2012 NFL Draft Day 3 – open thread

Use this thread to discuss Seattle’s picks as they come in. The Seahawks start the day with nine day-three selections:

Round four selections: Robert Turbin (RB, Utah State), Jaye Howard (DT, Florida)

Round five selections: Korey Toomer (LB, Idaho)

Round six: Jeremy Lane (CB, Northwestern State), Winston Guy (Kentucky, S)

Mayock on Lane, “There’s been a buzz about the kid for the last few weeks, I’m happy for him.”

Round seven: J.R. Sweezy (DT, NC State), Greg Scruggs (DE, Louisville)

We’ll have a reaction post to day three, including game tape, on the blog later today. We’ll also be hosting a Live Chat ‘wrap-up’ tomorrow so stay tuned for that. And when all the picks are in, we’ll start to study them. How do they fit? What are the positives and negatives? I’ll also be publishing a top-30 watch-list for the 2012 college football season.

You can see the Day 2 press conference with John Schneider and Pete Carroll by clicking here. They discuss Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson.

In this video Russell Wilson talks about how he idolizes Drew Brees.

Michael David Smith relays a quote from Pete Carroll, who is already pumped and jacked about Russell Wilson: “More than anybody else that was alive in the draft, this guy gives you a chance to have a great play.”

Will Russell Wilson start in 2012? It’s one of the questions we’ll ask later this week. This is the earliest Seattle has drafted a quarterback since 1993. Matt Flynn’s contract is stacked heavily towards his first season, but it’s not so monumental that he’s untouchable. Carroll has already talked about competition between Tarvaris Jackson and Flynn, now it’ll include Russell Wilson. It may not be the team’s ambition to thrust him into a ‘quarterback of the future’ role, but this is a team that previously hadn’t drafted a quarterback under this regime. Carroll and John Schneider have raised expectations by speaking so glowingly of the guy, so will he get a chance early? More on this after the draft.

And who left the board that seemingly had Seattle so disappointed? Schneider said yesterday: “This is a hard two round because your always going to have guys disappear on you, like argh, ones you spent so much with them, so much time evaluating the, but really we focused on that linebacker group, and the speed at that position, adding Bobby was a great deal, adding Russel he’s just phenomenal.”

The war room looked a little deflated after Mychal Kendricks left the board one pick before Bobby Wagner was selected. And Schneider admits, they were focused on the linebacker group.


  1. Kurt

    I’m loving what the Hawks are doing here. They seem to be really pleased with their guys thus far. The fact that the so called “experts” are ripping these picks as reaches are all the more validating in my opinion. Looking forward to todays picks as this is where Carroll and Scneider excel.

  2. Kip Earlywine

    That’s how I interpreted Schneider’s comments as well.

  3. Hawkfaninmt

    TD Makers today?

    I like Polk, Miller, Dwight Jones, and TE Charles

  4. Rock

    We need a couple safeties. Watch for Iloka.

  5. David

    i like Criner from AZ.

  6. Trudy Beekman

    Would like to at least see one of Turbin/Ganaway/Polk in the 4th, and then maybe a TE or S. After that, PC/JS work your magic. Still think we need another LB, my personal favorite being Miles Burris. More excited about today than the previous two.

  7. Misfit74


  8. David J

    Hey Kip, why do you think they passed on Lavonte David? I saw Doug Baldwin’s comment yesterday about Wagner having a meanstreak at LB and being a PC/JS kind of guy. And frankly if he gets Baldwins seal of approval that’s good enough for me.

    But, I just wonder what it was they didn’t like about David. He truly seems like a standout talent to me whereas Wagner is merely solid.

  9. D

    Turbin it is!

  10. Madmark

    106th Robert Turbin the best back on the board very nice pick.

  11. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    Wow, Turbin. Polk must have been hoping the Hawks took him.

  12. Ben2

    Yeah, Beast Mode 2.0 – I like it!

