Mock draft breakdown (November 4th): Seahawks go O-line

Taylor Decker could help upgrade Seattle’s O-line. But yeah, it’s November. So who knows?

In the podcast this week we conducted a live 1-31 mock draft (the Pats don’t have a first rounder). I said I’d list it out in full today and you’ll find it below. It’s very much a loose projection, designed mainly to look at the kind of range certain players might be drafted. Do I think the Bears will prioritise replacing prospective free agent Alshon Jeffery over defensive help? Not really. But I wanted to emphasise Laquon Treadwell’s stock as a possible top ten pick.

Picks 1-10

#1 Detroit Lions — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
#2 Tennessee Titans — Robert Nkemdiche (DE, Ole Miss)
#3 Baltimore Ravens — Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor)
#4 Cleveland Browns — Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis)
#5 San Diego Chargers — Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre Dame)
#6 San Francisco 49ers — Tre’Davious White (CB, LSU)
#7 Jacksonville Jaguars — Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
#8 Chicago Bears — Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
#9 Dallas Cowboys — Cameron Sutton (CB, Tennessee)
#10 Houston Texans — Shon Coleman (T, Auburn)

The Lions, Titans and Ravens aren’t likely to be in the quarterback market. If the Browns ended up with the first overall pick — or the 49ers — I’d have no issue putting Paxton Lynch right at the top of this class. He could go that early. I’ve said it a few times now — but teams are going to look at this quarterback class and decide Lynch has the bigger upside and the greatest combination of physical tools and accuracy. He’s leading Memphis, almost single-handedly, into the top-15 teams in the nation. Think about that. They beat Ole Miss, who won at Alabama. He doesn’t turn it over. He throws with touch and he’s mobile enough to be a threat as a runner. He won’t be Cam Newton. But he won’t be far off if he lands with the right team.

Corey Coleman is a production machine who competes for the ball and an elite athlete. He will destroy the combine if he declares for the 2016 draft. He has a realistic shot to propel his stock into the upper echelon of prospects — similar to Tavon Austin’s rise in 2013.

Laremy Tunsil could go as early as the #1 overall pick but in this projection I had teams looking at other needs. It’s no slur on Tunsil — and he lands with the Jaguars here because the value is just too good.

Tre’Davious White in my opinion is going to be highly coveted (leadership, coverage skills and an underrated kick returner). Cameron Sutton and Eli Apple aren’t far behind. Shon Coleman might be the most underrated player in college football. Like Corey Coleman, don’t be surprised if he leaps into the top ten in the new year.

Picks 11-20

#11 Kansas City Chiefs — Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
#12 Miami Dolphins — Jaylon Ramsey (CB/S, Florida State)
#13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers — DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
#14 Philadelphia Eagles — Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
#15 Washington — Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State)
#16 Buffalo Bills — Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
#17 New Orleans Saints — Adolphus Washington (DT/DE, Ohio State)
#18 Seattle Seahawks — Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
#19 Pittsburgh Steelers — Kendall Fuller (CB, Virginia Tech)
#20 St. Louis Rams — Tyler Boyd (WR, Pittsburgh)

Eli Apple would make a nice partner for Marcus Peters while Jaylon Ramsey fills a big hole for the Dolphins either at corner or free safety. DeForest Buckner is a better football player than Arik Armstead who went in this range to the 49ers a year ago. Jack Conklin might end up at right tackle in the NFL — the Eagles could get creative with Lane Johnson to accommodate him.

Michael Thomas is just a terrific receiver with everything you want in a true #1. Reggie Ragland would be a tone setter and organiser for Rex Ryan’s talented but underachieving defense in Buffalo. Adolphus Washington makes enough splash plays to warrant consideration in round one. Kendall Fuller is a top talent coming off an injury otherwise he’d go earlier. Tyler Boyd is a gritty playmaker and the heart and soul of Pittsburgh’s offense.

