Free agency reaction live stream at 3pm PT


  1. TomLPDX

    Just you or you and Robbie?

    • Robbie

      I’ll be there! I also believe Adam will be joining us as well.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        The return of “The Three Hawkmigos™!”

      • Big Mike


      • TomLPDX

        Excellent! I will definitely be tuning in this afternoon.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve got my timings wrong because I forgot you guys have changed your clocks and we don’t until the end of March, so I don’t think Adam can make it

        • Palatypus

          He’s been clock blocked?

          • TomLPDX

            He’s in time out.

            Bummer Adam can’t make it.

    • Tommy

      The irony is Denver is cap strapped bcuz of the RW contract which allowed the Hawks to sign DreMont. 😂 The gift that keeps on giving.

      Outstanding FA signings which allows BPA on 4 picks in the top 52!

  2. Denver Hawker

    I’d have to dig it up, but I remember a draft comment a few years ago from JS or PC about how they generally view the draft as solving team needs 2-3 years out.

    Obviously a lot of guys started last year on a depleted roster in need of rebuild. Dre’mont Jones signing is also a little different for them, but outside that seems like all classic draft hedging.

    This roster is perfectly setup to get back to drafting for 2-3 year needs. Richardson at 5, maybe TE at 20- high upside talent to sustain long-term success.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “I remember a draft comment a few years ago from JS or PC about how they generally view the draft as solving team needs 2-3 years out.”

      Pretty sure Jim Nagy confirmed this in an interview with Rob…last year?

      Feels like the draft is wide open as far as being able to go bpa throughout the draft. Great spot to be in!

  3. Big Mike

    How long into the chat until we get someone stating that Jalen Carter is the right pick at 5 for Seattle?
    I’ll be optimistic and say it takes 10 minutes.

    • Big Mike

      Unless of course Michael Bumpus joins the chat then it’ll be about 30 seconds

      • PJ in Seattle

        Saw a chat yesterday with a guy saying Houston is going to upset the whole draft apple cart and take Jalen Carter at #2. Generational talent that is simply too good to pass up.

        I was like… Bumpus? That you?

        • Rob Staton

          Some people are going to be in for a shock

          • Elmer

            If he goes top 4, that obviously expands our options. Regarding going to us at 5, I recall a quote of Brock Huard from a few years back. It was something like “No more Malik McDowells. Ever.”

            • Rob Staton

              He won’t go in the top four

              • Elmer

                Interesting response. It seems to leave room in your mind that he could go at 5. That could either mean that the Hawks would consider him or that they could trade down if the right person isn’t there. Personally, I would rather let the red flags eliminate him from consideration and move on.

                • Rob Staton

                  He won’t go at #5 either

                  I only said what I said purely because someone talked about him going in the top-four

                  There’s no chance he goes at five and trying to work out just how far he’ll fall is very difficult. There are a lot of issues here to deal with, that the media isn’t reporting on (and I get why, it’s not something I feel comfortable discussing either, and I can’t be the only one who has heard certain things). But he is very talented at a virtually impossible position to find talent. Someone will take a shot — but it won’t be Seattle.

                  • Tmanhawk

                    Not exactly true! If anyone would be interested in Carter it would be Pete Carroll! Pete has done a lot of work for kids just like Carter in LA. Pete definitely wants to help him and love him up!

                    That being said 1st round money especially top #5 is too risky for the Team & Player.

                    It’s a tragic situation for teams in the top #5!

                    What I would do is after day 1 call Carter and ask him if he will sign a team friendly contract.

                    If Carter’s Agent is smart he’s convinced Carter to sign a Team friendly contract so the team doesn’t lose a lot of $! Then send a copy of that contract to all the teams hoping someone will draft him round 1.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Carter isn’t like the people Pete Carroll has helped. They weren’t five-star recruits, doing whatever they want and he wasn’t drafting any of them fifth overall.

                  • GerryG

                    I listened McShay on Ryan Russillo’s pod, he talked about his scouting of Carter, and the “character” concerns. He said he had SEVEN highly vetted sources concerning Carter. It wasn’t some random comment he put out there on a whim. This was back in December too, before gasping for air, the racing incident, and not being able to compete basic position drills without cramping up.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Team know a lot more than is being reported

                      As does Todd McShay

                      And IMO he is right not to go into the details. People who can’t hold a candle to McShay, calling him out, are ridiculous.

        • Peter

          Upset the draft?

          I think you mean prime Seattle for a qb.

          • PJ in Seattle

            Exactly. We can dream…

        • Steve Nelsen

          My hope is that Arizona drafts him at 3.

          • Rob Staton

            I think there’s more chance of Jimmy Carter being taken third overall

            • Whit21

              The “character concerns” report in january.. the car accident . Bad pro day.. that screams out of the top 10 for jalen carter.. maybe late first.. but id guess 10 to 15.. maybe a team trades up or back into the first..