  13. Christon

    Just got our Running Back! I LOVE Robby Turbin – I just hope we don’t turn into the Utah St. of the NFL lol.

  14. Joe The Jarhead

    Yes!!! The Turbinator! This is the back I wanted above all others. Now we have 2 headed beast mode.

  15. Ryan

    Turbin beast mode 2.0

  16. sea me

    something for everyone to cheer about
    TURBIN will be a beast

  17. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    That is hoping/expecting.

  18. Ben2

    If Polk is there in 6th rd do Sark a favor and maybe get lucky with Polk

  19. Jim

    WR at #114?

  20. Ben2

    I’m really enjoying the late rds more with this FO in Seattle

  21. Dude

    Is Criner still around by the next pick?

  22. Ben2

    I think so too Jim-seems like a lot of talent at WR

  23. Ryan

    Ioka next?

  24. Jim

    I Want Childs

  25. Madmark

    Bah Nigel Braham taken with 105th pick , I really wanted that guy was hoping he droped to 114 for us, thought he’d make a good WILL linebacker.

  26. Ben2

    Good pick for SD

  27. Ben2

    Ioka or Childs would be Rad

  28. Conner

    I wouldn’t be upset with Orson Charles.

  29. Ben2

    Top TE left would be good…glad we got that extra 4 – some nice players on the board still!

  30. Darin

    Damn, the Cardinals grabbed Bobby Massie, I really liked that kid to play RT.

  31. Ryan

    Turbin sounds like a well put together young man. I am excited for him to be backing up Marshawn.

  32. SeaHawk Steve

    Now I feel like Kip did with Wilson. We have the Turbinator!
    Wow amazing awesome! Go you Inglorious Bastards!

  33. Madmark

    114 Jaye Howard more defensive line depth

  34. Ben2

    A 3-tech with some potential to penetrate from the inside I’m guessing but I know nothing about this guy? Anybody?

  35. Belgaron

    Howard is tall and fast; downside was consistency and bad technique. Sounds like a guy who could be coached into a stud.

  36. Ben2

    Developmental line depth in rd4? Sure.

  37. Regan

    This is from Ben Harbaugh at FieldGulls.

    Jaye Howard (6-3 303) RS Senior from Florida

    Jaye Howard is my sleeper for the Seahawks in the third or fourth round. Despite what his height/weight ratio might suggest, Howard is thick and plays low, allowing him to hold up against the run. Howard isn’t especially agile but he’s quick and looks dangerous on twists. He could add more bulk and retain most of his quickness.

    Here is Howard playing a lot of 5-tech against LSU last year. You can see his athleticism but there’s nothing especially exciting there. Now contrast that to the performance below against Ohio State in Florida’s Gator Bowl victory this year where you see an entirely different player. Howard is now primarily playing 3-tech and is starting to trust his athleticism. You see him clubbing linemen aside with his strength and even anticipating the snap count to burst into the backfield. This guy really intrigues me.

    Check out this tape against Ohio State in the Gator Bowl. Boner!


  38. Christon

    Looks like he could be Big Red’s back up. It gets up the feild pretty well – and he is fast when he gets it going especially in pursue. He chased down a TE from behind in the open field. Needs to get stronger though but has a quick first step.

  39. Jim

    DE, LB, QB, RB, DT —– so far.
    WR, CB, DS, OL, OLB —- for the remaining 5 picks? Damn good start so far……..

  40. Madmark

    Nice swim move.

  41. Madmark

    I thinking Turbin is our 4th K.J. Wright pick, now I’m waiting for that 5th Richard Sherman pick to come.

  42. Bus12

    I’m already liking these extra picks.

  43. Turp

    Christon – Haye looks way more like a disruptive 3tech than a 5tech (Red’s position).

  44. Turp


  45. D

    Live draft cam at seahawks.com. Very cool. Irvin on.

  46. Turp

    Tony Romo just traded to the Seahawks in a major trade. terms to be announced

  47. D

    I just heard that also, he has a cute butt as well.

