5th year option podcast appearance

Today I was invited onto the 5th year option podcast to talk about the Seahawks and the draft. My bit starts 30 minutes in. You can check it out below:


  1. Rob Staton

    Interesting article on the QB’s here:


    Also note Will Levis’ floor is listed as late part of the top-10. Remember when all those mocks suddenly had him dropping deep into the first a week ago…

  2. cha

    Nice spot, Rob.

    I am not involved in betting or gambling at all so I’m a little bit ignorant.

    But I think there would be a very, very healthy market to want to have the kind of insight you have into the draft. As opposed to relying on big names who push out similar mocks and/or put out ridiculous ones to just draw attention.

    • Peter

      This was a fun segment Rob. Always good to see you get out there.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

      It’s weird that the only two invites I’ve had recently are both big betting broadcasters

      • Ashish

        That’s what matter. What’s point mocking Carter to Hawks for 2 months without getting dinged.

      • Brett

        It kinda makes sense. They partially get their edge by being more informed than the general/ mainstream information out there in the betting public. They surely appreciate your short term predictability by your last few drafts and being ahead of the curve on prominent player evaluations (IE Richardson, Levis).

    • DW

      I’m not too much of a sports better myself and enjoy the low(ish) level of stress from the draft and just enjoying it as an event so don’t bet on it but I passed along some nuggets from Rob to a couple of my buddies last year and they made some serious cash off Rob’s insight.

  3. Trevor

    My dream Day 1 and 2 for the Hawks

    #5 Richardson
    #20 Will McDonald
    #37 Keion White / Ade Ade or Mazi Smith
    #52 Julius Brents
    #83 Luke Wypler

    The Hawks would have studs on rookie contracts at the elite positions (OT, QB, Edge, CB) for the next 4 years.

    • DW

      Yes yes a thousand times yes

    • Gaux Hawks

      …getting out my prayer beads (although i prefer offensive weapon over brents)

    • STTBM

      Substitute Mingo for Brents and I’m in. We got corners, much as I too like Brents. I’d be pretty happy if either are there that late though.

    • Quinn

      Not sure if they would pick Brents in the second, but I would be doing backflips like AR if that was our draft (and doesn’t even include day 3!)

  4. Peter

    Commenter Sean brought a thought about would Pete feel he has the time to coach someone up at this point in his career.

    Since Rob is either writing a mock or hopefully sleeping I thought I’d ask:

    Not what player you want where.

    But….what player(s) do you think are going to contribute both right awY and relative to their position taken?

    Example JMS, center, round 1…bottom half. I expect him to walk in and be a plus level center day one at that spot.

    This is assuming Pete thinks he can both win now and has no choice because he’s retiring in 2-3 years.

    • STTBM

      I think jS has more control of the draft. I fear he might cave, staying at 5 and watching all 4 great QB prospects get snatched, then settle for the guy PC wants: Anderson. But logic tells me JS isn’t going to blow the draft just to plug holes.

      Cross your fingers everyone…One good draft didn’t fix 9 in a row that weren’t good….no need for JS and PC to get too cocky…

  5. Blitzy the Clown

    Former blog draft darling Perrion Winfrey was arrested yesterday for domestic violence. Obviously that’s not connected to anything we’ve been talking about regarding other prospects, but the timing of it has to leave an impression on an organization.

    Baillie Burmaster

    I’m being told by multiple sources- Perrion Winfrey has had off-field issues dating back to Oklahoma. He was quietly suspended multiple times and even broke into Gaylord Memorial one time.
    10:31 AM · Apr 13, 2023

    • Rob Staton

      I was never that high on him due to the character issues and the massively inconsistent play

      • Blitzy the Clown

        True, and the infatuation, such as it was, really only resulted from a strong Senior Bowl showing.

        Nice podcast I like those guys and it’s fun to listen to you answer the questions instead of asking them.

  6. Allen M.

    Interesting trade rumor posed today (Seahawkstv/Chat Sports). Would the Seahawks trade for either Chase Young or Montez Sweat?. (or both, lol)

    I mean, if Young were available that’s be awfully interesting to me. What would it take? Coming of a torn ACL surely not pick 5…

    • Allen M.

      Obviously, I have no idea if either are available via trade. That’d be kind of crucial…

  7. AL

    And, yeah, I may not pay attention to all the noise, but I do hear the critics. I know the things people are picking apart. People talk about whether I can be accurate. They say I don’t have touch. They say I can’t throw short. They say a lot of things. All I gotta say is: Watch how hard I work. In my mind, I can do anything with the football in my hand — but I know that no one will ever work harder than me to improve. Whether that’s my footwork, accuracy, mechanics, learning defenses, you name it. You can always grow, and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m going to come in and be tireless. I’m going to put it all on the line. My family sacrificed too much for me to not give everything to this game.

    Anthony Richardson

    They really need to draft this guy

  8. seahawkward

    Anyone listed to Brock Huard’s draft profile from today on Brock and Salk? His pick for center was Joe Tippman from Wisconsin. When asked about JMS and Wypler, he didn’t sound impressed one bit. Said they both lacked athleticism. Compared Wypler to Joey Hunt. Any thoughts on Tippman, Mr Staton?

    • Rob Staton

      JMS and Wypler perfectly fit the scheme

      Tippman does not

      • Trevor

        If they take an OL on day 2 I think I prefer Cody Mauch because of his flexibility. I think he could be a quality Guard or Center. Then take another interior lineman on day 3 like Jordan McFadden, Anthony Bradford or Andrew Vorhees.

        Then if they really want a true Center after this season should Evan Brown or Mauch not work out the. perhaps look at Sedrick Van Pran early next year.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Mauch is definitely appealing and Steve Avila fits that mold as well. At the right price, Avila would be great to try at center and he could flourish there… but he has the flexibility to be a solid guard as well.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I like Tippman, a lot, but he’d have to move to guard for Seattle, I think. At 6’6, he’s just too big for what they want in a center. JMS and Wypler (also Olu Olu, Juice Scruggs, and a couple others) are exactly the physical prototype they covet there.

  9. PJ in Seattle

    Fun chat, Rob. Hope KIRO gets you back on soon. Our sportsradio here locally is in serious need of some British fumigation.

    I didn’t know you try to get back to Seattle for games, Covid-willing. Ping me if you make it this year – I’ve got a suite ticket with your name on it.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    I agree JMS is all but a lock after a trade down from 20.

    But I do think there are several prospects they’d take at 20 and then pivot to Wypler in R2 or trade back up for JMS.

    Mayer and Robinson, maybe Darnell Wright. Any others?

    • PJ in Seattle

      There could always be befuddling droppers like maybe Devon WItherspoon or Joey Porter Jr. who would break all ourprevious tendencies, but I could see them being too tempting to pass up at #20.

      I think there’s a good chance Mayer will be there at #20. The depth of this TE and RB class is kind of weighing on Mayer and Bijan and suppressing their value a bit. In my dream scenario, JS trades back to the mid-twenties to grab another pick or two thinking he’ll take JMS there. But Mayer is still there, so he has to take him. Hoping JMS lasts to #37, otherwise they make sure they secure Wypler

      • PJ in Seattle

        And I could see them taking a very hard look at Brian Branch at #20 as well

  11. Roy Batty

    Schneider was just asked about meeting prospects over the years and if his mind had changed, good or bad, after talking to them.

    He said yes and one just happened this year.

    It’ll be curious to know who it was, after the draft. He said he wouldn’t get into it at this point, obviously.

    He gave great insight into their big board saying that they reset it about 5 times before draft day.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Can’t wait for the reveal on that one. Hope it’s not Jalen Cater.

    • Thaines

      Where did he say this? Interested in listening. THanks

  12. Troy

    when the slimmer of the two pivoted to your thoughts on 20, it was like he was getting his pencil out and filling out his bracket. Too funny.

    The post that AR did today – basically letting GM’s know he’s committed to busting his ass. Have you ever seen something like that from previous years? It comes out 2 weeks exactly until draft so maybe it was pre-planned for a long time, or his agent has done this in the past maybe. It was impressive, but would have been more impressive if it started out, Dear Mr. Schneider and Mr Carroll.

    New prediction (eye roll):
    1) Young
    2) Anderson
    3) Carter
    4) Stroud
    5) Richardson

    Ideally the Cards would want to trade back to Titans and conceivably still land Carter, but with Seattle ramping up the smoke a bit that they’d be willing to take him – pegs them into 3.

