Why the O-line will continue to be a work in progress

Can Rees Odhiambo offer a solution at left tackle from 2017?

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t develop the so-called best O-line in the NFL overnight.

It took three first round picks spread over three years to put their band together.

Despite that investment, here are two things people don’t seem to mention all that often:

1. Tony Romo has suffered two long term injuries in the last two years playing behind this line

2. Football Outsiders graded Dallas’ line as #19 overall for pass protection last season and #6 in the run game (the Seahawks were #30 and #4)

In tonight’s Monday Night Football, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler was under constant duress and left the game with a hand injury after a sack/fumble. His line consisted of highly rated Josh Sitton, second rounder Cody Whitehair and first round pick Kyle Long.

So in other words, the Seahawks aren’t alone when it comes to O-line issues and perceived quality additions aren’t the only answer. The four offensive tackles starting in Super Bowl 50 were Michael Oher, Mike Remmers, Ryan Harris and Michael Schofield. Neither Denver nor Carolina fielded a vaunted O-line.

The Seahawks are essentially going through a reboot this year.

Moving on from Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy, plus the predictable switch again at center, meant three positions were changing at least. For all we know the Seahawks are planning to ‘do a Dallas’ and focus a lot of upcoming draft stock on the O-line (they have precedent here, more on that in a moment). Yet like Dallas, it might take 2-3 years to achieve a respectable group.

People will cringe about that — but it is what it is. Every team in the NFL is having to deal with the fact they don’t have a flawless roster.

Two of their early picks this year were spent on the line (Germain Ifedi, Rees Odhiambo) while a third was spent on a blocking TE. There’s not really much more they could’ve done in the 2016 draft.

Ifedi, before his injury, looked like a lynchpin for years to come. Odhiambo is admittedly taking longer to get up to speed. He did suffer with injury issues in college and that possibly hampered him during his first training camp and OTA’s.

The plan for Odhiambo appears to be eventually to let him compete at left tackle and left guard. While not available to start immediately in 2016 — his selection could prove to be crucial for the long haul if he becomes even a league average starter. Especially given the decidedly weak OT options set for the 2017 draft.

If Odhiambo and Ifedi nail down the LT and RG positions (and yes, it’s a big ‘if’ for now) then really the only question mark is right tackle. I think most people would accept Mark Glowinski deserves long term consideration at left guard — while Justin Britt is comfortable and performing well at center.

With George Fant also going through a redshirt year — he too could also provide some competition next season. All of a sudden the future doesn’t look too bleak.

There is a lot of handwringing about the O-line right now. Ifedi being injured hasn’t helped and the performance of the two tackles has been hit and miss (although not quite as bad as some will have you believe). Yet there is a lot of youth within this group and they’ve shown a willingness to pump resources into the O-line:

2010: first round pick on Russell Okung
2011: first round pick on James Carpenter
2011: third round pick on John Moffitt
2014: second round pick on Justin Britt
2015: fourth round picks on Terry Poole and Mark Glowinski
2016: first round pick on Germain Ifedi
2016: third round pick on Rees Odhiambo

There’s nothing to suggest this won’t be a position they continue to focus on. This front office has already spent as many first round picks on their O-line as Dallas between 2010-2016. They haven’t dodged this position group.

The issue they’ll have is the seemingly desperate lack of good left tackles in college right now — and that could increase the pressure on Odhiambo and Fant to potentially provide a solution from 2017.

Alabama’s Cam Robinson looks the part and is clearly very athletic. Yet his body control leaves a lot to be desired, his balance and set can be an issue and he gets into awkward positions. He has the potential to be a league leading left tackle but technique wise he’s a long way off. On Saturday he was doing a good job blocking 225lbs Marquis Haynes — but on two occasions Haynes actually threw him to the turf at the end of the block. How? Robinson has nearly a 100lbs weight advantage.

I’m struggling to identify another first round tackle. Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey does not look like a first rounder to me and his performance against Michigan State was not all that impressive — but you can make your own mind up:

Who knows who’ll emerge between now and the Spring — but right now this isn’t looking like a great LT draft class.

In the short term the key is getting Ifedi healthy and just finding a rhythm. The pass protection has been better than reported. It’s the run game where they’re having issues. With Ifedi lining up next to Britt and Glowinski — they’ll have a better chance to work the interior. That’s an explosive trio. The two tackles need to provide similar punch on the outside — while Vannett’s imminent return should also help.