              • Rob Staton

                I think it’s very hard to judge right now where he will fall, or how far

                • PatrickH

                  The Bears are bringing Jalen Carter in for a pre-draft visit. Of course it doesn’t mean that they will draft him at 9.

                  • Rob Staton

                    I suspect most teams will

                  • MountainHawker

                    If you remember what Scott said…there’s a reason for the visits

        • Ben

          Carolina going Stroud at 1, Houston taking Carter at 2 and then Arizona taking Anderson at four, then Young heading to Indy at 4 to just drop Richardson at 5 to us would be really fun.

          • Ben

            Carter won’t go top 5. Just stop.

  4. PJ in Seattle

    Sure would be nice to hear we’ve signed A’shawn Robinson by the time this rolls around, but I hear he’s headed to the Giants for a visit tomorrow.

    • Rushless pass

      Wonder what Demarcus Christmas is up to?

      • Palatypus

        Just like Lloyd Christmas, there is a chance.

  5. Mark

    Well done Blades. That was absolutely BRILLIANT!

  6. 509 Chris

    I’m really loving the blog these days. There’s a ton of optimism here, rightfully so I believe. I truly belive we are witnessing the beginning of something that could be special. Personally I think the team needs to embrace the offense. That’s the way the league is going anyway and Pete doesn’t seem to be able to field an acceptable defense without amazing talent. Just get the defense to jot be an embarrassing mess and pair it with a high octane point scoring machine! Super excited for the draft, thanks for everything you guys do here.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks — but please don’t just enjoy it because there is optimism.

      The worthiness of this blog can’t be determined by my positive or negative opinions of the Seahawks. Because if they do something I disagree with, I will write about it. And when I’ve done that in the past, I’ve received incredible abuse, including people saying horrible things about my family and suggesting I had ‘mental health problems’ or ‘trouble at home’ because I was prepared to argue Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin wasn’t solving a pass rush problem, that I thought the Jamal Adams trade was a bad move and I anticipated the Wilson saga.

      I will always be honest in my writing and I hope the fact I can be positive and negative makes this a better place than a website that is ‘always’ positive or ‘always’ negative.

      • SebA

        Thanks for all you do, Rob – back on the Patreon train because you are the no1 NFL journo for me. Also, none of these people would dare say stuff like that in the face of your totemic, Sheffieldian figure – nevertheless, I’m really sorry that you experienced that and hope it hasn’t dimmed your blogging passion.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Seb 👍🏻

      • MarkinSeattle

        The balance and accuracy is what I most appreciate. I am tired reading unbridled optimism. The constant rah-rah followed by the huge let down of dashed expectations is exhausting. I would much rather have an accurate expectation and then appreciate when the team or some players outperform those expectations. Don’t change what you are doing Rob, this is fantastic.

      • 509 Chris

        I actually first started coming here because you were one of the only people to voice the pessimism I’d felt for a long time. That was around the time of the reset I believe. You’ve never shared a positive or negative take without a reasonable explanation which is the credibility that will keep me coming back.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you

      • Comfect

        I fully agree that this blog can’t be all about optimism–but it is nice to see optimism (as here) that has actual basis in analysis, and not just wishful thinking. All too often commentators (or so-called) are mindlessly positive about everything–knowing you have the potential to be negative when things are negative, and thus your optimism is real, is another reward.

        That said, I personally found the pessimistic times when you were the only one willing to admit what our eyes were showing us to have been some of the most valuable on the blog, so it’s certainly not that only optimism matters.

  7. Mr drucker in hooterville

    As much as I look at the #5, I am most intrigued by the #20.

    • KitsapHawk

      How can you not be? There are only a couple of likely directions at 5, but at 20, ESPECIALLY with the way they have filled holes in the roster during free agency this far…

      It’s tantalizing to consider who will be left sitting there. Is there someone left that represents too much value to pass on, like a Mayer or Robinson? If not, who will the team value the most or feel like they can’t get something similar later? Do they consider a small move back from 20? There are so many options when you don’t have massive roster holes to fill.

      • Ben

        But also, the options at 20 (and maybe 37) even if Mayer and Bijan are gone could be possible with Gibbs, Musgrave and Washington. Not that I’d take them. I’m still all aboard the Kancey train at #20. I really want a DE that can shoot gaps.

        • BobbyK

          If we took Gibbs at 20 I bet it’d get a lot of criticism but I bet we’ll look back in a couple years and say what a great pick that was.

          I love KW but that’d be one heck of a duo and worth the investment, imo.

          • Spectator

            I like Gibbs a lot, but 20 would be rich for him and the hawks. Jonathan Taylor lasted to 38. