Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft, Tony Pauline’s rankings

Daniel Jeremiah has A’Shawn Robinson landing in Seattle

Daniel Jeremiah has published his second mock draft via NFL.com. It’s been pointed out a few times that my own projections tend to represent ‘worst case scenarios’ for the Seahawks. The players we like are usually gone by #26. We’ll continue to compare the mocks on this blog with those in the national domain to see if we’re ruling out prospects that could be available to Seattle.

There’s a lot of movement between Jeremiah’s first and second mock drafts:

— Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State) drops from #9 to #30

— Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky) wasn’t included in the first round initially but is now the #10 overall pick

— Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State) makes the jump from #24 overall to #11

— Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville) moves up from #21 overall to #12 overall

— Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) leaps from #26 up to #13

— Leonard Floyd (OLB, Georgia) wasn’t included last time but is now the #17 pick

— Kamalei Correa (DE, Boise State) replaces Kyler Fackrell (OLB, Utah State) in the first round, going to Arizona at #29

— Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama) drops from #19 to #28

A lot of these trends are to be expected. Rankins, Spence and Butler bolstered their stock at the Senior Bowl. Darron Lee has always been a top-15 talent and is finally getting the recognition. Floyd has freaky athleticism and an underwhelming college career — but he has first round upside.

The big shock is Eli Apple dropping from a top-ten pick to the penultimate pick in round one. There’s no obvious reason for this given Apple didn’t attend the Senior Bowl and hasn’t picked up an injury.

Jeremiah did Tweet this out…

Perhaps he’s not hearing a lot of buzz about Apple? It’s interesting to note the mock overall is based on inside chatter. He previously worked in the NFL for Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

So what about Seattle’s pick at #26? Here’s Jeremiah’s selection:

A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
The Seahawks could take some hits in free agency at the position and Robinson has enormous upside.

Jeremiah previously had Seattle taking Vernon Butler in his first mock draft.

It’s true that the Seahawks face a dilemma if they lose Brandon Mebane and/or Athyba Rubin. There’s no ready made replacement on the roster. They’ve plugged veteran defensive linemen into their system before with some success. They’ve not had to look for two new starters though.

Robinson looks like a special athlete so that’s one box ticked for the Seahawks. He carries 312lbs on a 6-4 frame better than any prospect I think I’ve ever seen. Minimal bad weight, incredible definition. Robinson was a grown man in college and helped anchor Alabama’s brilliant D-line.

Seattle could plug him into their base defense pretty quickly and I’ve no doubt he’d excel. Gap discipline, run defense, doing his job. These are all things Robinson is capable of. To that extent he would make a solid pick.

It’d also be a cheap move in terms of salary. Breshad Perriman, the #26 pick a year ago, had a rookie cap hit of $1.5m. His deal costs $2.7m in 2018. Ahtyba Rubin’s salary in 2015 cost $2.6m. Brandon Mebane cost $5.7m.

That said, Rubin is 30 in July and Mebane recently turned 31. Both players could be re-signed on a relatively team-friendly contract. Given Seattle’s production vs the run in 2015 (zero 100-yard rushers in the regular season) — they probably want to keep both.

If they can’t and are able to add some pieces to the offensive line in free agency — Robinson could come into play. They might even draft Robinson to add depth or provide some long term security — although they’ve generally looked for impact players in round one.

The issue with Robinson as a prospect is the way he appeared to play within himself at Alabama. For all his size and athleticism, he offered almost nothing as a pass-rusher and had barely any splash plays. Putting a highlight reel together of his best plays must be a real chore. Given his massive potential and freakish physical skills — you’d expect so much more.

Perhaps at the next level he’ll be able to take the next step? Or maybe he’ll just always be a nice anchor against the run who can fit at the one or three technique and provide solid football for a few years? The question is — will the Seahawks see that as worthy of a first round pick?

Compared to my own recent mock draft, the following players were available per Jeremiah that I had off the board:

Eli Apple (CB, Ohio State)
Terrific corner prospect with length and speed. Will need to show he has +32-inch arms to fit Seattle’s size ideal. Doesn’t get beat over the top and keeps everything in front. A disciplined, intelligent cornerback.

Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
Much less upside than A’Shawn Robinson but more of a finished product. Doesn’t have Robinson’s upside but he’ll be a real force against the run and should be able to have a quick impact at the next level.

Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana)
A bit stiff at times and gets beat too often with the inside counter. Given his size and length he can’t get beat inside and technically he needs a lot of work. On the plus side he has the size and athleticism teams love at offensive tackle.

Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
Powerful interior pass rusher but perhaps not the best fit for the Seahawks. His gap discipline is non-existent and he freelances too much trying to find a route into the backfield. On the turf too often. Needs coaching to max-out his potential.

Kyler Fackrell (OLB, Utah State)
Splash-play specialist. Constantly busy and working into the backfield to impact the quarterback. Might be a bit of a tweener — does he have the athleticism to play OLB or the size to be a natural end? What is his best fit?

Eli Apple stands out as a nice option and he could be an ideal fit for Seattle’s scheme. There’s no Sheldon Rankins or Noah Spence though — and it’s probably time to accept both will be going in the top-15 with little chance of a drop into the 20’s.

The Seahawks would have a chance to draft an offensive lineman with Jason Spriggs, Shon Coleman, Nick Martin, Ryan Kelly and Cody Whitehair all available. That said — do any provide the kind of elite athleticism and major upside they’ve often targeted in round one? Would Eli Apple, A’Shawn Robinson or — yes — Derrick Henry be more likely due to their combination of physical skills and college achievements? Especially if some of the O-liners above have a chance to linger until the end of round two?

Meanwhile Tony Pauline has updated his draft rankings. Here are some of the highlights:

Ryan Kelly (Round 2)
Nick Martin (Round 2)

Laremy Tunsil (Round 1)
Taylor Decker (Round 1)
Ronnie Stanley (Round 1)
Jack Conklin (Round 1)
Jason Spriggs (Round 1)
Germain Ifedi (Round 1)
Shon Coleman (Round 1-2)
Le’Raven Clark (Round 3)

Cody Whitehair (Round 2)
Connor McGovern (Round 4)
Joe Dahl (Round 4-5)
Sebastien Tretola (Round 7)

Vernon Butler (Round 2)
Sheldon Rankins (Round 2)
Jarran Reed (Round 2)
Adolphus Washington (Round 2-3)
Austin Johnson (Round 3)
Jihad Ward (Round 3)
Darius Latham (Round 3-4)
Sheldon Day (Round 4)
Chris Jones (Round 4)
Ronald Blair (Round 5)
Willie Henry (Round 5)

Running back
Devontae Booker (Round 2)
Kenneth Dixon (Round 2)
Derrick Henry (Round 2)
Alex Collins (Round 3)
Paul Perkins (Round 3)
C.J. Prosise (Round 4)
Jordan Howard (Round 5-6)

Some of the rankings are quite eye-catching — Jordan Howard in day three, Sebastien Tretola as a late round flier, Sheldon Rankins in round two.

It emphasises the extreme D-line depth available in the middle rounds. With so many offensive tackles graded in round one — according to Pauline’s grades you might need one early or miss out altogether. That won’t be the case on the D-line.

Per Pauline, you could find Deion Jones (LB, LSU) and Adolphus Washington (DT, Ohio State) in the late third. That would free you up to go O-line and RB with your first two picks. If the Seahawks wanted to target Alex Collins or Paul Perkins — they’ll probably have to do it at #56 or after a small move down.

If you combine Jeremiah’s projection and Pauline’s notes — you can kind of formulate a plan for how the Seahawks might approach this. Look for offense early (OL, RB) unless one of the top DT’s falls to #26 (Rankins, Robinson). Then try and add some depth on the D-line in rounds 3-4.

That kind of plan also works with their previous draft trends. They haven’t taken a defensive tackle before round three — but they have drafted for the O-line and running back in the first two rounds.

The one issue might be replacing Bruce Irvin. It doesn’t look like a great class for athletic linebackers. Deion Jones is likely to be the best available. It’s a position to watch at the combine — but they might also look to convert a safety into the role.


  1. subterranean

    Rob – Do you think this is a draft where it is better to keep all the picks and go for volume, or to pull off a trade like last year and target the two or three guys you really want and make sure you get them? I look at it like the Hawks have 11 picks, and have already spent one on a contributing safety, and another on a developmental CB, not sure they need to expend more capital on those positions. They also have guys like Glowinski and Tye Smith who have basically just had a developmental year learning the Hawks system and technique. This draft and offseason should tell us a lot about what they think of the players in the “pile”.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s open at the moment. I like the depth through round three so if you can get another pick in that range then moving down could be attractive. That said, it’ll be tough to engineer. Could see a situation where, like in 2011, the right trade isn’t available and they take their preferred prospect at #26.

      They could use their third rounder to move up due to the comp pick giving them two in R3. They might move up in round three actually. But with so many good options in 1-3 I think they’ll keep their picks.

  2. Hawkfaninmt

    I know this is the draft blog, but I’ve been focused a bit on FA, and I don’t have a firm grasp on matters of the cap…

    I feel like keeping Okung, Kearse, and Rubin along with signing Fairley, Trumaine Johndon and Brandon Brooks would set us up nicely for the draft.


    • Rob Staton

      They’re unlikely to have the room to do all of that. Johnson will get a nice deal while Brooks and Fairley might not be cheap. I can’t see an outsider CB coming in. Keeping Okung, Kearse and Rubin should be affordable. I suspect keeping Lane will be a priority. That might limit what they’re able to do.

      • Trevor

        Rob what are your thoughts on his Fairley and how he would fit in our system. I was surprised he was not able to get a big deal last year and he looked solid again this year.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sold on Fairley as a scheme fit. Not the most disciplined guy and not a great pass rusher any more these days. Fairley has been a big disappointment in the NFL.

          • Coleslaw

            Pete wanted Fairley and it didn’t pan out, don’t think he regrets that

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Jones, Cravens, Cash, Killebrew, Striker, Jatavis Brown…numerous moneybacker prospects in this draft. I probably forgot one or two.

    I put less stock in Pauline’s draft rankings than I do in Jeremiah’s mocks. After all, one is based on personal opinion, the other on insider information.

    • Volume12

      Tony Pauline is one of the best in the biz.

  4. Ed

    As you put in your last few pieces, this reaffirms my stance. With so many OL options still available at 26, best option would be to trade back in 1st and up in 2nd and/or 3rd.

    2nd Martin (C)
    2nd Collins (RB)
    3rd Washington/Johnson (DT)
    3rd Clark (OT)

    You get a starting center, solid rb, rotational dt and huge upside (that needs work) ot. Look for a pass rusher and guard in 4th

    • C-Dog

      If you can land Martin, and Washington or Johnson, I think that would be an excellent draft.

  5. Ignorant

    If Eli Apple is available at 26, screw that, Seahawks should take the guy. What got us a Super Bowl wasn’t the running game but having a dominant 5-6 man depth at CB and healthy 6-7 man depth at DL. Eli Apple is a more talented version of Byron Maxwell. Being an accomplished Seahawky CB made Maxwell worth 10 mil APY.

    In this particular draft, Seahawks should make two picks for OL and go all defense after it. Loving the possibility of drafting like this:

    1st round: CB Eli Apple
    2nd round: G Cody Whitehair or C: Nick Martin/Ryan Kelly
    3rd round: DT Austin Johnson
    3rd comp: DT Sheldon Day/Anthony Zettel
    4th round: RG Joe Dahl
    5th round: HB Jordan Howard
    6th round: LG Sebastian Tretola
    7th round: whatever I’m already doing backflips.

    • Rob Staton

      The running game was vitally important to the Seahawks getting a Super Bowl.

      • Colin

        The running game was the difference when we beat New Orleans in that first playoff game. Without it, Seattle would’ve likely lost that day.

        • bobbyk

          That was the game James Carpenter got benched, too. lol

      • Ignorant

        Agreed. Still, we have massive contributions of our QB in racking up rushing yards, and a Thomas Rawls/Christine Michael/Jordan Howard combo paired with an improved OL won’t make us anemic in the ground. I’d defend that regaining that depth on defense is the biggest challenge for us to go back to being dominant.

        • Rob Staton

          Let’s not try too hard to dampen down the possibility Seattle will take a RB in the first two rounds. If they don’t it won’t be because of Russell Wilson. Other needs, the right player leaving the board too early. That’s what it’ll be. They prioritise the run and will continue to do so.

