2017 prospect watch list: October 4th

Marcus Maye (S, Florida)
Maye is a lot closer to the brilliant Keanu Neal than I think many people realise. He’s 6-0 and 216lbs so he’s right in the range to be a safety/linebacker hybrid (Deone Bucannon was 6-1 and 211lbs at his combine). Maye’s field awareness and read/react skills are superb. He had five forced fumbles last year and already has a sack, a pick and three PD’s in 2016. He has the speed and size to line up vs tight ends and his ability to direct traffic and get to the ball carrier is a good sign for any possible move to hybrid LB/S. There’s evidence of him being able to line up in the box and even set an edge. Great character and the QB of Florida’s secondary. In the video above Maye is #20 and Neal #42.

Azeem Victor (LB, Washington)
I stayed up until the early hours to watch Washington’s demolition of Stanford and it was worth it to watch the Huskies defense properly for the first time this year. Greg Gaines’ mobility for his size on his sack jumped off the screen, I could watch Vita Vea and Elijah Qualls all day and Joe Mathis might be undersized but he had the game of a lifetime rushing the passer. No wonder John Schneider attended in person. Yet the player who stood out most after Mathis was linebacker Azeem Victor. His range and closing ability stood out constantly — he was always around the ball. He took the right angles, didn’t miss a tackle and just kept a lid on things all night. At the 2015 Husky combine he ran a 4.10 short shuttle — that would’ve been the third fastest time by a linebacker at the 2016 NFL combine (Alex McCallister 4.00, Nick Vigil 4.00). This is a loaded defense without even mentioned Sidney Jones or Budda Baker.

Derek Barnett (DE, Tennessee)
He’s been superb in the last two games and he’s one of the main reasons Tennessee somehow remains unbeaten. His sack/fumble led to a touchdown against Georgia (he had two sacks on the day) and he took over the second half vs Florida (registering two more sacks). Great effort player but not a slouch athletically. Is he twitchy enough to go top-25? That’s going to be the question — but there’s a bit of Everson Griffen to his playing style and Griffen didn’t blow up the 2010 combine. Barnett plays with his hair on fire and that’ll make up for some of his possible physical limitations. He has good size for the Seahawks EDGE (6-3, 265bs) but his frame on tape looks more than capable of some inside work too.

Demarcus Walker (DE, Florida State)
Florida State’s defense is a mess but Walker is one of the few to come away with his reputation enhanced. His 4.5 sack performance vs Ole Miss was a sight to behold and he was the only FSU defender capable of containing Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. He’s an inside/out D-liner (6-4, 280lbs) with violent hands and the ability to disengage and then explode to the QB. He could play with more consistent intensity but players like this are valuable in the modern NFL. His swim/rip move is excellent and he can win in multiple ways — technique, speed, power. He’ll set the edge playing DE vs the run and collapse the interior as a pass rusher. For more check out this post from a few weeks ago.

Alex Anzalone (LB, Florida)
Impressive range and blitzing ability. Flies to the quarterback when asked to rush and showed potential in coverage vs Tennessee. Plays with intensity and is well respected by the coaches at Florida. Looks a lot like Clay Matthews at USC and not just the hair. Not the SPARQiest player during recruiting — only posting a 108.9 (Darron Lee had a 135.94 pre-draft). Matthews only ran a 4.67 at his combine but had a good split. Anzalone is so similar. You’d like to see Florida use him more as a rusher — against the Vols he was almost exclusively used in coverage and played well. Matthews had a similar issue at USC and then started piling up sacks at the next level.

Evan Engram (TE, Ole Miss)
He’s putting it together this year (as noted yesterday — check out the piece) with big performances against CFB’s elite. Impressive vertical, mobility and speed. A genuine modern day X-factor who lines up in multiple positions to create mismatches. Good character and well spoken. Vastly underrated. Averaging 16.25 yards a catch against top opponents including Alabama is not easy. Incredible hands. Love the guy. One of my favourite prospects to watch so far in 2016. Don’t undersell his athleticism and while he’s only around 6-3 and 227lbs — he shows up as a blocker and he can handle work in the slot or split out wide. Just draft him.

Mike McGlinchey (T, Notre Dame)
It isn’t a good tackle draft unless others emerge and McGlinchey might be the best available. He definitely looks the part and he’s a chiseled 6-7/310lbs. Former basketball player with the kind of mobility you’d expect — he’s also a well spoken, intelligent individual (something Tom Cable admitted was important after the 2016 draft). Struggled a bit vs Malik McDowell but that’s understandable. Looked at ease vs Duke and Syracuse. Decent balance and ability to set quickly. Kick slide isn’t explosive but good enough and he’s technically sound. Might never be one of the greats but certainly capable of being a starter for a long time in the NFL. He might be the only first round tackle in 2017.

Dan Feeney (G, Indiana)
The Seahawks look set at this position but Feeney still warrants a mention. He’s adept at pulling and hitting the target at the second level. His pass protection and run blocking is equally good working in a phone booth at the LOS and he plays with the kind of aggression you want to see. Finishes plays. Another impressive, modest individual. Speaks well. Technically sound as well as powerful — shows well driving at the line but also capable of subtle hand use to turn the DL and create a running lane.

