A broader look into Jamal Adams’ new sack record

Jamal Adams recorded sack number 8.5 against the Jets

A lot of the talk after the Jets game was about Jamal Adams claiming the record for sacks by a defensive back. Pete Carroll said they broke from tradition to deliver Adams a game ball. The player himself talked passionately about the record and clearly takes a lot of pride in his achievement.

As we’ve been discussing recently though, along with all the high praise for Adams (who is clearly a very accomplished blitzer) there also needs to be some context.

Going into the Jets game, Adams had blitzed 77 times in eight games. He’s averaging 9.6 blitzes a game, which is by far the most of any player in the league.

The only other defensive back in the top-20 for blitzing is Budda Baker. He blitzes 5.3 times a game — nearly half as much as Adams. Keanu Neal blitzes 1.6 times a game.

When Carroll was asked on 710 ESPN this morning if Adams is a “unicorn” (meaning is he the only person capable of doing this) — he rejected the premise and stated:

“He’s getting a lot of opportunities you know, we’re giving him some shots. I heard somebody say he averages up close to 10 rushes a game. That’s a lot of rushes for a DB.”

The media is stuck on ‘wow wow wow wow’ (said in the Screen Rant pitch-meeting style — check it out on YouTube) when actually, we need to look closely at how the sacks are being achieved.

For his 10 rushes per game Adams had 7.5 sacks and 21 pressures before week 14. On average he creates a sack and 2.5 pressures.

The Seahawks have manufactured production for Adams in a way I don’t think anyone has ever done in the NFL before. Not at defensive back.

The result is he has earned a new record.

For example — last year in New York (when he was playing for the blitz-happy Gregg Williams), he only averaged 6.4 blitzes per game. It’s quite something that the Seahawks are blitzing him more than Williams did.

Of course, it’s their duty to get the most out of a player who cost so much via trade. You could also argue the Seahawks badly needed to manufacture sack production given how poor the pass rush was early in the season.

Blitzing comes with a consequence, however.

Take this play yesterday:

Sam Darnold snaps the ball on 3rd and 4 with 18 seconds remaining in the first half. The Jets were at their own 37-yard line and well out of field goal range.

The Seahawks have a defensive lineman drop into coverage and they blitz Adams and a linebacker.

The dropping D-liner covers the space also occupied by Bobby Wagner and for some reason Ugo Amadi. There are basically three players in close proximity with nobody covering Braxton Berrios on a crossing route.

It’s a total bust.

Firstly, there was absolutely no need to call this blitz. Perhaps the Seahawks felt they could be especially aggressive against an 0-12 Jets team with a 20-point lead? Even so, the call should’ve ended up costing them points (and would’ve done if Sergio Castillo didn’t miss his third field goal in one half).

Secondly, the defensive call is so badly executed.

Right before the snap Wagner is yelling and pointing at Amadi, seemingly instructing him to get over to the right hand side. He is pointing directly at Berrios and seems to identify the looming problem.

However, this only occurs with six seconds left on the play clock. The Jets didn’t snap the ball quickly to catch Seattle off guard, so it’s unclear why they were disorganised.

When Amadi doesn’t switch positions, Wagner turns his back on the line of scrimmage and looks to Quandre Diggs to identify Berrios as needing to be covered. In his desperate attempt to avert the danger, Wagner isn’t even facing the football when the ball is snapped. It’s a complete coverage bust — and the Seahawks (or at least Wagner) could see what was coming.

The play went for about 35-yards.

Carroll’s defense has always been known for its relative simplicity. The focus is on execution and having players who can tilt the field, doing their jobs well.

I suspect the heavy blitzing is causing plays like the one above. Instead of being able to sit in a fairly basic coverage, with everyone properly lined up and ready and knowing their jobs, they are rushing and dropping from different angles and too many players are making basic errors.

I’ve only produced one example. I suspect, given the way the defense played for large stretches of this season with many explosive plays conceded, it’ll be easy to find others. The problems might also extend to the running game.

So while blitzing a lot is helping Adams tally up the sacks — it might also be causing blown coverages like this.

This is why I think ‘Adams sack-fest 2020′ needs to be discussed in more detail. Getting a sack and 2.5 pressures per game from 10 blitzes is a decent return. What’s happening on the other nine plays a game though if he doesn’t get home? Because you can still get burned on a pressure.

How often are plays like the one above occurring because the Seahawks are doing something that even established veterans like Wagner aren’t used to?

A defense that was always built on rushing with four to allow everyone else to play fast and loose now appears to be a tricky, aggressive and more complex system.

None of this is Jamal Adams’ fault. If the Seahawks dial up a blitz, he’s going to blitz. He is very good at it. He’s always been good at it.

Seattle traded for him, at great expense, and while they’re quite happy to wax lyrical about his sack record now — don’t you have to wonder if they’re creating problems for themselves too?

You have to blitz Adams a lot to make the most of him and the investment made. That’ll be even more the case if/when he signs a massive contract extension.

Does it suit the Seahawks though? Is a sack a game worth it if you’re also confusing players and contradicting a well worn philosophy?

The 3-4 teams are arguably better equipped to deal with creative blitzing. The use of four linebackers, with the two outside guys traditionally adept at dropping into coverage, means it’s easier to be creative. You have three big bodies up front and you can send one or two rushers, with other players filling in behind.

A 4-3 front, even a 4-3 under, simply has a different mentality. Much more of the focus is on the defensive line to create pressure. There’s still blitzing, of course, but not as much.

The top six blitzing teams in the NFL before week 14 were all 3-4 teams.

You might argue the Seahawks should switch to a 3-4 formation. That’s easier said than done. Just ask Mike Nolan and the 2020 Dallas Cowboys. Furthermore, do you really want to completely change your scheme and philosophy for one player? Even if you’ve paid a fortune for him?

The thing is, they’ve already kind of done that. The Seahawks’ defense is totally unrecognisable since this trade.

Seahawks blitz percentage 2018: 18.4%
Seahawks blitz percentage 2020: 35.4%

Seahawks sack percentage 2018: 7.3%
Seahawks sack percentage 2020: 6%

Those are the key stats, for me. When the Seahawks had Frank Clark’s 13.5 sack season and could rely a bit more on a four-man rush, they blitzed half as much as they currently are but still had a superior sack percentage. Now that they’ve doubled their blitzing, they’re still not getting home as often — even with Adams blitzing 10 times a game.

It’s absolutely right that he receives praise for his new record — this isn’t about him as an individual or a player. It’s about the Seahawks. It’s about what they want to be on defense. It’s about discussing the consequences that come with blitzing your safety 10 times a game.

I’m not aware of any website that charts blitz efficiency (please pass on the details if you do). Without that information, however, any discussion about the effectiveness of all this blitzing feels incomplete.

Certainly it makes a victory lap about the trade and the sacks a bit premature.

Because let’s be right here — if you send your safety on an (often unblocked) blitz time and time again — he will produce sacks. If you throw to the same receiver 10-15 times a game, they have a chance to produce. If you give your running back 30-40 carries a game, they have an opportunity to produce.

As Carroll noted on the radio this morning, he’s getting an unusual number of opportunities. Blitzing a safety 10-times a game is unheard of.

The key for the Seahawks is to determine whether they can possibly lower this number a bit and still retain his sack numbers? In time, will Adams settle into a slightly more orthodox role and is that the best way to use him?

Is this challenge all going to be worth about $18m a year, on top of what you’ve already paid in picks? Will the pressure to feature him because of the investment become a bit of a lead weight for the franchise if they can’t find a way to complement their typical scheme while doubling their blitzing?

Those are questions that’ll need to be addressed in the off-season. For now, Adams will be relied upon to continue blitzing — especially if Carlos Dunlap’s foot injury prevents him from playing.

They’ll certainly need the blitzing and the sacks (minus the coverage busts) against the Rams in week 16.

A tale of two quotes…

Shaquill Griffin on 10th December:

“We came in taking the team lightly, just being totally honest. In this league, you can lose to anybody if you don’t play right. I feel like we took that game lightly.”

Jamal Adams on 13th December:

“We don’t take opponents lightly. Each week is the same.”

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  1. AlaskaHawk

    Off topic but how many interceptions has Adams dropped this year? I wonder if they couldn’t spend 15-30 minutes a day throwing the ball to him, and if that wouldn’t improve the rest of his game.

    • cha

      He’s only been credited with 2 passes defensed on the year. So if a dropped INT = a pass defensed, the max is 2.

      • Hoggs41

        After KJ dropped three interceptions he went to the juggs machine. Maybe Adams should spend some time there because that pick is as easy as it gets.

      • Rob Staton

        I love that his ‘pass defended’ on Sunday was a dropped easy pick and his ‘sack’ was a Sam Darnold scramble where he carried the ball out of bounds for a short loss because nobody was open downfield. Adams, who was on the scene, was credited with the sack.

        • cha

          Nice reminder that numbers can lie.

  2. Sea Mode

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised when the commentators said that would be credited to him as a sack.

    BTW, the Screen Rant was so worth it… 😂 “whoops… whoopsie…” 🤣

  3. Hoggs41

    Will be very interesting to see how they use him against the Rams. Goff is a guy who doesn’t do well with pressure. Like I mentioned in the last post Im not sure I want our strong safety getting that many sacks. Rodgers would probably eat that pressure up so Im not sure at all I would want him blitzing in that potential game. Interesting in that clip why Bobby just didnt take the crosser? The other two guys were right in front of him and he made a third. I know it wasnt his assignment but he could have taken that play away himself.

    • dza990

      I’d say blitz him at will and line him up primarily at the LOS so he can roam sideline to sideline vs the Rams. I think they’d have to do disguised blitzes vs Rodgers, if many at all.

      • Wade

        This. Silver lining of the Jamal Adams conundrum is it gives our D (theoretically) a fighting shot against the Rams. Goff is good at hurling the ball to his receivers when the D is predictable, but mediocre at reading coverage and worse at reading the rush.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, last time they played LA their tight end dumped him on his arse and he hurt his shoulder.

          • DancingBuddha

            And the other time he threw the guard into the center and another time he had a strip sack, if we’re counting plays

            • Rob Staton

              And the Seahawks lost handsomely.

              The point of the discussion is how his presence changes the dynamic of the game. Last time, the results were mixed and the Seahawks were well beaten.

              • RWIII

                The Rams are good. No doubt about it. But the question is. How did the 49ers beat the Rams TWICE this year? The 49ers 5-8 and two of their 5 victories have been against the Rams. Talk about a head scratcher.

                • Rob Staton

                  Indeed. It’s strange that the Niners have the antidote for the Rams, seemingly. Yet the Seahawks struggle every time and are 1-5 in the last six.

                  • DancingBuddha

                    and the Seahawks who get owned by the Rams are 5-2 against the Niners since Shanahan got here. it’s a weird old division

                    • Rob Staton

                      Not sure what that has to do with the topic we are discussing.

  4. cha

    Spring 2019: “We don’t want to pay Frank Clark top dollar”

    Summer 2019: “We are just fine going into the season with Mingo, Marsh and Martin as our pass rushers.”

    Spring 2020: “We’ve made Clowney a fair offer”

    Summer 2020: “We’ve traded our future and ceded all leverage in contract negotiations for a guy who will twist and bend our defense in ways we can’t adjust to.”

    • dza990

      In retrospect seems like paying Clark should’ve been a no brainer.

      • BobbyK

        I thought it was a no-brainer at the time, too. Earlier that off-season Carroll said something like you can’t get guys like Frank Clark unless you pick early in the draft. Then they dump him for LJ Collier. The silver lining was the Chiefs 2nd round pick turned into Damien Lewis. I really like him. But is his cheap 4 year contract worth giving up one of the top EDGE rushers (and paying him) in the NFL.

