Yes, the Seahawks should re-sign Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is working out in Seattle and it’s got people talking about a potential return to the Seahawks.

For most of the off-season Gordon has been posting on social media about rejoining the team. Even today, he posted a picture of a car decorated in a Seahawks logo. He wants to come back and the chances are the team want him back too.

And why not?

The Seahawks are currently carrying 18 offensive linemen on the roster in the name of competition. There’s room for another receiver.

David Moore and Jacob Hollister are accounting for $5.4m of your cap space. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Gordon could be superior to both for the mere price of a veteran minimum contract?

And are you really losing all that much to find out?

If we assume the Seahawks carry five or six receivers in 2020, you’ve got two locks (Lockett & Metcalf) and three others who will be virtually unchallenged as things stand (Dorsett, Moore & Ursua). Freddie Swain wouldn’t really be competing to contribute. He needs to show he warrants stashing in the way Ursua was a year ago.

Throwing Gordon into the mix pushes the likes of Dorsett, Moore and Ursua in a way they need to be challenged.

If he was going to cost a few million, it’d be too risky. Especially given his career to date with numerous suspensions.

On a veteran minimum, non-guaranteed salary though? To add to your camp competition? To find out if he’s better than the others?

It’s a complete no-brainer.

The cost is virtually non-existent. The possibility of getting a healthy, incorporated Josh Gordon far outweighs any ‘risk’. What’s the worst case scenario? He shows out in camp and then doesn’t work out in the season — so you lose David Moore or John Ursua and $800,000? It’s hardly a crushing scenario.

The Seahawks very clearly managed Gordon’s role in 2019. They were giving him time to work into the offense — asking him to run basic routes that are a feature in any scheme. He still found a way to convert several crucial third downs (especially in the 49ers road game) and produced one of the catches of the season in Carolina.

Gordon will reportedly be applying for re-instatement soon and while this quite likely is his last opportunity to make it work in the NFL — there’s no reason not to make this move. The chances are, as soon as he’s available, the Seahawks will bring him back.

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  1. Mark Taylor

    I really hope this happens. We only had a taste last year of what he can do – he was just starting to hit his stride before the suspension and I think he would have played a big role in the playoffs. A no brained indeed if it’s an option.

    • Rob Staton

      Everything’s trending towards it happening.

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        This would make me so much more satisfied about the off-season, I can’t even express how much. Having him for a full season to get into the flow and learn the offense and work with Russ would massively improve the team’s ceiling.

        Get your career back on track, young man. It isn’t too late!

      • Elmer

        I hope so. Have also heard rumblings about Antonio Brown and I really hope not. It’s a problem waiting to happen.

  2. Bankhawk

    Now there’s a low risk-low cost move that would lift my spirits! The way he played during the brief window of time we got to see him for last year really gave me some hope going forward, and I’ll take all of that we can get this year.

  3. TomLPDX

    If there is a football god, please, football lord, make it happen!!!

  4. Ely

    A sudden signing of Clowney and Gordon would be a nice dose of optimism fans or at least myself badly need. Throw in a tossed case against Dunbar and some Griffin for an extra dose please. (If you’re going to wish, wish big.🤷🏻‍♂️)

    • Rob Staton

      Dunbar might want to toss his representative.

      A few days after he appeared on every radio station and spoke to every journalist. Think it’s time he piped down.

      • TomLPDX

        That is so asinine! I saw that this morning and thought…”oh boy, so much for that!”

      • LA_made12thman

        Hey Rob.

        First time poster here, great site.

        Unfortunately this looks like a pretty common tactic for Lawyers who want to make a name for themselves. They get a client with a big name or publicized case and continue to make brash statements and keep the medias attention as an opportunity to keep themselves in the spotlight rather than just doing their job representing the client. Its the same treatment as someone like Lindsey Lohan gets when they get criminally charged. Although this case might get dismissed or or settled out of court (speculating here), it does not mean the attorney did a good job at representing Dunbar. His business, and this case, refuses to leave the headlines and his attorney is at least partially responsible for that.

      • Bigten

        He is zealously advocating for his client, which is what he is trained and told to do. Is it smart or right to be doing it through social media, maybe not, but the slander and libel angle the other attorney is proposing is super far fetched. Nothing in his tweet was wrongly implying that Baker was involved, all it was doing was proving that Dunbar was not there before and did not have motive, which further discredits the original witness story. He is setting the stage and the court of public opinion is a real thing that can and does influence the court of law, and the NFL.. He is also doing such as a way to throw it to the NFL, to help stop any other punishment for gambling. I think what’s asinine is the other attorney getting salty about it. He needs to grow up and defend his client. His actions, to me, show that he cannot defend his client properly. His actions are hurting his defense of Baker. They are not, and likely should not, be working together. They each should be advocating for their client to exonerate and have the charges dropped.

