Thoughts and notes on several 2024 draft prospects

Jer’Zhan Newton has been excellent for Illinois this season

Some reflections, both in general and based on what I saw at the weekend…

Spencer Rattler (QB, South Carolina)
Another six sacks conceded by South Carolina’s shocking offensive line and that only tells half the story. Rattler was constantly harassed, pressured or hit. Despite this, he still managed to complete 23 passes, show off his natural arm talent, scramble and create to extend plays and break off big runs (including an impressive 16-yarder under duress). South Carolina’s O-line is giving up exactly five sacks per game, tied for worst in the whole of college football along with Colorado’s shambles of a line. In comparison, Washington is giving up 0.6 sacks a game, Oregon 0.7, Duke 0.8, Michigan one sack, Miami 1.2, Florida State 1.3, Ohio State 1.7 and even Kentucky has improved to 1.6 per game. Rattler isn’t getting any attention because the Gamecocks are mostly dreadful but he’s finally developed into the player his talent suggested he could be. He should be getting so much more draft focus. He looks and plays like a mini-Mahomes and he has the talent and ability to be a plus starter at the next level. Seeing him still find a way, somehow, to look as good as he does under constant pressure is a major feather in his cap. He’s a collector’s item — a QB who will actually face less pressure in the NFL.

Caleb Williams (QB, USC)
Back-to-back defeats and a second game where Williams had moments of adversity. However, he is everything teams are looking for in terms of improvisation, creativity, pure arm talent and star quality. It’s surprising that USC haven’t done a better job building a better supporting cast around Williams, who remains a cast-iron guarantee to be the #1 pick. I only currently have three players graded with legit, high-end round one grades — Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr and Brock Bowers.

Quinn Ewers (QB, Texas)
It’s another shoulder injury for Ewers and although reports suggest he won’t necessarily miss the rest of the season, it has to be a possibility. Against Houston he combined the routine, easy short-passing game Steve Sarkisian utilises with the natural flair he possesses to get the ball downfield. He played well, avoiding errors. The way he flicks his wrist and the ball flies out of his hand is, it has to be said, very impressive and almost Rodgers-esque. He is erratic at times but still highly talented. However, this is back-to-back years with shoulder injuries. He’s been playing lighter at sub-200lbs too. Scouts and certain GM’s (including John Schneider) are probably going to love the arm talent and potential with Ewers. However, the injuries are officially a thing to contend with. Tony Pauline recently reported Ewers is 50/50 on whether to turn pro in 2024.

Riley Leonard (QB, Duke)
Mere weeks after suffering a high ankle sprain, Leonard took the field against Florida State on Saturday. He had no business playing. He was clearly hobbled, couldn’t properly step into his throws, couldn’t function anywhere close to his best and he didn’t finish the game. His final play was a nasty hit that left him clutching his injured ankle. Protect your players. He still had one incredible side-arm throw that screamed ‘high draft pick’ but he otherwise functioned as if he was playing in a walking boot (and probably should’ve been). Teams/coaches need to look after their players in these situations. Leonard shouldn’t have played. I still like his upside potential a lot though and he clearly has the talent to go early in the draft.

Michael Penix Jr (QB, Washington)
One of the knocks on Penix is the difficulty with which to project his NFL potential given how little pressure he faces at UW. As noted earlier, Washington is giving up less than a sack per game (0.6). Against Arizona he faced plenty of pressure and adversity and I’m afraid he struggled. Arizona took away Washington’s timing, flustered the quarterback and he simply lacked any kind of poise, improv or ability to adapt. The offense ground to a halt. For all of the dazzling stat-bombs over the last few weeks, this is the kind of game scouts focus on. He can play pitch-and-catch against a bad Michigan State defense all day. He won’t get that in the NFL. He’ll be pressured, hit and he’ll need to make quick, precise reads. He won’t have a clean pocket or be playing in a system he’s mastered over a number of years. He’ll be playing in this environment a lot and this performance suggested he’s not entirely comfortable when life is muddied in the pocket and the timing is thrown off. The arm talent is still wonderful and very enticing but this game is a bit of a reality check.

Will Howard (QB, Kansas State)
Bizarrely he was spelled against TCU and split drives with Avery Johnson but when he was on the field he was accurate, made key throws look easy and he showed off great running ability for his size. I really like Howard. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a top-end starter but there’s something there and he’d make an intriguing top-100 pick.

Brady Cook (QB, Missouri)
I don’t know if he’ll declare or not in 2024 and I’m not suggesting he’ll necessarily be a high pick one day but Cook can play. He is consistently playing an attractive brand of football — combining dynamic running with accurate throws to all levels of the field. Every time I watch Mizzou he catches the eye.

