Why the Seahawks might show interest in Nick Chubb

By now you’ll be familiar with ‘SPARQ’. If not, here’s the info.

The Seahawks have a way of judging athletes and it’s probable they have their own version of SPARQ. Extreme athleticism is more important at certain positions than others — but running back appears to be an area where they value explosive traits.

That’s not to say it’s the be-all and end-all. Marshawn Lynch was characterised by his toughness and not his ability to run away from people. Spencer Ware had a similar running style and wasn’t known for great speed or lateral mobility.

Yet they’ve also been quite consistent with the running backs they’ve drafted.

Robert Turbin, Spencer Ware, Christine Michael and C.J. Prosise (all drafted between 2012-2016) are similar in size. Turbin, Ware and Michael are 5-10, Prosise is 6-0.

Prosise and Michael were listed at 220lbs at the combine. Turbin is 222lbs and Ware 228lbs.

Ware didn’t compete at the combine but the other three excelled in the following workouts:

Forty yard dash
Robert Turbin: 4.50
Christine Michael: 4.54
C.J. Prosise: 4.48

Broad jump
Robert Turbin: 122 inches
Christine Michael: 125 inches
C.J. Prosise: 121 inches

Vertical jump
Robert Turbin: 36 inches
Christine Michael: 43 inches
C.J. Prosise: 35.5 inches

Short shuttle
Robert Turbin: 4.31
Christine Michael: 4.02
C.J. Prosise: DNP

Bench press
Robert Turbin: 28 reps
Christine Michael: 27 reps
C.J. Prosise: DNP

As you can see all three players share a very similar physical profile. The chances are unless the Seahawks just find another incredible specimen (basically another Lynch) they’re going to stick to these ideals. The profile of a Seattle running back is about 5-10, 220lbs with a good forty, strength and is capable of jumping through the roof.

It is possible to predict how college prospects will perform at the combine courtesy of the Nike SPARQ Combines that take place nationwide every year. Some of the top prospects participate and they go through some of the combine drills (forty, vertical, shuttle etc).

For example, Derrick Henry when he attended Yulee High School took part in the 2012 Orlando Nike Combine. He ran a 4.58 at 240lbs and recorded a 40.3 inch vertical and a 4.15 in the short shuttle.

At the 2016 NFL Combine, Henry ran a 4.54 at 247lbs, had a 37 inch vertical and a 4.38 short shuttle. The faster sprint at a greater size is probably indicative of the training he did to run the headline-grabbing forty. The slightly poorer (but still exceptional) vertical and short shuttle is probably indicative of the extra bulk.

Essentially, Henry’s excellent combine wasn’t a surprise. We could’ve forecasted it based on what happened in 2012. Not all prospects will retain or improve their athletic profile as they mature and attend an elite college but at the very least we can use it as a benchmark.

Some of the 2017 class of running backs took part in the 2013 Nike Combine series. The results are fascinating.

Florida State’s Dalvin Cook looks like a supreme athlete on the field with a great burst and the ability to be a home run hitter. Leonard Fournette is a monster and looks like a generational talent. Neither lit up the Nike workouts:

Dalvin Cook
Height: 5-11
Weight: 196lbs
Forty: 4.46
Vertical: 30.9 inches
Short Shuttle: 4.18

Leonard Fournette
Height: 6-1
Weight: 226lbs
Forty: DNP
Vertical: 29.9 inches
Short Shuttle: 4.30

Cook’s forty time is good but at a light 196lbs (he’s listed by Florida State at 213lbs). If he’s now 17lbs heavier (debatable) how will that impact his time? A vertical of just under 31 inches is disappointing and while his short shuttle is good, will the extra size have an impact?

Fournette chose not to run a forty but only managed a vertical jump under 30 inches. His short shuttle of 4.30 is similar to Robert Turbin’s at his pro-combine and they’re a similar weight too. He’s a long way off Christine Michael’s sensational 4.02.

You can look for certain prospects using this link here. Interestingly LSU receiver Malachi Dupre had a 42.4 inch vertical (!!!). USC’s JuJu Smith-Schuster on the other hand had a disappointing performance with a 4.71 forty and a 32.7 inch vertical.

Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon performed only OK. He had a 4.53 forty at 6-1 and 209lbs. His 31.3 inch vertical was disappointing but he did manage a 4.19 short shuttle. You’d expect better.

North Carolina RB Elijah Hood might be someone to monitor. He’s 6-0 and 221lbs which is right in Seattle’s ball park. He ran a 4.48 (same as Prosise) with a 4.20 short shuttle and a 36.3 inch vertical. Hood isn’t Christine Michael explosive but he has a skill set that could warrant a third or fourth round grade like Prosise.

Oregon’s Royce Freeman also did fairly well. At 5-11 and 227lbs he ran a 4.58 and managed a 33.6 inch vertical. They aren’t great numbers but his 4.07 in the short shuttle is exceptional.

I want to feature a different prospect today though.

At the 2013 Nike Combine, Georgia’s Nick Chubb put in a performance which blows away Cook and Fournette and even tops Elijah Hood’s impressive effort.

Nick Chubb
Height: 5-11
Weight: 217lbs
Forty: 4.47
Vertical: 40.8 inches
Short Shuttle: 4.12

Chubb’s SPARQ score is an incredible 143.91. Anything over 130 is considered exceptional. He was faster than Christine Michael at a similar height/weight, as explosive in the vertical jump and had a similar shuttle time.

This isn’t just a good performance. It’s a phenomenal performance.

Nick Chubb is a rare athletic freak.

He’s currently listed at 228lbs by Georgia so he’s added weight and for that reason his numbers might suffer. There is every chance he will slim down to 220lbs for the combine in order to max out his workout.

The injury factor has to be considered. Chubb suffered a horrific knee injury a year ago and it’s unclear how this has impacted him overall. He might be incapable of the numbers he posted three years ago. We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s pretty clear though that he’s a rare beast. His SEC production and athletic profile probably would’ve led to a top-20 grade without the injury. If it causes him to fall into round two or three that will only benefit a team like the Seahawks searching for value. He might still go in round one.

Chubb ticks every box based on what the Seahawks have looked for in the past:

— Tough running style
— Size ideals (height/weight)
— Athletic profile
— Overcame adversity (injury)

The Seahawks adding another running back in 2017 isn’t unlikely. It’s looking like a decent class and they’ve done a good job over the years identifying where the value is. Michael is a free agent in 2017 and Thomas Rawls has so far been unable to stay healthy. Alex Collins had two really nice plays against Atlanta but hasn’t had much of a role despite the injuries to Rawls and Prosise.

Even if it’s just a case of needing to replace Michael, they could be in the market for a new runner.

If there’s one back they might be more likely to target than the rest in this class, keep an eye on Nick Chubb. Health permitting of course.


  1. Attyla the Hawk

    Been banging the table for Chubb for awhile. Seems like a perfect intersection between profile, talent and market efficiency.

    His performance this year is pretty mundane. What with a coaching change, freshman QB and his first year returning from a significant knee injury.

    I don’t expect he’ll make it to the end of R2. Seattle will most likely have to move up (or back from R1).

    He really compared very favorably to Todd Gurley as a freshman. I was smitten with Gurley when he came out, hoping Seattle would have a shot at him. This class has enough talent — especially at the RB position — where it’s less likely a team takes a shot on a player like Chubb who has an injury history. Certainly it’s got a lot more than 20 players who would merit a 1st round grade. It’s very deep at the top. Making teams perhaps more reluctant to take a chance like St Louis did on Gurley because of the talent still left on the board.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping.

  2. Chris Calvert

    Nfl.com reports that Seattle is one of the teams sending scouts for the LSU Ole Miss game. Lots of talent in that game, including Mr. Engram!

  3. HawkFan907

    I love Chubb, and he should be there when we pick in the first. Those injuries scare me half to death though. RB is a brutal position, and if there is a chance that he still has any ill effects from that, I say pass and get a DT/DE type of player.

    If he is healthy then grab him. DL is a deep position this year, and Chubb might be long gone by the 2nd so if he is there and healthy that is the pick. It will be interesting to see how these RBs test at the combine. Packing on weight and 3-4 years of getting banged up in college takes it’s toll. Many players who tested extremely well out of high school may lose a step when going through the rigors of CFB. Let’s hope Chubb will prove to have made a full recovery.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “Health permitting of course.”

