Why have the Seahawks failed to address problems?

In the early Pete Carroll years, they were prolific in solving problems. Priority #1 was to fix the running game. They’d achieved it by mid-season 2011. They wanted more speed in the front seven. Come in Bobby Wagner and Bruce Irvin. They found a young franchise quarterback in the draft and built the best secondary in the league.

They won a Super Bowl.

Recently though, they’ve struggled to address stated needs. Let’s take a look…

Inadequate depth at linebacker

Immediately after the 2016 season, Pete Carroll listed his off-season priorities. Key among them was to improve the depth at linebacker:

“We need some youth at the linebacker spot now. Bobby and K.J. played 1000’s of plays this year between the two of them and were extremely successful but we need to address that. We didn’t really get anybody that made a difference in the last couple of years that can really fight to take those guys job. Think if somebody could battle K.J. and Bobby for their starting jobs? That’s what we need to draft towards, so we’ll be looking there.”

The Seahawks didn’t draft a linebacker in 2017, despite using 11 picks. This year they drafted Shaquem Griffin to compete at the WILL. Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of Griffin’s. I felt before the draft — and still do — that he’s best served as a nickel linebacker and key special teamer rather than a potential starting WILL. At UCF he struggled to drop in zone and he couldn’t set the edge against the run.

Those weaknesses were exposed in the Denver game.

Never write Griffin off. But it’s fair to ask whether his selection in 2017 is enough to address a need Carroll identified nearly two years ago.

And as we’ve seen this year and last, the Seahawks struggle when Bobby Wagner or K.J. Wright miss games. Wright is a free agent at the end of the season. The depth at the position is weak.

It’s strange that Seattle identified proper depth behind Wagner and Wright as a priority, then did so little to address the matter.

Committing to the run

Yesterday we were talking about a familiar topic. The Seahawks keep saying they want to run the ball. Most of their off-season moves were geared towards fixing the run. And yet here we are. Week one — 18 passes compared to 6 runs in the first half. 33 passes compared to 16 runs by the end of the game.

Carroll tried to justify this in a conversation with Brock & Salk today but the argument was, with respect, lacking. He suggested a problem converting third downs (2/12) prevented them from calling more run plays.

I’m not sure this rings true. This was a close game. They didn’t have to chase a big deficit or score quickly. Why not at least try to establish the run as a first-half priority, even if it ultimately doesn’t work?

Mike Salk rightly asked why they started the day passing twice and noted a decision to throw later in the game on third and inches. Carroll countered by admitting they could’ve done but chose not to. They had a play they liked on the 3rd and inches call and should’ve executed. True enough. Wilson missed on the throw off play action. Yet here’s the thing. You want to be a running team. You want that to be your identity. So why aren’t you able to run for an inch or two to move the chains? And why aren’t you even giving yourself a chance to do so?

We’ve been having this conversation for too long. Even after the 2016 season we were talking about a lack of commitment to the run.

The Seahawks had the 25th best running attack in the NFL this year. In the previous four years they were comfortably in the top-five.

Part of the issue is Marshawn Lynch. There will never be another. Lynch was able to impact every game he played in — even on a 20-carry, 60-yard day. His physicality, the attention he commanded and the consistent eight-man boxes provided the Seahawks with an advantage they could only dream of in 2016.

It doesn’t mean they can’t run the ball successfully without Lynch — but it feels like they need to recommit to that aspect of their offense. Too often they started strongly and were then led down a different path. It happened in Atlanta where Thomas Rawls had 29 yards on six carries on the opening drive and five yards on five carries for the rest of the game.

The run game got even worse in 2017 and now here we are. Talking about the same thing — a need to properly commit to their stated identity.

A 64-yard rushing performance like yesterday has become the norm.

Baffling pass rush decisions

Seattle felt they needed an interior rusher so badly in 2017, they spent their first pick on Malik McDowell. It was a risky decision all considered, given his underwhelming college career and fall into round two (McDowell had previously been considered a possible top-10 pick). When McDowell hurt himself in an ATV accident, the Seahawks went out and spent another second round pick on Sheldon Richardson. Two second round picks used to address this need. That’s how much of a priority it was.

So what changed?

A year on and McDowell is practically retired and Richardson walked after a single season, essentially wasting the pick they used on him. Now they proceed without a serious pass rushing defensive tackle.

They went from super aggressive to almost nonchalant about the interior rush in the space of 12 months. Why?

The focus going forward

The pass rush has to be a priority in the off-season. Even if they re-sign Frank Clark. There’s still an opportunity for Dion Jordan and Rasheem Green to emerge as viable long term options. Let’s hope that happens. But next year is set up for a D-line focus.

For starters, nearly all of the big name college prospects have started the season strongly. Nick Bosa is a complete edge rusher and has to be the early favourite to go #1 overall. The Clemson quartet of Dexter Lawrence, Clelin Ferrell, Christian Wilkins and Austin Bryant all look like the real deal. If anything they surpassed the hype against Texas A&M, putting on a memorable show on Saturday.

Ed Oliver is a man on a mission despite already announcing his intention to declare for next years draft. He isn’t taking any snaps off. His quickness is unique for his size, even if some questions remain about his best position at the next level. Florida State’s Brian Burns had an excellent display against Virginia Tech. D’Andre Walker and Devin White are off to terrific starts at linebacker and Alabama’s Raekwon Davis seems destined to go very early.

The Seahawks will have every opportunity to add to their front seven with their first pick. They need to — and possibly should’ve entered the Khalil Mack competition. It’s not often you get an opportunity to add one of the leagues best for the price of a first round pick and a swap of a first and second. What a bargain.

Nevertheless, there will be options in free agency. Jadeveon Clowney has had health issues in his career but there’s no doubting he’s a genuine game-wrecker. Re-watch his performance against the Seahawks last season. He’s playing out the final year of his contract in Houston and could be the best bet in free agency at a decent age (26).

They need something to hang their hat on defensively. The LOB is no more. Adding to the front seven could be a solution. It’s a shame to be speaking this way so early in the season — but what’s the point in delaying the conversation?

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  1. sharker23

    I just don’t get the direction of this team- at all. It is hard to see this team winning 6 games with that defense. Guys running wide open, an UDFA running the ball better than our first rounder. Doug is hurt. Pass rush non existent. Cornerback opposite of Shaq is going to be a problem all year. (Should bring back Shead)

    Wison looks to me like he has not developed at all. Some of the things he misses are a direct result of his height. Missing Marshall in the endzone and missing Jaron on the slant with the game on the line all because he cannot see. I think he has peaked as a player, yet they will not bring in ANY competition for him.

    • SgtPeppy

      3rd and short is such a consistent problem with this team. Seems like the other team always stacks the LOS, and whether it’s a blitz or not, we seem consistently flustered. They leave the slot uncovered, just fire it out immediately like Peyton used to do. I think with the DE rushing from the 9, Russ is worried about getting his pass knocked down. Maybe we need to overload the right side and do a few more designed roll-outs.

      I’d love us to go back to being a team that could just run the ball, even when the other team knows it’s coming. That unlocks everything that’s good about Russ. But it’s simply not the reality anymore, especially with DL dominating OL across the league. Speed and deception are key – with the old schemes, someone’s gonna miss a block or get a hold, and one negative play kills a drive. We’re just not gonna ever be a good conventional, pocket passing offense. It’s too boom or bust, or glass-cannon like Rob used to say. Like the rest of us, I just don’t understand what the identity of the offense is going to become.

      • Glor

        Plenty of teams are running the ball just fine, so DL over powering the OL just isn’t a valid excuse. Quite frankly there is Zero excuse.
        Seattle Seahawks = 30th rushing offense currently with 64 yards… 21 teams got over 100 yards in their first game. (5 got over 150 yards in their first game and the redskins essentially tripled our rushing yards)

        • Mark Souza

          The first part of improving the running game is calling running plays, and sticking to it. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning the other team is stuffing them. The payoff comes from commitment to it as our line pounds theirs and the opponent eventually wears down.

        • SgtPeppy

          Anyone seen stats on how many YPC teams average on 1st and 10 run plays for the first snap of a series versus after just getting a first down and running tempo? I feel like a lot of the success in running the ball comes after wearing down the D by keeping them on the field. But you only get that if you can string together a couple first downs.

  2. Aaron

    Anybody else think that Carson has some stamina issues? Last year I saw multiple times where he tapped out during games. Yesterday I saw the same thing. I don’t think it’s just an altitude thing. I want a lead back as I’m sure some of you here at SDB want too. But maybe Carson is splitting reps not because the Hawks want a two back “thunder and lightning” system, but because they don’t have a back who can be THE guy. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Whether it’s stamina or something else, until I’ve seen him be a bell-cow I can’t believe in it. He hasn’t done it in college or the NFL yet.

      • Aaron

        Is Penny that bell cow then? If he is then he certainly hasn’t shown it yet. Granted, he’s had very few opportunities, but so far I’m seeing a slow plodding RB. I’m not ruling Penny out yet though. Just look at Melvin Gordon’s first season. He was slow and plodding too. Look at Gordon now, a pro bowl level RB.

        • Rob Staton

          Penny has at least been a bell cow in his career. Carson has not been. At any point.

        • Eburgz

          People said the same thing about Alex Colin’s. “Looks like he’s running through quicksand” blah blah blah. These guys need opportunities and some decent blocking. Hope fluker can get back soon.

          • Del tre

            THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT POINT! For real! Seahawks reddit is overflowing with people saying Penny is bad, its like how can you judge that from less than 20 carries? People see what they want to see, and what they seem to want to see lately is negativity. Glad there are a few of us on here who are oatient enough to understand that rookies take time to develop

            • James

              That’s the thing man. I played RB as well, and its a repetition thing. You really have to get some touches in order to slow the game down mentally. That’s the problem. Carson had a huge layoff and Penny missed time in training camp. THEY HAVE ZERO MOMENTUM. Do the hawks have to prove they can run on 3rd and inches…yes. You have to look like a duck, and not just quack like one if you’re trying to be one. However, we also do, as Rob, Brock, Salk, and everyone who looks at this objectively says, there’s just not enough tape to make a decision on either back.

        • drewdawg11

          Penny has played ONE game and he’s missed a few weeks of camp with an injury. He’s probably not even in game shape yet. Patience.

      • FresnoHawk

        I agree with both of you %100 but it takes time and I like the way Carson is progressing. The altitude was sure to get the best of our RB’s. If we really want to win in Denver were gonna have to “break the bank” and rent a training facility, fly out the night of the previous game.

      • Saxon

        I’m more concerned with Carson’s sudden fumbling issues. If he fumbles again he needs to ride the pine a while. His fumble killed a potential scoring drive yesterday.

        I don’t mind a backfield by committee and still believe in Penny. He looked good in the passing game and will get stronger as a runner as the season progresses and he gets his legs under him.

        And I agree completely about Shaquem Griffin, Rob. Nice story but he’s a tweener. Don’t see him as anything more than special teams / nickel rush backer. I’d love to be wrong about that.

        • Aaron

          +1 on Shaquem

          He’s a guy you bring in to blitz, spy the QB, but most importantly for special teams. He’s not a starting LB in this league.

        • GoHawksDani

          I agree on most things, but for a 1st round RB, he shouldn’t get an entire season “to learn running in the NFL”. I don’t say he should have like 150 yards, 3 TD games…But look around the other teams. A ton of UDFA rookie and 3rd, 4th round runners looking much much better than Penny.
          Freeman looked a lot better than him. Or that UDFA Denver native guy looked like a rushing god. I know, they ran against our front7 and Penny ran against Denver’s. But even Carson looked much better. Penny shows nothing so far as a runner. And yeah, he’s OK as a receiver but didn’t show more than Prosise or McKissic. Not saying he’s definitely a bust, but we could have selected:
          Terrell Edmunds to play in the backfield with McDougald (if Earl is out)
          Taven Bryan for DT rotation
          Austin Corbett or Will Hernandez to play OG (even if Pocic or Fluker would start they could be a much better backup than Sweezy and they could have the time to be groomed for the job)

          We could have easily traded back once or twice, and still select:
          Harold Landry to use as SAM, or a situational rusher or to groom to become the next WILL
          Josh Jackson for RCB
          Christian Kirk for nr 3-4 WR and possible backup for Baldwin in the slot
          Kemoko Turay for DE rotation/depth
          Jessie Bates to play with McDougald as safety
          Isaiah Oliver for RCB
          Carlton Davis as RCB

          Or trade back 11 spots into the early second get TB’s pick, they can have Penny in the first or whoever they want, we can get RoJo with their pick, get their late 3rd pick and get Yiadom, Moore, O’Daniel, Jayln Holmes, Nick Nelson, De’Shawn Hand, Dorance Armstrong.

          Not saying any of these players are better than Penny for sure. But if we don’t trade back and get an additional pick and player, you have to show you’re worth selecting and missing out an additional guy. And Penny did not show that until now at all

          • bigten

            I find this post quite ridiculous. First of all, hes a rookie RB who didnt play much in the preseason, and is in a committee situation. Second, saying that a ton of 3rd and 4th rounders are looking better than Penny is unfair. Aside from Lindsey, who came out of no where, which undrafted are looking better? And going to lindsay and freeman, they arguably have a much better line than we do. Connor McGovern was liked by a lot of people here, and Garrett Bolles was a blog favorite. They also have Leary who is pretty serviceable. The broncos are solid up front on both sides of the ball. And then you look at our front seven, and just as we have talked about, they are struggling. Our LBS are struggling. So its reasonable to assume that their RBS would have a better chance then ours. Now going to the other 3rd and 4th round running backs that are doing better, which ones are you talking about? Even 2nd round running backs, which are doing better? Michel hasnt played. Johnson who barely played yesterday. Chubb wdidnt get many carries. Guice is out? I dont see any other backs that i would rather have from this draft, aside form the obvious Barkley.
            Your argument falls flat again when you complain about a first round rb needing time to adjust, and then say you would rather have a back up guard and backup safety.

            Im not saying Penny played good or even okay, but this constant negativity with regards to him is getting annoying. Hes played one game where he only got 7 carries against a great defensive front. As Rob has said in the past, give them time to adjust and get their feet wet. The bigger issue should be addressing why we arent running more, and why Russell look so lost and slow at times.

