Why Pete Carroll should be fighting for his job

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  1. cha

    Remember when Pete went on record and said they’d been arrogant on defense, fired Ken Norton Jr, promoted Clint Hurtt, brought in Sean Desai and cut Bobby Wagner?

    What happened?

  2. Forrest

    Seahawks – dead last and 50% worse than the 2nd worst team:


    • Group Captain Mandrake

      The fact that they got their first 3-and-out on Sunday – at least that’s what the announcers said – is really all that needs to be said about the miserable defensive performance so far. If the Broncos only fumble once on the goal line the Hawks are 0-3

      • Ashish

        3rd and 19th and they had first down, just ridiculous.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Aw man, I had managed to forget that particular travesty.

        • 12th chuck

          that’s been EVERY game for a couple of years, its beyond ridiculous

  3. Tomas

    Every word spot-on. 👍👍👍

  4. cha


    Wyman isn’t exaggerating. “Basic” is about as honest as he can be.

    The defensive mistake. They’re not properly lined up presnap. They have no idea where the play is going presnap and the DL’s literally go to the wrong direction.

    This kind of stuff shouldn’t even make it to training camp. This is summer rookie camp stuff.


    • Blitzy the Clown

      On the example Wyman showed for the poor defensive alignment…

      Every player along the DL slants to the weak side, including Al Woods. So it looks pretty clear that was a called slant to the weak side, called either by the coaches or by Brooks.

      But then Wyman goes on to blame the mistakes on the inexperience of the young players.

      The coaches aren’t inexperienced and neither is Brooks.

      Why is Wyman making excuses for the inexcusable?

      • cha

        It’s easier.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I’m not enough of an x’s and o’s guy cha, but is that a common play?

          To slant defensively to the weak side? Against a run formation no less?

          I don’t know what to think at this point.

          • cha

            I don’t have enough expertise to know but it’s hard to fathom that as a technique that would have success.

            I am certain some of the 4-D chess people can explain why it’s a brilliant strategy that failed miserably.

            But when you’re getting gashed in the run game week after week, and you line up and see two tight ends, and then a WR motion to that side, it’s OK to take the obvious signs and change your angles towards the strong side.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I wonder if that’s on Brooks. He would be the one to make that change when the WR shifts (if not before because of the 2 TEs).

              Wagner and KJ were two of the smarter LBs I’ve seen. No way they make that mistake.

              • TomLPDX

                Could it also be on Diggs? Who is the captain out there?

      • Roy Batty

        Wyman has a Seahawks logo on his shirt. He’s only going to tiptoe up to the critical analysis ledge before pulling back.

        He isn’t going to jump.

      • Big Mike

        Because that’s what he does, make excuses for this staff. He’s been making excuses for the Adams trade for 3 years when he wasn’t saying fans were idiots (paraphrasing) for saying he sucked and it was a crap trade.

  5. Rob Staton

    Mel Kiper moves Will Levis up to #2


    Remember, Kiper has his ear to the ground in the NFL

    Media getting there eventually

    • Peter

      What do you think of the Stafford comp?

      I’ve always like Staffords game but a gunslinger for pete?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think it’s a particularly good comp

        I don’t see Georgia/Stafford in Levis at all

  6. JJ

    The last two years….

    1) New offensive coordinator. We are going to bring in a coach to run a similar style to the Rams. It works well for a half and then since then I see nothing that resembles the Rams offensive.

    2) New defensive coordinator. We are going to bring in coaches to help us switch to a 3-4 and run the Fangio defense. I am not seeing anything creative out of this defense. Was it the the loss of Adams (lol)? Not the right players for scheme? Pete meddling and not allowing the new coaches to make the changes necessary?

    It all comes back to Pete’s vision of what he views as a successful team. It kind of worked when you had a pro bowl level play out of your QB, but after getting rid of him and not bringing in enough talent over the last 8-10 drafts we are left with so far this year and it is not exciting to watch.

    • Roy Batty

      I have seen plenty of commenters on other sites claim the defense is suffering because of Adam’s on IR.

      My problem with that is the scenario that a defense is schemed around a strong safety. If true, that is a horrible idea.

      Scheme around the front 7. LOS, first and foremost, not some free roaming guy 5 yards back from the LOS.

      • Peter

        Pretty sure Seattle sucked on defense when Adams played last year.

        Pretty sure they weren’t that good the previous year.

        If you’rea fan thinking that an oft injured player is the key to making this thing go you’ve got your head in the sand about what he really is. And where this defense is at. Adams and 9.5 sacks isn’t tipping this thing from good to great. At best it’s turning a bottom five defense into a bottom ten, bottom half which is still not good enough.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Even if he was the best in the nation as he would tell you, he doesn’t play the 10 other positions on D. They can’t cover. They can’t tackle. It’s a stupid argument.

      • Big Mike

        “I have seen plenty of commenters on other sites claim the defense is suffering because of Adam’s on IR.”

        Thanks for the laugh this afternoon. I can always use some good comedy. As Peter said, he wasn’t good last year or the year before and had artificially pumped up sack numbers the year before that.

    • Peter

      For me the problem is not Pete’s style of play. I loved the LOB and Lynch with a scrambling QB.

      The problem is somehow Pete can’t construct nor develop a team in his ideal mold anymore.

      The team runs a weird west coast pass heavy system where the pass sets up the run.

      We’re not a 3-4 or a 4-3. They manufacture pressure blitzing with a safety (when he could play now its zero pressure anywhere) because they can’t rush with four. Everyone is regressing in this new system.

      Styles make fights. Just because it’s a passing league I would love a swarming defense and a two headed running attack. Or if we are going to be a finesse team, great. Then score early and score often. Frankly I’d love for the team to be something, anything right now.

  7. cha

    Pete Carroll just said the difference in defending the run game vs Detroit is they don’t have a running QB that they faced in the first two weeks…. “Hopefully that will help us to some degree.”

    • Rob Staton

      What the hell are we doing here


      • James Cr.


        Pete Carroll predictably expressing optimism that defense is going to make same second-half turnaround as last two years. Says he thinks it will be “exactly the same” this year.

        Honestly can’t make this stuff up!

        • Roy Batty

          So in Pete’s mind, losing 7 games via defensive malfescence is just fine?

          How does this man still have a job?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Pete’s Overton window for what defines acceptable, let alone success, for a NFL team has shifted downward so dramatically since the 2014 season that it’s hard to remember this is the guy who dominated CFB for nearly a decade before storming the NFL and taking a pro franchise to its first Championship.

        I do not intend this to be ageist, but he sounds utterly toothless and gassed saying this stuff. It’s heartbreaking. And to those who think his legacy is cemented, I wouldn’t say that at all.

        It’s all very depressing if you ask me.

        • cha

          I don’t know if it is that or the fact that is never ever challenged on what he says.

          He literally has said some of the strangest / dumbest things I’ve heard in the past two seasons and there isn’t a single person following up or asking him to clarify what in the world he was talking about.

          Remember Michael-Shawn asking him “How are you so good at press conferences?”

          I’d have a perfect on-base percentage too if I never had to take the bat off my shoulder because I never got thrown any strikes.

        • Big Mike

          Very depressing Blitzy. And what makes it even more so is that it’s likely we get another 2 freaking years of this after this season.

    • cha

      3 questions about the 10am games and travel

      2 questions about Michael Dickson

      4 questions on How good is Quandre Diggs?

      A question about whether PC thinks the defense will get better. “You don’t really get better, you just stop taking bad shots.”

      A question about why the defense is “so good” in the red zone. “We have a couple cool unique things we do that works for us.”

      A question about how good Travis Homer is (just placed on IR)

      A question about Ken Walker. PC said he has confidence needs reps. “He just needs to give us confidence he knows where he is going”

      Good questions-
      Thank God somebody asked about Alton Robinson. He has a chance to come back. PC referenced the typical ‘practice for two weeks and show us he’s ready’

      Is Damien Lewis having problems adjusting to Left side? “No he worked all offseason making sure no issues. Very comfortable, thing of the past.” (so he’s sneaky saying he had problems at LG)

      Tre Brown? “Have a date to be ready, told him to beat it. Still a few weeks away.”

