Why the Seahawks face a familiar challenge

Before we get into the piece, on Tuesday I appeared on 950 KJR to talk to Softy & Dick about the Seahawks. You can listen to the full interview here:

Quite aside from the unresolved situation with their franchise quarterback (which many people will gloss over now — and that would be a mistake) — there’s another issue that lingers for the Seahawks.

There’s nothing wrong with being penny-wise in the early stages of free agency. It’s often where good or average players are paid elite money.

But eventually there comes a time when you’ve got to do more than dip your toe in.

Last year was a classic example. As Seattle waited and waited for Jadeveon Clowney, other opportunities slipped by.

It’s not just a 2020 problem. The free agent additions Seattle have made in recent years have generally been quite poor.

Rather than acquire talent at good value, more often than not they’ve added average, replacement level players.

We’re already approaching the second wave of free agency and a host of names remain available. This should be the time when you capitalise.

The Seahawks aren’t the only ones shopping, of course. But with only four draft picks — including just one in the top-120 — this is really their only chance to get better.

Look at Tampa Bay last season and consider their defensive line — anchored by Ndamukong Suh and Vita Vea, with Shaquil Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul rushing the edge. Three of those players were free agent signings.

With the likes of Carlos Dunlap, Haason Reddick, Sheldon Rankins, Jadeveon Clowney, Ryan Kerrigan and others still available, the Seahawks could put together a competitive D-line.

The alternative is another year of what we saw at the start of the last season. You bring in a Benson Mayowa type, give him far too many snaps, rely on Rasheem Green and L.J. Collier and pray something emerges before the trade deadline.

They surely can’t do that again?

And wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper rotation up front?

Sticking with the Buccs — look at the weapons they had for their quarterback too.

The options available on the market are pretty remarkable still. Kenny Golladay, Curtis Samuel, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Will Fuller, Sammy Watkins, Gerald Everett, AJ Green, Antonio Brown.

Will there be a better chance to add a proven #3 target? Potentially at a good age?

At running back there’s currently just a great big mystery. Signing Leonard Fournette, which appears possible, or bringing back Chris Carson would add a name and a body. Yet the depth and talent at the position still remains lacking. The hope should be to add at least two players here.

The Seahawks, with the way they play, need a bell-cow. It’s not clear how they achieve that this year. The only other alternative is to have a great rotation. Mike Davis and others could help provide that on top of, say, a Fournette addition.

They’re yet to make any significant signings to the O-line — with the likes of Rodney Hudson, David Andrews and Nick Martin available at center.

They’ve signed Ahkello Witherspoon and the value/fit makes sense. Yet it’s impossible to look at Seattle’s cornerback position and have any real faith that it’s sorted. It feels like they need more — competition and talent. Richard Sherman is still available, as is Kevin King.

I could keep going. They have the second fewest contracted players in the NFL currently, so depth is an issue too. Other players — such as KJ Wright — will need to be re-signed or replaced.

In a way the Russell Wilson saga has acted as quite a distraction to an equally important topic.

How do the Seahawks actually build a team in 2021?

A year ago at this point they still had millions to spend and a collection of draft picks, including three in the first two rounds.

Now they have #56 and a whole lot of nothing. Their available cap space has halved just by signing Witherspoon and extending Poona Ford. Unlike in previous drafts when they’ve had no picks — there’s no real means to trade down because they don’t have a first rounder to bargain with.

They’ve not done anything to create cap space yet.

They’ve taken a decision not to trade Russell Wilson, according to reports, yet they aren’t restructuring his deal (which they can do without his permission) which kind of suggests they’re leaving the door open.

But even if their intention is to proceed with Wilson for now (and who knows, really, given Tony Pauline reported just last week that they’re as ready to move on as he is?) — they haven’t re-worked any other deals or traded anyone to provide cap relief or extra picks.

So it does feel like a big few days for the Seahawks. Firstly, they need to create some stock. I don’t know how — but they need to. Whether it’s picks or salary cap relief. Unless the plan is to start Phil Haynes at left guard, Kyle Fuller at center, Rashaad Penny at running back, Colby Parkinson at tight end and Freddie Swain at receiver. And maybe that is there plan? I would argue, however, that would make for a completely pointless and futile 2021 season.

They need more to work with. They have done for weeks.

So can they acquire some stock, then rekindle the 2013 magic and come up with some eye-catching additions to bolster their roster?

Or will the penny-wise approach develop into a pound-foolish one again if they end up trying to fill out the roster with duds? Without even a draft to look forward to where you can add cheap, young talent.

Can they avoid doing what they’ve done for the last couple of years — failing to address key needs going into training camp, then needing to scramble around for solutions at the last minute?

In the last four years they’ve used two firsts, three seconds and three third round picks on deals either just before or just after the season started. That’s insane.

The problem is, this is a franchise that feels like its lost its mojo when it comes to player acquisition. Every year they have an opportunity to get it back — and they never seem to.

And the rest of the NFC West remains highly active. The 49ers have just retained Trent Williams and signed Alex Mack to bolster their O-line. The Cardinals have signed JJ Watt and the Rams continue to be creative with the cap, retaining Leonard Floyd.

What is Seattle’s blueprint for progress?

Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport says the Seahawks only decided not to trade Wilson to the Bears yesterday — and that it was Pete Carroll’s call not to pull the trigger.

It does sound awfully like the franchise has made another decision somewhat based on the emotion of the day from their all-seeing decision-maker.

Jason La Canfora claims the Bears bailed too early, adding “If Wilson is dealt, it will be close to the draft.”

It’s another hint that the dysfunction will continue and drag on for some time, following Adam Schefter’s suggestion that the Seahawks simply weren’t in a position to make a trade yet and that nothing had been ruled out:

“To date they’ve not said, ‘we’re not trading Russell Wilson’ publicly”

He also provided this update this morning, flat out suggesting Wilson could still be dealt before the draft:

Brandon Marshall also said this:

I don’t think it’s over but I think they want more time to think this through.

“If they don’t figure it out now, there’s going to be a trade partner here pretty soon.”

Mark Rodgers’ next move will be interesting.

Last week we argued that this was a situation that had to be resolved, one way or another. Either with a truce or a trade.

Letting things fester and linger was not the answer — and yet it appears to be the chosen path for Carroll.

Finally, today is the Georgia pro-day. Azeez Olujari will be among those working out.

In anticipation of the Seahawks potentially acquiring the #20 pick, I went back and re-watched all of the top pass rushers in this class. Off the back of that, I’ve moved Olujari to a legit first round grade on my horizontal board.

He’s a terrific player and for me, could easily find a home in the top-15.

Olujari measured today with 34.5 inch arms — ideal length and he’s destined to be a high pick.

Ben Cleveland ran an unofficial 4.85 forty. Obviously this is a ‘pro-day’ 40 but it validates the expectation that he could’ve run sub-5.00. I’ve always maintained he’s a far better athlete than some in the media are suggesting. The strongest player in the draft. He’s a definite name to keep an eye on, as early as #56.

Tight end Tre McKitty and cornerback Eric Stokes are two others. Stokes measured with nearly 33 inch arms — that is fantastic length and he has a shot at the first round.

There are so many good options in this class at defensive end, receiver, offensive line and cornerback. There are some tight ends worth pursuing — and at least one running back who fits like a glove.

We don’t need the underwear Olympics to appreciate this. The Seahawks need a way back into this draft.

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  1. SonGoku

    Alex Mack is expected to sign with the 49ers, per Ian Rapoport

    • Sea Mode

      Of course he is… *sigh*

  2. Ghost Mutt

    It’s so strange that we didn’t even really engage with the bears. The inaction is killing me, seems they’re happy to keep a pissed off Russ and do nothing to build around him. Why?

    Could they be trying to push him towards a team with better draft capital? The Jets or the Dolphins? If they could get Darnold and the two pick it’d be the best of both worlds. Keep the veteran and trade #2 for a ransom to whoever’s desperate for Zach Wilson.

    Josina’s report about the iciness thawing sounds like complete bollocks to me. Why would Russ be happier now than a couple weeks ago? At least a couple of weeks ago it was still conceivable the FO would work towards his demands.

    Feels like the message to Russ is “We’re happy for you to stay, but if you do you’ll be playing Peteball with no concessions. If you want to leave then that’s fine, but you’re not calling the shots on where you land”.

    • Rob Staton

      Josina’s report about the iciness thawing sounds like complete bollocks to me.

      Josina has some connections, as much as we joke about her tweets. But she hasn’t been one to report from the Seahawks perspective ever (she actively campaigned for Kam during his holdout and did the controversial Sherman interview) and she isn’t one of Mark Rodgers buddies.

      So it’s hard to take that comment with more than a pinch of salt.

      Rodgers’ next move will be interesting.

      Feels like the message to Russ is “We’re happy for you to stay, but if you do you’ll be playing Peteball with no concessions. If you want to leave then that’s fine, but you’re not calling the shots on where you land”.

      Schefter spelled it out yesterday really — they don’t have enough info on the QB class yet and they’d need a pathway to a succession. It seems Chicago couldn’t get (if they tried) the Jets/Darnold involved. So it seems like they couldn’t come up with a satisfactory deal whatever the make-up.

      Schefter left the door open though for others, so we’ll see.

      • Gary

        I’ve never understood the need to have the QB position sorted as part and parcel of the Russell trade transaction. It has always seemed to me that the way to capitalize on this opportunity is to negotiate the largest possible return for Russell, pull the trigger on that deal, and then turn your sights on the various options for a replacement. Separately. That’s what it seems to me you would do if you had confidence in your talent acquisition abilities. To be too nervous to make the deal without an answer for the QB position being included in the deal seems like a recipe, well … for what’s happened.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t agree at all here Gary.

          Let’s say the smoke on Sam Darnold was real. You’ve dealt Russell Wilson. At the point you ring the Jets, they have got your balls in a vice. They’re asking for #20 for Darnold. They’re certainly not taking #56. So what then? Are you willing to give up a first?

          You would have zero leverage in negotiations.

          So let’s say they move off that. Then what? Andy Dalton and turn to the draft? But Adam Schefter says four QB’s are going in the top 6-8 picks. So do you give up all your newly acquired stock simply to be able to draft Trey Lance in the top-six with all of his flaws?

          It would be a disaster for Seattle, moving Wilson without a coherent plan to replace him.

          • Peter

            Don’t disagree with you here sir. However, that very idea of “having to have,” Darnold is problematic. I’m not so thick as to not see the smoke/fire plus Pete’s corny praise for Darnold. But the team puts itself in it’s own vices as it were by even commenting about Darnold or expressing interest. You did a great job breaking him down but if you’re not willing to build an offensive front he won’t succeed. So…it’s kind of the same thing with Wilson, except one is an almost first ballot HOF’er ( who can win a lot with rotational players) and the other literally needs a third WR and a dynamic RB to be competent based on his time at USC.

            This will never happen but I’d almost prefer 1-2-3 and something next year as well. Take the 1 and three, go get Mond, and take the 2’s this year and get Javontae Williams a Dline player do the trade down hustle with the second pick of the second rounders and in the third get Ben Cleveland. a future young cheap QB with tons of upside, a hopeful bell cow back a, someone on the Dline, and a Guard at least then I’d know they were getting back to “pete ball,”….or whatever

            • Rob Staton

              Sure, it’s fair to be concerned about the prospect of Darnold. I’m just reflecting on why they’d need a QB contingency plan before moving off Wilson. And I’m not convinced #20 gets you Kellen Mond.

              • Peter

                20 probably doesn’t get you Monday. The problem following you for a decade plus is when you spot a riser it often happens.

            • Pugs1

              Just for clarity the comments Pete made about Darnold were from the season when the Seahawks played the Jets. Praising the other teams QB is a common practice. Not saying that Sam isn’t a target, but I think PC/JS are running around telling everyone they love Darnold.

              • Rob Staton

                People keep saying this and it’s not accurate.

                Brad Biggs reported that a NFL GM told him to watch Seattle & Darnold.

                The NYDN reported a league source citing the connection.

                Cowherd also made the connection, then simply read out Carroll’s quote to emphasise his point.

                This idea that people have put two and two together and got five based on some pre-game press conference quote isn’t accurate.

                • dcd2

                  I think Pugs is saying this in response to the previous post asserting that Pete blew his leverage by talking up Darnold.

                  That they may indeed be interested, but that quote came from last season.

                  • Rob Staton

                    You’re right, apologies. I misread

                  • Scot04

                    Pete’s good at talking up players and losing leverage. He referred to Adams as more than just a Safety quite a few times; A weapon.
                    Well Adams saying same about himself after the season in regards to his new contract. It’s becoming more and more obvious he’s the one making the final decisions on Trades, just like turning down the Bears. Although 3 1sts a 3rd and two players isn’t that exciting. If Mack was in before restructure and a 2021 2nd instead of a 3rd, i think it would have been tougher to say no. But i agree a QB deal needs to be in place 1st.

                  • Peter

                    I actually mean a combination of corny quotes plus typing “seahawks, pete carrol, Sam darnold,” or some combo into the Google plex produces dozens of speculations including up to 8 teams looking into Darnolds availability. Plus cowherds comments.

        • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

          Maybe the Seahawks demand a QB solution because they do not really want to deal with Chicago. They may want to force Russ to approve a trade to NY or Miami.

  3. Rob Staton

    New live stream on Thursday at noon PST

    Special guest Danny Kelly

    • Burner

      Hey Rob, what is noon PST our time? Got caught out yesterday, are they 7 hours behind us now?

      • Rob Staton

        Yep, they’re seven hours behind rigth now so 7pm our time

    • GerryG

      Awesome, love Danny K!

    • Tomas

      Great, look forward to this.

  4. Martin

    Thought I’d check out if Witherspoon was missing a lot of tackles – maybe not?

    Ahkello Witherspoon; 8 tackles missed on 700 snaps in 2018, 9 tackles missed on 562 snaps in 2019 and only 1 missed tackle on 334 snaps in 2020.

    Shaquill Griffin; 10 tackles missed on 941 snaps in 2018, 15 tackles missed on 917 snaps in 2019 and 6 missed tackles on 812 snaps in 2020.

    Trey Flowers; 10 tackles missed on 903 snaps in 2018, 13 tackles missed on 978 snaps in 2019 and 4 missed tackles on 578 snaps in 2020.

    • Rob Staton

      Good to know because that was an issue in college

    • Trevor

      I don’t think Witherspoon is an incredible signing but I think there is ever chance that Withersppon = Griffen when it comes to level of play at a huge discount.

      • Peter

        Hopefully, but currently griffin in only 6 more games had nearly twice the combined tackles and double the passes defended. Witherspoon maybe turns something on with PC, but currently he’s got “just a guy vibes.”

