A draft status check after the first week of free agency

The Seahawks have started the off-season well, including adding safety Julian Love

I think the Seahawks have had a masterful free agency so far. They’ve done a good job addressing their key needs, setting up the draft so they can target talent rather than fill holes.

Hopefully they can now go bargain hunting and add even more to their defensive front. My preference would be to pull some levers to create cap space, then add some more beef to the D-line rotation. Unfortunately Greg Gaines has opted to reunite with Vita Vea in Tampa Bay and A’Shawn Robinson is visiting the Giants on Monday.

I’d still be very interested in Calais Campbell or bringing back Shelby Harris.

Generally though, things are set up nicely. So what does it mean for the draft?

What will they do with the #5 pick?

There are four good quarterbacks in this draft and a really good edge rusher in Will Anderson. One of this quintet is guaranteed to be available for the Seahawks. I think they will select whoever it is.

I do still think there’s a chance they draft Tyree Wilson depending on how he tests but it warrants repeating — at 6-5 and 271lbs he isn’t an obvious scheme fit. If he’s that much of an athlete, they might adjust their scheme to accommodate him. But he’s not a quick-twitch, dynamic edge rusher. He’s a powerful, long-limbed bulldozer. He isn’t 291lbs like DeForest Buckner or Arik Armstead. He’s a classic 4-3 defensive end who might be able to kick inside for obvious passing downs.

People are suggesting the Seahawks won’t draft a quarterback after signing Drew Lock but I’m not sure why. The whole point has been to set up a ‘redshirt’ year. That means sitting the quarterback, letting them learn and prepare to start in the future. If you make your redshirt quarterback the backup, what happens if Geno Smith gets hurt in week one? You’re suddenly ripping up the entire plan and starting the rookie.

That would be malpractice. You’re either redshirting or you’re not. If Anthony Richardson is the quarterback most likely to be their at #5 — and I believe he is — then you don’t want him anywhere near the field in 2023. That means you need a backup QB. The Seahawks signed a backup, Drew Lock, for one season. The only thing that would’ve changed the situation would’ve been a multi-year deal for Lock.

It’s also a hedge against the draft. If you don’t draft a QB, you’ll need a backup. The Lock signing was both important and necessary.

There remains a lot of hand-wringing about the QB’s, specifically with Richardson and Will Levis. I’ll keep saying it — if you had to make a ‘typical John Schneider quarterback class’ — it would look like this one. Big, strong, prototypical downfield throwers with extreme physical talent. High character. Athletic.

The one player who doesn’t fit that description is still incredibly creative, plays like a point guard, has a natural talent, has big hands for his size and had a decorated college career. Sounds familiar.

I think John Schneider will be completely sold on Stroud, Young and Levis. The only question mark will be Richardson — simply due to his inexperience. However, the physical talent more than makes up for that. Josh Allen had a stunning pro-day performance — the best I’ve ever watched. If Richardson can do something similar on March 30th, I suspect he will join the other three in the mind of Seattle’s GM.

In that scenario — the Seahawks can’t lose. If someone trades into the #3 spot and Will Anderson lasts to five, they’ll be very happy. If Arizona sticks at #3 and it means a quarterback lasts to five, I think the Seahawks will also be very happy.

If the Cardinals pull off a surprise and take Tyree Wilson at #3, I think the Seahawks would select Anderson over Richardson. He’s not a ‘special’ defender in the mould of a Bosa brother or Myles Garrett but his incredible character, production, talent and scheme fit will make for a worthy addition.

This is why you approach free agency the way they have — to cover all bases, all eventualities, to hedge against the board going against you in certain ways. It feels like the Seahawks have executed their plan perfectly so far.

A best guess at the top-15

#1 Carolina (v/CHI) — CJ Stroud (QB, Ohio State)
#2 Houston — Bryce Young (QB, Alabama)
#3 Arizona — Will Anderson (EDGE, Alabama)
#4 Indianapolis — Will Levis (QB, Kentucky)
#5 Seattle — Anthony Richardson (QB, Florida)
#6 Detroit (v/LA) — Tyree Wilson (DE, Texas Tech)
#7 Las Vegas — Peter Skoronski (G, Northwestern)
#8 Atlanta — Christian Gonzalez (CB, Oregon)
#9 Chicago (v/CAR) — Bijan Robinson (RB, Texas)
#10 Philadelphia (v/NO) — Will McDonald (EDGE, Iowa State)
#11 Tennessee — Michael Mayer (TE, Notre Dame)
#12 Houston (v/CLE) — Adetomiwa Adebawore (DE, Northwestern)
#13 NY Jets — Darnell Wright (T, Tennessee)
#14 New England — Zay Flowers (WR, Boston College)
#15 Green Bay — Luke Musgrave (TE, Oregon State)

— I don’t think the Cardinals will trade down. I think it’s a difficult deal to make. If they drop too far they’ll miss out on the better defenders they badly need. Plus, the teams who might trade up to #3 have leveraged themselves sufficiently that they won’t be inclined to give up a haul. There are teams in the teens (Washington, Tampa Bay) who might be inclined to move up but that would be incredibly expensive. I don’t think Arizona will get a good enough offer to drop down that far.

— With the Raiders signing Jimmy Garoppolo, they can let any situation come to them. That could mean moving up if the deal is right. It could mean drafting someone later on — or even kicking the can into 2024. That was a very deliberate, tactical signing. The Cardinals need a desperate team to get a great deal and I don’t see a desperate team in the top-10.

— I think if the Cardinals decide Tyree Wilson is a better scheme fit for them and take him at #3, the Seahawks would take Will Anderson instead of Anthony Richardson at #5. If Wilson tests very well, it’s not implausible. Philly’s edge rushers under Jonathan Gannon were not 253lbs like Anderson. They bulked up Josh Sweat to 265lbs. Brandon Graham is 265lbs. I don’t think Anderson can carry another 12lbs comfortably — he’s better suited in that 245-255lbs range. So the 271lbs Wilson to Arizona shouldn’t be totally ruled out, which would leave Anderson for Seattle.

— If it’s Anthony Richardson at five it’d be an ideal spot for him to spend a year learning and developing. It’d do him the power of good. Richardson is never going to be a Peyton Manning surgeon-style quarterback. Can he be a Josh Allen or Cam Newton? Yes, absolutely.

— I think Chris Ballard will be enamored with Will Levis, as Jason La Canfora reported recently. If anyone trades up to #3 it might be Ballard, to ensure he gets his guy. That way Arizona still gets the top defender on their board. Levis is best equipped to start quickly, which is important for Indy.

— There’s a lot for teams to consider with Jalen Carter. Let’s just say that. I don’t think there’s much chance of him being drafted in the first half of round one.

— Adetomiwa Adebawore at #12? Here are the facts. Nobody had a better Senior Bowl. He is +280lbs and running a 4.49. He ran a freakish 4.26 short shuttle. These aren’t good numbers. These are elite numbers. This is the testing profile of a once-every-decade athlete. Don’t be surprised if someone decides to take a chance on him with a very high pick, believing they can turn these special traits into a special player. He also has A+ character and some of his production issues can be blamed on Northwestern.

What does this mean at #20?