Jack Nelson (T, Wisconsin)
I don’t care where you play him. Left or right tackle, guard. The guy can play. He locks on and finishes blocks. He’s powerful and aggressive. He’s a good player who I think deserves a second round placing at least.

Troy Fautanu (T/G, Washington)
One of the big reasons Washington give up so few pressures is the scheme, the other is the play of Fautanu. I was way more impressed than I expected to be watching him on tape. He’s just so comfortable with his technique and plays with great control. He can lock on to finish blocks, he can shadow speed rushers and hold his own versus power. He reminds me a lot of Alijah Vera-Tucker (former USC, now with the Jets) and similarly could be used at guard or tackle at the next level given his size. I really like him.

Tyler Guyton (T, Oklahoma)
Big, athletic, brilliant. He is this year’s Darnell Wright and is destined to be a first round pick. Every time I watch Oklahoma the big right tackle stands out. He has a great chance to be a top-12 pick.

Graham Barton (T, Duke)
His lack of length (approx 32-inch arms) will be an issue at left tackle, where he excels for Duke. Many are tipping him to kick inside to play center. What I’d say is this — his performance at tackle is top-level in college football. If he can play as well as he can blocking the blindside, he has the potential to be a star at center and deserves a strong grade (top-40). Jacob Monk, who actually did play center for Duke on Saturday, is also worth keeping in mind. I think he can play anywhere along the interior and deserves early round three consideration.

Theo Johnson (TE, Penn State)
For a player listed at 6-6 and 264lbs, he moves so well. He has a gliding presence running routes and he makes a number of catches appear effortless. He’s very good at adjusting his body to gain a good catching position and he’ll be able to box-out defenders at the next level. Johnson also has soft hands, major blocking potential with his frame and he looks like he has speed to burn. Expect a strong combine. For me, he’s a potential second round pick.

Dallas Turner (EDGE, Alabama)
I can’t get excited about Turner — and that’s generally how I feel about the entire EDGE class. He looks small and quick and there are flashy moments. Does he look like a dominating edge rusher destined to go early in round one like many are projecting? Not to me. I currently have North Carolina’s Kaimon Rucker rated marginally higher (Rucker has a pass-rush win percentage of 21%, Turner’s at 20.1%). Teammate Justin Eboigbe might lack Turner’s flash but his size intrigues me more and he’ll be available later on.

Jer’Zhan Newton (DE/DT, Illinois)
I think he might best suited to playing 3-4 end but you can’t get away from the fact that he causes consistent, major disruption. Against Wisconsin he was a constant threat, either overpowering blockers to shove them back into the pocket or winning with a twitchy pass-rush move or a stunt. He was eventually ejected from the game for an unfortunate targeting call on a sack but that shouldn’t change how well he played up until that point. Newton’s pass-rush win percentage is 16.7%. He is the most disruptive defensive lineman eligible for the 2024 draft and it’s not really that close. He is a pure playmaker up front who should test well at the combine. Length and size will be monitored, however.

McKinley Jackson (DT, Texas A&M)
The Aggies didn’t play this week but I still wanted to touch on Jackson again, one of my favourites in this class. He’s just a hulking, brutish defensive tackle who equally plays stout and physical but still creates ample pass rush from the interior. He’s a heart and soul leader of the team and would fit perfectly into the Seattle’s D-line rotation. He’s their kind of guy, I think.

Howard Cross (DT, Notre Dame)
You have to give it Cross. As an undersized interior defender he holds his own and consistently finds a way to disrupt plays. His effort and intensity is impressive, he plays with quickness and penetrating ability. Whether he’ll be overwhelmed at the next level at his size is a question mark but there’s a lot to like here and his testing numbers will be interesting. He has a pass rush win percentage of 14.3%.

T’Vondre Sweat (DT, Texas)
Despite his enormous frame (he could stand to lose a few pounds, frankly) Sweat still manages to play a complete brand of football. He can be a stout nose tackle and he can also disrupt more than you’d expect as a pass rusher, registering a highly impressive 19.1% pass rush win percentage so far this year. Supposedly the light switched on for him in 2023 and he’s taking advantage. The talent is obvious. Keep him this motivated and he can be a good player at the next level.

Tyler Davis (DT, Clemson)
He’s kind of a forgotten man in the class really but whenever you watch Clemson’s D-line you do notice him. He’s very active and difficult to block. He might lack the star quality of a Dexter Lawrence or Christian Wilkins but he could make a very solid pro with a round three pick.

