2017 combine day four live blog: DB’s

March 6th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

The live blog will be updated throughout the day. Keeping refreshing and join in the discussion in the comments section.

This could be the best day so far at this years combine. This is a loaded draft for safety’s and cornerbacks. There’s a good chance multiple players competing today will be drafted by the Seahawks.

Here’s a list of all the cornerbacks with +32 inch arms (Seattle’s apparent cut-off for length):

Brian Allen — 6-3, 34
Jeremy Clark — 6-3, 32 7/8
Gareon Conley — 6-0, 33
Treston Decoud — 6-2, 33
Rasul Douglas — 6-2, 32 3/8
Shaquill Griffin — 6-0, 32 3/8
Marlon Humphrey — 6-0, 32 1/4
Kevin King — 6-3, 32
Brendan Langley — 6-0, 32 3/8
Teez Tabor — 6-0, 32 1/4
Cordrea Tankersley — 6-1, 32 1/4
Marquez White — 6-0, 32 1/8
Tre’Davious White — 5-11, 32 1/8
Quincy Wilson — 6-1, 32 1/4
Ahkello Witherspoon — 6-3, 33

Look for CB’s that run a sub-4.55, have the 32 inch arms and perform well in the vertical (+35 inches) and broad (around 10-5).

Forty yard dash times — Group 1

Players with +32 inch arms in bold

Jamal Adams — 4.56 & 4.56
Brian Allen — 4.43 & 4.48
Chidobe Awuzie — 4.44 & 4.46
Budda Baker — 4.46 & 4.51
Jamal Carter — 4.72 & 4.65
Chuck Clark — 4.55 & 4.55
Gareon Conley — 4.45 & 4.48
Treston Decoud — 4.64 & 4.63

Rasul Douglas — 4.60 & 4.63
Cord Elder — 4.56 & 4.59
Justin Evans — DNP
Shaquill Griffin — 4.39 & 4.40
Nate Hairston — 4.56 & 4.53
Josh Harvey-Clemons — DNP
Delano Hill — 4.48 & 4.54
Malik Hooker — DNP
Marlon Humphrey — 4.41 & 4.46
Adoree’ Jackson — 4.39 & 4.42
Eddie Jackson — DNP
Rayshawn Jenkins — 4.51 & 4.55
Lorenzo Jerome — 4.73 & 4.71
Jadar Johnson — 4.71 & 4.61
John Johnson — 4.61 & 4.67
Josh Jones — 4.41 & 4.44

Sidney Jones — 4.48 & 4.52
Damontae Kazee — 4.59 & 4.54
Desmond King — DNP

The most interesting names on this list for Seattle could be Shaq Griffin, Rayshawn Jenkins, Gareon Conley and Josh Jones.

Jenkins in particular is a positive. He’s a talented jumper so should perform well in the vertical and broad. He’s been as big as 6-1, 220lbs and has the ‘grit’ Seattle loves. He’s a fighter on and off the field.

Budda Baker and Sidney Jones both get into the 4.4’s. That’s good enough for both to retain the high stock they’ve been receiving.

The only real disappointment is John Johnson running in the 4.6’s. He looked fast at the Senior Bowl.

The first drill is a back-pedal, turn and finish. It’s a timed drill (Mayock says that isn’t a good thing). Brian Allen looked really smooth for a 6-3, 215lbs corner. Unlocked his hips. Great rep.

Gareon Conley performed poorly in this drill and nearly ran off the track while turning. Shaq Griffin’s good day continues, he turned well and transitioned well into a sprint. Adoree’ Jackson’s transition was also really good and Marlon Humphrey is as good as advertised. Rayshawn Jenkins also performed well for his size.

During the catching drills (downfield throws) Budda Baker looks sluggish and drops a pass. Mike Mayock: “He can’t catch a cold”. Ouch.

Ike Taylor is a little more positive, listing Baker as his #1 safety ahead of Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker.

Conley’s back-pedal/change of direction drill looked good — as did Budda Baker. Possibly their best drills so far. Shaq Griffin continues to impress. Marlon Humphrey and Adoree’ Jackson also looked good. After a bit of warming up the DB’s are hitting their stride.

Conley continues to get better and better. After this performance today — and presuming he jumps well — he’s going to rise well into round one.

Budda Baker a good overall workout. Very solid.

Linebacker agility tests

While these DB drills are ongoing, the NFL has finally released the three cone and short shuttle results for the linebackers yesterday. Here’s the big news:

— Tyus Bowser had the best three cone by any player working out on Sunday (6.75). It’s also the fifth best time by a D-liner or linebacker in the last five years.

— T.J. Watt had the second best three cone on Sunday (6.79) and the best short shuttle (4.13). His three cone is the eighth best by a DL or LB in the last five years and his short shuttle is the 11th best (and only 0.08 slower than Frank Clark’s).

These are really good times for both players.

Official DB 40 times (group 1) (top-10)

Shaq Griffin — 4.38
Marlon Humphrey — 4.41
Josh Jones — 4.41
Adoree’ Jackson — 4.42
Chidobe Awuzie — 4.43
Gareon Conley — 4.44
Budda Baker — 4.45
Delano Hill — 4.47
Sidney Jones — 4.47
Brian Allen — 4.48

Broad jump and vertical notes (DB’s)

Obi Melifonwu just jumped an 11-9 broad jump. What a freak. It’s the second best broad jump ever, only topped by Byron Jones (12-3). His 44 inch vertical is the third highest ever. He will be an option at #26.

Here’s a piece we wrote about him in November if you want to know more.

Broad jumps

Marshon Lattimore — 11-0
Obi Melifonwu — 11-9
Fabian Moreau — 11-4
Josh Jones — 11-0
Gareon Conley — 10-9
Marcus Williams — 10-9
Rayshawn Jenkins — 10-8
Ahkello Witherspoon — 10-7
Marlon Humphrey — 10-5
Sidney Jones — 10-3
Adoree’ Jackson — 10-2
Cordrea Tankersley — 10-1
Jamal Adams — 10-0
Rasul Douglas — 10-0
Teez Tabor — 10-0
Tre’Davious White — 9-11
Quincy Wilson — 9-10
Tedric Thompson — 9-9
Shalom Luani — 9-8
Budda Baker — 9-7
Brian Allen — 9-4

Vertical jumps

Obi Melifonwu — 44 inches
Marcus Williams — 43.5 inches
Ahkello Witherspoon — 40.5 inches
Kevin King — 39.5 inches
Marshon Lattimore — 38.5 inches
Fabian Moreau — 38 inches
Josh Jones — 37.5 inches
Gareon Conley — 37 inches
Rayshawn Jenkins — 37 inches
Sidney Jones — 33.5 inches
Jamal Adams — 31.5 inches
Adoree Jackson — 36 inches
Brian Allen — 34.5 inches
Rasul Douglas — 33.5 inches
Budda Baker — 32.5 inches
Tedric Thompson — 32.5 inches
Tre’Davious White — 32 inches
Quincy Wilson — 32 inches
Shalom Luani — 31 inches
Teez Tabor — 31 inches
Coredrea Tankersley — 29.5 inches
Marlon Humphrey — DNP

Forty yard dash times — Group 2

Players with +32 inch arms in bold

Kevin King — 4.44 & 4.48
Ashton Lampkin — 4.53 & 4.58
Brendan Langley — 4.44 & 4.47
Marshon Lattimore — 4.36 & 4.37
Jourdan Lewis — 4.55 & 4.59
Will Likely — DNP
Shalom Luani — 4.56 & 4.56
Arthur Maulet — 4.66 & 4.63
Marcus Maye — DNP
Obi Melifonwu — 4.46 & 4.40
Fabian Moreau — 4.35 & 4.39
Jalen Myrick — 4.29 & 4.32
Montae Nicholson — 4.48 & 4.43
Ezra Robinson — 4.48 & 4.50
Sojourn Shelton — 4.58 &
Channing Stribling — 4.68 & 4.60
Cameron Sutton — 4.53 & 4.57
Teez Tabor — 4.63 & 4.68
Cordrea Tankersley — 4.47 & 4.40

Tedric Thompson — 4.60 & 4.63
Jack Tocho — 4.55 & 4.60
Michael Tyson — 4.53 & 4.64
Marquez White — 4.68 & 4.60
Tre’Davious White — 4.47 & 4.55

Marcus Williams — 4.57 & 4.58
Howard Wilson — 4.58 & 4.62
Quincy Wilson — 4.56 & 4.54
Ahkello Witherspoon — 4.45 & 4.49

Xavier Woods — 4.54 & 4.58

Welcome to a possible first round grade, Kevin King. A 4.44? Wonderful. He’s another option for the Seahawks. Shalom Luani’s 4.56 is good enough.

Obi Melifonwu ran a 4.40 adding to his great day. Wow. A 4.40 flat on his second run. Incredible.

Melifonwu’s day — 4.40 forty, 44 inch vertical, 11-9 broad.

This was Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s reaction to Melifonwu’s workout:

Watch Carroll turn to Kris Richard.

Teez Tabor and Quincy Wilson confirmed their lack of elite speed, running in the 4.6’s and 4.5’s respectively. That’s how they ran in 2013 too. Wilson’s 4.54 isn’t a bad time but this is a really competitive group of cornerbacks.

No big surprises today in terms of Seattle at #26. We thought Obi Melifonwu and Kevin King were options at #26 and that has been confirmed.

In the initial drills, Kevin King and Ahkello Witherspoon are looking really good for their size. Obi Melifonwu doesn’t look stiff at all in his back-pedal despite his size. Shalom Luani is looking good too.