I think a lot of the mocks are inaccurate projecting the likes of Bijan Robinson and Michael Mayer to be available. They’re excellent players, among the best in the draft. If either lasts to #20, they have to be considered. I can’t see it.

In the second half of round one we’ll see a lot of cornerbacks come off the board, such as Joey Porter Jr, Deonte Banks, Devon Witherspoon and D.J. Turner. I wouldn’t expect Seattle to draft a corner early — that isn’t their thing.

This is also a likely range where a run on defensive linemen starts. Jalen Carter might be taken between #17-30 — although I know teams have a lot more to consider than is being reported. Calijah Kancey, Bryan Bresee, Myles Murphy, Lukas Van Ness and Keion White will also likely be taken in the second half of round one or early picks of round two.

It’s also a good range at receiver — Josh Downs, Jaxson Smith-Njigba, Quentin Johnston, Jordan Addison and Jalin Hyatt will likely be targeted by teams.

I think the Seahawks will be really attracted to Downs — a Tyler Lockett clone with exceptional high-pointing skills and character. Keion White has the body for the scheme and the athleticism. You could say he’s less likely to be selected due to the Dre’Mont Jones signing.

This is why Tony Pauline’s report on John Michael Schmitz possibly makes sense. If the Seahawks grade him as highly as Lance Zierlein does (Zierlein has him as the 23rd best player in the class) they can safely drop down to #25 with Jacksonville, guarantee their man ahead of the Giants and Bills (other suggested suitors) and tie-up the position for the future.

Personally I don’t think Schmitz is a first rounder — but the team might.

What about day two?

The Seahawks could still find defensive reinforcements quite easily. It’s a deep ‘edge’ class — so they should be able to find someone they like to add to their rotation if they don’t select Anderson or McDonald in round one.

I like Alabama’s Byron Young as an ideal fit for the defensive rotation up front. He’s adept at reading the offense to control gaps and he’d be an excellent fit in a two-gapping system. He’s also disruptive and powerful and he’s a legit alpha in the Alabama locker room. Mazi Smith is an athletic, powerful nose tackle who could be the heir-apparent to Al Woods.

Zacch Pickens is incredibly underrated. He was superb at the Senior Bowl, he has an outstanding, thick lower base that generates tremendous power but he has the quickness and athleticism to play off that, releasing and exploding into the backfield. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if, in three years time, we’re all wondering why he lasted as long as he did. Given the Seahawks still need more up front — I think he’d be a great option for them.

Keeanu Benton is another player who can play across the interior D-line. Moro Ojomo is flying under the radar but he’s an ideal 3-4 defensive end with tremendous agility. I’m also a big fan of Cameron Young — he could be a fantastic third or fourth round pick with tremendous upside potential.

There will be cornerbacks available right through to day three and the safety class has some interesting options if they want to plan ahead for the future. What range will JL Skinner be available following his pre-combine injury? How early will Sydney Brown go? Ji’Ayir Brown has outstanding character and production. Jammie Robinson is sparky and coming to Seattle for a top-30 visit. There are others to mention too. There are options at safety.

This is also the range where the linebackers might come into play. My sleeper option here is Tulane’s Dorian Williams — a player who plays with speed and violence. I think he’s better than some of the names being linked to Seattle and would provide better value. That said — I still wouldn’t rule out Drew Sanders being a top-40 option. I just wish we had some testing numbers for him.

It’s a thick, deep running back class so there’s no need to panic there. They can get someone and if it’s Bijan Robinson, Jahmyr Gibbs, Zach Charbonnet, Tyjae Spears or Israel Abanikanda with a high-ish pick — so be it. Spears is having an outstanding off-season and oozes talent, quickness and power. Gibbs is just an electric player who can do so much as a runner and receiver. Charbonnet and Abanikanda are also very talented and we all know about Robinson by now.

The receiver I’d put a ring around on day two is Jonathan Mingo — the wildly underrated wide-out from Ole Miss. He is an exceptional talent with soft hands, speed, size and an ability to act as an outside receiver or a big slot. He excelled at the Senior Bowl and just looks the part.

It’s well advertised that it’s a talented tight end class and the Seahawks might plan ahead with Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson both free agents next year. I think it’d have to be a top-talent to make that move early (eg Mayer) but we’ll see. I also think days 2/3 are chock full of interesting interior linemen. Emil Ekiyor Jr, Anthony Bradford, Nick Broeker, Jordan McFadden, Andrew Vorhees — plus even players like T.J. Bass and Tyler Steen — carry some intrigue.

If you missed my interview with Scot McCloughan, check it out here:

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  1. Sea Mode

    A long interview with Jim Nagy with some interesting tidbits. You can use the bookmarks to skip around.

    Jim Nagy on if Anthony Richardson is NFL Ready, Jalen Carter Stock Falling | For Those About to Mock

    Watched all 4 top QBs last week: “AR is closer to getting on the field than I thought going into it. I thought there would be more accuracy issues, I thought there would be more rawness.”

    Says knowing what he knows now (without having done extensive homework on all the QBs) he would roll the dice on Bryce Young at #1 if he were GM of the Panthers.

    In the “On the Clock” section, which are quick-fire Q&A, he says he thinks Bryce Young goes #1, but to the Texans who trade up.

    Favorite player in the draft? Cody Mauch (“Not most talented, just the one I want on my team”)

    Most over-hyped: Jalin Hyatt

    Senior Bowl player that will be a day 1 starter: Dawand Jones

    Senior Bowl player that will be an all-pro eventually: Julius Brents!

    Senior Bowl player that will be known by everyone at this time next year: WR Michael Wilson, Stanford

    • Steve Nelsen

      When Scot McCloughan was talking about the 49ers drafting Alex Smith to red-shirt, he mentioned that “their top-3 QBs all got injured before they were forced to start Smith.” That reinforces your point Rob that adding Drew Lock as a backup does not preclude drafting a QB.

  2. Sea Mode

    Missed this the other day: Keion White unofficial 4.65-4.75 40yd @281 lbs!


    • Peter

      Yep. Pretty, pretty,pretty….good.

      Ade Ade. Rob, Excellent.

      contrary to half to 2/3rds of the fanbase testing does in fact matter.

      The true freak of the combine. Heard pff the other day (?) Maybe another site not sure….talk about Ade Ade where it looks to them like he was being misused to a degree in school. I think he’s one of he draft’s risers.

      And at #20 if he lasts… Brains, upside, the grit to build himself into a marvel…I’ll take that.

  3. Rob Staton

    Sorry to pester all — but if you could retweet this it’d be much appreciated:


    I’m really keen for the Scot McCloughan interview to get heard

    • Trevor

      Great interview and done!

    • San

      I did text into Salk show about how you’ve many times said in recent days about Seahawks putting themselves in position to draft BPA instead of need. Salk liked it so much he mentioned it multiple times on his show . I probably should’ve mentioned Rob’s name lol..

      • Rob Staton

        Cool — and if you can get a shout-out for the blog next time even better 🙂

    • Sea Mode

      Done, and gladly! Left a comment on YT as well in case that helps.