      • Lil’stink

        Seattle may not have made the most out of the trade capital they got from the Clark trade, but his overall play hasn’t been great for the Chiefs. Paying him $20 million a year for his relatively meager production would have hamstrung this team.

        Interesting but probably useless stat: OTC values Frank Clark at about $6.5 million vs his current APY of $20.8 million. Oddly enough they rate LJ Collier’s value as being better than his APY. And PFF currently ranks Collier ahead of Clark.

        Is Collier more talented than Clark? Of course not. But given how Clark and a lot of the high profile FA pass rusher signings this past year have panned out it seems like there really wasn’t a great fix for our DL woes this off-season.

        The Adams trade is a whole other story. Only time will tell how good of a move it was. I’m certainly not as excited about it now as when it happened. His play in coverage has certainly been disappointing so far.

        • Rob Staton

          Meagre production?

          He had eight sacks in 14 games and then did as much as anyone in the playoffs to help them win the SB.

          Now he has five sacks in 13 on a 12-1 football team that looks destined to win the whole thing again.

          Just because he doesn’t have 20 sacks a season doesn’t mean anything regarding this trade. The Seahawks could blitz 18% of the time with Clark and still had more success than they are now, blitzing 35% of the time.

          You have to pay for talent at DE and Clark remains one of the best DE’s in the league. Seattle’s defense was far better with Clark. Next year they’re going to be paying Wagner and Adams $18m a year and based on what we’ve seen in 2020 — without being able to run their scheme as effectively as they want.

          • DancingBuddha

            Clark is possibly the most overpaid DE in the NFL relative to production not named DeMarcus Lawrence. 5 sacks is laughable. Undrafted guys are producing that. Jarran Reed has that on this bad pass rushing team rushing from the interior which is much harder and we don’t consider his season anything like a success

            • Rob Staton


              The only laughable thing is people latching on to Clark’s sack numbers in one season to make a complete judgement on his worth to KC.

            • Thisthat

              I’m with Buddha on this one, Clark has only 8 QB hurries and 26 tackles, no TFL besides his 5 sacks, this year in 13 games. If we we’re paying him $20M he’d be the main topic most weeks on these blogs. He did play a great role in their SB run but isn’t producing like that this year so it’s hard to say the same numbers would carry over re: rushing 4

              • Thisthat

                I also can’t co-sign that 3 defenders were confused while Adams blitzed as a reason to down play his successful role. Covering a zone where a teammate vacates on a blitz isn’t rewriting defensive philosophy. You can blame KNJ or the players who missed it but blitzing Jamal has paid off and can’t be discredited by others not doing their jobs.

                • Rob Staton

                  But why aren’t they doing their jobs?

                  You’re just glibly ignoring that the Seahawks have doubled their blitzing this year, are asking defensive linemen to drop into zones unnaturally to cover for the fact your safety is blitzing, that the Seahawks have at times (as per the example) been a disorganised mess at the second and third level, have given up a huge number of explosive plays, struggled for most of the year to balance out being aggressive or conservative.

                  It’s perfectly fair to question whether the decision to suddenly blitz 36% of the time and have a safety playing as a designated rusher 10 times a game is creating issues for a defense that is traditionally very simple. When even Bobby Wagner, with all his experience, is yelling at two separate players to try and cover one receiver who runs right across the field to the area from where Adams would otherwise be, and the whole second level of the defense — which is supposed to be organised by Wagner and presumably Quandre Diggs — can’t avoid a shambolic mess, then we are right to consider the connection between the blitzing and the communication/organisation problems that have emerged this year.

                  • Miami Hawk

                    It seems its because, in spite of what most people think, Pete has not grown stale. Has been intentionally changing the scheme around to be less predictable as well as dealing with talent we have. When you blitz you are going to give up plays but it is a high variance situation. It has taken a while to get it dialed in but the defense as a whole is playing very good recently as they get the scheme dialed in.

                    What Adams brings is like what Clowney did briefly last year, and really no one else on the defense brings. He is a playmaker and offense deconstructor. He causes chaos in the offense when he lines up all over the place because offenses have to account for him. Getting aggressive takes the initiative away and in football, like war, offense is based upon initiative.

                    He gets tackles for loss, hurries, QB hits, and sacks. He snuffs out outside runs and fires up the defense as a leader. To me this is Pete finding a way to utilize a unicorn’s particular skill set. They are using fire zone blitz’s for god’s sake and it is starting to pay off because that stuff gets in a QB’s head.

                    I like this version of their defense quite frankly even if it will give up the occasional big play because they can shut down drives on one big play, and under this approch, there are more big plays.

                    • Rob Staton

                      They are just blitzing more.

                      This isn’t some revolutionary scheme decision.

                      They are just blitzing 36% of the time instead of about 18% of the time.

                      And no — what Adams brings is not what Clowney brought. Clowney absorbed double teams and disrupted plays in base, which allowed everyone else to do their jobs without needing to exit from a set plan. The problem was, Clowney isn’t an amazing producer of sacks. If they’d had Clowney and Frank Clark together on the D-line, I think Seattle could’ve made the Super Bowl last year. It’s hard to imagine how teams would’ve dealt with that. The useless nature of Ziggy Ansah was a huge blow to the 2019 Seahawks.

                      Adams blitzing is much more aggressive and boom or bust.

              • Rob Staton

                Again, you’re looking at one stat and ignoring everything else.

                Do you realise Frank Clark had five sacks in three playoff games last season? In 17 games, he had 11 total sacks including when it mattered the most, to win Kansas City a Super Bowl.

                If he ends the regular season with eight sacks again, then goes on another tear in the post-season, and the Chiefs win back-to-back Super Bowls — on what planet would that make this a bad trade or contract?

                Even if he doesn’t get the sack numbers — the Chiefs are the best of the best and one of the reasons is because they have a legit threat to win 1v1 off the edge.

                When Seattle had that they could blitz at 18% and get home at a better rate than they currently are blitzing 35% of the time.

                There’s so much more nuance to this than ‘well he has five sacks this year so he’s a waste of money’.

              • lil’stink

                “If we we’re paying him $20M he’d be the main topic most weeks on these blogs”

                Completely agree. Clark has been vastly underperforming given his contract. It’s not just about the sack numbers. We all saw how Clowney could take over a game without racking up multiple sacks. It’s just that Clark has looked rather average while playing next to an elite, all-pro DT.

                I understand the rationale for paying Clark. Edge rushers with his talent simply don’t come cheap. But given his overall performance since joining the Chiefs his contract might very well be an albatross for us.

                As disappointing as our defense has been I think it could have been much worse had we handled things differently in the offseason, which was the point I was trying to make.

                We have given PCJS a lot of grief for the offseason, but seeing as how the seasons for Quinn, Clowney, Ngakoue, Griffen, Fowler etc. have gone I’m not sure what they could have done to shore up our porous defense.

                They took a nickel and dime approach for most of the offseason and the results have been predictable. But they are at least in a position, health permitting, to put forth an average-to-solid defense down the stretch. And given the holes we had in the off-season I think that’s all one could ask for.

                • Rob Staton

                  Are people just ignoring the stuff I’ve written about his five sacks in three playoff games last season, how the same could easily happen this year, plus the major contribution he made to the SB win?

                  I guarantee if he’d done all that and Seattle had won a SB last year, and were currently 12-1, nobody would give a toss about his contract.

                  • Thisthat

                    Rob I’m absolutely reading your opinions, I actually respect all that participate on here and while I don’t always agree with everyone, I do try to look at both sides when a opinion differs from mine. That said, taking last years run into account, he was great down the stretch. But I’m not going to assume that’s duplicated this year. He hasn’t been a difference maker all year, this year. No tfl, no pressures, etc And just like when Percy returned the opening kickoff in our SB win 2nd half and completely ended Den hopes within 12 seconds, I’m not one to think he was a good signing. Or Jimmy’s 10tds in I think ‘17 that won us some games didn’t mean I liked him on this team. $4M a sack and zero other stats is terrible. If he wrecks the post season and goes on a tear, THEN I will come back and say he deserves whatever they’re paying him.

                    Back to your original question, and I mean this as a fan of your blog and an even bigger fan of this team, do you read what we are saying and when it differs from your opinion giving it a fair read or because you said your side, it it’s the right and only objective view point?

                    • Rob Staton

                      “That said, taking last years run into account, he was great down the stretch. But I’m not going to assume that’s duplicated this year.”

                      Nobody asked you to assume that would happen. I pointed out, quite rightly, that last year he had a reasonable sack tally for the regular season and then a tremendous post-season sack tally that helped Kansas City win a Super Bowl. If the same happens this year, all of this talk about Clark being a waste of money is going to look at best premature.

                      Back to your original question, and I mean this as a fan of your blog and an even bigger fan of this team, do you read what we are saying and when it differs from your opinion giving it a fair read or because you said your side, it it’s the right and only objective view point?

                      I directly responded to your comment, so I don’t see the point of this comment.

                      I spend so much time debating with people in here, including yourself, so whenever anyone claims that ‘only my view is allowed’ I immediately assume you are being mischievous.

          • lil’stink

            I definitely agree on how paying Wagner and Adams will make it difficult to build the defense. They definitely need at least one of Robinson or Taylor to become an above average starter.

  5. dza990

    Most of the media seems to think it doesn’t matter where the pressure comes from, but this illustrates why it does. It seems that they’d better off blitzing him mostly in nickel/dime formations (which maybe they do?) as you’ve got an extra DB or two. Of course that didn’t work in the play with Amadi you referenced. And we’ve got a first round linebacker who’s been playing well as the third LB in base and seems solid in coverage. The Seahawks have created quite the conundrum for themselves with their personnel decisions.

  6. Volume12

    I know DC needs a QB and are likely to take 1 in round 1, need to focus on that side of the ball, but man. Get that defense a rangy LB like Baron Browning and they become scary good.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they might go with experience at QB. They’re ready to compete. So if it’s not Alex Smith next year, I think they might try and acquire someone who can tie the role down for a year or two. That frees them up to go WR, CB, LB or OL.

      • Matt

        If I’m Washington – I’m calling up the Jets about Darnold. I still think he can be a really good player. He’s been put in the most heinous professional situation I can remember.

        That Jets team is easily the worst team I’ve ever watched.

        • Hoggs41

          Wonder if Cam Newton could be in play since he has ties with Rivera.

          • Rob Staton

            They signed Kyle Allen instead this off-season.

        • BobbyK

          The Jets absolutely need Lawrence.

          But if I’m the GM of another team, depending the team needing a QB, I may very well give up a 3rd round pick for him (even if it was pretty early in the round). You’re right – they’re a mess but I think he could salvage his career (not to the level I expect Lawrence to eventually get to though).

          I’m not saying Darnold is like Matt Hasselbeck, but I think Matt was a solid pro. Almost won a Super Bowl. I think Darnold could get to that level given the right situation.

  7. Gohawks5151

    It was interesting that Pete brought up Troy Polamalu this morning. The comparison has been made around online but I can’t remember Pete making it before. It was a bit before my time of really understanding things when Troy was at USC . I’m assuming that they were still running a 4-3 but how he was used and how impactful Troy was I’m not sure. I think Pete thinks he can reconcile Jamal and Troy’s similar talents to similar results. It doesn’t seem apples to apples though considering the scheme and the concessions Dick Labeau made for Troy in Pittsburgh. Maybe he can but it seems like a major change would have to take place.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see the comparison much at all to be honest.

      Polamalu never had three sacks in a season once at Pittsburgh, and between 0-2 for the rest of his 11 seasons. He had four seasons with zero sacks.

