A Christmas message to Seahawks fans and a mock draft

Marshawn Lynch is back in Seattle

The Marshawn Lynch signing has raised spirits, created excitement and helped everyone move on from the Arizona debacle.

It also highlights, once again, how privileged we are to follow a team that cares about its fan base.

Nothing is dull. Everything is about doing the utmost to win. They want to energise the fans. It doesn’t always pay off but no stone is ever left unturned.

While other teams have suffered the peaks and troughs of a cyclical league — the Seahawks have remained near or at the top of the NFC for a decade. Sunday’s opponents, San Francisco, have book-ended two periods of contending with a series of listless season’s, dwelling in the cellar of misery.

Teams that have won title’s — Baltimore, Green Bay, the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles — they’ve all suffered as much as they’ve succeeded in the last 10 years. Only the New England Patriots can boast a greater period of sustained success than the Pete Carroll Seahawks.

So when did a section of Seahawks fans become such an entitled bunch?

The anti-Carroll brigade, mainly based online, is embarrassing. It also shows a distinct lack of understanding that Carroll’s culture, approach and vision is at the absolute core of Seattle’s decade of success.

Football isn’t just about the four quarters on a Sunday. It’s about organisational structure and the way you handle people. Carroll has been an absolute master in harnessing the kind of environment so many teams lack.

A lot of franchise’s are a shambles behind the scenes. Imagine being a Bengals fan or a Dolphins fan or a Redskins fan or a Browns fan. When have they ever been able to dream?

Removing the structure and foundation of Seattle’s organisation to hand-pick one of Sean McVay’s disciples to make Wilson throw more might entice the narrow-minded folk who increasingly see football through the prism of a specific belief system. People with greater perspective will see how important Carroll’s culture and program is to this team and the consistent success it has enjoyed during an era when every single other NFC team has failed to match their consistency.

And if you needed any further evidence of the power of Carroll’s creation — just look at Marshawn Lynch’s return. The chance to come back, one more time, to play for this team, this city and this organisation. It was powerfully convincing to Lynch.

Some people act like it’s been a giant waste of Russell Wilson’s career to date that he’s ‘only’ had a winning season every year, been to two Super Bowl’s and won one Championship.

If you think one Super Bowl ‘isn’t good enough’ — go tell that to Sean Payton or Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers or even Peyton Manning (bailed out with a second thanks to Denver’s sensational defense). Wilson is a superstar but there’s no divine right to win multiple Championship’s. Ask Dan Marino about the value of one.

Whatever happens on Sunday and in the playoffs — I’ll forever be grateful for this era of Seahawks football. It’s been a pleasure to follow this cast of characters and to know that whatever the circumstances — this team will do everything they can to win for us.

It might not always be designed the way YOU want. So what? If you can’t take pleasure from being a fan of this team, why even bother with football? Or maybe you’ve developed such a striking ego and sense of self-importance, driven by a clique on social media who once would’ve scoffed at the out-there takes of a Skip Bayless or Merril Hoge, acting as if you’ve got an answer to every question.

Here’s my Christmas message to anyone bothering to read this…

Enjoy Christmas.

Enjoy the return of a legend.

Enjoy being a Seahawks fan.

Now here’s a MF mock draft.

#1 Cincinnati — Joe Burrow (QB, LSU)
#2 Washington — Chase Young (EDGE, Ohio State)
#3 Detroit — Andrew Thomas (T, Georgia)
#4 New York Giants — Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama)
#5 Miami — Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama)
#6 Jacksonville — Jeff Okudah (CB, Ohio State)
#7 LA Chargers — Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon)
#8 Carolina — Grant Delpit (S, LSU)
#9 Arizona — Derrick Brown (DT, Alabama)
#10 New York Jets — Trevon Diggs (CB, Alabama)
#11 Denver — Isaiah Simmons (S, Clemson)
#12 Cleveland — Isaiah Wilson (T, Georgia)
#13 Atlanta — Javon Kinlaw (DT, South Carolina)
#14 Oakland — Jalen Reagor (WR, TCU)
#15 Dallas — CeeDee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)
#16 Indianapolis — Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)
#17 Tampa Bay — Kristian Fulton (CB, LSU)
#18 Oakland (v/CHI) — Shaun Wade (CB, Ohio State)
#19 Miami (v/PIT) — Prince Tega Wanogho (T, Auburn)
#20 Jacksonville (v/LAR) — Cesar Ruiz (C, Michigan)
#21 Philadelphia — Henry Ruggs (WR, Alabama)
#22 Tennessee — Dylan Moses (LB, Alabama)
#23 Buffalo — DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
#24 Minnesota — Laviska Shenault (WR, Colorado)
#25 Miami (v/HOU) — Kenneth Murray (LB, Oklahoma)
#26 Kansas City — D’Andre Swift (RB, Georgia)
#27 Seattle — KJ Hamler (WR, Penn State)
#28 Washington (v/GB) — Alex Leatherwood (T, Alabama)
#29 New England — Austin Jackson (T, USC)
#30 New Orleans — Jordan Love (QB, Utah State)
#31 San Francisco — Tyler Biadasz (C, Wisconsin)
#32 Baltimore — J.K. Dobbins (RB, Ohio State)

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  1. Largent80

    I’m going to say a couple things. First I’m Pumped and Jacked™. Second, Deion Sanders, I hope you take a look at this……..https://twitter.com/i/status/1043258318578278402

  2. millhouse-serbia

    What a piece…

    You could rename it in “F…k you EvanHB and all others who think like you”…

    • Jerdahawk

      Great article. The negativity and self righteousness coming from “Seahawks Twitter” is quite toxic. I always enjoy the independent and unique perspective you bring Rob.

  3. Largent80

    I also just saw a report that he has been secretly working out specifically in gear after meeting with the Hawks last month in anticipation of a call up, so he may be in better shape than we all think.

    And thank YOU to Pete and John once again and to YOU Rob for your tireless energy and insight here. All of you are top notch.

  4. Brett

    THIS is why you need to keep doing the blog and avoid Twitter takes. Brilliant piece from a unique voice. One of your best. The true challenge in analyzing the Seahawks during this era will be figuring out how they managed to package grit. And heart. And drama. All while winning. And winning, and winning some more. Never boring, never dead. Fun and exhausting. They really have packaged a culture that works. Now we get to spend a week imagining what it will feel like if Marshawn takes it in to beat the ‘Niners. Especially given our current circumstances and his legacy. Somehow, PC/JC have managed to win 11 games, make us all feel like underdogs, dare everyone to dream, and get the nation to focus on us this Sunday on football’s best drama stage. What a gift!

  5. Comfect

    Happy Christmas Rob, and thanks for all you do. Good take; even if we wish specific things were different (stop kicking so much) we are blessed to have Pete and John and their collective approach day in day out.

  6. Ukhawk


    Thanks yet again for touching on, summing up and giving a proper perspective.

    I’m with you and feel very lucky to be a fan. I trust in the Seahawks organization and in their process of building and remaining competitive.

    This years team has exceeeded my expectations and I believe we will go from strength to strength over the next few years. I also believe that we have, and will continue to develop, a better core than our division rivals – esp at the QB position.

    I like the mock but, if it fell this way, I’d go for Jackson or Tyler. I feel whilst the line has played well, it is facing a lot of turnover in the next few years, so why not get ahead of it and maybe get better too – ultimately it could improve both running and passing games.

    Then I’d follow up on your suggestion to sign /trade for an experienced 3rd passcatcher either at WR or TE.

  7. Hans

    (Long time lurker here.) Thank you, Rob, for all you do here at the blog. And thanks for this post, beautifully written. It’s strange, but now with Lynch onboard, I’m probably more excited as a fan about the upcoming weeks than had we won over the Cardinals. Your thoughts and analysis before and throughout the seasons have been amazing. Happy Holidays to you!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hey Hans how did you get your avi to post with your comment?

      • Hans

        From Gravatar, I think this site uses that.

  8. Trevor

    Absolutely superb piece Rob one of your best. You always manage to find away to so eloquently articulate what many of us here on the blog are thinking and feeling.

    Thank you for this amazing blog and all that you do. I wish you and your family a merry Xmas and wonderful holiday season.

  9. Michael Hasslinger

    Listening to Carroll on 710 Monday I was shocked how Pete uplifted me. Pete is a LEADER!

    I lived through Knox Beirut out with promise of something modern. What came was damn near the death of a franchise. I get pissed like everyone else when Pete does stupid stuff.

    But Pete always takes accountability. Pete always moves forward. Pete succeeds because of his vision.

    In 2009, we begged for a leader with a vision. This is vision leadership personified.

    Criticize the game, but be weary of using your disappointment to run off precise process.

    Sport is played by humans. Humans perform best when they know why and how they are expected to perform. This team does that.

    Every team is looking for the best players with love of football. Perhaps this year we don’t have the best collection of talent. We do get theirbest every week.

    Thank you, Rob.


  10. Ben Davis Ft. Worth

    “We’re on a mission from God.”

  11. Mike J

    Marshawn Lynch = BAMF Seahawks have been missing. Granted an older BAMF but I’ll take it at this point in the season.

  12. Logan Lynch

    Thank you Rob, you nailed it again. I’m glad to have a place to discuss the Seahawks without the toxicity of some of the other outlets. One where you won’t be lambasted for having a positive outlook on the team and coaching staff.

    Since I won’t be back on here until after the new year, I’ve got some stream of consciousness thoughts going on I want to get down.

