3000 NFL mock draft: Episode #25

This week Kenneth and I get into Derrick Henry, the likelihood of the Seahawks drafting a running back in the first three rounds, Daniel Jeremiah’s latest mock draft and we compare existing Seahawks to players in the 2016 draft.


  1. Cysco

    Hey Rob,

    Been posting on SDB since damn near the beginning. Back then, if there were 15 comments on a thread I viewed it as a busy day on the blog.

    Now, you’re pushing 300 comments a day, and I can only imagine that going up as this draft draws closer.

    Congrats on all the great growth and thanks for being such a integral part of the Seahawks fan community!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man — and thanks for lasting the distance 🙂

    • Trevor

      Best draft blog on the net!

      • bobbyk

        By far.

      • RWIII


      • MisterNeutron

        I agree. I’ve read dozens of draft blogs over the few couple years, and Rob puts more thought and detail into his write-ups than pretty much anyone I’ve come across. His anaylsis is well above par and is a gold standard for any type of sports blog, whether draft-based or other. Now if I could only find a soccer blog like this one.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks for the kind words guys.

          • Coleslaw

            Yup, Rob seriously thank you! It’s great for all us fanatic Hawks fans to not be left out in the cold all offseason. You’re awesome, man!

  2. Trevor

    Rob if the Hawks look to go the veteran route to upgrade the OL what are the best options in your opinion given our Cap situation. Are there any older guys you think would be relatively cheap for a 1-2 year fix. I know you have mentioned Loadholt in the past.

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on the market. Can’t see them spending big so we’ll have to see who is around in the second or third wave of FA. If guys are available at $3m they become options I think. Maybe Alex Mack they push the boat out for. We’ll see.

      • sdcoug

        Just read yesterday there’s increasing sentiment that if Mack decides to opt out of his current deal, he will be aiming to become the highest paid center at $10M per. Could be possible with Jax and their boat load of cap space (not to mention their heavy interest last year) lurking.

        • ClevelandHawk

          That sounds right. With the cap rising substantially again and most teams with reasonable cap room, I suspect the few attractive free agents are going to get paid. Rand Getlin tweeted yesterday that Sweezy has plenty of buzz. If Sweezy is a target for multiple teams, it scares me to think how the top flight guys causing hearts to flutter. JS/PC are going to have to bottom fish again this year, if we are to add any veteran help.

        • rowdy

          The thing about Jax is they have to spend to get over the minimum salary like last year paying Thomas way above his worth

        • Trevor

          I agree Jacksonville will throw the most dollars at him but he has gone on record as saying his reason for wanting to leave Cleveland was to try and win a championship. If that is the case do you go to Jacksonville?

  3. Austin Slater

    Rob do you think incognito could be a potential fit on our line? If you addressed it in the podcast I apologize, will be listening when I get off work.

    • Steele

      Looking forward to your thoughts on this, Rob.

      I was so sickened by the Incognito locker room cancer saga that I cannot support his presence anywhere in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’ll get a sizeable offer to stay in Buffalo.

  4. RealRhino2

    FWIW (not much, I know), just ran what I hoped would be a more realistic mock draft on fanspeak, and thought it’d get lost on the last blog post. Tried to make it realistic by limiting my choices by incorporating other sources, so:

    1. Can’t take anybody more than 1 round later than Pauline has them going (IOW, if Pauline has a guy going in 2nd round and he’s there in the 4th on Fanspeak, no dice).

    2. Can’t take anybody more than 15 spots lower than Chad Reuter and/or Lance Zeirlein has them in their 4-round mock and Top 100, respectively.

    3. In the 7th round I get to take anybody who is a 5th-round or later prospect from Pauline (as we’ve seen, all bets are usually off that late in the draft, and guys that everybody thought was a sure mid-rounder are still sitting there).