Carl Lawson (DE, Auburn)
I’ve not had a chance to watch Lawson or Auburn properly this year but I’m really keen to watch him down the line. His injury history is a problem and could really impact his stock. He missed the entire 2014 season with a torn ACL and missed six games last year with a hip injury (the details of which were suspiciously vague). He has four sacks already this season and if he’s finally healthy he could be set for a major rise. Based on what we’ve seen in the past — in terms of physicality, intensity, ability vs the run and ability to convert speed-to-power Lawson is one of the best 2017 prospects. His size fits Seattle’s EDGE profile (6-2, 258lbs) and he plays big — but does he have the required length? Lawson is a tone setter who plays through the whistle and fits the personality of this defense. Former 5-star recruit.


  1. Nick

    If I’m SEA, I’m looking at an impact player at DE, RB or TE in the first round. Simply put, our G, C, G situation is A-OK for next two years (at least). And as Rob has noted (correctly), the premium on OT’s doesn’t seem warranted for a mobile QB like Wilson.

    It will be fascinating to see who they keep when it comes to C-Mike and Luke Willson. At this point, Willson seems to be less important. And for me, that then narrows down our 1st round selection to DE or TE. What do you all think?

    • cha

      DE/DL will definitely be a priority. Can never have enough pass rushers. It would be ideal to draft at least one in the first 3 rounds in 2017, to allow them time to apprentice in the scheme and get a year building physicality in the VMAC so they can make an impact in 2018, like Frank Clark is doing.

      As another path to building depth, I would like to think Schneider might be able to pull another free agent rabbit out of his hat on the DE/DL (like the original Avril & Bennett deals) on an undervalued talent.

    • Volume12

      I think a DE/DT hybrid is more of a need. PC will always love his speed rushers, but you can always use LB/DE hybrids in that role.

      Avril, Clark, and Marsh give us 3. Not to mention this class is so deep, you can add a guy like UW’s Joe Mathis, Oklahoma’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, or TCU’s Josh Carraway for example.

    • RealRhino2

      I kind of came to much the same conclusion, process of elimination. Might depend on how they feel about moving Ifedi out to tackle. If they want to do that and a top guard is on the board (Feeney? Johnson?) they could go that route. But I was thinking OT, and right now the only guy I’ve seen that I like in R1 is McGlinchey, who will/should be long gone if we are picking late 20s or later (fingers crossed). So no reach for OT. Then I would like a big ‘X’ receiver, but again, who is worth a R1 pick?

      If we are not keeping Willson it might be a good spot for a TE such as Howard to give us a second receiving threat at that position.

    • Volume12

      I see 4, maybe 5 needs.

      OT, an interior rusher, CB, RB, and LB.

      CB they never take one earlier than round 4 and again, this class is loaded at that position.

      LB they seem to like to target athletic freaks there in the mid rounds. Although I could see them adding a S/LB hybrid. Mark Barron was their 2nd highest rated defensive player in 2012 and Drone Bucannon was a VMAC visitor.

    • HawkFan907

      Given that the plan might be to move Ifedi out to tackle in the near future and given then development of George Fant I could see us taking another “tough-as-nails” guard with a mean streak, much like Feeney out of Indiana. Since we don’t know their plan for Ifedi however I’d expect them to take another hybrid G/T of some kind, one that fits the ideal size of what they have put in that position in the past.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        A guy to keep tabs on…. fits what I think Seattle looks for in OL
        Isaac Asiata, G, Utah / Height: 6-3. Weight: 323.
        Asiata is a quality run blocker who has to improve his pass protection.

        • Volume12

          Asiata is a good one. The Utah line this year, on both sides of the ball, is rated pretty highly according to quite a few NFL insiders or what have you.

          Utah also runs/uses alot of NFL sets and protections.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I always come back to value….. when we talk draft on this blog.

      Would the 6th rated OT or 7th rated DE trump a top 2 rated TE prospect?
      Would a 4th rated RB, be more attractive than a 3rd rated OG ?
      Would the 4th rated OLB be taken over the 4th rated ILB?

      The only exception, is if the ideal OT for Seattle fell to them…. then they would strike. However, they have several nice prospects on the roster already, so maybe 2017 can be continued learning and minimal rebuilding an OL from scratch.

      I tend to also agree, they might go DE early, but the value doesn’t seem to be right to me. I could see a guy who is a DE/LB hybrid as much more likely, than a DT/DE type of guy. I also can’t see the Seahawks drafting a RB in the first round…. ever. I also tend to believe they might trade back for a few more picks, since they are a bit short due to trades (5th) and 1 being taken away as a penalty (4th).

      • Volume12

        Value to who though?

        As we know, they don’t draft for the rest of the league. So maybe the 4th rated OT, TE, whatever is the no 1 rated player for them at that position.

        • Kenny Sloth

          They draft for upgrades at positions. It would be interesting to see how they ranked the hierarchy of need values.

