Live stream at 4pm PT & draft intrigue

I’ll be jumping on with Robbie & Adam today at 4pm PT. Join in via the live chat on YouTube as we run through a variety of topics, two weeks before the draft.

I also wanted to touch on something briefly that’ll we discuss in the stream, see below the video embed for the notes…

There are a couple of things worth acknowledging that have appeared in the media this week. Firstly, Adam Schefter is being intriguingly open-minded about Houston not taking a quarterback at #2. The fact that he’s speaking in the way he is here is interesting. Lance Zierlein, who is connected in Houston, last week mocked Tyree Wilson to the Texans at #2. Now we’ve got Schefter bringing the possibility of a defensive pick at #2 to the table.

I’d say it’s time to start taking this very seriously. We already have been of course, having mocked Will Anderson to the Texans on March 9th.

Meanwhile, Michael Lombardi casually dropped out something I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else. He claims, “everyone around the league knows (C.J.) Stroud has coachability and attitude problems“.

This hasn’t even been hinted at elsewhere. However, it would add a layer to the Houston chatter if it proved to be accurate. What if they’re not keen on Stroud for those reasons? Is there any issue for the Texans that Deshaun Watson’s agent, David Mulugheta, is also Stroud’s agent?

Zierlein had the Texans trading up from #12 to get Will Levis, a good scheme fit and a player who can start quickly, rather than take Stroud at #2.

I don’t think they’ll be able to do this unless they trade up to the #3 pick, which I think is unlikely. Chris Mortensen last week stated Levis won’t get out of the top-five and he seems like a shoe-in for the Colts at #4.

But what does it mean for Stroud?

If both he and Richardson are available at #3, I’d suggest it increases the chances of a trade down dramatically. It also raises the possibility that he might slip through the cracks to #5, especially if the Colts are determined to take Levis.

If you missed my appearance on VSiN’s Primetime show yesterday, don’t forget to check it out here. The more views the better…

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  1. ShowMeYourHawk

    That Stroud report sure looks like dirty pool. Not going to lambaste the reporter, as it’s their job to report what they’re hearing. No whiff of any accusations of Stroud being difficult or unteachable until two weeks before the draft? Someone is trying to torpedo this kid publicly for their own gain. Indy? Maybe Arizona, to sweeten their trade up offers?

    • Peter

      Seattle with the smokiest screen since cypress Hill at the key arena in the mid nineties.

      Stroud *cough* can’t be *cough* coached

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No lie, my brother still has a fattie we rolled for that show with all the group’s signatures on it

        • Peter


    • geoff u

      Could be coming from the Stroud camp so he falls to his favorite team…

      • Rokas

        Every fall losses him millions of dollars.

    • geoff u

      Actually, now that I think about it, it could be coming from Houston. Right now, everyone expects them to take Stroud, but internally they may prefer a defender. Putting this out there gives them some cover for when/if they do chose Anderson or Tyree.

    • Phil

      Whenever I hear or read things like “everyone around the league knows” or “nobody contests that”, I stop and I ask myself, do I agree with the comments or opinions that follow? These preambles that some people use are a red flag warning that what follows is a ” self-evident” truth. It’s a trick for a commentator to get you, the listener, to nod your head and accept the BS you are about to be asked to swallow.

      I’m guessing that Lombardi is getting bored, that his sources are not giving him anything new to say, so he has to come up with something to say that can’t be refuted because he is not naming sources.

      Now, if others come forth spewing the same comments, or if he names sources and they concur, maybe he has a scoop. In the interim, be sceptical ….

  2. Matt

    Stroud *literally* was an unranked HS prospect that was picked for the Elite 11 because he took so well to coaching and dramatically improved throughout the event.

    The Stroud stuff is nonsense.

    • Peter

      Beat me to it good poster….

    • glor

      That doesn’t mean his success hasn’t gone to his head a bit since then.

    • Joshua Smith

      Russ Wilson was very coachable until he wasn’t…
      It may still be head games right before the draft but not out of the realm of possibility

      • Phil

        …… “But not out of the realm of the possible.”. I guess I would agree – but I can’t think of a lower bar to have to cross. If I’m JS or any NFL GM, I am not going to allow Lombardi’s comment to affect my opinions at all.

        • Mel

          I doubt Lombardi’s comment matters much to a GM. It either confirms what they know via interviews and meetings with OSU’s coaching staff, or it’s complete bull.

  3. Tatupu51

    That Stroud report sure looks like something a team below the top 5 would “leak” so he falls. Dirty business, but if we could get him at 5, it’d be awesome.

  4. PJ in Seattle

    You’re right, if Stroud and Richardson fall out of the top two, AZ is going to get a haul for their pick. Possibly from us, and I’d live with the overpay for either one of them.

    You don’t get this close to the brass ring and not do everything you can to snag it.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Why move up? If Houston go defense at 2, we’re guaranteed one of the 4 QBs where we sit.

      And frankly at this point, I’m fantastic with any of them.

      • PJ in Seattle

        If you’re happy with any of them at #5, then yeah, you stay put and be happy with whatever you end up with. But If you have gaps in where you rank them QBs, then I think you have to move up to get the guy who stands above the rest.

        Personally, I have it thusly:

        Tier 1: CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson
        Tier 2: Bryce Young
        Tier 3: Will Levis
        Tier 4: Jalen Hall, Hendon Hooker, DTR

        • Dmz45

          I agree

        • Malanch


      • Elmer

        Yeah Blitzy! Don’t piss away the draft choices that can really help you get to be a contender.

      • Malanch

        All those options strike me better than Kiper’s 4.0 (blowing both second round picks to get Hooker at #30).

  5. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Tis the season for innuendo and rumor mongering. Some team at 6-10 picks perhaps?

  6. cha

    Not sure at all if this is intrigue or just a late-career move, but I don’t think Schefter would have picked it up if it was just that.

    Adam Schefter
    Panthers VP of Football Operations Steven Drummond resigned today. Drummond spent 18 years with the Panthers after coming to Carolina from Jacksonville. Drummond currently is working on completing his MBA at the University of North Carolina.

    Maybe there is some discord in the building.

    Rob, you mentioned the Seahawks have tightened up their press leaks a couple threads down. Fitterer going to Carolina as the GM and taking a couple folks with him…and the Panthers have had leaks that they’re not in agreement on the #1 pick…

    Maybe that’s too thin. But the possibility adds even more intrigue to the top of the draft.

  7. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    If Young and Wilson are 1, 2. That means we are guaranteed Levis, Richardson or Stroud. And If Arizona opens up the bidding for #3, we shouldn’t bite. We’d be guaranteed one of the QB’s.

    • Tatupu51


    • PJ in Seattle

      I’d sell out to make sure we get either Stroud or Richardson. Either one of them is worth moving up to secure.

      If we stand at #5, someone else jumps in and Stroud/Richardson go 3/4, leaving us with Levis. I wouldn’t hate it, but I think you can only stand at #5 if you have Stroud/Richardson/Levis all ranked in the same tier.

      • Tatupu51

        In that case, we should take Anderson.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Unless Indy really think Levis is their guy.

    • geoff u

      Definitely. However, if Pete and John think one of the QB’s is far better than the others, I’m all for them going up to make sure they get their guy.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep, if you really believe in one of the QBs you’ve got to go get them. Otherwise, sit and let the value fall to you.

  8. Trevor

    If I hear one more time how the Hawks are willing to take chances on players with questionable character citing Bruce and Frank Clark I am going to throw up. Both those guys had legal issues but were known as good team mates and tremendous competitors. Thier “want” was a never a question.

    The Hawks have only taken a chance on two players who had red flags about their passion for the game. McDowell and Harvin. Both were complete disasters. They will not make the same mistake again with Carter.

    Love for the game, work ethic and being a good team mate are completely different off feild ref flags than making a single bad decision that results in a legal issue.

    • GrittyHawk

      That’s my view. I’d take a chance a guy whose only flag was a late night drag race that resulted in a death. That’s the kind of galvanizing moment that can truly change the course of a man’s life, provided he proved he learned from it. But a lack of work ethic and motivation? Can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard of someone developing those things overnight once they land a $40M contract.

      • Big Mike


    • Rob Staton


    • Glor

      And even from there, they have evolved into getting away from the “Me” guys as well – case and point, Harvin and Adams.

    • Orcas Viking

      The ONLY way I would be good with drafting Carter is if during his visit his 1st 60 minutes was in a room with BWags, Lockett, DK and maybe Geno, and all 4 come out of that room convinced he is worth drafting at 5.

      • geoff u

        I wouldn’t even be convinced then. I’ve known plenty of coworkers who talk a great game, then when it comes time to roll up your sleeves and do the work they’re out racing SUVs after hitting up a strip club.

        • Mr Drucker in hooterville

          Agreed. In that scenario I’d take their feedback and consider him at 20

      • Malanch

        I would neither solicit nor consider the opinions of current players one bit, were I a personnel guy. The only player who could persuade or influence me one way or another is Jalen Carter.

  9. Brodie

    “Go home 2023 NFL draft, you’re drunk”


    • Malanch

      Rockin’ title. They killed it in the segment, too.

  10. Trevor

    I used to kind of like Lombardi but the last 3-4 years he seems like little more than a poorly sourced rumor monger.

    Have to think we would have heard something like this about Stroud before now.

    • Malanch

      Yeah, but it’s the same thing every year, isn’t it? The bluechip shocks usually hit in the final week or two.

  11. YDB

    I think evey team in the 1-4 range should really take Lombardi to heart and not be willing to touch Stroud with a 10 foot pole. Ignoring a red flag like that could be career suicide for any of those GMs.

    • Rob Staton


    • Troy

      Lombardi who’s track record of picking 1st round QB’s while an actual GM are…Jamarcus Russell and Johnny Manziel.

  12. Roy Batty

    First the Levis character assassination, now they’ve moved on to Stroud.

    What’s next, Young berating the lunch lady in the cafeteria because she didn’t give him enough tomato sauce on his ravioli?

    This stuff is going to keep coming, right up until the first pick is in.

    • LouCityHawk

      My mother in law is a 90lbs thai woman, I’d have more faith in her surviving a direct hit from Bosa than Young – he is light and fragile – like glass

      • Ben

        I didn’t realize this. What percentage of snaps did he miss in his college career?