        • Rob Staton

          Come on, he’s made a fool of himself.

          He’s paid to keep him out of jail. Not tweet bollocks and go on the radio.

          • Hawkdawg

            Jail first, but suspension second. He wanted to cast enough doubt in the minds of the Hawks and the NFL, as well as law enforcement. I get that. But he’s done that. Time to button up, and work it from behind the scenes.

          • Kimbo

            First you are a football GM, now you are an attorney.

            Next you will be a journalist.

            You wear many hats 🙂

          • Bigten

            I’m not saying his tactic is correct, And not really understanding why it matters, but I was only disagreeing with the notions that it was “asinine” and that Dunbar should “toss his representation.” Not sure I see how what he did is making a fool out of himself or hurting Dunbar’s position. I was arguing that Baker’s attorney is the one actually making a fool out of himself with his childish response.
            He is actually paid to advocate for his client, by any legal means necessary, which goes beyond just keeping him out of jail. And sadly, he is probably trying to make a name for himself like others mentioned. You take your shot I guess, but I’m not sure how you can objectively say he made a fool out of himself. Is it preferred that he just keep quite and let the media and Twitter rail Dunbar and create the narrative? Because, if that was the case, him being found guilty or not, the court of public opinion for those in the spotlight is stronger than you give it credit for. As you mentioned before, it’s best to just let it play out.

            • Rob Staton

              Why are you so defensive of Dunbar’s representative? Or Dunbar for that matter? I’m intrigued to know.

              Because it seems pretty clear to me that an attorney’s job is not to ‘make a name for himself’ in the media, tweet out bollocks, release a statement where he misspells his clients name multiple times and risks putting his client in trouble with his comments.

              Shut up and do your job.

              What people say on twitter is irrelevant.

              • Bigten

                I’m actually more intrigued with the stance that you and others have taken on it to be honest. What comes off as defensive is actually trying to understand others, including your, fascination with taking shots at Dunbar and his representation, instead of letting it play out as you have also said. Which I agree with. But it’s continually being brought up. “Shut up and do your job” is kind of a ridiculous sentiment for a situation as this. When his job is to stand up and defend. No where did I say that it is his job to “make a name for himself” I actually said it is sad that is probably his motivation. But his job IS to advocate for his client. Which includes defending him in the media. The more he presents evidence that his client is not involved, the more pressure is put on the police department to drop the charges. Opposed to sitting on his thumbs and shutting up, which could drag this on for months and months before they even can see a judge, much less present any evidence to get the charges dropped.
                You say what people say on Twitter is irrelevant, but you quoted twitter as your basis for saying he should “toss his representation”. I Agree what people say on Twitter is irrelevant to an argument, but if you are referring to him posting it on Twitter, it can be relevant in the public opinion and on putting pressure on the PD. And I’ll say again, I’m not advocating for that being the correct tactic. But just trying to understand where he made a fool out of himself.
                Where did he put his client in trouble? Where did he tweet out bullocks? Misspelling happens and is no way an issue as it’s being made, silly tho yes. But maybe I missed something, and again that is MY fascination. With everyone else’s fascination.

                • Rob Staton

                  What an incredible response.

                  For starters, I’m well within my rights to take shots at his representation. This is an attorney who can’t even spell his clients name properly in a statement published for the media. I mean come on. That’s ridiculous. It’s been painful watching him tweet wildly, appear on every radio station and say things THAT COULD GET HIS CLIENT IN TROUBLE. And for what purpose? To raise his profile?

                  Again — if he wants to be famous he should go on American Idol or the Bachelor. His job is to defend his client, make sure he proves his innocence AND NOTHING MORE.


                  Pure and simple.

                  I don’t want or need to hear anything from him short of a small, to the point, professional statement. You know, like most attorney’s.

                  You just created a weird circular argument about twitter too. ‘He’s only ranting on twitter because of what people are saying’ — ‘he shouldn’t care what people say on twitter’ — ‘HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WHEN YOU’RE COMMENTING ON HIS TWITTER RANTS!’.

                  Come on man.

                  And you know full well where he potentially got his client in bother. See Baker’s attorney’s response.