Both NFL Network and NFL.com haven’t shown much of the drills from group two. Lot’s of adverts on the Network, lot’s of interviews on the website. Shame.

Kevin King jumped a 39.5 inch vertical. Ahkello Witherspoon had a 40.5 inch vertical. These are two guys having an amazing day.

Don’t sleep on Luani. His ‘W’ drill was really good for a safety. He’s going to be a good player for someone. He and Rayshawn Jenkins are really intriguing at safety. Ditto Montae Nicholson and Josh Jones.

Official DB 40 times (top-10)

Jalen Myrick — 4.28
Fabian Moreau — 4.35
Marshon Lattimore — 4.36
Shaq Griffin — 4.38
Obi Melifonwu — 4.40
Cordrea Tankersley — 4.40
Marlon Humphrey — 4.41
Josh Jones — 4.41
Adoree’ Jackson — 4.42
Montae Nicholson — 4.42

Other notable forty times:

Chidobe Awuzie — 4.43
Gareon Conley — 4.44
Budda Baker — 4.45
Delano Hill — 4.47
Sidney Jones — 4.47
Brian Allen — 4.48

That concludes the final day of the combine. Thanks for joining us for the live blogs. I’ll have a review piece up shortly. Stay tuned.

531 Responses to “2017 combine day four live blog: DB’s”

  1. peter says:

    Pretty stoked to see a whole bunch of players tests results. Rob what do you think is THE most important number today t look at for the CB’s and then for the safeties?

    The combine is goofy and the tests good be modified but to me it seems within it every position group has one really key number to look at. Ten yard splits yesterday are perfect example of that.

    Once last thing since I’m an early bird out here on the West coast. There’s talk about Obi playing nickel some talk of him converting to corner for the Shead spot. But doesn’t it seem like Seattle has to be grown up and look to the future of both Earl and Kam? If not the future at least someone who could fill in and maybe even play at their level. With injuries these last two years I dread the four game stretch where both are out…if that happens…

    So would Odi be a “get him in the draft and play him where you can,” type with the hope that he could fill in for Kam if need be? Or is that backup SS spot going to be something they develop in much the same way they have all the other DB spots? Just curious. Thanks sir.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think these are the numbers at CB:

      10-5 BROAD, SUB-4.55, 32 ARMS, +35 INCH VERT

      • Trevor says:

        That should narrow things down for sure. Thanks

      • peter says:

        Thanks. For me I’m super keen on the 3 cone numbers for corners. Explosion for all seahawks of course but that ability to move quick in a short awkward space seems pretty revealing.

        It’s kind of interesting that two of the most important cogs FS and SS and subsequently all safety prospects thus far have been, to me, the widest range of traits at any position.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Three cone important for slot I think. Although SEA’s drafted CB’s have had varying three cone times. Only Sherman’s was very good.

  2. JT says:

    These DB’s are about to put on a show. Best DB class I’ve ever seen.

  3. Peanut says:

    Man Budda Baker to Seattle would make him super-local. Born and raised in the state, HS and College here aswell. Might stay with the dream, but what a dream it is.

    • Trevor says:

      Hard not to like him as a player have to admit I really think he is a legit option for them.

  4. Trevor says:

    Gareon Conley is looking like a legit option in Rd #1 if they decide to go corner early he is certainly checking off all the boxes so far.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Mayock’s right though — not physical in the run game. Might be an issue for Seattle.

      • Trevor says:

        That is a big requirement for Hawks CBs so if that is the case then cross him off the list. I cannot think of a CB they have had who was not at least a willing tackler.

  5. JT says:

    Add Shaq Griffin to the list of options. 4.39 at 6’0″ with 32-3/8″ arms at CB.

      • STUFR says:

        Have you watched him? The NFL.com report says he is a great tackler in run support. I hadn’t watched him yet, but he fits the mold really well.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I haven’t watched him but will be tonight after that run.

          • STUFR says:

            The main weakness they list is poor long speed, but that is clearly not the case.

        • JT says:

          Can confirm. He’s a playmaker – aggressive against the run and had 4 picks this year. The downside is he gives up big plays, including a couple TD’s in the 2 tapes I’ve watched.

          He’s an intriguing prospect that hasn’t gotten much hype. Tony Pauline likes him, IIRC.

  6. peter says:

    And just like that Brian Allen I think starts climbing himself out of UDFA status and into a draftable grade. Like Chris Conley the WR a while back.

    I’m looking at the former basketball player to have a good vert and due to the basketball background and drills they run at practices their whole lives to have a good three cone. Not a slot guy, but a solid developmental player…possibly.

    • EranUngar says:

      6-3, 34 arms, ex WR, 4.42, sign me in….

      • peter says:

        His game needs work but he has only two years of exp. as a corner. And not even two years as a starter just one. I think he makes perfect sense for Seattle. Perhaps as a coverage player on special teams and situational CB. Teams looking at his stats and thinking he’s going to solve their CB woes immediately will be wrong. But a team like Seattle that can let a player like Kam sit a whole year behind Milloy I think can get a good player going forward.

      • nichansen01 says:

        God awful tape. UDFA for me.

        • peter says:

          Okay. See above about developmental players and how combine participants see a rise. If you’re going to say god awful tape and not think of context about their current development over current tools then you’re not seeing it and he’s not for you. But if a guy like conley can rise to the based solely on a few catches and an amazing combine…then….there’s your brian allen.

          • nichansen01 says:

            I think he’s interesting as a late rounder or UDFA. But not on day two for me. Utah had some athletes this year didn’t they.

            • peter says:

              My excitement is more about him going from nobody to getting on the radar. I tried to find tape of him and I agree it’s not great. Heck some of it’s not even good. I was intrigued a bit by Marcus Williams. I now he hasn’t garnered many characters typed about him but he looked pretty solid to me.

              Utah as followers of this blog may know is my perennial underdog award winner. They are well coached, put a good amount of players in the NFL and this year for all the talk of the SEC, ACC, UW players, they are looking at having three Olinemen go in the draft (possible with sam tevi) Joe williams will get drafted. Marcus Williams can find a home for himself. Brian Allen…possibly. That’s not bad for one team.

          • Cameron says:

            Peter, I could see drafting Allen in the late rounds as a sort of ‘priority UDFA’ especially if Pete sniffs him out and thinks there will be a lot of interest from other teams.

            • peter says:

              That’s what I mean. Priority UDFA. A pick to avoid an UDFA battle. I just think with the tools there’s something there. And Seattle takes a long view across the ranks. Sokoli, Sweezy, etc.

  7. Ishmael says:

    4.46 from Budda isn’t bad, but it’s no Earl.

    That 4.41 from Humphrey is a very nice time at his size. Fascinated to see what Kevin King can do.

    • McGruff says:

      I’ve seen Humphrey falling a lot lately, which baffles because I felt he was the best player I’ve scouted this year, and a 4.4 forty absolutely confirms that. His combination of skills is unique and uniquely suited to Seattle.

    • nichansen01 says:

      With that time, Humphrey is top 20 and Gareon Conley likely a first rounder as well with a nice 4.45

    • Jesse James says:

      Budda ran a better 40 than Earl…

  8. nichansen01 says:

    4.39 from Jackson. He will go early second late first I think.

  9. nichansen01 says:

    Reminder: Kam ran a 4.7 40.

  10. Peanut says:

    Man the first few rounds this draft is going to be loaded with some extreme talent.

  11. LeoSharp says:

    Really like what Rayshawn Jenkins could bring to the table. Like his physicality everything else cam be cleaned up

  12. Sea Mode says:

    Nice drill there by Griffin

  13. 503Hawk says:

    Your ‘Sunday Notes – D-Line Class’ article was one of your best. I really enjoy your writing style AND, unlike the national writers, you really understand our beloved team. I don’t know how you can continue to turn out such well thought and insightful pieces along with all of your other responsibilities. I hope one day you get interviewed by the national press. You are top notch! Thank you and thanks to your understanding, supportive wife.

  14. Sea Mode says:

    Just tuned in to the catching drills a few min ago. Very surprised by Brian Allen. There’s material to work with there.

  15. astraeus says:

    Obi Melifonwu 11’9″ broad jump. Wow.

    • astraeus says:

      “2nd best among CB/S at the NFL Combine since 2006”

    • DLep says:


      • Mr. Offseason says:

        Is it possible that Melifonwu slips into the top 20 then? Now that we’ve seen his testing he probably jumps to the top of many of our wish lists. The only problem is that he’s jumped up on a lot of other teams’ wish lists as well.

  16. astraeus says:

    S Marcus Williams 43.5″ vert

    • peter says:

      For me he’s a player to think about with one of the 3 round comp picks.

    • DLep says:

      Jesus, that is just ridiculous. So many good players, can we have both Obi and Williams?

    • Misfit74 says:

      I’m intrigued by him. I don’t know much about him, though. Good day today and fits the specs.

  17. peter says:

    Obi Melifonwu. I hope talk of us getting him sneakily in the 2nd dies down. I truly think if Seattle wants him they are going to have to grab him at 26

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      That’s what’s good and bad about the combine. You have guys on your radar that you think you have a chance at, then boom it’s gone. It’s exciting to see Reddick and Obi tear it up but don’t tear it up to much.

      • Mr. Offseason says:

        My hope is that Melifonwu gets docked a bit for his tape. His tape isn’t bad but he is still very enticing for this coaching staff. I’m hoping Seattle can do one trade down to the back end of round one/front of round two, and take him if that’s who they’re after.