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I feel the same about Griffin (JAG). And for me, a $4m/yr JAG >>> $15m/yr JAG.

          • MyChestIsBeastMode


    • Sea Mode

      Good info, thank you. Maybe DJ Reed had a good word to put in for him as well.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      Akhello was drafted near the top of the 3rd and Griffen was late in the 3rd. As he comps favorably to Richard Sherman in size and length, this makes me think he was likely higher on Seattle’s draft board than Griffen was back in 2017. He’s definitely prototypical at CB in the Seahawks defense.

      If he plays like Griffen this year then that’s a win for us. And it also means he’ll get paid like Griffen next year.

    • Peter

      It wasn’t so much missed tackles though. It was coming off of LOB and watching a guy in college not miss but literally stand around and not engage. Hopefully that’s an area that Sherman rubbed off. For me that’s been one of the boring but sad things to watch the last few years is how effective the Corners used to be at playing like LB’s and clean up runs and short passes before they turned into third down converting wins for the other team.

  5. Mick

    Rumor is that Cardinals are after Rodney Hudson. I guess we’re waiting that our opponents pick first, and only then we get a C.

    • Tomas

      Damn, hope the Cardinals miss out. NFC West is already plenty tough.

  6. Trevor

    Any off season plan that makes sense for the Seahawks start with trading Adams and Wagner to gain draft capital and cap space allowing them to reallocate resources from LB and Safety to the OL / DL.

    Everyone thinks the Bugs won the SB because of Brady and I think there is some truth to that because he brings that winning mentality and attitude as a leader. That being said they put an incredible amount of draft capital and free agent $ into the OL / DL and that is why they beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. That DL was dominant as is the case with most Super Bowl winning teams. Even the year before the Chiefs duo of Clark and Jones took over in the playoffs and that was what got them over the hump.

    • BoiseSeahawk

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Unless Russ says he’ll go to the Jets and we get 2nd overall for the other Wilson plus multiple early picks this year and next its not worth it to trade our QB.

      Adams was fun for a year but his one big stat is a result of a really unique use case for a safety and he didn’t excel in a lot of the standard areas for a safety in return of that. I’d be fine getting a little less back than we spent to get him last year if it meant getting younger quality players near the top of the draft.

      To get BETTER this year we need to either keep Russ and invest in the trenches or figure out a way to get Wilson #2 and invest in the trenches. Either way, invest in the trenches.

      • Rob Staton

        There’s no sensible argument for paying Adams $18-20m vs having 2-3 cheap players acquired in the draft, plus multiple free agents you can get for the salary.

        He isn’t that good and he doesn’t play a premium position.

        If he was Joey or Nick Bosa or Aaron Donald it’d be a totally different story. He isn’t — he’s a blitzing safety.

        They need to have the balls to move on.

        • Peter


        • Scot04

          Barrett and Sherman would agree 100% with the O-line and pass rush with front 4

  7. Trevor

    The last two offseasons have been the most frustrating in my 39 years as a Seahawks fan even more so than the dark days when the team truly sucked. I think it is because there have been so many opportunities for PC/JS to make this roster truly competitive yet each and every time they pass only to make some other baffling decision.

    I am not sure if that is because of this blog where actual good ideas and plans are presented by Rob and the community but whatever the case the front office needs to do something drastic and switch things up quick or the next year could be simply horrific for Hawks fans with an unhappy passive aggressive QB, very little young talent and an ancient uncompromising head coach.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure this is possible with Carroll making the calls

      The Seahawks need a coherent vision and plan and PC simply doesn’t seem to have one

  8. Sea Mode

    Just a quick typo: *their

    And maybe that is there plan?

  9. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    From @GMFB: The #Bears are signing QB Andy Dalton, but only after a clandestine meeting between #Bears GM Ryan Pace and #Seahawks GM John Schneider in Fargo, ND did not result in a trade for Russell Wilson — despite Chicago’s best efforts.

    When did the #Seahawks firmly decide they weren’t trading Russell Wilson? Yesterday. It was up in the air until then. Only then did Dalton get signed.


    • Sea Mode

      Oh, snap. It sounds like JS might have been on board for getting a haul for Russ, and PC said no. 👀

      • Mick

        If JS was after this possible deal, it’s more understandable why we were so inactive so far.

        • Trevor

          I think that is exactly why.

        • CL

          I’m still skeptical if dabearsblog really has a source, so take with a grain of salt.

          But he said the bears offered 3 1st round picks, 2 3rd round picks and a player, although he doesn’t know who the player was.

          According to him the bears thought they have a deal but Pete Caroll said no.

          • Mick

            To me that’s too little. Right decision from Pete.

          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Does not look like a deal “they couldn’t refuse”. What player outside of Mack could even be enticing? Allen Robinson is their next best talent and we have other pressing holes. I bet they offered a guy whose name rhymes with Dick Holes. Besides Mack, there’s just nobody who is exciting:
            Montgomery – I would rather have Carson or Fournette
            Roquan Smith – If this trade hinged on an ILB then kill me now
            Hicks – would’ve been cool like 4 years ago.
            Fuller – Solid but doesn’t move the needle
            Whitehair – Ditto.
            Anthony Miller – Potential but not a position of need.

            That’s it. For all of these players, I rather get more draft stock, and by draft stock I mean 3 more 2nd rounders before I think about giving the Bears the keys to our Ferrari.

            • Sea Mode

              Agree. I would want Mack and this year’s R2 in there to move the needle. Optionally, throw in a Bobby Wagner – Roquan Smith swap for our trouble.

            • Rob Staton

              Agreed if that seriously was the offer, it was a crap one unless the player was Mack and or they were chucking in a QB via a third party

              • Tomas

                Sounds like the right decision to reject the deal, but knowing (apparently) that it was solely Pete’s call, I can imagine any remaining Pete/Russ rapport fraying further as a result, at least in Wilson’s mind.

            • Scot04

              I agree, i believe similar deals were discussed here a felt not enough. With Mack gone there was no trade. Plus need a 2nd not a 3rd. I do believe a QB decision needs to be set before accepting anything like Rob said.

          • Robbie

            If that was the trade offer I’m glad they said no. They should get a hell of a lot more than that.

      • Trevor

        Could be that or maybe the Bears could just not come up with enough trade capital or could not include a QB like Darnold that the Hawks seemed to have wanted. Either way just seems like they only had one real trade partner because of Russ and his agent and that was likely never going to end well. If he wants to be traded then he will have to drop his no trade clause and open things up I think. If not he will be a Seahawk for at least one more year.

      • Rob Staton

        Seems that JS put everything together and Carroll said no

        • dcd2

          That’s the power dynamic. Pete tells John to work the best deal he can and then let him know, so that he can say Yay or Nay. What a neutered role for a GM to have.

    • Rob Staton

      It seems like Carroll woke up yesterday and made a decision on the future of the franchise, two days into free agency.

      With no resolution in sight

      What the hell is this?

      • Trevor

        If that is really what happened then Js should be handing in his resignation today. If you are a GM and get to the point of negotating a deal for the most valuable player in your franchises history and then at the last second you get the rug pulled out from under you then you have to walk because you have zero credibility when deal with other teams anymore.

        I think that story is generated by the Bears so Pace can save face. At least I hope because if not then we are beyond help at this point.

        • Rob Staton

          Not at all Trevor. This is how the Seahawks have operated for 11 years. Carroll has final say. If Schneider didn’t want that he wouldn’t have signed a new deal.

          I think that story is generated by the Bears so Pace can save face.

          Nothing about this story enables Ryan Pace to save face

          • Trevor

            The part that makes no sense Rob, if that is what happened, is why would JS sit down and have these extensive trade discussions with the Bears if Pete had no intent on signing off on a deal?

            Did Pete just say OK John you go out there and see what kind of deal you can get for our franchise QB and I will let you know? Makes no sense unless Pete has onset dementia.

            • Rob Staton

              Of course it makes sense, that is Schneider’s job.

              It’s hardly the most outrageous thing for a GM to talk to another GM and establish what’s on offer.

              The bit that doesn’t make sense is Carroll making the final call two days into free agency and now seemingly letting this fester and linger. This needed sorting long before now

              • Trevor

                With your franchise QB this happens all the time. I don’t think so Rob. I don’t think the Packers GM has ever just casually hammered out a deal to trade Rodgers just to establish an offer. With the entire NFL media tuned in.

                If that is the case the Seahawk front office structure is broken.

                • Rob Staton

                  Trevor, I never said it happens all the time specifically with a franchise quarterback.

                  But in this instance, the quarterback happens to be the player who could’ve been dealt.

                  A general manager speaking to another team about what’s on offer and then the key decision maker making a decision is a completely unspectacular set of circumstances.

                  And nothing is ‘broken’. They’ve operated this way since day one when PCJS took over. Carroll makes the big calls.

                  You can think that’s the wrong way to operate but it’s the way they’ve done business since 2010.

                  • dcd2

                    Ya, this has been going on forever. I think John probably has leeway to make deals like Dunlap/Coleman/Diggs that involve day 3 picks. I think he also has carte blanche to make waiver moves like DJ Reed.

                    Anything that involves significant capital needs Pete to sign off. John is just a middle man, who works the best deal he can and then presents it to Pete to make the call.

                    In the case of Jamal, Pete said pull the trigger. For Russ, he said no.

                  • Gary

                    I think it’s the wrong way to operate.

          • Pugs1

            Does that mean the Bears FO doesn’t try and save face? There have been many reports that the Seahawks were listening to offers but not engaging in negotiations. Isn’t it possible the Bears shot their shot and it wasn’t enough. The Bears substantial offer could be an insult to the Seahawks. I don’t care if they trade Russ but they shouldn’t give him away for anything less than fair market value. Until we know what offers were turned down I’m not gonna criticize.

            • Rob Staton

              The reported offer, and I see no reason not to trust Dan Patrick, was nowhere near good enough

              Nothing about this story, or the way it has been reported, can be construed as a face saving mission

            • Pugs1

              Sorry I posted without seeing the Dan Patrick story. With that said I wasn’t blown away by the Bears offer. I’m ok with them turning it down.

              • Pugs1

                The story that seemed face saving to me was the Rapoport “substantial offer” story. Sorry for the confusion. The DP story seems like real good info.

        • cha

          That is how every trade works. The front office team works out the best offer they can and then gets approval from the higher ups who have final say in personnel.

          • Trevor

            What I am saying Cha is that if you are serious about trading your star QB do Pete and John not sit down before he heads to ND to meet with Pace and say this is what we need for a deal to make sense. If they offer this then we pull the trigger if not we don’t? How does JS even negotiate a deal if he does not know what it will take to get Pete to accept.

            It is like a real estate agent try to sell a house when he has no idea what the owner wants for it to be willing to sell.

      • Scot04

        I thought i read somewhere Seattle rebuffed Chicago offer. If so I’m guessing that’s where Dalton came in. Based on everything coming out, it definitely seems like a reasonable assumption

  10. Trevor

    You think it is a blow to Russ’s ego that 3 of the 4 teams on his list were basically not even interested and would prefer to roll with Winston, Carr, Dak?

    • Sea Mode

      Nah. I think even he knows that not every team was going to be desperate enough to fork over the necessary haul to pry him away from the Hawks.

      What do y’all think about Cowherd suggesting WFT as a destination similar to the one Brady walked into in TB?

      Makes a good amount of sense to me, plus it’s close to RW’s hometown in Richmond, VA.

      • Trevor

        I always thought Washington made a ton of sense. They have a good OL and young weapons plus cap space. They seemed like an obvious choice but Rob said it is likely because they don’t have an offensive head coach.

        • Sea Mode

          True Rivera is Rivera, and they would have to pitch Russ on giving him the offensive freedom he desires.

          Also an easier division with primetime rivals, as Cowherd points out.

          • Gary

            Recall Rivera coached Cam Newton to league MVP.

            • Rob Staton

              I wouldn’t say Rivera coached Newton to MVP — I think that was Cam being Cam

              • Gary

                I could have worded that better. In response to the comment that Rivera is not an offensive coach, I meant to say that Rivera was head coach of the Panthers when Cam Newton was the league’s MVP.

      • STTBM

        I think it’s a great spot for Russ, and I think some of his family is from that general area. But Rivera is a defensive coach, rather conservative. Russ would win, but it seems he wants to win HIS way, with the offense on his shoulders.

        Man, so far everyone is coming out of this situation with egg on their face, looking clueless and reactionary.

        Someday, books will be written about the situation, and it will be fascinating: like a podcast on how WW1 and WW2 are linked and the wheels that set it in motion…

      • Rob Staton

        Washington was a poor suggestion from Colin

        Bad culture which lingers even with Ron Rivera’s fresh approach, not an offensive minded coach

        Just never felt like a fit and there’s a reason they weren’t on the list

        • Sea Mode

          Well, sounds like Seattle except with a top 6 OL and a top defense. Use their cap space to bring in another WR alongside McLaurin and if I were Russ, I’d be happy cooking there close to home.

          Plus, Ron has experience winning with a dual threat QB. You don’t think he would bend over backwards and cede offensive control to get Russ?

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t Ron Rivera’s willingness to do that is the issue though.

            Wilson picked four teams with offensive minded Head Coaches. I don’t know how Rivera operates but he’s a 59-year-old defensive minded coach and they tend to be more conservative than say the Andy Reid disciples such as Matt Nagy or aggressive offensive minds such as Sean Payton or Jon Gruden.

            And it’s not just the Head Coach. It’s the culture in Washington. It’s abysmal. I doubt Wilson wants to go and be the figurehead for Dan Snyder.

            If he wanted Washington, they would’ve been on the list.

            • Sea Mode

              Time to release the “tier 2” list then, IMO

    • Rob Staton

      No — I just don’t think they felt they could compete with whatever the desperate Bears were offering

      • Simo

        If the desperate Bears best offer really was three R1’s, two R3’s and a player who probably isn’t named Mack, then perhaps they really aren’t as desperate as we thought. Obviously this is still a big offer for any one player, but as we know franchise QB’s in their prime do not grow on trees! Offers for these rare players need to be overwhelming, and this offer is not!

        I really think the only way Russ gets dealt this year still is if more teams are added to his list. If the WFT, the Dolphins, the Jets, Panthers, etc become options then another full round of competition can occur among other teams who desire to upgrade their QB situation.

        All of this trade Russ drama shouldn’t preclude the team from filling other needs though, and that is frustrating for sure. They need to either upgrade or just fill holes on the OL, DL, RB, WR, LB regardless of whether they trade Russ!

        FFS, go ahead and make some other decisions and acquisitions to help the team!