    I’ve seen the thought that maybe SEA should rest guys this week and focus on the playoffs because they have a better road record and a win vs SF might actually be worse for them. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I think the potential momentum of a win vs SF this week would carry into the playoffs. This specific team has been very successful winning on the road. Get a win this week (which I think is very possible), carry the momentum into the first playoff game and then win on the road if you have to.

    The NFC is wide open. A first round bye would’ve been nice, that’s true, but one extra game could have some potential advantages. It’ll give Marshawn another game under his belt to get back into game shape. Same with guys like Clowney, Shaq, and possibly Diggs who have missed multiple weeks. Also another game to go towards Al Woods’ suspension.

    I know that Pete could sell ice to an eskimo, but I choose to believe him. This is a weird team and a weird year. Wouldn’t it just make sense for them to be road warriors in the playoffs and prove everyone wrong? They had a similarly bad game at the end of the 2013 season and bounced back from it. Russ, Bobby, KJ have been through it before, so why can’t they do it again? The performance in the first SF game seemed to come out of nowhere, but they know how they can perform when everyone plays to their potential. Like Pete said, why be normal when you can do something no one thought you could do and show the outsiders what everyone on the inside believes?

    I choose to believe in this team until the very end. Happy Holidays and Go Hawks!

    • Trevor

      Nice post! I tend to agree it is hard to say which option would be best.

      I tend to think going to Philly would be the easier game. That being said I really hoe they beat SF and take the division. It means something to be division champ IMO. The bye week was what they really needed but this team was never going to do things the easy way.

      The Hawks have beaten both the Vikings and Eagles already this year so if they can get healthier and back on track no reason to think they can’t again. Squeak out a Rd #1 game vs the Vikings then go shock the world in NO with a Beast Quake #2 run sealing the deal. Finally Lambeau in January and off for a rematch vs Lamar and the Ravens. Sounds like a plan to me.

      • Logan Lynch

        I have this gut feeling they end up in Lambeau too, probably because I’ve been trashing GB most of the year. That’s what happens when you’re a SEA fan living in opposing territory and surrounded by cheeseheads. Although I think SF would stomp GB again, even on the road.

        PHI is probably the easier matchup, but that would still a cross country trip in the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak. A win vs SF would pump up the confidence and carry some momentum into the playoffs. Let’s get that storybook ending!

        • Sea Mode

          I think PHI is an easier opponent than MIN in a vacuum, but some things to consider:

          – PHI might well be a snow game. Are we ready for that? I think their weakness is their secondary, so possibly not being able to sling it might hurt our chances.

          – PC has had Zimmer’s number. Yes, they were without Thielen and I fear what their DL could do to us, but PC has always found a way.

          It’s also worth it to force SF to go on the road and not get a bye. They are limping into the playoffs almost as much as we are. Don’t let them rest and re-group.

          • Kelly

            I think the perceived weakness about their secondary is a bit skewed since they had a mountain of injuries early in the year.

    • Henry Taylor

      Also worth noting that the 3 seed could still lead to hosting the NFC Championship under the very real possibility that the 49ers win two road games.

      Plus, fuck the 49ers, sweeping them and taking the division will make this a successful season regardless of what happens in the playoffs.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Agreed. Winning the division is always priority #1 every season. What a remarkable achievement it would be for SEA to win the division in a “rebuild” year and when a divisional opponent goes 12-4 and was one of the best teams in the NFL for the entire season!

        • pepperpig

          I would love that.

          NFC Champions and Super Bowl winners would just be a bonus for me.

  13. Trevor

    The coolest part about this whole thing is that the PC/JS had already reached out to Beastmode a couple of weeks ago and discussed his return so he had been training. I guess they were planning to use him to compliment Carson before he got hurt. A two headed monster of Carson and Beastmode would have been sick.

    You know a player is a legend when as a fan you get excited about his return despite him being old and not playing all year. I am pumped with just the energy and swagger he will bring this offense and OL.

    • Logan Lynch

      That tandem of Carson and Lynch would’ve been a sight to see. Like you said, this might be more about energy and attitude than actual production. I could see this snapping Russ out of his funk too. If we get MVP level Russ, we can beat anybody. It won’t be easy, but that’s par for the course with this team.

  14. Marcus

    Rob, a timely and well put article.

    This is a time of year to be grateful for the friends and family one has. Carrol and company have built a franchise worth following and you, Rob have built a fantastic community to celebrate that franchise – and I’m grateful to be a part of this community and a fan of this team. There’s hardly ever a dull moment.

    Rob, thank you and Merry Christmas.

  15. Ishmael

    Huge mood. One of the all time great casts of characters assembled in any sports team, what a privilege. They’ve been far from perfect, but that human element makes them all the more likeable – at least to me. Perfection is boring.

    And how about Marshawn? One last ride for the last great running back.

    Merry Christmas all, hope you have a fantastic holiday!

  16. Kelly

    I think the thing if anything I’m happiest about is the fact he will get to retire(if he chooses to do so) as a Seahawk. I was pretty saddened when Marshawn left but understood what he wanted to do and why. Hopefully we can give him a proper send off.

  17. Romeotrash

    There are moments when some of Pete’s in game decisions drives me bonkers. Particularly his use of timeouts in the 2nd half and time management decisions. Lou Piniella used to drive me batty (pun intended). Don’t get me started on George Karl. Or Chuck Knox or Mike Holmgren. You see I am the better decision maker, all from the comfy confines of my couch. Oh, wait…honey can you bring me a beer!
    Rob, you are correct. This is the golden age and while we each nitpick bits & pieces, Pete (and those I mentioned) always put their teams in the position to win and push their teams to win more than with just an average coach they wouldn’t be capable of.
    Great to see Beast Mode and Turbin back. Wish Baldwin could go too. See how quickly we forgot about the Cardinals loss?

  18. Kenny Sloth

    Did we bring back Eddie Lacy and Robert Turbin too?

    • Sea Mode

      Just Turbin. Needed someone to show Metcalf his guns aren’t big enough…

  19. EranUngar

    Thank you Rob for this perfectly timed masterpiece.

    I knew nothing about american football till I traveled to the US after my military service in 1979. I fell in love with the sport from the first game I watched on TV with some American friends. I did not understand it but the energy and intensity was captivating.

    A week later I was there on Sunday watching the games and there was this team that was passing the ball like crazy. Passing was the part of the game I understood so right there and then I decided that this will be the team I will root for. Thank you Zorn and Largent….

    4 decades have passed since then and the last one was by far the best of them all. If you are not thankful for this past decade under PC and JS, you really should consider another sport.

    We do not celebrate Christmas here but my 63rd birthday in on Thursday and i’ll be perfectly happy to wait for my gift till Sunday night. A beast wrapped in blue & green and a team that will not let anybody else define them is all I could ask for.

    Thank you again Rob, merry Christmas everybody, ready or not HERE WE COME….

    • stregatto

      Thanks for sharing this, brightened my day. Merry Christmas and happy birthday too!

    • 12th chuck

      thank you for your service, and I agree with what you said, folks should have more passion for the game vs. their expectation.

  20. Kingdome1976

    Now that the Beast is back all we need is Kam back there……a 49er favorite, lol.

  21. Paul Cook

    Agree that the PC/JS era has been magnificent by NFL standards. The franchise has levitated above the median for almost the entire time they’ve been on board. On a personal level, I was a coach for years, and it’s great to see a coach create and exude such a positive and hopeful culture at the professional level in the NFL. It’s the way I tried to play it, and it’s great to see this example set at the highest level for all to see, and to see it succeed. In so many ways, RW embodies this attitude and approach of the PC/JS culture. He is about the most perfect fit for it that they could have wanted or dreamed of.

    Another thing that I love about this era. Seattle, at least as concerns the NFL, is a destination spot for players now. They want to come here. We’re no longer some lonely outpost on the fringes of the NFL. PA/PC/JS have raised the quality and visibility of the franchise to a level that is more truly in alignment with the economic and cultural vibrancy of the city of Seattle itself. Seattle is no longer some second class, second tier city. And neither have the Seahawks been as a franchise during this era.

    Anyway, I love the blog and all its participants, and I wish you all a Happy Holiday. 🙂

    Go Hawks!

  22. mishima

    Like Hennessy and Skittles on a cold winter night. Great work, Rob.

    Happy holidays, 12s.


  23. Ashish

    Merry Christmas to SBD friends and Rob. Like @Largent80 I saw the same report, Lynch is practicing for a while so he will be in better shape than we think.
    Rob is so right , even we are down 3 RB starters after 16 weeks we still have hope. Even we have 70% running game back we have a good chance.

  24. Sea Mode

    Some insight on the Drake run:


  25. Lil’stink

    Couldn’t agree more about the anti-Carroll crowd and sense of entitlement. Then again, half of the online Seahawks brigade think the only reason we won a SB is because of Russell Wilson. I’ve had people argue that Wilson is the only difference between the 7-9 team in 2011 and when we won the SB in 2013.

    PC isn’t perfect. No coach is. But the fact that this team has 11+ wins and another playoff berth is a testament to our front office.

  26. Jason

    Wow, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like attacking a big portion of the fan base.

    • Rob Staton

      Big portion of the fan base = tiny echo chamber on social media.