  1. Vandal John


    Any thought to moving Gilliam to LT? I get that there is no good RT option, but I can’t get past Sowell looking like a guy that needs to be spending quality time on the bench. Almost physically painful to watch him.

    Thanks for the continued excellent work.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if he was capable he would be doing it. That was the plan this year and Gilliam wasn’t up to it.

  2. The Hawk is Howling

    Thank you again Rob for another great write-up, I appreciate your work and effort!

    Kinda like I appreciate my Team’s work and effort!

    It’s a new thread let’s all stay positive! We have a great defense again and an offense I know in my heart will get rolling. We’re all just spoiled these last years. Some of us watched the Hawks every Sunday in the 90’s and know what no offense is like for basically entire season’s. We’re going to get this thing going!

    Go HAWKS

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Woohoo I get to watch tackles all season again

    I bet they take that giant Arkansas guy

    Schneider knows Bielema personally. And they love length

    Plus he whiffs like a Seahawk OL

    • Volume12

      I keep hearing good things about 2 guys, but haven’t watched either yet.

      Temple OT Dion Dawkins- supposedly he’s very athletic with length. And is said to be a day 2 guy.

      Utah RT Sam Tevi- Again, I keep hearing how scouts love the lines of Utah. On offense and defense.

      Tevi is said to have freakish length and terrific knee bend. Rob Rang really likes the guy. More of a sleeper.

      Could be for any # of guys, but Seattle was checking out Utah today.

      • icb12

        Tevi is a good shoutout.

        I like that guy.

        Tevi is a converted D Lineman. 6-5, 300.
        Helluva athlete.
        Played football, basketball, track and volleyball in high school.

        • HawkFan907

          Tevi is very impressive and seems to fit the bill for what Cable likes. Asiata is also impressive at G. He is one of those tough as nails kind of guy who looks to be a leader out there. I’m guessing they were watching both of them.

          • Volume12

            I like Asiata. Remember him from last year.

            This is a very good OG class.

            Dan Feeney-Indiana
            Dorian Johnson-Pitt
            Alphonse Taylor-‘Bama (kind of my favorite right now)
            Nico Siragusa-SD St
            Billy Price-Ohio St
            Isaac Asiata- Utah
            Caleb Peterson-NC
            Sean Harlow-Oregon St

  4. Mike

    What do we do about LT immediately? Sowell isn’t doing so well.

    • Rob Staton

      He isn’t — but I think some of the reviews of his performance have been OTT too.

      Wilson was sacked twice vs LA, playing on one leg.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would think that if the coaching staff was worried about Sowell they would be making an effort to bring other left tackles in for try outs or adding them to the practice squad.

        • Rob Staton

          You don’t find starting LT’s on the street two weeks into a season.

          • All I see is 12s

            Joe Thomas….If everything else is at a Super Bowl level, then I will gladly make the sacrifice to lock him up. I understand that salary-cap would be an issue though.

            • Rob Staton

              I think every team would like him to be honest, but a first round pick for a soon to be 32 year old just isn’t happening

  5. nichansen01

    Let us not look to Dallas to learn how to build a team. Great o-line.. ot so great results as a team.

    Let us look to the likes of New England, Denver, Minnesota and Pittsburgh, the nfl’s top four teams at the moment. Not one of these teams have a great o line. Only one (currently active) has an Elite quarterback. All three of these teams have tremendous success.

    What are the keys? Coaching, scheming, and defensive playmakers.

    The seahawks have good players on offense. Baldwin Russel Graham and Rawls are all good to great players.

    The seahawks have playmakers on defense. Earl Thomas, Michael Bennet, Bobby Wagner, Frank Clark, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, Jarran Reed.

    What is missing? game planning, coaching and playcalling.

    We are getting outcoached on offense. We need to stop blaming the line. This coaching staff isn’t preparing the team to play and they arent making half time adjustments on offense.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Nichansen01 – They do make adjustments at halftime that is just part of this team for whatever reason. If your still talking about this loss to the Ram’s let’s just get over it. Tell ya what if our non existent offense continues I will be concerned!

      Give it another game and root fot our team even if we struggle. I was a huge Sonics fan too and how do you think the St. louis fan’s are feeling right now. Perspective my man.

      Go Hawks!