  11. Sea Mode

    Re-structuring Russ and using that money to sign Hudson could be a big olive branch…

    • Trevor

      Would certainly tell fans, Russ and other free agents he is not going anywhere. That is why I still think as Rob pointed out that this is far from over.

  12. Sea Mode

    Here’s another thought that came to me this morning: if we do extend Adams and want to build around him, should we be looking for a KJ replacement who excels in coverage? Since Adams will be blitzing, we will need the LBs to drop into coverage more in order to disguise the looks at least a little bit.

    • Peter

      What a weird comment, not from you, but that after years of having “types,” at every position and Rob calmly batting down this or that player because: We don’t need a beefy boy at Nose tackle, Corners look like “x”, Seattle rushes four, no sense in looking at big nickel corners, yes so and so is great as a LB but Seattle has three…..

      Now with limited everything to build a team Seattle is looking to possibly construct the almost opposite of what they ran with for a decade for one player…

  13. CL

    Brandon Marshall says that the Chicago Bears could still get Russell and the Seahawks should sit down with Russ and make things right.

    He then goes on “if they don’t figure it out now, there’s gonna be a trade partner here pretty soon.”


    • Rob Staton

      I liked him taking the piss out of Russell’s twitter video

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        “Surrounded by 5 mad scientists on a stationary bike” Haha

        What a stupid video from RW. Was he intimating that he’s going to blow up everything ala Bane and the Gotham (Pittsburgh) Steelers?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it was that.

          I just think it’s the kind of crap workout video that athletes post that is completely pointless

          Get off the bike, go and sit at a table with Pete Carroll and sort this out once and for all

          • Sea Mode

            Maybe trying too hard to get a Peloton sponsorship…?

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              He’ll definitely sell more jerseys to upper middle class white women

  14. Trevor

    I have always thought the current mess the Hawks are in was 30% Pete/ 30% JS / 30% Russ Ego /10% bad luck.

    The more I hear the more I think it is like 75% Pete first with the Adams deal and now the Russ debacle. Love what he has done for the Hawks and I have never said this before but it is time for him to go after just getting his massive extension.

    • Rob Staton

      Of course it’s 75% Pete. If not more.

      John Schneider works for Pete. John gets to identify ‘his guys’ in FA and the draft and share his info with Pete but on the big calls — Jamal Adams, trading up for Darrell Taylor, what happens with Wilson — it’s Pete. He’s at the head of the table.

      And on the field it has to be Pete’s vision and philosophy too.

      And it’s been made very clear that Wilson’s main reason for wanting out is Pete.

      • Trevor

        I knew it was the on field vision and philosopy and to be honest I was almost OK with that. He is what he is. But if he is really all powerful and making trade / draft decisions and ignoring JS advice then it is going to be a long 3-4 years or he gets canned.

      • Trevor

        The million dollar question I have is why the heck would JS sign up for another 4 years of that?

        • Rob Staton

          A great salary?

          Because the alternative is uprooting his family and going somewhere where the grass might not be greener?

          • Trevor

            I guess the $ and family stuff makes sense. Just surprised with his reputation he would not want to be in a position where he called the shots. He would know better than anyone if Pete was going off the rails.

            • Rob Staton

              Well his reputation is pretty good right now and they’ve worked this operation for 11 years.

              In many ways its ideal. He rarely gets the blame, Carroll does.

            • dcd2

              Stockholm Syndrome

          • Sea Mode

            Yup. Plus job security for the foreseeable future; no pressure on them to produce results.

      • Tomas

        Pete is HC & GM, with JS as assistant GM. Would not these job titles more accurately reflect the reality of their relationship?

  15. cha

    We all know Pete Carroll burns to win. Yet the moves the team recently have made under his direction give the appearance of a leadership group uncertain of their charting, desperate to simply remain competitive and willing to be backed into a corner by time, circumstance and opportunistic teams and free agents rather than control their own destiny.

    History repeats

    • Trevor

      Yep and not changing anytime soon.

  16. Sea Mode

    Look, I find Russ as annoying as many do, but as I said from the beginning of this whole saga, I’m 100% Team Russ on this one. How else is anyone at all ever going to be able to put any kind of pressure on Pete?

    Russ wants to win. Just like we all do, he sees PC stuck in the same rut of the past 7 years (all the while with his happy-go-lucky optimism that things will magically “get better” just because), and so he demands change. Power to him, I say.

    Here’s a thought: what does PC have to lose at this point by trying out Russ’ offensive approach for a year? If it works, great, your QB is happy and it’s a win for everybody. If it doesn’t work, the results won’t be any worse than those we’ve grown used to these past years and Russ will be gone anyway.

    I find Rob’s point from yesterday incredibly persuasive and it is the first question I would ask PC/JS if given the opportunity:

    After all, if you’re willing to shift to bear fronts on defense and double your blitzing to accommodate Jamal Adams, why aren’t you willing to listen to a quarterback you opted to pay $35m a year?

    • Trevor

      I am with you Seamode. I find Russ annoying as hell too but I am with him on this one. I was all for trading Russ if they could get a great haul and do a quick rebuild but not if Pete is calling the shots it just doesn’t make sense given his recent decisions regarding the roster and schemes etc.

      • Peter

        Yep. Truly one of the all time corniest interviews and personalities in Sports….but….best QB Seattle has ever had. And before getting Metcalf minus all the talk of Defense and Lynch there was in my eyes about 3 years where Russ was still winning w/o a full team and getting his job done. Like the Mckissick/Procise/Lacy Era

  17. CallMeAL

    This just in from the Seattle Seahawks,

    The Seattle Seahawks will be holding tryouts the weekend of 27-28 March 2021. Everyone is welcome to participate! Openings available at all positions on the team, especially quarterback! Two-way players a plus! Prior pro or college experience desired but not necessary. Starting pay will be league minimum with potential for performance bonuses. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be part of a great organization with the possibility of going head to head with the NFL’s best players!

    • Sea Mode

      No stone left unturned…

      • Peter

        jokes aside I actually miss when they were willing to bring in everyone including PC’s college recruits and had the stones to cut them in a day or three.

  18. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the article with some draft notes at the end

    • Trevor

      Rob I would love to see Ben Clevland as our LG next year. Last year you got me hooked on Damien Lewis and it was one of the rare times the Hawks took a guy I really wanted them to. What range do you think Clevland gets drafted? Do you think he will be a fit for the expected scheme Waldron will run?

      • Rob Staton

        Personally, I would consider Ben Cleveland in the top-75. I don’t have the same intel as the team, there was no combine and he got hurt at the Senior Bowl. But based on his physical profile info I do have and tape, I think he’d be a terrific fit at guard.

        I’m higher on him than most but then I thought Damien Lewis should’ve been a top-50 lock too.

        As for Waldron’s scheme — Mike Solari is still the O-line coach. We have to remember that

        • Trevor

          Well I for one hope to see him at LG next year. He and Lewis would be a nice pair of physical guards to build the OL and run game around.

          • Rob Staton

            If you draft Ben Cleveland and Landon Dickerson (injury issues acknowledged) you’d have the toughest interior O-line in the NFC.

            • Mick

              Rob, since you mentioned them several times, I looked at some videos. They both look amazing. Do you think they will have problems going from college football to NFL? We’d have three young players in the trenches and I’d be a little scared of putting them against Aaron Donald and Nick Bosa.

              • Rob Staton

                It is what it is really. I’d rather have young talent than old, more expensive mediocrity.

                It’s not just those two either. Aaron Banks, Quinn Meinerz, Creed Humphrey, Josh Myers… there are good options here

            • Blitzy the Clown

              My two plausible OL hopes out of this draft are Cleveland and Minerz (assuming no decent FA OL signings). An interior OL of Cleveland-Minerz-Lewis would cement the Seahawks’ OL for the next several seasons.

        • Scott

          I don’t think Solari still being O-Line coach is any big thing. OLine coaches typically coach all kinds of schemes over the course of their careers. If Waldron’s scheme is based on Wide Zone then Solari will know how to coach that with whatever OL guys they have / bring in. The great part is it’s a relatively simple scheme to learn for the OL.

          This is where trading RW doesn’t make much sense to me. Russell was made for this style of Offense. The Wide Zone & Play Action style is what Russell is great at and lends itself to his skillset. Waldron was apparently “his guy”. Based on that hire it would seem he’s already been granted part of his wish. Continue building around that….adding a Center or RG and a TE that can block like an OL and catch like a WR and the offense is there, IMO.

          I’m much more concerned about the path our D is on than our offense.

          • Rob Staton

            Well let’s put it this way.

            Damien Lewis and Brandon Shell certainly fit Solari, not the Rams’ scheme.

            So unless you think they’re going to ask Solari to coach a different scheme, with players who suit his scheme, I would imagine Waldron is going to adapt around the assets at his disposal, working with Solari, rather than the other way around.

  19. Sea Mode

    Finally someone just went ahead and said it!

    Tom Pelissero

    David Bakhtiari APY: $23,000,000
    Trent Williams APY: $23,010,000

    Quote Tweet
    David Bakhtiari
    · 18m

    @TrentW71 you petty AF 😂😂😂. Congrats on the deal and history Silverback. Very deserving. Excited to see you continue to do 🦍 things.

    Also, ICYMI, take a look at this:

  20. Sea Mode

    An executive with a team that has been monitoring the quarterback market said Tuesday the Panthers “are locked” on Watson, the 25-year-old who grew up in Gainesville, Ga., and won a national championship at Clemson — both within an easy half-day drive of Charlotte.

    Panthers owner David Tepper has made no secret of his desire to upgrade at the quarterback position. And Watson looks to be Plan A, B and C.


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Far better Watson goes to Carolina than San Francisco.

  21. BruceN

    Coleman signs with Detroit for $2.5M. Didn’t follow him last year but he graded 47 by PFF.

    • JD

      I think he signed with Miami

      • BruceN

        Sorry, I meant Miami. He was with DET last year.

  22. JD

    Kevin Fishbain
    Yes, the Bears threw everything they could at trying to acquire Russell Wilson. The Seahawks didn’t budge.

    According to
    , an offer was three first-round picks, a third and two starters.

    If true, that doesn’t seem like an offer you can’t refuse.

    Rob I agree with you that this situation should have been resolved by now, either by trade or mutual resolution. But what are your thoughts about the Bears not making an offer worth taking? How do you think the Seahawks should have handled that? Because you can’t make the Bears pay something they aren’t willing to.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah sounds like the Bears didn’t step up to the plate at all.

      • JD

        Agreed. ‘Two starters’ sounds less of a caliber than Mack, Hicks or Roquan too. I feel like they would have added terms like “Pro Bowl” or “All Pro” if it were the case that legit players were included.

      • dj 1/2 way (SEA/PDX)

        How many second round picks would they have to add? I think three second round picks would have done it.

  23. Ashish

    Alex Mac going to 49ers. Frustrating and disappointing reading all signing news 😒😑. Even dumb people learned from their mistakes. PC /JS what are you thinking….

    • Mick

      Rodney Hudson to Cardinals would trouble me more. I hope JS gets in on that deal.

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, you know they will be “in on it”…

      • Ross

        Agreed. However, I’m hoping for David Andrews, if his medicals check out. He’s younger, likely cheaper, but very good.

        • Mick

          Dolphins, Packers and Falcons, plus Patriots try to sign him back. No mention of Seattle. It’d be very happy with him too.

        • BruceN

          Hudson is a better center (1 sack allowed last year) but either one works. Hudson is a better pass blocker too.

  24. Ashish

    If I’m Russ I would not hold the ball and try extending play to get hit.

    • Sea Mode

      Hard not to do when your coach is unable to pivot off your play action, deep pass offense to adjust to what defenses are playing.

    • James Kupihea

      Such a tired excuse… the man in recent years has produced 80% of the offense. You don’t produce 80% of your offense when your line is blocking and your receivers get open. Hard to just throw it dead when you’re down 3 scores because your defense is historically bad and you need to make a play. Not to mention that the defense hasn’t been LOB caliber in six years.


      Now the guy wants to leave, and suddenly PC was this defensive genius and the only element that’s ruining this team is Russell Wilson and his cap hit?

      Who is that other guy that gets blamed for holding the ball a lot when the rest of the team isn’t performing to his level around him…some guy from Chico, California named Aaron I think.

  25. Sea Mode


    · 1h

    The #Eagles, according to a report, are contemplating making a major trade for DeShaun Watson. And it actually makes a ton of sense. Here’s more on what could be a franchise-altering blockbuster:

    https://trib.al/lM7VFlB @evan_macy

    Zoo With Roy

    I am contemplating going jet skiing with Kate Upton to an island made of stromboli

    • TheOtherJordan

      I think it would help the Seahawks immensely to have the Watson situation resolved. It would add now reportedly three teams that are making a “major trade” to acquire him that missed out. Perhaps one or two of them then turn their attention to Russell and make a significant offer to Seattle.

  26. TheOtherJordan

    It hasn’t changed. Schneider has three simultaneous negotiations going on with Wilson. One with Wilson and his agent to accept the trade. One with the team trying to acquire Wilson on compensation. And one with Pete Carroll. Schneider has to convince Pete that whatever trade occurs provides a viable solution at QB to win now. And until he does Russell is a Seahawk. Pete was never going to roll with a rookie or veteran retread in his final years in Seattle.

  27. no frickin clue

    Seems like the only additional draft firepower is going to come from trading out of #56 overall.

    If we’re not trading Russ, and seemingly no news or rumors of any other names that might fetch decent draft capital (Wags, Adams), how else is Schneider going to add to his collection of picks this year? Can’t even trade the 2022 #1 since that one already left the building. #stillangry

    So I started looking at recent trades where a team traded down, starting in the 2nd round, and collected an extra pick or two in the same draft. I excluded trades involving existing players, and I excluded trades that were 2-for-2 or 2-for-3 combos, since we only have 4 picks to begin with.

    Browns trade out of #41 overall, move down 3 slots to #44, pick up 5th round selection (#160)
    Seahawks trade out of #64 overall, move down 5 slots to #69, pick up 5th round selection (#148)

    Seahawks trade out of #37 overall, move down 10 slots to #47, pick up 3rd rounder (#77)
    Raiders trade out of #38 overall, move down 2 slots to #40, pick up 5th rounder (#158)
    Bengals trade out of #42 overall, move down 10 slots to #52, pick up 4th rounder (#125) and 6th rounder (#182)
    Rams trade out of #45 overall, move down 11 slots to #56, pick up 3rd rounder (#101)
    Colts trade out of #46 overall, move down 3 slots to #49, pick up 5th rounder (#144)
    Rams trade out of #56 overall, move down 5 slots to #61, pick up 5th rounder (#167)

    . . .