      • SoCal12

        Lol Rob, you’ve been saying what’s been on my mind recently with all the Scrooge McHawks out there being bah humbug about this team. They needed a good visit from the ghost of Seahawks past (Marshawn), an ass-kicking from Rob in the present, and a vision of Russell lifting the Lombardi in the future. Thank you for being you Rob, Merry Christmas, and god bless us everyone!

        • Rob Staton


        • Sea Mode


      • mishima

        ‘Get stuffed’ was funnier, but good call. Just one of the reason’s this site works.

        ‘Tis the season.

        • Rob Staton


      • dj 1/2 way

        You nailed it Rob. A bold and insightful post. I will take it one step further and say that this part applies to the world in general.

        “the narrow-minded folk who increasingly see football through the prism of a specific belief system”

        Replace “football” with anything. Politics, social issues, culture, sex etc. Our people are polarized. We are separated into warring factions that can not see from any other point of view. Even spell check tried to change a misspelled “insitefull” to spitefulness.

        I manage the input of negativity carefully. I also embrace fans of other teams and Seahawk fans with different opinions. I chose to remove myself from watching the last two losses. It is good to get a dose of humility and listen to our radio broadcast. It allows me to see what is really important and to treat other fans with compassion. It also underlines the pleasure Seahawk fans have enjoyed.

        Thanks Rob. It is remarkable the net you cast around the world to bring us together and share our experiences. It is a silver lining of the modern world just as Twitter can be the sewer pipe.

    • john_s

      This is definitely not a big portion of the fan base. It’s a vocal echo chamber who repeats s**t over and over again and think that they are 100% right even though they are not.

    • Dale Roberts

      What “big portion of the fan base”? Jason, nothing says Merry Christmas like reminding fans just how good we have it with PC and JS. Results matter a lot more than the opinions of a vocal minority.

    • SeanMatt

      Great point, Jason! I love what Rob does but he does have a “if you ever criticize Peter or Russ you’re a bad fan” vibe about him sometimes. I think that this site is a good counterbalance to a lot of Seahawks Twitter but there is certain kind of groupthink here. Sometimes the realists gotta listen to the Pollyanna’s, though. Helps to keep up the spirits

      • Rob Staton

        Not true SeanMatt. All you have to do is roll through the archive of the last three months to see we are ALWAYS critiquing the team and staff. This idea that I/we are just fan boys for Carroll is as insulting as it is inaccurate. This is a place for perspective, realism and telling it how it is. Simple. Never overly positive or negative.

    • Matt

      It’s not a big portion, it’s an extra vocal minority.

      And regardless of the size, this portion of the “fan”base deserves to be called out for their ignorance and lack of perspective.

  27. Canadian Hawk

    Perfectly put Rob.
    Been a great ride – let’s enjoy it as long as we can.

  28. Rob4q

    Great post Rob, exactly how many of us are feeling! Thanks for all you do, I love reading SDB and all the comments that follow one of your posts!

    Merry Christmas to all and Go Hawks!

  29. Glor

    Merry Christmas Rob! (Spot on as always!!)

  30. Saxon

    Completely agree, Rob. What a bunch of entitled whinge buckets. I will ever be grateful for Pete Carroll and the winning culture he brought to a moribund franchise.

    Merry Christmas, SDB! Thank you, Rob, for the best sports blog online!

  31. Volume12

    All I want for Xmas is Beastquake version 3.0!

  32. Volume12

    Did DeVonta Smith declare? Seems like he’s returning to school.

    • Rob Staton

      Tony Pauline has been reporting he’s leaning towards declaring but then also posted recently a lot of the Alabama underclassmen received somewhat negative reaction from the draft committee.

      • Volume12

        Last thing I read on him from all the local ‘Bama sports guys and sports directors/anchors was he was leaning towards returning.

        I’m 50/50 on him returning. He’s not gonna get any bigger, next year’s class (health permitting) has 3 or 4 legit #1’s, and his tape is just about as good as the top guys in this years class

      • Paul Cook

        Any ideas what underclass players were getting such a reaction? Obviously I’m thinking about a player who might fall to us.

        • Rob Staton

          Well players only get three sets of grades. First round, second round or return to school. Many who get ‘return to school’ end up going in the first round the following year. It’s just the opinions of a small number of people. And as you see in the draft media, most people talk a load of rubbish.

          • Paul Cook


  33. Gohawks5151

    Nuff said. We still control our own destiny.

    Merry Christmas Rob and the SDB fam!

  34. Edgar

    Merry Christmas Rob and all Hawk fans/followers!

    2nd, this has the makings of something like the 95 Mariners-

    Lastly…..if Pete doesn’t throwout his conservative style as if he has an all time defense to lean on……we will sadly go out like last year’s run run pass punt Playoff version. Fingers crossed*

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a fallacy that Pete is overly conservative. He loves explosive plays, especially in the passing game. Everyone loves to second guess any game plan, especially that Dallas game. Nobody wants to give the Cowboys any credit.

  35. CHawk Talker Eric

    “Whatever happens on Sunday and in the playoffs — I’ll forever be grateful for this era of Seahawks football. It’s been a pleasure to follow this cast of characters and to know that whatever the circumstances — this team will do everything they can to win for us.”

    I’d like to add that I’m forever grateful for SDB in this era of Seahawks. This community has immeasurably enhanced my knowledge and enjoyment of football in general and this team we all love specifically.

    Merry Christmas to the SDB family!

  36. CHawk Talker Eric

    Rob have you ranked the WR class in general and from SEA’s perspective specifically?

    • Rob Staton

      Not yet, will wait to see how they test. But suddenness is the key.

    • Dale Roberts

      According to Colin Herd, Daniel Jeremiah said that in his opinion the is the best WR class ever. Herd went on to describe a trend that started among the 13/14 year old age group. He stated there are half a dozen superior athletes on any HS or PeeWee team. The kids are smart and they saw that RB’s were getting injured and not getting paid and colleges are going spread. So out of these six kids one gets to play QB and the other five are choosing receiver as a route to a scholarship and the NFL’s riches. This class is a result of that six or seven year trend. It will be interesting to see what next year looks like. He also noted that this could result in a glut of WR’s on the FA market in years to come.

      • SoCal12

        That’s really interesting. I wonder if there will be some kind of dearth of running backs at some point, or that’s just how the games going to keep trending. Running may really move more towards a committee approach.

  37. line_hawk

    I am not sure who the anti-Carroll brigade on social media refers to. I hardly go on twitter and quit fieldgulls since Kenneth Acker took over. This is the place I go to for Seahawks takes.

    I feel there doesn’t need to be anti-Carroll and pro-Carroll faction. We all know that he has been a great addition to the Seahawks. He took the team to two super bowls and that is a tremendous accomplishment. He is a great motivator and the team is never short on drama. And we have been lucky to have him.

    At the same time, criticizing Carroll does not make one anti-Carroll. Fans don’t need to take the company line. People think independently, so calling people ungrateful, egotistic or self-important because they don’t agree with this blog feels unnecessary.. kinda like the “basket of deplorables” comments.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Rob Staton

      There isn’t an anti-Carroll and pro-Carroll faction.

      There’s a noisy online minority who shout louder than everyone else who want Carroll gone.

      Then there’s simply everyone else.

      • Paul Cook

        People actually want Caroll gone? I guess I don’t read the twitter-sphere enough. LOL

  38. Travis

    Now that we have Marshawn, I wonder how hard it would be to dress Josh Gordon up like David Moore for Sunday night. How much trouble could the team realistically get in? How much does Gordon have to lose at this point?

    • Sea Mode


      • Stephen Pitell


  39. John Uhrich

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Rob! Thanks for all your hard work with your website. Its hard for me to believe the hawks don’t address the o-line first this offseason. With Ifedi and Fant free agents, Brown on the downside of his career, and Britt making big money/coming off injury they will devote big time resources to the oline. I think 2nd priority has to be the d-line Clowney, Ansah, and Reed are free agents to be. Have to keep adding to the pass rush. With the current offensive philosophy I could even see them drafting a running back before a wide receiver.

    • Rob Staton

      The offensive line will not be the thing they address first this off-season.

      The pass rush is inept and will be the #1 priority by an absolute country mile.

      Yes they have a decision to make on Ifedi and Fant. But I don’t know why some fans are fixated with the O-line and constantly trying to retire Duane Brown before it’s necessary. Brown has had an excellent season and there are no signs of him slowing down.

      And WR over RB based on need and draft class all the way in 2020.

      • Gohawks5151

        I think it’s a bit telling that Fant didn’t start over Jamarco this week. Fant always grades out well when filling in for Ifedi so for me that move was a head scratcher. I don’t think it’s a right/ left side thing either as Jamarco previously played right guard, a position he looked much better at. If Duane is our and Jamarco starts again over Fant I think he could be done here. Shame because he seems to play well when he gets his chances

        • Stephen Pitell

          My understanding is they practiced with Jones during the week, thinking Brown might play, and when they finally realized Brown wouldn’t play they decided to go with Jones and leave Fant in his regular position of Te and backup T. It didn’t work out well, and I assume they have moved Fant into the LT spot for the forseeable future. Fant played better as a stating rookie LT than Jones did, unfortunately. To his credit, he was playing against, arguably, the best DE in the league. Still, I think Fant would have done better.

          You are right, though, that if they don’t start Fant at LT this week, he is not valued as anything but a tight end, and backup. I think they do value him, though, and I’m betting he starts at LT against SF.

          • TomLPDX

            Actually, my view on starting Jones at LT and keeping George in his current role was done for continuity. George was moved to both sides of the lines as needed depending on the play and my feeling was that George is more flexible to handle that situation. I didn’t see it as a slam on either player, but more of a way to play to each of their strengths.