          • Coleslaw

            Agreed, I can honestly only see them taking Elliot in the first

            • Rob Staton

              It depends what Henry does at the combine.

    • bobbyk

      Yeah. I don’t want a CB in the first round but I think you almost have to take Apple if he’s there.

      • Darth 12er

        If Apple is still available, there’s our trade bait.

        • Nate

          Yes, and I believe the Panthers would be very interested to move up and get him too.

    • Trevor

      If Apple is there he would certainly be hard to pass up. But Coleman would be there as well this scenario and he would be my preference.

  6. Drew

    If Nick Martin, Shon Coleman and a few others are going to last into the 2nd, I think they should trade out of the first unless Rankins or Butler or someone else unexpectedly drops. Pick Coleman or Martin with the 1st pick, Deion Jones at the end of the 2nd, then get some depth on the interior DL in the 3rd. If you can get any of those guards in the 4th or later, get a RB with the 2nd pick in the 3rd, and then you should have 2 picks in the 4th.

    Also I think it’s possible that if we trade out of the first, it could give us enough picks to be able to trade up from one of our later picks on Day 2 if somebody drops that they really want.

    • Trevor

      Not a bad idea if you can get some value and still get Coleman or Marin in the 2nd.

  7. nichansen01

    I have a feeling that our interior defensive line in 2016 is going to be awesome.

    And I have a feeling it’s going to be composed of names we haven’t discussed yet at all.

    Potential starters?

    Jordan Hill – Lost as a backup in 2015 but had 5.5 sacks in 2014.

    AJ Francis – Signed from the Dolphins practice squad last season

    Justin Hamilton – Spent a year in the practice squad, but I can’t help but have a good feeling about him.

    Jesse Williams – Battles cancer, can he possibly play again at the games highest level?

    And of course there are the TY mcgills that get ignored draft day that the Seahawks will find.

    • nichansen01

      Tyson Deangelo, former Ravens de, was also signed for camp depth.

      He is 6-2 and 315 pounds, possible defensive tackle?

      One more name to consider at defensive tackle:

      Will Tukuafu – He plays fullback but is listed as a defensive tackle on the team website. Could he factor in more on defense next year?

      I have a feeling the starters could be rising nobodies. Just a feeling.

      • nichansen01

        *deangelo tyson

    • bobbyk

      The thing that scares me with Hill is that he gets hurt and misses time every season of his three year career so far.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, after last season, I would be pretty surprised if they but too much stock this year in Hill’s ability to stay healthy. Even with Jesse Williams being cleared now, his history of chronic knee problems that existed before the cancer have to be a concern. Tyson, Hamilton, and Francis are some big bodies on future contracts, but likely nothing more than camp depth.

    • Coleslaw

      I liked what I saw from Francis, he couldnbe a solid piece, Hill has shown he can do it Inthink he just has to stay healthy,

      • Greg haugsven

        Nobodybtalks about Haloti Ngata

  8. MisterNeutron

    How about a troubled, major-upside defensive lineman as their top pick for a second year in a row? I can see a scenario in which Robert Nkemdiche falls to the 26th pick–enough teams might not be willing to take a chance on him, but would the Seahawks? Along with Rankins, Nkemdiche might be the most disruptive force of any interior D-lineman in this draft. I’ll be curious to see how Nkemdiche and Rankins fare at the combine.

    • nichansen01

      He has the upside, but he didn’t have the production. I would make the pick personally but I don’t know if the Seahawks would.

    • Trevor

      I think both guys are going to light up the combine. Rankins does not have the character issues and I think will go first. Likely in the top 10. If Nkemdeche falls to 26 you would have to consider him. My only concern is why the heck did 25 other teams pass on that talent.

      • MisterNeutron

        He could fall that far due to character concerns (read: possible drug addiction and reports of him being a very odd fellow), and due to a lack of collegiate production. In reviewing all possible first-rounders and team needs, I’d put the odds of Nkemdiche falling out of the top 25 at around 20%. Unlikely, but a possibility.

        Realistically, if both Rankins and Nkemdiche shine at the combine, I bet Rankins will go in the 10-16 range, and Nkemdiche in the 16-22 range.

    • RealRhino2

      I keep hearing about Nkemdiche as a “disruptive” force. Have you seen any film of him? (Serious question, not trying to be a jerk). I’ve watched two games of his, never saw him disrupt anything. Did I just watch the wrong games?

      Having said that, I’ve heard some gurus and analysts espouse very different opinions than mine on some DL guys, so maybe I don’t know what I’m looking at. Can somebody on here who thinks they know what they are doing actually watch some tape of the guy and tell me what I’m missing? Point me to him actually making plays? Thanks in advance.

      • MisterNeutron

        I watched three Ole Miss games from the 2015 season, along with a bit of additional film on Nkemdiche. He’s inconsistent–at times he looks brilliant and splashy, and at other times he’s quiet (I wouldn’t say that he “doesn’t show up”). I get that you’re unimpressed, but I think there’s pretty major upside. Maybe his football passion isn’t great enough for PC/JS, though.

      • Volume12

        What are you looking for?

        I can help ya, but I need to know what and where ya focus is.

        • RealRhino2

          I guess just point to a play where he looks brilliant and “splashy.” I’m not saying he gets blown off the LOS, just that he never seems to do anything.

          • Volume12

            Alright. I’ll watch some of his tape, post the link, and highligjht the time on the tape so you know what I’m looking at.

            FWIW, not every one of his standout games are on Draft Breakdown.

            That’s someting that should be talked about more. Not every prospect’s best games are highlighted.

            • RealRhino2

              Cool. I have to admit I finally saw a string of really good stuff from him in the Miss St. game.

            • Steele

              Nkemdiche’s highlight reel is impressive. Need to look at more game film. I think he has the potential. JSPC will not hesitate to take those with character concerns if they believe they can deal with it. And they always think they can.

              • RealRhino2

                Which highlight reel? Over the course of a single year? And how can a guy who lacks production have a good highlight reel? Aren’t plays where you produce an impact typically the things on a highlight reel? I’m confused now.

                • Robert

                  He had a great game when the upset Alabama.

  9. Sean

    Rob- what about using the native 3rd we have to move up to 15-20 range if say, Rankins or Butler drops?

    • Rob Staton

      I think given the depth on the D-line in rounds 2-4, I wouldn’t necessarily be in favour. I’m not sure Rankins or Butler are that ‘can’t miss’ to warrant the move compared to some of the options likely to be available later on.

      • Sean

        What if Spence falls? Do you think he warrants moving up?

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          I’d be extremely pleased if they move up to get Spence. That assumes a few things though: He checks out in their investigation process to not be a irretrievable head case and is likely to stay away from future off the field problems. We can sign two FA O line players. We re-sign one or both of Rubin or Mebane. All of which would allow us to give up a pick to take him.

          • bobbyk

            If he checks out on those things, I can’t see him getting past the Giants or Saints at 10/12 respectively.

            • Volume12

              Taylor Decker is the guy I’d trade up for.

              • Robert

                I recall Cable saying he prefers OLinemen 6’5″ and under because he likes the length. But any taller and DLinemen can consistently get underneath them and the battle is over. That being said, I believe Britt is 6’6″.

                • Volume12

                  So was James Carpenter. And so is Mitch Morse, who they wanted in last year’s draft.

                  He said he likes guys that are 6’4-6’5, you said, any taller than that they lose leverage. He also said there’s guys taller than he prefers that can get the job done, but they’re rare. For what he likes anyways.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think it will take more than 3rd round pick to move up from 26 to 15, that is quite a leap. At #15, they would be inline for taking one of the top OT then….. but lose out on grabbing a nice player in the 3rd at DT as Rob already suggested.

  10. CHawk Talker Eric

    Tristan Okpalaugo, 6’6″ 250lb DE/OLB out of Fresno St. (2013), UDFA signed by MIA, failed to make 53-man roster, signed to MIN PS for a week, then signed by Toronto Argonauts for 2014.

    Winner of the Frank M. Gibson Trophy given to the most outstanding rookie in the East Division. 58 tackles and 20 sacks in two seasons with Toronto.

    His agent, Brett Tessler (also agent for Sokoli), tweeted this today:
    @TesslerSports: Tristan Okpalaugo, the top CFL DE/OLB is healthy & ready to go. Received an offer from NY Jets & we’re now going to visit Seattle Seahawks.

    • NathanM

      I watched Okpalaugo in the CFL the last couple years, I would love to see him line up at LEO for the ‘Hawks!

    • Trevor

      He looked incredibly fast in CFL. I am not sure how it correlates to NFL but Cameron Wake played in CFL and dominated before going to Mia.

      • Volume12

        The EDGE class is awful this year compared to last year’s.

        • Volume12

          IMO, I think the fact their loadind up on CBs, WRs, and EDGE players (if this Okpalaugo signs) says something about what they think of those positions in this class.

          Having said that, I still think they’ll add to those 3 positions in the draft, but they might come later than usual.

          • Darnell

            The CFL player that they need to ensure that they get when his NFL window opens is John Ojo, CB, Edmonton.

  11. CHawk Talker Eric

    The 2017 RB class is stacked beyond belief. And although Fournette is the clear leader of that pack, SEA will never have a shot at drafting him.

    My 2nd favorite is Samaje Perine.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Agreed. Lots of names that should appeal.

      Won’t disregard Henry. But honestly this looks like a year that you maybe resign Michael, add a bridge/hedge vet, pick up a handful of RBs and see if they stick. And be comfortable with that.

      I do see the appeal of the 3rd down situation backs in this class.

      Seattle has not typically cared to look beyond the year they’re in. So I don’t think they skip on RB, only to hope to get a better one in a better class. Half of those guys could falter. Some could be exposed with another year of tape. Injury could decimate the crop.

      A Henry in the hand is worth more than a Chubb in the bush as it were.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Big fan of Kenneth Dixon. One tidbit I saw today that stood out to me:

        “Dixon averaged prospect-low 1.2 yards before contact per attempt and prospect-high 3.6 YAC/att as well. Suggests he didn’t get blocking help” – Mike Clay PFF Fantasy Director.

        Seattle loves guys that can produce after contact. Pete has always admired tough/physical runners. The tape on Dixon shows this ability pretty readily. Dixon would be another guy who you could get very good value without having to spend an R1 pick to acquire. Demeanor, tape and physical measurables all fit pretty nicely. A nice all around 3rd down back with attributes that Seattle desires for their feature backs.

        • MJ

          I think Dixon has the ability to be a top 5 RB in the NFL. He really is the total package.

        • Steve Nelsen

          I think Rob nailed it a while back when he said it looks like Round 3 could be a sweet spot for running backs. Dixon would be a great add.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            late 2nd round is the sweet spot, get exactly the guy you like.. after 3-4 are off the board by the Seahawks pick/

            • Robert

              Dixon is similar in many ways to Rawls, but looks to me like a better receiver. He might make a great backup to Rawls and be our 3rd down specialist. Probably limited upside as a pass blocker, but very dangerous vs LBs as a catcher.

            • Michael (CLT)

              Dixon may be a cheaper Mstt Forte.

    • Volume12

      2017 way, way too early RB rankings:

      1. LSU’s Leonard Fournette
      2. Florida St’s Dalvin Cook
      3. Oregon’s ‘Rolls’ Royce Freeman- my favorite
      4. Oklahma’s Samaje Perine & Joe Mixon
      5. NC’s Elijah Hood

  12. Colin

    If Seattle wants to extend the Super Bowl window, they must upgrade their offensive line, and they must find more pass rush. As good as Bennett and Avril are, we’ve been too reliant on them. Frank Clark/Jordan Hill need to come of age in 2016.

    I don’t understand why so many are against taking a running back in round 2 or 3. If you can pound the hell out of an opponent with Rawls/Michael/Newly Drafted Back, we’ve got enough receivers to be dangerous. It’s a matter of getting back that nasty, imposing offensive line.

    The secondary could stand to have another corner thrown in the bunch. Having a healthy Tharold Simon would be nice, but I don’t think Seattle can rely on that. DeShawn Shead is a serviceable player but not an ideal starter.

    I’d like to see them walk away from the draft with:

    2 OL
    1 DT
    1 DE
    2 CB/S
    1 WR
    1 RB
    1 TE

    Can’t remember how many picks we have (11?). But they have to get nasty in the trenches again. Overdrafting guys (Britt) and projects have to be a thing of the past.

