Why I don’t think the Seahawks will be deadline buyers

I don’t think John Schneider will be rushing to spend his 2024 picks this week

Uchenna Nwosu is injured, out for the season and the discussion among Seahawks fans and media has turned to the possibility of additions.

I don’t think the Seahawks are going to be active. Not unless they suffer further injuries this weekend.

For starters, it’s a simple cap issue. They have $7.4m to spend this year which is more than enough to take on a reduced veteran contract now that we’re nearly halfway through the season. However, that $7.4m is already accounted for.

The Seahawks have rolled money into next year by re-working various deals. It means they currently only have $4.7m in effective cap space next year. The $7.4m exists in 2023 purely for serious emergencies, otherwise it is being saved to roll into 2024. Without that $7.4m rolling over, Seattle would be $2.7m in the red next year.

If you trade for a veteran on a rental basis in 2023, you will create a major cap headache in 2024. Equally, if you trade for someone with the intention of extending them (eg a Brian Burns type), how are you paying for that? The money simply isn’t there in 2024.

Here’s the other side of this. The Seahawks have a large number of free agents at the end of this season. This includes:

Bobby Wagner
Jordyn Brooks
Damien Lewis
Noah Fant
Colby Parkinson
Phil Haynes
Drew Lock
Devin Bush
Mario Edwards Jr

Darrell Taylor will also be a restricted free agent and there are a number of depth players who are either out of contract or can be retained using the ERFA tender. There is an incredible amount of work to do to retain or replace players and virtually no money, currently, from which to do this.

Making a rental or long term trade at this point, to try and win in 2023, simply doesn’t add up. The money isn’t there.

The only plausible situation is to be ultra-aggressive — essentially acting like the Rams in 2021. I don’t think the Seahawks are in a position to do that. It’s not ‘2023 or bust’ like that season felt for LA.

I appreciate there are levers that can be pulled next year to provide some relief. The obvious one is Bryan Mone’s $6.4m cap-hit which can save $5.9m (how it ever came to be that Mone is earning this much, or why there’s dead money attached to this deal, I’ll never understand). There’s also Geno Smith’s contract, plus they’ll need to do something to reduce the remarkable combined cap-hit of $49.1m for Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams next year.

This is all money, however, that is needed to retain or replace the long list of free agents named above.

I don’t think the Seahawks are buyers. Even signing Frank Clark to a minimum contract takes money away from next year. Could the Seahawks use another pass rusher with Nwosu out? Sure. Yet they’ve already invested three second round picks in Boye Mafe, Derick Hall and Darrell Taylor. Mafe (#40), Hall (#37) and Taylor (#48) were all top-50 picks. The investment has already been made here. The logical thing to do is to promote Tyreke Smith and trust in the young players you drafted.

I also think it speaks to where the Seahawks are as a franchise. It’s clear for everyone to see that they’ve drafted very well the last two years and have created a talented, young team with a lot of promise. Given their cap situation, they need to stay on that path.

Firstly, there’s a probable desire to keep building on their draft success with another great class in 2024. Their plan and approach to the draft has been excellent the last two years. If it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it. Stay on track.

I wrote about the upcoming draft and how thin it is looking currently. That is true — but there’s depth at the positions the Seahawks might be most interested in (defensive tackle, O-line, quarterback).

Secondly, it’s the QB situation. I won’t rehash previous arguments about Geno Smith but the fact is he is going to be far more expensive next year and his performance so far this season fits somewhere between ‘good not great’ and ‘streaky’. He is showing, in my opinion, to be a very adequate bridge quarterback to whatever comes next. He is not, however, the long-term answer.

It’s time for the Seahawks to invest in a quarterback. They may even wish to be aggressive to do so, if they see someone good enough to be the tipping point to Championship glory on a fantastically beneficial rookie contract. Lest we forget, the Chiefs moved up 17 places in the 2017 draft to select Patrick Mahomes. They were aggressive then and nobody should be shocked if the Seahawks follow suit. Perhaps John Schneider will finally find that player he ‘has to have’?

I’m not even sure he’ll feel he needs to move up. There are players I think he’ll like, such as Quinn Ewers and Spencer Rattler, who might be available for the Seahawks without a bold trade. I do sense, however, that this is building towards a crescendo where the Seahawks are more likely to draft a QB than they have been in some time.

Right now it feels important to be restrained, keep your picks and wait until the off-season. This keeps all options on the table. The Seahawks don’t feel like they’re in the airspace of making the big, aggressive move — whether that’s financially or in terms of roster construction. Neither does a rental fit into their current situation.

It’s a time to see what this group can do against the gauntlet of tough opponents they’re due to face in the coming weeks. That’s information you need for the off-season as you plan the next move.

The Seahawks have some cap headaches to contend with and it should leave them relying on their rekindled mojo in the draft to continue growing as a team.

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  1. L80

    Next year is already rearing it’s ugly head. It’s still unbelievable that the Hawks F.O. has paid 2 safeties the price they have. It simply cannot be. Not sure how they will fix that.

    But also all of the other problems you listed Rob. QB is the obvious elephant in the room. PC always talking Geno up and for Geno to still make the decisions he does is a harbinger. QB is a must in the draft. This year would have been a good time to get one but it’s pretty hard to knock the Witherspoon pick.