      • Dale Roberts

        I beg to differ on Brown. He has declined statistically this year. While it may be that bicep and knee injuries have contributed, he’s still 34 will continue to decline. That said he’s obviously our best lineman and still among the top ten tackles in the league.

        • Rob Staton

          Declined statistically? Has his YPC gone down?

          Aside from the fire Carroll stuff, nothing puzzles me more than the way people talk about Duane Brown. He’s one of our best performers by a mile. And all people ever go on about is ‘he is declining’, ‘we need to draft a replacement’, ‘he’s too old’.

          He’s A-OK and if people don’t realise that I suggest you watch more of the other LT’s in the league.

  40. Sea Mode

    I say get her in for a workout ASAP!


    • charlietheunicorn

      She put the smack down on that guy… LOL

  41. Dan

    The Seahawks have only had 3 hall of fame stars – Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones. I think we have been lucky enough to live with 3 future members – Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and Marshawn Lynch. Getting back the beast is amazing and in a way (a small way) I don’t even care if they win in the playoffs. I just want to see him get the welcome and thanks he deserves from the fans. The previous send off feels so awful for a man that exemplified the never quit attitude of the great Seahawk teams.

    • TomLPDX

      Dan, you left off Earl and Sherm on the list of future HOFers and I would like to hope that Kam is at least considered. I know they are still playing with other teams but their contributions at the end of the careers will be remembered…and it was as a Seahawk.

      • hawkdawg

        ….and Kenny Easley. When he was healthy and playing, he was a dominant force. He had to wait to get into the Hall because he played only 7 years. But he was a holy terror on the field.

  42. Gohawks5151

    In a situation where Shenault, Hamler and D Smith are all there for Seattle’s pick, who do you take? I find Shenault so intriguing but I think he has that “always knicked up” vibe about him.

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t have an answer to that question atm. Good question, though! Will also depend on whether or not Devonta Smith decides to turn pro or not.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      The other thing about Shenault is he’s more of a strider and glider — he has speed to take the top off a defense downfield and wide outside on sweeps and stuff, but he’s not really sudden. I think he may struggle to get open in the pros, at least early in his career and on short/intermediate routes.

      Smith and Hamler are much more dynamic. Smith in particular seems about as sudden a WR prospect as I can remember. He looks like he’s able to create separation and get open at will anywhere on the field and at any time during a play. I’d love to see him paired with Wilson. I think they could be a prolific combo. I haven’t seen enough of Hamler’s game tape to have the same confidence about him but like Rob said, Combine/pro day testing will be important in determining which prospect is the better bet.

  43. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    With a banged up secondary, the #Saints are signing versatile DB DeShawn Shead today, source said. Some reinforcements.

  44. Frank

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the new mock draft!!! I really like the picks, Id favor a Tackle for Mia first and think all tackles slide up the board just from positional need value, but it might just be the pessimist in me that thinks every top Edge, Ol, Wr, will be off the board before the Seahawk pick. I always just look at the draft like it’s going to fall as badly for the Hawks as possible, and try to not pay much attention to players with first round hype.(you’re going to know every last detail about them by April anyway). I’d love to get a first round tackle and move Ifedi to LG, but a snowballs chance in hell of a decent RT making it to us, but no one would have dreamt DK would be available so….

    Saints going QB is interesting, with them having 3 good QBs on the Roster(all with expiring contracts) . Taysom Hill would be an interesting backup for Wilson if they draft a new Qb project. Could do some copycat Ravens offense if Wilson was ever unavailable.

  45. Volume12

    It’s a good year for teams in need of Head coaches. I’m interested in where some of these guys end up and if some of these names become available.

    – ‘Riverboat’ Ron Rivera
    – Matt Rhule (?)
    – Lincoln Riley
    – Urban Meyer
    – Jim Harbaugh (?)
    – Eric Bieniemy
    – Mike McCarthy
    – Brian Daboll
    – Robert Saleh
    – Greg Roman (?)
    – Byron Leftwich (?)
    – Marvin Lewis

    And if Pittsburgh gets a legit QB and can find a shutdown #1 corner to pair with their front 7, that’s a team who’ll be contending for SB’s very quickly.

    • cha

      I wonder if the Chargers make a move at HC. From 12-4 to 5-10.

      FA’s this year: Philip Rivers, Gordon

      Entering the last year of their contract in 2020: Okung, Ingram, Bosa, Allen, Williams

      Might be time to make some changes before you move into that new stadium

  46. Sea Mode

    2019 Week 16: Seahawks vs Cardinals | Seahawks All Access

  47. Stephen Pitell

    Great article. Don’t let the ignorant bring you down, Rob. Opinions and a-holes – everyone has one, and the internet has allowed the smoldering ignorant a chance to let that ignorance fly.

    I have learned a lot from Pete, and I am grateful to him. We are about the same age, and apparently hold similar philosophies of life, but Pete comes more naturally to it, and has influenced so many people by living it. He lets people be themselves, and celebrates the differences. Paul Allen did good when he hired Pete over everybody else.

    However, I had hoped for more than a few sentences about the return of Marshawn aka Beastmode to the Seahawks and the possibility of him actually playing, and the less likely possibility of him impacting the game in the Hawks’ favor. While I don’t expect miracles, I do wonder if a perfect storm exists that would allow for the Hawks to win our next game versus SF, and a playoff game or two or …

    The perfect storm would need to include either Fant playing above our expectations or Brown return. It would also need to include QDiggs returning to play at the level we saw for a few games. We will need either Lockett or Metcalf to step up and play to their ceilings. Most importantly, we will need Russell to return to his highest level of play that he exhibited in our win against SF and other games, but not recently. He has been just a little off and that makes all the difference.

    Some have suggested he is injured or ill or something like that. He sure seems slower lately.

  48. Michael P Matherne

    Merry Christmas Rob!! Cheers to another year of SDB being the best Seahawks site on the internet!

    Go ‘Hawks!!!

    • TomLPDX


  49. Frank

    I just think about how cool it must be for the younger members of the Hawks to get to suit up with Marshawn Lynch!!!
    I don’t know about Seahawks Twitter or angry fan’s whatsoever, PC and JS have had such sustained success and this year was an absolutely testament to that. No he’s not the greatest offensive mind from an x’s and O standpoint, but definitely an elite defensive coach with Billicheck as the only one with a more impressive resume in my memory, and has built a culture like no other that encourages the individual to be themselves, and gets the best out of those players in return.

    Personally I don’t want to live in an echo chamber, and enjoy polite disagreement as a way to refine, or rethink my position on things. It sucks that some people are so into Trolling, as to take some of the pleasure out all of our armchair GM hobby. It like people just say the most ridiculous things can just on the off chance they gets to say “I told you so” on Twitter.
    I think it part of the magic of this sight that here more than anywhere else, polite disagreement isn’t shamed, and instead is engaged in a thoughtful way. It’s just very Seahawky to be encouraging of that type of individuality. Thanks for making the coolest sight on the web Rob!!

  50. Brazilian Hawk

    This Marshawn Lynch signing follows a trend of targeting runners that shine after the contat. In his 2018 season, he had around 1 YBC and over 3 YAC. I don’t think he’ll be a superstar, but I believe he can reproduce a similar production to Carson on limited carries.

  51. drewdawg11

    So in consecutive mocks we see a hybrid TE and an undersized WR. Are these guys really first round picks, or is this just who you see us targeting and then they would ultimately move down? I would have to think if Ruggs fell into the 20’s that he would be very tempting to spend an extra third round pick, (maybe next year’s), to move on up. Nothing wrong with Hamler as a talent. He’s just pretty small and probably not a first round pick at this point.

    • Rob Staton

      1. Yes, Hamler definitely has first round talent. Don’t worry about size.

      2. In the last mock I had Seattle trading down to #41 and taking Hunter Bryant, that wasn’t a R1 pick.

  52. diehard82

    Well said Rob, Merry Christmas to you too.

  53. Dale Roberts

    Said with eloquence and no swearing. I bet the latter was difficult.

    Who expected this team to be 11-4 with a chance to win the division? I’d say it’s been a merry NFL season for Seahawk fans even if we don’t win another game this year. On a team that was unsettled by suspensions and injuries to key people all year and in only the second year of a major reset we managed to eke out 11 wins… but PC’s a bad coach? It makes wonder what people are smokin’.

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      The people who are smoking see things as better. Optimism prevails. Everything is great and all the concerns will work out. Dude.

      It is the bitter, negative types who are discussed here. Specifically the loud ones who like to hear themselves complain. Everything looks sh*tty to them. The solution may be an operrectumy. This is a specialized surgery that disconnects the optic nerve from the rectum. Some types of muzzles do work, but public humiliation has no effect.

  54. Bankhawk

    It’s a definite that having been piveleged to be among the 12s through the PC/JS era tops the list of Holiday Grattitudes for me this season. Another is having SDB as my portal through which to enjoy and reflect upon it. Thank you Rob, and Happy Christmas-one and all!

  55. Dale Roberts

    Rob, according to Colin Herd elite young athletes are choosing WR over running back because the path to college and NFL riches is better for wide receivers. He also opines that we may see a glut in FA wide receivers in the coming years. Do you think scarcity will drive up the demand/pay for RB’s or will the availability of better receiving talent drive an even more pass happy league? By extension will defensive backs become even more valuable?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really see that. It’s a good draft for RB’s this year. In 2018 we had a draft class loaded with good RB’s. I don’t see a drop off in RB’s.

