3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #10

Today we put together a full first round mock draft (with the Seahawks picking at #18). It’s still very early to do these. It’s a loose projection. It’s November.

I’ll post the full list tomorrow — thus encouraging you guys to take a listen by clicking below:


  1. Ukhawk

    Ukhawk says:
    November 3, 2015 at 12:47 am
    Looking at tape on a couple of OL prospects, curious on other peoples takes:
    With Nick Martin now being touted as a potential R1 pick, and seeing Hawks prioritising OT > C, what later round Centers peak interest? I’m liking Tuerk who has NFL size, athleticism and may now go post R1 due to injury. Don’t like some other centres floated due to size/strength limitations. Also curious about Dan Volz WIS; he is highly ranked scouting wise, handled the Alabama front well in their matchup (tape on draft breakdown under WIS OT prospect) but he is not really being talked about and kind of under the radar

    Also looked at Zach Banner USC who plays at RT but may turn into an athletic, power guard at 6’8 360. In his draft breakdown tape he pulls and gets into the 2nd level quite often. Absolutely man handled the Stanford DE


    • Volume12

      Zach Baner is too big for Seattle. 6’8 will not appeal to TC. He needs a lot of work. And before ya say, Giacomini was 6’8, remember, he wasn’t drafted by Seattle.

      I like Dan Voltz, but not in the 2nd where he’s being projected.

      Later round centers? Seattle scouted one game this weekend, and actually it was Thursday. W.Virginia vs TCU. 2nd time they’ve scouted them, also attended their training camp. Keep an eye on C Joey Hunt. Former D-lineman, great ZB lineman, dude is nasty with a mean streak.

      Utah C Siaosi Aiono. A bit like Max Garcia from last year, highly mature, but a nice pick in the later rounds.

      Don’t forgot that some LTs can play C too.

      • Wall UP

        What is their preference 6-6 to 6-4 for OG & OT?

        • Volume12

          Yes. But, Cable has said they’ll go for guys bigger if their backside isn’t too far off the ground and they can anchor. He said he’s had guys taller than 6’6 that can do what he looks for/likes, but they’re rare and few and far between.

          And they’ll draft guys shorter than 6’4 at C for example, if they make up for lack of size with toughness, athleticism, and football IQ.

          • Wall UP

            That’s why they don’t take Decker. He’s not a natural bender and plays tall. Running tall in space is easy to avoid being blocked. I see alot of that with him in space. Zblkg scheme will challenge his agility. I think he’s best suited for a power run scheme. I also noticed a lot of chip blk help from TEs against speed rush. That’s why I think he’s best suited for RT. IMO.

  2. Ed

    Like him and Allen.

    I know Volume 12 isn’t high on him, and I have and continue to think Doctson is a stud and probably will be a 1st rounder

    • Volume12

      Yeah, not a huge fan.

      Ed, my media player keeps cutting out, did I hear Rob mock Taylor Decker to Seattle?

      • Ed


        • Volume12

          Thanks buddy.

          • Ed

            Yep, will tell you what he says about the pick in a second

          • Ed


            -A lot of OL talent
            -Coleman gone
            -They have to go OL
            -Decker can play at G/RT and maybe LT
            -Working class style of play
            -Fun guy, right attitude
            -Looks like T. Lewan
            -Stanley/Ifedi/Dahl still on board

            -Likes Perkins (UCLA), Collins (ARK) in 2nd round

            • Volume12

              Thanks for the info man. Really ‘preciate it.

              Yeah I like Decker. Has a ‘Seahawky’ look and style going for him.

              I also like Collins and Perkins in the 2nd. IMO Seattle goes RB in round 2. That’s been the sweet spot in recent years.

              However, and this just me, I woulda went with Germain Ifedi. He also can play RT/G and possibly LT.

              • Volume12

                Although, Decker is much more of a LT candidate than Ifedi.

                If Seattle were to get Decker, that would be a homerun selection.

                They do have to go O-line. The writing is on the wall isn’t it?

                • Ed

                  Especially if Okung and/or Sweezy go

                  • Wall UP

                    I think they’ll keep Okung and I hope Sweezy as well. If they did fail to make the playoffs and are slotted @ 18, Decker would not be a value pick for the Hawks IMO.