    This will be the knock on him. His injuries. I always talk about value, so let’s say he is valued at a 2nd round draft grade, but his knee knocks him down into the late 3rd or 4th round, that is good value…. as long as the knee checks out.

    He fits the “profile” Seattle has been looking for… I wonder if he fits the ZBS Seattle runs?

    I’ve been leaning his way as a possible draft target for awhile, he just fits on so many levels.

  5. Jason

    Thoughts on Hood from NC?

  6. H M Abdou

    Carroll and Schneider should try to sign Michael to a contract extension. I know the likely outcome at the end of this season is that he’ll be too expensive to retain, but just make an offer, anyway. The RB market is pretty saturated (and will become much more so after the 2017 draft, with all the talent expected there).

    Make a reasonable offer and see what happens. Michael has shown himself to be a very good RB, he’s basically been one of the bright spots of the offense this season. His pass protection and receiving have really improved since his first tenure with the team.

    • monkey

      I disagree completely.
      He’s been better than he was in the past, yes, but that’s not saying much, and right now our run game is in the toilet compared to recent seasons.
      Hard to calm him a good back when the run game is down. All he’s shown me is that the offense was much better when Rawls was the lead back, and I for one cannot wait to get him back!
      Rawls is simply a better back and it shows.
      Let Michael walk as far as I am concerned, he’s had four years of being a bust, one of being decent but not great why bring him back?

      • lil'stink

        I think that poor run blocking and injuries to Russell Wilson are to blame for the drop in the running game, not CMike. I think our run blocking is probably the worst it’s been since Wilson has arrived here, and has looked downright bad at times this year. And freak injuries or not, Rawls hasn’t shown an ability to stay healthy.

        I don’t think we should offer CMike a new deal unless the market for him is unexpectedly soft. I would rather try to extend/rework deals for Kam, Graham, and Bennett. But CMike has been everything we could have hoped for this year, and has done a great job of doing what the coaches have asked him to do.

        • BCHawk

          There were two plays vs Atlanta that stand out in my mind why we will not go out of our way to offer him a new deal.
          Mid Q2
          1-10-SEA 41
          (7:53) (Shotgun) 3-R.Wilson pass short right to 32-C.Michael ran ob at SEA 49 for 8 yards (59-D.Campbell).
          CMike steps out of bounds short of the first as the defender was approaching like you would expect a QB to do.Seahawks value toughness at all positions but especially the RB. CMike can run tough but it is not core to his being.
          3-1-ATL 45
          (4:18) (Shotgun) 32-C.Michael left tackle to ATL 45 for no gain (53-L.Reynolds; 97-G.Jarrett). Official Measurement.
          Again CMike could have gotten the 1st here if he puts his head down and powers forward. I am not sure if this falls into the lack of toughness category or situational awareness. Either way, this was a hugely important play in the game when the offence needed to answer Atlanta and he did not execute.
          Contrast those plays with any 3rd down play involving Doug Baldwin. That is what separates talented players from core players. We will still make him an offer like we did Tate, but they are not going to fight to keep him if another team makes him a decent offer.

          • SeventirsHawksFan

            I agree he deserves criticism for these two particular plays. But they are NOT defining either. CMike also had amazing td runs busykb through tackles. The suggestion that he doesn’t make the effort just isn’t so. He may lack situational awareness sometimes. And he’s not a perfect back. But we are also rather lucky that our RB who was second on the depth chart is as good as he is. We would be in a world of trouble without him on the roster right now.

  7. Ukhawk

    Bingo, spot on Rob. Been singing from the same hymn sheet for a while now. He’s a freak who runs tough inside, he has great character and is a team leader at YGA, presents incredible value at 2-3, and is a must have given the current/future state of the RB group based on injuries and pending FA.