    • Drew

      I think we only have 9 picks. I think we need the following

      1 OT
      1 OC
      1 OG
      1 DE
      1 DT
      1 OLB
      1 RB
      1 DB (I actually think safety is more important than CB, we have a lot of depth coming back)
      1 TE/WR

      • Naks8

        I like your mix. I would hope that the wr/te also is a capable/decent return man too

    • seahawks509

      Bringing in another rookie isn’t going to necessarily upgrade our Oline. Especially immediately. I don’t see why everyone is saying we need to draft Olineman. Look how Carpenter, Moffit, and Britt worked. Even Glowinski and Poole were red shirted. Really the biggest thing we can do to our line is keep Okung and Sweezy. The most valuable thing we can do in the draft is get defensive players to replace the guys we’ll be missing. Possibly guys like Mebane, Rubin, Irvin, and Lane. It’s about continually refueling that defense.

      • Ignorant

        Seahawks OL needs three things.

        1 – Infusion of talent.
        2 – Increasing competition.
        3 – Depth.

        Reasonable enough to add 2+ OL guys in the off season. Could be via FA, but I don’t think 18 mil is enough to retain our own and add some. Probably we’ll need to add via draft. I’d be okay with 2 OL, 2 DL, CB, LB, RB.

      • Colin

        How is the offensive line going to get better if we don’t draft them? We can’t rely on FA to make it all better, especially if Okung and Sweezy walk.

        • Naks8

          I think he means we can’t expect to start 2-3 rookie lineman. Realistically you can only expect 1 guy to start, while everyone else will be depth/redshirted. At least that’s how I interpreted his statement

        • Steele

          They can rely on one or two new FAs, at least in the shorter term while the others develop.

        • Robert

          I have high hopes for Glowinski despite the small sample size. Hopefully another player who has been on our roster for awhile steps up, as well! And then nail it with one high Draft pick!

  13. SeventiesHawksFan

    I’d be happy with Robinson, especially if he already plays with the discipline that our scheme requires. We need to get younger across our DL. And adding a cornerstone DT with first round athletic measurables and talent to be molded in our system is not a bad place to start.

    I’d still take Shon Coleman if he’s available, as a starting OT is so hard to find and we can find a DT later in this draft, but wouldn’t be displeased with any first round graded lineman on either side of the ball.

  14. CHawk Talker Eric

    @RapSheet: Catching up on a things… don’t expect #Seahawks to ask for Marshawn Lynch’s $5M in signing bonus back. Both sides seem pleased with outcome

  15. Sea Mode

    What do you guys think the chances are of moving Chancellor to LB if Irvin leaves? We have McCray to take his spot at SS and Kam would be fast for a linebacker whereas he seems to have lost a step last season as far as SS speed goes. He cheats up into the box all the time anyway from his safety position in short yardage situations.

    This could also give us more options in the draft if there is a SS we like but not a LB at our pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Chancellor isn’t athletic enough to play LB for Seattle.

      • Steele

        I agree with Rob.

        What about Sua Cravens? Seems effective at both safety and LB.

        • Trevor

          I love Cravens game Steele and was saying before the Chancellor issue got resolved that I thought he would be a great replacement. He is up to 240 lbs I guess so it seems like he may be looking to play LB not Safety. Either way he has good cover skills. Not a great pass rusher in college with limited opportunities but seemed to time the blitz well etc.

          • Steele

            In limited opportunities, I think Cravens showed some natural pass rushing ability. He’s got the athleticism and explosive first step to get around the edge.

        • vrtkolman

          I’m a huge fan. I’m surprised he isn’t being mocked higher, I was sure he was going to be a top 10-15 pick before the season started. Great size, athleticism, and he can play in the box or man up on receivers pretty well.

      • EranUngar

        K.J. Wright ran 4.75 40 and he seems to be doing OK as a LB for the Seahawks….

  16. seahawks509

    I personally think A’Shawn Robinson is an ELITE run defender. I would love to have him. I think he could be the next Mebane for us. Im not taking him for his pass rush ability. Line Robinson next to Hill and watch them destroy offensive lines.

  17. Steele

    Interesting. It seems that Jeremiah reflects the upsurge—the entire board moving up—while Pauline downplays the board (Butler, Rankins, etc. in rd 2? No way!). It would be nice if things fell Pauline’s way, but I would tend to see things more like Jeremiah than Pauline. In other words, as Rob puts it, with pessimism.

    And after the combine, we will definitely see some ridiculous movement upwards.

    • Volume12

      Here’s the thing.

      I tend to agree with Tony Pauline. This isn’t a very good draft class. The D-line is about the only standout position.

      Daniel Jeremiah works for the shield and is tryibg to get people hyped up for the draft.

      • Steele

        Pauline is more realistic, what “should” be. Jeremiah might be closer to how things will play out.

  18. bobbyk


    You wouldn’t happen to know where one could see more of Kyler Fackrell besides the USC game from ’13 and Colorado State in ’15? Can’t wait to find out his combine numbers, too.

    The Tretola prediction of being a seventh round pick is pretty shocking. However, there’s always guys every year that fall and we can’t figure out why. I remember Michael Bennett last year lasting until the early sixth round or Darren Waller going in that round, too. The only crazy people right now are the ones who say certain players will “never” be picked in this or that round, outside the obvious guys like Tunsil, Bosa, Ramsey, etc.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t I’m afraid Bobby. I have a game saved on my system but that’s it.

  19. Steele

    I am fine with them taking a one-tech nose tackle type, but not with the first pick. In fact, quite lower down. I’d rather they retain one of either Bane or Rubin, go after someone up top who can pass rush better than A’Shawn or Jarran Reed.

    • bobbyk


    • vrtkolman

      I agree completely.

    • C-Dog

      In Seattle’s version of the 4-3, would Robinson be a 1 tech, or the 3 tech in it’s base? Rubin was always a nose in Cleveland, but came here and played the 3 tech.

  20. Trevor

    Really interesting how much changed with Jeremiah and how much difference with him and Pauline’s rankings.

    If the Hawks pick up a veteran LG and sign Okung to a 1 yr deal (because of injury) how about this Mock I call it the huge risk / incredible upside draft.

    Rd #1 Chris Jones – He screams Seahawk pick. Incredible athlete and former 5 star recruit. I think he has the most potential in this draft to be an interior pass rushing force along with Rankins and Nekemdeche. People say he was not productive in college but PFF ranked him fourth in the nation among interior defensive linemen at +54.2.

    Rd #2 LaRaven Clark (OT) Tex Tech- Awful technique and Cable will have to work is magic with this guy but if we sign Okung to a 1 year deal then he makes the perfect replacement. He has quick feet is a good athlete and has the perfect frame and length to be a LT in the NFL. If had to build the ideal OT physically it is Clark and with a year to learn could be great pick.

    Rd #3 Lenord Carroo (WR) Rutgers- Love this guy as a Golden Tate clone and an upgrade to Kearse. He is very sudden A good combination of speed and separation skills. PFF said Carroo was incredibly productive on only 363 snaps last season averaging 4.11 yards per route to lead all FBS receivers. He had an off feild incident that needs to be checked out but is said to be an incredible student of the game and would fit in great in our WR with Locket, Baldwin and PRich

    Rd#3 Rashard Robinson (DB) LSU or Deiondre Hall (Northern Iowa)- Both these guys are going to light up the combine with incredible length and speed to be the perfect Seahawk CB prototype. Robinson has had a ton of off feild issues but if he checks out is the vastly superior player and a 1st round talent IMO. If he does not check out which is quite likely then Hall would be the pick. He has freaky length and speed but is an athlete and would need a year at Conerback University with the Hawks. He has the physical skill set to be and Elite CB in our system.

    Rd #4 Max Tuerk (C) USC – Had he not gotten hurt would likely have been a 2nd Rd pick. Just looks like a Max Unger Clone to me in size and style. Very athletic and can play guard as well. We need a Center as Lewis is not the long term answer. Jack Allen is another option in this spot but a completely different type player.

    What do you guys think? As said earlier it assumes they sign a Vet LG then resign Okung to a 1 yr deal because of the injury. For me it the ultimate boom or bust draft but would certainly be fun to watch play out.

    • 12thManderson

      Round for Round I’ll Match Ya.
      1st: Chris Jones, He’s fun to watch man. FIRES off the ball for his size, he fills that Tony McD role being 6’6, and is effective as a Pressure guy and Run Stuffer. Personally I’ve been sold on Jones OR Jonathan Bullard FLA. PFF ranks Bullard #1 in the nation Vs the Run and he plays the Pressure game just like he plays the Rush, STRONG. At “6’3″ 283″ I like the fact you can bump him up or slim him down.

      2nd: Clark has the physical tools all around, but after watching him get WORKED by Oakman in physicality(not technique), he won’t be able to step in day 1. At 56 It’s tough to argue with his size×length combo, considering your scenario is we keep Okung, so Cable could develop this specimen. My pick would be Nick Martin/Ryan Murphy. Both 2 stud Centers, Day 1 Starters. Tuerk is a great value in the 4th, but if he measures in at 6’6” that’s a little tall. Yes RW played behind a mammoth OL at Wisc. on the OL I’d prefer ones without recent injury history.

      3rd: Carroo makes everything look SO effortless and yet he’s always open and always catching the ball, but IF Hollywood Higgins is available near or at that pick that’s the move I’d make. High offense % player (See Preach, Lock, Harvin. & JG). He’s basically my view of Kearse’s Clone with more out of school intangibles.

      3rd Comp: I like alot about Robinson but id bet the house he’s there in the 5th or even 6th. That LONG LIST of redflags is DEEEP. and since he hasnt played since 2014 he’s going to drop. My pick, Jordan Howard Indiana RB, Brick House who seems like he’ll Always get you the yardage you need. Has an injury history but nothing too serious, and if we draft him to BE our 3rd down/short yardage back that’s great value a good Ying to Rawls Yang.

      4th: Deon Bush, we are WAY TO THIN AT SAFETY. He can play both Safety spots seamlessly once he learns our defense.

      5: Your guy Robinson, the athleticism is to much to let slip any further. I’m not projecting a Guard within our first 5 picks because I have a strong sense that Glowinski is THAT guy. Sometimes you need a year to learn what you NEED. And what we saw from Flow in ’15 didn’t look flukey. Enjoy the pine Britt…

      I agree we get Okung back I think this shoulder thing is a REAL issue, but he’d be best to sign a 1 or 2 year with the team/scheme he knows. Show his health/value and let the cap grow another year. Resign Sweezy, Rubin, Mebane, Willson, and Lane,(if possible, probably not though). Signing any UFA’s outside I don’t see happening, especially considering we can trade comps next year.

      • Trevor

        I like it I would be happy with those moves for sure.

      • Willyeye

        If they re-sign everybody on your list, they’ll only get one comp pick (Irvin) anyway. I think they’ll let Okung, Sweezy, Mebane and Irvin walk, and they’ll pick up some cut players or FA’s after June 1. That way they get their 4 Comp picks. I think they’ll re-sign Lane, Rubin and maybe even Kearse (depending on his price) because he has so much chemistry with Russell.

  21. MisterNeutron

    Does anyone have thoughts on LSU’s Jerald Hawkins? He’s mostly rated as a 2nd or 3rd round talent at OT. He has the size and length to play either tackle position, but looks like he might need a solid year of conditioning (more strength) and coaching before he could be a regular. He did play in a pro-style offense, but his technique needs a fair amount of work (but what college OL doesn’t).

    • Rob Staton

      I think Hawkins is very average and a late round pick. Don’t understand the hype really. He had his pants pulled down against Alabama.

      • MisterNeutron

        Seems like that sentiment can apply to most of LSU’s offensive line. It speaks to Leonard Fournette’s amazing talent that he did as much as he did running behind such an underwhelming group.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Copied from late addition to last article:

      Kind of looks like an R4 kind of OL pick.

      Don’t like his lateral movement skills at all. Kick slide is almost painful to watch. Love his intensity and the way he finishes. Like the way he can combo/move up to the second level.

      Probably better at OG. When he moves forward — looks athletic.

      Seems weak to power rush. Gives up a lot of ground. Doesn’t seem to have a lot of pop — doesn’t even manage to really kick out even light DEs/OLBs.

      Development kind of guy IMO.

      • Volume12

        Late day 3 pick and massively overrated.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Could be convinced of that.

          Have to say didn’t see a whole lot to be excited about with him. Not even sure I like him as much as Poole, who I didn’t really like much last year. If we took him in R4, he’d kind of be a round 4 version of a Britt reach.