            • Bill Bobaggins

              Amen bigten. Seeing way too many people hammer on Penny. It’s ONE GAME where the Hawks didn’t exactly light up the running game. Melvin Gordon would be a great example of a first round RB who needed a year to adjust. Give the kid some time, folks. Seeing people say, “I still believe in Penny, but…” Still? After one game? You still believe in him? Let the kid get his NFL legs under him.

              • Elmer

                Remember, let’s see what the running game looks like when Fluker is back at RG.

                It’s too early to judge, for several reasons.

            • Fairlawn

              “which undrafted are looking better?”

              They have to be literally undrafted, huh? OK, I’ll try.

              Chris Warren
              Ryan Nall
              Mike Boone

            • GoHawksDani

              So you say these udfa/later round guys are good RBs because of the OL? I agree to some extent (they don’t just look better because of that, but yeah it helps). Then why not get 1-2 OG/OT in the draft and run with Carson, Davis, Prosise and some FA/late round/UDFA RB?

              Penny looked like Eddy Lacy when he was with us. And yeah, it’s just one game, he didn’t play much in the preseason either. Against the Colts he had 8 rushes for 16 yards. (Carson had 6 yards avg and Davis had like 4). Not much stats… But how does he run? Decisive? Explosive? Breaking tackles? Making big cuts? Making good reads? Fast? Quick? Strong?
              I might be a negative Nelly, but until he proves me, that he can make magic, he is a big question mark. And it’s not OK to just get by as a first round pick. He needs to flash.

              I didn’t write that I’d rather have any of the rookie RBs. But I might like more an additional pick (by trading back again) and most of the rookie RBs. We need depth and cheap, talented, young guys.

              We could have trade back into late second and still pick a valuable guy and have like a +3rd round and +4th and +6th round picks.
              I hope Penny proves me wrong…I’m not against him, I’m not saying he’s a bust, don’t get me wrong. But he needs to prove his worth. And I want that soon. Not next year, not 3 years from now. We need him to produce now (even if it’s like 4 yards avg, solid blocking and some catches)

              • bigten

                So Fairlawn, you are honestly going to argue that those guys looked better than Penny? Remind me please how many rushing yards, or any stats, those guys had in game 1. Oh they didnt? Because they are on practice squads or IR? Okay. then so in essence, your arguing that on any other team, Penny would struggle to make it onto a practice squad because he is worse than current PS rbs? That is just silly. First, the only stats you have on those guys are in preseason, against back ups, many of whom arent on any roster right now.
                And GoHawksDani, I argued that Denver’s Rbs, the ones mentioned, played better because of superior line, more touches, and facing a weaker def. And that therre arent any other running backs in the 3rd or 4th that are looking substnatially better as you implied. And my argument wasnt that Penny was the best pick at the spot they did (though i do think he was the best pick for the hawks for what they were looking to get, but thats a different tangent), my argument was that everyone saying Penny is a bust, or cant play, or is another Lacy, is just asinine after only one game. He is young, just got back to practicing, and im sure had the jitters. Hes going to get better, and if he does, then we can complain about him. But he has had one freaking game with limited touches, and still scored 8 fantasy points in PPR leagues.
                ANd this is not to say he should start over Carson, i though Carson looked good, the hurdle was amazing. He needs to work on ball security, as that strip (beautifully executed by Miller) was to easy. My dream would for them to become what Kamara and Engram were last year.

                • GoHawksDani

                  Not saying he’s a bust, or he is another Lacy. And yeah, it’s only a really small sample. And I’m not even mentioning stats. But he looked awful as a runner.
                  Probably rust, probably not in game shape, probably a rookie thing, and probably will be better. But currently, he was hard to watch as a runner. I’m always excited when Cardon touches the ball. Electricity, strength, force, quick cuts. Like he could break a 30+ yards run anytime. I even get pumped sometimes when Davis runs. He’s not an elite runner, never will probably, but you can see how much he wants this, and how much determination goes into every run of his. I’m disappointed with Penny. I tried to be excited about him after we drafted him. And he was majorly underwhelming so far. I don’t mind a couple of issues or mistakes. Green has some ups and downs…but at least he had ups. Flowers made a ton of mistakes. But he also showed much more progress than I anticipated. So far I didn’t see any minor things about Penny that would indicate that he’ll be any better than Davis. I’m not saying he won’t be. But he needs to show me something in order for me to start trusting his capabilities, and be excited about him again

              • Clayton Russell

                Penny, looks nothing like Eddie Lacy when Lacy was with us. Number 1, he was out 3 weeks of the preseason. Rust was to be expected which is why both RB’s were replacing each other often. Penny was involved in the passing game and produced decent stats as a receiver out of the back field and when he ran short routes. He got what 7 or 8 carries, WOW great way to really decide if he can run (1 game) and to compare him to Lacy (over reaction) as most of the posts I’ve read.

                Pass blocking, run blocking was not very good, Russell, held the ball to long and they stopped going to Dissly when that was obviously working. Jaron Brown was used sparingly and it was reported he was one of the receivers that had developed a great chemistry with R. Wilson. There were too many other factors in this game and yet, Seattle lost by 3 points.

                Things don’t look great right now after 1 game, but if you are a Seahawks fan you already know Seattle rarely has great starts.

                Penny, looking like Lacy, WOW! that was really a funny comparison. (horrible.)

              • Mark Souza

                The thing I noticed with Penny during the Denver game and the preseason is he’s trying to make people miss – every defender he encounters. He’s got to recognize that won’t get him very far. Often the best option is splitting defenders and breaking the tackle, not necessarily running over people, although sometimes that’s your only option, but changing direction just enough so the blow isn’t square, or the defender has to reach, and then blasting through the tackle. He’s not doing that. It actually looks like he thinks he’s in a touch football game, trying to avoid any contact.

  3. Nolan

    Man and I normally come here for the positive… I think this is your most negative post on the hawks I have read… that being said I can’t argue with it . The stated vision has not corresponded with all the moves they have made that’s for sure. Hopefully they can rebound and still have a good year it’s to early to focus on college.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll never set out to be positive or negative. I just want to write about things that I think matter. I’ll never be a cheerleader — but I won’t go OTT on negativity either.

    • Seahawcrates

      Well, on the positive side Seattle is in a dead heat for the Nick Bosa sweepstakes. So there’s that, I guess.

      • Pedestrian

        Could end up being what this franchise needs to get back on track honestly. Hoping they double down on D line picks this year to retool that area with rich talent

        • Glor

          Except that we traded away all our picks in this draft.. so sure, having high draft position would help for our 1 pick in the first two days, but not much else. I’m sure we would just trade it away anyhow to try to recoup all of our lost picks.

  4. DC

    Rob what are your thoughts on Atlanta DT Grady Jarrett as a potential FA target? He seems like the kind of DT we have been looking for since McDonald’s departure adding enough of an interior rush/disruptive presence to help change the dynamic up front. He was fairly popular on the blog coming out of Clemson and surprisingly (to me) lasted until R5.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m a big fan.

    • Madmark

      That’s was absolutely great call there DC, I’d see that working.

  5. Elmer

    Based on yesterday’s game, do you also see stopping the run as a priority?

    In was interesting to me that two DT’s were inactive: Naz Jones and Poona Ford. I get it that they want more people on the field who can pressure the QB, but you need run stuffers as well. They must feel that Reed, Johnson, and Stephen are their three best DT’s (?)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what defensive adjustments they make in the next few games.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the issue is, nearly all of their DL’s are good at one thing. Run stuffing or pass rushing. And to me, Denver adjusted well to the personnel on the field yesterday. It’s an issue Seattle kind of had back in the day when they had a pass rush look and an early down look.

    • FresnoHawk

      Poona is still learning I expect Stephen to be waived once Poona gets up to speed! I’m very concerned about Naz didn’t like his preseason play. If Naz doesn’t get better were gonna have to spend in Free Agency to back up our DT that we draft next year. Right now I’m mocking a DT, TE, and DE to the Seahawks next year utilizing 3 high picks.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t expect a high pick at TE.

      • GoHawksDani

        We don’t need “Jimmy Graham”. Vannett is OK and Dissly is awesome. Hopefully, Dickson can play too, so we have 3 guys who can block in the OK to elite range and can catch the ball in the OK to good range.
        Not having a second round pick hurts bad. We could use a DT, a DE, an LB, a CB, maybe an RT, possibly an RG, and depending on ETIII maybe an FS too…all relatively high picks.
        DT because we don’t have much interior push
        DE because we lack passrush depth
        LB if KJ is not with us next year and for depth
        CB for RCB
        RT because Ifedi has some issues. Not sure if those can be corrected or Fant can be a good starting RT
        RG because Fluker is not young and we need depth
        FS, because not sure how good T2 can be

  6. Rob Bailey

    Why did they continue to pass when it played right into the strength of the defense. It was Bevell-Like.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sweezy…Geezus christ on a bike, why are you holding when the player is 8 yards past where you are blocking?

    Pete, what took you forever to throw a challenge flag on an obvious fumble?

    Why do we have Fat Blair Walsh as a kicker?

    • GoHawksDani

      LOL, agreed with everything :DD

  7. Pedestrian

    Well said Rob!!!

    The writing began to appear on the walls last off-season.. unfortunately. Players aging, locker room troubles, contract disputes, coaching hard-points etc etc etc. It may very well require more changes than what we’ve seen from old to new. Which is something to note considering hardly any players remain from SB 48.

    Doug Baldwin is started to show his age I think, though I think we’ll hang on to him.

    It would be a huge boon if Schneider could extract a 1st from Cowboys for Earl Thomas, possibly what he is trying to do to get after some of the enticing talent a D line in April. If you can add two of the top 15-20 graded pass rushers from next years class, that’s a very good start.

    As of now, expecting us to have a top 10 pick

  8. Frank

    Good article that would’ve been more timely 3 or 4 years ago. Hope they fix it! or at least try to do something… Last years moves felt like too little too late.

    • Rob Staton

      Four years ago they were Super Bowl champions and on the road to the big game for a second time. Not sure this kind of article was warranted!

  9. IHF

    I’d buy the explanation if they hadn’t had a fairly crucial 3rd and inches and proceeded to dial up a pass play that inevitably got blown up. A question we perhaps haven’t asked enough is how often Russ is audibling out of designed runs.

  10. All I See is 12s

    Need to get my mind off yesterday and the Baldwin news…so I’m going to say some things…

    The defense was about what we expected yesterday. Tre Flowers did as well as can be expected for a guy who has only played CB for 5 months.
    I have the feeling this unit will improve as the season progresses. Its not great but we can live with it and PC will get the most out of them.

    Rob, your words on the offense were truth. Was that the gameplan? to throw twice as much as run? Especially when you are facing a team with that type of pass rush? Esp when Carson was in, the running game was working. His 1st carry was just about better than anything we saw last year. Penny was…slow….

    But I really want to talk about Russ. Your comments about his lack of trust in his protections and reads were well noted. It felt at time that if his 1st read wasn’t there he was trying to go sandlot mode. Sacked just about every time. I cant tell if it was Russ or the gamescript or both. But Russ clearly didn’t trust the system. This cant be allowed to hold. Russ can either follow a game plan and be a pocket qb with explosive traits or he cant and maybe the Hawks should move on. That’s painful to write but I don’t care to watch another 5 years of Russ making it up- Occasionally great- but that spin move is well known at this point and he can’t be doing it with the regularity he does.

    Russ wants to be the highest paid player. Cool. Then we need to see more like Rodgers taking a game over last night and less like what we saw yesterday in Denver- especially when the opportunity was there.
    I have the feeling that every game this season will be to see if Russ can truly operate in a regular offense system or will he continually go off-script. If so, then we may see more reports of John Schneider scouting big name QB prospects- especially mobile ones with big arms like Mahomes and Allen. Then maybe it wont be a surprise to see the greatest Seahawk QB of all time playing for a team like…. say -the Dolphins next year.

    • Beastmode602

      I think a lot of Hawk fans have short memories. I have seen Russell take over a game down by 20 just like Rodgers did on Sunday night many of times. As a matter of fact I have seen him do that to Rodgers in a well known NFC championship game. My point is… He had a bad game. It happens to all Qb’s. I think he will play better as the weeks go on. We go through this every week one it seems like. The Seahawks are “rebuilding” but, once again we are in the game at the end. That’s is Seahawk football. I never want to see us play like we did against the Rams at home last year ever again.

      • All I see is 12s

        I assure you I have a very long memory. I stand by my statement. Russell needs to learn how to maximize an offensive system not supplement it. Hes getting older and his athleticism I truly downgrade. That is perfectly alright as an elite quarterbacks can work a pocket Constantly having to rely on athletic play to bail him out.
        Back in 2016 after he got hurt Russell made interesting comment as he talked about how the version of him with the injury is going to be how he is when he’s 40. Well I certainly hope this is not true as He was not very good without his mobility.He’ll need to be better fundamentally And show that you can evolve pass the athletic dynamo so that you can survive in this league when those tools aren’t as prevalent.

        • Mark Souza

          I agree with you 12s. Russ has the ability to extend plays, but just as often as this is successful, it’s not. Some will say Russ has to scramble because the line is so poor, but I don’t agree. In 2015 Pittsburgh came to town, our line was decimated by injuries, and honestly, it wasn’t that great when everyone was healthy, and Marshawn was out. I figured we were doomed. Pittsburgh had a talent for bringing the heat, and blitzing often. We entered the game 5 and 5. And we won a shoot-out. We countered the blitzes and our patchwork line by getting the ball out fast and on-time. I though Russ had turned a corner and had entered the realm of the elite quarterbacks. But no. In 2016 (and since) he reverted back.

          He creates his own problems. He doesn’t hit the first open man. He instead holds the ball waiting to see how the longer routes are developing. Once you dismiss the short routes, they are done. Those routes are typically open at the break, the separation created by the split second it takes the defender to recognize and react. Ideally the ball would be released by the QB just before the break. In the last third of 2015, Wilson was doing this. Now he doesn’t. When was the last time you remember Wilson hitting a quick 5 yard out?