    Nwosu out is a huge problem and the Hawks are still relying on Reed in the middle and not much else. Maybe Jones can actually improve and the problem of just having Reed in the middle will be diminished. That being said, this puts a rookie (Hall) in a position to learn on the fly. I just don’t see them in the position to go get someone either.

    Salk has an article about Leonard Williams up over on their site, and it’s interesting but he’s got an injury history as do all of the players that could be available through trade.

    • Rob Staton

      Salk has an article about Leonard Williams up over on their site, and it’s interesting but he’s got an injury history as do all of the players that could be available through trade.

      We don’t have the $10.6m to pay him the rest of the year

      And if you extend him, as he approaches age 30, it’ll cost a fortune (that again, we don’t have)

  2. MattyB

    i am a big fan of growing the team via the draft, it always feels more home grown/organic way of creating a team. a team you can really route for but i also feel that with the young talent we have its very important in growth and experience that this team makes the play-off to maintain momentum and belief going into a period of worthy contenders. so hoping theirs enough talent now to maintaining this growth without hitting the market….

    • Peter

      More Hall please. You rarely in life get better by not doing something.

  3. Diehard82

    Agree with everything you said as usual. But, you also need to keep the team motivated toward winning each week. And saying we know we aren’t gonna contend this year so we’re not gonna bolster the roster when injury to key players happens doesn’t do that. “Always compete” is Caroll’s mantra. Tyreke Smith is there on the practice squad presumably for this eventuality of course. Still, they haven’t promoted him yet, so I gotta believe they are exploring options. Probably not big spending options like Burns. Maybe a little bit of Levi Bell this weekend while they keep exploring?

    • Peter

      They only brought in ancient Jason Peter’s when the oline got hurt. Letting players play and I don’t think that signaled not contending.

      Rob’s probably right and I’m actually pretty indifferent to the player but I do wonder with Reed back if they won’t try to get Clark back here for rotation?

      Anything more than his approximate cost I’m pretty out on. Unless you can get chase young or Montez sweat for a 4th round pick or lower as some hawks fans think….unlikely….I hope they keep their picks.

    • Rob Staton

      And saying we know we aren’t gonna contend this year so we’re not gonna bolster the roster when injury to key players happens doesn’t do that.

      But who is saying that?

      Nobody in the team is saying that

      They’d be saying what I wrote — they’ve spent three second round picks on edge rushers. Time to let them play

      You can’t replace everyone who gets injured with a flashy veteran and nobody on the team is going to just give up because they don’t replace Nwosu

    • cha

      Still, they haven’t promoted him yet, so I gotta believe they are exploring options.

      They haven’t even officially put Nwosu on IR yet.

  4. LouCityHawks

    Rob just writing down exactly what’s in my brain.

    The Trade DK crowd is up early this morning proposing trading DK for Burns straight up. Luckily I’m on all sorts of medications, so I know it’s better for me to log off.

    • Peter

      Hawks world is so infuriating.

      If I wasn’t a fan since they were shooting fireworks off inside a concrete echo chamber I’d probably be laughing my butt off at most of them.

      Why would a winless team with no first round pick ever trade a player for a player? I’ve said it before but the reason to trade DK is that this team never uses him like a number one. One time has he ever been targeted like that. So for his cost and their inability to scheme for him…fine trade him.

      I’m reading comments about trading for Jeffrey Simmons. What the!?

      This weirdness checks out though. When writers, reporters, and scouts think you don’t need actual results because “vibes,” is worth 45 million over two years it’s hard to fathom what the fans even see, think, or care about.

      • BK26

        We are one player away…”insert defensive lineman” and we are a shoe-in for the Super Bowl. Then the dynasty begins.

        I just don’t get the lack of common sense. You have to look at the whole situation, not make Madden trades.

        I also blame the media. I’ve seen 3 articles this morning where if they took 5 minutes, they would know that each person they listed as a trade target is not a realistic option.

  5. Georgia Hawk

    I absolutely cannot wait for the upcoming draft when the Seahawks are on the clock after trading up in the 2nd RD, Goodell steps up to the podium with the R2P14 slip in his hand, Rattler right there for the taking and everybody screaming that its the obvious pick to fill the biggest and most glaring need the Hawks have for both short and long term…

    only for them to pick a Senior Bowl Standout Edge with short arms and “heavy hands.”

    Then 4 of the next 10 picks are QBs.

    I need to stock the bar in advance.

    • Peter

      I don’t think that will happen.

      As strange as this is for me to be writing this I believe that JS and PC if the qb play stays the same as it is will be making a move and subsequent pick for tge qbotf at draft time.

      For all of John’s local guy rocking flannels energy on the radio I have a sense that he’s not going to pay Geno 31 plus million for this and try again at a later date.

      For all the fans who think he’s ring of honor material, or it’s fine because foles, and a small handful of others at JAG level have won rings I can’t see John who was willing to part with Wilson for Allen thinking that.

      • Chris

        I think Pete has demonstrated that he doesn’t want a superstar QB; he wants a point guard, a game manager who can minimize the risk. He’d rather rely on a stout defense and tough running game than a QB slinging it more than 25 times a game.

