Open thread Saturday

Let me know who you’re watching today. I’m on Alabama vs Texas A&M where Tim Williams, Ryan Anderson, Marlon Humphrey, Reuben Foster and this man are having another big day:


  1. Volume12

    This Takkarist ‘Takk’ McKinley, EDGE, for UCLA is unreal. 7 tackles, 3 QB sacks, FF, and a FR today. Not to mention countless pressures against a high quality O-line for Utah. Now has 7 sacks on the year and 10-11 TFLs.

    He’s said to be a freak athlete. Has an incredible back story too. One to monitor.

    • Volume12

      McKinley now has 33 tackles, 14 TFL, 7 QB sacks, 4 PBU and was timed at 4.54 over the spring.

      Again keep ? ‘s on him Hawks fans. His back story is incredibly ‘Seahawky’.’

  2. Volume12

    Is Udub WR John Ross the best in the country? He is something else. I stand by my DeSean Jackson 2.0 comp.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      If Ross keeps it up Vol any chance he’s a first round pick? He’s such a weapon. I want him in Seahawks Wolf Grey so bad.

      Go Dawgs!

      • teejmo

        I think, if he runs a 4.3 or lower (he supposedly ran a 4.2 at the Husky Combine in the spring), he should seriously be in the conversation for it. It’s not like smallish super fast home run hitters haven’t gone in the first round lately (Philip Dorsett, Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller). In my personal opinion, Ross is a better route runner than those three.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          I agree with you Teejmo, if he runs close to 4.3 then Al Davis will draft him from his grave in the first round for sure! He’s not only incredible fast and quick but has great breaks and route running ability. He’s a bad ass with a great personality as well!

          Go Dawgs!

      • Volume12

        Absolutely could be a 1st.

    • C-Dog

      Love Ross, but man, Pettis really smooth

  3. The Hawk is Howling

    Yeah I love Pettis as well, he just has those instincts and moves to make people miss. I believe he has 4 punt returns for touchdowns as well. I’ll take Pettis and Ross please! Huskies are legitimate Natii champion contenders.

    Go Dawgs!

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I’d take either or both. Pettis has a personality that I think is pretty Seahawky, smart guy with a good sense of humor.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I hear ya C-dog! Is Pettis a Junior and draft eligible? I would love to have Pettis so much. He could take some of the punt return duties from Lockett also. He does seem like someone that would fit this team extremely well. Whar round grade do you think he is at this point?

        Go Dawgs!


        Go Hawks!

  4. teejmo

    I know we’ve talked about safeties a lot this year, but what’s everybody’s thoughts on Eddie Jackson out of Alabama? I ask, because he’s now out for the season after fracturing his leg.

  5. icb12

    Joe Williams for Utah is impressive.

  6. HawkFan907

    Deedee Westbrook is unstoppable. Something like 9 TDs in his last 13 quarters. He is so good at creating separation.

    • Aaron

      Just noticed Rob put up a new post…

      Trying to split my TV screen time between OSU/PSU and Oklahoma/TT.
      Reposting my same sentiments on this thread… Oklahoma QB Mayfield is a good deep ball passer and has some good pocket awareness / evade skills.
      Mixon is looking really good as the feature back. 2 explosive TD plays (1 run / 1 pass). Got stuffed on a big 4th/1.

      • Volume12

        Yeah me and Kenny were talking about him earlier.

        He’d be a great fit for Seattle. I was saying that he’s incredibly twitched up and comparable to WR John Ross.

      • DavidM2

        Mayfield makes horrible decisions though. Watch OK v.s. TX and OK v.s. OH St. You’ll see what I mean. He’s far from NFL ready. Dede Westbrook on the other hand is a great receiver. Catches very well with his hands. Runs polished routes. Although slightly taller, I don’t think he is quite as fast or quite as heavy as John Ross III, but he’s an interesting talent. Caugh my eye in the TX and OH St. games.

        Btw Tim Williams from Bama just jumps off the screen. Super twitchy. The Bma v.s. TN game is a good watch here’s a condensed version of that game.

        Look how much faster Tim Williams #56 on Bama is than Barnett #9 on TN one of currently undervalued players. Rob was spot on about him.

  7. The Hawk is Howling

    Man this Joe Williams Cat is smooth!

  8. vrtkolman

    Hoooooly crap! Leonard Fournette is putting on maybe the greatest rushing performance ever. He has 249 yards …. on 7 carries. Against Ole Miss, with legit defensive talent.

    • Volume12

      He’s the real deal. Truly special.

      Him and Ole Miss OLB Marquis Haynes have been the best players on the field tonight.

      • vrtkolman

        Honestly if the 49ers landed the first pick in the draft (very possible)… I would almost be let out a huge sigh of relief if they took a QB over Fournette.

  9. Volume12

    JS personally scouting the Wazzu vs Arizona St game.

  10. Volume12

    Upset alert!

    Ohio St down by 3 with 4 minutes left. Don’t care what anyone says, ‘Bama and Michigan would be a lit National Championship!

  11. East Side Stevie

    Deede westbrook feels like a tyler locket, desean jackson type of slot WR i noticed Vol12 compared john ross to desean jackson but I would argue deede westbrook is also a comp
    Both westbrook and ross are electic and some of college footballs best highlight reel WR’s in the country

    • Volume12

      Funny you say that. Earlier today I actually said Westbrook is comparable to John Ross. Both have the production, speed, hands, COD, and are quick twitch athletes that Seattle loves at wide out.

      Size doesn’t concern me because size isn’t a skill.