    • Volume12

      I mean, he’s not wrong about them choosing to play WR. All ya gotta do is look at the top recruits coming outta HS. It’s a big reason why the next couple draft classes are so rich at the position.

  56. TomLPDX

    To Rob and the rest of the SDB crew, thank you for this wonderful place where we can all share our thoughts about our Seahawks, good or bad, and being heard by others and most importantly, listening to others. This is the best site bar none and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

    Thanks all, Happy Holidays and GO HAWKS!

  57. Rich

    You hit the nail on the head Rob! There are three important ingredients for success in any organization, sports, business, or any other type. They are #1 having a clear vision and mission that everyone in the organization knows and embraces; #2 having a great culture; and #3 getting the right people on the bus (or the right players). Pete Carroll and the Seahawks organization excel at all three. That’s why they’ve had a decade of success unmatched by any other NFL team except the Patriots. Even if Pete’s critics were right about his game time decision making (an OPINION with which I don’t agree), the importance of this pales in significance to his success in getting the above elements right.

  58. charlietheunicorn

    Seahawks Twitter and Star Wars twitter…. littered by trolls.. and people wanting to poop on others happiness. One last ride with Beastmode, who would have thunk it and the crazy headlines this postseason could produce.

    Imagine Beastmode having to answer questions after each game, I’m sure some other gems will be unearthed reminiscent to “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”. I can’t friggin wait….

  59. Sea Mode

    And the PFF mock draft gives us… who?


    The mountainous offensive tackle will fit in just fine with the Seahawks’ run-heavy approach. Becton had the second-most big-time blocks of any offensive tackle in the FBS.


  60. Sea Mode

    We love you, Bobby.

    Gregg Bell

    Bobby Wagner, asked if he’s exchanged Christmas gifts with great friend Richard Sherman. “No, not yet. He’s probably getting some lump of coal”

  61. GerryG

    Thanks and Merry Christmas Rob!

    Go Hawks!

  62. PK

    Long time lurker here.

    Great post Rob! over time I’ve continued to downsize consumption of seahawks news and analysis and you are the only one I regularly read because of your big picture perspective. Your blog increases my knowledge of the Seahawks and the game while also providing fair criticisms where warranted, yet reasonable and positive holistic views.

    I believe this approach is the only way to enjoy being a fan and getting a net positive out of following sports. This other crowd seems to follow the Seahawks as a form of self-punishment: focusing on the negative, comparing reality against imaginary fantasies, and pretending to be neglected geniuses because “analytics” said to pass more and go for it on 4th-and-1 always

    Thank you for your work Rob and I hope you a Merry Christmas. Look forward to reading your content in 2020!

    • Sea Mode

      Great comment and very well written. Hope to see you pop up in the comments section from time to time if you can! Merry Christmas!

  63. brendon light

    Thanks Rob and Merry Christmas to you and yours! I always appreciate the level headed perspective. Looking forward to seeing how they do in the postseason.

    As for the off season and draft. This site is always my #1 stop for info and opinion!

  64. charlietheunicorn

    “It’s all about the action, boss”

  65. Duceyq

    I stand and applaud!! Thank you Rob

  66. Awsi Dooger

    20 out of 32 offensive players in that first round mock. Very unlikely to shake out that way, no matter what the individual players look like. There are always edge rushers who move up during the process and then are forced higher. That mock doesn’t have an edge besides Chase Young.

    11 out of the first 27 players are wide receiver or cornerback. I’m not saying that couldn’t happen but those two positions own such notorious first round bust rate over the past decade or so that I would be surprised if general managers ignored such a well known trend.

    Jordan Love is going to be terrific in the shorts drills. That will be an offseason theme and boost Love’s stock closer to where it was during the offseason.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I forgot about the pre draft meeting all the teams have where they come together to make sure only 18 offensive players go in round one. Silly me.

      • Sea Mode

        😂 You’re on a roll this Christmas, Rob! All the best to you and your family.

  67. Troy D

    Great write up Rob. I think before the season if you told me a chance to win the division at 12-4 or a wild card at 11-5… I would have snatched your hand off. I felt we were another draft and a big money free agency period away from it. So we are ahead of the curve in what I thought we would be. This season has been very fun but very hard as well. Im excited to see how it plays out and then also excited to see what happens in the off season. Will Carroll, stay (I think its fair question every year now)? What can we get in the draft? I hope we re-sign Clowney for his prime years even if it costs top of the table DE money.

    On this Christmas, I relish in the fact that the Seahawks, in a league that is so hard to stay above .500 consistently…that we have been doing for the past decade (with a hiccup or two). Easily the best decade of Seahawks football. Hopefully we can make the next decade magical as well.

  68. BruceN

    Great article Rob. I don’t understand the noise about Pete either. He does drive me insane at times with his in-game decisions like the decision on the 4th and one during the last game, but in totality he and JS have been godsend to this franchise. We’ve experienced the most successful run in our entire existence.

  69. Justaguy

    Yedur Gross-Matos would be a good speed DE compliment to Jadeveon Clowney. If he can test out with numbers close to these then look out:
    40 YARD DASH: 4.79 SEC
    BROAD JUMP: 118.0 INCH
    3 CONE DRILL: 7.08 SEC
    20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.05 SEC
    60 YARD SHUTTLE: 11.22 SEC

  70. pdway

    I think it’s a good take too – – it is always good to have the perspective to remember how things were pre-Carroll/Schneider – there were some dark and down years. And I fully agree that the culture created in Seattle is a huge part of why we keep having winning seasons.

    Doesn’t mean that Carroll’s in-game management or Schottenheimer’s playcalling is beyond reproach – part of being a fan is caring enough to watch closely and criticize – but overall you’re right, we are lucky lucky to have this group running the team.

    And now a random question/observation – – I think RW has some lower body injury that has taken away his mobility – he can still escape in the pocket, but he doesn’t want to get out and sprint (maybe it’s a hamstring?), and that seriously alters his game. Anyone agree?

    • neil

      I also find it curious. But he hasn’t run at all in the last two games, you would think we would have heard something by now. A large part of his success has been running with the ball. He will be 32 next year and is getting slower but it would sure help the offense if he would get back to at least picking up 5 yds and then sliding. Defenses seem to be disregarding him in the run gams. What happened to the rpo ?

    • Martin

      Haven’t heard anything but I was thinking the same thing. My inexpert eye and that to my knowledge no-one else has said this makes me question this though! I thought possibly its a reflection of the fact he’s getting older and how Schootenheimer now wants him to play.

      • neil

        I think Shotenheimer better come up with a new plan, quickly, if that is the case. Besides RW can always cancel the play and run the RPO if he sees the Defensive end crashing down inside constantly. No ?.

      • pdway

        Russell hasn’t kept the ball on an RPO in a really long time – – I think he’s still quick enough to dodge guys inside the pocket – but he hasn’t full on sprinted in a a while either, and seemed like he did not want to take off against the Cards. It really limits him.

  71. Volume12

    Merry Christmas Rob and SDB! 🎄

    • Sea Mode

      Merry Christmas, Vol!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Happy Holidays all!

    • Mac

      Merry Christmas! Hope everybody’s wallet makes a swift recovery.

      • Volume12

        I wish. My wallet stays on a steady diet unfortunately. 😠

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  72. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    They won’t tell anybody this, but the “Seahawk” fans that want to dump Pete Carroll and hire a McVay assistant are really Rams or 49er fans. They might not even know it consciously.

  73. Parker

    Amen. I get occasionally irritated when they punt on 4th and 1, but I don’t understand how anyone could want the Seahawks to jump into the coaching carousel, high-turnover lifestyle that so many other franchises have been forced to live through.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone here!

  74. 9rsRwhiners

    As always Rob, you capture my feelings of this team better than any media “expert” or twitter twat ever could. You have got your finger directly on the pulse of the real fanbase.

    As much as this season has been a source of stress, where even in winning we cant help but doubt, i think we have to take a step back and really appreciate how much these underdogs have outperformed expectations, overcome injury after injury that would cripple any other team, and delivered wins.

    This is truly the year of next man up. We may have been so busy stressing the analysis side of things to fully appreciate that, but merry xmas everyone. Our rebuilding franchise, full of 3rd and 4th string backups, castoffs, and an undersized magician are going to the playoffs and somehow are in contention for the #1 seed of the NFC rather than discussing next years draft picks.

    When we signed marshawn and turbin, this season changed. To hell with whether or not we win anything anymore. I literally dont care. We get to see a reunion of our heyday, play the 49ers and then go to the playoffs. A season of doubt is now a glorious ride into the sunset, no expectations, have fun and make memories, glorious charge to see how far we can make it against the odds.

    I’m in. Real hawks fans are in. And anyone who cant get on board with that can shove it.

  75. Easthawk

    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 So blessed to be a Seahawks fan and to have SDB community! Cheers

  76. charlietheunicorn

    If Seattle wins on SNF, JS has to win GM of the year.


  77. Donovan

    Apologies if already posted, but this 7 min clip from Marshawn explains that the original plan was for him to come back as a complement to Carson, once Penny was out. That would have been a BAMF duo!


  78. Aaron Bostrom


    Merry Christmas!

    I would be excited if they Hawks landed a dynamic playmaker like Hamler. After I saw your mock I looked up a bunch of WR prospect rankings and Hamler was usually outside the top 10-20. Whybis he being slept on?

