Why the Seahawks are meeting with Jordan Reed

A year ago, shortly after the 2019 draft, the Seahawks traded a seventh round pick to New England for Jacob Hollister. The move created very little fanfare at the time. A year on, it probably deserves greater focus.

I think the Seahawks are extremely motivated to incorporate a dynamic move-TE into their offense.

I don’t think the trade for Hollister was just for depth. I think it was a specific plan to add a particular skillset. Someone who can operate as a ‘big slot’ or a mismatch at the second level. A chain mover, big-play creator and a compliment to Seattle’s speed at receiver.

Hollister finished 2019 as Seattle’s third leading target, despite originally failing to make the 53-man roster. Eventually he was re-signed following Will Dissly’s injury and played 11 games.

He was thrust into a more significant and complete role than was perhaps intended. Yet it provided a glimpse into what his type of skillset could offer the offense. He played well and he was a factor.

Jordan Reed has been one of the top move tight ends in the NFL since entering the league in 2013. He was recently cut by the Redskins after a series of concussions limited his playing time.

The fact that they’re meeting with him just weeks after signing Greg Olsen is telling. It suggests that they do in fact want a pass-catching ‘big slot’ tight end on the roster. Greg Olsen and Will Dissly (when healthy) will be your more conventional tight ends. There’s room for another in the Hollister/Reed mould.

It’s also indicative of what the Seahawks are looking for at the position. Two days ago I highlighted Hunter Bryant as a possible draft target for Seattle. A lot of people assume because of his lack of size and only running a 4.74 forty that he won’t be on their radar. It’d be wrong to focus on either of those aspects.

The forty yard dash doesn’t matter at tight end. Throw it out. Forget about it. Look at some of the times run by tight ends in recent history:

Rob Gronkowski — 4.68
Hunter Henry — 4.66
T.J. Hockenson — 4.70
Zach Ertz — 4.76
Travis Kelce — 4.61
Will Dissly — 4.87
Jordan Reed — 4.72

Many of these times are similar to Bryant’s 4.74 — including Reed’s 4.72.

Because we’ve had 10 years to study and research what the Seahawks have generally looked for at every position, it’s easy to see the clear trend when it comes to the agility tests at tight end.

A strong performance in the short shuttle and a sub-7.10 in the three cone is the consistent trend:

Luke Willson — 4.29 (ss), 7.08 (3c)
Will Dissly — 4.40 (ss), 7.07 (3c)
Nick Vannett — 4.20 (ss), 7.05 (3c)
Anthony McCoy — 4.57 (ss), 6.99 (3c)
Zach Miller — 4.42 (ss), 7.01 (3c)
Jimmy Graham — 4.45 (ss), 6.90 (3c)
Greg Olsen — 4.48 (ss), 7.04 (3c)

Hunter Bryant ran a 4.46 short shuttle and a 7.08 three cone.

Now let’s go back to the previous list of TE’s. They all performed well in the three cone and not the forty:

Rob Gronkowski — 7.18
Hunter Henry — 7.16
T.J. Hockenson — 7.02
Zach Ertz — 7.08
Travis Kelce — 7.09
Will Dissly — 7.08
Jordan Reed — DNP

Bryant is right there. His agility testing compares favourably with the top TE’s and the players at the position Seattle has drafted.

And when you watch him on tape the one player you think of is Jordan Reed. Lance Zierlein made that exact comparison in his NFL.com player profile.

Bryant has the character they look for. He’s been working out with Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright. I think he will be a target for the Seahawks in this draft.

The signing of Olsen could easily be viewed as insurance for Dissly. After back-to-back seasons were ended by extremely serious injuries, Dissly doesn’t need any pressure to race back into the team. Olsen can be the expected starter and Dissly can contribute, try to stay healthy and earn the ability to be the long term solution as Seattle’s orthodox TE.

On the other side though, I think they want a move TE. By meeting with Reed they’re setting the table. You let the situation play out. If Bryant isn’t available to them in the draft, they could sign Reed as an alternative. Or they could re-sign Hollister. They would have options and they seem to be assessing all of those options now.

It’s also possible they sign a player to fill this role before the draft as a ‘hedge’.

Either way — I’d wager they sign a mobile mismatch tight end at some point. It appears to be an element they want on this offense.

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  1. cha

    I can definitely see the Hawks going with 4 TEs on the roster. Dissly, Olsen, a veteran move TE and a draft pick.

    I just have to wonder if JG is someone they’d look at as well or if Seattle is a non-starter for him and the FO. Familiarity with the system. The only problem attitude type thing I recall with him and Seattle is him taking a shot when he signed with GB, something like he’ll finally get to play with a passing team or something.

    Does anyone know when tenders for RFA’s are due? Usually right around the time the league year starts is what I recall. We’ll know for sure their plans for Hollister then. But easy money he won’t be tendered, just too much $.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see it. Been there and done that. Jimmy has lot his sparkle. But he’ll still expect a decent salary.

      • cha

        Fair enough. I do think he has a specialist role. That post up pass when the Hawks were inside the 5 was practically an automatic TD. If his salary expectations aren’t too high and he understands he’s not the top dog I can see something. But won’t be crushed if it doesn’t happen.

        Is there a concern about Reed’s injury history? I think he has had a lot of concussions. He hopefully is very affordable.

