alex McGough (QB, FIU)

That’s a list of 29 names, provided by various reports or the players themselves.

They also had private workouts with Kalen Ballage (RB, Arizona State), Christian Kirk (WR, Texas A&M), Demone Harris (DE, Buffalo), Abdullah Anderson (DT, Bucknell) and Manase Hungalu (LB, Oregon State).

They had private meetings with Ronald Jones II (RB, USC), Nick Nelson (CB, Wisconsin), Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin) and Shaquem Griffin (LB, UCF).

Just writing out these lists highlight the opportunity on offer for the Seahawks. Most of these players are expected to be second round, mid-round or late round types. Seattle can re-shape their roster in a weeks time. But they’ll need to move around to get their guys.

If you missed the Seahawkers podcast this week don’t forget to check it out. I was invited on to talk about the defensive options for Seattle. Next week we cover the offensive prospects:

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  1. 805Hawk

    I know I’m being a homer and not logical, but I will be disappointed with getting only pick 50 for ET. Even an additional 4th or 5th would make me feel slightly better.

    • Rob Staton

      I should add — I would expect another pick on top of #50. Could be a pick this year or next.

      • Pedestrian

        What about scenario where Dallas trades back still in the first round and trades that pick to us? Say pick #28 for Earl. Allows cowboys to accumulate additional picks and get ET. If I’m a cowboys fan I’m happy with that.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      I don’t think you’re being a homer. Even Tony Pauline said he thinks ET’s value is a late 1st – though admitted that Seattle is a longshot to get that in return. I think a 2nd rounder alone isn’t enough, I think most would agree, save for maybe Cowboys fans. If conversations start with pick #50, I think we have to get at minimum a 4th back as well, though a 3rd would make more sense. I would also be happy with a 2nd next year on top of #50. But whatever it is, I completely agree, just #50 isn’t enough and I hope (think) PC/JS would agree.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    Walter Football reporting Rasheem Green visiting Seattle which would make 30 visits

    Something tells me we’re looking at some smokescreens

    John Schneider prides himself in keeping shit under wraps

    He was very proud of his staff for keeping interest in James Carpenter incredibly quiet.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there are smokescreens. When you’re looking at 30 players at varying positions, there’s not much you can take from it specifically. Doesn’t mean they’ll definitely pick from this bunch, but I’m not convinced the Seahawks meet with players to give out a false impression. I think these meetings are vital to get to know potential picks.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Thats the problem with all this time pre draft.

        Got too much time to second guess myself.

        And it’s not like any of these visits are bad fits or anything.

        Perhaps they’re counting on having the ammunition to get some players they like in a loaded range and don’t feel the need to hide their one pick they have to have early on.

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence they haven’t met with Chubb or Johnson officially. I think they know how pro ready they are and what thwy get with each.

        The same can’t be said for Guice and RoJo, both have more technical and maturity issues that either Nick or Kerryon.

    • Saxon

      This is incredible sarcasm, Kenny! A smokescreen for James Carpenter? Hahaha! Even had we broadcast our intentions on a jumbotron, we would still have been the only team dumb enough to spend a first round pick for him.

      I really hope John is using smokescreen tactics this year, but I doubt it. He has a very unvarnished, earnest personality which is one of the reasons we tend to overpay and under sell when it comes to trades. Dude has zero poker face and league knows it.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I think you’re right Saxon about John hiding his emotions.

        I believe Kenny meant Ethan Pocic not Carpenter which they most definitely hide interest in.

        • Kenny Sloth

          What? No.

          I meant Carpenter there are plenty of quotes from Schneider about how his team hid their interest in Carp.

          Since you bring up Pocic; idiot stupid who cant draft or play poker or hide his emotions kept him under wraps too. Pocic was just talking about never meeting with Cable predraft

      • Kenny Sloth

        This is amazing sarcasm Sax.

        John Schneider has no poker face and the league knows it? Hahah

        You play a lot of poker with JS then?

        I think your criticisms are unfair, unwarranted, and unfounded in any real objectivity .

        • Saxon

          Not looking to get in a flame war with you, Kenny. Everyone around here respects your contributions, with good reason.

          I do think that if Schneider believes he needs smokescreens to hide his interest in guys like Carpenter and Pocic, he has seriously misjudged league interest in both players, since each were rightly considered reaches. And I stand by my opinion that Schneider is a poor negotiator, which his trade history demonstrates.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think it’s more about him protecting his evaluations

            You don’t want the whole league knowing you like James Carpenter as a pure guard to revamp your run game.

            It’s about leverage not tricking anybody or something. You play your hand close and I think Schneider does as well as anybody with the hand he’s dealt.

            I think the problem is my use of the term Smokescreen.

            You don’t waste a visit on someone you don’t actually have interest in. But you also don’t post your big board or telegraph your plan.

  3. cha

    Rob do you think a draft day deal is possible, given Earl’s contract status? Can they work out a trade and put together an extension in short order?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know. I think it’s more likely than I did a few weeks ago though.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Rob has been saying it’s unlikely Earl won’t be traded on Draft Thursday since this whole thing began!

        Remember people, Rob’s a very busy Professional with two very young kids, and he lives eight hours in the future of Seattle. I can imagine how it can be frustrating to be asked the same questions over and over!

        Just something to keep in Mind and I’m not directing this comment at anyone specifically.

        We all get excited and look to Rob for his Seahawks and Football Wisdom.

        We appreciate you Rob Staton!

        • Look Who's Hawkin

          True, but also remember that 1. Every article Rob posts gets a minimum 200 comments, usually more, and I doubt every follower reads every single one and 2. Certain questions could (probably will) have a different answer than they did even a few weeks ago. Like Rob said, he thinks it’s more likely than he did before (though maybe not the probable outcome).

          So I agree to some extent! But I don’t think there’s any harm in rehashing certain questions.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            I understand there are many variables, I’m just meaning to be thoughtful

  4. drewdawg11

    I, for one, am growing very tired of this ongoing saga. I would hope that some other team besides the cowboys would want Earl. I’m absolutely tired of this will they won’t they stuff. Figure it out, already. I don’t even want him to be a cowboy, especially for a second. Blah!

    • DCD2

      I’m just hoping that they have a deal in place. I keep thinking about the Bennett trade and how JS allegedly kept to his original agreement with Philly despite getting a better (NE) offer after the handshake.

      If they know what they are getting, they can plan accordingly and well in advance.

      It seems odd that there’s not been any indication that any other team (Chargers, Jaguars, Flacons, Panthers, etc.) has shown any interest or been linked by even a rumor.

      • GerryG

        As we have discussed previously, I cant believe the Jags are not beating down our door to get ET. The D is incredibly stacked, except at FS. ET would send that unit over the top next year.

      • Trevor

        I agree SD and the Jags are in need of a FS to make those teams legit SB contenders and have the cap space to sign Earl. I find it shocking that these two teams have not been linked to Earl. Seems fishy to me that the only team ever mentioned is Dallas.

        Plus I would prefer Earl to go to an AFC team.