  12. East Side Stevie

    Agreed Vol what is Jt barret classified as? And what do you think about curtis samuel what a weapon he can be… Amazing.

    • Volume12

      Barrett is a QB, but wouldn’t surprise me if he became a RB at the next level.

      Everyone says Curtis Samuel is Percy Harvin, but L’Ville QB Lamar Jackson is more Percy Harvin IMO. I like Samuel, but I think we got that guy in Prosise if he can stay healthy.

      • East Side Stevie

        I was jus simply stating these 2 guys I wasnt really trying to assume seattle is going to draft them nor did I have the attention of Seattle wanting to draft them just wanted your opinion on them because I thought they have shined throughout the season.

        • East Side Stevie


          • East Side Stevie

            Also when I asked what barret is classified as I was reffering to whether he was a soph Jr or Sr haha not his position but I can see why u were confused he certainly does seem to be an athete and can play WR

          • Volume12

            I like Barrett at times. Other times he looks nothing like an NFL QB. Processes the game too slow. UDFA for me.

            Samuel? Incredible athlete. Gonna be a chess piece for someone. Think he’s more receiver than RB. Has a lot of Christian McCaffrey in his game. Did Udub expose McCaffrey as nothing more than a good collegiate RB? Samuel a 3rd-4th rounder for me.

  13. East Side Stevie

    Hear how loud this penn st crowd is and their D line is clearly outplaying Ohio st O line but Barret is being impressive avoiding sacks making quick accurate throws he keeps both hands on the ball as he moves around in the pockett as he is trying to put together this game winning drive. I havent watched the whole game so I dont know how he has played throughout the game but that deep pass was right on the money the WR jus couldnt make the catch but that was a dime.

    • Volume12

      Udub just moved up in the polls my man! Thank you Happy Valley!

      • DC

        Would it be too perfect if Clemson took a loss, Michigan and Washington win out to meet in a CFP semifinal? Harbaugh vs Peterson…

        Oh I’m getting ahead of myself.

  14. East Side Stevie

    Well just when I say that he gets sacked twice… Aw shit

  15. Volume12

    LSU LB Duke Riley is very interesting.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Alabama DL Jonathan Allen was the best player on the field in Saturday’s battle between the Aggies and the Crimson Tide. In a game littered with future pros, Allen stood out like a sore thumb. Texas A&M couldn’t block him. They tried. His superman sack was a perfect example. ~

    This guy…..

  17. Volume12

    Oklahoma RB Joe Nixon with 28 carries, 251 yds, 2 TDs. Has over 100 yds receiving and 3 TDs. 5 total TDs. If NYG K Josh Brown, a 37 year old kicker is still around, Nixon WILL be drafted.

    Unless he celebrates too much or wears pink cleats for his deceased mom.

    • Volume12


  18. Volume12

    Wazzu S Shalom Luani is a stud. Has a little Troy Polamalu in his game. Would not be surprised if PC/JS like this guy. He impacts almost every play.

    • DC

      ASU kicker Zane Gonzalez could be a possibility if the Hawks decided to go cheaper than Hauschka.

      • DavidM2

        Nobody’s cheaper than Hauschka, he’s a Steve not a Stephen how cheap does he get?

    • sdcoug

      V12, I just read your post above about JS scouting the wazzu/asu game and was gonna put Luani’s name out there. He really is a playmaker. Tremendous closing speed and instinct. He’s a big play waiting to happen. Played FS last year and moved to SS this season. Can really disrupt in the backfield

      • Volume12

        He wasn’t just scouting the game. He was on Wazzu’s sideline with clipboard in hand. Definetly was checking someone out for the Cougs.

        IMO? S Shalom Luani, RT Cole Madison, WR Gabe Marks, or DL Hercules Mata’afa, but isn’t ‘Herc’ only a R-SO?

        • sdcoug

          Yeah “One Bad Mata’afa” will be back next season. You know I love Marks, full on grit. Another name is DT Robert Barber. But I definitely think Luani plays on Sundays

          • Volume12

            ‘One Bad Mata’afa.’ Love that nickname.

            Yup. I do know we both share a fondness for WR Gabe Marks. Love his cocky attitude too. WRs need to have a bit of that.

            Luani is growing on me. Very intriguing. And we know Seattle will spend a day 3 pick on a guy who’s role might be ST stud. I think Luani offers more than that, but his floor is a ST’s demon.

            DT Robert Barber? Hmmm…Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep my eye out for him.

            What do you think of RT Cole Madison?

            • sdcoug

              Pretty athletic, originally came to wsu as a TE and they fed him a whole bunch of steaks.

  19. KD

    Ohio State is out. UW is in. Just keep it up baby

  20. Volume12

    Wyoming RB Brian Hill. I posted his highlight video on the last thread. He’s a sleeper.

    Listed at 6’1, 219 but looks shorter than that to my eye. Like 5’11-6’0.

    He’s got power, speed, agility, moves in the open field, and his HC said he has a competitive nature inside him that you can’t coach. Wonder if he told Seahawk scouts the same thing during TC?

    He’s now up to 960 yds rushing with 11 TDs. Had 239 yds rushing and 3 TDs tonight. He’s not to be slept on.

  21. HawkFan907

    I pray that the 49ers don’t draft Fournette… He is amazing. He is the future at that position and a future perennial all-pro. Imagine if he went to a team with a decent line. He is by far the best offensive talent in this class. No one comes close to touching him.

    • Volume12

      For sure the best offensive talent. A&M’s Myles Garrett and ‘Bama’s Jonathan Allen being the best defensive players.

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