                    Decker’s footwork & agility doesn’t quite fit a LT position in the next level. RT is a 2nd Rd value which I believe he will be picked, 34-40 range. Also, a Zblkg scheme would be an adjustment from Ohio St. A 6-7 frame that plays tall is challenged when asked to cut blk in space. They already have that in Bailey. A film check of Ohio St. vs MSU would be a good view.

                    They may trade up if @ 18 and get their man. I’m thinking D.

                  • Volume12

                    What do they have in Bailey? A guy that would rather be in 31 other cities?

                    Decker is more 6’6 than he is 6’7. Dude’s got the right mentality, attitude, and is a mauler in the run game.

                    RT is becoming a highly important position in today’s NFL. Ecspecially for a guy like RW.

                  • Wall UP

                    Good run blocker he is in a power scheme. I just don’t see that dancing bear in him to play LT in a Zblkg scheme.

                    A good example of one that would is shown in the clip of Hawkins. He could be had in the 2nd Rd 50-64 range, I hope.

                  • WALL UP

                    The similarity of Bailey is found @ the 7:02 mark of this clip.That block looked a lot like Bailey didn’t it? Ohio’s power scheme suits Decker. The 49ers could use him as their 2nd pick. He should be there.


  3. WALL UP

    If Coleman is out of reach in the 1st Rd the value would be D. To meet the OL need in the 2nd Rd I have Jerald Hawkins as their sleeper pick. I’ve stated this before. He plays LT for LSU this yr. He played RT the yr before that. LSU runs a Zblkg scheme. Here’s a clip that features La’el Collins. Jerald #65 plays RT. Check the 1:35 mark showing a textbook cut blk by Jerald. He would start @ RT be the next LT after Okung.


  4. Ed


    I love watching football, but sometimes I really feel I love talking football more. Thanks for the sight and great information.

  5. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the podcast Rob and getting a little more insight on how you view most of the top names.

    Couple of questions I meant to float the other day when you brought up the Clevland players being on the block. Funny how the worst team in the league has 3 guys on the block I would love to see in a Hawks uniform.

    1) If Mack opts out and becomes a free agent is he someone we might target?
    2)If Joe Thomas is on the block would you trade a #1 for him like we did for Graham?
    3)Is Mingo someone we might consider to replace Bruce if he walks?


    • Rob Staton

      I think Mack would be a priority target in that scenario provided they could afford him. Interest and demand would be high, however. I would consider a deal for Thomas but I think Cleveland want a mammoth deal. I wouldn’t want to trade, for example two 1st’s. I wouldn’t trade for Mingo — would rather address that role in this draft (Eric Striker).

      • Trevor

        I agree completely. I would probably give up a first for Thomas but that is the most. I do believe he is the best LT in the game and his durability is amazing. If Coleman is still on the board I think I would prefer a combo of re-signing Okung and taking Coleman with our 1st pick. If he and Tunsil are gone though I just don’t see a day #1starter at LT in this years draft.

        Would love if we had the cap space to get Mack. I think with Russ still struggling to read coverages and adjust protection pre-snap we have seen how important a quality Center is to this team.

        As for Mingo I like his talent and think he could be a quality LEO in our system. If we could get him for a 5th rounder I would for sure. If we can get Eric Striker though I am all for it as he is one of my favourites in all of college F-ball and would be a much better option. Striker is just a flat out play maker. I know people say he is a tweener but I all I see is a guy who makes plays.

        • Volume12

          He is a tweener, but that has become a positive in today’s NFL. Versatility is key.

  6. Trevor

    One last thing. I usually hate coaching changes mid-season but I have to say I think the firing of Wisenhut might be the first mid-season firing I think was a good move. I think he was my least favorite coach in the league. Tomosula might be worse but he is more pathetic and I feel bad for him more than anything.

  7. Wall UP

    Rob, I as well do appreciate your podcast. Good to broaden your insight by listening. However, I do disagree with your suggested pick for the Hawks. It doesn’t appear the scheme fit for Decker will mesh well in the Hawks Zblkg scheme. Could you please take a look at the 2 clips and give an assessment? Thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      I disagree there. I think he’s more than capable of working in the scheme at right tackle or guard.

      • Wall UP

        Did you look at the film of Hawkins’ cut blkg skills and those of Decker?