        • Rob Staton

          One reason why the Jags might not be interested — they’ve done a very good job signing veterans in free agency. Most of their big deals they can get out of in 1-2 years. And that’s when it’ll be time to pay their young core. So it’s a transition period where the young core become the established, well paid veterans.

          Signing Earl Thomas jeopardises that plan because you’re then paying a veteran big money at the time many, many young players will need to be paid. It just takes up room.

          So they might prefer to draft Jessie Bates III or Justin Reid.

  5. DCD2

    Jerry would certainly pull off the PT Barnham in this scenario.

    Day 1, trade down and still get ‘their guy’, Sutton.
    Day 2, as they come out to announce the 1st pick… “The Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks have made a trade”… he names ET and the place goes crazy.

    I don’t know how likely it is, but it would sure make for a memorable Jerry-World draft.

    On another note, how far down do you think the Hawks would continue to trade before making a pick? I know that in your last mock you had guys like: Chubb 44, Harrison 46, Penny 47, Hurst 49, Sweat 53, Green 55, Brown 58, Price 60… A lot of good names will still be on the board at the end of the 2nd.

    I know that it depends on WHAT trades they make and who is available, so it may not be possible to answer. Regardless, with everyone seemingly focused on the QB’s for this draft, I think it may actually end up as one of the deeper drafts in a while. I could see a lot of these guys that will go after pick 50 or so having really good careers.

    • McZ

      It’s all about leverage.
      To me, Dallas is not the only trade partner in an ET deal. How can Carolina expect to get a better S at #24?

      So, this could backfire, and if there is a possibility this blows up, the Cowboys have to move much earlier.

      The draft is a perfect market. Demand drives prices for that scarce resource talent. So, if Dallas wants Courtland Sutton, they have to be ready to overpay for him. Having him for an optional fifth year will be part of the equation.

      The names on the list makes one wanna cry for that stupid SheldoN Richardson deal last year.

      • DCD2

        You would think so, right? I haven’t heard a peep about anyone but DAL in regards to Earl though.

        The reason I ask about the trading down, is that it seems Schneider seems to get a bit nervous during the draft. I don’t dislike our past 1st picks, but I think the thing with us every time is “why take him there”? Irvin, Carp, Iffedi, Britt, all seem to be at least non-bust picks. BUT, I feel like we could have got all of them later and if not, should have still had some really good fallback options.

        Obviously we have some great counters to that logic with the guys we’ve landed later too.

        I get a little worried about that first pick though. I can see JS trading down to the mid 20’s, then again to the early 30’s, and then maybe even again to the late 30’s and saying “ok, he’s still there, let’s grab him now!”

        And with our first pick we take… Kalen Ballage (with Chubb, Penny, Kirk, Corbett and everyone else we’ve been discussing still on the board).

        *Jinx! Now that I’ve said it, it can’t happen!

  6. RWIII

    My guess is that E.T. is not liking the long term number. He wants Eric Berry money. E T is NOT going to get Like I said earlier E.T. is NOT going to get the contract he wants.

  7. jc1688

    Time to trade up for Vita Vea, he is good play but all Huskies are over rated!
    Go Coug!!!!!

    • DCD2

      (waves hand)

      This isn’t the comment section you’re looking for.

      • Sea Mode


        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Was that an Obi Melinfanu joke?

          Sir Alex Guinness was so awesome as waves hand guy!
          Did you all know that he took the role of “Old Ben”
          for I believe 2-3% of the original gross for “New Hope” Smart man he knew Lucas had something Special!

          Go Force

          Go Hawks!

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            I meant Alec !

    • drewdawg11

      Little brother… your inferiority complex is showing.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        What are you talking about Dru?

        If you’re going to say something like that please explain yourself!

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Drewdawg I mean?

    • Look Who's Hawkin



        I think that means it worked.

  8. Matt

    This ET situation feels like it is heading for disaster. Either he needs a new deal now or trade him. There is no other alternative that doesn’t blow up in the team’s face.

    • Mark Souza

      Trading him would be best for all involved. I can foresee a scenario where we can’t get a trade done. The team won’t give Earl the extension he wants and makes him play under his existing contract. Earl holds out for 4 to 6 games ala Kam, still no new deal, and he relents in order not to lose a year of NFL service and plays out the season.

      Then in 2019, we franchise tag him, and not being happy about it, he skips OTAs and most of training camp.

      Then in 2020 he finally hits the free agency market, 31 years old wearing the malcontent label for his hold-outs and insistence on being the highest paid safety in the league. Not the way I want to remember him. We need to get a trade done.

      • Michigan 12th

        Perhaps they have already got a trade in place like has been suggested, but ET is not willing to sign a contract being offered him by another team. The Seahawk’s can then resign him to an extension that is more team friendly after he “tests” the market sort of speak. Maybe JS is playing a great poker hand on this one. When ET realizes his demands are not in touch with reality he may be forced to sign a lesser deal. Either way the Seahawks win in my opinion, let an all pro safety resume his career for a few more years, or trade him and get draft stock.

        • DCD2

          Can’t really sign and trade in the NFL. The signing team is on the hook for the entire signing bonus, and the team getting him will want to structure the contract to work within their cap.

          Earl isn’t going to sign something without guaranteed money (signing bonus) and the Hawks won’t pay him extra just to deal him, while hurting our cap going forward.

          Trade terms may be in place, but it’s going to be up to Earl and the other team to work out an extension beforehand (which may be why this is taking so long).

          • Michigan 12th

            I’m not suggesting a sign and trade, rather if there is a deal set in place already, then ET’S agent is in contact with Dallas. They could be working on something, but ET may not be anywhere close to the numbers he is getting in return. If this were the case the Seahawks could use this as leverage against him during contract talks. Maybe Seattle will be able to extend for a team friendly deal. Not to trade away later, but to keep on the roster until he retires.

            • DCD2

              Gotcha. Ya, I misread your comment.

              If Earl wouldn’t have done the “come get me” thing in Dallas, I think you might be onto something.

              Maybe that fence can still be mended, but I have to think that with the house-cleaning that has been going on, he will be dealt.

              Maybe the Hawks would like to deal him, but trading him to Dallas rubs them wrong, and they aren’t getting many more offers.

              Maybe they know they need to move on from Earl and truly want what’s best for him, even if it isn’t the best precedent. Either way, I think he’s gone. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • AlaskaHawk

        If he holds out = what makes you think they will clear him to play? Maybe the Seahawks will play hardball, keep him on the bench, and take him to court over that last year of payment. I know the Seahawks have this reputation of being nice guys to deal with, but at some point they should toughen up.

  9. East Side Stevie

    Rob, I just want to take a moment and thank you for all the content you’re about to pump out in these next 3 weeks. We truly do not deserve you, Mr. Staton. I cant imagine how much sleep you’re about to miss out on, with the draft being just around the corner. Thank you again. This blog and community you have created is unmatched!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 👍🏻

  10. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    Another possibility is that Seattle doesn’t trade ET before the draft, but waits until preseason or regular season. They might get a better deal from a team that needs the kind of Safety that ET is. The deal could be players and draft stock. Suppose they got a young DT or CB they liked, a day two, and a day three draft pick.