      He also had two seven-interception seasons, a five interception season and two three interception seasons. He finished with 32 career picks.

      They are polar opposites there.

      • Gohawks5151

        It is an odd comparison to me too. I remember Pete saying Earl was like Troy back in the day too. Maybe he just likes the mindset of the three of them or something. No question Troy was a better cover guy than Jamal. I guess they are both disrupters at the LOS that may force blocking or play audibles and that’s as far as the comparison goes. As you have been saying, maybe if Troy blitzed 9 times a game he would have had more sacks.

        • drrew76

          The comparison is that Troy was often freed of traditional responsibilities and allowed to roam around looking for plays, with his teammates responsible for covering for him.

          I think Pete sees Adams in a similar light, the plays he makes may just be different than what Polamalu produced.

          • Rob Staton


            That’s never the impression I got of how Polamalu was used.

    • TomLPDX

      I seem to remember Pete making that comparison earlier in the year when talking about Jamal.

  8. dcd2

    Can we fix this? Oh ya. Super easy, barely an inconvenience…

    Switch to a 3-4 grab ourselves some Aaron Donald, Cam Heyward types along with one or both of the Bosa’s.

    How? I’m gonna need you to get all the way off my back on that one sir.

    • Rob Staton


    • hawkfanforetenity

      Well, LJ Collier’s size, length and combine numbers are pretty much identical to Cam Heyward’s. Heyward also took a few years to become productive. I doubt LJ turns into that kind of player, but it seems a better role for him than a 4-3 end.

      • Rob Staton

        Cam Heyward was 11lbs heavier and only ran a forty and jumped a vertical.

        It’s a bit of a reach to compare the two.

      • BobbyK

        It’s not like Collier was a 20-year old rookie. He was older than pretty much everyone in his rookie class, too. R. Green was drafted a year before Collier and yet Collier is the oldest of the two by a couple years!

      • Jeff M.

        Reed – Ford – Collier isn’t actually a bad front 3 for a Wade Phillips-style 3-4. But the bigger issue is what you do with the rest of the front 7. Wagner, Wright, Brooks are all ILBs in that system; Adams might be as well (or a nominal SS effectively playing as a 3rd ILB). And there’s no one to play OLB. Changing the system doesn’t do anything to change the fact that we chose to go into this season with Mayowa and Irvin as our top edge rushers.

  9. cha

    Monday Press Conf w PC

    [maz veda] Important late in season complete game from team? “Always important. Particularly like this because team you could look past and we didn’t do that.”

    [] “versatility a good help for us. He’s a battler, he’s a trojan”

    [jen mueller] Most want to hold on from Jets game forward? “That we’re on track in terms of preparation. Stay with it and focus. New opponent but don’t change focus. Great matchup this week. Looking for consistency down the stretch here.”

    [joe fann] Snacks taking steps forward? “Best game. Improving steadily. Big man, a lot to be said about conditioning and being ready to play. Real pleasant addition made great plays for us.”
    [joe fann] More freedom to play Poona off the NT? “Yes. Poona more active at 3T to show up and be a playmaker, worked out well in rotation.”

    [john boyle] Duane Brown season thoughts? “Amazing member of this club. One way is work ethic just so obvious. Strongest guy, hardest working guy, smart, tough, really stands for something. Guys respect him. Doesn’t practice all week, but still maintains edge.”
    [john boyle] How high kick the FB? “At least as high as the truck up there?”

    [bob condotta] Damontre Moore back? Timeline? “Practice and available to play this week.”
    [bob] Penny and Dunbar still hope play? “Yes. Penny practicing as he’s playing. Figure out by end of week. Mentality he’s playing, see how goes. Dunbar same vein. Ready to play in game, end of week.”

    [Michael shawn dugar] Griffin since back from injury? “Really well, meeting his challenges. A week ago tackled well in run situations. Great to have him back.”
    [michasel shawn] (can’t hear) “Consistent, starter since he got here. Really good.”

    [Curtis crab] Shell ankle and Cedric? “Not worse than last week, so that’s good. See how that goes. He’s preparing to play. Won’t know until we get through week. Ogbuehi mentality that he’s playing. Practice Wed. Need help there. Scrambling a little to get guys on field.”
    [Curtis] Swain ok? “Yes, old shoulder issue, kept him out yesterday. Knows how to handle it. When it goes he needs a break.”

    [tim booth] Dunlap status? “Know way more Wed, but planning to play. Thought that he’ll make it back. HIs intention is to play.”
    [tim] Gave up few yards in 2nd half. Like or discount because Jets? “NFL team battling trying to make yards. Consistency, subbed a lot of guys played as well, tribute to day’s work. Jets struggled but our guys didn’t give them much.”

    [brady Henderson] 2010 remember trying to win division w losing record? “We were scrambling to get a game, came down to have a chance at end. Huge night, Charlie Whitehurst game vs Rams. Unique, fit with story. Defied the odds. We did that. Didn’t win in Chicago though. Screwed it up. A lot of yapping about it, fun to go against it.”
    [brady] Hand wringing about losing team in playoffs? “Yeah heard that. There’s a storyline somebody grasped, I didn’t care.”

    [art thiel] 9 consecutive winning seasons proud, landmark in your coaching career? “Mentioned this, I go back to at Jets first game vs Buffalo. On that day, Bills won 6-7 division titles in a row. Realizing that consistency was possible. worthy of shooting for. Setting standard. Also at SC. Proud of consistency. I wish it was all championships. Other side, it’s hard. Not many guys get to coach in this league for 10 years. Not thought it was possible when I came back but wanted to go for it. Just wish a couple more wins at the ends of those seasons.”
    [art thiel] Bills first division title in 25 years? “Too bad fans weren’t there, great fanbase. Knew success from years past. Just not the same not being there.”

    [Gregg bell] KJ Wright last season, still have a future here? “Who was talking about his last year? We weren’t. He’s playing terrific FB. Always loved inside. Started him outside. Looked pretty good year. Play as long as he wants to.”
    [Gregg] Playoff bubble? “I don’t know. No information. Not sure what they’re thinking. I don’t want to change anything. Our people know how to do it.”

    [Jackie] Amadi play 2nd year? “Really like the way he’s playing. Really understands a complex position, run and pass. Coverage, pressure, all kinds of stuff. Embraced the job. He can coach it right now. Makes plays all the time. Missed a sack last week, but he’s doing really well. Really applies himself.”
    [Jackie] Overall fell of depth? “In general real good team w structure all year. Guys ready to play even if they don’t get to. Excellent job of keeping the game in control. Pretty good shape depth. OL challenged right now. 8 guys up every week still hasn’t helped us. Manage guys through the week. Now back to RB position. Pretty good shape.”

    [Curtis crab] Olsen close? TE group without him? “Challenging to practice this week. Very upbeat and positive, but won’t know until we see him. Guys done all right. No drop-off. Colby has done some things. Good solid spot. Play shows that.”

    [bob condotta] Metcalf out of game early, what happened? ‘Twisted up after that first catch. Had to get it secured. OK today. Immediately after he felt it. Didn’t know if it was anything. Can’t tell you extent yet. Ankle.”

    • Rob Staton

      I loved the first question about how important it was to get a complete performance…

      …against the 0-13 Jets.

    • Gohawks5151

      Little more palatable answer about the consecutive winning seasons cha?

      • Mike

        What the hell is going on with darell Taylor?

        I know the press has asked quite frequently about him, but like there has to be something really weird going on for a stress fracture not to heal by now.

        • 12th chuck

          i am always wondering the same thing… doesn’t seem likely to play this year, and lucky to play for the hawks at anytime afterwards

          • Mike

            Yeah i don’t see him playing this year and I wonder about next year too. It sounds like from what Pete has said that it looks like it has healed but Taylor doesn’t feel like it is 100% so it’s fair to wonder if it will ever be…

          • BobbyK

            It’s one thing to take a player and they don’t play because your doctors are/were fools.

            It’s another thing to trade up for said player and burn multiple picks in the process. Like we have so many picks that we can just throw them away.

            • Rob Staton

              That Taylor pick is going to haunt us

            • Mike

              Yeah it’s interesting to me whether it was the doctors saying that everything was okay with the leg, or if it was more that the front office saw a talent that they were willing to overlook the red flags.

              Like rob has written in his mock drafts to get a high end talent player in that range, there’s going to be some red flags. The Seahawks seem to go after the high talent high red flag player a lot it just hasn’t worked out recently.

              • BobbyK

                At least with Malik McDowell, they traded down several times prior to taking him. They acquired picks in the process.

                They got double-screwed with Taylor because they were the ones who traded the Earl Thomas 3rd round pick away to move up to get him.

                So far the Malik McDowell selection looks a lot better than Darrell Taylor.

              • DriveByPoster

                I wonder whether the injury concerns that led to them passing on Nick Chubb in 2018 & the decision to draft the less athletic but apparently solid Collier in 2019 played into their decision to go after Taylor.

                Also, the comment on Freddie Swain’s injury was quite alarming, I thought.

                • Rob Staton

                  Regardless, everything about their top pick in 2018, 2019 and second pick in 2020 was wrong.

        • L80

          Remember Leon Washington??…Didn’t he have the same injury and was able to compete the following year.

      • cha

        I suppose. He did acknowledge he’d prefer championships.

  10. James Cr.

    Will be interesting to see what roster moves they make regarding Penny, Dunbar, Moore looking like they will be back this week, and Olsen and Gordon in the future.

    • Hoggs41

      Getting healthy at the right time. Hopefully no new injuries come up. Also need Shell and Dunlap firing on all cylinders.

  11. Hoggs41

    Looking at the schedule, losing to the WFT doesnt really impact our chances of winning the NFC West. If we won the last two games we would win the division by the divisional record tiebreaker. Will most likely be getting the #3 seed anyways. Losing to WFT just wouldnt make us feel that comfortable about actually doing any playoff damage. Lose to WFT and all chances of a 1or 2 seed would be gonzo.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why people think going into the Rams game off the back of another loss and a 4-5 record in the last nine won’t impact the chances of winning the NFC West.

  12. Henry Taylor

    Blitzing safeties are tight!

    • BobbyK

      As long as they hit home!

    • Rob Staton


      • Sea Mode

        Now look what you’ve started… 😂

        (i.e. thank you. we all need it this year!)

  13. Sea Mode

    Maybe our reporters aren’t the most interesting after all… 😉 (that reaction from Pederson though)


  14. Sea Mode

    Mike B flashbacks…

    Gregg Bell

    Pete Carroll tells @710ESPNSeattle DE Carlos Dunlap has a tricky foot injury up to his big toe that can be “debilitating” when it flares up. Thus #Seahawks are “trying to take care of him.”

    • BobbyK

      Why the hell did they play him against the Giants?

      • Pran

        you just cant miss a SB game..

  15. KennyBadger

    This is why I read this site. The limited national coverage of the game today was highlighting his sack record but then they don’t show these trade offs. If you watched the game, this defense still does not look that much better – there were plenty of situations where the jets took a penalty or darnold threw a bad pass and the d could have been burned. Also, Arizona just pushed around the Giants this week.

    Don’t feel good about the Football Team game – their front 4 is wicked and Russ tends to lose bowel control in situations that presents.

  16. Pran

    If there is one consistent performer on D this season, it is Amadi

    • BobbyK

      Don’t forget Ford. I’d give him my defensive game ball for the season so far. He’s not a stud, but he’s been a good solid player on a defense that has been far from good and solid throughout the season.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Poona Ford is the forgotten man on this defense. Someday he will be a solid and reasonably priced vet.

      • Pran

        Ford also stepped up lately. It usually takes experience for late round DL to show up. Hawks have names on the D but just cant put it together.

