The ‘start of the Seahawks off-season’ article

We all felt like this yesterday

Time to get into it.

We now know the Seahawks are picking 26th in the 2017 draft.

Here’s the question we’re all going to be asking this week:

How do the Seahawks get back to their very best?

Go back to what made them great in the first place.

Great defense, commitment to running the ball, turnovers.

The top two seeds in the NFC this season combined for only 12 wins a year ago. A good off-season can lead to a big improvement.


Recently the Seahawks have looked more like a finesse, delicate offense. We’ve referred to the offense as a glass cannon, capable of doing great damage but it cracks and shatters under any kind of adversity.

Do what you do best — with the Detroit and Carolina games a perfect example of that. Re-commit to the run and stick with it, get your explosive plays in the passing game by exploiting play action.

Add competition and if possible some veteran leadership to the O-line — and more depth at running back.


Larry Stone at the Seattle Times said this of the defense yesterday:

The aura of intimidation and danger that gave them an advantage just by stepping on the field has been shattered. The defense that was once historic proved vulnerable in ways that would have been unimaginable in their heyday…

The Seahawks have a really good core filled with star players like Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas, Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor.

It’s time to add two or three others to join Frank Clark as younger playmakers.

Physicality, size, length and speed — time to reestablish that aura of intimidation.

Off-season plan (first draft)

1. Reload the defense

The 2017 draft is going to be about defense. That’s were the depth is, that’s where the quality is.

Tony Pauline noted the following in December:

The 2017 draft looks as though its going to be a rich one at the cornerback position and their will be quality at the top as well as quantity through the rounds. Most teams I’ve spoken with have the same eight cornerbacks at the top of the board; Marlon Humphrey/Alabama, Desmond King/Iowa, Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado, Adoree’ Jackson/USC, Sidney Jones/Washington, Cordrea Tankersley/Clemson, Kevin King/Washington and Jalen Tabor/Florida.

All grade as top 45 selections and its not out of the question they all land in round one.

With Seattle picking in the late 20’s, they’re unlikely to get anywhere near the best offensive tackles (Garett Bolles, Ryan Ramcyzk) or the top two running backs (Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook). They could, however, get a cornerback or another pass rusher with a legit first round grade purely due to the depth at each position.

We know the Seahawks haven’t drafted a corner earlier than the fourth round in the Carroll era — and that’s something we also need to consider. Seattle has pretty defined draft trends and they might stick to their guns and continue to look for their guys on day three.

The ACL injury to Deshawn Shead and the deep class of cornerbacks might provoke a different approach this year.

Three of Atlanta’s first four picks in the 2016 draft were defensive players — could we see something similar from Seattle this year? This is the draft to do it.

Will we see them tap into the extreme list of defensive talent turning pro from the local schools? Washington is sending Sidney Jones, Kevin King, Elijah Qualls, Budda Baker and Joe Mathis to the NFL. Washington State has a very talented, dynamic safety in Shalom Luani. All could be in contention for the Seahawks.

Could they also be aggressive in free agency, targeting Calais Campbell as a priority to provide a dynamic interior presence to compliment Seattle’s productive EDGE rushers?

It feels like there’s an opportunity to find 3-4 impact players for the defense during this off-season.

2. Commit to the run, more competition

The Seahawks had the 25th best running attack in the NFL this year. In the previous four years they were comfortably in the top-five.

Part of the issue is Marshawn Lynch. There will never be another. Lynch was able to impact every game he played in — even on a 20-carry, 60-yard day. His physicality, the attention he commanded and the consistent eight-man boxes provided the Seahawks with an advantage they could only dream of in 2016.

It doesn’t mean they can’t run the ball successfully without Lynch — but it feels like they need to recommit to that aspect of their offense. Too often they started strongly and were then led down a different path. It happened in Atlanta where Thomas Rawls had 29 yards on six carries on the opening drive and five yards on five carries for the rest of the game.

Personnel additions are to be expected — although Carroll might have more faith in the incumbents than most fans. He singled out C.J. Prosise as a key player yesterday and has consistently defended his ‘O-line for the future’.

Adding at least one other running back feels likely given the injury issues experienced by Prosise and Thomas Rawls. That could be a veteran or a draft pick. Players like Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Stewart could be available — and it’s a deep draft of mostly uninspiring running backs.

Extra competition on the O-line is probably more likely than a full-scale rebuild. They might be able to add a veteran tackle via free agency or trade.

That said, Gregg Rosenthal thinks Ricky Wagner (#24 on his list of 25-key free agents) could earn $10m a year on the open market.

Do you want to spend $10m a year on Wagner — a player Tony Pauline has compared to Pittsburgh’s Adam Bisnowaty (possibly available in round three)?

The draft will provide some options between rounds 2-4 and the Seahawks are expected to have an extra third round pick (Bruce Irvin compensation). More youth on the O-line might not be the order of the day — but if the veteran market explodes they might not have a choice.

Aside from Bisnowaty — Dan Feeney, Dorian Johnson, Forrest Lamp, Antonio Garcia, Roderick Johnson, Taylor Moton, Chad Wheeler, Dion Dawkins and David Sharpe are being projected beyond the first round.

Can they tempt the 49ers to make a deal for Joe Staley? Are there other possible trade targets?

The O-line won’t go unaddressed — but the extent of the changes and how they add to the group isn’t clear.

How else will these moves help the team?

The Seahawks are not a good road team currently. They were 8-1 at home and 1-5-1 travelling to NFC opponents (including playoffs).

The brand of football discussed above? It travels well.

Seattle generally wins a lot of games at Century Link Field. The key to being a #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs is the road record. If they can get back to the days where they were 5-3 or 4-4 on the road, they have a chance to host more than a solitary playoff game.

Bigger, faster, stronger

John Schneider mentioned being the bullies again in 2016 — something they never quite established. Any potential off-season addition this year likely has to play with an edge and have unique physical traits (size, length).

Bigger, faster, stronger has to be return.

We probably need to look for punishing, physical defenders and athletes that jump off the screen in trying to identify the next batch of Seahawks.

Production is also important. If they want to create more turnovers — who was adept at doing that in college? Who was consistently creating pressure and forcing TFL’s? Who are the best run blockers or pass protectors? Which running backs can set a tone in the NFL?

Project something!

Key veteran additions:

Calais Campbell (or another interior D-liner)
Veteran tackle (via trade or free agency)

Draft picks:

They’ll have four picks between rounds 1-3. That should be enough to add a defensive lineman or EDGE, two defensive backs (CB, S) and a running back. Feel free to swap any of these for an offensive lineman.

What’s next?

Over the next few days I’m going to try and watch every cornerback currently listed with an early draft projection. I’m going to review each defensive lineman and safety.

In just over a week we’ll have the Senior Bowl and at the beginning of March it’s the combine. This will help us narrow the list of potential targets with prospects getting measured at each event. For example, we know they like tall cornerbacks with +32-inch arms. We need this type of info.

And at some point in the next ten days, my wife will give birth to baby #2.

Time to get to work.


  1. Josh

    Given the nature of this draft class, I think FA $$$ need to be spent on OL. We have anywhere from $20-30m in FA. I’d be willing to spend $20m on Zeitler and wagner. That gives you a solid 3 starters(Britt Zeitler Wagner right side) and leaves competition on the left side. That would open up the running game a ton IMO. Following that I would invest in DL/CB heavily in the draft. Draft a Walker/Jones type with 1st pick.

    The OL is key. The poor blocking contributed to the lack of running game. The lack of running game left the defense on the field too much.

    • Hawktalker

      And the lack of a running game hurt the passing game as play action was not effective.

    • Donald

      I agree, OL leads to domino effect:

      1) OL with poor running game, causes opponent to defend the pass more.
      2) Opponent plays to defend the pass, not worried about the run, leads to less success in passing and play action.
      3) Not able to run or pass causes less points and more punts.
      4) The Defense has to play longer on the field, wearing down through 4 quarters and more points scored against.
      5) Seahawks gets behind and abandon running game and pass more to keep up with opponent.

      With Lynch there was always balance with the run, causing better passing and QB efficiency, and defense on the field less.

  2. Trevor

    My favorite part of the off season begins today! Wish it was coming on Feb.6th but such is life.

    Looking forward to another draft season of incredible insight Rob. Thanks again.

  3. Trevor

    I am a huge Calais Campbell fan but given that the majority of this teams core / highly paid veterans are on the defensive side of the ball. I really hope they use free agency to address the offensive line and run game. Then focus on defense in the draft.

    If they can convince the 49ers to trade Staley for a 3rd rounder and sign Zietler that would be the ideal situation IMO. They give Fant a year or two to truly develop into an NFL LT behind Staley. Move Ifedi to RT where he is perfectly suited physically.

    A 2017-2018 OL

    LT Staley LG Glowinski C Britt RG Zietler RT Ifedi (Fant, Rees, Hunt)

    This would have the potential to be one of the best OL in the NFL IMO. With the ideal combination of youth and experience. It would instantly improve our run game

    • Trevor

      There are only 4 OL prospects in this draft whom I think can come in and start / improve our OL next year.

      Bolles, Ryan R, Robinson and Lamp

      That is why I want them to get some experience in FA instead. We have enough young developmental guys already.

      If Bolles is off the board in Rd #1 and Lamp is off the board in Rd #2 I would perfer that they pass on OL all together this draft and focus on defense or perhaps an RB / game changing TE /WR

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think if he proves his athleticism Dion Dawkins would look great on this OL

      • dylanlep

        Any takes on Moton?

        • JT

          Really like Moton. Plug and play RG, maybe he can stick at RT as well.

  4. Nathan

    Off topic, but Christine Michael, bonehead.

    • Rob Staton


    • C-Dog

      Major bonehead.

  5. Trevor

    One things has become so clear this Post Season. All the rule changes have resulted in this being an offense dominated league. I know the Broncos won the SB last year but this year it has been all about offense.

    I really don’t even know how you scheme / play defense with the rules and the way offenses like Atl and GB have evolved with getting the ball out so quickly.

    The talent coming out of college is clearly better on the defensive side of the ball but the rules and game planning are clearly in favor of the offense in NFL and the league office clearly wants it that way.

    • Rob Staton

      This year the offense’s have definitely prospered. But trends don’t generally flip like this year has — I think the whole season has been a bit of an anomaly. A year ago every team was trying to copy the Broncos.

      The Seahawks have an explosive offense already — they just need to find consistency in the run game and commit to it. Complimenting that with a reloaded defense == DVOA #1.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely.

      • Coleslaw

        Spot on, Rob. That is the recipe this off-season. Congrats on the second little one, hope he doesn’t keep you up TOO much lol

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks πŸ™‚

    • PDXBen

      Earl Thomas back + some interior pass rush would be nice. Seemed like our edge rushers were minimized because Ryan could step into a clean pocket.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    We need some more hitters.

    A trade back and go

    Obi Melifonwu
    Jaleel Johnson
    Elijah Hood?

    • Rob Staton

      I like Obi’s potential athletic profile and look forward to seeing him workout — but wonder if he’s physical enough for what Seattle needs.

      • red

        Jordan Sterns FS from Oklahoma State lays the wood over the middle and run game.

        • John_s

          Justin Evans is a hitter as well. He knocked Derrick Henry on his ass a few times when Tx AM played Bama

    • C-Dog

      Jaleel Johnson, I think is one to watch.

  7. Cysco

    Mini Rob #2!?

    Congrats man!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Tomahawk

    Congrats on #2!

    • Rob Staton


  9. Cameron

    Boy or Girl?

    • Rob Staton

      Girl this time — my son is three years old. So one of each.

      • bobbyk


      • Old but Slow

        Awesome is right. And suddenly a family of four! You are blessed, Rob (among other things).

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you πŸ™‚

      • Misfit74

        I’m laying down watching the AFC playoff w/ my 5 yr old daughter right now. Little girls are amazing. Congrats, to you and your family. Truly a gift. πŸ˜€

  10. daniel

    Does anybody know where the major dropoffs in the draft are this year? i.e. picks 1-20, then 21-45, etc.

    • rowdy

      I think it’s way to early to tell at this time. OBJ was considered a 5th Rd pick at this point.

      • Rob Staton

        Odell was never a R5. He was the first guy we talked about during the 2013 college season. Was a first rounder from day one.

  11. Trevor

    Congrats to you and your wife Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  12. CC

    Think of what Marcus Peters has done for KC’s back end – there will likely be a high quality DB there at 26 and the value is probably better at CB than a reach of OL. Shead being hurt is one thing, and he was serviceable but we need a slot guy too – Lane has not been good all year.

    Pick up Calais – draft Sidney Jones in the first or Kevin King in the second – I actually think King is the perfect fit for Seattle with his length. Not sure if there are any decent FA OL, but maybe we need to trade for someone? More Frank Clark in the offense and if Cassius can’t play the Leo – we need someone who can.

    I also think we need to become a bit more inventive as an offense. I’m not sure Rawls is going to consistently be the back of the future. He hasn’t stayed healthy either in college or the pros – I like E Hood.

    We can extend Jimmy if he wants to be reasonable – while we haven’t used him well, he is an amazing talent and we need him. Jimmy gives Doug openings – and given that Kearse was useless this year, but can we get PRich for a decent amount? Let’s hope Lockett is okay!

    • Rob Staton

      If King performs at the combine how he performed at the Husky combine last year — he might sneak into round one. 39 inch vert, 4.02 short shuttle, 6.40 three-cone. That’s incredible explosion and change of direction for a guy with his height.

      Wish he was a bit more physical though & had a bit more production given teams veered away from Sidney Jones.

  13. Ed

    On a side note, what in the world is Dallas doing. They get there by running the ball and they decide to choose this game to throw more than run. Ridiculous.

    • DC

      I’m not watching but I assume they are choking like they always do in the playoffs. Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side and don’t underestimate a team with AAron Rodgers.

  14. DC

    Calais Campbell keeps Matt Ryan from stepping up in the pocket throw after throw. If I could add one and only one FA it is him. He will be worth what they pay him. But these draft picks are based on signing no FAs and just going for talent at positions of greatest need.

    1. (trade back) Select one of these DT; Carlos Watkins, Clemson/ Vincent Taylor, OKST/ Jaleel Johnson, Iowa/ Chris Wormley, Michigan (all provide interior rush ability)

    2. Ryan Anderson, OLB Alabama

    3. Damien Mama, OG USC

    3. (comp) Chad Wheeler, OT USC

    Have a healthy baby birth Rob!

    • DC

      Another consideration on where to deploy our precious FA dollars,

      Chris Clemons, Clinton McDonald, Tony McDaniel, Michael Bennett & Cliff Avril have all been productive acquisitions for the DL. Quite an amazing group really.

      Good acquisitions to the OL…? Crickets. If it’s $10M-ish to Campbell vs Wagner (who I like) it’s a no brainer for CC. The impact will be great for the dollars spent. The DL FA market is much deeper than the OL market. OL will be bid up.

      • C-Dog

        My hunch is that if it came doesn’t to spending ten million between the two, it would be Campbell hands down. Not very confident they will make a big splash like that though, as much as I’d love to see that.

    • Rob Staton


      Just about to watch Carlos Watkins tape. Major production this year.

  15. Cysco

    If I have to make a decision between giving 8-10m a year to either Calais Campbell or a veteran tackle like Joe Staley, I feel I’d have to go with the OL player.

    As Rob said in the article, The team needs some home field advantage. To get that, you need to perform better within the division. No more 6-6 ties with arizonia or 9-3 losses to LA. Get better/more consistent on offense and shorten the game like previous years. The defense as-is can keep every team in the division in check. There’s no excuse to lose or tie games without even scoring a TD in this division.

    Unless one of the top OL players falls within striking distance in the draft, I’m all for going heavy defense in this draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if you put Calais on this team with a bit of extra help in the back end — it might be a historically good unit again.

      Hard to pass that up.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


        Hard to pass on Campbell. He’s a perfect fit for this defense, not just physically, personality wise too.