    One other note, give the current state, could we see Marshawn un-retire? Thinking it’s a distinct possibility if Rawls can’t fully make it back by week 12.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think he would be able to secure a 2-3 million / year dollar deal from Seattle. This would be nice insurance policy, in case they do not get the RB they really want in the draft or the injury bug hits the RB group in 2017. He isn’t beastmode, but he has done a nice job overall filling in for the presumed starter Rawls.

    • lil'stink

      Marshawn isn’t coming back. I think he has moved on to the next chapter in his life. I’ve also heard several anecdotal stories how he definitely isn’t in game shape.

      As great as Marshawn was, and as much as he meant to this team, people seem to forget that there was a strained relationship between him and our front office. I think Pete and John are quite frankly happy to have moved on from Marshawn. Even if Marshawn wanted to play again, and even if Rawls wasn’t back, I think there’s little to no chance that the FO would make any effort to bring him back.

  8. KD

    Hey Rob, I’m going a tad off topic here, but since the Seahawks and 3000NFL MD took a bye week, we never heard your full review of UW vs. ORE, and most specifically, Jake Browning.

    As per ESPN’s ratings, Browning is now 4th on the Hesisman list. His vision and accuracy in the mid to long passing game is beyond outstanding and he shows tremendous decision making. My only knock on him is that virtually every play is from the shotgun, and he has not shown, in my opinion, a very strong arm.

    What is your opinion of Browning as an NFL prospect? IMO, lack of arm strength is a bit troubling because unless you have WRs that can run perfect routs and have a clean pocket, accuracy can only get you so far in the NFL. You have to show some zip on your throws to beat DBs, and i am not completely convinced of that.

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Royce Freeman is still one of my favorites in this class. He kind of reminds me of Devonta Freeman with that insane jump cut and phone booth agility. He also has some injury concerns at this point

    • DC

      No Ducks!

      • DavidM2

        Easy there. Kenny’s a big Ducks fan. His year is going tough enough already…

        • KD

          He merely accepted the darkness. Us Husky fans were born in it.

          • East Side Stevie

            Little bit of bane influence I see, loved that movie.

            • KD

              For you

      • Kenny Sloth

        No Ducks given.

        I will say UW is much more gracious in victory than Oregon has been.

        I’m from Tacoma, but grew up in Portland.

        And Fuck the Beavers. They can eat my wood

  10. Volume12

    I’d roll the dice on Chubb. He’s a generational talent at the position. ‘The Human Bowling Bowl.’

    And if Rawls doesn’t return to form, let’s face it guys. Seattle is gonna be in the market for a RB early. They’re 24th in the NFL in yards per game rushing wise compared to top 5 since 2012. Yes, a lot of that is Lynch being gone and RW being less mobile due to injury. But running the ball is a staple of this offense executing consistently and keeping ANY defense from having a meltdown like we saw in the 3rd quarter against. Plus it’s about setting a tone physicality wise.

    Chubb’s jumpcut is up there with Royce Freeman. He’s got elite vision, thee size to drag defenders, explodes through the hole, gets skinny through the LOS, some of the best patience I’ve seen to let his block develop. And due to that particular skill, his understanding of defensive angles and ‘flow’ is unbelievable. Extremely high football IQ. He can wear a defense down through the tackles, but also bounce it outside where he exhibits top notch agility. Always moves his feet like *clears throat* and runs as hard as anyone you’ll see.

    Then you factor in his athleticism as outlined above in this piece and his track background? He’s really the ideal back isn’t he?

    • Volume12

      *drag defenders for extra yards

    • Sea Mode

      I’m glad to hear these things, Vol. The very first thought I had reading the article was that CMike has the explosive athleticism, but just doesn’t have the vision and feel for play development that Rawls (and… others) have (had…ehem).

      If Chubb has these to go along with the jump-out-of-the-gym athleticism, then I’m on board. Especially if he falls a bit due to injury concerns or not being able to put up the same freaky test numbers as before.

      I have yet to watch any tape of him, so I will look at some now that Rob has pointed him out. Any suggestions for good games to look at? For 2016, I see vs. SC, Ole Miss, NC on draftbreakdown. (http://draftbreakdown.com/?s=chubb) Any good examples you remember that give an idea of his ability pre-injury?

      • Sea Mode

        *sorry, I mean besides the NC game Rob posted.