          Looks like a massive drop off from some of the guys that should be available in late R3

  22. Trevor

    Rob I was thinking about it last night and if the Hawks take Henry in Rd #1 you will have cemented yourself and the guru of all things Seawhawks draft to be sure. Not a choice I will would like but the more I think about it the more it could be something they might do if he blows up the combine as expected. I just have fears of year after year of Alabama running backs being busts running through my head even Ingram whom I was a huge fan of has been really just average. I think their system certainly allows an RB to excel.

    If they don’t take an RB early in the draft what do you think of Chris Ivory as a veteran option. He seems to have excelled when he was a complimentary RB but broke down a little when he was the feature back.

    I have always liked his style of running and really feel he would fit in well with our ZBS. What are your thoughts? If not him are there any veteran options you like?

    • Rob Staton

      I will stress Trevor — I don’t think they will take Henry, but if he runs a 4.4 forty and jumps a 42 inch vertical, he’ll be very interesting to them.

      • Trevor

        You have me convinced. What do you think of Chris Ivory as a veteran option? I have always liked him as a complimentary RB and he might not be too expensive.

        • Rob Staton

          I like Ivory but suspect the price will be too high considering you can get a rookie in round two for about $600,000.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          isn’t Ivory a UFA? Very doubtful they pick up a RB as a UFA/Veteran… perhaps a UDRFA is more likely in my mind, if they do not flat out draft a guy in 2016.

          • Willyeye

            Good point given that it would cost them a Comp Pick. I suppose if Ivory was still available after June 1, it’s a possibility though, and of course at that point his price would be much lower.

  23. Trevor

    How accurate have Pauline’s rankings been in the past? He seems to have a great insight into what the Hawks might be doing but what is his overall accuracy like with regards to his grades and players he likes.

    I guess the guy who does the Packers draft board says Shon Coleman is his favorite OL prospect as well. Finally someone getting in line behind Rob on the Coleman express to the 1st round. Just not before #26 I hope.

  24. nichansen01

    First round options I would like:

    Shon Coleman – Age aside, he could start on the line day 1.
    Jack Conklin – More of a guard but still would start immediately.
    Nick Martin – Would settle the interior line enormously the stop te revolving door at center.
    Jason Spriggs – Gilliam-esque … Has the athleticism at tackle Seattle values.
    A’Shawn Robinson – Gap discipline is sound… Ideal Mebane replacement
    Vernon Butler – Wilkerson comps? Yes please
    Jarran Reed – I don’t think he’s here at 26 but if he is he warrants the pick.
    Robert Nkemdiche – Unlikely to fall this far but again, tremendous upside.
    Sheldon Rankins – If he falls run to the podium.
    Cody Whitehair – If all of the above are gone this is a nice fallback option for the o-line.

    First round options I don’t like:
    Derrick Henry – Why spend a first round pick on a backup/third down back?
    Will Fuller – Too similar to Pual Richardson for my taste.
    Andrew Billings – Doesn’t have the gap discipline Seattle likes.
    Kyler Fackrell – When I watched his tape he looked slow and his tackling was bad.
    Eli Apple – Even if he falls oline and dline are much greater needs.
    Laraven Clark – Too much of a project to consider in the first.
    Trade down – I think I player they really like will be at 26.

    Anyone agree? Notice all of the picks I like are offensive line and defensive line.

    • Trevor

      I agree on almost all these except Spriggs (2nd rounder for me) and Reed (want a penetrating DT in Rd #1 not a run stuffer).

      Also I think Apple would be a must pick if Coleman, Rankins, Spence are gone. I think he could star opposite Sherm as a true lock down corner in a year or two.

      • Darnell

        I wouldn’t agree with passing on Apple for greater perceived needs.

        This game is about value. Needs change year to year. When you pass on superior talent for a need you hurt the long-term depth of your team.

      • Yesh

        Here’s some info on what we can expect from Spriggs at the combine, if it holds to be true those are truly elite and 1st round worthy attributes


        Beyond that, we should add Randy Starks to the list of possible 1yr replacements. Just cut by the Browns, he did have a down year but could play well as a rotational DT.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Fuller, Fackerell and Apple would all be intriguing. Each would add something to a different aspect of the defense or offense that might be lacking currently.

    • Steele

      I like your don’t likes, and add A’Shawn to it.

      Derrick Henry –no moves, upright, doesn’t utilize his physicals to best advantage, don’t think he will
      Will Fuller – agree, another PRich, when I think they need other kinds of WRs
      Andrew Billings – Defer to Rob on him, although if he gets into the backfield (freelancing), that’s not a bad thing
      Kyler Fackrell – just doesn’t impress me, an effort guy lacking specialness
      Eli Apple – agree other needs first
      Laraven Clark – needs too much work

    • Willyeye

      Trading#26 would probably get us a 2nd round AND a 3rd round pick. Would be pretty awesome to have 5 picks between #35 overall pick and #98. I’m beginning to think JS doesn’t like dealing with 1st round picks.

  25. Steele

    Pauline has Noah Spence in rd. 3! I think this is highly unlikely unless he fails the combine. I’d take Spence in a heartbeat as one of the handful of better options in this draft to replace Bruce Irvin’s pass rush.

    I do wonder if JSPC will go free agency to address the Irvin issue. On the other hand, what badass FA (Mario Williams, William Hayes, O.Vernon, T. Hali) would want anything less than a starting job?

    • Steele

      (I am putting on my realist hat) (for this moment anyway) Unless Bennett causes a fuss and wants to leave, with Bennett and Avril in place, Clark and Marsh, is there a job opening for pass rusher at all? Just for the situational that Irvin provided. The other linebacking, more of an issue. So should they look for 1. an edge rusher-LB hybrid like Irvin 2. just a LB minus pass rush 3. a full blown DE pass rusher regardless—because you can never have too few of them, and who knows about Bennett this offseason?

      • bobbyk

        Marsh has zero sacks through two NFL seasons and I have not seen any legit pass rush potential from him. I see a guy who can do a good job setting the edge and in the run game, but that’s about it.

        What if one of Avril or Bennett gets hurt? It’s like the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl all over again.

        Also, we all complain that both Avril and Bennett play too much in comparison to the snaps they took in ’13 and the only way we’re going to keep them fresh is to keep quality depth. You need depth along the DL more than a unit like the OL. Guys like Okung (if healthy) play 100% of snaps whereas guys like Avril and Bennett play 80% each, ideally they’d get more breathers and “only” play about 75% of the time (both played in the 50+% range in 2013). Between just those two guys, you need another player just to play 50% of their snaps (other variables, too, part of the reason they like versatile guys). You must have quality depth because this kind of depth is going to be logging important minutes during the game, where quality depth on the OL won’t see the field unless the starter gets hurt.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I do think that Clark will get a bigger share of that pie than this year. I would expect snap counts to go down from organic/developed talent seeing more action.

          Hill could — I think we need a 2nd option due to health concerns. Hill slid last year. Was that an outlier? I think interior pass rusher is warranted — and if Hill returns to form or even blossoms, that’s gravy.

      • vrtkolman

        There’s always a job opening as far as I’m concerned. Denver utilized Miller, Ware, Ray, and Barrett as edge rushers pretty well. I don’t think Marsh is much of a pass rusher at all. I know you disagree but I didn’t think Bruce Irvin was much of one either.

        • 75franks

          couldn’t agree more vman!

        • Steele

          A legitimate point, vrtkolman. Irvin did impress as a pass rusher in the first season. He is “supposed to be” that kind of guy.

          Upgrading is even better.

  26. franks

    Hard to see us passing on Apple unless someone like Colman drops with him.

    The approach we haven’t discussed much is going defense in the top of the draft and OL in the middle and free agency.inR

    R1– APPLE.
    In Jeremiah’s mock we could trade back, get a mid third and still nab him at 28. Trade two thirds, jay Howard and a R6 for another 2nd.


    R2– HARGROVE DT 3-Tech




    Free Agency:

    Resign Lane, Kearse, Rubin, Mebane, Christine Michael, Bailey, TJack.

    These guys walk:
    Irvin, Okung, Sweezy, F Jax.

    These guys sign:
    Chris Polk, Benjamin Watson, Phil Loadholdt, Browner or Thurmond.

    O line:
    Loadholdt, Tretola, Alexander and Shell competing at LG and RT.

    LT, C, RG = Gilliam, Lewis, Glo. Sokoli and Novak continue learning from the bench where they belong for now.

    • Trevor

      I agree Frank if Coleman, Rankins and Spence are gone then Apple would be the pick for me too I think. Lock down corner opposite Sherm would certainly help the D a lot.

      Also like the Jones pick in the 2nd. Man would we have one fast LB group.

      • franks

        Our LBs wouldnt lose any speed with Irvin leaving but there would be some dropoff in experience.

    • franks

      And if we land Apple, we don’t need to overpay for Lane he becomes someone who stays only for the right price.

      • Steele

        Who covers the slot?

        • Trevor

          Burley but I would prefer to keep Lane.

          You starting secondary Sherm, Lane, Apple, Kam, Earl. Sounds like the LOB would be back to me if Kam decides to be Kam this year.

          I bet our Sack #s would go up based on coverage alone.

          • franks

            Id target keep him around too but he might be getting CB2 money. Burleys good enough for me.

            • Steele

              Burley is not good enough, in my opinion. Strictly an okay backup. I think they need a good dedicated slot cover with great quickness to cover the Edelmans, Tavon Austin, and Emmanuel Sanders types.

              • franks

                I see our roster kinda like a used car, still got a great motor and transmission and suspension but there are a few areas that need attention now and a few that you don’t have the money for. Burley I’d say is noisy lifter. Is he the guy you want lined up on Welker in the SB maybe not, but you have a set number of dollars you can spend and there are bigger problems than that ticking sound coming from the valves.

                If we can afford lane he’s solid anywhere. If not and say we get Apple, presuming Simon or, what’s the kids name from Towson, gets healthy we can slide Apple inside in nickel when we need to.

      • franks

        Wait, thats right they moved back the draft and by the time it starts we’ve probably already inked Lane.

      • Steele

        Franks, in your scenario, isn’t the center position iffy? Lewis, Glo. Sokoli and Novak is 2015 all over again. Shouldn’t the center be greatly improved?

        • franks

          Novak is on the practice squad. And Sokolis active in name only, so he doesn get poached. I think Lewis is growing into it he wasn’t that bad at all and he’ll only get better with a year starting under his belt and someone besides Britt and Sweezy at his side. Jean Pierre the backup. Gilliam will be more steady at LT.

          • franks

            If Lane walks then maybe we sign a f.a. RT.

            • Volume12

              Are we even sure that Eli Apple will meet their arm length requirements?

              His arms look short to my eye.

              • franks

                I don’t know Volume, but they drafted Lane and he’s not tall. If Apple’s good enough to shut receivers down that they grade him in a higher tier than they’re drafting, id think they pick him.

                • Volume12

                  It’s not about height. Arm length is what they’re looking for.

                  Look, I like Eli Apple. He’s one of the better CBs in this class, has a great backstory/overcoming adversity, but I’m not sure he has 32″ arms.

                  It’s so hard to scout Seattle corners until the official measurements come in.

                  • Steele

                    Lane meets the arm length, I think.

                    This is not going to be the first offseason in which I hope they ease up on the arm length litmus test.

                  • Volume12

                    He does.

                    The only CB who doesn’t on the roster is Marcus Burley, but they didn’t draft him.

                  • franks

                    They did trade a 6 rounder for barley.

                    What I was saying with lane was that they prefer corners with height. Arm length may trump height or maybe it’s the combo of both, but my point was, they overlooked a shortcoming of his (height) in favor of his plusses(like arm length) and his overall package and the value it provided relative to his draft position.

                    I don’t know if arm length is a deal breaker but I think our guys are more concerned with what prospects can do than can’t. This isn’t a raw pick we’re talking about in the late rounds who hasn’t shown much on the field and you’re drafting him for his physical toolset. Its a first round guy who could potentially shut down his side of the field and line up against top WRs. Hes not all about upside Apple can get it done now he isnt a project pick all about his measurables. I really doubt they’ll care if the guy shutting down the right side of the field has long arms.

                  • Volume12

                    When they take a CB witj sub 32″ arms, let me know.

                    You need that extra inch or so to play in PC’s press style of coverage.