        He probably thinks Geno is perfect for his system. And that if the running game had been going well in both the Cinci game and the tail end of the Cards game, Geno wouldn’t have needed to try to win it with his arm.

        • Rob Staton

          If you offered Pete Carroll a superstar QB, he would snatch your hand off

          There isn’t a coach in the league who prefers a ‘game manager who can minimize risk’ over a superstar at the most important position

          It’s like saying a coach would prefer a solid pass rusher instead of Nick Bosa

          • Peter

            Agreed. Difference makers. Guys that love football. I don’t get the point guard stuff because the other QB wasn’t that from around 2015-16 on. And while the team got weirder and weirder we would enough games to be found out in the playoffs for having no defense or no running game. Or both.

            Right now even if that was true about a point guard we are only getting that in stretches with Geno.

            But I also think John wants special at the position.

            • epmason

              Georgia Hawk, please. The scenario you describe is completely outrageos for one simple reason. Everyone knows the network will have cut to commercial during the Hawks’ pick.

            • Elmer

              If the Panthers continue losing and get the first draft pick, they might take Williams and make Young available for trade. Would the Hawks have any interest.

              • cha

                The Bears own their top pick

                • Elmer

                  Thanks! It will be interesting to see what the Bears do with it.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, they don’t pick edge rushers with short arms…

    • BK26

      I would have an aneurism if this happens.

    • LouCityHawk

      Damn, you’ve got us tailing off!

      Right now, looking like pick 57 is the pick you are talking about, I’m not sure Rattler will be there then. I’m not sure he lasts past the first round.

      • BK26

        Agreed. If anyone is going to rise (or deserves to rise), it’s him. I’m thinking that a trade up will be almost necessary for him. I hope that John gets…snake bitten…for him.

        Intangibles just remind me of Mahomes so much, such a natural passer and talent. And we know John was intrigued with him.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Haha, sorry y’all…that was a very tongue in cheek post. Rob laid it out pretty black and white what the obvious needs/picks should be…which years of previous abuse conditions me to think the worst will happen. I say all that with the caveat that the previous two drafts have been stellar. Taking BPA in what feels like the first time ever has paid off double with Spoon. Fingers crossed they keep on current trends and don’t regress.

  6. Big Mike

    The Safety expenditures never stop weighing this team down. 50 million for 3, THREE players!

    • Peter

      It’s fine. One of those guys is going to be the first probowl player to break the need for stats. He’s going to get those votes based on how well he sets everyone up.

      Which is cool because last year when we were a top offense turns out 2022 was the last year that stats mattered. The new champions are going to be awarded to team with the best vibes.

      Side bar: I for one am glad that statistical comparative analysis is out. It would suck to have a handle and actual first name that rhymes with “pumpkin eater,” and look up let’s say Ryan Neal’s on pace line and compare it to say another safety and see if one of those guys is making 18x the others salary for the same results.

      Full disclosure. I’m just counting. I don’t throw into the results the “almost theres,” nor the “so close to getting home’s”

    • bmseattle

      Yep… I don’t care how well our safeties play, it cannot justify the money spent on them.
      We are at a point were we are thrilled that Adams is “healthy” and playing pretty well (not great).
      Diggs is doing fine.
      Love is ok.
      That safety room seems worth about… what, 10 million combined?

      Of course, the nice thing about the safeties contracts is that it obscures the many other ridiculous contracts they’ve handed out over the past few years (see Rob’s Mone comment in the above article).

    • Rob Staton

      $53m to be precise

      For three safeties

      • cha


        • Rob Staton

          My mistake — I looked at the wrong chart for Julian Love

        • Gross MaToast

          Stop! Obviously Pete is on to something that no other franchise has realized, yet.

          • Big Mike

            OK I get it, 4D chess. Shame on me.

        • geoff u

          The real question is, when are we finally going to break through the $60m hump?

  7. cha

    There is a lot of value in exploring what is out there and where the league thinks values are.

    Kevin Byard only netted a 5th, a 6th and a spare parts replacement safety and has a total of $18m on his contract this year and next, and even that’s movable with a $4m roster bonus due in March. This was after the Titans successfully squeezed him to reduce his salary.

    He’s almost identical to Quandre Diggs in service time, production and post-season honors.

    The Seahawks have $33.2m committed to Diggs, and $22m of that is absolutely locked.

    Instead of cutting back on safety expenditures like we’ve talked about, they’ve doubled down on a position whose value is absolutely tanking.

    • Peter

      Sure but how is Byard’s twitter game?

      • cha

        //smacks forehead

        I forgot, Diggs has a much better vibe score than Byard.

        • BK26

          His recruiting and his media coverage can’t be valued. How else will we know who the team needs to be signing and when something is going to break?

  8. cha

    I get the thought-line that you don’t make trades now, to preserve your picks and cap because you are not going to contend in 2023. The way Geno Smith is playing – a far cry from his last year production – when the team really needed him to take a big step forward from his 2022 numbers, unless he absolutely lights on fire, the team is well-advised to keep their powder dry.

    However, if there are options to help the team going forward – including player types that are hard to find in that trifecta of cap, trade compensation and need fit – you are duty-bound to explore them.

    For instance, this guy postulates that Chase Young could be had for a 3rd next year and a 6th in 2025.