          So now the short routes are done, Wilson still has the ball in his hands, protection is breaking down, and the longer routes are covered. Wilson has to scramble and hope either the long route can shake coverage, or he can find someone who was running a short route he bypassed, who is now freelancing out there somewhere trying to find an open spot. And this is the Seahawks offense of the last 2 years +. Sometimes it works and we are amazed. But often it doesn’t. One thing is certain. You can’t be consistent running with that philosophy. And you can’t win regularly without consistency, whether you get it from the run or the pass, or both.

          If Wilson wants to be one of the elites, he needs to play like they do. Get the ball out on time. Take the easy and consistent short yardage routes that are so hard to cover. And scramble only when everything else breaks done – it’s the one gift he’s got that Brady can’t match.

  11. 12th chuck

    love this article. The lack of quality draft picks are definitely caught up to Pete and John .When Pete first took over, he had a inside knowledge of the same players he was trying to recruit to USC. Add Scot McCloughan input, we were having good drafts. When was the last 1st and second round picks have had a lasting impact? How much blame goes to John S ? That has to have an impact of not being able to address some of the issues

    • Glor

      The issue hasn’t just been the lack of quality in the drafts, it has been a lack of quality with anything. We have given up multiple high picks for other players that were rentals or busts, and overpaid for others. trading a 2nd for richardson was dumb if we had no intention to resign him or get an extension in place, it’s like they somehow miscalculated and were thinking we would get a 3rd rd comp pick for the guy or something.. something is off in the FO…

      • 12th chuck

        yeah, seems they didn’t value any comp picks this year. They seemed to value them more in the past

  12. all i see is 12s

    in other news, SDB favorite Adolphus Washington was just cut in Buffalo

    • Rob Staton

      Well, he was a favourite until he completely underwhelmed at the combine. Terrible performance.

      • All I See is 12s

        I know, but I stilled enjoyed your podcast on him. The again, you have a gift for making everything sound interesting. I could probably listen to you discussing washing vegetables and would still enjoy it…I think this is getting weird….Go Hawks!

        • Rob Staton


  13. CaptainJack

    Let’s assume this season goes off the rails and we end up with a top ten pick. We only have four picks in a draft. Do we finally add a blue-chip or do we trade down?

    I would rather add a legit pass rusher. The lack of a star pass-rusher is a huge problem for this team at the moment. Look at the impact Mack had last night, or just look at how Von Miller made an impact against the Seahawks.

    • GoHawksDani

      The issue is if that player is a bust, we are in a lot of pain. If this draft is really that stacked I highly doubt everyone with a top 10-15 pick will select DL/LB. So I’d trade back from let’s say like the 8th pick to 14th or 16th and hopefully still get a mid-late second, hopefully, get a really good pass rusher, and be able to pick in the second round too.

  14. Hawk Eye

    I did not see the game, was not on in my area. Did not seem to miss much, and based on the stats, highlights and nashing of teeth since then, plenty of issues to fix.
    I am in the camp of there are too many problems to fix to seriously compete this year, with the main one being the lack of a pass rush. Just hope the 1st and 2nd year players on D can show improvement and form the new nucleus of a future dominant D. Can Griffin and Flowers be competent by the end of the season?
    Earl seemed to make a big difference when he was in, according to a lot of scribes. I think he is worth top 3 safety money, but what term and do they think they can compete next year or 2 for a SB? Why sign him if the team needs a few more drafts to restock?

    The same problems on offence are not encouraging, with the main one being the same issues with Wilson. I think the running game will settle in this year, Carson apparently had a lot of problems with the altitude. Have not seen anything electric from Penny during the preseason or in the first game, but too early to write him off. If he gained too much weight, he may need to lose it to get his quickness back.
    Looks like Baldwin may miss up to 8 games or so with a grade 2 MCL tear, so maybe Brown or Moore can step up and do something.
    Saw the TD from Dissly. Dare I say it seemed “Gronkish” with guys bouncing off him?

    if they go 6 and 10 and the kids play and improve, then grab the high pick and get an impact D line player, I can live with that. But if Russ is a top 5 qb, then he has to carry the team to at least 8 or 9 wins. If they only win 6, and Russ still has the same issues, they are between a rock and a hard place. He will insist on top dollar, and someone else will pay it. He has played like a top 5 QB, and he has played like an average qb at times. Glad it is not my decision, can be bad either way.

    so many questions, no easy answers, probably a roller coaster year, Seahawks twitter will be ablaze

  15. CaptainJack

    Man I have a great fear Dissly will be underutilized for the rest of the season. Even if you don’t win a lot of games, if I see that one player do well I will be happy.

  16. Jusjamn

    Wow – just wow. They almost beat Denver in Denver who practically never lose a home opener. They have a new O coordinator, but couldn’t use much of the new stuff during vanilla pre-season. A ton of overreaction going on. I’m seeing people speculate on weather Pete and/or RW should be with the team next year. Unbelievable. Long time Seahawk fan here and I really don’t like this “new fan” mentality.

    Some veterans are now gone, and thankfully their attitudes went with them. Perhaps we should give them a few games to figure out what they have and execute according to the new coordinator and scheme before acting like this is the most awful team in football. Should we just call Mora now and see if he wants to come back? Sheeesh!

    • EBurgz

      Well said. Lots of football to play yet. Rob has some good points tho. Hopefully the team plays better and we start racking up the wins. It would sound easier if we had Baldwin and Wright available.

    • Doug

      Jusjamn, I completely agree. Not only was this the first game of the season, but it was on the road. In Denver. In the heat. Some of the surprises not starting (Naz, Poona) may have been dropped because of the heat/acclimation to altitude.

      There was some indication that both RBs were ‘gassed’ even with limited touches–blame the heat and altitude. Baldwin going out early was an unpleasant surprise and the team obviously did not have anyone practising his routes in preparation for the game.

      If the picture is the same in Chicago, I will be more concerned. But for now, let’s be cool and see what happens. Let’s judge the run game when Fluker gets back and we see Pete’s vision on the field.

      I would love to see our DL with both Naz and Poona rotating in–both can bring inside pressure on the pass rush, and I think things will look better going forward.

      To borrow from AARon…

      R E L A X

      That is not to say this team has needs, but I think we have been conditioned by seeing 7-8 Pro Bowlers on the field at the same time on D. Pete is going to bring this team along, and let’s see where they are by the bye.

  17. line_hawk

    I don’t think they have hit rock bottom yet. I feel the offensive ineptitude is a large part RW. When teams stack the box, you got to hit the quick throws. If you still can’t after six years, there is a problem. Here going one step further – Do they trade RW next offseason if/when Carroll quits? And what would they get for him?

    Also, I don’t understand how they try to go young and sign a 40 yr old washed up kicker? Along with annual pass rush and run game issues you mentioned, this seems a trend. Either guys don’t want to play for Pete or he doesn’t want players he doesn’t have relationships with.

    • lil'stink

      Hate to say it, but I wonder if Wilson has what it takes between the ears. He’s obviously a smart individual, but being book smart doesn’t always translate to the field when the pressure is on and a defense is breathing down your neck. You see it in how indecisive he can be, the lack of pocket presence, the pre snap reads, etc. The DB blitz yesterday was the perfect example. How does a QB with Wilson’s experience completely miss that? He’s making rookie mistakes in his 7th season.

      We’ve all seen how good he can be. He was dominant for the second half of the 2015 season. He had poise, pocket presence, and saw the field like an elite QB. What happened? There was a sense that Wilson was in control. That with the game on the line he would come through with the big play. That sense has all but evaporated for me, culminating with the fumbled snap at the end of the game yesterday.

      He doesn’t have to throw for 35 TD’s or 5000 yards. But he has to get his confidence back. He has to take the next step to becoming a pocket passer and stop relying on the sandlot stuff. Teams have figured him out. Can Wilson evolve?

      As of now I don’t see how any Seahawk fan can be comfortable with Wilson getting Aaron Rodgers money. And I doubt JS has the guts to trade him. I hope he proves me wrong.

      • GoHawksDani

        I think Russ can make a bad offense or bad situation to pretty good.
        He can elevate a 22nd-28th offense to 10th-15th. But not sure he can take a 6th, or 8th offense and make it the first or second.
        He can turn nothing into something, but has his limitations.
        Don’t hate him, but he has issues because of his height and some things just cemented in him (like if you cannot throw to first or second read just spin and try to scramble). Not sure how and when these can be fixed. We would need a solid OL for that.
        I would love to keep Russ. Nice guy, really good QB. But please god, do NOT pay him Rodgers money. I’d rather get a solid RT, RG and a game manager young QB and with the potential picks (if we trade Russ) and the money bolster the defense than just keep Russ…

      • Stephen Pitell

        Well said. I’d just “like” your post if the format allowed it, but it doesn’t. ….

    • line_hawk

      The Jets have scored 48 points and guess how many kicks has Jason Myers missed? Zero! I know a small sample set nut still!

  18. Trevor

    Dissly and Dickson are looking like awesome picks right now. Dissly is exactly what the Hawks need and want in a TE and Dickson might be the best punter in the league from day #1.

    I personally think Flowers has huge upside and basically got thrown to the wolves with all the injuries I think you will see improvement weekly with this kid.

    Hitting on an elite DL talent is critical this draft if this D wants to get back to elite level. NFL is dominated by QB and Pass Rushers. We need to add one maybe two and keep Clark / Jordan /Green.

    • Mark Souza

      Agree with you Trevor. Given time, I think Flowers will be good. The Sanders touchdown wasn’t his fault. He was playing his outside zone and was supposed to have inside help from Earl. But Earl jumped a shorter route thinking that’s where Keenum was going. He left the deep half of the field wide open when he did.

      Flowers did allow a touchdown on the reception to Lindsey when he a Shaquem couldn’t figure out who had the short outside zone. Turns out neither of them did. I think it was Flowers who got that one wrong.

    • GoHawksDani

      Oh, I love Dissly. I love the blocking TE pick, and I saw something in him at the preseason that told me, he’ll be a great possession receiver. In a Facebook group I even compared him to Gronk after the PS game where he had 2 catches 😀 He needs to learn a ton, but he’s a really-really valuable addition.

      And yeah…Dickson…That guy is awesome. I think he’ll go to the pro bowl as a rookie and he’ll end up probably in the top 3 punters in the league in his first year.

      Not sure about Flowers ceiling. I think this can either go two way: A, He’s got a relatively low ceiling, so he’ll be a solid backup for the Hawks, but nothing more. B, He’s got a really high ceiling, he’ll be the new Sherm after 1-2 year and we just won the lottery with him (about the Sherm comparison: tall, lanky corner with long arms, convert project, has some question marks about speed). I think if he’s working really hard and has a high football IQ he can be a great corner. Not really fluid, but probably that can be helped to some extent.

      I think Green can also be a dominant elite pass rusher but will need 1-2 more years to bulk up and get into the rhythm.

      I am disappointed about or DL. After we added Stephens and Johnson and drafted Green and re-signed Jordan, and Jefferson played much better in preseason and Jackson has more exp, and we got Poona… I just thought that Naz and Reed will be even better and we might not be #1 vs run and top3 against the pass, but at least have a really deep (at DT) and decent line which will finish top10 in both categories. It’s still a long season, but so far the line is underwhelming

  19. Trevor

    Rob I know we differ in opinion on Derwin James but if you have time to check him out yesterday against the Chiefs you should because he looks like an absolute stud to me.

    • EBurgz

      Nah man he’s boring and doesn’t make big plays. Jk just poking fun.

    • FresnoHawk

      Did you see BMack’s 2 interceptions? Kam never made reads like that! I’m shocked how good BMack is, he’s way better now than when we 1st got him. He’s no Kam but Kam is no BMack! We got him cheap too. I use to wonder how he got all those interceptions at Tampa and why Tampa chose those other safety’s over him. I’m a true believer Carroll is a stud at developing secondary talent best of the best!

    • Rob Staton

      Good for him.

      I really don’t want to keep talking about him though. It’s time to move on.

  20. Trevor

    Sam Darnold looks so good!

    The Jets are calling and running plays that Hawks should be using. Love what thier OC is doing!

    • John_s

      Funny part is Jeremy Bates is the Jets OC

    • 12th chuck

      funny, he was petes first o coordinator

  21. Pran

    Love Marshawn.. need 4 players to bring him down. Wish he stayed ..

  22. Pran

    U bloody beast mode.. dragged the entire defense for a TD. Did Russ screw the identity of the team

    • DC

      Lynch was the identity of the team. He was the engine of the offense and the heart.

      • All I see is 12s

        That’s a dangerous line of thinking. Just remember, in 2011 beast mode had a heckuva year, well over 1000 yards. And the defense came right along as well. They were seven and nine.When Russell came in initially they were still an average team. But when Russell got comfortable as the leader of the team, is when they took off. Lynch was a great running back But Russ was the missing piece that lead to greatness.
        Things have changed now. Hopefully rest can learn how to carry the team the way the other elite quarterbacks have.

        • DC

          We wouldn’t have won a SB without Russ, I agree with you.

          • Glor

            We have seen what life without Marshawn looks like, we wouldn’t have made it to the SB without him.

            • James Kupihea

              Yes, and from 1976-2011 we saw what life was like without Russ. Occasionally good-to-great, sometimes downright awful, often mediocre. Life without Lynch…okay we don’t have a generational talent that can run behind spotty line play and break 9 tackles doing it. However, it can be argued that 31 other teams don’t have that either, yet somehow they can still manage to pick up 3rd and inches.

  23. icb12

    Damn I miss beast mode.

  24. GerryG

    I don’t think most of the comments here addressing issues are new fairweather fans going all doomsday. There are a lot of holes on this roster, minimal depth, and several years of poor drafts (13,14,15).

    Holes have not been filled well, and there is very little draft capital to spend in 19.

    I was really disappointed in Russ yesterday and agree with minimal improvement for a few years now comments.

    • DC

      Losing 5 pro bowlers from the defense in one off season is pretty incredible… and noticeable. One or two more off seasons of stellar work could have us back in contention.

  25. Ishmael

    There’s something deeply irritating about watching Jarred Goff. He’s such a completely ordinary player, playing in such a top-tier scheme and with such great talent around him. There’s a world of difference between functional NFL QBs and the Nathan Peterman’s of this world, but Goff is right down at the bottom of functional. He’s the single best example of the difference good coaching makes.

    • SgtPeppy

      Couldn’t agree more on Goff. He misses a couple wide open guys every game. Can’t handle being pressured. Looks good calling audibles, but really that’s just McVay in his helmet relaying the calls. If they even had a Matt Ryan, gg NFL.