                  It’s been an absolute shit show this week and it’s not done him or Dunbar any favors. And I can easily say this while also insisting we need to let the CASE play out. Judging his attorney’s attention seeking is NOT THE CASE.

              • Bigten

                Anyways, seeing how instead of a discussion, This has turned into a defense from both parties I guess, and starting to look like a Twitter tirade, I will relegate myself to a reader and not commenter. I appreciate this blog and the info tremendously for the football knowledge you have.

  5. cha

    Yes, the Seahawks should re-sign Josh Gordon

  6. cha

    What a long “to-do” list the Seahawks still have, and we’re a month removed from the draft with off season activity sort of starting up:

    * Sign a veteran DT (maybe 2)
    * Sign a veteran RB
    * Get the “will it be Clowney or Griffen or player X or nobody” question answered
    * Figure out what they need to do with Dunbar or bring in a replacement
    * Bring in some nickel CB depth
    * Line up Gordon at WR

  7. Simo

    I’m all for signing Gordon as well, think he’s a step or two above the other WR3 options on the team. You mentioned it would be a loss of $800k (approx vet minimum) if he’s suspended again, or just cut, but if that salary isn’t guaranteed wouldn’t the Hawks just be out whatever pro-rated portion he’s owed?

    So, he makes four games before things go south, isn’t he only owed/paid for those four games, $200k or so? If this is the case then bringing JG back is definitely the right call.

  8. dcd2

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but I’m not convinced that bringing Josh back is a good idea.

    Is he more talented than what we have on the roster? Yep. The price is certainly right, and he likes it here, so I get it. The problem for me is that you can’t trust him to stay clean. If he pops on a drug test in week 2, no big deal. If he pops on a drug test in week 15 or 16, when he’s become a major part of the offense, that’s a problem.

    We used to have a babysitter, who was great when she was with our daughter. She was engaged, and we always got amazing feedback from our little one about the great times they had together and how much she loved being with her. There was one problem: she would cancel on us out of the blue on the day of, and often just a few hours before she was supposed to be there. Often, she was ‘sick’. One time it was a friend who had to go to the hospital. Another time a pipe burst in her apartment. Then her car wouldn’t start. Next it was her pet that needed to be rushed to the vet.

    Usually it was just a date night and cancelling some dinner reservations. One time, the last time, was for a client appreciation event that I was hosting at a local restaurant. She texted 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave to tell me that her roommates flight was delayed or something. I found a friend who came over, but at that point the event was more or less ruined as I got there extremely lat, near dessert. Months of planning and prep out the window because this girl couldn’t follow through.

    The point is, I should have known better. I’d been burned before by her many times. As much as I wanted to believe that “this is the last time” as she’d told me, I should have cut bait.

    People deserve a 2nd, 3rd, even a 4th or 5th chance. When you get up over a half dozen chances with the same results, no one should be surprised.

    If (when) we do sign him, I’ll be rooting for him. The fact that he’s working out with some genuinely good dudes (DK & Bobby) is a great sign. I think if he gets re-instated, we will sign him. If that’s the case, I hope I’m wrong and he plays the whole year. He and Al Woods getting suspended within week of each other about 6 months ago is still pretty fresh in my mind though.

    • TomLPDX

      You know what I got out of this post, dcd2? You are a patient man and believe in people. Don’t stop. I believe in the good in all of us. We get burned all the time but if your gut says “good person”, go for it! I’d rather have people like you around than someone who doesn’t believe.

      • dcd2

        Haha, interesting that my patience was your takeaway, as I’m the only person on the board saying it’s not a good idea! Still, I appreciate the words and your sentiment.

    • GoHawksDani

      I think yes, take a chance… He wouldn’t come here as WR1 or 2.
      You wouldn’t cut Dorsett, Ursua AND Moore to make room for him. They can split reps at WR3, so it’s not like losing him would matter that much. You can probably find street agents like Ursua or Moore, so if Josh has issues you can change him.
      For example:
      Starters: Lockett, DK, Gordon + Dorsett. On the roster: Moore, Ursua/Swain
      JG mess up and we need to cut him
      Starters: Lockett, DK, Dorsett + Moore. On the roster: Ursua/Swain + street FA
      God prevent, but Lockett gets injured
      Starters: DK, Dorsett, Moore + whoever is best on the roster

      Even if a couple bad things would happen, I think the talent dropoff would be the same as if we’d roll without Josh.
      And if he’s behaving and everyone stays heatlhy…
      Imagine a Lockett, DK, Gordon starting 3. That could be top5 WR trio

      • dcd2

        That’s a fair point, but if he does what we’d be hoping for then he becomes more important.

