2023 Seahawks draft quarterback power rankings

I will update these power rankings as we go along. It’s a bit of fun — but also a review of how the players with first round potential are progressing through the season. It’s also not a ranking. This isn’t necessarily the order I expect them to be drafted (and it’d be too early to make any predictions anyway).

I will add names to the list if needed as we go along. It will only ever be the players I expect to garner first round interest, though.

#1 Anthony Richardson (QB, Florida)
There are a few reasons why Richardson tops this list. Firstly, the obvious physical tools. He’s 6-4, 240lbs and runs like a gazelle. His scrambling touchdown against Utah — for 45-yards — showed off his speed and twitch as he made a final defender miss on the goal-line. He can improvise and extend plays because of his athleticism. His arm strength is top-level. He ticks every box in terms of traits. Then, there was the mastery of his offense. It’s a pro-style scheme with a lot of motion, shifting and play-action. He was organising everyone at the LOS, making adjustments and just looked in complete control. He showed fantastic composure in the pocket and in his drops and led Florida to a big win against a difficult opponent. It’s only one game, admittedly, but if he continues on this path he could be a contender to go as high as anyone in this class.

#2 Will Levis (QB, Kentucky)
It wasn’t Levis’ best performance against Miami-Ohio but there are reasons why I have him at #2. Firstly, he had to handle being hit or sacked seven times in the first half and came through the onslaught. Secondly, he flashed his big-time physical tools with one exceptional off-balance throw to the left sideline. Thirdly, he drove his team forwards. This is a Kentucky squad that has lost key players to the NFL and as we saw with the offensive line, they need to find answers. The quarterback is the glue that keeps them competitive. Then you see technical quality — the way he throws from a sound base, with his shoulders aligned properly and yet when he needs to deliver off-platform he has the traits to do it. After Richardson, Levis is the best package of physical tools and talent. The pair square off on Saturday in a box-office meeting between two top draft prospects. Finally, Levis’ command of the Shanahan offense, having previously worked in the McVay scheme a year ago, is a real plus point for his pro-prospects.

#3 Tyler Van Dyke (QB, Miami)
You could easily put TVD at #2 for the control and natural talent he showed against the hopelessly overmatched Bethune-Cookman. He is a powerhouse thrower who also delivers passes from a strong base. His release is slightly elongated but the talent he shows as a passer is comparable only to Bryce Young. As noted yesterday, there were two throws in particular that leapt off the screen on Saturday — a fantastic touchdown throw dissecting three defenders and a brilliant lofted pass to the right sideline in behind two defenders. He has good footwork for a big man and can still get out of the pocket and make a play with his legs. There’s a lot to like here, he deserves more attention. Since he took over the starting job, Miami has jumped to a new level. They might be the best team in the ACC. I just fear, when they play better teams, Mario Cristobal will play things too close to the chest on offense and do what he did at Oregon — resort to bubble-screens, slants and check-downs.

#4 C.J. Stroud (QB, Ohio State)
As I said in my write-up of the Notre Dame game, it’s more of the same from Stroud. There’s always been a flash of brilliance to him. He can fit throws into difficult windows, he makes passes that you expect top-level NFL passers to make. Throwing on the run he can, at times, be exceptional. He has the ability to make the trendy off-platform throws that teams love to see. He is athletic enough to scramble away from pressure, extend plays and produce some magic. His arm strength is good. His accuracy and decision making is just erratic though — far more than the three names ahead of him here. Against Notre Dame he skipped passes, threw behind, mis-read open plays, threw too high. On an intermediate level you just want to see more. The tools are there but his processing and execution needs to be more consistent.

#5 Bryce Young (QB, Alabama)
Alabama playing Utah State was a ‘men against boys’ moment on Saturday and Young had an easy afternoon. He still showed off what makes him an intriguing prospect. His processing is excellent and he is an accurate passer with clear natural talent. It’s hard not to be impressed with the way he delivers the football — from his technique to his accuracy to his touch. That said, it’s impossible not to wonder how teams will view a frame that is listed at 6-0 and 194lbs but might not even be that. When you have quarterbacks who run like Richardson and Levis at 230-240lbs, or you have a big gun-slinger with plus mobility in Van Dyke, or you have a slightly lighter but physically impressive Stroud — it’s easy to think Young might be knocked for his size. Even Kyler Murray is 207lbs — which is still 13lbs heavier than Young’s listed weight of 194lbs (I suspect he’s more like 185-190lbs). He doesn’t have the thick frame of a Murray, Russell Wilson or Drew Bees and it has to be noted. There isn’t anyone like Young in the league who is succeeding and he lacks the physical traits of Wilson or the dynamism of Murray to compensate for a lack of size. Even so, he deserves first round chatter because as I said — he is a highly impressive, natural thrower of a football.

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  1. Sea Mode

    Dang, this rings true for me. Thanks for the QB and draft prospect articles to get us through it!


    • Ashish

      One below post on cousins is hilarious

  2. Joshua Smith

    I love this! I will be watching these QBs all season. I don’t pretend to know how to evaluate QBs. .I usually just focus on their decision making & accuracy. Did they make a good decision in that moment (regardless of the result).
    This writeup will help me know if I’m seeing things similar to how you see it.
    The Huskies look to have a competent QB this year so I will definitely be watching more college football.
    As always, good work Rob
    Thank you.

  3. Peter

    Interested to see how Young stacks up at draft time. Wonder if teams are a. Moving away a bit from Alabama qb’s and b. Might be hesitant at his size.