    • dylanlep

      To me it shows how a good coach with a qb friendly scheme can make a pretty avg qb look functional. Its something I wish Seattle pursued in the offseason rather than go for a retread at OC.

    • FresnoHawk

      Gurley is the Rams offense! Stop Gurley you stop the Rams. If the Rams want to mortgage their future with expensive FA’s good for them. We already know the Rams strategy will not result in wins year after year and that strategy usually results in injuries late season!

  26. Pran

    Carr is such a lazy spoilt Rich QB.. I will take Russ every Sunday (with some better coaching).

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    This LAR-OAK game is alright. The Rams are the better team but Gruden had the Raiders fighting. I am not looking forward to the LA games this year. I see reflections of SEA, or at least the things SEA say they aspire to be. Stuff like commitment to the run game. Relentless pass rush. Takeaways. Excellent punting. Good old smash mouth football, both teams for the most part, both sides of the line.

    With respect to SEA, the Broncos are a good team that match up really well (e.g., Miller vs Ifedi, Sanders vs Flowers) but despite some obvious shortcomings, SEA still played well enough to be in a familiar position – a late game come-from-behind win. It’s happened enough times since 2012 that if they’d pulled it off, we’d all be slapping each other’s backs like just good ol’ Russ giving me a heart attack again.

    It went down differently, of course. But that’s a different matter. Chalk it up to the first game, played away and at altitude. Fatigue made them sloppy. Don’t forget they started that final drive with a 1st down completion to Vannett. What if Russ hadn’t fumble the next snap? What if instead he threw is deep to Lockett, just like he did at the start the 4th quarter? Whatever. The point is, to be in contention late in the game with their destiny in their own hands, hey that’s just classic SEA/Russell Wilson football.

    There is a hole on the weak side when KJ isn’t in. But KJ will return. The pass rush is pretty anemic. But Jordan coming back, and Greene is exactly that. He’ll get better as he learns. Though I will say, they miss Sheldon Richardson. Wish they hadn’t let him walk.

    Anyway, I’m much more concerned about the seeming lack of commitment to core philosophies. I just don’t understand why they didn’t establish the run. Or even try. I got a weird feeling when the first play was a pass. Like, a mix of deja vu and wtf Pete? Penny didn’t look ready at all. Carson did. Why did they start Penny? Why didn’t they stick with Carson? Surely he couldn’t have made enough carries to become winded?

    I understand the gloom. There was a lot about that game not to like. But the worst of it is temporary. At least the stuff on defense is. As far as Russ is concerned, he is what he is. He’ll make some beautiful throws, and he’ll miss some. He’ll miss a read he shouldn’t, and he’ll make some. I wish he’d kept the ball on the first read option of the day.

    • SgtPeppy

      Love the Rams run game. Couldn’t be more jealous. But we should also admit that it’s not just a matter of commitment. I don’t want us slamming into the line for 2-3 yards and ending up in 3rd and longs all game.

      The Rams have a dope ass run game because 1) they keep the defense guessing on every snap and 2) Todd Gurley. Watch the Oakland D-line and it feels like they have no idea where the run is going. They run the jet sweep with enough pace to get the edge consistently. They get off the line so fast when they run power that Gurley gets to the second level untouched. Then when they actually run play-action, Goff has all-day because the D-line is so concerned about what gap they should be covering.

      Calling it now: our run-D is gonna get torn up when we play the Rams. It’s gonna be demoralizing and ugly to watch.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Agreed SgtPeppy. LAR will win the NFCw on Gurley’s legs, not Goff’s arm (though Goff is just good enough to make things easier on Gurley). Their OL looked really good last night.

        Steam rolled is the descriptor I’d use for how they’ll ground and pound SEA.

      • Mark Souza

        I do want us to slam into the line for 2 and 3 yard gains. Then you get third and 6 or less, rather than 3rd and 10. And eventually in the second half, those 2 and 3 yard gains turn into 6 and 7 yards gains as the defense wears down. Bring it. Bore me in the first half so I can cheer in the second.

  28. Gohawks5151

    I touched a bit on this earlier in another post but I’ll say again. Whats missing from the team is CONVICTION. You want to run the ball, do it. I said it earlier, that I watched the Patriots game and no matter what they stick to a game plan. Whether it’s 40 runs or 50 passes they believe in the plan and it’s execution. Look at Oakland tonight too. They were dedicated to getting the ball out early (2.3 sec avg) and hitting the underneath stuff. In Seattle from the top down we have fallen in love with the improvisation of superior talent. That’s not the case anymore and if you have a bunch of loose plans, in take you have none.

  29. Gohawks5151

    This team is also maddening and it’s outright refusal to find one on one mismatches. Again to use New England as an example they find every mismatch particularly with the tight ends and running backs. Again even look at Oakland scheming to get an old Jared Cook open against a smaller safety and good pass catching backs on young linebackers. This is happened few and far between in Seattle. Really the only time I can remember recdntly was against New England when they matched up Prosise against multiple defenders. You can’t stress enough the importance of making the game easy for the quarterback and the rest of the offense

    • SgtPeppy

      Our offense has never looked easy, even when it was top-5 in the league. It’s always relied on guys making big, explosive plays. I for one don’t want Russ zeroing in on Marshall every time he thinks he has a one-on-one mismatch. We saw that with Jimmy Graham and it was awful to watch. I would like Russ to just launch the deep ball a bit more – like the Rams game today, seems like there’s always a fair shot at getting a PI call. I’d love to mix in a few designed back shoulder throws off play action, especially if they’re keeping the safety deep. We need chunk plays to win, and I think the O-line has a decent chance at holding up for long enough this year (as long as we chip on Ifedi’s side lol)

      • Gohawks5151

        Definitely chip haha. You can’t have it both ways though. A lot of people on here are calling for Russ to get the ball out early to get the ball out early. But if you want to do that it requires a level of dedication to it, much like a run game. Right now we have a dedication to nothing. We made a lot of the chunk plays in the past off play action. Play action has no effect if you don’t run the ball (unless you are the Houston Texans against us last year..) Big plays are essential to winning but there is a difference between creating them/ taking advantage of them and hoping to god something works out.

  30. C-Dog

    Blow It All Up Edition

    Seattle fails to make the playoffs a second year in a row, and Paul Allen has seen enough. He fires Pete Carroll and John Schneider. He poaches VP of Player Personnel Joe Douglas from the Eagles to replace Schneider, and always wanting to make a splash head coach hiring, Allen brings none other than Jim Harbaugh in a fit of irony.

    With so many holes to fill on the defense, Douglas and Harbaugh determine that the team can stand a fresh start at QB, and they deal Russell Wilson to the LA Chargers for a first and second round pick in 2019, and a third round pick in 2020. Half of Seahawks Twitter is outraged, and the other half rejoices.

    They then sign Tyrod Taylor to a three year deal become the starter along with signing Ryan Fitzpatrick to be the backup. They make another splash signing in free agency bringing in DT Grady Jarrett, and they extend Earl Thomas, Justin Coleman and Frank Clark.

    2019 NFL DRAFT

    9: R1P9

    They take the best pass rusher off the board

    23: R1P23

    They take the best blue chip defender left off the board.

    55: R2P23

    Harbaugh gets a road grater

    72: R3P8

    They take the best corner off the board

    111: R4P9

    They add an offensive weapon

    149: R5P9

    The draft a Chris Peterson OKOG to get a shot at being the backup QB

    Harbaugh will like the situation at running back, and the nucleus of the offensive line. Just like he did when he took things over at the SF, he will want to get tougher, stronger, and faster on the defense. Jarrett is the free agent must sign. Ferrell becomes his new Aldon Smith, and White is just too good to pass up. One of the offseason priorities is to build up Rasheem Green into a more stout player who will pair up with Jarrett as the prime inside rushers.

    The Pete Carroll led LA Chargers, quarterbacked by Russell Wilson stunningly beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in 2020. In the last seconds of the game, Russell hits a slant pass at the one yard line to Mike Williams for the winner. The Carroll/Harbaugh rivalry officially reaches nuclear levels as Harbaugh’s head practically explodes.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Just to point out the obvious flaw in your plan:

      Signing Fitzpatrick to be the backup guarantees Tyrod will be hurt in training camp and Fitzpatrick will start at least 75% of the games. Its the Fitzpatrick curse.

      • drewdawg11

        Jake Browning? UDFA maybe? But seriously, he’s not an NFL QB. MCGough at least has some upside. Jake has zero. The post was pretty fun, though. Clelin is one of my favorite prospect takes about last draft. I wouldn’t mind him at all.

        • C-Dog

          I totally know what you mean about Browning. His play routinely gets under my skin. FWIW, Hasselbeck’s play did that a lot for me as well, especially against tougher competition.

      • C-Dog

        But Fitz can ball!

    • Logan Lynch

      Very underrated post! The way you weaved together actual draft/prospect analysis with the “shade” parts to create multiple layers. Delightful.

      • C-Dog

        Go Hawks!

    • Matt

      1) that is an unbelievably low return on Russell Wilson. I’d hope a new GM would do better than that.

      2) Parris Campbell is not going in R4.

      3) Jake Browning won’t even be an NFL Camp body. His skill set is that bad when transitioning to the NFL.

      Other than that, fun exercise and would certainly make a splash.

      • C-Dog

        I think the assumption that I worked on is that RW’s 2018 play was less than stellar, while mixed with some truly spectacular Sport’s Center worthy moments, also mixed with a lot of continual running into sacks, not seeing wide open receivers, and everything else his Twitter critics love to jump all over. Seattle doesn’t find a partner offering two firsts and two seconds sort of deal, but rather find a partner willing to trade their first and a couple day two picks. I think that if Russell regresses the way many are now thinking he will and is, Seattle won’t get a ransom for him.

        FWIW, if RW does have a more stellar season than not, but the team still ends up with a losing record, I think the chances are more liekly that Paul fires PC and or JS and keeps RW over them.

        Personally, though, I think RW/PC/JS are going to be perfectly fine, and back together again in 2019.

    • CaptainJack

      I’ve watched Jake Browning for four seasons now. He’s not an NFL player at all. Maybe he could get an arena football gig, but i don’t think he could even crack a CFL rosted. Doesn’t have the physical OR mental makeup to play in the NFL.

  31. Trevor

    Really hope Fluker gets back soon. The OL looked so much better with him at RG in the pre-season.

    I think by week #3 the Right side of the OL will look completely different with Fluker at RG and Fant at RT. I have be all for giving ifedi every opportunity and to be patient with him but Fant just looks like a much better option and I don’t think going against Miller week #1 and Mack week #2 is going to help Ifedi look any better. Any RT would struggle against the two best pass rushers in the NFL.

  32. Trevor

    How would it feel to be a Browns fan watching that Jets game last night.

    I think Mayfield will be a good QB but in the last 3 years the Browns have passed on Wentz, Watson and now Darnold. All who look like they will be stars in this league.

    • C-Dog

      Darnold was my favorite QB in CFB for the last two years in a row. How any GM would pass on him over Baker I have no idea, and I like Baker, as well.

      • Drew Castleberry

        I loved the Baker pick for the Browns. Dude has a competitive fire and tons of talent to turn that organization around. I liked Darnold, but don’t think the Browns are going to dread not picking him. Again it was only 1 week, remember even Geno Smith had a couple of great games. I do think they’ll both be good, the AFC needs to infusion of QB talent.

  33. Georgia Hawk

    WRT committing to the run…

    One of the big complaints about Shotty coming in was his blind dedication to what the coach wants to do, right? The story about Sexy Rexy saying they want to run the ball 50 times then Shotty calling run plays well into a 20 pt deficit come to mind. “Well, you said you wanted to run it 50 times…”

    So my question is why is Pete going away from what he knows, what he preaches, and what he talked abut all off season? To say they had a play call they liked on 3rd and in so they went with it is BS. That same play will be there on 2nd and 7 AFTER you get the 1st and put the D on their heels a little and AFTER you make them stay true to the run. The throw was not a 3rd and in throw, it was down field.

    I really hate to add fuel to this fire, but isn’t this the exact complaint posed by the players in the SI article? Pete going away from what he preaches? Maybe the article affected Russ in a profound way. You can’t really argue this wasn’t one of his worst games in recent years. The mental mistakes were FAR to prevalent to ignore and the article was pretty rough on him. Maybe he was trying to be the hero and show something? I dunno, thats getting pretty far into the tin hat theories. Just auspicious timing on the article, horrible play from Russ, and a terribly called game from Pete.

  34. Rob Bailey

    I am willing to give Penney at least more than one game to say he’s a fat , slow , plodding RB. Remember he didn’t hardly play the whole pre-season. And Sweezy was pressed into duty with a single week of practice (it showed). Also, it was unusually hot and at altitude, being a former climber I know that this totally affects play or climbing for that matter.

    I could not imagine running around in pads, engaging people used to playing in those conditions and yet we were one missed Fat Blair Walsh kick from being tied.

    What I CANNOT excuse is throwing the ball so much vs. the known strength of the opposition (Pass rush) especially with this o-line. Pete didn’t even answer Salks question except to say “we didn’t do it enough, well NO DUH. Whose fault is that?

    Plus he couldn’t even get the red flag out of his pocket fast enough on an obvious fumble. Pete and his new coaches need to pull their heads out of their asses.

  35. Logan Lynch

    I had a thought that may have been brought up, but I’m going to talk about it anyway in regards to the offense slipping back to looking like what Bevell called the last few years.

    There was an offseason interview with Schotty, where the question was asked about how much his offense will differ. If I remember correctly, he said he basically took what they had (and Russell liked) and added his own wrinkles to it. I believe he said his new portion of the offense is about 30%, with 70% carryover. If this is true, maybe that’s why things looked so familiar?

    The players, specifically Brandon Marshall, commented about how much they appreciate Schotty listening to his players and finding out what they like to run. Maybe what Russell likes to run isn’t as conducive to success as it could be. Or, maybe the inconsistent playcalling has something to do with Schotty trying to adapt himself to that 70% of the offensive carryover instead of having his own plan that he’s entirely comfortable with. In that case, that’s on him for not taking more control of the offense and implementing plays/schemes he’s comfortable with. Pete may have a style he likes to run as an offense, but he’s a defensive coach through and through.