    Here goes:
    1. Ezekiel Elliott, RB
    2. Jarran Reed, DT
    3. Kyle Fackerell, OLB/DE
    3. Adolphus Washington, DT
    4. Graham Glasgow, C/G
    5. Fahn Cooper, OT
    6. Kolby Listenbee, WR
    7. Deon Bush, S
    7. Stephane Nembot, OT

    I’m sure the first half of the draft looks weird for anybody convinced our OL is garbage (like me), but I just couldn’t fight the board. IMO Elliott was the BPA, and after 2nd I like the defensive guys so much better than what was left on the OL. End of the day, I’ve tried to provide insurance/transition on defense and RB, development and competition at OL.

    • Volume12

      I like those guidelines you went off of man. Almost like you were setting up your own big board. Very cool.

    • C-Dog

      If Seattle uses FA to land a couple quality OL vets, this would be a really great draft.

      • Trevor

        I think they will. There is no way they rely on who might be available in the draft to fix their OL. I would be shocked if they have not signed a couple of OL prior to the draft.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I know in the past they’ve preferred using relatively a fair amount of draft capital on the OL, high and mid rounds, and rely on FA to fill DL openings, but I wonder if this is a year they flip the switch a bit. Carroll might be only seeing a few more years he wants to coach, and maybe a 2 or 3 year window to get another ring with this squad. After last season, he may not have the patience to go through another major OL rebuild with young players. That’s why I cut against the grain of a lot of others on this site, and lean towards retaining Okung, and bringing in another vet, maybe even two. Still drafting OL at some point, but not being forced to throw a rookie (or rookies) into the fire.

    • vrtkolman

      At first I didn’t like this much, but now I think it’s great if we sign a good vet OL or two. The DT position is stacked and the Rawls/Elliot combo would be terrific.

  5. RWIII

    Rob: Here is my take on Derrick Henry. If Derrick Henry ran a 4.4 in the forty and had a 42 inch vertical jump Seattle is not the only Franchise that would sit up straight in their chairs. If Seattle wanted him they would have to go first round on Henry. Here is the other thing about Henry. John Schneider/Pete Carroll have drafted three players from Alabama. James Carpenter, Jesse Williams, and Kevin Norwood. Maybe its a coincidence and maybe its not but all three have players have had an INJURY history during their time in Seattle. Its not limited to just Seattle. Alabama players in general have struggled to stay healthy. Not all players mind you but it is a significant number.

  6. RWIII

    Also Jordan Heck from the Sporting News wrote an article questioning if Nick Saban OVERWORKED Derrick Henry

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    With respect to Kenneth, I don’t see how SD pass on Tunsil. Kenneth mentioned DJ Fluker as the reason why SD wouldn’t be interested in a LT, but Fluker is a RG, and an average one at that. OL is as big a need on that team as any position group.

    Also, it’s obvious Spanos doesn’t want to move to LA – or at least he doesn’t want to be Kroenke’s tenant. And the only way he stays put is if the Chargers make the playoffs. He ain’t gonna win any games next year by taking a QB in R1 as insurance against what Rivers might or might not do.

    Just my opinion.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Part of it I think was providing a talking point. Namely that some saw 3 QBs in top 10. So how would that play out. Obviously if teams don’t trade up that makes that prospect difficult.

      SD fans are even louder than Seahawks fans in their zeal for demanding OL picks. They’ve been shouting from the rafters for those prospects for years.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I think 3 QBs in the top 10 is quite possible, with CLE, DAL and SF. I just don’t see SDC or MIA going that way early.

        It sure seems like Jerry Jones (and Jason Garrett) developed a major crush on Carson Wentz during Senior Bowl week. If he throws well at the Combine, I could see them trading with TEN to beat CLE to him.

        • Volume12

          I think Jared Goff would be really good in Hue Jackson’s offense.

          SF gonna bring Sam Bradford aboard and draft QB Vernon Adams?