    • Rob Staton

      Simply because every year there are 4-5 players the ‘draft’ media incorrectly don’t focus on, possibly because they don’t actually put the work in. Everything is on twitter now or YouTube. It’s easier to get by on those formats. When blogging/writing was king 10 years ago you had to do a lot more work to craft an article.

  79. Sea Mode

    Open for a lot of mixed messages on this one…


  80. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    For his return to Seattle, #Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch will make $60,588 in Week 17, plus whatever the playoff share ends up being… plus his share of online sales of “Unfinished business” and “Back in Action” apparel on his website.

  81. Austin

    Good post and I can’t wait for mock season to kick in fully. I do agree that we are spoiled. I’m guilty of complaining too much at times too in the heat of it. I would add though that the other extreme is just as annoying. Any criticism of Pete is considered blasphemy as if he’s perfect. His in game stuff has been bizarre all year and the multiple times we looks completely unprepared to make a decision on a short yardage situation for example is really, really weird and honestly embarrassing. I think it’s fine/reasonable to say Pete is an all time great coach who nails almost every aspect of coaching but that he does have a couple of strange blind spots and at times its frustrating. That doesn’t make anyone less of a fan in my opinion. I hope we pull out a miracle and nothing would surprise me at this point with this team.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know anyone who claims Pete is perfect or has argued against any legitimate criticisms that are placed within the context of the massive success he has. On this blog I’ve written numerous articles this season criticising weak areas of the team, highlighting where they’ve struggled at times and where they need to improve.

      But people pissing and moaning about any in-game decision that doesn’t work out or choices that they disagree with is aggravating. The Seahawks are a win away from 12-4. They’ve had a DECADE of success. Nothing highlights the extreme entitled nature of this fan base more than they won’t give PC the benefit of the doubt when things go wrong in certain situations. No! Perfection is required! A vision and game plan the few most vocal on twitter prefer must be executed! Otherwise PC is a dinosaur who must be removed ASAP.

      It’s bloody tiresome, disrespectful and sucks the life out of following this team.

      We’ve even had great wins this year where the conversation afterwards has been dominated about a decision to punt on one solitary drive! Like it even frigging matters.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Rob I really appreciate your mock drafts thank you.my question for you is has CJ Proise played his Last game for the Seahawks what about Ed Dickson. Rob when you watch NFL week after I witnessed a lot problems in the kicking game missed PAt and missed field goals and I wonder why and I listened to interview with Justin Tucker and he said most teams don’t have a kicking coach most of the time the kickers have to figure out by themselves. It’s kinda odd isn’t it . Why an NFL team doesn’t employ a kicking coach

        • Rob Staton

          Prosise and Dickson won’t return. Not sure on kicking coaches but they need to do something.

  82. neil

    Let’s suppose Marshawn actually runs pretty well in the next two games, do you think it would be a wise investment to offer him a one year deal next year ?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very unlikely. The short term nature of this arrangement seems to suit both parties.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would agree. Plus both Carson and Penny will be back next year ready to go.

  83. cha

    Jacob Eason declares for the 2020 draft.

    Well there we go.

    • Paul Cook

      I thought the decision was going to be close. I had hoped and thought it might serve him well to play another year at the college level. But there you have it. I do not know/remember what the tampering rules are concerning the draft. I wonder, for instance, if he received some kind of assurance that he would be picked by some team, say, later in the first round. Or perhaps he just received a first round/early second round grade from the powers that be. I don’t know.

      It is easy, however, for teams to fall in love with a kid of his size and stellar arm talent in a QB hungry league, in spite of his perceived shortcomings in the decision-making and leadership department.

      As a Husky fan though…bummer.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Watching his games this season, I feel he needed another year of seasoning. He needs to develop a touch and stop throwing every throw a 100 miles an hour.

        • DC

          “stop throwing every throw a 100 miles an hour”

          Dude, exactly. Reminds me of Cary Conklin for those who remember. Whether you are 5 yards away or 50, you’re getting the 100mph heater. So many of those short throws go through people’s hands. Not a touch passer.

          I’m happy to hear this news & wish him well in the pros. Excited to start the Lake era with a fresh start at QB.

          • Rob Staton

            This is the best news for Washington.

            The upside of Jacob Eason is better than reality Jacob Eason currently. His arm strength is pro-level. Very little else is. Next year would be just another string of frustrating games where he has several ‘wow’ throws to go with several ‘WTF’ moments. Sometimes you need a QB who can simply move the ball and get you to where you need to go. Eason is better off chancing his arm in the NFL, seeing if he can get a team to make him an instant millionaire and if not — get into the pro’s to try and develop there instead in a system where he could potentially start one day.

            • Paul Cook

              I can’t get on board with this thought. UW’s defense stands to markedly improve next year. They recruited very well there the last few years, especially the defensive line, and their secondary is already top flight. The receiving corp is also poised to go through a sizable upgrade. They have some pretty major talent coming up through the ranks, players with much higher ceilings than the departed minus Hunter Bryant. Their running attack is also going to be strong, and they had a top 3 in the nation recruiting cycle on the offensive line, and are fairly well stocked there in between.

              In other words, Eason as he is or a little better would in all probability make UW a strong contender next year for the PAC 12 title. Now that thought is thrown up in the air, as the bet now is that we will be starting either red shirt freshman or a true freshman QB, both with zero snap experiences.

              First game of the season next year: Michigan. I’ll take Eason as our QB over the others in a flash.

              • Rob Staton

                None of that matters if he continued to play the way he did in 2018. Those horrendous pick sixes, mental mistakes, inability to play off script —- none of that was due to the weapons he had.

                • Paul Cook

                  It’s hard to find an astute observer of the Huskies (Damon Huard, Brock Huard, Hugh Millen, Dick Baird, Bob Rondeau, etc, etc…) who doesn’t think that the Huskies chances for next season are not in a more precarious position with Eason gone. You want 5th year starter with a golden arm against Michigan on day one over a newbie. You just do.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Well I disagree. Arm or not, Eason was streaky as F, made far too many errors and can’t improvise to save his life.

                    The Huskies don’t need an ‘arm’ they need someone who can run their system.

  84. cha

    What does everyone think of Jarran Reed’s performance this year so far?

    He’s played 9 games, if we ding the first 2 to let him get up to speed and used to playing with Clowney, here are his stats in 7 games (week 9-16):

    About 70% of defensive snaps
    10 solo tackles
    2 sacks
    7 QB hits
    1 forced fumble
    1 pass defensed
    0 tackles for loss

    Same stretch of 7 games last year
    About 80% of snaps
    9 solo tackles
    3.5 sacks
    13 QB hits
    0 forced fumble
    0 passes defensed
    4 tackles for loss

    So based on this small sample size, a pretty noticeable dropoff in “penetration behind the LOS plays” (-1.5 sacks, -4 TFL, and -6 QB hits)

    Any theories?

    Regression to the mean?
    No longer playing with Frank Clark on the edge in 2019?
    A little still getting into game shape?

    Or a mix of all of the above?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Very good question cha. Sometimes players have a great season now and again and maybe his was last year. We could be looking at it wrong asking what is the problem instead of just recognizing he isnt really that good of a pass rusher and last year was a one-off. Not sure we pay him as he isnt a great pass rusher and the last two years he has been a starter our run defense hasnt been that great. His market for sure will be interesting to watch as he only has that one year of good sack totals.

      • pdway

        I’ve been re-watching the first Hawks-Niners game this year – and we all remember that Clowney played out of his mind that night – but in re-watching, it’s not only him – a bunch of guys had really strong games, including Reed.

        Maybe he’s one of those guys that needs really effective play next to him to be successful. Maybe missing the first 6 games really messed things up for him – but I agree that he has not taken the next step I’d hoped for after a 10-sack season. We so badly need playmakers, and right now i’m not sure Rasheem Green isn’t more of a playmaker than Reed.

      • cha

        He doesn’t seem to be a foundational guy that you build around, but a good piece to have.

        I’ve been wondering if the Hawks franchise him. Not necessarily pay him the $15-17m in 2020, just use the tag as a tool to accomplish some things:

        * It would buy time for them to pursue other players and fill other needs.

        * Hedge against losing Clowney in FA. Losing both Clowney and Reed would be incredibly hard and expensive to replace.

        * Showing Clowney they are committed to rewarding good players and surrounding him with talent.

        * They could offer him in trade to get more draft capital leading up to the draft.

        * They’d have until mid-July or so to decide on working out an extension or just letting him play out on the tag.

        Of course, his value to the team and their bargaining position in trade obviously grows if he were playing better. But there still is time to really make an impression. Starting with Sunday night. A big showing like he had in the earlier SF game would go a long, long way.

  85. line_hawk

    Why has the Hawks rush defense collapsed this year? 26th in league by dvoa as opposed to 14th ranked pass defense. How can they address this? Poona makes a few plays every game but the runD is statistically really bad.

    Do we need new LBs? New DTs?

    • Rob Staton

      The defensive line is completely adequate, that’s why. They have Clowney and Jarran Reed playing with an injured ankle. It’s not enough.

      • john_s

        What Rob said… overall they’ve held teams to under 100 yard in 8 out of 15 games. Unfortunately in the 7 games they they gave up over 100 yards it’s been 157 vs Cle; 199 vs Bal; 162 vs Rams; 145 vs Panthers and 253 vs Cardinals.