      • bobbyk

        When I watched Avril, Bennett, Clark, and Marsh rushing Ryan yesterday – it was like the Seahawks were playing 10 players against the Falcons 11. You knew Marsh wasn’t getting there. Or providing any pressure with the way Ryan was getting it out so quickly. To be historically great again, as Rob alluded, they absolutely need another disruptor on money downs. Campbell is huge and can/will bat some balls down too if QBs are getting rid of the ball quick (as they do now more than ever). Signing Campbell means 3 of the 4 stud pass rushers are on the wrong side of 30, too. I could still see an EDGE guy early, too. It would be nice if Jefferson could provide some interior push next year, but not something to be counted on.

        Another name to watch: Matt Kalil, LT

        Carroll coached he and his brother at USC. He’ll probably come on a “prove it” type of deal but he has the upside to be a decent LT. Maybe he has a big year and resigns? Maybe he has a big year and gets the team a compensatory pick in 2019.

        If ever we have had an off-season where Schneider isn’t intent on gaining compensatory picks for the following draft, this could be it if they spend some money on the OL (such as Zeitler) and offer a guy like Kalil a 1-year deal worth upwards to $10 million (people won’t speculate he’ll make that much now, but he won’t come cheap when the time comes). If they aren’t going to get any ’18 comp. picks, why not?

        Just watching these teams makes me realize how close the Seahawks are… yet they seem so far away, too. I mean, we can’t even kick FGs or extra points without a degree of worry and the Cowboys and Packers are nailing them with seasons on the line like it’s no big deal.

        The Seahawks are close because they are loaded with superstars. More than ever, in todays NFL, you really are only as strong as your weakest link. These Seahawks have weak links who play too much (Marsh, CBs not named Sherman, SAM, and most of their OL). At least with the OL, it’s young and can/will grow on the interior. I like Glow/Britt/Ifedi. I like Fant, but almost feel he’d be good in the swing tackle role next year with a veteran helping out (whoever that may be: Okung, Kalil, etc.???) on a short-term deal.

        The team needs a young superstar though. Maybe they try to trade up and get one of the stud RBs? If they want to run the ball and stay status quo with this line (which is hard to see happening, but most will be back, as Carroll has said) then they can’t hope and pray two guys who always get hurt (Rawls, Prosise) stay healthy. I really can see them getting crazy and Wilson handing off to a certain LSU RB next year. Or AP running the ball. Something.

      • Robert

        I agree. So much consistent pressure from the ends, but it’s often wasted when the QB just steps up in the pocket. I think this vulnerability has led to much less aggressive play from our CBs, who used to jam WR release more often. Shead injured and Lane disappointing…not physical and often displays poor technique. Last summer, I was pretty high on the stable of young CBs, but they all flamed out or were injured. What are your thoughts on the young CBs currently on the roster and IR?

      • Attyla the Hawk


        Put money where it makes the greatest impact. This defense fell off a cliff from the last three years. The reality is, we were giving up 30+ points to just about every good offense we faced. And that doesn’t cut it with the way this team is designed to win.

        The offense certainly had it’s share of culprits. But in the draft and in UFA, you need to acquire impact players. And most often than not, the market of what’s available dictates how you have to go.

        Seattle can win effectively with this offense as is if their defense is up to 2013/14 quality. This offense has to be considerably better to win with the 2016 version on defense.

        Don’t fight the talent stream. Get whole on defense. Allow for the 9 offensive rookies we added last year to grow.

  16. Michael Kelly

    Congratulations on the new baby. I look forward to the draft every year. Now is the time for Schneider to pull off one of those legendary drafts like he was able to do early in his tenure here. Of course you can only hope for that but we do need to restock our D-Line with war daddies

    • Rob Staton


  17. rowdy

    I seattle could hold like Dallas oline they wouldn’t be that bad. How does there line get away with murder all game long?

    • Coleslaw

      The “America’s Team” bullshit

      • Volume12

        I had a feeling they were one and done. Not battle tested and that type offense can go cold sitting on the shelf. Wasn’t coincidental that they started to heat up right around the end of the 2nd quarter.

        IMO Romo would have given them a better chance.

        • bobbyk

          I absolutely agree on the Romo part. However, Dak earned some huge respect from me today. These Cowboys remind me of the 2012 Seahawks. Young and hungry and looking for revenge in 2017. As much as our late-twenties core says it’s hungry and this isn’t the end… I don’t see the same fire from them as I do some of these Cowboys. They are genuinely mad and hurt and motivated. The Seahawks seem more like they know they are good and will get back there next year because they are good. Difference is young talented studs who are irate they lost and have nothing to prove vs. Seahawks players who have a ring to flaunt and have an awful lot of money. I worry about that. That’s part of the reason I’d like to get a guy like Leonard Fournette… he’ll be young and hungry and a superstar that is a face of this team who won’t have a Super Bowl ring. He’ll want his.

          • Volume12

            Dak is good. Its funny. Dallas had Connor Cook rated higher. Did they luck into him? Probably.

            I could see Dallas being back. If Jerry Jones wasn’t there, I’d guarantee it. Who knows with him though. He could panic and do something stupid.

  18. Greg Haugsven

    Free Agency will be very interesting for us this year. It’s really hard to predict the draft until a couple weeks after free agency starts. The Seahawks generally don’t dip into free agency, even when they got Bennett and Avril that was a few days after it started. This could be the year they sign a big one on day one. I just can’t wait until then.

    • rowdy

      FA will dictate are draft this year a lot more then any other year, that’s for sure.

    • Coleslaw

      I feel like it’s imperative that we do spend this year. We’re no longer building for the future. Our window is closing and we need to improve now. I fully expect JS to recognize this and think a big splash is more likely than ever. We’ve seen they’re willing to make big splashes like Bennett and Avril, Cary Williams, Percy, Jimmy. If theres a problem and they see a solution they’re going to try to fix it

  19. JT

    Cordrea Tankersley – perfect Seahawks CB. Super long, great in coverage, makes an impact against the run, and wears #25.

    I fully expect his stock to rise to the first round after the combined, where his length and athleticism will be apparent. But with the depth of this CB class, he could be an option at the back end of R1.

    • Rob Staton

      Major production too for Tankersley this year.

      • Volume12

        I like him. Grabby, but physical.

        Here’s the thing. You better be able to tackle if you wanna be a Seahawk corner.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve watched most of the CB’s today.

          Very few jump off the screen. They’re all good… but was hard to get excited.

          Think we could see 5-6 CB’s in round one. Safety and EDGE players more exciting IMO.

          • Volume12

            I feel the same. Most of these guys can’t tackle or get off a block worth a lick.

            • Rob Staton

              Not even any big hitters. Very little intensity all round. Mostly cover guys.

              Was really hoping to find a Jimmy Smith in there.

              • Volume12

                Udub’s Kevin King ticks a lot of boxes, but is he physical enough?

                LSU’s Tre’Davious White, but is he long enough?

                What’d you think of Rasul Douglas?

                • Rob Staton

                  Not watched Douglas.

                  White pretty much made more plays than any other CB in the draft in 2016. He and Adoree’ Jackson had a ton of passes defended. Like you say though, is he long enough? Same for Cam Sutton.

                  And agree with King. He’s everything they would want in terms of size and physical profile/athleticism. But he comes across like a shrinking violet at times. I want to see some anger in there. Some nastiness. You’re a 6-3 corner dude. Let’s see some angst.

                  • Volume12

                    Shrinking violet. I like that.

                    Is it true that Can Sutton is prone to blackouts?

                    White could be a Bradley Roby kind of guy if he has the length.

                    Oregon St’s Treston DeCoud is intriguing. But in no way is he a top 100 kind of guy.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Does that go for Tankersly too? Good but not exciting?

            I’m sure you’ll have a full write-up, but am interested to know if any seemed particularly Hawky.

            • Rob Staton

              None screamed Seahawks. Some fit the physical profile (Kevin King) but when we’re talking R1 — I think they have to tick more boxes than just size/length. There’s a reason why they haven’t taken a CB early. They have a clear plan there.

              There are some potentially special athletes (Adoree’ Jackson) and some very talented cover corners (Sid Jones). There are productive, fun to watch CB’s too (Tre’Davious White, Cam Sutton). Do any fit SEA? Maybe more likely to go down usual route of their guys. We’ll see. Going to do a post on it.

              • Ukhawki

                I like White. Longer, quick & fast, lean but room to grow. Very aggressive esp in run support. Gritty, dirtywork guy. Will go lower so I think great value

    • Totem_Hawk

      Tankersley is a bigtime talent from what i’ve seen; natural fluid mover, length, instincts, ball skills, impressive.

  20. Travis

    I feel like we need to defiantly improve the o line and would love to also add Campbell from Arizona if possible. Have to do something to improve the o line in either free agency or trade and then go corner in the first round.

  21. Mishima

    Rob, your insight + analysis + content makes the first day of the off-season so less painful.

    Thank you and congrats on your second.

    Best & go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. POB12

    What 3 spots do you all think are farthest from league average production at the moment? I’d probably say Fant/Ifedi/SSLB.

    • POB12


    • JT

      Fant is in a tier of his own.
      Ifedi for sure, but he’s guaranteed a spot on the Line.
      DT was very mediocre, Morgan too (but he’s a low snap player).
      If Shead isn’t signed or ready for next year, there’s a big hole at CB.

      • Volume12

        I hope they push Ifedi with some competition. I likd dude, but he’s got a lot of work.

        • C-Dog

          One reason I like them to go after Wagner in FA is to give Ifedi another solid veteran to play beside, then maybe move Gilliam to LT to try competing again, and let him battle with Fant. Rob makes a great point of Bisnowaty comping to him though. I personally cringe going the rookie route again, unless there is someone there that is clearly NFL ready.

  23. TJ

    I have a feeling in my gut that one of the “core” players listed at the top of this article won’t be here next year. I think we need to add physicality and talent to the offense as the top priority, but also think we need to add players with chips on their shoulders and who are hungry to prove themselves every time they step onto the field The core players have the talent… do they still have the “something to prove” fire?

  24. rowdy

    This game was f*****g epic!

    • rowdy

      Sorry for the language rob but man that game was epic

  25. Rik

    Thank you, Rob, for giving us something to look forward to instead of groaning about the failures of yesterday. And congratulations!

    I’d like to see us trade back a few picks to get an extra 3rd, then go DT/DE and CB in the 2nd followed by RB and OL in the 3rd. Seems like we can get a safety later on. And is this the year we draft a kicker? Those kicks in the Packers-Cowboys game were epic!

    • Rob Staton


  26. Rik

    One thing all these teams playing today have in common is a productive offensive line. These quarterbacks have so much better protection than Russell does.

    • JT

      Every OL in the league provides better protection than Russ gets…

      • bobbyk

        Vikings were worse.

        • JT

          I watched a ton of vikes games, and they were on par with Seattle after they got smoked by injuries. Difference was Russ > Bradford

    • Rob Staton

      True — but in the case of Green Bay and Pittsburgh they had bad lines that grew together over time. They didn’t just throw FA money at the problem. They drafted/signed and developed.

    • Volume12

      The main thing? The 3 best QBs have their teams advancing.

      Last year Peyton Manning wasn’t anywhere near his peak, but still one of the best to ever play and did just enough.

      Its all about the QB now.

      • Volume12

        Marshawn Lynch was the last RB to lead his team to a title.

        Last of a dying (dead) breed.

        • Old but Slow

          Don’t underestimate L Bell in Pittsburgh.

          • Volume12

            I’d agree if he had the durablity of Lynch.

  27. Fairlawn

    Congrats on the little one, Rob. Been reading for many years but only recently started commenting — I’m grateful for all the time and passion you pour into this site. Ain’t another one like it.

  28. Ehurd1021

    Happy New year to everyone!

    Rob… the inability we’re having to push the interior pocket is killing this defense. It’s been a glaring hole for about 3 years now and we’ve seen the results of it when matched up against elite QB’s (Brady, Ryan, Rodgers, Brady.) I know these kinds of QB’s will give any defense fits… but when you look at the defense now in comparison to 2013/14 that seems to be a truly glaring hole. Especially when you take into consideration the scheme we run defensively. We’ve had to adopt unfamiliar characteristic as a result (i.e. blitzing both interior LB’s) which is something we used to not have to do. People will focus on the secondary with Shead’s ACL and Earl recovery but the inability of the D-line to push the pocket up the middle for 3 years now is killing us. I know having that kind of talent at the 1 or 3-tech is a rare commodity that every team wants, but the loss of Clinton McDonald has continued to plague this team for years now. McDonald’s ability to come in on 3rd down and get an interior pass rush – stopping QB’s from simply stepping up – has been missed. Something I really would love to see the team address this off-season.

  29. Volume12

    What was Justin Britt’s tweet about?

    • Trevor

      What did he say?

      • Volume12

        It was a Curtis Crabtree retweet.

        Said he was really looking forward to not making another position change this off-season. Key word ‘was.’

        • Kenny Sloth

          It means Fant-Glow-Hunt-Britt-Ifedi to me

          • Volume12

            I want to be excited about Ifedi possibly moving to RT, but damn does he have trouble getting out of his stance

            This team is adding someone to this O-line. I know what PC said, but I’ll beleive it when I see it.

            • Kenny Sloth

              His get-off is insane for an OL

              I think its mental for him

            • Hebegbs

              Britt isn’t going anywhere and will stay at center. He has proven his value is there and should get a nice extension.

              Ifedi at RT? No way. I like his physicalality and believe he has the potential to be a really good RG. He has a lot to clean up starting this off season however. I watched him flat out miss his guy way too many times. I mean complete whiff from an inside guy that seems pure lack of concentration. I just can’t see him at RT-ever.

              Gilliam improved when he came back but still had lots to prove IMO. Need comp there. Sowell was awful and won’t be resigned. Fant is not ready. Might be physically able to handle LT spot some day but it won’t be next year.

              To me the interior looks solid especially with Ifedi hopefully making big improvements in year 2. Have to find some tackles I don’t see Ifedi as one so getting another guard in FA seems unlikely to me. A lower end signing for comp-sure. But don’t think we spend much FA on the interior line. Tackles and defensive interior.

              Think Rubin will be gone and McDaniel too. Need another stud in there would love CC. The way the draft looks and considering our position I see us grabbing a tackle with 26 if one of the top guys is there. If gone, CB or Safety look to be the pick. Have to think we look for another great LB this year. KJ and Wagner are all we got. Depth at RB is an obvious need. I like Rawls but his durability is a huge concern. Same with Procise.

              Finally, I think Jimmy is the main cap causality. Too many other needs.

              • Rob Staton

                Carroll just referred to Jimmy coming back. They have $40m and don’t need cap room.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              Which is really weird. Because watching his college tape, he was exceptional at his snap anticipation.

              I would firmly expect that Ifedi will be a completely different player. Just seemed like he was thinking far too much and had a lot of mental mistakes.

              His college tape didn’t show a lethargic player off the snap. I feel very bullish that when the game slows down for him, he’s going to look like a completely different caliber of player.

        • Trevore

          I actually read the article and he commented how much he liked playing Center and how he is excited this off season to really learn the position and not move around. Said they want all the young guys to have a great off seasons and sees lots of improvement ahead. Mentioned Fant in particular

          • Volume12

            I hope that is the case, and I read too much into it or took it out of context.

            • Trevor

              I think so he went into detail about how much he enjoyed playing C and learning how to make line calls etc.

              • Volume12

                He’s the 1 guy on the line, currently, they can build around. Fingers crossed they leave everything as is, add a vet and and spend a pick rounds 1-3 on another.

                • Trevor


                • C-Dog

                  Absolutely. I would add extending Britt and stop the revolving doors on the OL.

  30. Ehurd1021

    Spots on the Defense that need to be addressed drastically…

    1. D-line (3-tech/interior pass rush.)
    2. CB (Shead is a very good player, but his ACL is a killer and our depth is an issue.)
    3. OLB (Morgan is not a starting OLB. Good special teams player, but not a starter.)
    4. Safety (hard to imagine a future without Earl and Kam – but our depth and talent is a major concern at both FS and SS.)

    • Volume12

      They have to get a corner. Shead appears headed for the PUP.