    Based on those recent draft day deals, it seems to me that the sweet spot for extra draft capital, starting in late 2nd round, is probably an extra 5th rounder.

    So, Rob – if you match that up with your draft board, at what positions do you see the most depth that is likely still available in the 5th round?

    My best-case scenario for Schneider is two consecutive trade-downs starting at #56, in small increments. Then select your first player around #65-#70 overall and have grabbed two extra 5th rounders in the process. That would yield six picks overall.

    • dcd2

      Pick #56 is worth 340 points on the chart. NYJ have pick #66 (260) & #104 (80). That would probably be a perfect world.

      Jags have the picks before them #65/103 (347pts) and have 11 picks overall. Another good option, that might require sending a future pick back.

      You can never tell who will be available at your pick that makes sense, or who will be willing to trade though.

  28. CallMeAL

    So the Bears put their best offer on the table and it wasn’t good enough. Probably not close to what many of us expected. I have to side with Pete on this one, you have to replace Russ and have enough left over to make it worthwhile.

    Lets face it, there are two maybe three quarterbacks in this draft that we would want and two of them are spoken for. The third would cost plenty. Next years options aren’t looking great either. As for Sam Darnold, the Jets just aren’t going to give him away to us and at some point he’s just not cost effective.

    PC wants value and RW wants his pick of teams. I’m all for Russ being the one who has to give in.

    Say he does, what teams could offer us good value for Russ? Lets start with Miami (#3 and 18 picks), it would make a lot of sense for both teams. Then there’s Carolina (#8 pick), they also have the capital to make this work, but it’s been said they are all in on Deshaun Watson. Next you have Denver (#9 pick), another possibility and I’m sure they would be interested. That leaves Washington (#19 pick), not a great first round pick, but they have a lot more to offer than Chicago and they need a franchise QB.

    I would have included the Jets, but as per Rob they are not an option and I agree.

    So it comes down to can any of these teams offer a pick or picks so PC can get the quarterback he wants or enough draft capital where it would make sense to go after Sam Darnold. Would they be interested knowing the price and if so would they be willing to give the value PC is looking for.

    I believe this is the dilemma PC is dealing with. If he trades RW it has to be to the benefit of the Seahawks. Keeping RW will also be difficult as it would require PC to compromise with RW and I’m not sure he is willing to do that.

    • AlaskaHawk

      This team is going down the tubes. No money, no first round draft picks. Only one draft pick in first 150 picks.

      The fans and Pete are way too greedy. Three firsts and additional draft picks was a very fair price for Russell.

      But Pete’s in charge, and he will not let his prize quarterback go. Or apparently his prize safety.
      Wake up, Seahawks will suck next year. They can’t afford anyone without restructuring existing contracts. Those contracts depend on the good will of restructured players, and there is no good will left.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        What you call greedy, I’d call pragmatic. 3 late 1sts, 2 3rds, and 2 JAGs is not a trade worthy of RW. If they took that trade we would most certainly be in a worse position for foreseeable future.

        • Scot04

          Just 1 3rd

        • Tim

          I don’t know if it’s pragmatic at all. What really matters is whether the Seahawks and Russ can work things out. If they cannot then the trade would have been perhaps the best return possible.

          Think about it this way, if Russ ends up walking in two years then the Seahawks will end up in the QB hunt, and they’ll be doing it with one 1st round pick per year instead of trying to land someone while holding those extra picks.

          If he’s on the way out, then it’s worth getting as much as you can for him rather than waiting to pick up that 3rd round comp pick. That’s a very big IF, of course.

          I’d rather they all work things out between them. We’ll just have to see, I suppose.

          • MyChestIsBeastMode

            Working things out will be great, but I’m not optimistic that it will ever be a good relationship between coach and player again. However, pulling the trigger on the trade based on the fear that RW will walk in 2 years seems like the opposite of pragmatic to me.

            These suitor(s) aren’t going to suddenly not want RW. Maybe the value will fluctuate between now and the draft this year or maybe into next year if RW stays with us that long. But a shit deal for RW will always be a shit deal for RW from the point that its accepted by JS/PC.

            I’ve said this before, and I don’t mean to make it sound easy, but guys making 10s of millions of dollars are more than likely going to find a way to smooth things out or at least work cordially for some temporary period of time if need be. It’s a game and a business and all parties involve know that very well.

            PC/JS are looking out for what is best for the team. Trading RW vs keeping disgruntled RW is the black and white of it. If they trade RW then PC/JS need to feel that the deal is best for the team because if a trade doesn’t occur they still have RW, a top HoF QB in his prime.

            It seems clear that PC/JS want something to work out as far a trade goes, but a very important point that I haven’t seen brought up yet is that PC/JS are under no pressure here to do anything that they’re not comfortable with. I like that and think it allows them the flexibility to tighten the vice on teams like Chicago whose fans are losing their shit about Nagy and GM’s inability to secure the trade.

            Maybe the most straightforward way to put this, IMO, PC/JS are not going to trade RW unless they get what they want. It’s not a matter of compromise or good value. It’s got to be the value they want. Simple.

  29. Matt

    Rob – Your segment on KJR was outstanding. Better than anything I’ve heard in a long time on local sports radio.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Matt

  30. Rob Staton

    I don’t know whether to laugh or facepalm at the fans on twitter, reacting to me sharing the Schefter video on twitter.

    Some people simply aren’t willing to have an adult conversation about this Wilson situation. It’s the evil media’s fault.

    And yet the Seahawks and/or Wilson could end the drama right now with one tweet. They choose not to.

    • Seahawk_Dan

      Don’t go to Seahawks.net then. It’s mostly Pete apologists, whataboutisms, “bUt tHe CaP!!!”, and other nonsense that makes you hide from the fact that the team is gonna be run aground, torched, and Pete will move on like with USC.

      • Rob Staton

        Someone just sent me a tweet claiming it’s a non-story

        On the same day it was revealed the Seahawks held serious trade talks with the Bears and the NFL’s #1 insider didn’t rule out a trade before the draft.

        Jesus wept

    • Mick

      I tend to believe they don’t know either where this is going to end: trade Wilson before the season starts, keep Wilson for at most a year, mumbling and leaving at first opportunity, bury the hatchet and live happily ever after. Wilson might want something, Carroll something else, Schneider could also play a role, we’ll see. As big as this is, we miss too many players to be this inactive, we need to get deals done, and we have to restructure whoever we can for this.

    • Matt

      Yep…no idea how anyone can think “well, problem solved!”

      I mean…they literally reported what the offer was and that JS was actively talking to Ryan Pace. This is very, very real. And it should bother people that neither side is making any sort of definitive statement.

      I’m going to put a little on the RW camp (90+% on PC/JS), but maybe it’s time for RW/Rodgers to just flatly say – “the Seahawks need to trade RW.” Will it happen? No. Would it be refreshing for either one of these sides to make a definitive statement? Yes.

      This season will absolutely be a disaster. The schedule looks brutal, the roster not improved, and you have a disgruntled QB with one foot out the door. Fans may be unhappy now…give it another 9 months.

  31. UkAlex6674

    So if the Bears truly didn’t step up to the plate, how will their fans view their FO now? On one hand, they took a swing at it. On the other hand, they failed to get a sure fire first ballot HOF who was seemingly there for the taking by potentially going in light. And then signed Andy Dalton (who in my eyes is in no way a dud QB, but when put into context/comparison). What would you all think if the Seahawks were the Bears?

    Also, by PC turning down whatever was offered – is this his way of saying to RW ‘you’re my guy’ without having to go public, and ultimately lose face/damage his ego that has been highlighted a lot lately.

    Or, as people have noted above, the Seahawks are just keeping their powder dry to work out QB succession plan.

    Either ways….just sign some OL!

  32. Gaius Marius

    Let’s make one assumption…that Chicago’s offer was not enough. That Wilson remains tradeable (the “at this time” addendum).

    If that is so and both the Seahawks and Wilson do want to move on (with the right deal), then I would think the Seahawks would lay out the following options for Wilson…

    1. Open up your list. We’ll then reach back out to those additional teams to see if there’s a fit to move you.
    2. Accept that you’re here for next season and will be playing how we want you to play (same as it ever was).

    It’s clear that this saga has already been a major distraction. A falloff in 2021 (which seemed likely even before all of this) would only sour relations further.

    I am floored at how many fans think that everything is okay, that an unhappy franchise QB is no deal whatsoever.

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed with everything here

    • no frickin clue

      Makes me wonder whether Russ still thinks using a baseball guy to negotiate for him was a sound strategy.
      Opening up to more teams looks like weakness now.

  33. Seahawk_Dan

    “Also, by PC turning down whatever was offered – is this his way of saying to RW ‘you’re my guy’ without having to go public”

    He could’ve signed a top Tier lineman for Russ, or pick up a solid #3 receiver. That would show that Russ is their guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Great way to show ‘you’re my guy’…

      We’ll talk to teams about a trade, we’ll not do anything on the points you’re concerned about, we’ll not come out and make it public you’re the man.

      The Seahawks are just drifting along

      • Matt

        This was the source of my biggest disagreement on your conversation with Jacson Bevens – he made the case that PC is this elite executive…

        Maybe 8 years ago? But now? How can anyone make the case that he is this great leader? Because Greg Olsen thought the meetings were really efficient? Is that what we are hanging our hat on now?

        I’m more disturbed by an executive that wants to micromanage. My opinion of PC has dwindled over the years, but the moment it became public that he caused the delay of game in the playoffs so he could punt, was the moment I was done with him.

        He’s going to trash this thing like he did with USC.

        • Big Mike

          Sadly, yes he is Matt

      • Big Mike

        Nearly rudderless

      • Grisly Bare

        My Wife: you need to go to therapy and really change or I’m leaving you.

        Me a month later: Good news honey!

        My Wife: did you go to therapy? There are numerous top tier therapists with openings, I checked.

        Me: Of course not. I was “in on” several therapists but none materialized.

        My wife: So you did nothing I asked. Why shouldn’t I leave you?

        Me: Well I went out to the bar last night looking for chicks. Hit it off with one and went back to her place. But when we got there I realized at the last moment that you’re my girl so I never actually sealed the deal.

  34. Seahawk_Dan

    As is, if this team gets 10 wins this year it’ll be because Russ dragged them their kicking and screaming.

    • Matt

      Don’t forget the first round playoff exit followed by the chorus of fans, “what they won 10 games…we are so close to winning a SB.”

      • Seahawk_Dan

        “Pete knows what he’s doing guys! hE wOn A sUpErBoWl!!”

        • CHaquesFan

          hE cAuGhT lIgHtNiNg In A bOtTlE aNd DaDgUm He CaN dO iT aGaIn

  35. JLemere

    So im kind of confused on PC’s thought process. He wants RW out of the building but at the same time knows he can’t win without him. He wants to create cap space and draft capital but doesn’t want to trade or release the big cap hits of Wagner and Adams who both don’t warrant their respective cap hits. So far they let Dunlap go and missed out on Thuney, Linsley, Zeitler, and Mack even though the O-line and D-line are the two most important parts of the team after RW scheme-wise. Does he think he can create a new defensive scheme around Adams? Does he believe that Waldron and his knowledge of the McVay system will elevate players like Phil Haynes and Kyle Fuller into average or above-average offensive lineman and turn Rashaad Penny and Alex Collins into top 10 running backs? Hopefully, in the next 24-48 hours, PC can provide a little bit of clarity for me.

  36. Big Mike

    One of 2 scenarios in the Russ saga seem to me to be the most likely outcome:
    1) they wait too long this offseason, meaning after the draft, and then have to trade him late for less than is proper or
    2) they keep him this upcoming season, his performance looks like it did the 2nd half of last season because he’s frustrated and disinterested like we saw the 2nd half of last season, at least at times, which puts doubt in other GMs minds and driving the market for him down.

    If Pete won’t cede the offense to he and Shane, he needs traded before the draft in April or it starts becoming diminishing returns in terms of locker room, performance and trade possibilities.

    • Rhawk

      Sounds about right

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think Pete was ever serious about letting Russell go. He let them negotiate, stomped on the deal, and now he will reel Russell back in like a salmon on the line. Because that’s what a bad boss does.

      My only advice to Russell is that on every throw, take three steps back and throw the ball. Either to a receiver or the sidelines. Just get rid of the ball and save your body. Also, since Pete can’t get the critical plays in on time, feel free to substitute any play you want at any time. Remember, they have to pay you whether you play or sit on the bench.

    • no frickin clue

      I think the 2nd one is more likely. However, assuming Shane and Russ have an entire offseason to figure out how to attack a two-deep-safety look, my guess is that they start out hot out of the gate. The real question is whether we adapt after defenses adapt again. we havent shown an ability to do that well.

  37. Trevor

    Maybe now that Russ and Rodgers see that only 1 of the 4 teams on his list were even interested in making an offer maybe now they will open things up to more teams. Pretty clear that his value is not what either he or the Hawks probably expected. I mean Pace and Nagy are on the unemployment line now for all intents and purposes and they would not step up. If they aren’t going to I don’t see another team desperate enough to step up particularly with Deshawn Watson available.

    Most likely scenario is Russ is back this year even though he doesn’t want to be and things just further deteriorate as his trade value gets less and less and the Hawks situation gets worse and worse. They are like a divorced couple forced to live together because they can’t afford their own place.

    • Gaius Marius

      The problem is none of those teams were a great trade fit. Dallas opted to overpay Prescott, but not lose picks. The Saints waited on Brees and now will have a competition for QB. The Raiders are fine with Carr. And the Bears, well, they just did not have access to a good enough package.

      So either Wilson relents on his demands or opens up his list. There are teams that could be a trade partner (have the draft capital and assets). That doesn’t mean it will happen because you have to have real drive/desperation too. Both Florida teams could fit the bill, but would only happen if Wilson wants to open up his list.

      If not, get set for a grumpy QB and clubhouse, especially if we struggle.

    • GoHawksDani

      I don’t get the Watson hype…I think he’s overhyped.
      Not saying he’s a bad QB, but tbh Russ seems much better. Watson has a better physique but other than that if Russ is like the 4th-5th best QB in the league, Watson is definitely behind him.

      As for the trade…
      I know Jets likely won’t happen, but it would make a TON of sense.

      Jets could give: SEA R1 and R3 in ’21 they got for Adams. They could also add SEA next year R1 (also got for Adams), they could add their own 2023 R1 or 2022 R1, whatever they prefer. That is 3x R1 and only one belong to them. They could add Darnold and maybe an R2 and R3.