What about the Seahawks? Right now it looks like they’ll simply have to take the best offensive lineman available next year — barring some big (unlikely?) moves in free agency. This need will be even more desperate if they lose Russell Okung. Ideally they find a way to keep Okung and then draft a right tackle. Decker’s an underrated athlete and should do better than expected at the combine. He’s technically very sound and has practised against Joey Bosa for a few years. Good personality with a ‘working class’ feel to his game. He should be able to start quickly.

Also playing into the equation is the possibility of Garry Gilliam improving at right tackle or even being given the chance to replace Okung (not out of the question). The Seahawks could look at alternatives later such as Indiana’s Jason Spriggs. They could even target a guard convert here like Germain Ifedi or Joe Dahl.

Ronnie Stanley is also still on the board in this projection and would be a risk/reward option to replace Okung. We’ve seen the best (vs USC) and worst (vs Temple) of Stanley recently. When he squares up to blockers and can hand-fight 1v1 he wins most of his battles. His effort, however, is so inconsistent and he frequently looks lost trying to find someone to block. Coleman, Tunsil, Decker, Conklin — they play with their hair on fire. Coleman and Tunsil in particular seek out the second level and just hammer linebackers. Stanley has this ugly tendency to coast through games playing at half-speed. It’s a real concern and I’d have a hard time personally taking him in round one. Such is the need for quality tackles, however, someone might feel obliged to draft him early and hope for the best.

Picks 21-31

#21 Indianapolis Colts — Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
#22 New York Giants — Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
#23 New York Jets — Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
#24 Oakland Raiders — A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
#25 Minnesota Vikings — Germain Ifedi (T/G, Texas A&M)
#26 Atlanta Falcons — Joe Dahl (T/G, Washington State)
#27 Arizona Cardinals — Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
#28 Green Bay Packers — Jonathan Bullard (DT, Florida)
#29 Cincinnati Bengals — Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)
#30 Carolina Panthers — Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State)
#31 Denver Broncos — Jared Goff (QB, California)

It’s still too early to even consider how this part of the first round will play out. I like Darron Lee and Myles Jack a lot and they could go earlier than this. Ifedi and Dahl can move inside. Dahl is performing well in pass protection for the Cougs, while Ifedi is starting at right tackle for the Aggies. A’Shawn Robinson offers very little in terms of pass rush and that could hamper his stock.

Zekey Elliott could end up going to a good team who can afford to take him in round one. In this instance it’s Arizona. He might need a bit of time to click at the next level — but he’s a well-rounded weapon of a running back. Jonathan Bullard has lived in the backfield all season for Florida and deserves a first round projection here.

Shaq Lawson might be the best pure edge rusher after Joey Bosa but there will be some doubts about yet another undersized Clemson DE. I have no issues putting Braxton Miller in round open. He’s dynamic in space, has shown to be a natural hands-catcher. He’s bright, intelligent and an X-Factor.

Jared Goff completes the round. He had another rough day against USC with one horrendous interception in particular. He’s a very skilled, accurate, surgeon of a passer at times. He’s also erratic and needs to be brought along slowly at the next level. The internet has decided to anoint him as their champion (see: Teddy Bridgewater, 2014). So expect major overreactions when he goes later than ‘Draft Twitter’ projects followed by repeated ‘told you so’s’ when he has a good performance (and stoney silence when, like Bridgewater, he finds it pretty tough).

For further thoughts on each pick, check out the podcast:


  1. Volume12

    I like the mock Rob. Different from what you’ll usually see from other sites.

    Big fan of Indiana’s Jason Spriggs myself. If those spring testing numbers of his hold up come combine time, oh my gawd! Like his length, his demeanor, just his style in general.

    Spriggs seems like the kind of O-lineman Seattle could target. A fringe 1st rounder, 2nd tier prospect, flying a bit below the radar so to speak. Whatever you want to call it, but not unlike Sambrailo or Ja’Wuan James. Stock wise I should say.

    What do you make of people saying he ‘doesn’t get enough push’ in the run game?