    He’s 24, appears fully recovered (5 sacks in 6 games this year) and a contract extension might not break the bank. They could take the ~$4m they’d probably earmarked for Darrell Taylor in 2024 and apply that to a contract and make it a bit skinny to consider it cap neutral.

    Heck, I’d see if I could toss them Darrell Taylor and maybe lessen that comp, or get them to pay Young’s salary this year to preserve cap. Two years of team control for a guy who has had 16 sacks the last two years could be an easy sell to the Commanders fan base. Every time he gets a sack and Chase doesn’t they could hype that up as a steal.

    If there is a deal like that out there, it doesn’t matter that they’re not competing in 2023. That’s something you have to pursue for future seasons.

    • Simo

      Yes! I sure hope they are looking into possible situations like this. Good young player who can help the team for a number of years, while ditching a mediocre player at the same time. I suspect these kind of deals are hard to find though!

      No question the safety issue is really hurting this team, especially since they aren’t playing like all-pro players, and they can be replaced for much less!

    • Gaux Hawks

      Cha, what is CY’s PFF grade? Does he play run defense well?

      I’m buying this deal…

      DE: Young, Mafe
      DT: Jones, Edwards
      NT: Reed, Young
      OLB: Nwosu, Hall

      oh… la… la…

      • cha


    • Donovan

      This. 100% this.

  9. Palatypus

    This is the cap situation for the Seahawks next year.


  10. cha

    Browns PFF grades

    (90.5 pass rush as a team vs Seahawks 58.4…ack)


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Smells like another “Geno’s poor performance wasn’t Geno’s fault” wafting in the air…

      • bmseattle

        Yes…as Hawkblogger says, “no QB is good when pressured!”

        so, there you go…the argument to stick with Geno long term.

        • Peter

          If only there was a way to organize the 32 qbs and see if there was a way to compare if some of them were better under pressure than others. Like a descending list where we could see ‘x’ pressures vs. “y” success rate.

          Oh well. I guess we’ll never know.

        • cha

          People are really teeing off on an MSD tweet showing that gorgeous deep throw by Geno in the Cincy game as proof that he’s really a top QB.

          Missing the whole point of the exercise. His deep throws have never been in question.

          But NFL QBs can’t point to one relatively small area of excellence as proof that they’re good at their whole entire jobs.

          • Whit21

            Its mainly the pressure he gets, doesnt handle it very well.. ..

            PETER : “If only there was a way to organize the 32 qbs and see if there was a way to compare if some of them were better under pressure than others. Like a descending list where we could see ‘x’ pressures vs. “y” success rate.”

            you kinda have to go with the eye test on pressure.. Tom brady was the most elusive pocket qb and hes nowhere near ‘fast’..

            I dont know how to do the green text for quotes so.. my bad

  11. Ocean Birds

    In terms of cap space next year, the post mentions some levers that could be pulled to create more. Cutting Mone and saving $5 million is obvious. Wouldn’t these moves also work (savings assume for $1 million for each replacement of a cut player):

    Cut Diggs: saves $10 million
    Cut Dissly: saves $6 million
    Convert DK’s $13 million salary into a bonus and add a void year: saves $8.6 million

    Even if they do nothing with Geno’s contract, wouldn’t those moves with Mone, Diggs, Dissly, and DK create $34 million in new cap space next year? That would seem like enough to re-sign a few of the free agents they want to keep and add a bit.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, we’ve discussed at length the different levers

      Doubt they add a void year to Metcalf’s contract though, it’s not their way of doing things. Doubt they cut Dissly either

      And as noted in the piece, these savings will mostly be needed to retain and replace free agents

      • Gaux Hawks

        Hope they lower Dissly’s cap hit while extending him to a more team friendly deal

      • Donovan

        Practical Cap Q: In 2024 cap situation that you and Curtis cite, does that have the cap rising in 2024? I’ve heard that it rises every year ($15 to $20 M sometimes). Just wondering if that’s already been built into the figures you both use. Thx!

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    Here we go. Makes so much sense

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    Reunion: Free agent Frank Clark is, in fact, signing with the #Seahawks after he passes his physical today, per me and @TomPelissero. He’ll sign to the 53-man roster and give a boost to their pass-rush.

    10:30 AM · Oct 25, 2023

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Low risk move. Also likely means Tyreke is far from ready to contribute.

    • Romeo A57

      This was probably a given since Clark is a former Seahawk and we all know how much Pete likes former Seahawks.

      The only former Seahawk that I don’t see coming back is Russ as it seems that Pete can’t stand him.

      • Peter

        Disagree. I fully expect Pete to be hugging wilson when Pete gets his gold jacket. Amongst other players.

        He said so himself. We sure won a lot of games with Wilson here ( paraphrasing)

        • Romeo A57

          I disagree. Remember how petty Pete and the rest of the Seahawks were when Russ came to Lumen last year, the answer is very.

          We already know that much of the LOB couldn’t stand Russ. Maybe time heals the wound. Also, Russ and his agent were torching Pete and the Seahawks before they left.

          • Peter

            Maybe. He does hold grudges I know that because Pete’s said that.

            I just think in 10 years, remaining coaching years plus years to get inducted, a lot can change.