        • Rob Staton

          Yes of course there’s concern with Reed but he’d be a minimal contract type.

          Graham — it was time to move on. And it still is. And the Reed meeting is likely just a hedge for the draft as discussed. I think the guy they want is a Husky.

          • cha

            Bryant is who I want too. I’m fine with exploring all the options though.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t ‘want’ Bryant. I’m just trying to explain why he’s likely a target based on the information at our disposal.

              Chase Claypool — beside the fact he’s never played tight end — didn’t do the tests to be part of that analysis. He ran a great forty but the article clearly illustrates why that doesn’t matter.

              • Cyrus

                Jacob hollister is 6’4 245lbs, chase claypool is 6’4 238, had a 40” vert and a 10.5’ broad, yes he is a receiver but can still be used in the same way holister was not to mention how he could be another big redzone threat the 40 is just a bonus

                • Rob Staton

                  I’m sorry but no.

                  Some of you are getting a bit carried away with ‘big man ran fast’. Chase Claypool has never blocked in-line in his career. It’s not as simple as ‘he is as big as Hollister’. You would have to teach him that position from scratch. Just because you’re a move TE doesn’t mean you never do anything that a conventional tight end does. It just means you have a certain skillset that enables you to exploit opportunities in the passing game.

                  The whole point of this article — and the others I’ve written about the TE position — is to highlight specifically what they look for. That is the type of player, background and most importantly — what they look for in terms of testing. And that’s the agility testing. Nobody knows what Claypool’s agility marks are because he didn’t do the short shuttle or the three cone. I’ve stated in this article and others that forty time and size doesn’t matter.

                  This is an article specifically about why they met with Jordan Reed. It’s not about Chase Claypool. Let’s stay on track.

                  • God of Thunder

                    Plus Hollister is a proven commodity, on the field and in the room

                    • Rob Staton

                      Proven to the extent that he did a job for them but can easily be upgraded.

                  • Miami Hawk

                    I agree with you Rob, that Hollister is easily upgradeable. For a TE he played pretty soft- like a big receiver actually and that is why they are kicking the tires on every TE out there. His failure to get into the end zone by inches in the SF game kind of illustrates this. You be the judge if you believe that Dissly, or even Olsen would likely have gotten low at the end of that play and made another 6 inches into the en end zone and won the game instead of being stopped by Greenlaw on that.

                    But most importantly, he was a liability on running plays and was pretty much owned in line. A move TE would be great but we need one that can at least hold his own inline when they go to 12 personnel which is a big part of the offense they want to run. Dissly if fit and back to his form is perfect and Olson the same. To me the biggest weakness of the offense last season was their lack of TE’s which killed their ability to run 2 TE sets. And with the right combination of TEs it is a huge advantage since defenses have a hard time subbing personnel thus giving you mismatches in both run and pass plays.

                    We saw how dangerous this can be with Gronk and Hernandez and I have felt for a while that is something they want to hinge their offense on.


  2. Joe

    Is Chase Claypool comparable to Hunter Bryant? If so, will he more more or less expensive in terms of draft capital?

    • Rob Staton

      No. Claypool is a receiver.

  3. Roger Davis

    OK, we may be looking for a “move TE.” To be honest – not 100% sure what that is? Someone like Jimmy Graham?

    Does that mean we’re finished with Fant (or his doppelganger) at eligible receiver tackle/TE?

    Won’t that seriously impact our running game?

    I apologize for my confusion. My wife will confirm I come by confusion naturally – sort of like a duck to water.

    • Rob Staton

      A move TE is a very well established role in the NFL.

      It’s a big slot receiver type role that is used to create mismatch opportunities. It’s also called a joker or H-back.

      • Lewis

        My only concern with that is that they haven’t shown they can incorporate a guy like that into the offense terribly well. I love a good pass-catching TE and would be thrilled to have a mismatch in our offense like a George Kittle provides.

        • Rob Staton

          Seemed to work last season and prior to that they didn’t really try

          • Lewis

            Fair. I’d love for them to do more with TEs. Of course, I could make the Jimmy Graham counter-argument. It felt at times like they didn’t know what’s to do with him. But, different OC, obviously. I’d be thrilled if they started using more 12 personnel where the TEs were actually receiving threats.

            • Matthew Weber

              JG has had Russell Wilson and Rodgers throwing at him and has pretty much demonstrated he is not the answer since neither team was interested in keeping him.

      • Miami Hawk

        Fans may forget that the reason the 49ers were able to do what they did on offense with all of that motion was that they had a couple of unicorns on offense in Kittle and Juszyck to deliver devastating hits and catch passes while using motion and play action simultaneously depending on the play. You can do that with an H back and inline TE as long as both can do both.

        My sense is that this is what the Seahawks have wanted to do on offense but getting the players has stymied them as much as the injuries. TE’s that can do both are rare and fullbacks are frigging unicorns.

    • cha

      Depends on if Fant is back. They’ve tried out Hunt in the role but not sure that was a smashing success.

      They might – maybe – keep the package if Fant stays. Say he’s the starting RT. For those Jumbo plays, Jamarco comes in at RT and Fant moves outside. But do you want to use your starter that way? I don’t know.

      • Miami Hawk

        Fant isn’t an answer either because he can’t catch or run with the ball so nobody worries about him breaking free after a block and getting open. They could have put any backup tackle in there to do that.