    With three possible bigger QB’s more in the traditional size mold but in Richardson’s case showing the modern athleticism if Young doesn’t tumble all the way out of the first round.

    Very interested to see these articles throughout the year. Not stoked to see this year’s losses but what a great time to be in that sweet spot of needing a qb, some great looking prospects, and bluntly probably having a native first round pick high enough to get who you want.

    Though I still have about nine teams that may be looking for a qb this year.

    • GoHawks5151

      This is how I feel about Stroud. If he succeeds he will be the first from the Meyer/Day QB tree. Could be as bad a Cardelle Jones or as OK as Fields looks. I wouldn’t want to risk it with him

  4. icb12

    Going to be fun to see what these guys do this year. Fun to see this QB conversation actually matter as related to the seahawks. Losses suck of course, but it feels fresh, interesting, and even exciting now, right up until I remember- oh yeah Pete Carrol is still coaching the team.

    Also- Kay Adams back on the screen, thank goodness.

    • Richard Vert

      Ya that horrible coach that won us our only Super Bowl and won more games than any other team but the Patriots the last ten years .

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        And at the same time has slowly ground this team down to where it is today. It’s possible to recognize what he did for the team while also acknowledging that things need to change. If he drafts a new QB next year and turns this team around, I will happily admit I was wrong, but I doubt that happens.

  5. Josh

    I hope you do this ranking every week.

  6. Qoolio

    Thanks for the ranking and the (hopefully regular) insights on the upcoming QBs. Any other individuals “receiving votes” at this point?

  7. Palatypus

    Does anybody know who the Seahawks South East are and QB scouts are? It looks like they’ve buried it on the website. Do they have Twitter accounts?

    I’m curious if they will be at the Florida/Kentucky game.

    Also a little interesting fact in light of the news from across the pond. Pete Carroll was born on September 15, 1951. Queen Elizabeth has ruled Great Britain since June 2, 1953, at the age of 27.

  8. UkAlex6674

    This is great thanks Rob!

  9. Ken

    How about Grayson McCall? Your old friend Kenny Arthur has been banging the drum for him for over a year. Curious to hear your take.

  10. Ashish

    Lets email this to JS and PC every week

  11. cha

    Jordan Schultz
    #Seahawks rookie RB Kenneth Walker III is highly likely to miss MNF vs the #Broncos, per a source.

    Walker, the former Michigan State star, is coming off hernia surgery.

    I’m told: “He’s had an excellent camp and exceeded expectations, but there’s no reason to rush him.”
    10:10 AM · Sep 8, 2022

    • Robbie

      Bummer news! Wouldn’t be a Seahawks drafted skill player if there wasn’t a few games missed LOL

    • Big Mike

      Not at all surprised but definitely bummed.

    • DT

      they need to rest him/save him for when Penny gets hurt anyways…..

  12. Big Mike

    RIP to your Queen Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Wonderful woman

      • Elmer

        This day is historic. Transcending football, certainly. It feels like the end of an era here. I can’t imagine how the passing of the Queen feels in the UK.

        • Rob Staton

          I was on air when the news broke and it was an unnerving experience.

          A very emotional day for many people and the country will never be the same again.

          A remarkable woman.

          • cha

            I heard the BBC has lights installed in the studios that flash in a national emergency like the Queen dying.

            True? Is that what happened to you in studio?

            Also heard the news ticker is changed from the traditional red to black.

            • Rob Staton

              There is a system in place, yes, where the screen that determines what is broadcasting is locked and flashes and the national broadcast takes control. This didn’t kick in immediately this time, so I handed to BBC News manually initially.

  13. UkAlex6674

    It’s heartbreaking 🙁

  14. UkAlex6674

    Quick season predictions then:

    AFC West – Bills
    AFC Central – Ravens
    AFC South – Colts
    AFC West – Chiefs

    Wild Card – Chargers, Patriots, Steelers

    AFC Champion – Chiefs

    NFC West – Dem Boyz
    NFC Central – Packers
    NFC South – Bucs
    NFC West – 49ers

    Wild Card – Rams, Eagles, Vikings

    NFC Champion – Rams

    Superbowl – Chiefs

    Seattle 7-10

  15. cha

    Ah yes. There’s Pete. Snotty and smug when answering the most obvious questions about facing RW.

    • cha

      Sounds like

      Walker is still up in the air for Monday

      Alton Robinson still hurt “not ready to go yet”

      Artie Burns “has a ways to go”

      Boye Mafe “practiced and looked fine”

      Sidney Jones is a full go

      Damien Lewis “looked good” in today’s walkthrough

    • Big Mike

      “Snotty and smug”. Gee, color me shocked.


    • Rob Staton

      Not even watched it. No interest.

  16. Sea Mode

    McVay + Snead extended through 2026.

  17. Sea Mode


    John Boyle

    DK Metcalf on the outside perceptions of the #Seahawks this year: “A lot of people are going to be surprised by what we do this year.”

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… the people expecting Geno Smith to not be Geno Smith

      • Peter


      • cha

        Reporter today: “If the Seahawks win a Super Bowl this year Geno Smith will have done what?”

        Pete: “Protected the football.”

        I’m not trying to be funny. That’s a real interaction from today.

        • Ashish

          Geno Smith is a superman – just took off after receiving the snap directly to end zone. Ops it was false fly (start). Geno will be Geno … 100 out of 100.

        • Mick

          Handed the football to the RBs. All season long but in particular also on the 1 yard line.

        • KennyBadger

          Discovers Compound V.

        • Comfect

          To be fair, I think that’s a better answer than if he’d pretended Geno Smith was going to elevate the squad.