          Obviously a special FS was very high on that list. And it seems a LT also was that same year. Has it changed or is there just a severe lack of OT prospects in the late 20s these last few years?

          Maybe a SAM would be high on the list this year.

          I would love to see Evan Engram in Seattle. Hed he a great compliment to our team in my opinion

        • RealRhino2

          Not only that, V12, but this value scale has more than one dimension. This year the 4th-rated DE might be a better overall prospect than the 2nd-rated OT. Just don’t see a crowded field of good LT, as Rob has mentioned. So there is value at the position, then the value vs. at another position that might have more or less depth. Finally, there is positional value. For me, for example, the best SLB on the planet is not as valuable as the 6th-best LT in the NFL because the LT is just worth more, IMO.

          Hawkblogger had his long-term roster analysis up and came to the conclusion that our greatest needs were at DL/DE, I think. You can figure out the reasoning. Avril and Bennett getting older, etc. Agree. Get pass rushers if the OT are just blah.

          So for us, maybe the best FS is worth more than the best

        • cha

          “As we know, they don’t draft for the rest of the league. So maybe the 4th rated OT, TE, whatever is the no 1 rated player for them at that position.”

          Exactly. Agree 100%.

          Good example is Jarran Reed, he slid all the way to the second round and the Hawks felt he was worth spending some draft capital to go get, for what he would bring to the roster. Early results say that was a great assessment.

          I’m not sure if the Hawks still do this, but I recall reading in the early days of the PCJS era when they were churning the roster and setting record numbers of transactions, they evaluated players against their current roster, and not just against the whole draft board. If they had a guy available at one position the league in general rated the #20 overall player, but who they rated as a huge jump over the current talent on the roster/position they would draft him, despite the fact there might be say the #12 overall rated player on the draft board who rated as a lesser jump in talent over the current roster.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, they still do that.

            It’s called a horizontal draft board, as opposed to a vertical draft board where your ranking the prospects in general.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Reed was also a very highly rated DT…. many thought would go in the 1st round, but slid to the second round. That is a value pick. They might have had greater needs, but this gave them maximum bang for the draft buck.

            • Sea Mode

              …and actually happened to fill a need quite well besides the point. Hope he can get healthy over the bye week.

    • STTBM

      For my two cents, Willson is gone after this season. Someone will pay him a bit to leave, and he’s just too unreliable (drops, cant hold onto the ball when hit). Not to mention there’s always Cooper Helfet out there who isnt much of a dropoff, and there is Nick Vannett, who we drafted for a reason. Not sure Seattle drafts a TE any higher than they did Vannett, unless its a Graham-type athlete.

      Seattle will always look for pass rushers. They havent found a real LEO since Clemons, and will snatch the next one who comes along. I think they look for a pass rushing DE or OLB in the first round next year. You cant have too many pass rushers.

      And we’re still trying to find that big physical WR–preferably with speed–that we havent had since Big Mike Williams one fine season. McEvoy is big and physical, but he’s not that fast. If he blossoms, cool, but if not I could see Seattle looking at the big fast WR’s in the first three rounds.

  2. Spencer

    Curious if you have had a chance to look at Utah’s Garrett Bolles at tackle. He seems athletic enough.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t unfortunately, will add him to the list of names I’ll keep an eye out for.

  3. Nathan

    What are the chances of Harold Brantley having an NFL career now after he was dismissed from Mizzou?

    • Rob Staton

      Hopefully it’s still possible. The problem is — that’s a career/life threatening injury and now two years out of football. So he’s not going to be in anything like football shape by 2017 when it’ll be three years since he last played.

  4. Volume12

    Tennessee DE Derek Barnett reminds me of Shaq Lawson. Looks longer too.

    I actually think he’s more effective rushing from the interior. That’s not say he isn’t on the edge.

    In 18 career games, against SEC opponents, Barnett has 32.5 TFL and 21 sacks just in those games. Would like to see him use his hands a bit more, but that’s something that can be learned and taught.

    Love Auburn’s Carl Lawson. Might have the length for more of a SAM role, but his arms do look short for that OTTO role.

    Lawson is a bull man! His ability to fire his hands into OT’s chest plates is superb. He imposes his will on tackles. Battled injuries his whole career, but if anything, Seattle seems to like that.

    He’s the kind of prospect I think every team would love to have.

    • Trevor

      Vol I am with you 100% on Barnett love his game as a inside / outside guy. He and Walker from FSU are the two guys I am really keeping an eye on and currently my favorite options for Rd #1. Until you see the combine test scores you can never really tell if they fit the athletic profile but both definitely pass the eye test!

      I know everyone talks OT in Rd #1 but I really don’t see anyone this year who can come in and be an upgrade to prospect wise to Fant / Sowell or Gilliam. To me the bigger concern is the age if Bennett, Avril and Chancellor whom for me are so key to everything that has made this team great.

      I think we have a replacement for Avril in Clark but Bennett is a whole other story. I am not saying Barnett and Walker will be Micheal Bennett but both guys look to have that kind of inside/outside pass rush potential to me and that is hard to find.

