Will the Seahawks trade for Sheldon Richardson?

You’ll notice in the video above, Mike Garafolo references the Seahawks will be ‘tweaking’ their roster before the season begins. ‘Just stay tuned’ Garofolo adds, providing a layer of intrigue.

So what could this be?

The Seahawks today agreed terms with cornerback Tramaine Brock on a one-year contact. Garofolo’s ‘tweaks’ aren’t referencing Brock, however. He already touched on that potential addition in his segment.

So what is he talking about?

The one big loss so far in pre-season is Malik McDowell. The Seahawks were banking on him contributing as an inside/out rusher, providing a new pass rush element that has been lacking for a couple of years. With McDowell possibly sidelined for the whole season — it’s an area the Seahawks would presumably like to address.

The Jets’ Sheldon Richardson revealed recently that the Seahawks were interested in trading for him but wanted him to take a pay cut. His cap hit this year is $8m. Seattle only has $9m in remaining cap space according to Spotrac and they can ill-afford to enter the season with only $1m spare. They’d have to make some savings.

Is it possible Seattle retains interest, especially in light of McDowell’s injury?

ESPN reporter Rich Cimini believes the Jets are still interested in trading Richardson and are eager to upgrade at cornerback:

“I think they’re still open to trading Richardson. From what I hear, they’d like to bolster the cornerback position and he’s obviously their best bargaining chip — maybe their only chip.”

Adding Tramaine Brock allows the Seahawks to feel comfortable trading one of their existing cornerbacks.

Jeremy Lane’s cap hit is $5.25m this year. If Seattle moved him to New York for Richardson, they might be able to make it work financially. Brock adds an experienced replacement to the roster who can play outside and nickel.

They’d likely have to spend a draft pick too.

The Jets are in a major rebuild this year and have been trying to move Richardson for a while — a player they’re unlikely to re-sign when he becomes a free agent in the off-season. When he leaves, the best they can hope for is a third or fourth round comp pick. A similar offer today — such as a fourth rounder — might be tempting. They get the pick in 2018 instead of 2019 for starters. And if they want to spend big in free agency on a different player they won’t lose the comp pick.

They’d also get a corner in Lane who is still young enough to work with (he turned 27 in July) and if they wanted, they can cut him quite easily in 2018.

The Seahawks would get a one-year rental in Richardson — a player capable of providing the interior rush they desire. He replaces McDowell in the line-up and probably even offers an upgrade. Richardson isn’t a rookie and has the motivation of being in a contract year.

You could argue it’s a lot for a one-year rental. Consider this though — McDowell will hopefully return in 2018, the Seahawks are unlikely to be big spenders in free agency and if Richardson moves somewhere else for good money they’ll recoup their outlay via a 2019 comp pick.

And who knows what else could happen? The Seahawks brought in Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril as rentals. They’re still here, integral parts of the defense. They might find a way to keep Richardson too.

This could all be rosterbation of course. Big trades are rare at this time of year, although the recent deals involving Buffalo, Philadelphia and Los Angeles show they aren’t improbable. A Sheldon Richardson trade makes sense for both parties — and Garofolo hinting at further tweaks to the roster suggests something is in the pipeline.

If it isn’t Richardson, we could well see a different trade for a pass rusher.

Some brief thoughts on the O-line vs the Chargers

I quickly re-watched Sunday’s game yesterday, focusing on the left side of the O-line. I’ll watch the right side later today.

I thought Rees Odhiambo had a terrific game. He played 90% of the snaps on offense, 30% more than anyone else. He spent some time at left tackle and left guard. It’s at guard though where I thought he showed a ton of promise.

Luke Joeckel is the presumed starter but if Odhiambo continues to play the way he did against the Chargers, he has to be in with a shout to take the job. It really was a fine performance. Odhiambo was in control, flashed power in the run game and had no trouble in pass pro. Taking Kasen Williams’ four catches out of the equation, I’d argue Odhiambo was the biggest positive from the game.

George Fant also had a very good display. There are still times where his footwork isn’t quite right and he’ll give up some pressure — especially against the likes of Melvin Ingram. He’s not going to be the finished product in week one of his first proper pre-season. However, there was one occasion where he just engulfed two defenders with size and power. His fundamentals are light years ahead of where he was a year ago. I noticed on more than one play Germain Ifedi didn’t use his frame and length to keep the EDGE outside, allowing him to dip back inside and create pressure. At the very least Fant didn’t have any moments like this. If you have this kind of size/arm length and you’re playing tackle, just keep everything outside.

Joeckel had a decent game without the wow-factor of Odhiambo or Fant. His upside is fairly limited in comparison. He’s steady. He’s going to be pushed by Odhiambo on this evidence though. This seems like a battle now — instead of the presumed coronation of a left side of Fant-Joeckel. The upside of Fant-Odhiambo could end up being too tempting.


  1. DavidInBellingham

    I know it has already been a few posts, but welcome back Rob! for some reason I feel like you had a championship season last year at the blog. Here is to hoping you repeat!
    Thanks for all your hard work,

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks David! Glad to be back.