      • C-Dog

        Go Hawks!

    • Steele

      “What is missing? game planning, coaching and playcalling.

      We are getting outcoached on offense.”

      I also think they have been getting outcoached on defense since Quinn and Norton left.

      • Rob Staton

        #1 scoring defense in the league in 2015 for the fourth year in a row.

        #2 offense in the NFL per DVOA for 2015.

        Record breaking passing season in 2015.

        Out coached?

        Good grief people.

    • Rob Staton

      They are not being out-coached on offense.

      They had the #2 offense in the NFL per DVOA last season.

      What is missing is half the offense is either playing hurt or out injured.

      • RealRhino2

        Or, we are being outcoached on offense. Our finish in offensive DVOA rankings last year doesn’t preclude that conclusion. In fact, it may strengthen it.

        Let’s look at last year. Halfway through the season we were #15 in offensive DVOA. After we lost Lynch and Rawls, we made a huge push to ascend up the DVOA ranks. Why? According to the optimists on the board here, we are struggling because of injuries. But there we were, mid- to late 2015, struggling with injuries to our lead backs. And we got BETTER.

        Why? Well, according to a guy who knows more about modern offense than PC or Bevell will probably ever know, Mike Holmgren, our offense CHANGED. Rather than PC’s stated preference of a running game leading the way, risk-averse passing, etc., we instead moved to a quicker, rhythm-based passing offense. No longer was Russ standing there patting the ball, waiting for a WR to come open and running for his life.

        And to start the year, we have Rawls (sorta) back and CMike looking much better. And so we go back to coaching and planning as if it was the beginning of 2015, and we get much the same results, except now a little worse b/c of a few injuries.

        • Rob Staton

          Right — so evidence the team can succeed on offense despite injuries last season is now a stick to beat this team with because they struggled in LA one week after Wilson got injured for the first time in his career.

          These last two days have been energy sapping. Not the game, the reaction to the game.

        • Nate

          So your saying the coaches are capable of adjusting their scheme and making it successful then? Because thats exactly what they did. Are you saying they can’t do it this year?
          He was a big part of the game plan and with him going down it severly hurt us as Kearse just does not get open very often.

      • nichansen01

        I am skeptical of the injury excuse.

        Wilson is indeed compromised- but this isn’t an excuse for horrible run blocking, not giving Christine Michael enough touches, wideouts not getting open, offensive pass interference penalties and the like. Also, as I believe Bobby Wagner once said… you don’t throw the ball with your ankle.

        Prosise- role playing rookie who wasn’t much of a factor in game 1. not a critical part of the offense. I have heard him be described as a sparkplug. How exactly? What big play has he made in his career as a seahawk? None to my memory.

        Ifedi- his absence doesn’t excuse all the other linemen playing poorly. One injury on the line and it’s a rookie, His backup has been on the team for longer anyways. More experienced. Would Ifedi really go out and be that much better than webb in his first two real nfl games?

        Vannet- another role player who kind of became redundant upon the emergence of brandon williams.

        who else was injured? baldwin and lockett got beat up during the game but where healthy for drives where we should have scored. Lockett came back just fine at the end, Baldwin only went out a few drives. Rawls was healthy for most of the game when the offense was still stagnant. Graham Kearse Richardson Willson Williams Tukuafu and Michael were healthy the entire game. None of the starting linemen had injury issues (and webb was signed with the idea of starting in mind anyways).

        yeah backups and role players were injured and wilson’s mobility was slightly compromised. poor excuse for a completely inneffectual offense. Its time for a lot of fans here to take of the rose tinted glasses. We are in trouble.

        • Rob Staton

          “I am skeptical of the injury excuse.”

          Why? It’s blindingly obvious how much the rampant injuries are having an impact on the offense.

          • STTBM

            But the injuries are not catastrophic to the offense, or shouldnt be. Coaches jobs are to adjust and find a way–again, like NE, like Minny–and ours havent.

            • Rob Staton

              Wilson playing with one leg & half the offense being out/injured isn’t catastrophic? Ok…

              • STTBM

                We have one guy out on the line, and one playing hurt (Webb). We had two starting RB’s for game one, and lost one to injury in game two, though he wasnt getting anything done before that anyway. His only contribution to this offense that was positive was giving Micheals a breather. Rawls being out was addition by subtraction.

                NE has two guys out on the line and is on their second and third qb.

                Although I do believe DB has a sprained knee and wont be close to his usual self this game, and Lockett may be in the same boat. So going forward we may be in worse shape, injury-wise, than NE, but last week we werent.

                • Rob Staton

                  New England has absolutely nothing to do with the Seahawks’s injury crisis.

      • STTBM

        Um, I disagree. When you lose to a team that is inferior to you, its a pretty good sign you got outcoached. When you score one TD in two games vs the teams we just played, youre getting outcoached.

        Bevell and company pulled a boner two weeks in a row. It happens, no one is perfect. But if it continues, and they continue to pound the rock and not give Micheals the vast majority of the carries, and they continue to struggle to score, it will be a fact that they are being outcoached.

        Great team succeed even with the injuries Seattle has, as do great Coaches. Look no further than NE and Minny. Seattle’s offensive coaches are not adjusting enough.

        And it could be that Carrol is insisting we revert our offense back to a run-first base, different that what was working at the end of last season. We wont know that. But it will become obvious as the season wears on. ANd if so, Carrol has really screwed the pooch.

        • Rob Staton

          This is so much an overreaction.

          For starters, the Cowboys picked a lot earlier than the Seahawks and had better talent to pick from. When have the Seahawks been picking at #16 with a player like Zack Martin sat there waiting for them? If they’d lost to the Rams in 2010 and picked #8 instead of #25 overall they probably take Tyron Smith instead of James Carpenter. The Cowboys also traded down considerably before drafting Frederick’s — and when has a center of that quality been available to SEA since Unger’s departure?

          I’m almost certain they liked both Pouncey’s when they entered the draft. In 2010 they took Earl Thomas instead and in 2011 they had no shot.

          They’ve taken OL’s to fill needs and picked from the players available. They can’t magic up players like Smith and Martin. If Okung, Carp and one or two others didn’t work out for 8-10 years — sometimes that’s the way it is. Quite a lot of first round picks are decent but don’t get second contracts. I think Okung did a good job in Seattle — but his injury history and slightly odd agent decision made a deal difficult. He might’ve been determined to walk to save face after the big fuss over not having an agent. Carp was better than advertised for SEA but he’s averaging $5m a year in New York. You want to pay that?

          I think Ifedi will go on to be as good as Kelechi Osemele personally and will look like an absolute steal. Mark Glowinski hasn’t had a bad start either to his career. Let’s have some perspective.

    • STTBM

      Seattle is not utilizing their great offensive players. If they were gonna use Graham to block so much, they should have just signed a better offensive linemen. You dont pay a guy 10 million per year to be a below-average blocking TE, which is pretty much what Graham has been. Perhaps they use him better once they trust his recovery.

      Denver, Pitt, and NE have turned their lines around in weeks, not in years, and have managed without spending too much. While Seattle has tried everything–money, picks, etc–and have failed to field even a serviceable line, those teams manage year after year.

      Its clear they are far superior to Seattle at evaluating line talent. Im beginning to seriously consider that the NFL rules changes have made Cable and his philosophies utterly obsolete.

      The point isnt that Seattle doesnt have an elite O-line. Its that they dont even have a serviceable one, despite spending an amount commensurate with Dallas on picks etc to get here.

  6. nichansen01

    Anyways… I would like to see a future lineup of:

    George Fant – Rees Odhimabo – Justin Britt – Germaine Ifedi – 2017 Draft Choice

    Develop the younger guys. Glowinski Sowell and Gilliam are oh so bad.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      How is that going to help us next game?

      Seriously man it’s unfortunately going to take time just like last year because we have an ENTIRE new line besides Gilliam.

      I don’t know what some of you are expecting. This is the NFL where every team is just a fraction different in talent and scheme.

      I have faith in Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson!

      I know some of you do too!

      Go Hawks!

      • Volume12

        ‘This is the NFL where every team is just a fraction different in talent and scheme.’

        Something that is not said enough and should be recognized more often.

    • Drew

      Glow has not been bad at all, he’s had his moments, but he’s one of the better ones on the OL. Gilliam isn’t terrible either, he’s had a rough stretch lately, but he showed last year that he can at least be an average RT

      • STTBM

        I agree, Glow is fine. Odhiambo would be playing if he was even close to Glows level. Webb is awful, Sowell is worse, and Gilliam isnt improving. Britt is actually just fine, and Glow is ok too. Dont fix what aint broke!