        • Malanch


          • Pugs1

            While saying Young is made of glass is vastly overstating the issue. It’s fair to question his height and build. I’ll ask the question this way in Young’s 27 starts at Bama how many games did he not have superior talent protecting him compared to the opponents defense? IMO he played in five games where the talent was equal and zero where the Bama OL was overmatched. He will not be afforded that same luxury in the NFL.

    • John

      You mean Wendy the Wendy lady?

      • Malanch


        …But hey, at least Russell Wilson didn’t need to outsource his own character assassination. Gotta respect the DIY ethic.

  13. GrittyHawk

    Cool so all those mock drafters out there should start mocking CJ to us because Pete Carroll “doesn’t mind a player with character flags”. I’m here for it.

    • Rob Staton


    • Big Mike

      Brilliant 👏

    • Sea Mode

      Well played! 👍

  14. dregur

    This late in the game seems ridiculous. But hey, if teams 1-4 want to listen and for the Seahawks “cultural fit” to work it’s magic on Stroud, I’m all for it.

  15. Palatypus

    Yeah, well, Tom Cruise had attitude problems in All the Right Moves.

    Then he shagged Lea Thompson.

    • Brashmouse

      Yes but that was in a series of poor choices including getting involved with a crime ring and prostitution while chasing Rebecca DeMorney and Fraternization chasing Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. Can’t trust that guy to not risk everything when a pretty girl shows up. LOL

      • Palatypus


  16. Glor

    Fantastic interview Rob! VSiN’s Primetime

  17. Michael G

    It sure seems like silly season in the Draft. Rumors, leaks, etc. On April 27th it’ll probably go like we thought it would a few weeks ago: 4 QBs and Will Anderson in the top-5.

    Great interview on VSiN, Rob! I just shared it with my dozens of Twitter friends 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍

  18. Gross MaToast

    According to my sources, Stroud is “exceedingly un-coachable,” very much a “pre-Madonna,” and should never be considered in the top 4. Do with that what you will.

    • cha

      I’m the OG prima donna
      My rhymes bite like piranha
      Hotter than a sauna
      Straight out of Lakawanna

      • Elmer

        Come to think of it, maybe Carter has Lackawanna.

        • Malanch

          Well played…

      • Gross MaToast

        They call me the Hiphopopotamus
        Flows that glow like phosphorous
        Poppin’ off the top of this esophagus
        Rockin’ this metropolis –

        I hear, on good authority, that Stroud currently has no fewer than 3 library books that are close to overdue. Does this sound like a tope 4 pick?

        • Nathan W.

          Wow blast from the past. Flight of the Conchords. Noice

          • John

            You I’m the Hiphopopotamus
            My lyrics are bottomless….

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I’m not a large water-dwelling mammal
          Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?
          Did Steve tell you that, perchance?

  19. Nano

    I don’t think I buy it about Stroud. It’s more likely that someone wants him to fall. Isn’t Lombardi also the guy that said Justin Fields isn’t a hard worker?

    He’s doing someone a favor.

    • Phil

      Nano – thanks for including the link. Stroud certainly seems to have the grit that the Seahawks like so much.

  20. LouCityHawk

    CJ Stroud called himself the best player in college football.

    Now, I’m not saying that humility is a trait that NFL quarterbacks should have, but more and more I feel comfortable with my opinion that Levis is QB1.

    My take has kind of solidified since the combine (I know, I’m crazy)

    1. Young
    2. Anderson
    3. Cards trade with Texans(!) Pick is either Carter or Wilson, I suspect Carter
    4. Levis

    5…. Richardson or Stroud? Didn’t see that one coming did you?

    FWIW – both players worry me. But I’ve decided that if Seattle delivers a solid draft from pick 20 on, I’m ok if pick #5 is a potted plant.

    I want to see some Pickens, Young (all or any of them), Charlie Jones, give me a good deep draft full of multi-year contributors.

    • Brashmouse

      As long as the last QB standing at 5 isn’t Levis. I saw to much of Matt Stafford in him and his decision making.

      • Brashmouse

        Or a young Elway. Both of them took the the end of the careers to get over the hump enough to take what their teammates get them to win a ring instead of forcing too much onto their own talented shoulders.

      • Wilson502

        I’d have no issue taking Levis. At least Stafford was able to get a ring once he got in the right environment.

  21. Rob Staton

    Tyler Steen from Alabama having an official 30 visit per Rapsheet

    • LouCityHawk

      Try out at guard?

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    I don’t know about coachability or anything like that. But I do have two eyes and a functioning brain, and I watch a lot of college football. So I have my own opinions about these quarterbacks that are not dependent on what anybody else says or thinks. Shocking!

    CJ Stroud might be the best pure passer I’ve ever seen. His touch, accuracy, placement, zip, arch, etc., etc., are exceptional on all his passes, to every spot on the field. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. The one concern about Stroud is his ability to process during the game and make the best decisions. And that’s a valid concern, because he demonstrated poor decision making throughout the regular season. Not overly so, but regularly enough to make me go hmmmm.

    And yet, he put together the finest collegiate quarterback performance I’ve ever seen against Georgia and the nation’s top defense in the championship game. I don’t believe that buys him a pass on the issue, but I do believe he deserves more respect then writing that off as “oh he just got lucky.”

    Stroud’s combination of size, stature, athleticism, arm strength, accuracy, etc., make him the top QB prospect in this draft for me. If he’s available, I sincerely hope he’s the pick.

    Juxtaposed to CJ Stroud is Bryce Young. I firmly believe that Bryce Young is the best decision making, game processing, whatever you wanna call it, QB in the draft. He doesn’t have a tremendous arm, or great accuracy or touch, although he is sufficiently good at those things to succeed as a pro. But the strength of his game is his decision making and how he leads his team down the field regardless of adversity. His biggest question mark is his stature. A simple question of whether someone his diminutive size can stand up to a season of NFL defenders hunting him down play after play. That’s a decision each team will make on their own, and although he isn’t ideal in that regard, I’d be pretty excited to watch him play for Seattle.
I don’t think he’s a great fit situationally, being that he’s ready to start as a rookie, and Seattle have a starting QB for 2023. And I think he’ll be either the first or second QB taken in, so he won’t be available for Seattle regardless.

    Because of his elite combination of size, strength, athleticism, I think Will Levis might be the best all-around QB prospect in this draft. Additionally, because he’s operated in a pro system, without elite (or even adequate) talent at crucial positions of support, and succeeded nonetheless, I think he is probably uniquely positioned to enter the league and make a significant impact early. I also think based on his grit and determination, he could become a Brett Favre type quarterback, with the same kind of impact and legacy (football wise). I think Schneider would be thrilled to draft him.

    And then there’s Anthony Richardson. His size is unequaled. His stature is unequaled. His athleticism is unequaled. He has a rocket for an arm and has demonstrated accuracy and touch, although consistency still eludes him. Like CJ Stroud, he’s thrown some boners during the course of the college regular season. However, he’s also shown growth and maturity in that regard, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any analyst who spent time actually watching him who would say that he didn’t progress over the course of the season. nonetheless, he is still mostly projection at this point.

    I sincerely hope Adam Schefter is on to something about Houston going defense at #2. If they do, it guarantees Seattle will get one of these 4 QB prospects. And although I think you could make an argument for trading up to get the one that you want to, I think I could make a better argument for staying pat at 5, keeping all my draft pick powder dry for better use later in the draft, and just take whoever falls.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      Rob posted Peter King’s podcast You tube link. In it he talks about the GMs elevated merits of the “S2” test. It measures how quickly you pick up things and notice trends.

      Last year Brock Purdy was the highest QB in the draft. This year it is Bryce Young. Where is CJ Stroud and Will Levis?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I read Levis aced it as well though I can’t recall the source.

        Not sure about Stroud or Richardson

        • AC

          I had read where all four did well, some tweet I read.

      • cha

        Albert Breer
        We’ve referenced Bryce Young’s S2 score—I’m told Kentucky QB Will Levis wasn’t far off from Young on it, with a score of 93 on the test (Joe Burrow, Justin Fields and Josh Allen aced the S2 coming out).

        Levis has 30 visits with the Titans, Bucs & Falcons this week, per sources.
        9:49 AM · Apr 10, 2023

        • Blitzy the Clown

          That’s the one. Thanks cha

        • MountainHawker

          To build on this…I saw a tweet in a s2 thread that stated this is the highest scoring class they’ve ever tested. Last year’s was the worst. I think that speaks to the quality of this QB class. They’re not just athletes.

    • geoff u

      Excellent insight and very close to my own opinion after looking into each of them.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Great post Blitzy and I’m pretty much in lockstep with you.

      Stroud’s touch is the best I’ve ever seen as well. He’s not the mobile threat that the other three are (I think Young is undderated in that regard), but he can move well enough. But damn, he can lay a ball in with just the right arc and velocity so naturally that’s hard not to get incredibly hyped thinking that guy could be dishing the rock for us for the next decade or so. The fact that the Seahawks are his favorite NFL team is just a nice little whiskey-soaked cherry on top.

      I’m having a hard time with Levis, and I’m frankly not sure why. He absolutely checks all the size, arm, leadership boxes. As raw a Richardson is, I feel like Levis has the most bust potential of the lot. The arm is world class, the toughness is legit. I see some really bad decision-making too and at times when it’s not pressured and I have no idea what is going through his head or what he’s seeing. He lacks touch and maybe that can be coaced, but I see him rifle some shit at his guys on 10 yeard outs that are way too hot. Makes it hard for them to snag. He’s Favre-like in that aspect and and I feel like I’m watching Mitch Trubisky sometimes. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just get strong vibes that his ceiling is a Cousins/Prescott kind of QB. That’s not a slag on him, But hard to get stoked about that at #5.

      But that said, I’m 100% in on the idea that our first pick in this draft needs to be a QB. If that means trading up to get Stroud or Richardson, I say do it and I don’t really care what it costs. If that means sitting tight at #5 and hoping Rob’s right that Indy is locked in on Levis and Richardson falls to us, even better. If it happens that Levis is the last guy standing when we go on the clock – don’t fuck around. Take him and move on. I don’t care who else is on the board defensively.