    • Kenny Sloth


  2. D-OZ

    I was also impressed with Rees and Fant. Rees looked very good. I think Ifedi will come around, Pocic looked good too. GO HAWKS!!!

    • Hawkfan086


      • Robbie

        Rees Odhiambo

  3. Logan Lynch

    I too thought Rees looked good at LG (maybe not so much at LT, but that’s what Fant and Joeckel are for). My only question is, would Fant benefit more from having a vet like Joeckel next to him? Could this speed up Fant’s development to have an experienced guy next to him instead of a 2nd year pro like himself? Remember that Joeckel had a great college career, so he has nearly a decade of experience playing LT against high level competition. On the other hand, it makes sense to give Fant and Rees time together to gel if they’ll be the left side of the line for the next 3 years or so. It will be interesting to watch. I think Rees may be the LG of the future.

    Intriguing to hear Pocic worked at RG a bit yesterday like he had done previously during OTA’s or minicamp. Would they attempt a right side of Pocic-Ifedi? Glow seemed to struggle and Aboushi is only one a one year deal. Pocic, although it’s early, seems like he would be very steady and assignment sure. That could help Ifedi in terms of double teams and stunts. Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen, and Anthony Barr will pose a good challenge on Friday and might make things a bit clearer.

  4. Ed

    Lane and some change for Richardson. Yes please. Heck, Lane and Kearse and some change for Richardson and I’m in.

    • Kenny Sloth


      • C-Dog


        • Ty the Guy

          Lane and Kearse and a 5th. Final offer.

          Evens out the cap hit. Jets get 2 “starter” caliber players. We get a rental to help win a SB.

          • Smitty1547


          • Jujus

            YES THIS PLEASE.

          • Redhawk87

            Honestly, the multiple players for a single player is rare.
            That said, the Jets could use a WR with the release of their WR corps.
            If we trade them Lane and Kearse –
            For the Jets, their cap situation would go:
            2017: $6.2M – $8.1M, net savings of $1.9M
            2018: $11M if both stay on the roster, $0M if neither stay on the roster
            They save money now while filling two positions of need. These players are under team control with no guarantees after this year, so the Jets have complete control. They only have to have the cap hit if they consider them worthwhile.

            For us:
            2017: We face a $1.9M greater hit this year
            2018: Save $11M next year
            This means we have a 1 year fill in for McDowell and have about $9M more to spend on renewing Graham.
            I hope that a 5th wouldn’t be necessary, but if it is, it’s a nice sweetener and wouldn’t hurt us too much.

            • Redhawk87

              Following up on that, we actually shouldn’t need to give up a pick. The Jets don’t have a use for Richardson now and do have needs for WR and CB. They want Richardson gone more than we NEED Richardson. Sure, he’d be useful, but our D-line is in a good spot right now even without McDowell. It’d have to be a positive deal for us. Swapping cap for filling more useful players on either team could do the trick, without draft picks entering the equation.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Thats why I think it’s more likely we see a player and a conditional pick or two.

                Something with playing time or resign activators

    • Logan Lynch

      Moving Lane and change for Richardson is interesting, especially with Tramaine Brock being signed. Let’s just assume a 4th rounder goes with. What has more value to you, Richardson/Brock/probable 2019 3 or 4 comp OR Lane/Brock/2018 4th?

      It’s a tough decision, but Richardson could really put this defense over the edge.

      Side note, Clayton said that Lane’s base was already guaranteed due to him being on the roster for a deadline earlier this offseason. Would that salary transfer over in a trade or would we have to work it out some other way? Not a cap expert here.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wonder if they would dangle Brock as trade bait??? Jets choice of Brock or Lane?

        • vrtkolman

          That would be a pretty bad faith move if they traded Brock right after signing him. Brock had a lot of interest around the league but was all in on Seattle from day one, that would be pretty unfair to him.

        • Rob Staton

          Considering the Jets could’ve just pushed to sign Brock anyway, I think it’s highly unlikely.

          Trading players you JUST signed is a sure fire way to lose the trust of future free agents. I think we can safely rule that one out.

  5. Ty the Guy

    1) I think our D-Line rotation is good enough without Richardson
    2) Richardson is the pass-rushing 3-tech, PCJS have always longed for.
    3) We can’t afford him past this year, if at all.
    4) Only 2 players make sense to add in a trade for S-Rich: Lane and Kearse.
    5) I would be willing to trade Kearse, but not Lane. Yes we have some good depth at CB, but he is our second most experienced guy. I believe our D-Line can get to the QB without Richardson, but I’d be concerned about our secondary without Lane.

    As far as the OL goes, I loved seeing the push they got on quite a few plays in the first game. Pass pro looked good enough, but our tackles may have difficulty against elite rushers. My gut is telling me that Joekel may end up a backup at some point. Same for Ifedi. Could end up seeing a line like Fant, Odiambo, Britt, Glowinski, Posic.

    • cha

      The flipside of your point 5 is Richardson will help the DB’s by giving the QB less time to read and expose them.