  31. Forrest

    Well, I don’t feel so bad, both the teams that blew the Hawks out (10 points or more) this year are in the NFC Championship game. I know it’s not really a major positive, but at least we can say they lost to the two best teams in the NFC.

    As for the article: I agree 100%. One veteran OL and DT in FA or trade. That being said, I think getting a difference making RT might be the better option if they had to pick one. Gilliam is the only one that I saw being consitently bad almost every game, RT can be fixed cheaply and probably locally by moving Ifedi. Getting someone to play middle while Bennett, Aviril, Clark and Marsh dominate the edges will immediately improve the defense as a whole (and it’s the defense I’m worried about). All the right pieces are there for the offense. Getting a vet OL will help, finding a mid round RB to be a workhorse is doable, and getting a big WR for competition is doable (also McEvoy can develop). The defense however needs younger faster talent. Getting one of the big DT playmakers via FA or trade should be priority, and drafting CB, S, or DL early should also be the idea.

    On a side note I think Lane and Kearse really need to go. Lane is absolutely terrible as a starter, and Kearse was playing badly for most of the season. Both got big-ish contracts, and then started playing badly. Don’t necessarily cut them, but come training camp they should be under massive scrutiny. I don’t think I’m being irrational saying this, but the coaching staff needs to be upgraded. I’ve defended Bevell in the past, and I don’t think he’s quite as bad as everyone says, but he is underutilizing the talent of this offense. Part of it may be Carroll’s philosophy, but I just think that there needs to be a more creative OC. Also Richard has let the defensive group go a little too wild. Way too much drama and infighting goings-on in this defense. I don’t know, it feels like they need to get a couple of creative and motivated college coaches in there.

    This is probably the most important off-season we’ve seen in the PC/JS era. If they nail it then this team is back in the driver’s seat of the NFC; if the manage to f**k it up then I think the championship window is closed (for the time being).

    • lil'stink

      Neither Kearse nor Lane are getting cut next year with the dead money they have. No chance. Not getting into dead money problems has been one of the strongest points of how JS has run the team, so hopefully both players pick it up next season.

      • Forrest

        I think it depends more on how they perform during training camp and preseason. If Kearse is dropping balls and getting called for offensive PI during preseason, then I definitely think he’ll get cut. Same goes for Lane. Either way, I don’t think it’ll happen, but I think both of them have regressed and/or lost motivation because of their contracts,and that’s something nobody wants.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        They won’t get cut.

        But that doesn’t mean they don’t get demoted. I have to think that Richardson will supplant Kearse. Both are under contract next year which means there are no cap implications for benching Kearse.

        Lane won’t get cut. He’s still valuable where he is. Seattle will add one, if not two DBs in this draft. My money is on two of them.

        If the right FS prospect is available, I could literally see them going that way in R1, and carving out a Tyrann Mathieu role as a nickel safety/CB.

        Clearly the FS position is absolutely crucial to our team’s effectiveness. And how many times have we winced just a little watching Earl throw his body fearlessly into much bigger players? We have to have a better option in case he goes down.

  32. Volume12

    Well, I can’t be the only one to not congratulate ya one the baby girl Rob. I know I don’t have to tell you, but I can’t stress how important family is. Still amazed your able to do what ya do.

    BTW, you still taking fan posts during your down time?

    • Rob Staton

      I would love some fan posts. Any help appreciated!

      • Volume12

        Alright. I think I can cook something up.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Color me eager haha

  33. Trevor

    This really has become a QB league.

    Final 4 Brady, Rogers, Ryan and either Ben or Smith.

    That is why teams give up the farm to move up to get a QB. That is why the Browns need to take Watson IMO. In this league it is the only position that matters.

  34. 503Hawk

    Rob, if the birth of your son got us our first Lombardi, why didn’t the doctors induce your wife Friday night? ? Just kidding of course. ?

    • Rob Staton

      I was hoping for a repeat in that regard — shame!

  35. Volume12

    Iowa DT Jaleel Johnson is gonna be this years Sheldon Rankins. Dominates guards, powerful hands, fantastic player.

    • Trevor

      He does have great hands but I don’t see the explosion like Rankins had. Love his motor though.

      Do you have his measurables?

      Can’t wait to see these OL / DL at the Senior Bowl Practices. Those drills really do show so much IMO.

      • Volume12

        No, I’m not saying he’s a top 15 pick. I’m saying I think he’ll show up at the combine impress the hell out of everyone and vault himself into the 1st round discussion. Seattle has scouted Iowa twice FWIW. One guy they had 2 scouts there, against Michigan, and he was the best player on the field.

        Lance Zierlein had a spreadsheet he posted on twitter, but he deleted it. I think he screwed up by posting it. Anyways he had 33″ arms. Colorado DB Chidoibe Awuzie had 29″ arms. Let’s see if those ring true.

        • Volume12

          This is a Jonathan Allen type play.

          Look at that long arm technique. 1 arm is longer than 2!

          • C-Dog

            Man, I’d love to see Seattle land a bonafide 3 tech in this draft. I’ve jumped on the Jaleel bandwagon a while ago. I think he has a cool personality as well. Kinda deadpan humor with a little dog in him. Sorta like Bennett and what Mebane was.

          • Trevor

            Impressive! Definitely a guy to give a much closer look

            • Volume12

              Another guy that interests me is Iowa’s Desmond King. Wanna see what his speed and length is like. But, he’s a throwback. Tough, gritty, maybe a less athletic Damarious Randall?

        • Rob Staton

          You got that image he posted?

          • Volume12

            I don’t. He had Taco Charlton on there, Ryan Anderson, Solomon Thomas.

            I saved it and this is what comes up.

              • Volume12

                Was literally the next day. I was gonna share it.

            • Rob Staton

              Any details you can recall?

              • Volume12

                A few. God that’s bothering me.

                Ryan Anderson had 31″ arms. Taco had over 34″ arms. Michigan DT Ryan Glasgow had 33″ arms. Nebraska S Nate Gerry had 32″ arms. Tim Williams, Derek Barnett, Ramczyk were also on there, Colorado’s Tedric Thompson, but I can’t remember with those guys.

                It seemed to be like a list of his favorites or something.

                • Volume12

                  That Nate Gerry is nasty! Good lord! I could see Pete liking him. Gives off a Brian Cushing vibe.

                  • dylanlep

                    Hey Vol yeah I remember another draft guy on twitter brought up Gerry and was a huge fan of his. I think Cobern?

                  • Volume12

                    Could be. I know he’s a huge metric guy. Bodes well for Gerry.

                    He mentioned today that for Seattle, they O-line talent will be on day 2. Didn’t mention who though. He’s a great follow.

  36. Trevor

    When you look at the impact Tyreke Hill has had on the Chiefs it is amazing. You think any Chiefs fans care he was charged with beating up his pregnant girl friend and punching her in the stomach? Probably not.

    This is why Mixon will be a Day #2 pick. If the league is going to allow these guys to play then teams have to decide if they are going to be the morale police or not. The Hawks can’t really take that high ground with Clark already on the roster. Will be interesting to see if they consider Mixon because he would be a huge upgrade in the run game.

    • Volume12

      What a talent. Game changing speed. He’s another Devin Hester or Dante Hall.

    • peter

      my mild take on the matter is if he’s there in the fourth. Saunter up to the stage and take him. I really don’t want to start any in do online arguments….But to this one poster Domestic Violence, with all it’s patterns, and permutations is one thing. One BIG serious thing. I’m looking at you, possibly Zeke elliot. But it’s not DV.

      What Mixon dig is despicable. But viewed from my own optics it goes as follows: Punch a woman on video…holy hell!!…punch a dude/another player/ ehhh….maybe it’s a big deal, maybe it’s not. Allegations of ongoing spousal abuse (Josh brown, greg hardy, etc) no video?…well let’s let them play for a while. Even occasionally on this blog (which I love to death) Adrian Peterson gets mentioned as a fix for the run game, here’s a guy who beat his with with a stick but no video and it’s kosher? It just seems to me the sticking point with Mixon is the video and if there was no footage it would almost fade into non issue territory as that it’s not pattern based as it may be with any kind if spousal or child abuse..

      I know people will think I’m a turd and they will reference the media fallout but if OK was willing to play Mixon I think I could be as well.

      • icb12

        I agree with you.

        It’s a hypocritical and visual world out there.

      • RealRhino2

        I’m glad you finally posted that it’s not domestic violence. I have handled dozens of DV cases, and it always bothered me when people called this incident domestic violence or domestic abuse. It’s not. That requires a certain kind of relationship; that’s why it’s called “domestic.”

        He punched a weaker kid that picked a fight with him. It’s certainly assault and battery, but it’s not DV.

        I may have said this before, but I am MUCH more inclined to draft this kind of guy than I am a domestic violence abuser (say, Josh Brown, maybe Greg Hardy). DV involves (IMO) a kind of psychological problem that can be a long-term challenge to deal with in therapy, etc. Not much different than addiction, except for perhaps the physical cravings. This is just a guy who maybe wasn’t raised to believe that every woman was a little princess. He doesn’t share your moral code about not hitting women (which doesn’t make any sense, btw). You know who else doesn’t? Every legislative body in the U.S., which which is why it’s not a special crime to hit a woman.

        Mixon certainly would require extensive investigation. If he can’t control his temper and understand that he can’t respond physically, pass. If he seems committed to working on that, he’s okay with me. He made a mistake, he paid the price. Oh, and I’ve read some of you not being happy with his apology or advocating that he should give her some portion of his contract. First I’ll note that the sentencing phase will often include some victim’s compensation, so he likely has already paid her for her damages. And her civil claim is going to fail on its merits. Second, I think about his claims, which seem somewhat credible to me: that she called him the n-word (and possibly spit on him). SOMETHING she said made him turn back around as he was leaving. As a black man, I think if she called him the n-word, she can take that apology and stick it you know where, and I’m certainly not going to demand it of him.

  37. Trevor

    After the SB we lost. Baldwin was one of my least favorite Hawks for that gesture in the end zone. I thought it was immature and classless.

    Over the past 2 years he has grown up so much and is now one of if not my favorite Hawk. He plays with fire, toughness and passion. However now he still respects the team and values the culture and his brothers. He has earned his big deal and then some.

    Really hope he can sit down with his buddy Sherm this off season and get him back in the fold. It could be huge to next years success.

  38. Trevor

    Who would have ever thought this time last year that the two bright spots this season would be Britt and the emergence of PRich.

    I think Ifedi, Vannett, QJeff and Prosise are all guys that could make this kind of jump next year and that give me a lot of hop for next year.

    • C-Dog

      If Q Jeff can stay healthy, I think he could have a really nice impact on the defense next year. I was high on him coming out of Maryland.

      • Hawk Eye

        true impact of the draft is in 2nd and 3rd year
        “you are where you are today because of what you did yesterday”

        I think the key to improvement with the Hawks next year will be less about rookies (but hopefully they get a 3T and a cb who can play) and who steps up from the last 2 drafts.
        Ifedi, Reed, Fant, Odihambo, Glow, Vannett, Prosise, QJeff, Elliot, etc.

        I hope they get an impact DT and cb with the first 2 picks. Back up safety a little later, extra o line and a SAM with speed. At least 1 vet for o line who can start and a vet running back.
        I am not opposed to Mixon, but not if he is another Lawrence Phillips. Lots of young people make mistakes, some never learn. And the NFL is not the Boy Scouts. Lots of less than nice people who can play football and play with an edge. Cannot also go like Dallas did last year with Hardy, he made a mistake (to be kind) and did not learn or change.

        • C-Dog

          I think DT and CB might be high on their list for this draft.

  39. M

    Two areas that struck me about this season were:

    1) A lack of offensive identity
    With Marshawn Lynch (we now know exactly how great of a back he was), the Seahawks would ground and pound and mix in the read option to great effect thereby opening up the explosive play. The latter half of last season, the Seahawks established a formidable quick strike passing game to mix in with the run to open up the longer developing plays (which they inexplicably abandoned in the first half of the Carolina playoff game). This season, it was hard to tell exactly what you were going to get.

    Going forward, I believe the Seahawks will have to rely on a combination of a solid run game (as they are sans Lynch) and the quick strike game to establish an identity and rhythm. Too many times this season, it seemed like they were over reliant on longer developing plays which, when they worked, were great but when they didn’t they completely exposed the offense and took away any possibility of positive momentum and also kept the defense on the field.

    With Baldwin and Graham, the quick strike game should be a given but look at Graham’s stats for a second. For most of the season (excluding his first game back from injury), Graham averaged over 7 targets a game. Then, in the last 6 out of 7 games (I’m excluding the SF game as the outlier), he averaged just over 3 targets per game. In the most important stretch of the season, he was pretty much an afterthought. Why?

    2) Swagger
    I’ll define the definition of swagger as Earl Thomas after he absolutely drilled Gronkowski on that play. That business as usual, locked-in, not on my watch strut…that’s swagger and when the Seahawks are in that zone, they are virtually unbeatable.

    For about two-thirds of the season, this defense played as well as ever but then they seemed to lose their edge possibly due to having to keep the team in every game.

    They’ll need to regain their swagger if their championship window is to remain open.

    Draft needs: OL, CB, DL, RB

    Bottom line, the Seahawks have perhaps the most talented core in football which means the championship window is still open for at least a couple of years.

    This is much closer to the end of the beginning than it is the beginning of the end.

    • bankhawk

      *Much closer to the end of the beginning than the beginning of the end* I love that-nice one!

  40. WALL UP

    It’s always good to have hope. For next season, this is what I hope for:

    (1) 26. Zach Cunningham LB
    (2) 58. Antonio Garcia OT
    (3) 90. Tanoh Kpassagnon DT/DE or Nazair Jones DT
    (3c) 105. Raul Douglas or Kevin King CB
    (5c) 181. Josh Reynolds WR or Damore’ea Stringfellow WR
    (6) 213. Josh Tupou DT
    (7T) 236. Ryan Reid CB – watch @ the 4min against Lockett. He’s a physical player that will fit well.
    (7) 249. Shalom Luani FS
    FA Joe Mixon RB

    These (2) CBs (Douglas & Reid) are physical ballhawks that will fit well. Reid could play slot, but does well against bigger receivers.

    • WALL UP

      This may not be as big a stretch of the imagination as you might think. Cunningham could be within reach for an additional 2018 2nd or 3rd. He would give KJ & Wags a break on 3rd dns. I love his versatility & football IQ. His length allows him to take on lineman & shed with ease.

      Tanoh or Nazair could provide inside push along with Tupou @ NT. If they replace TMac Campbell it would Great. I doubt that would occur. The DL does need a infusion of youth. TJ’s & Moore’s returning will help as well.

    • D-OZ

      Douglas is one of the most underrated CB’s in this class. Good length too.

  41. John_s

    Watching vids of a few DB’s Quincy Wilson, he’s a stud. Justin Evans is a hitter. Eddie Jackson is a ball hawk center field FS wonder what his 40 time is.

    There is definitely going to be some good DB’s at the end of 1 all the way through 3.

    • John_s

      Stacey Coley is my favorite mid round WR. Dude can fly!

      • Volume12

        Boy can he ever. I think he’ll be a much better pro than college player. Kind of similar to P-Rich with that long, skinny build and that speed.

        I think Rob is onto something with that David Njoku mock pick. Especially with the emergence of P-Rich. Grab a TE early, let Vannett take over as that 3rd TE, and possibly make WR a priority pick in UDFA?

        • Coleslaw

          It would be similar to the old Gronk and Hernandez days, but would we really use Graham and Njoku? There were games when Graham had 3 catches, how does Njoku fit in those days?

          • Volume12

            If they improve the O-line, they can use Graham more. And if Vannett develops, they would hardly have to use him inline.

            Graham finished with the 3rd most receiving yards for a TE this year. 2nd in YPC. There’s a lack of good, quality TEs across the league due to spread systems.

            Njoku creates mismatches. A pick your poison scenario. This team has to get better in the red zone. Has to. Njoku brings that.

            Plus you mention the NE duo. PC/JS would probably salivate at the idea of having 2 of the most freakish TEs (depending on Njoku’s combine) to come declare in a decade paired together.

            It might not be Njoku, but improving in the red zone should be a focus for us.

            • Mishima


              However, a lot of JG’s success was against shit teams. Take away the 300 yards from the games against Bills, Jets, 49ers and his season stats look much different.

              He racked some yardage for all the wrong reasons. We threw the ball 60% of the time and he caught 68% of 93 targets for 6 TDs. Dynamic talent that should be making more of a difference, esp. in the red zone.

              We signed JG to take some pressure off the run game and be a red zone threat. Without an OL, hasn’t happened.

              • red

                I like Engram better than Njoku. Engram might not be the athlete that Njoku is but Engram reminds me so much of Jordan Reed. Also anybody take a flyer on Butt if he falls to 3rd after ACL injuring?

  42. KyleT

    So here’s the deal…once you have 2 you are basically outnumbered. Because one of you has to do things like chores or cooking, you will find yourself outnumbered dealing with 2 kids. Like 5 OL trying to block 6 rushers.

    Congrats on the 2nd. Love the work you do the blog. Truly my favorite place to keep tabs on the Hawks. Here’s to a great offseason!

  43. Misfit74

    I’ve been doing a bunch of Fanspeak’s draft simulations for the Seahawks and it seems that DBs and LBs, along with the 2nd tier of RBs are commonly available at our picks within the first four rounds. I’ve found Fenner and Lamp often availalbe. Does Sidney Jones fit our profile, he seems like a possible late 1st rounder with size/length. I’ve also wondered would we double down on a TE? I doubt w could get OJ Howard but the next few could open up the offense. Does an extra ‘OW” like Curtis Samuel make sense despite Prosise likely filling some of that role? Seems like physical guys make more sense than move TEs or versatile RB/WR types.

    If a guy like Foreman or Perine test well I could see a pounder being added.

    Big question I have is would we add another talented Safety?

  44. Ishmael

    Holy shit disgusting shot by the Steelers CB on Conley just then. What is wrong with some players that they continue to do that? Could kill a man.

    How good is Le’Veon Bell btw? Amazing talent.

    • Coleslaw

      That was Sean Davis from last year haha

      • Ishmael

        We talked about him didn’t we? Absolutely trash play, no idea why they don’t eject players for it. Should be an automatic ejection and suspension. And he just broke up the 2-point conversion.

        • Coleslaw

          Yup, haha I really liked him until his arm length was sub 32″. Looks like a player, but that was a dirty hit for sure.

  45. Del tre

    I would love to see the hawks take a corner with their first round pick, spending the first 4 picks on defense would be awesome. Rob who do you think the seahawks would select if they were to choose a corner in round 1 or 2?

    • Del tre

      I would say Rasul Douglas looks like a monster but I have no idea where he will be drafted. He matches the physical profile at 6’2 210 and he is a turnover machine.
      Congrats on the baby!

      • WALL UP

        Because of the influx of DBs he can go 3rd-5th Rd. That’s why I have him @ their comp pick (105).

        • WALL UP

 I forgot his look.

          • Del tre

            That would be a steal! I would love to see them get Douglas in the 3rd and go with a defensive tackle or linebacker. I’m not a big believer in drafting or signing new offensive linemen, seems like a waste to me when the ZBS is so complex, might as well let this line continue to develop. I think Jamal Williams is a perfect pick for the hawks as he is an every down running back who compares pretty favorably with David Johnson. If the hawks draft him hard not to see them having success in the run game. Wouldn’t mind moving on from Pope or another back end running back to gove this guy a spot

      • D-OZ

        Douglas will be moving up the board post combine. You can take that to the bank.


    Congratulations, Rob!

    And thanks

  47. Misfit74

    “Le’Veon Bell has 30 carries. Teams are 37-0 in the playoffs since 1950 when one player has 30 carries. 100% of the time, works every time.”


  48. Nathan

    What the hell is up with Jeremy Maclin, did they simply forget about him once they found Tyreek Hill?

  49. Volume12

    Pulling for Atlanta now. Love Dan Quinn, Julio Jones, and who would’ve known that LB Deion Jones was gonna end up as one of the best defensive rookies in football? ?

    • DC

      Yup, yup. Good luck to Dan and the Falcons. They are really the only team left that I don’t dislike. We have some “history” with the other 3. Falcons are good enough to win it all.

    • nichansen01

      I am rooting for greenbay. I like how they had to battle back from adversity this season, and well I dont want to see a coach who left seattle win a championship.

    • Coleslaw

      Pains me but Im going for Pittsburgh, Le’veon is one of my favorite active players it would be sweet to see him get a ring. Also AB deserves one.

      • Misfit74

        Excuse me , but F*%k the Steelers.

        We can enjoy watching Bell lose in the SB to ATL.

    • Ed

      Going for Falcons. Build that PC tree. Also, loathe Packers and Steelers and Patriots. The Cowboys got Bevelled. They went away from the run early and got down 28-10 and it was too big a hill to climb. They should have ran Elliot until his wheels fell off.

      • Volume12

        Same with me Ed. Those 3 teams, Arizona (mainly due to their HC) and LA are the teams I can’t stand. I did like Pittsburgh, but after the refs gave them our SB, its hard for me to root for them.

    • Ishmael

      Love the team, hate the fans. They’re taking obnoxious to new levels.

      Guess I’m going for either of the NFC teams, followed by the Steelers, then the Pats.

    • C-Dog

      Atlanta all the way. For what he did and was a party of in Seattle, I consider DQ family.

  50. RWIII

    Daniel Jeremiah said the draft is loaded with tight-ends. If that is the case. I interesting.

  51. Volume12

    Corbin Smith who covers the Seahawks on his podcast Legion of 12 and is a RB coach said a name to keep an eye on for Seattlle in the mid rounds…? Boise St RB Jeremy McNichols. Of course he said unless Cook or Fournette are there.

    I’d love a RB, but there’s greater needs this year. And Rawls, Prosise, Collins, and one more guy is a good stable. Gotta fix the O-line. There’s very few RBs that exist anymore who can run behind bad lines.

    • Volume12

      *That’s why I think they take one in rounds 3-4. Need insurance or a hedge for Rawls & Prosise. Or as Rob pointed out, to replace the role of C-Mike.

      • dylanlep

        What’s your take on McNichols Vol? Some good rbs have come out of BSU, you think he ranks up there w those guys (I’m thinking ajayi and martin of course). Kind of a side note, I know off has its flaws but thought it worth mention that Kareem hunt had their highest rb grade.

        • dylanlep

          Sorry that should say pff

        • peter

          I’m no V12 but I love Mcnichols. I think he’s a serious threat catching and could provide some serious insurance for Prosise or jus to make it nasty for other teams put them both on the field together. That and I think he’s a seriously underrated runner if they needed to spell Rawls for a series or even a game.

          • Volume12

            Dylan, he’s one of my favorite backs actually. Underrated toughness and he runs with so much determination. Built similar to Rawls, and he’s a Chris Petersen recruit. PC/JS would have some firsthand knowledge on him.

            I do think he ranks up there with Ajayi and Martin. Similar to Martin as well.

            Agree with Peter too. Has potential to become a 3 down back due to those pass catching skills. And that production, 2 straight years, is nothing to scoff at. Amazing.

            • D-OZ

              I want Perine….

            • DLep

              Thanks to both – even if his comp is Martin (wout off field issues of course), Id take that right there.

        • Rik

          I really like Hunt. He runs with power and speed. I’m very curious to see his 40 time at the combine. A good time (under 4.5 sec) will probably mean he’s gone by the early 3rd round.

  52. House

    Looks like we’re picking#26… I’m thinking DL/CB will be the pick.

    I know Calais Campbell is a name I’m hoping to see, but I wanted to get some thoughts on Nick Fairley. He’ll be a UFA and NO is in a salary pinch. He’s had weight and disciplinary issues in the past, but he played well on his 1-yr deal racking up 8 sacks.

    • C-Dog

      Fairly balled out in NO. If he’s on the market, I think he’s worth a look to see where his head’s at and see if he’s matured.

      • cyrus

        we could get both (2013 avril/bennett)

  53. GerryG

    Congrats Rob!!

    Regarding the OL I’m not understanding this move Ifedi to RT line.
    1) He didn’t look good enough at Guard to warrant moving outside
    2) I think he can grow into a good RG
    3) The whole point is to build something that can grow into a strong group. Let’s not blow up the interior and start over again.

    • C-Dog

      Moving him to RT has me a bit nervous as well. IMO, I think it stands a better chance if they have a solid vet come in and play beside him at RG, which has me thinking adding a solid vet to come in and play RT a la Ricky Wagner beside him while he stays at RG may not be a bad move.

    • Trevor

      Ifedi struggled with assignments inside particularly any sort of stunts. He was also not able to use his 36 inch arms to an advantage. By moving him to tackle you simplify the blocking assignments and allow him to use his length and athleticism. That is why they drafted him. You do not draft an athletic freak in Rd #1 to play RG.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree with this. Tackle, while perhaps athletically more demanding, can be simpler. I remember Holmgren (or Tobeck?) joking that Walter Jones would just gaze off into space and not even pay attention when they were talking about line calls and assignments. His job was to handle the guy off his outside shoulder, and that’s all he needed to know. It’s not that simple, but the idea is similar. At RT he wouldn’t typically be combo blocking and deciding who/when to peel off to the second level, may not have to reach so much, etc., and when he whiffs on stunts a bit, at least his guy has a LONG way to go around him and Russ can see him coming.

        FWIW, Howard Mudd (reviewing OL for some team. Indy?) apperently told Hugh Millen that Ifedi was his #2 tackle in the draft (or had the second-best tackle traits, can’t remember exactly. He was very high on him).

        • AlaskaHawk

          In hindsight I am questioning why in 2016 the Seahawks didn’t start Ifedi as right tackle, keep Glowinski at right guard, Britt at Center, Odhiambo at left guard, and Fant would have to battle for left tackle spot. It just seems like a better fit from day one. Gilliam would have been battling Fant for the left tackle spot, and we all know how that turned out. But the rest of the line would have been in natural positions for them.

        • Hawk22Fun

          When Pete/John came out the day after drafting him, they said RG.
          He played MOSTLY at RT in college…

          So WHY did they NOT let Ifedi “Compete” at BOTH RT and RG?

          This was an early MISTAKE by PC/JS. They drafted a RT and LT(Rees), and didn’t let them COMPETE. I’m sorry, but if Fant is better at LT than Rees with experience, then your drafting skills on that pick are HORRENDOUS…

          Pete did NOT follow his maxim of competition this year, and we all paid the price… Example A-Nolan Frese!!!!

          Move on from BEVELL! Let Russell work with SOMEONE NEW!

  54. Rick M

    Mike Remmers would make a great Right Tackle replacement. Aggressive player. Relatively young (27) and from the Pacific Northwest…he and his wife are both from Beaverton, Oregon, less than 3 hrs from Seattle and his offseason home is there. Fairly cheap, 2.7 mil salary this season. 6’5 and 305 lbs so decent size.

    Lots of experience playing behind a mobile QB and for 2 of those years as a starter.

    • Hawk22Fun

      He would be a much better fit than Gilliam…

  55. All I see is 12s

    The national Narrative of this team is frustrating. The rest of the country is ready to write the Seahawks defense off. As if they’re over the hill and continually refer 2 their own perception that the D is not as ferocious as it once was. I would like to point out that for most of the season, up until the point where ET got hurt, they were absolutely dominant. Name me one game where they got blown out befor that. There were numerous games where in the closing moments the defense kept us in it through the whole game.
    In fact, I would also argue that our defense this year at times was better then the previous Super Bowl campaigns. They were times do to the Wilson’s injury and young offensive line, that we had almost zero offense to speak of. Yet this defense kept us in games.
    Earl Thomas is one of the best to ever play his position. When we lost him we lost a huge part of our defense. As a die-hard Seahawks fan, I was desperately hoping that I could pick up the slack. But it is unrealistic to think that losing one of the best players to ever play that position it’s really something that could be easily overcome. I for one am very hopeful for 2017. ET will be back. The rest of this defense will be back. This offense will have another year to gell together and hopefully upgrade. And God help the rest of the NFL if we manage to bring C Campbell here. Atlanta is a nasty team that has drafted well and is run like the Seahawks. It was their day yesterday. But I think this Seahawk team is about to absolutely eviscerate the rest of the league

    • Volume12

      I agree with that, but except for one thing. This defense would suffocate you. Literally just beat teams up. You’d hear it through the TV. They’d howl and holler like a pack of wolves or sharks smelling blood. Where is that?

      What happened to the trash talking Sherm who’d take receivers out of the game mentally and then physically? I like my CBs to trash talk and have swag and sauce.

      That’s what they need to get back too. There was eventually gonna come a time where the defense begin to revert. 2013 was historic for that reason. It only happens so often in history.

      But, your right. This is still a top 5 defense with the chance to become that unit every team fears. IMO this loss should put the chip back on the shoulder.

      • All I see is 12s

        My friend, in the first half of the season , Sherman was lock down. Even against absolute studs like Brandon Marshall. Even in this game, if you look at Julio Jones’ final numbers they’re not amazing. And the touchdown was not again Sherman.( admittedly, Joneses actual presence was much larger than his statline.) I also don’t think that we can lay the defenses problems at Shermans feet for the second half of the season either. Truth be told, he had another great season . The problem is, that there were other flaws in this team but in between Shermans irate behavior and lack of success as a team , we tend to point to him. I am guilty of this as well… The reality is, this defense was a different beast before Earl Thomas’s injury. It was on the verge of being historically good. There really isn’t much more to say than that. We have a very special crew but as chancellors holdout and Earl Thomas’s injury have taught us , they all need to be there to make it happen. For that matter, I could also include Chris Clemons injury in the 2012 playoffs which totally destroyed our pass rush. . If not for his injury perhaps we win it in 2013 as well(2012 sb that is.)Or for that matter , recall 2014 what we looked like without Bobby Wagner and Chancellor. Perhaps the biggest difference is that these other players as wonderful as they are, and as much as I love them , they are not the best to ever play their position the way Earl Thomas is. It simply cannot be eraced or ignored. When he is not in the lineup the defense changes. It is like taking Joe Greene out of the steel curtain , it just can’t be the same. Perhaps if the offense had been more consistent perhaps we could have overcome this . But as much as I hate to admit it , Rob’s class glass cannon theory held true. The Seahawks just didn’t have enough bullets left in the magazine to finish the job.

      • Steele

        While it is still a “good” defense, it is not the historically great and terrifying one that it once was. No matter how the stats look, they give up more big plays and bend/break much more than during the glory years. Some of it simply erosion. The veterans are older. They’ve been injured, and injuries make a difference. Sherm isn’t the same. Earl is going to be slower coming out of yet another injury. Kam isn’t the same. etc. They lost some key guys, as well as great role/rotation guys, and their replacements haven’t been as good. Coaching isn’t the same after Quinn/Norton.

        It’s not a matter of a chip on the shoulder. No bigger chip needed than losing to NE in the SB, and that didn’t even work.

        They need an infusion of immediate talent. Another shutdown CB opposite Sherman, interior disruptor, another edge rusher (better than Clark, and much better than Marsh).

        Coaches need to reboot an attack mentality.

        • Rob Staton

          Two shutdown cornerbacks on one roster is highly unlikely.

        • All I see is 12s

          I would simply ask you to look at opposing offenses numbers prior to Earl Thomas’s injury. Yes New England scored 31 but that was in a Seahawks victory. Past that game, the Seahawks did a very nice job of limiting all opposing offenses. In the games prior to Earl Thomas’s injury, the defense was absolutely dominant. While the turn interceptions might not have been there as usual, the Seahawks led the league in sacks and we’re number one against the run. Quite frankly, the Seahawks began 6-2-1 and one could credibly argue that had the offense and efficient at all, he easily could have been nine and zero.
          As Seahawk fans, we simply have to knowledge that Earl Thomas is an All-Time Greatest safety. When you remove him from a defense that has known nothing but his presence for the past six years then we lose a very valuable piece. We should expect lesser results because he is that damn good.

