Seahawks meet with Vita Vea — what does it mean?

In the video above, Ian Rapoport reports the Seahawks brass had dinner with Vita Vea this week. Rapoport also notes they’d have to move up if they wanted to get him.

It’s hard to know what to make of the meeting. Vea probably won’t make it to #18 — and the chances of Seattle even using the pick appear remote. Picking at #18 and not again until #120 remains an extremely unlikely scenario, especially for a team in the middle of a major re-tooling job.

They don’t have the stock to move up either. If they needed to get ahead of Washington at #13 (Vea’s apparent draft floor), they’d need to spend a pick worth the equivalent of a late second round pick. A collection of fifth rounders isn’t going to get it done.

The only scenario where Vea to Seattle makes moderate sense is if he somehow does drop into range and the Seahawks deal Earl Thomas for at least a second and third round pick. That affords them the opportunity to add talent in the early rounds and avoid a wait of 102 picks.

Overall the meeting was probably a case of due diligence. Just in case.

After all, two days before last years draft Tony Pauline reported the following:

— The Seahawks had a trade deal set up with Atlanta to allow the Falcons to move up to #26 to take a pass rusher (this happened)

— The Seahawks were targeting Garret Bolles with their pick after moving down

— Tom Cable made a late visit (Sunday before the draft) to the Utah campus to meet with Bolles

In the end Bolles was taken off the board by Denver with the #20 pick. There was never any chance to take him at #26, let alone after moving down to #31. Yet the Seahawks were apparently preparing, late in the process, to target a particular player. And they met with said prospect.

This could be a similar situation. Perhaps they’re getting a sense Vea might fall into range at #18? And perhaps they think he’s one of the very top players in the draft (he is). So they’re doing some late work on a player who, originally, had been seen to be well out of range.

That’s just a team doing what it needs to do pre-draft. Yet, sadly, the reality is Vea will almost certainly be gone in the top-13. The Redskins desperately need a nose tackle. There aren’t many humans on the planet with Vea’s size, athleticism, mobility and power. He’s a much better player than Danny Shelton (the #12 pick in 2015). He might be the second coming of Haloti Ngata.

Bob McGinn’s league sources listed Vea as a player ‘likely’ to be gone by pick #14. Here are the quotes provided by McGinn:

Scout #1: “He’s top 10. He’s a man. For a 350-pound guy he does (have movement). Plays hard. He just powers guys. Violent. Strong. He’s good.”

Scout #2: “He’s better than Shelton… Wide shoulders, good arm length, big butt, thighs, calves. He’s got some bad belly, though. You can’t believe how this guy can bend and squat. I saw him in warmups.”

In Tony Pauline’s latest mock draft, he paired Vea with the Dolphins at #11.

Vea would be a tremendous addition for the Seahawks. The type of bully up front that would help them control the LOS and shut down the run. He’s a two-down player for the most part — but the type you still take early. He’d help set the tone, home and away. The Seahawks are going to win games under Pete Carroll by shutting down the run and running well. Vea helps you achieve that.

Sadly, you’re probably more likely to watch him do his thing in Miami or Washington in 2018. He’s just too good to last.

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  1. Ralphy

    After watching our front four get blown off the line of scrimmage towards the end of last season, an addition like this would be amazing.

    • Edgar


  2. Kenny Sloth

    Probably in on a local, right?

    • Rob Staton

      It wasn’t a visit — it was an off-site meeting (dinner). You can have as many of those as you want.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Oh wow. Like bowling with Okung?

        Two questions
        Have you found any significance or reliability in types of meetings? Patterns?
        I think I was missing the mark in looking for a smokescreen, but I do think the team is sneaky and strategically quiet. We know that as a fact.

        Any players you think in which we’re hiding our interest? Kerryon Johnson comes to mind..

        • Rob Staton

          Yep — just like bowling with Okung (that would be a fun name for a music album).

          I think every meeting has a purpose but it’s fruitless trying too hard to look for any deep meaning. Last year they brought McDowell in for a visit and drafted him. In other years their first pick hasn’t been a VMAC visit. No obvious trend. It’s worth noting who they meet with and discussing possible interest. But ultimately, they meet with 30 officially, many others off-site. They aren’t going to draft all these guys. And some players they mask their interest, eg Pocic and Russell Wilson.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I also think they really like Ronnie Harrison even though I don’t quite sp much

        • Lewis

          I’m inclined to think this is getting to know the player for when they become a free agent down the road.

          • Lewis

            About the only other scenario that would make any sense at all would be if they were getting 19 from Dallas then trading both to say, buffalo for 12, 56, and 65. But that seems ludicrous,

  3. Rob Staton

    Got some interesting Bob McGinn-sourced info for a Google Hangout tomorrow.

    • Trevor

      Looking forward to it!

    • Jeremy


    • Sea Mode

      Boo yeah!

  4. Trevor

    I know we need to get draft capital by trading back but wow would Vea ever look amazing on the Hawks DL for the next decade. Wagner would be the most excited guy in the league.

    • EBurgz

      Dude he would be so nice for us.

      Who thought that jarran Reed would be available where we drafted him? The fact that “he’s a two down player for the most part” or at least perceived that way is the only reason he might fall IMO (like reed did). Vernon Butler is another guy that was a big huge monster that we all liked and he lasted a while (I know he isn’t as studly as Vea). Washington could possibly take a baller like Derwin James or Edmunds or someone else. I don’t think they will but you never know, Rodgers fell further and he’s the best qb in the league for my money. Then factor in 5 QBs could get picked before 18. Crazier stuff has happened.

      • peter


        I hear ya. I love the knowledge on the blog and Vita will more than likely be gone by the 18th but to hear posters tell it everyone worth a damn is easily a top 18 pick out of our range.

        Or the second round is going to have 48 picks so the team will again miss out on the next tier.

        After that most players aren’t worth any thing besides UDFA status.

        Somewhere in these extremes is the reality. For example I love Nick Chubb and if he ends up being a Frank Gore for the next decade I’d still love that. But I still see him equally mocked in the 3rd round as he is in the second….to me it’s actually likely with little pre draft enthusiasm that he lasts until the third.

  5. James

    If Vea is a target but out of reach would Settle be a similar player they could trade down for?

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Off the top of my head, I would say Tim Settle. Just thinking of guys that size who can move like that, there aren’t many. Though Nnadi would be a nice target as well.

    • C-Dog

      Vita is a much more freakier athlete, but I think Settle could be a target day two. They seem to be spending a fair amount of time looking at DTs.

    • Trevor

      I like Settle but he is not the same sort of athlete or prospect as Vea..

    • Matt B.

      Settle is an interesting case, I’ve seen him mocked all over the place, from as high as round 3 to as low as round 6. Will be interesting to see where he ends up considering we were thinking of him as a potential 1st rounder for a little while…

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    I don’t know if he’ll be a generational player, but Vea is a generational athlete. I’ve never seen a man his size move like he does.

    I’d love to see him anchor the DL for the next decade or so. But not if it means they can’t pick until Day 3. There isn’t a player in this draft worth picking at 18 (let alone move up for) if you can’t pick again until R5.

    • cha

      That open-field tackle on punt coverage vs Penn St was amazing. A 340 lb man moving like a gunner.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I almost posted the exact same thing as a reply to an earlier post about .

      +12. Well said.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else laugh when they read his name ‘Mayonnaise’ Hungalu, Oregon State?

    Kyle Allen^, QB, Houston (WOR, PRI)
    Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell (WOR)
    Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas (PRI)
    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (WOR)
    Andrew Brown, DT/3-4DE, Virginia (PRI)
    Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO, PRI)
    Austin Corbett, OT/C, Nevada (PRI)
    Will Dissly, TE, Washington (COM)
    Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State (PRI)
    Poona Ford, DT, Texas (PRI)
    Dallas Goedert^, TE, South Dakota State (WOR, PRI)
    Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida (COM)
    Derrius Guice, RB, LSU (PRO)
    Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama (PRI)
    Holton Hill, CB, Texas (PRI)
    Khalid Hill, FB, Michigan (PRI)
    Manase Hungalu, ILB, Oregon State (WOR)
    Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan (PRI)
    Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Christian Kirk^, WR, Texas A&M (WOR, PRI)
    Keith Kirkwood, WR, Temple (PRI)
    Cole Madison, OT, Washington State (PRI)
    Jacob Martin, DE, Temple (PRI)
    Alex McGough, QB, Florida International (PRI)
    Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (PRO)
    Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM)
    Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado (PRI)
    Foye Oluokun, OLB, Yale (PRI)
    Dante Pettis, WR, Washington (PRO)
    Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (PRI)
    Justin Reid, S, Stanford (PRI)
    Ed Shockley, ILB, Villanova (PRI)
    Ito Smith, RB, Southern Mississippi (PRI)
    Josh Sweat^, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRO, PRI)
    Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (PRI)
    Simeon Thomas, CB, La.-Lafayette (PRI)
    Kemoko Turay, DE/3-4OLB, Rutgers (PRI)
    Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (SR)
    Devron Davis CB UTSA
    Demone Harris DE Buffalo
    Jessie Bates III (S, Wake Forest)
    J.T. Gray (S, Mississippi State)
    Tee Sims (DE, Appalachian State)
    Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse
    Billy Price, IL, Ohio State
    Derek Nnadi, DT, Florida State
    Vita Vea, DT/3-4DE/NT, Washington (STM)
    Chris Cooper, FS, Stony Brook (PRI)
    Marcell Harris, S, Florida (PRI)

    UPDATE: Tony Brown had another meeting with Seattle. Hubba Hubba

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Now that you said it, ya I had a good chuckle.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m also a Ducks fan haha

  8. Drew

    Latest news know is that Earl won’t hold out regardless of contract situation, per JS as told to him by Earl’s agent

    • Aaron

      So…extension or playing out his deal are more likely than a trade? If that’s the case and he actually won’t hold out then let’s go Earl, get back on board and let’s do this thing. Hawks definelty gonna trade down at least twice then. I’m thinking from 18 to 33-37 and recoup a third and fourth. They can then use those fifths to trade up into the 3rd again if they want. Maybe a scenario like this…

      First – 0
      Second – 1
      Third – 2
      Fourth – 2
      Fifth – 2
      Sixth – 1
      Seventh – 2

      That’s the magic number of 10 that Pauline said they want.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Not necessarily. It depends on where they think their first target will end up. Why trade down too far if you’re going to miss the guy you really want.

        • Clayton Russell

          Well said! Let’s not get to cute in the draft.

          • Mark Souza

            To supplement that, Pete was on Softy’s show yesterday and took on the ET question. He said Earl is a Seahawk. There is no plan to trade him. The teams plans for 2018 include ET. He said he met with Earl immediately after the Dallas locker room incident and was convinced it was Earl’s way of taunting the Cowboys after the win, that the media blew it up into something it was not.

            Is he blowing smoke? I don’t know.

  9. Awsi Dooger

    Vea makes sense for the Dolphins and many Miami fans are now assuming that will be the pick.

    I hope they make a move for a quarterback. It is so boring waiting for Ryan Tannehill. Otherwise he is destined to surrender a full decade.

    I’m not sure better than Danny Shelton is much of a recommendation. In all my decades following the draft I don’t think I remember a defensive tackle with so little to recommend going that high. There have been busts drafted higher but at least they had ability to waste.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Guys.. Tony Brown II is a SEAHAWK

      “First guy out of the tunnel”
      “Says he sees himself as a “silverback gorilla”
      All american in the 110 hurdle

      • Kenny Sloth

        Reply fail

    • Rob Staton

      The point on Shelton was — he was the #12 pick. And Vea is better. So him dropping to #18 is unlikely.

  10. NickLOB

    What’s the next DL needy team after Washington that would snag Vea?

    • Aaron

      Chargers, and that’s likely his absolute floor at 17.

    • Rob Staton

      Green Bay and Arizona should also both look at Vea if there.

      But Oakland, Miami and Washington are unlikely to allow that to happen.

      • Ralphy

        SD’s roster is looking very good. Their only weakness is stopping the run. I imagine they would sprint to the podium to draft Vea.

      • C-Dog

        I don’t think he gets past Jon Gruden who had Warren Sapp in Tampa.

  11. JimQ

    I think it’s just a matter of being thorough, IF Vea drops & IF they get a 1-st round pick in a trade (that they are hoping for) for ET, they don’t want to be caught without having done their due diligence and they will want to consider all eventualities, and all trade situations just in case. Cover all bases!

  12. C-Dog

    Reports are now coming out that Earl Thomas will not hold out of training camp if no extension is reached. I don’t see how Vita becomes a Hawk without an ET trade, but man, would I love it if he did. He’s probably the one player I wouldn’t trade out of 18 for.

  13. HawksBill

    A little off the daily topic….But I posted this link last year and if you have not seen it, it is a very cool combine/pro day graphical measurable site where you can move the slider and compare past and present players. Enjoy.

    P.S. Rob,You might considering adding it to your links section.

    • Sea Mode

      Use it all the time! +1 for the idea of updating the links section. I think between all of us we could provide links to a lot of good, up-to-date resources.

  14. BobbyK

    Something else to consider is a possible trade of ET and the 18th pick to a team higher up and that team sending the Vea pick and a potential 3rd round pick (or something) back to the Seahawks.

    ET and 18 to move up X number of spots to draft Vea AND acquire a 3rd round pick? The Bills/Bengals did something similar with the Cordy Glenn trade (although their extra picks were 5th/6th round). However, ET is better than Glenn and the Hawks probably wouldn’t be moving up 10 spots in the first round like the Bills did. Stranger things have happened.

    • DCD2

      Interesting idea. The big problem is that our potential trade partners are the bottom dwellers of last year. Maybe if Vea fell to 14 and the Pack, they would think that Earl could put them in serious contention. The rest of the teams in the top 15 are either taking a QB or in rebuild mode or both.

      9ers are the only other team that might think that they are a player or two from making a run, and they definitely have the cap to make that work. Earl and Sherman on the 9ers would be too much to bear.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I keep coming back to Oakland at #13. That could be a trade partner. They have cap and need help in the DB/S area. What you would give up and get could be dicey….. but that is about exactly where he will go within 1 pick up or down the draft. They loved Aaron Donald when he came out, so no reason to think they would not want to pick up Vita Vea. We have seen how much of a game wrecker Donald has become… that is kind of the top end production I could see Vea having for Seattle (or any team).

    • Sea Mode

      Great idea. One way or another, we know JS is going to have to get creative to make up for lost draft capital.

    • EBurgz

      I’d rather have earl than Vea.

      • DCD2

        I would not.

  15. rowlandice

    Is there any team in front of the Hawks that could really use Earl? Think Dan Snyder would want to keep ET away from the Cowboys?