Cedric Gray (LB, North Carolina)
Linebacker is one of my least favourite positions to study unless a player shows off a very clear and obvious combination of agility, quickness and violence. I was enamoured with Logan Wilson in 2020 because for me it looked obvious what kind of career he was destined to have. I really liked Fred Warner in 2018. Alternatively, Jarrad Davis — who I also felt very strongly about — has not lived up to expectations. I haven’t seen any linebacker yet to get that excited about apart from Jeremiah Trotter at Clemson (who I really like). I have a block of names graded for early day three (pre-testing, which will change things based on athletic potential which is critical at this position). Gray is the only one between Trotter and the rest, nestled into round three. He can drop well, he fills gaps with a forceful attacking nature. He can shift around the field and tackle. I think he looks like a capable if unspectacular starter.

Jeremiah Trotter (LB, Clemson)
Every time I watch Clemson he seems to do something cool. He’s excellent defending the run, he looks like a good athlete who can drop. He has NFL bloodlines and is a former 5-star recruit. If you think linebacker is a vital need in the off-season and want to invest in the position, Trotter — for me — is a good bet.

Closing thoughts
I’m still struggling to find legit first round players for this draft. I currently have a breakdown of three legit R1 talents (high first round picks), nine other players I’d draft in round one (because you have to take someone) and 35 players marked with round two grades. That’s only 47 players, with 64 set to be taken in the first two rounds. Currently I think the draft is particularly weak at tight end, defensive end and safety. There’s depth at quarterback and defensive tackle. There’s also some good offensive linemen who will be available in the first three rounds. There are still players I need to watch but I’ve not missed anyone being rated highly by anyone else. I can’t say this is currently shaping up to be a deep draft but there’s still plenty of football to be played, not to mention the inevitable impact of the Senior Bowl and combine.

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  1. Rob Staton

    Looks like Nwosu out for the season

    Couple of thoughts:

    1. I would be open to testing the rental market for a replacement. I don’t trust Darrell Taylor at all. And as noted in this piece, it’s not a crazy deep draft. I’m not talking about a high pick.

    2. Nwosu only had two sacks this season, both coming against the putrid Giants O-line. He’s the 43rd ranked EDGE per PFF with a 68.5 grade (Mafe’s at 76.4 and Hall at 64.2). I think this is interesting and perhaps suggests he won’t be as big a loss as some are making out.

    • Rob Staton

      Carroll’s consistent tone on Abe Lucas also screams ‘this is not good’

      • Peter

        Bummed. I guess it’s time to start the search for a RT……

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not writing him off, might just be for this season

          I fear it’s heading that way, shutting him down for the year. Pete’s tone is what it is, plus today he was talking up Forsythe and the potential of using Peters. Sounded very much like a man who in his mind has moved on to ‘next man up’.

          Probably best just letting AL recover anyway

          • Peter

            Hope so man. Lucas was one of your coolest shouts and totally played like it. Hope this is just a glitch and not forever.

            • Rob Staton

              Fingers crossed

              • Big Mike

                Ditto. Real bummer plus as a Cougs fan I loved him doing well because of that fact too

      • RomeoA57

        Abe Lucas not playing really sucks, I hope he can come back this year…

      • bmseattle

        I agree.
        Pete’s comments re: Lucas were ominous all along… insinuating a long term (ie., chronic) issue.
        I so, so hope that it is something that can be “fixed”, somehow, and not something degenerative or permanently damaged.

        • Joe

          ABE LUCAS or any other person with knee problems, I suggest THE KNEESOVERTOES GUY. YouTube and other places. DYOR! consult with doctor, YMMV, etc. I’m working on my own knee problem with his guidance.

          Premise is most knee issues are rehabbed to healthiness with some basic exercises, some on a simple wooden incline, and will return the stability and flexibility you need to perform. After a few ACL’s my goal is to still be active and avoid the knee replacement. His approach is revolutionary!

    • Peter

      I’m interested in more Hall. Since I’m not sure what to expect with Seattle’s season, first round bounce from the playoffs, I’m not sure I want a rental.

      Not against it but think youth needs reps whenever possible that’s where I lean.

      • Elmer

        The perspective on trading Taylor may have changed with the injury to Nwosu.

      • Malc from PO

        We might not get an opportunity at an NFC this putrid again, that’s the only thing that’s making me anxious to achieve this year!

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      frank clark coming back a possibility?

      • Rob Staton

        I thought he’d already rejoined Kansas City but apparently not officially done yet, so sure

      • Donovan

        Bummer on Nwosu. Sign me up for Frank Clark.

    • Sultan

      I agree about the EDGE situation, weren’t they considering drafting Derick Hall at pick 20 because they had a first round grade on him (Boyle’s article)? They thought highly of him. I would really like to see him get starter snaps before we begin to panic.

      • Rob Staton

        It wouldn’t be a panic really. I think it’d simply be maintaining the plan. Replacing Nwosu, a proven veteran, with another, to avoid losing a step.

  2. Palatypus

    From the list of nine QBs you gave me for the Senior Bowl, I suspect TVD and Penix would have the most to gain by accepting an invitation. I think scouts want to see them in a real pro offense against a real pro defense with top competition.