        • AlaskaHawk

          My issue with the secondary is a lack of interceptions and other game changing opportunities. They just aren’t that combative for the ball or don’t have the hands to hold onto an interception. Earl’s absence has shown how important his safety position is, but that is no excuse for the rest of the secondary looking bad. I give Chancellor and Sherman A+, the rest of the cornerbacks have to play better.

          And there is a giant hope that Earl Thomas will be able to come back next year. I’m always nervous about injury issues. He and Chancellor are the enforcers and we need them both.

  56. Ed

    The biggest thing this teams needs is PC to find a way to motivate them again and get a identity. That goes for the coaches too. Time to adapt Pete. Those that don’t adapt die. That will be bigger than players. The league isn’t afraid anymore.

    • All I see is 12s

      I think if you watched and listened to that team leading up to this game you’d realize that motivation was not a factor. These guys live and breathe Seahawk football are driven for championship. Unfortunately I just don’t think we have big enough guns for that fight. There was very little interior pass rush. There was no Thomas helping picking up mistakes on the backend. This game was like a florescent light . It exposed every scar pimp boil scrape etc. that we have. What we need is quite clear. Thomas back, and interior pass rusher , and a better o line.
      On that final point, I would like to express one frustration. When this team was first coming together in 2011 and 2012 , this offensive line was noted for bringing people who could only run block. The pass protection was awful. It was totally okay so long as were running the ball. #24 helped with this. In fact, 2011 was is best year in yardage terms. In fact in 2013, when Wilson really took over lack of pass protectio wasn’t a big deal at all because he could make plays despite poor pass protection and as long as the running game was working Wilson could cover up for a lot of mistakes with explosive playmaking.
      I feel like in 2015, John Schneider swung for the fences and decided to have not only the dominant defense and dominant running game but also the most explosive Pass attack. He began taking chances on offense lineman who whose sheer athleticism would give them the chance to have the most explosive team on offense and defense in every facet. However those decisions have not panned out. And now not only can we not pass protect, but we can’t even seem to run the ball.

      • Ed

        That’s talk. This team is not motivated as a team, like they used to be. Too much me me me now. Bennett, Sherman, Lane. Sherman even said it at the beginning of the season that he kind of tunes him out now. Time for new blood or PC needs to instill some team passion.

  57. cyrus

    Could you see the seahawks trading up if a player like fornette, peppers, or bolles drops? Would love to get one of them.

  58. Coleslaw

    Early mock cause why not
    1. DeMarcus Walker
    2. Kevin King
    3. Adam Bisnowaty
    3b. Joe Mixon (Frank Clark is loved here)

    After signing reiff and Calais.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think its dangerous to casually group Mixon and Clark together.

      Both unique cases but in very different ways.

      • peter

        I’d agree with what you said about grouping them together. I am interested to see what the tone is on Mixon as the draft gets closer. Not on this board, but rather nationally, draft wise.

    • Josh

      Wary on Mixon, but I like this mock.

  59. Connor Jackson

    For the sake of argument let’s say we can either target a lineman or two OR bring in Calais. Which one do you do? I want Calais as much as anyone because I know what that interior pass rush will do for our D but the way the draft is already shaping up their won’t be any targets in RD 1 and none of us want more rookies as the only solution to the problem.
    ALSO I think sometimes we as fans can get caught up in things. Calais is GREAT which means their are going to be a lot of other franchises vouching for his services who have a LOT more money than we do. I get that he’s 30+ but he’s still going to cost some pretty coin.

    Reading the board I do like the idea of targeting one vet OL in free agency and then one possibly via trade. Joe Thomas name isn’t being brought up anymore. Is he not an option anymore?
    I know I talked to Rob last night about our situation at TE but Jimmy is more of a luxury at this point. He’s great but I’d rather have an average TE and better O-line play. I may be alone here but Russell is our greatest investment and I want that guy up right.

    Offseason Plan (My First Draft)

    -Sign Calais Campbell (Please & Thank you)
    -Sign a Veteran OL
    -Trade for Staley or Joe Thomas
    -Include Jimmy Graham as part of the trade if that makes sense or Cut him and save 10 Million that can go elsewhere
    -Go into this stacked Defensive draft & infuse our D w/ some young talented playmakers
    -Add RB Joe Mixon or Kareem Hunt

    • Connor Jackson

      Disclaimer- I’m not convinced in the least that getting rid of Jimmy Graham is a good idea. It’s offseason day 1. I’m just thinking through things.

      At this point I feel that having a solid O-Line is more important than having a lethal weapon who can’t block at TE. Give me an injured Jake Butt. Ha IDK. This offseason should prove interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      Who replaces Jimmy Graham then?

      Are you paying Luke Willson? Someone else?

      The moment you move JG you create a big void that needs to be filled.

      • Trevor

        Rob I am a huge Jimmy Graham fan and hope we extend him this off season. I think he is one of the most dynamic weapons in the league.

        That being said this team went to two SBs without Graham. He is far from irreplaceable IMO. As you have said many times this team one with a great defense, a power run game and play-making QB the TE position was an after thought.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not that I think he’s irreplaceable though. The key for me is — the Seahawks have a tight end. He happens to be one of the best 3-4 in the league. And his contract isn’t ridiculous. In fact increasingly it looks good value (see: Vance McDonald $6.5m APY). Why would you move one of the best players in the league at his position, creating a void that would need to be filled, to save money when you already have $40m in free cap space? And then you’d need to fill that void with a lesser player.

          I also don’t think the TE position is an afterthought either. I think it’s vital in a team that wants to run and use play action. A weapon at TE who can play any type of down is critical for masking what you’re doing. And if the Seahawks can get back to running really well, the mismatch opportunities for Graham are incredible.

          I don’t really know why this is even a topic to be honest. Moving Graham is just a sure fire way to make this team weaker for absolutely no reason.

          • Totem_Hawk

            The Vance McDonald extention was arguably the worst contract in the league last year. Noone was going to pay him that $$$. 49er’s grossly outbid themselves, but as a Seahawk fan i’m cool with it. Noone is paying Luke Willson that $$ either and he is better than McDonald. You are absolutely correct tho when comparing JG’s contract to McDonald’s in terms of it being a deal.
            However, being that JG fought tooth and nail to get paid as a WR and NOT a TE for his current contract (which the leafue denied his attempt) extending him seems extremely unlikely. The Hawks don’t like to have key players get to free agency so their options are few. Are the Hawks willing to pay JG 12 million a year? Is he worth it to this team?

            • Rob Staton

              Regardless, he’s under contract for 2017. So worst case is they have him for $10m this year. No reason to cut him.

          • Totem_Hawk

            The Vance McDonald extention was arguably the worst contract in the league last year. Noone was going to pay him that $$$. 49er’s grossly outbid themselves, but as a Seahawk fan i’m cool with it. Noone is paying Luke Willson that $$ either and he is better than McDonald. You are absolutely correct tho when comparing JG’s contract to McDonald’s in terms of it being a deal.
            However, being that JG fought tooth and nail to get paid as a WR and NOT a TE for his current contract (which the leafue denied his attempt) extending him seems extremely unlikely. The Hawks don’t like to have key players get to free agency so their options are few. Are the Hawks willing to pay JG 12 million plus a year? Is he worth it to this team? NO

      • D-OZ

        WOW! More JG trade talk? Really? He is not going anywhere. He has been doing a pretty good job blocking this year by the way.

        • Rob Staton

          Tell me about it. It’s a total non-topic really. Fully expect someone to ask PC about it on Monday and he’ll say JG will be here for a long time. Just as he did a year ago.

          • Connor Jackson

            Yep. This is why I put the disclaimer that I have zero idea whether moving on from JG is even a remote consideration. I just like the idea of signing a vet OL and possibly trading for another while still having the cap to sign Calais.

            I don’t know if that’s all possible while staying within the cap but it’d be awfully nice to go into this draft with the main focus being the defense when the drafts strength is the playmakers on the d front and secondary.
            That way you can let the draft come to you and you don’t feel like you have to reach anywhere.

    • Trevor

      I like a lot of these ideas but agree Campbell will be in big demand this off season and the odds of getting him are quite low I think.

      Also I would prefer they extend Graham (if he wants to stay here) this off season and use Vannett as the blocking TE ext year while flexing Jimmy out and using him more a big slot WR.

      • Pran

        Jimmy G will definitely be back with a 3yr extn/restructured contract. Luke is gone and so are many of the free agents. 2-3 may come back after going unsigned in FA. Hauschka has chances to be back with competition in camp. Long snapper Frese is gone.

      • Hawk22Fun

        I agree Trevor. It nice and dandy that Seattle has taught him to block, but it is a WASTE of talent…THROW him the damn ball!!!




  60. EranUngar

    I am fully with you Rob. Reloading the defense is the no. 1 priority.

    I do not see a late round OL rookie helping much during his rookie year. We have invested the first year learning fee and hopefully at least 4 of the 5 starters can be solid together next year.

    The 2013 defense had a hungry group of talented players on rookie contracts in the back 7, looking to make a name for them selves and get that big future paycheck. (Wags, K.J., Irvin, Kam, Earl, Sherm, BB, WT, Maxi…)

    Now we have a group of multimillionaires that could use some young berserkers to pump up the tempo and play with reckless abandonment.

    The NASCAR package (Bennett, Avril, Clark and…???) is one top rusher short.

    The CB group without Shead is paper thin. Maybe it’s time for a change and picking some CB talent before day 3.

    A top backup for the Safeties is a real need (2nd-3rd round?)

    p.s. – When you compare Calais Campbell and Ricky Wagner at 10M APY, it’s not a fair evaluation. For Wagner, 10M is the absolute top price, for Calais, 10M is a bare minimum bargain price. The more realistic evaluation is Wagner at 8-9M (he could top at 10M) compared with 12-13M for Calais (he could top at 15M).

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t compared Campbell to Wagner to be fair. I would be happy to pay Campbell $13-14m. I wouldn’t want to pay Wagner $10m.

      • Ukhawk

        If you’re gonna pay that much for Calais, might as well get Kawaan long term & prorate the contract

        • Rob Staton

          Carolina will probably franchise Kawaan Short.

          • RealRhino2

            And I don’t think Campbell will get that. He’s 31. The only DTs to get that kind of money recently have been 26, 27 years old.

      • Old but Slow

        Campbell is a player who could make a huge (Yuge!?) impact on the defense. There is not likely any other player available this offseason who could do as much for the ‘Hawks. As Rob indicated, $13-14m is reasonable for the kind of return expected. A veteran offensive lineman would need to be all-pro to call for that kind of money and I don’t think that Wagner is in the ballpark.

  61. spain

    I don’t think we are drafting OL before day two, maybe day three even. One trend the seahawks have been following through the years when it comes to the draft that people have not been talking is that they always draft guys for certain roles. Each of the first round picks they have selected have been sloted as starters since they were drafted or given a major role instead (Bruce Irvin as a pass rusher in 3rd downs). It happens the same with second rounders. All of them were given a starting spot or a certain role (only exceptions to the rule might be Christine Michael and Paul Richardson). I know that Pete embraces the “Always compete” philosophy but truth is the guys drafted in 1st and 2nd round were given a chance to start from day one. Some 3rd rounders too (Moffit, Lockett as returner) but every pick they have made in first or second round round followed that trend.

    This year we are probably bringing everybody back. All 5 starters in the OL are coming back. Everytime they have drafted an OL in the first or second round they have picked a guy for a certain hole they had that year. Okung, Carpenter, Britt and Ifedi were all starters. I doubt they bring a guy in the first round to compete for a job with the starter coming back.

    Britt is solid and is a lock. Glow and Ifedi are first year starters. They are definately not giving up hope on Ifedi after one year only, so he is starting next year for sure. Glow is young and it looks that they like him. Bringing a rookie in rounds 3-5 to compete with him and Rees for the LG job might be possible. Gilliam was given the chance to start in the left side but it didn’t happen. He was benched during the season. But he took the job back and played good when he came back. He was praised and Tom really likes him. Not a lock but definately not a guy that is going to be replaced for a guy drafted in the first. They love George Fant. He was terrible in certain moments but he showed potential. There are only two options for me here. They might think that he is not ready to start next year and he needs a year learning before getting back to the field. If that is the case they might want to bring a free agent or trade for one. It should be a veteran not a guy hot freeagent in the 20s. But if that was the case he would not have started this year. My prediction is they bring an OT in free agency to bring depth to both OTspots and compete for both but in the end I think our OL for next year looks pretty much as it looked this year. I think they expect (wish, hope, pray) them to be much better after one year playing together.

    My prediction is we sign Calais and kalil and we draft a defensive player in the first.

  62. Trevor

    I think the first thing JS should do this off season is sit down with Jimmy Graham and see where his head is.

    If he truly does like being a Seahawk and accepts his role with more dirty work and less glamour then in the past then they should try and extend him with the traditional Seahawks 3 year extension so 4 yrs total. This should help with his cap hit this year and lock up one of the truly dynamic offensive weapons in the NFL. He will have a healthy off season to work with Russ on chemistry and getting back to 100%.

    If he does not want to sign an extension and be part of the team long term then you move on either with a trade for a mid / late round pick or you cut him and re-allocate the $10 mil cap space.

    IMO the only options are extend him (my preference) or get move on I don’t think you bring him back on a 1 yr non-guaranteed year.

    • Rob Staton

      What sign is there that he doesn’t like being a Seahawk and isn’t accepting his role though?

      His blocking has come so far, he’s battled to recover fully from a career threatening injury.

      This whole Graham angle is a red herring IMO. A distraction from the more pertinent issues with the team.

      • Trevor

        Rob I want to be clear I want them to sign him to an extension but similar to why FA OL would not want to play OL for Sea. Why would he not want to go to a scheme where is asked to block a lot less and catch a lot more balls. It would extend is career.

        That is why I want the Hawks to lock him up now. If he get to free agency he is going to have a ton of options.

      • POB

        Rob, even acknowledging that Graham is a very good player, I think you could still make the case that the Hawks would’ve been better off with Alex Mack or equivalent + Luke Willson vs. Graham & Glow/Ifedi starting. Beyond that, I think they could probably get a mid-round pick for Graham if they decided to move on.

        • Rob Staton

          But Justin Britt was really good at center this year at a fraction of the cost of Alex Mack.

          Britt + Graham this year = better than Mack on his own.

          • POB

            I said equivalent with the idea of someone roughly Mack’s quality at guard or tackle. For reference, check out this tweet. Uusual caveats re: PFF numbers apply:


            PFF had Ifedi 1.9 standard deviations below average. Zeitler, for example, was 1.3 above average, so upgrading from GI to Zeitler would make a pretty huge difference. PFF had Britt as the Seahawks’ only above average lineman, .7 std dev above average.

            Going from -1.9 to + 1.3 is an improvement of 3.2 std devs. Idk what Graham graded out as, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the difference between him and Luke is < 3.2

            Again, I know these are basically made up metrics, but they support the point some ppl are making–the line is so bad that devoting an extra $10MM to get it in the ballpark of average might be worth sacrificing Jimmy's production.

            • Rob Staton

              But they have $40m in cap room.

              If they wanted to spend $12m on Zeitler and $10m on Wagner… that’s only $22m.

              So why do they need the $10m?

              Especially when cutting Graham opens up a massive void at TE.

              Why are we still talking about this??

              • POB

                Again, I’m not saying they have to cut or trade Graham, but that $40MM figure isn’t really $40MM when you figure in $$ for draft picks, IR, bringing back some of the RFAs. Beyond that, the $40MM actually only puts the Seahawks around the bottom third of the league in cap space. WIth so many teams awash in cash, that means inflation is likely, and FA salaries may come in even higher than expected.

                Of course, the flip side of that, is it make Graham’s contract look even better in comparison.

                Kapadia even mentioned that the Seahawks will have to make some kind of decision on Graham this offseason and listed playing out the contract, extending him and cutting him as possibilities. Again, I think the first two are more likely, but the idea of moving on from him isn’t completely absurd. And if they did decide to move on, IDK why the consensus seems to be that they would cut, rather than trade, Jimmy.

                • Rob Staton

                  Sure, they need to save about $7-10m for those requirements.

                  But if they want to spend $22m on the O-line they can.

                  And Kapadia is just stating the obvious. He’s out of contract in a year so they will make some kind of decision. But they won’t cut him. It’s not happening.

                  I think it’s a trendy topic among reporters and fans — but in reality, a complete and utter waste of time.

                  Pete only said a year ago he’ll be with Seattle for a long time.

                  They have no restrictions in terms of cap room. No need to save money. No need to create a huge void at TE.

                  • Connor Jackson

                    In my write up some of what POB was getting at is what I was trying to make reference to.
                    “The $40MM actually only puts the Seahawks around the bottom third of the league in cap space. With so many teams awash in cash, that means inflation is likely, and FA salaries may come in even higher than expected.”

                    That’s the conversation I’d like to be had. Not JG necessarily.

                  • LLLOGOSSS

                    Rob, you’ve done enough to talk sense about this topic. You’ve been saying it since this time last year, or even earlier. Nearly every casual fan has this idea for some misguided reason.

                    Maybe it’s just time to ignore comments that are inane, like cutting good players and expecting that to make the team better.

                    The opinions are out there already, if Rob doesn’t make sense to you about it you’re not going to get it ever.

                  • LordSnow

                    In the interview with Kapadia , John Clayton sounded like be convinced Sheil to back off of the cut graham to save money idea.

  63. Trevor

    Can you imagine how pissed KC fans must be after that holding call on the 2pt conversion?

    Wow I saw about 40 holds like that this weekend that never got called then on the most important play of the season they make that call. Sucks for the Chiefs I was pulling for them as they seem like the AFCs version of the Hawks.

    • Trevor

      Don’t get me wrong it was absolutely a hold but there are 30-40 of those a weekend that never get call. Jut a tough way to loose.

      • JT

        It’s like the holding call on KPL before the Hester return that changed the Hawks game. Was it a hold? Yeah probably, but that garbage never gets called at the LOS. If you watch it in real time, it is the such a quick, soft hold that didn’t really impact the play.

    • LordSnow

      It was unfortunate, but it has to be called because it was a hold and it was out on the end where it was easy to see. It wasn’t like 2005 where Locklear’s penalty was completely phantom. I’d be mad if I were a fan, but I’d also be mad at the LT.

  64. Ukhawk

    Wow, on Jeremiah’s list neither OSU CB is listed, only 1 Florida CB, nor any CLE CB

    • Rob Staton

      You got a link?

      • Ukhawk

        Apols. I meant that your quote above listed Jeremiahs top 8 according to various teams and I’m surprised/pleased it didn’t include either 2 OSU CBs, or the other Florida CB or CLEM Sutton … such depth. Not debating the top 8, just the fact some good players didn’t make it

  65. Trevor

    Did anyone else notice after the game Pete mentioned all the leaders of the team Kam, Wags, Bennett, Kj, Russ but did not mention Sherm at any point. I think his relationship with Pete is going to be something to monitor this off season.

    • C-Dog

      Speculation, but that said, possibly.

    • RealRhino2

      JUSTspeculation from the outside, but I don’t think Sherman or ET are leaders on this team. The mic’ed up stuff I’ve seen with Sherm, he seems like the nerdy guy on the edge of the circle, not the guy in the middle of the circle. Which is fine. Leadership may not be his personality.

      I learned in the military there are different kinds of authority. One is simply granted via title or position. I can’t remember the names of the different kinds now, but I think guys like Sherman and ET have “expert authority.” Basically, they aren’t “leaders” per se, but are granted authority and deference by their peers because they are recognized as experts in their field/craft. They’re the specialist you call in, not the guy overseeing the whole project.

      • Steele

        Agree with Rhino on this. Sherman is key supporting cast. Best utilized when allowed to execute his speciality without distraction: shut down the designated WR, period. Weighing him down with “administration” waters down what he should be doing. I think the erosion in his impact in recent seasons is a combination of age, injuries, and being given too many responsibilities across the LOB.

  66. Naks

    Personally, i would like to see a corner/safety or rb that is also versatile enough to return kicks or punts. We cannot go stale on special teams if Lockett streaks something or is out. And wasting a roster spot on someone who is purely a returner is also not the best use. Even though he is small and raw at corner, I like adoree jackson’a versatility. Budda did some returns in high school and a little in college, but I’m not sure he has the speed in the NFL for that. I was hoping prosise would add value there this past year, but maybe not

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jackson might be off the board after watching most of the CB’s yesterday.

      • LordSnow

        Why is this?

        • Rob Staton

          I mean he’ll be drafted before Seattle’s pick. Looks like a top-25 type.

          • LordSnow

            Thanks, I misunderstood.

      • Volume12

        Jackson is gonna come in short. Like 5’9-5’10 short. He wins on athleticism right now. That won’t happen against the same type of athletes. Especially when he needs so much work on his technique.

        The best tackling corner is probably Miami DB Corn Elder. Hybrid CB/S, but he’s only 5’10. What will his length be like?

        • Trevor

          Vol I agree Jackson needs technique work but he is the most dynamic CB I have seen in a while and has great ball skills. I think he is exactly the type of ball hawk we need to add the secondary. This team thrived on turnovers in the past. Jackson will have growing pains but I think he will make a ton of plays too.

          • Volume12

            I think he’s a great athlete. That makes him appealing. IMO he’s purely a slot or nickel corner. Wouldn’t surprise me if Dallas ended up taking him.

            • Naks

              Ya, he’s very raw. Our cbs usually don’t play the first year while they learn the technique. I would like to see him get drafted and primarily be a returner and special teams cover guy, sprinkled into a few packages on third down

  67. Hawkfaninmt

    Some FAs that I feel should get more run here (and probably will once we are more than a day out the season!)

    DT: Nick Fairely, Dontari Poe, Paul Krueger, Jabaal Sheard
    CB: Trumaine Johnson, Prince Amukamara
    LB: Nick Perry (can he play SLB?)
    OL: Andre Smith, Sebastian Volmer, Gosder Cherilius, Chance Warmaxk

    Just some interesting names that may be cheaper than the Campbell, Wagner and Stacey mentions (except Tru johnson)

    • vrtkolman

      Hard to see a lot of those guys being cheaper though. Perry just had a fantastic season, TruJ and Price will get paid simply because they are outside corners, Fairley will likely have a bigger market this year because he stayed injury free… Sheard would be a great get. Hard to get excited about any of the OL on that list.

  68. LordSnow

    Brock Huard this morning (paraphrasing): “I’ll take seattle’s top 10, but not their 11 thru 53 vs the other top teams in the NFL.”

    • Rob Staton


      • LordSnow

        He also quoted something I’ve not heard before nor do I know where he got it from, but some kind of “outhitting, dominating” metric atlanta beat seattle 55 to 38. Not sure what metric he’s talking about.

        • Volume12

          But yet, if they spend picks on role/depth players, fans are up in arms about late 3rd (essentially a 4th), 4th, and 5th round picks not having immediate impact.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Im pretty sure it’s completions plus rush attempts. Pete Carroll always talks about wanting to get to 50 to win a game.

            • LordSnow

              Thanks that makes sense. Wasn’t sure where he was getting that from.

        • Mishima

          The whoop ass algorithm?

    • vrtkolman

      Can’t argue with that.

  69. Ed

    I know many comments and discussions have been going about JG and I don’t really want to start another, but….

    Here goes.

    I know the JG Hawks identity coincided with ML Hawks identity getting hurt then retiring, but I don’t think it’s that easy. This team had disrespected JG many times before trading for him. Maybe it got under the skin of the defense. It definitely pushed the offense to push a square peg into a circle and maybe they didn’t appreciate that. He can be a dominant weapon and if used properly can be a close 1st to Gronk. And he has worked hard at blocking (which I am quite surprised to see his vigor at times).

    However, as you and many have said, the team needs to get its identity back and make a splash to the league and organization. They can’t really get rid of Bennett/Sherman/Lane/Kearse, but they can get rid of Graham and save $10 million that could go to OL or DL.

    Could you ever replace him position for position with someone else, absolutely not. But if removing one part that can be compensated by other parts (Baldwin/Reece/Richardson) and vastly improve a more dire position (OL and DL), you could get your identity back and become a better team.

    Not saying it would/should happen, I just don’t think it should be such a big shut the door in your face thought that JS and PC should really think about this offseason.

    • Cysco

      Pete will be on 710 kiro in one hour from now. So, there’s 60 more minutes of time for people to speculate about JG’s future with the team. Pete will shut the door on getting rid of JG speculation so we can move on to conversations that have merit.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s an absolute waste of time talking about it, to be brutally honest.

      Like I said earlier, someone will ask PC about it today. He’ll say what he said a year ago about him being here for a long time.

      I have no idea what the fascination is with the topic. The Seahawks aren’t where they are because of JG. Neither are they in any need to acquire an extra $10m in cap room.

      They don’t get their identity back by cutting Graham. They just lose one of the best players in the league and suddenly have another need to address. A need which is totally avoidable.

      • Ed

        I am not saying it should happen, but to look at this team and not turn over every stone to see if it make you better would be silly as an organization. NE does it all the time.

        Which would make the team better:

        A Graham + Zeitler


        B. Zeitler + Campbell

        B improves the team in the areas it needs the most help and the balls JG would lessen because you would hope to run more as well as PR who balled at the end of the year. It also gets you a stud DT that would make a bigger difference.

        Not saying it would or should, just saying as an organization you need to look at your team and see how to make it better. Sometimes you need to lose a little to gain a lot.

        • Rob Staton

          They have $40m in cap room.

          Why do they have to cut Graham to get Zeitler and Campbell?

          Are they asking for $20m a year?

          If Campbell asks for $15m and Zeitler $12m… that’s still only $27m.

          Why do they need to cut Graham?

          This is the point.

          • Ed

            I thought an article back you said they couldn’t do both with how much they have. If you think they could do all three, I am all for that.

            • Rob Staton

              They have $40m to spend. So $27m on two players is possible. Doesn’t mean they’ll do it — but they aren’t restricted.

              • Hawk Eye

                I remember when the Blue Jays signed Russell Martin and traded for Donaldson. The GM said he decided to go after the best players he could, rather than good players for a good price. They did not win it all, but sure played a lot better and came close 2 years in a row after missing the playoffs for 22 years. No salary cap in Baseball, but almost every team except the Yankees and Red Sox sort of have one.

                If the Hawks sign a FA, they should sign a good one rather than a Webb or Williams, etc.
                JAG is someone you can get for the minimum or as a rookie. What kills your salary cap is when the JAGs get good money

          • KyleT

            I’ve posted this before, but they don’t have 40m of cap space. They have about 27m total to spend in FA.

            • Rob Staton

              They have $37m in total.

              If they can only spend $27m because of the draft and IR — that’s still more than enough to do what they need to do. That’s three players on $9m a year!

        • D-OZ

          JG and ADB are the biggest part of their offensive identity behind Russel Wilson. To be truthful, I would go as far to say ABD wouldn’t get as many touches without Graham on the field. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
          Pete said today on 710 AM the #priority is fixing the corner position and second was LB competition. He wants to bring in LB’s to compete with Bobby and KJ. When I heard that I said to myself WOW that’s going to be a high pick. You can expect a LB to be among the top two picks. He also mentioned competition @ safety whether it’s within or otherwise. GO HAWKS!!! The Offensive line they will figure it out in the off-season. Butt,”We like who we have” we may add to that. GO PC&JS!!!


        Everyone stop with this. It’s been hashed and re-hashed for over a year and nothing has changed.

      • Steele

        I think it has always been worth discussing JG’s effectiveness and value on this particular team, relative to his hype. He is not one of the best TEs in the NFL. He was greatly assisted by Brees and Payton, and being younger. He has not proven to be the absolute move-chains/tnird down/goal line threat touted to be. He is not super physical, never has been.

        JG has always been a tweener, and that is a problem if your coaching doesn’t find a way to make him pro bowl caliber despite his individual flaws. This is on Bevell.

        He is not going anywhere, he’s a good guy, he gets along with RW, we know that.

    • Volume12

      And then they’ll be creating another need.

      You have him for one more year. If he isn’t extended or they don’t want him, move on next year. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to cut a guy when you don’t have to.

    • vrtkolman

      I don’t buy that the defense has some sort of resentment to the team for trading for Graham. They are profressionals, and it doesn’t make sense to get upset over the team for bringing in an elite player to help them win. If they really did have some sort of resentment, well they should have gotten over it.

      The $10 million saved wouldn’t really go that far anyways. They already have cap room for Zeitler if they want to go that route. The extra money would get them what, Wagner or Warford? An average player at the cost of an elite one. Not to mention the giant hole we would have at TE. We would almost be forced to resign Luke Willson and probably draft a TE really early and throw him into the fire right away. The tight end corp would go from very good to very average.

      • Ed

        Don’t disagree, but we have seen how petty some on the defense are. Bennett and Sherman had bigger mouths than plays (yes Bennett had a good year when he wasn’t hurt).

        Yes, the TE corp would be weaker, but the OL and DL corp would be a lot stronger.

  70. Trevor

    Spent the AM looking at DBs after the Shead injury last night.

    Wow there is a ton of talent in this draft. There are going to be a ton of great options in Rds#1-3 who have potential to come in and start early if they can catch onto Pete’s technique. IMO there are 15 guys who could legitimately come in an compete for a starting spot next year. The first 6 guys have a chance to be really special.

    #1 Quincy Wilson (Fla)
    #2 Marshon Lattimore (Ohio St.)
    #3 Sidney Jones (Wash)
    #4 Adoree Jackson (USC)
    #5 Marlon Humphrey (Alb)
    #6 Cordera Tankersly (Clem)
    #7 Gareon Conley (Ohio St)
    #8 Tredavious White (LSU)
    #9 Cam Sutton (Tenn)
    #10 Kevin King (Wash)
    #11Desmond King (Iowa)
    #12 Rasul Douglas (W.Vir)
    #13 Chidobe Awizue (Col)
    #14 Tez Tabor (Fla)
    #15 Corn Elder (Miami)

    It is a great year for PC / JS to take their first CB early.

    • Old but Slow

      Interesting list, thanks for putting it together. This list will likely change some in the next 3 months, as we learn more and begin to look at background, size, and interview. And it seems unlikely, or at least unlike most years, that there will be no small college corners that make the list after the combine.

    • Connor Jackson

      Don’t sleep on Ahkello Witherspoon. Boy is good.

      • Trevor

        He is someone that could be n play on Day #3 for sure

    • D-OZ

      The kid’s from Houston and Baylor and there are other prospect’s in the Pac12 to take into account. Pretty good one that play’s for the Aztecs.IMO

  71. Trevor

    If Cable get the HC job at SF who are some good OL coach options?

    Bill Callahan under contract to Wash would be a dream choice but not sure how you get him.

    Also how about LaCharles Bentley? Runs that OL training center and get a ton of good press.

    Walter Jones said he want to coach. Why not bring him in as consultant or something to help with Fant, Gilliam, Rees and Ifedi. The guy has to be able to give some good advice at a minimum.

    • vrtkolman

      I would be excited about any of those 3. Callahan would be incredible but they would need a blank check plus a very good pitch. Mike Sullivan is Tennessee’s assistant offensive line coach. They have built a very nice line in Tenn. in only a year, and Sullivan would take a promotion to full offensive line coach I imagine.

      • Trevor

        Sullivan is definitely someone they should consider. Nice

        • Hawk Eye

          Not all great players make great coaches, sometimes they just have talent that others don’t.
          BUT, I would love to see Walter Jones working with the young tackles, no one played the position better

  72. Trevor

    If Byron Maxwell and Russell Okung get released as expected any chance JS explores bringing them back on 1 yr deals.

    They are not great but Okung on a 1 yr deal gives Fant a chance to develop into the elite LT I think he can be and Maxi knows the scheme and could replace Shead until you get some young guys accustomed to the scheme.