      SEA would get 3xR1, 1xR2, 2xR3 and a starting QB
      Jets would give up (if we summarize last year and this trade): Jamal Adams, 2022 R1, 2022 R3, 2023 R2 (for example) and Sam Darnold.
      They would lose very few picks a disgruntled player (in Adams) and a QB they wouldn’t need
      It be good for the Hawks because they’d get a starter caliber QB, a potentially mid-high R1 pick next year (their own), solid draft pick compensation (6 picks, 3R1, 1R2, 1R3).
      Hawks could also try to trade Adams for picks if they’re mad they made such an awful trade for him (maybe an R1 or R2 and R3 could come back)

      Only problem could be Russell Wilson. But…Ciara would love the city lights and opportunities in NYC, Russ could have a great market for all kinds of businesses. He could be the savior of that franchise. Downside? Defensive minded HC, bad FO. But I doubt Saleh is Pete Carroll.
      Jets has LeFleur as the OC. While SF passing game was not spectacular, they played fast and pretty creative (in the running game, passing to RBs, short passing game, etc).

      Not 100% perfect, but counting a ton of things, it would be a pretty OK deal with everyone involved….with some compromise ofc, but as it’d be with most deals

  38. One Bad Mata'afa

    If the details of the Bears offer are true, Hawks did the right thing in hitting the pause button. I use the word ‘pause’ because it still feels like it’s in the best interest of all 3 parties involved to move on.

    Pete’s not changing, not now. He didn’t sign up for a last hoorah just to change his system.

    Russ knows this system will keep him from making any kind of legit run at “best ever QB” and more and more it appears he’s being driven by his ego.

    Bears rolling with…Andy Dalton? I get that they can’t be left standing at the QB position but I just can’t imagine any world that a hot-seat coach and GM will hitch their trailer to Dalton.

    I can’t help but think the hawks are playing their last leverage card here. Whether its forcing Russ to open up his “desired team” list, or looking the Bears in the eye and saying “yeah, let’s see you go ahead with Andy Dalton as your starting QB. Step up your offer gents.”

    • Rob Staton

      Pete’s not changing, not now. He didn’t sign up for a last hoorah just to change his system.

      And yet he’s completely changed his defensive approach for Jamal Adams

    • AlaskaHawk

      The Bears gave the Seahawks a fair offer which was refused. No other team will bother to spend time on this issue. It’s over. It will be another year of discontented Russell Wilson.

      • Rob Staton

        Your definition of a fair offer is different to mine

        It was a crap offer

        • Trevor

          Agreed because the (3) first round picks would likely all be in the 20’s if they have Russ and then you are not even assured of getting true 1st round talent.

        • AlaskaHawk

          As fans we always want more. I saw many people wanting three way trades for a quarterback, and throwing in Mack for free. It’s just ridiculous. If Russell doesn’t want to play for the Seahawks then suck it up and move on.

          For that matter, suck it up on Adams and move on. The Seahawks have few draft picks, no money. This is ridiculous.

      • BruceN

        It was a decent offer, not a great offer. The two starters were players that most likely are on bloated contracts (Fuller?) who will be released shortly. The #1 pick is 20th pick and no #2 picks were included.

  39. Rob Staton

    Man why can’t they just sign a few good free agents, get back in the draft and let us talk about how much of a BAMF Ben Cleveland is

    • Seahawk_Dan

      Because, sadly, they probably won’t draft Cleveland. Even if he drops to them they’ll pick another lineman they probably could’ve gotten in Round 6.

      • Rob Staton

        Well in fairness they took Damien Lewis a year ago

        • Seahawk_Dan


  40. SamprasSultanofSwat

    Agree about Ben Cleveland. Cleveland is a man among boys. But I would not be surprised if the Browns moved up in the 2nd round(ahead of Seattle) and took Ben Cleveland.

    I was on Chicago Bears forum. The supposed trade was 3 first round picks. A third round pick. And two starters. The Bears fans said that was too much.

    • Rob Staton

      And the Bears fans will also get to enjoy watching Andy Dalton next year

      Because that was nowhere near a good enough offer

      • Hawkdawg

        I dunno how near it was, actually. I could think of a couple of “starters” that might make it much closer, depending on their contract situations.

        • Jhams

          Any offer that did not include a way to immediately get a player the FO believes is the QB of the future was not enough. Outside of the Jets (and maybe the Dolphins) no team in the league can offer that. And that’s assuming PCJS like the non Lawrence QBs enough to take a risk on them.

      • SamprasSultanofSwat

        Rob: I was thinking the exact same thing. 100%

        I was watching the NFL Network this morning. Kay Adams and Kyle Brandt are from the Chicago area. You could read the expression on their faces. Along with Peter Schrager they were TOTALLY disappointed that the Hawks didn’t trade Russell Wilson to the Bears. You would have thought that they had lost a loved one.

    • GoHawksDani

      That’s not “moving every stone”, but I might take that deal depending on the players.
      For Smith and Fuller maybe
      Not the biggest needs, but we could use upgrade at CB and with Smith we could trade Bobby for an R2. Smith and Brooks could start for LB
      2x R1, R3 and a player for a safety is a much better deal (for the Jets). But keeping RW here without a solution will just be super toxic

    • BruceN

      Wait until they see Carolina’s offer for Watson. It will include their #1 (8th pick) this year as part of 3 firsts plus more. I think Seahawks would’ve taken that.

  41. AlaskaHawk

    I’m going to bring this up again because I don’t want to spend the day complaining about Pete Carroll.

    If Taylor develops into an edge rusher, I think the 2020 draft will be looked upon as a historically good draft for the Seahawks. They got at least 4 starters out of the mix. That would include:
    Brooks at linebacker
    Lewis at guard
    Robinson at defensive end
    Parkinson at tight end
    And Swain as 3rd or 4th receiver.

    That’s a pretty good haul compared to many years. Maybe Pete has restored his drafting Mojo?

    • Rob Staton

      If Taylor develops into an edge rusher


    • Mick

      I like most of these kids, but not only Taylor needs to develop. Most need to grow into a starter, and there’s room for improvement for Lewis too. Right now Brooks and Alton are good promises, we haven’t seen enough of Colby and Swain better shows more next year than he did last. I could also imagine us picking say JuJu and then Swain will barely see the pitch.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Even without Taylor, I still think that’s a better haul then previous four years. How many of them are still on the team?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Metcalf is the only player that is memorable to me. I’ve always rooted for Poona Ford and he is finally getting paid, but he was a long shot. Who else have they drafted in last five years?

      • no frickin clue

        Arguing that our 2020 picks are better than prior four years is sort of like pointing to a wilted Trader Joe’s salad in the fridge that has a week until expiration, and declaring it superior to a fruit bowl in the same fridge where all the fruit has turned greenish-gray with mold. Just give it time!

        Okay that’s probably overly cynical. I like Brooks, and I like Lewis. I don’t think Brooks was the best use of a 1st round pick last April when we had more pressing needs on the defensive line, but ok, maybe he turns into a 10-year veteran. Lewis was a great find. The others at this point are all potential.

        Taylor (round 2) – 0% of snaps in 2020
        Parkinson (round 4) – 5% of snaps on offense, 10% of snaps on special teams
        Dallas (round 4) – 14% of snaps on offense, 32% of snaps on special teams
        Robinson (round 5) – 29% of snaps on defense, 2% of snaps on special teams
        Swain (round 6) – 33% of snaps on offense, 33% of snaps on special teams

        I like Robinson the most out of that bunch.

    • GoHawksDani

      How many catches and TDs does Parkinson has?
      How many snaps Robinson played (although I see good upside with him, but he’s far from a starter)
      How many games Brooks started?
      How many snaps Swain played as WR3?

      This is a huge stretch. Yeah, they might have potential, but so far only Lewis proved him truly

  42. Sea Mode

    Close to the 1.5s split mark:

    Azeez Ojulari
    26 bench (with 34 3/8 arm)
    10-7 BJ
    4.66/4.62 (1.60/1.61 10-yd)

    • Sea Mode

      Per Nagy:

      Azeez Ojulari
      Hand:10 4/8
      Arm: 34 3/8
      Wing: 82 4/8

      • Sea Mode

        Fran Duffy

        Chris Long told me last week on the Eagle Eye In The Sky Podcast about Aaron Donald “he has leverage because he’s short, but he has long arms. That’s a deadly combination.”

        Keep that in mind for Azeez Ojulari …

        Crazy length for 6’2, 250! #NFLDraft #UGA

  43. Henry Taylor

    The fact that they’re allowing this situation to linger is infuriating. How on earth do they not get this resolved by now?

  44. Sea Mode

    Surprise, suprise, they are actually going to manage it:

    Albert Breer

    As of this morning, NFL management council records showed just three teams left over the salary cap.

    1) Saints, $12.72 million over.
    2) Chiefs, $5.41 million over.
    3) Bears, $2.42 million over.

    Which is a matter of a few moves being processed. All have to be under by 4 p.m. ET.

    • Simo

      So, all the teams have to be under the cap by 4pm ET when the NFL checks. After they check, sounds like teams will just get back to business and make more signings and go back over the cap. You know the Saints won’t have the final 51 guys on the roster by today. It does seem like this is a very loose requirement.

  45. Sea Mode


    IG: JosinaAnderson

    Phone still going….sigh.

  46. Sea Mode

    “If you’re Seattle, look, they’re focusing on improving this team, doing the things that Russ has wanted: improving the OL, making the defense better…”

    Ummm… I don’t see them doing any of this as of yet…

    Ian Rapoport

    From Free Agency Frenzy: Never say never… but it seems like if the #Seahawks were going to trade Russell Wilson, they would have done it yesterday.


    • CL

      So I guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

      But to me it just seems that Schefter is more or better connected than Rapoport in this story.

      And he said it could still happen before the draft

  47. Sea Mode

    What?! 46.5″??!!


  48. Sea Mode

    Haha, Rob, your boy Ben Cleveland in style!


    • Trevor

      Is it just me or do Georgia and NC St always seem to have freak athletes that look the part.

  49. Scot04

    Kyle Fuller could be cap casualty. I’m guessing he was one of the 2 players offered in trade

    • Matt

      Oof…I bet it was. And that’s pretty insulting, to be honest.

      “Yea…we are willing to throw in this player that we will otherwise cut.”

    • drrew76

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hicks and Fuller.

  50. Sea Mode

    Oh, joy…

    Adam Schefter

    Former Bengals’ WR A.J. Green is finalizing a one-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals, per source.

    • Sea Mode

      Adam Schefter

      A.J. Green is expected to sign a one-year deal worth up to $8.5 million, including $6 million guaranteed, with the Arizona Cardinals, per source.

      • Matt

        At this point, I’m half-expecting Pete to voluntarily play with 10 on the field because he’s smart enough to beat 11.

      • Ryan

        Do other teams have different salary caps than we do? Geez.

    • BruceN

      Oh crap… If he stays healthy what a receiving group.

    • CaptainJack

      Calling it now: Seahawks are heading to a losing season

      • Rhawk

        Yeah I feel we are stumbling into a buzzsaw

        • Matt

          Is 0-6 in the division that crazy?

          • Big Mike

            It’s not crazy Matt, unlikely but not crazy.

      • Peter

        Not sure about a losing season but like Matt says below: 0-6 in division. I could really see 9-7. Too many close wins last year, plus a pretty wrecked SF.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Yawn. Green’s last decent season was 2017. He’s 32. They paid $8 million for him. No thanks.

      • cha

        Agree. This and the Watt signing. Why? Aging, overpaid names from yesterday.

        Could have figured out younger, better, higher upside players for the same $.

        • Happy Hawk

          Because they haven’t had to pay Kyler Murray yet they can afford to chase these “luxury” signings.

  51. CaptainJack

    At this point the Seahawks have grossly mismanaged the Wilson situation. And as of now the only free agency moves have been to sign a 49ers cast-off corner and resign Poona, a middle of the road tier starter. Zero to support Wilson with linemen or weapons.

    • Matt

      The silence is deafening…maybe, and this could be a big reach, maybe they are just doing more due diligence on QBs in the draft and available for trade.

      I can’t imagine RW’s camp is just saying, “well shoot, we tried.”

      I’m curious if Carolina and/or Denver try to jump in the mix? I know they weren’t on the “list,” but they seem like interesting fits. Denver, especially, has a really intriguing group of WRs and a blossoming TE. The fact they are in the same division as Mahomes and Herbert…who knows.

      • Hawk Mock

        Seems weird to me they would go to some clandestine meeting point and just sit there and receive their offer and be like, “ok, gotta take it to Pete, see you later.” Then decline it and that’s it. The media makes it sound like we didn’t counter or anything but just told them he isn’t available at the moment. Couldn’t you just have done that over Zoom? If you go to a meeting like that, don’t you have an offer in mind that gets the deal done, or what’s the point? If they offered 3 firsts and 2 guys like Fuller and Hicks, isn’t then on the Hawks to counter with Mack, Smith, Johnson and some 2nds on top of those 1st’s and he’s yours.

        Get Fournette deal done if that is who you want, go get Hudson to make Russ happy along with Samuel and Everett. If you want to concentrate on Defense, go get Suh, Dunlap, Reddick, K Neal(so we can trade Adams on draft day) and Sherm. Be aggressive with some sort of coherent plan for Pete’s sake! Just crazy how, “oh geez and ahh shucks,” they seem about everything.

  52. Trevor

    My Hawks have no draft capital mock draft

    #56 Ben Clevland (G) Clemson – Hawks have a couple of big nasty guards for the next 5 yrs.

    #129 Janarius Robinson (DE) FSU – Has all the athletic tools to be a legit NFL DE.

    #167 D’Ante Smith (OT) ECU – Development OT with great length and good feet. Get bigger and stronger to come in and start in 2023.

    #206 Keith Taylor (CB) Wash – Hawks need to add a developmental CB

    Man it is depressing doing a mock draft simulation when you have no draft capital.

    • Matt

      I like your draft…but yea, totally depressing. This team will struggle to improve it’s personnel from last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Smith won’t be there

  53. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Prediction time!

    If RW is traded, and if it happens at draft day then the Seahawks will ask for 4 1sts.

    My logic – If the Bears we willing to give 3 1sts, 1 3rd, and presumably 2 starters then equivalent trades are:
    -4 1sts and maybe some 3rd round or later change
    -3 1sts and 2-to-3 2nds and some late round change
    -3 1sts and Khalil Mack… and at least one 2nd rounder and maybe some change. .

    These all sound like a lot. Some may think it a pipe dream. But, I don’t think we would give up RW for less. Anything less makes the sting of giving up a HoF QB in his prime too much to bear (no pun intended).

    • Matt

      Heck…my hope is Carolina swoops in and offers three R1s + two R3s + Derrick Brown and Yetur Gross Matos (I am not a huge fan personally).

      Get yourself Kellen Mond with that first pick.