    • BK26

      They are the two that need it the most. They need to get away from their coaches to prove what they can really/hopefully do. TVD literally needs to tell everyone “yes I can play quarterback, they don’t let me.”

    • Rob Staton

      Every QB would benefit from the Senior Bowl

      They should all be scrambling to get to Mobile

  3. KennyBadger

    Gee is there any team in the NFL that would benefit from QB and IDL draft depth in 2024?

    If Abe’s knee is a cartilage issue, then a conservative approach is the best way to proceed and that still may not be enough. I don’t like the tenor of Pete’s comments about the situation at all.

    • Joe

      Pete described it as a tired knee and something about it, IMO, hinted that it was chronic.

  4. Justaguy

    Howard Cross is this year’s Calijah Kancey. Kancey is rounding into form in TB

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t go that far — Kancey was a world class athlete. Cross isn’t at that level, as much as I like him

      • Justaguy

        Cross has the pedigree but I get your point

        • Rob Staton

          Well, he isn’t running a 4.36 short shuttle then jumping a 33.5 inch vertical at 281lbs

          • Donovan

            Wonder if we’d have taken Kancey if he’d lasted to #20.

          • Justaguy

            And Kancey is still unproven that he lasts in the league. It isn’t always about athletic ability, sometimes it is just natural instincts

            • Justaguy

              And my point is they are both short armed light defensive tackles that show promise in college by getting after quarterbacks

            • Rob Staton

              What’s that got to do with anything?

              We are literally only talking about athleticism

  5. Forrest

    You asked in yesterday’s video what we want in a QB. I either want a Mahomes, someone on a rookie deal or a game manager for the $3.5 we paid Geno last year. Paying $40M for a Geno type is where teams get into trouble. My fear is they do the same with Locke – sign him to more money for a year and then he wants $30-$40M annually afterward. I’d be fine offering Locke a three year $10M/per with an out and mo dead cap after the first and second years.

    • Forrest

      I actually think the Hawks are pretty good at getting the most out of average QBs. Russ with RPO and deep shots masking his inability to see and throw over the middle (until his speed slowed down and teams just put up two high safeties to take away the deep balls). Geno in the first half of last year, etc.

      • BK26

        Except Russ wasn’t average.

        • Peter

          Give me a guy with a weakness ( can’t throw over the middle? Who knows, we don’t) who is empirically a top qb right up there, literally, with Rodgers, better than brees in some categories ( tds/ints) and Brady for a five year period and call it average. I’ll take that all day.

          • Big Mike

            RW revisionist history is rampant in Seahawks’ fandom these days Peter. He’s not who he was when he was here and kudos to PCJS for recognizing that was about to happen when they traded him, but minimizing who he was and how much he helped this team win is ridiculous.

            • Peter

              Yep. On all counts. Including being ahead of his downfall by the FO.

              But yeah. You don’t get voted towards the top of the “top 100,” by your peers because you are average. Can’t throw over the middle. Who cares. We used to score points and win a ton of games when the talent got worse and worse. On the whole roster.

    • Peter

      I agree with a lot of this.

  6. ShowMeYourHawk

    Between his talent and the need to address resigning both/one/neither of Brooks and Wagner, Trotter is currently my hope for our current Round 1 pick, or early 2nd should we move back.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure Trotter has played well enough for R1 this year but R2 would be fair if he tests well

  7. Palatypus

    So, I see that Joshua Onujiogu is on injured reserve with an elbow injury. Does anybody know how bad it is? Rather than trade for Nwosu’s replacement, I’m guessing they promote Tyreke Smith from the practice squad.

    If Alton Robinson is anything near healthy, I suspect his agent would be making a call.

    • cha

      We’re going to see a lot of interesting decisions coming up.

      PC talked about Eskridge coming back, McIntosh might be back soon, and they’ve healthy scratched Devin Bush the last two games.

      They have 3 centers on the roster now, having promoted Joey Hunt, Cody Thompson is on the roster and so far Raiqwon O’Neal has just been a healthy scratch stash.

      • Palatypus

        Well, DK has bad ribs, so Eskridge needs to turn into Tutu Atwell, so JSN can be Puca Nacua.

        • Big Mike

          Maybe we can trade Carroll for McVay to make that happen.

  8. Rob Staton

    I think it’s time to bin off PFF

    Their grades increasingly make no sense. The defensive grades for the Cardinals game feel like a joke.

    • Palatypus

      They seem more media-oriented than wonky/nerdy now. They were meeting with EVERYBODY at the Senior Bowl.

      • Rob Staton

        A lot of staff left this year

        Wondering whether as a business model it has failed

        The grades from Sunday seem well off. Look at Jordyn Brooks!