        • Wall UP

          There is not much film on Decker Zblkg since they run a power scheme at Ohio St. But, at times they all pull right, as you can see in the clip, and his man runs right past him. Also, the 7:02 mark shows cut blkg skills that may not be ideal for the Zblkg scheme used by Cable. He just drops to the ground and his man runs right around him.

          The 1st Rd with those traits I’d be shocked if Cable would take on that assignment of teaching him techniques of Zblkg. I would think he’d prefer a more athletic project later in the draft, or someone like Hawkins that excels in the system.

          It would be nice to see examples why you think he could work within Cables scheme. Opinions are nice
          ,but to show visual evidence gives greater credence to our opinions, right?

        • Rob Staton

          Cut blocking is just one aspect of the overall judgement. In fact it’s drifting further and further out of the league and might be banished altogether in the next couple of years.

          The Seahawks, as things stand, are likely to be drafting the best offensive lineman on their board wherever they pick in round one. Short of some creative work in free agency. If Decker is the best one available, and in this scenario he was, I suspect they’ll back themselves to work on the cut blocking.

  8. nichansen01

    Are we approaching a legendary draft next year? Next years (2017) draft will contain the likes of Leonard Fournette, Myles Garret and Nick Chubb. What other players are likely to go early in 2017?

    • Rob Staton

      Myles Garrett will go very, very early.

    • Trevor

      I agree the 2017 draft looks stacked. I really hope the Hawks figure out a way to position to get 2-#1s in this draft. If they trade Kam this offseason I would take a 2017 #1 for him. Ideally from the Redskins or Jags.

      We have alot of our star players with deals coming due that year so it could be a great opportunity to re-load.

    • onrsry

      Teams will pick Fournette in the top-3 after seeing what Todd Gurley did. These type of players are really rare and changes the identity of the team they play for. STL and MIN are average teams, but with Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley, they are playoff teams.I’d take Fournette #1 overall regardless of QB need.I’d kill someone for a player like Gurley.

      • Volume12

        I agree. I’d take Fournette no. 1 overall as well. Top 3 in 2017, in no particular order, could end up being Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett, LSU’s RB Leonard Fournette, and Clemson QB Deshaun Watson.

  9. Volume12

    Rob, what’s your opinion on these 2 from Clemson…

    RB Wayne Gallman-R-SO

    CB Cordrea Tankersley-6’1, 195 lbs. 2015 stats: 25 tackles, 3 INTs, 5 PBU, 2.5 TFL, 1 sack

    • Rob Staton

      Like Tankersley’s potential. Has made plays when I’ve seen Clemson. Not focused on Gallman.

      • Volume12

        Nice. Thought you might like Tankersley. He’s one to monitor IMO. Seattle likes them some Clemson backs.

  10. Wall UP

    It’s good to give names and #s and explanation of an opinion. It’s not intended to discredit another’s ideals or beliefs. What’s so appealing about this forum is the ability to share ideals and receive feedback from others.

    Vol12, I enjoy your feedback as well. What did you think of those 2 clips?

  11. drewdawg11

    Sweezy may be the worst starting left guard in the league. Please stop touting his “athleticism”, cable. He’s actually regressed from his rookie season. Too many times he’s reaching and getting whipped. Don’t give this guy a raise.

    • Wall UP

      Not many can cut from behind as does Sweezy. D-lineman hate him more than you do. The market may make him available to keep at a fair price.

      Both he and Britt did well against Dallas. Communication was a big factor in that. Good center play will raise play all around.

      • drewdawg11

        You can’t specialize in one thing and be a complete, or even an average player. He gets whipped at the snap more than anyone I have every watched regularly and that leads to busted plays. Running plays that go for minus yardage, and pass plays that deteriorate into Russell trying to make a miracle happen. He’s not worth being paid millions of dollars when the cap room is in limited supply.

        • Wall UP

          In the trenches there are 5 on 4 outside of the occasional blitz by LB & DB/S. Most alignments by the DT opposite of Sweezy are in the A gap or B gap. The center normally calls gap responsibilities to guard against penetration. A lot of calls weren’t made correctly or were missed.

          The Dallas game was good example of how Sweezy & Britt can succeed when the right calls are made and everyone is on the same page. Communication is vital for an OL group, and it starts with the center.