  7. Ed

    While the Oline needs help, the Hawks just need to get more ingenuity when it comes to offense. Good coaches adjust to their team is and to how the other teams plays them. Make that happen Pete and things will get better

  8. Radman

    Well, The Panthers had a nice interior O line that has been key to their succes The goal here should be average o line. No one is really asking for greatness. For me, it’s the misapplication of funds. They’re spending money on some guys id rather they not, and took big gambles and risks on guys who haven’t done anything but been subpar players elsewhere. Id rather not get into the specifics of which guys I think they shouldn’t be paying- it just gets into flame wars- but bottom line is their cavalier attitude of taking scrap heap players and moving them around willy nilly has incurred huge costs on this teams championship window. They suffer from ” smartest guy in the room syndrome” in this one area of team building and I’d like to see a philosophical overhaul of it. I think it’s deeply flawed and Russ and lynch hid a ton of it.

    The alternating use and dismissal of PFF as it suits….

  9. The Hawk is Howling

    I’m hitting the pillow soon after I shower. I want to thank you all for your passion and insight to our Beloved Hawks.

    More importantly I want to let Volume12 know that I’m thinking about you and all you’ve gone through recently. I will loose my Mother too someday. You may only be comforted knowing that she passed away before you.

    For you are still alive and well. Everything a Mother truly wants for their child.

    Love you Vol

    Go HAWKS!

    • Volume12

      Love u too my man.

      Thank you.

      I’m staying ?

      • Rugbylock

        My sincere condolences on your loss Vol12.

        • STTBM

          I hadnt heard. I second Rugbylock; take care Volume!

  10. Trevor

    Great perspective on the OL Rob. I still have hope for Gilliam as well. I think this offeasons injury kind of set him back. I think about the last half of the 2015 season and I really thought he came into his own. If he can get back to that level it will really help. As with most recent years the OL starts slow and likely gels and improves to a respectable level by year end. I truly believe Ifedi and Vennett will be a big help particularly in the run game.

    For the last 3 years every time we play the Rams the following week seems like Armageddon. If we can get to the bye week at even 2-2 and give Russ a chance to heal up getting his explosiveness then I like this teams chance to compete for the division. We are kind of in survival mode until then.

    ON the injury front I think they should hold out Ifedi, Vannett and Rawls until after the bye week to let all three guys be fully healthy. Rawls in particular seems to have been rushed back and just has no explosion. Let Michael see if he is truly a #1 back until then as he has clearly been the best runner to date.

    • AlaskaHawk

      and they should hold out Russell Wilson. It is too early in the season to be messing around with an injured QB. Give him a couple weeks to heal.

  11. Trevor

    On a completely unrelated note Carson Wentz looks every bit the real deal. I cannot remember a more impressive start from a rookie. Shows poise, pocket awareness, stands in to take a hit and deliver ball, makes adjustments at the line. Very impressive in my opinion. After 2 weeks at least that supposedly horrendous trade that the Eagles made is looking like a steal. Thank god the Rams passed on them and picked the wrong guy as usual. Can you imagine having to face him and Gurley in the backfield the next 6-8 years.

    He is a prime example of why teams like the Browns and Rams are always cellar dwellers and why PC / JS will be forever the best moves the Seahawks have ever made.

    • LordSnow

      Yes, thank god the rams missed out on that kid. Jumped for joy when it was confirmed they were tunnel visioned to Goff.

    • vrtkolman

      He does, but keep in mind he played against arguably two of the worst teams in football so far. The Bears in particular a huge disappointment, I think the game has passed John Fox by.

    • nichansen01

      NDSU is a legit program. I think they would do very well if they moved up to FBS.

      • Volume12

        I agree Trev. His command at the LOS is very impressive. I thought he would struggle. Boy was I wrong.

        Saw a lot of, he’s better than Luck, Winston, etc. Let’s pump the brakes. 2 games and Chicago was missing 5-6 starters on defense?

        I’ll still take QB Jameis Winston over him, who’s also younger. Love Winston.

  12. Ghost Mutt

    I expect Gilliam to improve a lot when Ifeidi returns. It’s hard to adjust to playing beside a new guard one week before the season starts, and harder still when that guard is J’marcus Webb. I also don’t see GG moving to RT as an indictment on his potential to eventually take over the blindside; there’s a lot of short memories around here about Sowell, who played really well in the preseason.

  13. LordSnow

    IMO, I’m good with four spots on this line. They just need time. Ray Roberts gave a great explanation of it yesterday on the John Clayton show.

    But LT you cannot go forward with Sowell. His 5 or 6 false starts that could have been called really are a sign of how overmatched he is. He knows it, the league knows it, and they’ll keep pouring it on from that side in every game. This is not Paul McQuistan 2013. This is worse. At least with McQuistan you had other guys around him to provide some semblance of stability, but with four other spots struggling, this sideshow can’t go on like this.

    Jeff Fisher probably said something to the officials pregame that got all those OPI’s. At what point do opposing coaches point out Sowell’s fast starts? It’s coming.

    • Rugbylock

      Winter is coming…

      • LordSnow

        It’s driving me crazy waiting till next summer for next season

    • Ground_Hawk

      Jeff Fisher: “Hey, Ref! Keep an eye out for Lockett and Kearse bullying my DB’s! My receivers are angels though, so don’t mind them”
      Ref: “We’ll keep an eye on them coach Fisher, don’t you worry. I really liked how you called your guys angels by the way! Was that an LA joke?”
      Jeff Fisher: *winks and grins* “Maaaaybe” *giggles*
      Ref: “Welcome to LA coach!”

      • nichansen01

        Greg williams to his defense:

        Williams: When Sacking wilson, grab him by his injured ankle while taking him down.

        Williams: When tackling Jimmy graham, please kick his knee at the end of the tackle right where he had surgery.

        Williams: Also when tackling Baldwin on a blocking play, make sure that you try to snap his spine while steamrolling him. You won’t get bonuses or anything… just do what I say.

      • STTBM

        Fisher didnt have to say jack. NFL and Goodell surely were desperate for a Rams win in LA.

  14. vrtkolman

    Good post, and I think that even if the tackle class is weak you are going to see them go early because NFL teams have no issues reaching on suspect talent at positions of need. In terms of the players we have now, Glo is one to monitor. He has a penchant of getting blown off the line in running plays. It seems like a technique issue due to how explosive of an athlete he is, which will probably get corrected as he gets more reps. The pass protection has been a pleasant surprise, the team just needs to get in sync and points will start coming in bunches.

  15. D-OZ

    I listened to that too. Ray said it was around week 7 before he was able to play without thinking about all the new terminology he was learning and the line to gel. And he was the only new addition to the line. Patience is needed here. Once Ifedi gets back that will allow them to move some players around. I also trust in Reese eventually getting up to speed. I also think Fant is going to be a good player. Looked good in pre-season considering how raw he is. GO HAWKS!!!!

  16. magenta squirrel

    Meh, it’s kind of hard to get excited about any of this after we just got done being excited about the additions of Ifedi, Glowinski, and Britt looking good at center.

    It’s quite likely that the line will be looking better by mid-season though.

  17. C-Dog

    Simulated mock draft after week 2.

    27: R1P27

    59: R2P27

    91: R3P27

    135: R4P32

    146: R4P43

    209: R6P26

    250: R7P31

    I think if Seattle goes OL R1, they may take BPA, and take a top guard, moving Ifedi to RT. Feeney and Dorian Johnson both look like great players. If one’s available, no complaints from me.

    Love Haynes to come in and play the Bruce Irvin role. Hood is a big athletic RB I can see them taking an interest in. Tyquan Lewis adds depth to the DE rotation. Kevin King is the new mid round corner to develop.

    No 5th round pick. Magnuson adds depth to OT. Seattle feels good about having James Quick still available in R7.

    Seattle addresses OL in R1, takes advantage of the depth of edge, RB, and corner in this draft. Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      Love the mock.

      Heads up though. We ain’t getting 2 4ths.

      4th comp
      5th comp
      7th Kevin Norwood trade

      They took our native 5th round selection. Woulda picked twice in that round.

  18. nichansen01

    No one is giving them much respect… but I think that philidelphia is legit. Legit defense, and Carson Wentz looks like he was worth trading up for. He is making LA look very silly right now.

    Eagles can win the NFC east. Will they have a stellar record by the end of the season. Probably not. There will be some games they struggle. But 9-7 or 10-6 should be enough to win the East. Washington is a mess. I’m still not convinced on Dallas.