  13. Trevor

    Frank Clark back to the Hawks. Makes sense as he coming in cheap and does not cost any draft capital. He is not what he once was but for 15-20 snaps a game he seems like a good addition.

  14. Rob Staton

    This article aged well 😂

    • Blitzy the Clown

      To be fair, Clark was the lowest hanging fruit.

      I like the move. He’s not a direct replacement for Nwosu in that he has the ability to move inside as well.

      • cha

        I was thinking the same thing. He’s obviously best at the edge, but if they wanted to do a NASCAR package on passing downs, he could swap in for Mario Edwards or even Reed.

      • Peter

        The combo of cost, lack of spending draft stock, and reality = best move possible.

        I’m into it.

        Much, much more than the fantasy madden trades for players out of contract.

  15. UkAlex6674

    I’m good with Clark back. Dude is a x 2 SB champ so brings some of that back with him aswell.

    Someone for the young guns to learn from? Why not.

    As someone posted above, he should do well in limited snaps.

  16. 805Hawk

    Really happy that they didn’t spend draft capital, however I’d rather they just rolled with the guys on the roster. I’ll hold out total judgement until I see the cap hit, though. I’m just starting to fear that Pete is going to end up retiring in the next couple years leaving our cap an absolute mess, kinda like he left USC in total chaos.

    • Rokas

      Need to see the numbers, but Frank Clark’s contract will not put us in the salary cap hell. We have actually never seen that in a Carroll era in comparison to Sean Payton Saints, Rams or Eagles. We were one injury away from anyone from the practice squad playing 60% of snaps, not to mention that would lead to Darrell Taylor playing base downs and asking him to set the edge.

      • 805Hawk

        No, PC/JS have not put us there yet. However, he’s never been nearing his exit either and next year is not looking great right now. His choice with our current safeties is not filling me with confidence, kicking more money down the road. I’m sure Frank’s deal will fit, but if it puts us near the red for next year, with a bunch of guys out of contract, hard choices will need to be made.

  17. Big Mike

    If Frank can play at even 75% of the renaissance level Jarren Reed is playing at after coming back to Seattle, the signing will be a win for the team.

    • TomLPDX

      I think it is a win for the team regardless. Glad to have Frank back and I bet he plays lights out when given the opportunity.

      • JimN

        My Feeling exactly.

  18. JC3

    I rather use that money to find a replacement for Stone Forsythe.

    • Peter

      Maybe lucas comes back, maybe he doesn’t. I’m not loving Forsythe, curhan, or peters…but they have TE’s to help.

      Mafe, hall, taylor and no one isn’t going to cut it over the next 11 games.

      Prior to Nwossu’s injury Taylor was already playing too much. Now? Unless Pete gets real and Hall gets more snaps just a three man rotation could be rough to witness.

  19. James

    Called the Frank Clark return at the beginning of the season. Thought there’d be an iota of a shot when Bobby came back.

    • James

      Nwosu injury likely pushed them over the edge.

  20. Murphy

    Caught KJ Wrights interview reacting to DK’s comments (basically dismissing concerns about his penalties and being some what dismissive towards Pete Carroll). KJ indicated that this was a big deal. Any thoughts here to the possibility of trading him? I’m not necessarily in favor of it but just curious if it’s possible or makes any sense

    • GoHawksDani

      Not sure money-wise, but I never really liked DK.
      He’s a one of a kind athlete, but there is different between penalty and penalty. Sometimes holding or PI or neutral zone can be a good thing timed wrong or saving a TD. Unecessary fighting and talking and such has zero place on the field. DK will likely never change in that regard and 15 yards can cut deep.
      Also I think he might’ve peaked. I don’t think he’ll become any faster, quicker, stronger or much better with his hands or as a route runner.
      We can likely get the highest pick for him around this time (in the next 1-2 years). He’s not crazy prodictive either and while he can dominate he also tends to get lost in games.
      Lockett is amazing, but we also need another big play target and not sure JSN or Bobo can be that. But it’s much easier to get a fast, good/decent WR than other positions, so it should be doable in mid-late R1, R2 or even R3.

      When it makes sense regarding the money and if we can get something between #15-50 I’d do it for sure

      • Peter

        You had me then you lost me.

        DK is 25 his peak where athleticism and brains meet is probably more like 28 years.

        It’s easy to find a fast good decent WR…..how come Seattle has only done it 3x with Baldwin, Lockett, and DK?

        Since it’s a talking point again I’m here for it. Let him get wr1 targets and see how that meshes with his production thus far.

        Spoiler: even in his stone hands years you start feeding 170-190 targets you’re looking at the top of the mountain for a reciever. Like 1600+ yards and 16 tds player.

        • Chris

          Golden Tate? Jermaine Kearse? If you want to look past this coaching regime, Daryl Turner would like to footrace you. And despite his rep as a SWG, Mr. Largent was no slouch.

          • Peter

            Sure if you’re looking for a solid but unspectacular #3 then yes.

            I mention Baldwin because every year he played minus an injury year he put up more yards and tds than Tate or Kearse’s averages:

            Tate: 549 yards 3.75 tds
            Kearse: 400 yards 3.33 tds.

            As for drafting though. Seattle has spent 16 draft picks on WR and only Locket and Metcalf made a difference as draft picks. Baldwin was the next best WR. And we wait and see on JSN making it. As well as Bobo.