  4. Cyrus

    Couldnt we use chase claypool in that role?

    • Rob Staton

      No he’s a receiver.

    • Von

      I absolutely believe Claypool could do it.

      • Rob Staton

        Chase Claypool is a receiver.

        Not sure why a very specific and detailed article about two players has provoked the comments section to talk about two completely different players.

        Especially when one of the key components was to forget the forty yard dash. And now everyone is pitching Claypool… in part because of his forty yard dash.

        • Brian

          What you’re saying is they are different players and are not comparable, but what I’m hearing is that Claypool ran a fast 40 🙂

          • Mark Souza

            A move TE is a receiver split away from the line. This is usually a tight tend, hence the name, who uses his size and speed to create a mismatch in the secondary. Too fast to be covered by an LB. Too big to be comfortably covered by a DB. They are not usually asked to block.

            Claypool could do this. So could DJ. The unicorn you look for, as mentioned above, is the guy who could work both as an inline TE and as a move TE.

            • Rob Staton

              Unicorn? I can think of about five players currently in the league who could do it without much effort.

  5. Steve Nelsen

    Do you see Hunter Bryant as a possibility at the end of Round 2 or the end of Round 3?

    It is clear that he was on their radar at the combine and the idea of upgrading Hollister makes sense.

    So, if we add a move TE, a #3 WR, and a RB t support Carson, do we have an offensive coordinator that can use all those weapons? I have been down on Laviska Shenault as a Seattle prospect because I don’t feel confident our offense is well suited to take advantage of his skill set.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see him lasting to the end of round three. I think late R2 or early R3 for Bryant will be his floor. He might go earlier than anyone expects.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I agree. I actually think he could sneak into the top 50 picks.
        Many teams are looking for TEs with his skill set. The modern NFL is made for these guys to thrive.

        • Rob Staton

          Keep an eye on Chicago in R2.

          • charlietheunicorn

            43 – CHI
            44 – IND
            47 – ATL
            50 – CHI

            Sweet spot indeed

  6. Jake

    Evan Engram has been rumored on the trade block….Rob do you know what his measurable s were like? What would you think of a deal for him?

  7. Paul Cook

    Beyond Olsen, Dissley, Hollister/some other vet, I wonder how much CAP or draft capital they’ll want to spend on another TE? I’d be a little surprised by a TE pick in the first two rounds. Maybe third round, maybe not even that. Personally I’d target a WR over a TE higher in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Your personal preference won’t matter much though if they really want a quality move TE.

  8. Volume12

    You almost have to draft a TE at some point.

    What if Dissly gets hurt again or is never the same?
    Can Olsen contribute on the field like he can in the locker room?
    Reed has 7, yes 7, concussions. Not sure dude should still be playing.

    • Volume12

      And Hollister is a nice fallback plan, but they clearly want and need more from the position.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Who’d you prefer? Trautman or Bryant? They’re both late R2/early R3 prospects.

      Trautman: 6’05” 255lbs, 6.78 3C, 4.27 SS, 34.5″ VJ, 114″ BJ
      Bryant: 6’02” 248lbs, 7.08 3C, 4.46 SS, 32.5″ VJ, 115″ BJ

      • dcd2

        On paper, Trautman.

        Rob mentioned the fact that Bryant has been working out with Wagner and KJ though, and I think that will carry a lot of weight. They’ll be able to convey his work ethic, attitude, desire to PCJS. Not that Trautman doesn’t have those things, but they are more of the unknown. The whole draft is a mix of finding upside while mitigating risk. If you can know with certainty what kind of man Bryant is, the couple inches and quarter second of time on a drill probably take a backseat.

        They also have a good relationship with UW and are likely happy with what they’ve seen in terms of NFL readiness via Dissly.

        So if we’re on the clock, I think Bryant is the call.

        • Rob Staton

          Something else people need to consider if you’re debating Trautman vs Bryant.

          It’s not just about numbers. They can switch on the tape and see Bryant operating in an offense that functions like their own. He blocks, a fair bit more than people realise, and operates in the exact role he’d be coming to play in Seattle. Trautman played a much lower level of competition and as far as I can tell didn’t do any real blocking. He was basically Dayton’s top receiver in a tight end body.

    • EranUngar

      I’m with you there Vol.

      With what we know now, this guy should really NOT play football.

      Some can take that punishment and some less. 7 concussions tell you that your life would be better if you let it go…right now.

    • cha

      I think the Hawks haven’t forgotten Hollister and Willson’s phone numbers. They’re on the shadow roster.

  9. dcd2

    It certainly seems like Bryant would fit what their actions are suggesting. As you mention, Bryant already has relationships with guys on the roster. There was also ‘the point’ at the combine. He will not count against the official visitors cap, being a local kid either.

    Trautman is another who fits the bill with measurable’s, but he doesn’t have the other factors going for him that Bryant does.

    Good observations Rob. I think people who are moaning about the Reed interview are connecting the wrong dots.

    • Submanjoe

      Very interesting move. I’m surprised they look at Reed after signing Olsen for 7 million. I hope if they sign him he’s cheap.
      With regards to draft talk here lately, do we really believe Seahawks will draft an actual real center like Ruiz? I mean, I think it’d be great to do so, but it seems like this group doesn’t draft a one position o lineman. Joey Hunt was late and wasn’t penciled in to start, and even he gets other duties.