  48. Madmark

    I enjoy a young football player in a wet jock starap like you fellas here

  49. Christon

    I have been a Dallas fan longer than you

  50. Turp

    My boyfriend just showed up, later fellas

  51. Jazz

    Judging by both those games from fieldgulls I think Howard projects more as a 5 tech, if he spent some time with Red and got his strength could be a real intriguing player.

  52. Madmark

    Thank god we got a 5th round pick or it would have been a long time between picks.

  53. Jazz

    Jaye howard press conference coming on seahawks cam http://www.seahawks.com/videos-photos/live.html

  54. Madmark

    4.47 40yd for a 300 pound DT , i hope but think its a typo

  55. Jazz

    Yeah its like 4.75 to 4.8 still fast for someone his size

  56. SHawn

    He ran a 4.82 40yd

  57. D

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Tank Carder picked by the Bills. With our no 5 they got for Beast… That’s just uncalled for.

  58. SHawn

    He came to Florida at 230lb, so he has plenty of fast-twitch muscle.

  59. Madmark

    George Iloka FS, ETs Backup and nickel package guy hoping

  60. SHawn

    Iloka would be rad!

  61. Darnell

    Theres the Dan Quinn connection as well with Howard.

  62. Madmark

    Still have 1 mug shot up on the big board Vontaze Burfict in the 6th

  63. Darnell

    Hoping for Iloka,Clif Harris,Rainey, Janzen Jackson

  64. Madmark

    Luis Nix OG from pittsburg still up

  65. Madmark

    154 dark horse pick Koray Toomer looks like a WILL spot and the nickel packages.

  66. amattson

    I agree with Madmark, think we should go with Nix in the 5th and Burfict in the 6th. Would give us solid depth on the o-line and a potential future stud at MLB (I think Norton can keep him in line!).

    Whatcha think? Go Hawks!

  67. Darnell

    The problem with Burfict, and lets forget that he is a headcase, he is not very good. He is in poor shape,slow and has bad instincts. Even without the problems, as strictly a player he is a 5th-UDFA caliber player.

  68. Madmark

    Ryan Miller OG Colorado had him pegged in the 6th

  69. Christon

    Anybody know anything about this Korey Toomer guy?…as a Seahawks 5th round pick he has a lot to live up too.

  70. Madmark

    Burfict I think its more than that, think I heard something about football intelligence and Petes shcemes not so easy .

  71. jake206

    Linebacker-tight end out of Las Vegas, Nev. Originally committed to Idaho, but failed to qualify academically and attended Arizona Western College for two years — recorded 44 tackles, 3½ for loss and a sack with two forced fumbles in 2007; and 86-8½-0 with a forced fumble and three interceptions in ’08. Appeared in 12 games in ’09 and was credited with 8-0-0. Redshirted in ’10. Was team MVP in ’11 — played all 12 games, starting the final 11 at outside linebacker, and produced 68-10½-4 with four pass breakups and an interception.

    One of the best linebacker testers in this year’s draft class, Toomer is just a one-year starter, having spent two years in junior college and another redshirting at Idaho, but has outstanding timed speed and athletic ability — vertical (42 inches), broad jump (10 feet, 10 inches) and short shuttle (4.00 seconds) bested all linebackers at the Combine, and his 6.87-second 3-cone drill would’ve placed second. Was very popular on the NFL team visit circuit after his impressive workout, though tape evaluation reveals inexperience and green instincts. Will require patience to learn an develop, but closing speed and coverage and special-teams potential will be coveted.
    -Pro football weekly

  72. Meat

    Turbin, Polk, or Dwight jones.. Please draft gods

  73. Madmark

    I got Iloka FA, Nix OG, and Flecher CB up for the 6th.

  74. Meat

    Sorry, late, turbin!n!n!n

  75. Madmark

    Turbin, Jaye Howard DT/DE, Korey Toomer lb

  76. Barry

    I am really enjoying how our front office is conducting this draft, and controlling the late rounds. It seems more and more thats the FO’s strength late rounds. Solid dray three picks

  77. Madmark

    there went Iloka damn.