        Look what happened to the running game when Carson or Britt went down. Not comparing Carson to Gordon of course, but it changes the way you are used to running your offense when you are missing pieces and throwing guys into the fire late in the season.

        What if Gordon were not suspended last year? The playoff game against GB, where Malik drops the pass that hit him in the belly and kills our drive, was probably a catch and first down if Gordon were in there (which he would have been). Say Gordon was never on the team and RW, seeing that Malik was what he had to work with spent some more time with him and he makes that catch.

        Look, I think that PCJS will give him another shot and he seems to want to be here. I just fear we all know what is coming and are turning a blind eye to it. I’d love to be wrong on this one though.

  9. KennyBadger

    If it’s a non guaranteed contract, bring in Antonio and Alton too. And I think I’m being serious.

    • Edgar

      Hold on there, lets not go crazy! Alton Lister retired a 1/4 a century ago, Aldon Smith is currently on the Cowboys, and Antonio Brown has gone borderline nuts and probably would be beyond reproach only getting 3-5 targets a game. Gordon has atleast given us proof he fits in with team…….but I get where your head is at, I’m there too. Whatever it takes

      • Hawkdawg

        Disagree on Brown. That dude’s mental status is in another league. Extraordinarily divisive effect on the teams he’s been on, in public but also from reports in private.

  10. Big Mike

    Definitely on board with a Gordon return

    • Mexican Hawk

      I as well. This can really be very tragic story that ended well. Have a soft spot for Josh, most of his prime is gone, but if he ends well it a story of perseverance, grit and coming out on top. It’s a big if, feel for the guy he has had it tough.

      As per the on the field. It’s a low risk as Rob, mentioned. Worse case scenario he pushes others, at leas that is seems to be the theme of the off season.

      Best case he’s a great #3, possession/clutch type of guy.

      Hoping for the best for Josh first of all and as a side effect for the Hawks. Seems he really really likes the culture and fit with them.

  11. drewdawg11

    He was so clutch last year with limited reps with the team. With a whole camp and the ability to digest the whole playbook, I wonder if he reverts back to his dominant form, or at least some semblance of it. It’s been a few years, but he’s still young with limited miles. Nobody could stop him on the slant, man.

  12. Hawkstet

    Hard to imagine picking up another receiver when the opportunity to grab a 19th offensive lineman is just sitting right there.

    • dj 1/2 way

      A versatile guard/center type with a low ceiling on a one year deal.

  13. ZacScratch

    If, I repeat if, the seahawks were to sign Gordon, Hyde, a run stuffing DT, retain Clowney, and Dunbar sticks, how do ya’ll feel about the off season?

    • Spencer

      I personally like it, but of course the main caveat is bringing Clowney back. It wasn’t the offseason we were expecting, and it might not have done a ton to move the needle significantly, but I think the ‘Hawks have improved on an already good team (again, dependent on Clowney)

      They might not have completely fixed the DL, but they’ve definitely thrown resources at it the past few years in an attempt considering what has been available. I’m optimistic for modest improvement considering the young talent on the defensive line, bringing in Irvin/Mayowa to replace Ziggy/Jefferson as depth pieces, as well as the prospects of a healthier Clowney and a non-suspended Reed. The future flexibility hasn’t been compromised so we could potentially add to that area if more attractive options present themselves next off season (a la Bennett / Avril in 2013). The depth is seemingly improved, and there isn’t a lot of glaring holes, which is enough to give us a chance with RW. I personally would still love Damon Harrison. Less snaps to keep him fresh and new motivation from being out of Detroit.

      Without Clowney, its all a moot point. All of the sudden, Irvin and Mayowa are getting doubled, the rookies and young pieces will be leaned upon more than maybe they’re ready for, and the brutal pass rushing numbers stay the same or possibly even become worse.

      • Simo

        Well written assessment here Spencer, nice job! Agree with you that there would be some optimism should they make these additional moves before the start of the season.

        So much hinges on getting Clowney back though, and it still feels like bringing him back could go either way! Griffen might be a decent consolation prize, but he’s just not a game wrecker like Clowney. Also, a trade for Ngakoue or another good pass rusher seem unlikely at this point as well.

    • Rob Staton

      About the same as I do now.