      Also Lane has an injury history that just cannot be ignored. If he’s been a 15-16 game a year guy for the last 3-4 years I could see trading him is a big dropoff, but he hasn’t. Chances are a younger player will need to fill in for him at some point even if he stays on the roster.

      It could be a ‘two birds with one stone’ kind of thing to sign Brock and trade Lane in a package for Richardson.

    • Jujus

      MY biggest issue with your statement is point #1.

      1) I think our D-Line rotation is good enough without Richardson

      “Good enough”

      does good enough win Superbowls? Does that secure home field advatage? I want our Dline to harken back to the unstoppable 2013 year, and richardson now then Malik later can keep us on the GENERATIONAL DEFENSIVE LINE trajectory.

      And worse case scenario we get a 3rd round pick for S rich… or we could tag him…

  6. C-Dog

    I thought Rees was having himself a nice game. 710’s Gee Scott, who has some close insider ties to the players, has been pretty strong in his corner all along saying that that if someone misses any time with injury and Rees gets in there, that person may not get his job back because Rees has been on fire with his offseason dedication. My hunch is that Joekel is a rental to help settle Fant and be a hedge at LT should Fant struggle or get injured, but Rees is the future at LG, and that future might come a bit sooner than later.

    Very intrigued about Richardson to Seattle. If they somehow make that happen, GMs across the whole NFC might just collectively puke in their mouths a bit because now you are talking about a DL rotation that would include Mike Bennett, Cliff Avril and Frank Clark rotating in at end, with Richardson, Reed, Rubin and rookie upstart Naz Jones rotating at defense tackle. Wow. Fingers crossed on that one.

    • swisshawk

      In my opinion spot on with the Rees=future LG “scenario”. For me Joeckel was always a rent and hopefully a good Investment too (a 3 or 4 round pick in 2019). To be fair, I think almost all of our FA signings are a rent to give us as much ammo in 2019, because in that draft we will have to replace a big junk of our legendary D (Sherm, Avril, Wrigth, Earl and Clark will be FA, and Kam and Benetts contracts hint/have an easy out in that year too). But back to your post, I think that the line of
      LT Fant
      LG Rees
      C Britt
      RG Pocic
      RT Ifedi
      is the ultimate goal for the front office. So they could play together at least 2 full years until they have to decide whom to sign longterm.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        They’ll need to make a decision on Britt first.

    • FresnoBrad

      When using overthecap.com you can determine the $$ against cap in 3 situations pre-June cuts, post June cuts, & trade. By cutting these players (not trading them) before start of season Seahawks will save cap space this year. Jermaine Kearse 2.2 million, Atuyba Rubin 2 mil, Thorpe 1 mil. By trading these players Hawks save cap space, Jeremy lane, Paul Richardson, Edde Lacy.
      Jets must trade Sheldon Richarfson otherwise they will have to pay 8 mil! If they cut him they pay him however if they convince a team to trade for him Jets are off the hook for the 8 mil.
      In fact we could trade for Richardsson during the regular season. 3 months ago Hawks were will to give up a late 3rd but now Jets are desperate to trade him, probably for anything. Hawks will strike if opportunity makes sense, right now it’s about getting Richardson to take less which is not going to be easy!

  7. Nathan M

    Griffin (obviously) and Desir (surprisingly) had a lot of snaps against LAC and both acquitted themselves quite well IMO. No major mistakes and more than a few positive plays. Keeping in mind Shead still hopefully back mid-year I can imagine this staff could have enough confidence in our CB depth to trade away Lane. If NYJ are looking for DBs I doubt Kearse will excite them much

    • FresnoBrad

      If we cut Kearse we save 2.2 million vs if we trade Kearse we save 366,000 that means we are going to cut Kearse as long as Richardson & Williams are healthy.

  8. MSL

    Cable was just on Brock and Salk.

    They asked him how the first team was looking. He pretty clearly stated that Fant-Joeckel-Britt were set. He said at RG Aboushi and Glowinski were neck and neck and it will come down to who shows more consistency. At RT he said Ifedi likely has it but that Pocic is still in the mix. He said that really the main thing Ifedi needs to take the next step is confidence. He also mentioned Pocic will play more at RG this week

    No mention of Odhiambo. I’m sure that could change if Fant or Joeckel have a rough start or two, but for now it sounds like he’ll just offer good depth on the left side.

    • cha

      As good as Odhiambo played I’m very tempted to agree with and applaud Cable for locking things in this early and going for some consistency. It could be that the steady approach will boost the offense more than taking the chance on the higher upside but more inconsistent approach (assuming that is the issue with Odhiambo).

      At any rate with injuries etc we know even if Odhiambo is relegated to backup status, he’ll see lots of time this year. Good to know it appears we have a “1B” in the wings ready to play.

    • Logan Lynch

      Maybe I’m off, but to me the comment about Pocic playing more RG this week means they already view him as one of their best 5 OL and are trying to find a way to get him into the starting lineup without moving anyone else around again (i.e. Ifedi)..

      • C-Dog

        Could be that.