        • Volume12

          The South Carolina game this year.

          Pre-injury? I wanna say S.Carolina again.

    • Ukhawk

      Now the question is when do you draft him?

      I think he goes (very?) high 2nd simply because if even amateur draft geeks like us see it, what about the guys who do it for a living.

      This past year gives me hope the Hawks would be willing to trade up or alternatively trade down out of the first.

      • Volume12

        I don’t think Seattle has the ammunition this year to trade up.

        Just me, but I only see 2 RBs going in the 1st this year. Fournette and Cook. Early 2nd-late 2nd for Chubb. The late 2nd-3rd round range is where you grab your RBs. Just look at all the guys that go there.

        Le’Veon Bell
        LeSean McCoy
        Jeremy Hill & Gio Bernard
        Duke Johnson
        Frank Gore
        Derrick Henry & DeMarco Murray
        Lamar Miller
        Jamaal Charles
        Matt Jones
        Eddie Lacy
        Tevin Coleman & Devonta Freeman (was Freeman a 4th)?
        David Johnson
        Christine Michael
        CJ Prosise

        • Volume12

          *Freeman and Miller were 4ths

  11. Volume12

    And as I said before, what he’s doing so soon after the kind of injury he had is incredible. It’s inspiring honestly. Talk about grit, determination, the love of competition and heart man.

  12. The Hawk is Howling

    I’m down with Nick Chubb! Sure hope he can stay healthy I’m rooting for the guy. Fournette and Cook are going to be long gone by the time we get a pick at 32 Oh you feel it in your bones!

    More Pass Rush is also an area of concern. Though running the Rock is the identity of this team as we all know. I’m super stoked to see CJ Prosise in action again he’s so exciting!

    I know I’ve brought it up before but I want John Ross III so bad, I’d be happy to have him with our second pick!

    Go Hawks!

  13. bankhawk

    I liked what I saw from Chubb on the tape, but another player caught my eye in a big way as well! I saw jr. FB Christian Payne, # 47-6 1, 242 lbs. flat out blow some NC players up on a bunch of those plays, including the long td. Be nice if Chubb lasted long enough to count as value pick in spite of the injury history, then his running mate came along as a late-rounder or a UDFA!

  14. East Side Stevie

    Good lord, Chubbs numbers are unbelievable he is a jaw dropping talent!

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Jaleel Johnson flashing at DT for Iowa

    • Kenny Sloth

      Back to back sacks to kill a drive by Jaleel Johnson. 6’4 310. Great length and UOH

      • Volume12

        He was on a lot of watch lists earlier this year or summer time actually. Glad to hear he’s living up to the hype.

        That LT Wisconsin has is the best player on the field along with LB TJ Watt.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Their running back had some solid plays too. Should find a home in a rotation at the next level. Looks like a Patriot.

          • Volume12

            Yeah he’s good.

  16. Aaron

    Alabama vs Texas A&M

    Going to be a great game! Just got done watching NC State vs. Louisville. That was a pretty one sided boring game. Only real player to stick out was Louisville QB Jackson, again.

    • Aaron

      Ryan Anderson. First drive, diagnosed and blew up an outside run for a 5yd TFL.

      • Aaron

        2nd drive. First play, strong side run for a 3yd TFL.

    • Aaron

      Anyone have thoughts on Alabama TE Howard blocking as an H-back? I’m gonna try to watch for it.

    • Aaron

      Alabama DT Allen.
      So many splash plays today. Can’t wait for the tape.

      • Volume12

        Top 10 pick. Absolute monster.

  17. Ukhawk

    Rob. Hooker not the only Buckeye getting high R1 hype. Marsh on Lattimore also being talked up. Waiting to see some tape on the guy

    • Volume12


      Lattimore is #2. The other corner #8 Gareon Conley is also a top 100 pick.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Really like Lattimore he’s a ball fiend.

        Raekwon McMillan is no slouch either. I need to spend more time watching front seven players. Such a deep class it’s really fun everywhere you turn. I’ve been killing myself trying to find an okay tackle when value is screaming at other positions.

        On a side note; I’m getting shrooms and salmon today. Don’t you love Autumn in the northwest?