      • Brashmouse

        I believe they are hoping Q-Jeff turns into the long term hybrid role, same for McCray with Kam. They obviously want to be 2 deep at each position and 2-3 years ahead of planned need which means that Earl, KJ and Tuba were targets this year with late round and would become more urgent (round 2-3) this year if they do not feel they found the guy. Tuba and Reed are out of the need window but McD is filling that 3-4 depth behind them and they should be looking to have at least one of those as a priority in next years draft. Vannett already replaces Willson,

        Based on this strategy I put the needs at OT,RB, and C with possible resigning if any shows value for new contract. Behind that they would look to hit on next round of CB, OLB, and maybe FS if they aren’t happy with the current heir apparent. Then general depth.

        • Brashmouse

          forgot to put 1 and 3 tech DT in the need list behind C even with CB

          • Volume12

            QJeff is a nice player as a rotational or 3-4 DT.

            McCray will never fill that Kam Chancellor role.

            Maybe it has to do with the fact that Reed and QJeff are banged up right now, but look at all the D-lineman Seattle is trying out. They’re hybrids.

  5. Volume12

    Rob, you checked out Baylor NB Trevon Blanchard? 6’2, 205 lines up at safety, nickel, and in the box at LB. Only thing I don’t like about him, is when the play goes away from him, like all players from Baylor, he doesn’t seem to go as hard as he should.

    And if you get a chance, Michigan OT Erik Magnusson is very interesting. One of the better looking RTs I’ve seen so far this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check them out

  6. HawkFan907

    Rob, have you looked in-depth at any potential mid-round RB candidates yet? Unless a superstar falls to the end of the first round, I expect the Hawks to add another back in the middle of the draft to replace Michael if he leaves.

    BYU’s Jamaal Williams has looked mighty impressive this year. He has good size and speed and at the end of runs looks to “attack” the nearest defender to gain a couple of extra yards.

    Toledo’s Kareem Hunt is another solid back that has speed and make some cuts that look almost unreal for a guy his size.

    Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon has some off-field issues, but the talent is there. He could be one to watch because he is a redshirt sophomore.

    All three backs have similar size and all three could be a three-down back. These are my three favorites as far as mid-round targets go.

    • Volume12

      You checked out Boise St RB Jeremy McNichols, Texas RB D’Onta Foreman, TCU RB Kyle Hicks?

      • HawkFan907

        McNichols I have seen, albeit not as much as the three I have listed above. He could be a viable option as well. He might have the best hands of the bunch, but he doesn’t run with the violence of Williams or isn’t as shifty as Hunt. All three have their pros and cons for sure, and again it is all dependent on if they resign Michael. That will influence what kind of back they draft I believe.

        • Volume12

          I don’t think C-Mike is going anywhere.

          Him and Hauschka are the only 2 ‘must’ keep UFAs this off-season.

          Shead is a RFA. So that’s huge.

          Maybe McCray? Kelcie that is. And they always add a veteran DT too. Although keeping Tony McDaniel would be pretty sweet. Maybe Sowell too. Depends on how he holds up the rest of the year.

          As for Williams, I like the kid a lot. Great feet, decent balance. He’s incredibly nimble, has an extra gear, and can create for himself 1 vs 1. But, his pad level is high. He runs hard and runs with determination don’t get me wrong, but doesn’t generate a ton of force nor do I think he’ll move a pile.

          With that said, I’m high on him myself and think he’d make a great rotational back at the next level.

          McNichols is a workhorse for me. A 3 down back. Has this pissed off attitude that I love.

          Foreman is a 240 pound monster that moves like he’s 205-210 lbs. He’s all heart and grit.

          I like Hunt too. Of pure talent, Joe Mixon is a top 40 talent for me. Very interested to see how teams go about him. So far he’s shown no reemorse, which is sad.

          NC’s Elijah Hood is another intriguing back. There’s just so much talent at this particular position, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen this depth before.

          • HawkFan907

            I agree, the depth is crazy this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hawks not draft a RB this year and roll with Michael, Rawls, Prosise, and Collins. That wouldn’t stop them from bringing them in as UDFA’s though. Lots of teams will be very happy with this years crop.

            I will have to watch some more tape on Hunt as well. One thing that usually seems to translate is production against quality opponents when it comes to RBs. One thing that is really hard to judge is vision though. Some backs look great in college but have an obvious issue seeing the holes and understanding plays. Obvious examples of that are Trent Richardson and Knowshon Moreno. I’m hoping Collins can fix some of the issues he has been having because at times he shows a big lack of vision. I know it is early but if he can’t fix that then a replacement might be needed.

            • Volume12

              No, that wouldn’t be surprising.

              However, I’m not going to let 2016 fool me.

              Rawls and Prosise will have to stay healthy.

              And Collins I think needs to just figure out the ZBS. If he doesn’t, then cutting him as a 5th round pick won’t be a huge issue.

              I find myself wondering about this RBBC. Is PC trying to build it like he had at USC? If so, then they’re missing a LenDale White. That hammer.

              Or are they looking for a few slashers? Similar styles to how C-Mike runs.