      • ZacScratch

        Really? I’m not suggesting those moves would equate to hitting it out of the park, but with that roster I could be cautiously optimistic if several of the younger guys also develop and contribute. As opposed to the roster as it sits now, where I cant even lie to myself that they have a chance. If you’re just saying disappointed compared to your original expectations, I get that. But for me, I’d be less disappointed.

        • Rob Staton

          I thought the defense needed major bolstering.

          In this scenario they’d only be adding Mayowa, Irvin, Brooks, Dunbar and Taylor. That to me is not the difference between a crap defense and a good one.

          • Michael Hasslinger

            I am curious. What would your dream scenario have been?

          • ZacScratch

            I think its reasonable to expect 10-12 sacks combined from Irvin/Mayowa. It also seems that the Seahawks prefer this combo to Griffin (Of course they could be wrong). A full year of Reed has to be better even if he doesnt regain 2018 form. 2020 Green/Collier will either be better or they wont be in the rotation. Taylor really fits the Leo spot and if used sparingly he could surprise year 1. With Clowney’s pressure and win percentage, and more help, his sack numbers almost have to improve. To me, Brooks doesn’t need to be a year 1 stud, so whatever he offers is a bonus, and he’s a great guy to have if/when an aging Bobby and KJ miss time. 3 starter quality CBs is an improvement over last year. I’d still be hoping for year 2/3 jumps from a few other players. I would not predict a top defense, which is obviously what we want, but I think slightly above league average with the ability to compliment a top offense is a reasonable albeit optimistic projection. All is mute if we don’t sign Clowney and it feels like they know that.

            • Rob Staton

              I still don’t see significant improvement, which was an absolute must.

      • Coleslaw

        Oh FFS Rob. Quit with the whining and pessimism. It’s a bad look brother. You haven’t been able to say anything nice about the Hawks in months, all you’re doing is spewing negativity. No wonder people are leaving the site… 🤷‍♂️

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody is leaving the site.

          If you want to, be my guest.

          I’m not going to be positive for the sake of it just to satisfy YOU.

          Here’s an idea. Start your own blog. Write it in your spare time for 12 years. Use up hours and hours of free time you could be spending with your family. All without pay. And then you can write about whatever you want.

  14. BobbyK

    This is the type of talent they need.

  15. Malc from PO

    I’m all aboard with this. They used him smartly and I had way more faith that he was going to pick up a third down than any of our other receivers outside of Lockett and Metcalf. The fact that he’s hanging out with Sherman, Wagner, and Metcalf at least suggests he is committed to keeping his head right.

  16. HOUSE

    Josh Gordon is a SUPERSTAR that Russ was asking for. With changes to the NFL’s substance policy, he could be reinstated soon and while treading on thin ice, he is definitely worth the risk. A vet’s minimum contract and he’d be pushing for the 3/4th spot, he could be extremely dangerous…

    I have a feeling that unless Clowney takes an EXTREME cut pay-wise based off of his previous expectations, he won’t be suiting up for Seattle. I think Griffen could be had for that amount. We also gotta pray for a Snacks Harrison signing to lock up a spot at DT.

    Moves to make for the rest of the offseason:

    + DE Everson Griffen
    + DT Snacks Harrison and someone else like Dareus or Spence
    + RB Carlos Hyde or someone else like Spencer Ware/Lamar Miller
    + WR Josh Gordon

    Cuts that can make contracts above workout:
    – DL Branden Jackson
    – TE Jacob Hollister
    – WR David Moore

    • Hoggs41

      For sure seems those three (DE/DT/RB) positions are the ones we need. Dont really need the WR and would really only want to add if its Gordon.

  17. pdway

    Gordon was sneaky good for us last year — not that many catches, but half of them seemed to be on important 3rd downs. He’s a big body with soft hands. And he will still flash that blue chip talent he’s always had. And what’s key – in spite of (or maybe because of) all his problems – he seems humble, and the team all clearly liked him. I take him over Moore or Ursua all day.

  18. KennyBadger

    Can’t even blame that one on the spellcheck.

    If Gordon was only able to play on 3rd downs by rule, I’d still agree with rob. He had some clutch catches last year.

  19. Jim Valvis

    Definitely agree with all of that. Still not sure why Moore is so locked into a roster spot anyway. Seems to be to be a poor man’s Kearse. And Kearse was a poor man’s, well, what? Darrell Jackson?

    Nah, not even that good.

    • Jim Valvis

      By the way, the video was blocked by the NFL because, well, fair use isn’t fair, I guess.