    • Kenneth

      Sure, the Chargers could definitely take Tunsil. Not so much thinking he’d be blocked by Fluker, just that San Diego is awful in a lot of places and maybe since they’ve recently used the 11th overall pick on a tackle they might feel the need to diversify and go with Jalen Ramsey just as Eric Weddle is leaving. But either way, Tennessee can’t lose getting just about any player at 4.

  8. Volume12

    Did ya’ll see who ‘The hair’ aka Mel Kiper had mocked to Seattle?

    That pay wall thing is awful and a disservice. Making people pay for an opinion? OK.

    • Attyla the Hawk


    • MisterNeutron

      ESPN’s “Insider” thing is a bit of a joke. I actually tried to subscribe last year just before the draft, and I kept getting an error screen when I tried to complete the transaction. Glad that it didn’t go through. Quite a few “Insider” articles are little more than fluff. Kiper’s mocks? You can often find those posted elsewhere, or at least parts of them. And I don’t thing Kiper is much better than some of the other mockers out there; Daniel Jeremiah is probably better.

      • Volume12

        Like you said, a lot of fluff and you can usually find it posted elsewhere.

    • TJ

      I stopped paying attention to Kiper’s mocks about a decade ago… don’t think that he has ever nailed a Seattle pick, and seriously question whether or not he puts ANY thought into Seattle’s draft needs/tendencies – he always seems to just go with a canned response. I’ll read his player evaluations, but not his mocks.

  9. MisterNeutron

    Xavien Howard! In my latest mock I have the Seahawks taking him with their 3rd round comp pick. I’m still torn on their first overall pick, but I lean toward them moving down if they can find a trading partner, similar to what they did in 2014. If they wind up picking early in the 2nd, Deion Jones makes a lot of sense, or possibly Cody Whitehair.

    • Volume12

      Big fan of ‘X’ myself.

      Have to wonder if he becomes a riser here in the next couple months.

      My favorite CB, and a guy I’d take in the 1st? Houston’s William Jackson. Perfect cover 3 corner and still has massive upside.

    • Trevor

      I think Howard, Willie Jackson, Rashard Robinson and Deiondre Hall are going to be big CB risers after the combine.

    • icb12

      Have you guys had any looks at Michael Jordan, CB Missouri Western?

      • Volume12

        Heard of him, but haven’t seen him play or watched any film.

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    CLE just released Randy Starks. He played in 14 games in 2015 but didn’t have much production, probably due to being a 4-3 DE playing in a 3-4 base.

    His APY with CLE was $3.25M, and his market has diminished since then. Could be a cheap rotational signing.

    • Rob Staton

      Always liked Starks.

    • vrtkolman

      Great idea, it just seems like Cleveland does nothing but mis-use their players. I think Starks could provide some interior pass rush or at least disruption.

      • bobbyk

        We talked about him here last year. This year looks like the year to get him at a bargain price – kind of like the Seahawks get value with at DT every year.

    • Trevor

      I think he would be a great pick up.

      • Volume12


        • cha

          No comp pick issues then. I agree!

          • franks

            I’m in and if we draft Robinson out of Alabama, he and Starks would be an upgrade from the injured Jay Howard and the aging Mebane. He’s done a lot for is no doubt. But can he give us $4 million of championship play? Good enough until the opportunity presents itself to upgrade.

  11. vrtkolman

    I really think next year is when we should talk about drafting a RB in the 1st round. Picking up a RB in the 3rd or 4th round is a great idea this year, but next year’s RB class is star power heavy and we could have a great shot at Rolls Royce Freeman depending on how the RB rankings play out. I love Royce and think he’s on a different level than Elliot and Henry.

    • Rob Staton

      To be fair, if he’s better than Elliott he’s not going to last beyond the top-15.

      • icb12

        Consider the Potential in that Draft class though..

        Freeman, Chubb, Fournette, McCaffery, Hunt, Gallman, Clement, Cook, Perine.. and more. Shell, Hood.