    • PJ in Seattle

      That was the guy who kept hitting the vape. By the end, I was convinced it was a weed vape. His thoughts… became harder… and slower… to pull together. 🙂

  13. Trevor

    Mock with 2 weeks till draft day

    #1 Panthers – Bryce Young (QB) the Panthers are willing to over look his size to take a special talent.
    #2 Texans – Will Anderson (Edge) Demeco Ryans gets his leader for the Texans defense to build around and change the culture.
    #3 Titans (trade from Cardinals) CJ Stroud (QB) Titans move up to get thier QB of the future.
    #4 Colts – Will Levis (QB) this has seemed inevitable since the end of the season.
    #5 Seahawks – Anthony Richardson (QB) Hawks get a potential superstar at the most important position in professional sports.
    6 Lions – Devon Witherspoon (CB) have to think Dan Campbell will love him and CB is a postion of need.
    #7 Raiders – Christian Gonzalez (CB) absolute stud and great addition for the Raiders.
    #8 Falcons – Tyree Wilson (Edge) I think he is over rated but doubt he gets out of top 10
    #9 Bears – Paris Johnson Jr (OT) pro type LT to protect Feilds.
    #10 Eagles- Jalen Carter (DT) biggest boom or bust prospect in the draft.
    #11 Cardinals – Lucas Van Ness (DL)
    #12 Texans – JSN (WR)- The Texans need play makers
    #13 GB (Trade) – Myles Murphy (edge) the Packers finally trade Rodgers and take the over rated Murphy
    #14 NE – Brian Branch (S) Branch feels like a Patriot
    #15 GB – Micheal Mayer (TE)- Mayer was meant to play on the snowy tundra at Lambeau.
    #16 Wash- Joey Porter Jr (CB)- Commanders have a massive need at Corner.
    #17 Steelers – Darnell Wright (OT) – Best OT in the draft falls to the Steelers.
    #18 Vikings (Trade) Hendon Hooker (QB) the Vikings move up in front of TB to take Hooker.
    #19 Bucs – Broderick Jones (LT) Bucs have a big need at LT and take the athletic Jones.
    #20 KC (Trade ) Anton Harrison (LT) the Chiefs move up to fill a big hole at LT and the Hawks pick up a late second round pick to move back 11 spots.
    #21 Chargers – Bijan Robinson (RB) – Chargers get Herbert the best offensive weapon in the draft and a steal at 21.
    #22 Ravens – Zay Flowers (WR) – Ravens need to add more weapons even after signing OBJ.
    #23 Lions (Trade) – Kelijah Kancey (DT) – Lions add another dynamic pass rusher to the DL.
    #24 Jags – Dewand Jones (RT) Jags get an absolute beast to protect Lawrence.
    #25 Giants – Jordan Addison (WR) Daniel Jones gets a weapon.
    #26 Cowboys – Ade Ade (DT) seems like the type of ultra athletic DL the Cowboys would love.
    #27 Bills – Keion White (DL) – White is an athletic freak and has a ton of upside.
    #28 Bengals – Dalton Kincad (TE) – Elite pass catcher for Burrow.
    #29 Saints – Bryan Breese (DT) athletic DT the Saints like.
    #30 Eagles – Nolan Smith (LB) Eagles keep adding to the defense.
    #31 Seahawks (Trade) Will McDonald (Edge) the Hawks add perhaps the best pure pass rusher in the class.

    Hawks Picks
    #5 Anthony Richardson
    #31 Will McDonald
    #37 Mazi Smith
    #53 Julius Brents
    #63 Johnathan Mingo
    #83 Luke Wypler
    #123 Moro Ojomo
    #151 Dorian Williams
    #153 Anthony Bradford
    #198 Chris Rodriguez
    #237 Jordan Howden

    • BK26

      I really like this. This is very realistic too. Titans could be the ones to push up and no matter what, Seattle has the best situation or RIchardson..

      Fill out the defense and get in missing offensive pieces. For me, perfect draft.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Damn, that would be a killer draft. I love every one of these picks. Those first 6 picks would have me over the f’n moon with joy.

      • BK26

        Those first 6 give me the hope that the defense will be good, not just average. Would make it a solid unit all the way through.

        And the offense in the future….

    • Allen M.

      I’d love it, esp the first 3 guys. Rest is gravy.

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