  9. Palatypus

    Watching the Manning cast of MNF, I need to comment on “National Tight Ends Day”, whatever that is. Since people everywhere are changing their FF Team name to “Taylor Swift’s Tight End” I need to revisit an old complaint.

    I remember a few years back the administrator of my football pool made me change my team name because “Sopwith Cameltoes”, they said, was an anatomical reference. I argued that my competitor “My Ball Zach Ertz” was also an anatomical reference. They didn’t buy that it was a landing gear and not something Marshawn Lynch would say. But they didn’t listen.

    And that day was born “The Uranus Probes.”

    Farnsworth: We changed the name of that planet 100 years ago because of all the bad jokes.
    Frye: What did you change it to?
    Farnsworth: Urectum.

    • Dingbatman

      Comment of the day!

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    I can’t believe the Vikings beat the 49ers

    So satisfying to watch

    Any given Sunday night man

    • king

      Minnesota winning tonight was not good for Seattle.

      • BK26

        IDK, I’m pretty happy with the 9er’s losing.

        • pdway

          watching Purdy throw those picks……was glorious

      • Peter

        I’m too dumb to know….but why is this a thing for Seattle?

        • king

          Niners are still massive favorites to win division. Minnesota has a cupcake schedule going forward. My guess is tonight’s game lowered Seattle’s chance of making the postseason.

          • James

            Yeah, but their destiny is in their own hands. They could easily miss the playoffs by their own hand. However, you can’t change that the 49ers lost to the Vikings on Monday night. Feels so good.

          • Peter

            Makes sense. Thanks. I don’t follow the vikings in the slightest but this is sound reasoning.

        • ukalex6674

          How quick things change in the NFL.

          Now we will truly see what Brock Purdy is made of after the last night.

      • Rob Staton

        I thought Minnesota winning was great for Seattle


        • Malc from PO

          I too! Salivating at the prospect of beating Niners and Cowboys, my two most hated teams, on consecutive Thursdays – we have nothing to fear from either. I wasn’t thinking that way at the start of the season.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Perhaps more significant is the number of 49ers players that were injured. That includes some good wide receivers and defensive players. We will have to keep an eye on their injury reports!

    • cha

      Their offensive plan was great, the protection held up, and Cousins was sharp and decisive.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes, Cousins was good tonight. Made a lot of good plays. Score would have been higher if the Minnesota field goal kicker hadn’t missed two kicks.

        • Michael Dinn

          Full credit to Cousins. Not a fan of his style but i have great respect for his resiliency.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Niners Nation has their pâté knives out for their DC.

  11. geoff u

    But Schneider said this was a deep class and he wanted extra picks for it, makes you wonder (or not, if we suspect he was talking about the QBs).

    Shame on Duke for playing Riley Leonard. They couldve gotten blown out just fine without him. What a waste. This kinda thing pisses me off.

    • Peter

      John’s prone to saying odd things. An extra third. Not sure how that helps with a qb. Maybe it does. Or name checking Ewers. Maybe he is the guy. I don’t love his size and I really don’t love his injuries.

      • geoff u

        Depending on where the 3rd is, and where the 1st is, you could use it to move up 5-10 spots

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe when he said deep he meant there were a lot of 2nd and third rounders.

      I’m still trying to get a handle on QBs but it seems like most of the draftable QBs are second to third rounders that will no doubt get elevated due to demand.

      • BK26

        Yeah, it’s just so deep with so much “meh” talent that no one is going to know where anyone is going. Is everyone going to be desperate and 4, 5, 6 go in round one? Are teams going to be too scared and wait? Is one team going to draft at the end of the first and then there is a mad rush?

        There is so much unknown that anything could happen.

  12. Jordan

    I really like the talent of Spencer Rattler; he is tremendously intriguing.

    The thing about Rattler in Seattle; I fully trust their infrastructure and supporting pieces to get the very best out of him, whatever that would happen to be. Stud RB, quality RB depth,two young bookend OTs, interior ol depth, a number of weapons at WR. If they were to add him it certainly wouldn’t feel like they were doing it without a plan for success, unlike whatever the plan was for Chi/Fields, SF/Lance, NYJ/Wilson etc

    He wouldn’t necessarily have to play right away either.

    • bdawg17

      Not sure if I’d mention SF/Lance in this situation as a good example. Lance is obviously a phenomenal athlete however he did not play much CFB (was not ready to start out-of-the-gate), had the injury and other QBs ended up playing better (Garoppolo, Purdy). Find it doubtful that Shanahan did not have a plan, let alone was unable to surround Lance with talent. In SF, IMO, Lance was a victim of injury, his lack of experience and external factors (other QBs). SF was clearly wrong to trade the assets that they did, as well as bet on Lance the athlete.