    • LordSnow

      I’d take both back at the right price, esp Maxwell.

      • cyrus

        no okung would just add more false starts and holding penalties

      • bobbyk

        I’d absolutely love Maxwell back. Then they could still draft a CB. Would be a quick way to turn CB back into a strength.

    • lil'stink

      Would Maxwell get released? He has a decent dead cap hit in 2017 and then none after that.

    • D-OZ


  73. Schuemansky

    Congrats to you Rob and your family!
    So, let’s see: late January, back 9 months… that brings us right before the ’16 draft.
    Rob, so besides your job and SDB you still find some time for “other” things.
    Enjoy the next 10 years with you girl (I have two of them, 13 and 19), because after that it gets a lot tougher.
    Again, all the best.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  74. Trevor

    Listening to Petes weekly interview this morning sounds like he and Sherm hashed things out. Hopefully that is the case and they all get back on the same page this off season. There was so much silly stuff this year and bad sportsmanship when they lost games. Want to see the team we all love back next year.

    Also sounded like he is banking on the current group of OL to grow and develop makes me doubt any big changes are coming. Scary thought.

    • LordSnow

      Even if they planned to be aggressive in free agency, I wouldn’t expect him to say anything at this point. Not until the super bowl is over and they see the landscape. I also doubt they’ve had the time yet to really sit down and evaluate all their needs and how to attack it yet, what guys to resign, what money that leaves, etc.

      • Volume12

        He was just gushing about Prosise.

      • Hawkfaninmt

        To the contrary he usually does… when Pass rush was a weakness he said and fixed it. Same with finding a big catcher, and improving my the LB corp a few years back…

        Pete usually isn’t too coy about what he sees as the teams biggest weakness

        • LordSnow

          The only thing he said in relation to changes is that he told the guys to prepare to compete hard for their jobs. That could mean a million things.

          Brock and Salk never hammer him for specifics. I suppose that’s to keep him coming on their show.

    • nichansen01

      Can i point out how much I love bobby wagner. Phenomenal player, in my opinion the most solid player on our defense. Wins with class. Loses with class. True captain of the defense. Doesn’t get involved in the sideline fights and breakdowns.

      And Britt. Wow. The entire fanbase hated him for two years and he comes out and plays like a pro-bowler for the entire season at a new position.

    • lil'stink

      I’m sure it’s just Pete being Pete when it comes to his comments on the OL. At least I hope that’s the case.

  75. Trevor

    If Sherm had a significant MCL injury why was he not on the injury report? I hope this does not result in another lost draft pick or punishment.

    • LeoSharp

      I don’t think the saints were docked last year because of Browner

    • Volume12

      He was listed as NIR every week in the 2nd ha!f except for TB which was ankle related.

  76. Ground_Hawk

    Congratulations Rob! Thanks for finding the time to continue the work you do here!

    I agree that we need to wait for the draft prospects’ athletic data to make any type of informed projections, but do you have any thoughts on the Houston Cougars LB Steven Taylor? Looks like a potential “death backer” type. Seems to have quick burst and doesn’t shy away from contact. I think Cbssports has him listed as a round 5/6 type of prospect.

  77. Volume12

    Heard Purdue WR D’Angelo Yancey is killing the 1 on 1 reps.

    W. Georgia DT Jason Carr has scouts intrigued. Seattle scouted W. Georgia this year. 6’6, 295 lbs.

    The 3 Michigan DBs looking good. Delano Hill, Dymonte Thomas, and Channing Struggling who measured in at 6’2, 182 lbs.

    Drake TE Eric Saubert seems to be the star of day 1.

    • Volume12

      *Stribling. Not struggling. lol.

      • Volume12

        All the TEs apparently are. Toledo’s Michael Roberts, the kid from Laval Anthony Auclair is supposedly huge, Pitt TE Scott Orndoff is exploding off the LOS.

      • D-OZ

        That’s funny.LOL!!!

        • D-OZ

          Your struggling Dude. :{

  78. Volume12

    Here’s the list of all the guys that finished with 10 sacks or more this year.

    Notice a trend?

    • vrtkolman

      Good stuff, also that list makes Bosa look incredible. 280 lbs and he moves so smoothly.

      • Volume12

        He’s a stud. SD made the right choice with him.

      • Trevor

        He is a freak really. He dominated as a rookie with a late start and no off season. He really is special.

        • nichansen01

          yup. I was skeptical especially during the contract fiasco. Completely defied my expectations.

    • Ukhawki

      All <260lbs

      Makes sense: Historically shorter targets/completions, quicker release times requires faster rushers

    • Trevor

      Nice list!

    • nichansen01

      Just want to point out Bosa ended up truly being legit.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Great link V12!

  79. Ukhawki

    Rob Big congrats on your 2nd! I have 2 girls and they are the best. Enjoy the ride.

    • D-OZ

      I’m sure he did!!!

  80. Hawk22Fun

    CONGRATULATIONS ROB! Baby #2 Almost Here!!!

  81. Steele

    Can we discuss Russell Wilson? How much better can he get as a pocket QB? Is he maxed out? This question has to be answered, because with time, he is going to be less mobile, and shouldn’t be so reliant on mobility. If you put him behind a superior OL, is he a top 3-5 NFL QB?

    Improving the running game still leaves open questions about the passing game.

    And related question: is the receiving corps good enough? What they have with the perennial Baldwin and Kearse used to be in addition to Sid Rice and Golden Tate. They haven’t replaced Rice/Tate, certainly not a Rice type. Lockett and PRich are also more complementary than lead WRs.

    Bevell. Cable.

    • LordSnow

      It didn’t look to me like he was in the greatest physical shape at the beginning of the season. Looked somewhat pudgy and slow to me before turning the ankle against Miami. Other than that hard to negatively evaluate a guy who was so badly injured and constantly running for his life even while injured.

      But those throws that Roethlisberger and Rodgers were making yesterday. That’s what I’m hoping we see after he gets healthy again. Unstoppable dimes.

    • nichansen01

      Wilson will always be hampered by his height. I think we saw his peak at the end of the 2015 season (his 4th). He wasn’t at his peak all year because of his injuries.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      I think Robert Woods and Cincent Jackson would be interesting fits with this team.

      Woods has history with PC, and seems to play with a Baldwin like precision to his routes.

      Vincent Jackson is clearly past his prime, and would be aid that way, but his size and ball skills would be useful in the red zone.

    • vrtkolman

      He still makes bizarre decisions in the pocket, like moving up right into a defensive end or something like that. I’m not sure how much of that is the injury and O line but it’s been a problem throughout his career. That said his 2nd half of 2015 campaign was top 3 QB play. I would be disappointed if a healthy RW next year does not make a big leap from last year.

    • lil'stink

      Hard to evaluate Wilson this year because of all the injuries. But his amazing second half of 2015 obviously didn’t carry over this year. His pocket presence, reads, and ability to get the ball out quickly didn’t really seem to improve this year. Every year I think he will improve in these areas to progress towards elite QB status, and outside of that stretch last year I feel like I’m not seeing it happen. Maybe my expectations are too high.

      I think his short stature will limit his overall ability as a pocket QB. He really struggles in tight or collapsing pockets. He’s not Drew Brees. And even when he’s healthy I think opposing defenses have figured out how to limit some of his advantages due to his mobility. Wilson had some great games this year and some awful ones. Will he improve with a better OL or better health? I would hope so.

    • JT

      Russell Wilson is a top 3-5 QB right now. I shake my head at the media for constantly underrating him, let alone Seahawks fans.

      If Russ had played behind even an average pass protecting OLine the past 5 years, I have little doubt that he’d have *at least* 1 MVP trophy, maybe more. He’s been a QB every season despite playing behind offensive lines ranging from below average – to – league worst in pass protection.

      To be honest, when he hangs ’em up, I bet he’s talked about as a top 10 QB of all time, and maybe higher. The guy is awesome.

      • JT

        a *top QB every season

  82. Sean

    Love your work Rob, and congrats on the new baby! I have 3 kids at home so I’m well aware of the joy they bring to our lives! I have been reading your posts for sometime as well as listening to your podcasts with Kenneth Arthur on Fieldgulls, on a weekly basis in-season. It’s great to have a chance to continue talking Hawks ball even after the season comes to an abrupt end! 2016 saw a variety of changes with this team, both on the field and internally with the media, etc. I think I would like to see the following general strategy in the offseason, as we find out if we are indeed at the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end (thanks to the witty previous post the other day!).

    1) Jimmy Graham is staying on this team, and we are crazy not to find ways to enhance his ability to make plays every week. I agree 100% with Rob that it’s a red herring to even discuss his possible departure from this team. He has been a success story in more ways than one…just an amazing talent! That being said we need to look at bringing a guy like Vannett into the heavy blocking role, which I assume he was drafted for and is being groomed to do, even though JFG can play every down with his new found blocking skills, which I might add he worked very hard to get going. If you look at the drop off of targets to JFG toward the end of the season and take a look at his overall numbers, they suggest that more focus on him could be elite type numbers for a TE, and although numbers aren’t everything – they indicate production = potent offensive team production.

    2) I would like to see the Hawks dive into the FA bin for some depth and support on the offensive line. Unless we are going to have a shot at either of the Big Joe’s I’m not thinking we are going to see big change. Besides, continuity and a chance to gel take time, and in order for us to be a successful o-line we are going to need to keep them big boys together. Let’s hope that a full offseason, some strengthening and tech work, and understanding of both better run blocking (ZBS and power) as well as pass protection, will have us primed to see better production from what was an extremely inexperienced o-line this season. Let’s also draft 2 guys we can use as depth along with the FA bin approach, so that we have the dreaded injury reinforcements as well as flexibility/options to work with what has been a glaring weakness with this squad since the beginning of the PC/JS era.

    3) Getting Calais Campbell is a dream of mine – but what are the chances we can grab him in-division for $13-14MM a season? There is going to be some major attention coming his way…he’s a one man wrecking crew. Just picturing him in our D-line is too good to be true…or is it? We are also going to need to add another speed rusher to the Bennett, Avril, Clark show. Maybe a guy like Taco with his long arms and huge frame can come in and help with both the rush and the push…plus knock some passes down like Calais would bring.

    4) Depth at the S and CB position is needed. After a season where we saw both Earl and Kam injuries we will need to look at some youth to keep the group fast and hard hitting. Terrell may be fast but he’s put of position a lot and is a horrible open field tackler. Could we get a guy like Obi or Rayshawn Jenkins in the later rounds? I would love to get Budda Baker, but there is no way unless we grab him at the end of the first, which we won’t do, that he’s going to be there later on. He reminds me so much of Earl with his instincts and even his size – you get major toughness and grit out of that 5′ 10″ 200 lb body! So Earl-like. Guys like Sindey Jones, Cordrea Tankersley, Kevin King, and Rasul Douglas would fit in nicely with the general Seahawks CB mold. Would we reach early to draft one of these guys is hard to say, because even though they are great talents PC/JS haven’t drafted corners earlier than Round 4, but they have been very successful in doing so. This is a very interesting position for me to watch this offseason.

    5) Thomas Rawls, who I really like when he’s fully healthy, and who wouldn’t? This guy can really do some damage if given just the slightest bit of daylight. However, can the guy stay healthy for an entire season? His track record suggests he can’t. I like the ideas so far with guys like Mixon, Perine, McNichols, Hood, who can add depth to the group (Rawls, Prosise, Collins), and should we have a multiple back injury problem we have a shot to remain productive enough in the run game to be Seahawky still (keep D off the field, shred clock, and impose our will offensively).

    • D-OZ

      NO!!! on Mixon…

      • Sean

        Right, maybe not Mixon, but you get the idea with the type of backs I’m listing…

  83. 503Hawk

    Rob, let me ask a variation on the Jimmy Graham subject. As stated many times, I think this team wastes his talent. He is w/o question an elite player who can be used in a variety of ways.
    If Seattle does NOT extend him and he plays out his contract, signs w/ another team in free agency, wouldn’t the Hawks get a 2nd rounder in compensation? (I’m trying to think of the “best of two worlds”)

    • Hawk Eye

      3rd round at best

      • D-OZ

        1st or 2nd to me. If I was Oakland, Chicago, Denver, SF,AZ,Miami,NYJ, NYG, Detroit, LA-Rams, Dallas,Buffalo,Jacksonville, Titans and so on and so on… That,s over half of the teams in the NFL. And I could go on to name a few more. The more I think about it it would have to be a first. Just because he opens so many other options. He is an Offensive coordinators worst nightmare.

  84. nichansen01

    Abandon all hope.

    The window is closing and the culture is rotting.

    We wont even see another nfc championship as long as pete and john are running things.

    One year was fun but sustained success has not been possible with this current GM/head coach duo.

    • Cysco

      You are more than welcome to abandon all hope. I’m sure some other fan base will welcome you with open arms. Good luck!

      • nichansen01

        I will remain a fan. But i don’t expect this team to do anything for awhile now.

        • D-OZ

          How is Kim doing Nick?

  85. LordSnow

    NFL network says Shead’s injury IS a torn ACL. So if that is the case, you wonder if they reach an injury settlement and by the time he recovers (28 or 29 years old?) he’d be an UFA. Very sad for him. A nice, steady, reliable guy. Hope all goes well in his recovery.

    So the discussion above about cb prospects becomes even more relevant.

  86. nichansen01

    Sherm has always been immature. There are a ton of mature players on this team, and a lot of leaders who were once immature but have really grown. Sherm is not one of those guys. Mocking fans leaving the stadium, his NFC championship breakdown, the sideline fights this year, threatening the press, mocking pete’s culture to the press… he thinks its all about him. I love humble guys like wagner, shead, wright, avril, thomas even chancellor who wanted to get paid sure but was always a true gentleman.

  87. LeoSharp

    Calais Campbell is not a player I think will be valued by the seahawks as 3-5 million more than Bennett and I think he’ll get at least that in free agency.
    Reasons being:
    He’s an aged veteran who long term is only going to regress.
    He’ll likely want to cash in on one of hs most dominant seasons similar to most other vets.
    He’s mostly played DE in 3-4 style of defense his entire career
    He’d be learning an entirely new scheme and that would take time for adjustment
    There are younger and potentially cheaper options availble

    The Seahawks will definitely be involved and stay in the running as long as possible but ultimately they’ll be outbid

    • nichansen01

      The scheme comment is important. I can’t really imagine Campbell being happy in the position Pete would put him in scheme wise.

    • lil'stink

      $3-5 million more than Bennett would be $13-15 million/year. That’s a bit of a stretch for a player who will be 31 when there’s a good DT draft class.

      Campbell would be an instant upgrade for our interior pass rush. And I think either the OL or interior pass rush needs an upgrade in FA or there’s a good chance we will again be on the outside looking in next year.

    • RealRhino2

      I don’t know what the numbers looked like this year, but in years past I think PFF had Campbell playing over 60% of his snaps at 3-technique.

  88. nichansen01

    Corner is a high draft priority. How can anyone still disagree with me on this? Whenever i bring this up there are always people who point out that pete doesn’t draft corners high but…

    Shead probably wont be able to play next season after his injury. Sherm has regressed and is a locker room headache. Lane has fallen off a cliff so to speak. Behind those three.. Elliot? Thorpe? Tye Smith, Tharold Simon and Marcus Burley were all shown the door. Corner depth is razor thin.

    This defense now NEEDS another quality corner. It isn’t a position we can just ignore draft stock wise anymore.

    • Volume12

      1. Well for one the Shead injury had a huge factor in it.

      2. When ET went down they gave up too many explosive plays.

      3. They didn’t have depth in the secondary coming down the pipeline. Can’t address every area. Simon, Smith, and everyone else didnt pan out. It happens. Although I’m not sure why they did considering this team was built from the back to the front.

      • bobbyk

        And when you have that MCL injury (as we heard about for the first time today), then that makes a little more sense.

  89. Volume12

    Looks like the focus in the draft will be in the secondary, OL, and LB depth.

    • Volume12

      Straight from PC.