      • Jujus

        Ive been repeating this over and over, Pocic is the McQuinstan replacement. Cable wants to know he is the best linemen he can go to in case of injury.

        He could pull out a upset and grab a starting job but I think he is slated to be backup Oline #1.

        • Overtime

          I agree. This year it is best to give the rookie Pocic experience at several spots. We will be substituting more than usual to give our depth players experience. Pocic could start and might even be better than Ifedi, but that leaves Ifedi with no position. I expect to see 8 or 9 linemen used every game.

      • MSL

        Or they want to see if he can play swing backup at C, RG, RT. You can tell Cable really likes him though, and if he’s not viewed as one of the best 5, I think he’s pretty close to that.

  9. ddd

    1. From a purely schematic perspective wouldn’t Seattle’s scheme benefit more from a pass rusher than a corner? My (very limited) understanding is that pass rushers are more valuable than corner backs in zone schemes because if the play goes long enough zone coverages will eventually fall apart.

    2. Whenever I think about the hawks signing a veteran corner and expecting him to play right away I think of Carry Williams, and at least he had an offseason to learn the hawks scheme, if we signed brock he wouldn’t have that luxury.

    • Drew

      Unless they just signed Brock to play the slot (no idea if he can) and plan on trading Lane for Richardson.

      • pran

        3rd safety bradley mcdougald may take some of those snaps

  10. Smitty1547

    Any more word on Malik being back in town yesterday?

    • Drew

      Pete said they won’t see him for “weeks”

  11. cha

    Has PC made any comments lately about Shead’s recovery status? That is an angle to consider.

  12. cha

    Mike Garafolo‏Verified account @MikeGarafolo · 19m19 minutes ago

    Seahawks have agreed to a one-year deal with CB Tramaine Brock, sources say. Team met with him in April, spent yesterday meeting again.

    • cha

      Probably will have to endure some hazing for the time Rawls brutally murdered him.


      • Smitty1547

        Yea they didn’t show that one on his high light reel

    • pran

      Jeremy Lane or Some other CB is gonna be traded

      • KD

        This. It just has an inevitable feeling to it, doesn’t it?

    • Drew

      I wonder what the salary hit is

  13. GM17

    Another relevant aspect of a trade this close to the season starting are the positional responsibilities a player would have to learn to make an impact on the field. Granted, trading for a WR or a skill position is fraught with risk because of the complexities of the position and the time involved in developing chemistry. If Sheldon is brought in to be a pass rushing specialist, I feel like that type of adjustment could be made a lot quicker than other positions (not to discount the skill required to be a pass rusher). And if the cost for a player of his caliber is a mid-round pick, I’d sign up for that in a minute!

  14. Redhawk87

    Thanks Rob!
    Great to hear about Rees and Fant doing so well. From Cable, it sounds like Rees though will be the primary backup on the left side. I am fine with this. Joeckel is a better LG than LT. Fant is a LT. Rees can do either, though better at LG. I bet we see Rees fill in on occasion for either player through the season, and replaces Joeckel at LG next season and ongoing.
    If we could trade for Richardson with minimal net cost, I wouldn’t mind. It would really require creativity in the trade for it to work, but if we could get the additional interior pass rush, I’m fine with it. That said, Reed seems to look better, and Naz generated a lot of pressure on Sunday with multiple deflections. I think our interior will be ok without Richardson.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The interior would be okay, but not as powerful as they would be with Richardson. Also think about the ability to rotate players and rest them, or to fill in for injuries. I can’t think of any way that Richardson would hurt the Seahawks efforts.

      • Redhawk87

        The only downside would be in cost. If it could be offset with trading expensive players we could afford to lose, freeing up cap space, then it’d be a great move. It would not be a good move if it’s just him for a mid-range draft pick. That would really hurt our cap space going forward.

  15. Attyla the Hawk

    From a cap standpoint, it’d require a 3-5m contract to be offloaded to get Richardson. Even if he were to accept a pay cut or an extension that makes him more cap friendly this season.

    I would not say that Lane is a foregone conclusion. Or maybe more accurately I hope he isn’t the one. Brock is not really a clean fit for our style physically. He concedes about 4 inches, 20 lbs and significant length to Lane.

    Also, remember that our brand of CB play takes time to master. We saw how disastrous that can be with Cary Williams who was more physically aligned to the role. Brock seems like he’d be more of a slot cover guy. And maybe that’s where he’ll be situated.

    Seattle seems most deep at CB and at WR. Really WR seems it’s deepest corps top to bottom. Even if they stash Darboh on IR, it looks like we’ll be cutting a couple of guys who in other years would have made our active 5.

    Just to make the numbers work, it’d have to be Kearse or Lane. Just to make the Jets pull the trigger, it’d have to include a draft pick. Dealing Kearse would require a better draft pick. Perhaps as much as two full rounds higher.

    Realistically though from a cap perspective, Lane/Kearse seem the only logical contracts we could ship out. Both have similar dead money from their bonuses we’d have to eat (3.6M for Kearse, 3.75M for Lane). Lane’s provides more actual cap savings this year if traded.

    Can’t deny though, that adding Brock seems like it’s tipping our hands as to which position group we’d dangle trade bait from.

  16. Kenny Sloth

    In your OL notes are you referring to the inside pressure allowed by Germain to Joey Bosa? If so both sides allowed penetration to the inside gap but it looked like a designed rush.

    Ifedi allowed a pressure on Boykin that led to his slalom run up the middle. He otherwise smothered that second string.

    The overall cohesion looked great for the unit.

    • Rob Staton

      I saw on a couple of occasions Ifedi conceding the inside gap. I haven’t focused on the right side though to make a proper judgement overall.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It definitely was more than once on viewing only pass snaps

        I feel like I must be viewing him through rose colored glasses

  17. swisshawk

    Anyone thought of a Richardson for Richardson (plus change) trade?

    Points to consider:
    1. DT Richardson would be huge for the hawks, no question.
    2. WR Richardson could be one or the only starting caliber WR for the Jets (only an assumption ater Decker,Marshall and Enunwa are gone/IR). I mean give Hackenberg/Petty/McCown at least one target, wouldn’t you be so Kind?
    3. The WR Richardson is a (significant) loss for the hawks and doesn’t offer cap relieve, why doing it? Because he will almost certainly be gone in a years time (remeber we have that Lockett guy who will want some money in the near future as well as high priced WR’s Baldwin and Graham), he couldn’t stay healthy and probably never will and lastly we could free up a spot on the roster for another talented receiver.
    4. You can rent Richardson for the price of WR Richardson and a 4th? and in 1 years time from now you could get excited about an extra 3th round pick in the 2019 draft.
    5. The cap management is the only real problem in my eyes. I’m not a cap guy, so I’m not sure if everything that follows is correct. The cap space needed would be 8 mill and with shipping off WR Richardson you can save 1 mill. OTC says that the hawks have somthing around 9 mill in space (after the Brock signing, my guess) and with furthermore trading/releasing Rubin you can save another 2.2 mill. So you should have 4.2 mill for IR/PS/etc. (should be sufficent). But why trading/releasing Rubin? Because he probably will get released after this season anyhow (5.5 mill cap hit with 3.8 savings if cut) and young depth on the DL in the run stopping department (Reed, Naz, Smith).

    • FresnoBrad

      Richardson for Richardson is most likely a pipe dream due to this situation. The Jets have lost all leverage! They only way Jets save 8 mil is to trade Richardson which the Seahawks were willing to pay around 100 points in draft pick trade value as long as Richardson was willing to take less. Presenting Seahawks are not willing to pay Jets much at all after all we’re these ones helping the Jets now. By cutting Rubin this is a no brainier but Hawks are obviously concerned about Richardsons antics. He’s basically there if we want him but will Richardson be happy with his contract long term?

  18. KD

    It’s an interesting speculation, especially considering that the Seahawks already have a mountain of DB depth already, and they seem genuinely pleased with the progress of guys like Griffin, Desir and Thorpe (not to mention Shead will be retuning), it begs the question why sign him to begin with if not to cover their bases in the event that they do trade someone like Lane? It’s not as if they are lacking in depth.

    • KD

      *Why sign Brock* just to clarify

      • Volume12

        1. This is a pretty young DB group. Brock can, if he makes the team, give them a vet with starting experience.

        2. CB Jeremy Lane is extremely OVERRATED. Can’t tackle, zero strength, sloppy/inconsistent footwork, and fragile.

        3. Shaq Griffin is a rookie and will have growing pains. Brock allows them to bring Shaq along with patience and not rush his development if they want to go that route.

        4. Brock is versatile. Can play inside or out. And they can now tinker with Shaq playing inside and get a look and feel for him there (at nickel).

        • Volume12

          5. It says something to me that Lane has been here 5 damn years and hasn’t nailed or excelled in any role other than a gunner on teams.

          • HawkTalker#1


          • Kenny Sloth

            I think Lane is really underrated. He doesn’t get targeted a ton in the slot.

            His footwork is suspect at times, but he’s a sound tackler and will make bad quarterbacks pay. The good ones don’t throw at him much

            • DC

              Lane can’t tackle. He’s the guy I’m yelling at the tv about year after year.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Lane is always near the receiver but not quick enough to stop the completion. The stats speak for themselves, Seahawks secondary is not getting as many interceptions as they used to. Time to change up the backfield.

              • Rob Staton

                It’s a bit harsh though to lay the blame on Lane for that. Nickel is the toughest secondary position to play. 3/4 of the starting secondary is possible Hall of Fame in the future. Considering most teams do not have that on their roster, it’s hard to point the finger at the secondary for a lack of turnovers.

                • FresnoBrad

                  Rob if you use Overthecap there is a function that calculates players cut vs trade cap values. Many players Lane, Luke Wilson, Eddie Lacy, etc.. If traded will generate positive $$ caps space and other players Kease, Rubin etc.. Are negative trade $ caps space but if you cut them you gain positive $$ cap space.
                  We must cut Kearse (2.2 million) & could cut Rubin, trade Some others which will add space to the salary cap. We’ve paid Lane 11. Million last 2 years if we trade him we might get a draft pick! We could trade Luke Wilson & get back 1 million of the 1.8 we guaranteed him. Plus this year we get to keep 90 man roster till final cuts

                • FresnoBrad

                  Basically it makes $$ sense & cap space sense to trade some players & some other players it makes sense to cut pre-June & cut post.June Also if Jets want to save 8 million this year in cap space they can trade Sheldon Richardson but if the Jets cut Richardson they pay him.

  19. All I see is 12s

    Another player who may factor in is Alex Collins. Solid rb with 3 years on contract who is probably just not good enough to make this stacked rb roster. Add him to lane and a late pick….maybe

  20. Smitty1547

    Collins is gonna get cut and had for free

    • All I see is 12s

      Possibly, but they may value him in a trade to prevent other teams from claiming him

      • Volume12

        My man Chris Carson is gonna be the 2017 version of Thomas Rawls. He’s coming for that #1 spot.

        • HawkTalker#1


        • peter

          That’s the great thing now, if you think you’re a baller and can tote the rock Seattle’s got an open slot. I love Rawls his intensity is where it’s at but he’s got to be reliable. I love Procise, but again need to stay on the field. I’m curious about Lacy. Does he end up getting it going or his he just a camp body/back up…

  21. Redhawk87

    Interesting conference from Tom Cable.
    -Glowinski will start at RG but will split with both Aboushi and Pocic; Ifedi to start at RT
    -Disappointed with Ifedi missing a week of practice due to the Clark hit. Sounds like that’s what he considers to have dragged down Ifedi’s performance this week.
    – “we’re pretty solid at center left guard left tackle”; it sounds like they’re just going to move forward with Fant-Joeckel-Britt for now
    – Pocic “absolutely” is competing to start at both RG and RT
    – was asked about “Rees” and he was disappointed with him in regards to inconsistencies. However, he mentioned starting on the right side, so I wonder if he heard “Roos”? Odhiambo hasn’t practiced on the right side all camp.
    – will only keep 7 OL active any gameday; mentions that Hunt is ONLY a center and that really hinders him
    – has no problem starting Pocic on the right side, then moving him to center in case of Britt injury with Hunt backing him up. Intends to keep 3 centers on the 53 man roster (good news for Hunt)
    – really what he sees in the “guy on the left side” (which as far as I am aware is primarily Odhiambo) and the “guy on the right side” (Pocic if he doesn’t start, for C-RG-RT)

    In summary, this seems very illuminating for the 53 man roster and gameday rosters. It sounds like Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Odhiambo, and Pocic will be gameday active each day. Ifedi, Glowinski, and Aboushi are battling for the two right side spots with Pocic. One of Ifedi, Glow and Aboushi will not typically be on the gameday roster, maybe not even stick to the 53 man roster.

    • FAN Person

      I think the Hunt ‘context’ is a bit off. I see him being released easily due to Pocic.

      I feel the OL will only be 8 this year… Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi
      Then: Odhiambho, Pocic, Aboushi

      Aboushi has experience and leadership, and Pocic can dress to fill 3 roles on game day…
      Aboushi wouldn’t dress in this scenario…

      This gives the WR/TE/RB group 1 extra spot on the 53… which could be HUGE this year!

      If there was a S. Richardson trade and any of Lane/Kearse/P.Rich/A. Collins was moved, the Depth would easily replace it!!!

  22. John

    It would be mistake to trade Lane. Also, Richardson has not been effective the last couple of years so what makes us believe that he will return to his former self?

    Brock hasn’t been good so I don’t really get why we signed him….

    • FAN Person

      Brock was 16 out of 100 and something last year, so yes, he is good…

    • WALL UP

      I want to apologize to Rob for reposting the following, but Brock is a baller. In this clip, it is good to see the quality of receivers and RBs that he is going up against. Height is not an issue for Tramaine. He plays big for his size as the tape shows:

      “This wouldn’t hurt in the slot or the edge. He’s a hard nose player that will fit right in with their play style.”

      For the Vet minimum, this is a GREAT get! Brock will stay in the hip pocket of Edelman & Freeman and the like. But, still be able to cover larger receivers.

      I really hope they keep Lane, but I doubt it, due to cap reasons. Rob may be onto something with Lane as a trade chip for Sheldon, along with a 4th or a 5th.

      If they do trade for Richardson, I would like to see him either @ 5Tech or 3Tech, preferably @ 3Tech. Rubin as 5Tech, ala (Big Red) in base, with Avril in on passing downs. Reed could play NT or slide to 3Tech if Richardson plays 5Tech & Rubin slides to NT. There are a lot of variables with those three in base, with MikeB manning RDE. That would be a hard group to run against. That’s the first key of their defense, ‘Stopping the run.’

      • John

        Thanks for posting. I was concerned about his height, but I agree that height is not an issue based on this.