    Ultimately, this is just one game and I’m not ready to throw myself off a bridge…yet. Just something I was pondering about and thought I’d bring up for discussion.

  36. Matt

    I have to admit; I took a lot of joy last night following Seahawks Inc. on twitter and watching them get on their knees for Derek Carr because he threw the ball away from totally clean pockets…and then proceeds to throw some of the worst picks I’ve seen from a true NFL QB. It’s almost as if playing QB in the NFL is tough.

    But yes…finding a QB is easy; so let’s get rid of our guy. If Russell can’t be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, then we need to get rid of him.

    • C-Dog

      For all the Seahawks fans crying over RW and his contract, allow me show you Derek Carr and Jimmy “the Savior” Garoppolo in week 1.

      ..Any questions?

      • icb12

        You picked the 2 QBs facing what could likely be the top 2 defenses in the league this year as comparison points..

        I neither agree nor disagree with you. Just pointing that out.

        Personally- Russell is what he is, what he always has been, and IMO- that’s what he always will be.
        I’m not shocked when he struggles, and I’m not shocked when he balls out.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Surely playing Denver in Denver has to elevate what looked to be a very good defense into a top three defense. That high altitude and heat is like the 12-15 man for them. Notice how gassed the Seahawks were by the fourth quarter?

        • C-Dog

          I feel this is going to become the growing sentiment from fans if this team struggles this year. I saw this with Dave Krieg in the late 1980’s once Seattle missed the playoffs a couple years in a row, and it happened with Hasselbeck. Team struggles and all eyes point at the starting QB and his his little blemishes. After a while, fans just want to see something different.

          That’s a fair point about those defenses, but I will say 6-4 Carr missed easy throws to open receivers, and I also think Denver’s defense could end up being one of the best in the league again.

      • dylanlep

        Hi C-Dog, Im not crying over his current contract. And he is definitely better than Carr and Stafford. But to me that still doesn’t justify an Aaron Rodgers money type deal – should RW demand that in the future. If that is what RW is asking for then personally I would have to strongly consider other options. Just because other teams gave large, bad contracts to QBs doesnt mean we have to or should.

        • C-Dog

          If RW “balls out “ and has shown marked improvement in his few deficiencies, truly ascends to top 3 level of quarterbacking, would you feel different about paying him A-Rod dollars?

          Last time around he took less than A-Rod. I’m not convinced he would do different a second time.

          • dylanlep

            Absolutely – if he balls out and addresses the deficiencies then of course I would feel different. Unfortunately, game 1 appeared to be more of the same issues. Just one game though and its a long season so we will see.

            ‘Last time around he took less than A-Rod. I’m not convinced he would do different a second time.’ Yep, and if he doesnt address the deficiencies this year and doesnt accept less than Rodgers then I say sorry but no.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would agree. Any talk about RW has to consider that he can’t throw a quick slant in the middle, which is a pretty standard way of avoiding a blitz. He also can’t throw a screen pass. He can throw the bubble screen to sideline, but that can be turned into a pick 6 pretty easily. Add to the list that he has slowed down and can’t run the quarterback option anymore. And then there is his desire to run backwards to his own end zone when under pressure. All that adds up to a big question mark on contract extensions.

          His strengths are a good touch on the ball with the medium to long passes.

  37. Madmark

    I’m going to give credit where it due to the Denver offense who had a good game plan from the start. They had this defense running from sideline to sideline from the beginning of this game. It was about halfway thru the 3rd quarter that this defense with all its speed was just out of gas. Two plays really stand out in my mind. 1 the pass in the flat that went for a TD and the crossing pattern across the middle for another TD. Those 2 plays are not something our defense give up but they did. If I was to go on this game I have to say we aren’t in a reset mode but a rebuild because you can see the holes all over.
    The right side of this offensive line I have no faith in because it isn’t going to get easier going forward. The RG position is a platoon of injured plays rotating and RT lacks everything against the best players coming into the league and after Miller comes Mack. Since we lack draft capital I’m just dumb founded how we will address this problem that has been on this team for last 2 years and it will 3 after this one.
    The defense is full of rookies and we knew there would be some growing pains. Do we give Frank Clark a new contract because I never heard his name called once in that game and he’s suppose to be our best DE.
    I am impressed with most of our draft class this year. They got throw into the fire right away and I’m excited see how they handled it. Penny was out of shape and altitude did not help him. Green in a year looks like he could be a monster. Dizzley he’s the TE we’ve been wanting since Zack retired. Griffin did his job but he’s not a K.J. Wright. Flowers a 5th round safety playing CB you can’t complain at all about that. Dickson has proved he’s going to be here a long time and could be a pro bowler already. I hope with all my heart Jones comes back from injury and takes that RT spot and improves it. I do like Alabama guys.
    We just might have to take a step back before we go forward. What I don’t want to see is trading our high draft picks for another Harvey and Graham especially when you don’t have them to give up.

  38. Ashish

    We love this blog because we get to read what’s true, no sugar coating. First time I felt, PC is losing the grip overall probably the stories coming out from ex-players effecting him. PC did confirm stories regarding Russ might/will bother him as he is human. I see this year will be deciding factor for PC, will he continue as coach next year? Probably hawks needed rebuild rather than reset.

    Russ is another disappointment, in post match interview he didn’t accept he running around caused sacks which was on him (2-3 sacks). He thinks that’s were he makes something out of nothing so that”s fine. Someone has to give him data on success ratio probably 5 out of 100 best case scenario? If he doesn’t accept that as a problem, for hawks it’s huge problem. O line will be always get the blame because of Russ. No O line can protect Russ if he is planning to run like headless chicken. Poor Ifedi (not that he is great) is the scape goat

    Look at the other QB’s, they just throw the ball if no one is open (Derek carr snap-throw time is 2.1 secs, nfl avg 2.7 sec) Play is over, offence don’t lose 5 or 10 yards, O line doesn’t have to struggle to keep pass rusher on bay avoiding holding penalty. High moral by not giving sack on to next play 2-10. Russ choose your battle don’t try to be hero.

  39. Pedestrian

    Two possible scenarios with an obvious fork in the road…

    Seahawks brass attempt to build on top of what they have already. They will have difficult decisions to make in terms of who to extend and who to let walk. So far, Frank Clark does not seem like a $15mil/yr player and consistency backs that up. Bobby and KJ are getting older, KJ needs a new deal this season. Wilson will need a new contract after next season.

    Offensive line, they have a need at right tackle as well right guard now. They will likely need a new left tackle in 2-3 years. Yes there is some promising talent in Fant and Jones, but otherwise are very unproven.

    Defensive line, they probably need 3-4 new contributors. The secondary seems promising in a young Tre Flowers Griffen and McDougald – still another 2 contributors are likely needed. Linebackers group needs some youth – we will see how Griffin develops but still are in need there going forward.

    Receivers, I see an aging Baldwin, and several rentals – although Moore is a promising unknown. Probably needing 2-3 contributors there.

    Pete Carroll doesn’t have many seasons left in him, and the additions needed are likely another two drafts out, add time to develop those selections and you’re another season, possibly two out. By that time Wilson is in his early 30’s – he’s slower for sure and without that magic he had as a rookie. Baldwin is likely gone and Brown is on the verge of retiring.

    The point to this is I do not see a scenario where things can suddenly jump back on track and into contention. There are too many holes and needs, as well possibly lingering SB 49 shell shock affecting those players and Pete and John.


    Pete Carroll retires after 2018 season, Paul Allen decides to keep Schneider around to rebuild this program but is on thin ice.

    Paul Allen goes after Scott Frost at Nebraska and Tom Herman at Texas to replace Carroll. Tom Herman accepts the job and is given the nod due to his pro-style offense and impressive record in just two seasons.

    Schneider trades away what players he can get good value for including: Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Doug Baldwin

    Jacksonville sends 2019-2021 1st round picks & Blake Bortles to Seattle in exchange for Wilson and a 2020 2nd round pick. Schneider will have three years to wait for the right QB to replace Wilson.

    Oakland sends 2019 2nd, 3rd, and 5th rounds picks to Seattle in exchange for Bobby Wagner.

    New York (Jets) send 2019 3rd round pick and 2020 2nd round pick to Seattle in exchange for Doug Baldwin.

    In total Seahawks have collected the following:
    2019: 1st from Jacksonville, 2nd-3rd-5th from Oakland, 3rd from NY (Jets)
    2020: 1st from Jacksonville, 2nd from NY (Jets)
    2021: 1st from Jacksonville

    2019 top draft targets:
    Seahawks draft Nick Bosa 2nd overall after trading up four spots with the Cleveland Browns giving up native 1st, 2nd & 3rd (acquired from Jacksonville)
    Seahawks trade down from the Jacksonville 1st to collect a 2nd from Tampa Bay
    Seahawks draft Brian Burns with the 1st collected from TB

    Tom Herman wants his QB from Texas on the Seahawks and go for it in 2020 – trading up to get Sam Ehlinger to be the future franchise QB.

    By this time, the seahawks have retooled on defense with a dominate line and secondary. I’d imagine the team would look something like they did in 2012 in Wilsons rookie season when Ehlinger gets there.

    The point I’m trying to make here is time seems to be just about out for this current regime. There are more possibilities to be had in blowing up the team now rather than trying to save it when there are so many uncertainties facing it. Nothing is meant to last forever, and we had an amazing ride with a historically good team. I enjoyed every second of it.

    But the right thing to do (i think) is to jump ahead of it, get some draft capitol and cut ties with the expensive contracts we have to jump start the new regime. Just one guys thoughts.

  40. Trevor

    I think two players will have a big impact upon return from injury.

    On defense KJ is a huge difference maker. When he plays the defense just looks different. When He was out last year they really struggled as well. Goes directly to Robs point in this article about lack of depth at LB. I love the Shaqueem Griffin story and think he will be nickel lb / special teamer but he is not a starting WIL and certainly not a pro-bowler like KJ who I think is a must re-sign. Wright is so smart and versatile that he is a difference maker.

    On offense Fluker being out was a huge loss to the run game. When he played in pre-season the OL just flat out looked dominant in the run game and when he wasn’t is was same old thing. I think when he comes back and if they move Fant to OL that the OL can still be a solid group. They will need to be as Stl and SF are loaded on the DL.

    I am not sure if this is a playoff team but they will look a lot better by week #3 or 4 with both these guys back.

  41. Trevor

    Rob couple of questions.

    Scenario :for some reason this season really goes off the rails ( injury to Russ or Wagner) and the team finishes with a top 10 pick

    1) Could Paul Allen really do the unthinkable and decided to move on from Pete. If he did would JS be done as well?

    2) If the Hawks move on from Pete could Russ really be traded next off season and what would his trade value be? If Mack was worth (2) 1st round picks it would have to be more than that right?

    3) What would be the Hawks options at QB if they did? Who are your favourite QBs in this draft to check out during the year as potential targets? That is a scary proposition IMO.

    I really don’t see any of this happening but if this team really falls apart this season anything is possible I guess.

    • Pedestrian

      I’m not Rob, but check out my post just above. Answers some of those questions – I by no means am trying to say this I know what’s best, but tried to give some kind of outline of how I think it would play out. Cheers!

    • Rob Staton

      1. Sure, both are possible. How likely it is remains to be seen.

      2. No idea.

      3. My favourite QB prospect is Colorado’s Steven Montez.

    • DC

      If trading RW really came to pass it would have to be in a very targeted scenario. Something like; The NY Giants are selecting #2 overall (Eli got hurt) and they are on the clock. QB PDQ (Montez) is available and the guy that the Seahawks really want to draft. Seattle announces a trade to send RW to NY for the 2nd overall pick & picks ? & ?.

  42. Volume12

    I’m just shocked that PC continues to blow smoke and be nothing but not air after all these years. Some.things never change.

    Seattle spending a 1st round pick on a LB would be peak Seahawks JS/PC decision making.

  43. Jordan

    For me the issue comes with the front office. Now let me first start by saying that Schneider has been the best Gm that we could have hoped for and the early years IMO he was unrivaled in his evaluation and roster construction.

    With that being said….

    Here are the signings i didn’t care for:

    Seabass (not because of the game)
    T Johnson
    S Stephen
    B Mingo

    Mingo looked out of place on sunday and overall not effective. Kinda looked like he backpedaled instead of sealing the edge or attacking. maybe I’m wrong

    I would much rather seen a combo of Ford/Reed give up yardage like that. To give them credit there were stretches where they looked stout and a majority of plays that looked like we had 200lbs linebackers playing DL.

    Linebacker depth is very concerning and i do not suspect it will get better. I think Shaguem is a very good player but like all rookies the speed of the game caught up to him. I don’t think that is the most detrimental point to make, but the fact that he is the last LB you have drafted in years doesn’t give me any assurance that this was a priority.

    • Jerry

      Yeah, I agree with the signings. I thought Mingo was an interesting add, but they seem like place holders to me. I’d add Dickson and Jones to that list as well.

      Most importantly, adding those guys means that we lost the ability to get draft pick compensation for Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Paul Richardson, and Luke Willson.

      I think Johnson and Stephen held add depth, and are better bets now than the younger guys already on the roster (Ford, Reed, Naz Jones, etc). But they come at the cost of not only salaries, but also draft picks.

      It seemed like we gave up a golden opportunity to recoup picks during what most view as a transitional year. The additions of the guys listed above seems more like win-now decisions. I’d have rather seen them focus on guys who were cut, taken that offer from Dallas for Earl, and shift focus to the future. Doing so would have given them a ton more draft capital for next year, plus given younger players more of a chance to develop this year.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Shaquem is an exciting story. But he is also just flat out undersized. Add to that with his youth and inexperience, he still doesn’t know where he needs to be on the field and is missing his basic assignments. I’d love to be wrong. But the likelihood is that he’s going to be a situational player who comes in on pure passing downs. And even then might be a liability if he can’t figure out where he needs to be on the field when dropped into coverage.

      Rob is exactly right that we are extremely thin and depleted at LB. They haven’t had a draft pick at the position become starter level in five years. That’s an incredible drought.