    • Lewis

      Doesn’t seem like a smart move, but then, this IS Dan Snyder we are talking about.

    • HawksGal

      The Raiders possibly at 10, but yikes I just don’t know if that’s logical!

    • Lewis

      You know, the more I think about this, the more it makes sense. You could trade with Washington 6 spots and get their 44. Then, you could trade down from 44 and stay in the second round, picking up a third in the process (for instance, 44 to Buffalo for 56 and 96). Heck, you could trade 56 for 64 and 114 to match up with Rob’s Mock. Crazy, but maybe it could work.

  16. drewdawg11

    He’s a guy I wouldn’t mind finding a way to move up for. However… it’s not likely. Too bad because he’s special. I’ve watched every game of his college career and this past season he took a massive leap forward. He’s still an ascending player.

  17. sdcoug

    As a die-hard Coug, I can’t stand all the Fuskies littering the hawks roster the last few years. That said, I would absolutely give Kenny’s left nut for a shot at Vea. He’s special. Love that beast and he would be a game-changer up front

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Kenny left it in Vietnam…. long ago… before drafting was cool.

  18. kevin mullen

    You gonna make it to the Hawks/Raiders game in London? I really wished you had a half Hawk/Raider Aaron Curry jersey. We all know you were a huge fan of that pick! 😄

  19. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I’ve seen many a game that Vita has played, for my collage team is The University of Washington Huskies.

    He’s a very special player indeed! He’s a Polynesian Warrior with his Physical prowless and mentality as was Troy Pollimalu.

    That said, I want the Hawk’s to Draft in the Direction Rob does focusing on the run game.

    The Time is almost amung us!

    Go Hawks

    • drewdawg11

      Well, Vita DID play some running back in high school. 😛

  20. Josh Emmett

    im not all the way in on him. I have reservations about the Washington players in the pro’s. Lots of college success but not too many dawgs pop in the pro’s. The pac12 isn’t exactly turning out tons of awesome trench players. He may be good but I would rather have Payne from Alabama or Bryan from Florida that have been going against the best is the nation their whole careers.

    • D-OZ

      Are you serious Josh? OK, must be kidding, would be my guess…

    • peter

      Theres a narrative about that about going against the best because its alabama or the sec. But Im hear to blow minds…..

      Alabama is the best CFB program in the nation bar none with no peer. There are teams I love that give them fits like Clemson (Dabo Swinney YOUR 2021 Seattle Seahawks head coach? another day…)

      But the players themselves aren’t playing against the best players they are the best players. last year there schedue was:

      1. A horrible FSU
      2 Freson state… comparison
      3. Colorado State….even less of a competition
      4. Vandy….a perennial dog in conference and not so great outside
      5.Ole miss….solidly mediocre
      6. Texas A&M….see above
      7. Arkansas…..disastrous at 4-8
      8. Tennessee….my man Butch jones bringing home a 4-8 season
      9. LSU….so after 8 warm up games they play an okay team
      10. MIssissippi…..same
      11. Mercer….basically a bye week.
      12. AUburn….loss after “bye week.”
      13. Clemson…..finally a really legit team
      14. Georgia….another legit team

      Alabama often plays better teams due to final rankings. The SEC and certainly teams within it are very good and can be competitive.

      As far as Veae. I know Olinemen are more valuable than Dlinemen and that Edge rushers are way more valuable than Dlineman but Vea is far and away better than Payne or Bryan. And for Seattle would be an absolute game changer in how the defense operated.

      • Josh Emmett

        We will see how he does at the next level. I’m not bashing the guy, he is a huge dude. There is a ton of potential. We will see how he does. The hawks have 4 starting caliber DT’s. Drafting a NT with your first pick in the draft(or having to move up to get him) isn’t a Priority imo. If you look at the roster the leanest positions or unproven positions are Lb, DE, TE, CB, as well as RB. Just doesn’t seem like a fit to where the hawks needs are this draft. I am saying I would rather have a trade down to accumulate more picks and possibly landing Payne or Bryan late in the first if they are going DT with first pick. The hawks have never drafted a top prospect unless they picking in the top 15 which hasn’t happened in a while because they have been good. Look at Dion Jordan and ke ke Mingo. Just because they are highly harolded doesn’t equate to success in the pro’s. In all likelihood a crappy team will draft Vea thinking he is going to be a game changing 3 down Dtackle like Aaron Donald but he is more of a 2 down DT with little pass rush upside in the pro’s.

  21. Rowdy

    my first thought was there could be a small chance he falls because he’s a 2 down player ” I see no way it happens btw” so js schedules a meeting just in case to drum up interest around the league. now if he actually falls teams no doubt will try and move up for, I’m thinking teams would see Dallas jumping on him and have to ahead them. if veas there are draft compensation would go way up.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Right on Rowdy, that was a good thought man. It makes a ton of Sense to me.

      • drewdawg11

        Why would you take him off the field when he can push the picket back into the QB’s face? Once he gets a better pass rush repotoire, he will be even more effective.

        • Rowdy

          I agree but most scouts/experts call him a 2 down player

  22. Coleslaw

    1. Buffalo- Sam Darnold QB
    2. NYG- Saquon Barkley RB
    3. NYJ- Josh Rosen QB
    4. Cleveland- Josh Allen QB
    5. Miami- Baker Mayfield QB
    6. Indy- Bradley Chubb DE
    7. Arizona- Lamar Jackson QB
    8. Chicago- Quenton Nelson OG
    9. SF- Denzel Ward CB
    10. Oakland- Vita Vea DT
    11. Denver- Tremaine Edmunds OLB
    12. Cleveland- Minkah Fitzpatrick DB
    13. Washington- Roquan Smith LB
    14. GB- Jaire Alexander CB
    15. TB- Derwin James SS
    16. Baltimore- Mike McGlinchey OT
    17. LAC- Leighton Vander Esch LB
    18. Carolina- Calvin Ridley WR
    19. Dallas- Courtland Sutton WR
    20. Detroit- Marcus Davenport DL
    21. Cincinatti- Isaiah Wynn OG
    22. Cleveland- Kolton Miller OT
    23. NE- Josh Jackson CB
    24. Cleveland- DaRon Payne DL
    25. Tennessee- Rashaan Evans LB
    26. ATL- Harold Landry DE
    27. NO- Sam Hubbard DL
    28. Pittsburgh- Isaiah Oliver CB
    29. Jacksonville- Ronnie Harrison S
    30. Minnesota- James Daniels OL
    31. NE- Ronald Jones II RB
    32. Philly- Sony Michel RB
    33. Seattle- Christian Kirk WR

    Seattle trades 18 for 24, 85, 161, 2019 4th
    Seattle trades 24 for 33, 96, 114, 121
    Seattle holds

    13 picks. 11 in rounds 2-5.

    • Coleslaw

      Forgot to mention this is my “‘Way too many trades’ mock”. It’s the last mock I’ll do before my final mock, so I wanted it to be crazy

      • DCD2

        Trade city USA! Is this something that you think could happen, hope will happen or something else?

        Lots of good names still on the board at this point.

        Will Hernandez
        DJ Moore
        Taven Bryan
        Dallas Goedert
        Darius Guice
        Mo Hurst
        Austin Corbett
        Nick Chubb
        Justin Reid
        Jesse Bates

        • peter

          love Veae but if seattel could get three of the guys on that list instead? I would definitely lean that way.


        This is actually ideal… not too many trades at all, we need those picks.

        • drewdawg11

          How are we going to get 4 picks to move down 6 spots?

          • Coleslaw

            Because it’s a top 20 pick and you demand a load when a team wants your pick badly. It’s not out of reach.

            • drewdawg11

              This is the real world. Unless it’s a top 5 pick you aren’t getting a haul like that.

  23. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    Very interesting article. If Vita dropped to 18, imagine what Seattle could get for for that pick. Maybe multiple picks for days 2 and 3. The stuff that teams are made of.

  24. CharlieTheUnicorn

    They had an interview with Duane Brown today on 710, during drive time.
    They asked him “what is the biggest difference between the old OL coach and the new OL coach”.

    He stated that the old guy was very X and Os, while the new guy is very detailed oriented.
    He couldn’t really say too much, since he only worked with one guy one meeting and the other for half a season.

    I thought this was telling in what he said. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but just saying…. it might have been a perfect time to change it up and freshen up the coaching staff as well as the roster.

    • Drew

      If that’s the case then man…makes a lot of sense of why our picks take longer to develop, if at all on the OL.

      • DCD2

        Why do I picture Cable playing tic-tac-toe for an entire team meeting?

        • peter

          Thats why brown couldn’t bring it up out of fairness to the man.

          • 503Hawk

            Shows some class and fulfills RULE #1: “Protect the Team”, unlike some other divas who are no longer with the team.

            • peter

              “protect the team” !

  25. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Vita Vea can change the Seahawks defense in a good way.
    A truly dominant front 7 player who then frees up the guys in the back half to do their thing.
    This would make up for the loss of ET, by having him in the front 4.

    I keep thinking this draft might end up being a really wild one in Jerry’s World.

    • Del tre

      Yeah getting Vea then Josh Sweat could have the hawks set for years to come. Maybe the Hawks feel confident with the DBs they have on the roster, if Elliot is healthy maybe they feel he has taken a real jump forward? Tedric roaming the backfield going for picks while a defensive front wreaks havoc? I’m into it. But that would take a heck of a lot of luck and huge compensation for Thomas. Still a fun thought!

  26. sdcoug

    Anyone here previously discuss WR Vyncint Smith from D-II Limestone?

    6’2″, 197 pounds. 39.5 inches in the vertical jump and 10-foot-11 in the broad jump. Smoked the 40yd in 4.35.

    • clbradley17

      He’s on Tony Pauline’s Small School Gems – Offense page today –

      Tony also says we’re interested in a small school gem RB, maybe in rd. 7?

      “Trenton Cannon/RB/Virginia State: Cannon’s film is like a weekend highlight reel, as he consistently breaks long runs and alters games with big kick returns. He’s dangerous in the open field and shows the ability to cut back against the grain and run to daylight. With a host of offensive coaches attending Richmond’s pro day to watch quarterback Kyle Lauletta work out, Cannon stole the show by timing 4.39 in the 40 and turning in a terrific workout. Cannon has had official visits with the New York Jets and Denver Broncos and has garnered lot of interest from the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. He could slide into the late rounds.”

      • Mark Souza

        Great scouting clbradley17. Cannon’s 4.39 shows up on the field. It’s amazing the way he pulls away from people. He doesn’t get caught from behind. He also has excellent receiving skills. His team didn’t just use him for flat passes and screens, they frequently sent him on deep routes, and he excelled at it. The big questions with him will be size and durability at only 185 lbs, and pass protection.

        He is definitely someone you’d like to get on the field whenever you can. He could make the team as a return man and work on converting to wide receiver, where his size would make more sense. His run after the catch ability is amazing. Love to see him in Hawk’s blue.

      • Sea Mode

        I took a quick look at Cannon a while back when I saw he came in 2nd to only Barkley in RB SPARQ score.

        But he is only 185 lbs., so I think ok WR convert prospect only, but then the few plays that involved him catching the ball gave me the impression he might not have much potential there.

        So I imagine if there were any true interest, which their appears to be with the official visits, that he would be a KR specialist at the next level.

        • Kenny Sloth

          How about those dudes from Cincinatti

          Mike Boone had a great workout at RB

          They had a tackle with crazy numbers too

          • Kenny Sloth

            Mike Boone had a 42″ vertical and an 11’07” broad. Would have been tops at the combine.

            Korey Cunningham ran a 4.88 40 at 311# and jumped 35 1/2″ vertically and 9’11” long ways.

            • Trevor

              Those are crazy 3s for Boone. Have you watched any tape on him Kenny. I have not checked him out at all. Is he worth a look?

              • Kenny Sloth

                If you like a smaller school, smaller Kalen Ballage. Dude is shifty and explosive and isn’t afraid of contact. “Untouchable” comes to mind at times. Very frustrating most other times.

                I like the OT, too. Former TE/DE, played baseball basketball.

    • Mark Souza

      sdcoug, I also looked at Vyncint Smith video. The workout numbers look great, but the knocks on him are real. If he really runs 4.35, it doesn’t show on the field. No suddenness, no separation, poor routes, and even against Division II competition he doesn’t shine (did notice on long routes when he was pretty well covered, his QB put the ball on the money in tight windows – that caught my eye). Might make sense as an UDFA camp body with the hope he’s a quick study and takes coaching well.

  27. Millhouse-serbia

    I think there is 30-40 % chance that Vita will be there at 18th.

    I really can see 6 QBs in first 15. So we need 11 more players and Vea will be seahawk for next 10 year. 😀

    1. Nelson
    2. Barkley
    3. Chubb
    4. Ward
    5. Smith
    6. Edmunds
    7. James
    8. Minkah
    9. Davenport
    10. Ridley
    11. LVE or McGlinchey

    • Trevor

      Looking at it that way makes it seem quite possible. I just don’t see how he gets past the Redskins on GB.

  28. H

    They’re still not putting those tickets on sale for the Seahawks Raiders Game in London. As excitd as I was to combine my two football worlds, Im now feeling a little annoyed that its not at the much larger and more finished Wembley Stadium.
    Gonna be so bummed if i miss out.

    Good article Rob, Id love Vea but Im almost certain they wont be able to make this happen. I cant see the Raiders passing on him.

  29. Sean-O

    Pretty interesting story where a guy has mocked the draft for every team. It looks like he’s done a bit of homework for SEA. Lots of names of guys who’ve been discussed on here.

    • 503Hawk

      Yah, looks pretty thorough. He even managed to squeeze in 10 picks for the Hawks.

      • drewdawg11

        I just noticed while skimming through that he had Chubb as an early 4th. I don’t think I could see that happening. That’s a lot of work to compile all of that, though.

    • EP

      Nice share. I think the Colts draft is indicative of why we want a number of picks in round 2. Mike Hughes, Billy Price and Christian Kirk. As we’ve said over and over, really can’t see the value of anyone at 18 unless somehow a coupe of guys drop. Only way I can see that happening is if all the QBs go before us and if some of the Oline who are projected later in the first and early second get taken quickly.




      That’s 19 names there so who would you take at 18. The only guy I could possibly get behind is Leighton Van der Esch but feel as if we could get a decent depth LB later on as it’s not a pressing need.

    • Trevor

      Wow now that is a comprehensive Mock! That had to take a ton of time.

      The Hawks trades seem very possible and I actually like the Hawks picks quite a bit.

    • C-Dog

      Pretty well thought out piece. I could totally see Seattle walking away with a draft like that.