                  • Robert

                    “And on the Hawks defense they are long and fast. There is a certain calculus to be done at each position, length vs speed vs overall size, and length is found everywhere but Earl. The calculus itself is pretty simple: speed needs distance to outrun length so in the confined restraints of the football field a speed/height/weight/reach proportion can be made for each position. Now a 6′ 4″ corner with 4.5 speed and crazy long arms is worth more than the 5′ 11″ burner with 4.3 speed. The field isn’t long enough for the burner to outrun his length and 4 seconds isn’t enough time for him to outrun his length either.” Hazbro

    • Willyeye

      There’s no way they have enough space to re-sign the guys on your list and add the rest of your FA list. That would be way over $30 million. And why would you possibly want Browner back? He’s lost so many steps he can’t keep up anymore, so he commits holding or DPI on EVERY play. He’s led the NFL in penalties for the last 2 years and he only played in 10 games in one of those years. And why Loadholt? He missed the second half of 2014 with a torn pectoral, and all of 2015 with a torn achilles. Not saying they should keep Okung, but Loadholt is 30 years old and way more injury-prone, and he won’t be all that cheap either. They’d be better off getting a mid round OT in the draft that has no injury history.

      • franks

        I’m not a cap specialist but if we let OKung and Irvin walk, and don’t offer Lane too much, why not? Polk and Watson are’t going to break the bank. Neither is Loadholdt. Like you say he’s coming off 2 big injuries and he’s 30. And there’s no rule that can’t draft a tackle after we sign one.

    • Darth 12er

      Maybe I missed it somewhere, and it will show itself soon. But, does anybody know Apple’s 40?

  27. Trevor

    If we replaced Jon Ryan with Drew Kaiser in the 7th Rd and TJax with Vernon Adams in the 6th or 7th how much cap space would we save? Would it be enough to sign a veteran Guard or RB?

    • franks

      Trevor the question we should be asking ourselves is, can Drew Kaiser compete for the Ninja. Warrior?

    • rowdy

      I’ve actually been thinking they let him leave after his thanking the fans of the northwest in a typical Ryan tweet, funny as hell.

      • rowdy

        I meant to ask the community who the best punter coming out would be.

        • Volume12

          Kaser is up there.

          Utah’s Tom Hackett is my favorite. A unique punting style, Austrailian, and his personality is very similar to Jon Ryan.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          NICK O’TOOLE, check him out. And he has a sweet beard as well.

        • Steele

          They should find out how much Shane Lechler wants in FA.

        • Darth 12er

          The only bad thing about replacing Ryan is his chemistry with Hausch. Nothing that a training camp won’t fix I guess. And – who will Fallon make fun of on Sunday nights.

        • icb12

          No brainer. Tom Hackett, Utah.

          He’s won ray guy award 2 years in a row.
          That punt in December when they played BYU was awesome.
          47.8 yard average, long of 76.

          Kid is a special teams weapon.

  28. CHawk Talker Eric

    Any interest in Marquez North on Day 3?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes. Raw but upside. Would be a good project over 2-3 years. Might be a priority UDFA.

  29. Brandon

    Which teams are in need of a center? Asking because I wonder how long Kelly and Martin will last. If we could get one of those guys in round 2, that would be a great pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Atlanta, Arizona, Indy, New Orleans (if they cut Unger), San Diego, San Fran, Rams, maybe Tampa Bay.

      • rowdy

        Atlanta, Arizona, indy, new Orleans and Tampa are in dire need of defense and wouldn’t see them to much of a threat. In the first anyway.

      • Darth 12er

        Interesting point about Unger here Rob. If he is cut, how likely is it that he returns on a small deal? If they see Sokoli as the future, Unger can come in for a year or two until he’s ready. We know he loved living in Seattle.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s an option, although I think they moved on mainly because he couldn’t stay healthy. So would they take the chance he’ll continue to stay healthy? Seattle’s O-line scheme is much more physical than New Orleans’. It’s probably why Unger, Okung and others have picked up injuries.

          I also wouldn’t think they see Sokoli as the future — rather than merely a project they want to continue developing.

  30. James

    Rob – you have repeatedly mentioned replacing Irvin through a high draft pick as a strong possibility, with Deion Jones being your pick as a good fit for the Hawks (or at least he’s an LB that’s Seahawk-y). While he no doubt is a great athlete, I highly doubt the Hawks look to draft him or any LB early. Irvin is very tough to replace because he was solid on base downs in both run defense and coverage, and also rushed the passer in nickel formations from the DE spot. This type of versatility is very tough to find in a rookie LB (or most 4-3 OLBs for that matter). Deion Jones was not an edge rusher at LSU, and is too small to be one for the Hawks. The Hawks already have 2 great LBs locked up long term, and they play nickel on a significant portion of their defensive snaps. The third “starting” LB will not play very many snaps unless he can also be a quality pass rusher in sub packages. Wagner and Wright are entrenched as nickel LBs for the foreseeable future, so its not like more off-LOS snaps are opening up anytime soon. The value just isn’t there to use an early draft pick on an LB who doesn’t rush from DE in sub-packages. The only possible exception I see is Leonard Floyd, who excelled both as a rusher and in a traditional LB role. Thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      They don’t have to find a carbon copy of Irvin though James. Kevin Pierre-Louis was an attempt to plan ahead at the position and he was a very different linebacker. Ultimately they want athleticism and range. Deion Jones has a lot of what they’re looking for in a player — fantastic speed, range, tenacity, he’s excellent vs the run, he has production (five sacks in 2015, a ton of tackles and a pick six). There aren’t any other Bruce Irvin’s in the league — he’s unique and it’s one of the reasons they liked him so much. They probably won’t look for a direct replacement, just someone who’s better than KPL.

      • franks

        You re right about that, Bruce won’t be easy to replace. No rookie that lands to us will have his instincts or experience and few will have his physical tools. Kam looks like he might be getting a notch to slow to be the safety hes been. It would be interesting if they moved him into the box but resigning. Irvin would be hard to beat that.

        • Rob Staton

          Kam won’t play linebacker. He’s the ideal SS. He’s not athletic enough to play LB.

        • James

          I’ve thought this too. Could Kam play some LB on base downs with McCray at SS? Then McCray comes off the field in nickel. He definitely has the size and athleticism to do so, and would play close to the LOS in a flat or hook zone on most snaps regardless. Agree with you Rob that they will look for a better version of KPL, just don’t think that’s worth the price of a high pick. I’d rather they re-sign Morgan, pick an LB in the mid rounds and have them compete with KPL & Kam for OLB snaps in base 4-3 sets.

          • Rob Staton

            Kam ran a 4.69 when he was a rookie. Kevin Pierre-Louis ran a 4.51.

            Kam probably isn’t a 4.69 runner right now. He isn’t going to switch to LB.

            • James

              KJ ran a 4.75 so it’s not like that’s a deal-breaker. I agree it’s unlikely, and would still be comfortable with the Morgan/KPL/mid-round pick trio competing in camp

              • Rob Staton

                K.J. Wright also brought unique length (35 inch arms) and was fantastic in the run game. Every other linebacker they’ve brought in since 2011 (Irvin, Wagner, Coyle, KPL, Pinkins) has been a fantastic athlete.

                • James

                  Kam is fantastic in the run-game as well, and has always been more effective up at the line of scrimmage than in coverage or in a deep safety role. You’re right that it’s not something the Hawks would really do, it was just an intuitive thought.

                  Also, I don’t see how a lack of athleticism could disqualify someone from playing LB but not safety. We assume PCJS like their LBs more athletic than the SS, but the sample size for Seahawks SS’s is essentially just 1 (Bam-Bam).

                  • Rob Staton

                    They can have K.J. playing the run — they probably can’t have two slower LB’s. K.J.’s presence makes them even more likely to go for speed as they have done with KPL etc.

  31. Brandon

    Rob, what’s your take on C.J Prosise and DT Hassan Ridgeway. Both are really cool players and I would be excited to see them on the team. Not sure what Ridgeway’s length is, but he is my favorite DT after Jones, and Washington.

    • Rob Staton

      Prosise is intriguing. Some value in the passing game. Had some nice games for ND last year. Not sure he’s the finished product though and might need time at the next level. Ridgeway in the two games I saw was very underwhelming. Didn’t see anything special.

      • EranUngar

        Prosise has just moved from slot WR to RB a year ago. As a RB he is far from a finished product but after watching his games against UMASS and USC, there is a lot to work with. (In the Clemson game he looked helpless like the rest of the offense)

        As a 3rd down RB used as an outlet option in the passing game he could step in and contribute from day one.

        As a 3rd pick he could be a steal.

        • EranUngar

          sorry, as a 3rd day pic he could be a steal.

  32. Coleslaw

    Went back and watched Tye Smith last night, he looks like he could take shead’s role and run with it

    • franks

      If hes healthy.

      • Coleslaw

        Full offseason and during the season, he’ll be out there.

        • franks

          Hope so! Lotta talented guys in our secondary are having trouble finding the field.

  33. Ty the Guy

    If both Jeremiah and Pauline’s opinions are right and the Hawks get to pick from Shon Coleman and Eli Apple? I will be a VERY happy guy. Both are potential starters from Day One. And of course you will never know until they hit the field, but the whole purpose of this site is to debate the future.

    Also, what is your take on Devontae Booker from Utah? If they are looking in the early 3 rounds for a RB, I would hope they’d take a long look at this guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Worry a bit about Booker’s athleticism. Doesn’t look like he’ll make the big gains. Little bit fearful at the next level he might be a bit average.

      • Ty the Guy

        Honestly, I agree. I looked at his tape a second time and saw a good college RB. You can tell he is a lefty and doesn’t get the ball across to the outside much. NFL defenders will punch it out. Thanks for the reply.

  34. James

    Rob, as an Alabama alum who has viewed basically every game the past 5 years, let me say this about Robinson and Henry:

    – Robinson is considered by Nick Saban to be one of the elite DTs he has ever coached. In Bama’s scheme, the three DLs are expected to establish a brick wall. There is no responsibility to pass rush or penetrate, in fact just the opposite. Saban has devised his defense to stop the spread offenses, so a DL must hold his gap at all costs against mis-direction. For a highlight tape of A’Shawn, just watch the opponent’s RB take the handoff, head into the line, and then drop like a sack of potatoes as if he ran into an Escalade. Robinson is a top ten talent and no doubt Pete/John would pause maybe one nano-second before picking him #26, though I suspect he will be long gone.

    – Henry is no No-E and does not have phone booth quicks, but his top end speed is scary good, just watch him pull away from SEC DBs. His first 20 might be average, but his second 20 might get him to a 4.4. But the thing with him is the same as with a QB, it is instincts that defines a great RB, more so for a zone guy even that normal. Henry can read a hole, react and cut better than anyone in years. I love Rawls, but we’ve got to have two, and he and Henry would make our offense so devastating that Russell Wilson could probably throw for 5000 in a season lobbing at a couple of Chinese girl gymnasts, the safeties would be so occupied with our run game.

    • James

      Interesting point about Robinson. The Seahawks ask the same thing from their DTs in run situations, which leaves their “production” lacking. If they aren’t going to take a shot on a pass-rushing interior lineman early on, they could settle for an athletic run-stuffer with strong gap integrity like Robinson.

    • bobbyk

      I don’t care who we draft to be our RB, the combination of him and Rawls will not be better than Beast Mode in his prime, imo, which means that no future combination will let Wilson throw for an easy 5,000 yards in any season. Now, if they improve the OL, which isn’t hard to do, the RB duo can be better statistically than Lynch ever was (and make life easier for Wilson, too).

      • Steve Nelsen

        Wilson had his best statistical year last year with Beast Mode hobbled and with the current O-Line.

        I think we tend to judge the O-line independently of the overall offensive production.

        There is clearly room for improvement but I think the O-Line could be much better next year if they did nothing more than replace Britt.

        • bobbyk

          Statistically, yes. How about the team? That’s what I root for.

        • Steele

          Let’s keep in mind that Beast Mode was unable to get going with the line in front of him. Derrick Henry has worse quicks than Lynch with an injury. It’s the first few steps that are important,and I seriously question Henry’s. Once a line blows open holes, any good back will gain yardage. Running a 4.4 isn’t so important if he never hits a second gear.

    • EranUngar

      Great points James.

      We often forget that what we see on those tapes is scheme dependent. We tend to label players by what we see them do and dismiss what we can’t see them perform successfully or otherwise. It is clear that a player that was not trained in college to rush the passer will not be effective doing it on day one (or year one). It is not that clear if he can/can’t do it effectively after a year or two of NFL training.