    • Rob Staton

      For me he’s a developmental player with upside. I watched the Ohio State game closely. He lunges a bit at times, doesn’t set anywhere near as well as a Shon Coleman for example. Mirror and kick slide appear laboured but he generally does a good job when he latches on and engages. You get very little second level blocking, he doesn’t play with a real pissed off attitude like some of the others in this class. That said, I like the way he competes. Joey Bosa beat him badly (real badly) on one play but he also had a couple of wins too. If you can work on his technique, get the footwork going properly and develop some of the second level stuff he has the frame, length and power to be a productive tackle. But I’d have a hard time endorsing him as a day one type.

      • Volume12

        Good analysis. All fair points.

        Do you see Decker’s stock staying where you have him? The more I watch him, the more I like.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he goes 10-20. People underestimate him athletically for some reason. I think they’ll be surprised when he turns up at the combine. Better athlete than he gets credit for, but also a technician who plays at a consistently high level.

          • Volume12

            I gotta agree. Looks athletic to my eye. And the fact he got offers from mid majors for his skill on the basketball court only re-enforces the notion he’s a good athlete IMO.

            Love this about him too- “his leadership is also represented in the fact he is a three-time “Iron Buckeye” award winner, which is awarded to six players bi-annually for unquestioned physical training dedication, determination, discipline, toughness and leadership”

            You think he’s really 6’8? Looks more along the lines of 6’6, but that’s just my take.

          • RealRhino2

            Do you think there are enough guys close to Decker who could man RT to wait a round to go OL? I keep looking at various lists and it *seems* at this point that we should have a choice between, say, Decker, Conklin, Ifedi, Haeg, Dahl, Clark, Tyler Johnstone, not to mention guys like Whitehair, Drango, Kyle Murphy, etc.

            Is there really that much separation between Decker and a guy that would fall to us in R2? And if so, do we need that as much as we need other things? I’m starting to question whether we need “great,” or just need “better than Gilliam.”

            • Rob Staton

              Yes there’s a big drop off IMO from what I’ve seen.

  2. Volume12

    I know we’re in agreement that Seattle needs another big body at WR, but what do you think of Cal WR Bryce Treggs?

    Not the biggest guy, but such a fluid/crisp route runner, plays bigger than his size, good COD skills, good bloodlines, solid run blocker, and has a ‘Seahawky’ personality.

    • Rob Staton

      Like the way they develop their WR’s at Cal. All seem to be athletic with skill. Want to see one make an impact though (aside from Keenan Allen).

      • Volume12

        Your talking impact at the next level, right?

        Just me or is Kenny Lawler very hit and miss?

        • Rob Staton

          Yep next level.

          • Volume12

            Not as of late, but DeSean Jackson too.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    There’s a lot to like about Decker. He has the size, the athleticism, the program pedigree. Even so, I don’t know that he’d be an improvement over Okung, although I expect he’d be better than Gilliam. Is he capable of being that “bookend” RT SEA really needs?

    Maybe it’s just me but even if Decker is the best OT on the board at 18, that doesn’t mean he grades out that high. And if SEA were to take him just because he’s the best OT left, would be a bit like their selection of Britt in R2 last year.

    I know this mock didn’t consider trades, but if the chips fell like this on draft day, would SEA take Decker at 18, or trade down into the mid 20s and take someone Dahl + an R3?

    • nichansen01

      It wouldn’t be like the Britt pick, Britt was a projected fourth rounder going in the second, picking decker is selecting a player right where he was projected to go in the first round.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Have to agree. Seahawks shouldn’t overthink the situation. The right two picks will go a long way to fixing the offensive lines problems.

    • Alex H

      The only tackles that are potentially improvements over Okung are the top 2- Tunsil and Coleman- and even then it’s not a guarantee. Matt Kalil looked like the next Joe Thomas in year 1 before an injury in Year 2 made him a complete liability. Players like Joeckel and Fisher just haven’t worked out. It’s really a crap shoot even with seemingly perfect prospects. The chances of a getting a Okung caliber tackle usually requires a top 10 pick (Okung himself was the #6 pick and was projected to go as early as the top 3 in his class).

      With all due respect to Decker, he just isn’t the same caliber of prospect as Tunsil or Okung in 2009. If you want to place him at RT, I guess it’s ok though generally RT can be picked in the 3rd and 4th round since the RT emphasizes more run blocking on the strong side than pass blocking. It’s also the side that generally has TE help, so pass blocking on that side is even less emphasized. On the other hand, if an elite guard or center is available at the back of the 1st round, those picks seem to generally work out though again, solid guards and center can be picked in rounds 3-4.

      The issue the Seahawks had the last few years after the Moffit and Carpenter draft is that they stopped drafting OL within the first 5 rounds altogether. They spent most of their time with 6th rounders-UDFA (except Britt). What they should have done was continue to draft guards, right tackles, and potentially centers in rounds 3-4, which is where the value for those positions lie. Case in point is Justin Britt. He was projected as a 4th rounder. The problem that year was that they didn’t have a 3rd rounder (the ideal spot to pick because the Hawk’s 3rd rounder is essentially an early 4th round pick). Because he’s unlikely to last to the last pick of the 4th round, they had to WAY overreach and pick him with the last pick of the 2nd round. They correctly identified where the value was and where he was projected to be picked, the problem was that the Hawks simply didn’t have the ammo in that range.

      • AlaskaHawk

        With all due respect to Okung, he has already peaked and is on the declining side of his career. Just like a rookie is unproven , Okung may not last another 4 years and certainly won’t play as well as we all remember from his first years. That’s why I’m not keen on resigning him for the 8-10 million he will ask. If the Seahawks do, at least don’t give home a guarantee past the first year.

      • cha

        “The issue the Seahawks had the last few years after the Moffit and Carpenter draft is that they stopped drafting OL within the first 5 rounds altogether. They spent most of their time with 6th rounders-UDFA (except Britt).”

        I understand what you’re saying Alex but you can’t have everything you want. You have to focus on other positions too. The 2012 draft was a dream draft in the first 3 rounds and even netted the starting Guard late in Sweezy.

        As well not everything is 100% in the Seahawks hands. Some of the issues they’ve faced aren’t necessarily draft-position related. The 2013 draft brought in Bowie and Bailey, and if Bowie has a better attitude towards fitness or whatever his personal issue was, maybe he’s the starting RT or LG on this team today. Bailey’s issues have been talked about between fitness/attitude/possible entitlement. Garrett Scott had an undiscovered heart condition, maybe he’s the swing tackle on this team.

  4. KD

    Oddly enough, whenever I run the draft simulator on fanspeak, Taylor Decker is consistently the best OT on the board. Shon Coleman and Joe Dahl aren’t even listed

  5. John_s

    Rob, With you having KC drafting Eli Apple are you assuming that KC doesn’t re-sign Seab Smith? I would love to see Seattle replace Cary Williams with Sean Smith. Releasing Williams would free up 4 mil in cap space which could be a nice year 1 salary for Smith.

    Also, have you seen Sean Davis out if maryland? He’s been a safety most of his career but has moved to CB this year. I can’t find much tape on him but the one I did see had him at safety but he was a monster as a special teams ace. He also is not afraid to lay a hit on the ball carrier. I don’t know where he fits but he screams LOB and ST demon

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t read too much into teams drafting certain prospects. It’s early November and I don’t usually do mocks for another month. I just wanted to represent range.

  6. Old but Slow

    Really like the idea of getting Decker, but don’t expect that he will be there for us. Not to be snarky, but I fear the comparison to Carpenter in Ifedi. Could be just the type that Cable would recommend. Ouch.

  7. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of these 3 CBs?

    Baylor’s Xavien Howard
    Miami’s Artie Burns
    Iowa’s Desmond King

  8. Drew

    As for Shaq Lawson and concerns of being undersized, I don’t think they’re necessarily valid. After watching every Clemson game this year, it’s easy to see he’s bulkier than Vic Beasley. He doesn’t have the explosion that Beasley does, but he’s consistent. He doesn’t get home as often either but provides good pressure. The one big difference between the 2 that I’ve noticed is that Lawson provides much better run support.