      • Jordan

        I wouldn’t even consider Shaquem a LB honestly, he is more of the hybrid safety role which I definitely think the hawks could use to their advantage. The one think Pete talked about after last season and letting coaches go was that he felt like they were trying to Mold players to a scheme rather than the other way around. I think the hawks could employ a more hybrid defense like NE and actually be better than them.

        think of this:

        Hawks could use multiple fronts but never commit to a single one while also disguising defensive looks by not always playing cover 3/ single high safety.

        On offense if the excuse is going to be that Russell is not a conventional QB then why dont we build a non conventional offense. QB runs, triple options, RPO’s.

        as a side note, the talk that the hawks should trade wilson is pure fantasy. i put my trust in him 10/10 over any rookie quarterback and remember we almost had to endure MATT FLYNN!

        • Mark Souza

          Okay, I’m going to state the obvious. Shaquem is missing a hand. Because of it, he will always be a target if he a starter. Denver did what I would do if I saw him in there – run right at him. Make him fend off a tackle or TE and try to make a one-handed tackle.

          We have to be smarter about how we us him. He can be good as a role player, but has liabilities as an every down player.

          • Jordan

            I really don’t think him only having one hand made the difference on Sunday, Which is why i put him in that hybrid role. And he was also the leading tackler in the preseason if I’m not mistaken.

            I’ve wondered why the coaching staff hasn’t adjusted to crossing routes more since that seems to be the killer for us. And you’re right he can be an excellent situational player, but then it all comes back to the original question” WHY DON’T WE HAVE LB DEPTH”. I think Shaquem is gonna be a really nice player but everyone in our division runs the ball and a 220lb LB/S hybrid is not gonna fix that issue IMO.

            • Mark Souza

              The difference, no. A difference, yes. I watch Denver run at him over and over again with good success. What’s the old coaching saying, run it until they can stop it? We eventually moved Calitro over there.

        • GoHawksDani

          I would love that, but as long as PC is the HC we will run the same defense again and again. He can make it work, but it’ll only shine with the right players. Now we don’t have the right players so our defense will suffer.
          And Russ will be able to be quick and move a lot for only a couple of more years. They’ll give him a big contract, and they want Russ to lead this offense for the next 10 years probably. If he wants to be a solid QB 6-7 years from now he needs to become a bit more conventional one. I think he won’t be able to do that. And I think PC might hurt this team in the future with his stubbornness. I think Russ is a one of a kind QB. A magician, he’s the absolute best at what he does. But he only does one thing exceptionally and it’ll fade in time.
          PC made some miracles with this team. It was like a Hollywood story. But he’s running in circles. I hate the niners. And I hate them even more because they have Kyle Shanahan as the offensive mastermind. I hate the Rams…and hate them even more because they have McVay. Not because they have these guys as HC, but these two and Pederson are probably the three best offensive minds in football right now. If we want to focus on our offense, we would need a guy like this. The problem is, these guys usually don’t stay OCs, they quickly become HCs… So I don’t know, but I can definitely see the possibility of big-big changes in 1-2 years

  44. Volume12

    Been thinking about this. The D-line group this year is great, but the $ might be inside at DT. I love, love Brian Burns. Not sure if Seattle needs a 3-4 OLB. Dexter Lawrence? A 350 lb nose tackle that 2 gaps?

    Bosa, Oliver, RaeKwon, and Ferrell? ‘Nuff said.

    Auburn’s Derrick Brown may be a 2 gapper as well, but that is a gigantic human being who just destroys peoiple. IMO he’s still growing into his body and what his next level role would be. But he’s a guy that could wreck shop from multiple positions. Reminds me of Richard Seymour.

    Ohio St’s Dre’Mont Jones. The hybrid. Never played a single pass rush rep in Ohio St’s ‘Rushman’ package last year aka NASCAR. Where were they gonna fit him with Bosa, Hubbard, Holmes, and Lewis? He’s down to about 281-285 and has incredible get-off (one of the best in this class) and quickness. Long, athletic, disruptive. Uses his hands better than most.

    ND’s Jerry Tillery. Looks like a DE, but is built like a DT. This is really the 1st year he’s living up to his potnetial. But man he’s been impressive. Another athletic guy.

    • Trevor

      Great list to follow this year. Thanks Vol!

      • Volume12

        Really like Miss St’s Montez Sweat (6’6, 245-250 lbs.). Has over 35″ arms and 85″ wingspan. Bit raw and obviously lanky, but he’s becoming really refined compared to last year. Scot McCloughan don’t him to Julius Peppers. Don’t know about all that or if he meant body type, but he’s a good one.

        Miami’s Gerald Willis (6’3-6’4 285-290 lbs.) was the best player on the field against LSU week 1. Was a highly touted recruit coming outta HS, but has ran into some trouble. Everything I’ve read on him talks about how much his coaches think he’s matured and love that he’s battled all this adversity to play more downs. If he keeps playing like he did and everything checks out off the field he’ll be a big riser come draft time IMO.

      • Sea Mode


    • DC

      Of those guys you listed the only one I’ve been able to singly focus on was Derrick Brown vs. UW & I can say that he would be a welcome addition to Seattle. If we could also reel in Grady Jarrett to pair with Brown, Reed & Jones(?) you are starting to form a new identity on defense. BWagz would love Brown(or someone similar) up there. Using the Seymour comparison is high praise. I still remember thinking we were going to get him and then New England blew that dream apart. In a year stacked with BAMFs on the DL someone juicy has got to be there when we pick.

      • Volume12

        It is high praise and I probably should’ve said he has a lot of Seymour in his game and can be that type of player. LSU HC Ed Orgeron said Reggie White!!

        I’m just starting to wonder if finding a DE in FA this off-season would prove more beneficial because Green & Clark are so young and we know how hard finding dominant 3-techs are. This class has multiple guys who could end up being just that. Personally I wouldn’t mess with Reed & Poona as our 1-techs but that’s just me.

        Then again, adding a Grady Jarrett and a DE in the draft works too.

        • DC

          I just figure Jarrett will be about 1/2 the price of D Law but the Law would be my top choice. I didn’t realize Clowney was going to be a FA until Rob mentioned him. Any of them would seemingly be a step in the right direction.

          Seymour only went on to anchor their defense to 3 titles in 4 years and eventually in a most New Englandy move they pulled a 1st round pick for him on the decline. I would love a guy like that.

          • Rob Staton

            Clowney + Jarrett would be a nice start. Re-signing Clark and drafting a Davis, Lawrence or Brown would be a next step.

      • Volume12

        That was the year everyone was screaming from the rooftops for the Pats to take a WR.

  45. mishima

    3 blog trends:

    1) Confusing Seahawk JAGs (Flowers, Griffin, Dissly, Clark, Jones, at al) for alpha dogs. More than likely, these players are temporary filler, not stars, but league average. To expect Sweezy/Fluker to be any better or healthier than Aboushi/Joeckel is delusional; be happy they are cheaper.

    2) Expecting Paul Allen to make changes to front office and/or coaching staff. JSPC + Wilson are here for at least 2 years. Change will be slow, painful and frustrating.

    3) Mistaking decline for trends. It’s not another slow start that will correct itself. Poor coaching, loss of identity/faith/commitment, regression, hubris are real, present.

    • Rob Staton

      Are you talking about a different blog?

      Because these are not three ‘trends’ on this blog.

      • mishima

        Not from you, but from some Of the comments.

        I’ve seen it expressed that the return of Fluker and a healthy D. Jordan will fix the run game and pass rush, respectively; Carroll might quit and/or Schneider be fired; Dissly is the second coming of Zach Miller and Tre Flowers is the next rough diamond, R.Sherman.

        All possible, but would slow that roll.

        Realistically, the Seahawks will be an average team for a few years because they will have less talent no identity (aka poor coaching and/or leadership) and continue to make questionable decisions in draft, trades and free agency.

        • Kenny Sloth

          And calling them JAGs isn’t hasty?

          Dont project your impressions on us, please.

          Appreciate your analysis, but maybe a little less ‘meta’

          • mishima

            Projecting my impressions? Read the comments: Premature praise, speculation, excuses. No big deal; we’re fans and hope springs eternal.

            Is it meta that we have 4 picks, no comp picks and will watch ET walk without compensation? Bad plan.

            I’m probably just being pissy because Sweezy/Fluker are at RG and Carroll won’t run the ball.

    • CaptainJack

      Will Dissly looks like an ALPHA DAWG to me 🙂

    • Pedestrian

      I think Flowers will surprise us in year 2 as the next great seahawks CB

      • mishima

        Or be the next Neiko Thorpe.

        We don’t know.

        • Pedestrian

          Agreed. Nothing is confirmed until it is. Just speculating, I like what I see for where he is at

          • mishima


            I love the whole draft class, esp. Flowers, Martin and Dissly.

            • Logan Lynch

              Wait, I’m confused…

              You specifically mentioned Flowers and Dissly as “Seahawks JAGs”, yet now you’re talking about how you love them and the rest of the 2018 draft class? That’s pretty contradictory.

              I do, however agree with your point about people relying too much on a few games’ worth of NFL action to proclaim the rookies as the next great pillars of a budding SEA dynasty. We also shouldn’t crap on them too early, it goes both ways.

              • mishima

                They did well with what they had.

                Liking mid-round picks doesn’t mean they’ll be anything more than depth pieces. How many ‘next great late-round CBs’ have come through since Sherman? Flowers is probably practice squad on good teams. Dissly’s skill set was easily/cheaply found in free agent Ed Dickson. I dig the picks, but am tempering my hope/enthusiasm.

                We can’t accurately judge our players based on comparisons to other players on our no-depth roster.

                Big picture: Many of our picks were covers for mistakes made in trades, free agency, previous drafts. Next draft: 4-5 picks, total. Unless they go back to the roots of their success, they’ll, it’ll be a slow rebuild.

                • Pedestrian

                  Agreed. It will take longer to rebuild if they diverge from their roots.

                  I don’t think any of us are crowning any one player as the next great. Tre Flowers looks pretty good for a convert safety, learning one of the toughest schemes in the NFL. It’s about where he is at right now + his attributes.

                  The same went for Fant his first year. Liked what he was doing for where he was at. Definitely was proclaiming him to be the next great, but rather he has a great trajectory to get there. Variables man, they’re always changing with the circumstances.

    • Trevor

      What tape are you watching? Clark a JAG seriously.

      • mishima

        Clark has underperformed, not been consistent.

        The Seahawks will overpay for his extension.

    • jordan

      Dissly sure looks the part. I dont think anyone would be anointing him king TE anytime soon. The thing that stands out to me was his technique on the touchdown pass to sell that play action.

      2. I Don’t think Paul Allen is the type of owner that wants to sit around for 3 years and not win, hes as aggressive as they come.

  46. CaptainJack

    For all the doom and gloom talk, let’s try to focus on some positives to build around.

    1. Will Dissly looks like he could be a complete beast. He’s like having a sixth offensive tackle and a game changing option in the passing attack at the same time. It’s insane. This could be a special player we’re looking at.

    2. Michael Dickson is phenomenal. Just a brilliant young punter.

    3. Bradley McDougald played with his hair on fire. I didn’t see that from him a season ago.

    The defense, definitely needs some personnel upgrades, but if we just build around Russ on offense, this team will never stop being competitive until he leaves.

    • Rob Staton

      I think for years on this blog we’ve always been prepared to discuss the positives.

      Personally I’m just not in the mood to do that right now. The punter looks awesome and Will Dissly had a lovely debut. To me neither of these things offset the concerns. I’m anxious to watch the Chicago game. We need to see big improvements.

      • Gohawks5151

        To be honest that is the positive though. Its week 1. My old coach used to say, the biggest growth comes between games 1 and 2. If you consider this organizations greatest strength to be its player development (its damn sure not offensive game planning) then its going to be a slow burn. In my mind I’m not going to judge them til later in the season. The last 2 draft classes show promise. This was always gonna be a year of learning. It just may be more towards rebuild than reload.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d be more sympathetic towards this line of thinking if I hadn’t just watched what was, IMO, a continuation of some of last years issues. As the post highlights, there have been issues they’ve noted they wanted to address and simply haven’t. And I’m not sure why.

          • 80SLargent

            Last week’s game reminds me a little of the 2nd game of the 2014 season, against the Chargers. I remember being particularly frustrated at the lack of the use of the run game then, and the “elements” (heat) seemed to be brandied about as an excuse for it. For what it’s worth, that year they ended up having one of the better rushing seasons in recent history if you’re a believer in DVOA. I’m absolutely with you, I want to see them do what they say they set out to do, but games when Carroll seemingly abandoned the run – even when Seattle had Lynch – aren’t exactly without precedent.

          • Pedestrian

            I agree with Rob. Yes, there was some positives and the hope is our players grow throughout the season with so many rookies or year 2 guys starting. But it’s not been consistent with past several seasons now. Slow start, struggling to get first downs, struggling to run the ball, penaltys, Russell missing open receivers etc etc etc it’s been like this for awhile now. If they can remedy at least half those problems and show consistency, I’m happy to change my opinion. Razor thin depth and inexperience though, suggests that’ll be difficult to do. Let’s see how they do Monday – Wilson probably having night terrors about Mack.

  47. Jerry

    I think Rob’s take is spot on. I had the same reaction to the game, and in general the offseason.

    I think this season will be frustrating, especially if we don’t adjust expectations. They moved on from a ton of vets, and this will definitely be a transition year.

    I don’t have a problem with the team taking a year to retool. We still have Wilson, Wagner, and multiple players who will be good starters going forward. I liked their draft, and thought this year and next offseason were going to be a transition toward the next great Hawks team. However, they didn’t put themselves into a good position to load up on comp picks, and the decision to keep Earl was a head-scratcher.

    I think they need to get back to being a run-first, physical team. The best way to do that, IMHO, was to sacrifice this season for the greater good. I think we’d be lucky to finish 9-7 this year. We signed a bunch of guys who are largely placeholders (Dickson, Jaron Brown, Tom Johnson, Shamar Stephen, etc), which means no extra picks. With a lot of picks trade, we’re not in a good place to fix things. The decision to hold on to Earl Thomas signals that the team wants to win now, but why?

    I’d honestly rather see the Hawks finish 7-9 than 9-7, especially if it is in the interest of building for the future. That would give us a first round pick in the top half of the first round, a lot better draft capital for the team to either add a major talent (especially in a draft loaded with pass rushers) or trade back and hoard picks.

    To me, it seems like we are falling into the same problem that has plagued the Mariners: trying to go all-in to win when it isn’t likely. That’s a great way to achieve sustained mediocrity. To mix metaphors, I’d rather rip off the band-aid quickly, take one in the huevos this year, and rebuild the lost talent quickly.

  48. John_s

    Shalom Luani released to make room for Keenan Reynolds.

    • DC

      Was our pick conditional? I never heard. Hopefully we get it back.

      • Rob Staton

        Have to assume it is given today’s decision.

    • 80SLargent

      Does anyone here know if the 7th rounder Seattle traded for Luani was conditional?

      • Rob Staton

        It probably was based on today’s decision.

  49. STTBM

    I’m with Rob; not in the mood to wax ecstatic over Dissly and a Punter!

    The entire team looked lost; not one facet of the game looked well-coached, prepared, or game-planned. And that is on the coaches, not the players; Schotty, Norton, and Carrol especially. To say nothing of the ST’s coach….

    No attempt at all to use Wilson in the Read-Option, no called Wilson runs, and Wilson seemed to avoid scrambling for yards like a disease. Why is this happening?! Is Wilson refusing to do this stuff, a-la RG3?! Or is Schotty ruining what makes Wilson special, and trying to pound a square peg into a round hole? I don’t know, but I do know that if Wilson doesn’t do any Read-Option or called runs, and refuses to scramble for positive yards on passing plays that disintegrate, the offense won’t work.

    Wilson also must fit the ball into tight windows early in the game. It appears he has taken Carl Smiths teachings to much to heart. If Wilson wants to be the highest paid, he’s got to stop refusing to fit the ball in, and he’s got to learn to hit a guy in stride on a deep ball. His pass to Lockett hung and Lockett had to wait for it. More than 10 qb’s in this league throw that pass better…

    But talking about moving on from Wilson is asinine. He needs a real Oline, and an offensive system and coaches who tailor things to suit his strengths, rather than trying to make him Joe Montana.

    I’m not sold that Norton is a DC. He may have been promoted past his competence level.

    And the Oline was quite bad much of the time. They still cannot handle stunts worth a damn.

    I’m done. I’m really sad at the sad-sack opening, the flat offense with few plays that aren’t 40 years old, and a defense that seemed to be Duplo in Lego Land…

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      There’s plenty to criticize about Russell’s performance last Sunday. But I’m glad they didn’t have him attempting to rush against that defense. He’s not fast enough to outrun their defensive ends. I thought he relied on his feet too much to buy time and was constantly holding the balk for an eternity.

      His average time from snap to release was a whopping 2.9 seconds last game. Against THAT pass rush that’s just inexcusable for him to be thinking he’ll have that kind of time on play after play. Whether it was due entirely to Russell’s decision making or Schottenheimer (or both) constantly trying for the big splash play, I have no idea. But this was more of the playground type football we saw at the end of the season last year.

      Which I complained about quite pointedly here at the time as well as being an embarrassment to watch. What took place Sunday wasn’t as bad as end of last season, but it continues a now discernible trend.

      Russell is not performing basic quarterbacking skills, as in hit your back foot and the ball is out in under 2.5 seconds to a primary or second target in under 2.5 seconds 5 to 12 yards downfield. It’s completely baffling. No offense can expect to find sustainable success against a playoff caliber defense this way.

      It’s a sure recipe for losing the TOP battle, putting your defense constantly back on the field, not staying on schedule, having a disjointed running game and few 8 to 12 play time burning scoring drives.

      • Gohawks5151

        Every team has a quick game. Russ gets the ball out on bubbles and the under utilized slant on time. But Pete and now Schotty are play action and vertical guys. Most of the routes are down the field. They are 5 and 7 step drops and take longer to develop. We have been seeing it all preseason. Deep drops followed by deep shots down field. Even the out routes they run are at 10 yards. This is not to say they can’t do more of the quick game, but more the fact that I don’t think they want to. Some improvement i did see was a better willingness to dump it of the back that gave us more 3rd and manageable than past years

        • Mark Souza

          Church music, Seventies. I couldn’t agree more.

          Gohawks, if it’s true that Shotty and Pete are basing the offense on 5 and 7 step drops and long developing routes, then knock it off. It has no chance of working with this line personnel. We need a good mix of short routes, quick hitters mixed in with the run. Move the chains and hold the ball with consistent moderate gains mixed with the occasional try for the home run to keep the D honest. Let this line do what it’s designed to do, lean on people in the run game. Wear them down. Have you noticed how big they all are (especially when Fluker plays)? They might be the biggest in the league. Stop trying to base the offense around what they don’t do well.

  50. STTBM

    Malik Turner back on the PS!

    Hope Luani is put on the PS too.

  51. JJD

    Love. Maybe I’m sentimental but it was love. Lynch causing an earthquake on a mild January day in 2011. For all the souls Kam collected over the years. Look in a pottery shop for the soul of Vernon Davis. For the fire of Sherman….You mad bro. Or for Wilson who is Merlin reborn. Would it shock anyone if he made water into wine? We can probably use wine this season. Such a small drop of the nectar the football gods poured over Seattle.

    Could it be PC&JS fell in love with these guys and the decisions they made were influenced by their love? Did PC&JS lose some perspective and instead of drafting T.J. Watt to replace KJ they made a different decision. A decision that their guys were untouchable, deserved to win another SB, and so drafts picks were made in the effort of providing their guys the best chance of winning another SB?

    Anyone ever do anything crazy for love?

    We all know that a special bond among the core players were formed. Could it be that PC&JS shared in this bond which influenced their decision making?

    • SimonM

      Also in that vein, they remain wedded to a defensive scheme that needs a once in a generation player like Earl Thomas to play free safety. Unless they genuinely have identified a ready made replacement, it is a choice of extend Earl or revise the scheme

  52. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I realize that this has been brought up before but what is your thoughts on a two tight formations it might improve the run and pass it could help are pass protection a little

    • Rob Staton

      I’m all for trying it

  53. Frank

    It’s just such a knee jerk reaction to see the thoughts of the fans after 1 game at mile high. My favorite was probably the suggestion to burn it down, trade Russ, and Wagner, pin all our hopes on the next few drafts. Things I’m worried about, lack of consistency movement from our online, lack of pressure from our d-line. We have some nice pieces at the skilled positions, but they don’t get to show while being dominated in the trenches. Depth at LB, Wr, and rush end are all major areas of focus moving forward, I have some hope coaching improves our OL and Rb situation at the moment. Russ is what Russ is, a complimentary player to a RB. He can ball out, throwing the ball deap but can’t make the quick read free yard plays that any of the other QB in the league could make. One play of course comes to mind as the highlight that, but I’ll leave that one alone. He has us in a position though, we can’t function as a normal offense with Russ, and he will financially ruin this team given the chance. I’ve honestly always kinda hated Wilson, and not just because he’s the most pretentious human in the world, barely beating out Richard Sherman for the title, cue Russ and Ciara on a beach riding horses posing for cameras, but because without the hawks he would have never became a starting QB. He was the perfect compliment to Marshawn, much like Vince Young the threat of them taking off held LB that one extra moment, for the RB to hit a free hole with authority. He should be payed something between RB money and QB money, but nowadays a crap Qb cost 20 million a year. ( pardon the French Rob) Every media branch is going to beat the drum for him to get Rodgers type money, but I don’t think there are any GM who think that. If given a 1st round option for a trade with Russ, I’d take it. That’s my stupid fan/ armchair GM rant of the day, We can always just hope Russ gets hurt, the team goes 0-16 and we get the best QB in the draft next year. I don’t think Russ would do that well in free agency, but for curiosity if love to see what the free market thinks he’s worth. I think he’d be less desirable than a Kirk Cousins to GMs.

    • Hawk Eye

      I agree about the lack of pressure from the d line, and consistency from the o line. Those will determine if the team can compete. They need some game changing talent on the d line and I don’t see anyone who has it on the current team.
      I don’t disagree about Russell having a personality that can rub people the wrong way. He reminds me of a lot of fake christians I grew up with and it is always a red flag to me whenever someone talks about their religion too quickly. I can handle Sherman being a jerk, because I think it is his real personality and he does not care if you like him. Russell just seems like the kid who was practicing interviews when he was 7. That is why I believe he will ask for top dollar for his next contract.

      As far as Russ being just a compliment to a good rb, I disagree. I agree he is not elite. He has moments where he is, but he has too many times when he hangs on to the ball too long and runs into a sack. He had that stretch at the end of 2015 where he got rid of the ball quickly and put up MVP numbers. I am starting to see that as an anomaly, and hoping Russ can improve from what he is, but not expecting it anymore. He is a good, top 10 qb, but not an elite qb who can make everyone around him better. And outside of Brady and Rodgers, I am not sure there is another one. Maybe Brees? Do you need an elite qb to win the SB? No, but you need a hot one, and some other great players.
      would I trade Russ? I guess it really depends on the offer, but it has to be more than what they got for Mack and he has to be on a rookie contract to fill out the roster around him. QB is harder position to fill. Which of course leads to, who do you replace him with? Better get that right or you just made the situation worse.

      as far as what he gets on the open market, he gets more than Cousins. Someone will pay him if he was a true free agent. If Russ can take this team to 11 wins, it would probably mean he is elite and you keep him no matter what. If they only get 7 to 9 wins, he is good, but not elite, and lets see if someone makes an elite offer.

  54. kerry

    I’m surprised it was as close as it was. When is the last time the hawks won in hot weather?

    I hope it’s not time for a regime change, but we need a lot better out of just about everyone. The front office especially.

  55. Sea Mode

    I guess I’m on the side that saw quite a few positives for a high-altitude road opener without 2 pro-bowlers (ADB+KJ) and starting a bunch of rookies that we lost by just a FG. That said, the points brought up are all fair questions, and I’m not sure how much longer we (or Paul Allen) can buy the “it just all needs time to gel” attitude from coaches.

    THE outstanding issue for me was run defense. PC defenses have always been about making the opponent one-dimensional (force the pass), not giving up anything deep, then being opportunistic in looking for turnovers. We got the turnovers (and almost had three more…), but we can’t give up 146 yds on the ground. Ouch.

    I’m not even going to criticize our run game. Denver is a top 3-5 defense vs. both passing and rushing. It’s pick your poison against such a talented front. 24 points (however we managed to get them) isn’t bad and gave us a chance to win the game.

    They’ll have some points to prove vs. Chicago I hope.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The last two games featured opponents with excellent defenses. The Seahawks could have won the game in the 4th quarter in both instances – but they choked. The Denver game I’m counting as succumbing to the mile high air. It is such an obvious opponent that no one mentions. There is no reason why Denver shouldn’t be 8-8 or better = just based on the playing location.

      Other than that, with an under performing right side of offense line, a first round running back recovering from injury, and on defense two rookies playing cornerback and linebacker – what could go wrong?

      • Mark Souza

        There were good points to the game. I think we drafted a good class and they’re getting called on to play and develop early.

        But moreover, I’m with Rob on this one. I was far more dismayed by the continuation of poor trends from last year. Again we eschew the run though spouting over and over that it’s our identity. Only 14 called running plays shows that’s not true (I say 14 because 2 of the 16 runs were QB scrambles when pass plays broke down – not really run plays). We are not really dedicated to the run – at least not yet.

        We are also not dedicated to designing the offense around our personnel. Our line is not going to hold up to provide 3 or more seconds of clean pocket, yet we don’t run quick hitting pass plays to give our line a break.

        Could this change soon? Sure. But so far it’s been more of the same. It’s 2017 all over again.

  56. H

    I love this blog and all the diversity of opinions held on it. Living over here in England this is the only place I get to talk hawks with other fans (i have friends into the NFL but none support the seahawks.) I completely respect everyone’s opinion and hope you don’t see this as me claiming to know any better than the rest of you.

    All that being said, I absolutely hate this narrative that has emerged surrounding Russel Wilson. I just hate it. This is a guy who single-handedly kept this team alive last season, a guy who trails only the great Aaron Rodgers in career passer rating. A guy who has been nothing but an professional and a great human being since he’s been with the team (I appreciate that people might find his personality annoying, but that doesn’t make him a bad person.) To see fans turn on him like this really bothers me.

    It’s ok to say he had a bad game, Its ok to point to the flaws and ask the question as to whether he’s capable of carrying this team in the way we’d hoped. He’s not Rodgers or Brady after all. But “he’s a bad pro QB” has come up too many times for my liking now.

    The fans of basically every other team seem to acknowledge that he’s a top 5 QB, but a step below the truly elite. Whereas our own fans, seem to go to either extreme of refusing to listen to any critique of his game or calling for his trade every time he makes a mistake. I think he needs a great run game to accentuate his strengths, and, to me, the failure to provide him with that is by far the biggest concern about this team right now.

    And one final point about the contract thing. I think referring to the kind of contract he’ll likely be after as “Rodgers money” conveniently forgets that not so long ago that was “Garropolo money” or “Carr money”. The highest paid QB in the league is the most recently paid QB in the league, that’s how it’s worked in the NFL for a while now.

    • Matt

      I’ve wanted to write this same thing…but you did it perfectly.

      The other part of the “Rodgers Money” equation is that RW is also 5 years younger…that’s a pretty huge deal when it comes to big contracts.

      He’s clearly not Brady or Rodgers, but what RW is, is a top 5 QB who is a proven winner. If you are just going to throw that guy to the side…you better commit highway robbery in a trade. I will never understand the idea of just letting him walk. It’s monumentally stupid and shortsighted.

      Finding QBs is ridiculously hard. Creating an elite/legendary defense is ridiculously hard. We have a great QB. Build around him and invest resources in critical areas – QB, pass rush, and protection.

      What we saw Sunday was a huge indictment on PC/JS…not RW. Let’s not forget that RW isn’t in charge of drafting and talent acquisition.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Well the bad QB narrative isn’t helped when he runs backwards to his own end zone before getting tackled. When will he learn? I have seen zero growth in his game since the superbowl appearances. He can’t throw an inside slant, and he can’t throw a screen pass due to physical limitations. He is no longer fast enough to run the QB option – plus it would be a big risk to his health.

      I think he has peaked = and I don’t see a need to pay more than he is already getting paid.

      You know what was successful for the Seahawks? Finding a good QB in the draft at a cheap price, and paying for the talent around him. That is exactly what the Jets are doing right now!