        2017 has potential to be absolutely loaded at RB. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

        vrtkolman could be right. We could have an excellent shot at a great RB in Round one.
        and personally do like Freeman more than Elliot. .

        • vrtkolman

          Yep that’s kind of what I was getting at. Freeman wouldn’t be available late in the 1st round in a normal draft, but with Fournette, Chubb, McCaffrey? and possibly Cook I could see it happening. I don’t see a lot of teams going RB in round 1 in general.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m always pretty cautious though of thinking too far ahead. It could be a very good class — but the Seahawks are in win-now mode. They need to make their running game excellent in 2016. And the top guys (Freeman, Fournette, Perine etc) might not last to them. Plus there have been ‘great’ classes in the past that ended up being anything but.

  12. Attyla the Hawk

    Interesting comments on Hargreaves Rob. I am of the exact same opinion on him. He seems like a ‘legacy’ first rounder who was mocked in the 2015 preseason. And nobody has called in on that. Have to wonder if teams aren’t piping up to discount that opinion — hoping that he pushes other talent down the board.

    Every draft class has a handful of guys that end up sliding well out of the first round. Hargreaves seems like a guy who could be that player. I also have Conklin, Treadwell and at least one of Lynch/Goff. Maybe both. Goff just strikes me as a ‘Geno Smith’ type of first rounder. Of course he could be this year’s Blaine Gabbert too.

    Curious who the guys in the top 20 of every mock that you see could likely get pushed back to R2.

  13. Trevor

    Just listened to the podcast. We all love Russ but I think Ken needs to start his own fan club 🙂 All joking aside I enjoyed this one getting your take on mirrors in the drafts for Hawks players. It really made you think about how unique and special the collection of talent they have assembled is.

    Hard to find clones for Sherm, Russ, Marshawn, Earl, Kam. All these guys are incredibly unique and we have been fortunate to be fans during this era.

    Also makes you realize that PC / JS really do look for unique traits and individuals.

  14. Trevor

    With all the talk of taking an RB early for me it is not about the player it is about having 3 really young, inexperienced guys in the RB room. Rawls and Michael are incredibly talented but both are young and had some off field stuff that showed immaturity particularly in college.

    I would love to see them bring a veteran presence into the RB room to provide leadership even if on a short term deal like Fred Jackson did this year.

    Then nexts years RB class is supposed to be one of the most talented ever. If Michael does not pan out this year then draft and RB with the 1st or 2nd pick. If he does play well and matures we have 2 elite backs already on the roster.

    • Rob Staton

      Again though, the position is too important to this team to hope for the best on Michael. And they really can’t risk another situation where Rawls goes down and they’re scrambling around pulling guys off the street. Unless they’re bringing in a guy who can actually produce (and to be fair, Jackson did not) then it just feels like a wasted salary. There’s enough veteran experience on the offense to not be overly concerned about youth at one position.

      As for 2017’s class — it’ll be good at the top end. But there’s no guarantee any of the big names fall to Seattle or that they’ll want to draft them in R1.

  15. CHawk Talker Eric

    Any interest in Ramon Foster or Mitchell Schwartz at RT/LG for SEA?

  16. largentquicks

    Hey guys. Amazing stuff. First time posting on this site but have been a daily reader for the last 5 years or so. You have a wonderful community that has amazing info on seahawks football. Rob, I am a huge fan of what you have done with this draft blog.
    What are your guys’ opinion on Braxton Miller? I’ve been reading everyone’s views on Derrick Henry and have to admit I’d be pretty bummed if they went that direction in the first round. You can put me in the group who would be happy with 2 O lineman in the first 3 rounds but the seahawks rarely pick who I want them too. If the seahawks continue the trend of early round, difference making sparq athletes, then braxton miller could be a legitimate option in round one or maybe after a small trade down.

    • Volume12

      I like Braxton Miller. Very similar to Percy Harvin, but bigger. Skill set wise.