      Only if QBs go 1-4 do we take best def player available, which I think is either Anderson or Witherspoon. You can’t spend #5 on Witherspoon so have to move back if that’s your guy. But I’m guessing JS will take Anderson. I would too.

      But if it’s Carter or Wilson, I will get incredibly drunk and try to work my way through the 7 stages of grief as quickly as I can.

      • Malanch

        Awesome post, PJ. With ya on all of it.

  23. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Rob, you considered doing a crosstalk with Peter King for your podcasts? That would be awesome.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt Peter King would have any interest in speaking to me

  24. Troy

    Broken record here, but if Stroud is THE guy that set the table for Allen signing off on the RW trade last year – then you don’t wait for him to fall, and not think Arz is going to gift you the chance to face him 2×15 years.

    Cost to move to #2 is 5+20 or 5+2024 1st. This will be the same price Cards will ask for and get for 3, and they will be more open to Titans for equal pay.

    Why would Houston take our offer?
    1) non-division (see Titans/Indy)
    2) if it’s Tyree then it’s a lock at 5, can choose Carter perhaps.
    3) 20th gives them 4 picks in the top 20 – what an opportunity! Or 1st in 2024 gives them the firepower to get the QB next year…2 top shelf options.

    Lastly, I don’t think Richardson will require moving up, unless Stroud does go 2nd. So if Richardson is the target – it’s let Stroud go 3 and Levis 4. I just can’t see Seattle sitting and hoping things fall right.

    Houston is the trade partner that takes Seattle to the prom.

    • Wilson502

      Seattle just needs to pay the damn iron price and move up whether it’s to #2 or #3, I don’t care, just effing do it.

  25. CL

    Really looking forward to the stream today Rob!

    I think it’s also overdue again to tell you how amazing your coverage is, big big thank you!!

    Also, the Hawks fan who did his mock based on league intel just published a new 2 round mock:

    4 QBs go 1-4
    Hawks stay put at 5 but trade twice:
    #20 for the Giants’ #25 and #89
    then a trade up: #37 and #89 for the Saints’ #29

    #5 Anderson
    #25 Mazi Smith
    #29 JMS
    #53 Jonathan Mingo

    • Rob Staton

      Looks very realistic to me

      And thank you 👍🏻

    • Tatupu51

      Love it!

    • Trevor

      It would be hard to argue with those 4 guys. Four good solid with lots of potential and limited downside risk.

    • MountainHawker

      Good players, but I’d still feel disappointed. No clear path at QB going forward. I wouldn’t have much optimism moving forward. Maybe the rookies play on the field would sway me, but Pete seems reluctant to give rookie dline a ton of snaps. I don’t think JMS with beat out Brown his rookie year. Mingo would be interesting. I’m really interested to see if/how Young and Eskridge are used this year. I liked what we saw from Dareke last year. Lots of upside.

  26. Brodie

    Dane Bruegler & Lance we’re on the Athletic’s podcast today doing a mock and Lance took Carter after: Young, Wilson, Stroud (Indy), Anderson (AZ)

    He threw the usual caveats in, but also said he’s under the impression that Seattle will pass on QB this year. Said it’s a guess, but he’s not just guessing blindly. It was in regard to AR and Levi’s specifically.

    • Wilson502

      Passing on a QB this yr would be a grave mistake. If Geno “is the guy”, then why structure his contract the way it’s structured? Why not give him more yrs and guarantees?

  27. vanhawksfan

    It seems a bit strange that the Seahawks haven’t talked to a single TE considering the quality at the top.

  28. Sea Mode

    Hey, Rob, since you mentioned it yesterday, please take a moment to go back and have another look at the top 15 or so YouTube comments on your spot yesterday. That’s what you more than deserve and you have coming for all your years of hard work and labor of love that is this blog and this community. 💪

    Should the Seattle Seahawks Draft Jalen Carter #5? | 2023 NFL Draft Betting Preview w/Rob Staton

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks all 👍🏻

  29. cha

    Not sure if the NFL teams are a real reflection of the mocks we keep seeing but it sure seems like three of my favorites are being devalued in the mocks and might shock some people come draft day:

    Bijan Robinson
    Calijah Kancey
    Michael Mayer

    Consistently mocked in the #25-45 range and all might be off the board when the Seahawks pick at 20.

    • Big Mike

      My guess: only Kancey has even a chance to get below 25.

  30. Sea Mode

    Thanks for the heads up. Added Steen to the tracker. That’s 19/30 known.

    Seahawks visits/meeting/interest Tracker

    Keep ’em coming! Also if anyone remembers any old reports of interest, etc. that I might have missed, let me know.

    • Gaux Hawks

      Nice bar chart of position quantities would be cool…

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, I tried it. You can find them scrolling down to the very bottom.

        Unfortunately, I haven’t yet figured out how I can reorder the columns so as to group offensive and defensive positions together. But it’s a start. Open to suggestions.

        • Gaux Hawks

          Love it, thank you Sea Mode!

          Interest way to digest the data… color coding need would be cool too (high, medium, low), but probably overkill considering it passes the eye test.

          That QB column is hard to ignore…

    • Troy

      Thanks for maintaining this Sea Mode

  31. Sea Mode

    Seems like a good reminder in the midst of all our discussions about character in this draft…

  32. EP

    Demo Ryans saying Texans not looking for “franchise saviour” at number 2. Maybe a solid defensive addition is the thing he’s looking by for. Maybe Wilson or Anderson, as Rob has been saying.

  33. cha

    Pauline Mock

    1. Stroud
    2. Young
    3. Anderson
    4. Richardson
    5. Tyree

    20. Quentin Johnston

    Carter at #8 to ATL. (He has him at 6 too but that’s a typo I think)
    Levis at #19 to TB

    • Wilson502

      Tyree over Levis? 🤮

      • geoff u

        Seattle signed Geno and are set for life, doncha know?

        • Wilson502

          This is going to be a LONG 2 weeks.

          • Big Mike

            It already has been. Just gonna get worse now. Started with the Stroud “report” today.

            • geoff u

              New explosive report just out: the reason why Bryce Young is so small is because his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Bryan Bresee at 13 for the Jets…seems pretty unlikely he goes that high. His testing was a mixed bag — good 40/10 yard, good short shuttle. Poor vertical and average 3 cone.

      I’d want more athlete at 13. Or more production.

      But the Jets are Tony’s team, so you’d think he knows what they want 🤷🏻‍♂️

  34. vanhawksfan

    I just did a PFN mock draft and stuck as closely as possible to Seamode’s list:

    5 – Levis – QB
    37 – Schmitz – C
    48 – Ade Ade – DE
    55 – Brents – CB
    61 – Skinner – SS
    87 – Abanikanda – RB – off board but appropriate
    123 – Jammie Robinson – FS
    151 – B Young (Tennessee) – EDGE
    154 – Ronnie Bell – WR not an RB
    171 – Anthony Bradford – G
    198 – YaYa Diaby – EDGE
    221 – Ventrell Miller – LB
    223 – Jerrod Clard – NT – off board but appropriate

  35. CHaquesFan

    New reddit intel mock draft, it’s a good summary of what people have been saying so far, but it has an interesting wrinkle of the Texans trading down for Tyree Wilson

    1.1 Carolina – Bryce Young QB Alabama
    1.2. Las Vegas* – C.J. Stroud QB Ohio St.
    1.3. Tennessee* – Will Levis QB Kentucky
    1.4. Indianapolis – Anthony Richardson QB Florida
    1.5. Seattle – Will Anderson EDGE Alabama
    1.6. Detroit – Devon Witherspoon CB Illinois
    1.7. Houston* – Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech
    1.8. Atlanta – Bijan Robinson RB Texas
    1.9. Chicago – Peter Skoronski OT/IOL Northwestern
    1.10. Philadelphia – Jalen Carter DT Georgia
    1.11. Arizona* – Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon
    1.12. Houston – Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR Ohio St.

    • Big Mike

      Not what I want to happen but definitely one of the more plausible mocks I’ve seen.

      • Big Mike

        Will say, if Tenn and LV trade up as this mock suggests, they ain’t gonna have squat for other picks this draft and/or next.

        • Peter

          I will say if it’s not that much. Like raiders up from seven for what amounts to the bills for Allen I’m going to be pissed. Two seconds. That’s all that took took.

          • Big Mike

            Hey my friend, is it just me or has Tom been absent for a while now?

            • Peter

              Yes. Seems like a while now.

            • TomLPDX

              I’m here, lurking about. Just nothing new to add to the discussion.

              • Big Mike

                Good to know. I sent you an email and got no response and then didn’t see you here so I was concerned

                • TomLPDX

                  I thought I responded to your last email, sorry about that.

                  The final weeks leading up to the draft are dreadful! I’ll be glad when it is live and we get to watch it unfold. Too many crazy mocks get put out that make no sense at this point.

      • Wilson502

        Seattle should just outbid them and pay the damn iron price. Settling for Anderson when u had a once in a generation opportunity to take a QB in a top heavy class like this one will leave this franchise reeling for years to come. Say what u want about Anderson, he will never impact the team or franchise like a QBoTF does, no matter how good he is.

  36. Glor

    Todays mock, traded down from 5 to 10

    Will Levis
    QB Kentucky

    Bijan Robinson
    RB Texas

    Dawand Jones
    OT Ohio State

    Adetomiwa Adebawore
    EDGE Northwestern

    Mazi Smith
    DT Michigan

    Luke Wypler
    OC Ohio State

    • jed

      It’s interesting how PFN has Levis ranked 9 and drops in a lot of simulations. I’ve picked him up a 15 a few times.

      • Glor

        Ya, I should probably not trade down from 5 to keep things more realistic

        • jed

          The unrealistic drafts are fun.

          I traded down to 7 for a 2nd rounder next year, then moved 7 for 10 & 62. Still got Levis at 10. Then I traded 20 & 83 for 35 and Buckner.