    • Lewis

      Of course it is possible, but it’s a lousy possibility because we desperately need more picks for this draft.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I sure hope not Louie, that would get so redundantly tiresome, and make some people go to Crazyville!

      I personally get the feeling they’re waiting for Draft day in Dallas. You just know Jerry wants Earl and Earl is a Cowboys fan. The kind of People Pete and John are they want to facilitate player’s wants and needs. It’s why they let Marshan, Richard, Michael B., all these personalities be themselves. Respect the individual and the player. I understand why some think it is a bad Idea and also the reason they drafted what’s his name last year. They believe in being more of a friend then a boss they can get the best out of people.

      Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, always depends on the individual.

      Earl want’s to be a Cowboy, he will be. I feel its inevitable and they will announce the trade at the begging of the Draft or at #19 weather the Cowboys Draft theb or trade down. That’s what I would do to garner the most Excitement. A gentleman’s agreement has been shaked upon.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if you’re going to deal him you do it now. They need those picks to re-tool this roster. They will intend to be competitive this year.

  11. Chris

    Yeah I’d be very surprised if a deal hasn’t already been shook on and Earl’s agent and the team are working on an extension. Things like that can absolutely stay quiet if all parties involved are on board with the silence.

  12. McZ

    What really makes me angry is the idea, to sell a full year of service of one of the cornerstones of this team for maybe a R2+ pick. A pick they gave up to secure half a season of misguided Sheldonism.

    This, plus last years R2 pick, is the reason I come to think, that PCJS are currently completely out of touch.

    This team as it is, without a serious infusion of talent at multiple positions – some of them being “fixed” since at least four seasons – will be a clear #4 in the NFC West, after draft. And will stay as such for some time, if they don’t manage better, finally.

    What does, and what does not qualify for better management? IMO…

    Drafting a RB, who is rated in R5 at best, mostly in R6, in R3? Whohoo, bad.
    Drafting a RB, where the next ACL injury is his last, to put behind a hopelessly crappy line? Not good.
    Drafting a RB with a ‘shut up an.gimme da ball’ attitude? Good.
    Drawing a RB, who played despite being banged up, together with the G, with whom he banged up Alabamas and Georgias top defences? Perfect.

    And what will they do? The first, for sure.

    • Realrhino2

      Which RBs are you talking about? Who do you think they will draft? Who do you want them to draft?

    • GerryG

      This is really an awful post.

      I dont think they are out of touch, they have made mistakes, and now need to make the moves to get better.

      The handwriting on the wall says there is only one year of ET left on this team. If he walks in FA you get a late 3rd, more likely a 4th as comp pick in 2020.

      If you get a 2nd rd pick (plus something else) you are potentially getting a cost controlled starter for 4 years. It’s the type of shrewd move the Pats do each year, and the Hawks should have been doing the past couple of years.

      • Hawk Eye

        if he leaves, I doubt they get a comp pic. They have around $80 mil in cap space for next year as of now, so they will be in a position to sign free agents and won’t get comp pics for theirs that leave. They are not even getting comp pics from this year because they are signing low and mid range FA’s.
        Your choices are”
        1. trade him before or during the draft
        2. keep him this year and either let him leave or franchise him
        3. Sign him to a new deal. Hopefully where you can get out in 2-3 years if you have to

        regarding mistakes they have made, find me a team that has not made mistakes. The got to 2 SB’s and won 1. Only one team has done better over the last 8 years. I think all the changes they made shows they recognize their mistakes and are addressing the problems. I will give them a chance (like I have a choice??)

        • Hawk Eye

          “mistake” reply meant for McZ, not Gerry. Gerry gets it.

          • McZ

            So, preferring option #3 makes me not getting it!? Oh, that’s sweet.

            I don’t dispute, that PCJS are the best team at the helm the Hawks ever had. Their successes tell for themselves.

            But, since 2014, some say 2013, this team is in a mode of constant hemorrhage. I remember discussing OL play in the 2015 season, with Nowak and Sweezy having a couple of bad games inbetween. Couldn’t get worse, we said. Fast forward, we have a worse line than in 2015. The unit was in constant turmoil since then. I go further, last years position flip flop was a major let down, the most ridiculous comedy circus in pro football outside of Cleveland.

            To make things worse, the WR and RB groups in 2017 were heading in the same direction. TE has just blown into our faces.

            If PCJS now want to press self destruct on the next unit, thrashing the secondary by trading her best player (for a much too low price, btw), we have next unit on the path to irrelevance.

            We haven’t even talked about the last couple of drafts, which are a lottery anyway.

            I think, “mistakes” is not the right word here. This doesn’t feel like team development, this feels like a Greek tragedy. I really hope, they sort things out.

      • McZ

        The post is awful, because I feel freakin’ awful about this possible trade. I feel awful, because having no R2 pick more or less requires them to market the top FS of the league, loosing valuable experience in the process.

        Currently, I get cursed by a frequent nightmare, waking up with wet pants after someone shouts “Seahawks take Kalen Ballage at #50”.

        But I admit, that they should get the chance to turn around this org for a second time.

        The Pats equiv to ET would be Julian Edelman or Gronk. They flip their moving parts in and out, but try to keep their cornerstones. Which is the right thing to do, if you want stability.

  13. drewdawg11

    Honestly, I’m in total “show me” mode with JS and Pete. I’ve been really frustrated the last couple of years with some of the moves. I am thankful that they put together the team the way that they did back in 2010-2014. Still, the troubling free agent moves and draft missteps are piling up. We could have 2 first round picks and two seconds and I would still be worried that they would trade the two fiesta for multiple say two picks. Lacey, Joeckel, Walsh, Malik, the way they handled the Sherman stuff last year. My confidence level in their ability to work magic again is waning. Perhaps it was dumb luck the first time around. It wouldn’t be the first time in sports where a new regime strikes all the right chords early on and then slowly shows that they were fortunate the first time around, (Ruskell anyone?). I think they bought into their own hype, and they were slightly arrogant about their abilities to manage the personalities and egos. Now they may go so far the other way that it hurts them in the other end of the spectrum. I’m giving it one more off season and I’ll see how it plays out. I’m just more than a little worried that JS is going to get held over a barrel again. Trades are usually not his strong suit, but the draft issues need to get ironed out this year or else everything they did right the first few years will become a happy fluke.

    • DC

      PC & JS inherited a 5-11 team. In their 8 seasons they’ve had a 79-48-1 regular season record with 4 division titles & a 9-5 postseason record with one SB championship. I don’t see that as a fluke. That said the talent level has been slowly eroding since our SB win, no doubt about it. Time to turn things around.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “I’m in total “show me” mode with JS and Pete.”

      The last 6 years the Hawks have been legit title contenders. Now its time to rebuild. Lets give them 2 full offseasons before writing them off. A lot of teams have spent the last 6+ years rebuilding.