          If we did win a Super Bowl, it would basically require 0 turnovers from Geno and the RBs to go manhandle everyone.

          Relatedly, we are not winning a Super Bowl.

    • Peter

      Unless they get to the playoffs then anything between 7 and 4 wins isn’t going to surprise me.

  18. JJ


    Was just curious of what you would need to see for some of these other “lower tier” qb’s to make a jump into the first round conversation. Examples would be like Hooker from Tennessee or McKee from Stanford.

    • Rob Staton

      Hooker isn’t good enough. He will not elevate to that level.

      McKee has talent but needs a ton of work. I don’t foresee him getting into the R1 discussion.

  19. HawkFan907

    Rob, what games are you focusing on this weekend?

    Kentucky vs Florida is the obvious choice, but outside of that who do you want to watch?

    I’m looking forward to Baylor vs BYU. BYU has a fun offense, and I want to see if Jaren Hall has developed into more of a passer and this will be a great test for him. He’ll never jump into the Rd. 1 conversation (age/injury history), but his play style could appeal to Pete Carroll, especially if they double-dip at QB in the draft ala the Commanders with RGIII and Kirk Cousins. Pairing a Levis in the 1st with Hall in the 4th could be interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a horrible slate of games on UK television.

      Ohio vs Penn State
      Pittsburgh vs Tennessee
      USC vs Stanford

      My weekend is a bit unclear. I was due to be broadcasting in a place called Plymouth (which is a five-hour drive from where I live, without traffic, and often takes 6-8 hours). However, there is a chance all of the football games this weekend will be postponed because of the Queen’s passing.

      Thus, I might have a bit more flexibility to watch other games. I am considering subscribing to ESPN Player in the UK to watch Kentucky vs Florida on a one-month subscription. If I don’t go to Plymouth, I almost certainly will do that and will see what other games are available on that service.

      • CaptainJack

        USC vs Stanford might not be horrible

        • Rob Staton

          It probably will be

  20. Sea Mode

    Hope he really has finally “grown up” and has a “comeback” year of sorts. So much talent.


  21. cha

    Bobby Wagner is not good.

    Granted it was only one drive, but he was just jogging out there on that Buffalo TD drive. He bit so hard on that play action fake TD he might have disappeared into another dimension.

    • Rob Staton

      Meanwhile… Von Miller remains ageless

    • Peter

      Generally like rich eisen but what is he banging on about with Wagner as a good get?

      • Big Mike


  22. Trevor

    My goodness Josh Allen really is the prototype isn’t he. This generations John Elway.

    • Mike

      He’s under so much more control now too. I remember watching a playoff games from a couple years ago and he was playing like a 5th grader plays madden.

    • Denver Hawker

      I keep seeing Big Ben who can run- it’s like a cheat code

      • Roy Batty

        He needs to slide more, though.

        I get that he’ is a true competitor, but he is also the face and soul of that franchise.

  23. uptop

    Bills offense looks great.

  24. OP_Chillin

    When Allen was drafted I did not see him playing like Brees (with a cannon and next-level running ability).

    • Roy Batty

      He threw a frozen rope while gliding and it looked like a 90 mph fastball.

      Just otherworldly.

  25. Palatypus

    Tutu Atwell. The poor man’s Dee Eskridge.

    • Ashish

      That equates to bankrupt = Tutu Atwell

  26. Big Mike

    Good Lord, Cooper Freaking Kupp

    • Big Mike

      And Diggs, beating Jalen

  27. Big Mike

    Am I the only one here that would rather watch Ozzy perform than listen to the breakdown of the first half?

    • Palatypus

      Not sure he knows where he is.

  28. Palatypus

    If I was being interviewed by Melissa Stark at half-time, nothing coherent would come out of my mouth.

  29. CaptainJack

    I’m not at all impressed with the rams. If you look at their depth chart, you’ll notice they are razor thing pretty much everywhere. Quality of the 2 deeps seems really low, lots of names I’ve never heard of even as a draft nerd.

    If injury bug hits… this might not be a winning team

  30. OP_Chillin

    Not gonna lie the lack of deep shots is sad.

  31. cha

    Congratulations Nick Scott. You’re the first NFL Meme of the new season.

    • Big Mike

      Cody Barton doesn’t like your post.

  32. Big Mike

    Here’s a bit of good news, the Seahawks don’t play Buffalo this year.

    • Huggie Hawk

      Until the super bowl 💩

  33. Stuart

    Rob, i have not had a chance to read anything yet but i have geat news for you about being able to watch the big game on Saturday.

    I am near Seattle and i will email you the details in the morning. Just like everyone at SDB wants you to watch the big game and then hear your thoughts.

    On the radio i heard Pete say his ideal QB is Carson Palmer. Didnt you comp Van Dyke to him?

    • Gary

      I’m near Seattle too but in Canada and the Florida Kentucky game isn’t televised locally. Any idea what service I could use to get it?

    • Rob Staton

      I did

      That’s interesting from Pete

      Also reminds me of the time Doug Farrar blocked me on Twitter in 2011 for relaying what someone told me about Seattle being very interested in Carson Palmer. Which was also touted by Sam Farmer. He took it quite personally for some reason.