          • Glor

            So didn’t move down from 5, but took some other offers as I think the 5 move down isn’t realistic
            5 .
            Will Anderson Jr.
            EDGE Alabama

            Dawand Jones
            OT Ohio State
            trade icon

            Josh Downs
            WR North Carolina

            Luke Musgrave
            TE Oregon State

            Luke Wypler
            OC Ohio State
            trade icon

            Darius Rush
            CB South Carolina

            Luke Schoonmaker
            TE Michigan

            Moro Ojomo
            DT Texas

            Jeremy Banks
            LB Tennessee

            2024 JAX 2nd
            2024 PIT 2nd

            • God of Thunder

              Good … but RB is a need

            • Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht

              Good draft but could use a few more Lukes.

  37. Nick

    Who else can just hear John Schneider saying in his post Round 1 presser: “If Will Levis would’ve gone pro after his 2021 season, we think he would’ve been drafted in the top 5 in last year’s draft. To get him at #5 this year is a real blessing.”

    I just have a feeling that Schneider wants Levis. He must froth over his toughness, leadership and arm talent.

    • AC

      He’s probably the most Carson Palmerish QB in this draft too.

      • KD

        Didn’t Pete say at some point that Carson Palmer was his ideal QB?

    • Geoff u

      He’s gonna have to move up to 2 or 3 to get him. Colts sent everybody to workout Levis. Unless Stroud falls and the Colts take Stroud.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree with you, I think Schneider is going to be a BIG fan of Levis’

      • Happy Hawk

        I think it has been the plan since the RW trade to pick Levis all along. Also think the emergence of Richardson has given JS reason to have hope one of the 2 will be there at #5.

        • Rob Staton

          I just wonder, though, if John truly is the one pulling the strings. Guess we’ll find out

    • KD

      Favorite Levis moment from last season was, iirc, against MSST, and Levis banged his left shoulder up and sat out while he was being evaluated. Came back, won a tough gritty game and was being asked about his shoulder in the post game interview and he said: “Meh, it’s my left shoulder. Who cares?” with a grin on his face. Tough and gritty a competitor as you can get. I’m happy to put Richardson and Levis as 1a and 1b for me.

  38. Rob4q

    I just did this on the PFN sim – got OC Ruiz in a trade with NO so didn’t draft a OC. Not bad but just not sure that’s enough impact for the defense.

    5. Will Levis, QB Kentucky

    28. Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame

    44. Keion White, EDGE Georgia Tech

    52. Jonathan Mingo, WR Ole Miss

    71. Keeanu Benton, DT Wisconsin

    92. Jordan McFadden, OT Clemson

    123. K.J. Henry, EDGE Clemson

    138. Cory Trice Jr., CB Purdue

    198. Jordan Howden, S Minnesota

    237. Hassan Hall, RB Georgia Tech

    SEA Received:

    Pick 71 – Keeanu Benton
    OC C.Ruiz

    NO Received:

    Pick 83
    TE N.Fant
    2024 DAL 4th

    • Simo

      Overall I really like it! You can’t ever get all the guys/positions you want at the right pick, but it would be nice to add one of the solid RB, one higher than the 7th round. I know Chris Carson was a 7th rounder, but that still seems outside the norm.

      Good trade to dump Fant for Ruiz and move up the board a bit!! Wouldn’t mind that one at all.

  39. Daniel

    Can 100% see how they’re talking themselves into Carter.

  40. dregur

    It’s weirdly spreading about CJ Stroud issues::

  41. Gross MaToast

    A draft in which we trade up and offer 5 + 37 for 3 + 168. Also traded down a couple of times out of 20. Stroud-Richardson went 1-2 in this draft.

    3. Will Levis
    QB Kentucky

    32. Adetomiwa Adebawore
    EDGE Northwestern

    52. Mazi Smith
    DT Michigan

    58. JL Skinner
    S Boise State

    89. Joe Tippmann
    OC Wisconsin

    90. Jonathan Mingo
    WR Ole Miss

    123. Moro Ojomo
    DT Texas

    151. Dorian Williams
    LB Tulane

    154. Andrei Iosivas
    WR Princeton

    164. Roschon Johnson
    RB Texas

    168. Will Mallory
    TE Miami (FL)

    198. YaYa Diaby
    EDGE Louisville

    222. Chris Rodriguez Jr.
    RB Kentucky

    237. Anfernee Orji
    LB Vanderbilt

    • Gross MaToast

      My conclusion: if you can trade up, trade up.

  42. IDhawk

    So wait, Will Levis AND CJ Stroud both have attitude problems? 😂 Classic April shenanigans. Someone is desperate for them to drop.

    • IDhawk

      Also, anytime someone comes out two weeks before the draft and says “everybody knows it…” and literally no one has reported that issue before, you know it’s BS.

  43. PJ in Seattle

    I hope this CJ Stroud-has-red-flags shit catches fire in the idiot-verse and in some front offices. I know that many of us here on the blog would be praying for the ‘arrogant and uncoachable’ Stroud (or whatever garbage they are are dishing for clicks) to be sitting there for.

    What a beautiful Blue and Green Christmas present that would be for us at #5!

  44. Rob Staton

    Garrett Williams official-30 visit

    • Sea Mode

      Added. (It says meeting in that tweet.)

      Also interesting that CB (7) is the position they’ve met/visited with the most as far as we know, followed by LB and QB with 6 and then DT with 5 and RB with 4. (see chart below the tracker)

      • Sea Mode

        Make that 9 CBs. Virtual meeting with LSU CB Mekhi Garner.

        And add in a virtual meeting with Arkansas WR Jadon Hazelwood as well.

        • Sea Mode

          *8 CBs

        • Brodie

          I think Jartavius Martin is a safety. So 7 safeties and 7 CB’s by my count.

          Your link for Carrington Valentine is for Robert Cooper. I think this is the one you want:

          Thanks again for tracking this and making it available to us all.

          • Sea Mode

            Ok, I realize now I made a mistake when sorting that messed up the order of all the sources. It should be fixed now.

            And changed Martin’s position.

  45. KD

    So here is my hand at PFN’s simulator, but I did this mock with 2 restrictions: 1.) No trades. 2.) I can only select players that the Hawks have had a confirmed visit with.

    5.) Will Levis
    20.) Adetomiwa Adebawore (I need to practice saying this guy’s name)
    37.) John Michael Schmitz
    52.) Zach Charbonnet
    83.) Daiyan Henley
    123.) Jammie Robinson
    151.) Anthony Bradford
    154.) YaYa Diaby
    198.) Darrell Luter Jr.
    237.) Jordan Howden

    Under these restrictions, a decent haul I’d say. Like I said though, I need to practice saying Ade Ade’s name properly because he is my bet to be the Hawk’s actual pick at #20 if guys like Bijan Robinson and Michael Mayer are gone, which they likely will be.

  46. Palatypus

    For those of you that are losing your minds waiting for the draft to get here, you might find some relief in the spring games that are coming up.

    Around here, Alabama is gearing up at practice for the spring tilt on Saturday, April 22. It will be on TV down here in Pensacola, but you can probably find it streaming.

  47. WestSide72

    In the end I go back to the beginning.

    It was Levis/Anderson at the end of the season.

    We are almost guaranteed one of them or Stroud/Richardson.

    I started to overthink this whole draft and I am now at peace…serenity now

    • WestSide72

      Also… Will McDonald IV is my fast riser for the first round

      • Brodie

        If it’s not Anderson at #5, I’m really hoping we get McDonald instead. BJ Ojulari would be another, but I’m with you on McDonald.

  48. Sluggo42

    I think we need a moratorium on all discussions from picks 1-5, and start the debate on the 20th pick.

    Is there any scenario that hasn’t been covered with over a thousand posts on 1-5?

    I’ll start..

    I think we should take Jalen Cater, as Pete has an ability to coach up these troubled youngsters…

    • KD

      Here’s an insane scenario for #5: Bijan Robinson. I can hear Pete’s voice in my head saying “Well, he was the highest rated player on our board.” which…..he may very well be.

    • Brodie

      How about Anderson at #5, Levis or AR fall a bit (10-11ish) and we trade UP from #20 with #54 & #151 to get Anderson and our QB?

      • Sluggo42

        I like this!

    • Troy

      if we are still cracking champagne with Ritchardson at 5, could see a DL/edge at 20. In the least to most likely available I’ll go: Myles, Van Ness, MacDonald, Kancey, Mazi Smith. I don’t think a TE would be the choice, but if I had to pick one in the 2nd LaPorta, Schoonmaker.

      • Peter

        Based on John’s comments I don’t think Mazi is even on their radar.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Another smokescreen! Pete and John are playin’ 4D chess. Or something.

  49. KD

    With all this QB talk, I reached down into the memory hole and pulled out Tyler Van Dyke’s name because i was curious if there was any news about him. Speak of the devil, there was a nice little article about him published yesterday:

    Seems like he’s working really hard, and I really hope Cristobal doesn’t screw him up.

    • BK26

      Wow…that seems like forever ago. Man I hope he gets to interview himself next year in spite of his coach.

      Completely forgot that we started the year with him included with the other 4.

      • Jabroni-DC

        Keep his name in your back pocket for 2024 in case we draft Anderson at #5.

    • Big Mike

      Cristobal already has screwed him up. The young man should’ve transferred immediately at season’s end imo.

      • Peter

        Agree. Hope he doesn’t kneecap his career at miami.

  50. DJ 1/2 way

    Did everybody see the ESPN headline that

    “Jeff Bezos won’t bid on Washington Commanders”

    Does that mean he may have a deal lined up for the Seahawks?

    • Brodie

      He and Snyder hate each other. Pretty sure Snyder would take less in order to not sell to Bezos, so he’s probably trying to pre-emptively bow out without ‘losing’.

      Bezos owns the Washington Post and they ran a lot of articles about Snyder and the FO that brought a lot of their nasty business to light.

    • Cysco

      Wasn’t there a story recently that they wouldn’t accept a bid from Bezos? I assume that’s why he’s not placing a bid.

  51. Old but Slow

    Just some pasta to throw at the wall, but with Rob’s question about where do you play Will Anderson, is it likely that he could be a middle linebacker?

    Also, not a comp, but could we see a bit of Michael Bennett in Calijah Kancey? Only because of the ability to penetrate against bigger players and the disruption they cause.

    • Palatypus

      I saw a little bit of Red Bryant in Keanu Benton at the Senior Bowl practices.