  17. Roger Davis

    Rob, I wrote the following near the end of the previous thread, but, with apologies for repeating it, I believe it is even more apt in this thread.

    The team calls him a “Strong Safety.” I do not see Adams as a safety. He is a tackler and a blitzer. To me he is a “One Trick Pony.” He’s a Super Star version of what we were hoping Shaquem Griffin might become.

    If I was the Seahawks, I wouldn’t give a fiddlers arse what his position is called. I’d like the team to try and discover a SCHEME which can incorporate his unique, quite exceptional skill set into a scheme, with the other 10 defensive players, which creates a competitive, or even better, overall defensive. Period.

    If we can’t find a way to incorporate him, in a comprehensive overall defense, then trade him to a team that thinks they can.

    • Miami Hawk

      He is not a traditional SS to be sure. But I disagree that he is as far from a one trick pony as you get. While being the best pass rusher on the team he is also vicious on run defense and is a hard hitter. Remember he also has more TFL’s than most DE’s and LB’s because he has a nose for sniffing out the run. He has TFL’s than Bobby and KJ.

      His coverage stats are fairly pedestrian admittedly but the rest of his skill set is phenomenal. He stuffs the run and pressures the QB. Whatever position he plays he plays he is a force the way he is used.

  18. Zxvo3

    I truly like Jamal Adams. I liked him coming out of college and I also thought he was the best safety in football with the Jets. But there’s a dilemma with him on this team. Like Rob stated above, he leads the league in sacks. But he’s still blitzing about 10 times a game. I think if the Chargers or the Cardinals blitzed Derwin James or Budda Baker 10 times a game, they both wouldn’t be far behind Adams in sacks.

    There’s a question to be asked though. If and when the Seahawks rebuild their defensive line (hopefully), what’s going to happen to Adams? Blitzing does not fit the scheme on this team. Will they still blitz Adams even when they do have a good defensive line? It just doesn’t fit to me. My biggest fear is that we will pay Adams as the highest paid safety because we spent such a large amount of assets on him. Especially when we have such glaring holes on the defense that can be paid with the Adams money.

    I still want the Seahawks to trade him. He’s a great player, just not fit to be on this team. It may be unrealistic to trade him, but I’m sticking with it. I would assume we would get back a first round pick for him if he were traded this offseason. One of the biggest issues with this team is not having a consistent running game. We’ve seen it affect Russ in a negative way. Chris Carson is amazing when healthy, but being healthy is not often for Carson. If we got back a first round pick for Adams, I would go and get Najee Harris in the draft. Resign Carson as well. With that, you have your one-two punch. Your running game is now back up to speed with two bruising running backs. We’ve seen what teams can do when you build up on the trenches and can run the ball. I don’t want Jamal Adams and the money and pride we’re going to give him to ruin the versatility that we could have this offseason.

    • DancingBuddha

      I find it genuinely weird how people are so convinced that its that easy to blitz that all you have to do is just send your safety, doesnt matter who it is, and count the sacks. The guy is exceptional at it, thats why he gets those chances. This is like saying if we played Jamal Adams long enough at deep third he’s have Earl Thomas’ picks. Pretending player skills are interchangable makes no sense to me at all

      • Matthew Weber

        When you get a player with a unique skill set you find a way to take advantage of it. He has an instinctive nose for the ball when near the LOS the way Earl had it in the deep middle. Pete is showing he isnt washed up my modifying the scheme and assignments to take advantage if it. It just has taken a while.

        If we quit thinking Pete wants to force his invariable scheme regardless of personnel it comes into better context. His preferred 4 -3 under with all of the DL gapping has been modified throughout his time here with guys playing 2 gaps or using 325 pound Big Red Bryant as a DE for god’s sake. Who does that?

        • Rob Staton

          Unless I’m mistaken, nobody has implied Pete has tried to force his scheme as a strict, one-size formula.

          But at no point has his team blitzed 36% of the time. They are doing that because the pass rush sucks and because they acquired Jamal Adams. And that comes with consequences. This isn’t some big sea-change to the scheme. They’re simply blitzing a lot more.

          And as we can clearly see — the results are not even better in terms of sack percentage. They are worse than 2018 when they only blitzed 18%. So they are being more aggressive, less productive and there are consequences of being more aggressive.

      • Zxvo3

        The thing is, I did not say Adams’s skills are interchangeable. I used Budda Baker and Derwin James as examples because of the fact that they are also good at blitzing. Blitzing is not a simple task, but imo it is easier than other defensive plays. I only have one question that I mentioned above. What happens to Adams when we get a quality and rebuilt defensive line? Do we still blitz him? If blitzing is the best part of his game, are we going to blitz him even though it’s not in our scheme? I just don’t see the fit, especially when Rob explained how blitzing can have a negative impact on the defense.

  19. AlaskaHawk

    The Ravens vs Browns game is pretty good. Chubb just scored a touchdown. Also nice to see Sheldon Richardson playing.

  20. cha

    Washington Football Team game watch points

    The playoffs start this week. The Seahawks need to buckle their chin straps and get to work. And what better team to start them on but a tough, well-coached team with a great defense on the road? A hard-fought win will mean far more to this club than the pasting of the JV Jets on Sunday.

    Washington is riding a 4 game winning streak in a division that has only one way to the playoffs. During that streak the defense has only conceded 65 rushing yards per game and has a +5 turnover differential. The defense basically won the game Sunday by scoring 2 touchdowns – one off a fumble recovery and the other a pick 6.

    Everyone knows WFT has a brilliant front four. But it’s worth noting the backfield is complementing the pass rush in a very smart way by only committing 4 pass interference calls and 1 defensive holding call in 13 games. So not only do they have a great pass rush, the supporting cast is extremely disciplined, and they’re not going to help you make your way down the field. Every single yard is going to have to be earned. Ron Rivera has this team playing effective, clean football as a defensive unit.

    Scheme the offense to deal with the front 4.
    Brian Schottenheimer must come up with a creative way to handle this pass rush. Counting on your 5 OL to block their front four and give RW a standard amount of time in the pocket is not a winning strategy. Find some ways to counter this talented front. Employ the occasional screen to take advantage of their aggression. Get some fly sweeps going. Get some bubble screens going to the WRs – set up the pump and go route later in the game.

    Both of WFT’s starting CBs are 5’11”. Find ways to get the ball to your monster WR, especially in the red zone.

    Exploit their LBs in coverage. Find old friend Kevin Pierre-Louis when he’s on the field. He doesn’t play much because he’s a huge liability in pass coverage. This year he’s giving up a 132 QB rating and has allowed 5 TD’s in pass coverage. Jonathan Bostic is good shooting gaps and is a nice blitzer, but as a cover man he’s yielding an astounding 5.88 YAC in the passing game. He’s good moving towards the LOS. When he’s moving away he’s a liability. Sounds like a job for Will Dissly.

    Another way to handle this front 4…

    Rush for 100 yards.
    When Washington keeps their opponent to less than 100 yards rushing, they are 5-0. When they allow more than 100 yards they are 1-7. What’s with that outlier win? Sunday vs SF where they allowed 108 yards but the defense scored 2 touchdowns for them.

    If you can establish the run, you are able to put a lot of pressure on their offense. You both give them less time to work with, you also force them to get out of their offensive comfort zone, disrupting their pattern of grinding and using short passes. Not to mention applying pressure to keep up with the score.

    Carson and Hyde running well Sunday will do a world of good. It’ll give the OL some forward momentum and confidence. They can lean into this DL and go on the offensive instead of wearing themselves out constantly pass blocking and protecting. It’s a great way to use some of the DL’s aggression against them. If they get teed up, they’ll let their gaps open up and they can be exploited. It’ll also blunt some of their aggressiveness and give RW just a little more time to work.

    RW has to be committed and mindful of taking the 5-6 yards when it’s given to him, rather than waiting that extra half heartbeat and letting the pass rushers close on him. He can papercut them to death with those runs.

    Take advantage of their deficient pass pro.
    Alex Smith and Dwayne Haskins have only had about 1.9 seconds of time to throw in the pocket on average. The other starting QBs in the NFL have about 2.3 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but that’s about 17% less than league average, and right about the bottom in the NFL.

    It must certainly be because teams are blitzing them like crazy, right? Nope. They’re only being blitzed on about 24% of their passing attempts. The league average? 31%. So teams are getting disruption with only 4 rushers. The Seahawks must take advantage. They don’t need to blitz an insane amount of times. They can use their defenders to keep the perimeter clean and bottle up the running attack.

    Washington features a good running game and employs quick passes (avg air yards for Alex Smith – 3.9 yards per pass – that’s in the shortest 5 of the NFL). They’ve used old friend JD McKissic to great effect. He’s a first down machine. He accounts for about 19% of their first downs despite not being a full time player. KJ Wright and Jordyn Brooks will want to know where he is whenever he is on the field. If Washington can establish some movement in those areas, that will open up shots to Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas can get some room to work.

    But if you can be stout in the run defense and be ready for those quick passes, there’ll be chances to blitz and tee off on the QB.

    Escape FedEx without any injuries.
    That field has a horrible reputation for injuries. A late season injury could really be a blow to the Seahawks’ hopes of advancing further in the playoffs. Rashaad Penny has been talked about maybe playing Sunday. Wisdom would seem to dictate waiting until the following week to let him make his 2020 debut. Ditto Carlos Dunlap if you can.

    • Martin

      Thanks CBA. As someone whose knowledge of the game is fairly modest it’s great to be able to get this insight from you and know what to look out for in respect to the opposition when watching the game.

      • cha

        You’re very welcome.

    • Malc from PO

      Thanks once again, cha, your write-ups are a nice complement to Rob’s blogging. My one caveat about Sunday is the sense that the No.1 seed is out of reach, in which case winning the NFC West is the priority. The WFT game, win or lose, has no bearing on the NFC West race – that comes down to beating the Rams and Niners. I know Rob (perhaps you too) will disagree, but the need to get out of this game without injuries trumps everything else. The Seahawks are so flaky that I am not even really concerned about their momentum – thay can be terrible one week and fine the next, and vice versa. WFT have a little more at stake in protecting their 1 game division lead, and don’t close out with 2 division games so their situation is a bit less in their own hands. It could be a real turgid game – if WFT get their noses in front I don’t see us doing much to chase the game, and I don’t see us doing too much either to push out in front unless our basic offense and defense are working really well and it just happens. Cynical, I know, but that’s what the new playoff format is giving us: sacrificing competition for the number 2 seed in favor of competition for a third wildcard slot, with the result that teams in the thick of the top end of the playoff hunt are playing meaningless games in week 15!

      • Rob Staton

        We need to get out of this mindset that this game doesn’t matter.

        You can’t pick and choose when you want to win.

        They have to win this week and instil some confidence. They are 4-4 in the last eight.

        • Malc from PO

          Oh, I think it matters, you think it matters, probably everyone reading the blog thinks it matters. But we’re fans, and we are crying out for some confidence that this team can accomplish what we want and believe it can do. Pete Carroll has this confidence, regardless of what we see on the pitch each week and doesn’t need to see good performances to keep his faith in the big picture. Love it, or hate it, that’s how he is wired. The Seahawks aren’t going to “take it easy”, that wasn’t what I intended to say, but I don’t expect anything other than a very vanilla game plan. If it works, great, if not, they are not going to pull out the stops or test the limits of injured players to chase this game. I think it will be a classic Seahawks nail-biter where we keep it close and rely on having a chance to win it at the end. Frustrating, but given the overall scenrio I don’t see us playing any other kind of game. Also – we might see WFT again in the playoffs, and Pete has used that as a reason not to say too much about the Giants game. I just can’t see us doing much out of the ordinary in this game.

          • Rob Staton

            I think the Seahawks will go all out to win on Sunday.

      • cha

        I have never subscribed to this theory. Any team that thinks ‘let’s take it easy this Sunday because we’re sure the Rams will beat the Jets’ doesn’t deserve to be successful.

  21. charlietheunicorn

    Stakes are high

    Browns win, Ravens very well could be sitting on their couches in 3 weeks.

    • charlietheunicorn

      This is ….. amazing

  22. James Z

    Let’s hope ‘Adams sack-fest 2020′ doesn’t become a ‘famous’ meme like the ‘Let Russ…’ and do these players really care about records or awards first or playing every down like it could be their last and playing to win as a team. If PC has really taken hold of the defensive play-calling and if that call is indicative of the calls, well, yikes!

  23. Silly Billy

    We talked all offseason about using less 4-3 base, so I still believe our “masterplan” going into week one was to run a modified 3-3-5 as our “base” defense. Seemed like we had the personal for it, with Diggs/Blair as the traditional safety roles, depth at LB, and the need for only 3 competent D-Linemen as opposed to 4. This allows Jamal, the “Nickel” safety to play at any level, depending on the play call/situation. I put “nickel” in quotations because you obviously don’t pay a nickel DB ~18mil/yr. You do, however, pay your top pas rusher that much; and that’s what Jamal has shown to be, along with his roles as a safety and LB.
    We saw it in week one, with Blair playing 70% and Lano hill playing 29% (some dime), and Jamal arguably had his best game.

    THEN (in typical Seahawks fashion) week 2 comes.. Blair and Hill are done for season (Blair being the most significant). Jamal gets hurt next week. Dunbar starts playing practically on crutches. Throws off any chance of making the 3-3-5 work.

    • Rob Staton

      There was also a surprise factor in week one to be fair. Quinn has run this defense and I’m sure, even with Adams, he was shocked to see a Pete Carroll team blitzing 35% of the time.

  24. charlietheunicorn

    It was brought up today on one of the radio shows that Adams has gotten 5 sacks, when he had a free rush on the QB….. the defense has been using the MLB near the A gaps to influence the protections and free him up on the edges. He only has 2 sacks when he engaged a blocker, RB and TE… and blew them up.

    • Miami Hawk

      Sure but he saw the situation and took advantage of it and it worked. Its not like they are going to line him up 1v1 on a tackle. The point of him as that he makes the right call and is able to execute a pressure, a sack, a hit, a hurry, or TFL on a running back so much of the time that taking the risk is worth it. He he also lines up and fakes the Blitz a lot.

      To reach the next level they just need the rest of the coverage to communicate their assignments which has taken time. I am still waiting for a strip sack for 6 or 2 from him the rest of the season.

  25. JLemere

    After doing a little more research, I think the only defensive scheme that could allow Jamal Adams to do more blitzing and less coverage is the ravens, but even then they would still need to modify it further, but you could theoretically keep the cover 3 defense and have Adams do what he does, but it’s a big… project and I don’t think you could have it up and running after one offseason. PC and JS really put themselves in a corner.

    • Rob Staton

      Miami and the New England based schemes can easily accommodate it.

  26. AlaskaHawk

    The Ravens /Browns game is off the hook! Watching Lamar come back out of the locker room on a 4th and 5 , and throw a touchdown was crazy. Nor the Browns turn .

    • charlietheunicorn

      Browns answered in 50 seconds LOL

  27. Pran

    Let him get 10+ sacks and trade him high like Frank Clark, not just for one pick this time.

    • Scot04

      Regardless of how many sacks he ends up with, we would be fortunate to get a 1st and a 2nd like we did for Clark. We overpaid and will have to live with it.

  28. Big Mike

    Justin Tucker is flat out the best kicker in the history of football. Not hyperbolic, totally fact.

    • Rob Staton


  29. charlietheunicorn

    Scoring Play: (Shotgun) B.Mayfield pass short middle to K.Hunt to CLE 27 for 2 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by CLE-R.Higgins at CLE 27. R.Higgins to CLE 21 for -6 yards. Lateral to B.Mayfield to CLE 15 for -6 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by CLE-J.Landry at CLE 0. J.Landry pushed ob in End Zone, SAFETY (M.Humphrey).

    • charlietheunicorn

      Ravens vs. Browns spread: Ravens -3

      The 2 points at end was a cover for the Ravens…… instead of a push…. very intriguing.

      • Big Mike

        Uep. If you had Cleveland you were pissed just like if you had Seattle a couple of Monday nights back.

  30. GoHawksDani

    Drop a good DL 10 times in coverage per game and he’ll get an INT record in some year.
    My biggest question is: is Adams a good traditional safety? Can he play in space really well? Can he cover well? If yes, sign him and reduce his blitzes while signing a good DE. If no then trade him for anything as he’d be a liability.

    • DancingBuddha

      lol no he won’t, this is crazy talk

  31. Rob Staton

    LJ Collier snaps over the last few weeks:

    Jets — 18 (34%)
    Giants — 24 (43%)
    Eagles — 29 (41%)
    Cardinals — 24 (36%)

    • Big Mike

      First rounder. 🙁

      • Kenny Sloth

        We traded a Penny and a Collier for Jamal Adams.

        I’m so glad we have elite talent coming in.

    • swedenhawk

      what happened to his toughness and attitude — barking at Cable and so on? I remember when we drafted him a lot of us here on SDB thought we were getting a BAMF. Baldinger was really high on him too. do you see any path to redemption here? or is Collier officially a first round bust?

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t I’m afraid. He looked fantastic at the Senior Bowl. His tape was good. But the lesson is — if you’re a thoroughly bang average athlete, there’s a decent chance you’ll be a thoroughly bang average player.

        • Matt

          I don’t want to oversimplify it, but he was a middling (overaged) athlete who was a power player in a bad conference. I try not to get too hung up on prospect age, but there’s no denying that being older while playing in the trenches is a monumental advantage. And when you rely exclusively on power – I will always have red flags.

          Not to mention – I think if he truly reached his ceiling…what exactly was that? A run stuffing DE who can get you 4-6 sacks? Is that really a 1st round player? Yes, he was an end of R1 pick – I would have liked to see high upside.

          Again, I’m going to grossly simplify things, but my general thought on the 1st round is that you think the player can be the tops at their position (RB, WR, G, DT) or they play a monumentally important position where you think they can be a league average talent (OT, Pass Rush DE, CB). A league average OT, DE, CB helps your team because those positions are hard to fill. A league average RB, OG, WR does nothing to put you over the top.

          I’m not against drafting any position in R1 (sans K or P, obviously) – but I think SEA has done a very poor job of maximizing those picks. I won’t fault misses, but I do fault bad process.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Your last paragraph makes me really glad we have Jamal Adams instead of two more early round misfires.

            The only thing im missing is having those 1st round picks as trade chips. Other than that i think the compensation argument is way over blown.

            At this point it rather have Jamal Adams than Jimmy Graham and Percy Harvin or Penny and Collier.

            • dcd2

              It’s the fact that we are constantly taking the wrong guys, not just the wrong positions. We could have had TJ Watt, Nick Chubb (or Buddha after trading down) and Montez Sweat (guys the blog were clamoring for) in 2017/18. They took Malik, Penny and Collier instead.

              They passed on Sweat, presumably because of this heart condition, but went all in on Taylor who also had significant injury risk.

              They traded down to miss out on guys like Watt, Tre’Davious White, Abram & Sweat and got ‘stuck’ with Malik and Collier. Then they stand pat for Penny or trade up for Taylor?

              I hate the compensation for Adams… think it’s waaayyy too much to give for a SS, even one as talented as he is. You’re right in a sense though, as my confidence in Schneider’s ability to identify All-pro talent and acquire it early in the draft is extremely low.

    • cha

      Man has the 5T been a mess this year.

  32. Tree

    Fair points about the effect of blitzing on the team, the volume and of course the long-term price. That said, Jamal Adams is simply elite and the clearly one of the best blitzers in history. Budda has rushed more than half as much per game and in more games and has two sacks. Last year, we could not get home even when we blitzed. The threat of an elite blitz is something teams have to scheme for. He has historically been good in coverage and I expect him to improve with familiarity with the team/scheme (he was torched in the Patriots game where Diggs and I think Blair were out). And I love how often guys he tackles immediately drop with no extra yards. But I think the true measure of his worth this year (and Brooks-blowing up Woods late in the game is a start) is if we can finally stop the Rams next week with more speed and physicality (would love to have seen Blair out there and I agree with the post above about what they were likely thinking pre Blair injury). The coaches need to put those guys in position to do so though (ask SF)?).

    • Rob Staton

      That said, Jamal Adams is simply elite and the clearly one of the best blitzers in history.

      That’s very easy to say when your team is letting you blitz 10 times a game to get one sack.

      Budda has rushed more than half as much per game and in more games and has two sacks.

      Well let’s see him blitz 10 times a game to see if he can get up to one sack per game.

      The threat of an elite blitz is something teams have to scheme for.

      Well, not really. You have to be prepared for a team that blitzes a lot. But you also know that when teams blitz a lot, that creates massive opportunities. So you’re as much planning to capitalise on the blitzing as you are being ‘wary’ of it.

      “I love how often guys he tackles immediately drop with no extra yards”

      He has missed 10% of his tackles though.

      • Miami Hawk

        Besides 8.5 sacks he has also brought 5 knockdowns, 22 pressures, and 9 TFL’s with those rushes.

        The best pass rush win rate is TJ Watt at 29% per ESPN. The thing about blitzing is if you do it it you can change games if you are good at it.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think it really comes down to having the personnel to accommodate the scheme adjustment.

          If you can’t get pressure when Adams isnt joining the rush, of course you’ll get beat through the air.

    • DancingBuddha

      Hear hear. Some fans are happy to delude themselves with the magical notion that all it takes to generate his production is just rush another safety ten times, after a point you can’t really argue with an emotional position predicated on a” but what if” hypothetical with literally zero factual basis to it. If those guys had the ability to get sacks, they’d be getting to rush more. On a per snap basis the vaunted Baker already is- with far inferior results. Maybe its time to stop pissing in our own cornflakes just to say they taste better because contrarianism is cool or something of that sort

  33. Antoine Sauze

    Why don’t we move him to OLB and get a solid cover safety? Pair him with Jordyn Brooks… And get a solid MLB to replace Bobby (or get a pay cut for Bobby). Easier to blitz him from LB than Safety without compromising the back end. Or go 3-4…which will likely not happen. But first, Adams to LB makes sense. He may not have the typical size of a LB but has all the tools and we need a safety in the back end that can cover for his constant blitzing

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not as simple as moving him to linebacker though. Wagner, Wright and Brooks are all 40lbs heavier than Adams. And when he’s not blitzing, if you have him at linebacker on base downs that could be a major problem vs the run.

    • Ashish

      You can’t change your defense scheme for a player. In this season he was out for 4 games still 3 games to go.
      Just do not ignore your problem, get few good DLs

      • Miami Hawk

        When you get a player of this caliber you absolutely change your D to take advantage of his skills. hell if you get an LT you change how the entire league plays the game.

        Pete did it for Kam and Earl, and Michael Bennett, Red Bryant, and then again as each one left.

        Yeah he aint no LB. He is I guess a box safety that has unique game changing skills and still can cover better than a LB so you dont necessarily have to sub him out in nickel or dime. Is he the best coverage safety? No. But he be the best in history at what he do and that is a lot beyond just rushing the QB.

        • Matt

          Miami – I appreciate your creativity, but the more I watch Adams – the less enthralled I am about his talent. He’s not a game changer. If he was, we wouldn’t have to manufacture sacks for him. And imagine they blitzed him at half the rate and we have a guy with 4 sacks, who can’t cover?

          I think he’s a really good player in the right system, but absolutely not a guy you “build around.” It’s too easy to take his game out of a game plan, if you are on offense. This isn’t some DE that transcends scheming.

  34. Paul Cook

    After reading cha’s game post and thinking about the game, we need an effective and flexible game plan that keeps DC on their heels guessing. We need the short/quick hit passing game, tight ends/slants/quick outs. We need to use Carson as a receiver out of the back field. Perhaps throw in a jet sweep every now and then. Run the ball as well as we can. And yes, throw the ball to DK where he can use his size advantage to come down with the ball.

    I would just love to see the WFT’s defense perplexed by our play-calling/offensive game plan.

  35. Lewis

    It’s such a shame, really.

    If they had traded those same picks for a DE getting the same production from a 4-man front, we would all be much happier right now.

    • BobbyK

      Or just kept Frank Clark. And instead of trading for a bum like Darrell Taylor, they could have just drafted Damien Lewis with that late 2nd round pick instead. And had the Earl Thomas 3rd round pick, too.

      Had Seahawks kept Frank Clark:
      Draft Damien Lewis in late 2nd round. Keep all future draft picks in 2021/2022.

      Since Seahawks traded Clark:
      Now have: Collier, Lewis, Darrell Taylor, Jamal Adams, missing #1 &3 in ’21, missing #1 in ’22.

      Makes sense. Right?

      • Lewis

        No argument here.

      • Big Mike

        Your post makes complete sense. Their actions make little sense.

        • SeaTown

          And no one holding either PC or JS accountable.

      • Duceyq

        Why is Taylor a “bum”?

        The kid is just recovering from injury.

  36. Ben

    Blitz Adams even more over the last 4 games. Pump up his stats. Let him put that sack record for a DB out of reach for anyone. Then trade him before the draft and recover some picks. Hawks won’t get 2 firsts and a 3rd plus another player, like they foolishly gave up, but Hawks need to get something out of him. Can’t pay RW, Wagz and Adams.

    • BobbyK

      Moving into 21, the only player who deserves to be paid is RW. Wagz and Adams aren’t worth it. DK isn’t available for an extension yet. Bad talent level when you don’t have players good enough to pay.

      • Rob Staton

        I agree with this.

        The only two players on the roster who deserve elite money are Wilson and DK. And even DK has improvements to make.

        • Matt

          I think it’s kind of scary to think about what DK *can* become with so many clear holes in his game. I take great comfort in the fact that he seems to have an insane work ethic and is well liked by everybody on his team/staff.

          He’s on a VERY short list of players who reached 2000 yards before their 23rd birthday. The *worst* player on that list is JuJu Smith-Schuster. Everybody else is pretty much a bonafide stud (yes, Josh Gordon was a stud – his issues were obviously different than performance).

          Obviously DK needs more fan love, lol (sarcasm). But agree with the general premise – these are the only 2 who deserve elite money. This franchise needs to stop paying middle class talent upper-middle class money. I know that’s a byproduct of the market, but this team used to allow young guys to really get a ton of play time in over middling, older talent.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Looking at New Orleans cap situation for YEARS tells me you can compete amd pretty much ignore the cap.

          • BobbyK

            Tim Ruskell was the King of paying crap players elite money. I remember when he signed Brian Russell (who sucked) and then made Deon Grant, a guy who was NOT a Top-10 safety, a contract that made him the third highest paid safety. And it’s not like Grant was a 25-year old guy coming into his prime either.

            Schneider and Carroll used to be so anti-Ruskell in terms of pulling that crap, but now they’re the team giving crap players like Mayowa, Irvin, Olsen, Finney, Cedric O’Suck, etc. way too much money. I’m surprised they haven’t added Edge James, Julius Jones, TJ Duckett, or Patrick Kearney yet.

            • Big Mike

              Ah yes, Patrick Kearney. Isn’t he the one that quit while playing for Atlanta, literally quit because Big Walt was owning him so completely that he went and pouted on the bench and refused to re-enter the game? Then what does good ol’ Timmy do, signs him as a FA for the Hawks. Brilliant!

      • Pran

        Be careful what you wish for. This front office could not backfill any worthwhile veteran they let go or traded in the past few seasons.

        Moving in from Wagz or KJ will only leave another hole.

    • cha

      This is the way.

  37. Scot04

    Great write up Rob.
    I still can’t believe a Pete Carroll defense is blitzing a safety 10 times a game. Atleast it shows he is open to some changes.
    But I don’t know how good it is trying to fit his Superstar square peg into a round hole defensive scheme.
    It seems with Adams continuing to increase his sack numbers many are deluding themselves he’s the savior to this defense.
    Some media saying he was well worth what we gave up.
    No he was not worth the compensation we gave up. One 1st round pick sure.
    It reminds me of when we were 5-0, so the defense must be good.

    • Rohan Raman

      Were people seriously saying the defense was good when we were 5-0? Anyone with eyes could see that our defense was dogshit for most of the game and came up clutch in key moments.

  38. Matt

    I think the reality is that for the Seahawks to ever win another Super Bowl, realistically, it will take getting the offense to an elite level (as it has shown) while having a defense that is above average (not great/elite). The offense, while struggling recently, at least has the talent to get to an elite level where I think the defense would require a much bigger overhaul.

    I do think the defense is playing at a high enough level (yes, we will see when they play better opponents) that if the offense gets to what it was earlier in the year, could make a good run. My single biggest hold up is the coaching staff and their inability to adapt when things aren’t going right. They waste way too much time adjusting, which is why we have seen the “well they almost came back” mentality in losses to better teams. It’s almost like PC is surprised that the game ends in the 4th quarter.

    Mostly, I think most of the hope is a byproduct of an NFC that truly doesn’t have an elite team. I think the Packers are the closest.

    • Big Mike

      If the D holds the Rams under 20 I’ll be with you in saying they’re playing at a high enough level. For now, I’m in “show me” mode.

  39. millhouse-serbia

    Marquise Blair posted a video on his IG where he allready working… His injury obviously wasnt that serious as Pennie’s.

    • BobbyK

      In Penny’s defense, he did get hurt about this time last year, whereas Blair got hurt months ago earlier in his respective season. He may be ready for camp. Thankfully.

      Personally, I hope he’s our SS next season.

  40. Rob Staton

    I’ve just written a 4100 word epic on the last three drafts.

    I’m going to save it for Thursday.

    • James Cr.

      Tease 🙂

      • Big Mike

        He is isn’t he?

    • millhouse-serbia

      Before we have chance to read it, how would you grade each of that 3 draft from 1 to 5?

    • cha

      Now I don’t feel so bad for dropping a mere 2800 LOL.

      • Big Mike


    • dcd2

      Oh no. I know how this story ends.

      It’s like when they released the prequels for Star Wars. I loved IV-VI (2010-2012) as a youngster and new they would be tough to beat. Still, when I heard people talking about Ep I-III (2018-2020) and how awful they were, I didn’t think it could be that bad… wrong.

      Darth Metcalf is awesome, and Damien Fett was a cool surprise. In the end there were so many missed opportunities to re-make a once great franchise that those 3 episodes felt like such a waste. It was like they weren’t even trying, or had forgotten how to get the old mojo back. It’s hard to say if they made me want to laugh or cry. They were expensive and disappointing, that much is sure.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Including 2020 class?

      • Rob Staton


        • Kenny Sloth

          Can’t wait. Like you said in your last pod, hope they just build through the trenches.

          If we can hit on at least one pass rusher to pair with Dunlap, I feel like this team has decent bones to really bounce back next year in terms of consistency and physicality.

          • Rob Staton

            I think the DL needs rebuilding.

            And they need a dependable feature runner.

            Plus they need to find answers at corner.

            And add another quality receiver.

            • line_hawk

              Why have they not found a dependable featured runner after all these years? 1 dependable runner (Lynch) in 11 seasons is a pathetic record. Lynch spoiled them but their insistence on physicality still behaves like they have Lynch. PC’s style is going to grind down any back (not named Lynch); that’s just the reality of it. Heck, the way Metcalf is taking unnecessary hits trying for extra yards instead of preserving himself doesn’t make me happy either.

            • Kenny Sloth

              You dont roll with Dunlap Reed Ford Robinson and add to it? Definitely want a Tony McDaniel type iDL and for sure a major edge threat to combine with Dunlap. Maybe Von Miller wants to chase another ring?

              With so few picks they might have to bring Carson back. I think we can get a deal done there, but with the injuries you might not want to? This is probably the most glaring question mark after the DL for sure. And it’s such a stunning scenario Seattle has put itself in with so many hurt RBs and no clear #1 option for years.

              I have a lot more confidence in Griffin/Flowers/Umadi than most. Those are the types of players we see leave Seattle and play decent pro ball for years with other franchises. Id love to see Sherman return and push Flowers to the bench. I think he’d love to come play with Prez.

              If Josh Gordon plays a full season with us wouldn’t one like a room of Tyler/DK/Gordon/Moore/UDFA?? I’m also still eager to see what Colby Parkinson can add to the passing game. He’s a good mover and has soft hands.

              • Rob Staton

                That DL and CB situation is exactly why this team isn’t close to a SB.

                Big rebuild needed for the DL. Changes needed at CB. Feature RB needed who doesn’t get hurt every year (by all means keep Carson but you can’t trust him for 16 games). New WR needed, preferably a trustworthy one with genuine talent who will be available.

                Lots to do.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  And not a lot of capital because of a desperate spending spree

                • Big Mike

                  I don’t know about rebuilding the DL Rob. I mean LJ and Green are going to come into their own any year now.

                  • Big Mike

                    (end sarcasm)

                  • Rob Staton

                    I don’t know what you’re talking about…

                    They’re already great.

                  • Big Mike

                    I’m so negative

            • Mike

              Having to rebuild the DL is true, itS just so frustrating that they still have to. I mean they’ve picked LJ and rasheem and Taylor in the last couple years and they still aren’t close. And those guys aren’t good so they need to get a Dunlap or a clowney traded every year. They’ve basically done the same thing in the secondary with mediocre guys they drafted playing and then needing to trade for diggs, adams, and Dunbar.

              I agree with running back and corner. I think the hawks are going to have to make a choice whether they want griffin or carson back. Cause it going to be hard to keep both of them without another move

              Josh Gordon would be great if he ended well and came back, plus a Lockett/Baldwin like receiver to give Lockett some rest. Maybe swain is that but I see more of a backup/st player

              Also a developmental tackle would be nice, but don’t know if Seahawks Will have that luxury this draft.

              Lol I love already thinking about the draft.

    • BobbyK

      As bad as the drafts have been, it’s nothing compared to the 2013 draft when the Seahawks decided to quit drafting at historic levels and try to see if they set a new historic level for worst draft ever. That’s when it all started to go downhill. They had to pay their superstars (understandable) but the depth was depleted by the horrible drafts. Hence, no more Super Bowls.

      • BobbyK

        Whenever teams are the ones who mortgage future picks away, they usually lose trades and are worse off. Percy Harvin. Jimmy Graham. Jamal Adams.

        Rarely does a team get better trading a bunch of cost friendly draft picks for proven superstars who make a boatload of money.

        Even the Bills got fleeced trading a #1 for Diggs this past off-season. Sure, Diggs is great and having a great year, but who would you rather have… A 22-year old stud in Justin Jefferson who is cost effective for 4 more years or the stud in Diggs (who has less yards than Jefferson) at the big contract? I think the choice is pretty easy.

        • Big Mike


    • Denver Hawker

      Good news bad news: they don’t have any picks this year to keep messing up

  41. Kenny Sloth

    Love seeing former Seahawks thrive around the league.

  42. Chase

    Do we get Gordon back this week?

    • cha

      Next week

      • charlietheunicorn

        The Death Star will be fully operational.

        • BobbyK


        • cha

          Don’t be too proud of this touchdown terror you’ve constructed.

          The ability to destroy a defense is insignificant next to the power of a pass rush.

          • BobbyK

            Your guest post the other day was absolutely awesome! But this was even better! 🙂

          • BobbyK

            Darth Vader: “John (Schneider), It is useless to resist the power of trading away all your draft picks.”

            John: “Hey Pete, All these draft picks aren’t the droids we’re looking for! Lets get rid of them!”

            Pete: Lays down with a bowl of soup with a snake in it and disintegrates.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Perhaps DKs nickname should be Dark Saber… because it wrecks fools

            • BobbyK

              But Darth Vader did a lot of stupid stuff, like DK fumbling before the goal line (Diggs) earlier in the year.

              • charlietheunicorn

                He is now more machine than man now

  43. SpaceChief819

    Jamal Addams: “Hey coach I have this goal of getting 10 sacks this season, but wouldn’t it be difficult seeing is how I’m a safety and all?”

    Pete Carroll: “Actually Jamal it’ll super easy, barely an inconvenience.”

    JA: Oh really?

    PC: “Yeah you see I’m going to turn into your former coach Dr. Heat overnight and change my defense to suit your goal.”

    • Henry Taylor

      Alternative conversation:
      JA: Pete I’d really like to blitz a lot and set the sack record.
      PC: Wont that compromise our coverage?
      JA: Well I really want it so you’re gonna have to get all the way off my back about it.
      PC: Oh ok let me get off of that thing!

  44. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    Washington is optimistic about QB Alex Smith’s chances for starting Sunday against the #Seahawks, though his practice time this week is expected to be limited.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Calf injury. Sounds more 50/50 than anything from the radio report on 710.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob let me ask this question the next upcoming draft the Seahawks focused every draft pick on the defense side nothing but defensive line and DBs.

        • Rob Staton

          Well every pick might mean three picks. At most four.

          • Scot04

            Lol. Make it exciting and pretend we have the 4. Oh unfortunately 4 not very exciting either. But hey we got the Sackmaster so we’re ok.
            They really need to hit on every pick they do have this year.

  45. charlietheunicorn

    Should Seattle seriously consider bringing in Von Miller, for the right price, in 2021 FA market (assuming he is available)?

    • BobbyK

      Of course.

    • Denver Hawker

      Talk radio here in town believe he’s gone and will try to get another ring. Seahawks on the short list of teams mentioned.

  46. JamesP

    Totally off topic and this may be a stupid question, but can anyone enlighten me about what the actual penalty is for going over the cap? Seems like a lot of teams will be in cap hell next year but does the league actually take action against teams that are over? If there is no real deterrent doesn’t that just favour teams who are prepared to play fast and loose with it rather than those who stick to the letter of the law?

    • charlietheunicorn

      Pay hefty fines, lose draft picks. The commissioner will set the penalty as they see fit….. so could be anything really, when it comes down to it. As for letter of the law, almost every team has some creative accounting to make everything fit. Saints are a prime example. They roll big numbers into future years, via bonuses…. then they magically disappear when the play retires or is cut…. Brady also did something similar in New England, freeing up a ton of cap space for them to maneuver around.

      • Rob Staton

        I still think the NFL is going to come up with a plan to ease the burden on teams in 2021. That might be, you can designate one existing player under contract as an exemption from the cap in 2021 only. So for example, the Seahawks could designate Russell Wilson. It would provide some relief to teams next year and it won’t be an opportunity to ‘cheat the system’ because it’ll be an existing player under contract and the exemption only lasts one year. That way teams can plan ahead, with a little breathing space.

        It’s pretty hard to allow teams to plan for years ahead with a growing cap, then because of an unexpected global pandemic, suddenly insist they manage with a vastly reduced cap. Certain teams are going to be hammered by this. So there needs to be some answers, some ideas, some solutions.

        That said, the likes of New Orleans are screwed whatever they do. They’re going to need to hack away at their roster. Ditto the Eagles. And it will be a unique off-season whatever happens.

        • charlietheunicorn

          There was a rumor floated on the radio that the cap is going to actually be 20M higher than it is currently believed… 175M…. so it will ultimately be 195M. The NFLPA would have to approve it, since they would have to take a slightly different % of revenue from what was agreed to in the CBA for 2-3 years. Increase the cap in 2021, for slightly reduced % for 3 years… while still providing an increase of the cap year after year… 2021, 2022 and 2023.

          • Rob Staton

            Even $195m will be a big challenge for many

            • cha

              It would be mannah from heaven for the Seahawks though. It would open up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

              • Rob Staton

                **Rushes over to check out Pittsburgh’s backup guard situation**

                • cha

                  They could lock Bruce Irvin down with another 25% raise!

                  He is after all the perfect SAM.

                • Big Mike

                  Would both of you guys PLEASE stop being so damned funny this early in the morning. I just literally spit coffee on my laptop.

                  • Rob Staton

                    On a serious note, I would LOVE to imagine a scenario where the Seahawks finally address their key needs in FA and let the draft come to them.

                    And then select someone like Aaron Banks or one of these really good DT’s or WR’s in the 2021 class.

                    I wish I could muster some faith in this prospect.

                  • Gohawks5151

                    I got a little hope they get sorted through FA before the draft. They kept mentioning through the offseason about the reduced cap in 2021 so you’d figure they are prepared. I think they view it as a chance to get their new Avril/Bennett deals done. Cha wrote a comment too about how there was a lot of hidden money for Seattle too with extensions, cuts etc. Wish I could remember more about that post. If they bring extra money to the party they still have the reputation to attract and get a lot done.

                  • Gohawks5151

                    There it is. Thanks man.

    • JamesP

      Thanks SDB brains trust!

  47. charlietheunicorn

    Seahawks announce no fans for final regular-season home game


  48. Martin

    My understanding is that teams can’t really go over the cap (unless they do so in a surreptitious manner) as every contract has to go through the league office. I believe penalties can include fines of as high as $5 million for each offence, loss of draft picks and the cancellation of contracts.

  49. Volume12

    Rob, do you think Dallas tags Dak or what? Your response about DC going w/ a vet got mr thinking. That team would be might fun w/ him, Antonio Gibson, McLaurin, another piece, and that defense of theirs. At the same time, I’m not convinced he gets that big $ deal he’s after. Maybe a 1 year prove it deal?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Dallas will tag him

  50. Volume12

    Seahawks 2021 opponents:

    @ ‘Zona
    @ 9ers
    @ Rams
    @ GB
    @ Minnesota
    @ Indy
    @ Houston
    @ (either DC or Giants)

    (either N.O. or Bucs)

    • Rob Staton


      • Volume12

        Yeah, that road schedule is brutal.

      • Big Mike

        Looks ugly right now.

    • Matt

      Um…are we looking at RW’s first losing season? I’m not seeing 8 wins in that group. Yikes.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Zona, SF, LA, Lions, Bears, DC or NY, Jax we shouldnt get swept by any division rival.

        Minnesota, Tennessee, Houston, Indy, Bucs/NO are games we should be competitive in.

        @GB is the only major concern because we always play like shit at GB

        • Kenny Sloth

          Split division games and split those 6 tougher non-division tilts and you’re looking at 10-6

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a very difficult looking schedule.

  51. Henry

    I’m just a casual observer of the blog and I’m not sure why Rob hates Jamal Adams so much. You’d think he kicked Rob’s dog or something. Or is it because he cost two first round picks and gives Rob nothing to talk about in February and March before the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      1. I wrote numerous articles in the off-season saying the Seahawks should consider trading their 2021 first round pick, with so much uncertainty about the college football season.

      2. I write more articles on here than any other independent blog — and more column-style articles than any other Seahawks website on the internet. I don’t need first round picks to create topics.

      3. Even if the Seahawks had zero picks, I’d still have plenty to say about the draft in February and March. And if I didn’t have anything to say, I simply wouldn’t write. I don’t make any money doing this, so I have no obligation to write. So whether the Seahawks have 10 picks or one pick, it makes little difference to me.

      4. Responding to a fair article about Jamal Adams’ production with ‘why do you hate him so much’ is weak and just smacks of an attempt to undermine because you’ve got nothing interesting to say in response. You’re not alone in that. Plenty of people have told on themselves by using this tactic — and every time we see right through it.

      • Big Mike

        Also smacks of having no counter argument to your points bout Adams and the number of blitzes called for him and the effect that has on the rest of the D. And no Henry, “he’s monster” or “he’s really good” or even “he just set a record for sacks by a DB” are not arguments, the last one being for reasons stated in the article.

        It’s always interesting to see people only pick out the stuff they don’t agree with. I do believe you said several positive things about Adams as well.

        • Henry

          1) I did not claim that sacks are what is making Adams a good player. Sacks are such an overrated stat. There are definite questions about his coverage ability and it definitely isn’t a strong suit of his. As Rob has mentioned, he is blitzing so much because of the lack of talent in the front four. Would you prefer to have the coaching staff try to mold him into a complete safety, where he does equal time covering guys with blitzing? Just like how they tried to make Jimmy Graham a complete tight end? Or would you take a strength of his (he had a high number of sacks with the Jets last year) to help the team.

          2) I think another part that isn’t mentioned is not having an offseason program. While some rookies and players are able to come in and perform well right away, others take time. Especially in this offseason where there was no offseason program and everything virtual. Even Brock Huard has mentioned on the radio that these guys do not meet on Mondays and Tuesdays and the meetings they do have are just position groups (not like a whole team D meeting). Adams has definitely had to learn to play within this defense and he has tried to freelance way too much. This defense is hard for secondary players to come in and perform right away.

          3) Do I think the Adams trade was worth it? Not like the Seattle media is making it out to be. He definitely has room to improve, but look at how much better he has been compared to the early part of the year. Just because a guy doesn’t come in and dominate right away doesn’t mean the trade is a failure and we should just not play the rest of the season. As much as you and Rob want him gone, he’s going to be here for the long run.

    • Kenny Sloth


  52. Volume12

    I didn’t comment on the Jets game, but that was the complimentary football we all wanna see. Loved the gameplan and I think they need to stick to it of, run the ball, run the ball, and let Lockett be the Doug Baldwin chain mover, and then strike w/ DK.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah lets get that RB room healthy at the right time.

      I think the bones of this team are there but we need a few more elite talents to push it over the top.

      Need a starter at DE, DT, CB unless you’re in love with Alton Robinson or something

      • Big Mike


      • Volume12

        If the RBs get healthy, no one is gonna want to see this team.

        They need 1 more piece on each side of the ball IMO.

        DT? Poona is a borderline pro bowler, they got Reed. I think they need another body there for sure to add to the rotation, but not necessarily a starter. Hands down they need another corner on the outside. And I’d agree w/ DE. I’d like to see them upgrade at LG.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Some people are so scared of an empty Lambeau in January.

          Not me. I’m bout that action.

          “That means there aint no heat for them either” *Rocky voice

          • Volume12

            I don’t think GB has enough to get to RW.

            • Kenny Sloth

              They have some really strong top end talent.

              Clark, Smith brothers, Alexander.

              They also almost lost to the one win Jaguars this year.

              This is a beatable team.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Starting line-up littered with JAGs and that’s a super beat up squad.

          • Rob Staton

            The Seahawks always play like absolute shit in Green Bay.