          Sweezy is not an AllPro Guard my no means. He fits and knows the system. With good communication he do well. If someone does think he’s more valuable than you do and backs a truckload of $$$!, then you’ll probably get your wish and he won’t be here. I think the Hawks will try to sign him though.

          • onrsry

            What about Glowinski and Sokoli then ? You think they will remain as backups until their rookie contracts expires? Sweezy is a serviceable guard but do they really need to pay him 4M$ at least.

            And about the center,do you think Center is the biggest need on OL?

            • Wall UP

              I was thinking in the 3-3.25 range cap hit with 1yr guaranteed of 3yr contract. Also, there is nothing wrong with a strong OL group. Injuries occur at any time. With a strong group it makes a smooth transition to next man up. Ultimately,the best man plays. Competition is Good.

            • Volume12

              RT is the biggest need on the O-line.

              Draft history shows you can get good, starter quality C’s from the 3rd round and down.

            • Wall UP

              The greatest need on the OL is a LT/RT. Someone to play RT and man Okung’s slot if & when he’s injured, and take over when Okung leave. Also, because value is placed higher for those that can play the LT slot. Depending on needs of the team. RT follows from late 1st to 2nd Rd for a good quality RT. The close 2nd would be the Captain of the OL, the C (J. Allen).

              Decker is not a LT in the NFL. A RT/G yes, by all means. But, not a LT in a Zblkg scheme. Don’t get me wrong. Decker will have a long career in the NFL. I have him @ the 34-40 slot going to the 49ers. Why? He fits the 49ers power run scheme. They run a similar scheme @ Ohio St., also they need a RT.

              The name I was referring to was Hawkins not Coleman. We all know Coleman would be snatched up in a heartbeat if available. Why? He’s tailored for scheme the Hawks run. Hawkins is a LT/RT that can play both in the NFL. He doesn’t have the notoriety as Decker orConklin

              • Rob Staton

                I watched some Hawkins today and I’d struggle to draft him at all to play tackle. Against Miss State he was handled very easily, jolted back. When he has position he executes but didn’t see a particularly powerful run blocker or a balanced athlete who knows how to set, kick slide, mirror and deliver a punch.

                • Wall UP

                  Thanks Rob for responding. Could you share that link with us? I like to see other viewpoints. Did you view the link below?

              • WALL UP

                Here is the link. If Coleman is out of reach in the 1st Rd the value would be D. To meet the LT/RT need in the 2nd Rd I have Jerald Hawkins as their sleeper pick. I’ve stated this before. He plays LT for LSU this yr. He played RT the yr before that. LSU runs a Zblkg scheme. Here’s a clip that features La’el Collins. Jerald #65 plays RT. Check the 1:35 mark showing a textbook cut blk by Jerald. He would start @ RT be the next LT after Okung.


                Hawkins is the look see I wanted your feedback from. He will step right in @ RT.

  12. Wall UP

    I would love everyone’s feedback of the 2 clips particularly @ the 7:02 mark of Decker and the 1:35 of Coleman. If you will, disregard the names of individuals just focus on the technique that is preferred in Cables scheme.

    • Volume12

      Didn’t see the Coleman clip. No need to sell him to me. I’m in agreement that he’s a fantastic prospect.

      Here’s what I saw with Taylor Decker: Just screams ‘Tom Cable type of O-lineman,’ tough, gritty, nasty, intense, he’s a great hand-fighter, easily gets to the 2nd level, doesn’t catch his man, he gets up under them, his technique is so consistent, it’s the same every snap, moves well in space, gets good depth on his kick-slide, out of the 40 or 50 snaps in that clip he has maybe 5 bad ones against the best D-line in CFB. Rumored to be a great leader and a fun-loving, great teammate to have in the locker room.

      He is a bit stiff, no argument there, doesn’t square his targets up at the 2nd level, but that can be taught, not the most agile, but way more than Britt or Giacomini, and the cut blocking stuff can be taught too. There’s a cut-block later on where he plays it perfect. Slows down the pass rush on a quick throw.

      IDK man, I’m pretty excited/gidfy after watching that. Again, Decker just exudes everything about the kind of O-lineman Cable wants.

      He might need a tad bit of work, but remember, Seattle enjoys coaching up their rookies perhaps more than any other organization. I truly believe that.

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