    New York Giants could also be legit. Giants and Eagles could both make the playoffs. That’s my prediction. NFC Least? Not so much by the looks of it right now.

    • AlaskaHawk

      NFC North will be a dogfight. I have to root for the packers, and now the Vikings have lost Adrian Peterson to injury.

      NFC West another dogfight. I think our division will be close up to the end. 49ers look much better this year. Arizona is always competitive as long as Carson Palmer is healthy. Rams – meah – I hate them more than the 49ers now. Go Seahawks!!!

  19. no frickin clue

    Here’s a thought. Why not go with more 2-RB sets where the RBs are split on either side of Wilson?

    Wilson has done a great job historically in empty backfield looks, but probably because (1) it forces the defense to move more defenders out wide, giving him more room to scramble if needed, and (2) because Wilson used to be mobile.

    Now, until his ankle is 100%, he’s not really mobile, and the line is too weak to run-block effectively. With two RBs, you could have one stay in to pick up blitzers, another one in the short passing game. Or use one to block while another runs.

  20. lil'stink

    The team is willing to spend draft capital on the OL, but not actual cash money. Until the latter changes I don’t think we will see enough quality or continuity along the OL. Something has to give, it always becomes a game of mitigating your weaknesses. Ifedi’s injury and going up against 2 very talented defensive lines have been an incredibly difficult challenge.

    There’s nowhere to go but up for the OL, and they will have some good games ahead of them. I still admit that I’m more concerned about our offensive scheme and play calls. I know you can only do so much with the OL as it is, but the inconsistency in the last year is what concerns me. Not the overall efficiency stats, but how many opportunities or games we lose out on.

    • teejmo

      And where do they get that money from? This isn’t baseball, where a team’s salary is as deep as the owner’s pocket. There’s a cap, and that means some positions have to be sacrificed in favor of others. So, in order to spend cash money on the line, are you willing to let go of two or three of Bennett, Avril, Wagner, Wright, Sherman, Chancellor, and Thomas? Because that’s what it’ll take. And if you do that, who takes their positions?

      • Volume12

        No, I think they regret not resigning Okung right now.

        They’re probably kicking thermselves right now.

        • teejmo

          Yes, they probably do, but hindsight is almost always 20/20. The fact of the matter is the Seahawks decided that keeping Lane at a position a lot of people complained about last year was more important than Okung who was asking for a lot more money than they could realistically have offered. But bad luck happens to all teams. It was just their bad luck that Okung decided to go agent-less thinking he was worth more than what teams thought and that their backup plan in Gilliam didn’t pave out as well as they hoped. Like I said, the salary cap makes teams sacrifice at positions. The Seahawks elected to go defense over the offense line and bet that Russell Wilson could even things out. And if they want to upgrade their line next year, it’s going to take losing one of their stars and leaders on the defense.

          • Volume12

            No, I get your points. I really do. Can’t argue with ya there.

            I shoulda clarified better. I think they regret the negotiation part of it.

            As for Gilliam, he might be better served as a swing tackle in the near future.

            • teejmo

              Ah, it’s all good. As to that negotiation… well, what can you say? I wonder if they thought that, once Okung realized he wasn’t going to get nearly as much money as he was asking for, they’d get a chance to say “Hey, we’re still willing to give you $X million per year!” The Seahawks were probably just as surprised as everybody else that Okung took that deal with the Broncos.

              At the very least, Okung’s lack of success will probably dissuade most other athletes from going into the offseason without an agent. A team not having to worry about that is probably the only silver lining in this entire ordeal.

      • lil'stink

        I’m saying that this is the bed that the team has made, so don’t expect drastically different results. Just keep your fingers crossed that the OL doesn’t almost single handedly lose a playoff game for us like they did last year.

        I love the potential of what Graham could be for us. But I’m not sure how well we will ever integrate him into our offense. That, combined with how well we were able to perform without him, and it’s impossible not to wonder if the $10 million we are paying him couldn’t be used better elsewhere.

  21. Volume12

    Love the 2 CBs from Ohio St.

    Gareon Conley and Marshon Lattimore.

    Targets 10+ yards down field?

    Conley- 1 rec, 7 yds, 4 contested targets, 1 INT
    Lattimore- 1 rec, 5 yds, 4 contested targets, 2 INTs

    Combined, they have more picks than receptions allowed. That’s keeping everything in front of you and not getting beat deep.