      I noticed a couple of the Seahawks fan channels that get around 15k views per video do a kind of B-roll overlay of the player or person they are talking about, whether it be clips or stills that pan and zoom. Not sure if that’s something you know how or would have the time to do for some of your videos, but it seems to help bring in viewers…

      • Rob Staton

        You have to be careful with copyright sometimes

        The channels that have the most subs generally do one of two things. They react to everything — and just post a video constantly to stay obscenely active. I couldn’t do that — between my full-time job, dad duties, the blog and the channel, I’m stretched as it is. The other thing that gets big numbers is clips. I don’t do those types of videos because I think it’s too easy to shape things the way you want by selecting 15-20 plays and some of those videos are just hype most of the time.

        In both instances, the common denominator is positivity. People like to hear an endless stream of why this is ‘the best move ever’. I’d rather be honest — positive or negative.

        But I am a bit surprised that a channel that has interviews with people like McCloughan, Nagy, other ex GM’s and scouts, top players like Levis, Brents and Adebawore etc doesn’t get more traction.

        • Veryal

          I think it’s because the views are split between here and YouTube. I’ve followed you for years and always watch your videos on here instead of YouTube because I’m never on there. But now that I know what’s better for you, I’ll watch on YouTube instead

          • Rob Staton

            FYI if you watch the video on here it still counts as a view for YouTube so don’t worry too much about that (but likes and comments help!)

    • Palatypus


      But I don’t think anyone follows me on twitter.

  4. KennyBadger

    I’m more excited for this draft than I was for the playoff game. Between the potential of this draft and the NFC being down, the Seahawks have a real chance to set themselves up well in the conference for years to come.

    • Peter

      As soon as they got their teeth knocked out I couldn’t wait for the draft to get here.

    • Roy Batty

      To be fair, I think all of us were excited at halftime of the playoff game.

      Then the lleague went and made them play the 2nd half.

  5. Brett

    Outside of the Seahawks having a great draft class, my biggest wish for the draft is that it would be sooner. Six weeks after the start of FA is too long!

    • Rob Staton


    • Wilson502

      I just wish the draft would get here sooner so we can stop hearing these stupid dumpster fire takes about Jalen Carter at #5 from “fans” and media. So irritating to watch still so many people ride this guys jock so hard even after all the red flags have come out, they continue with their mental gymnastics to try and justify it.

  6. Gaux Hawks

    A’Shawn Robinson should be a Seahawk. I get it now, don’t let him get on that plane.

  7. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, assuming QB at 5 and both Ade Ade and McDonald are available… who do you select?

    • Rob Staton

      There are lots of good options for 20, I don’t know if either of those players will be there

    • Peter

      Dang not Rob. But that is a hell of a conundrum.

    • Ben

      I’d take Ade Ade. I think he can play on both the inside and the outside where McDonald is a pure edge player, and with those athletic numbers…I’m salivating.

    • Sea Mode

      Without having watched either player much… give me McDonald.

  8. Blitzy the Clown

    Taking the temperature on what people think it will take to get Julius Brents in this draft.

    If he’s there at 83 do you risk a trade down/trade up to get him in the 90-95 range? 83 seems rich, but then again I can’t stop fantasizing about pairing him with Woolen.

    90 is the highest pick Schneider/Carroll have spent on a CB.

    • Peter

      The question to me is how the rest of the league sees him.

      He’s a blog favorite but there’s great corners in this draft.

      Additionally if they go dline, center in the second who are we risking by not drafting him there? RB. Mingo maybe.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I read a report today that claimed “3 teams had Julius Brent’s as the top CB on their boards.” I don’t believe it but I do think that Tariq’s success last year will lead to overdrafting Julius much like Sherman’s success in 2013 led to overdraft of Stanley Jean-Baptiste in 2014.

        • Peter

          Steve been thinking this a ton.

          The last time Seatttle did this there was a bit of an over reach the next sherman..

          Agree. I doubt three teams have him “the top,” cb on their board.

          Top cb and cb you could draft feel like different positions.

          • Steve Nelsen

            I like Juju and I hope Seattle drafts him…in Round 3. He is not as long as Tariq. He is not as athletic as Tariq. His college tape shows more potential than actual production (like Tariq). But the Senior Bowl really showed his potential. I loved his interview with Rob. And I thought it was really smart of him that he realized how much he could benefit from having the same coaching as Tariq.

            It is a deep CB class. If Seattle doesn’t get JuJu I will be disappointed but I am confident they will get another boundary CB to compete with Jackson.

    • KennyBadger

      Of all the things Pete can be trusted with (which is subject to debate), coaching up dbs may be at the top of the list. I’d rather fill another need at that spot and let Pete coach up a later pick. I share your interest in this guy, but not before 90 IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’ll go in R2, early third at the absolute latest

  9. Roy Batty

    I’m currently watching the Sounders match and I believe I have now found a new worst jersey in American sport.

    The Sounders Flex uni’s have about as much style as piece of used parchment paper.

    • Roy Batty

      Sorry, I meant the LAFC Flex jerseys.

    • Comfect

      Those LA jerseys look like you haven’t unlocked them yet in a computer game so they’re beiged out.

  10. Simo

    Wow, another great piece here Rob, you’re really churning out great content and lots to think about. I also love the way John has set the team up for the draft with no super obvious needs at the moment. We all know they need more on the defensive line and perhaps off line, RB, and WR, however none of these are critical needs.

    I’m also hoping they aren’t finished target shopping, as there’s lots of really good players still available. Any chance they take a look at a DJ Chark to fill that WR3 role, or more likely to draft one? I see Frank Clark is still out there, and he’s only 29 years old. He could be a really nice addition as well.

    Nice work! Like so many others, I keep refreshing and looking for the next great article!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

    • Donovan

      For right price, sign me up for a Frank Clark reunion.

  11. seaspunj

    it does look like most if not all thr variables are set at 5

    what i am curious to see is the 20th pick and seeing if they add quantity and maybe sacrificing a bit of quality at 20

    they have

    20 37 52 83

    I would not be surprised if they trade down 20 into 2 picks for a 2nd and adding a 3rd


    • Madmark

      I can see a trade to end of the 1st round and take JMS.

    • Peter

      This is the problem with trading down.

      If you could get your haul I’d do it.

      But draft value chart a trade of two sets bets them an extra fourth rounder. I’m not that interested in an extra fourth rounder.


      That extra fourth round that get then gets spent with their third to come up for a player.

      According to value charts to get an extra second round pick they’d need to trade almost to 31 to net dang near the last pick in the second round.

      Just me but unless you went:

      31 JMS
      37 keion white and i think he’ll be gone, maybe benton, Pickens
      52 mazi smith or Charbonnet
      61-62 thereabouts…break tradition julius brents or Mingo

      I’m just struggling to find the ideal combo in that scenario.

      • Madmark

        If I want trade I’m not interested next years picks and I not interested in giving up my picks. I always counter and try to work picks to fill gaps. 52-83, 83-123, 123-151, and 154-198. I traded 52 for 58, 117, and 162. I still got my guy and I filled 2 gaps that have talent that I might or use to trade up.

        • Sea Mode

          We already have a lot of picks this year. I’d be happy to start adding something to next year’s stockpile.

        • Madmark

          Trade 20 for 31, 95, 134, and 166. The offer by them was 31 and the Chiefs 2024 end 1st round. I countered I got my guy JMS and 3 picks filling in 3 gaps and if necessary move backup.

  12. Sea Mode

    I like it.


    • Rob Staton

      Works for me

    • A, Chris

      I like the insights, Rob.
      While I’m very cognisant of the situation regarding having a high pick, I don’t think there has been enough consideration put into other QBs. I honestly see PCJS having an eye on DTR. He fits so much of what they want. And if an opp comes across to drop into the 7-14 range, I can fully see them taking it with so many good options in that range, knowing they could shoot for Robinson later in the draft.

      I say that with full confidence that PCJS would take any one of the top QBs and make them sit a year regardless of talent. That seems even more likely after your recent interview with Scot.

      Nagy mentioned being uncomfortable with the idea of AR in the top 5-10, seeing him more suited to value in the 15-25 range. What if AR is the QB left at 5 and PCJS also see it that way? Would they offer up 5 to a needy team without an exorbitant asking price, snag someone like Wilson, Van Ness or JSN in the top 3rd, and use their significant draft capital to secure a developmental guy later on?

      • A, Chris

        Phone freaked out, this wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post Sea Mode. Sry

      • Rob Staton

        DTR is a fun player, I’ve enjoyed watching him. He was 190 or so pounds at the Shrine Bowl. We have to remember that. I won’t be surprised if he lasts deep into the draft, even late day three. I don’t see the Seahawks dropping down with a view to him. They won’t do that.

        Jim also said in an interview he watched AR this week and he was much more ready to play then he originally thought.

        Wilson & Van Ness are not really scheme fits at their height/weight. I don’t see them trading down to take a slower receiver like JSN. Let’s not overthink this too much.

  13. Zeke

    Marcus Davenport signed a 1 year $13M deal. Would’ve much proffered the Hawks take a chance on Davenport staying healthy than Adams in 2023…..

    • Zeke

      * preferred

  14. Ely

    Not gonna lie Rob, this article has got me hyped! Ready to run through a brick wall, just wish that brick wall wasn’t 6 f#&King weeks away.

    • Rob Staton


  15. Zane

    Good stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a draft than this one!

    Rob, if Stroud, Richardson, Levis and Anderson go in the top 4, how likely do you think it is we trade down with a team that wants Bryce Young? I just can’t see Schneider taking him and redshirting him with Geno.

    If we traded back with Atl or Vegas we would be in range to take BPA: Mayer, McDonald or Robinson.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’d happily take Young

      I just don’t think you can pass up that shot just to select another TE or RB

      • Zane

        That’s fair. I guess I just don’t see what everyone raves about when I watch Young’s highlights; he seems limited and ill-suited for a McVay style offense.

        • Peter

          This is reductive as Adam Nathan would say but I think Pete would love the 80 tds to just 12 interceptions though.

          I know it’s alabama but dude just doesn’t make careless mistakes.

    • Zeke

      “I just can’t see Schneider taking him and redshirting him with Geno”

      Why not? Seems like a perfect time to add the necessary weight for the NFL

      • Sea Mode

        Not sure if you’re joking about him adding weight… 😅

  16. Ptrptrptr

    I think we are sleeping on the possibility of a CB in the first. Could use an injection of talent there. Haven’t added anything in free agency. Draft is deep with talent. Hawks even appeared to strongly consider Sauce Gardner last year.

    Yes, itd be out of their norm. But so was signing Dre Jones and a lot of what theyve done in the last year.

    • Rob Staton

      Well they signed Dre Jones because there was a desperate need to fix the DL and they seized an opportunity

      They have ample depth at CB as it is currently and there’s little reason for them to break away from that now, especially a year after they found a legit long-term starter in round five

      • Ptrptrptr

        Ample seems a stretch. We have Woolen, Tre Brown, and probably Mike Jackson at outside cb? It could easily be BPA at #20.

        • Rob Staton


          With the potential to add another developmental pick in the range they always take one

          And after 13 years of them not taking a cornerback early — I don’t see any reason to believe they’re going to do it this year for essentially a better shot at a CB2

  17. Karlos

    Hey Rob, what are your thoughts on drafting Christian Gonzalez at #5?
    Would you like us to trade down?

    • Rob Staton

      I like Gonzalez but not to Seattle at #5

      I don’t want to trade down

  18. Rob Staton

    Just read an article in the Athletic co-authored by the very respectable Jeff Howe

    Doesn’t sound like there’s any interest from Vegas to trade up for a QB at #3

    • Wilson502

      All we have to worry about now is ATL….. And just hope AZ takes Will Anderson….

      • Rob Staton

        I’m comfortable with Anderson or a QB at #5

        • Wilson502

          A potential long term answer will have far more impact on the team than Will Anderson. I think u can agree this a rare opportunity and not coming away with a long term answer at QB would be disappointing especially considering how Genos contract is structured. Lock is only signed for a yr.

          • Wilson502

            *potential long term answer at QB

          • Rob Staton

            Sure — but I’m not going to complain if they draft Anderson

  19. Mr drucker in hooterville


  20. Blitzy the Clown

    What if their choice is Anderson and Young or Levis instead of Anderson and Richardson?

    Do you still think they go Anderson?

    • Rob Staton

      I think John will be incredibly high on Levis so I don’t know

      But I also think PCJS will both really like Anderson

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I don’t think Anderson gets by Arizona, be it at 3 or 4

        • jed


          Even though the position distribution is odd with the QB’s, being in the top 5 of this draft is a good place to be.

          4 QB’s that can be argued as a #1 pick pretty much outside a Burrow/Luck draft. Or an edge that would have been #1 last year if he could have declared & a top 5 prospect most years. If Seattle sticks at 5 and goes with one of those guys, it’s a huge win.

  21. obiweiss

    Watching the rise of Adetomiwa Adebawore – and remembering last year Trevon Walker rose all the way up to #1. With a month to go, wouldn’t be shocked if Seattle took him at #5

    • Rob Staton

      That won’t happen. He’s rising but not that much

      • Peter

        I will say if all four qbs go?

        I’m not sure I’d hate a trade down for Ade Adebit… anywhere near where you mocked him.

        Do a switch and burn picks and secure Macdonald with that 20 pick.

        I like Anderson a good deal and think in reality he goes to AZ…but…

        • Rob Staton

          I like Adebawore a lot, it’s why I interviewed him

          But no way am I trading out of the top-five and banking on him as the top pick

          • Peter

            I might…

            You mocked him to Houston. And nor for nothing I know you’re not spitballin. I have to think if Ryan’s thinks ade ade was worth a top 12 pick…so should we.

            I know this is prognostication. But I think there’s something there.

            Tyree Wilson

            Not sure those three are that much better or at all than:

            Ade ade, white, Pickens, benton, Kancey

            If Anderson is at five I’m sold. Solid. Plus output. No problem from me.

            But the other two vs. The field? I’ll take the field.

      • obiweiss

        I know you liked him at #20, and he seems a better scheme fit than Tyree Wilson, so figured it was worth asking.

  22. Huggie Hawk

    Excellent summary Rob. I’m partial to a qb, but my main hope is that we don’t trade down. Bring us a QB or Anderson.