  18. Sea Mode says:

    Deion Sanders: “Adoree Jackson, what I see there, I can work with. Cause it’s there, you just gotta find it.”

  19. astraeus says:

    Fabian Moreau 11’4″ broad. Mayock said worst case his floor is probably 2nd round. Confirming freaky athleticism.

    • astraeus says:

      38″ vert…

      • lil'stink says:

        Think his arms are under 32″. Too bad. I wish the team wasn’t so strict about those things when it comes to drafting in the 1st or 2nd round.

  20. Sea Mode says:

    Earl Thomas‏Verified account

    That boy @buddabaker32 looking super smooooooth out there. The kid is gonna be special. #CantMeasureHeart

    7:36 AM – 6 Mar 2017


  21. Sea Mode says:

    Earl Thomas‏Verified account

    ….and hate @MalikHooker24 aka “Malik The Freak” can’t put on a show out there today.

    7:37 AM – 6 Mar 2017


  22. Peanut says:

    How many players in general, and in our position of need players, are now projected to go 1st and early 2nd round? If Obi follow up his jump with a workout of that caliber, he might also pop into that 1st round group

  23. DLep says:

    Rob, following up on that TJ Watt bit, Zach Whitman is estimating he is a 94th percentile sparq for NFL edge rushers. Is this guy severely underrated?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not sure he’s underrated. Most people have had him in R2 or borderline R1. He tested very well.

      • HI Hawk says:

        He solidified his stock to me, if Jarrad Davis isn’t there at #26, T.J.’s the guy. This assumes that Haason Reddick is long gone.

  24. Overtime says:

    60 DB’s at the NFL combine. That is almost two per team. There are more that are not here. Half the Hawks roster is UDFA guys. We are going to be able to restock the LOB with some talent this year. Which guys are going to go undrafted that come in and start for the Hawks in two years?

  25. astraeus says:

    Obi Melifonwu 44″ vert. Absolute freak.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      If he runs a 4.4 40 were in trouble. Hey Bobby K, I think another guy just entered your top 20.

      • Derron James says:

        I’m scared a team like Washington might fall in love with melifonwu.

      • Sea Mode says:

        lol BobbyK Top 20 count…

        But seriously, Rob: first Reddick, now Obi… do you secretly work for the Hawks? 😉 Please take all the credit you can for finding these guys!

        • Rob Staton says:

          It’s both pleasing and disappointing to see Bolles, Reddick and Melifonwu do so well but potentially end up going somewhere else.

        • Bayahawk says:

          Rob is the best draft blogger in the NFL blogosphere. We are really lucky to have him.

      • BobbyK says:

        Yep. Closing in 50 guys going in the top 20. 🙂

    • Peanut says:

      I remember about a month ago when we were mock-drafting both Reddick and Obi to Seattle. Now, getting one would be more than good enough it seems.

      • DLep says:

        If Obi and Reddick are both gone at 26 I seriously hope they are looking at TJ Watt now. It wasnt a stated need from Pete but this guy is the LEO candidate Pete thought Bruce would be. 94 percentile sparq, ridiculous three cone and over 10 inch hands and 34 in arms.

  26. Sea Mode says:

    Shaq Griffin, Gareon Conley and Rasul Douglas with a nice “W” drill.

  27. astraeus says:

    If Obi runs in the low-mid 4.4s I think we have to take him at 26 and put him at corner. Too rare of an athlete to risk a trade down.

  28. East Side Stevie says:

    Holly shit melifonwu… INSANE

  29. Nick says:

    I think after today’s performance Obi is a top 20 lock.

    Not ideal for SEA.

    • Derron James says:

      I think he may still be there it just depends because there still is so much other talent a well.

    • Del tre says:

      We’ve seem guys do well at the combine and not hit the top 20. Look at the draft board, too much talent for him to be in the top 20, teams are going to reach for QB’s, Offensive linemen, and wide receivers. By the time 26 rolls around i think a lot of people will be surprised by the options we have. By now it seems like we have 40 top 20 locks. It is a possibility that a team falls in love with him but odds are there will be a better safety there who played better competition and is going to be less of a project. Besides these are the numbers Rob projected for him all along, we knew he was a freak and that there were reasons to be excited about him, but we also know he isn’t as finished a product and is probably going to have some growing pains

  30. Peanut says:

    Time comes around and Seattle are to pick at 26, and both Obi and Reddick sits waiting. What name do we most dream of Godell saying on the stage?

    • Trevor says:

      Reddick because of tape and character but it is closer than I expected after this performance wow at 6-4 220lbs that is crazy

    • Sea Mode says:

      Watch this happen and the Hawks pick someone else…

      Can you imagine what would happen on SDB?

      • Trevor says:

        lol so true

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        If they trade down into the second and pick another wide receiver I’ve never heard of then I will go ape on the TV.

        But I do think Obi will be there at #26 – because wiser heads will pick game proven winners in the earlier first round picks. And there are lots of corners to choose from.

        • Rob Staton says:

          ‘Wiser heads’

          C’mon Alaska.

          • AlaskaHawk says:

            I’m guessing there are 6-10 first round worthy cornerbacks. Many of whom play in tough divisions and are on championship level teams? Add in another 3-4 safeties? I guess we will know by the end of the day!! Anyway – someone very talented will be available at #26 – and if the Seahawks choose Obi I would be happy to have him on the team.

    • Ukhawk says:

      Reddick > Obi

      I actually prefer Evans (& even Budda) > Obi

  31. Trevor says:

    With Reddick and Bolles now clearly not in the Hawks range anymore the last of the SDB favourites Obi Melinfonwu was looking like the best Rd #1 option but after this who knows if he will be there. I was thinking we could trade back into the early 2nd. No chance of that now. We will be lucky if he gets to 26.

  32. East Side Stevie says:

    Melifonwu will be there at 26 just because he has amazing mesuarbles it has to correlate with tape as well

    • Trevor says:

      That is true but it is not like he has bad tape. With those measurables you certainly have a lot to work with.

      • East Side Stevie says:

        He isnt even playing in a power 5 conference though, how would he have performed against a Alabama Clemson Washington Ohio st. Dont get me wrong Im not saying Uconn had a weak schedule because I didnt see them play any during the season but Adoree Jackson Budda baker Sidney Jones Marlon humphrey Malik hooker gareon conley Teez tabor Quincy Wilson all of those guys had tought match ups week in week out for me I just would be reluctant to say that Obi is a top 25 lock I think he goes anywhere from late 1st to late 2nd.

        • Trevor says:

          I would agree with that. I don’t think he is a top 25 lock either but the idea that we could trade back into the 2nd and still get him seems like a bit of a dream now.

          • East Side Stevie says:

            We could just as easily trade back to 30-32 as we could 35, We wont have to trade back into the 2nd. Its very possible if we trade back at all we still have a 1st round pick so dont worry about him not being there in the early second too much

          • Overtime says:

            There are plenty of good DB’s and they are going to sit a while. Teams will shop at less stocked positions first.

      • RealRhino2 says:

        It’s not great, though. And let’s not forget his buddy Byron Jones had even better numbers at the combine and probably better tape and was more likely to play a more valuable position (corner, as opposed to safety) and he was sitting there at 31 for the Cowboys. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

        I think people get a little caught up in the testing numbers around this time. Look at Reddick. What is he? He’s an OLB. Stop freaking out. People think he’s a great athlete so he’s gone. If you look at past drafts, even the best, most athletic OLBs are taken 20-25. Not so sure he’ll be gone for us (I think he will, but people act like b/c he jumped well he’ll just keep moving up and up; teams will still opt for positions of greater value in the top 15, IMO).

        Generally there *might* be one LB like him taken top 10-15, but most go around 25, where we are.

        • HI Hawk says:

          Very true, but Byron Jones was normal sized. Obi (6.4, 220) is Kam-sized (taller, actually) and has the explosiveness of Earl (faster and a better jumper, actually) that’s unnatural. Tape and “in-pads” arguments may win out and push him down to 26, but as far as moldable clay, he’s one of the all-time best athletes to enter this league. Bruce Irvin was a top-15 pick with very uneven tape, but he was a freak athlete at 6’3, 244.

  33. Trevor says:

    With SF running our D now and Lynxh a former safety as GM I think Malik Hooker goes #2 to SF and it will be a great pick.

  34. astraeus says:

    Obi looks disappointed with his 44″ vert..(@ 22 seconds)

  35. Trevor says:

    Wish JS would just get Kams extension done! Why has this deal not gotten done by now. Makes no sense to me unless Kam has decided he wants to play out his contract now and test FA next year. I certainly hope not. Was really hoping it would get done before free agency.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      The rumor is that they made Kam an offer and it got turned down. That has me worried a bit. I don’t think he will hold out if a deal doesn’t get done. But, he might and it will be a distraction even if he is there.

      It increases the need for a safety in the draft if true.

  36. Nick says:

    Budda Baker looks so unbelievably smooth in the catching drills. My god, he won’t last past 20 either, will he?!

  37. Derron James says:

    I’m starting to really like Shaq Griffin. I think after being developed he can be a solid player.

    • Trevor says:

      He looks great today! I had not even looked at him till today.

