3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #12

This week Kenny and I look at the Cougs win over UCLA, we talk about Pittsburgh tackle Adam Bisnowaty, look at the Heisman Trophy race and debate which QB’s should be starting across the NFL. And the Seahawks too.


  1. Volume12

    Rob, you like Wazzu WR Gabe Marks?

    • Rob Staton

      I do. But I also hope he doesn’t declare even at his age. Don’t think he goes early, no real need to. Better to stay and build his resume with a growing Wazzu team next year.

      • Volume12

        Good point. Looks like he could add some weight/get stronger, and it wouldn’t hinder his agility and stuff.

        I kinda like Tulsa WR Keyarris Garrett, big and fast (has that homerun or deep speed), but dude has no COD skills and looks stiff. In other words, I’m kinda ‘meh’ on him. I do see and get the appeal though.

        • Volume12

          Illinois WR Geronimo Allison has caught my eye lately too. Has a Sidney Rice like vibe and build.

  2. Volume12

    Man, it’s shaping up to be a good East vs West shrine game and Senior bowl.

    Quite a few names we’ve all discussed, debated, took note of, etc. will be playing in these games.

    One guy I forgot about, but have been watching lately is Mizzou C Evan Boehm. Talk about a ‘Seahawky’ background, playing style, and character. Looks to have shed some weight this year, which was a good thing IMO.

  3. Volume12

    Alright, couple more questions for ya Rob.

    Just me or was Oklahoma DL Charles Tapper really impressive Saturday night against Baylor?

    And with the signings of DTs AJ Francis and Justin Hamilton by Seattle, is it perhaps an indication they want more size there? Looking for another Tony McD, Alan Branch, Red Bryant type of player?

    • Trevor

      Vol 12 I thought Tapper had a great game. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

      • Volume12

        Tapper was a guy that I was a huge fan of 2 years ago, a little bit last year, and then this summer he was on my ‘watchlist,’ but for whatever reason, he escaped my mind.

        He’s very, very ‘Seahawky.’ Plays like a grown man.

        Side note. Doesn’t he look like Kimbo Slice with hair?

    • Rob Staton

      Tapper was superb. Six sacks in his last three games.

      I think you’re right and I think they know they miss McDaniel. When I watched back the 2014 games over the summer, McDaniel stood out much more than I expected. Just a tough, hard as nails player who was terrific and undervalued.

      • C-Dog

        That was my thought when they released King for Francis. They’ve gotten pushed around some this year. I was kind of surprised they didn’t look to bring in a bigger body sooner.

    • WALL UP

      What do you think of this as a DE? Ugonna Awuruonye DE #2 of Campbell University 6-5 260lbs @ Rd 6 (208)pk

      At 5th Rd comp (179)pk, I was looking @ Joel Heath 6-6 300lbs DT/DE of Mich St playing the 3 & 5-tech, taking that Tony McD role. Solid against the run, and gets pressure to the QB. Any thoughts?

      • WALL UP

        Cliff and MicB are used too much against the run. The additional DT help against the run will keep them fresh @ 4th qtr time. That has contributed to their struggles of running out of gas. Glad to see they’re adjusting by picking up help against the run. Joel Heath could add to that next yr.

        • Volume12

          I like Joel Heath. Same type of player like Tony McD was coming out of Tennesse. A guy that does all the little things really well. They both do what I refer to as ‘the dirty work’ on the D-line.

  4. C-Dog

    Well, one thing’s for sure. I will sleep well tonight knowing Rob Stanton thinks letting Russell Okung walk and having Gilliam as the starting LT in 2016 is as ludicrous of an idea as I do.

    • nichansen01

      I cant even imagine this being a reality, letting Okung go would be such a huge mistake. Hes not great but hes worlds ahead of Gilliam, and we cant draft two quality tackles with all our other draft needs. Not many good tackles on free agency either.

    • WALL UP

      Yeah, Okung’s not going anywhere!! That’s why he’s his own Rep. Why pay an agent when you know you’ll get a fair price from JS, the FO that brought you into the league? This FO have striven to take care of their own Core Players like Okung. LOYALTY.

      • WALL UP

        Another player they should keep @ a cap friendly cost is Bane. He’s one of the best NTs in the league. There is no legit NT on the roster that can replace him. Not having him also hurt them @ the SB along with Avril & Lane. The next Bane that I hope they pickup in 2018 is Daylon Mack of Texas A&M. Bane has 2-3yrs left in the tank to make that transition.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I actually think, the price you will pay Okung…. don’t laugh…. 10M a year, it would be better to draft a future LT and swap Gilliam to the LT spot. I know I know, everyone is down on the kid. But he actually has had some positive growth this year, even though he has limited experience playing OL.