  23. Aaron

    I think an interior pass rushing d liner would be our target for a “tweak” in the roster. However, I think we need to keep Lane for at least one more year. His experience in the nickel and ability to play outside CB is something we need with an injured Shead and a rookie in Shaq. Teams are going to be cutting like mad after the last preseason game so maybe we’ll pick up someone then. Wouldn’t that allow to Hawks to get a d liner for cheap? Sometimes there’s a surprising cut out there. If Shead was healthy I’d be all for trading Lane, but that’s obviously not the case. Richardson sounds like a pipe dream to me, almost as insane as people on Twitter salivating over a trade giving us Aaron Donald. Not gonna happen folks.

    As for the o line, I need to see them against a deep d line group. Thankfully we’ll face such a thing in the next two games versus the Vikings and Chiefs. If I were a betting man I’d say the week 1 o line depth chart looks like this…

    LT: Fant, Joeckel, Odhiambo
    LG: Joeckel, Odhiambo, Roos
    C: Britt, Pocic
    RG: Aboushi, Glowinski, Pocic
    RT: Ifedi, Pocic

    Great analysis as always Rob. Go Hawks!

    • D-OZ


  24. Austin

    I like the idea on trading for Richardson. Lane and a 4th sounds fair. I’m liking having Brock in our CB depth with Lane too though. The CB’s behind them seem like weak links. Thorpe, Elliot, and Tyson scare me as starters on the inside or outside, and barring injury, that’s what they’ll be. Starters. Maybe you think they’re better than I do. I haven’t seen them play much, but what I’ve gathered is that they haven’t been starter quality as of yet.

  25. Coleslaw

    If we got NY to take Lane, Kearse and a 5th for Richardson I’d be ecstatic.

    1. WR would be upgraded without Kearse
    2. $11M savings next year to resign Graham or Britt.

    Those 2 are huge. Also, if it was a 5th, we’d likely end up with a better comp pick in 2019, either a 3rd or 4th.

    And how bad*** would Richardson be on our line? We’d have 4 nightmares for OL.

    Also it could fall in line with a thought I’ve had recently, reducing Michael Bennett’s snaps. He’s missing time nearly every year and playing a lot of snaps. We could put Frank Clark to use as a 3 down DE and have Richardson take some of Bennett’s snaps on early downs. So we’d have Avril, Richardson, Rubin/Reed, Clark. This arguably has no drop off from Bennett or at least will be very capable of forcing 3rd downs, when Bennett comes back rested to do his thing with Richardson.

    • Coleslaw

      Shout out to everyone who came up with the idea higher on the thread, you guys nailed it and got me pumped for this “potential” deal

    • nichansen01

      Would be a pretty bad trade for New York

      • Coleslaw

        Not really, they need a receiver badly and said they want an upgrade at corner

    • FresnoBrad

      Sheldon Richardson wants the big $$$ & we don’t want to pay big $$$ right now and we’re in a much better situation now than during the draft. Maybe somebody gets hurt during the season & we decide to trade for him then.

      • Rob Staton

        Richardson isn’t just some guy you bring in to fill a hole. He’s a thoroughly dynamic interior disruptor. They don’t need to pay him big money. It’s a one year rental until McDowell returns in 2018. And you get a comp pick when he leaves in 2018.

  26. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I Love Kearse he wasn’t as bad as people are thinking last year. For example his poor red zone stats were in part due to Russell going to his trusted pal on desperation throws when everyone was covered. Yeah he definitely had a down year comparitively but that happens. Jermaine is a part of their brotherhood more than others in my observation and I believe he’s going to kick some football arse this season. Believe in him people! Send him your positive thoughts my Seahawks family.

    I am down with trading Lane if we can land Sheldon Rchardson I am thinking especially after the Brock signing. However Naz Jones is looking good so far and in reality maybe Malik plays sooner than later. Positive thinking People, just be glad we have such an awesome team to root for! It’s going to be way more fun than last season most likely!

    Go Hawks

    • Jujus

      statistically he was the worst WR in the NFL with qualifying targets.

  27. House

    I have reached out to a friend that is a Jets fan and he said he thinks Lane/pick or another player for Richardson seems like the offer they’d take. As proposed above, Lane/Kearse would free up money and clear some logjams in 2 places. The signing of Brock made it pretty clear something is happening with our CB Corps.

    CB: With the recent signing of Brock, I see 2 things happening. a) He’s Antoine Winfield that doesn’t make the team (unlikely IMO) or b) replacement for someone heading out. Lane makes the most sense. I could possibly see Neiko Thorpe (every size stat matches Patrick Peterson, Bowles’ former player), but why sign Brock? Lane has been out with a “soft-tissue injury” and that could also be “we don’t want to risk an injury, he could be on the move”.

    WR: The Jets WR took some BIG hits. Devin Smith (tore ACL in April), Quincy Enunwa (neck) is done for the year and Lucky Whitehead (broken foot) will miss several games. With the emergence of players like Lockett and P-Rich last season, Kearse got lost in the shuffle. He could provide a veteran presence and a moderate contract ($5M for 2018) for the Jets. To Seattle’s benefit, Kasen Williams seems like a more-athletic version of Kearse and Amara Darboh could push for some catches. Seattle would also clear up 2018 money for either Britt, Graham or even keeping Richardson around.

    Trading for Sheldon Richardson could be interesting…

  28. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Another positive with Kearse, has he missed a game for the Hawks? I don’t remember him ever being hurt for us.

    Paul Richardson – Man I’m hoping he can be healthy and finally have a full amazing year, we all see his potential.

    Tyler Lockett – We can only hope he is close to the same and stays active all year.

    Kasen Williams – Injury History as well, I am pumped to see more.

    Darborah – Hasn’t even played an NFL game

    Tanner McEvoy – Love his potential and is our most diverse player on the team

    Even with all our exceptional depth at WR and I like them all. Baldwin and Kearse have proven to be productive and active throughout their careers. Active is the only way to be productive. I get it some of you just don’t like Kearse he’s not elite but he’s a constant Pro who is Healthy and prepared. Man I hope he rule’s this year and y’all can change your negatively into excitement.

    Go Kearse!

    Go Hawks!

    • Sea Mode

      True, and I appreciate your balanced take on Kearse.

      That said, all the other receivers you listed, plus David Moore, JD McKissic, Kenny Lawler, and Cyril Grayson (who I am also most excited for), cost peanuts on the cap for now and have a higher ceiling than Kearse. Keeping Kearse not only ties up cap space that could be used for signing S. Richardson now and extending Britt or Graham next year, but also stunts their growth by eating away at their potential playing time.

      That’s why I am in favor of moving on from Kearse, not because I don’t appreciate the things he does bring to the table.

  29. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Coach Cable was on 710 ESPN in Seattle and said “Fant, Joeckel and Britt are the starters”…. he also went on to say Ifedi had 3 major breakdowns in protection, but ultimately needs to be more consistent in his play from week to week. The major competition on the OL would be at RG… Aboushi and Glowinski.. with them being neck and neck right now. He also said he thought Pocic played solid at each spot he played in the game.

    I thought the OL mauled people in the game.. and I’ve not seen that in a few years. They took it to the Chargers D… not waiting around for an invitation. A very good test will be coming up.. the Vikings are no joke on their DL…. a well timed early test.

  30. Saxon

    Some of you guys must think you’re trading with the AI in Madden. We’re not getting Sheldon Richardson.for the pupu platter of Kearse and Lane and a middling draft pick. Sheldon’s value has diminished but not to the degree that the Jets would deal him for an injury prone CB and an average WR.

    If this trade happens it will be Richard Sherman for Richardson straight up and will require reworks of both contracts to be salary cap compliant..

    • Rob Staton

      I think you are underestimating how much the Jets have been trying to trade Richardson, and how little they stand to get from a player they won’t re-sign when he becomes a free agent.

    • Sea Mode


      They want to dump Richardson. He only has a year left on his contract, they have Leonard Williams, are rebuilding, and desperately need help at WR and CB. Kearse and Lane are solid players at those positions on very reasonable contracts both now and moving forward.

      Seattle’s interest has already been reported, the obstacle being his salary. With a couple cap-saving offloads, this trade could easily happen.

      • Coleslaw


    • hawkdawg

      Based on talent, effort and results, no NFL team in its right mind would trade Sherman for Richardson straight up. Zero.

  31. Sea Mode

    Wow, I would be ecstatic if we got S. Richardson for Lane and Kearse! I’m guessing we will cut both of them next off-season anyway.

    Taking this trade scenario, look how nicely our 2018 off-season is lining up. Evaluating our roster after this season, we can choose to extend, tag, or get good comp picks for:
    -Joeckel (Odhiambo)
    -Lacy (Carson)
    -P. Richardson (Grayson, as speedster)
    -Britt (Pocic)
    -S. Richardson (McDowell)

    Of course, a lot of things could change between now and then, but as of now, it looks pretty bright as far as being able to retain the guys we want (probably all but two of the list above). And we have hopeful replacements already on the roster for most of them. (really everyone but Graham)

  32. LeoSharp

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 11m11 minutes ago
    #Seahawks & standout C Justin Britt are closing in on a 3-year extension worth more than $9M per year, source said. Taking care of their own

    • House

      Just saw this as well. I don’t know about $9M/yr, but that’s below Linder and locking him up isn’t a bad thing

      • LeoSharp

        Justin Britt is only 26 and has missed one start in his career. Likely why they were willing to go that high in terms of salary

    • KD

      You ninja’d me 🙂

      • House


        You both got me!

    • KD

      So what are the salary cap implications for this going forward? because the Hawks are not going to be able to carry over much, and they seem to be right up against it, assuming Ian is correct about the numbers and the contract is close to 3 years, $27m total, $15m guaranteed. Is this going to effectively rule out resigning Jimmy Graham without shedding cap space?

  33. KD


    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet · 8m8 minutes ago
    #Seahawks & standout C Justin Britt are closing in on a 3-year extension worth more than $9M per year, source said. Taking care of their own

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