    • Peter

      Watch a Keion white interview. He’s Michael Bennett. I see what you’re getting at with kancey but Bennett was decently sized at 6’4″.

      • Palatypus

        Yep. Saw him at the Sehior Bowl too. He really stood out for me. I would much rather have Keion White and Keanu Benton than Jalen Carter.

        • Peter

          I’d take that in a heart beat.

          Team still needs dudes on dline. Where’s the other DE after Jones. Who plays inside? Reed I guess. I’d love white and benton.

      • Malanch

        That’s an interesting comp. Keion White is significantly bigger, longer, faster, and more explosive than Michael Bennett, but whether White’s agility and overall game can compare, I don’t know. The Mock Draft Database consensus board currently has White at #47, but I’d be shocked if he were still available when (if) Seattle is on the clock at #37.

        • Peter

          White v. Kancey and my totally biased comp.

          White to me can play inside and out. Maybe Kanceys speed mitigates length? I’m not sure.

          The thing for me with White is he has all over the line range. With plus athleticism. His knocking that he is 24. But Macdonald will be 25 and taylor didn’t play a snap til he was 24.

          But I don’t think White at 24 is quite a real 24. He missed a whole year to a one off injury that cost him a whole season. And he had to transfer from old dominion whom believe shut it down for covid.

          He’s also only been playing DE for three years coming to old dominion as a TE. Unlike Wilson who has been at it for years he has very good production during that time.

          When I say Michael Bennett it’s the plus size but also meets his vibe. Bennett always was his own guy and White gives me that sane energy.

          • jujus

            Keion White is among the 17 draftable players attending the draft day 1.

  52. Palatypus

    Adam was killing it on this video.

    • Peter

      Yep. Love his take on being a fan away it’s the wins that matter.

      • Adam Nathan

        Thanks a lot guys, always really enjoy being on the show

  53. Dave

    All I did was watch one highlight reel of Will Anderson and it was enough to convince me he wasn’t the best edge player and shouldn’t be a top 5 pick. Fun to watch Chris Simms repeat some of the same points I’ve been making on these comment boards for awhile now.

    I would not be surprised if Jalen Carter is selected before the Seahawks are on the clock. A team could even trade down just to pick him up. He is much more than a player who sometimes makes splash plays. The more I watch him, the more I want him on our team – despite the red flags.

    Guess we will all found out how NFL teams really feel in a couple of weeks. It’s gonna be an incredibly entertaining evening.

    • Palatypus

      Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      Anderson is a great run defender. He will do the dirty work.

      If Boye Mafe has 15 sacks at the expense of Will Anderson would you care?

      Because we have guys that have some bend.

      • Dave

        I won’t be upset if Will Anderson is the pick. Just not very excited. Would much prefer Tyree Wilson or Will McDonald if they’re gonna go edge. (if John thinks Tyree is a good fit for our scheme, that is).

        Would be thrilled if they chose Carter at 5 since it’s clear to me he is special.

        Would also be happy for them to select a QB if John thinks he’s good enough – but not Bryce. I’m done with short QBs.

        • Palatypus

          If Boye Mafe is what I think he is going to be this year, Will McDonald might be sitting on the sidelines watching.

          Just like Boye Mafe was watching a lot last year when Bruce Irvin was on the field.

          And I think that is a crime.

          • Dave

            Would love for Boye to break out. I’m also hoping that our 5th? round pick, Tyreke Smith, turns out to be a solid player.

            But McDonald pops off the screen. Let’s get ’em both out there.

            • GrittyHawk

              The thing I love about McDonald is the instant impact he could have as a situational pass rusher. Like Bruce Irvin, he was largely misused in Iowa State’s 3-3-5 defense. He took around 40% of his snaps lined up over the tackle or in the B gap, with the other 60% outside the tackle (and remember, he’s only 239 lbs). Contrast that against someone like Keion White who took 77% of snaps outside the tackle at 285 lbs.

              PFF has a metric called “true pass sets” which only includes plays with 4 pass rushers and throws out things like screens and bootlegs. McDonald only had 52 pass rushes in those situations. Iowa St also rarely blitzed, so we’re talking about 75-80% of his pass rush snaps coming from a 3-man rush. In those 4-man “true pass set” rushes, though, he had an absolutely absurd 45.8% win rate. The next best was Tyree Wilson at 37%. Among 2023 draft-eligible players, McDonald was #1 in 3 consecutive years in “true pass set” pressure rates. In a better situation, we’re looking at a player who could and should have racked up some of the most prolific sack numbers ever seen in college football.

              He may slide because of his age and weight, but I firmly believe he is the best “pure” pass rusher in this draft. On a 3rd and long, there isn’t another player in this class I’d rather have screaming off the edge. There are valid questions about his ceiling as a 3-down player but I view him as the edge rush version of Calijah Kancey (and random thought, how ridiculous would it be if we landed both of them?!).

              • Trevor

                Thanks for this. Great post with some awesome info. McDonald is my favorite pass rusher in this class as well. Reminds me so much of Brian Burns but with even better bend around the edge and hand usage.

                Also agree he could be an impact player year 1 as a situational pass rusher. Would be estatic if the Hawks picked him.

                • Dave

                  Agree, Trevor, definitely picking up the Brian Burns vibes from him!

                  Very interesting info, GrittyHawk. I hope they draft him.

              • Gaux Hawks

                will mcdonald is my draft crush… like, restraining-order level

              • Sea Mode

                Great stuff here! Appreciate it.

                That’s why it’s so important to know the context of stats and not just judge players based on the numbers.

  54. Gary

    Praying we stay at five and let the draft come to us. Houston or Arizona goes defence and we get our QBOTF. #StickAndPick

  55. God of Thunder

    Given Carter’s well established character issues and Stroud being uncoachable and a dressing room cancer hated by the soup lady, I look forward to our first two picks:

    1.5 Stroud
    1.20 Carter

    Then we bring Antonio Brown out of retirement … and pile up the wins!

    • Palatypus

      I love your sense of humor.

      We too Malik McDowell 35th overall in the 2017 draft. We have the 37th and 52nd picks in the second round.

      I think Mazi Smith and Keanu Benton are much better prospects in that range.

      The best ability is availability.

      • AL

        I don’t think they’re targeting Mazi Smith based on Js’s comments about nose tackles and being able to find run stoppers later in the draft.

      • God of Thunder

        Glad you noticed I was joking! I don’t think Stroud has issues (but as this community knows, Jalen Carter does)

  56. Qzgrizzly

    Seems like Todd Mcshay was met with fairly wide spread scorn when he mentioned questions about Jalen Carter. Not sure I would dismiss Stroud comments quire so readily.

    • GrittyHawk

      The timing makes me suspicious. Maybe there is some truth to it, but usually when big negatives emerge like this 2 weeks before the draft, it’s just GMs playing games or media talking heads trying to keep people interested after 12 weeks of pointless mock drafts. I’ll remain skeptical until I read something more concrete.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Because Carter’s issues are obvious and empirical.

      Stroud? This is the first anyone is hearing about him having any kind of problem. Dude’s been a known quantity going back to his high school days, but he has coachability problems that come out only on the eve of the draft?

      And what specifically are the concerns?

      Because I can tell you with specificity and back up with actual examples what Carter’s problems are and I’m just a guy with internet access.

  57. London Seahawk

    Would love to hear your take on the S2 stuff this year, Rob. As someone who’s so strong on the physical measurables, it seems like another set of data you’d be great at feeding into the QB discussion.

    Granted the results seem to be guarded lock and key, but past performance seems to get out there (Brees, Allen, Mahomes, Purdy), and the data on how strong testers match up with high passer rating seems like a really solid success predictor.

    With the shock success of someone like Purdy fresh in the memory it’s not hard to imagine how something like this would be a factor for the top teams, maybe as a tiebreaker between top prospects. Seems relevant in the top 5 discussion.

    For example, rumours that Stroud is the lowest of the top 4 QBs and Young smashing it could help explain the current Young at #1 talk and the slight fall for Stroud.

    A post above above mentions Stroud’s in-game decision making (I think something you covered yourself as a concern Rob mid-College season?). A lot of the upswing in assessment seems to be based on one game… should we revisit that a bit?

    Levis apparently aced the S2 – does that help the Colts ink in that pick?

    If Stroud does fall for these reasons —- how does the same info impact the Seahawks assessment?

    I think it’s a really interesting late curveball here, and one that can’t easily be explained away as a smokescreen, considering what it’s based on.

    The caveat is that even Stroud’s ‘low score’ might have been a high score in another QB class… but it’s the correlation between that score and the existing question marks on his decision making based on the tape that makes it interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      I would definitely be interested in writing about it but kind of need the data from this year and previous years to do a proper study on it — and the information isn’t readily available

      • London Seahawk

        Yes, atm you can only piece together scraps of info – but some of them are pretty strong.

        We’ve heard from Albert Breer that Levis scored 93, and that Young’s was even higher.
        And that AR ‘knocked it out of the park’ (which people have speculated as scoring 90-ish too)

        Essentially it looks like elite scores (90 and above) put you in a group of QBs that you really want to be in.

        What is less clear is what happens if you’re a touch off that pace… in the context of Stroud who seems like he probably scored somewhere in the 80s (unconfirmed – but if he scored as high as the others, why wouldn’t they leak that themselves).
        Can you still be elite from the 80s? No idea!

        Another interesting bit is that only 14 of the teams have contracts with this company.
        So are only they privvy to that info??
        And more importantly — did Seattle take out a contract with them this year?
        Mike Dugar or one of those guys should be asking questions!!

        • Rob Staton

          What we really need IMO are previous testing results so we can see what patterns exist among players already in the league

          • London Seahawk

            Yes… that would be great.
            It’s been done since 2015 but this is the first year I’ve heard about it (maybe less interested in QBs previous years). Maybe the picture will develop as it becomes more well known and people can piece together leaked info…but even then you’d think it’d be hard to uncover ‘bad testers’! – whereas top scorers will be advertising theirs.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            An athlete’s S2 score for football is a composite of the nine tests, and it is ranked against those of every player in S2’s database.