    • Gohawks5151

      Just saw this. Love the trades. Even got some blog favorites on there. Trade out Kirk for Davis and Turray/sweat for Noteboom and no one would argue that mock.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Kyle Allen^, QB, Houston (WOR, PRI)
    Alex McGough, QB, Florida International (PRI)

    Derrius Guice, RB, LSU (PRO)
    Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State (WOR)
    Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (SR)
    Ito Smith, RB, Southern Mississippi (PRI)

    Khalid Hill, FB, Michigan (PRI)
    Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM)

    Christian Kirk^, WR, Texas A&M (WOR, PRI)
    Dante Pettis, WR, Washington (PRO)
    Keith Kirkwood, WR, Temple (PRI)

    Dallas Goedert^, TE, South Dakota State (WOR, PRI)
    Will Dissly, TE, Washington (COM)

    Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (PRO)
    Austin Corbett, OT/C, Nevada (PRI)
    Billy Price, IL, Ohio State
    Cole Madison, OT, Washington State (PRI)

    Vita Vea, DT/3-4DE/NT, Washington (STM)
    Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan (PRI)
    Andrew Brown, DT/3-4DE, Virginia (PRI)
    Poona Ford, DT, Texas (PRI)
    Derek Nnadi, DT, Florida State
    Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (PRI)
    Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell (WOR)

    Josh Sweat^, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRO, PRI)
    Kemoko Turay, DE/3-4OLB, Rutgers (PRI)
    Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas (PRI)
    Jacob Martin, DE, Temple (PRI)
    Demone Harris DE Buffalo
    Tee Sims (DE, Appalachian State)

    Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State (PRI)
    Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida (COM)
    Foye Oluokun, OLB, Yale (PRI)
    Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (PRI)
    Zaire Franklin, LB, Syracuse
    Ed Shockley, ILB, Villanova (PRI)
    Manase Hungalu, ILB, Oregon State (WOR)

    Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado (PRI)
    Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO, PRI)
    Holton Hill, CB, Texas (PRI)
    Simeon Thomas, CB, La.-Lafayette (PRI)
    Devron Davis CB UTSA

    Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama (PRI)
    Justin Reid, S, Stanford (PRI)
    Jessie Bates III (S, Wake Forest)
    Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin (PRO)
    Marcell Harris, S, Florida (PRI)
    J.T. Gray (S, Mississippi State)
    Chris Cooper, FS, Stony Brook (PRI)

    • peter

      Thanks for chopping this up into positions and adding break lines. Super good info.

    • Mark Souza

      Thanks Kenny. I’m printing this out to track how many of our picks a UDFAs come off this list. A little draft day fun.

    • Sea Mode

      Much easier to read this way. Great work, Kenny!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Am I crazy in thinking we were at RoJo’s makeup pro day.?

        • Sea Mode

          Ok, going all out “you know who” on this just for fun… 🙂

          There were reportedly some 12-15 teams there.
          Pauline reported: Eagles, Giants, Patriots, Browns, Lions, Redskins.
          And from the photos I clearly see Jaguars, Broncos, Chargers.

          In a quick glance through the different pictures I couldn’t make out any Seahawks’ scouts for sure (Seahawks gear). Did you recognize any? This is probably the best photo I found for that:

          Maybe the guy in the navy blue jacket and grey hat with sunglasses on the bill is West Coast scout Tyler Ramsey. The short beard and big ears do look like him. Here’s an interview of his from last year so you can get a good look at him:

          But it appears there was a different Seahawks scout at the earlier USC pro day (though of course there might have been more than one there):

          Either way, I’m not sure they would really need to be there tbh. Having already been at the USC pro day and with PC’s insiders at the school, not sure they needed much more info than they already would have had. Idk, just a guess.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Your research was incredibly fun. And I didnt know we were at USC’s pro day.

            That was definitely our personnel.

            I just am searching so hard for subterfuge. We know nothing.
            I think we havent met with some of our favorite prospects… Why do we know so much this year….. Or think we do. I don’t trust it.

            • Logan Lynch

              It’s a mindtrip man. No links to Nick Chubb at all. Smokescreen? You have to think they love him.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Maybe they don’t want the injury history, but you think if they had questions we’d hear about that. Leave no stone unturned and all that.

    • Trevor

      Thanks for this Kenny

  31. EP

    My hope for the draft is to get a couple of second rounders and hope to take Rojo and Kirk or Kirk and Chubb. Package up some later picks and move up as far as possible from the 5th and take one of the DTs we’ve mentioned. Hill, Brown, Sheppard etc. Later round picks to fill out LB depth, CB project, TE, and again more depth along the Dline.

    • Trevor

      Rojo and Kirk would be pretty awesome additions to the offense.

  32. Logan Lynch

    Less than a week to go, so I decided to put together a set of general Seahawks draft predictions. None of these will specifically list players, just positions.

    1. SEA will draft at least 2 DL. One will be an inside-out rusher to replace Bennett. The other will be an Edge/SAM like Bruce/Mingo who will try to take Cliff’s spot.

    2. SEA will draft a red zone replacement for JG. Either a tall WR or TE. They will also attempt to find their “Golden Tate” replacement.

    3. SEA will trade back, maybe more than once. They will still also draft in the first round. This happens because they trade Earl for a 2nd + later round pick.

    4. More defensive players will be drafted than offensive players.

    5. No backup QB, K, or P will be drafted, but all will be brought in as UDFA.

    6. SEA only drafts one RB. They will add more in UDFA. At least one of them will be a pass catching back primarily.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I definitely believe 4 and 5

      This is a really solid QB class for backups. There will be some in udfa.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely with #1,4,5

    • Coleslaw

      I see 4 as a lock. Offense early, defense the rest, throw in TE

    • j

      I’ll raise you one and say Seattle only drafts one RB and he is drafted on day three.

      • Logan Lynch

        I was tempted to go there too and have that be the pass catching back. Use Carson as the Thunder, new guy as Lightning.

  33. Trevor

    He is likely gone and the Hawks desperately need more draft capital. There is no way they leave this draft without a Day #2 pick.

    That being said I think Vea has the chance to be a truly special game changing DT. The Haloti Nagata comp is legit IMO and ask Ray Lewis what kind of impact he had.

    Vea would make the whole Hawks front seven better because he will require a constant double team. He likely starts as a 2 down guy but could develop into an elite 3 Down DT early.

    Stuffing the run is priority #1 in Pete’s scheme. That is why gap control is such a priority for him. There is no player in this draft who comes close to Vea in his ability to impact the oppositions run game.

    IMO he is one guy who is worth the 18 pick and not trading back

    • peter


  34. Kenny Sloth

    Tony Brown not usually made available to media.

    Couldn’t guess why the seahawks have met with him twice?

    • Trevor

      I think he will be one of our day #3 picks. Do you like him? Seems like a guy who would come in and be a great special teamer from Day#1 then compete for a spot.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Really like him. His biggest knock is he relies in his athleticism, physicality and recovery speed.

        Calls himself a silverback gorilla and plays quite ham fisted. Pete’s kind of project.

        • Sea Mode


          Have had this guy as a lock in R5 for a long time now. If nothing else, core ST contributor.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Check out Jessie Bates’ awesome game against a bad Florida State.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Marcell Harris is a UF safety that hits really hard and has obvious special teams upside.

      • Kenny Sloth

        The Stony Brook FS we just met with plays downhill and is clearly a leader.