      • dcd2

        I think it’s probably due diligence with Reed. As the article points out, they are likely looking at a move-TE and Reed does fit that bill. He could have been a great one but for the injuries. He had all the talent in the world. At this stage, after so many injuries, it’s unlikely that he’ll have many suitors. Bring him in, see if he’s a fit with the culture and find out what his camp is looking for in salary. Then, if the draft doesn’t break their way or Dissly has a setback, etc. you aren’t left scrambling.

        With center, I think it will depend entirely on their plan for Britt. They were working Haynes at center last year, and Pocic and Hunt can play there, so there are contingencies. That said, starting any of those 3 is probably a last resort. Alex Mack’s name has been tossed around as well. I like Cushenberry, and there are other options: Nick Harris, Jake Hanson, Matt Hennessy, Tyler Biadasz, Shane Lemieux.

  10. RWIII

    Every since Belichick made the two tight-end famous. I have been a fan of a two tight-end offense. Having a two tight-end formation causes problems. Especially if they can both run/block. Defensive coordinators can’t just key on the run or the pass.

    WIth blocking two tight-ends you can go into maximum protection and have time to go deep.

    • Miami Hawk

      Exactly. Its just a bitch to find the guys to do it. Joe Gibbs took advantage of this for years and people don;t realize that a good 2 TE setup is dangerous for both run and pass plays.

    • Doug

      Pete is on record as preferring a 2TE offence (may be in his Win Forever book IIRC, but have seen it in interviews from several years ago also). Just has never been able to put the personnel together given injuries.

  11. Trevor

    I like the idea of Bryant but just think the Hawks have so many other needs that seem like more of a priority. I would prefer they go with a veteran like Reed for this year to then look to go TE early next with a class that looks loaded at TE.

    If Bryant is there in Rd #3 and they can move up to get him that would be ideal. Go OL/DL /WR and then use their 3rd round comp and a 5th to move up in Rd #3 to grab Bryant perhaps.

    • TomLPDX

      Why not just target the 3rd round comp for Bryant. It’s all about balancing how we fill out our roster through the draft. The first 2 picks for specific needs (OL, DL) and then a weapon to strengthen the offense. Either Bryant or a WR.

      • Rob Staton

        Bryant won’t last until the third round comp.

        • TomLPDX

          Geeze, that’s actually what I meant. Pick #64, not the 3rd rd comp. My bad.

          • Rob Staton

            No problem.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t understand this line of thinking though.

      Hunter Bryant is really good, he fits what they look for at TE in terms of profile and he fits a clear role they desire as noted in the piece.

      If he is there at the end of round two, he will be better than any of the WR options unless some of the top WR’s fall (which is unlikely, because people like TP are stating clearly we’ll see a ton go quickly).

      Free agency will address the biggest need on the roster. The draft, and three early picks, is an opportunity to add talent.

      • Submanjoe

        Plus one

        And I’d rather they draft Bryant late in round 2 then sign Reed.
        Maybe get lucky and have a tackle fall to end of round 1 and Davis end of round 2.
        Maybe they don’t expect Bryant to fall to them.

        • Miami Hawk

          I wouldn’t put too much into meeting with Reed. This just looks like they are kicking the tires to keep their options open if they can’t find another guy to like for the right price in FA or draft. They will definitely go with 4 TE’s this season if they can find the horses because they don’t want to be caught with only their pants down due to injuries like they were last year.

    • BobbyK

      Who knows? Maybe DL and RT is solved in FA/trade? Then anything could happen with their draft pick(s) in the 1st/2nd round(s). Maybe their first two picks are TE and RB? Could happen. Might not seem realistic right now, but anything can happen after they’ve made some trades and signed some players.

    • GoHawksDani

      I doubt WR is a more pressing need than TE.

      You can easily get a street FA WR similar to Olsen. Dissly is banged up, probably will be fine, but who knows?
      And we have Swoopes who did nothing? We can get Hollister back who played some good some bad. Reed wouldn’t necessarily fix the situation with the injury history.
      If they sign Reed based on the previous seasons, injury histories, production do you think we’ll run out of WRs earlier than TEs?
      Because I think there’s a chance that even if we sign Reed we’d run out of TEs mid-late season.
      Lockett,DK are young, recently healthy, some injuries but not worse than Dissly/Reed.
      We can re-sign Moore or get a cheaper WR FA or find a pretty good WR3 day2/3 in this draft class.

      I’d be pretty unhappy if we’d pass on Bryant just to draft someone like Claypool or Pittman or else R2 and we’d miss drafting a TE or draft some roster-padder at R4.
      While we could draft Bryant at R2 who is the best TE prospect for us in the draft and still get a pretty solid WR3 at R3/R4.

      I agree that OL is more important than TE. DL is just weak all-around. I think we have the chance to get 2-3 guys who could be helpful year 1 but probably that’s all in R1-R3.
      I think we should go:
      R1, OL
      R2, TE
      R2, DL IF those 2.3-4 guys are still available. If not, go for nCB or WR
      R3, IF DL picked go for WR or nCB
      R4, RB
      R5, IF DL not picked yet go for a space-eater solid run blocker DT
      R6, CB project
      R7, ?

      • Miami Hawk

        If you run a lot of 2 TE with guys that can block and catch your need for another good receiver becomes much less. since you will be running a lot of 2 receiver sets.