        Missing Clowney is huge since he is probably the best edge run defender in the NFL. Jarran Clark being hurt and also now Al Woods being suspended. You’re also playing Barton in place of Kendricks and Hill with Diggs out. That makes for a mess of a run defense as witnessed against Arizona

        • Greg Haugsven

          4.9 ypc last year and 4.8 ypc this year wont get it done. Ultimately want to be around 4.0

  86. Greg Haugsven

    With pass rush an obvious need next year, does anyone have favorites for us to target outside of our own?

    Dante Fowler
    Yannick Ngakoue
    Marcus Golden
    Shaq Barrett
    Bud Dupree
    Vic Beasley

    • DC

      Robert Quinn
      Kyler Fackrell
      Calais Campbell (if cut)
      Everson Griffen (it cut)
      Chris Jones

  87. smitty1547

    Watched the first Kiper, Mcshay mock and they had us taking DT Marvin Wilson from Florida St, any comments?

    • Rob Staton

      I like Marvin Wilson and I particularly want to watch him at the combine. He ran a 4.56 short shuttle at SPARQ despite weighing 332lbs which is an incredible time. He also managed a 5.17 forty and he was a 5-star recruit as a consequence. So there’s a ton of athletic upside. I’m just sceptical that this team would draft a nose tackle in round one. They’ve consistently sought to find cheaper plug-in-and-play types. The only exception was Jarran Reed but Reed looked like a top-level player at Alabama and I mocked him in the top-20. Him lasting to round two was, and still is, ridiculous.

  88. Greg Haugsven

    For the true football fans out there. What the hell happen to Leicester today? They got there ass whooped.

  89. LouieLouie

    Bringing back Beast Mode could be more than a “feel good” move. He hasn’t had much wear and tear the last year. If he can get 10 or 15 carries and plod along at 4 yards per run, he might just help beat the 49ers. It may help keep the Niner’s D from teeing off on Wilson. What better mentor for young Homer could there be?

    • Greg Haugsven

      You would think somewhere between 12-15 carries a game. If he did average around 4.0 ypc that would give him around 50-60 yards. Sprinkle in some Turbin and Homer as well maybe you can be around 100-110? I wonder if Russ may end up keeping the ball a little more these next few games. He just has to keep it from time to time to stop the end from just hammering down but he hasnt done it that much recently.

      • pdway

        I’m happy they signed Lynch – but mainly for the positivity – I find it a little pie-in-the-sky to think he’s going to come in and be a high-end NFL running back given his age, and inactivity this entire year. Hoping i’m wrong. . .

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think anyone expects a high-end NFL running back from Marshawn.

          What you are going to get is every ounce of physicality Marshawn has to offer. Teams are still going to hate tackling him. He’s still going to be a bloody force to contend with. His re-signing has energised the fans and players. To get all that from a street free agent during an injury crisis is a blessing.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve no doubt that, given the chance, Marshawn can contribute. He’s a rare athlete. The toughness, physicality and power he brings is natural and will never go away. He will be tough to stop.

      The problem in this game is staying in it long enough for the run to be a factor. I cannot for the life of me imagine how they’re going to limit George Kittle. In the last game they didn’t have him, we were able to focus on stopping the run and Clowney had one of the best games of his career. Now Kittle’s back, we’ll need Clowney to get close to that performance again and we still have to stop their running game. We’ll need to do all this without Al Woods and Quandre Diggs.

      My fear is that the defense doesn’t have any answers and we end up chasing the game early. And if that happens, forget about Marshawn, Turbin or Travis Homer having much impact. They’ll end up needing to throw, it’ll put immense pressure on the banged up offensive line and it could be a long night.

      For me this entire game is about the defense being able to keep us in it long enough for Russell vs Jimmy G to be advantage for us. Because it’s the only matchup advantage we have due to all of the injuries. If the defense can create pressure, limit the run and stop Kittle from having a 120 yard game — then it becomes a contest.

      • smitty1547

        I agree on Kittles, if I was a draftking guy he would be a top end play for me this week, I think we have a tough time slowing him down.

        • Justin Mullikin

          Wasn’t Marshawn still really good a pass protection? My question is this: which running back would be the preferred 3rd down back?

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Turbin was pretty good at pass pro too. That plus his decent hands out of the backfield (and his familiarity with the team) is why I think SEA signed him instead of a superior runner like CJ Anderson.

            Rob is spot on about what the game hinges on. SEA have been notoriously bad at stopping other teams’ TEs all season. Kittle is one of the very best in the League. Diggs helped restore some physicality to the defensive backfield but he’s doubtful for this game. They need to find an answer to Kittle, whether it’s more pass rush/pressure on Garoppolo, better coverage on Kittle, or something else. If not, SF will score often and easily, and SEA will be forced to chase them through the air — which they’re capable of doing with Wilson, Lockett and Metcalf. But the OL has regressed significantly and SF has the best defensive front 7 in the NFL.

  90. pdway

    I’m new to this site – but happy to find a bunch of informed non-histrionic fans – – you all may have talked about this already – – but any thoughts on why Carroll is keeping an obviously talented Marquise Blair on the bench, in favor of HIll? I guess he’s young, etc., but it’s week 15, you would think he knows the play calls by now. It’s a headscratcher, b/c Blair pops whenever he’s on the field, special teams, etc.

    • cha

      Well Diggs has really taken hold of the spot since he came over. Here’s hoping he plays Sunday but it’s looking tough.

      But in regard to Hill vs Blair, the general thinking that PC has expressed is Hill is more assignment-correct as far as positioning. Blair may be more exciting and deliver some pop to the back end, but while Blair gets refinement on the intricacies of the scheme, a guy like Hill is more of an unspectacular safety blanket at this point.*

      (* disclaimer, yes Hill took a bad angle on the Drake 80 yard run Sunday and that doesn’t exactly make a great argument for keeping Blair on the bench at this point).

      • cha

        oh, and welcome pdway!

    • Ukhawk

      Kam sat behind Lawyer Milloy for a season so I’m not surprised Blair is mostly on the bench and being brought along slowly.

      Hope Blair would supplant McDougal over time after he learns the system.

  91. charlietheunicorn

    I was listening to some talking heads talking about Kittle. The HC for the 49ers said they almost grabbed him in the 3rd round of the draft, but then they went defense… he lasted until round 5 in the 2017 draft.. and they were flabbergasted he lasted.

    Do any of you have a recollection of him being sought after during the draft or any impressions of him being a top 3 round guy? Obviously he is working out for the 49ers, perhaps coaching has brought the best out of him.

    • Rob Staton

      I had him in R3 to Seattle…


      • Duceyq

        I had him in Rd 5 to Seattle…ugh

    • Coleslaw

      He was talked about quite a bit here by Rob and a handful of posters. I think we all kinda thought round 3-4 talent

      • Coleslaw

        I remember during the draft he was one who people posted about being bummed to miss on and that he was going to SF

  92. Stevo

    Thanks Coach Carroll!
    Go Hawks!

  93. Coleslaw

    Quill Griffin had a good game vs SF too, with the pick on the first play being called back. I think him and Shaq are gonna come to play. And I believe Shaq and Clowney along with a (seemingly) healthy and more effective Ansah and a blossoming Rasheem Green, that we’ll get consistent pressure on Jimmy G.

    I’m also not too worried about losing Woods, either. Hes basically just a big run stuffer. Not much pass rush to speak of. This season: 1 sack, 3 TFL, 1 QB hit. Bryan Mone probably wont get to that, but hes still a mountain of a human and can stop the run. And between Green and Ansah improving we should be ok. Poona is gonna be the man this week working on that backup Center. Maybe he can get the best of him.

  94. cha

    Brian Bosworth to raise the 12th man flag Sunday.

    For the MNF game vs Minnesota it was Dave Matthews.

    I think they’re running out of names.

    • Paul Cook

      How about Rob Staton? SDB represent!

      • McZ


    • charlietheunicorn

      The backstory on “The Boz” and some of the stories Dave Wyman has told about him….
      …..some fans don’t apricate what he did to stay in the NFL or tried to do to make the NFL.
      An ESPN 30 for 30 just touches the surface.

      • BobbyK

        Maybe the linebackers were more accepting of the Boz but I know the majority of DBs and DL didn’t care for him.

  95. neil

    It will be interesting to see the defensive game plan. One thing for sure Belichick would try to take Kittle pretty much out of the game with constant double trams and make someone else beat them.

  96. neil

    One the other they also have Sanders, that makes it double tough.

  97. Sea Mode

    This is great news for us, if true!

    Courtney Cronin

    While I’m told the Vikings haven’t finalized their plan for Sunday, they’re leaning heavily towards resting a bulk of their starters, including Kirk Cousins, per league source. Team viewing Chicago week as a bye in terms of getting guys rest/healthy for Jan.

    If Chicago beats MIN, then the GB vs. DET game doesn’t even matter. NO would be #1 seed and the winner of SEA vs SF takes #2!

    • Sea Mode

      I’ll just go ahead and post this chart again before any questions start coming in on NFC playoff scenarios:


    • Sea Mode

      Ugh. *Facepalm* I’m an idiot.

      I knew something was too good to be true. The above was only if MIN beat GB last week.

    • cha

      I’m trying not to overstate in my mind the difference between a having a bye week and going on the road next week would be for this particular Seahawks team. But I’m not making much progress.