      Ran full speed? “Did. Great time too. Good indicator.”

      • Rob Staton

        When he referenced another ‘second half turnaround’ on defense this season, I wish someone would’ve asked why for the last FOUR seasons they’ve needed a ‘second half turnaround?

        The defense starts badly every season. It’s high time that was addressed

    • Peter

      Detroit, atlanta, niners rushing totals:

      511 yards, 470 yards, 453 yards

      That’s right the team with the non running qb is plus 41 and plus 58 yards on the ground to the teams with the running qb’s. Doesn’t look like that’s going to be the solution for Seattle this week.

      • Peter

        Just for reference Seattle currently has 224 rushing yards. Eye watering. As in I am crying into my coffee with those numbers.

        • Big Mike

          Oh Peter, must you bring up facts? If you were like the “journalists” in Seattle, you’d just swallow Pete’s BS and nod and smile and then ask “how good is Quandre Diggs?”.

          • Peter

            It’s not a bad question.

            Just needs some work.

            Like, “for the money he’s making is Diggs actually good?”

            • Big Mike


  8. seaspunj

    Hi Rob

    you already projected Levis may be 1st overall in the draft … Main stream media agreeing


  9. Joshua Smith

    I think the only thing I might disagree with is Brooks. He is 1st round pick but don’t we often say that the late first through mid second round are all similar players talent wise. Hes a good not great player. If he landed in Pittsburgh or Baltimore I think he would be having more success. With better coaching I believe he could be a lot better.

    That is where I agree emphatically with you Rob. I can’t find the words to express HOW much I agree with you.
    We have some (potentially) talented young players. The difference between those players fading in NFL oblivion and having solid careers is coaching and development.
    We don’t seem to have either..we’ve watched great physical talent look average (Brooks Taylor and even DK in my opinion should be loads better) and then our average talent look pathetic.
    That’s on coaching. I will always love Pete and what he brought. Similar to Holmgren. I have great memories thanks to Holmgren. But at the end it just felt like the game was changing, his roster was changing and he still kept trying to force his way.
    Like you said Rob, the league caught up to Petes defense style (that and the elite defensive talent also faded).
    And instead of adjusting,which is what football (and most sports) is all about
    You HAVE to adjust. Instead of adjusting Pete wants to do the same things despite the fact that it’s no longer working. Why? Because it worked before.
    It’s simple in theory. I play well and beat you consistently. You adjust and then beat me consistently. Now it’s my turn to adjust to what you’re doing.
    Pete refuses to adjust. At least that’s how it seems to me.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen precious little to get excited about with Brooks.

      Is he even a good player?

  10. Joshua Smith

    You’re probably right. Backing Brooks is not a hill I’m willing to die on…
    There is potential there, but potential needs good coaching. This coaching staff just doesn’t seem to know how to do that anymore.

    • 509 Chris

      If it makes you feel better I felt the same way about Brooks last year. He seemed to be showing a lot. The big question though was how will he look when Bobby isn’t there to tell him where to be? The whole defense looks lost though so I don’t know how to rate any if these young guys. Absolutely no one is developing.

      We need a mid-season coach change. Toss this geriatric bum and let Waldron and Hurt/Desi lead a young team to rally a few wins. Right now I’m actually worried we go 1-16, maybe 2-15. Getting the first or second pick won’t matter if the organization is this dysfunctional.

  11. Sea Mode

    If he keeps playing like an Alpha and doesn’t revert to his drops and temper tantrums, I’ll allow this kind of talk:

    Brady Henderson

    DK Metcalf was asked about Lions CB Jeff Okudah “locking down” three really good receivers the past three weeks, and what Metcalf has seen of him on film.

    “There’s a safety over the top of him, so he’s really not locking people down. But he’s a good corner.”

    • cha

      Tracy Walker is out for the year.

      That and the other CB is playing like absolute trash and it should be open season on the passing game.