            It would appear so

    • Sea Mode

      In this article, one of the cofounders of the S2 evaluation says this about this year’s QB class:

      Ally said he couldn’t divulge scores, but he did say the 2023 quarterback results were dramatically better than last year when only Purdy and one other quarterback scored above the 90th percentile.

      “We’ve been doing the NFL draft for seven years,” Ally said. “From an S2 Cognitive perspective, last year was the worst year we’ve ever had score-wise. And this year is by far and away the best we’ve ever had, score-wise, at the quarterback position.”

      • Sea Mode

        Interesting details:

        The company’s football battery tests for nine skills: perception speed, search efficiency, tracking capacity, visual learning, instinctive learning, decision complexity, distraction control, impulse control and improvisation. An athlete’s S2 score for football is a composite of the nine tests, and it is ranked against those of every player in S2’s database.


        Among the 117 quarterbacks S2 had tested up to the 2022 draft, the 13 with career passer ratings above 90 averaged an S2 score (91) that was 40 percentile points higher than those with career passer ratings below 90. Those top-tier quarterbacks tested significantly better in seeing the full field (tracking capacity), picking up on tendencies (instinctive learning), filtering through “if-then” rules during plays (decision complexity) and focusing amid stimuli (distraction control).

    • Geoff u

      The more I see on Levis’s season last year the more I think he’s underrated. You just cant discount how bad that offense was, and yet he still got them to 7-4 during his starts. He could easily be the best QB of this class. Thing is though, you van say that about each of these QBs. At this point, just get one of them, eh?

      • Peter

        Fake smart analysis about levis….he doesn’t raise his team up.

        Right now in the league I’d venture it’s mahomes as the only qb doing that. Allen comes close but the bills are a catch-22. He’s the center of their world but imagine how much better they’d be with balance.

        Burrow….love him. But getting his wr is a cheat code. The rest of the weapons are no slouches.

        I’ve been hearing that take for a 100 years and I’ve had a hard time finding the qb who raises the team on their own.

        Meanwhile. Total projection but levis with dk, Lockett, walker, two tackles, Lewis, three TE’s…yeah I’ll take that.

        • geoff u

          Mahomes went 7-6 his first year starting for Texas Tech, and 5-7 in his senior year. My that metric, you could say he not only didn’t raise his team up, be brought them down. Meanwhile, there are plenty of college QB’s who barely lose a game, yet flame out on the NFL level. I’m not sure wins alone is a good predictor of success.

          • geoff u

            Baker Mayfield only lost 6 games in his three years as a full time starter.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        In the SEC too

  58. KnoxHawk

    Yo guys! Rob, will you be doing a live stream for the draft?

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, KnoxHawk! I’ll answer so Rob doesn’t have to. He’s said before he prefers to just enjoy watching the draft and live blogging as the picks come in. Usually he does an instant reaction stream at the end of each day.

      • KnoxHawk

        Oh true that. I remember now. Trying to make plans as I cut out the Youtube TV a few months ago. Maybe will reactivate for a month.

  59. Hoberk Unce

    If we pull on this Houston defense thread a bit, and say 1-4 is Young, Wilson, Anderson, Levis, then we’re at 5 with Stroud, Richardson, and Carter on the board. Detroit is 6 – they have Goff and they have just traded Okudah. They could go Witherspoon, Gonzalez, or even Carter. So, should we call Vegas and let them trade up with us for a QB and take the one they don’t at 7?

    • BK26

      No. Take who WE want. Don’t need to get cute, we already have 10 picks. You can’t bet on what other teams will do.

      • Gooff u

        Yeah, we went from having all four gone to selecting between two of them. Don’t mess around, just pick the one you think is best. Also, not convinced Detroit thinks Goff is any kind of long term answer.

        • Peter

          I’m not convinced either. Just made some observations as to why he could be. Further reason though to just stick and pick and not chancing “collier face,” by a cutesy pootsy trade down for another pick.

          Whoops!….myles Murphy it is…..

          • Big Mike

            collier face……Whoops!….myles Murphy it is…..

            I literally laughed. It was a sad laugh of resignation about Collier and a nervous laugh about the possibility of getting cute yet again, but a laugh none the less

            • geoff u

              Same 😂

              • Peter

                Right next to the big board needs to be a photo of them at the podium talking about that pick.

      • Peter

        Yeah. Not interested in whatever slim compensation vegas has to offer so we can just draft whomever is left.

      • 509 Chris

        Totally agree. This is no time for games if the guy is there grab him. The trade downs were the hallmark of all those horrible drafts that got us here in the first place.

    • AC

      Goff can be cut with really low dead cap next year. It’s plausible they’d select a QB.

  60. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob recently in one of your mock drafts you like Brian Branch a pick 20 I went back and watch some Brian Branch and I have two observations first is He chasing guys down from the backside he doesn’t quit on plays .And my second observation is the Seahawks haven’t been a great tackling team the last few years you know what Brian Branch can tackle !! I believe he is a gamer. Lot to like

  61. Levi

    Carter is a tremendous talent that had a great season last year, did everything that was asked of him including playing through injuries to help win a national championship, but he lacks motivation or a work ethic, okay

    “Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter could have called it quits when he got hurt earlier this season. Projected by many as a top-5 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft next spring, the former five-star suffered an ankle injury in the opener, fought through the pain of that to play before spraining his MCL against Missouri. That one caused Carter to miss some time, and some thought that his Georgia career was over. Not Carter though. He returned in a limited capacity against Florida and has been on a different level during the Bulldogs’ last four games, totaling 17 tackles including 3.5 tackles for loss and 2.0 sacks while also forcing a pair of fumbles. Kirby Smart believes that it’s because Carter still had something to show.”

    “The assumption you make is the generational wealth is on the line. I mean, I look at it as he’s earned it. Generational wealth, it’s not given, right? He hasn’t had an opportunity to play the all year and show his skill set and really show his stamina,” Smart said on Monday. “In all his years playing here, he never got to play that many snaps, so he’s creating value for himself with the way he’s playing. And, you know, if you look at the top-end of the draft, it’s one of those things where it’s a huge difference between pick 3, and pick 10, and pick 14. It’s a lot more different than it is down there towards the end. So it’s not about that for him. It’s about, you know, being with his teammates, wanting to do something special. He was really close in a brotherhood with those guys last year. And they’re gone now, and he’s trying to do something that they didn’t do. You know, and he’s given us all he’s got.”

    • Rob Staton

      Now discuss the bit where he did what he wanted at Georgia, turned up when he fancied, was reportedly difficult to coach, had poor work ethic, completely ignored his conditioning to the point he had an embarrassing performance (his words) against Ohio State, plus the consistent mistake making and the legal issues.

      I wish people could just make their argument for drafting Carter without trying to make out it’s all a big mistake about the character issues. They are legit and lengthy. I know, because I’ve spoken to multiple people about it.

      • Palatypus

        I don’t think he is Malik McDowell 2.0.

        I think he is Koren Robinson 2.0.

        • Troy

          If he has chemical or substance abuse issues then it’s an even harder pass. Koren admitted to being drunk from the night before on game days. Not saying he is, but if 10lbs between Indy and Pro Day and not turning up on practice days isn’t a sign of alcohol issues – then it’s not far off.

          • geoff u

            He was not drunk after the strip club/car crash, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

            • Osprey

              Did he even get a field sobriety test? Video I saw he was behaving in a manner that should have warranted it.

            • Chris

              Did someone credible say that? Just asking. I’d heard that before but just from Carter attached people.

      • Trevor

        I think the arguement for taking Carter is simple but not very plausible.

        A team would have to think his tremendous potential would far outweigh the tremendous risk associated with taking him. They would have to believe their coaching staff and program could help him mature and develop a work ethic after giving him $30 millon when the Georgia coaching staff could not at a time when he had everything to gain by being in shape and on his best behavior heading into the draft.

        Maybe a team will think the risk outweighs the reward and that they have to magic key to make him a hard worker but a certainly hope the Hawks are not that team.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          What did Adam say on last night’s livestream?

          Even if Carter becomes Fletcher Cox — and I think that’s on the “best case scenario” end of things for Jalen — does anyone want to argue that Fletcher Cox led the Eagles to a Super Bowl?

          To be sure, he was on both of their Super Bowl teams, and no doubt a key part. But he wasn’t the reason they won the NFC.

          It was Wentz and Hurts took them to their title games.

          • Patrick Toler

            Well really it was Foles and Hurts that took them to their title games, which you could construe as an argument that you don’t necessarily need to draft a QB high and that building a strong environment for a QB to thrive in is a viable strategy.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              C’mon, Wentz did the heavy lifting in 2017

          • Sea Mode

            It was a brilliant point made by Adam.

          • 509 Chris

            Great point. He also pointed out the Jets have a great D tackle now when discussing the importance of taking a qb. What’s that doing for their superbowl chances?

    • Peter

      Maybe Carter is the best defensive linemen to ever play the game.

      Maybe he’ll be the very first top five dlinemen with an absolute piss poor production in college to show out at the pros.

      Maybe it’s not about wealth though I’m not sure wht snart is prattling on about money if it’s not about that.

      Maybe it doesn’t matter.

      I’m pretty thoroughly over it. If Seattle picks Carter. Great. I hope he shows out. I’d love a game wrecking DT. I’ll even jump in before Rob and say I was wrong.

      But….if the field vs. Carter turns out better then I’d assume everyone who has jumped through hoops to justify from injury, to snap count, to anything will do the same.

      • Palatypus

        Let me give you a preview of what Jalen Carter’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus is going to be saying next year.

        And BTW, he doesn’t wash his hands after he pees.

        • Blitzy the Clown


          • Chris

            Drew “Yellowfingers” Rosenhaus.

            I like it.

            • Palatypus

              Cue the James Bond Goldfinger theme.

      • jed

        Even if Carter becomes the greatest DL ever, I doubt he’d lead a team to the SB.

        Look at Donald. The Rams wouldn’t have made the SB without him, but I’d argue McVay is the reason the Rams have made it twice and won once in Donald’s career.

        JJ Watt? Never made it close.

        Maybe Von Miller in the 2015 playoffs? But that was a complete team and he turned it up in the post-season vs. the regular season. He was probably the 3rd best player on defense when the Rams won.