  20. millhouse-serbia

    .@RapSheet on the Seahawks chances of signing Devonte Freeman: “Definitely a chance. I thought it was going to happen a week or so ago. Seattle seems to be willing to pay […] 3 or 4 million dollars.”

    Rap’s appearances with @IanFurnessSea are thanks to @PorterandYork

    This deal would put Seahawks at around zero real cap space.

    • Hoggs41

      Depends on the numbers. If it was $3m with chance to get to $4m with incentives the cap hit would be based off of $3m. Take off the $750k for the guy you knock out of the top 51 and it’s really only $2.25m of space.

  21. Hoggs41

    Absolute no brainer to sign him for the bet minimum.

  22. Kyle T

    Thanks Rob for continuing to put out content. This site is like my comfort place. Whatever you put out and cover, I’m a huge fan! Even when I don’t agree, I’m still massively entertained!

  23. Hoggs41

    What do we feel like we are going to get out of Penny in 2020? Even if he comes back week 7 what will he bring? Really feels like he wont contribute again until 2021.

    • Edgar

      Which then puts him in year 4 having shown little if any sustainability/durability at all. Kinda reminds me of another running back they just had on their roster for his 4 year rookie contract.

    • ZacScratch

      I disagree. We never have the same group of running backs at the beginning of the season as we do at the end. So, inevitably when 1 or 2 go on IR, it’ll be nice to be able to add Penny instead of hitting the streets.

  24. GoHawksDani

    Yeah, gimme some Gordon!
    Won’t be a serious burner, but we have DK for that. Won’t be a shifty quick dude, but we have Lockett for that. Gordon is a smart route runner with a bigger body and great hands.
    Lockett runs a dig route, DK a go, Gordon like a quick out, slant or hitch and Russ has a short, mid and long target.
    Cheap, high ceiling, bit risky, but we have guys that can step up if things go sideways, so we can mitigate the risks, it’s a no brainer

  25. actionjackson83

    Also he’s been suspended because of marijuana use, pretty sure the revised drug rules in the CBA will allow him to stay in the league this time.

    • TomLPDX

      And don’t forget the PED use that was mentioned as part of his last suspension. I wonder if they to reinstate him, would they then impose a 4-game suspension for the PED infraction?

      • Logan Lynch

        Good question. Maybe they would count the games missed after his suspension last year for the PED use? Knowing the NFL, he’d get the full PED suspension after reinstatement.

        • dcd2

          The guys on the radio yesterday said that Al Woods’ 4 games were counted already as week 16, 17 and the two playoff games. Gordon was suspended indefinitely though, so I think it would depend on what punishment the league hands down. Either way, he ‘should have’ 4 games served.

          • TomLPDX

            He was suspended in week 15 I believe (Seahawks were 11-3 at the time). This isn’t his first PED suspension though so they may be even tougher on him this time. Either way it is a long shot but hopefully he gets it and is able to stay clean.

    • God of Thunder

      PED also

  26. Gaux Hawks

    please don’t sign freeman – but love every aspect of a gordon signing!

    1) sign clowney
    2) sign cheap DT
    2) sign cheap RB
    3) sign gordon
    4) trade for cheap nickel
    5) trade hollister and hunt

    easy enough…

    • Big Mike

      Hunt won’t go anywhere imo. They like him too much plus I think Pocic ends up cut so they’ll need him to backup Finney. Now if they were to re-sign Britt, then I could see Hunt going. Otherwise I’m on board with your moves including not signing Freeman.

      • Hoggs41

        Back up center could be a good battle. Personally I would vote for Pocic as he has more versatility and he is cheaper. Hunt is also an easier one to slide onto the PS.

  27. millhouse-serbia

    I think we’ll hear about Freeman soon. In the meantime, I’m joining @JohnClaytonNFL on @710ESPNSeattle momentarily to discuss this.

    Looks like its done deal.

    • Big Mike

      Shades of Eddie Lacy

      • TomLPDX

        I’d rather see Carlos Hyde instead of Freeman.

        • Big Mike


        • mishima

          I’d rather see DeeJay Dallas before needing and/or paying Hyde/Freeman.

          Giving either over $2 million is more fear-based roster construction. Week 12: Olsen, Iupati, Freeman… *click*

      • Logan Lynch

        I’m not necessarily excited about this either, but this is a far cry from Lacy. Freeman is still effective. I just hope the price isn’t too high.

    • Rob Staton

      Condotta says not. Talks at a standstill.