      • Volume12

        It’s still early and maybe he’s hurt.(?), but Aidan Hutchinson has not been good. Gets sealed by TEs, has no length. I see why the Jags banked on Travon Walker’s traits over him.

    • Big Mike

      Comments are absolutely hysterical.

      • Big Mike

        Oops, that was meant for the Barton post by Sea Mode below.

  12. Sea Mode

    Who the heck do they think is going to put Cody Barton as their wallpaper?! 😂 Maybe his mom, lol.


    As usual in these cases, the comments section steps up:

    This will make your phone miss calls.

    Added this to my phone and all the sudden it just slips right through my hands. The coverage is also terrible now

    • TomLPDX

      Ok, that last comment avout the coverage being awful had me ROTFLMAO

  13. Volume12

    I know he’s small, but Bryce Young just has things you can’t coach up. The definition of cool, calm, and collected. Routinely makes something out of nothing plays. Instincts are second to none. Makes all these checks @ the LOS w/ like :03 on the play clock and rarely turns the ball over.

    • Rob Staton

      He also benefits greatly from the situation at Alabama and has shown a slightly concerning desire to scramble unnecessarily at times (see: interception the week before last).

      Good player but hard to work out what he is at the next level. When the opponent isn’t consistently overmatched or, in the case of Georgia, an equal, how does he fare? And can he take the pounding he’s about to endure on a bad team? How will it impact his play?

      These are questions he has to answer because Levis’ situation is far less supportive and Stroud has the physical tools Young doesn’t have.

  14. Volume12

    I actually think his OC makes it harder on him. Navigates the pocket extremely well and probably doesn’t use his legs enough tbh.

    IMO he’s a PG playing the QB position and arguably the best playmaker in CFB.

    Those are all fair questions. Levis has more traits, Stroud the physical tools (don’t like how he throws on the move), but neither have the between the ears stuff or poise that Young has.

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    And now the Chargers officially have placed DE Joey Bosa and OT Rashawn Slater on injured-reserve.
    1:12 PM · Sep 28, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

    That sux. Chargers always seem to be among the League’s most injury-impacted teams.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Oops html fail

    • Pran

      the way things are going on…AFC W is not as tough as it seemed. Russ has a chance to compete with Mahomes for division title

  16. Starhawk29

    I will never have a problem with criticizing authority or trying to hold those in power accountable. All of that is completely fair in my book. I just find it interesting to see the perspectives of everyone else right now, as the performances we’ve seen are exactly what I’ve been expecting all offseason. And truthfully, I’m not really disappointed yet.

    Going into every game I tell myself the score doesn’t matter. This weekend the only goals I had were: 1) see an exciting KW9 play (check); 2) See a positive step from Tariq Woolen, Boye Mafe, and Coby Bryant (two out of three ain’t bad); 3) See DK get more involved; 4) See maturation from the rookie tackles (a wash). While this may have been among the worst performances I’ve seen out of other defensive starters (looking at you Quandre) and further evidence that some players are bad (Cody Barton anyone?), I’m fairly content with what I saw.

    My perspective on this all is that we’ve played 3 games with a terrible roster. I don’t think any of the veterans, save Al Woods, look like they deserve a spot on a starting defense right now. I sort of expected that though. New scheme, new roles, some really poor fits. To my eyes, this is a team looking for an identity, searching for it’s soul. Which is exactly what I expected of them. I’m curious what happens next, who steps up, and whether we can coalesce. Getting too far down the “Pete should be gone” rabbit hole will do me no good. Do I agree? Yes! Is it better for my mental health to accept it and try and find hope where I can? Absolutely.

    • TomLPDX

      I approve of this post! 😉

      Nicely done Starhawk.

    • Big Mike

      To a point I see your outlook. The problem is that the money wasted on Diggs and Adams will bite us the next couple of years and the team is getting nothing from one next to that from the other. Bryant is being played out of position and it appears it is badly affecting his development. Money spent on d-line guys outside of Woods that are doing nothing. Why was Barton not replaced this offseason. Amateurs like us could see he just isn’t NFL starter worthy. Lewis was moved out of position and has never been the same since. Taylor has regressed alarmingly. etc. etc.
      A lot of these things are either this past offseason roster construction fails or simply poor coaching. Therein lies my issue with THIS season.