    And Texas A&M CB/S Donovan Wilson is another sleeper. Long, rangy, very aggressive, loves to blow up plays in the backfield.

    • vrtkolman

      Ohio State is a DB factory, they are good players right out of college. Eli Apple looks pretty polished already and why wasn’t Ty Powell drafted at all?

    • icb12

      Thoughts on Chidobe Awuzie CB from Colorado?

      • Volume12

        I like him. Tone setter in the run game. Very physical, good technique, quick/fast, can blitz with the best of them (for CBs). Has the size, looks to be a great athlete, impressive instincts. Just very smooth all around.

        From what I’ve read on him, seems like a humble kid. Always talks about how ‘hungry’ he is to be great.

        Only concern? Arm length. Those arms of his look to be pretty damn short. Other than that, his game and and skill set is pretty ‘Seahawky.’

        His teammate, CB Tedric Thompson ain’t bad either. Nowhere near as polished, but again, he’s a big, long corner.

  22. Ground_Hawk

    Based off of that tape of McGlinchey, going against the likes of McDowell, I would be surprised to see him still on the board after day 1. The play around 6:11 shows McGlinchey pushing McDowell right out of the play, allowing Kiser to make a pass with some YAC. It wasn’t like Shon Coleman moving Leonard Floyd into the stands, but it was still nicely executed by McGlinchey.

    • Volume12

      McDowell is a stud. The ability to bend the edge like he does at 6’6, 290 lbs is incredible. Fantastic motor too.

      I agree with Rob that McGlinchey and Cam Robinson are a bit overrated, but right now, those are the only 2 OT’s that I can see going in round 1. And of course there will be another guy that emerges. The NFL has a way of elevating OT’s into the 1st come All-Star games, combine , and pro days.

      • Ground_Hawk

        I agree with you on McDowell. It’s going to be interesting seeing how he tests during the combine, if he decides to declare.

        You both could be right about McGlinchey and Robinson, but in the last 10 drafts there has always been at least 2 OT’s drafted. I’m not saying that all those OT’s have worked out in the pros, rather that a team in need of an OT will take one if given the opportunity.

        • Volume12

          Oh, I’m agreeing with you there. I think both end up as 1st rounders. McGlinchey at least an early 2nd rounder.

          But, yes, your right. There will always be 2-3 OTs that go in round 1. I’m not convinced Seattle would reach for one in the 1st.

          I prefer Cam Robinson. Love his run blocking. A nasty mauler that looks to punish D-lineman.

          Very high on his teammate RG Alphonse Taylor. That is a bad dude. Always looking for work and like Robinson, perhaps even moreso, a road grader in the run game. Just buries (finishes) guys into the ground.

  23. STTBM

    Rob, you make some good points. But Romo suffered two injuries not because his line isnt that great, but because his back is weak and he’s getting older. If Romo played for Seattle since 2007–or any other non-running qb, especially aging ones–he’d be dead. Wilson, by contrast, has taken so many hits that would have destroyed a less well-built or older qb.

    Ive been pointing out the similarities between the Cowboys line investments in picks and money over the last 5-6 years vs Seattle’s on blogs FOR YEARS. The fact that Seattle has put a similar amount of quality and quantity into their draft as Dallas–over a longer period (you didnt count High Second Round Pick Max Unger) of time–is in fact a major indictment of Cable, Carrol and Schneiders ability to evaluate offensive line talent. They suck at it, plain and simple.

    Taking this long to build a line is the very definition of extended failure. A couple-three years ago, the Cards line sucked. They have gotten more with less investment and turned it around quicker than Seattle. Look at the Eagles, the Giants, the Raiders, etc. So many teams have shined a light on Seattle’s ineptness when it comes to building a functional line.

    The line is what kept us from a SB last year, costing us any chance at the Division, Homefield, etc. Its our achilles heal, and it needs to be fixed. We dont need five All Pros or Pro Bowlers, but we darned sure need better than we’ve seen since the final half of 2013.

    • Rob Staton

      When they won the Super Bowl in 2013, Paul McQuistan started eight games at left tackle, book ended by rookie Michael Bowie.

  24. STTBM

    I realize Numbskull drafted Unger and not Carrol and Okung was drafted before Cable. But they were players Carrol and Cable built around.

  25. Fijihawksfan

    Don’t forget Joey!

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