      Won’t happen…but Carolina is intriguing because they do have some young talent that’s intriguing.

    • Jhams

      You can only trade picks three years in advance, so it would have to be a team that has multiple firsts from another trade. And unless at least one of those first is a top 2/3 then it’s unlikely we could draft a QB of the future with it, unless PCJS is really high on like Kellen Mond or something..

  54. GoHawksDani

    I should thank the Hawks to save me around 125$, because it’s sure as hell that I won’t buy GamePass Europe if they don’t fix this situation and fix it well.
    Either trade RW and build the team smartly or restructure/extend him, shift resources around and build a team that at least have 8% chance to get to the SB (meaning they’re in the top 12 teams in the league this year)

  55. DancingBuddha

    Rob, weigh in with a take for me?

    If(and I realise its a big if but humor me) the Seahawks leave FA with one of center and LG sorted at a satisfactory level, who’s the draftee for the other one you’d go for if you were Schneider?

    Would you rather have Banks at LG than slide Quinn meinherz there?
    Or would you rather have a solid LG in place and go QM?

    Basically, if they could have either guy and fill one OL spot accordingly to sort the other, what’s the combo you’d choose?

    • Rob Staton

      I will be happy as long as it’s addressed properly.

      High draft picks or good FA signings.

      Not inserting Brett Jones next to Ethan Pocic

      • JimQ

        If I remember correctly QM is a guard that played center at the senior bowl and has had little experience as a center. The fact that he played well at center in the senior bowl indicates versatility that puts him perhaps a little higher on the Seahawks draft board. In fact, I personally wouldn’t be upset if he was the first draft pick the Seahawks make after a trade down (perhaps very likely) from their native 2-nd round pick. The OL specifically must be addressed for the team to ever seriously contend for a SB in future years, regardless of who’s playing QB. Young, quality OL’ers from the draft that are coached up well can potentially be good for 10 to 15 year careers which is perhaps longer than many of the offensive stars. QM offers the opportunity to be coached up as either a center or as an OG, kind of a 2 for 1 deal. In a draft with only 4 picks going in, it would maximize the return to take a versatile player such as QM -IMO. However, the Seahawks do need more draft stock – badly.

    • DAWGfan

      Ian Furness who also doubles as the Hawks sideline reporter mentioned on his show yesterday that Jamarco Jones is likely slotted as the starting LG this year. I would not expect Seattle to sign a LG in FA this year unless someone takes a one year prove it deal.

      • Rob Staton

        That… would be really something

        • Rob Staton

          I’m really starting to have some mild concern that they are genuinely just going to slot in Haynes or Jones at left guard, bring back Pocic, start Freddie Swain at WR3, probably bring KJ and and Mayowa and call it a day.

          They don’t have any cap space and they’re not doing anything to create any more

          Although how they fill out their roster and depth with no picks, god knows

          • DAWGfan

            Jones may be solid at LG but that is a crap shoot. Bringing back Pocic as anything other than a rotational piece would be terrible. He just isn’t good enough to be your everyday center. There a still a ton of available WR left on the market. JuJu would be perfect in the slot and since he had a somewhat down year we may be able to get him at a value.

          • dcd2

            That’s where I am too. Trading RW seemed like the only way forward.

            Pete won’t trade Bobby or Jamal, so there’s no way back into the draft.

            Pete seemed to genuinely believe that we were a contender last year, so major moves aren’t needed. Bring the band back together and add a ‘Guy we’re really excited about’ in the 2nd and things should be ship-shape.

            I think Pete looks at 12-4 and thinks… We should have won the NYG game and the ARI game. That would have been 14-2. Once we get Jamal incorporated and a few of the young guys another year, we’re off to home field advantage and a SB.

            • Big Mike

              “Pete seemed to genuinely believe that we were a contender last year, so major moves aren’t needed. Bring the band back together and add a ‘Guy we’re really excited about’ in the 2nd and things should be ship-shape.

              I think Pete looks at 12-4 and thinks… We should have won the NYG game and the ARI game. That would have been 14-2. Once we get Jamal incorporated and a few of the young guys another year, we’re off to home field advantage and a SB.”

              I think you totally nailed it dcd2. be prepeared folks cuz it’s imo very likely this is what we’re gonna see. What’ll be interesting will be what happens in the likely event this “plan” fails and they end up 8-8. Not that Pete will go anywhere, he’ll 4 more freaking years on his contract.

              • Big Mike

                I think you left out that JS will trade back a couple of times and the Hawks will end up in the late 3rd at the earliest.

          • Hawk Mock

            Irvin too. In all fairness, I think they would be spot on in thinking that last year’s injuries were just an anomaly. I know we should be able to count on Mayowa and Irvin playing 100% of the snaps this year at full speed and without getting tired or worn down at all. So, we’re good there. And these young guys – wow, I’m jacked at the progress they’re making. Looking really good in practice. Not sure how that will translate since they lack pedigree and actual playing time in the NFL, but, just wow, very impressive group of young men on the OL. I think they’re ready to take that next step. Definitely set there as well. Looking forward to finding some gems in the all-call to local flag footballer all-stars as well to fill out the roster due to our misuse of draft capital. Always ComPete is back in full effect, going to be a heck of a season!

            • Rob Staton

              Jamarco Jones
              Phil Haynes
              Or a Brett Jones type

              Plus Ethan Pocic

              vs Aaron Donald

              • Hawk Mock

                Sounds good. Just roll out to Leonard Floyd’s side Russ, you’ll be fine.

          • Tomas

            I think Russ/Rodgers will let Pete continue to stumble and bumble for perhaps a few weeks more – allowing him to thoroughly demonstrate to unbiased minds how inept he has become as a supposed leader/team builder. Then, Wilson will explicitly demand a trade, with possibly a veiled threat to sit out the season if necessary. A few additional teams will be added to the acceptable list. I’d rather see Russ get the hell out of town before incurring that serious knee occasioned by having players like Jamarco Jones as OL starters. Discouraged and angry here, and let me say that the Vulcan so-called sports management advisors to Jodi Allen must really suck (I won’t be doing business with them.) Hope I’m completely wrong about all this.

  56. Trevor

    Arizona are the 2011 Seahawks. Guys want to go play there. Say what you want about Kingsbury guys clearly like playing for him and talk which is a huge draw.

    • Matt

      They are being aggressive. One of my favorite quotes is “solve your problems with aggression.” That’s what used to be awesome about this team – they were aggressive with everything.

      Seahawks are…not even trying to solve their problems. “They will fix themselves because we are so smart.”

      It’s like watching a talented hitter just take pitches at the plate, hoping to walk.

      • Rob Staton

        “They will fix themselves because we are so smart.”

        That is the perfect motto for the current day Seahawks

      • Trevor

        Great analogy.

  57. DAWGfan

    Hudson and Andrews IMO would be a better value than signing Linsley and a case can be made that Hudson is the better all around player rated as the #6 center pass protector and #5 run center. The earlier signing of Jordan Miller seems to have fallen off the radar, while Sherman would provide great veteran leadership I don’t know if he would beat out Miller. I loved King in college but he seems to be having confident issues, which sounds like a concern for the recently signed Witherspoon as well.

  58. Matt

    That crew is…interesting. Some good stuff…a lot of meh…growing amount of “yikes.”

    I’ve been befuddled how Brian has just kind of turned into a ring-kissing a-hole over the last few months. Just condescending. Clearly a very smart guy, but he’s evolved into this “all of you are idiots – I know better.”

    You’re the only person I follow on Seahawks twitter. I’ll check in on the other guys feeds occasionally, but the combination of condescension and politics with many of them…just a big pass, for me. Combine that with the current dysfunction with the franchise…and yea, I don’t blame your feelings here.

    • GerryG

      It’s very curious, because in 2019 he was really down on the Hawks team, because in his words, he really likes defense, and cant get behind a team that plays poor defense. Then, this year he was mostly all roses on the team, despite the defense sucking so badly

  59. Rob Staton

    My god twitter is fun today.

    Being a Seahawks fan is so toxic online these days

    Not sure I can be arsed any more

    • Burner

      I know it’s easier said than done, but just ignore all the anonymous idiots. They ruin twitter.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s everything pal. The abuse on here. The abuse on there.

        Eventually I just think what’s the point any more? If the only way to avoid it is to constantly portray the Seahawks in the most positive light, rather than be subjective every step of the way, it’s not worth my time and effort.

        When you’re on a salary it’s different. It’s your duty to deal with the crap. I do enough of that in my day job.

        • Mick

          It’s sad to read about this. All the trouble in the world and these people only think about spreading hate. I just hope there’s enough appreciation messages from the people that really love the things you do.

        • Lewis

          Understandable, but many of us look to you to stay informed so we don’t have to frequent those other places. Here’s hoping you never lose hope.

        • Gaeleck

          Food for thought?

        • turp

          Read your twitter replies on there, quite amazing. I’m sure there’s a quote about deaf ears in there somewhere. I wouldn’t bother responding to them at all if I were you, not worth your time!

          • Rob Staton

            You’re probably right

        • BruceN

          It’s a combination of frustrated diehard fans not getting their wish plus having been in a lock down for 1+ year. Lots of aggression.

          Sorry you have to put up with it. Ignore it the best you can. This blog is one of the very few places we can go for fun and information and have an intelligent (or not in my case) dialog. You’re doing an awesome job.

          • Rob Staton


            I think it’s more a case of anyone who points out anything that isn’t conveniently positive is seen as the enemy

        • Tomas

          Speaking selfishly, but … for the love of God, Rob, please hang in there! Your voice of reason gives solace and enjoyment to the many who see things much as you do. Cheers.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Tomas

    • Henry Taylor

      That’s why I like this place, all the main info relating to the NFL and Seahawks specifically gets put here anyway so I don’t have to bother.

      Obviously you should do what’s best for you, but I dont know what I’d do with myself if you ever decided to pack it in.

    • DC

      I know you’re probably not a fan of it as we’ve brought it up before, but doing a $10 monthly subscription or whatever will keep 99% of those dudes out of here and the rest of us will happily open our wallets!

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure there’d be enough demand DC. I think this place relies on its availability. If I made it subscription only, it might be me and about 10-20 others only

        • Lewis

          Might be more than you think (I genuinely don’t know). Perhaps a poll, though in certain some percentage of people will say they will pay then not follow through.

        • Forrester Johnson

          Hi Rob; I can almost guarantee that there are many more that that; there are 2 members of my immediate family and at least 2 at work that would happily subscribe. This is my favorite site/community and the first site I check in the morning.

          • Rob Staton

            Appreciate the support Forrester, thank you

            • A-A-Ron

              I do not comment often, and frequently forget what username I picked; however, this is the only Seahawks website I read on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. I would happily subscribe. Hell I’d pay a lot more than that to help you replace JS…perhaps we should start a Whitehouse.gov petition demanding the Seahawks hire you.

              • Rob Staton

                Thank you 👍🏻

        • Shadow

          I’d pitch in, for what it’s worth, and I’m guessing a decent number of people would as well.

          • Z$

            I would subscribe as well. This is the only place for quality, objective commentary. The volume of top-notch pieces you put out is second to none, regardless of fan base.

  60. line_hawk

    If you are the Jets and Seattle deals Wilson, why in the world would they deal Darnold to the Hawks? They own the Hawks 2022 1st. It is in the Jet’s best interest to take the mid 2nd rounder that the 49ers (or some other team) gives them for Darnold and then watch the Hawks crash and burn so their 2022 1st gets high in value. The only way the Jets will be willing to trade Darnold to Seattle is the threat of Seattle holding on to Wilson.

    Not suggesting that is why the Hawks are not trading Wilson, but if they don’t get Darnold before trading Wilson, then say bye bye to Darnold.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a good point

    • Lewis

      Agreed, great point

    • Ryan

      Hey check it out, it’s the Jamal Adams trade coming back to bite us again.

    • Julian Langdon

      I’m plagiarising this trade scenario from another feed, with a few embellishments (sorry I can’t remember who to credit this to), but it would solve the Jets #23 pick conundrum?

      New Orleans trade Marshawn Lattimore and #105 pick to NYJ for Sam Darnold and ex SEA Rd 1 pick #23

      NO trade to SEA Ryan Ramczyk (or Erik McCoy, still 2 yrs on rookie contract, and positional need), Sam Darnold 2021 #23, #28, 2022 Rd1, Rd4 and 2023 Rd1 picks for Russell Wilson and Tre Flowers (maybe a jokey bit, but cap saving for us)

      New Orleans would still actually have 3 picks in the first four rounds in 2021 after this scenario, and 2 picks in the top 100 next year, which would make them better off for each of the next two years in the draft than we currently are in this!

      Just one question on trading with New Orleans, can they cut Taysom Hill this year at any point and not be committed to Taysom’s Hill creative contract, even for 2021?

  61. Rob Staton

    Rodney Hudson not being cut, now seemingly set to be traded:


    • Rob Staton

      And apparently — for a third round pick…


      • Hawk Finn

        Raiders are that guy that posts something in the free section of the classifieds, gets a moderate amount of interest, then relists it for $100.

        • dcd2

          😆 haha

        • Rob Staton


      • Mick

        Cards have pick #79. Our #129 is way lower. Lost my hopes with him.

  62. Hawk Finn

    Ok, but here’s a counter point. If you are the Jets and you think that highly of Darnold that you fear he would impact Seattle’s pick that much, why would you deal him at all? You have to think that if he’s available for trade, they don’t believe he’s a playoff-caliber QB.

    • Hawk Finn

      This was supposed to be in response to the Darnold trade discussion above. Sorry.

    • line_hawk

      Its because they might have to settle for Alex Smith, Mariota or a rookie type if not Darnold. In that scenario, its plausible the Jets get top 5-10 pick. The Hawks think they can best compete with Darnold and the Jets should have no part in making it happen.

  63. John

    Funny how the second Adam Schefter talks about a possible Russ trade people claim he’s doing it for the “clicks” yet there are plenty of other big stories with free agency and the new leave year starting.

    • Rob Staton

      I know! The last thing Adam Schefter needs really is clicks

    • cha

      Also digging how the $39m dead cap trade deniers cannot seem to wrap their brains around Rap’s report of the Seahawks and Bears ‘exchanging proposals’ and JS taking a deal back to PC.

      ‘see it didn’t happen so my logic loop is intact. I’ve got a great read on this!’

      • Ben

        It’s crazy to me too. If the seahawks trade Russ, 2021 will be a reset year, even if we “push” to compete. Taking a single year cap hit is fine, who cares! We have to trade our franchise QB and the worry is the cap hit for one year following??? Dragging out a cap hit is WORSE.