      • Derron James says:

        I knew who he was, but never looked at him very much

        • JimQ says:

          –CB-Shaquill Griffin, UCF. 6-0/192 – In 2 yrs: 6-INT & 28-PBU, This kid is for real and a solid later round selection for some lucky team. #1 in FCS in passes defended in 2016. Long speed ? = answered.
          2016: 13-games, 50-tkls, 30-solo, 4-INT (1 for TD), 3-TFL, 15-PBU, 1-BK
          2015: 12-games, 50-tkls, 38-solo, 2-INT (1 for TD), .5-TFL, 13=PBU

          • JimQ says:

            Another FCS CB of significance that didn’t make the combine:
            CB-Tyler Williams, Central Arkansas, 6-1/194 Speed/length TBD.
            13-games: 23-PBU, 4-INT = #1 in FCS in total passes defended @ 2.1/per game.
            – currently unranked at most rating sites, a “sleeper” worthy of UDFA consideration.

  38. michigan12th says:

    I would like to see us take Humphrey, he is big, performing really good today, and has good tape to go with it. If we could come away with him and another really good pass rusher like Barnett or Willis , I would be stoked. This is shaping up to be a really good draft for athletes. I really dont see how we can go wrong no matter what we do here, unless we reach on an Oline guy. Rather see them address this in FA.

    • Overtime says:

      Humphrey is talented. I think they go defensive front 7 in R1, There are plenty of good DB’s. I wish our 3rds were in the 2nd round.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Humphrey will be long gone by 26.

  39. Derron James says:

    I honestly think Jarrad Davis is a 4.6 runner IMO

  40. nichansen01 says:

    Obi = insane athleticism and seattles first round pick.

  41. EP says:

    What CBs do you think will realistically be available at the end of round 2 that would be worth taking at that point Rob?

  42. nichansen01 says:

    1. Obi, S/CB
    2. Tyus Bowser, LB/DE
    3. Shaq Griffen, S/CB
    3. Nico Siragusa, OG
    3. George Kittle, TE
    6. Stevie Tuikolovatu, DT
    7. Brian Allen, CB

    Free agency:

    1 Veteran defensive tackle (Earl Mitchell, Terrel McClain)
    1 Veteran O-Line

  43. Derron James says:

    Here we go kevin king 4.44 wow!!!

  44. All I see is 12s says:

    Kevin King 4.44!!!!!

  45. Volume12 says:

    Great time for Kevin King.

  46. Hawks22Fun says:

    Kevin King 4.44!!! YES!

    How do we not shoot for King and Obi?

  47. Poko says:

    Wow!I love King

  48. Ukhawk says:

    King 4.44, maybe too good

  49. Derron James says:

    This is loaded can’t wait to see Luani melifonwu and much more too

  50. Derron James says:

    4.36 omg

  51. Volume12 says:

    Everyone who has a great combine are automatic 1st round picks? Come on bro. Get outta here.

    • McGruff says:

      LOL . . . reading this blog this weekend, there are roughly 42 players that are going to be picked before 26.

    • Trevor says:

      There are some guys however who have gone in Rd #1 primarily because of their combine. Byron Jones being the most recent example.

      For King who was knocked for lacking long speed that time was huge.

    • Overtime says:

      Yeah, there are about 60 guys this board has in R1. I appreciate the enthusiasm even if it is often over blown.

  52. Trevor says:

    All the SDB favorites killing it at the combine


    Was really hoping we might be able to get two of these guys an now I will be happy to get one even.

  53. Derron James says:

    4.56 for luani solid for him

  54. Derron James says:

    Very good time for melifonwu 4.46

  55. Volume12 says:

    Obi is our guy. This dude is unreal. The most unique prospect in years.

  56. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Connecting the dots, it’s getting harder to see SEA not taking Obi at 26.

    And after King’s strong triple-4 40, I could see them using one of their R3 picks to move up in R2 to take him.

  57. Hawks22Fun says:

    Oh Shit! Obi with a 4.46!!!

    We have so many OPTIONS!!!

  58. Derron James says:

    Moreau was flying lol

  59. Poko says:

    oh…Obi is a beast.

  60. Volume12 says:

    Jalen Myrick a 5’10 corner with 32″ arms? 4.29?

    Yes, Seattle has scouted Minnesota this year.

  61. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    The level of athleticism across the board in this draft class is off the charts. An embarrassment of riches!

  62. Derron James says:

    Everyone is flying out here lol I can’t see Seattle taking anyone but melifonwu at this point

  63. EP says:

    Looks like Seattle will be able to get a difference maker in the first round irrespective of who it is. Reddick/Davis/King/Conley/Melifonwu/Baker/Evans Surely Seattle gets one of these guys and if they don’t then that means some other top class players will have dropped. Every team surely getting a stud in the first round.

  64. Hawks22Fun says:

    This group of DB’s is insane!!! ALL sub 4.5!!!

    We have SO many choices!!! Got to get one of King/Obi/Moreau

  65. Volume12 says:

    Now everyone wants, the ‘guru’ wants to point out bad plays from Obi against S. Florida as if everyone doesn’t have them. He’s not flawless. Seattle goes for high upside, athletic freaks in round 1.

    There’s also no LBs that fit their mold third year. At least early on.

    Put on that tape bro and I’ll show the good things he does. That exact game.

    • DLep says:

      I know of who you speak of …

      • Hawks22Fun says:


        • Volume12 says:

          The 1 who claims Seahawk scouts follow him on twitter to see what he knows.

          Not Mayock. He knows what’s up. As does Deion. Do you know how badly a DB coach like PC would want to get his hands on Obi?

    • Trevor says:

      Great point Vol.

      The idea of giving the Hawks who have the best DB developmental coaching staff in the league a freak athlete like Obi could be special.

  66. Sean-O says:

    The DB’s are putting on a show! So much talent.

    So the thought process is that’s if corner is super deep, the Hawks can wait right? Trade down or draft another need in the 1st?

    • Overtime says:

      I see 14 or 15 offensive players going in the first 25 picks. Teams that need a QB or OL have to go early or they will miss out by the time their turn comes in R2. The teams at the bottom of R1 have a QB and WR and will start the run on defensive players.

  67. Derron James says:

    This is great that there is so much talent, hopefully talent falls in our hands

  68. Derron James says:

    Good time for tankersley

  69. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    Right now Obi and Byron Jones have 2 things in common:

    Insane athleticism and UCONN.

    But come April 27, they should have another – where they were selected in the Draft (Jones went @27).

    • Volume12 says:

      Yup. Obi is a late 2nd-early 3rd rounder who just vaulted himself into the late 1st-early 2nd.

      • CHawk Talker Eric says:

        He’s this draft’s Bruce Irvin – SEA isn’t afraid to “reach” for their guy, even if those not in the know scratch their heads and say it’s too soon, he could have been had later.

        • Volume12 says:

          Bingo. When does Seattle ever do what the majority of the fan base want?

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          He is this years Bruce Irvin, the difference being that if Obi is out of position or doesn’t make a play it will probably result in a long catch or touchdown. So it is important that he play the position well. I still think about that player that tried to sub for Kam Chancellor, who slipped and got beat on the TD throw Ouch. Obi does have a lot of potential and I will enjoy watching him if the Seahawks pick him.

  70. Derron James says:

    Can’t wait for the two whites

  71. Poko says:

    I’m afraid that King is not available at 26.

  72. Derron James says:

    Pretty slow for Marquez white running IMO

  73. STUFR says:

    To get Obi, the Hawks will have to use a 1st rounder or after a small trade back. Where do you see them playing him though? Seems like he would be behind Kam for now. Why would they go that way and not after a Kevin King type who could start at CB2 immediately?

    • Volume12 says:

      He’s the same size as Mike Morgan! Can play nickel, perfect fit for Cover defenses with single high field safeties.

    • McGruff says:

      I think they would use Obi as a versatile chess piece. They may even see him as a corner, which better fits his aptitude IMO. He’s a more experienced, proven and polished version of Shead IMO. But if noot corner, use him as a big nickel to take on your Jordan Reed’s and big WR’s.

    • CHawk Talker Eric says:

      He’d be the Buffalo in their 4-2-5 alignment. Not behind Kam (though he could play that type of SS as well).

      Considering Lane played about 70% of SEA’s defensive snaps last season as the 5th DB in that scheme, Obi could see considerable playing time his rookie year.

      • McGruff says:

        I also think he could easily backup Earl as well. In fact, I have hoim better as a FS now than SS. He’s not physical enough yet.

    • Sean-O says:

      Obi could likely play some corner but SEA is in the market for a CB2 to start right away. Gotta lean with a true corner vs a guy that will play some corner don’t you?

      • McGruff says:

        Not if the “some corner” guy has better upside and you think you can get a starter later.

        I also really like DeAndre Elliott and Thorpe, and actually think Lane is better suited outside.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          Hed be great covering guys like Kelvin Benjamin playing corner

          • Greg Haugsven says:

            At 225 he could play safety, corner, and linebacker. That’s called versatility

            • Sean-O says:

              No doubt the guy is a freak but the Hawks just need to make sure they’ve got a solid CB2 (in house, draft, free agency) to cover the WR’s Arizona rolls out there & other teams on the ’17 schedule that have good WR core’s like GB, ATL, etc..

            • RealRhino2 says:

              Pass. Not really a fan. Don’t think he’s physical enough for what I’d want to use him for.

              • Rob Staton says:

                Why are you always so negative Rhino?

                • RealRhino2 says:

                  It’s a counterbalance to the unfettered and hyperbolic enthusiasm. I mean, there must be about 20 *different* little threads in this section extolling the virtues of Melifonwu’s athleticism. It gets to be too much. I feel like dissenting opinions should be added to the mix to create a discussion rather than a shrine.