        • Volume12

          The best OT I’ve seen is Wisconsin’s Ryan Ramcyzk. 1st rounder, but probably won’t declare.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Agree, I really like him and that Michigan RT.

            Rob was saying they didn’t like tall OL on the podcast the other day and I thought this was not true? Didn’t they at several points in PC’s tenure have the tallest OL in the league? Just from what I remember.

            • Volume12

              Yeah, Michigan’s Erik Magnuson is a stud.

              I don’t beleive so, but maybe they did.

              They typically don’t like O-lineman taller than 6’6. TC has said guys taller than that can be in play for them, but it’s very very rare.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Looks like you’re right. 6’5 seems to be the norm for them.

                This is a really tall class of OL so I think we can scratch a lot of these tall guys 6’8 plus from our shortlists

                • Volume12

                  6’4-6’6. Ifedi is 6’6 or close to it. Same with Britt, Gilliam, and Fant.

                  Will be interesting to see for sure.

                  Webb, Giacomini, Sowell are 6’7, but they’re proven commodities.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Unger, Okung, Carp, Sweezy all 6’5

                    Breno 6’7

        • Volume12

          Not as high on McMillan as others. Kind of ‘men.’ Prefer LSU’s Kendall Beckwith. Man amongst boys.

  18. Aaron

    Seahawks Dead Money

    Was just looking over 2017 free agents and noticed OTC had the Seahawks 2017 dead money @ $307,348.

    2016 dead money @ $9,995,910 (Lynch(5)/williams(2.3)/poole/clemons).

    Just thought it was interesting and I’m excited for the extra wiggle room.

    • Volume12

      And Shead is a RFA which is huge. For us. Gilliam too, not a huge fan, but he’s still raw and Seattle will more than likely pick up that option. Why wouldn’t they?

      Bennett and Bam Bam will get new deals.

      Hauschka, McCray, Sowell, C-Mike are the guys I think they’ll keep. And either Tony McDaniel or they’ll add a veteran DT like they do every year. Hauschka really being the only must keep.

      Very exciting going forward.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They may wait until 7th round/ udfa to address the OL if only to pick up a Joey Hunt type character.

        • Volume12

          Possible. I hope not though.

          If I had to guess, 3rd-4th round.

          • Kenny Sloth

            There will always be sweet spots. Ron’s great at identifying thoughts.

            Any idea how we all overrated McGovern and Boehm so highly last year? They certainly had issues, both, but they dropped to the 5th

            • Sea Mode

              I think we just highlighted them more than others because they were among the few that fit the wTEF profile and we needed OL so badly.

              The same train of thought, however, also led us (Rob) to correctly identify our R1 pick, which is pretty amazing in itself.

              Since we did not have numbers on Odhiambo, he wasn’t really in the conversation. But other than that, I think we hit it right on about as close as we interested fans can reasonably hope to.

              The lesson I do think we can learn is that, while wTEF narrows down the pool of prospects to focus on, the intangibles then become the most important in further evaluating Seahawks prospects. We need to look at the guys Tom Cable specifically works out (there weren’t actually that many smoke screen workouts this past year) and try to see on tape who is the strongest/toughest physically and mentally. JS said all three OL drafted were the three strongest guys Cable got his hands on. Guys who didn’t back down when pushed and tested.

            • Rob Staton

              I think we dropped Boehm pretty quickly after the combine — was a marginal athlete and one of the least explosive OL’s in the draft.

              McGovern was incredibly explosive and that led us to focus a ton on him. Of course, we always noted that explosion does not = guaranteed quality. But it is worth mentioning that it took Glowinski a year to settle into the league and that might be the same for McGovern.

      • Aaron

        I would think Shead/Gilliam are both 2nd round tenders.

        Agree on both Mike B and Kam. It’s looking like JG will follow after that.

        Hau$chka and Sowell are must resign for me. C-Mike could price himself out of a new hawks deal. Hope Luke Willson’s injury doesn’t impact his compensatory draft stock.

        Tony McD is a tough call to me. He is getting up there in age but he does appear to still have the ability. Wouldn’t mind the same contract again.