      Another week to rest painful injuries
      Another week to get Marshawn and Turbin up to speed
      Another week to study opponents and sharpen up a play or two that could catch them off guard

      The playoffs start this Sunday. Do or die, fellas.

  98. Sea Mode


    Ian Rapoport

    Free agent WR Antonio Brown is visiting the New Orleans #Saints today, source confirms as Brown posted on Instagram. Here is his waiver he posted.

    Important note: The NFL has made clear that if someone signs AB, he’s likely headed to the Commissioner’s Exempt list until his investigation is complete.

  99. Volume12

    Hello, Dante Olson! Montana LB (6’2, 240 lbs.) active would be an understatement to describe him. He is all over the field. Looks like he’ll tezt extremely well. Will be at the Shrine bowl.

    Dante Olson vs SE Louisiana (2019):

    • charlietheunicorn

      Is he comparable to Bobby Wagner play wise? His size reminds me of Wagner for sure.
      Side line to sideline putting the smack down on fools.

    • D-OZ

      Put a Texas Longhorn UNI on him and he looks just like Keith Butler who used to play for the Hawks… Good in coverage also.

  100. Volume12

    Dan Quinn will return as Atlanta’s HC for next year. I think that’s the right move. He’s got those boys playing well and they’re one of the hottest teams in the league the 2nd half of the season. Good momentum to build on heading into the off-season.

  101. charlietheunicorn

    Pro tip for Seahawks gear, you can get #24 jerseys from Goodwill for cheap before the “final ride” this Sunday. They are very reasonably priced…. and plentiful. 😀

  102. Paul Cook

    This 49er game is kind of like our season in a nutshell to me. If we win, you kind of shake your head and marvel how we did it. If we lose, you tell yourself it was a great and improbable ride that was bound to come crashing down at some point.

    I’m in this place where I’ve made my peace with the season. We’re 11-5 at worst, and enter the playoffs with what feels to me like a nothing to lose and everything to gain attitude. Win or lose (of course I want them to win), I’m cool with it.

    I might not be, but I have a lot of faith in the PC/JS team in the off-season. They’re really good at what they do when it comes to addressing problems and needs and making a team. They just are.

    It will be a very interesting off-season. But for now, let’s kick some butt!

  103. Kenny Sloth

    Neville Gallimore runs a 4.74 40??

    His tape is clean, heady and ferocious player. Big target for me right now. Unless he runs like that at Indy, then I think the Canadians stock is too high

    • Kenny Sloth

      Chuba Hubbard Canadian too? Why y’all churning beasts like that?

    • Trevor

      He is still really raw too as he played barely any ball before getting to the Sooners I think he had off the charts upside. Anxious to see him at the Senior Bowl where I think he will dominate those 1 vs 1 battles.

      Another interesting Big 12 DT is Blaylock from TCU who will be a Day 3 steak for someone.

      • Eli

        Throw Baylor DT James Lynch in that convo too. Big time underrated

  104. Kenny Sloth

    Drop your CFB predictions here, I guess.

    LSU beats everybody for me.

    • Rob Staton

      LSU vs Ohio State final. Which would be fun.

      LSU wins a shoot out.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Slight lean to a Clemson vs LSU final.

      LSU wins a last second thriller.

    • BobbyK

      Clemson is going to beat LSU 38-37 or LSU is going to win that game 41-27. Or something like that:)

    • mishima

      LSU / OSU with the Buckeyes holding LSU to 17 points and winning the championship.

      (And, since you didn’t ask, Wisconsin wins the Pretender Bowl.)

      • Paul Cook

        It’s so hard to go against Oklahoma when my partner is an Oklahoma girl. But…LSU over Oklahoma. In the other game, Clemson over Ohio State.

        In the final, I want LSU over Clemson, but I have to go with Clemson over LSU and they repeat as NCAA champions.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Rent Free

  105. BobbyK

    My life has become a better place when I quit Twitter about 6 months ago. Far too many negatives outweigh the occasional good that comes with it.

    If the Packers lose Sunday and the Seahawks somehow win – I really think there’s a realistic chance they can play for all the marbles. If they lose – lets remember what we thought before the season (we wouldn’t actually have this much to play for this late in the year). Flawed teams have won it all before. Do I expect them to? No. Is there a chance? Definitely. It’s been a unique season to remember so far…

    • Rob Staton

      Well said Bobby

      • All I see is 12s

        Yeah, in regards to Seahawks Twitter, I have blocked most of the unsavory personalities. It’s a much more tolerable place.

  106. neil

    Steelers won it all , { with the ref’s help} in SB 40. They were wild card that year, if I remember correctly.

  107. smitty1547

    Rob have you seen any tape of Becton the LT for Louisville yet, if so what do you think? He’s a mammoth of a man. I know you are on record as saying LT is not a top priority. However sometimes you have to take the talent that is available.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched him. I know Tony Pauline isn’t sold on him though. And I think tackle is a position a lot of people misjudge. Size is great but footwork, hand placement, balance, how you set, your ability to play inside-out properly, your ability to recover, athletic upside… these are much more important.

  108. Kenny Sloth

    WSU-Air Force game feels like the battle for the soul of football

    • Volume12

      Man that game was like making sex. 16 drives combined between the 2 teams.

      Air Force scored 31 points on 8 drives.

      Loved it.

  109. fiddler

    I am looking forward to another off season and watching this site for all the interesting takes on prospects in the 2020 draft class. I love the way Pete and John run the football operations. To me it is like graduate school for footballogists.. Other teams will surely copy a lot of their ways of running their organization The results don’t lie. These days with salary caps and the like teams are not able to build long term consistency. Players are switching teams at a dizzying rate. This coupled with al the injuries made for some of the worst football I have seen since 1960 when I started watching. Not very many teams have the depth to withstand a season. I kind of figured the Hawks to be 8-8 and with a little good luck 10-6.. I was concerned about the depth of the team mostly because I had never heard of the back ups.. So 11-5 isn’t too shabby at all! Go Hawks! And forever thanks to Rob for providing us with this forum!!

  110. Volume12

    AJ Epenesa might’ve given Austin Jackson hesitation about declarinhlg last night

    Jackson showed he has some tools to work with and develop, but Epenesa just abused him. Had no answer for his swim move.

    • Rob Staton

      I think ‘abused him’ is an overreaction. Jackson had a terrible whiff where his feet were in quicksand on Epenesa’s first sack. No idea what he was doing, it’s almost like he’d decided to take a snap off. Epenesa dipped inside and was essentially unblocked. Too easy and a mental mistake. The second sack was a brilliant move by Epenesa and credit to him for that. It ended the game too as a contest because of the injury. The third sack there’s backside pressure by #57 and Iowa are teeing off, the QB more or less just absorbs it.

      So Epenesa really did beat him on the second sack — that was all #94. The rest of the game? Epenesa was kept relatively in check.

      • Volume12

        Jackson has done that a few times this year. Embarassingly bad. Like he quits on the play or something.

        IDK, I thought he was overmatched against Epenesa and lost quite a few snaps besides the sacks.

        • Rob Staton

          I watched the game today, condensed, and I wouldn’t say he was overmatched at all. He was well beaten on the second sack but apart from that (and the bonehead whiff) he held his own.

          • Volume12

            I gotta respectfully disagree. There were a few snaps that were better reps from Epenesa than the sacks.

            • Volume12

              Maybe better.

            • Rob Staton

              There wasn’t a single snap that came anywhere close to the second sack.

              You said he was overmatched and lost several snaps. I literally watched the game today and focused on all of their snaps. That was not the case at all. We need to be realistic about what constitutes a ‘win’ or ‘being overmatched’. Sometimes it feels like a tackle has to dominate an opponent to receive some praise. Like only a practically flawless game will do.

  111. Volume12

    Penn St LB Micah Parsons is going to be a very high pick in ’21. He’s special.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep. He’s already on the list I’ve been compiling for next year. Former top recruit. Will go very early.

    • Sea Mode

      Feldmann could compile and entire Freaks list just with Penn St players…

      • Paul Cook

        No doubt. That guy is pretty special. They utilize him very well too.

  112. Volume12

    ND WR Chase Claypool is interesting. Not a speed guy or burner by any means, but he plays really hard. Strong, good ball skills, gets YAC, high-points it, not afraid to get dirty and block, great catch radius w/ that wingspan, plays STs.

    • Bankhawk

      He caught my eye as well, Vol. Being unfamiliar, I thought he was a TE rather than a WR. Wonder where he*d go in the draft? He look okay in action green, though.

  113. Volume12

    I saw the FOX sports twitter account ask who was the greatest NFL defense of the decade. How is that even a question?

    The ’13 Seahawks D is right there with the ’85 Bears, ’00 Ravens, and a few others.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a question. It’s an absolute no brainer.

  114. Chris

    Great write-up Rob and I appreciate your take over the negative Seahawks Twitter. Question, what are your thoughts about from Brandon Aiyuk frpm ASU? As a Sun Devil alumni I’m a fan but want to know your thoughts of where he’ll land

    • Rob Staton

      Like him a lot. Eager to see how he tests.

  115. Barry

    Impressive, fiery write up, Rob.

    Color me silly but I didn’t know there was such a disconnect with perception verses reality for our fan base. But that’s us fans. I include myself because I was once young and had a smaller perspective.

    Everything you said was on the nail and I often enjoy having a different opinion then yourself.

    I hope everyone on the blog had a wonderful Christmas or Boxing day and here’s to many more fun years if we are lucky of Carrel n Co football!

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