                  I’m not always so negative, though. One of the sleeper WR guys I liked for us, Josh Malone, ran pretty well, so I’m excited about that. I’ll join the praise for the athleticism of guys like King and Budda, They actually seem like really good football players. I think Reddick looks like a really good football player. Heck, you could say I’m being positive by suggesting that he may be there for us at #26.

  74. Derron James says:

    Nice grub for tredavious

  75. Volume12 says:

    Witherspoon! Whew!

  76. Derron James says:

    Wow Witherspoon can fly

  77. Hawks22Fun says:

    This is INSANE!

    Obi/Witherspoon/King…all 6’2″plus running at 4.4’s!!!

  78. McGruff says:

    If last year’s draft was a Seahawks dud inn terms of profiles, this year is a bounty. Especially at CB, LB and DL . . .

  79. Poko says:

    Wow! Witherspoon did.

  80. EranUngar says:

    My only hope right now are some other insane numbers by sub 32 inch arm CBs. Many team do not share the Seahawks arm length criteria.

    Adoree’ Jackson — 4.39
    Sidney Jones — 4.48
    Fabian Moreau — 4.35
    Jalen Myrick — 4.29
    Marshon Lattimore — 4.36

    Those guys will also get a lot of attention and move up the boards of many NFL teams. Hopefully they will leave us something by the time we get to the podium.

    Add -Tre’Davious White — 4.47, Ahkello Witherspoon — 4.45 to our list….

    • Volume12 says:

      I saw yesterday that Dallas loves Adored Jackson. I kind of suspected they might. We call our guys ‘Seahawky,’ but in Dallas, he’s the kind of guy you could see with a star on the side of his head.

      • Volume12 says:

        White, Lattimore, Humphrey, Jones, Jackson. There’s ur 1st rounders right there. Plus 1 more guy.

      • EranUngar says:

        Teams will love Jones too and Myrick at 4.29, Moreau at 4.36 will get some love too…

  81. Volume12 says:

    Delano Hill, S, Michigan is very underrated. I like his game a lot.

    • McGruff says:

      I watched Hill, and like a lot of safeties in thiis class he plays safe. I didn’t see the playmaking ability and toughness I like to see in a Seattel DB.

      • Volume12 says:

        That’s fair.

        Rayshawn Jenkins is another. They used him wrong. But he’s got size, athleticism, physicality, and flat out nasty. Caught my eye at the SR bowl. I liked the fact he was fighting with a WR. Competitiveness.

  82. Derron James says:

    Wow a 4.40

  83. Jesse James says:

    Wow Obi with another crazy run 4.0 we need this freak!!!

  84. Sea Mode says:


  85. CHawk Talker Eric says:

    4.4 flat for Obi

  86. Hawks22Fun says:

    Rob… This DB field is super fast and talented, with many having the length and speed that Seattle covets…

    How do we prioritize them? Too many choices now!

    What criteria would you use to ‘get a hold of this’?

  87. Derron James says:

    I bet Pete said we need to get melifonwu no matter what!

  88. Poko says:

    Wooow!I love Obi.

  89. Sea Mode says:

    Hahaha… Daniel Jeremiah: “sucks to be a FA corner or safety this year”.

  90. McGruff says:

    Deion Sanders sayiing things the right way . . .

    “Isn’t a physical corner who plays the slot basically a safety?”

    Yes, and you just described Melifonwu.

  91. Derron James says:

    Tabor is slow

  92. Volume12 says:

    Tankersley is another one! God damn. SMH

  93. Trevor says:

    Absolutely love the clip with Pete and JS after Obi’s 2nd run. That says it all I think.

    Physically from a size, weight, speed, explosion standpoint Melinowfu is the more of a freak than Julio Jones think about that for a second. He will have the highest SPARQ of all time.

  94. Sea Mode says:

    Tedric Thompson disappointing 4.60.

    • Ukhawk says:

      FYI. Thompson measured 32″ arms at the East West shrine game so I think he should still be in the mix

      Moreau who I like measured in at 31.75″ at the East West game. He should be a consideration given he’s faster than Adoree and jumped 38″ in the vert

  95. All I see is 12s says:

    I have not been in favor of Seattle drafting a cornerback in the first round , namely because it takes some time to learn our system and I feel that we need to fill this need immediately. Also, we have some very intriguing guys who were also high picks in the system now. Rob has consistently talked about needing to be an absolute freak to warrant the first round pick. I think Kevin King has done that today.

  96. Derron James says:

    I really like anzalone, not sure if he can play Sam tho

  97. Poko says:

    Obi is a crazy beast.
    I think he is not available at 26.

  98. Hawks22Fun says:

    When I watched Colorado games, those DB’s looked shutdown-like…

    Witherspoon looks like a great choice too! 4.4 at almost 6’3″!! nice

  99. nichansen01 says:

    Obi’s 40 time at his height is insane. First round lock.

  100. Derron James says:

    There is so many options lol it’s so good, even though I want melifonwu the most there is so many other options which is great.

  101. Victor88 Sweden says:

    Really liked Reddick yesterday, but as of nog I’m hoping for Obi in round 1. Protegé to earl and kam. As of cbs, so many great that will still be there for Hawks picks in rounds 2 and 3.

  102. Peanut says:

    If people still want Seattle to draft anything but a LB/DB in the first 2 rounds after this weekend, they must have not read or seen anything that has happened. Still look back at the days where we mocked a

    1st: Reddick
    2nd: King

    This is THE year to reload the defense.

    • Hawks22Fun says:

      Man, I Wish!!

      This will be the most fun draft ever…SO much talent…

    • nichansen01 says:

      All three of those guys could go in round 1.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      But with so many guys, maybe that means we can look elsewhere and still get guys we like at the LB/DB positions. If Ramczyk is still there at 26 for some reason, are you still pounding the table Reddick or Melifonwu or King, knowing that he’s maybe the last plug and play tackle (or close to it) in the draft, while there are still tons of guys on the board at LB/DB? I probably take the tackle. Still, it’s a good problem to have….

  103. JT says:

    Tankersley at 4.40 at his size puts him on the radar at 26.

    Athletic cover CB, good tackler, soft taking on blocks and too hands-y downfield.

  104. Sea Mode says:

    Earl Thomas‏Verified account

    I love @MikeMayock!!! Only “TV Guy” that saw the best in me. Will never forget that!!

    8:12 AM – 6 Mar 2017


  105. Hawks22Fun says:

    It is so GREAT that the TE group was so fast and talented!!

    It will PUSH so many super talented defensive players, especially DB’s down the board!!!

    We will end up with 2 DB’s of major talent!!

    • nichansen01 says:

      Also good that the oline class is poor, it will push oline up the board for needy teams, lamp bolles Robinson and ramcyzk could all push players down for Seattle.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      And we will need them

  106. nichansen01 says:

    If Obi is available at 26, I am going to sprint to the podium. 4.4 40 at 6-4 220? 44 inch vertical jump? How can Seattle pass that up.

  107. Volume12 says:

    Obi looked really good flipping his hips too.

  108. Sea Mode says:

    Tre White is twitched up!

  109. Derron James says:

    Jarrad Davis/ Witherspoon Obi/ bowser Obi/ king I would fall in love with

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      Right, we don’t want to forget about or miss out on a good LB as well. The DBs run deep, LBs not so much.

  110. Trevor says:

    Watch the Patriots trade Garapallo for a 2nd and then use that pick to move up in front of Sea to take Melinowfu.

  111. Overtime says:

    I think we can trade back and get Obi. JS is probably working through the trade scenarios right now. Suppose we trade with CLE for R2P1 and R3P1. Cleveland gets three picks in R1 and the fourth QB on the board. If you take Obi and use him at the big nickle 70% of the time, we do not need a marquee OLB to fill that position. We could come back later in R3 for a player like Anzalone to backup Wagz and KJ.

    • Derron James says:

      I really like anzalone

    • Sea Mode says:

      IDK, I think Dallas would grab him in a heartbeat and reunite him with Byron Jones. If not them, then NE. Bill Belichick knows matchups.

      Wouldn’t risk it. Not worth an extra 4th.

      • nichansen01 says:

        In my opinion, Obi is going to be worth every bit of that 26th pick.

      • Overtime says:

        I think Dallas will go DE in round 1. They probably take Takk McKinley or Charles Harris.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Quite possibly. But they do have an up and coming Irving on that line, were willing to take a chance on raw freak athleticism last year. And when they showed Jerry Jones taking notes, Deion was like “corners, corners, corners.”

  112. Derron James says:

    Is tre white gonna go too 15?

  113. Volume12 says:

    Seahawks interested in WR Kamar Aiken.

    • Derron James says:

      I saw that, may be a good addition

    • Hawks22Fun says:

      We should have spent $2 mill more last year and signed Sanu, NOT the ‘Kearsed One’…

    • nichansen01 says:

      Only if he replaces Kearse.

      • Jesse James says:

        IMO we don’t need to spend money on an average at best WR with similar skills as Kearse who is on a fairly friendly contract as is. As long as kearse gets back to his old self we should be fine and he already has great chemistry with Russell. With elite playmakers like Doug, Jimmy, Lockett and Richardson looks to be improving, I don’t think spending that extra money on a WR is useful. Like weve seen if our run game is at its best we don’t necessarily need the best wide outs for Russ to make something happen. I’d rather that money go to a Veteran OL to mentor the young guys

        • Volume12 says:

          They’ll still get an O-lineman but its not gonna be one of the big name guys.

          Seattle could use competition at WR.