      • DC

        Finding a good QB in the draft at a cheap price sounds great.

        Jim Zorn
        Steve Myer
        Dave Krieg
        Gale Gilbert
        Bruce Mathison
        Jeff Kemp
        Kelly Stouffer
        Dan McGuire
        Stan Gelbaugh
        John Friesz
        Warren Moon
        Jon Kitna
        Glen Foley
        Brock Huard
        Matt Hasselbeck
        Trent Dilfer
        Seneca Wallace
        Charlie Frye
        Charlie Whitehurst
        Tarvaris Jackson

        Every one of these guys has started for the Seahawks and combined they have zero Championships. Finding that championship QB in the draft took 37 years. I understand your frustration with Russ’ ‘shortcomings’. I get frustrated too. I also see teams like Jacksonville, the LA Rams or even the Minnesota Vikings wishing to God that RW was their QB so that they can get over the hump to the promised land. He’s good enough to get there and to win/lose it all with a talented roster. We know this. What has changed is that our roster is not that talented anymore.

        • McZ

          What has changed is, that he is not on rookie contract and that building a championship grade team around a $30m QB is simply not possible in today’s NFL.

          The teams you mentioned are all Superbowl candidates, just as Philadelphia or IMO the Bears. None of those teams needs RW to get to the SB. The problem ist, they cannot all go to the SB.

          It is beyond me, how people can even think, this rag tag Seahawks team is a playoff contender. This has nothing to do with Wilson; even if he throws 400yd instead of 298, we would still have lost that game. It’s the team around him, malformed and drained by draft failures, injuries and bad coaching.

          We have to accept, that in a loaded NFC, there are eight teams better than the Seahawks (Eagles, Vikes, Packers, Bears, Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Rams), with Bucs, Niners, Redskins, Cowboys or the reloaded Giants not even in this discussion. Lions and Cards are pretty much in rebuild, too, and I wonder if we would win against those without problems.

          We need to learn to not expect the undeliverable. Our rebuild will be tougher and harder, than everybody likes to accept.

          • mishima

            Agree. Overall talent and depth is conference average or below. While we have Wilson, Wagner, ET, our depth is scary. Fant, King, Cailitro, Hill, Reynolds could all be asked to step in, play. /shudder

            Going forward, how are the Seahawks going to restock and reload for another run? Obviously not trading assets, picking up comp picks, stockpiling picks. Can see them trading out of the high 1st, picking up some reclamation projects, overpaying to keep marginal talent on roster.

        • GoHawksDani

          But that our roster is not as talented has to do at least to some extent to Russell’s contract.

          Let’s say Russ wants 25 mil contract and we have that amount of money under the CAP (for that year, CAP would obviously change for the next x years).

          You could sign Russ to a 4 year 25m APY 70m GTD contract, OR trade him for 2 first round, 2 second round, and a 3rd round picks. And for the 25m you could get 2-3 really good players (not Mack/Donald type, but a starting RCB and an RT. Or a baller WILL LB and a really good DE).
          So… keeping Russ, or getting 7-8 potentially good/great players?
          If you trust the FO, scouts, GM…it would be really hard to pass up that many talent for a single guy (even if he’s special)

    • C-Dog

      I’m with you H.

      I think folks are being way too reactionary to Russ after one game. I know folks are going to say it’s more than one game, and the same issues came up against Denver that were there last year, etc. I say to that; give it time. Give Russ and Schotty time to look over film, and correct. In fact, give it about a month or so into the season.

      I thought, particularly for a season opening game on the road, at a place where it is incredibly difficult to win in September, Russ did better than I imagined he would, and what he has done in a lot of road openers. Just give it time.

      Listening to Pete, it doesn’t sound like the HC is, in anyway, down on him, and it also doesn’t sound like they are intending to limit him into become something that he isn’t. I think all indications are that this organization is intending to build around him. For for the fans who are rooting for “money ball” to come back, for the team to trade him, and then either draft another starting QB or acquire a journeymen vet to “game manage,” I don’t think that is happening. Just don’t see it.

      I think he plays well enough in 2018 where Paul Allen is going to tell John Schneider to get a new deal done in 2019.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I don’t think it’s a narrative from this blog. It’s something Seahawks Twitter has been obsessed with for a while. And now that Rodgers has signed his new deal and the parameters for Wilson’s new deal seem clear, I think it’s predictable that people will discuss it in the comments section. If Wilson has a much improved performance against the Bears, it won’t be a talking point for a while.

      • Chawk Talker Eric

        Yeah, I don’t see it so much on SDB either. Certainly not like on Seahawks Twitter 🙄. That’s not to say my fellow bloggers don’t raise concerns, legit concerns, such as why is Russ still scrambling into sacks, or how come he still has trouble throwing inside, or why doesn’t he test defenses more often by keeping the ball on RO plays. All of that is fair game, and some of us are just asking questions the rest of us are thinking. And why not? That’s a huge part of the fun of this place.

        The biggest thing SEA can do to help Russ play to his ability is to reestablish run dominance. The kind of run game we had with Marshawn, when it didn’t matter if teams loaded the box with 8 men, they could still cram the ball down their opponent’s collective throat.

        I said it previously, but it bears repeating: despite some real shortcomings (especially on defense), Russ led SEA to a familiar position in the game vs DEN — an opportunity for another come-from-behind win. If he didn’t fumble that snap, and instead completed a downfield strike to Lockett or Dissley or Marshall, we’re all in a different frame of mind.

        I’m looking forward to Monday night. CHI is a vastly improved team, with a fantastic roster. They’ll be another good test of where this team is. I just hope SEA commit to the run early.

        About Russ’s next contract, the money is the money. It’s just the cost of doing business. Wilson is an elite QB, if for no other reason than he took the team to back-to-back Super Bowls, and came within a yard of back-to-back championships. Players like him aren’t easily found. Just look around the League if you’re not convinced.

      • H

        Idk, im sure it is more prevalent on twitter, but I don’t use that so I really wouldn’t know. I’ve just seen some variation of “he just not very good” on the blog enough times that I felt I wanted to respond.

    • STTBM

      The problem is Russ thinks he’s The Best–and wants to be paid as if he were. And he’s not close to the best. He’s stopped doing the Read-Option, he refuses to run on broken pass plays, and he still takes too long to get the ball out, refuses to throw the ball into tight windows, and can’t or won’t learn to hit a WR on a deep route in stride without causing the WR to wait or slow up.

      I hate the calls to trade him too, because I blame Carroll, Carl Smith, and Schotty for the above as much as Wilson. But Wilson should be improving and looking like Rodgers, and instead he’s regressing, looking a lot like RG3.

      • Rob Staton

        Well, we don’t know Wilson thinks he’s the best. I suspect he doesn’t feel that way at all. He may want to be the highest paid one day but that’s totally different.

      • Gohawks5151

        “I hate the calls to trade him too, because I blame Carroll, Carl Smith, and Schotty for the above as much as Wilson.”

        This cant be stated enough. You only know what you are taught in a lot of cases. Case and point Jared Goff. However you don’t need a superstar OC/HC. You just need someone with clear expectations, accountability and creativity. Look at how long Norv Turner has been around and still having success with Case Keenum last year. I’d expect Cam to have a good year with Norv this season.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      So what Russell has done well is supposed to insulate and protect him from any form of reasonable criticism of his deficiencies as a quarterback? Last Sunday was not a one off anomaly. It was a continuation of some of his worst tendencies and inclinations that have gotten progressively worse and not better?

      No one is taking away from what Russell does well. Or discounting what he can do better than nearly all other quarterbacks with his escapability and ability to make a downfield throw on the run.

      However many of us are now seeing a very disturbing trend of Russell giving himself wholesale over to this brand of football. At the expense of much more basic and fundamental quarterback functioning and performance.

      I don’t care if he can make one big throw after another if it means he’s become less than even passably competent at completing a 5 to 12 yard throw within 2.5 seconds from the snap. If he cannot do that reliably, then as a QB he is fundamentally broken. And it’s going to be another season of a disjointed and dysfunctional offense.

      • H

        Well I certainly didn’t say he should be protected from any form of criticism, in fact I believe I actively stated that it’s ok. I agree, he has, at times, lacked some of the fundamentals of good Quarterbacking, this game against the Broncos highlighted that especially well.
        What my post was in response to was the severity of, what I consider to be, the massive overreaction of people are saying he’s “a bad pro QB” or as you put it “fundamentally broken”.
        In my view he’s certainly not your typical pro qb, and as such he has some glaring weaknesses compared to your typical game manager. He also has some incredible strengths, that are, in some cases, quite unique to him. We’re highly unlikely to do better on the free agent market or in the draft.

        As I said before I believe his strengths are best utilised with a terrific run game, that allows him to burn teams off play action. I think, without that, we are destined to witness another disjointed and dysfunctional offense. But if we do get that going again, I think people will quickly be reminded of just how great Russ can be.

  57. FresnoHawk

    I watched the Hawk Broncos game for a 2nd time last night. Visiting teams to Denver should get to carry 47 men rosters at Denver and all players and COACHES should be supplied with adequate water & oxygen? I’m sick & tired of the clear altitude advantage. Denver’s veteran receivers tore up our zone, and their offense exploited Our rookie LB’s, CB’s, and DE’s which is a good thing these are unavoidable teachable moments also the Altitude put a lot of stress on players & coaches which is terrific if your preparing for a long season. Hawks were rusty as expected, Marshall needs a little more time and Russell Wilson made no more mistakes than the other top QB’s. (Rodgers held ball 3.6 seconds 1st half against Bears vs. 2.2 seconds 2nd half QB’s must get hit early in the season to get timing on track how else are they gonna learn how to FEEL the pass rush) as for our DE’s Green was exploited in the run game, Jordan didn’t play much but clearly is a stud, Clark was hurt, Martin started his pass rush 1 yard back from the line of scrimmage engaging the tackle on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. Our kicker has his worst stats playing at Denver! Queem does not understand his role enough to play WILL full time YET. Ifeldi 2 pressures allowed and 1 false start, Marshall holding call, Sweezy I guess a holding call but more like a flop act by defensive player! Our Rookie RB was rusty and should have notified the team so we could have played another RB, RB coach should have known? Basically every negative can be fixed except early down run defense by our DT’s Reed & Johnson need to do a better job! Once Mebane started playing at a high level we stopped it most of the time but since he’s left it’s the same old thing no matter who we put there! I sure hope our rookie 5 11 DT is the solution.

  58. Hawk Eye

    looks like Procise might get some playing time at WR with Baldwin injured

    I say get the kid on the field and let him make some plays, not much of a weapon watching from the bench.

  59. Philip Wohlstetter

    Hey Rob,

    I know this is old news but I’ve been waiting for some kind of explanation for the Demoree’aa Stringfellow release. Not just that they cut him in the cutdown to 53, but that he passed through waivers and, incredibly, was not signed to the practice squad: the team picked Caleb Scott instead, who looks like the second coming of Brian Walters. I see that Tennessee finally signed him to their practice squad but this has been bugging me. His upside looks unbelievable (check out his 99 yard preseason reception with Miami). My theory is that Scot McGloughlin was the reason for our good drafts: I have lost any confidence in Pete and John Schneider as evaluators of talent (though I admit this draft class looks good). At the time, I thought keeping only 5 wide receivers was also foolish given Baldwin’s knee and Marshall’s age and injury history over the last two years. Didn’t expect to be right so soon.

    • Rob Staton

      Scot McCloughan is a very good talent evaluator but I think it’s become a little too convenient to credit him for all the early success. Carroll and Schneider deserve more respect than that. After all, nobody knew guys like Sherman and Bruce Irvin better than Carroll. And clearly Schneider was enamoured with Russell Wilson.

      As for Stringfellow, it’s probably because he didn’t have much special teams value. Or that they just don’t see that much upside. He made some nice plays but there’s a reason he went unclaimed.

    • teejmo

      Well, Stringfellow just retired from football, so… maybe they (justifiably) questioned his desire to play?

    • STTBM

      Stringfellow is a lot like Kasen Williams; a guy who did well in preseason vs backups and also-rans. But both lack one thing Caleb Scott has–speed. Williams and Stringfellow just don’t have the speed/quickness to get consistent separation vs NFL corners.

      I was bummed to see Malik Turner cut, and a bit surprised Scott and Reynolds were signed to the PS ahead of him. I thought Turner outplayed the other young WR’s in camp. BUT, much of his highlight plays came vs backups and scrubs….and Reynolds is quicker and plays the slot, and Baldwins injuries have created a need there.

      A lot more goes into evaluating WR’s in preseason than just stats…

    • AlaskaHawk

      I really liked Stringfellow also. I hope they can talk him into playing somewhere.

  60. Rob Bailey

    When I first saw the schedule reality set in, mostly because there are SO MANY question marks.

    First 2 on the road. Petes record in opening games (especially on the road) is dreadful, couple that with Denvers opening home record=loss. Chicago is on the rise after years of sucking, I see a loss. Then they get the Cowpies at home, travel to AZ, then the team that demolished last years team (at home…Rams).

    The schedule with THIS team is brutal. Too many youngsters, and injuries to guys like Wright and Baldwin are hard to overcome. Just a bitch, but how does Denver always get opening games at home?

    Anyway, by the time (if they actually DO) get it together it could be too late to think about the postseason.

    • Rob Bailey

      Also the Ed Dickson aqquisition is moot. Where is he?….Yeah injured….Waste of time.

      We have Darrell Schotenheimer at OC now. Am I over-reacting?..I don’t think so, when I see the game plan and adjustments and going away from identity and what actually IS working, I’m holding the coaches responsible. ALL of them.

      We had Denver backed up at their 1 yard line and gave up a 30 yard play….These are unexcusable things that were supposed to be addressed.

      Schlereth is right. The coaches absolutely BLEW that game in Denver.

  61. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t want everyone to feel as if the Seahawks are the only team with troubles. This article about the Dallas Cowboys sounds very familiar:


    • Rob Bailey

      OK great, we play Dallas next week. Battle of the Troubles?

      I don’t care about Dallas, only the Hawks, and lets not deviate from our problems.

      Coaching seems to be one of them. When 2/5 of your starting roster is new from last year the coaches are responsible. Hold them accountable.

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