      • drewdawg11

        But that’s based off of what they did in the first 3 seasons, and they have been trying to hold it together unsuccessfully. When guys went down, they had no depth. They tried to patch the roster with busts who couldn’t cut it with lesser teams. There is a pattern here. I think it was hubris and they assumed people would play there for less. They didn’t want to. Honestly, Kam, Earl, Sherman, Russell, Bobby were all gone run picks. Where are the home runs since? Maybe Frank? Lockett? Shaq looks like a possibility. Some really nice role players and a couple who are above that level. I’m all about not going after terrible free agents who eat the cap, but what are their plans for all that cap space next year?

        • McZ

          If they don’t analyze their mistakes, they will be forced do the constant Britt. Paying players after a single good season, only to have them degrade to below average.

          I think, getting younger, hungrier is a good thing. I hope, it’s the first sign of a turnaround.

  14. drewdawg11

    Forgot to mention Cary Williams the year before. Horrible moves that don’t make sense and for what? Eat cap space and get zero return on terrible players?

    • Mark Souza

      It made sense at the time. We needed a CB opposite Sherm. Cary Williams fit the Pete Carroll mold perfectly. He wasn’t a world beater in Philly, but Pete figured he could coach him up in the Seahawk corner cover method and have bracket Pro Bowl corners. It didn’t work.

      One trap this team has consistently fallen into is this idea that anyone with the right physical traits can be coached up into what you want. It’s not that easy and works out less than 20% of the time (my impression only – no data to back up that number).

      • drewdawg11

        What are you talking about? He washed out in philly and they wanted no part of him. His options were limited because he had a season’s worth of tape suggesting he was done. He was part of the worst secondary in the league. They cut him like a month or two into a 3 year deal. Awful fit, terrible signing. Complete whiff.

  15. Logan Lynch

    Looking back, I think SEA has only ever picked one guy I really liked in the pre-draft process (RW). Therefore, I want to play a little game. I’ll list 5 guys I like and then list the 5 guys that SEA might take instead at the same position that I’m lukewarm on for one reason or another. Note that I haven’t watched much tape this year, so some of this is just based off of what I read and some pet project guys. This is also not based on any real analysis. Just the “meh” feeling I would get if SEA picked these guys initially…which is what happens almost every year!

    My List: SEA Pick:

    -DJ Moore -DJ Chark

    -Nick Chubb -Bo Scarbrough

    -Ade Aruna -Josh Sweat

    -Isaac Yiadom -Holton Hill

    -Troy Fumagalli -Will Dissly

    So there you go. I’m not saying the guys on my list will be stars, nor am I saying I wouldn’t root for the guys on the SEA list. Just a fun little game a week before the draft. Feel free to give your own list!

    • Kenny Sloth

      You LIKED aruna’s tape?!?!

      I could barely watch

      • Logan Lynch

        Never watched it. He’s the one pet project guy based totally on measurables. I’m sure it’s terrible tape, but I’m a sucker for good backstories and raw potential.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Fair enough. You might like Chark a lot too

    • Sea Mode

      Cool exercise. I might try it later.

      Gotta be honest with you though, except for Scarbrough over Chubb, atm I like all the guys in the SEA Pick column better. That’s the fun of the draft season and I enjoy hearing different opinions and takes on players. Imagine what it would be like to be a scout preparing a team’s draft board, pulling for “your guys” as you see it and working with the other scouts and GM to try and come to some kind of consensus!

      • Kenny Sloth

        I really want to do the latter as an exercise with Rob as GM and a couple of us as his war room.

        I’m just not much of an expert on any other team tbh. Makes my mocks weird

      • Logan Lynch

        I appreciate all the scouting you do, especially now that I have no time to do my own! I’ll explain my thought process on each one a bit.

        I’ve seen some of DJ Moore and he reminds me of Golden Tate. DJ Chark is a total shot in the dark (rhyme intended). Haven’t watched tape of him, but he sounds eerily similar to Will Fuller who killed SEA last year.

        I like everything about Nick Chubb except the injury history. Scarbrough just seems like a body type Pete would love and thinks he could get the most out of.

        Both Sweat and Aruna are raw guys with big upside potential, but Sweat’s injury history scares me. The way he moves with that brace on doesn’t seem right some times.

        I view Hill and Yiadom similarly, but Hill has the mysterious character concerns that could drop him a few rounds lower and into SEA range.

        Fumagalli over Dissly is a total homer pick since I live in WI and have seen him play many times. Plus, I think he could be had later due to the injuries.

  16. John_s

    Awesome write up by Doug Farrar talking with Ronald Jones


    • Sea Mode

      Nice read, thanks for the link.

      And it’s definitely scary to think that, even with the amazing things he put on tape in college, he could still have even more untapped talent.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    One week til the draft, its time for the 5th annual
    Scouting the SDB comments section;

    CHawk Talker Eric: Availability has become a concern, but always seems right there when you need him. No red flags, a good guy you would want on your team

    Volume 12: Wrestling background will be a plus with some teams. This guy is all football and spent 5 extra years in college because he loved the atmosphere. Gritty backstory and positive character through adversity. Beloved by his community, he’ll be excellent wherever he goes.

    JimQ: Perhaps limited to a role player at the next level, JimQ has attributes that allow him to constantly punch above his weight. Really plays up to the competition and is there for his team.

    Thy Hawk Is Howling: Some red flags with character, but his team loved the guy. Ringing endorsements leave you a little confused as to what this scout’s stock is. If he can get his head on straight he’ll make someone very happy later on.

    C-Dog: Lightning fast scout, this guy is all over the place. Outspoken leader and steady presence this last season

    Sea Mode: Super Underrated. Covers everything.

    She Hawk: Tough as nails, outspoken. Never backs down from a fight.

    sdcoug: smaller school prospect, big time hitter. How will they react a New environment?

    Rob Staton: In florida now, Staton has maintained an insane level of production amid changing personnel for his entire career. Staton has grown from a thoughtful blogger to a bonafide draft guru and the national experts are starting to take notice. Consistently rated at the top of his position group, Staton offers a balanced opinion with supporting facts and the best research and comments section on the web. It’s a testament to his work ethic and candor that allows for the trickle down of that amenable and knowledgeable culture.

    drewdawg11: prone to making mistakes, but has excellent recovery and a true passion for the sport that you can’t teach.

    millhouse-serbia: an international prospect, this scout is harder to scout due to the lack of info on him (jk i know all).

    Kenny Sloth: One big walking red flag. Doesn’t play nice with others and it’s a shame. This guy could have anything he wanted in life if he could just relax and focus himself.

    RealRhino2: A no nonsense scout. Rhino can take an idea and run with it, offering a steadying presence to his teammates.

    East Side Stevie: has a degree of nerve that isn’t often found in players this age. Commanding presence

    Awsi Dooger: recent florida transplant, has yet to really dial in to our methodology and our FO’s MO. That said there is nothing holding then back as a scout. Once they perfect their knowledge of the scheme they will scout the crap out of our prospects.