        • Volume12

          No one is giving Seattle a 2nd for Shead and no way in hell for Gilliam. Seattle will pay Shead. PC loves that guy.

          • Kenny Sloth

            PC says he is the most likely player on the roster to become a coach

          • Aaron

            I think Shead will get money also. Something along the lines of Lane’s deal?

            My thought train on a rd 2 tender for Gilliam was his experience level coupled with the weak OT class. I think the difference between rd 2 and the player draft round tender is only ~700k. If we tendered him @ UDFA/lowest we wouldn’t get anything in return if he got sniped.

            • Volume12

              Ah. I see what your saying. Makes sense.

              Good question regarding the type of deal Shead may get. I think your probably right though.

        • Kenny Sloth

          CMike seems like the type to take a big hometown discount.

          He says “no disrespect to those [other] organisations, but they’re nothing like the Seahawks”

          • SeventirsHawksFan

            They’d be crazy not to re-sign C Mike. The only dependable RB on the roster and he knows the system. A rookie RB may need a year to get the scheme down. And Rawls may never finish a season or return to the form he was last year.

            CMike is worth slightly over paying for imo.

  19. Kyle

    Rob talks about Evan engrams the te, but what about this beast oj Howard from bama?

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s gotten better every year at Bama. This is a solid TE class, but I think Rob is spot on projecting Engram as a Seahawks target. He compliments the current roster very well.

      Howard has underwhelmed me in years past but looks the part as a security blanket type. Hed be great for the Buccaneers.

      • Volume12

        Huge fan of Engram myself. Him and DE Dawaune Smoot were 2 guys I highlighted this summer if ya remember when I was studying tape.

        Not a TE, but ya know who else I think would be a great fit for Seattle’s offense? Oklahoma WR Dede Westbrook. This cat is twitched up! Very comparable to Udub’s John Ross.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’ve been thinking the same thing! He’s a more of a redline threat than Ross as well

          • Volume12

            Great minds think alike. ?

            Speaking of John Ross, I can’t wait to see Oregon St CB Treston DeCoud today. 6’3, 205 lbs, exceptional length, former JUCO kid, was committed to LSU but his grades weren’t good enough. Little brother is in jail, lost his grandma this summer who helped raise him. His technique needs work, but Seattle loves coaching up their DBs anyways right? Needs to get off blocks better in the run game too.

            He checks off almost every box. And production wise?

            32 tackles, 4 PBU, 2 INTs, 2 TFL, 1 def TD.

            • Kenny Sloth

              What’s Decouds draft range looking like

              • Volume12

                4th-6th. Somewhere in there.

  20. Volume12

    W.Virginia is a talented team.

    5-6 legit NFL prospects just on the defensive side of the ball alone.

  21. Volume12

    OMG! NC DT Naz Jones is a freak! He’s the closest thing to Michigan St DL Malik McDowell in this draft.

    6’5, 290-295 lbs, freakish length, controls/resets the LOS consistently, great long-arm technique, cuts off RBs angles, raw power, outstanding lateral agility, makes plays away from the LOS, collapses the pocket.

    Some of the best traits I’ve seen from a DT/5-tech out of draft eligible prospects. Athletic upside for days! Wow.

    • Kenny Sloth

      North Carolina? How did I miss this guy?!

  22. Volume12

    Hmmm… You guys heard of this RB? Might be the best back under the radar. Saw that Seattle was scouting his team during their TC. Physical, agile, home run speed.

    Wyoming RB Brian Hill-5’11-6’0, 219 lbs.

    2015 stats: 1631 yds rushing, 5.80 YPC, 6 TDs, 20 rec., 132 yds
    2016 stats: 721 yds rushing, 4.97 YPC, 8 TDs


  23. Steele

    I have been a Chubb fan for a long time. Make it so!

  24. Aaron

    Oklahoma vs. TT

    Oklahoma QB Mayfield is looking like a good deep ball passer. Long TDs to Mixon/Westbrook and 2 more long PBU that were on the money.

    • Aaron

      A couple of his evades have been russel-esque too.

    • Aaron

      Oklahoma RB Mixon

      Looking good as the feature back. Just ripped off a long TD run. Beastquake jr style

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