      Also, with regards to run stuffing DTs:

      We tend to dismiss those because we already have Mebane/Rubin to perform that task. However, if a run stuffing DT can step in and replace one of them from day one of the season, it will clear a chunk of change that could be used to help the team improve elsewhere. Mebane’s cap hit last year was 5.7M. A rookie replacement would free 3-4M of cap space that would otherwise go into the DL. That in turn can be used to bring in a vet C/G or help us resign Lane/Kearse/Sweezy. The “value” of such a pick goes further than its effect on the DL.

      I.E. – picking a run stuffing DT could help improving OL consistency (vet C/G) or LOB performance (Lane).

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks plug veteran run stuffers for a reason. Of all the things they won’t draft early — run stuffer is the one thing I think they’d never take. You can find those guys anywhere. And Seattle has.

        • EranUngar

          I agree. They find them, at a price. If they have an option to use that cost elsewhere for the better of the team for several years to come and there is no better alternative on the board, it should be considered.

          • Rob Staton

            The idea of spending a first round pick on a run stuffer is probably as foreign to the Seahawks as using one on a punter.

            • EranUngar

              I did not say anything about a first round.

              However, if that would enable the seahawks to sign a quality Center to boost the OL, how is that so revolutionary different than say sponsoring the idea of picking Martin in the first round.

              Never mind, i just wanted to point to something, not get into an argument.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m not arguing Eran — I just doubt they go run stuffer early because of all the positions in the league, it’s one you can fill very easily with cheap veterans.

                • EranUngar

                  Yes, they can.

                  The question is a “big picture” view:

                  Lets consider it a 2nd round question – You can either draft a G/C and address that need or you can draft a “run stuffer” and clear a budget to get a vet G/C.

                  What would serve the team best?

                  It was just an observation regarding possible implications of such a pick.

                  • Rob Staton

                    There is no evidence the Seahawks see value in the early rounds of the draft at run stuffer. They’ve constantly bypassed that area to plug in cheap veterans. It’s quite simple really — they value athleticism and unique traits so highly. Run stuffers aren’t unique at all. They’re two-a-penny in the NFL. You can find them anywhere without the big investment.

  35. RWIII

    Rob : Remember the other day I mentioned Kevin Dodd. I see Daniel Jeremiah has Kevin Dodd going to Green Bay with the 27th pick. Dodd keeps rising UP the board. I get the feeling that Dodd will NOT be on the board when the Seahawks are on the Clock with the 26th pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. I think he has a better pro-career than Shaq Lawson. But he won’t get much further up the board with an average combine. That’s the big test. And I don’t think he’s going to run the 1.5 ten-yard split needed to put him contention for the Hawks.

      • RWIII

        Rob you are probably right. Here is the problem. Hawks are losing Bruce Irvin and there is a possible Contract situation with Michael Bennett. Even though Bennett is signed we KNOW he is NOT bappy. So John Schneider and company have a situation that is not going to be easy to solve. Also one other thing. Cliff Aril is not getting any younger. In fact the last two years he broke down at the end of the season.

        • Volume12

          Give me Oklahoma DL Charles Tapper over Kevin Dodd.

          Tapper is perfectly suited for the RDE and rotational interior pass rusher role. Elite length, ‘Seahawky’ attitude, great locker room guy, and as a former BBall player, he’s gonna be very, very SPARQ’d up.

          Has the production to match and shows up/plays his best in big games.

          Dodd and Lawson both look like run-stuffing 5-techs or strongside DEs. Not worth a 1st IMO.

          Both of these guys, Dodd and Lawson, benefited perhaps more than any other DE duo in the country , thanks to Clemson’s secondary. Mackensie Alexander, Cordrea Tankersley, and Travis Greene.

          • RWIII

            Most scouting reports (including Rob Rang) have Tapper listed as a 3-4 rounder. Rob Rang has tapper ranked 109 overall.

            • Volume12

              Yup- he’s not a 1st rounder, but is a much better player than Kevin Dodd.

              He’s great value in the 3rd-4th round range, but might rise a little bit higher.

            • Rob Staton

              Tapper is a round 2-3 guy IMO.

          • Trevor

            I am with you on Tapper Vol. Really like his game a lot.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Bennett is just being Bennett. They’ll get something sorted there. I didn’t see any evidence of Avril breaking down — he had a concussion in the Super Bowl and that’s it. They also drafted Frank Clark last year let’s not forget that. I doubt they force a pick like Dodd that doesn’t suit their ideals because of this.

  36. unitas77

    Rob when I have watched highlights of Kenneth Dixon, RB la tech he reminds me of Marshall Faulk, I know that is high praise but he looks explosive and able to catch the ball naturally as a running back or wide receiver. I agree with your assessment of the hawks looking for special characteristics, the idea of him catching the ball out of the back field or as a receiver would add another dimension to the offense.

    • Nate

      I am in full agreement. He is the one running back I would be really excited about(possibly Collins as well).

  37. CHawk Talker Eric

    I wonder if I should reevaluate Carl Nassib. Maybe he’s a good R2 pick.

    From Phil Savage executive director of the Senior Bowl:

    DE #95 Carl Nassib/Penn State (NORTH) 6066/273 34 1/2″ Arm | 10 3/8” Hand
    This former walk-on has emerged as one of the top defensive ends in the entire draft because of his instinctive ability to feel blocks and rush the passer. He is not particularly explosive or sudden, but he understands leverage and uses his length to advantage against almost every opponent. For someone standing 6’7, Carl has an unusual skill in keeping a forward lean, while staying low and slippery.

    1-on-1 Pass Rush: Wins: 11 Losses: 4

    Reese’s Senior Bowl Pieces: According to PFF, Carl was the most successful pass rusher with 13 wins in 15 total reps (93%) during the practices. As a senior in 2015, he totaled 46 tackles, 19.5 for loss, 15.5 sacks and forced 6 fumbles to earn the Hendricks and Lombardi Awards.

    • Volume12

      He’s one of those guys that are gonna be better in the pro game. He’s just scratching the surface of his potential IMO.

      High football IQ, great hand technique, a motor that doesn’t stop, plays angry, team leader.

      Keep this in mind. The last 2 guys that led CFB in QB sacks, were very productive the next year in the NFL.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      To me he is eerily similar in terms of prospect case to Russell Wilson. Kind of the ‘asterisk’ prospect.

      Length, leverage, production.

      Combine will probably write him off.

      But tape wise, it’s just nuts how active he is. I can’t tell if it’s just blind recurring luck or just innate talent. Makes a lot of splash plays. Doesn’t appear to necessarily be the result/benefit of playing next to Johnson or Zettel. In fact it looks almost the opposite that they benefit from him.

      He could be a DE version of KJ Wright. Pretty average athletically in terms of movement but compensates with smarts and length and skill.

      May not possess great or even good speed. But for a slower guy he’s ridiculously difficult to contain.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      FREAK. Not everyone measures well, but the stats sometimes tell a story themselves.

    • EranUngar

      Well, if he runs 5.13 40, has 24 REPS, 31.0 vert and 110.0 horiz….he will drop like a rock in the standings….

      Those are Bennett’s combine stats and we know how that turned out.

  38. Volume12

    Still like ‘Bama DT A’Shawn Robinson. A true ‘get off the bus 1st’ kind of guy, he’s physicallty intimidating and instantly brings physicality and toughness. His character and attitude reminds me of Chris Clemons.

    He’s the ultimate ‘boom or bust’ kind of prospect, but that’s what Seattle has alwzys targeted in the 1st.

    Not much of a pass rusher, but disruptive in more than one way.

    Robinson is unique and different. By that I mean, how many DTs look like a LB and are chiseled out of granite? Freakish length, and this guy’s movement skills are unreal. Moves around like a TE.

    I’d love this pick.

    • C-Dog

      So would I, but I think he might be the one JR to shoot way up the boards after the combine.

  39. cover-2

    If A’Shawn Robinson looks to be a bust after the first couple of years, then we could have Cable try to make him an OG. I’m kind of kidding, I read that Robinson was a good o-lineman in highschool.

  40. cover-2

    If A’Shawn Robinson looks like a bust after the first couple of years, maybe Cable can make him an OG. I’m kind of kidding, I read that Robinson was a good o-lineman in highschool.

  41. vrtkolman

    Rob, watching some Ohio State games and I’m starting to have some concerns over Eli Apple but I’m not sure how legitimate they are. He plays very conservatively, almost too much so. He has all the physical tools but plays so far off his man it’s pretty glaring. I’m unsure if this is simply their defensive scheme but in the NFL he is going to be attacked by slants all day if he plays 8 yards off his man. Have you noticed this? Could this by why his stock is cooling?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe — but I’d rather have a disciplined corner who knows how not to get beat deep than someone like Hargreaves who gives up 17 yards a catch because he gambles.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Does he mostly play man to man or zone ? Has he played against inside WRs/TEs or just on the outside?

  42. C-Dog

    If we go off Pauline’s scale, this pipe dream scenario could land

    R1. Shon Coleman
    R2. Nick Martin
    R3. Adolphus Washington
    R3. Austin Johnson

    New starting LG, and C, and a 3 tech and 1 tech combo that could rival the interior DL set ups Minni, Carolina, and Los Angeles has. Crazy talk. But I would love that.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      If that were to come to pass I’d approve highly.

    • Ignorant

      Love it.

    • RWIII

      C-Dog: If we could get those four picks it would be a pretty solid draft. NIck Martin is a plug and play guy. I don’t think he would drop that far down.

      • C-Dog

        Yup, that’s why I call it a pipe dream scenario, but hey, dream big.

    • Trevor

      That would be a pretty sweet draft if they could pull it off.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I initially thought to myself, who the hell is Los Angeles…. then remembered, the sorry Rams. 🙂

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Dream scenario. That sure looks like a homerun draft if it happens.

    • 75franks

      56: R2P25



      90: R3P27



      98: R3P35



      125: R4P26



      got this on fs today

      • 75franks

        with coleman as 1 round pick

  43. Steve Nelsen


    One guy that everybody consistently mocks in their top-20 is Alabama ILB Reggie Ragland. You had him at 44 in your last mock. He is one of those guys that I am hoping gets picked before 26 and helps push someone we like better back to Seattle.

    I don’t recall ever reading anything you have written about Ragland. Do you feel there is no chance he goes before 26?

    • Rob Staton

      He could go before #26 because he’s that typical Alabama linebacker — hard nosed, physical. Fits the AFC North. Any 3-4 team that needs a tone setter might go for him. I just suspect he’s an average athlete and therefore is more likely to settle in round two.

    • RealRhino2

      You sound like me. Maybe the second best thing about draft day is watching all those teams ahead of us taking guys we wouldn’t want/need, like a MLB or a QB. It’s like moving up a spot in the draft!

      • Volume12

        Exactly. We want the QBs to go early for example.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          I think we want QB’s, LB’s, WR’s and DB’s all to go early.

          • Volume12

            Kind of goes without saying, but yeah.

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    @Rand_Getlin: Plenty of buzz around #Seahawks OG @jr_sweezy. Will be an active market for the athletic former wrestler who played DL all through college.

    Looks like Sweezy’s gone.

    • Coleslaw

      If he signs a nice deal we could get a 5th instead of 6th or 7th round comp for him I bet, his run blocking will factor in too, nice comp pick for an expendable player, not too shabby

    • Darnell

      Not surprised.

      When you’re an excellent run blocker as nasty, durable, and athletic as he is, with a ring and a whole lot of starts for a championship program there is going to be a very strong market for you. And I say good for him, a heck of a success story.

      Sweezy is the type that coaches,scouts, and teammates are always going to like far more than fans do.

    • Rob Staton

      They can use that money to try and keep Lane, Rubin and Mebane — I suspect those three will be the priority.

      • Coleslaw

        I agree but I’d keep it just to Lane and Rubin, there are a ton of young Mebanes in the mid rounds this year, I think they take advantage of that

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          Young Mebanes will also need a year to develop in our system. Re-signing Mebane is just a smart all-around move if his financial demands are at all reasonable.

          • Coleslaw

            Not necessarily, all he does is anchor, there are tons of guys who could come in and stop as many runs as Mebane day 1, they need time to develop pass rush reliability, but not just to anchor, that’s pretty basic

            • Volume12

              Mebane is much more than a big ol’ anchor.

      • EranUngar

        I still think that Sweezy is a HUGE priority for Cable and the Seahawks.

        I know it is not the common opinion here but IMO he is the no. 1 resign priority for the FO.