  34. CaptainJack

    Rams are the definition of razor thin.
    One good receiver without OBJ and Woods. Allen Robinson was a no show. Atwell looks like a bust.
    A qb with an elbow issue.
    No starting level running back
    A largely replacement level oline with the exception of Havenstein. Committed money to noteboom when he looks back up level at left tackle all game. Former Husky Coleman Shelton is starting at guard. Loved him as a college center but I’m shocked he’s a pro starter now.
    On defense, the dline is a bunch of nobodies outside Donald, and maybe Floyd? But they’re thin, lack depth there. Wagner looks washed. The secondary has some players, Nick Scott played well. But Ramsey looks like he lost a step.

    This rams team, is bad now after one offseason. That’s what throwing your picks away year after year and overpaying your stars will do.

    • Big Mike

      And they’ll still beat Seattle twice this year. I’ll own it if I’m wrong.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        To be fair, that’s not a high bar for the Rams.

    • Peter

      Jamal Adam’s and the 2017 through 2019 drafts do not like this comment.

  35. Rob Staton

    Bobby Wagner had a big old light shone on him last night

    I remember being called an arse hole on Real Hawk Talk for doing a video highlighting some examples of his diminishing play, effectiveness and effort (along with Jamal Adams)

    You tell me what you saw against Buffalo, after the Seahawks opted to cut him 🤷‍♂️

    • Trevor

      Agree completely Rob. Wagner’s last two seasons with the Hawks he collected tackles and some stats but his play was uninspired and he had zero impact most games. Last night he looked like an aging star linebacker collecting a check. Scary part for the Rams is this is what he looks like healthy and rested in week 1.

    • Hawk Finn

      But…just how good is Bobby Wagner?

      • Rob Staton


      • Ashish

        Our journalist will now ask how good is Tyler Lockett. Not sure if they are lazy or not thinking.

    • Starhawk29

      And as if to demonstrate positional value even more, Von Miller was phenomenal last night. Would the Rams pay Bobby’s contract twice over to have kept Miller? I think the answer is definitely yes.

      • cha

        The Seahawks could have traded for Stephon Diggs and Von Miller instead of Jamal Adams and had draft capital left over.

        “But the cap space!”

        Oh deary me. They wouldn’t have been able to pay Greg Olsen and Bruce Irvin.

        • Big Mike

          That hurts cha. Just another example of Carroll’s mismanagement of this team.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      If people are calling you an asshole for that, then they need to pull their heads out. I liked Bobby as much as the next fan, but the facts were pretty obvious last year. It was time for him to go considering how much he was getting paid.

      • Rob Staton

        Many fans and media didn’t want to contemplate how poorly Wagner was playing. Stockpiling tackles on a terrible defense was a great red herring.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I agree. I have a hard time understanding getting so attached to a player that you are unable to see reality. I mean, I get it, he was a great player. But time is, as the saying goes, undefeated.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I just watched someone on NFL Network comment on the MNF game something to the effect that because Seattle doesn’t have Wagner anymore, Wilson could take advantage of that.

      I will always admire, respect and appreciate the great Bobby Wagner. What a career! But the player on the field now is not the same player, nor has he been for about 3 seasons.

      Wagner either stood around watching the play, or he made the correct diagnosis but lacked the physical ability to make the play, play after play, punctuated by Allen’s TD run 1v1 with Wagner. Oh sure he might still make the tackle. But not before giving up a 1st down, or good yards. And even though Allen is a force, I think Prime Bobby Wagner makes that stop, if for no other reason than Prime Wagner gets to Allen quicker, and thus further from the goal line.

      And just like you Rob, while I took no joy in watching him struggle, I did take some schadenfreude that all the jokers like the dude on NFL Network are wrong.

      • Rob Staton


      • Big Mike

        Spot on post Blitzy.

  36. Trevor

    The positions that seem to have the most longevity seem to be QB, OT and surprisingly edge rusher. Von Miller still looks like a stud.

  37. samprassultanofswat

    Bobby Wagner did not play particularly well. I wonder if the heat got to him. It might have been a combination of things. Between the heat. The Buffalo Bills just played like their life dependent on it. They are a team on a mission. And at 32 years old, age is starting to catch up with Wagner.

    At any rate. This game tickled me to no end. The Rams could not stop Buffalo. In fact Buffalo did NOT punt the football one time. Seven sacks and three picks against the Rams. Folks that is mighty impressive.
    Aaron Donald did have one sack. For the most part the Bills offensive line outplayed the Rams defensive line. The Rams are still trying to figure out what hit them. Von Miller just over powered Andrew Whitworth’s replacement.

    • Trevor

      Von Miller is a true freak and always has been. To play that way at his age given he had an ankle tendon tear and several knee injuries is truly remarkable. Edge rushers only have 3-4 impact plays a game if lucky but they are true game changers.

      I always think about when Cliff Avril got hurt in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Everything changed on a dime after that. Brady went from looking rushed and flustered to being in complete control. Personally I truly believe if Avril does not get hurt the Russ interception never happens because they would have been comfortably ahead.

  38. Trevor

    Now that Russ has confirmed the rumor they tried to trade him the the Browns in 2018 in order to draft Josh Allen one has to think how different the trajectory of the organization would have been if JS had made that move. He would have gotten absolutely killed in the media and by fans but in hindsight it would have been a stroke of genius. It also gives me hope heading into this draft which appears to have 3-4 legit QB prospects that they may be able to get their long term answer at QB.

    • Big Mike

      But what would they have surrounded Allen with if they did draft him? Their drafts have been very poor for the last 5 or so years. Hopefully this most recent one turns that tide.

      • Trevor

        Personnel and draft decisions would have been very different with a rookie QB vs the highest or 2nd highest paid QB in the league.

        • Trevor

          Look at this past draft for example. Still don’t know for sure but looks like an A+ so far.