      • Hoggs41

        If the money was similar I think I would rather have Freeman. He could be the backup to Carson until Penny comes back then maybe slide into a third down role when Penny returns. Just feels like Hyde, Penny, and Carson are to similar in styles. Freeman has a little more versatility in him. That being said Im also not sold on how much Freeman has left in the tank.

        • TomLPDX

          Honestly, that’s the whole point. Plug and play works and if the 3 of them can spell each other in the latter part of the season on series of downs and not miss a beat would be advantageous. Each brings their own flavor but at the end of the day it is straight on running.

  28. Volume12

    I’m super high on this corner class if some of these jr’s come out. Was trying to watch Michigan DL Aidan Hutchinson through Josh Uche tape and CB Ambry Thomas popped. Everytime. Add him to the list. He’s good. Very good.

    Ambry Thomas vs Iowa (2019):

  29. Volume12

    If ‘Flash’ does return, think we’ll finally see some dagger concepts w/ him, DK, and Lockett?

    • mishima

      Who’s in the slot? Lockett. Gordon dragging?

      • mishima

        Metcalf in slot. How often did they line him up there, last year?

        • Gohawks5151

          If its Tyler dragging they could do a bunch of cool stuff with DK and Gordon on the same side.

  30. dcd2

    Oh please, no. Please, please, no.

    ESPN 710 Seattle’s John Clayton reports Russell Wilson would “love” for the Seahawks to sign free agent Antonio Brown.
    Clayton reports Brown is also “close” to new Seahawks backup Geno Smith. Star quarterbacks apparently keep pounding the table to add Brown, but it remains extremely unlikely for a variety of reasons. Brown has a litany of disturbing off-the-field issues that have never been resolved with the league, while he has burned every single bridge he could over the past 18 months. 31-year-old Brown should still be playing NFL football, but he has made it close to impossible.

    SOURCE: ESPN 710 Seattle
    May 22, 2020, 4:18 PM ET

    • mishima

      They do, I’m out.

      • TomLPDX

        HaHa, I was thinking the same thing. Just say NO! to AB!

    • Rob Staton

      It’s just Clayton thinking out loud.

      • TomLPDX

        Whew! Guess this means I don’t have to burn my Wilson jersey in protest after all! 😉

    • Big Mike

      Unresolved sexual assault allegations and the NFL has yet to suspend him for those or even have a hearing. Brown will very likely never play a down in the league again. I also feel his “story” will end badly tho of course I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

  31. Hoggs41

    As expected Geno Smiths contract is an MSB deal meaning his cap hit will be $887,500

  32. Cortez Kennedy

    I love Gordon. Gotta keep your fingers crossed though.

  33. Paul Cook

    I see the signing of Gordon as a low risk/possible high reward thing. As most do. But to me it doesn’t make up for the fact that they could have had one of the stud prospects from this year’s draft if they had chosen to show some aggression in that regard.

    There’s a pattern here:

    –Don’t sign Clowney and fill in Irvin and Mayowa
    –Don’t draft a an elite talent from the draft and instead sign Josh Gordon
    –Don’t draft a potential starting OT and instead sign Shell
    –Don’t draft a potential star RB and instead try to sign Freeman or whomever

    The pattern here to me is they’re not going after potentially significant upgrades at positions or at least keeping the star talent they had, and instead they’re shelling out bucks for players either on the scrap heap or headed in that direction.

    Am I wrong about this?

  34. Hoggs41

    Hawks reach deal with Carlos Hyde

    • Sea Mode

      Y’all got your wish.

      Tom Pelissero

      The #Seahawks are signing RB Carlos Hyde, sources tell @RapSheet and me.

      • Sea Mode

        Ian Rapoport

        New #Seahawks RB Carlos Hyde can earn up to $4M on his 1-year deal. A perfect landing spot after last year’s resurgence.

        • Sea Mode

          That’s right. The Seahawks aren’t ones to sit around waiting for players to decide… 😏

          Ian Rapoport

          The #Seahawks had been focused on Devonta Freeman, who kept them waiting. They moved on to the #Texans productive back and get some key depth in Carlos Hyde.

      • mishima

        Up to $4 million on 1-year deal.


        • TomLPDX

          I rather spend up to $4M on Hyde than Freeman. Still…SMH

          • Sea Mode

            Why? We needed another back who could offer something proven. “Up to” $4m could look pretty good if we end up needing him as much as we are likely to with Penny out and Carson oft-injured.