        Hell if it facilitates a trade and higher return, the hawks could restructure Russell fully, pay a 60 million cap hit in 2021, and still make it through the year fine with some trades and restructures.

  64. Rob Staton

    Albert Breer also interesting on Wilson/Watson here and pointing towards the draft (like Schefter) as the point when a deal will or won’t happen:


  65. jeffrey matson

    Thanks for this blog Rob and SDB contributors,
    Are the recent 1 yr contracts, inability to attract & sign talented FA and lack of communication from front office possibly a consequence of new owner.? Possibly not PC/JS simply making what appear to be poor decisions ?.

    • Volume12

      Its guys wanting to cash in next year when the cap explodes due to the new tv deals.

    • Ben

      Seems doubtful. Pete and John wouldn’t have re-signed if they thought they didn’t have full support.

      Seems they still have the cautious FA approach. Don’t use the credit card. Even with PA on board, that’s how we end up with Carey Williams and Eddie Lacy some offseasons.

      What I don’t get, is that we HAVE cap available next year. Need to keep going for it, or cut bait now. Halfassing our way through the offseason won’t get us anywhere fast.

      We mishandled the Earl trade, Clowney Offseason, and Russell this year. JS and Pete are good at being reactive and taking advantage of other teams. They are NOT good at being proactive and seem to fluster their way through challenging situations or overpay for the wrong players. And it tends to cost them picks and $ since it’s always via trades.

  66. Frankie Dash

    I think they should let the dust settle and try make a trade with the Jets. Even though they weren’t on the original list of 4 teams I think the lure of New York and the potential legacy of turning that franchise around would be too much for Wilson to resist. It also allows the Hawks to have their replacement QB in place without trying to make a 3 way deal or looking elsewhere.

    Maybe something like:
    This years 1st (#2), 2nd (#34), 3rd(#66)
    Next years 1st (our pick), 2nd, 3rd
    2023 1st

    so 3 1sts, 2 2nds, 2 3rds and Darnold.

    This will also leave the Jets with first round picks the next couple of years which would show Wilson that they still have ways to improve their team.

    The Hawks could take the QB they like at 2 or auction it off for more picks to help the rebuild and either take a QB later or sink or swim with Darnold. Getting their first back from the Jets would allow them the chance for another high pick next year if it all goes pear shaped.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      RW has a no trade clause. His agent didn’t name the Jets as a potential fit most likely because they’re a terribly run organization and who would want to play for it.

      • Frankie Dash

        Totally, but the ship looks to have sailed on the teams he originally listed. If he really wants to get out then he is going to have to open up the places that he is willing to go. Just because they have been terrible doesn’t mean they will be terrible forever (that’s like the reverse logic that so many Seahawks fans use). And if he is the player that turns them around then he will go down in New York lore forever as the one who did it, for someone that is so big on legacy that is a pretty impressive thing to have on the resume.

    • Bigsteviej

      With all due respect, if you think that anyone is going to give Seattle 3 first-round picks, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, AND a starting QB for Wilson, you’re mistaken. Simply will not happen. You might think that Wilson’s worth it, but any team knows that once the relationship is broken so that Seattle has to trade him, well, Seattle is not in a strong bargaining position.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        I think it’s a valid point. I also think that, if you’re a GM and this is your livelihood, you don’t take that risk. It’s too big of a splash, even for a superstar. You prove your worth in FA and the draft with the capital you have and see if you can build a contender. You parlay that potential success into more money or another organization. Going all in on a guy is a risky career move.

        Same said for JS – giving up RW, even for a haul, is a massive career defining move for him. It backfires and you’ve made your bed. I just think these GM’s are too smart and calculated to do that to themselves. That’s my opinion.

    • Bankhawk

      Not like the Hawks have been the paradigm of the impeccably run organization the past couple of seasons though, eh?

  67. Trevor

    Wish one of these NFL Insiders would tweet that the Seahawks are shopping Jamal Adams!

    • WallaSean

      It is the only way out of this, He could demand 5 yrs 110 Million, that might light a fire?

      • Shadow

        I’ve got to believe that an Adams trade, if it happens, won’t come until we are much closer to the draft (similar to what happened with Frank Clark two years ago.) From what we’ve heard, they want to extend him so they will keep working on that until it gets to mid-April or so. If both sides are still far apart this time next month, I think that’s when they would be willing to pull the trigger. Doubt we’d get a first for him, though, given the size of the contract he’s likely wanting.

  68. RWIII

    No one is talking about Austin Blythe at center. I think Blythe would be perfect. Blythe has worked with both Shane Waldron and Andy Dickerson. Blythe is very familiar working with Waldron/Dickerson.

  69. Scot04

    Garafolo on KJR saying 2 players the Seahawks wanted were Mooney and Johnson as well as others, included with the picks. Doesn’t sound like Chicago was willing to give up the starters Seattle wanted in the overall package. If Chicago balked because of Mooney and Johnson that’s just crazy.

    • cha

      That makes sense.

      I heard Greg Rosenthal was on KJR earlier and said the ‘2 starters’ were Hicks and Fuller.

      Nice try Bears. The Seahawks aren’t going to take out your cap trash for you AND give you RW for the privilege.

      • Scot04

        I don’t think i would have been that excited if Mooney and Johnson were the 2 players either. Hoping Seahawks were asking for atleast another player as well.
        Garofalo said they had a list of players. No idea if they had a certain amount. Or if they rebuffed the offer. Still based on that news alone i wouldn’t rule Chicago out yet.

        • drrew76

          Mooney and Johnson aren’t super exciting, but they’re at least on cheap rookie deals through 2023.

          Hicks and Fuller would have been ridiculous, they’d have combined for almost $25m in cap space this year, and both are free agents after the season.

          • Ryan

            Exactly. They’d have filled necessary holes, and cheaply.

    • Burner

      Hudson to the Cardinals for a 3rd according to Schefter.

  70. briangri

    Out of curiosity, assuming that we do not trade RW — and no trade seems to be the betters favorite at this point — what do you expect to see as a “resolution” here? Just some tweets? I don’t really expect anything public will happen, and nothing needs to.

    My prediction is that we have the offseason we all expect — a few minor additions, some of which turn out to be steals (maybe Witherspoon is as great of a deal as DJ Reed was) and others turn out to be washes. RW shows up, works with his new OC and the new offensive system, and we have a great offensive year and a middle-of-the-pack defensive year.

    (I realize this is an optimistic take — but history suggests that optimism is warranted, 9 playoffs in 11 seasons and all that — and also because I get enjoyment out of being an optimistic sports fan than a pessimistic one)

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, I’m sure with no resolution it’ll all be hunky dory and Mark Rodgers will just play golf and everything will be fine

      Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to my England call up for the European Championships this summer

      • Big Mike

        Yeah Mark Few is going to call me and recruit me to play hoops for Gonzaga next year cuz I have a year of eligibility for college ball left. Never mind that I’m 64 years old. I’m 6’6″ so it’ll be fine, just like the relationship between Pete and Russ will be.

        • Roy Batty

          Speaking of the Zags, I moved to Spokane almost exactly one year ago. The mood around here is hilarious. You see Gonzaga flags everywhere but no one talks about them. It’s just a given that they will be good.

          The same cannot be said about the Hawks. Sure you still see the flags, license plate holders and other swag, but it is all negativity (justidfied) and hand-wringing.

    • pdway

      I’m more of an optimist than most – – but of all the off-seasons, this was one where the Hawks needed to show some urgency, we can’t just ignore that our franchise QB has taken things this far, and we are showing him nothing in terms of having him be heard. That’s not going to not make it better.

      And…putting the whole RW saga aside, damn near every other good team (and literally all of the ones in our division) are improving themselves. We’ve lost our best D-lineman, our RB1, our CB1, and despite all that, there is ZERO news about the hawks figuring out ways to free up money to spend on what is a very deep class of free agents.

      It’s maddening. And taking up way too much of my brainspace.

  71. Rgsd858

    Hudson to the cardinals

    • Scot04

      For a pick swap. Probably nothing of consequence. Seahawks gonna be lucky to be lucky to finish 3rd in Division even with Wilson.
      PC&JS continue to sit back and watch the other NFC teams improve.

      • cha

        Adam Schefter
        Raiders are trading C Rodney Hudson and 7th-round pick to Arizona for a 3rd-round pick, per sources.

        • Scot04

          Fair value for that type of Center. Great get for AZ

      • drrew76

        It’s a 3rd for Hudson and a 7th.

        Not sure I’d consider a 3rd “nothing of consequence”

        • Saucetrich

          Also, his cap hit is fairly expensive. We had no shot at acquiring him via trade with our lack of draft capital and limited cap space. Sucks he went to the Cardinals though.

        • Scot04

          Nope that’s a win/win trade. Adams trade made competing for him impossible.
          The Adams trade just continues to hurt the Seahawks in so many ways.

          • dcd2

            It’s the turd that keeps on stinking, for sure.

            • Big Mike

              And floating in the swimming pool that is the offseason (including the draft).

        • Simo

          Whether you love the acquisitions the Cards are making or not, you gotta admire the fact they are trying to improve their team. So far, I’m jealous of what they’ve done, while at the same time PC/JS continue to search through the bargain bin and don’t seem willing to create additional cap space!!

        • Ryan

          Oh my god. This suuucks.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s fine though because this is what they do remember!

        And there’s always the draft…


      • pdway

        well this all just sucks…..

    • Henry Taylor


      • dcd2


        Strategy for dealing with the Hawks? Don’t need any
        Prediction? Painnnn

        • Henry Taylor

          Thanks, I should know to turn to Clubber in times of sorrow. Always cheers me up.

          • Tomas

            Forgive my ignorance … a good whiskey, I presume?

            • Tomas

              Checked out “Clubber,” on my way to the liquor store. I could use a drink or two … or seven.

    • CaptainJack

      I’m rather confused. Wasn’t Hudson cut? Was that a false report?

  72. Rgsd858

    Welcome the the last place team in the NFC west next year

  73. SonGoku

    Wow, at least 4 more off-seasons like this… Couldn’t be more hyped

  74. Mick

    I guess Pete and John spent the last couple of days fighting on whether they should trade Russ or not, and now they’re not talking. Thus no deals.

    • SeattleLifer

      There’s no way Pete and John ended up fighting over Chicago’s offer. Trying to get an all pro top of the league QB who would come to your team with very nice discounted salaries for a number of seasons takes alot more than the bears front office offered – everyone everywhere knows this. So no reason for Pete and John to be at odds over a non-starter.

      As has been mentioned though; why is it that this dragged on into the second day of free agency? That’s just irresponsible imo. This team has too many needs/too much on the line for John to be meeting up in North bleeping Dakota for a bogus deal during the first few days of free agency!

      It’s becoming clearer by the second that it’s business as usual for the Hawks. No creativity, no forward thinking, no learning from the past, no making the difficult but needed business decisions for the roster, no clear action plans, and no accountability to be had. What a time to be a Hawks fan….

  75. Poli

    I’m expecting the Seahawks big move to be overpaying for Forrest Lamp.

    • dcd2

      I can just see Pete doing his best Brick Tamlin.

      Pete: “I love…. lamp.”

      John: “Pete, do you really love Lamp, or are you just saying that because you saw his name on that paper?”

      Pete: “I love Lamp. I love Lamp.”

      • Bankhawk

        Picture Steve Martin from ‘The Jerk’, standing there with a floor lamp repeating “I don’t need anything…. except…. this lamp.” ☹️

  76. Mike

    Now that we’ve rejected the top offer and let every high impact OL get signed.

    How do we move forward?

    Option A: Sign guys to make RW feel protected. Not an option anymore.

    Option B: Trade RW and acquire picks. We rebuffed the top (and only) offer.


    Endure a pissed off RW is the gameplan?

  77. Rob Staton

    It’s ok — we’re just giving up on the off season because of cap space and stuff


    Go hAwks

    • Denver Hawker

      I mean this in a compassionate way- he’s an idiot. Like an actual idiot. Like one of the minions, those yellow guys. Maybe a nice guy, just an idiot.

    • Ed

      Saw your post about all the Hawk fans online banter. Have never had twitter, instagram or facebook, so I don’t know first hand, but see how much vitriol their is. I said in a reply a few weeks past, just become a draft guru and make site mostly about draft. Then you have fans from 32 teams coming to your site. That’s when I show up here (and pay patreon), draft talk. You have the most in depth, honest draft stuff around. You do it for love and it shows. Hopefully one day, money will come with it too.

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe you’re right

    • Ryan

      Reminds me of last year. Hey, Jadeveon just hasn’t made up his mind yet, what could we do, it’s out of our control.

    • Jordan E

      *Insert SpongeBob meme*

      HaWKs CAnNoT SiGN BeCauSE of CAp!

    • Big Mike

      Not one mention why they lack draft picks and (supposed) salary cap space on top of his condescending Russ take. Very soon, he’ll turn around and trumpet Adams’ 9 SACKS LAST YEAR! when Pete pays the 53rd ranked Safety 18 per and there’ll be nary a mention of the lack of draft picks until JS has to trade down a couple of times so Seattle is picking first in the late 3rd.

    • Nicholas Marinovich

      This cracked me up!

    • Shadow

      You know, in most normal offseasons I’m glad that the Seahawks don’t throw gobs of money around and have to restructure contracts just to stay under the cap. It’s an easy way to screw up your team if you give a couple of bank-breaking contracts to the wrong players. But there’s a difference between maxing out all of your credit cards and taking out a loan that you can afford to repay. And this isn’t a normal offseason.

      With the cap likely to go up next year with at least some fans at games–and possibly going up significantly with the new TV deals–this is one year where it makes a lot of sense to “take out a loan” to free up cap space now. Pete and John’s decision to throw up their hands and say “well, we just can’t afford it” rather than make an exception in exceptional circumstances is extremely frustrating. That writers like Bell just nod along in agreement isn’t much better.

    • SeattleLifer

      Look at that they’ve created their own excuses for not being able to do much of anything. We did’nt really have the cap money or draft capitol to do alot this offseason. But we’re really excited about…..

  78. MoBo

    RB Mack stays for 1year and 2M with the Colts. Wish we could have signend him.
    C Karras 1y/4M with Patriots. The next center is gone.
    Skura and Blythe are both not athletic, lighter (291lbs) and Blythe with small arms (30 1/4).

    My bet for LG and C: Eluemunor and Shatley

    • Big Mike

      My bet: Jemarco Jones and Ethan Pocic

  79. Leonardo

    If Pete/JS really believe Russ will get over it, Adams is the future, and they don’t need free agency of draft picks, that’s one thing. I’d say its delusional but at least it’s a point of view. But to not even bother restructuring any contracts while the Saints and Rams comfortably maneuver around their cap woes feels like an absolute dereliction of duty. They aren’t “sticking to a plan”, they’re just asleep at the wheel. If they really thought this team was close, why not make some cap room to keep your best pass rusher? What have they been doing for the last few months? Scouting draft prospects they can’t pick?