  78. Stuart

    Who do you like for possible players in the 6th?

  79. Madmark

    Donnie Fletcher CB boston was my pick , but luis Nix OG is still up

  80. Doug

    Finally able to tune in.
    Thrilled to death with the Turbinator
    Still trying to digest the Wilson pick, But I heard he has the biggest hands in the draft, and judging by how wide his GF was able to open her mouth, he must have some serious game…

  81. Ryan

    Man, enough with the defense. It’s like they forgot how bad their offense was last year. No WRs? No OL depth? No TE?

  82. Meat

    I am confused Dwight jones and Polk are still on the board

  83. Madmark

    Chris Polk has a degenerating disease in his shoulders.

  84. Meat

    Wow. Poor guy. That is horrible

  85. Meat

    What about Dwight jones, why hasn’t he been picked?

  86. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    Aaron Levine said it well: “The #Seahawks draft, defensive-minded, is proving to me the theory that their offensive issues can be solved w/ a QB change. IMO.”

  87. Ben2

    More DB ‘s

  88. Madmark

    Offense needs to stay healthy and play.

  89. Ryan

    A reminder that 2/3 of last year’s draft was defensive as well. You shouldn’t keep doing this every year…

  90. Ryan

    Re Aaron Levine, it might prove that it is the theory, but it doesn’t prove the theory is right.

  91. SeaTown81

    Just wanted to give props to Kip for nailing the Toomer and Lane picks way in advance. In addition to his man crushes on Irvin and Wilson. This is Kip’s draft! Way to go, bro.

  92. david

    did streeter go yet?

    I would love to have him as a Mike Williams replacement or Obo replacement.

  93. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    Never said it was right just I liked what he said, but can’t help thinking Mike Williams and others could’ve had a lot better production last year by just being targeted more. Like Tavaris but he did not make full use of all his weapons tended to lock onto one player etc. Can’t help but see that Flynn (or Russell) could run the offense, sustain drives better. Tavaris had a pretty sweet arm and was tough as hell. Would love better and quicker decision making.

  94. Saxon

    I guess I am in the minority but I really dislike our draft thus far. Of course, whenever someone says that the usual reply is that the scouts know a lot more than us,etc. But scouts are often wrong and can outsmart themselves, especially if they fall in love with a person and forget about the player – example: Russell Wilson.

    R1) – As important as pass rushers are, I don’t think you take a purely situational guy with with a first round pick. Let’s not forget that we have a perennial double-digit sack machine in Clemons that we got for virtually nothing. Situational speed rushers aren’t as rare as Carroll suggests. Coupled with Irvin’s sketchy past , I do not like this pick at all.

    R2) Wagner is a solid but unspectacular player. You have to question the decision to trade down rather than stay put and take explosive Pac-10 player of the year Kendricks. He projects better to ILB than Wagner and ILB was a major need. I would rather have Kendricks than Wagner/Toomer.

    R3) I hate this pick. I HATE THIS PICK! Historical precedents matter! Betting a kid is going to be an exception to the rule is for rounds 6-7.We do not need to roll the dice in the third round when a) we have two starters at QB right now, b) the QBOFT would more likely be available in a much deeper 2013 class, c) we have many other needs! Booo!!!

    R4) Turbin seems like a cool guy with a good story, but he is not special. He does not have the suddenness I like in a RB and he runs way too upright. Plus he has had a knee problem. A ton of teams are going to regret not taking Lamar Miller including the Seahawks. They should have grabbed him in R3

    R5) This was a desperation move due to the miss on Kendricks. Evidently level of competition does not bother our front office. Meanwhile our very tenuous situation on the OL continues to go unaddressed.

    R6) 2 DBs – I know nothing about these kids so I’ll give the scouts the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think DB is as big of a need as OL or even WR. There were some nice receivers still on the board in McNutt and Streeter. Lane is supposed to be a good sleeper but so was Mark Legree last year.

    Hugely disappointing draft, IMO. Obviously all of these players could turn out to be stars and it is too early to judge but I am disappointed with the value. Move each of our picks down one round and get a stud in R1 and it’s a win. Instead, you could argue that we reached on every pick.

  95. Darnell

    The thing about offense; is a WR in the 5th or later gonna beat out Lockette, Obo or Durham at the bottom of the depth chart? Probably not, and that would just make more reps to divide up amongst guys that don’t get a lot.

    Would an olineman at this point beat out LJP,McQuistan,Giacomini, Fanaika or Lutui? probably not.

    UDFA is where we’ll see these guys to come in and compete for these spots.

    TE was probably a possibility throughout, just no one worth pulling the trigger on. At this point though your not getting an upgrade over Morrah and they’ve already kicked the tires on Shiancoe.

  96. Ricky

    Saxon, I think it is unfair of you to question their decision to trade down and then go on to ommit a 4th rounder in your review. It makes a difference when speaking of value.

  97. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    If you look at Pete Carroll’s need list at the end of last year, he ticks off every item he stated clearly. From resigning own top players, improve pass rush, more speed in front seven, upgrade qb competition, depth at rb. I don’t see how anyone could be shocked stepping back and looking at it. He did exactly what he said they would and I think maybe even in the order he stated (that might be an exaggeration).

    Some see them not getting the right value for these picks, but there has been a lot out there about these players getting snatched up soon afterwards if the Hawks didn’t get them where they did. I don’t think you can really accuse JS and PC of not being on point where market value is concerned through fa and draft since they’ve been here. And they added four extra players/picks by moving down a little. They missed on Kendricks (if they rated him higher) but got someone arguably similar plus one.

    I don’t see this is a bad draft but just my opinion. Time will tell. A little early for too strong of a rejection, particularly if you like the way this team is heading. Continuation of master plan. I’m on board.

  98. Ryan

    Don’t see how you can say a 5th or 6th round pick this year won’t be able to beat out Morrah (7th rd in 2009) or Obomanu (7th rd in 2006). Also, remember Forsett (7th rd in 2008), and Hackett (5th rd in 2004). Such value can be had on the offensive side of the ball too in those later rounds. But you’ve got to pick them.

    I know PC stated those needs after the season, but when I watch the games, the offense seemed like it needed more help than the defense. Yes, Flynn. But, still.

    I think I might agree with you as well, Saxon.

  99. jason

    All you so called experts how about you get jobs and quit worrying about the draft picks before they even play….I have never heard such pissing and moaning from a fan base…..Funny too how when you do not like the pick it is a Pete pick and when its a good pick its a John pick….After they play you can run your mouths about your opinion that im sure is Kiper like crap. This front office has earned the right to take any pick and not have to be crushed before they step on the field. Saxon you are a joke if your such an expert why are you not getting paid for your great opinion…..? Rob love your work and sorry you have to answer a lot of these idiots….

  100. Belgaron

    If the 2010 draft was done over today, Kam Chancellor gets selected in the first round.

    If the 2011 draft was re-done today, Sherman would be taken in first round, KJ and Moffitt in the 2nd round.

    The current Seahawks regime have done extremely well in their drafts. Those who are comparing their picks to the hivemind or groupthink consensus index (ESPN big board, etc., etc.) and saying they “reached” or made “desperation” moves really have no clue what you are talking about. Drafts can’t be fully graded for 5+ years and NEVER do players perform at levels that align with the order they were selected in the draft or projected. Part of this has to do with the team, its coaches, and the opportunity for playing time but the rest has to do with scouting and making good draft day decisions.

    Also, there is no true BPA at any point because when you score players skills and add up the points you end up with groups or tiers. For example, this year the difference between the skill level at pick 10 was not that different from pick 30. In this case, when teams come up they draft the BPA but obviously the BPA for a team will lean towards needs/opportunities instead of packing up on a single spot like drafting 7 quarterbacks.