  12. WALL UP

    It may be that exploring the capabilities with Reed now, may afford the opportunity to use their draft capital elsewhere. In order to draft Bryant they would have to do so with pick 64, or perhaps trading down into Rd 3, and hopefully him still being there. Also, if they do make a trade that leaves them without one of their 2nd Rd picks, that lessens the odds of them landing Bryant.

    But, It’s nothing like getting the “Real Deal Reed,’ IF he’s healthy enough to play again. That’s the big question. No doubt, the majority of Reed’s visit will be with the Med staff. If he Meds do give positive results. This would be a great signing.

    Thus far JS & Co have been very judicial in their quest to fill out their roster. T.J. Carrie would also be a great signing if they’re able to pull it off. It appears to me they’re methodically checking all the boxes to have another successful FA off season.

    • Rob Staton

      Reed’s goose is practically cooked. This is clearly just a check-in as the article noted. A hedge pre-draft or an option for after.

      • WALL UP

        You really have to respect these players that put their health on the line in order to play the game. Sure, they’re compensated for doing so. But, here’s a soon to be 30yr old player that has had (7) concussions, and he is still willing to risk his health to keep playing the game.

        Apparently, in order to not have an injury settlement, Reed needed to pass his neurological and physical exams in order to be released by WAS. That was accomplished, by his subsequent release last month. So now, after not playing the entirety of 2019, Reed feels he can still play the game.

        Someone is going to give him an opportunity. After Kam’s hit on Vernon Davis, his game has never been quite the same. But, he still played until he finally retiring last month, at 36 yrs old. He was still effective while playing though. He learned how to avoid those hits, and get down when needed the avoid a serious injury. It also helps to have a QB that will not leave you hanging out to dry, and be clothes lined.

        Russ knows how tho keep players out of harms way. No-E is a prime example. He’s kept the little man relatively clean these past yrs, going over the middle, with his throws.

        It would be quite interesting if Reed was able to pursue his career again. He’s been a year removed from active physical contact for the first time in his football career. Time could be a healer Physically & Mentally. There’s one thing about playing at the VMAC, the really to take care of their players. I really hope Reed could be one of them in the future.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not saying they won’t sign him. They might. But as I said, it’s very likely to be a draft hedge or post-draft addition.

        • cha

          There’s one thing about playing at the VMAC, the really to take care of their players.

          2019 they replaced their training staff and were in the top 3 of man games lost.

          VMAC is a nice facility, but they’ve got a long way to go to be considered a healthy program.

          • WALL UP

            I wasn’t referring injury prevention. It’s more of the medical & coaching staff caring for the needs of those that are injured. Clowney is a good example of that, as they helped him to get thru his painful injury, and sending him to a specialist to assess the extent of his injury.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    2020 is wild y’all

    • Aaron

      Yep, pretty much all major North American sports at professional and collegiate levels are suspended or ending their seasons. Any holdouts probably gonna change in the next couple days. How’s it looking in Europe Rob? Thank goodness the NFL doesn’t start until the Fall.

      • Rob Staton

        Looks like the Premier League will be suspended tomorrow.

        • Kenny Sloth

          And all love and prayers to everyone that’s been diagnosed already.

        • Doug

          Rob, will your full time gig be in jeopardy if the Premier League goes down too?

          Hoping you are in a good place…

          • Rob Staton

            No I’m a full time BBC sports reporter. Appreciate you asking though Doug and showing some concern.

    • cha

      I just got back from Hawaii yesterday. So strange. No lines, no waiting for anything there.

      SeaTac airport looked like a scene from a dystopian scifi film. Empty and the only people walking around are wearing masks.

      Hope everyone on the board here is safe, healthy and taking all necessary precautions.

  14. CaptainJack

    Wonder if the next nfl season will be called off. The draft could certainly be called off and occur online, or something.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no reason for the NFL to even consider calling the season off. It’s in September. That’s a long way into the distance.

      The draft and free agency can easily go ahead if they wish. It’s 2020 and technology means people don’t need to gather in groups. Everyone could work from home.

      • Michael P Matherne

        They basically ‘work from home’ on draft day already, don’t they? All the decision makers are in their respective war rooms and then they call in the pick. I don’t see any reason the draft shouldn’t go on as scheduled. Maybe you just get a few more living room shots instead of commissioner hugs.

        • Matthew Weber

          Yep. They just lose the marketing and event spectacle for fans.

      • cha

        Ian Rapoport
        : The 2020 NFL Draft is still on, and will be on, but contingency plans include all options and solutions.

      • TJ

        I think this year’s draft will be different in that it won’t be the made-for-tv event it has become, with fans, block parties, etc. It will be teams sending their picks into NFL headquarters remotely during a huge conference call.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d prefer that to be honest!

          Just give us some picks and a brief synopsis by someone who actually studies CFB.

          • Mark Souza

            The only thing missing this year will be Jets fans booing their selection.

  15. Sean

    So if Prem league gets suspended, is LFC the winner or are they just going to cancel the season?

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody knows.

      They might suspend the season for a month and play deep into May.

      That would be my guess.

      But if the season is cancelled, you can’t just hand them the title or relegate the teams in the bottom three. There’d be lawsuits galore.

  16. drewdawg11

    Hunter is a football player and he’s a good one. If he were our big slot/move TE and Dissly remains healthy, that’s one hell of a tandem. He’s got soft hands, and he’s got an ability to get open. He’s not super fast, but he’s sudden in and out of breaks. You can whip people with him.

    • JC3

      A TE runs slower than Walter Jones should not be drafted.

      • drewdawg11

        Then a lot of really good players would not have been drafted. What a silly take. Watch some film.

      • dcd2

        Didn’t Walt run a 4.6? That makes exactly one TE draft eligible per this notion… Albert Okwuegbunum

        Kelce, get out of the NFL buddy. You’re not fast enough. Austin Hooper, beat it. So long Mark Andrews. Adios Zach Ertz. Hunter Henry, uh uh. Will Dissly, you’re not fit for the XFL.

        Kittle, you can stay. Glad we got that cleared up.

        • Michael P Matherne

          Where are we getting this 4.6 time? I wasn’t following the draft in ’97 but that seems highly unlikely even for someone as great as Walt.

          • Rob Staton

            Walter Jones ran a 5.09 at his combine.

            • drewdawg11

              There was a lot of buzz that Elster ran in the 4.6’s at his pro day. For whatever reason, the pro day is always better than the combine lol. But I believe Seahawks scouts had him under 4.7.

              • drewdawg11


  17. Roland Jose

    Hopefully they keep Hollister, he was good last season, very consistent, too bad he can’t block so good, but that can be fixed as long as he works at it. Bryant would be a great addition for sure; those four TE’s would be lethal!. Reed is a concussion weighting to happen or injury for that matter, can he block? if signed that would be 3 TE’s with injury histories! is that what we want? even if it comes cheap? I say stay young and keep developing like we always have because it costs less, Reed will be like the other TE we had on IR, a waste of money and space. If they are just kicking the tires I get it. The cap space is better utilized staying young through the draft.

  18. Coleslaw

    Would yall give up 27 and 101 for Evan Engram and 110?

    • Coleslaw

      Personally, I cant think of a better option for adding a weapon for Russ. He would be the ideal compliment to Lockett and DK imho. That trio would be unstoppable!

      Add in guys like Dissly, a draft pick slot receiver like Hamler. Draft a RB like Akers at 64 and an OT at 59, BPA. 110 could be a OG or WR or they could just wait on RB til 110 and go OG, WR or DT (Raekwon) at 59 or 64

      Assuming we pay to fix the DL of course, and that this deal was even possible lol

      • dcd2

        I wouldn’t. He’s on the last year of his rookie deal, so next year you’re going to need to give him $10M+ or lose him. The beauty and value of a 1st rounder is 5 years of cost control.

        I do think he’s a nice talent and a top 5 TE in the NFL. I wouldn’t give up our 1st for him though, just to have to pay him next year. I’d rather take my chances that Isiah Wilson is a really good OT for 5 years on a cheap deal, than get a year of Engram before paying top 5 money to a TE.

        Also in your scenario, we are dedicating our # 1, 2, 3 & 5 picks to offense this draft. Our defense needs way more work than our offense. Specifically we need speed on D, and 30 year old FA’s might patch some leaks but I think we need to get some hungry young defense via the draft.

    • GoHawksDani

      No way…Not that big of a fan of Engram. I’d give up an R2 max
      I really-really hope we can get a good OT, C or OG at #27. Really few quality linemen usually, but this is a solid class, we should use it to our advantage (especially as Fant and Ifedi are FAs)

  19. Huggie Hawk

    I’m all for Hunter, I think he would be a beast. One more WR too please. Thanks for this blog, it’s helping to distract me from eerily quiet Seattle. Crazy how quick things can change.

  20. ScouseNathan

    Could you see us trading up from one of those late 2nd rounders to pick him if he lasts into mid 2nd round, assuming we also trade back out of the 1st round for some extra picks?

    If we get a move TE I wonder as well if we’ll see a lot more 3 TE sets to create mismatches, would seem to mesh well with the run and play action offence we like to run! Could see it being effective in the red zone, especially close to the goal line!

    As always thank you for all the hard work! This blog is always essential reading, especially as we get closer to what is hopefully a very exciting offseason in free agency and the draft!

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve moved up in round two and three before so it’s very possible.

  21. Von


    Have you looked at the film for Dalton Keene? I was following him during the season and he looked interesting. His combine numbers were a little better than Bryant, and he looks a little more versatile. Could replace Bellore on the roster and could probably be had in the 5th. He doesn’t have the familiarity of the Seahawks players of course, but most prospects don’t.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t but I’d say this — remember the offense Bryant is coming from and the style he was asked to play within. It’s not just about testing alone.

      • Miami Hawk

        They have already shown they like what they from TE’s at UW.

  22. Trevor

    Is there anyway to turn our 1st round pick and 3rd round comp pick into two more 2nd round picks? That seems to be where the value is in this draft (round #2 and early round #3) would be awesome to have 4 picks in this range.

    • Von

      It shouldn’t be that difficult to do. Trade #27 for something like #45 and a 3rd. Package that 3rd and the comp pick to move back up.

      • Trevor

        That actually sounds like a JS type move.

        Whenever they have moved up to grab a guy it normally works out (Clark, Locket, Reed, Metcalf) were all trade ups after a trade back earlier.

        • Greg Haugsven

          if you just traded back to 45 you might not have to package 76 and 101 as you would already have 76 and 101 unless you wanted 4 second rounders.. You would have this.