  23. Gaux Hawks

    1R23 Anthony Richardson
    1R23 Will McDonald
    2R23 Luke Wypler
    2R23 Keeanu Benton
    3R23 Zach Charbonnet

    • Trevor

      Absolutely love that draft and it seems plausible.

    • Sea Mode


  24. Henry Taylor

    I had been pretty set on a QB at 5, and that’s still my preference to be very clear. But if it doesn’t go our way, I’m much more comfortable with a Will Anderson than I was.

    And it’s because I’ve been so impressed with what they’ve done in free agency. The way we’re looking I think we’re a good draft away from having a massively improved defence. That combined with an even weaker looking NFC next year, makes me a lot more positive that we can have a window with Geno if he can maintain his performance from somewhere around his best from last year.

    QB is still the smart long term move, but I’m once again very much open to all possibilities.

  25. Geoff u

    Crossing my fingers Arizona stays put. If they select Tyree Wilson, that would make for an interesting dilemma. Quarterbacks don’t grow on trees though, i still think we take whomever’s leftover. If feels wrong to think all four of these could have great careers, that there’s no baker Mayfield in here, that would be extremely rare. Makes sense though, there were no top quarterbacks last year, and this fills the gap.

  26. AC

    What are the odds they trade up from 20?

    What would it take to get to 12 and take Ade Ade? 52?

    He just seems like a player tailor fit for PCJS. Excellent run defender -> our run defense was shit last year. Team leader -> emphasize leadership. Blowed up the Senior Bowl -> emphasis on senior bowl. Athletic marvel -> fits there as well.

    • 12th chuck

      If they could nab a legit starter, it might be worth trading up, but as well as this offseason has gone, they still have a lot of holes to fill. They seem to be making some smart decisions, so if they do trade up, probably right choice, if they stay put, probably right choice, trade back, maybe not so much.

    • Madmark

      I don’t see the hype of this guy as much as others. Your guy and white will both be at 20 just to talent to take with this CB, OL, and WR go.

  27. Madmark

    A walk down memory lane with my first mock.
    5 Will Levis
    20 Drew Sanders
    37 Zach Harrison
    52 John Michael Schmitz
    83 Byron Young from Alabama
    123 Chris Rodriguez
    151 Nick Broeker
    154 Bryce Ford-Wheaton
    198 P.J. Mustipher
    A lots changed.

    • Trevor

      I actually kind of like that draft if you replace Harrison with a DT.

  28. Zin

    Either of Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson would be ideal for Seattle, however there could be some wrinkles thrown in depending on who Carolina picks.

    While all arrows are pointing towards CJ Stroud as the #1 pick, it is possible that Carolina goes for Anthony Richardson (AR), and uses a veteran quarterback like Andy Dalton to redshirt AR. When such an elite athletic talent is present at this caliber, it might be hard for Carolina to pass on AR.

    If this were to happen, the domino effect could be for Houston to go for CJ Stroud instead of Bryce Young. Then Arizona could go for Will Anderson Jr, and Indianapolis for Will Levis, as expected. This would leave Seattle with Bryce Young, who while very talented might not have the quarterback profile that Schneider covets, and combined with size concerns, it might lead Seattle to either trade down or select someone else.

    In this scenario, what would you prefer Seattle do, Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      The Panthers will do their homework on all the top QB’s, including Richardson. But they need someone to start now. They’re not in a position to turn to that fanbase and say, ‘stomach a year of Andy Dalton please’. And if they tried pulling that off, I’d give it two weeks before the fans were chanting the name of the rookie, demanding he play.

      I’m certain they’re going to draft someone to play in 2023. Maybe not immediately but sooner rather than later.

      I think the Seahawks will like Bryce Young

  29. samprassultanofswat

    Not a big fan of Bryce Young. But if Rob likes him. Well then I gotta go with Rob. If somehow Bryce Young falls to 5 and John Schneider selects him. All I can say is that they pretty protect him much better than they protected Russell Wilson.

  30. Palatypus

    Hey Rob, I think Brandon Perna is reading your blog.


  31. kelphelper

    I’m enjoying the content and like the perspective. I think Seahawks are setting up for a special draft.

    But I completely disagree with your take on drafting a QB at #5. I believe they will take Will Anderson if he’s there, but otherwise trade down. (And I really doubt Anderson will fall that far.) I would bet significant money on a trade down. They have Geno, they have Lock. Too many other holes in the roster. They might take a late-round flier on somebody, but I just don’t see them making that commitment to a first round QB when the available choices are so raw.

    • Rob Staton

      They have Geno, they have Lock. Too many other holes in the roster.

      You realise they have to play beyond 2023 right?

      That the season doesn’t finish and then that’s it.

      Planning ahead at the most important position in football, when you have a rare top-five pick, is perfectly understandable. Far more so than trading down to draft what? A guard? A running back? One of the tight ends?

      As for the available choices being so raw… they aren’t.

      • kelphelper

        I respect your opinion, but please respect my ability to have one as well. When is the last time PCJS has drafted a quarterback in the first round? None, right? And how many times have they moved down in the first round? Too many to count, right? Since they hit a home run with Geno’s contract, wouldn’t it behoove them to see how he performs in 2023 before committing more money to the position? A rookie contract at #5 is not cheap. I just don’t think they can resist the opportunity to turn that capital into more picks.

        I think they will likely draft a center, a linebacker, and a nose tackle in the first two rounds. I could see them adding a running back, a tight end, or maybe a receiver. Later rounds make sense to get more defensive linemen, edge rushers, a guard, another linebacker.

        The Seahawks have a lot of needs. And no need to draft a third-string QB so high.

        • BK26

          Sigh…when is the last time that they had a top 5 pick? When is the last time that they needed a quarterback? When has a quarterback class been this talented?

          They have only Geno after this year and his contract is an easy out. There is a reason for that. None of the trade backs worked and they changed their draft strategy last year and it worked.

          Geno isn’t good enough. Period. The team isn’t close to good enough to win with a second tier quarterback. Lock is a trade throw in that is a safe backup. As far as I am concerned, if they don’t take one this year, they will be mediocre for the foreseeable future. It’s a quarterback league. Trading back and trading back is getting cute and trying to outsmart everyone. It’s failed them.. Enough of the being safe and scared.

          You can have an opinion but just because they haven’t done something doesn’t mean that they won’t. Especially when they have even said that they are involved with the quarterbacks in this class.

        • Rob Staton

          I respect your opinion, but please respect my ability to have one as well.

          I never said you are unable to have one. I replied. You can reply back. Let’s not act too delicate here.

          When is the last time PCJS has drafted a quarterback in the first round?

          What’s that got to do with anything? They had Russell Wilson between 2012-2021. Why would they draft a first round QB? But as it happens, they reportedly would’ve taken Mahomes and tried to trade Wilson for the top pick in 2018 to draft Josh Allen. So let’s not act like drafting the most important position in the sport in the first round isn’t something they’d do.

          Since they hit a home run with Geno’s contract, wouldn’t it behoove them to see how he performs in 2023 before committing more money to the position?

          The reason it’s a home run is because it buys them the flexibility to draft and develop a QB. If there’s one you like in the draft you don’t pass that up to ‘wait and see’. The point of the Smith contract is to set up an ideal progression scenario.