        • SeventiesHawksFan

          Glowinski was specifically chosen to take his spot. I think the plan to replace rather than pay him was set in motion last year.

    • C-Dog

      Going bold with this one. Calling it right now. They will re-sign Russell Okung on a short term deal. Short deals for Rubin, and Mebane.

      Lane and Kearse will test the market, and may find better deals (even though apparently they’ve been in some discussion with Kearse’s agent). Thin market for WR probably means Kearse moves onto greener pastures. Lane gets a better offer elsewhere offer.. and.. drum roll please.. Brandon Browner comes back to Seattle on a veteran minimum.

  45. Josh

    Rob have you thought about making a Seahawks top 26, i.e. a list of guys who the Seahawks would take and in the order they’d take them? For instance if 1-15 on the list are gone #16 is their pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the suggestion Josh I’ll consider a piece like that. Might do a top ten targets list instead (after all, it’s a given they’d be interested in Bosa, Tunsil etc).

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Perhaps a top 5 at each position, that would intrigue the Seahawks… no matter what round they are due to be taken. For example, I’m shocked Tretola is a round 7 in this mock draft. Otherwise, the overall feel of where the above mentioned prospects might land (round) seems right.

      • Josh

        Mostly I’m curious where guys might land on the list like Eli Apple. You have him top 10 but if he fell to 26 would they run up and grab him or pass for a bigger need.

  46. CharlieTheUnicorn

    There was a report on the local Seattle radio station that is linking Sam Bradford to the 49ers. The obvious tie in would be the Chipster thinking Bradford is better than sliced bread. They then would cut CK7 and he would most likely land with the LA Rams.

    Talk about musical QB chairs in the NFCW. Glad Seattle has RW compared to this clown show in California.

    • Steele

      Bradford to SF would not be much of an upgrade. And he would be a sitting duck in the pocket. Go do it, Chip!

    • Darth 12er

      The Rams with a dangerous QB could do some damage. Don’t think Kap qualifies anymore haha. I am interested to see what Bradford does in free agency though. Maybe Houston will take a stab.

  47. nichansen01

    I did some mock drafts using fanspeak. I am really happy with them to be honest. I tried three different boards and I was thrilled with the results.

    Each draft I went into thinking that Mebane, Irvin, Okung and Sweezy are gone, with Lane, Rubin and Kearse resigned. These also assumes a defensive tackle free agent addition.

    First draft:
    1. Taylor Decker
    2. Jordan Jenkins
    3. Chris Jones
    3. Sebastian Tretola
    4. CJ Prosise
    5. Joe Dahl
    6. Jihad Ward
    7. Ronald Blair
    7 . Vernon Adams

    This draft started with a high quality tackle slipping into my clutches. Jenkins to replace Irvin, Jones upside and I was able to Dahl and Tretola. Not only that but I was able to draft CJ Prosise, a 3rd down back with pass catching upside. Jihad Ward bolsters depth at defensive tackle and Blair hung around until the seventh and has pass rushing upside at tackle. I finished the draft with a short mobile quarterback… The perfect backup for Russ.

    Draft 2:

    1. Shon Coleman
    2. Austin Johnson
    3. Sebastian Tretola
    3. Deion Jones
    4. Kenneth Dixon
    5. Nile Lawrence-Stample
    6. Graham Glasgow
    7. Ronald Blair
    7. Vernon Adams

    Decker didn’t fall in this draft so I took Coleman. Austin Johnson fell, surprisingly, so I made no hesitation to draft him. My favorite guard, Tretola, lasted until the third again. Deion Jones was the perfect pick after Tretola and replaces Bruce. Kenneth Dixon in the fourth was a steal. Lawrence Stample bolsters the DT position, he is a player the Seahawks are rumored to like. Ronald Blair was a steal in the seventh. Again I ended with Vernon Adams.

    Draft three
    1. Shon Coleman
    2. Sheldon Rankins
    3. Jordan Jenkins
    3. Denver Kirkland
    4. Jordan Howard
    5. Nile Lawrence Stample
    6. Ugonna Arwuonye
    7. Travis Feeney
    7. Vernon Adams

    This is was unrealistic, Rankins won’t fall that far. I wasn’t able to grab Tretola and jones so I took Kirkland and Jenkins. However, I was happy about being able to draft Jordan Howard. I took late round fliers on Camble defensive lineman Ugonna Arwuonye and local prospect Travis Feeney. Again, I ended with Adams.

    Personally, draft #2 is my favorite. Thoughts?

    • Trevor

      They are all solid drafts but #3 would be my favorite because of Coleman and Rankins in Rd #1,2. It won’t be posible but would be an amazing draft if they did.

    • Steele

      I like draft #1. Dramatically upgrades both o-line and d-line aggressively! Plus a weapon in Prosise. I might do the rd.7s differently, but what a draft.

      • Steele

        Draft #3 is so wonderfully unrealistic, I had to overlook it. Rankins and Coleman? Won’t happen.

    • troy

      26: R1P26



      56: R2P25



      90: R3P27



      98: R3P35



      125: R4P26



      172: R5P33



      215: R6P37

      G JOE DAHL


      223: R7P4



      245: R7P26



      This is what I came away with. Haha

  48. Volume12

    I think I’m being too hard on Clemson’s DL Kevin Dodd.

    This guy never takes a play off and just flatout makes the O-lineman he’s up against work for everything. He plays all over the line, stops the run, gets after the QB, blows up screens, doesn’t over-pursue, really good/clean technique, good footwork and strength.

    Has a KJ Wright like football IQ, good leverage, knows how to get off a block, really extends and knows how to shoot his arms. He’s a playmaker.

    IMO, his uptick in production is because he looks like he takes to coaching extremely well.

    Maybe him hot exploding off the ball is due to his conditioning?

    The thing is, how good of an athlete is he? I know he got comped to Michael Benett, but is he athletic enough for Seattle to take early?

    • Steele

      Volume, when I look at the film, Dodd is consistently quicker than Lawson. He just looks like a solid player with upside who will be at least a contributor. Worth taking. Maybe he turns into Justin Houston.

    • Josh

      Watching the NCG he was destroying the right side of Bamas OL. Based on that game alone I would have no problem with him being the guy at 26.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I haven’t watched enough to decide if he’s slow off the snap (poor anticipation) or just slow with his first step. Once he gets going, he’s hard to block. My suspicion is he runs a decent 40, but a relatively slow 10 yard split. Also, he looks pretty agile so good SS and 3C. I wonder what his jumps will be like.

      I guess we’ll find out at the combine.

      • Steele

        Chawk, are you saying the Dodd is slow off the snap? I’ll look more closely, but I don’t see that. Better than Shaq Lawson’s first step.

        • Volume12

          I don’t know about Justin Houston. 2 completely different styles.

          He doesn’t have great burst.

  49. Trevor

    The more I watch Chris Jones the more I think he is going to be out pick in Rd #1 if the top Tackles are off the board and Rankins is gone as we all expect. I have seen him projected in the 3rd round by many but I think he will be a big rise after the combine.

    If we go DT in Rd #1 my choices are 1) Rankins, 2)Nkemdeche 3) Chris Jones all could be a disruptive interior presence from Day #1 IMO and really give a boost to our DL rotation.

  50. Darth 12er

    Seahawks trade their first round pick to the Texans for Clowney. Clowney gets a fresh start. Texans get 2 first rounders to retool at QB / RB. And the Hawks get younger on the edge.

    • Brandon

      I’d say that Clowney at most is worth a 2nd rounder. It would be pretty cool getting him though and focus on other positions earlier in the draft.

      • Ignorant

        Sorry but I don’t see Texans trading him like this.

        PFF had him 7th best 3-4 OLB for most of the last season. Second best against the rush. You won’t take anyone at 26 better than him or with more untapped potential than him. He’s easily worth a top 15 pick. It may be necessary to send the Texans something like a 1st and a 3rd.

        • Ignorant

          Against the run*

          • Brandon

            I’m not saying we will and should trade for him, but the thought is interesting.

            • Darth 12er

              ^ Won’t happen, I agree, but that was my thought. It’s clear the Texans need a QB. There is also the rumor about them releasing Foster. I kind of feel like Watt is wasting away in Houston. They need to be aggressive and make that offense click.

        • Ignorant

          PFF just realeased their top 40 prospects of the Draft. Some interesting read:


          8: DI Chris Johnson (!!)
          9: DI Sheldon Rankins
          11: Edge Shaq Lawson
          12: Edge Noah Spence
          16: OL Ronnie Stanley
          17: OL Jack Conklin
          18: DI Robert Nkemdice
          20: Edge Shilique Calhoun
          21: Ezekiel Elliott
          22: LB Jaylon Smith (!!)
          24: DI Andrew Billings
          27: G Cody Whitehair
          28: DI Sheldon Day
          29: DI Jonathan Bullard
          31: DI Austin Johnson
          32: DI Adolphus Washington (!!)
          36: DI Jarran Reed
          37: DI Kenny Clark
          38: Edge Emmanuel Ogbah
          40: OLB/Edge Joe Schobert

          They sold Frank Clark to me when everyone except for Rob was selling. This class of defensive interior linemen is impressive. There are a lot of guys with elite potential in this position that are very likely to be available at our third round comp pick. In this scenario Jeremiah grounded of the available players at #26, it’s almost criminal to go DT. PFF ranks A’Shawn Robinson, Eli Apple, Deion Jones, Shon Coleman, Derrick Henry, Nick Martin, Vernon Butler, Jason Spriggs and Kyle Fackrell out of top 40.

  51. Coleslaw

    Lane – 2 year $11 million deal to build his reputation even more playing for Seattle, hits the matket again at 27.
    Rubin – 2 year $7.5 million, smaller but solid deal for solid/old player.
    Okung – 1 year 6 million, around what other teams offer him, his agent advises him to stay in Seattle for at least another year.
    Shead – Walks, saves between $1-2 (say 1.5) million and leaves us with $3.25 million to gamble on a health risk (Geoff Schwartz/Dwayne Allen?)

    • Cameron

      Okung doesn’t have an agent.

      Shead is a RFA and is a bargain at that price.

      • Coleslaw

        I know, and Shead could sign elsewhere, he might get more interest than we’re expecting. If he did it would still only save us under $2M.

        • Coleslaw

          We have a good stable of corners, if we kept Lane and brought up someone else to take the nickel spot and compete with him outside too we could tap into something special, they all have at least a year of learning our scheme, Carroll was really high on Tye Smith before he got injured and it’s easy to see why, he’s a ball hawk who blows up screensa nd underneath passes, him and Lane would be awesome opposite Sherm.

          • Coleslaw

            Rob, I wonder if there are any RFAs who could be let go and replaced, that money could pile up quick.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Lane will get big money….. I’m thinking 4 years / 25M type of deal
      Rubin will be in the 3-4M range, but he is ~30… and this is a nice draft for DT… could keep his value down
      Okung: 1 year 4-5M, prove it deal. He will not be fully health until June, way after FA has started
      Shead: Keep him around, worth the price for the insurance of having CB depth Doubt he will get more than 3M / yr from anyone on the open market. Perhaps on a bit too low, but definitely won’t be a big time deal.

      • Coleslaw

        Idk he played well and is versatile, someone might value that out of our price range for him if we pay Lane. If we don’t get to keep him then I’d say we need to keep as many of the other corners as possible and draft another

      • Darth 12er

        I don’t necessarily see Lane commanding a lot in free agency. Teams will look at what Maxie did and think twice. Seattle just does things differently that may not translate well for other teams. Plus theres his injury history. Idk, I may be wrong.

        • Rob Staton

          On the contrary — teams will look at Lane and see a rare quality CB on the open market. He won’t get Maxwell money, but he’ll get more than people think.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      Shead isn’t going anywhere. Not only is in an RFA; he’s also depth at safety, in addition to slot corner and outside corner. With his versatility, there is no way the FO lets him walk.

      Okung I think could go either way at this point. He’d have to accept a team friendly deal. And he remains the top FA at left tackle.

      I think Lane is going to get an offer that we won’t be able to match, especially in context with the need to sign someone for the offensive and defensive lines.

      • Coleslaw

        The 18M cap figure included us signing Shead for under 2 million. If we have to match offers our cap space would go down towards 16M.

        • Rob Staton

          Shead is a restricted free agent. The maximum he can earn is going to be $1.43m — and the $18m already accounted for all RFA’s re-signing.