  13. UkAlex6674

    Let’s get K9 the ball 20+ totes a game. Only good things happen.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Perhaps he can also borrow Charbonnet’s compass, which will show him how to run N and S, not continuously tapdance E and W.

      Love me some K9 but for every bounce around play that goes for 12 yards, there’s another 1 yard gain that could’ve been 5 by simply running straight ahead.

      • geoff u

        We really needed Charb at the goal line there

      • Starhawk29

        Walker is a player that is so talented he’s largely been able to do whatever he wants and still gain yards. But he knows they want him to go north and south, he talked about it after the last game and admitted its something he’s working on. The way I see it, him bouncing outside is like Caleb Williams leaving the pocket…you might see magic, or you might get a sack. Figuring out when to do so is the key, and walker is still figuring that out.

  14. Jabroni-DC

    Morning thoughts.

    Great stuff on the prospects Rob, love these write ups. 1st Horizontal Board coming together?

    A big ‘Heck Yeah” for the 49ers loss. Always sweet news.

    Mafe has made the leap in year 2. He’s about to become a ‘known’ name.

    Losing Nwosu & potentially Lucas for the season sucks but this isn’t our Super Bowl year. Give Hall a bigger chunk of the snaps at least on early downs. Use Taylor as a rush specialist.

    Huge game vs Cleveland with our Seahawk Heritage uniforms.

    • Rob Staton

      1st Horizontal Board coming together?

      Very much so but I want to see more games and adjust/review before publishing

      • Big Mike

        As always, looking forward to it when you do.

      • Peter

        Heck yeah. That really kicks it off for me!

      • Gaux Hawks

        yum yum yum

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    If Frank Clark hasn’t resigned with KC, he makes so much sense to replace Nwosu. But that’s a big if, even if he hasn’t officially signed.

    Corbin Smith thinks we should ask the Jets for Carl Lawson, and he has a clever suggestion to pay for it:

    Corbin K. Smith @CorbinSmithNFL

    If I’m John Schneider, one team I would be calling right now is the Jets. Carl Lawson has barely been playing this year because of the depth they have. Send a late round pick and bring him in.

    At 265 pounds, Lawson has a very similar athletic profile to Nwosu. Yes, he’s had a few significant injuries, but he’s only 28 and has three seasons with at least 49 pressures in his career. He also plays with consistently great effort.

    Something else to consider… the Jets could use another receiver for Zach Wilson. It’s possible they would be willing to bring in Dee Eskridge and see if a change of scenery would help his cause. #Seahawks
    8:23 AM · Oct 24, 2023

    • Peter

      I like this better than trade to DK to team ‘×’ who might not be playoff bound for their great defensive player. If you’re looking to trade DK this week find the playoff team that needs a reciever.

      • BK26

        Actually makes sense on both sides: swap guys that aren’t playing but are better assets for the other team.

    • Trevor

      The Jets are trying to make the playoffs and the strength of thier team is pass rush. Why would they ever trade Lawson?

    • 12th chuck

      sign them both. seahawks should be desperate for help rushing the passer.

    • cha

      They healthy scratched Mecole Hardman, hardly used him and then traded him to KC for peanuts.

      I’m not sure they need a WR. If they did they would just have kept Hardman. Eskridge has done next to nothing in the NFL.

  16. bdawg17

    Rob – Booger McFarland was on the airwaves with Mike Salk this morning, and the topic of the trade deadline and potential available names came up. Included Brian Burns, Danielle Hunter, Leonard Williams and one or two more defensive studs.

    May have a very good intuition of where you might stand on making a move to acquire one of these cats, however what are your thoughts?

    Of course, the cap is a big factor along with the ability to actually get a deal done. However, what if, internally, John and Pete have made or are nearing a decision on Geno for next year? We pretty much now know what Geno is, at this point. The weapons around him are insane and it’s inevitable for the offense to be as clunky as it has been.

    $30MM+ for a top 10-15 QB is a death sentence. Perhaps, a renegotiation with Geno and his team may be achievable after the season? If we could pull a Burns or Hunter – who is still only 28 – for, say, a 2nd rounder, would we want to seriously consider it?

    Thanks for all you do, Rob!

    • BK26

      I think none of that is going to happen. I also would hope that they would pass on trading assets like that, too high a pick that they will need. They aren’t as close as everyone is thinking.

      This happens every year. Players get brought up, the final missing piece gets thrown around, and Seattle stands pat and doesn’t do anything. They are definitely building something, but a move like this goes against their blueprint. At least at the trade deadline.

      • Peter

        Fingers crossed the trade deadline passes without so much as a whisper for the hawks.

        It’s a hard pass on Hunter for me. Pretty sure we did that a few times in a row and it didn’t work. No contract. Expensive. His age isn’t that great.