    Enjoy the fact that this regime is GREAT at finding and developing talent. They may not continue to uncover it at the same rate because going forward there won’t be as many opportunities for guys to come in and get playing time because we already have a good player there.

    It might be as soon as next year that the ‘Hawks don’t have glaring holes or needs at all and can start amassing picks like New England or just take whoever drops to them like Pittsburgh and Green Bay. They may get to the point where their practice squad is constantly raided and their cuts are better than other teams starters. This is the result of a stable owner/GM/coach who have the skills to consistently add talent year after year. It’s time to enjoy the ride and be glad you don’t follow Miami, Cleveland, or the unstable, poorly managed franchises.

  101. Meat

    I am good with most of the picks. I would have liked to see some more attempts t playmakers, wr.

  102. John

    I’m loving this late round draft 😀

    Happiest day of the draft for me

  103. Billy Showbiz

    You’re kicking ass Rob! Thanks for all the hard work, it is greatly appreciated! Between this blog and Field gulls I think that the Seahawks have the best coverage of any team in the league!

  104. Meat

    I love the first four picks. Wilson and turbin are great pick ups.

  105. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    Jason I agree with what you are saying but chill on the idiot thing. Everybody has a right to their opinion. All hawk fans, if not, get the hell out!

  106. ElroyCalrician

    I have never wanted a player on the hawks than Russell Wilson, we got the Kobe Bryant of football. Wilson has so much more want than guys like foles and owsweiler. He will be a HOF QB and I predict a pass from him to tate as time runs out to win a Super Bowl.

  107. AlaskaHawk

    I have to say that I am divided about this draft. We are picking for some of our needs. We needed a pass rusher, but to say Irvin is the best pass rusher? Wow – that is a reach. Are you saying that Coples or some other DE couldn’t produce just as many sacks off the edge and be able to play all downs? Irvin will be a great player, but he really is more of a light weight second rounder, or first round for a team that already has a solid defensive line and is just looking for that something extra.

    Wagner, I like him and picked at about the right spot. Should be a tackling machine.

    Wilson – I like him but really wonder where he will fit when we pick a QB first round next year. As good as he is, we can get the same quality QB and 5 inches taller in next year’s draft.

    Turbin – Great pick to fill in for Marshawn.

    Later round defensive picks all seem good, maybe half will make the team and half will fail. 50% would be a very good ratio.

    So what bothers me the most is the complete lack of attention to the offensive line and wide receivers. Why pick two new QBs and not upgrade an injured line and a receiving corp that consists of 2 1/2 starters? That doesn’t make sense to me. I guess we will be picking a lot of wide receivers next year.

  108. ElroyCalrician

    We got Rice and Lockette competing at one wr spot, Williams Obo and Durham competing at the the 2nd spot, we got Baldwin Tate and Butler competing at slot. Most of our recievers are young and its not till year three or four that they come in to their own. An oline with Okung-Mcquistin-Unger-Moffitt-Luca Brasi is a great zone line. Who is J.R Sweeney?

  109. Turp

    If we could land Dwight Jones here, it would be my favorite pick of the draft. I’m guessing it will be a guard, though.

  110. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t know what PC is doing. If he wants defensive tackles so bad he should have picked one in the first few rounds. You know they can’t all make the team roster.

    Apparently we have the greatest wide receiver group ever because he sure isn’t looking for another!

  111. Micah

    I think Pete and Co. think that Lockette and Durham will surprise people. They also addressed the line in free agency and will likely have some people to pick off of other’s practice squads.

  112. Colin

    I don’t think the offensive line is the big issue every one is claiming it to be. Carp will start PUP, but an opening day line of Okung, McQuistan, Unger, Moffitt and Giacomini isn’t to shabby, and there are still free agent guys we can sign for depth. Not a big deal.