    I see him more as a 2nd rounder, but what do I know I’m not an expert. The lack of pure rushers in front of him can push his stock up.

  9. nichansen01

    I have doubts about Joe Dahl being a first rounder.

    Derrick Henry was touted as a possible first round pick last offseason. Now no one talks about him. What happened?

    • Rob Staton

      I also have doubts.

      But with the ever growing demand for good OL’s in the NFL, everyone could get bumped up. Especially as his greatest strength is pass pro.

      Derrick Henry, for me, doesn’t play to his size. He’s finesse. Goes down at contact. For a guy his size he’s actually better exploiting the gap and exploding. Would love to see more toughness. Think he might end up in a committee not a lead guy. We’ll see. Like him, don’t love him.

  10. Ed

    My big thing with the draft will be one motto.

    Don’t get cute. All these trade backs are great, but a few times it seems they lose the guy/guys they thought they could get. Bitonio was a need position and no way they didn’t evaluate him as way better than Britt. Quit trading back, if you want to trade it away for another 1st the next year, cool. Otherwise, don’t get cute and make the pick. OT/DT/CB

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    I haven’t been watching CBs very much this year, so I can’t speak to this stat from personal perspective. Just wondering what Rob thinks given his support for White as the best CB in the draft class.

    CFBFilmRoom: LSU CB Tre’Davious White has allowed more TD receptions (3) than Florida State CB Marquez White has allowed total receptions (2).

  12. j

    I know the obvious need is OL, but who here actually thinks they will go that way? I’m doubtful. Right or wrong, I’m thinking they stick to their strategy of mid round/late round OL. We just don’t seem to prioritize the offensive line for some reason.

    I also think the presence Kristjin Sokoli, Mark Glowinski and even Terry Poole might play into this determination.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we can be a certain as we could possibly be they go OL early. This is a smart front office and when they’ve needed to address certain areas they’ve gone after them. It would be reckless and arrogant to ignore it for the sake of sticking to a strategy that at the moment doesn’t appear to be working. I think they’ll go after the line big time in the off-season. And the only way it isn’t the draft priority is if they manage to solve all of the issues in FA — which I suspect is unlikely considering the expected cap room and that they’ll either be paying Okung/Sweezy or needing to replace them.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m doubtful, too, but like Rob I think they’ll go OL unless somebody surprising drops in their lap. What if one of the top two CBs falls to them? Or a guy like Jaylon Smith? Treadwell? Hard to turn down a guy you might see as #1 at their position for the #3 RT, for example.

      But I agree so much with the above poster regarding what should be our motto: Don’t get cute.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Don’t get cute and don’t overthink it. I wouldn’t have a problem if they picked offensive line the first two picks and a midround later. Sure we got other needs – but how long does the offense have to suffer? We can pick up running backs and wide receivers in UDFA. We aren’t even using all the running back and wide receivers that we have. But we have to fix the offensive line. Everything else keys off that and Russell Wilson.

        • Volume12

          How would a ton of rookies make the line better? It wold be the same type of learning curve.

          What runhin backs and receivers aren’t we using that we have? Rawls is nice man, but make no mistake, he’s not a heavy workload type of guy.

          As for the receivers, BJ Daniels and Chris Matthews have shown nothing.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Maybe they have shown nothing because they aren’t used. Rawls had a very nice performance when the Seahawks actually used him as the main work horse. Matthews did well in the superbowl when they actually used him. Unfortunately neither of them are given many reps. Given a different team they could be used a lot more, just like Tate is being used.

            • Volume12

              Tate was used all the time here.

              If Matthews and Daniels were worth playing they’d play them more.

              Rawls did have a nice game, but 16-18 carries is not a workhorse.

  13. JimQ

    Late Bloomer?
    What is up with Penn St. Sr. 6-7/272, DT/DE-Carl Nassib? A first year starter as a Sr. so “one year wonder” will probably apply. HOWEVER, After only 9 games, Nassib is tearing up the FBS stats.
    18.5 TFL for 112-yds, 2.06/per game avg. (#! in FBS)
    13.5 Sacks for 97-yds, 1.50/per game avg. (#1 in FBS)
    5 Forced Fumbles (tied for #1 in FBS) and he has 1-INT.

    • nichansen01

      I still believe that Vernon Hargreaves will be a first round pick. Thoughts?

      • Trevor

        I think Hargraves goes in the first but agree with Rob he is over rated.

        • Volume12

          Nassib is decent. Classic hard-working, tough, Penn St D-lineman. I see no explosion or athletic traits.

          Hargreaves is a 2nd or 3rd round type cat. What is he? He’s small for an outside corner without the length to compensate, and he doesn’t appear to be fluid enough or have the quick hips for a nickel back.

  14. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m wondering if any of you guys think that Seattle should bring in…..

    1) Pep Hamilton as an offensive consultant (and / or)
    2) Gus Bradley as the DC after the season


    • Volume12

      Why Pep Hamilton? Have ya seen this guy’s play chart? Talk about making the game harder than it should be. Ain’t no one reading that damn thing.

      He is not an upgrade, nor is he even close to the OC Darell Bevell. Not an NFL play caller.

    • Rob Staton


  15. DC

    Russell Wilson IS our championship window over the long term. The FO rolled the dice this year on his protectors & the results to date are less than stellar. They won’t make the same mistake next season.

    The dominoes start with Okung who I believe will stay. Then it feels ordained in the stars that Alex Boone is coming to town. He can start at RG or LG. That gives us enough versatility going into the draft that there need be no panic.

    Until proven otherwise I have us drafting as the Super Bowl Champs (#31).

  16. Trevor

    Since being made aware of Shon Coleman here on this blog I have watched as much tape as I can find and I think he hands down the best OL prospect in College Football. Please explain to me why he gets little to no attention from the so called national draft experts? I know he had the Cancer battle but that seems to be in the past an he has been healthy the past 2 years.

    Rob what are we missing with Shon Coleman and why is he so under rated? Is there any chance he makes it till the end of Rd #1 where hopefully we will be picking. Heck if he makes it to the middle of round #1 I would be praying we trade up to get him.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know what other people are missing. I have no answer there Trevor. I suspect they’ll catch up with us soon.

    • Ukhawk

      Is it because he is in a run oriented offended rather than pass? Don’t know stats but only reason I could think of

      • Volume12

        One of the best draft experts in the biz’ is Tony Pauline IMO. He had Shon Coleman as a 2nd rounder with a chance to rise inti the 1st back in early August before any games were even played.

  17. Trevor

    With the lack of OL talent coming out of college do you think OL prospects will get an even greater premium in the upcoming drafts?

    • Rob Staton


  18. Volume12

    Wow, Miss St DT Chris Jones is a bad man. What a freak! He’s got some increible length and strength. Watched this guy shut down, well as much as ya can, RB Leonard Fournette.

    And Miss St WR De’Runnya ‘Bear’ Wilson is oh so nice. Very much improved from last year. He’s another freak.

    • Volume12

      And Mizzou DE-LEO Charles Harris looks like the next stud off of that production line they got going. Only a R-SO, but his get-off, first step, and bend around the edge is incredible!

      • Ukhawk

        Great shout. He’s already good, going to be a monster IMO when he gets stronger

        • Ukhawk

          What about the other LEOs? Other RS Soph from Rutgers looks promising..

          • Volume12

            Kemoko Turay aka ‘The Dragon?’

            2017 ya got Myles Garrett from A&M, Mizzou’s Charles Harris, Tennessee’s Derek Barnett, BC’s Harold Landry, LSU’s Arden Key, Michigan’s Mario Ojemudia, and a few other names that ecscape my mind right now.

    • Trevor

      Love Chris Jones!

      • Volume12

        Yeah he’s a beast. Would be perfect in that Tony McDaniel role.

        I’m telling ya though, this DE from Mizzou, Charles Harris looks like the same second coming of a Seahawk DE-LEO. I mean, wow! He’s only a R-SO, so he probably won’t come out this year, but write his name down for next year (2017) in what is a loaded LEO class.

        • Volume12

          Junior Seau’s nephew is a good looking prospect for Nevada. He’s a guy that could fill the O’Brien Schofield role. OLB Ian Seau- 6’2, 245-250 lbs. Kid’s got skills.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Gotsis is out for the remainder of this season with an unspecified knee injury.

          Keep an eye on AUB DE Carl Lawson.

          • Volume12

            Ahh, that’s too bad. Really liked him.

            Carl Lawson is interesting. So much talent, but always banged up. However, if he’s available in say the 3rd, I’d roll the dice.

            • Trevor

              Gotsis was a favorite of mine hope it is nothing serious.

  19. Volume12

    Seahawks scouted that Baylor vs K-St game tonight. Some very interesting names. Ecspecially for Baylor.

    • DC

      Did you get a look at Baylor OT Spencer Drango?

      • Volume12

        Not yet. I’m going to watch it here a little bit later. I missed the live broadcast.

        You like Drango?

        • DC

          Only read about him. Plays LT for Baylor, candidate to change positions in NFL. Had a back injury in 2013 but playing well now. Going to be 24 as a NFL rookie.

          I’ve got a 5 week old daughter so I’m balls deep in poopy diapers and sleep(& college football) is now a luxury. I love that you guys have eyes and ears on future Hawks though. Keep it up!

          • Volume12

            LOL. Thanks man.

            Not sure if he’s a guard or a RT. Held up well tonigt there, but then again, K-St doesn’t exactly have premium pass rushers.

            He’s got some nasty in him. Very physical guy, good technique, good run blocker, doesn’t look like a great ahlete, kind of has a weird build, doesn’t square up targets at the 2nd level, struggles with speed rushers, but then again, who doesn’t? Decent length, strong hands, and he plays with his head on a swivel. Looks stiff sometimes.

            He’s an interesting guy. I could see why he’d potentiallty appeal to Seattle, just not sure he’s a ZB lineman. Maybe at guard?

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I wonder if STAN OG Josh Garnett is working his way into R1 consideration.

              • Volume12

                Nice. Wouldn’t shock me. I’m wondering if he could be converted into a RT?

                FWIW, PFF has the most improved OG in the NFL from weeks 5-8 as Justin Britt.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Seahawks scouts also were watching FSU practice today.

      • Volume12

        Ooh exciting. Thanks for the heads up. Some very intriguing DBs, D-lineman, couple LBs, and a couple sleepers on the O-line. Chad Mavety and Kareem Are. DT Giorgio Newberry is very ‘Seahawky’ too.

        One guy that flashed big time tonight was Baylor DE-LEO/OLB Jamaal Palmer-6’3, 253 lbs. Great looking athlete, explosive, fast, passionate, has some very good stats too.

        Palmer would be perfect for that late round-UDFA type of pass rusher I’m starting to believe will the area Seattle targets one.

        • Volume12

          Palmer is a Dallas boy, which is an area PC heavily recruited back at USC. Has a reported 36.5″ vert too.

  20. nichansen01

    So Emmanuel Ogbah is out of the first round here, second round lock then?

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing’s a lock this early. Hard to get a read on Ogbah (and Shaq Lawson). Seen some real flashes and some stuff I didn’t like.

      • Volume12

        Ogbah is kinda like Michigan St’s DE Shilique Calhoun. Not the same build or style, but what I mean is, both guys get a ton of ‘hustle or 2nd effort’ sacks. Not a lot of blowing by OT’s or beating their man around the edge.

        That type of rusher isn’t a bad thing and every team needs/wants a guy like that, but as for a 1st round type? Hard to justify that.

  21. Volume12

    Seattle looking at one of these CB’s or D-lineman from Florida St?

    Early work on RB Dalvin Cook?

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