        • Peter

          Trevor I don’t understand this at all.

          Last I checked Allen has been paid extremely well.

          Your speculation is that for Wilson’s time here we do him a solid by sending him to the browns for a single first round pick, draft Josh Allen and magically all the other decisions are different?

          Come on. Nothing made them draft all the players who did jack from 2017-2019. Having wilson didn’t make them spend further resources on Clowney and Adam’s.

          This revisionist thinking is ponderous. You suppose everything would be different. I argue that with Allen and then doing all the crap they *actually* did this team would still be a mess. And stroke of genius? Josh Allen is awesome to watch but really how do you square his “big Ben,” level of turnovers to Pete being personally unable to stomach that style of play?

          • Big Boi

            I suspect the Browns wanted more than just Russ. They probably wanted our first three picks in that draft as well (a first, a third, and a fourth).
            I think regularly how the success of first round QBs is TOTALLY destination dependent and wonder how many first round “busts” would have been huge successes if they’d just landed somewhere else. I’m talking the Tim Couch’s of the world. Allen is successful because he landed in Buffalo. He’d been picked by the NYJ or the Broncos for example, with those disastrous coaching staffs on 2018, there is no guarantee he is nearly as successful.
            I’m also not 100% sold on the belief they pick Allen. If that’s who they wanted, they could easily have pried the 5th overall from the Broncos when Allen was still available. JS LOVES smokescreens….

            • Peter

              Where a qb goes is so dependent on team.

              I wonder if schottenheimer could have coached Allen up?

              You make some great points. I wonder in these what ifs why didn’t Seattle just pull a green bay/niners and spend a bunch of picks to get Allen and have a raw rookie sit if that was the move they wanted.

            • Big Mike

              Smokescreens or just trying to launch a preemptive strike against the criticism that’s coming when the team goes 5-12?

          • Trevor

            Peter Josh Allen has been on a rookie deal. Paid well sure but nothing close to Russ. Anyways it is impossible to know what would have happened but it actually gives me hope that this is deal thay JS wanted to do and that Allen is the QB he wanted.

            • Peter

              Then he should have got him. Two firsts should have done it. Would have shown better gm moxie then telling on yourself after the fact that you really liked such and such player.

              Plus two firsts would have had them miss on penny and collier. Not bad by me to have been bold and got the qb you wanted.

              • Big Boi

                This right here. Sure is easy to say you were going to do something that you didn’t do when it turns out it might have been the right thing to do. Also easy to leak that to your friendly neighborhood ESPN reporter and then have Salk parrot it from the treetops for you.

                It’s a hell of a lot harder to get it right the first time without some guts and moxie. I guess he was saving that up for the Peacock.

      • Ashish

        We are assuming Seahawks would have draft Allen who was not first overall pick. If and buts no point to think now fact is Russ is out which is good else we would have seen Adams kind of trade to win a super bowl. If I’m going to pick QB with 2 first and 2 second i will try to find next Allen or Herbert or Joe and draft him.

    • jed

      What I got most out of the latest round of this story is that JS is always looking for new QBs. I bet he’s had his eye on at least one QB in this class for a couple years.

      Pete’s prototype may be Carson Palmer, but I think John’s is Elway.

  39. Robert Las Vegas

    The Rams got beat up , guess what there are a few bullies in buffalo .the Rams offense line didn’t look so great.maybe when the left tackle decides to retire and you basically don’t replace him that could be a problem especially with Von Miller.and talk about a bad game Jalen Ramsey had a bad game.and Rob you are once again correct Bobby Wagner has definitely lost a step.And Rob a question the Rams haven’t had a first round pick since 2016 .and I wonder sometimes I wonder risk involved in trying to hit big on 3rd and 4th round picks they won the super bowl but long term risk interesting

    • cha

      Shockingly, McVay didn’t help the OL all that much.

      Next Gen Stats
      The Rams offense featured 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR) on all 66 plays tonight.

      There have been seven instances when an offense has used a only one personnel grouping in a game in the NGS era (since 2016)… the Rams have accounted for six of them.


      Next Gen Stats
      The Rams have a 1-5 record in games when they feature 11 personnel on 100% of plays.

  40. Big Boi

    Rob, I keep thinking back to my favorite interview of the summer, the one you did with Shelby Harris. My ears perked way up when he said the key to the Fangio defense, the lynchpin building block of the Fangio defense, is the inside linebackers. If we’re supposedly adopting a Fangio defense, how’s that going to work with our current stable of ILBs??

    • Big Mike

      Cody Barton is very nervous about your question.

    • Peter

      First I hope Shelby Harris balls out. I like his energy a ton

      The whole “get to know the 3-4,” series was great. But man the front and the backs are going to have a lot of damage control on their hands with the Ilb crew.

  41. cha

    Next Gen Stats
    What were the keys to Josh Allen’s success?

    🔹 2nd-quickest time to throw of career (2.47 seconds)
    🔹 Career-low pressure rate (9.1%)
    🔹 4th-highest CPOE of career (+12.3%)

    Quick throws to get ahead of the Rams’ pass rush? Wow. Revolutionary.

    If only someone had pointed this out to the Seahawks.

    • Big Mike

      According to Chris Simms, the Seahawks would have to have an offense where the WRs did something more than just run deep with few or no mid-range options.

      • cha

        There may be a post coming that discusses that in detail….

        • Big Mike

          Hell ya!

        • Peter


  42. Denver Hawker

    Duane Brown out- maybe to IR: https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1568249970108813313?s=46&t=bngFMeFr4xnK6mEqjCXidw

    Watching Bobby last night and now seeing this, Hawks made the right moves so far.