        The USF tape is a good barometer. Christopher Cooper #17 FS is clearly at a higher level than his team. Broke the high 4.4’s at his pro day.

        Here is a neat little resource that lists pro day measurables to smaller school prospects similar to draft diamonds;

        Some players we’ve met with are on there. Notably Dallas Goedert, Chase Edmonds, and Foye Oluokun show up several times on that list.

      • Kenny Sloth

        JT Gray at Miss St. dresses really flashy for post game interviews but talks about film study and preperation and his reading of the game in a very salient way

        1.59 split full name Juantavious Tavon Gray

    • Kenny Sloth

      Tee Sims vs Georgia. You gotta look for him. Number 42 goes up against Wynn a lot.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I like Demone Harris a lot better.

        He really closes like a rocket. Has speed and flexibility to bend the edge. A really strong inside move and a spin counter. Reminds you of a poor man’s Khalil Mack coming out.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Jullian Taylor Temple DT with a 1.62 split at 292

        Powerful at the line. Thoughtful gap control and really good footspeed.

      • Mark Souza

        The Tee Sims vs Georgia video looked like an Isaiah Wynn highlight reel.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Devron Davis was given a ton of responsibility at UTSA.

      They moved him around a lot and he showed a lot of versatility in playing in the box, making open field tackles, covering #1 on an island, bracketing w safety help in the slot.

      Thick long limbs and sometimes looks like a real pro. Physical, smart, confident.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ed Shockley calls himself the hardest worker in this draft. Says he “represents that cliche”.

      Recalls playing football with a stick or water bottle in his small hometown.

      Good closing burst and pursuit. Decisive and relentless. Great sportsmanship. An underrated quality. Finishes tackles. Really flashes a burst that he didn’t test with. Relentless gap splitter. A weapon off of blitzes. Loves to hit.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Him and Manase Hungalu are both big time leaders. Captains and they lead their respective pre games I believe.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Kill two birds

        Watch 22 Chase Edmonds vs 23 Foye Oluokun

        • Kenny Sloth

          (This is how I prioritize my scouting to save time tbh)

          • Kenny Sloth

            In this same vein watch Temple vs Stony Brook.

            I really like Keith Kirkwood 5 and Chris Cooper 17 respectively

        • Sea Mode

          Am trying to see what they might like in Chase Edmonds. I always ask myself: can he beat out the guy most similar to him on the roster? (in this case, McKissic) I know 40 time is not the most critical factor for the Hawks at RB, but that 4.55 40yd at a small size puts me off.

          I did realize something though when looking at him on the SPARQ list. He is #2 in three cone time. Look how many of the top 24 three cone times the Seahawks have shown interest in (that we know of). Maybe it’s just obvious that many good backs are quick and have good times and there is no real correlation, but still:

          Josh Adams
          Chase Edmonds
          Justin Jackson
          Kendrick Foster
          Austin Ramesh
          Ryan Green
          Nyheim Hines
          Royce Freeman
          Kalen Ballage
          Jarvion Franklin
          Mike Boone
          Ryan Nall
          Chris Warren
          Ray Lawry
          Arkeel Newsome
          Jay Roberson
          Trenton Cannon
          Robert Martin
          Melvin Vaughn
          Aaron Duckworth
          Kerryon Johnson
          Roc Thomas
          Daniel Hamm
          Nick Chubb

          Did I miss any? I thought there was some interest reported in some of Justin Jackson, Nyheim Hines, Mike Boone. Or was that just people talking about them in the comments section?

          • Logan Lynch

            Gotta be quick to avoid DL in the backfield ;)…

            I want Austin Ramesh at FB.

      • Mark Souza

        Shockley has a great motor and instincts. The things that would worry me are 5’11” and 4.8 forty. But he finds a way.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He closes so much faster than that. Surprised to find that time out

  35. Saxon

    Mayock`s position rankings were just updated and, imagine my surprise, he has moved DJ Moore into the #1 slot at WR, ahead of Ridley and Kirk, which is as it should be. Moore is special and if he’s there at 18 we should seriously consider him.

    He’s also got Penny tied with RoJo at #5 RB. Still too low for Penny. He’s gonna be a beast.

    • Logan Lynch

      I really like Moore too, but I think he’ll still be there past #18. Probably a fringe late 1st/early 2nd.

    • Mark Souza

      And I’m with you on Penny.

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      I like Moore a lot, but I don’t think we have the luxury of taking a WR at 18 with our current roster and draft capital.

  36. Overtime

    It is nice they bought Vea dinner. I see it as a PR move to maintain the positive relations with the UW. It would be insulting if they ignored him entirely. I agree it is more likely than not that he is off the board. Still there is always a chance. McGlinchey is another one I would covet if they use #18. We have several OL’s that are going to want to get paid after this season. Britt is scheduled for a big raise, too. Our O Line problems are just beginning and OL’s have become as hard to find as a good QB. Trading ET to Dallas could set a lot of balls in motion. There will be several trades in round 1. Miami and Washington may not pick where they are.

  37. drewdawg11

    They don’t need to meet with him to maintain some type of relations between the two. They don’t do any real business with the school. They did it just in case” an opportunity presents itself and they don’t want to be unprepared if the impossible occurs. IRS called due dillegence on a really good player who happens to play in the same city.

  38. drewdawg11


  39. betaparticle

    I know that we’ve heard it from “reliable” sources, but the echo chamber to trade away ET for a mid 2nd rounder is a little over the top.

    Earl Thomas is the best FS in the league, and his peers are guys like Palomalu and Reed. Pete Carroll’s secondary scheme thrives on an elite FS. Playesr like Earl Thomas are only available in the top 10 in the draft, and we don’t have a replacement on the roster. If you get rid of Earl, not only is there a hole at FS, but all of the CBs the team has drafted or otherwise acquired become fatally flawed.

    Having an extra mid 2nd round pick doesn’t remotely allow the team to address the holes that would cascade through the defense if Earl were traded away.

    This is all my opinion of course, and maybe I’m made to look the fool in the next week, but it just seems utterly unrealistic that such is Carroll’s, or Schneider’s, master plan. I say there is absolutely unequivocally a 0% chance that Earl is traded for anything less than a 1st and a 3rd, or a cheap AllPro level player and a 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Pete feels like he needs an elite FS to succeed. We’ve started to assume that because we’ve had Earl for eight years.

      But if they simply had to have an elite FS to succeed they would’ve taken Earl at #6 in 2010 or moved up for Eric Berry. Or not risked Philly sneaking him off the board at 13.

      • Gohawks5151

        At USC he never had great FS besides Polamalu. Maybe TJ McDonald. It would just be a departure from how we are used to the defense operating. He probably puts the focus elsewhere such as a Leo and linebacker positions much like the USC defenses of 2006 to 2008. Obviously other scheme tweaks will follow. Love Earl. Hope they find a way to keep him.

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Some special plays in this highlight tape for Christopher Cooper

    • Sea Mode

      Nice. Here’s some numbers via Pauline a while back:

      At Stony Brook yesterday, unheralded safety Chris Cooper put on a show for scouts. After tipping the scales at 202 pounds, Cooper completed 17 reps on the bench, touched 35 inches in the vertical jump and timed as fast as 4.43 in the 40 despite tweaking his hamstring.