            Yes it’s possible. But for Seattle it isn’t automatic.

            • Rokas

              I agree with you that DK has no reached his peak, and you don’t manage to get such players almost ever. Players like Kearse do not belong in the same stratosphere (I must admit, he was my least favorite player from the golden era).

              Also, DK improved this year his catching skills, as the TD with hidden hands in the top right corner of the end zone showed.

              But DK has to clean this stuff. And i have the confidence he will. What he says in the press, that he ain’t gonna change, and people take this at face value of a dollar and now want to trade him. To me it’s bizarre.

          • DriveByPoster

            I loved Darryl Turner. Only got involved in 1 play a game but it was enough! 😀

        • GoHawksDani

          I’m not saying the team would get a guy like DK ever again.
          But you can get a 4.3-4.45 guy in the first two rounds. I don’t have the numbers, but I think there are usually 10-15 guys who run in that range – maybe more. Half of them has decent hands and can run some routes. Guys drafted in the first 3 rounds usually run below 4.5. So if you have picks in the first 2-3 rounds you can get a WR who’s on paper can be a good player. And Baldwin was udfa for example, so you might hit the jackpot outside that range too.
          The draft is a huge gamble. But while usually there are 1-2 LT prospect who can be good, and same with QBs, there are a lot more serviceable/good/great WR or RB propsects.

          And let’s be honest. DK is not Kupp, he’s not elevating offenses. He’s somewhere between a WR1 and WR2. That might be on the QB, the team, the OC…but I don’t see winning an SB mainly because of him, and I can’t see the team crumbling just because we lose him.

          I might’ve been a bit hard on him and he might peak in the future, but you can’t get R1 or high picks for players after they peaked and going downhill

          • Peter

            I think that’s fair. I don’t think I could make a case anymore about DK’s importance.

            Watched a hawks pod last night and one of the hosts nailed my thoughts.

            This offense is a jumble of talent. We’re not really a running team. Not really a deep threat team. Sometimes we are a three TE team, not always.

            I would guess if DK was gone today Geno and whatever the offense will do this year would be the same.

            So yeah he’s not changing our fortunes.

      • 509 Chris

        I’ve been pretty opposed to the trade DK talk but this is might make some sense. I do agree with Peter though that he still has 3 to 5 years to play physically at a high level. It would really depend on what the compensation was. If the team could take whatever it was and package it into a tradeup for qbotf it might work. As long as the pick hit we’d never talk about dk again. Rob is always saying it but no one in KC is crying about lost picks moving up for Mahomes.

        • Peter

          That’s just it. You HIT on the player with that pick or the ability to package then who cares.

          I’m honestly not against it. Really. I just think people are a bit clouded as to what level of player DK is without realizing the kupps, adams. Browns of this world are played very, very differently than him.

      • ok

        this trade dk because penalties is kiiiiiiiiilling me.
        football is a war game. the lob era was penalty infused. someone needs to be tough. whole team cannot be choir boys and that. yeah it sucks a little bit when dk loses his mind, i appreciate the passion. we need more players trying to dominate, humiliate, takeover, talk that talk.
        they shouldn’t trade dk, they need a qb capable of getting him the ball.

        • Sten

          In an alternate universe DK would be the next Kam Chancellor, only faster

          • Chris

            Could you imagine Kam getting into a squabble with a specific player on the other team throughout the game and at some point taking a cheap shot at them well after the whistle? It wouldn’t happen in a million years. Other than Kam’s inexplicable holdout at the beginning of one of the years, Kam has always been 100% about the team. They have extremely different personalities.

        • GoHawksDani

          If Spoon would get some unecessary roughness, or some similar penalties I don’t care that much (although you can play tough and clean at the same time – see his hit in the last game). DK has diva penalties for throwing fits

        • Luis

          That unnecessary roughness because he kept blocking hard after the whistle, amazing. The cheap shots, well, no.

        • Chris

          Those guys generally got penalties while in the process of trying to win the game. DK’s penalties have nothing to do with that. They’re all about his personal squabbles. Only Sherman really fell into that trap, but he was much smarter about dealing with it. People say DK isn’t a Diva in the traditional wide receiver sense … needing his catches, always thinking he’s open, etc … but does seem to be a very self-centered person and given his recent responses to the penalties I think it is only reasonable to assume he’s willing to place his own interests above the team’s.

  21. GoHawksDani

    Clark played his best football as a Hawk (at least how I remember), Reed too. Reed is playing well again…maybe Clark will too?
    It’s a good sign, we need rotation on the DL and Taylor is more of a burden than a plus. Rookies shouldn’t pushed too hard so we’d be a bit thin w/o Clark

  22. Palatypus



    • 509 Chris

      I get PUMPED watching that.

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    Penix Jr’s pro comp is Geno Smith



  24. diehard82

    “so I gotta believe they are exploring options.”

    I guess they were indeed exploring other options.

    Happy to see reunion with Frank, Bobby and Jarran. This should be fun.