          • Jesse James says:

            Yeah I’m not expecting a huge name OL but a vet with some knowledge to pass around is the most intriguing. Yeah competition is always good, I think we have a lot of that already with Tanner and Richardson getting healthy. I think they add someone in the later rounds or a UDFA. Just my thoughts

          • nichansen01 says:

            It is true that we could use the competition. When converted UDFA safeties start making the roster as wide receivers, it may be time to think about adding quality players to the position.

            However, I am skeptical of the value of Aiken vs the value of a rotational D-tackle

            • red says:

              Richardson UFA after next year and this is most likely Jermaine’s last year with Seattle. Could target second or third rounder next year at wide receiver. Focus on defense this draft Aiken could make some sense going forward.

  114. Hawks22Fun says:

    Bucky just said Seattle should take Obi and make him a CB!!!

    • Sea Mode says:

      Seattle been linked to him on NFL Network too as a team running Cover 1.

      There’s a reason they cut to Schneider and Carroll in the booth right after his run.

  115. JimQ says:

    FS/SS-Josh Jones is having a pretty good showing and may be a viable fall back option for the Seahawks if they miss out on the top few safeties. So far, Jones’s #’s: 4.41/4.44 in the 40 with 11.0-broad & 37.5″ Vert.

    –Safety-Josh Jones, North Carolina St., 6-2/215, experience at FS/SS. Projected Rd-3/4
    2016: 13-games, 109-tkls, 62-solo, 3-INT, 3.5-TFL, 1.0-sacks, 8-PBU, 1-FF

  116. Sea Mode says:

    Mayock just said Jeremy Cutrer should be there at the combine. Yes, yes, yes!

  117. DLep says:

    King and Weatherspoon, just wow. 6’3 corners w 32 in arms, sub 4.5 40s and 40 in verts. And great tape to boot, can we please get one of these guys?

    • matt says:

      Yep I’m right there with you King/Witherspoon and Watt/Bowser with our first 2 picks.

  118. Matt says:

    Great coverage Rob. Just my opinion, but here’s my take on realistic options for Seattle at 26:

    1. Obi – Obvious because he is a rare, rare athlete. Unfortunately, I think his tape is pretty meh. Still, a helluva piece of clay.

    2. TJ Watt – This one is a little unorthodox, but he checks a lot of boxes and with a bevy of 2-3s, this might be the “get a guaranteed contributor” pick. I think he can play SAM and provide pass rush as well. Overall just a terrific football player with really nice measurables.

    3. Gareon Conley – Fits the mold. Good upside with the ability to play right away.

    4. Kevin King – He might be the most underrated player in this draft class. It’s not a sexy pick, but he’s plug and play which is a great need at CB.

    • Peanut says:

      I think that Obi goes to seattle, the tape will become way better. He has the physical gift, the skills he lacks can be taught side by side with the LOB.

      • Matt says:

        Again, just my opinion; but it looks like he has some effort issues on tape. That’s my biggest hold up. Assuming that getting int the LOB changes that, is a big if. Still…rare athlete, could become a major weapon.

        At this point, I think I want TJ Watt or Kevin King as my 1a and 1b. I really know that Watt is unconventional, but I really think at the very worst, he’s a solid NFL average player. Upside, dynamic SAM who is able to rack up 6-8 sacks a year (in a 4-3).

      • Volume12 says:

        I don’t see what he lacks other than his form could be improved tackling wise, but that’s a coaching issue. Other than that? Competition to push him so he can’t be complacent.

      • Poko says:

        I love the story!

    • nichansen01 says:

      A 6-3 corner who can run in the 4.4s is pretty dang sexy in my opinion.

      • Matt says:

        I say it’s not a sexy pick because most of us have probably seen a lot of him. There really is no mystery as to who he is as a player. That’s definitely not a bad thing at all, but that’s what I meant by “not sexy.”

        Again, I’d love King in Seattle (again).

  119. Sea Mode says:

    Tre White dang quick changing directions and bursting.

    • Derron James says:

      How high is he going to go in the draft?

      • Sea Mode says:

        So hard to say.

        If I had to guess, on talent, I’d say late 1st. But with this kind of depth, I could see him pushed down into the early 2nd.

        Some teams will be looking for the small, twitchy types and others for the size/speed guys. There’s something for everybody in this draft.

  120. Sea Mode says:

    Agree on Luani, Rob. Caught the ball nicely too on that last drill.

    One thing for everyone to remember amidst all the combine hype: there are no drills that showcase a player’s physicality. It’s no track and field meet out on the gridiron.

  121. Sea Mode says:

    22 DB’s sub 4.5

  122. nichansen01 says:

    I think Lattimore’s times make him a top 10 lock.

  123. Ed says:

    Have brought this up before and got shot down. How about now. Trade next years first for another 2nd.

    1st Obi
    2nd King
    2nd Bowser
    3rd Luani
    3rd DT
    3rd TE

    LOB gets back to it and we have replaces for Sherman/Chancelor/Lane in 2 years when they get expensive

    • nichansen01 says:

      Interesting. The 2018 class looks solid though, so I dunno.

      • Ed says:

        What if by fat chance Obi and Redick are sitting there at 26.

        26 Redick
        27 Obi (trade next years 1st and highest 3rd this year to KC)

      • Smitty1547 says:

        Wilson goes down in game one with a crap line we go 3-13 and lose out on a top 3 pick> We are already missing out on this years 4th over the same type trade last year and looking at the talent that looks to be available this year in 4th looks like a mistake.

    • BobbyK says:

      If you do that, I think you need to consider trading one of those threes for a couple of picks next year. For example, the Seahawks traded a 5 last year and a 4 this year to move up in the fifth round to get Jefferson last year. Perhaps they could trade one of their comp. picks in the third year for a 3 and a 5 next year (to help offset not having a first round pick). Some team who has a GM who must win this year may do that. And if that GM gets fired, that will have meant we’ll end up with a pick early in the third. Even if that team does well, that pick will still be higher than what this years was/is and we got a fifth rounder to boot (the round of Sherman and Kam).

    • williambryan says:

      I’d actually been wondering if this might be the year Seattle trades out of their 1st for a 1st next year. There’s so many dynamic players I could see many teams going crazy for their guy and making a move to give up next years first for a chance at a double dip From this excellent class. Maybe a team in the second half of the order trades their second and next years first for #26? Similar to the deal That got us Okung and Earl. I’m not saying it’s likely or anything or that I would prefer it (I have Obi, Reddick, Kind fever too) just that I’ve been pondering it. It seems like a move the Patriots would do.

    • matt says:

      It’s an interesting proposal. The word is that the 2018 OT class is promising though…

    • Trevor says:

      Ed inwas completely against it before but if you could trade your 1st rounder next year and get Obi, King and Bowser this year in Rd 1&2 I make that trade for sure.

      That trio of players takes or defense to another level athletically.

    • Misfit74 says:

      But then we’ll never get Saquon Barkley next year 😉

  124. AndrewP says:

    Lattimore with a hammy issue from the workout…

    Lots of guys value sky-rocketing… For that to happen, someone has to drop…

    I’m not saying he’d fall all the way to 26 (or he’d even be an option if he were to), but of all the years for a DB to want to avoid being injury prone, this certainly seems like one.

    • Matt says:

      I love Lattimore, but recurring soft tissue injuries are a major red flag. I played with several guys in college who could never shake hamstring injuries. It seems as those some guys are just physiologically susceptible to this, to no fault of their own.

  125. nichansen01 says:

    Ohio State, Washington, Florida and Colorado all with the great cornerback and safety trios this draft. The Florida Corners are both really good even if they are a tad slower.

  126. Victor88 Sweden says:

    Give Obi one year under the wings of earl, kam and sherm and he will lead LOB into the 2020’s

  127. nichansen01 says:

    Whatever happened to Lowell Lotulelei? Seems to have fallen off the map.

  128. Overtime says:

    Does Budda Baker slide to the third round in this class? How about Sidney Jones in R3? Wow! This group is deep and talented. They won’t all be round 1 picks.

    • nichansen01 says:

      Budda Baker could slide pretty close to Seattle in the second. Sidney Jones will be a top 20 pick.

  129. Kenny Sloth says:

    Top 25 talents

    Myles Garrett
    Solomon Thomas
    Leonard Fournette
    TreDavious White
    Garrett Bolles
    Marlon Humphries
    Malik Hooker
    Jamal Adams
    Justin Evans
    Sidney Jones
    David Njoku
    OJ Howard
    Reuben Foster
    Jarrad Davis
    Haason Reddick
    Dalvin Cook
    John Ross III
    Malik Mcdowell
    Jonathan Allen*
    Takk McKinley
    Deshaun Watson
    Ryan Ramzcyk
    Mike Williams
    Derek Barnett
    Marshon Lattimore

    So no there really isnt “40 players that are LOCKS for the first”

    • Overtime says:

      What, no …
      Cam Robinson
      Forest Lamp
      Mitch Trubiski
      Patrick Mahomes
      Corey Davis

    • nichansen01 says:

      Since you chose the number to count to, you left players off. I think the following players are equally talented to the players on the bottom half of that list:

      Gareon Conley
      Charles Harris
      Taco Charlton
      Forrest Lamp
      Kevin King
      Obi Melinfonwu
      Corey Davis
      Evan Engram
      TJ Watt
      Adoree Jackson
      Zach Cunningham
      Christian McCaffrey
      Tim Williams
      Bucky Hodges
      Budda Baker
      Cam Robinson
      Alvin Kamara
      Quincy Wilson
      Teez Tabor
      Marcus Williams
      Marcus Maye
      Cordrea Tankersley
      Fabian Moreau
      Jordan Willis
      Demarcus Walker
      Carroll Phillips
      Tyus Bowser
      Ryan Anderson
      Carl Lawson
      Ahkello Witherspoon
      Chidobe Awuzie
      Alex Anzalone
      Caleb Brantley

      And there are a lot more those are just off the top of my head.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        I disagree.