    • Bmseattle

      Some might argue they were the “right moves”, only a year or two too late.

    • Denver Hawker

      Also, Jalen Ramsey got torched last night. Not gonna bury the guy after one game against Allen/Diggs, but my goodness that’s a steep dropoff for a back to back 1st team all-pro. If this is the beginning of his decline, that contract is scary.

      • Starhawk29

        If you’re interested, Kenneth Arthur wrote a very interesting piece a few months ago about how CBs actually have very similar careers to RBs. Basically pointed out that the drop off happens just as suddenly, and the injury issues are just as common. It will be interesting to see if this was just one bad game against a great receiver, or the beginning of the end for him.

  43. Chawks1

    Great breakdown. Agree with rankings thru this point. Based on how I think the Seahawks do this year I believe we will be looking at the #3 or #4 best available QB in the draft. I also would stay away from Bryce Young not only because of his size but the track record of past Alabama QBs.

    I still like Jaren Hall from BYU. Maybe as a draft hedge like Cousins/RG3. I’m looking forward to watching him vs a good Baylor team right after the Kentucky vs Florida game.

  44. cha

    Bob Condotta just wrote the Seahawks ‘will have cap space like they’ve rarely had next year with RW’s salary coming off the books’

    Seriously Bob?

    They have $38m of effective space according to OTC.

    The massive draft haul will take another $12-13m over that.

    They need a customary $5-6m for the rainy day fund.

    They will need to

    -resign or place Blythe at C (fuller too)
    -resign or replace Poona at DT
    -resign or replace Rashaad Penny and Travis Homer at RB
    -resign or replace Cody Barton at LB
    -get at the very least a veteran backup QB signed
    -think about a veteran corner like Sidney Jones depending on how the rookies play
    -get another defensive pass rusher

    Can they do all that with $19million and not have another year where they eat a ton of dead cap to make room just to keep their heads above water?

    • Jabroni-DC

      Spend for the top available center & hit the draft or bargain bin for the rest.

    • Big Mike

      Lazy reporting from a member of the Seattle media? Wow, color me shocked.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Doesn’t Al Woods eat up $12M? What would his dead cap hit be? What about QJeff too?

    • Rob Staton

      This is an assumption people keep making about the cap

      But as we noted in a recent piece — they have spent most of that bonus cap space already!

      • cha

        Yeah it’s 2024 until things open up.

        And even then, how the play the dead cap game (particularly with Jamal Adams) could really eat into that number too.

      • mantis

        i used to fret over cap space a lot, but not anymore because it seems teams can make it work and still remain competitive, eg saints and rams

        • Rob Staton

          And that would be a fine position to take

          If the Seahawks weren’t totally, 100% unwilling and opposed to playing the cap game

          Instead they’ve developed a habit of squandering their money and calling it a good job

  45. JimQ

    I just found this piece & highly recommend it to others. It’s a “performance tracking” on a game-to-game basis of their top 50 or so prospects in the coming draft. A paragraph for each. Hopefully updated every week. They list their 50 top players and acknowledge a few others as good performances. How can this be useful? How many knew Van Dyke sat out a big part of his first game thus reflecting on his total game numbers? Just for one example. Check it out @ https://draftscout.com/frank0905.php

    • Rob Staton

      Well, it was a blowout so I think most expected he didn’t play four quarters

  46. Olyhawksfan

    Regarding Bobby Wagner’s play, is there a possibility the Rams bench him? Or even cut him?

    Makes me wonder if this is what KJ would have looked like and if so I’m glad the Hawks didnt bring him in.

    • cha

      It will be very interesting to see how it plays out. This was just one game. The Rams have a way of scheming around things. Look at the sack he got – you run behind Aaron Donald, good things are going to happen for you.

      March 12, 2023 will be a key date. If Wagner is on the roster then, he gets a $3.5m roster bonus and his 2024 salary of $8.5m is guaranteed for his age 34 year. If I had to handicap it right this second, I’d say

      70% chance he’s not on the roster then
      25% chance they rework his contract to something more palatable for the team
      5% chance they do nothing and $12m of guaranteed money kicks in

  47. Rob Staton

    I find it slightly laughable that there’s all this talk of booing Russell Wilson on Monday yet people are celebrating Richard Sherman’s appearance at practise this week

    You know, the guy who went to a division rival, bad mouthed the team, went to the media to let everyone know they were calling it the titanic etc

    Wilson deserves a round of applause for all he achieved

    It’s OK to move on sometimes

    • Big Mike

      Agree with you and I do hope you’re aware that Pete has stoked the boo Wilson fire with his “The 12s know what to do” comment. So very. very small.

      • Peter

        The 12’s. Give me a break Pete.

        I count five home losses last year. Four in 2019 when there were fans. It’s not like it used to be. This amazing, ridiculous noise tunnel.

        My favorite thing in the world for years was eat lunch on the rough of a place in the International district and listen to the game on a radio and hear the stadium a few miles away just rockin’ and rollin’.

      • James Z

        I, too, find it disturbing that PC would spout such nonsense. It’s a telling remark by a guy who says insipid positivities or anodyne blather on a daily basis now and seems a bit adrift. It’s sad really.

      • Cambs

        The absolute pettiest, and revealing of Pete’s own insecurity about his stewardship of the team.