            And it’s not because of the ‘raucous’ fan base with their crazy cheese hats.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ah yes, I forgot LG. I really liked Phil Haynes coming out. Maybe they draft another iOL guy to compete with whoever we retain.

          I’d really like to see Sherman come back. Think he’ll have a lot of positive influence on the young guys and offer some leadership in the secondary.

          I dont think Poona is a borderline pro bowler, at this point. I think we need someone to push him for snaps. I wanna add a McDaniel type to the rotation with Reed, Ford, Mone.

          Smart retentions and add Von Miller and Sherman and this squad has contender written all over it in today’s league.

          • Volume12

            I’d like to see Sherm come back as well. Definitely think he’d help out the young guys.

            A McDaniel type would be nice. Good shout. That’s kinda what I was talking about. Someone like that who can add to the DT room but also bring something different versatility wise.

            ‘Smart retentions’ that’s the key to the off-season. 100%. Von Miller would be something else man. IDK how many of these potential FA pass rushers hit the market, but I wonder if that’s the way to go.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Nah we really need a Bruce Irvin type

          • TomLPDX

            If we do manage to bring Sherm back, would we keep Shaquelle and move him back to RCB?

            I like Iupati at LG when he is healthy and playing but we could sure use another Lewis on the left side. I’m hoping Brown has a few more solid years in him and if he takes care of himself (like he is doing) should be able to play as an above avg LT. fingers crossed on that one.

            I kept watching Moore as our WR3 last week and kept thinking, what if that was Josh instead. I’m not expecting him to be flawless the first few games back but by the time the playoffs are here I suspect he will be playing solid.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I think if you dont believe in Griffin as a #1 you let him move on and get the comp pick. If you bring in Sherman, you probably let Griffin walk and go back to the draft.

              I dont like Iupati at all anymore, I like the talent we’ve been adding to Solari’s line and he doesn’t get enough credit for how ready some of these young untested guys are to jump in and do a job.

              I still like Moore, I just think he’s being used wrong. I cant wait to see what Gordon can bring to the system. I’d like to take another shot at a WR if we can fill out the needs in FA

              • Rob Staton

                The Seahawks have a lot to do, protecting comp picks is going to be nigh on impossible.

              • Lil’stink

                Shaquille seems like the sort of player they would let walk a few years ago, when they had more talent on the roster. He hasn’t really developed any ball skills since being here, still struggles with not ever turning his head to see the ball.

                I don’t think he’ll ever be a true #1 corner (at least not in the sense that we were used to) and I hope we don’t overpay to retain him.

                • TomLPDX

                  I feel the same way, Lil’stink.

          • Denver Hawker

            Poona has a knack for showing up and is slippery down the line. PFF has him graded at 80.5 which seems right, he’s having a great season.

        • Rob Staton

          I think plenty of teams will be happy to see Seattle given they’re 4-4 in the last eight games. The Rams are 5-1 against Seattle in the last six!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Crazy that the team’s form always slips when the RBs get hurt hmmm

  53. cha

    Wed Press Conf w PC

    [tim booth] Activated Greg Olsen, plan this week? “Extraordinary recovery, practice him during the week and see what happens. Possible he could play this week. Likely? Possible. We’ll see. WE don’t have any idea.”

    [joe fann] Brian Schott candidate as a HC? “I think he’s an incredible candidate. Exactly what owners are looking for. Been around, in charge, commands whole team with leadership. Great background. Has his philosophy and approach in order. Talked about it in the past, not yet this year though.”

    [corbin] WFT DL, which about those players concerns you most? “Whole unit makes this thing move. Can play a lot of base w 4 man. But also how they play the rush too is built around those 4 guys. Real challenge to have that quality of guys on the edge. It’s what all the coaches are looking for.”

    [Michael shawn dugar] Not having the full secondary all year? “Challenge the whole time, never been able to benefit from continuity. Better now playing together. Having htem all together the whole time would have helped. Like way how we’re playing now.”
    [micahel] Dunbar right back in? “See him, hoping he’s available.”

    [bob condotta] Shell injury? “Practice, yes but wait to see end of week. Won’t practice him today.”
    [bob] QB situation Alex Smith vs Hasksins prepare? “Seen enough of both QBs. We know how they’ve chosen to play w them in championship situations. Cool offense. Both QBs do well, difference is Alex been around longer. Really quick releases on both guys and they utilize it.”

    [art thiel] Rivera & Smith motivate team to work hard? “Yeah. Very inspiring story. Ongoing too. Human interest, everyone can relate to. Alex’s story well documented. See Ron deal w cancer and excel is just as good as it gets in terms of inspiration. Come across w feeling and empathy, powerful.”

    [maz veda] WFT balanced offense? “Statement about Ron’s teams. Always really well balanced in all aspects. Solid on ST, committed to run FB, terrific D. Highlight players on D. Dangerous club. Start fuels them where they are now.”
    [maz veda] Pride take in developing coaches to be HC’s? “Years ago, chance to be interviewed, didn’t get to go. Always felt like coaches should have to freedom to advance their careers. Full on advocate for helping guys to move them ahead. Tell them opinion and what I think, but won’t restrict them. Always liked knowing other coaches come to us, know that’s the case. Great place, HC will support them and help them advance. Obvious chance to illustrate it. Understand makeup of HC position, decision making process school them up along the way. Need to be prepared. A lot of pride helping guys in that regard.”

    [Curtis crab] Gordon back in building? Rookie class as a whole? “Gordon’s workouts great. Really fit. Ready to jump on practice field. Available next week. Needs to be at game speed, tempo, conditioning. Working like crazy. Rookie class, haven’t had Taylor would be something to see. Jordyn Brooks has been great. Then right on down the line. Contributed in a big way, character you can count on. Deejay guys like that, remarkable additions to team. Really good group, fortunate they’re contributing.”

    [john boyle] Winning records since RW and Bobby, what mean to team? “Carry message I’m pitching to make sense. Been right there. Class character people. Important to them to represent themselves and their club. Rewarded for that as well. Such a respectful job in the community too. Perfect.”

    [ben Arthur] McLaurin impressive? “Really good. Really liked him. Toughness and playmaking, great speed. Great kid. Liked the heck out of him coming out. One of the guys confident if we put him on our club he’d be a terrific player. Legit.”
    [ben] Taylor, any optimism left? “Running out of time. Next week last shot for us. Treatment culminate this week, see. Not too late. Love to have him available.”

    [Gregg] Olsen what does that tell you he’s pushing to come back? “Real deal. Great FB player. Loves game, loves competing. Top of list character and what he’s about. I don’t have a clue how he got well this fast. Dying to play right now! Perfect competitor.”
    [Gregg] Shell done this year? “Steady, strong, run and pass. Assignment sound, accountable, really quiet. Doesn’t say a word. Love that acquisition. Hope he can be around a long time for us.”

    [brady] 2010 ton of transactions, realistic postseason that year? “Wasn’t thinking anything but that. Just went about it, classic start to Always Compete. Every single turn, opportunity. No opp we want to be on the outside of. Don’t know how to think any other way.”
    [brady] Have to ingrain a losing team record they still can be playoff team? “Heck yeah we did. More we got closer the better sense we did. Unpredictable, beyond scope, but we beat the World Champs. Kickstarted us how much you can believe, persevere, not a bad way to start. Just wish we’d beat Chicago.”

    [tim both] Carolina games vs Ron same as Wash? “You can tell this is Ron’s team. Balance, creativity on offense, aggression on defense, commitment to 4-3, solid kicking game. Always a dogfight. Terrific ball coach. Shown that and doing it again. Overcame 1-5, sick, new job, pandemic fantastic accomplishment.”

    [larry stone] No post-season bubbles? Concern? “Totally agree with that. I think that’s the way it should go. Got this far with it. Been on the clubs to figure it out. League supported us well. Keep doing what doing finish it off.”

    • Magmatizer

      As always, thank you for putting this together, cha! The comment about McLaurin once again has me wondering “What if?” had the Hawks somehow selected both him and Metcalf in the 2019 draft.

    • Chase

      Do you guys think that Shotty being a HC candidate could help Wilson in the future? If he get’s hired then Wilson will undoubtedly have somewhat of a say in who Pete hires to fill the job.

  54. JimQ

    I’m not saying that RB- Rashad Penny is the greatest RB ever, but I think he would be a valuable asset to many teams – if they used him and used him properly. Sure he has had some injuries but I don’t think of him as injury prone as Carson, I just feel he has been under utilized when he does get into games. I’d bet the vast majority of his carries have been “inside”, PC trying to make him a clone of Carson & Lynch. In reality, his best and most known aspect as a RB is running “outside” where his 4.46 speed and shifty style often shine when he’s been given the opportunity of running outside.

    In my defense of RB-Rashad Penny; Yes he suffered some nagging injuries his first year and his ACL tear late in his second year, however, these injuries are certainly NOT worse than Carson’s history. The most damaging aspect of his issues may very well be that he hasn’t been used enough as many good-to-great RB’s — need reps –, the more the better as they then tend to wear defenders down over the entire course of the game, getting stronger as the game goes on, an area in which Lynch really shined.
    As an additional note, IMO outside runs cause a lot more stress on LB’s and DB’s and tire them out (more so than interior linemen who are more short area oriented) and that can help the passing game.

    2018 season: In 14 games played, Penny received rushing snaps at RB with: 7, 10, 3, 9, 0, 0, 9, 0, 4, 12, 8, 7, 8 & 4 total carries per games in 14 games played. Of Note, his best effort was game 9’s loss to the Rams when he had 12 carries for 108-yds, a 9.00-yard average & 1 TD – (Plus he had 4 rushes for 29-yards in a playoff game his first year.)

    2019 season: in 10 games played, Penny received rushing stats at RB with: 6, 10, 6, 0, 8, 4, 2, 14, 15 & 0 total carries per games played. Of Note, his best efforts came in which he had 3 games totaling 10 or more carries for a stat line of 39 rushes for 265 yards, 6.8-yards per carry & 3-TD’s in just those 3 games. Penny’s season ending injury came in game 14 and appeared to be just a fluke of an injury
    that happened when he had just been given a little bigger role in the running game & was performing very well, “coming into his own” as some have said, then his ACL injury came and ended his season and the majority of this season as well.

    Penny’s total production thru 24 games played so far in his short career: 24-games, 150 rushes for a total of 789-yards, 5.26-yd. avg., 5-TD’s – Plus 17 receptions for 158-yards, 9.29-yd. avg. and 1-TD.
    If Penny would have had twice the carries wouldn’t it be reasonable that his stats would also at least double or possibly more?

    My thought, I’d like to see Penny given the chance to be the feature RB for a game or 3 just so he can finally get that opportunity. His stats indicate that his performance indeed improves when he has more carries, so what could he do for full games? IMO- PC is often very hesitant at giving his new players (including many high draft picks) much playing time especially if he has his established starters in place that he thinks have more starter “experience” or some other crap. Also, I’d guess that in PC’s mind “playing a player to his best strength” doesn’t necessarily mean at the RB position as his “smash mouth” guys seem to prevail as his preferred starters. However, outside runners can be very impactful as well, —-> if their given a chance.

    I, for one, hope Penny gets a chance as a Seahawk feature RB, sooner rather than later. After his couple of years on the roster, I think that he’s probably matured a lot and has been exposed to the “veteran ways” of preparation and on field performance that will help him in his still very young career.

    • TomLPDX

      I’m a big Penny fan as well and hope he can be himself instead of who Pete wants him to be. I hope he finds his role in Pete’s scheme.

    • Gohawks5151

      He was really breaking through the few games before he got hurt. He is really good vs the Rams for some reason. He just needs to stay healthy. You can say that for any Seattle RB over the last 5 years

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