      I guess I’ll rip a page out of ARs book and tell everyone to RELAX. 😛

      • Ed

        I’m with you. Doesn’t have to be Gilliam, but too cost prohibitive for someone delicate and average at best. Keep Irvin. Keep Shead.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Keep Marshawn as well

      • Wall UP

        He’s just not ready for the heat from the LT position. This is his 1st yr as an OT. Even if they were fortunate get Coleman, I’m sure he’d start his career at RT with Okung @ LT. That would constitute one of the better bookend tackles in the league. Then Gilliam could back both spots and learn the left side. With Jack Allen stabilizing the middle @ center, Russell would not have to run for his life @ every snap.

        I think Okung is looking @ finishing his career as a Hawk. A cap friendly 8-9/yr @ 3yrs with a signing bonus that would reduce his present cap hit would take care of him. Any other FA LT would probably cost more, and there would not be a rook available in the draft that could keep Russell upright as will Okung. You just have to keep him.

        • Volume12

          Okung has been by far our best O-lineman this year.

          He really stood out to me against SF and ‘Zona. It would be tough to replace not only his skill and importance at LT, but his leadership and commraderie’ inside the locker room.

          Plus, what the hell did you take Soko and Glo for? I get one of them is more than likely going to be our 1st or 2nd O-lineman off the bench for us the next few years, but Soko’s SPARQ score and athleticism is something Seattle doesn’t easily give up on. We’ve seen it with Korey Toomer, C-mike, and a few others too.

        • Trevor

          Wall up, I agree completely. Okung and Shon Coleman as bookend tackles for the next 5 years would be great start to a quality O-Line.

          I think the point you made about Okung representing himself says alot. He probably already has the ground work in place for a deal already so why pay an agent.

      • C-Dog

        The thing I can’t get past with this plan is assuming they will be in good position to draft a future LT and that kid out of college will work out. They have a good LT in Okung. I think a lot of 12s got spoiled by Walter Jones’s career, and expect more out of the position. LT is a corner stone position, like QB, and if a team has a good one, and decides to let them walk to save some cap, they better have an excellent plan to replace them, either by who they have on the roster, or who they are definitely in position to draft.

        Does Gilliam honestly sound like that guy on the roster? Does picking 19-ish sound like a definitely likely spot to land your next LT?

        I just think it is unnecessarily risky. 10 mill for a quality LT is a fair market price. If Seattle keeps him, and if they are fortunate, they hang onto Sweezy after he tests the market, then they are in a great spot to pick up a solid RT in the draft, maybe a decent Center in the following rounds, and this line is finally set for the next several seasons. They can finally stop with changing out 3/5s of it every one. The OL that stays together, plays well together.

        • Trevor

          Agree completely!

          • AlaskaHawk

            Sounds like a good plan.

      • LantermanC

        To get a good LT, seems like you have to have a top 10 pick.
        Joe Thomas, 3rd overall pick
        Trent Williams, 4th overall pick
        Tyron Smith 9th overall pick
        Anthony Costanzo, 22nd overall pick
        Ryan Clady, 12th overall pick
        Nate Solder, 17th overall pick
        D’Brickashaw Ferguson, 4th overall pick
        Jason Peters, Undrafted
        Brandon Albert, 15th overall pick
        Andrew Whitworth, 55th overall pick
        Russell Okung, 6th overall pick
        Duane Brown, 26th overall pick
        William Beatty, 60th overall pick.
        Eugene Monroe, 8th overall pick
        Joe Staley, 28th overall pick
        Jermon Bushrod, 125th overall pick
        Jared Veldheer, 69th overall pick
        Eric Fischer, top 5
        Greg Robinson, top 5
        Luke Joeckel, top 5

        At this point we’re getting into guys who aren’t exactly great LTs. There are 32 LT, but like QB, you really only would want 15-20 on your team.
        Of the 20 I listed, 7 can be picked if you make the playoffs and 5 weren’t in the first round. Part of the reason we drafted Britt so high is because we felt he was the last guy left who could play Tackle (which ended up not being true). So many tackles can’t play left tackle, so it’d be nice to just draft “the next guy” but much easier said than done.

  5. Mike B.

    I’ve listened to the last few 3000 NFL Mock Draft podcasts (often during my long commutes home in god-awful Seattle traffic) and have enjoyed them, Rob. Thanks for doing these–you’ve provided some keen insight. Have you considered doing some kind of chat, perhaps through Field Gulls/SB Nation? Not sure if they can facilitate a proper chat forum, but it’d be fun.

    Also, a few thoughts/questions. One RB that I’ve watched a fair amount and really stands out is Samaje Perine from Oklahoma. He’s only a sophomore, but he’s built like The Hulk and has all the traits you’d like to see in a feature RB. Leonard Fournette might end up being the best all-around player in the 2017 draft, but odds are Seattle won’t get a chance to snag him. Do you think Perine could be a good pick for Seattle, even if they wind up drafting a good RB in 2016? Cheers.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Perine’s frame and running style. It took him a while to get a head of steam this season but he’s finally there. He’s certainly one of a fantastic group of RB’s eligible for 2017. And thanks for listening!