    • GoHawksDani

      Bit crazy moves, but based on drafttek draft value chart this could work:

      R1 – 680
      #47 – 430
      #78 – 200
      #119 – 56

      #101 – 96
      #78 – 200
      #62 – 284

      #133 – 39,5
      #59 – 310
      #55 – 350

      then we would have:
      R2 – 47, 55, 62, 64
      R4 – 119, 144
      R5 – 162
      R6 – 214

      • Greg Haugsven

        All sounds good but I dont understand the last one. Why give up a draft pick just to go from 59 to 55?

  23. Fonkie

    I could see this as another classic year for JS & PC to trade back a couple times into the early 2nd somewhere & collect enough ammunition to navigate around the top 100 & get 3 or 4 guys they are really targeting from the meat of this draft. I would guess maybe that Bryant is in the group of gets?

    I did watch Raekwon Davis vs Auburn & Miss St. My questions were easily answered from watching those. He got his hands up a grand total of 0 times in 2 games. He doesn’t have much of a get off & his hands go to the blockers chest & never come off. He has 0 pass rush neither from the end position or inside & Id bet his career sack production was from stunts when Bama was loaded with other studs that were top picks on their front. I just really don’t know what he is or what you would get from a guy that looks like Campbell but plays nothing like him at this point? Time will tell but he’s a no for me.

  24. Fonkie

    Forgot to add that Bryant plays much faster than his 40 would indicate. I would love to have him as another weapon for RW if he falls into a spot to get him.

    • Jace

      Agreed. Those highlights Rob posted of him he is moving!

  25. Georgia Hawk

    Wow, Masters was officially postponed. Absolutely devastating for the local economy. It is unquestionably the right call for the welfare of everybody, but I can’t help but feel for people around here.

    I know of at least 2 businesses that may not make it through the year now. Not to mention the number of people that rely on house rental income to pay their mortgage.

    This thing is way bigger than just sports.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Have a friend that runs a local restaurant. he is hoping, and advertising, that people will come around and purchase gift cards to be used at later dates, and expanding his take out menu in order to try and stay afloat through these times.

      So on his behalf, I’d implore folks to opt for local, small business restaurants when available during these times if you are going out

    • Simo

      Couldn’t they just hold the Masters after spread the virus is contained? June, September, whenever? The community would still benefit just a little later in the year.

      Other sports don’t as easily have this option. It’s probably difficult to complete the full NBA playoffs if they can’t begin until July.

      • TomLPDX

        It will be interesting to see how they do it since it is one of the majors. Wouldn’t want to play in Augusta in August though.

  26. HawkfaninMT

    I view this as a “due dilligence” type visit. I feel like it’s an indication that the FO wants a more effective move TE. I feel like they plan to target Bryant, Trautman, etc (whomever they feel is the best fit) but they realize the list is short. This visit is the hedge in case they miss out on their short list, they will have this visit out of the way.

  27. Rob Staton

    I’m not saying this purely selfishly as a football fan.

    But I really hope free agency goes ahead as planned.

    We don’t need to cancel literally everything. Especially things where large groups coming together isn’t necessary. This can be an operation conducted purely from self-isolation if needed thanks to Skype.

    It’s vital to do whatever it takes to stop the spread of the virus. But we also need to live. And while people can still get on a subway train in the major cities around the world, do we really need to cancel free agency and the draft?

    • All I see is 12s

      I agree wholeheartedly. The best argument I heard for putting it off though had to do with moving the players around from city to city doing the pre-signing physicals…

      • Rob Staton

        Just get a local doctor to do it.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Don’t disagree…

      But if the weather is nice in Seattle now (I don’t think it is), a stoppage might benefit the Hawks. Nicer weather, and an in person visit to the “state of the art” facility would have its benefits. Maybe?

      I hope it carries off like scheduled myself

      • cha

        It’s snowing Hawkfan. Snowing.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Its official! Postpone FA for the sake of attracting quality free agents due to Seattle’s beautiful weather when it is actually nice!

          I’m in Spokane now and it’s supposed to get down into the single digits here with wind tomorrow.

          • Sea Mode

            Plot twist! HawkfaninMT is not actually in MT…!

            • Greg Haugsven

              I hope it goes on as well but I dont think they are concerned over the virus as much as they are concerned about millions of dollars getting shelled out to players as some people are getting laid off of work.

            • HawkfaninMT

              My secret has been revealed! I’ve been following Robs amazing work for over 6 years now, and lived in Missoula,MT when first joined. Since I have lived in Phoenix, AZ and now Spokane. HawkfaninWA sounds a little bit on the nose though!

              • Sea Mode

                It’s too long, but I was thinking you could almost get a rhyme going with “HawkfaninSpokane”.

              • dcd2

                How about NoMild_Nomad?

                Those are some drastic changes in climate!

              • Volume12

                What part of Spokane do you live in HawkfaninMT?

                Live in Hillyard myself.

                • HawkfaninMT

                  Spokane Valley off the Barker exit…

                  Any other Spokane folks in here? Would be cool to do a draft party at a local sports bar or something of that nature… feel free to email if anyone would like to and I will get it organized


                • Jon

                  Cheney for me. The rest of the world would have no clue😉

                  • bv eburg

                    Cheney, the big city!
                    Our farm just south of you in St John

  28. Bobby Swagner

    Seems like the idea of having two tight ends that can block is far more elusive than one pass catcher and one blocking TE, because it would confuse the defenses as to which they would actually choose to do. I’m not a big X’s and O’s Guy, so take this with a grain of salt.