  7. The Hawk is Howling

    I’m pretty sure that if Christine Michael keeps it up we will sign him to a fair contract. I just don’t see other teams taking a chance after his unsuccessful stints in Dallas and Washington DC.

    Speaking of taking a chance let’s see what happens with Josh Gordon and Matt Khalil. That could work out so radical, Awe yeah!

    First round in next year’s draft I hope we go another tough stud lineman or Strongside linebacker.

    Second-third round RB, TE, then another cornerback.

    Just a feeling but I think Luke Willson with take his best contract of his career and sign elsewhere.

    Go Hawks!

    • HawkFan907

      I agree with that. I believe depending on how our line finishes out this year we might look to target a stud LB/Pass Rush Specialist in the Bruce Irvin role. I’m not sure that the guys currently on our roster can have the impact that Irvin had, despite the good play of Marsh.

      Unless something happens and a stud falls to us at the end of the first, I’m all for moving back and picking up a 5th rounder (which we lost this year Doh!).

      I think our draft needs go OLB/DE, RB, OL, WR/TE. We will see who departs this offseason, and then focus on some roster mirroring moves to fill their spots. This should be a deep draft as well, so those mid-round picks matter.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Luke Willson to Oakland anyone?

        Luke Willson for Josh Gordon anyone?

        I’d get Gordon so stoned ?

        • Mr. Offseason

          Right now I am all about drafting either a top RB or TE, depending on which has more value in the first. The two positions are obviously disregarded, so the possibility of us getting a top 10 playmaker at one of those positions is not out of the question drafting in the last 1st.

          There is the issue of Luke Willson departing (He could). So far he hasn’t had a great season stats-wise. And it will take some explosive plays to get Luke Willson money somewhere. If he keeps playing the way he’s playing the Seahawks may see a bargain for his future production and familiarity with the scheme. It’s a good way to save money.

          The other issue with the TE position is that Jimmy Graham is only signed through 2017. And are the Seahawks going to want to pony up to pay a 30-year old tight end. Most likely, there will be other teams out there that will pay for that name value and general dominance of his play. But is that investment worth it? Personally, I think it will not be.

          That’s why I thinking getting a playmaking TE (like Evan Engram) in this year’s draft could be a premium acquisition. With a year to develop before Graham’s contract expires, a guy like Engram could be a polished playmaker by the time he sees extensive snaps.

          Call me optimistic. I think the Seahawks are beginning to show that this is the offensive line we can build on for the next two to three years. That position will not be a necessity. The offensive playmaker is something the Seahawks could lack when Jimmy Graham takes off and drafting Evan Engram in the first round could temper those concerns.

        • smitty1547

          Gordon didn’t just volunteer to go to rehab, I’m pretty sure he failed another drug test and will have huge suspension announced in the future.

  8. Ben

    How awesome is it to say that we look set at guard for the time being? I know this isn’t directly draft related, but I love the interior of our offensive line.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I feel ya Ben! Britt has done well at Center, Glowinsky for a NFL sophomore is doing great, and Ifedi looks like a bad ass brawler I’m not gonna compain. I believe we released Terry Poole yesterday speaking of O-line.

      Go HAWKS

  9. Mr. Offseason

    Here is a section to talk about quarterbacks.

    I was watching the Texas / Oklahoma St. game – I noticed that Mason Rudolph had some serious playmaking ability in that game. He was not only good with his arm, but he was also able to maneuver about the pocket and use his legs to pick up yards. He looked elusive with good accuracy. He is a Junior so he may declare next year (would be the smart decision), but I just think he will be talked about on the way up to the draft. There will be some teams that falls in love with him and takes him in the second round.

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    On a local radio show earlier yesterday, they mentioned a sophomore at UW playing DL… Vita Vea. If I have the right guy qualifier,. what is remarkable is he was a RB in HS, but by the time he got to DIV1 football was 6’5 and 335…. he still has the quickness of being a RB. He is supposedly one of the fastest guys off the DL every snap. More or less unstoppable. This is more a 2018 draft guy to watch for, but he could be a keeper.

    • RealRhino2

      Rewatched a chunk of the Stanford-UW game a few days ago. Vea had the Stanford guard on skates all night long, it seemed. Powerful guy.

      • vrtkolman

        Him and Greg Gaines are freaks. Huge guys with plus athleticism.

        • Mr. Offseason

          Wish the Seahawks could get Gaines now! I am a UW fan but obviously diehard Seahawks fan. Since he’s a redshirt sophomore he will probably play at least one more year at UW. He just seems like a tremendously intriguing player at the NFL level. Is he a Tony Siragusa clone??

          • vrtkolman

            I’m with you there man. My favorite part about him is how violently he plays. It seems like he’s out to physically injure someone on every play. I bet players are scared of being tackled by him.

  11. Kenny Sloth

    My lord, Rob. You are an absolute juggernaut. This is easily the best draft piece I’ve read this year. You deserve everything the industry has to offer and bravo.

    You really scout the shit out of Florida. First time I’ve seen someone bring up Maye because I was quite fond of their safeties but didn’t care for the corners so much. Tabor was generally better for me last year than Vernon Hargreaves. Who is just two days older than me!