  52. Ignorant

    PFF just realeased their top 40 prospects of the Draft. Some interesting read:


    8: DI Chris Johnson (!!)
    9: DI Sheldon Rankins
    11: Edge Shaq Lawson
    12: Edge Noah Spence
    16: OL Ronnie Stanley
    17: OL Jack Conklin
    18: DI Robert Nkemdice
    20: Edge Shilique Calhoun
    21: Ezekiel Elliott
    22: LB Jaylon Smith (!!)
    24: DI Andrew Billings
    27: G Cody Whitehair
    28: DI Sheldon Day
    29: DI Jonathan Bullard
    31: DI Austin Johnson
    32: DI Adolphus Washington (!!)
    36: DI Jarran Reed
    37: DI Kenny Clark
    38: Edge Emmanuel Ogbah
    40: OLB/Edge Joe Schobert

    They sold Frank Clark to me when everyone except for Rob was selling. This class of defensive interior linemen is impressive. There are a lot of guys with elite potential in this position that are very likely to be available at our third round comp pick. In this scenario Jeremiah grounded of the available players at #26, it’s almost criminal to go DT. PFF ranks A’Shawn Robinson, Eli Apple, Deion Jones, Shon Coleman, Derrick Henry, Nick Martin, Vernon Butler, Jason Spriggs and Kyle Fackrell out of top 40.

    • Coleslaw

      Pray for a run on QBs in the first so someone special falls to us lol

  53. Steele

    Should Reggie Ragland get a closer look? He lined up as OLB at the Senior Bowl and pass rushed. Rob and anyone who watched that performance more closely: how did he do outside?

    He’s already good inside. Could he do Irvin’s job? Would Ragland provide position versatility, thus value?

    • Volume12


      He’s ideally suited for a MIKE ‘backer role in a 3-4. Kind of a 2 down thumper.

      • Volume12

        They also got a big 3-4 ILB already in KJ Wright.

  54. Sea Mode

    I think we have learned a LOT more since then about the type of players the Hawks’ current front office values. In 2011, we had only one prior PC/JS draft to go off of, so not really the best year to judge by. (I know you said it was just for fun, so no problem)

    Even so, you are right in the sense that every year there are surprises as to whom they select and they do see things differently. It really is almost impossible to predict the specific players they will draft (which is certainly a good competitive advantage as well), but I believe Rob is definitely much closer now to at least the type of players SEA targets at different positions, and that is a great part of what makes the discussions on this site so enjoyable and not just wild speculation about people’s (or other media’s) favorite prospects.

    • Bassmanoz

      Oh, definitely! I looked at the archives post 2012 draft and Rob predicted exactly which position the Hawks would draft in the first three rounds – DE, LB, QB. He didn’t get the players but I thought he did well, and he did like both Irvin and Wilson before the draft.

  55. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think Michael Bennett leaving Drew Rosenhaus (ewww) and currently being without an agent?

    Was Rosenhaus maybe in his ear too much? Meaning was it possible Seattle has tried to either re-work his deal or give him an extension, but he kept telling MosesBread he could get him more?

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure to be honest. Not overly concerned though.

  56. Steele

    Tristan Okpalaugo reminds me of Danielle Hunter from last offseason.

    • Volume12

      37″ inch arms! Crazy.

      Ran a 4.79 40 and a 1.69 10 yd split. Under that 1.70 mark I talked about.

  57. swisshawk

    I would be very happy if the result of the seahawks offseason would be pretty similar to my scenario:

    FA: Okung walks (#3 comp pick)
    Irvin walks (#3-4)
    Kearse (#5)
    Sweezy walks (#7)

    Mebane stays (3mil cap hit)
    Rubin stays (3)
    Lane stays (4)

    sign released OT (Loadholt) for cap hit about 2mil
    sign passrusher like DE Vernon or DT Williams (released:)) for the 6mil left

    If FA panns out this way we could have the max 4 comp picks (#3,4,5,7) for the 2017 Draft what could really appeal to JS

    Draft: #1 Trade down into early second and select C Nick Martin
    #2 RB Dixon/Collins or DT Jones/Johnson
    #3 LB Erick Stricker as a pass-rushing LB
    #3 LG Tretola
    #4 Tradedown compensition; DT Blair III or RB Perkins (depends on number 2 pick)
    #4 RG Joe Dahl
    #5 RT Cooper
    #6 SS Davis (groomed to replace Kam sometimes?)
    #7 LB Feeney
    #7 ???

    After the Draft our needs would be adressed like this:

    1. OL: Gilliam Tretola Martin Glowinski RT FA
    The depth and competition would be awesome; Bailey LT/LG, Lewis C, Dahl RG, Cooper RT/LT (former solid LT-replacement)

    2. Pass rush: At least one rotational additon from FA
    One DT from the Draft
    New toy for richard who could be an intriguing new aspect of blitz packages; a speed-rushing LB

    3. LB: Competition between Morgan/KPL/Pinkins/Feeney as 1&2 down LB with Stricker as 3rd down option

    4. RB: A good trio of Rawls, Draft pick and Michael

    5. WR: I feel pretty good with our top 3 threats ready to return (though dont know about Graham), Richardson the 4 option (at least for the first game, if not injured preseason), Smith/Williams ready to deliver as nb 5 and up to 5 additional guys already on the roster to compete for #6

    6. Secondary: Shead/Simon as RCB opposite Sherm and Lane in the slot, or otherway around. Quality backups Smith/SJP in place in case of injury and “this years #5&#6 pick” Seisey/McKray as depth in the LOB outside of obvious starters

    If this scenario would come true, the Hawks would fast be back to being feared by their opponents and would have a real shot at going back to the biggest stage next year (or i hope so:’)). Go Hawks!!!

    • swisshawk

      Sorry for the gramatical mistakes and issues with spelling, english is a foreign language for me 😉

      • Coleslaw

        Awesome! Damn good 5th and 6th round picks if you ask me, got their 5th round corner a year early and McCray is a stud moneybacker type

    • Trevor

      Really like that draft a lot! Seems like guys are all in Rds where they would still be available as well. Finally someone else who wants to see us take Eric Striker!

    • Darth 12er

      I like it. If Okung commands enough for us to get that extra third. I really hope the Hawks don’t match.

  58. Coleslaw

    1. Chris Jones
    2. Ryan Kelly
    3a. Deion Jones/ Scooby Wright (only w/good combine performance)
    3b. Paul Perkins
    4. Sebastion Tretola
    If we can walk away with C. Jones, Kelly and Tretola the trenches will be in pretty good shape. Jones competes at SAM and Perkins goes at it with CMike!

    • Trevor

      Would love that draft particularly with Deion Jones over Scooby Wright.

      • Coleslaw

        If Scooby tests well he’ll be a likely first rounder, instinctive, old school linebacker

  59. rowdy

    Just got around to watching Jordan Howard and I must say, count me in. This guy is a thumper and contact seems to be his passion. Man he’s a fun back to watch.

    • Trevor

      I really like Howard a lot as well and he does not seem to be getting much love. Not sure why.

  60. Trevor

    When I thin about what PC/JS have said and done this off season quietly some things are starting to come into focus IMO.

    #1 They have said #1 is a consistent OL. As someone who loves the draft my focus immediately went to OL prospects and Coleman, Martin, Clark were guys I liked /hoped we would take in the first 3 rounds. But if you want a consistency OL do you really want 2-3 rookies having to start. It is the one position where experience, smarts and technique trumps speed, youth and athleticism. SO I think this is where they will focus in free agency most likely. They looked long and hard at Mathis and Wisnewski last off season and you have to think that if they had pulled the trigger on those guys at C and LG instead of Britt /Lewis/ Novak our whole season would have looked much different.

    #2 They are loading up on WR /DB and possible Edge Rush prospects. This speaks volumes to me. I think they realize this is a weak class for edge rushers, wide receivers and CBs. It also likely means they don’t plan to or don’t think they will be able to re-sign Irvin, Lane and Kearse.

    So here is my revised thinking about free agency. Not saying it is what I hope but it is what I think.

    Unable to Sign

    -Lane if he gets $5mil plus on market
    -Sweezy because they have groomed Glowinski as his replacement constantly referring to him as an RG.
    -Irvin who I think wants to be a Hawk and I think they want him but will command $8mil plus on the market and you cannot commit that much money to 3 line backers.
    -Kearse who I know has made some big plays in the clutch but is a best our #3 wide receiver. If he gets more than $3mil on the market he is gone.

    On the Fence
    -Mebane who I hope they bring back for his leadership and still productive anchor. I am thinking 2 yrs $4-5 mil and will definitely be back if they cannot resign Rubin


    -Rubin 3 yrs 10 mil (3.5 mil cap hit) He is active and a great run stuffer who will anchor the middle of the DL
    -Okung 1 yr 5 mil with incentives for games played (5 mil cap hit) His injury is going to kill his free agency market IMO and he comes back on a 1 yr deal to build value and hit the market again in 2017
    -Stephan Wisnewski 3 yrs 10 mil (3.5 mil cap hit) He is still young and very durable. He is a solid and above average Center which is what we need for stability. Would love Alex Mack ideally but he is going to be too pricey
    -Phil Loadholt 1 year 2 mil (2 mil cap hit) He can play Guard or tackle and if he can stay healthy will be our LG in 2016
    -A Veteran RB like Ivory or Forte. I just don’t see the Hawks going into the season with Rawls, Michael and a rookie RB. I think they need a veteran presence in the RB room. (2-3 mil cap hit)

    Total Free Agency Budget $17-18 mil

    Keep RFA Shead, Bailey and Michael

    Extend / rework contracts for Bennet, Baldwin.

    • Volume12

      Could not agree more on point #2.

      As I said up above though, I still think they add to those position groups through the draft this year, but probably later on.

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      This seems very sensible to me. And mirrors a lot of my own speculation.

  61. Brandon

    Thoughts on Florida State LB Terrance Smith? Terrific athlete but is light and would probably need to put on some weight. NFL.com compares him to his former teammate and Jacksonville LB, Telvin Smith. To me he looks like an intriguing 3rd or 4th rounder.

    • Trevor

      I was thinking about him too. Might be available in 5th -6th round. Good speed and real productive. Would be great competition with KPL and Morgan for the 3rd LB spot if we don’t take a guy early.

  62. Trevor

    So now our best OL Okung and best DL Bennet don’t have agents. Not sure what it means but we definitely have one interesting group of individuals on our team. Love it!

  63. Attyla the Hawk

    Sprigg’s supposed testing numbers bear watching. They are SPARQ God ridiculous:

    40: 4.82
    Vertical: 37.5″
    Bench: 225 Bench: 33 Reps

    40 and Vert would have beat all testers last year (no OL under 5.0 and vert by half a foot). Only 5 OL testers put up 30+ reps.

    I’d guess if his SS/3C were equally good, he could be a top 5 tester going back 6 years.

  64. Darth 12er

    I see Tretola’s name all over the place on here. I honestly know nothing about him, but followers on this site love him. It looks like he has the size we like at LG. Is this where everybody sees him going if we take him? Also, I wouldn’t mind a piece on him and how he fits in our scheme – if that’s doable. Or, maybe some insight on him from some of you. From what I can see he looks pretty legit, but again, I’m a 2016 draft noob. Thx for any input

    • Coleslaw

      He’s huge and a great blocker, mean like sweezy with the size to play LG, gets pushed back too often in pass pro but he seems like someone Cable would love

  65. Robert

    The 2015 Seahawks were terrible at pass protection from the Guard positions.Britt appeared to be beat consistently because he is slow and unathletic. But Sweezy is extremely athletic. Why couldn’t he be better at passpro? This is confusing to me and I don’t know what kind of prospect to hope for to improve our pass protection up the middle. Is the answer just anybody else and hope for the best? Any thoughts?

  66. nichansen01

    Here is an idea: Start Alvin Bailey at Left Tackle

    Sounds like a horrible idea? Well,

    Frees us from having to spend a high draft pick on a tackle
    Frees us from having to resign Okung or bring in another free agent left tackle
    Bailey actually looked pretty good against Carolina in the second half. The offense really was disfunctional to the enth degree, until bailey came in and replaced Okung.
    He was decent against Arizona, shaky against St. Louis but decent against Dallas.
    He actually looked pretty damn good against new york last year. That is really the only game I remember him in.

    He is never going to be a great player, just a serviciable one.
    Attitude: tweeted about not wanting to play for seattle anymore
    Weight was an issue in camp last year. Disapointed at left guard in the preseason.

    What are your thoughts?

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