        The Burns talk feels like rosterbation. He’d rule but at what cost? And why on earth would Carolina do that except for first round picks plus. That’s a slippery slope for us to go back to whiffing on drafts.

        • BK26

          It gets force-fed each year. And then the trade suggestions. They have to make sense for both teams. Then the cap, the draft picks, etc.

          Stick to the current plan, keep the picks. We’ll need them. Whether it is to trade up for a quarterback, or for another high-end talent. Sticking to their plan is why they are where the are in a positive situation. Deviating from that plan is where they are negatively (the huge contracts and wasted picks for trades; you know, Jamal Adams).

    • RomeoA57

      Bill Barnwell recently had an interesting article about which NFL players would receive a First Round PIck in a Trade. I don’t agree with everything he says about Seattle, but this is an interesting read to try to gage trade values. He says Burns is worth 2 FIrst Round Picks and that the Panthers passed on 2 First Round Picks for him last year, It sounds like he thinks that Hunter and Williams could be had for a Second Round Pick. All three are making over 15M this year, so I don’t se how they would fit in the cap.

  17. LouCityHawk

    Great write up on a weekend where I couldn’t see much, what is becoming more clear is that without clear top of R1 talent and deep pools only at a few positions (I’d dd WR and Tackle to QB and DLine) the chance of having a shot a the QB of JS dreams (not named Caleb) has never been more real.

    This last week really exposed me to some fans that are dead set to roll forward with Geno in 2024, and only an idiot or moron would waste a high draft pick on a QB. After all you can find one just as good after Round 3, just look at Purdy!

    The lack of top end Edge players has me thinking about a couple lesser known names I’ve seen live as guys who might be risers through the process.

    I’m still hoping that JS will double dip on DLine.

    Outside of Trotter and Gray, I haven’t really seen any ILB that stood out. Maybe the one from ND?

    • BK26

      The fact that some fans think it is like drowning a puppy to even hint that Geno COULD be a part of the problem is idiotic. The excuses to make him look like the savior of the team is mind-boggling.

      I’ve seen more fans open to the idea of drafting a quarterback than ever before (still usually a mid to late round pick). But there is the caveat of the kid sitting until Geno is ready to retire. Or even just how Lock can step in to take over and give the same level. Problem solved!

      I don’t get it. I don’t get looking at this mess of an offense and giving him a pass. Or putting the blame on literally anything and anyone else. And then to get offended that any other suggestion is incorrect. I’ve said it a lot this week: there are a lot of car salesmen in the PNW that could make a KILLING with some of these people.

      • Peter

        – tds/ints don’t matter…..lazy thinking

        -why he’s playing poor w/o giving a full breakdown of the reasons……lazy thinking

        -31 million for average…..lazy thinking

        -when the line gets healthy ( hint: it probably won’t) reason 1 through 1 million as to why it’s anyone but Geno.

        Yet last year when he was playing well “mvp caliber.” Olu has pretty good for a rookie pass pro grades….but not a starter. Bobo rules!!! But, he’s also a rookie so not geno. JSN is on the cusp of a breakout!! But also a rookie so not on Geno. If you gave k9’s tds to geno his stats would be better, on the same thread where tds don’t matter.

        All this have been themes I’ve read this week.

        • BK26

          Bobo rules!!! But that one interception was all his fault, Pete said so.

          The line is good and the line is deep. The offensive line will most likely never be healthy. That is how it is for about every team. “If only we were at 100%.”

          He can play great (and has on some occasions). But if you are turning it over in the red zone, or at the absolute worst time to turn it over, that greatly outweighs everything else.

      • cha

        Geno 2022 through first 6 games (2023 through first 6 games)

        73.4 Comp % (68.6%)
        250 Yards PG (231 YPG)
        9TD/2INT (7TD/4INT)
        14 Sacks (13 Sacks)
        50 Pressures (61 Pressures)
        54 Blitzes (55 Blitzes)
        23.8% Pressure rate (29.0% Pressure rate)

        The OL excusers seem to forget that in 2022 the Seahawks started rookie tackles, that Gabe Jackson and Austin Blythe played most of those 6 games and that Damien Lewis missed time at LG and Phil Haynes filled in for him.

        • Peter


          Pff grades? I mention this because it seems like Olu and Bradford are doing well.

          I get the oline configurations aren’t great. But if the ever jubilant Corbin Smith sings their praises….its got to be partly true.

          Plus like last year I don’t count players as starters unless they’ve accrued a minimum of one season as a starter for your team. Trifling on my part? Sure. But a fair Guage of what that player means to your team? I think so.

          • cha

            Most everyone this year has been in the 50’s and 60’s.

            No idea officially what the grades were through 6 last year, but Lucas was pretty good (high 60s/low 70s), Blythe was below freezing, like 33, Cross, Lewis and Haynes were in the low 50’s.