    • Volume12

      Tabor isn’t even their best corner. IMO it’s Quincy Wilson.

      • Volume12

        Speaking of Florida, on BR’s latest mock draft, they have us grabbing a Gator defender.

        Interior pass rusher, DT Caleb Brantley. Explosive, and has that Seahawk swag that would fit this defense. He claims he’s the best DT in the game.

        • Rob Staton

          Really liked him in the Tennessee game and with hindsight should’ve had him on this list.

          • Volume12

            I was surprised he wasn’t on the list to be honest.

            What is in the ‘swamp’ water down there man?

            They just turn out these high quality, impact NFL D-lineman every single year. And they got one for next year in CeCe Jefferson. It’s incredible.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Brother of Harold?

            • Volume12


            • Rob Staton

              I don’t believe they are related

  12. Kyle

    Do you think we’d mortgage the house and give up two 1st and a 2nd and change to move up and grab fournette? The more I watch him the more I see him being an amazing pro that can come in and set the pieces together for the long haul. Him and Wilson would be so unfair together. Not to mention our insane te jimmy and our ultra fast wrs!!!! We would take a hit on depth replenishment but it also alleviates some of those contracts we would have to pay and could in turn take that money and resign a few of our guys that might be departing.

    • cha

      They have traded first rounders for rare offensive talents in the past. And Fournette is definitely a rare offensive talent. So there is precedent for it. Biggest difference would be he’s not proven at the NFL level like Graham and Harvin were, but RB is a bit of a different animal and I’m sure the Hawks could consider Fournette a proven commodity.

      I could see a scenario where Fournette slips out of the top 5 because teams get starry-eyed over the latest QB prospects, Fournette says or does something stupid and that damages his stock slightly, etc, and somebody at 6-9 already has a RB and needs depth and the Hawks make a “fair but not a king’s ransom” offer for the pick.

    • Kenny Sloth

      If he fell out of the top 8 I could see us giving up a first and 2 seconds and a fourth or something crazy.

      But it doesn’t seem very ‘win forever’ to ever give up 2 firsts

    • Ukhawk


      • Mr. Offseason

        I could see giving up two firsts if there is a firm belief in Seahawks organization that Fournette is the next Adrian Peterson-type star. We do have a window and our draft picks become less valuable because of that. Although two firsts would set us back I don’t think it would cripple us like it would other teams and the prospect of an all-world RB being on our already stacked roster might be too delicious to pass up.

        • Mr. Offseason

          One of the reasons it wouldn’t affect us as much is because of great coaching. Pete Carroll is able to make 53-man contributors out of undrafted guys and late round picks. We rely on the later rounds of the draft and UDFA period to acquire key contributors more than other teams do. That’s why I think we can realistically minimize the value of first round picks to our team, especially if we’re talking about getting a game changing player in Fournette.

          I know that the same argument could have been made about Percy Harvin. Obviously this decision would come with a lot of vetting of Fournette. But if he is the Real Deal Holyfield, I would be ecstatic about the move overall.

    • Nathan

      I don’t get this line of thinking.

      We had the baddest dude in football at running back, and we’re happy to see him retire due to his salary.

      Now we’re gonna give up a ton of picks for a running back?

      Are you even sure he’s gonna be as good as Lynch?

      • cha

        It’s not a hugely plausible scenario, at least in my mind. Lots of things would have to go right for the Hawks to make this deal.

        But if if if Fournette were to live up to his enormous potential:

        * It would simultaneously protect RW from taking so much of a beating and open up more possibilities for the passing game. As well, It’s entirely possible a player of his caliber would have a tilting effect on the whole team, eating up clock and putting the opposition’s offense under even more stress to score to keep up which plays right into the Hawk defense.

        * On the draft side, they’d have RB locked down for years, so could stick to drafting at other positions and filling backup RB spots from UDFA’s or late round picks.

        * On the roster side, the Hawks would get 4 cost-controlled years of superstar-level production and a 5th year option at their disposal. That production-to-salary savings would give them cap flexibility for all kinds of possibilities, including some combination of options like extending Graham, Britt (did I just type that??), Clark, Lockett, Earl, Sherman, maybe even getting started on the next RW contract, or filling some holes in other areas like DE/DT or SS with some smart FA signings.

  13. Volume12

    We can probably stop scouting ND OT Mike McGlinchey. Says he’s staying in school for next year.

    Depletes an already horrid OT class.

    • Mr. Offseason

      That is ridiculous. Look at the bright side: IT’S A REALLY GOOD THING THAT WE KEPT FANT.

      And also that they were patient in developing Garry Gilliam.

      Shows how adept this front office is at keeping an eye toward the future.

      • Volume12

        Oh yeah, no doubt. I’m almost positive that’s why we kept Fant. Because this years OT class is so weak.

        Not a huge fan of Gilliam. However, he is raw and still learning the position. But so far he seems more suited as a swing tackle off the bench.

        Personally, I do see OT as a need. Doesn’t have to be a 1st round pick though. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Seattle grab a RG/RT hybrid like an Ifedi, Poole, Bowie, Webb, etc.

        • Mr. Offseason

          But Gilliam is at least adequate. Same with Sowell. I think what the Jets game showed us is that as long as our interior is stout, Russell is looking comfortable enough to step up in the pocket. So even if the OTs struggle, we’ll be able to maintain a productive passing game. I’ve said it all along: It’s the Panthers OLine formula we’re using and against the Jets we saw it work EXACTLY the way it’s supposed to against as tough a DLine as we’ll face all season.

          Can OTs be upgraded? Yes- I just don’t see it being an absolute priority if our G/C/G combination keeps playing as well as they have. And if Fant ends up being a starter next year, that’s a bonus.

          And a lot can change between now and the offseason. That’s just how I feel about our OLine now. I like the idea that we can plug and play tackles as long as our interior is dependable.

          • vrtkolman

            The issue with the Panthers formula is that this year their O line is a disaster. Oher and Remmers (their budget tackles) have been brutal and Newton has been beat up pretty much every week. Amazing that they went from a top 5 to a bottom 5 O line in the span of a few games.

          • RealRhino2

            And the Jets don’t really have the kind of speed on the edge that would give our sort of OL problems anyway, do they? The “formula” didn’t just break down vs. the Rams (or Dolphins) because Webb wasn’t stout enough on the inside, it was also because the Rams (and to a lesser extent, the Dolphins) had outside rushers that could beat Sowell and Gilliam. The Vikes and Broncos also have those guys on the outside.

            • Volume12

              I think RW struggles much more with EDGE rushers than he does DTs like the Jets have.

              • nichansen01

                It used to be the opposite narrative… Wilson could handle outside pressure with his mobility but interior pass rushers gave him fits (when our interior was bottom of the league and our exterior more competent with Okung). Now that the interior line is better, and Okung is gone, it’s the opposite. It’s not russell… it’s his blocking and how the offensive line strengths have changed.

                • Mr. Offseason

                  But that’s just it – I think the elite EDGE guys are more impactful on Wilson regardless of who’s playing tackle if the interior is weak. Now that the interior is strong, Wilson is gradually having an easier time in the pocket because there is more space. In general, when the pocket collapses in the middle, that’s the quarterback’s worst nightmare. If you’re going to have trouble on your OLine, better to have it on the edges than in the middle.

                  Obviously it’s not a flawless plan. No OLine plan in the NFL is (not even the Cowboys- look at Romo). So you can have bad games or bad years like the Panthers are. But unless you are going to shell out $$$ at every position on the line, I think this is the best plan: invest major resources on the interior, find adequate players on the edge at least and let Russell work.

                  So teams like the Rams and Dolphins can and will still play well against our OLine. But they play well against most every OLine, not just us. Because of what the Rams and Dolphins are doing, that doesn’t mean we should change how we prioritize our resources to remedy that. We would weaken many other areas of our team that have made us so successful.

    • nichansen01

      That’s what Will Fuller said last year (also from notre dame)… nothing is completely set in stone yet. If he can be the top tackle in this class… he could go a lot earlier than he deserves to. Could make him reconsider.

  14. East Side Stevier

    I have made quite the discovery fellas. A few days ago I was on youtube just watching recruiting and I stumbled on “Elite 11” its recruiting the nations elite for the next level all the guys going to major division 1 schools. Their senior year in highschool they go to these regional football camps and at these camps the ones who are Elite get invited to Oregon University where they compete at the nike facility and they break them into 7on7 teams. All of these athletes who make it to Oregon are going to be the next level guys that ultimately we end up talking about on this blog. They make theses film for youtube ever year so I have already been binge watching and I watched the episode from years ago that will be 2017 draft prospects so if anyone wants check this out its on youtube. I started with the “Elite 11: It factory” videos but you can type in whatever year you want to watch and it will give you that season. They are classified as High school years so for the upcoming 2017 draft your gonna watch the 2012-2013-2014 seasons.

  15. HawkFan907

    I think I found my favorite name in the draft. Phazahn Odom, TE, Fordham. He is a 6’8″ 250 lbs former basketball player who looks like he is a great athlete. He needs to pack on 20 lbs and is still raw but with some time I could see him being an NFL caliber player. With Jimmy on the roster I doubt the Hawks would go after someone like him in the draft, but he would be a fun project as an UDFA.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What is the collective opinion of drafting Oregon RB Royce Freeman? (Currently a Junior )
    Just read a piece on NFL.com about this guy…. compared to Jonathan Stewart, but larger. The stand out quote was essentially.. scouts believe he could be a 8-12 year player in the NFL. One of the top pure RBs to come out in awhile. Perhaps a better long term prospect than any other RB in the 2017 draft.

    Maybe Seattle could trade back out of the first round and grab a few picks + a high second round pick and snag him in the 2nd round. They have taken RBs in the 2nd round before. Oh yeah, he is 5’11 and 230. He is elusive, can catch the ball and has nice power to churn out yards after contact. Talk about right in the JS/PC wheelhouse.