    BobbyK: knowledgable and great with kids. One of the most passionate fans of the game you’ll meet and has true true heart in a world that is desperately wanting it.

    DCD2: Are him and DC brothers or what? Jk

    LLLOGOSSS: Excellent communicator, leader in battle and pushes to get the best from his favorite blog.

    AlaskaHawk: underrated sleeper type from a small school. Cold weather scout. Loves to eat whale. Alaska joke.

    Jared Stanger: Dink

    FuzzyLogic: a strong scout, perhaps limited to a backup role at the next level, but don’t let him hear you say that.

    HawkTalker#1: Awesome questions and a real treat to listen. To in interviews. Never a dull moment because he has a ton to say. Takes great angles and seems to have a really good rapport with Staton, pulling awesome responses from the Brit.

    Coleslaw: after a bumpy start to the season Coleslaw has revamped his regiment and is now firing on all cylinders to scout at the highest level.

    I’ve been coming here almost nine years now.

    Nine years ago I was 13 and homeless in the middle of the recession in wet ass Washington.

    Rob gave me a home and an escape on this site. I never realized how important that was until I got older, but Rob, Vol, Sea Mode, lots of others. You guys mean so much to me. You’re my brothers in fandom and I cherish these seasons as they go by (all too fast).

    Another huge thanks to Rob for being like a mentor to me when I really needed it and giving me and so many others a special platform to be ourselves and be real fans in our own ways.

    No good thing goes unnoticed, Rob, and I know this blog is no exception.

    I hope you truly truly get everything you want out of this blog, because it’s more than I could’ve ever asked for.

    • Ed

      Nice story Kenny. Homeless at 13, and got out on your own. Keep rolling

    • Georgia Hawk

      Dang man, that’s the most serious tongue in cheek post I’ve seen on here…I can’t even crack a joke on it! Glad to hear you found a welcoming community, and hoping you are much better off now than 9 years ago.

      • Kenny Sloth

        The story for sure has a happy ending. 😂😂😂

        • Georgia Hawk

          Glad to hear it my man

        • 80SLargent

          “Normally you have to pay double for that kind of action Cotton.”

          -Pepper Brooks

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            Thank You for including me M8, it made me smile!

            I realize I’m the Gothic Hippie of the Blog.
            I’ll work on making my posts focused on only Seahawks and the Draft.
            If that’s what you are lmplying?

            This is the Best site for being a Seahawks Fan, and I Love and appreciate you all! Even if you don’t feel the same for Me.

            Go SDB !

    • Sea Mode


      Love Our Blog

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Nice Sea Mode!

        • BobbyK

          +12 Thank you. 🙂

    • Logan Lynch

      This is a shining example of the community Rob has created on here. Well done, Kenny (the SDB one, not the FG one). Kudos.

    • Hawk Eye

      whats your 40 time Kenny? You have a bit of a Seahawky background story”. You might be draftable.


      • GerryG


    • AlaskaHawk

      Our prized draftee loves to eat Muktuk!

      Muktuk is most often made from the skin and blubber of the bowhead whale, although the beluga and the narwhal are also used. Usually eaten raw, it is today occasionally finely diced, breaded, deep fried, and served with soy sauce.

      They have a muktuk eating contest at the eskimo Olympics in Fairbanks.


      Haha, I’m speechless. Love this community as well. I find myself quite snobbish (even more so, if that were possible) when talking shop with other Seahawks fans now. I can usually tell if they read the blog or not. If I ask and they say no I roll my eyes. Rubes! Haha. Three cheers for Rob and his acolytes, it’s next level around here.

  18. Look Who's Hawkin

    One comparison that I don’t think has really been talked about in relation to Earl’s value is the Duane Brown trade. People often point to Earl’s age and contract demands as to why a team wouldn’t give up what he is worth. We traded a 2nd and a 3rd for a 32 year old LT who also was known to want an extension (one he will get). I know the 2nd was a future pick, but still. Granted LT is a premium position, but Earl is arguably a better player at his position and he is significantly younger. I get that it is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison, lineman have longer careers and what not, but I do think it’s worth looking at. I can accept that a 1st isn’t going to happen (even if I do think ET’s value is worth it) but I’m starting to think a 2 and a 3 should be the return at minimum. Or a 2 and next years first.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Earl also needs a new contract, is vocally want-away, and safeties have a shorter shelf life than OL.

      I do think we’re going to be disappointed in the return for Earl

      Like that second, a fourth, swap sevenths and some depth player we never heard of shiiiiiiieee*

  19. C-Dog

    Dave Softy Mahler noted something interesting in a tweet yesterday. The new photo murals going up around Century Link include RW, Duane Brown, Doug Baldwin, Shaq Griffin, BWagz, and Jarran Reed.

    No Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril.

    Mildly interesting the team chose to put up murals of Reed and Griffin over Frank Clark on the defense, but maybe encouraging that they sense big things around the corner from both.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I will be shocked if Earl Thomas isn’t dealt.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thanks for sharing this. Something I wouldn’t find otherwise

    • Georgia Hawk

      I think that could be more of a hedge of players they KNOW will be around a while. Clark will need a new contract soon, and while so does Brown, I think that signifies he is far more likely to extend. Hawks like to work extensions later in the year after the draft anyway, so we won’t know for a while. No KJ, Kam, Earl, Lockett…all guys with very uncertain futures as it applies to the team.

    • Logan Lynch

      I remember reading a few different places that players on the team brought up Jarran Reed as a young guy on the defense who’s going to become a leader. This is just another example of that.

      • C-Dog

        Sheldon did about Reed mid season. Called him a leader

    • 503Hawk

      Maybe they put big D Brown up because they couldn’t think of any other players on offense. (Sarcasm & frustration w/ the lack of talent on that side of the ball.)

      • mishima

        Yeah, you can’t really throw Joey Hunt up there.


    • GerryG

      Franck does still have the ugly pre-draft incident, so maybe not the best posterboy for the team

      • C-Dog

        Possibly. He also did that knuckleheaded thing last year going after that female reporter who wrote the DV story about him, and then a few months later sucker punched Ifedi in the face. Maybe a few things you don’t want to see in a leader.

  20. DC

    It might be time for the Hawks to play some hardball with prospective trade partners. If Dallas or Jacksonville aren’t willing to pony up for ET then I’d float the idea that we will trade him to NE. The Patriots won’t care about an extension and know that they will get a year from one of the best and then get a comp pick for the 1 year rental. They also have a ton of draft ammo with picks #23, 31, 43, 63 & 95. They can move Devin McCourty back to CB for this season. With an aging Brady, they are always playing for ‘this year’.

    Do you really want ET playing for your nemesis NE Jacksonville? No? Then how about pick #29 to put you over the top and into the big game this year? Your choice.

    • RealRhino2

      If he’d play out the year for the Pats w/o an extension, why not just have him play out the year for us?