    I’m not sure if people realize just how valuable Pete sees Bruce Irvin. He mentioned he’s been looking for a guy like Bruce long before he even became the coach in Seattle! Pete knows EXACTLY what he wants and that is why I find this selection so intriguing! If Pete placed so little value in that spot, why didn’t he just keep Lawrence Jackson or Aaron Curry, or even Raheem Brock to fill that role? Simple. They weren’t up to Pete’s standards. That speaks volumes.

    Pete doesn’t view Irvin as a guy to fill a spot. He sees him as THE guy to play that spot. I like it, and hopefully Irvin can one day be the replacement to Clemons when the time comes.

    I don’t understand why we haven’t taken a TE or WR. Maybe they believe with Kris Durham coming back and Sid Rice having cleaned up his shoulders maybe this group is good enough. Ok.

    Opening kickoff can’t come fast enough.

  113. AlaskaHawk

    Three DTs in the late rounds? wow. Hope at least one will make the team.

    PC totally ignored the offensive line, wide receivers and tight end position. There were plenty of opportunities to pick in the first two. Youch. I’m a fan – but Flynn is going to expose these guys as aging and slow, bad hands, or young and unproven. I hope somebody will step up to the plate next year because we need at least two more good receivers to go with Rice, Baldwin and Tate.

  114. Bob

    I’m guessing a lot of udfa offensive players

  115. TJ

    Wow! Another defensive player. I hope they plan to pay this much attention to the offense next year, considering our defense is already the strength of the team.

  116. AndrewP

    How does a team with the NFLs 28th-ranked offense select only one player that will make an impact this season for that side of the ball?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the potential of some of these guys, but man, I don’t get this.

  117. Richard

    J R Sweezy drafted to be a guard

  118. Zrack

    Heard that 7th rounder Sweezy is moving over to OG

  119. AlaskaHawk

    Yes I am really disappointed that we didn’t get a stud wide receiver. You can throw all the love you want at our late round guys, but one great receiver will make you forget all about them.

    I like the Jets first round better than ours: Coples at DE and Stephen Hill as WR.

    Let’s also not forget our rivals the niners picked a wide receiver and a speedy change of pace back.

  120. Misfit74

    We still have a chance to sign Dwight Jones as a UDFA!

    LOVE Robert Turbin and Wagner both a lot.

  121. Colin

    If Flynn is the man we are expecting him to be, he’ll make this receiver corps MUCH better than Tarvaris ever did.

  122. Regan

    Man what a negative vibe going on here. Not worth even reading.

  123. Rob

    Robert Turbin and Jaye Howard tape now on the blog for your viewing pleasure.

  124. AndrewP

    Richard- Where did you hear this?

  125. jake206

    I think oregon rb, lamichael james (49ers) will be a headache for the seahawks. He is incredibly durable, I mean 30-40+ carries and still doesn’t get tired, due to Oregon’s fast paced offense. Harbaugh will utilize him, particularly as a safety valve and or in no-huddle style offense. He’ll be brutally effective.

    For us, I still think Russell wilson and bruce irvin are the best in our group. Russell will need time and more weapons such as tight ends and running backs to help protect him. Bruce will be the fastest guy on the field and teams will gameplan against him. Turbin looks really fumble prone with his huge biceps and not as smooth as beastmode. I see us trying to redraft running back and tight end next year.

  126. NinjaHawk

    Turbin is known for NOT fumbling, holds on to the ball, it’s a strong point for him. I think he’ll be a perfect Lynch back-up.

  127. AndrewP

    N/m Richard, just read O’Neil’s blog.

    Regan- It’s a message board, what do you expect?

  128. Micah

    Anybody else find it weird that the Colts were both the alpha and omega in this draft, and to go with that their team symbol is an upside down omega?

  129. PatrickH

    Chandler Harnish is Mr. Irrelevant – the last draft pick this year, by the Colts.

  130. jake206

    wow its official, not drafted: chris polk and kellen moore? Rookie free agent signees?