          A rookie contract at #5 is not cheap. I just don’t think they can resist the opportunity to turn that capital into more picks.

          And yet a year ago they stayed in the top-10 and picked.

          The Seahawks have a lot of needs. And no need to draft a third-string QB so high.

          This is such a backwards way to describe it.

          You’re not drafting a ‘third string’ quarterback. You’re drafting the QB of the future. I don’t get why people can’t wrap their heads around that.

          • Wilson502

            To answer the last part, the reason why “people cant wrap their heads around that” is because theyve been brainwashed by other fans and media into buying these BS narratives. Thats why you see the Jalen Carter sycophants among many in the fanbase, it seems no amount of red flags will convince them that its not worth the pick at #5.

          • MountainHawker

            I’ve given up trying to explain my position that QB at 5 makes by far the most sense. People have this idea that taking a defender at 5 automatically rides the defense. And I’ll never understand the desire to trade back from 5 overall instead of taking a free shot at a QB of the future. Especially when we already have plenty of picks. To trade back from 5 you’ll need offers from other teams. If other teams are trying to get the #5 pick that badly there’s probably a player there that will improve our team. Take them.

            • MountainHawker

              Fixes* the defense

    • samprassultanofswat

      Kelp: At best this is a once in a decade (maybe once in every other decade) opportunity. To just ignore the QB position is just plain shortsighted. When was the last time the Hawks were able to pick this high in the draft (#5 overall.) And then say we don’t need a QB. We have a QB that will be 33 years old in Oct. The guy has only had one good season. Very good season. But not spectacular. I don’t think we will be picking this high in the draft again. At least not for a long long time. To say we don’t need a QB doesn’t make sense at all.

      • kelphelper

        The Seahawks were in obvious need last year, and amazingly, did not draft a quarterback. They rolled with Geno. I’m not trying to ruffle feathers here, but I don’t think this class is great. I think Richardson is a project. I think the other three will be gone at #5, but I just don’t think THEY think they need a QB. Next year’s class might even be better. Maybe I’m wrong, but I do think history is on my side.

        • Rob Staton

          They didn’t draft a QB last year because it was a crap class full of third round prospects

          There are four legit players who deserve to go at the top of R1 this year

          You’re not ruffling any feathers. You’re just saying a lot of things that are very easy to disprove and/or disagree with

          • kelphelper

            Disagree away. That’s fine. I’m used to the Seahawks not following my recommendations on draft day, so it would not be anything new for me if I were wrong.

        • Wilson502

          This is a dumpster fire take, and what Rob says below is correct. Even if next years class is “better” they likely wont be picking in the top 5 or top 10, so that argument will be completely irrelevant unless they want to sacrifice a massive amount of draft capital to move up.

          • T.J.

            * they likely won’t be picking in the top 5*

            Unless they can work out another trade with Denver 🙂

          • MountainHawker

            To build on this. Even if we are willing to mortgage the future to move up next year, there’s a very good chance the teams picking high will be QB needy and will refuse to trade down.

            • Wilson502

              Exactly my point, people act like were going to be in this position to draft a QB in a top heavy class, the hawks really only have 1 chance at this, which is why Im not a huge fan of Anderson over a QB, (which is why I hope AZ stays and takes him to eliminate the possibility).

        • Madmark

          I got to go with a dream. Anthony Richardson and Darnell Washington, two freak monsters as the face of this future franchise. That’s the recognition you what when your getting ready to sell the team.

          • Peter

            Saw you’re comment on Ade Ade above…..

            You getting stoked on Washington is equal to the fascination with ade ade.

            Two players with underwhelming production but big time “what if,” energy.

            Both freaks. Both with meh tape.

            At the expense of being the raiders:

            5. Richardson
            20. White, ade ade, Washington
            37. White, ade ade, Washington
            52. Center. Probably wypler

            • Madmark

              JS/PCsaid they want to strength the trench’s and in many ways TE falls in the category of being and OL. Depending on how you use him there an air element to tap if you so choose to. 28 receptions at 16.2 yds a catch is pretty nice. Take this guy then go get a C, RB, G and a WR. Still 5 picks for defense.

              • Peter

                Just rewatched some Washington highlights because he’s a fun watch….

                There’s about 10 DB’s I’d take off this year’s board and next years board for going to the ground and trying to should tackle his feet!! So stupid.

                He’s extremely exciting to be sure. It’s still hard for ne to see him in the first unless they trade back from 20 to say 28.

                It’s not that I don’t like him. There’s just really not many TE’s going in the first round.

                It’s like the JMS pick at #20. Really? I’ve got to see it to believe it. Frank Ragnow went a smidge higher and was an absolute athletic showcase at his position.

          • OakleyD

            There are a lot of physical freaks with unique traits.

            I believe JS will draft for value based on tape, but if PC has his way. We could over-draft for one or two of these players.

            1 #5 Anthony Richardson
            1 #20 Dawand Jones / Ade Ade / Keion White
            2 #37 Darnell Washington / Mazi Smith
            2 #52 Julius Brents
            3 #83 JL Skinner

            Later rounds:

            WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton / Jonathon Mingo
            TE Zach Kuntz
            CB Darius Rush (ex. WR)
            Edge Byron Young / Zach Harrison / Jose Ramirez

            Lots of physical upside – not really the tape to back it up in some cases. But very much Woolen-esque picks

            Only issue is that our need is quite obvius at ILB and OC at this time, no freaks in those positions. So we need to be sensible and look for value at those positions if any are available with the right picks.

  32. samprassultanofswat

    Say what you want about Drew Sanders the guy is a play maker. 13.5 TFLs. 105 tackles in 2022. Sanders is a tackling machine. He probably has the intensity of a Nick Bosa/T.J. Watt. His measurables are fairly similar to Luke Kuechly.

    Talent over need.

    • Peter

      Really need his pro day numbers.

      If they are good to great I think it shakes up the second round quite a bit.

    • Seattle Person

      I like him but he needs to clean up his tackling. Seahawks fans have been complaining for a while about the tackling on the team. Sanders had 22 missed tackles last season with almost a 20% missed tackle rate.

      For some context, Cody Barton had a 6% missed tackle rate last season…

      • OakleyD

        Sorry Seattle Person, wrote mine before reading yours! lol

    • OakleyD

      He also had more missed tackles than any other LB in this class.

      We know how sick Pete Carroll got with missed tackles last season.

      I do like Sanders & if we used him like a swiss army knife blitz linebacker, I think he has value of a poor mans Micah Parsons. Line him up at ILB, Edge and Will and have him attack the LOS.

      But I don’t think you can line him up and ask him to read-react and be as productive as he was in college. He’s a different type of LB than we have used previously imo

    • MountainHawker

      What measurables? He hasn’t tested that I can see. If you wanted a kuechly clone you should’ve taken Chenal last year (I was banging the drum for him).

  33. Ron Howard

    Hey Rob,
    I know 2022 QB class wasnt the best. How does this class stack up against 2021 class which was better top to bottom?