      • Rob Staton

        Because the team wants to move on, get some picks and change the roster up

  21. Kenny Sloth

    EWU DE Albert Havili in on a local. Udfa type

    6’2 272#
    29 bench reps
    29″ vert
    9’03” broad jump
    4.83, 1.64 40

  22. 12th chuck

    first game in London, = early bye week for the hawks and raiders

    • Mark Souza

      That sucks on every level but one – Rob wouldn’t have to board a plane to watch the Hawks in person.

      That would mean 15 weeks without a break = one exhausted team at the end of the season.

      • 12th chuck

        I meant that there going to play the first game in London, not first game on schedule. they play in oct , so likely a week 5 or 6 bye

    • cha

      There’s an unsubstantiated leak that Green Bay is in Seattle for Week 5, so maybe not.

      Maybe that’s a Thursday night game and serves as a mini bye before London.

      • Mark Souza

        I hope so. I like a mid-season break, or just after. That seems to be when a team needs a break. Really early or late byes makes for too many games in a row and more injuries.

  23. Greg Haugsven

    Spent some good time watching DJ Moore and Christian Kirk. Who do you guys like better. Moores combine numbers are better but Kirk has had more consistent play during his career. They both seem like similar players that would fit our system.

    • Logan Lynch

      I like both, but was really impressed with DJ Moore when taking into account the QBs he had throwing to him. He had 4 different QBs play this year and still managed over 1000 yds receiving. Makes me wonder what he could do with good QB play. Really, I would be happy with either. They seem like the “Golden Tate’ we’ve been missing.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, both good blockers and are bowling ball type of guys. Almost like running backs playing the WR position.

        • RealRhino2

          I like both, too. Think you could put DJ Moore, Anthony Miller, and Kirk into a hat and whichever name the Seahawks drew I’d be fine with. Kirk is a heck of a punt returner, though, so if you wanted somebody to replace Lockett due to injury concerns there, he’d be my #1 choice.

        • Saxon

          Moore is electric. He leaps off the tape. He is more sudden than Kirk and has better hands. I think he’ll become the better route runner too. Kirk is a little more physical and is consistent with the WR types we’ve previously drafted, but Moore would add a new, explosive element to the offense that we’ve really not had other than a couple games from Harvin.

          I still hope they focus on DL but if they don’t like their options and want to turbo charge their sputtering offense, Moore is the man. I doubt he gets passed Ozzie Newsome.

    • Sea Mode

      There is no denying Moore is a truly amazing athlete and has sky-high potential. I prefer Kirk, however because he has three years of consistent production, as you mention, in CFB’s toughest conference and because of the outstanding work ethic and character we know he has. (I haven’t listened to any interviews or read up on Moore’s story, so please fill me in if there is anything special to know about him)

      While a slightly lesser athlete, I think Kirk is a better “football player”, to use the McCloughan term. He is a more accomplished route runner, something the Seahawks have mentioned they look for so that they can see the field early and get full value out of their rookie deal. And he brings better KR/PR and scramble drill value. Just a crafty player with a knack for getting open and outstanding hands.

      In the end, I see Kirk as a much much safer pick anyway with a higher floor, which is what we need right now as we try to get this retool going in a year with few early round picks at our disposal. We absolutely have to make each one count, and he’s about as close as you’ll ever come to a “safe” draft pick.

      (I would also apply the same preference to him over Anthony Miller, though Miller’s walk-on spirit is appealing, his hands aren’t as good and he’s not quite as straight-line fast as the other two.)

  24. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Packers @ Seahawks week 5 (October 7th) right before Seahawks @ Raiders in London (October 14th)

  25. mishima

    Having ET signed for one more year + possibility of franchise tag, next = leverage.

    If ET wants to wait/hold out for 2 years before signing his next/final contact, let him. Otherwise, best for both team and player to act now. Earl knows he needs to get traded/extended this year.

    Taking the long odds bet that ET doesn’t get traded to Dallas, but to JAX, LA Chargers or sleeper team. Possible that a number of teams have expressed interest in trading picks for ET if/when the draft falls a certain way. Teams that miss out on M. Fitzpatrick, Reid, other will come calling. Right now, too much flux in top of draft.


    • Greg Haugsven

      They could even franchise him a third time but doubt it. After two years he would be going into his age 31 season.

      • Mark Souza

        After franchising him twice, he would be 32.

        • mishima

          And his value would be halved.

          Right now, he’s essentially on a 2 year / $20 million contract. If ET wants to maximize his value, he accepts a trade and takes a new deal, now. Mistake to wait on Dallas, if other teams are willing to give him the $ he wants.

          That said, he’s a weird cat.

  26. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Austin Davis got an MSB contract which means he gets paid the veteran minimum for his accrued seasons but only would have the cap hit of a 2 year player. Takes up very little cap space.

  27. Tecmo Bowl

    1. More. Week.

    • Aaron

      Also one more week until one of these five things happens with Earl…

      1. Traded
      2. Extended
      3. Released
      4. Retires
      5. Nothing

      Too bad I don’t get paid for this great analysis like Ian Rapoport did…lol

      • GerryG

        He’s not being released. That’s just #jagsfangif

      • Simo

        He’s also not retiring, regardless of what he may have said after his broken leg injury. There’s just to much money at stake for someone who’s still at the top of his game, and only has a few short years left to maximize his earnings!!

        Here’s wishing for a fair trade with a team that can really benefit from Earl’s skill set. There should be no shortage of them!

  28. Rad_man

    I’d make Earl the highest paid safety in the league, right now, barring an overwhelming offer( 2 firsts or some such).

    I’d trade KJ and Bobby before Earl. For a number of reasons- Longevity at that position is better, kJ has a skill set that leaves little room for age decline, scarcity at position.

    This is without knowing locker room dynamics. If there’s a problem- ship him off.

    • peter

      really? what would you gain paying him a ton of money in an ice cold market?

      have to be honest maybe kj makes a bit much but hes unbelievably reliable and i dont see how safety ages better than linebacker. especially now that earl has logged multiple injuries.

    • 503Hawk

      The Hawks wont get anything for KJ. (Maybe a 6th or 7th.) His value, which is indisputable, is his availability and how he fits into the Hawks’ scheme. He will be one of the few players who spends his entire career with the same team.

      • 503Hawk

        And… Why would you send Wags off? Hyperbole maybe to show your admiration for ET? As good as ET is at FS (possible HoF) I would argue that Bobby is at the same level at ILB.

        • vrtkolman

          Agree. When Wagner has missed time (or played injured), the defense has fallen off a cliff. The Rams home game last year and the 2014 Chiefs game come to mind.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I agree, he missed a couple games in 2013 as well and we gave up 200 yards per game rushing. Earl is important but Bobby is just as important.

            • Rad_man

              Not hyperbole. Also not denying he’s a great player. I cited my reasons.

              • Rad_man

                Peter- safeties age better than linebackers per various studies. internet searchable. More violent position in general is biggest reason.

                • vrtkolman

                  I would argue that Kam and Earl are more violent players than Bobby though.

                  • D-OZ

                    SORRY,but you are DEAD WRONG!!!