        If he faces of shower of boos on national television, egged on by a smirking Pete, it’ll deservedly put the franchise and fan base in an extremely poor light. What a telling contrast to Brady’s reception in his first game back as a Buc, or Manning’s in his first game back as a Bronco. How’s a fan in the year of our lord 2022 getting his back up about a player switching teams, my goodness.

        Ugh. Hang 50 on the ingrates, Russ.

        • Peter

          Cambs when I read Pete’s comments or see posts to this day about Wilson and his trade list completing omitting it was the FO that first wanted to trade him to the lowly browns all the while building a garbage roster and wasting a years of a top talent….

          It makes me want to see Wilson absolutely hammer pete.

          • Rob Staton

            And I’ll say it again

            Wilson had no desire to be dealt

            He wanted what he reasonably has now in Denver. Significant input into the offense

            That’s it

            Pete gets his way now. And we all get to watch Pete’s way, led by Geno Smith

    • Mike

      I think it’s because everything with Wilson is so branded. Like the dude literally went to a different team and made a catch phrase.

      With Sherman he says a lot of things that piss me off but at least it seems to be what he genuinely thinks.

      • Rob Staton

        But really, who cares if Wilson does that?

        He brought a lot of joy to Seattle and Seahawks fans

        And he hasn’t had a bad word to say about the team or anything since he left. He just created a naff catchphrase

        • Mike

          I agree he brought a lot of joy on the field.

          It’s just everything else that comes with him that personally rubs me the wrong way way. I’d just rather root and interact with guys like sherm or marshawn, Doug Baldwin, michael Bennett that tell you what’s on there mind rather than it being all about the brand and themselves.

          The catchphrase is just one of the many reasons people don’t want to root for him. It’s just so calculated, image, brand, etc. it really doesn’t have anything to do with the on the field play.

          • Mike

            To me it’s why I like this block there’s not bullshit, it’s genuine.

            With Russell Wilson and a lot of media people in Seattle it’s BS.

            • Rob Staton

              They talked utter bollocks

              If you want to define that as no BS, fine.

          • Old but Slow

            Folks my have their reasons to dislike Wilson, and that’s O.K.. But, in light of all the successes and highlight performances while with the Seahawks, to boo is low class. Cheer him as a past hero, applaud politely to show respect, and keep quiet if you don’t like him. Personally, I hope that he is treated positively.

            • Mike

              Comeon man Wilson was low class too he but put a trade list where’d I don’t want to be traded but if I do I want these teams……

              Then said I want to stay here my whole career

              Then went to a new team and made the cringiest slogan I’ve ever seen out of an athlete

              I choose to boo, but fan should be able to feel however they want and we will see Monday

              • Sea Mode

                Booing would be stupid, IMO. Fans should just applaud him when he first comes out before the game and after that, during the game, shout “let’s ride” in the most obnoxious way after every incompletion, sack, bad play, etc. 😉

              • Rob Staton

                Mike, Wilson had no interest in being dealt

                That’s the reality

              • Peter


                Low class. So John was going to trade him to the browns but wilson is low class because he was sick of the crap team building and the team didn’t want him….and he made a trade list.

                So high class would’ve been just doing the team a solid and going to the browns? You know, to be be a real class act.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d just rather root and interact with guys like sherm or marshawn, Doug Baldwin, michael Bennett that tell you what’s on there mind rather than it being all about the brand and themselves.

            You mean the players who pissed and moaned about how much extra ‘attention’ the quarterback got? Who allowed a potential dynasty to crumble because of their apparent insecurities regarding how the Coach handled the quarterback after a lost SB? Who have rushed to the media to whinge about everything behind the scenes?

            To me, they have done everything in their power to sour what should be a golden era of Seahawks football. And all because Wilson wasn’t some badass who fit the LOB mentality.

            • Big Mike

              Oh c’mon Rob, it was still Wilson’s fault. Not black enough.

              • Rob Staton

                People forget about insane bollocks like that when they praise Sherman et al and decide they’re the good guys and Wilson, for creating a cheesy new catchphrase, is the bad guy.

                Oooh, Sherman and Baldwin are so edgy and ‘real’

                My arse

                • cha

                  Part of the factor is this moment in time.

                  Sherman, Baldwin, Bennett, etc are in the area, lending tacit and vocal support to the Seahawks. They are no threat to the Seahawks on the field and off the field are very positive about the team.

                  So Sherman slagging Pete and taking a lesser contract so he could play against him 2x a year, Baldwin and his snarky ‘I’m a great guy but I’m gonna under the radar snipe at Russ’ attitude and Bennett complaining about his contract months after signing it, and tuning Pete out by bringing books to read during team meetings are all forgiven and forgotten.

                  The Russ split hasn’t had time to heal, and the Week One scheduling, as hype as it is, just intensifies the rawness of it.

  48. Stuart

    What do you think about this.

    JS was told to pick the best player available in rounds 1-4 and then in rounds 5-7 he could pick who he wants?

    This way by picking BPA in rounds 1-4 we would have something to show for it.

    Last year the Hawks crushed the draft and if JS is again told to play it safe with BPA in rounds 1-4 then i am fine with him for now. He really is aweful with most trades, cap mgt. and overall roster building truth be told.

  49. Old but Slow

    One glaring problem the Rams face is in their WRs. Kupp is superhuman, but they let their next two best receivers go, so they are going with him and a handful of wanna be’s. And they usually use 3 receiver sets, as they apparently did 100% of the Bills game.

    Currently, their depth chart uses 3 WRs, with Brandon Powell backing Kupp, Van Jefferson starts with Ben Skowronek behind him, and finally Allen Robinson II starts with Tutu Atwel, and Lance McCutchen.