            Look on the bright side: at least they didn’t sign another OL, TE, or LB…

            • mishima

              I’m just being pissy, but think we could have addressed RB depth, later for cheaper.

              Have always like Hyde, but wonder how much he has left.

              • Big Mike

                More than Freeman imo which is why he was my preference.

            • TomLPDX

              I’ve always wondered why the Falcons cut Freeman and lost all that cap space and salary and THEN signed Gurley. Something doesn’t add up with Freeman. Pete and DQ have an open line between them so I’ve always felt there was something unspoken there about Freeman (just a gut feeling, can’t put a finger on it).

  35. Sea Mode

    I think Hyde is a much smarter investment cause he can also fill in for Carson’s power running if needed, and we already have Dallas for 3rd-down duties. (was considered the best pass-blocking RB in the draft)

  36. TomLPDX

    Does this mean we’ve shut the door on Clowney? Honestly, I hope it does…we need to move on no matter how much we think it sucks.

    • Gohawks5151

      The Hawks can’t quit him…..

        • TomLPDX

          No fair! Hit me right in my LZ!!! Great song.

        • dcd2

          Completely off topic, but if you like Led Zeppelin, this is a really cool video about Bonham:

          • Big Mike


          • TomLPDX

            That was so awesome, thanks dcd2! I am a Neil Peart diehard fan but also a huge Bonzo fan as well. This video really points out how unique they were. LZ will always be the best as far as Rock/Blues go, as a melded sound. Rush will always be Neil.

            • Big Mike

              I’m a GIGANTIC Peart fan as well. Rush on brother!
              (saw them 13 times)

              Bonzo, Neil and Moon are my fav 3 of all-time.

              • TomLPDX

                Lucky you! I never saw them in concert but would have loved to on so many occasions.

                • Big Mike

                  My sincere sympathies

    • Sea Mode

      I highly, highly doubt they shut that door until Clowney himself does. There’s just no-one else out there who can help our pass rush as much as him. And at this point, we’ve already come far enough that we have nothing else to lose by waiting it out. (except our minds, maybe…)

      Remaining off-season to do list:

      RB depth: Hyde
      DT signing: look for cuts/trades available at roster cutdowns.
      Josh Gordon if he gets re-instated: looking more and more likely.
      Clowney/Griffin: cut a couple players (Hollister, Moore) to sign whichever one ends up wanting to come.

      • TomLPDX

        How much cap do we have left after this, even after some pretty drastic cuts to some of our (other) 1st string players? Millhouse will know but I think we are down to scraping the bottom of the barrel. I definitely think Gordon is out of the question now, which is fine, since we have some talent to evaluate in our WR room. Still….just keep scratching my head everyday over the moves John has made.

        • Sea Mode

          They don’t have a lot as it stands right now, but they can make up to $12.7m by re-structuring RW if needed, plus the other oft-mentioned cut candidates:

          – Hollister: $3.25m (we have too many TEs, he might even fetch a late-round pick)
          – Dunbar: $3.25m (depending on how that whole situation turns out)
          – Joey Hunt: $2.1m (could roll with Pocic as backup instead of him)
          – Branden Jackson: $2.1m (I think they would like to keep him, but Alton Robinson could replace his snaps)
          – David Moore: $2.1m (Josh Gordon takes his snaps, Dallas takes his ST duties)
          – Lano Hill: $800k (Blair and Amadi can be enough depth)

          So that’s up to $26.3m so far, plus another $10m if needed from a couple less oft-mentioned options:

          – KJ Wright: $6.5m ($3.5m dead. I know it might seem cold, he’s a “legend”, etc. but the NFL is a business and everyone knows it. We have the young guys and/or vets to take his snaps.)
          – McDougald: $4m ($1.3m dead. He has played well and is a leader. But if we need the cap space, Diggs can be the new leader and they might want to feature their R2 pick from last year anyways)

          They can make it happen if they want, and it might be good for them to force themselves to get some of the young guys on the field anyways.

          • TomLPDX

            Thanks Sea, I didn’t realize we still had that much play in the game. Don’t want to lose KJ and I don’t think the FO does either. It’s a legacy thing and I think KJ is just too beloved by the fanbase (me included) to be on the final list. Does anyone else think KJ is going in the ring of honor?

    • dcd2

      Titans might get him for $9M on a one year deal because we’ll be out of money.

  37. KennyBadger

    Anyone got the details? How much is guaranteed? I certainly like him better than freeman but around $2-2.5 million.

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