  29. 503Hawk

    All of this ET discussion… Perhaps you heard the interview with the SI writer who was on with Brock and Salk. How Bennett was inattentive during team meetings. I think PCJS are reining in the players. Keeping those who want to be SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and getting rid of those who have tuned Pete out and are setting a bad example for the younger players. ET going over to the Cowboys’ locker room is NOT a good example for younger players!

    • Trevor

      He was gone as soon as he did that IMO. One of the least professional things I have seen since I started watching football IMO. People say it was Earl being Earl but that is no excuse. They were in a playoff hunt still.

      Any chance of an extension with the Hawks went out the window and that point and I for one am glad.

      • mishima

        Sherman’s ‘kumbaya’ comment, Bennett reading a book during a meeting, ET’s ‘come and get me’ moment…

        All 3 gone.

      • DCD2

        Have to agree Trevor. That rubbed me wrong in so many ways. If I felt like that, I can only imagine what Pete must have felt.

        • 503Hawk

          DCD2… You just nailed it!

  30. Sea Mode

    Sorry not sorry for re-posting this from yesterday, but I am really liking this guy and need some of you to talk me off of him… Besides, today’s article is about Earl so it seems fitting.

    Guys, what are we doing sleeping on the best ETIII replacement in the entire draft?! He’s right there under our noses alongside Kirk at A&M. And what if I told you we could likely get him in R3! It’s Armani Watts.

    Who are the FS Seattle has drafted? Ballhawks. Playmakers. Earl had 8 INT his final year at Texas. Tedric Thompson had 7 INT and 16 PBU. Speed is nice, but they are most concerned about finding guys who get their hands on the ball, because it shows that they put in the film room time and know how to read defenses and anticipate.

    Armani had 4 INT, 5 PBU, 2 FF, 10 TFL, and 2 blocked kicks his senior year. He’s a ballhawk who impacts the course of games in many ways and has a knack for coming up big in big moments.

    Someone was also asking yesterday who could bring some boom back to our secondary. Look no further.

    Here comes the physical comp:
    Earl T: 5102, 208, 31 1/4 arm, 9 3/8 hand, 4.37 40yd, 9’5″ broad, 32 vert, 21 bench, N/A SS, N/A 3C
    Watts: 5104, 202, 31 0/4 arm, 8 3/4 hand, 4.64 40yd, 10’0 broad, 35 vert, 13 bench, 4.37 SS, 7.25 3C

    Armani skipped the 40yd at the combine. He was coming off an injury and probably not back at his best yet. Earl also chose to skip the agility drills at both combine and pro day. May I also remind everybody that Earl ran a 4.49 40yd at the combine. Bad runs can happen. Even if he hadn’t bettered his time at his pro day, when you look at the tape you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no way he plays at that speed.

    I’m arguing the same for Armani. Watch these highlights and judge for yourselves. He plays FAST:

    Armani Watts Ultimate Highlight Video ᴴᴰ

    Tell me he doesn’t remind you of Earl in so many ways: jumping routes, rangy and athletic INTs (see 3:51 mark again!) and sideline hits to break up passes, giving off energy to teammates, goal line forced fumbles to save TDs, bone-jarring hits, elite closing speed.

    Even the big knock on Watts is the same as Earl: tackling. He often lunges full speed at the ball carrier and doesn’t always wrap up. But just as with Earl, that is something that can be worked on with coaching, and you gladly trade the occasional missed tackle for the play-making ability he brings. Tape vs. Tennessee 2016 is on YouTube and is a perfect example of this.

    And he’s a cool, laid back, big smile dude in interviews (stark contrast to intensity on the field). Video of him dancing with the Reese’s Cup mascot at SR Bowl. Interview I liked most was “Full Interview: A&M DB Armani Watts at Senior Bowl” on YT.

    He’s not an Earl “clone” (and who can we realistically expect to be?), but I think he could definitely be a worthy Earl replacement and compete soon for the starting FS job (which he won when given the opportunity in his true freshman year). I’m intrigued to see what he could do under PC’s guidance.

    Let me know what you think!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not sure we will ever find an Earl clone. I still like Tedric Thompson. He doesnt have the speed Earl does but you could argue he is a better ball hawk.

      • Trevor

        I really liked him a ton coming out and was excited about that pick last year. I hope the rookie year gave him a chance to adapt and learn the pro game because he did not look good in pre season last year at all.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like a lot of what I can find on him. But he is a little on the slow side, I’m not sure if the Seahawks will be interested. Some doubts about his coverage due to that slow speed.

      I did find some other interesting names for later rounds.
      •Godwin Igwebuike, S, Northwestern
      Height: 5-11. Weight: 213. Arm: 31.25. Hand: 9.75.
      40 Time: 4.44.
      Projected Round (2018): 5-7.
      In 2017, Igwebuike had 78 tackles with nine passes broken up, two forced fumbles and two interceptions. He was a solid defender for the Wildcats.

      In 2016, Igwebuike totaled 108 tackles with seven passes broken up and two interceptions.

      • All I see is 12s

        Whenever he was on the field he was around the ball. Got some fumbles and an interception ( in preseason)

    • RealRhino2

      Who knows? Hard enough to judge safety play from the TV copy of game film, almost impossible to judge from a highlight video. I watch these highlight videos, I feel like I learn more about Drake than I do about the prospect.

      • Sea Mode

        lol, true dat.

        I went through a few more games today both from 2017 and from 2016 and it seemed to me he played a little deeper in past years with Justin Evans roaming closer to the box. But still hard to get a great idea as well because he is never playing single high either.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Love this dude If he ran a faster 40, I think he would be getting first round buzz. He is an absolute playmaker. I agree he plays faster than his 40 suggests. Also agree with DJ’s assessment on his NFL profile that he is sort of feast or famine. Makes an amazing play then disappears at times. But as a prospect, I like him a lot.

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, very fair points. But would you in a sense say Earl can be “feast or famine” as well in that case? What I mean is that for stretches of the game he isn’t noticed per se, even though his presence and range actually does affect every play. Then he shows up a couple times a game in a bigger way when the ball comes his way and makes a splash play.

        I do wish he had Earl’s speed, which he clearly doesn’t. But he does close fast and is explosive and I think PC might still be able to take advantage of the playmaking ability he brings to the table.

        Earl had around 70 tackles, 50 solo in his two years at Texas. Armani had 126 tackles, 83 solo in his sophomore year and 87 tackles, 58 solo last year on a team with less talent around him on defense (Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall, Justin Evans all leaving). He is consistently around the action by the end of the play. Just something else to take into account, even though it won’t always go noticed and might seem like he disappears a bit.

        • Sea Mode

          *in EACH OF his two years at Texas

        • Look Who's Hawkin

          You don’t need to convince me man lol I led by saying I love this dude. I’m sold, make him a Seahawk.

  31. RWIII

    The Key to the draft is: How players will the Hawks be able to pick in the 2nd round. Their is a ton of good players in the second round. The second is the heart of the draft. If the Hawks can pick up three players in the 2nd round they will have a pretty successful draft.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      So you’re saying we should select Arden Key in the 2nd? 😉

      • Logan Lynch

        Don’t even say that! If a zebra can’t change his stripes they might.