  25. HOUSE

    Just for clarification sake… see that Geno Smith has a guarantee of $12.7M (for injury). If the roster bonus and stuff kicks in on the 5th day of the season, does waiting till the 4th day guarantee him the $12.7M? If he’s cut before day 5, is he owed $0 or the $12.7M? Just trying to understand the calendar dates. Thanks and sorry for making someone repeat something I am probably just overthinking.

    • cha

      If he ends the year on the active roster, they have 5 days after the Super Bowl to decide whether to keep or cut him. Keeping him actives that $12.7m guaranteed salary. Cutting him before then takes that salary off the books.

      If he ends on injured reserve, he is guaranteed the $12.7m no matter what the Seahawks do.

      I think this contract was negotiated with the understanding that they would rework it after one year. That’s whether he was good, great or just mediocre.

      • HOUSE


        Thank you for clarifying!

      • Peter

        Curtis Allen on PFF mailbag? That you?

        • cha

          PFT ?


          • Peter

            Potatoe potahto.

  26. Romeo A57

    I see we are getting 2 offensive skill players back McIntosh from IR and Eskridge from the NFL Deadbeat List.

    I am somewhat excited to see what McIntosh looks like running the ball. I hope he makes the Active Roster soon.

    I hope that Eskridge doesn’t take snaps away from Bobo or JSN. They should just stash him on the Practice Squad in case one of their real Wide Receivers get hurt

    • Sten

      I’m more excited to not see Deejay Dallas on third downs than I am hyped for McIntosh

      • Romeo A57

        I am more hyped to see Deejay Dallas at a Walmart then I am to see him on a football field.

        • Luis

          Best kick returner in the league by yardage.

  27. Henry Taylor

    Frank Clark has played his best football since departing Seattle in the playoffs. A trait it would be really nice for him to bring back here.

  28. Denver Hawker

    JJ speaking truth, these throwbacks look great: https://x.com/jjwatt/status/1717516714580353050?s=46&t=cOHU3a7sncZq-_1QP4M1Og

  29. Gary

    Frank Clark feels like Bruce Irvin redux. Do the Seahawks lead the league in recycling their former players?

    • Blitzy the Clown


      Cuz Irvin was basically on his way out of football when Seattle, and only Seattle, came calling.

      Word is Clark, who may be closer to the end of his career than the beginning is definitely not on his way out of football at this point, had multiple teams seeking his services.

      Curious, would you have had them do nothing to make up for losing Nwosu?

      • 805Hawk

        No, he’s not Bruce, but Frank was cut because no one would give up a late round pick for him, so demand wasn’t through the roof. Seattle does seem to recycle a ton of players. I would be curious to see a break down of our recycling compared to the rest of the league in the last five years or so. Would be interesting.

      • Gary

        Yes, for salary cap reasons I would much rather they don’t add anyone and just follow the Rob / cha plan of elevating Tyreke Smith and seeing what the young guys can do. If I’m wrong I will be the first to own it but I don’t think Frank Clark will contribute anything more than Bruce Irvin did, or that his presence is somehow going to elevate this team to an actual contender. I’d be much happier developing the young players and living with the growing pains than bringing in more retreads. Just my thoughts.

  30. Blitzy the Clown

    JJ knows

    JJ Watt @JJWatt

    In a season filled with some incredible throwback uniforms (Kelly Green, Creamsicle, Oilers, Falcons, Vikings) it is quite possible that the Seahawks have the best of the whole bunch.

    Make these permanent immediately.

    • Big Mike

      Yes he does. Permanent immediately indeed.

  31. Blitzy the Clown

    What’s the temperature around the room on the Browns game?

    I get the feeling it’s going to be a defensive slugfest won by the team that gets the turnover or ekes out the FG.

    Not to put too much on Clark, but I’m getting a feeling about his return. He looks fit, ready to play. He knows the scheme and some of the personnel well enough. In front of a raucous home crowd and Lumen Field…could be a big day for the defense.

    • Big Mike

      I’m concerned considering Seattle’s track record with non-descript backup QBs.

    • Palatypus

      I don’t think that Geno is going to finish the game.

    • RomeoA57

      The Defense should shine again versus this Browns team lead by Walker.

      The Offense will struggle in the Red Zone again. Miles Garret scares Geno into two turnovers.

      Seahawks win 16 to 10.

    • Peter

      Hard to say. Throwing week one aside, after Detroit this is the next game on the schedule I would consider a meaningful test.

      Cleveland has the #1 pass defense holding teams to a chilly 150 yards a game. Seattle’s pass offense has been uninspired thus far. It feels almost random as to the game to game plan.

      Cleveland also rocking the #7 run defense….glad to see Charbonet practicing and hoping nothing is going on with Walker ( DNP on Thursday, probably just maintenance).

      Who knows what their RB situation is but thus far they are the #1 run offense. Seattle’s been on fire with the run defense but have they been the cause or is it just corollary…panthers with the red rifle throwing a 100x, giants with nobody at rb?

      I think it is Seattle wins: 13-10

      Caveat though. If Seattle makes any ill timed mistakes the way they struggled for most of the game against bengals and how hard it felt watching the team salt away AZ I think one dumb play like an ill thought out kickoff return, etc could doom Seattle.

      Selfishly instead of worrying about JSN breakout games or bobo-sanity I want to see three TE’s all afternoon. I don’t want to hear any excuses about the oline particularly RT after the fact.