  131. Michael (CLT)

    Every single pick has speed and a chip.

    This team will be ferocious in 2012. I am stoked.

    I may be the only one, but I tend to think this will end up being the best draft class of the last three. There is immense talent with every pick. A plan with every pick. Kids that are intelligent, have a chip, and want to play football badly.

    This draft, in my amateur mind, has astounding potential. This is Pete’s draft. He has to win in the next two years, so let Pete do it his way.

    We can fire Pete if it all goes to hell.

    I just happen to see this as a step to greatness. Homer I am!

  132. PatrickH

    It looks like Dwight Jones wasn’t drafted either.

  133. CFR

    Praying that the Hawks sign Polk as an UDFA. They can’t go into training back with Leon as their number 3 as it’s not absurd to think that they both can be banged up at some point this season. Who better to teach Polk to play proud and with a chip on his shoulder than Doug Baldwin (a former rookie UDFA who led his team in receptions and yards)? I would have loved him during the draft but I think that getting him as an UDFA could be even better for his potential. Just hoping that the Seahawks are thinking the same way as me.

  134. CFR

    Wow. They can’t go into training camp with Leon as their number 3, as it’s not absurd that Lynch and Turbin are both banged up at some point this season*

  135. Ben-jammin (formerly Ben 2.5)

    Whether or not it’s the best draft I’m feeling pretty excited too Michael. The identity of our team is a vicious run-stopping and now (hopefully) strong against the pass team=elite d. Combine that with two tough rb’s and one change of pace back and we should be able to dominate time of possession. I really like being able to keep Beast Mode fresh. Defenses are going to be tired tackling those dudes all game. Awesome. I expect the o-line to continue to improve as they play together. Bringing in a bunch of new guys is not necessarily best for o-line. Working as a unit, growing together, that’s what makes o-line effective. Depth important, but seems okay, and lot of guys who can plug and play. Hopefully improved qb play (though not awful last year) should only complement the main identity of this team. Bad ass. I expect our d to create more turnovers this year and more sacks. The Run D should be good as ever.

    Bring on an improved NFC West. San Fran’s schedule is going to be a lot harder this year. Arizona has got to be concerned about pass pro and qb. Rams should bounce back but still breaking in new coach. If I’m on the other teams can’t help but respect Hawks and expect a battle every time I play them.

    Just can’t see any positions that are worse than last year. The only one could be mlb with Heater gone. Savvy vet, tough. BUT, injured and slowed. If new guy can hang there and maybe even improve that position, there is no position that is worse, only possibly better. Even if Bruce is a complete flop (which I really don’t think he will be), that position didn’t have good production last year anyways. Improved interior d-line rush, enhanced edge rush. This team is flat out better than last year and if they didn’t struggle early last year with o-line/running game they would have been in the playoffs.

    They aren’t even done yet signing udfa’s (whether any gems who knows) or looking at fa’s after draft. Young guys from last few years have more experience, team has a much stronger identity. Even if you don’t like the value in terms of individual draft picks (nitpicky but whatever) you must see that they have improved as a team this offseason, possibly quite a bit.

    Bash me for being “jacked and pumped” if you want. But just answer what position is worse than last year where they were seen as a young team trending upward as the season went on.

  136. Darnell

    Here come the olinemen…

    Rishaw Johnson (Cal-PA), James Brown (Troy)

  137. Misfit74

    I sure want Dwight Jones to sign with us as a UDFA. So far he hasn’t signed that I’ve heard.

  138. CFR

    WOW good call. Completely forgot about him. How are him and Polk not on a team yet? It’s, as Mel Kiper would say, “mind boggling”. Please Hawks, work your UDFA magic for the second year in a row

  139. Richard

    Andrew P 4:03pm Sorry it’s my sons prom night, had to get pictures. I saw and heard Sweezy being interviewed on the Seahawks live feed. He said cable talked to him for 6 hours about making the conversion. Also Tony Ventrella interviewed him one on one.

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