    • Sea Mode

      Has some adversity in his background too:

      Q: What is your final pitch or sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

      I’ve been through a series of obstacles to get where I am today and I proved myself time and time again that I’m not a quitter. I’ve sat out a year after high school recovering from a broken leg from a freak work accident. Then, getting a second chance to play for a JUCO team (which was the true test if I wanted to continue to play football), that year and a half wasn’t easy AT ALL. Then, getting a chance to play at Stony Brook in a conference with great competition. Until I’m done playing, I will continue to be humble, hungry, driven, and willing to learn whatever is needed to make myself and the team better!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Love him as an udfa

  41. no frickin' clue


    Let’s say for some reason, Vea is still on the board at 1.18 and the Hawks get a call from the Patriots, offering to trade 1.23 plus a 3rd rounder to move down five spots. Would you take the deal, or take Vea?

    • Rob Staton

      Would depend on what you could do at 23. If you could trade from there into round two and get another early third or late second, I’d consider it.

      • McZ

        This pretty much nails it.

  42. Kenny Sloth

    Ten Picks?

    Billy Price, OL
    Nick Chubb, RB
    Ronnie Harrison, SS
    Shaquem Griffin, LB
    Keith Kirkwood, WR
    Tony Brown II, DB
    Poona Ford, DT
    Khalid Hill, FB
    Ed Shockley, LB
    Devron Davis, CB

    • Look Who's Hawkin

      Where do I sign up? That’s a great class.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It would take some manoeuvring and dealing Earl.

        Probably have to trade down twice and back up again later

    • Logan Lynch

      I think it’s light on DL, personally. Do you think they’d keep Shaquem at LB or try him at SS? He plus Delano, Tedric, etc would eliminate the need for another SS and would open up an earlier DL pick. Maybe one of the Ohio State guys.

  43. Nick

    Seattle has put a lot of emphasis on drafting Dliners with loooong arms. Maurice Hurst has rather short arms—do you think they would buck the trend for him? Seems unlikely.

    • Nick

      Let me be clear, I’d be all on board taking him at #33. He’s a stud. But wonder if Seattle wipes him off their board because of the 32″ arms.

  44. j

    I wanted to do a draft where we didn’t draft RB early as a change of pace.

    Seahawks trade 1(18) for 2(33) and 2(64) and 6(1)
    Seahawks trade 2(64) for 3(9) and 4(23)
    Keep Earl Thomas

    2(33) Lorenzo Carter, EDGE, Georgia
    You always need another pass rusher. Carter is one of the few that meet what the Seahawks look for in one. With such limited depth for DE, you have to pull the trigger early.

    3(9) Derrick Nnadi, DT, FSU
    A tough d-tackle. Improves run defense, adds physicality on the inside and has some pass rush upside as well.

    4(20) Tre Flowers, cornerback, Oklahoma
    6-3 and 200lbs with 34 inch arms. He ran a 4.45 forty and managed a 34.5 inch vertical and a 10-2 broad. Prototypical Seahawks corner. Played safety in college.

    4(23) Leon Jacobs, OLB, Wisconsin
    Fantastic athlete at a position of need. Gritty guy, team captain, enough said. Should be a core special teamer as well.

    5(4) John Kelly, RB, Tennessee
    Tough well rounded runner who can do it all. A little smaller for a Seahawks guy but otherwise fits the mold. North-South back. Character concerns in that he got busted for marijuana in college.

    5(9) Equanimeous St. Brown
    Has the speed Seattle looks for in its receivers as he ran a 4.48 40. Great size as well, however he doesn’t play to it. A little inconsistent, but could put it all together as a pro. Needs to play more physical.

    5(18) PJ Hall, DT
    Fantastic athlete at the tackle position. Played at a lower level, which knocks his stock down. But he was dominant at that level. 4.67 40, 38 inch vertical, 9’8 broad jump.

    5(30) Troy Fumagalli
    High character guy who walked on despite being a three star recruit. Solid all around TE. Good blocker who shows effort and improved strength his senior year. Average athlete for the position but a real football player. Plays with nine fingers.

    6(1)Darryl Williams, RB, LSU
    Ran a 4.7 at the combine but improved that to 4.65 at his pro day. Marginal speed for the position, but excels in other facets of the game. Like Kelly, a tough interior runner who can pass protect and catch the ball out of the backfield. Compares well to another LSU RB the Seahawks drafted in the sixth round, Spencer Ware.

    7(7) Simeon Thomas, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette
    6’3, 190, 35 inch arms, 4.47 40, 39 inch vertical. Why is he here this late? 25 years old and suspended his freshman and sophomore seasons for academic reasons.

    7(29) Trenton Cannon, WR, Virginia State
    This will make two small school guys in the seventh. RB in college but will make transition to WR. Ran a 4.35 at his pro day and looked real good in drills. Showed excellent pass catching skills – his team used him a lot in the pass game at RB, including running deep routes.

    7(31) Kentavius Street, DT, NC State
    Tore his ACL at his pro day. Thought to be a day three pick prior to that, so he is available here. Might not get drafted. Will take a medical redshirt and hopefully pay off in 2019.

    • j

      No OL, S or QB drafted. Two RBs who I think fit what we are trying to do late. Three DT (although one won’t play in 2018) and some pass rush.

    • Look Who's Hawkin


      In my opinion, he is the forgotten man in this draft class. Completely overshadowed by the talent above him. But watch his tape and it’s hard not to be impressed. Runs extremely hard, extremely physical. He is tenacious. A bit undersized at 5’9″ but listed at 215 lbs or so, so it’s not like he’s frail. When taking into account value, he might be my favorite RB in this class.

      A few other thoughts: The 4th round feels too high for Flowers and Jacobs, but I love both picks. Big fan of Carter, but I’m not sure how he would fit into our scheme.

      • j

        Same way Bruce Irvin fit in our scheme. He’d be a sub package pass rusher.

    • j

      Only concern is I think the fifth rounders will be available there but a little self doubt creeping in. Hall, St. Brown and Kelly all could go higher but for various reasons I don’t think they will.

    • hawktalker#1

      I love many of the running backs in later rounds.

      HOWEVER, I love having a premier RB as part of the PCJS “fix the running” game objective even more!! 🙂

      • j

        True. I’m now saying we won’t or shouldn’t draft one early. Just that pretty much every mock has us taking one early so I was trying to do something a little different.

  45. Nick

    Here’s my attempt at a mock draft—my first one all year. Would love to hear people’s thoughts. My commitments were:

    -Get younger and faster on Defense.
    -Prepare for last year’s drafted CBs to not work out.
    -Focus on improving the run game.

    Trade 18 to Cleveland for 33, 64, 114.
    Trade 33 to Denver for 40 & 106.

    #40 DE Josh Sweat. They love his athletic profile and his ability to rush the passer and set the edge. If you haven’t seen his tape, he is remarkably good at the latter.

    #64 RB Royce Freeman. Seattle has shown interest in Ballage, but his numbers from the combine and pro day mirror Freemans. In this sense, I’m saying that Ballage is a hedge for Freeman not being available at the end of Round 2. I know Rob disagrees with him being a Seattle pick, but I think he offers the best value/upside. He has three-down potential. They feel like they can get more aggression out of his running style.

    #106 OG Scott Quessenberry. Dude fits the profile of what Seattle is looking for. Helps give depth to an interior O line that will need to be pushed.

    #114 LB Shaquem Griffin. Have to pick him, right?

    #120 CB Holton Hill. I absolutely love this guy. He plays the game so hard and he loves to tackle.

    #141 CB Tony Brown. I think they overdraft him, but he’s a core special teamer from day one.