      • BK26

        I don’t know where Cleveland is for turnovers (and don’t want to look it up), but playing such sound defense can lead to easier turnovers. That might be the key. Will Geno get frustrated? Will defenses start catching some of his “gimme” type throws?

        Tight ends and running game will be key. Get some yards, set up play action, get the tight ends out down the field. And use them as extra protection.

        I’m ho-hum on the game. I don’t expect it to be pretty. Still not a complete team that we are playing against.

        • Peter

          Definitely not a complete team. Game seven and I keep hearing about “on paper,” to me this team is in put up or shut up territory.

          I define it as a true challenge for this reason:

          Pass defense rankings of AZ, Cincy, Giants:

          AZ #23, Cincy #13, Giants #14

          Run Defense:

          AZ #25, Cindy #29, Giants #27

          We have the weapons advantage. We are supposed to have the qb advantage. Contrary to narratives the line should be: Cross, Lewis, Brown, Bradford, other.

          I think witherspoon is in a position to have another great game ( fingers crossed his teammates don’t foil him again).

          I’m also setting this game as a test because the ravens the following week don’t get easier. The eagles. Are the niners a mirage? Rams are our kryptonite.

          At home. Fun vibes with the throwbacks.

          • BK26

            That Ravens game is going to be the first time (to me) that we get a real sense of the team. Watching Lamar last week (in a blow out fwiw), he looked like a legitimate quarterback, looking to make the throw. Not how he had been for his career to this point.

            Then the rest of the team is above average across the board.

            (I also can’t get too excited for the throw-backs, but I am also a newer fan and only know the current color scheme. Neat, but that’s it).

            • Peter

              I get your drift. With regards to the Ravens. Let’s call this a practice test as it were. Because if we struggle offensively this week it’ll be a preview for things to come.

              The unis to me are just that child like placebo effect. When you get the new sneakers or cleats and in your mind you feel like you can run faster, jump higher.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Gotta agree with you there Peter. Go TE heavy in this game. We need them helping out the tackles against Garrett and co.

        Anyone have any sense of McIntosh’s readiness? Dude’s a dangerous weapon to have out there for us.

    • pdway

      This team is still pretty hard to judge. Thought we had a good to great offense, and a mediocre to maybe good defense. Lately it’s been literally the opposite.

      Defense does seem good enough to hold down this browns offense – and, in general, the vibes around this team seem really good right now. So I’m feeling like we should win a close, low-scoring game. Myers needs to make all his FG’s.

      • Rob Staton

        DVOA has our offense at #10 and the defense at #16 FWIW

        • Peter

          The defense feels right. Slightly surprised to see Seattle #10 on offense. I’m grumpy on the offense but it’s been fairly solid so #10 does make sense.

          I think it’s just the fumes of what “we” thought the offense was supposed to be coming into the season.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          That perception-reality mismatch is a bit of recency bias showing up.

          Defense was bloody awful to start the season. Literally League-worst. For them to be dead-middle at this point shows serious improvement.

          Honestly a little surprised by our offense DVOA though. Wouldn’t have thought it was that high.

  32. cha

    Field Yates
    Frank Clark’s 1-year deal with the Seahawks is for $1.165M. He’ll collect the prorated version of that over the final 11 weeks of the season. Clark had also collected about $3.75M from the Broncos this season.

    Clark indicated earlier today he plans to play this Sunday in his return to Seattle.
    3:49 PM · Oct 26, 2023

    $712k for Frank Clark. No risk.

    • bmseattle

      The only risk is that he’ll sucker punch one of our offensive linemen.

      • cha

        I’ll never forget that. I was 25 feet away. Scary.

        • bmseattle

          I can imagine.
          it’s horrific enough on video.

      • Rokas

        I am not here to justify Frank’s behaviour, but i’d bet Ifedi deserved that lol.
        Anyway, great contract, nothing to lose. Gives us a better chance for a complimentary football, once Chena went out for a season. I’d there were no better emergency options for a such low cost. Let’s hope Clark will give up snaps of quality.

        • STTBM

          Whatever happened, In sure Idefi had it coming. That guy was not just an utter Bust, but a bum as well.

          I’m glad he’s gone.

  33. cha

    Seahawks announce, Throwbacks also being worn for game @Dallas on national TV.

  34. Big Mike

    Oh hell yeah

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    Hey Bobby Wagner is now a Bills audible call!

    • cha

      Jamal Adams was one too

    • Palatypus

      Yes, but what is their safety word?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Well it’s more a phrase.

        And you know what it is… BEST IN THE NATION

        • Palatypus

          I would probably say the same thing after launching my forehead into someone’s knee.

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    For a company that provides web services, the stream on Prime is embarrassingly bad. I have yet to watch a TNF this season that didn’t have multiple streaming problems

    • samprassultanofswat

      I like the signing of Frank Clark. However, I don’t think it is a good idea to trade for Leonard Williams. Would it be nice to have Leonard Williams in the rotation? Hell yes!!! But he is pushing 29-30 years old. That is getting up in years for a DT. The defensive tackle position takes as much punishment as any position on the defensive side of the ball. I l like Leonard Williams. But the Hawks simply do not have the cap space. Plus I do not want to give up draft picks for an aging veteran.

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