    • Rob Staton

      This one is far better IMO

      Doesn’t have anyone with Lawrence’s reputation but it’s deeper. I didn’t rate Fields that highly and Jones was scheme specific

  34. KHF

    Why I think Richardson is there at 5: Of the four top QBs, he’s the one most likely to need the “redshirt” year. Of the teams that should or could draft a QB and are in the Top 5 or have the means to get there, only Seattle and Las Vegas are constructed in such a way to be able to provide a meaningful redshirt year. The other teams likely to draft a QB in the Top 10 need a QB who can start right away. The only thing I see preventing Richardson from reaching Seattle is Anderson going to Houston and Arizona deciding that adding picks to drop to Vegas’s 7 spot is their best move. If that were to happen, I’ll be hoping Levis is still there and Indy likes Young.

    • Trevor

      Makes sense. Raiders moving up seems to be the biggest risk to Levis or Richardson not being there at 5.

      • Rob Staton

        As noted yesterday though, per Jeff Howe there is minimal interest from Vegas to trade up

        Just doesn’t seem likely at all.

        • KHF

          I hadn’t read that. That’s a huge relief.

          • Peter

            I believe it. The raiders are actually bad. In a lot of spaces. When people dream up “next year’s qb class,” that’s for the raiders whom if I had to give it a micron of thought I think they will still be top ten pick level bad next year.

            Josh McDaniels has had a weird career but hopefully he’s learned that burning draft picks ….notably on gators qbs that need work isn’t the smartest thing to do.

  35. Tony

    There’s a dream scenario where AZ takes tyree at #3 leaving AR and Will sitting at our pick. If that happens, I imagine teams between 6-12 will be salivating on jumping to get will anderson. As trade down happy as seahawks get, you gotta take the pick at 5 and get your guy. But Detroit just drafted Aiden and could bookend will with him if we take AR. Or ATL, or a couple needy pass rush teams would probably throw a ton to move up for him. Or we take will and pass on AR(which I doubt we do) and detroit is still stuck with a trade down opportunity.

    There’s an interesting twist with the AZ pick that really could turn the draft on its head. Cause I have little doubt that Hou, car, indy pass at qb. But if the tyree fit in AZs defense really drops will, it could lead to a fall out of top 5. Which is crazy to think of. Lions could drop 2 spots and get extra picks and still get one of there guys.

    • KHF

      This illustrates the beauty of the Seahawks setting themselves up to go any direction. If this were to happen, they could call Detroit and see how badly they want to guarantee they get Anderson. Move back one spot, get a couple extra picks, and still get AR15.

      • Rob Staton

        I think if they end up in that scenario they probably take Anderson themselves

        • KHF

          I think you’re right. I just like how the scenario illustrates the brilliance of the position they’ve put themselves in. They can truly go just about any direction with #5 – to include a small drop down – and still be able to get one of the few players worth a R1 pick. That flexibility gives them a lot of control over the draft, in my opinion.

  36. Burner

    Rob, I saw a mock draft yesterday that has us taking BJ Ojulari, EDGE, LSU with the #5 pick. First time I’ve seen this guy’s name so high, Do you know much about him?


    • Rob Staton

      Ignore it

      • OakleyD


  37. Zeke

    A’Shawn Robinson should be the #1 free agent priority at this point. Don’t let this man go to the Giants!

    The Athletic:

    A’Shawn Robinson is one of the best run defenders in the NFL who isn’t named Aaron Donald. His 38 tackles on designed rush plays through Week 11 (when he was healthy) were tied for fourth-best among NFL defensive linemen … with Donald.

    …Robinson’s free agency market may be too high for the Rams, but they’d also net a higher compensatory pick because of that.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s starting to feel like they’ve spent the money and are now shopping in the bargain bin

      I’d rather pull some levers to create more cap space

    • AC

      Not a deep NT class. If they really want to be able to go BPA they need to add a NT. Benton and Smith are it so it really forces your hand in round two.

  38. Sea Mode

    So fun to watch when healthy. Wonder if we made him any offer at all.


    • cha

      Bob Condotta
      My understanding is Seahawks wanted to keep Penny and let him know that, but given the injury history in Seattle he wanted a fresh start, or as he put it, “changing my narrative.” Hard to blame him….

  39. Sea Mode

    Some interesting notes from league sources, a lot of it confirming what we’ve already been thinking:

    Run on OTs expected in middle of R1. JMS considered a R1 pick.

    Teams at the back end of Round 1 are investing heavily via free agency since the draft class has a serious drop off.

    Reid: Teams at the end of the first round have especially focused on the offensive line in free agency. We’ve seen the Chiefs (Jawaan Taylor), Bengals (Orlando Brown Jr.) and Ravens (Ben Powers) all sign blockers to lucrative deals. Evaluators around the league say a big reason for that is the expectation OTs will fly off of the board in the middle of the first round. Plus, the interior line class is below average.

    Miller: You nailed it, Jordan. Teams know that all of the top tackles — Peter Skoronski (Northwestern), Broderick Jones (Georgia), Paris Johnson Jr. (Ohio State) and Darnell Wright (Tennessee) — could be gone in the first 20 picks. And there is a really big drop-off to the second-tier tackles. On the interior, you won’t hear many Round 1 grades at guard or center. In polling scouts around the league, only Florida guard O’Cyrus Torrence and Minnesota center John Michael Schmitz are thought to be top-31 picks there.

    Carter still a lock for top 10? I think the Cards at 3 is a real stretch, especially after the pro day.

    Miller: Carter is the real wildcard here. While there is off-field uncertainty and his pro day workout wasn’t great, scouts continue to tell me he’ll be drafted in the top 10 picks. The consensus around the league is Carter has too much talent to fall very far. And one scout I spoke to this week said Carter is the hands-down best player in this class. Seeing the Seattle Seahawks sign Jones seems to indicate they’re out of the running on Carter, but the Cardinals letting Allen walk in free agency might point to their willingness to make him the No. 3 overall pick. And Chicago looms at No. 9, should he get there.


    • Rob Staton

      I’ll believe Torrence in R1 when I see it

      And as for Carter, my suggestion to them is to do more digging

      • Matt

        Not asking for details…but there’s even more about Carter??

        • Rob Staton

          There’s stuff that teams will be aware of that people in the media aren’t or simply won’t report. I understand why they wouldn’t. But the sure fire way to know who’s ‘on it’ in the media will be those who skirt around these issues delicately and those who talk about this legal issue only.

          • MountainHawker

            Your comments since the interview lead me to believe Scott filled you in.

            • Rob Staton

              It would be a mistake to assume anything like that

              I’m lucky enough to speak to a variety of people. Not many, but enough.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Just saw this… I believe we have a new champ for most ridiculous mock. Naturally, we will skip Anthony Richardson and take JMS at #5. Then grab Trenton Simpson at #20.


      Next stop – Super Bowl!!!

      • Rob Staton

        Yep, that’s the worst

        Congrats to whoever wrote that

      • Peter

        That was so bad it’s made me smile. Thanks.

        Top five pick on center? Even if he had Ade Ade’s testing I’m not sure what team would run to the podium for a center that high.

        • PJ in Seattle

          Upside is that Ade Ade, Keion White, Devin Witherspoon, Joey Porter Jr. Michael Mayer, etc. are all Day 2 picks according to this genius authority.

    • AC

      Not that he should go there but I think Houston might be in on Carter at two.