        I think those are almost exclusively tier two prospects

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Conley, Lamp, Melifonwu, Jackson, Engram, Lawson, Baker

        Those would probably round out my top 32

        Most of those names don’t even deserve to be in the first round discussion

  130. Trevor says:

    I think after today it is pretty clear that if the Hawks want to build LOB 2.0 this is the year to do it.

    Most impressive position work day I have seen since watching combine. So many great options in the first 2 days and we have 5 picks which is awesome!

    • vrtkolman says:

      Melifonwu looks like a bigger, better version of Byron Jones. I would be ecstatic with him in the first round. Kevin King too, he could put on some weight and still run a sub-4.50. This DB class is ridiculous.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        He looks like a watered down version of Kam Chancellor.

        Like a soccer fan that didn’t really know gridiron described him. And he just showed up in a Uconn uniform.

        He looks like he is trying not to hurt people on the field

        • vrtkolman says:

          Do you think he can learn that “edge”? Id imagine this is why JS is meeting with him.

          • Kenny Sloth says:

            I think he has it. Watch his interviews

            He just lacks the mental side of the game that allows you to play at full speed.

            When he playa at full speed he makes mistakes.

            Earl and Kris will fix this.

            • HawkTalker #1 says:

              Does that assumption represent a gamble with the R1 pick?

              From a lot of the tape Imhave seem, I just haven’t seen him play at the same level I have seem many of the other seahawky top end prospects we discuss.

              Not doubt he is a freak with a potentially huge, upside, but his potential floor seems lower too.

              • HawkTalker #1 says:

                And yes I know, this may qualify for the SDB unpopular post of the day. 🙂

                • Kenny Sloth says:

                  No more than any other player?

                  You’re going to have to coach up anyone you take. No assumption there.

                  We KNOW he can run and get takeaways. Time to put him in the best position to do that

            • vrtkolman says:

              I see, thanks! That is part of the reason Earl has more range than anyone, no hesitation.

  131. Coleslaw says:

    Really disappointed with Luani and Rasul Douglas.
    Luani: 4.56 40, 31″ vertical, 9.8 Broad
    Rasul Douglas: 4.6 40, 33.5″ vertical, 10.0 Broad
    Not the kind of athletes we covet

  132. vrtkolman says:

    Witherspoon might be the ideal Seahawk outside corner from a physical standpoint. 6-3, extreme length (more than King), sub-4.50. Any chance we can land both him and King? Talk about the LOB 2.0, wow.

  133. icb12 says:

    Run Rich Run is my favorite part of the combine.

    Huge Props to that man.

  134. Sea Mode says:

    To think what a crazy, awesome day it was. Imagine if Justin Evans and Malik Hooker had been able to perform as well. Just wow.

  135. Old but Slow says:

    We knew we would see some good stuff today, but this is just….wow.

  136. Poko says:

    These combinations makes me excited!
    R1:Obi R2:Bowser
    R2:King (orDavis) R2:Baker

  137. Shadow says:

    All of us: “Seattle won’t take a cornerback early unless he is a physical freak of nature.”

    2017 Rookie DB Class: “Hold my beer.”

  138. CLB says:

    1-Melafonwu-S/CB, UConn

    2-Bowser-LB, Houston

    3a-Willis-DE, Kansas St.

    3b-Luani-S, Wash. St.

    3c-Kittle-TE, Iowa

    6-Cutrer-CB, Middle Tennessee St.

    7-Evans-LB, Oklahoma

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      RB and OL in udfa.

      Probably another corner and a kicker too.

      I like this draft

    • Matt says:

      I don’t see any way Willis lasts until R3. His athletic profile is just too good in an age where pass rush is king. IF he was…absolute coup.

  139. Kenny Sloth says:

    S/O to Zach Whitman for already having three sigma athlete going

    • Sea Mode says:

      Seconded. And bummer Ethan from SLAytics went private. Maybe he would share some info with Rob in exchange for some advertising or something…?

    • Sea Mode says:

      Oh, and SDB’s very own JT keeps pumping it out as well. Kudos to him!


      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Oh yeah he’s awesome!!

        Forgot I had that bookmarked

      • JT says:

        Only CB and safeties left to narrow down. DT’s and LB’s have been added.

        It’s incredible how limited some of the position groups were athletically at this combine (OL, DT, LB). TE’s were fantastic, and CB’s & safeties surely will be as well. The EDGE class is solid athletically, while I think the RB class will show some improvement in Pro Day #s.

        WR isn’t a pressing need at all for Seattle. However the WR group has a lot of possibilities – mostly because the Hawks haven’t consistently drafted top athletes at that position like they have at almost all others. The same is true for DT, which makes it all the more alarming that zero true DT’s showed the athleticism + arm length at the combine to be considered a likely Seahawks target.

        OT & interior DL will be the 2 likeliest areas to address in free agency, and the Hawks are almost guaranteed to draft 2-3 DB’s this year.

  140. vrtkolman says:

    As much as I would love to draft Forrest Lamp, this defensive class is clearly too good. Focus early on defense and use cap room to bring in a WR and OL. Seahawks have interest in Kamar Aiken and I think that would be a good low cost body to bring in to push Kearse.

    • Sea Mode says:

      I get what you are saying, but the fact that there are so few OL available may push them to take Ramczyk/Lamp first and then dip into the defense later since it will be so deep. Reddick and Melifonwu might trump anyone though if available.

  141. Jesse James says:

    Daeshon Hall looks like he has some good potential and he’s from the Seattle area, maybe a 3rd round steal if he gets there.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Him or Jordan Willis.

      Some good options for LEO, hope we tap that position day 2

  142. Steve Nelsen says:

    Looking at Round 1 after today I could see Obi, King and Watt all as options assuming Reddick is gone. Weatherspoon is in the mix. Maybe Bowser. Jarrad Davis too depending on his pro day. We are going to get a really fine player. Sorting through Round 2 possibilities will get a bit more difficult as we process all the Combine results, FA signings and pro days. But, I could easily see another player we love unexpectedly being there; maybe with a little trade-up like last year and the year before.

    Get the TE Kittle in the 3rd and use the other 2 3rd-rounders for more defense. Skip the OL and RB and WR early to take advantage of the strength of this draft.

  143. millhouse-serbia says:

    Trade 2018 1st round and one of 3rd this year to get Reddick and Obi.

  144. Overtime says:


  145. Beanhawk says:

    Really looking forward to the next podcast, Rob, after this combine. It’s been a fun one!

  146. vrtkolman says:

    We talked about Kevin King floating up to round 1 if he had the combine he was expected to (and he did). What about Akhello Witherspoon? Physically he is very similar to King. Both are 6’3″, Witherspoon actually has longer arms, both weight in the 190’s… Witherspoon blew up the combine too. What’s the difference here, technique? Consistency? He might not be at King’s level but is certainly not bad.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Still waiting for short area agility times though. Maybe that could help the creme of this DB class stand out even further.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      Rob, Kenny, Vol?

      I’d sure enjoy hearing and informed response to this question . . .

      • JT says:

        Run defense is the most significant difference. Witherspoon is the worst of the 20 CB’s I’ve studied at defending the run. He is quite soft taking on & shedding blocks, and he missed a lot of tackles this year. King isn’t the bulkiest CB, but he is much more aggressive and successful vs. the run.

        Technically speaking, King and Witherspoon are very similar in coverage. They are both fantastic, long athletes who get their hands on the ball a ton, though I expect King to perform better in the agility tests. They both possess really nice technique at the LOS and in intermediate/deep coverage as well.

        King could sneak into R1 (perhaps to Seattle). I graded Witherspoon as a top 100 talent in this draft, and he’ll probably be drafted by the end of day 2 after this combine performance. If the CB class wasn’t so stacked with talent, he would be a clear top 50 possibility (he might still be).

    • HI Hawk says:

      Not sure my hope of Witherspoon in the 3rd is going to be realistic anymore.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      Rob has spoken at length about Witherspoon.

      These guys are neck and neck athletically, but Witherspoon lacks some physicality despite his size imo

      King has a sparkling character and is just a joy to listen to, for me.

      They both have some reallllly good tape out there

    • dnc says:

      Minor correction, King weighed in at 200

  147. HawkTalker #1 says:


    Amidst all of the new and well deserved type for OBI and serious consideration for Seattle’s number one pick at 26…

    Seattle is on the clock at 26 and both OBI and Reddick are available. What’s the choice?

    • vrtkolman says:

      Reddick for sure.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Still Reddick for me too. But I think he will be long gone.

      A tougher choice for me right now is Obi vs. Jarrad Davis. Davis’ pro day will help with that. And don’t forget about Justin Evans either. He’s supposed to be just the freak Evans is and is a very physical safety just like Seattle likes them.

      • HawkTalker #1 says:

        Although you might be right, every year someone becomes available later that should’ve gone earlier.

        • Sea Mode says:

          Fair enough, but I just highly, highly doubt that guy is going to be the one that dominated headlines at both the Senior Bowl and Day 2 of the Combine.

          • HawkTalker #1 says:

            Don’t get me wrong, he has great game tape, a ton of versatility and he blew up the combine. I totally get it he’s not likely to be there. Just a hopeful hypothetical here and a gut check for us of his value against the current heavy interest in OBI.

      • Sea Mode says:

        *just the freak Obi is

    • astraeus says:

      Reddick. Safer pick.

      • HawkTalker #1 says:

        That comment, “safer pick”, is something that I hope the front office thanks about seriously before going all in on all OBI.

        • HI Hawk says:

          Sorry, I see you refer to a LB as “safer pick” and see Aaron Curry – don’t put that in my brain please. Forget safer pick, pick the biggest impact player available in round 1.

          • HawkTalker #1 says:

            Although you make a good point, no player is a lock so the concept of safer pick is questionable in general for sure. However, IMO Reddick has performed better and is more skilled at his position than OBI is at his. This is just my opinion and I know there may be differing opinions, but that is the driver behind my safer pick response.

            • HI Hawk says:

              Obi can play any stand-up position on the defense, to me he is the safer pick because of that. If he doesn’t work out as a SS, he might excel at CB, or maybe his best fit is big nickel, buffalo, SLB, or whatever we decide to call the LB/S hybrid position that’s en vogue today. His flexibility and athletic profile makes him an extremely safe bet to excel somewhere with great coaching (which he’ll get as long as Pete Carroll is around). Irvin didn’t stick as a LEO, luckily his freakish athleticism allowed him to play elsewhere.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        How? Just wondering your thoughts.

      • peter says:

        true. but seattle has shown a real willingness to take high upside in the first. irvin, harvin, graham….then focus on the safer picks later.

    • lil'stink says:

      Reddick. I’m probably the only one here that doesn’t want Obi even if he falls to #26.

  148. Ukhawk says:

    Real off-season starts tomorrow, free agency opens

    Bets on who Seattle targets

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      It could be very likely they just sit back and enjoy the show for a while and wait to see what happens after the first tier of deals go down. They have a history of being very value-based and especially given their limited cap room, need to be very budget conscious.

      • Ehurd1021 says:

        I really hope they target Malcolm Smith. Immediately provides much needed depth and rotation; allows Seattle to focus on the secondary – which after watching Obi, King, Baker, should be our focus. Reddick is not going to be there at #26. Bowser and Davis are solid players, but they don’t fit the mold of what Seattle has traditionally looked for out of their SAM backers IMO. Maybe they have someone on their board we don’t know about.

        I disagree with the analysis that Seattle is changed up the defensive scheme due to a growth in ideology (4-2-5.) I believe Seattle was forced into making pessary changes due to the lack of depth and skill at the LB spot and injuries to both Morgan and KPL. Malcolm Smith has the ability to play the position; he also allows Seattle to free up the rotation and play KJ at the SAM – which was done in 2011/12 on several occasions.

    • Jujus says:

      wagner ravens RT all in

      • HawkTalker #1 says:


      • vrtkolman says:

        After the Chiefs gave their very average guard over $8 million a year, I’m not sure any day 1 free agent OL is going to be worth it. Most teams are hurting for quality linemen and know the lacking draft class, these free agents are going to cash in this year.

    • Ukhawk says:

      Think they’ll take a shot at Calais IMO for ~10mm APY

      • HawkTalker #1 says:

        I think he’s off the radar all together and they’re not going to come up with anything close to the money Others will offer. Also, they have bigger needs at other positions.

    • Hawkfaninmt says:

      Apparently Kamar Aiken

    • HI Hawk says:

      I would like to see Okung at around $5M. Not sure that will happen though, since he has no agent and waiting to talk to him without tampering would be putting all of your eggs in one basket. I think they’ll overpay (which is all relative) for Wagner or Zeitler instead.

    • Misfit74 says:

      C. Campbell
      T. McClain
      M. Khalil
      K > Blair Walsh
      Charles (?)

  149. Kenny Sloth says:

    Whenever I see someone say “I love *insert prospect here*!!!” on the blog

    I literally always wanna say “Well, if you love him so much

    Why dont you MARRY HIM!!!”

    But i never do.

    You’re welcome.

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      I hear you. You are so kind to all of us and a model of self-discipline. 🙂

  150. Hawkfaninmt says:

    Two of my favorite CBs in the lead up to a draft were Sean Smith and Jimmy Smith…

    With the length and athleticism of this class now measured, who do you all think comps to these two best?

  151. Forty20 says:

    Didn’t see it posted before but the SPARQ scores are in for the D-Line and Linebackers. Tyus Bowser (142.7/95.8 NFL percentile), Jordan Willis (140.8/94.4 NFL percentile), TJ Watt (140.4/94.0 NFL percentile), Hassan Reddick (139.3/93.0 NFL percentile) are 1,2,3 and 5 respectively among EDGE prospects in 2017. Reddick would have tested as the top off the LOS backer if thrown into that group.

  152. Cysco says:

    For anyone that missed today, here’s a collection of all Obi’s workouts


    Man, that dude is a beast

  153. Kenny Sloth says:

    Are we just not gonna talk about how Georgia State WR Robert Davis tore up the combine??

    HT: 6’3″ WT: 219LBS.
    SCHOOL: Georgia State
    ARM LENGTH: 33″
    HANDS: 9 5/8″

    40 YARD DASH: 4.44 SEC
    BROAD JUMP: 136.0 INCH
    3 CONE DRILL: 6.82 SEC
    20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.28 SEC
    60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.48 SEC

    141.5 SPARQ zscore of 2.3 in the 98%, athletically, among nfl receivers

  154. Misfit74 says:

    Do you think the lack of speed by the two FLA CBs could push them down into as far as round 2, or does this change their consensus as first rounders at all?

    I’m glad to see guys like Tankersley run so well because I didn’t expect it.

    Obiwon Kenobi

  155. Gray says:

    Obi may find a suitor before 26 with that combine

  156. dnc says:

    Kevin King currently has the fastest 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle of anyone at this year’s combine and is 3rd in the 60 yard shuttle. Not sure how many people are left to test but he leads DB’s in all three categories.

  157. DLep says:

    King w a 3.89 shuttle?!

  158. astraeus says:

    Kevin King
    3 cone 6.56
    20 yd shuttle 3.89
    60 yd shuttle 11.14

  159. Volume12 says:

    I’d almost target Jimmy Gilbert in UDFA, bulk him up for a year, and ya got a real exciting, long EDGE defender.

    • Volume12 says:

      Ohio St LB Raekwon McMillan is 20 years old? Wow.

      If he gets his speed down on his pro day? Very enticing. Prototypical, throwback SAM that would thrive playing behind DTs like Seattle has.

      • HI Hawk says:

        The guy already surprised everyone and ran 4.61 at 240 lbs!! If you watched him play you already know he’s a bonafide thumper and an A+ in the running game. He seems like a natural MLB, but with his workout he showed that he is plenty fast to play WLB now too. He is the one guy, potentially available on day 2 of the draft, that could legitimately push Wagner and Wright and possibly replace one of them eventually. I would love to see him in Seattle, he impressed me more than any other LB this weekend.

  160. Reggie Williams says:

    Does Obi have any BOOM to his game??

    • Volume12 says:

      His form could certainly be improved. Here’s the catch. Seattle will teach a perfect tackler their style anyways.

      He needs to bring his legs with him when he tackles. Not a head hunter and isn’t flashing into the screen, but a forceful tackler when he does.

      • Volume12 says:

        I’m not sure people realize when they watch his tape how responsible he was for everything and had 0 help.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        He’s playing at 85% speed to my eye

        • RealRhino2 says:

          Yeah, I’m not sure what V12 means by zero help. When I watched UConn vs. Houston, for example, #29 (S) for UConn was making all the plays and Obi was just jogging around.

  161. Kenny Sloth says:

    Way off topic, but anyone else catch the new Logan movie?

    Fox is really doing it up with the R rated superhero movies

    • Ed says:

      Best one since Dark Knight. I wish Marvel wasn’t so kiddy and I also hope for the same thing for Star Wars (Disney, please). They have cartoons for that. I want some meat to those movies.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        Well it’s Fox doing the R rated movies!

        Marvel sold the X-men (and deadpool) rights years before the Disney buyout

  162. Ed says:

    I think Rob’s way early list is now gone before 20:


    Next list for me would be:

    1st King (CB)
    2nd Bowser (LB)
    3rd Luani (S)

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      Solid group. I’d sure like to add another CB to the bottom half of the list. Would help minimize the Shead / Lane concerns

  163. Ukhawk says:

    Wow, for all CBs, King finishes #2 in vert by .5″, #1 in 3 cone, #1 in 20yd shuttle

  164. Pauld says:


    You have been calling Reddick/Obi/Bolles/King as the fast risers in this draft for months. Who knew?

    Like the US health care system – who knew it was so complicated? I bet you were on to that way before our President figured it out last week.

    Seriously, the NFL is a billion dollar industry. You ought to be getting paid bank for your analysis. Very impressive!

    • HawkTalker #1 says:

      Good point. Next year I may be reaching out to some of my offshore friends regarding some early draft order odds.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Thanks man, really appreciate those words.

      Maybe one day 🙂

    • Misfit74 says:

      Mike Sando did it. He worked for the Tacoma News Tribune and did quality Seahawks analysis before his work at ESPN. However, Rob’s work is detailed and not a common, widely popular style. Exactly why it’s my favorite blog. If only there was a big money market for this: the best work. I’m grateful we have a site like this!

      • Misfit74 says:

        Maybe a PayPal button could help? I know this is one of the only sites I’d donate to, given how much free content is out there.

      • peppapig says:

        Love this place.
        Rob for president!