            • cha

              Oh and Gabe Jackson was awful.

              • Peter

                Read olu had a 76 for week 7.

  18. LouCityHawk

    A name I’ve seen thrown around for an Edge addition is Josh Uche.

    I’d love to see him come in and might not be so expensive, although he is another Pass Rush specialist, he is not as abysmal as Taylor against the run (who is?)

  19. Palatypus

    CBS SportsLine is reporting that the Seahawks have added center Ben Brown to the practice squad and that makes no sense.

    • Big Mike

      Brown hurt to a degree he won’t play for at least a while?

  20. Brodie

    Rob, have you seen any of Bucky Irving from Oregon? I know we’re set on RB, but just curious if you’ve seen him. He reminds me of Tyjae Spears without the injury history. A bit undersized, runs tough, great jump cuts ,etc.

  21. Blitzy the Clown

    Ima kick the hornets nest a lil bit here…

    JosinaAnderson @JosinaAnderson

    Meanwhile, it is my understanding, that there are several identifiable teams that have both interest in trading for either #Commanders DEs Montez Sweat or Chase Young, AND are willing to offer either a long-term deal ahead of free agency.

    9:26 AM · Oct 24, 2023

  22. Jordan

    Taylor Lewan reporting that Will Levis will be getting his first career start this week. Let’s see what he’s got!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sure if he doesn’t play like the second coming of Montana we’ll hear all about it

      • Big Mike

        I’m sure if he doesn’t play like the second coming of Montana we’ll hear all about it

        Well duh man, unlike EVERYBODY else who focuses on the draft, you’re supposed to be 100% correct Rob.

        • Peter

          Correction. Just Rob.

          Daniel Jeremiah and Matt Miller can fail up.

        • Brodie

          Can I ask how you make the quote green in your reply?

          • Palatypus

            Blockquote HTML tags. Shift+comma blockquote shift+period text shift+comma backslash shift+period

            And to change the color in the brackets.font color=”green”

            Alternatively you can use hexadecimal RGB like “00FF00”

            • Big Mike

              This will probably help. It did me.


              • Brodie



              • Brodie

                Thank You!

                • Palatypus

                  Whoops! Forget a detail.

    • LouCityHawk

      Will find it hilarious if he tears up the league. Given all the bold post-draft takes.

      Would be one of the funniest results of all time.

      • geoff u

        I would as well, but I would also be pissed considering we passed on him twice

        • Big Mike

          Agree geoff

      • Hawkster

        Well given that I feel obliged to thank those going the extra mile

  23. Spectator

    Given that the Michigan spygate is dominating my friend groups in the midwest, made me notice that there are not any OSU or Michigan players here listed. I keep getting told that Michigan is going to have 20 players drafted this year lol so surprises me not to see any listed.

    • LouCityHawk

      I think Rob has mentioned Zinter positively in past posts. And Kris Jenkins negatively. He has opined that the McCarthy buzz is something he doesn’t get (neither does anyone else here that I’ve read).

      He’s talked up a lot of the OSU players Harrison of course, as well as Sawyer and Hall.

      The big board is where Rob really starts to cook.

    • BK26

      Michigan never has anyone come through until after the season when they test. Guys don’t dominate enough to match their recruiting hype, and for some reason Harbaugh doesn’t get them coached up and developing (Gary comes to mind first).

      It’s that way with them every year: so deep that they don’t have to really develop anyone. Too spoiled. (which is why I enjoy when Iowa occasionally takes it to them).

    • Palatypus

      Blake Corum is amongst the nation’s leaders in rushing and I think it is largely because of Michigan’s offensive line.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think JJ McCarthy will declare

      Corum R3/4
      Zinter R4
      Jenkins R3/4
      Nugent R5/6

      Open to change, of course

  24. LouCityHawk

    Was I the only one here thoroughly enjoying Derick Hall versus Paris Johnson on Sunday?

    • nfendall

      There was one play where he knocked him flat on his ass. Loved it.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I should hope not. Imagine missing out on this

      • Rob Staton

        Hate to be a bucket of cold water but I saw very little violence there. I just saw a right tackle falling over and doing a terrible job.

  25. ShowMeYourHawk

    Looks like Trey Flowers got waived by the Pats. Been off and on the past couple of seasons but possibly a cheaper option than Clark, if they want to bring someone from outside in.

    • cha

      Personally I’d promote Tyreke Smith before I spent any money on Flowers.

  26. BH

    Where is JJ McCarthy on this draft board?

    • Rob Staton

      He won’t declare unless Michigan’s situation deteriorates rapidly (it won’t)

      But I don’t think he has the arm strength to be a high pick. To me he needs to get stronger. Not someone who has ever excited me TBH

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