    #146 WR Cedrick Wilson. He fits the Air Coryell system. Great speed and height.

    #156 DT Andrew Brown. Huge upside. Could be disruptive 3 tech.

    #168 TE Will Dissly. Run game baby.

    #226 QB Kyle Allen. They’ve shown interest and they pick him because they don’t like their odds getting him as UDFA.

    #248 RB Chase Edmunds. Again, commitment to the run game. He offers a hedge for McKissic.

    • Kenny Sloth

      One of my favorite mocks I’ve seen. Slightly surprising lots of upside.

      • Nick

        Thanks for the kind words. I value your judgment, KS. What did you find to be most surprising?

      • j

        Don’t think this draft will be about upside rather than toughness. I think they are after tough hardworkers who are good athletes also.

        • Nick

          Yeah, I think a lot of those guys I picked were incredibly tough. Sweat had to come back from a gruesome leg injury. Griffin is tough. Holton Hill is tough. Tony Brown’s a bad man. Will Dissly is not afraid to block the big boys.

          I agree—toughness is key in this draft.

    • Logan Lynch

      My one nit to pick is that I think the draft will be more defense-heavy this year than offense. You think they would use Sweat in the Bruce role and have him be a SAM in base and rush the passer in nickel?

      • Nick

        Yes—that’s exactly how I see them using him. He’s a potential three-down player at a position that is pricey in FA.

    • madmark

      I can see Josh Sweat as a pick Seattle would reach for but as far as I’m concerned I really don’t think he’s worth the risk. He’s to light to hold edge in the NFL. I concerned about his injury which you can see he favored at times last year and allowed him to be rolled over. He always seems to be the last one on the DL to get going at the snap which is more recognition than atheletic. He’s a junior with great potential thought he should have stayed in college another year.

    • McZ

      Very nice draft, but i too say, that Josh Sweat is overhyped. I don’t want the Hawks nowhere near, when the bust implodes. Sam Hubbard is a much more complete player.

    • McZ

      Have to say, a very good one on Quessenberry. Finally a OL player, that is not a wonder weapon without clear place, but a player who will prevail on his position.

    • McZ

      Wonder why nobody has Mark Andrews as is TE. He is basically a Hunter Henry clone, and this is the best thing you can say about a rookie TE.

  46. Rad_man

    agree with the comments that this is just about getting to know a guy in the case that he becomes available down the road. Just collecting data.

    Although I see some mocks where he falls to 18, I just can’t see it.

  47. Greg Haugsven

    Just for fun, what pick do you guys think we will be drafting from with our first pick and which player do you think it will be?

    Example, 33…Billy Price

    • Volume12

      If they stay at 18? Harold Landry.

      Hard to say with the rest # wise, but Sweat, Green, or Reid.

      • Logan Lynch

        Defense x4. Pete’s gonna restock that D in this draft.

    • madmark

      I’ll throw a guy in there that I don’t want to leave the draft without. Dallas Goedert TE South Dakote St.
      6’4′” 5/8, 256lbs., 80″ 1/8 wingspan, 34″ arms, 10″ hands, 35″ vert, 10.1″ BJ, 4.8 40, and 6.87 3cone.
      This guy has high football IQ and knows how to catch the ball. Understands rudimetrey skills of blocking and is a hard worker. He will be the opposite of a Tracey Kelce who I had on my draft and we he went the pick after we got Christine Michaels. Tracey came from Cinnicinati which was a run heavy offense so he knew how to block and he had limited numbers of catchs. Dallas is opposite he absolutely can catch the ball and will need some time getting his blocking up to NFL level. This pick would leave us in good straights as far as TE position with Dixon and Vannett both with 3 years left on their contracts.

      • McZ

        Goedert will go as the top drafted TE, I fear. Late R1.

    • McZ

      #38, Mike Gesicki

  48. SoCal12

    My guess would be picking up Cleveland’s 33 and using it on Kirk, RoJo, or Rasheem Green.

    • SoCal12

      Reply fail. This was meant to be a response to Greg’s post.

      • Greg Haugsven

        No prob, I saw it.

  49. Mark Souza

    I was looking at Appalachian St highlights for Tee Sims (against Georgia) and left YouTube running in the background. When I looked up, it was on a Sony Michel highlight video. Now a lot of the runs are the sprinting through a hole the size of a Mack truck variety, but there are also a few with defensive penetration into the backfield where Michel has to make a man miss before even getting to the line.

    I’m not saying Michel should be our back, just that whoever we pick should have that skill, that escapability, especially until our line shows dramatic improvement.

    • Logan Lynch

      I made the point a few months ago about my thoughts on the top skills that SEA should look for in a RB. I had lateral agility and burst/acceleration (not necessarily top speed) as my top two. Someone said I was describing Kerryon Johnson for what it’s worth.

  50. Logan Lynch

    Uh oh, watch out what you say guys. We’re getting called out on FG for even daring to consider trading Earl for a 2nd + later pick. “An echo chamber of absurdities”. How dare we actually consider all possibilities?

    • hawktalker#1


    • Lewis

      Eh, if being a place where people are friendly and alternate points of view are generally respected constitutes an “echo chamber” that suits me fine (hint: it doesn’t)

    • SoCal12

      As someone who visits both sites I think it’s silly to divide the fandom into an ‘us and them’ situation. We are all fans of the Seahawks and should be united in our shared love of the blue and green.

      • Logan Lynch

        I completely agree and I frequent both sites as well. I didn’t bring it up to create a divide in the SEA fan community. Mainly just wanted to point out the fact that some see it as strange that we are actually discussing the possibility that Earl is traded even if the compensation doesn’t match what we originally expected. As Vol pointed out below, sometimes it’s better to get something rather than nothing. Hindsight being 20/20 I think many of us would rather have traded Sherm last offseason than see him cut and receive no compensation.

        • SoCal12

          Yeah I agree with ya. I didn’t mean to call you out specifically, moreso that I’ve seen people on both sites generalizing and characterizing each other and I just find the notion of it all to be pretty silly.

    • Volume12

      Yeah, because watching him walk after next season and coming away with nothing for him is much more ideal.

  51. Mark Souza

    Wanna see Marshawn junior?

    A J .Dillon, a BC freshman who’s a grown-ass man. He has wiggle. He has enough speed to make long runs. But look at the way he shucks off hits, stays on his feet and keeps on going. Remind you of anyone?

    • Lewis

      Damien Harris is Beast Mode 2.0, imo. This guy could wind up being closer to Christian Okoye

      • madmark

        I was hoping to draft him this year but then he returned to Alabama, I’ll be watching him next year in the draft. A 8.7 yds average is something you can’t argue with from a running back.

    • Michigan 12th

      Thanks for sharing, that was an impressive highlight reel. He needs to work on his stiff arm a little, but WOW that is the closest thing to Lynch I have seen in a long while. Great find.

  52. Gohawks5151

    7 round mock for all teams. Has us trading with Carolina for a 3rd. First round CB always kills my vibe with theses mocks. Some nice picks though. Brown, Speaks, Kelly.

    • McZ

      This is Reuters world of miraculous things happening. Guice Top 15, Hernandez mid R2, Sam Hubbard at 57, Price 62, Mo Hurst 64, Kerryon Johnson behind Ballage at 104, Braden Smith 122, Derrick Nnase 127, … If this happens, it will be a wonderful draft for Seattle.

      • McZ

        Nandi it is at 127

        • McZ

          Awwh, this is auto correction hell.

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