    • Miami Hawk

      Absolutely. You intuitively nailed it. For the X’s and O’s this lays a lot of it out pretty good. The difficulty is simply finding the guys who can do it. There just aren’t that many good NFL caliber TE’s produced and it takes the ones that are a while to learn. Thats why Dissly was such a surprise.


  29. cha

    Just watching the youtube Rob linked with Hunter Bryant highlights.

    In almost every one of those highlights, Bryant gets a free release. Nobody even gets a single hand on him. Can’t decide if that’s great offensive scheming or the level of competition or a little of both.

    That won’t happen much in the NFL. I think he’s got the skills to handle NFL competition but I wonder if fighting through initial contact will be an area for growth in his game.

    • WALL UP

      Contrast that film diagnosis with a look at Reed’s releases and his moves to create separation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbFxZJm-ZE0

      • WALL UP

        If his Meds check out, I think they sign him prior to the beginning of FA signing.

        • Rob Staton

          Think we’re starting to overthink this.

    • Rob Staton

      How often do move TE’s not get a free release? You don’t see many linebackers playing man. And if they put a nickel on him he can shove him on his arse.

  30. Zeke

    Would the hope be for Hunter Bryant be to have a similar impact as Jimmy Graham did?

    • Rob Staton

      No, totally different role

      • Miami Hawk

        Paired with a healthy Dissly, think the 2011 Pats with Gronk and Hernandez. Well thats the goal anyway.

        • Rob Staton

          Yep — that’s the aim.

  31. RWIII

    TIght end Thaddeus Moss might be an interesting player in the middle rounds. https://www.si.com/nfl/patriots/gm-report/draft-targets-thaddeus-moss

    Blocking: Blocking

    – Moss is an excellent blocker. He is one of the better blocking tight ends in this class. The idea of having Moss and James Develin blocking together might not be the same as Gronk and Develin, but it would still be very good.

    – Moss is strong at the point of attack, has great lateral agility and can be a phenomenal lead blocker at the next level. He blocks like a fullback, however, his size and receiving ability makes him a tight end.

    Technique and fundamentals

    – Well, when watching the tape, he may have got away with a couple holding calls in the blocking game. Not sure he will get away with those at the next level. Besides that, his blocking technique is very sound. Really polished in this aspect of the game.

    Moss did manage to catch 47 passes for LSU. Which when you think about it. That is not to bad when consider all the talent LSU had at the wide receiver position. Check out the receiving numbers for LSU. https://www.espn.com/college-football/team/stats/_/id/99/lsu-tigers.

    • Rob Staton

      Depends on his testing. Didn’t do the combine.

      • Sea Mode

        Imagine all the players who thought they were smart not to work out at the Combine now that tons of scouts aren’t going to show up for their pro day…


        • Rob Staton

          Imagine calling yourself sack guru on twitter when you have less than 10 in your CFB career.

          • Sea Mode

            Zing! 🔥 I didn’t even catch that handle!

  32. cha

    Tags ahoy

    Chargers tag Hunter Henry

    Broncos tag Justin Simmons

    Ravens (rumored to be) tag Matt Judon

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Thank you Rob for everything you do on this site I really appreciate it .You have brought up a couple of guys that I have been looking into to first Bryan Edwards Wr from South Carolina I know he got injured at the combine but wow 22 career touchdown over 3000 receiving yards over 200 catch’s if he falls into round 3 I am 💯 percent behind that pick .I like DJ Fluker I like Jarmarko Jones and Mike Iupati each one has been time for injury . which brings me to Damien Lewis he can run block plus he made 27 consecutive starts at LSU.I love him at 64 . thank you for bringing him to my attention

  33. cha

    Minnesota Vikings
    The #Vikings have terminated the contracts of DT Linval Joseph and CB Xavier Rhodes.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Vikings cleaning house because they have to. Saw the Rhodes cut but just saw the Joseph cut about 5 minutes ago. He could be a good option. Hard pass on Rhodes.

      • Jon

        Would love to sign both Joseph and Griffin and not impact comp picks. Also keep Reed and Clowney. Line fix with no draft stock problems.

    • Michigan 12th

      Would love to sign Linval Joseph. Great against the run and provides a little bit against the pass as well. If we could get him at a reasonable price we should jump all over that. I’m sure JS/PC are already talking to his agent to see what his asking price is.

  34. cha

    Los Angeles Chargers
    We’ve released Brandon Mebane and Thomas Davis.

    • Volume12

      Bring ‘Bane home to finish out his career.

  35. cha

    Tennessee Titans
    #Titans release Delanie Walker and Ryan Succop

  36. Greg Haugsven

    Ricky Wagner released by the Lions. Could be an option at right tackle if Fant and Ifedi leave.

  37. HawksGal

    A hard pass on Jordan Reed, for the love of God he cannot stay healthy and I don’t believe he has played out a full year of football in the NFL, plus 7 documented concussions equals a recipe for disaster. I get the whole wanting to run two TE sets just not this guy please.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Really after seven concussions he should be retiring.

  38. Greg Haugsven

    Jaguars just franchised Ngakoue which we already expected.

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