      He’s gonna need time to adjust in the NFL, but right outta the gate you could do some really cool things with him.

      • cha

        I really like him, he has that Harvin ability to make moves at full speed that not many have. Makes defenders look like they’re up to their knees in mud. I could see a package of 5-10 plays a game as a rookie, line him up in the backfield, slot or backfield-motion to slot to read the D pre-snap. Best scenario, he could duo with Lockett and be the foundation WRs for the 2nd phrase of RW’s career.

        Minor bonus, he could be the emergency QB too.

        Sounds like I’m trying to talk myself into the Hawks taking him at 26 but that might be too high for the Hawks. I guess depends on how the Hawks address their other needs before the draft. If he’s available in the 2nd or a trade up in the 3rd I’d support that.

    • C-Dog

      I like him a lot. Major upside.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    @TesslerSports: Tristan Okpalaugo (DE/OLB Toronto Argonauts) had a great visit w/the Seahawks who also want him & we’ll now be heading to Arizona Cardinals.

  18. C-Dog

    Just started playing around with a few mocks on Fanspeak. I’m pretty sure they aren’t entirely current on who all’s stock is rising and sliding, still pretty early in the game. But it was fun to get a feel.

    First one was just selecting BPA Regardless of Position (according to their site), and I came up with this:










    First couple picks, I can totally see Seattle jumping on. Shepard could be a surprise pick if he’s there. Jerell Adams makes sense if JG isn’t expected to be ready soon. I could see them snag a couple corners, even though they are stock piling. Latham I think will probably go in the R2 R4 range, though. Marshall is another returner if they want to ease the workload off Lockett. Leon Allen I think is apparently heading back to college, so I don’t know why they have him up there, but since he was BPA on their site, I had to draft him. Kind of freaky that it landed this way, but I sort of think it fits, except for Allen, that’s just stupid.

    Second one was what I saw as BPA at need positions.

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    98: R3P35

    125: R4P26

    172: R5P33

    215: R6P37

    223: R7P4

    245: R7P26

    Probably pipe dreams Spence and Martin are the first two picks. They had Spence slide quite a bit, and Martin is rated as the 56 best player, which is interesting. Jones and Collins would seem like great value in the R3 range. R4 WR seems consistent with how they draft. Kaufusi I can’t get a feel on, but I would think in R% would appeal a lot. Late round CB, OL, and S seems about right.

    Last one (to the annoyance of maybe some) feeds my feeling that this year they might flip the switch on what they’ve done in the past, add a couple vets to the OL to “get it right”, grab DT’s higher than usual in a DT rich draft:

    26: R1P26

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    98: R3P35

    125: R4P26

    172: R5P33

    215: R6P37

    223: R7P4

    245: R7P26

    Washington and Johnson give them a young 3 tech/1 tech combo that both offer interesting pass rush traits. They can still bring back either Rubin or Mebane, maybe both, but short deals. Can’t have enough DL. Joshua Perry is plug and play at SAM, a lot like KJ, Seattle would be very lucky to grab him here. Garnett has the LG road grader size they prefer, actually played guard in college, perhaps Britt can move back to RT. Prosise really interests me, like him as the new 3rd down back, with an extra gear. They can hang onto Lewis or add a vet at center, and groom Glasgow to take over (Sokoli at center terrifies me. Stop it, Cable). Dahl, if still there, is an upgrade over Bailey as the swing tackle/guard, maybe competes with Glow as a starter. Wallace is the typical corner they draft. Fanaika is a SPARQy late round DL.

    • oz

      For those of you who are high on A. Washington need to watch the tape of the Indiana game from last year. I was not impressed to say the least. To me he is not Seahawky at all!!!!

      • Rob Staton

        In what way? Purely because he had a quiet game against Indiana?

  19. Hawkspur

    Great pod! Thanks for all the hard work.

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