      It’d be surprising but not shocking. At least to me.

      That would shake up the draft.

      • PJ in Seattle

        Whoa – I saw someone making this same argument yesterday elsewhere. Boy, that would sure make me happy.

  40. Dragonhawk

    https://twitter.com/mikejurecki/status/1637232667346489344. Is this accurate.. Seems a lot

  41. Forrest

    From the McClellan interview, I sense that he was referring to Richardson as someone who can break off a big run, but then throw an interception (as a player he’s not as high on). Same for Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy and his interviews.

    I also sensed from the interviews that Jalen Carter could be the one that is referred to who is not hanging around the right people, suffers from immaturity and may have gang connections.

    It was interesting to hear McClellan mention that teams like to hold visits with players who they perceive to have character concerns.

    I think the Hawks want John Michael Schmitz and Mazi with their second and third picks in the draft. ideally, I agree they’d like to trade back a little from 20. In my opinion both players are unique and far ahead of the next player at those positions (C and 3-4 NT).

    After those two, I like the following players for the Hawks:
    Julius Brents – CB #2
    Cody Mauch – LG to replace Damien Lewis in a year. Give him a year in the weight room. If you don’t get JMS, I think he could be your C in a year as well. Valuable positional flexibility.
    JK Skinner – SS run stopping role (Kam Chancellor). I think Julian Love could play the big Nickel role and Seattle would have a ton of flexibility on the 3-4 backside for blitzing, etc.

    Also watch for a TE to replace Fant and Dissly in a year. Fant will be a free agent and cutting Dissley after 2023 could save $7 million against the cap.p

    WR3 and RB are other areas of need. I would love to see the Hawks sign a free agent WR3. Take a look at Mack Hollins. I think he’s a physical tone setter who is one of the best blockers in the league at WR3, finds creases, runs reverses, excellent special teamer, etc. The guy just screams Alpha and could probably be had for $3M or so.

    I could also see the Hawks taking Tank Bigsby in Round 4/5 to play the LenDale White “thunder” role to wear down defenses and spell Ken Walker.

    • Tony

      I like your thought on mack hollins. He really looked good last year. Would totally be into him as a wr3

  42. Simon McInnes

    Last autumn there was some noise about Vi Jones being a good value pick up on the UDFA list. Given the shortage of healthy linebackers until a couple of days ago (plus Tanner Muse not getting an offer yet despite seeming to be looked on favourably last season), does anyone here think Jones can emerge and be a serious factor in the coming season? Or even a stopgap until Brooks is ready?

  43. Floki

    I just can not get on board with Richardson but I’ve never cared for run-first QBs that are inaccurate in college. The pro level is only going to be more difficult and I just don’t see it. I might take a flyer at 20 but not 5. I would be more apt to take a chance on Carter than Richardson. Let’s hope Anderson falls or maybe one of the other QBs, If not, I would try and find a trade partner. Unfortunately, unless there is a QB available at 5, or someone just has to have Wilson, it looks unlikely.

    • Rob Staton

      He isn’t run first though

      Does he have inaccurate throws? Sure. He also has some incredible throws. And his supporting cast at Florida sucked

      And I’m sorry — but I can’t compute why you see the flashes from Carter and ignore all the bad stuff but won’t do the same for Richardson?

  44. Blitzy the Clown

    Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL

    #Seahawks Jarran Reed two years, $9M, $4.19M gtd, $3M signing bonus, salaries $1.19M (gtd), $3.96M; $20K per game active roster bonus 2023, $30K per game active roster bonus 2024; $900K playtime-sacks incentive annual

    2:19 PM · Mar 19, 2023

    Reed’s contract numbers

    • Blitzy the Clown

      John P Gilbert @JohnPGilbertNFL

      Cap hits of $3.03M in 2023 and $5.97M in 2024 for those wondering.

      • Rob Staton

        And it means we have $5,493,214 in effective cap space, although this will come down when the details of Drew Lock’s contract are revealed.

        So we’re running low. It’s time to go to Jamal Adams and ask him to free up some cap space.

        • Wilson502

          Or just post June 1st his ass, time to move on from that mistake.

          • Joe B.

            Agreed. What a total trade bust that was

  45. Joe B

    I’m definitely in the minority here, but what I value highest in a QB is accuracy and reading defenses. Ability to move out of the pocket and do checkdowns are almost as high. I’m not sure I see that from any of these QBs, except Stroud.
    I’m wondering what team(s) will have the worst record next year. Could we trade for their #1, 2 and more in 2024? We seem to be really pumped about having Denver’s picks this year. Seems like we could keep this going for a while, if we find that right team. Maybe even two teams? And throw in Adams as an extra!

    • Rob Staton

      I’m definitely in the minority here, but what I value highest in a QB is accuracy and reading defenses.

      I think we all value that highest. I doubt anyone is saying anything else.

      But physical traits matter. And when Mahomes and Allen were coming out, nobody had ‘accuracy and reading defenses’ at the top of the scouting report. So that’s worth remembering.

      Ability to move out of the pocket and do checkdowns are almost as high. I’m not sure I see that from any of these QBs, except Stroud.

      I think an ability to get to your hots is important but it’s also something that coaching and pro development is responsible for. In college, most of the offenses aren’t having to check down to hots. So there is some development needed here. I would say that Young is excellent moving out of the pocket and the complaint is he does it too much, sometimes unnecessarily. Richardson, when he breaks contain, can be incredibly dangerous. Levis is a good athlete and can be dangerous out of the pocket. He rarely had a chance last season due to the obscene O-line giving him no time.

      I’m wondering what team(s) will have the worst record next year. Could we trade for their #1, 2 and more in 2024?

      You can’t plan for that. We’ve already done this, lucked out, got Denver’s #5 pick. No need to risk it being lower next year.

      • Avery

        I think we saw about 4 nationally televised games of Allen his rookie year, notably the playoff game where, not even being a fan, felt they got comically screwed against a over-hyped Houston team. Anyway, I never got the perception he lacked anticipation or even really accuracy, I just saw someone who tired to place balls in absurdly tight windows ala Brett Favre. I’ve only seen Will Levis through the thinking football youtube video just released, but the tape reminds me so much of that guys previous video and prediction on Zach Wilson, and also watching Russ for a number of years. His problem is not bad footwork leading to compromised accuracy, it’s the opposite of Allen in that he does not trust his reads and only throws balls once it’s clear a receiver gets separation. It’s lot easier to dial back aggression vs. finding anticipation when it’s not really present.

        • Rob Staton

          Scouting reports on Allen:

          Lance Zierlein:

          “Likely be the biggest boom-or-bust quarterback prospect in the draft. Allen’s size and arm talent are prototypical for early first-round picks, but it’s rare to find a quarterback with such a low college completion rate become a successful pro. Allen can make some truly special throws, but his ability to improve the mental part of his game will determine whether he’s a good NFL starter or just another big, strong-armed guy. “

          Jeff Legwold:

          “Allen will be selected long before this because he has the prototypical quarterback build and power arm. But accuracy over the long haul is a significant concern. He had just one more game with a 60 percent or better completion rate in his career (10) than he did 50 percent or lower (nine).”

          What people were saying before the 2018 draft.

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