    A veritible Hall of Fame class right there.

    • Old but Slow

      Admittedly, I was shooting from the hip, so I did a quick backtrack to check the stats of all the non-Kupps.

      Van Jefferson is decent with (2021) 89 catches, 802 yards and 6 TDs. Robinson II caught 38 balls, for 410 yds, and 1 TD. That’s as good as it gets.

      Tutu caught 4 balls for short yardage against the Bills. The first catches of his career. He was strictly a return man in ’21. Lance McCutcheon is no Lawrence, yet, as he is an undrafted free agent rookie new guy. Skowronek showed some against the Bills, but last year he caught 11 balls, 133 yds, no touchdowns. That is very good yds/rec. Powell did not play last year, but in ’20 he had 12 receptions, 60 yards and 2 TDs.

    • CaptainJack

      They have to sign OBJ at some point, or they’ll struggle to make the post season this year. Kupp is amazing, but I don’t think any single receiver can carry an offense on their back like the rams are about to ask Kupp to do all season.

      • Rob Staton

        They have to sign OBJ at some point, or they’ll struggle to make the post season this year.

        Let’s not forget they were playing a very difficult Bills team in week one

  50. cha


    I’m not Welsh and I have no rooting interest in Wales and I’m ready to suit up and run through a brick wall.

    If the Seahawks cannot muster that much enthusiasm on Monday, please, quit football and get a job doing just about anything else.

    • Rob Staton

      Wales are playing England at the World Cup (and the USA)

      Let us not speak in positive terms about the Welsh team 🙂

      • Big Mike

        homer alert

  51. Big Boi

    On the Salk show yesterday they talked about how the Hawks are playing with house money Monday, that it’s a total win-win and they have no pressure on them whatsoever. Win, and prove you were right about Russ. Lose, and get a higher draft pick. Win-win.

    What BS. There is so much pressure on the Hawks Monday and it goes so much deeper than Russ. This game is a referendum on the entire front office and Pete. If they lose this- not just keep it close, but lose- they look so terrible. Diggs looks like a chump for taking Pete’s BS. Potential free agents look at a rudderless team and have no interest in joining. Fans realize maybe they’ve been carrying the wrong guy’s water all along. It goes on and on.

    And fans, PLEASE DON’T BOO RUSS other than in game action. You do that, and every player on that team realizes that all the 12 stuff about having their back and being there for them is only as deep as the jersey they’re wearing. The players will realize the fans only care about Pete, John, Jody, and neon green. They may think Russ is as corny as can be, but they also know he is a good player and a good person who the fans turned their back on in a second. This goes for all NFL players, current, former, and potentially future. It will be such a bad look for the PNW.

    • Rob Staton

      100% agree on all of this

    • Peter

      Is Salk high?

      What is he talking about? This game is a referendum on the FO and does he not remember Holmgren’s final season? The walrus didn’t do anything like this just had bad luck and then fans gave completely up.

      I first got into SDB during Mora’s tenure and it wasn’t pretty. Getting a high draft pick was the furthest thing from (most) fans minds. A crap team and a crap product was all anyone was talking about. If the hawks go 5-12 that stadium is going to be a wake. Side note when Seattle sucks one of the first things to go in the region is coverage of games. When Seattle sucks if you don’t live in the puget sound next thing you know every Sunday the hawks get preempted by Dallas or green bay. Awesome Salk. Very much looking forward to it.

      • Rob Staton

        I put the podcast of Friday’s show on for my dog walk this week. Heard Salk make some glib remark about not being interested in the Queen’s passing and turned it off.

        If you’re not interested, don’t talk about it.

        I never start my shows talking about the wasteland of American politics, make some sniffy comment then move on saying ‘I’m not interested in it’.

        It’s worth remembering that the Seahawks have a strong following in the UK. And a lot of people just want to see a bit of respect shown towards a wonderful woman.

        • Peter

          Ridiculous. Exactly right. If you’re not interested then don’t bring it up.

          Good for heaps and Huard for pursuing new goals but Seattle radio is getting to be the dregs.

          You’re a busy man with a real job and a young family. But I totally appreciate all the effort you’ve put in. The interviews killed. The 3-4 breakdown was awesome. The Rob and robbie experience is great. You on the pedestrian pod is a must listen.

          Salk is getting Stockholm syndrome. We’re starting a guy that most every fan inn the league would circle as a win on their schedule.

          Condolences to you and your country. The queen was a towering figure in history.

          • Rob Staton

            Condolences to you and your country. The queen was a towering figure in history.

            Thank you

    • cha

      Fans realize maybe they’ve been carrying the wrong guy’s water all along.

      This has already started. Unfortunately Salk seems intent on carrying Pete’s water as long as is necessary.

      Training camp was very poorly attended this year. The first two weeks there was probably about 20% capacity there. Versus 90-100% the last couple years they were open to fans. I was there the final week and I’m 100% certain the Seahawks brought in bunches of kids from the local youth groups to pump the numbers up.

      After one practice Tyler Lockett grabbed a mic and told the crowd they weren’t as bad as everyone thinks they’ll be and told the fans they’ll be part of the effort to win this year, and tried to lead a SEA-HAWKS chant. The crowd wasn’t having much of it.

      Blame COVID, blame the heat, make any excuses you like. But I’ve been to practices in previous years that were hotter than Hades and the crowd was full and boisterous.

      Game tickets other than Denver are the lowest I’ve seen in a long time. They may have to donate tickets to get a capacity crowd, and fans of the visiting team will have their pick of seats.

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