        That being said I would go through all 7 stages of grief and then end up talking myself into liking the pick since I’m a homer.

  32. sdcoug

    Seahawks meeting today with Cole Madison (OT/G – Wash. St). This will be his 2nd visit with the team in Seattle. 1st time was a workout, today will be interviews

  33. DCD2

    Rob, I just checked the prospects tab above. I’m wondering which round you think Matt Barkley will go 🙂

    Joking aside, take a look at the RB tab: Leveon Bell with the worst numbers, and yet the only one on the list you would even want today.

    WR’s: DeAndre Hopkins with the lowest avg/catch, lowest TD’s… yet hands down the best WR in there.

    At DEF: Our guy Dion Jordan is there and so is Aaron Donald. Jordan with 5 sacks and Donald with 10. Jordan went #3 and Donald #11 (I think).

    Pretty sure there is no way to glean anything useful from this info, other than college stats don’t mean a whole lot. Still interesting to see Geno Smith as the best QB that we looked at, and the WR/RB numbers show that college success doesn’t necessarily translate.

    • Volume12

      And neither does AN completion % anymore either according to Mel Kiper. Even though when someone asked him Lamar Jackson wasn’t rated higher he threw out the completion % excuse.

      I’m still waiting on him to retire due to Jimmy Clausen being a bust.

      • Volume12

        * QB

    • Volume12

      On a serious note. Quit scouting box scores and find traits.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh hey, Vol, nice to have you back! Been busy?

        • Volume12

          That, trying not to burn myself out, and on my WWE kick.

      • DCD2

        Traits like Christine Michael had? Right, that always works.

        You know, because he had a faster 40, more bench reps, higher vert, longer broad, faster 20 shuttle, etc. than LeVeon.

        I literally said “There’s no way to glean anything useful from these numbers” & “WR/RB numbers don’t translate”.

  34. RealRhino2

    Ran a quick simulation w/ a trade of Earl to Dallas for #50 and #116 (mid-4th) and a trade back w/ New England that would move us from #18 to #31 in the first round, picking up a mid- to late-3rd in the process. Got that? So we’d have:

    31, 50, ~85, 116, 120 in the first four rounds. Using CBS’s big board, came away with:

    Chubb, Tyrell Crosby, Rasheem Green, Ian Thomas, and Dante Pettis. Would hate to lose ET, but would feel good about this group. Maybe sub a CB for Thomas and get the TE later, whatever. I’m going to kick Crosby inside to LG until Duane Brown moves on, I see Green as a good DE/DT Bennett replacement, and I love Pettis in our offense. He’s not big or physical but he gets open, catches everything and is good in a scramble. His time with Jake Browning have made him expert at adjusting to the ball 😉

    • Sea Mode

      Really ideal scenario there if we could come up with those first 5 picks. Moving from #18 to #31 should net us an earlier R3 pick or even tail end of R2, but certainly it doesn’t always go down according to the draft chart. I feel like there are so many solid players in that range that could really come in and make an impact on the team.

      Need to take look at Pettis and Green. Honestly haven’t paid much attention to them.

      And, as always, a big fat +1 for Chubb from me!

  35. Volume12

    Love Rotoworld’s Josh Norris out here getting bodied on twitter. Nerd.

    Also a big fan of BR’s article on QB Jalen Hurts saying if he transfers from ‘Bama he’ll be the biggest free agent in CFB. ??? My man getting paid or…?

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Don’t mind Norris work. A lot of the rotoworld guys put out good content. A few of them are definitely..er..interesting Twitter follows, to be polite lol

      • Volume12

        He’s ok.

        I just find it funny that during this part of the off-season it’s like draft media binge watches their new favorite tv show a friend told them about. As if all prospects come from the same place.

  36. Greg Haugsven

    So far some not confirmed leaks for Seahawks schedule.

    Week 1…home against someone
    Week 2…@ Chicago on MNF
    Week 5…home against Green Bay
    Week 6…@ Raiders in London
    Week 7…bye week

    • Greg Haugsven

      Week 17…against Arizona ( has been at home late most years so probably again )

      • Greg Haugsven

        Week 14…Vikings @ Seahawks on MNF

    • cha

      Week 1…home against someone

      Are you sure? Yankees are in town 1:10 first pitch that Sunday. Going to be a mess.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not sure…just guessing as teams rarely have two straight road games. Could be a road game though. It would suck to go road, road

        • Greg Haugsven

          So most likely they will start on the road the first two games which sucks.

          • cha

            Who cares? Mount up.

            • DCD2

              Yep. 2-0 and zero home games is a fine way to start 2018.

  37. Volume12

    The Jags updated unis are 🔥. Same with the Fins.

    • John_s

      I thought the Jags unis were their practice unis. Very plain. I was a fan of their unis last year just had to change the helmet.

      • DC

        Getting to the Super Bowl requires new unis (and ET). Everyone knows that.

  38. cha

    Rumor is the Hawks open in Denver week 1.

    • Nick

      Elevation in week 1 could be brutal.

      • vrtkolman

        I’m not very high on Denver as a team though. Defense is getting older, offense is a dumpster fire, and Vance Joseph probably isn’t going to last long.

      • cha

        I’m thinking the exact opposite. Hawks can get there earlier if they like and acclimate. Also better weather instead of playing them in December.

  39. Ed

    PC said he expects ET in camp in July. I assume and hope it’s to get that market up.

  40. C-Dog

    Well, well, well..

    Just when ya think it’s going to go one way, it starts looking like it might go the other.

    Pete Carroll on Dave Softy Mahler’s show said he expects Earl Thomas to be a Seahawk in 2018. Said, “we are counting on him.”

    • Rob Staton

      He couldn’t really say anything else. Because if Earl isn’t traded they will be counting on him. And if he eventually is, this answer doesn’t lose you any leverage.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I pretty much thought the same thing. What else is he supposed to say?

    • Chris

      He said very similar things about Jimmy Graham and Sheldon Richardson.

      You want Jimmy back?

      “Heck yeah”

      Course he isn’t going to say anything different.

  41. Aaron

    So…Pete telling Softy that Earl is a Seahawk. He expects him at Training Camp in July. Also he doesn’t get all this “Earl is going to be traded” stuff. So…does this mean a contract extension? Earl made it clear he won’t take the field without a new deal, not a franchise tag after 2018, not FA, but a long term deal and nothing else. The extension would have to be two years max for me. So he’d be an UFA in 2020 when he’s 31. In the words of Han Solo, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

    • Rob Staton

      I think Pete answered that question the only way he could

      • DCD2

        It’s like when Wille Taggart was asked about leaving UO for the FSU job. Over and over he said “I’m the coach of Oregon. I really like our team this year. Those are rumors, let’s talk about the football team.” etc, etc.

        Then he took the job with FSU.

        You can’t really say anything else. You try not to outright lie, but you’re not volunteering your plans to the world either.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Precisely. Plus there is the possibility a trade won’t happen; doesn’t mean they don’t want it to.

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