  80. Volume12

    Paris Ford’s pro day? Woof! 🤢

    Tywman’s wasnt great either.

    • Volume12

      Them Georgia boys put on a show though. Cleveland, Stokes, Ojulari, and Campbell.

      • Mick

        I’d like to get at least 3 of them.

    • Rob Staton


  81. Sea Mode

    Adam Caplan

    #Raiders are expected to have former #Bills DT/DE Quinton Jefferson in for a visit later this week, source said. His familiarity with new defensive scheme (see Gus Bradley/Seahawks scheme) ties in with this.

  82. Sea Mode

    Well, that’s not that expensive.

    Ian Rapoport

    The #49ers are giving C Alex Mack $5.5M, source said.

    • Leonardo

      Shanahan seems like a genuine draw for offensive free agents, I’m jealous. Helps that he’s coached around the league and built his rep I guess.

    • Big Mike

      No, no it’s not and I don’t give a damn that he’s older, he’d still be an upgrade over Pocic.

      The Gregg Bell’s of the world don’t want to see it but players don’t want to come to Seattle. I don’t believe they’re ever going to be “in” on hardly any of these vet types. They’ve seen the fallout with Sherm, Bennett, now Russ and who knows who else has spread the word around the league (Max Unger?, Jimmy Graham?).

      • CL

        With all those Offensive Linemen gone and the Seahawks basically doing nothing so far, I really think it’s just a matter of time that Russ opens up his list.

        I mean come on.. is he really just like “at least I tried” ? No way.

      • Ben

        Mah, most players who come here talk up how different and excellent the org and facilities are. Some guys just have established relationships, ala Mack and Shanahan.

        We just like value (ie, we’re cheap as hell in FA).

    • Scot04

      But we can re-sign Pocic….. sigh

  83. Mick

    I wonder if Seattle is one of the teams asking the Jags about Minshew.

  84. Ben

    #1 worry.

    Russell and company see the headline and say “So you do want to trade me?? Then do it. You had a real offer and you turned it down. I won’t play til I’m traded”

    Right now we have the benefit of Russell returning. If he wants to he can burn us and force a below market trade. Playing a game of chicken, and I’d surprised if he went that route, but even the threat could be effective.

    • GoHawksDani

      It would be awful for his image. I doubt he’d go that route. Seems more likely that if he wants out he’d list a couple other teams he’d be OK with

      • Ben

        Surprised maybe isn’t a strong enough word, it’s not even close to his MO to do anything to hurt his image.

        However losing is awful for his image and more importantly his LEGACY, and we ain’t injecting any confidence into this situation.

        I could see Mark Rodgers hinting to Pete and John that it could happen to try and grease the wheels. Might escalate from there…

        Worst case thinking over here!

  85. Paul Cook

    I think PC is simply overestimating most the current talent on the roster. I think he honestly believes he can coach and “culture” up players like Greene, Robinson, Collier, blah, blah, blah…any other name you might throw in here. He probably thinks we’re “close” if he can get RW to come around, add a few draft picks, and patiently wait around for a few key FA castoffs.

  86. L80

    Well, I’m Irish and enjoy a good ass kicking on the giving or receiving end so, probably this is appropriate on St Paddys plus the Seasqwa

  87. Shadow

    Hassan Reddick to the Panthers per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler

  88. Blitzy the Clown

    Anyone else would’ve liked Reddick on the Seahawks for 1 year at $8 million?

    • Trevor

      Think it was $6 mil could get to $8 mil with incentives.

      • Ben

        Matt Rhule was his college coach I guess. Seems like a great pick up for them, they’ve really got the defense heading the right way. Just need one Deshaun Watson in the mix.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Yeah I think you’re right. Makes it even more frustrating.

    • Scot04

      Give me Dunlap at 3yrs 27M

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Different positions. And we need both.

        • Scot04

          I realize that. But we only can sign so many. I’d rather have Dunlap over Reddick if I’m choosing

    • pdway

      I’d take j.j. redick at this point….

    • Sea Mode


      • Sea Mode


        Next Gen Stats

        Haason Reddick broke out in his first season as a full-time pass rusher in 2020, generating the 5th-highest pressure rate (14.1%) in the NFL (min. 200 pass rushes).

        Reddick generated 50 pressures on 355 pass rushes in 2020 (first season of his career exceeding 200 pass rushes).


        • Blitzy the Clown

          And he’s a SAM. Which is another hole this team needs to fill.

    • Ryan

      Yes, but I don’t think we could afford that.

  89. Rob4q

    Rob, did you move Jermar Jefferson up a round on your latest board? He’s one to watch if he’s there later in the draft…

    • Rob Staton


  90. dcd2

    Serious question to the community time. We’ve talked about borrowing against the 2022 cap by restructuring current contracts or doing extensions. The question is, who on our team DESERVES an extension?

    Diggs is 30 and making $6M. Do we extend him a couple of years (his 31 & 32 year old years) to lower the cap hit for 2021 by $3M or so?

    Duane Brown maybe? A 2 year extension takes him to age 38.

    Lockett? He’ll want a raise, but we could lower his hit a few million.

    Reed? He’s not nearly as effective without a good DE compliment. He might make the most sense though.

    That’s about it from my perspective. An entire team and MAYBE 4 guys who warrant an extension? Combine them all and we can maybe save $15-20M.

    Every one of them, except Bobby (@ $20M+) is out of contract next year too.

    • Rob4q

      If there isn’t going to be a trade of an asset for picks, then yes, they have to do something with the players you mention. Extending all of them is probably likely at this point. And for all the talk of trading Bobby, I think they might move some of his money to help with the cap this year…

      They will probably be giving Adams a new contract and lower his year one hit as well. I really think this FO wants to give Adams and Wagner 2-3 years together to see what they can accomplish together. If they do sign Adams, they really need to figure out how to use him better than just blitzing all the time. I know his coverage grades weren’t great last season, but they were decent in the past when he was with the Jets.

    • Sea Mode

      Reed and Lockett, yes.

      Just looking at our salary cap table, Witherspoon is our 10th highest paid player, right after Jason Myers at #9! Where the heck did all our cap space go with so little talent and so many holes??


      • drrew76

        I think our top 5 in Wilson/Wagner/Brown/lLockett/Reed is the most cap heavy quintet in the league – Green Bay is probably close.

        A decision needed to be made on whether Lockett and Reed have futures with the team past ’21, and either have worked out extensions or moved on. They’re both top 10 at their respective positions in cap cost, and that’s just too much.

      • dcd2

        I know Sea Mode! I had a jar drop in seeing that too. I mean a $4M contract isn’t that much. I was very surprised to see him up there. Look at how much you can spread the cap with a rookie QB (Josh Allen)


        Part of it is that RW cap hit is more than 3x Brady’s and 5x Mahomes. The top 10 cap hits for QB is actually quite hysterical.

        1. Rodgers
        2. Russ
        3. Cousins
        4. Tannehill
        5. Goff
        6. Ryan
        7. Garoppolo
        8. Big Ben
        9. Wentz
        10. Bridgewater

    • drrew76

      This is what I didn’t understand in all the talk about just moving money to next year, including making comparisons to the Rams.

      The Rams had Donald, Ramsey, and Cupp as their most expensive guys, all of long term deals, and all guys who they’d obviously want to keep around past 2021/22, so pushing their money forward isn’t a risk.

      The Seahawks have almost nobody in that same situation outside of RW, and there are obviously issues with that relationship.

      Just seemed like the Hawks cap situation does not have as much wiggle room, admittedly due to their own (mis)management as teams like the Rams or Chiefs.

      • dcd2

        Agree. Extending guys is great, but assumes that you know you will want them on the team in 3 years.

        It’s no easy sell to convince me that anyone not on a rookie deal is in that boat.

  91. Rob Staton

    I’m sat here just wondering yet again about the thought process that has a team be so maddeningly conservative in March…

    But so hopelessly aggressive in August when they decide to trade the farm for a box safety.

    How does this team plan to compete for a Super Bowl this year?

    What are they doing to ensure that is a possibility?

    • Trevor

      It is the hubris that they are the smartest guys in the room and can get some great deals. If not they can just pull a rabbit out of a hat. Problem is every time the pull the rabbit it costs a ton of draft capital.

      • Rob Staton

        But even people who think they’re the smartest guys in the room tend to appreciate a looming crisis

        This is just sheer complacency

        Not created any cap space. No picks. Lots of holes. QB seemingly wants out.

        It’s not good enough

        • Blitzy the Clown

          So Rob, at what point is it fair to start speculating that Pete Carroll is intentionally mismanaging the franchise so he can try to depress its market value to make an ownership bid even remotely possible for himself and a group of investors?

          I’m (only) half joking here.

          Hey, it at least explains what we’re seeing 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Tomas

          The giant iceberg is now looming a hundred yards dead ahead. Captain Pete: “No worries, mates, stay on course, we’ll just pound the rock!”

          • Rob Staton

            ‘Can you avoid the iceberg in the first quarter…’

            • Tomas

              Good one, you provided me a much-needed laugh, thanks.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      7 years since their last Superbowl and I recall all the talk about a dynasty then. I’ve become so disenchanted with JS/PC approach to FA and the draft. The strategy obviously hasn’t worked since the early 2010’s for them. They’ve been completely lackluster and look to be heading that direction again with this FA silence and no draft capital. You’d think they’d rework their strategy.

      At this point, the best news we could get is that Jamal Adams is being traded.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t know, Rob. I just don’t know.

      And people wonder why Russ wants change or out.

      • Rob Staton


        This is one of the biggest reasons Wilson has lost faith

        It’s the philosophy, it’s the offense…

        And it’s the team building

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Here’s a thought – trade Jamal for a haul and go sign Earl Thomas.

      • dcd2

        Earl is closer to being on Jerry Springer than an NFL field.

        • SeattleLifer


        • Rob Staton

          Earl’s fall from grace is quite something

  92. Sea Mode

    QJeff to Raiders confirmed

    • TomLPDX

      Bummer. Really liked him when he was here. Not flashy, just steady rotational player.

      • dcd2

        Me too. QJeff was/is solid.

  93. Gaius Marius

    One thought is that what do you do if you’re expecting a down year?

    I know Carroll and company would never admit that (compete forever after all), but what if you feel the team is not likely to exceed last year, which was of course not anywhere close to good enough? That’s due to age, contracts, limited draft capital, etc.

    The Patriots just went through a down year to become competitive faster. Would the Seahawks plan for the same…even with a franchise QB on staff? We’re not trading him…at this time.

    What is more, let’s say that this was the Seahawks’ approach, how could we tell the difference? Under that scenario they would avoid big free agent signings, close some obvious gaps, etc.

    I suppose if a trade happened (Adams) then we would know that that could be the thinking? I don’t know. It’s probably more likely that they really think we are close to the Super Bowl, but I can’t see it with this roster even if Wilson was happy.

  94. Rob Staton

    Looks like the Seahawks have signed their new, expensive tight end


    I was really hoping they’d draft Brevin Jordan or Pat F

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Any idea what he cost? I’ll take it regardless. He’s better than Greg Olsen.

      • JG

        “Up to $6M”

      • drrew76

        1 year/ $6m

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Alright, alright, alright. And he knows Waldron’s system.

    • Ryan

      I was hoping too, but one pick in the first three rounds, and a seeming unwillingness to create more. They can only draft #56 once.

    • dcd2

      I know you disagree Rob, but I really like this signing. He knows the system and has been successful, and I’ll bet he’s not going to cost much (this sentence may not age well).

      I’d even make a friendly wager that (barring injury) Everett puts up better numbers than both of the rookies combined. I also don’t think we can afford to use our ‘good’ pick on a TE.

  95. Blitzy the Clown

    Finally! Gerald Everett to the Seahawks per Schefter

    • Scot04

      I will say i feel better about this signing than Olsen. But still a very ugly start to addressing O-line
      Hoping to see that change. Andrews a C would be nice

  96. Trevor

    Gerald Everett signed and Curtis Samuel on the way I think to give Waldron the type of weapons he wants for his scheme.

    • dcd2

      Is the Samuel thing real? For offensive weapons, those two were the guys who made the most sense for scheme fit to me.

      • Trevor

        Samuel is complete speculation on my part. Same as you I thought they were the two weapons that make the most sense.

        • dcd2

          Dang. Well, he’s still out there and the WR market is ice cold. Still a chance.

    • pdway

      curtis samuel a real thing? or are you speculating?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Samuel is signing with WFT ($34.5million for 3 years)

    • MoBo

      Unfortunately Curtis Samuel is on a 34.5M dollar way to Washington für 3 years

  97. Scot04

    This offseason feeling and looking eerily similar too last offseason

  98. Trevor

    Why is every free agent signing a 1 or 2 year deal? Is it a directive from ownership?

    • drrew76

      They all want back in when the cap explodes with new TV/gambling money.

      Although if you’re talking about the Seahawks in particular, it’s getting kind of odd how little they have committed after this year.

      In baseball, clubs do that when prepping for a sale, but since NFL teams have to spend anyway, it wouldn’t really make sense if that’s what Seattle is doing.

      • SeattleLifer

        Just Pete and John’s way of out-thinking everybody again. They’re going to have massive amounts of cap to spend next year when all the other teams do as well so there will be less free agents because teams can afford to keep their own guys and whoever does make it to market will be just obscenely expensive as never before due to all the cash floating around. Wait that does’nt sound so smart actually. The smart thing to do would have been to buy this off-season when there was a bunch more talent in the market due to cap constraints and less teams had money to spend so you could get in cheaper before prices sky-rocket next off-season, kind of like what the Patriots did….

    • Rob Staton

      Loads of FA’s will do one-year deals to get back to the market next year

  99. KennyBadger

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere earlier but is this lack of spending and restructuring because of Vulcan influence or because of senility and malaise? It’s ridiculous what improvements we could have already had by now…

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody knows

  100. SeattleLifer

    True there will be a number taking that route but the more in demand players are getting fat multi year deals and i do think proactive teams are taking advantage of a good market to sign players multi-year all the while knowing next year could get really expensive in free agency.

  101. Rob Staton

    Hopes for Thursday:

    — The Seahawks sign at least one pass rusher, preferably two. I don’t want a third year in a row where this position isn’t addressed by training camp

    — Sign a running back and/or a quality receiver. In fact screw it — I definitely want one of these top remaining receivers. Will Fuller please.

    You’re over the cap now. Might as well carry on spending.

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