    I’ll leave this link to PFF…. I’m not a huge fan of them, but they have a nice write up about him.

    • Volume12

      I saw Rob Rang had him mocked to us in round 1. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I do think Seattle will draft a RB in the 2nd or 3rd.

      Definetly one of the better backs in CFB. Funny, that’s exactly who I comped him too a couple weeks ago. Seattle did attend Oregon’s TC this summer.

      Love his feet. Can play on the X, Y, and Z axis. Love his ability to work in small spaces. Lateral agility is outstanding. Good lower body power, good balance, runs horizontal to the line of scrimmage because of the scheme he’s in, but has the explosive ability to make that 90° cut. Probably has the best jump cut of any RB in this class. Blown away by his ability to break tackles.

      Would like to see him get north and south more often or downhill, long speed is ‘meh,’ doesn’t have the feel for the game nor can he feel the flow of the defense like a Dalvin Cook can, but that’s OK.

      Perfect fit for a ZBS. 1st RB taken? Can’t see him over Fournette personally.

    • Rob Staton

      I am going to study Freeman a bit tonight — but my initial thought was he’s much more finesse than Jonathan Stewart.

  17. Ukhawk

    5 other guys who should be on the watchlist as perfect prospects for the Seahawks in R1 and who may fall or demand a trade-up if they slip:

    Leonard Fournette – What: Rob already covered what Fournette offers perfectly a few weeks back on the blog. NFL comparison: All Day AP. Why: For every reason Lynch delivered a Super Bowl. How: He may slip a bit if he begins to show wear and tear but as stated he is the only guy they should consider trading up high in the draft for.

    Malik McDowell – What: Length, flexible, explosive, high motor who can wreak havoc on the pocket a la versus Notre Dame. Why: A 2-for-1 DT/DE who would be a great booked DE on the strong side playing the 5-tech and who could easily switch inside on passing downs. NFL Comparison: Calais Campbell. How: His stats don’t measure up and his combine performance precipitates a fall on draft day.

    Cam Robinson – What: Cam is a dominant run blocker and a capable but improving pass blocker who Derrick Henry favoured running behind in short yardage and, part from a few plays where he overreached, stymied the likes of Myles Garrett, Shaq Lawson and Marques Haynes to name a few. Why: If you like Ifedi, Cam could be the perfect bookend. NFL Comparison: Andre Smith. How: He may slip due to off field issues and/or lack of perceived limitations in a pass-heavy league.

    Tim Williams – What: Ultra fast twitch passrusher, good hands, bend, power. Why: 2-For-1, A true LEO prospect who could also develop into a great SAM backfilling for Irvin & eventually Marsh. NFL Comparision: Aldon Smith. How: He may slip due to rotation issues (is stats) as well as being classed as a tweener who requires projection due to lack of OLB experience in coverage and lack of size/development in run defence.

    Nick Chubb – What: The best running back not named Fournette who has all the tools – speed, power, vision, elusiveness. Why: Upgrades Michael who leaves as a UFA at an extremely key position for the Seahawks. NFL Comparison: Hershel Walker. How: Just look at San Fran to understand how a taking a medical risk on a draft pick (or 3) can result in disaster; the higher the draft pick, the greater the stakes. That said, if Chubb recovers as expected within a year of injury and can go back to the player who averaged 8+ ypc in ’15 rather than the current 5+ ypc, he may the higher upside many believed when touting him as a better prospect than Fournette.

    • Volume12

      Gotta disagree that Robinson stymied Marquis Haynes. Haynes is a 230-235 pound hybrid that not bull rushed Robinson, but blew his a** up.

      • Ukhawk


        • Volume12

          lol. Fair point.

          It’s just the lasting image I have of him.

          Having said that, I do like Robinson. Love his run blocking, but even more than that, I love his nasty disposition. He’s a finisher and a mauler in the run game. I think he would fit at RG or RT.

          Don’t sleep on Pitt OL Dorian Johnson- 6’5, 315 lbs. Long, moves extremely well, great size, and IMO will test as one of the most athletic O-lineman at the combine. He’s a plug and play, day 1 starter in a ZBS.

          • Ukhawk

            Glad you agree V12. Did you know in that game vs Ole Miss, Alabama gained 216 yards rushing. Watch Henry dive in the end zone behind Cam twice. He is such a force in the run game, Hawks would get back to being the aggressor. Think his pass skills will continue to develop and he’d be perfect in protecting RW. Bear in mind also he’s played hurt a lot the last 2 years. Came back in 2 weeks from a high ankle sprain to play LSU. Saban calls him his Alpha Dog of the offense – sound familiar?

  18. East Side Stevie

    How about Texas RB D. Foreman in the 3rd round fellas? Last year running backs feel into the later rounds then they were projected, Example Alex collins to us in the 5th. Whats odd about that is the fact that last years running back class is much weaker than this years… I expect guys to drop into the mid rounds again.

  19. Grayson Dunn

    Any thoughts on Jordan Leggett? I mentioned him as a player to watch. He appears to be coming on pretty strong as of late against Louisville and BC

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