      • Volume12

        Their focus will be on the O-line. Need/want competition in the secondary. And depth at LB. I’m guessing more of a pass rusher there to come in when needed as an extra rusher.

        • Volume12

          And they tried to resign TE Luke Wilson, but it didn’t come together according to Stephen Cohen.

        • nichansen01

          They scouted a lot of temple games. We all thought Reddick… but Dion Dawkins?
          I would like having Cam Robinson on the team.
          Why did we keep Pierre-Louis over Kache Palacio?
          Two quality starters.. but Coyle Morgan and Pierre-Louis dont cut it at linebacker after B-Wagz and KJ. Agreed we need depth there.
          I think we need to go OL once, secondary twice, and linebacker once with our first four picks.

          As far as running back goes… this doest look like the year we’ll find a bell cow. Expect the run game to struggle again, since Prosise and Rawls can’t stay healthy. Expect Collins to have a much bigger role.

        • Cysco

          Hey V-12 if Seattle is looking for depth at LB, think TJ Watt could be of interest? Really good production and obvious good genetics/pedigree,

          I believe he’s the same height as his brother, but a good deal lighter. I wonder if he has the frame to bulk up a bit and maybe play a bit of the bruce irvin type role. If he comes with anything close to his brother’s work ethic, seems like he could be a solid pick.

          • Volume12

            He’s interesting. Great motor. Tough guy. Just want to see how he tests and measures because he could be sneaky athletic like his brother ended up being.

            • Cysco

              Totally agree. I’ve been watching some tape on him and he makes some plays that make you go “damn, that was really athletic”. Seems to be really good with his hands and the way he sets the edge totally reminds me of what Bruce used to do for us.

              I’m intrigued. Adding him to my list of must follows at the combine.

    • D-OZ

      No,Secondary,LB and see what we can do in the off-season and bringing prospects to compete on the OL….

  90. Volume12

    Me and Rob were talking about him a little bit yesterday. Man he sure seems ‘Seahawky’ to me.

    And then this-

    • Rob Staton

      Really like Sutton.

      He also had Earl Thomas as his Twitter cover photo last year.

      • D-OZ

        Love me some Sutton!!!

        • D-OZ

          Returns kicks too :}

          • Sean

            Sutton looks real good! I could see him competing for nickel or outside on the Hawks. It appears that he has put on some weight…and by draft time could be about 190 lbs. The 5′ 11″ height isn’t a big deal IMO but I wonder what his arm length is? Like that he can return kicks too!

            Rob – In what round do you think that we could pick up a guy like Sutton? Seems he is slightly below the radar right now…

            • Rob Staton

              Depends on the length and profile, plus how healthy he is.

              I really like Sutton but fear he’ll be undersized for Seattle. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case.

              • Sean

                If he comes in with +32 inch arms I’m thinking he’s got a real shot. I’ve looked at dozens of corners the past few days and Sutton appears very Seahawky. He’s also got that nose for the ball and is a sure tackler – two traits that I believe would make him a starter from day 1 and either opposite Sherman or possibly taking Lane’s job. I personally think he’s more nickel right now – but as you mentioned Rob, if his profile comes in taller than I’m thinking and arm length is there he’s a very intriguing option.

                • Rob Staton

                  Love Cam Sutton. Sincerely hope he’s 100% healthy and has the arm length.

  91. Volume12

    Arizona WR Trey Griffey showing out for the West so far. Apparently he explodes in the open field. Yes, he’s the son of THAT Griffey.

    Big kid too.

  92. nichansen01

    I think Deandre Elliot starts at corner in 2016, with a second or third round rookie backing him up.

    I would love to go:

    1. Safety/Nickel
    2. Corner
    3. OL
    4. LB

    • Volume12

      Could be something like that. But I also don’t think those 3 areas PC talked about as the focus are necessarily the 3 positions they’ll draft first. He’s nhot gonna give everything away they plan on doing. Maybe…

      1. OL or CB
      2. CB or OL or D-line
      3. D-line or CB
      *3. EDGE or RB
      4. RB or EDGE (I think they’ll add a 4th by trading down at some point)
      5. S
      6. Another DB? Hybrid?
      7. TE or WR

      Priority UDFA: OL, WR or TE, FB, DE, LS or K

      • Volume12

        FA: OL, either resign Mike Morgan or bring in another cheap vet, DT (interior rusher), veteran QB

        • Volume12

          If they add an interior pass rusher than S could be a higher target.

          FA will really set their board up.

      • D-OZ

        CB, LB Dude, or reverse order. They have already have it pegged Bro…

        • D-OZ

          They will take a safety early, Morgan is history as is KPL, just sayin…

  93. Marc

    Hi Rob,

    I listened to Pete Carroll this morning and I am worried. He seems to have fallen in love with the smell of his own poo. Guys can rip off the most vile, disgusting farts in the world, yet still be proud of that smell. Somewhere down deep, they love the smell of their own crap.

    This phenomena is worrisome for anyone living with said guy. As it applies to the Seahawks, you’ve got to be kidding me Pete Carroll. The offensive line is down right offensive. Do these players have the physical tools to be successful lineman — maybe. Fant and Ifedi are impressive looking men. But that old saying, “Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” seems to be applicable.

    Seattle is at a crossroads. They either will get better or they will plummet into the abyss of suckattitude. I am hoping the harsh realities sink to Pete’s head or we’re going to see more of the same. Am I the only one worried about this seemingly disconnect from reality?

    • bobbyk

      They sucked this year, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean they suck moving forward. You said Fant and Ifedi are talented. Britt and Glow are talented too. Look at all the OLs left, they are good. Some is continuity and some is experience. None of those guys are starting rookies. This of this, of the 7 OL active on gamedays, 4 of them were rookies and 2 of them were guys starting at their said position for the first time in the NFL. The Seahawks miscalculated they would be good by the end of this year. But after investing so much time and lived through the growing pains, you can’t blow it all up and draft rookies. They may need a RG or RT depending on what they do with Ifedi, but at least 4 of the 5 guys are set whether fans like it or not.

      Sounds to me like we are going to see a defense heavy draft from the Seahawks. I’d say 3 of the 4 picks in the first 3 rounds will be defenders. Only offensive player will be either a RB in the 2nd or 3rd or a 3rd round tackle to compete with Rees to play RT after Gilliam leaves after next season when he becomes a FA.

    • Cysco

      What the actual F are you talking about?

      • Marc

        The fact the line sucks and there seem to be no concern about it other than — We’re going to be good — trust me.

        • Cysco

          I think you have to look at it in a bit more hopeful/positive light, otherwise, you’re just going to drive yourself crazy for the next year. I tend to look at it this way – Justin Britt’s first two year’s in the league were absolutely terrible. I dare say worse than any member of this year’s line. After last season, EVERY fan was ready to cut the guy or at least send him to the bench until his contract was up.

          Did Pete and Cable give up on him? No. Pete consistently said he was improving and that they saw promise in him. This year comes around and what do you know? Every single one of us was dead wrong about the guy. He’s likely going to the pro bowl.

          The coaching staff and many “experts” have said that it takes some time for OL players to come in and “get it”. So, how do you, or I know what’s going to happen? If it were up to you and I or any other fan, Britt would have been bagging groceries this year.

          If Pete says that Ifedi is making good progress and that they’re excited for him next season, why shouldn’t you believe him? What if he makes the same kind of progress Britt did and all of a sudden we have a pro bowl caliber center an right guard? So rather than writing weird fart analogies, have a little faith that the people running this team know what the heck they’re doing.

    • john_s

      What would you want Pete to say though? Do you want to go all Jim Mora when he threw Olindo Mare under the bus?

      If he outwardly throws players under the bus how would that look to the team? This would go against everything that he believes in. Pete is all about building players up.

      I bet if you caught Pete and JS in a private moment im sure he would say that they need to get better, but it’s no Pete’s MO to do it in public

    • nichansen01


    • bankhawk

      Good that you wrote about something you seem to have extensive knowledge of-poo (not football).

  94. WALL UP

    Pete Carroll: #Seahawks need to draft a linebacker or two with capability of someday replacing Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright as starters.

    I would like to enter Zach Cunningham as “the solution”. KJ & BWag takes too man snaps and they’re gassed by games end. Rotating 3rd dn snaps, and giving young blood more of them, would increase their longevity. He’s a “perfect solution”, now and for the future.

    JS, I’d go get him! I hope he does fall to 26. A 2018 2nd or 3rd would be worth it.

    • john_s

      V12 mentioned before that the Seahawks were missing a Malcolm Smith type LB. Anthony Walker Jr of Northwestern I feel is that type of LB.

      Here’s Walter Football’s scouting report on him

      “Skill-Set Summary: In terms of his skill set, size, and style of play, Walker reminds me of Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David. David is a fast defender who is a tackling machine with the athletic ability to be effective in pass coverage. Like David, Walker has the ability to be a three-down starter who is an asset in defending against passing attacks and the ground game.

      The NFL is a passing-driven league, so Walker’s pass-coverage skills are the first area to scrutinize. He has shown an impressive ability to cover backs out of the backfield, and in the 2015 season opener, he was running stride for stride with the superb, speedy Stanford play-maker Christian McCaffrey on routes out of the backfield. Walker has the ability to cover in man, but really is excellent in zone. He gets depth in his drops, disrupts passing lanes, and is very dangerous at reading a quarterback’s eyes to make plays on the ball. Walker could use some development for covering tight ends in man coverage, but he has the skill set to work with.

      Against the run, Walker is tremendous when he goes unblocked. He is very fast to fire into the hole, bolt into the backfield, or get to the perimeter. Walker is agile in the open field and absolutely explodes in pursuit. In a heartbeat, he eats up ground to get to ball-carriers. Walker also has very good read-and-react skills and is quick to read his keys. One of his great traits is his instincts that get him in position to make big plays. Walker always seemed to be in the right place at the right time last year to scoop up fumbles or finish off a ball-carrier before he broke free. Walker always being around the ball leads to him producing a lot of big plays.

      There are some areas where Walker could improve. With his listed size, he could use five to 10 pounds of muscle to help take on NFL running backs. When offensive linemen fire off the ball and get to him, Walker is in trouble. He is good to take the block on, but he struggles to hold his ground or shed the block. That comes back to his size and needing more strength. Shedding blocks is the biggest area that Walker should seek to improve.

      In the NFL, Walker would be a better fit as a Will (weakside) linebacker in a 4-3 defense. While he plays the Mike (middle) linebacker in Northwestern’s 4-3, Walker is undersized to be a middle linebacker in a 4-3 in the NFL. He lacks the size and strength for that at the next level. In a pro 3-4 though, he could be a run-and-chase linebacker if he is paired with a bigger middle linebacker next to him. Being a Will linebacker like David would be Walker’s best fit as a professional. That would help him to avoid taking on blocks and let him use his speed, instincts, and play-making ability to be a sideline-to-sideline run-and-chase defender.

      • Volume12

        Walker is one of a few LBs this year that can run, cover, and blitz. Great backstory too. Just him and his dad.

        He’d be a great addition.

        • D-OZ

          That,s what they will be looking for.

      • Trevor

        I have not eally seen him but will definitely check him out. Sounds like an interesting guy.

      • WALL UP

        KJ’s best position is Will. Sam is what they need, someone with length, strength & tenacity to shed lineman, and quickness to stay with LBs. I hope it’s C-Ham.

    • WALL UP

      Regarding OL help via the draft, Antonio Garcia could add competition for LT & RT. He would be their 2nd pick. Raull Douglas could be the 3rd and start opposite of Sherm. These (3) could provide immediate impact to their squad.

      As much as many disagree with Pete, I agree with his assessment of the OL. They are going to improve vastly next year. It takes time for them to gell. The experience that they went thru will motivate them to work hard this off season and help them to become a better unit.

  95. Ground_Hawk

    Based on who was available to Seattle with their draft picks at 26 and 58 from Rob’s two-round mock he posted the other day (, I wouldn’t mind seeing Seattle draft Tennessee DE Barnett at 26, and Michigan DT Wormley at 58. I think this would help solve some of the issues with creating more QB pressure.

    • WALL UP

      Immediate impact for their needs would dictate the direction of the draft. Pete did spell those out though. They were able to apply pressure on the edges. Up the middle they’ve tried using BMike & Clark too much.

      Wormley is similar to Reed, but more athletic. With QJ & potentially Tanoh Kpassagnon DT/DE or Nazair Jones DT, at a later pick, it would allow them to pick Cunningham, Garcia & Douglas and still fill needs. Josh Tupou could also give an inside push @ RD 6.

    • Misfit74

      Barnett will likely be a top 15 pick, at least. We are more in the Carl Lawson range (for example).

  96. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Something lost in the wash / outcome of this game. Seattle has been to the DIV round of playoffs multiple years in a row. The team may not win a SB, but it is still a top 10 and dare I say top 5 team in the league. Greenbay, Dallas and Atlanta all look like teams Seattle has to prepare to handle with personnel… on both sides of the ball. DL vs the Cowboys OL, CBs to counterbalance the Packers WRs and finally LB/S(s) to slow down the Falcons offense.

    The position groups I listed are the highest priority imo. Of course you need the OL and RBs to perform as advertised…. I’m of the opinion they are closer to getting right on offense, than most on the blog. Of course, this might all go out the window if the 49ers hire Cable as their HC (not likely, but you never know). Stay tuned!

  97. nichansen01

    Every single chiefs fan has turned into an nfl conspiracy theorist.

    • Volume12

      About that holding call on the 2 point conversion?

      Its really sad that the NFL let 2 calls dictate the game. Seattle & KC. They hardly, if ever, call that penalty KPL committed. It definetly shifted momentum. The one on KC? A little ticky tack.

      Point being, this is the playoffs. Let them play. There should be fewer flags.

      • Cysco


        What I hate is that they were technically correct calls, but it still sucks that they were made. The refs are damned if they do damned if they don’t. Call the penalty on KPL for holding and Seattle fan are mad. Don’t call it and Falcons fans are mad that no flag was thrown.

        • Misfit74

          I don’t think Alex Smith will ever stress a defense enough to go far it the playoffs.

      • D-OZ

        I really believe the refs were looking for things, anything to call on Seattle. That’s what you get for not taking care of bizz. Cardinals anyone????

        • D-OZ

          Oh, home field Add.

  98. Bigten

    With a lot of mocks having peppers dropping into the 20s, what are the thoughts of us doing a small trade up for him. Can help with linebacker and/or safety and also returner. Also seems to have a personality that would fit in our def with his swagger. Doesn’t seem like he would be a fit for any team more than he would ours

    • Rob Staton

      If he falls, I’d be very interested in him.

  99. Volume12

    North Dakota St OL Zach Johnson, looks like a Seahawk O-lineman, and Seattle has scouted ND St. a couple times this year, is looking good in drills at the Shrine Game according to Tony Pauline.

    • WALL UP

      Look @ Davenports footwork @ the 30 sec mark, he looks like a dancing bear somewhat as he glides in position. That’s something that can’t be taught: He could later pick if they’re able to get Wormley @ 58. I think he’ll be gone by then.

  100. Misfit74

    I;d like to read something that speaks to how Olinemen can often struggle their first season or two. Guys like Decastro, Urbik, tons of interior linemen, especially, appear busts at first but just need time – to become good, even great players. Do we really blow it all up? I appreciate how a line can gel and gain continuity if the raw talent is there. Britt is already one of those examples.

    • Cysco

      Agree with you. (see my comment a little way’s up)

      Especially with Efedi. I was a HUGE fan of that pick. The fact that he struggled surprised me a bit, but in hindsight maybe it shouldn’t have. I’m hopeful that he makes the big sophomore jump and makes big progress next season. I’m not in the camp that thinks we need major changes to the OL. Perhaps a FA tackle, but I want the interior of this line to stay together for another season.

      • Misfit74

        RT seems like a possibility. I have to admit I’d feel better with at least one new OLineman, likely a RT, though wouldn’t Ifedi be ideally suited to grow into that role? I don’t know how to feel about Fant at LT. It seems the upside is there and it’s a great story. I’ve certainly seen flashes and I’m rooting for him as much as anybody.

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