      • Starhawk29

        And all of those are perfectly acceptable points to criticize the team on. They’ve screwed up the roster, it’s pretty difficult to argue otherwise. In some ways though, I think this rebuild is going to follow a different track than 2011. I could see us being much more like the Lions are this season, but next year instead (with a rookie QB instead of Goff). We were never going to fix every hole on the roster this season. They’ve made a dog’s dinner out of it as Rob might say. But, one of the key parts of my post that may or may not have come across is that I’m not really willing to write off this season as “going poorly” through three games. I think it’s going exactly as expected. We’re bad. But it’s also early in the year, and I don’t think we can fully judge this team off of the performances we’ve had. If by the end of the year, and going into next year we have the same repeated problems and they start to hamper the development of a rookie QB? Then I’ll consider giving up on Carroll (again).

    • pdway

      I’m more or less with you too. We knew the Hawks would struggle, they’re struggling – at least w the stockpile of picks they now have, it feels like there is a semblance of a plan.

      I’m assuming (and maybe it’s wishful thinking) that the new coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball is going to turn over far more of those starters by the start of next year – and this year is effectively a tryout for many of the guys getting on-field time.

      Like you, i’m trying to get my satisfaction by watching specific players, and getting some close/entertaining games – which I basically got vs. Atlanta. It does suck being so irrelevant in the NFL, but after the Russell trade, I’d prepared myself for it.

      I haven’t seen them quit playing hard for Pete, which to me is the key sign that the coach is on the way out the door. I do agree w many of the posts here that it’s time for new thinking in his role – no idea whether the ownership has begun to think that way.

      • Starhawk29

        I’m hopeful too about some growth on defense. I do expect specific players to develop, for the scheme to get ironed out, and the unit to being to form an identity. Failing to do that is an unacceptable result by the coaching staff.

        I’m in full agreement with people who think Pete should be gone. I called for his head from mid-last season until the Russ trade. I just don’t see any possibility of it happening until the team is sold. Thus I find myself falling back in line, praying that our old, stale coach can find a new edge to preserve my mental health. Spending this whole season and possibly next in anger wouldn’t be fun. I tried it last year and it really soured my mood. I’ll save my anger for when I feel it might have some affect, until then I’m in limbo. And the players indeed haven’t quit on him (as far as I can see).

        • pdway

          for me – that’s also the right way to watch this year. Once Russ was traded, we immediately became a non-playoff caliber team – but it did also relieve the pressure we’ve felt the last 2-3 yrs. Now, it will of course be a much worse experience if this becomes the new normal.

  17. cha

    Apologies for banging on about this but I’m watching the Detroit Press Conference with Campbell today and the questions are so refreshing I’m a bit jealous.

    -How do all the injuries impact what you can do in prep for Sunday?

    -How confident are you in the run game if Swift cannot play?

    -How much does the injury uncertainty impact your game planning and your playbook?

    -With all your injuries, have you evaluated your training process and rehab process with the injuries mounting?

    -You had a bunch of key injuries last year, did you find a rhyme or reason to the injuries?

    -The OL is playing well, does that mean you can play well with not all your skill players in?

    -Defense is bottom of the league in all key metrics in the NFL, what’s your foundation for turning things around?

    -In your third down package you had Alim Mcneal in, what did you like about him as a pass rusher?

    -Okuda what have you learned about him and how does his play effect your defense?

    -Will he shadow Metcalf and/or Lockett?

    -How is the Seattle offense different to you without Russell Wilson?

    And every answer was impressive. Direct, insightful, authentic, and he drew a line in the sand when they asked things that might impact the opposition’s prep (the Okudah shadow question)

    • Big Mike

      Dayum, actual journalism.

    • Pran

      Who is Campbell! Pete is the grand father.. oops godfather of Seattle sports and need to answer any question under the sun.

  18. Shane

    Thank you Rob for dropping facts and starting a much needed conversation. I’m so tired of the mantra “it’s early and this defense is young…” or the “it’s not how you start it’s how you finish…” I’m done watching this defense suck for 10-12 games to start off a season. Nothing has improved with the Seahawks in 4 or 5 years. I dare the Rob haters to name one thing this team is doing better since 2019 besides losing and deflecting blame. And don’t tell me it’s because they traded away their all-world QB. The Broncos should be 0-3 if not for their D. Pete should have been canned after the home playoff loss to the Rams. It’s time for him to go now. Next year’s draft will not be exciting with Pete or John making those picks. Soooo hoping for a new era of Seahawks football after this dreadful season ends… Hopeless Seahawks fan in New Mexico.

  19. All I see is 12s

    I’d like to ask a question. When was the last time the Seahawks beat a serious contender?
    Let me rephrase that. When was the last time the Seahawks beat a serious contender not named the 49ers? I think it’s fair to throw them out of the equation based on the goofy ability of some teams to have dominance over others within their division i.e. the Jaguars over the Colts.
    We didn’t have any wins like that last season.
    In 2020 the best team we faced was the Bills And we were thoroughly disrespected and embarrassed by a team that saw right through what we were doing. I suppose we had a win over the Rams but Jared Goff had a broken finger during the game. And they showed who the better team was in the playoffs.
    2019? Again I winover a Rams team that didn’t make the playoffs who blew us off the field later on . Aside from the Niners win I can’t think of another win against a legit contender that year.
    I think we have to go back to 2018 to the Christmas win against the Chiefs since we beat a really good team. prior to that, I suppose our best win was probably against the Eagles who would win the Super Bowlin ‘17. All this to say, as Rob has pointed out, it is time for something new the Pete Carroll era has grown steel and the success they’ve had the last several season seems largely artificial.

    • Rob Staton

      Packers and Chiefs 2018 I’d say

      • All I see is 12s

        Yep. And one could argue that the Packers were not a contender. They fired their coach and failed to make the playoffs that year. Teams that are close or are legit contenders themselves should not have a 3-4 gap since defeating a legitimate SB team. It says so much about the artificiality of this latter portion of this era.

  20. Robert Las Vegas

    You know what Rob I was just thinking how Jacksonville look so much better and so much re energized since they got a new coach. They look pretty impressive these days. In the last two weeks they beat up the colts and they beat up the chargers.

    • Rob Staton

      Seattle needs a similar injection of freshness

    • Big Mike

      A reminder: any number of us were crying out for Pederson to become the Hawks HC.

      • Ashish

        I like Pederson and he is local too if I’m not wrong. When we will get to see Pete’s back, rooting for 1-16 season.

  21. JJ

    What am I missing here? Did hawks trade 2 picks to for the 13th? Guy must have been high making this.


    • Comfect

      Maybe we had the #1 that he somehow has the Saints trading up for?

      • JJ

        Traded our 1st and Denver pick for the 13th. Makes sense.

  22. Tallyhawk

    With my wife being from Jax the Jags are the one team besides the Hawks I pay attention to. They have a 2017 feel to them. Their D isnt as dynamic as that team but they are fast and physical. They’ve also shown to be opportunistic taking the ball away. The game against philly should be interesting and give a better idea of just how good they are. They weren’t quite dominant against Washington but they should’ve won that game comfortably. They left a lot of points on the board but have been much better the last couple weeks.

    Holmgren said 10 yrs is the max a coach should stay in one place when he retired. It’s proving to be all to true in regards to Pete. I’d be interested to hear the difference his pressers when he first arrived to now. He used to talk about looking for unique traits and exploiting them. Now he plays them out of position and talks about how much they’re getting after it, which is a lie. Used to talk about taking lumps with young players and reaping the benefits later in the season. Now he talks about needing to get them more snaps then doing no such thing. He’s become the exact opposite of when he arrived. It’s so maddening!!

  23. Blitzy the Clown

    I woke up pissed off today and I blame Pete Carroll

    There, I said it

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