        Go back further, where I don’t think you can really make 1 to 1 comparisons because of rules and training changes.

        Sapp was better before they won the SB.

        Reggie White? He won a SB, but that was towards the end of his career when Favre was the man. White never made it with the Eagles.

        Lawrence Taylor? Maybe he’s the one guy for the 86 SB win, but he was at the end of his career when they won again in 91.

        It’s funny that the guys that hate RBs in the first round because of positional value are banging for a defensive lineman when QB is clearly the positional value pick.

        • Big Mike

          You beat me to this. 100% agree with your post. LT is the greatest defensive player ever, with apologies to Reggie, and he MAYBE was the difference in that ’86 championship. MAYBE.

          • Big Mike

            And maybe Simms going 22-25 and playing a near perfect game had something to do with it too.

  62. KnoxHawk

    Charles Davis with a pretty realistic mock in my opinion, minus the Anthony Richardson pick, although you never know !

    • London Seahawk

      Deonte Banks at 20!

      Would suddenly make our secondary look heller spicey. Can’t argue against it.
      I like the idea of having that pick as a true BPA / luxury pick – and an unheard of first round corner in a decent position group for the team already would tick that box.

      I imagine though if Charles D was allowed to trade down in his mock, that’s probably more realistic.

      • KnoxHawk

        Indeed, I don’t know much about Banks, but more was just pointing at the whole first round in general, seems much more likely than many many other mocks out there.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      No Ade Ade taken in first round? I don’t see AR getting past LV.

  63. AL

    I’m thinking the Seahawks first four picks will be QB, edge, Center and WR3. It just makes sense that they would target these positions in the first two rounds.

    Of course I’m not ruling out Will Anderson at #5, but I have to think that PCJs won’t pass on the opportunity to draft a potential franchise QB. Especially when they will still have nine picks to fill out the roster.

    • Tim

      Great post. Only other scenario for me would be taking early interior DL stud if available over WR3

  64. Yoonhawk

    Anthony Richardson wrote this for the Player’s Tribune. Great story, I really hope we have the chance to draft him.

  65. Pran

    Malik McDowell did not have legal issues before draft. Carter has both Character and legal issues. Which team wants to give him a guaranteed contract of 20-30m? I am positive he will be drafted either very late in the 1st like Robert Nkemdiche or 2nd. if he is in serous legal trouble he will be a UDFA.

    • PJ in Seattle

      There are a lot of troubling parallels to Nkemdiche. That dude had all the talent and traits to be a star, but was never willing to put in the work. He didn’t love football, and I have hard time believing Jalen Carter does.

      I’d put it at a 75% chance that we saw peak Carter in his sophomore season. He will have to work and work hard to be a difference maker in the NFL. If he wasn’t able to do it in college with his entire future on the line, how is he going to do it once he has been guaranteed millions of dollars?

      • PJ in Seattle

        That said, I don’t see Carter falling farther then to Philly at 10. They have too many valid reasons to take that gamble at that point in the draft.

  66. Volume12

    They probably wont go corner but Witherspoon is as ‘Seahawk-y’ as they get. Has that dog in him.

    • Sea Mode

      Rob highlighted him the other day.

      If he somehow falls to 20, might very well be BPA. And they have shown ainterest in a lot of CBs this year.

      Imagine what adding Anderson and him to this defense would do!

      • Volume12

        If it’s truly BPA, then a corner needs to considered. Probably the most talented position group this year too.

        Im not saying he’s a lock for them (I do beleive Anderson is their 1A) He wouldnt surprise me though. Plus, going back to previous trends. Seattle brings in 2-3 guys from a college program and takes someone from the same school they didnt bring to the VMAC. Illinois was a very, very good defense this past season.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Witherspoon at #20 would be an absolute steal. Corners who can both actually cover and hit like a freight train don’t come around often. I’d be elated if he fell to us that late.

        • Peter

          I don’t know. Got worked by an awesome dline. Our dline is terrible with no depth.

          • PJ in Seattle

            D-Line will surely be addressed. At #20, I think the play is to trade back a bit. Unless a Witherspoon or Bijan is there. Positional value be damned, either one of those guys would be BPA at #20 in my book.

            • Peter

              I mean he is exciting. Just have a hard time squaring his size and draft projection with seattle.

              • Peter

                181 pounds is a lot of weight to give up in the run game or for regular to large sized wr’s.

                • PJ in Seattle

                  You do have a point there. I don’t know if his frame will allow him to put a few more pounds on. But it didn’t seem to be an issue in college. Guy was beastly in run support and as a tackler. 14 pbu’s last season too.

                  Fun fact: 150 of his 181 pounds are Rottweiler.

                  • God of Thunder


  67. Schadyhawk001

    ESPN article on draft buzz for each team:

    The Seahawks might be checking in on the quarterbacks, but a source in Seattle said to expect defensive line help over quarterback at No. 5 overall. That would seem to point to a belief that either Will Anderson Jr. (Alabama) or Jalen Carter (Georgia) will be available, a situation that’s highly likely at this point. But here’s one more Seattle nugget that throws a wrench in that: I was told it loves cornerback Devon Witherspoon (Illinois) if the top pass-rushers are gone. — Miller

    Man do I hate this time of the year lol

    • Volume12

      There it is. Not hard to see why. He’s a tone setter. Has that LOB intensity and swag to him.

      • Schadyhawk001

        Oh I have no issue with them liking Witherspoon, I love the fit for the team as well but not at #5, if the pass rushers are gone as Matt Miller is indicating

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sure Matt Miller’s sources know all about Seattle’s plans and we can trust this 100%

      • Volume12

        TBF though. If we look @ trends, and yes the D-line was an issue all year, but when Seattle gets beat in the playoffs, they typically address what killed em in that game. And while Shannahan is a Cover 3 beater master, ‘Riq really struggled w/ those in breaking routes as did Jackson, not to mention the YAC.

        I dont think its outta the realm of possibilities for Witherspoon to be their 1B or 1C.

        • Rob Staton

          They haven’t drafted a corner earlier than late R3 in 13 years

          I’ll believe when I see it

          • Peter

            Would definitely be different. A short, short armed cb in the first.

            • Wilson502

              Talk about a massive waste of a resources.

              • Peter

                I know. Dline sucks. I know let’s get yet another corner!

              • Henry Taylor

                I’d be surprised if it happens, bit I’d probably be more excited that I would for any other defensive player at 5.

                Huuuge fan of his, definition of a ‘got that dog in him’ guy.

      • Wilson502

        I really hope so, because otherwise that would be massively deflating and completely devalues the RW trade

    • Wilson502

      The idea of wasting an once in a generation pick on a not special OLB just seems like a massive waste of resources and completely devalues the RW trade not coming out of it with a QB.

    • samprassultanofswat

      I am sure EVERY NFL team loves Devon Witherspoon. Who wouldn’t want Witherspoon on their team.

      • hoggs41

        All this stuff comes out about Seattles draft plans but no one knows. They arent going to leak anything that they dont want leaked.

  68. Rob Staton

    Adam Schefter on Jalen Carter:

    “When you talk to people around that Georgia program, they say one guy that kept Jalen Carter in line was Jordan Davis & when he was around Jordan Davis he was on some of his best behavior.”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Confirmation that Philly at 10 is Carter’s floor?

      Would they trade up for him??

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, this feels like a favor for Rosenhaus to go along with his client not even visiting teams outside the top 10. Let teams know:
        – 10 is his floor
        – If teams are worried about the character concerns, he can be looked after.

        • geoff u

          10 seems like an awfully round number they just pulled out of their marketing rule book

          • cha

            It has been thought that his agent has pretty strong intel that Carter won’t last beyond #10.

            • geoff u

              I understand that. But imagine saying “Carter won’t meet with anyone outside the top 9” or “Carter won’t meet with anyone outside the top 11”

              10’s the only number that keeps it specific, yet vague.

              • Sea Mode

                Actually not vague at all. It’s cause Philly is sitting at 10.

                Rob’s outlined before why they might be a team and a GM in a position to assume the risk of drafting him, and now this report comes out that the one who kept him in line now just happens to play for… the Eagles.

    • Gaux Hawks

      …this confirms that OC should be our day two priority

      • PJ in Seattle

        Wypler completely erased Carter in their playoff game. That may have more to do with Carter’s conditioning than with Wypler’s saavy, but there’s a day 2 center with that feather in his cap who will likely come cheaper than JMS.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Looks like the Eagles will take Jalen Carter if he is still on the board.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Jordan Davis at 340 pounds is big enough to keep Jalen Carter in line.

  69. Jerad

    Dos Equis should sign Jalen Carter to a new marketing campaign…The Most Polarizing Man in the Draft.

    Two thoughts on Jalen Carter are

    1) introduce some weed to the story and Jalen Carter shares a similar arc to Robert Nkemdiche. Hawks could have drafted Nkemdiche in the 2016 draft but instead traded down and drafted Ifedi. Carter is a good pick for the Eagles or other team that have blue chips on defense and can take a flyer on Carter. Hawks are not in that position with this draft.

    2) one argument for drafting Carter is the benefit to Carter of getting him around our guys and into our culture. One question around this argument I haven’t heard is what about the culture at Georgia? I’d think that Georgia would have a culture that helps lift mediocre players into being good players and good players to achieve their full potential. I’d love to hear thoughts on the culture of Georgia and if it has an excellent culture, why can an NFL culture succeed when the culture at Georgia did not.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Not sure about the culture in Georgia. But Georgia sure has the talent. Georgia is absolutely loaded with talent.

  70. Rokas

    In case you guys missed some “smoke screen” in your daily lives, Jeff Bezos turned his attention to buying the Seahawks instead of the Commanders.

    • Big Mike

      Speculation? You presented it as fact. If that’s the case, link please.

      • Rokas

        I saw it on Field Gulls.
        Also Commanders were sold in principal based on Sportico 10 minutes ago.

        • glor

          Well if it’s on FG, then it must be so 😉

      • Patrick Toler

        I don’t have a subscription, but evidently the Washington Post (owned by Bezos) reported that he could turn his attention to the Seahawks. Not sure if this is speculation or if there is an actual plan, but it makes sense.

  71. Dharma Dan

    If the Wilson-to-Houston speculation is accurate, and the doubts on Levis continue, then I propose:

    1. Young
    2. Wilson
    3. Anderson
    4. Stroud
    5. Richardson

    20. Levis

    Take them both. Sort it out later!

    (please draft, get here sooner).

    • samprassultanofswat

      Select both Richardson/Levis. Really? If Levis did fall to 20. All the teams that need a QB passed on him. So what is that going to accomplish.

  72. Schadyhawk001

    My dream scenario is the Texans taking Carter at #2, pushes a QB down and quickly quiets the Carter to the Hawks talk right away, wonder what the realistic chances are? Demeco should have some runway as a coach and could easily accept the risk.

  73. Huggie Hawk

    ESPN today in their “Latest buzz, rumors, news, questions for all 32 teams…” states a “source in Seattle” says D line (Anderson or cough cough Carter) over QB at 5, and maybe even Witherspoon… why do I have this feeling that Rob’s worst-case scenario of a middling Geno and non-impact #5 pick may come to fruition… not trying to be doom and gloom buuut I have a sinking feeling. Please be wrong, sinking feeling and espn article, please be wrong…

    • Wilson502

      If they do that, we have to seriously question JS as a GM. For me, I would lose a lot of interest in the team if they go that route, just keeping it 💯.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I remain convinced that JS already has a draft day deal on the table with AZ or Hou if the QB he wants is there when they go on the clock. Possibly even potnetial deals with both teams. I could be wrong, but I just can’t see JS sitting on his hands and watching one or more franchise QB prospects he loves get drafted while he waits to take a defensive player.

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      I seriously doubt ESPN as the credible source it used to be.

    • cha

      If there was a Revis or a Jalen Ramsey in this draft, I’d be more inclined to give it some legs.

    • Tim

      If both QB and Anderson are there at 5, bet they take QB for 3 reasons: 1) drop off in talent between top 4 QBs and others is more pronounced than between Anderson and other DEs, 2) rare opportunity to get a top 5 pick chance at QB, 3)QB is the most important position and helps cap immensely to have cheap quality QB on rookie contract to fill out roster with free agents.

    • Glor

      To be fair, the FO has not given you much of a reason this past decade to hope for sanity. (aside from last year)

    • samprassultanofswat

      Not impressed with ESPN.

  74. Gaux Hawks

    My dream scenario (with move up for Emil Ekiyor):

    1R23 Anthony Richardson
    1R23 Will McDonald
    2R23 Ade Adebawore
    2R23 Jahmyr Gibbs
    3R23 Luke Wypler
    4R23 Jaquelin Roy
    4R23 Emil Ekiyor
    5R23 Jay Ward

    • Trevor

      Those first 3 picks would be an absolute dream scenario IMO.

    • Sea Mode

      Good dream!

  75. Peter

    Can’t believe the draft still feels like it’s a year away. Can’t wait for the next reports:

    Bijan Robinson not the best RB in the class.

    Ade Ade actually never went to Northwestern just was found wandering the halls so they put him in the squad.

    Also. I’m kind of pissed at Bobby Wagner. I mean how is he a favorite seahawk and captain when he wasn’t there for Malik McDowell? What kind of leadership let’s Malik do whatever he wants with his own time? It’s honestly bullshit. Hopefully Bobby gets right this time and moves Carter into his house. Otherwise that’ll be 0 for 2 being a mentor and leader.

    The hawks won’t have anyone to blame besides wagner…..

    • Peter

      Actually. Now that I think about it. Where was wagner and team culture with Harvin?

      So he’s already struck out twice….

      • GrittyHawk

        I’m kinda just picturing the movie Goon. Nick Bellore will move in with Carter and nothing will change until one day Bellore takes a major beatdown from Trent Williams and then Carter will respect him so much that he turns his whole life around and becomes an instant superstar.

        • Peter

          Ahhh that’s pretty good!!

  76. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, I got an email to my request. KIRO said to expect to hear you on the air. Hopefully BEFORE the draft. Please let us know.

    • Rob Staton


    • Glor


  77. JimQ

    After the JS statement that a NT doesn’t have to be a high pick, I took a long look at the available day-3 NT’s. There may be a few more candidates with lesser size that have played nose in college but may be a bit undersized in the NFL.

    (1) DL-Keondre Coburn, 6-15/332, 31-1/2″-arms, 5.22/40, 1.82-split, 24-reps, 27.5-Vert, 8.5-Broad (a Ford 2.0, with short arms?) ****Consensus ranking #158 —-Note the SHORT stature & SHORT arms! ranking=??
    I wouldn’t 100% rule him out IF they think he’s an “exception” to their short arm DL rule based on his stats.

    (2) DL-Jarrod Clark, 6-35/334, 33-3/4″-arms, 9-3/4″-hands, *82″-span* 5.25/40, 1.82-split, 27.5″-Vert, 8-06-Broad, 4.83-shuttle, 7.34-3cone. ****Consensus ranking, #206, overall —-Bulk & length, +++ Nice 3-cone.
    —–> IMO- The best choice for a later round NT (followed very closely by Martin).

    (3) DL-Broderick Martin, 6-5/337, *34-3/4″-arms*, *84-1/4″-span* (no tests, + bulk & + length, A *SLEEPER*
    Only needs coaching up on maintaining his leverage and developing more counters. solid DAY-3 run stuffer.
    ****Consensus ranking #212-overall.

    (4) DL-P. J. Mustipher, 6-37/320, 32-3/4″-arms, 9″-hands, 79-3/4″-span, 5.41/40, 1.88-split, 19-reps, 27.5-Vert, 8′.0″-Broad, 5.03-shuttle, 8.01-3cone, ****Consensus ranking, #269-UDFA. (a slow, speed bump?)

    OTHERS: (NO known testing, haven’t checked pro-days, if any) & NOT ranked in top 300+ area = (UDFA)
    (5) DL-Brandon Pili, 6-3/345, 5.36/40, 9-3/4″-hands, *31-7/8″-arms*, 80-3/4″-span. 24-reps. (UDFA)
    (6) DL-Jermayne Lole, 6-3/324, (no testing, ranked as an (UDFA)
    (7) DL-Elihah Simmons, 6-2/340, (no testing, ranked as an (UDFA)
    (8) DL-Rashad Colson, 6-6/330, *4.79/40*, (no testing, ranked as an (UDFA) SLEEPER #2, for UNUSUAL speed.

    My rankings of the available day-3 NT’s. Based on size & length any of *Broderic Martin*, *Jarrod Clark* or *Rashad Colson* could be available in Rd-7 or as a priority UDFA and will thus end up as a Seahawk, based solely on JS’s statement. I haven’t watched any tape as I’m not a DL expert, but I have read most of these guys scouting reports & combine results, (if any). If I was drafting with pick 237 (or a little earlier, if a trade is made for a later round pick). If **Broderick Martin** and/or **Jarrod Clark** were available, I’d pick one of them in Rd-7 & later sign Colson & Pili as UDFAs for additional competition in training camp.

  78. jed

    So, think Pete & John are going to like AR?

    He was my first choice before I read this, but now I’m doing all the superstitious things to make sure he’s a Seahawk in 2 weeks.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I hope Tepper doesn’t read that. I could see him bucking conventional wisdom and taking AR at #1. Hard to imagine any NFL owner not being fired up by the idea of that young man being the future face of your franchise.

    • Ashish

      That’s opposite of Carter, we can’t draft him. How and what PC will coach him?

    • Niro

      Richardson has been growing on me throughout this draft process but now I’m metaphorically pounding the table for him. I love his attitude.

      • Sean

        Seems like a good kid with a very humble upbringing. That said, plenty of his film is bothersome (watch his clunker against Kentucky), and I think the narrative that he can be parked on the bench for a year and then be ready is misguided. He only started 13 games in college and needs game reps to get better.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he needs to sit for at least a year and then you have to be patient with him. He might need a season to learn the way of the NFL

          But the offshoot of that is when it clicks, watch out. See: Josh Allen.

        • dregur

          The Kentucky game was the 2nd game he ever started.

          • Sean

            3rd start technically. Point being, he is extremely raw and is going to need live reps to get better. It is encouraging to see Richardson mention in the article that he is aware of his accuracy and touch issues. Both are real problems that will need to be fixed if he is going to make it in the nFL.

            Regarding Rob’s comment “I think he needs to sit for at least a year and then you have to be patient with him. He might need a season to learn the way of the NFL”, that sounds like a 3 year project. Do we really think Pete Carroll wants to take that on at this stage of his coaching career? I have my doubts.

            • MountainHawker

              New QB school on AR. You can see improvements from game to game. That’s what gets me excited more than anything with him. Makes me think he can actually reach his ceiling

  79. Quinn

    If the Seahawks don’t take Richardson at 5, I want him to go first so that Robbie can cash out! I’m going to be in Vegas for the draft and saw that there is an over/under for Jalen Carter set at 6.5 and odds of Seahawks taking a QB at 5 as +275 on the ML. Easy money?!

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’d take that ML on the Seahawks taking a QB if it means with their first pick. I think they may move up to get a QB.

      If the prop is them taking a QB at the #5 slot only, I don’t like the odds as much.

  80. ImUrHuckleBerri

    Just had this beauty after trading down a lot.

    Buffalo Traded #27 and #59 to move up to #20 to select Bijan Robinson
    Texans Traded #33 and #65 to move up to #27 to select Nolan Smith and get pick #123
    Raiders Traded #38 and #70 to move up to #33 to select Dawand Jones and get pick #151

    #5 Will Levis QB
    #37 John Michael Schmitz C
    #38 Mazi Smith NT
    #52 Keion White DE
    #59 Tuli Tuipulotu DE
    #65 Darnell Washington TE
    #70 Zach Charbonet RB
    #83 Julius Brents CB

  81. Glor

    I love this quote from AR “I’m going to put it all on the line. My family sacrificed too much for me to not give everything to this game.” — Too bad JC didn’t have the same drive.

  82. MountainHawker

    Is this weird? This feels weird. Maybe I’m just used to John/Pete

    • Henry

      Parody account!

      • MountainHawker

        Ah. The blue check got me. Didn’t look any further.

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