      • Trevor

        Rob who do you like more in next years RB draft class assuming Founette is out of our range. Delvin Cook, Sammy Perine, Nick Chubb (assuming recovery from ACL)?

        I personally love Delvin Cooks game and think he is the most complete back with great receiving skills but the off field stuff is definitely a concern. i like Vol 12s comparison to Edgerin James.

        • Rob Staton

          Like Cook the player but character issues bother me.

          • Trevor

            For sure!

  6. Volume12

    I know we got a TON of Auburn OL Shon Coleman here at SDB, and rightfully so. Thought I would share this with ya’ll.

    Seattle scouts at Auburn’s practice’s this week. And Florida St. again!

    Who do they like on this FSU team? LBs Terrance Smith and Reggie Northrup, CB Marquez White, OL Kareem Are, DE/DT DeMarcus Walker, or eary scouting on perhaps WR Travis Rudolph and Dalvin Cook? BTW I think Cook is the next Edgerrin James. Or is it DT Giorgio Newberry-6’5,6’6, 295 lbs.?

    • Volume12

      Meant to say a lot of Shon Coleman FANs here at SDB.

      Anyways, since Coleman’s FR year at Auburn was back in 2010, did PC maybe try and recruit him while he was still in HS?

      • Rob Staton

        I had a look and it appears USC didn’t recruit him at least vigorously. A lot of other top teams did.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Carl Lawson has to be on their radar too. Leaving aside his injury history, he’s one of the top EDGE defenders in this class.

      I read an article (wish I could cite it) where Coleman said practicing against Lawson has made him a better blocker.

      • Trevor

        Lawson has had a solid year. Coleman and Lawson are probably both guys who interest the Hawks.

        • Volume12

          Lawson too. And what about Auburn OL Avery Young?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dalvin Cook is an exciting prospect, and right in SEA’s wheelhouse in terms of size. James is a good comp.

      Terrance Smith seems a likely target. Similar in stature and style to Irvin.

      • Volume12

        I like Terrance Smith’s potential and his backstory is a little Eli Harold like, but his play has been average this year. Could be due to injury. I actually like LB Reggie Northruo more.

        But, Smith does have the size, skill set, and look of a Seahawk LB.

  7. Trevor

    With all the fire Bevel talk yesterday I was doing something about some option not names Chou or Sark.

    Fist let me be very clear I will be surprised if the fire Bevel and Cable for one down year. This front office seems more long term focused and loyal than that. Almost to a fault at times. In fact has any coach been fired in the Pete Carrol era?

    But if they do personally based on the type of team PC wants the Seahawks to be (power run game / great defense) there is one logical choice Bill Callahan the current OL coach with the Redskins.

    He like a run fisrt offense and went to a SB with Rich Gannon (quite a feat). Add in what he did with the Dallas OL and Redskins OL and I think he would be a great choice!

    Does anyone know if he has any ties to Pete?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not sure about PC, but Bevell was QB at Wisconsin when Callahan was the OL coach.

    • JeffC

      “Went to a SB with Rich Gannon (quite a feat)…”

      Didn’t understand this statement. Gannon was probably one of the best qb’s in football for a 3 year stretch there.

      • Trevor

        Gannon was a journeyman QB at best till Callahan got him under his wing. Check out is stats and record before going to Oak, He was awful with Vikings, Cheifs and Redskins.

  8. Volume12

    Chawk, my man. Thought you might enjoy this update. I know he was a guy on your ‘watchlist/radar’ this summer IIRC.

    *Small School Prospect* James Cowser/OLB-DE/Southern Utah: Cowser is one of three draftable prospects on the Thunderbirds defense and a player moving up draft boards. To date he’s totaled 10 sacks, 13.5 tackles for loss as well as 3 quarterback hurries, along with 56 total tackles. The explosive pass rusher possesses linebacker size and constantly disrupts the action off the edge. He’s fast (high 4.5’s forty) agile and can quickly change direction then run down quarterbacks or make plays in backside pursuit. Cowser, who’s drawing comparisons to former Big Sky defender Jared Allen, plays intense football and goes hard on every down. He’s expected to participate at the Shrine Game and should receive a combine invitation in the coming months.- Tony Pauline

    My question is, will his age affect how teams view him? I believe he’ll be 25 when the NFL season begins next year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s awesome V12. I’d fallen asleep on him. Thanks!

      His age has to be a concern, as does the FCS-level competition. But he’s had some serious production this year.

      He’s a bit smaller than Allen, so I’m not sure I see the comparison.

      There are some nice DE/LEO prospects in Utah schools this year. In addition to Cowser I like Kyler Fackrell and Bronson Kaufusi

      • Volume12

        I like Kaufusi, but Fackrell just hasn’t looked like the same guy since his ACL injury. The potential is definetly there though for him to return to form, because if he can, he’s a top 75 kind of talent,

        The comparison to Jared Allen with James Cowser has more to do with their playing style, intensity, and the fact they both came from smaller schools. That’s what I got out of it at least.

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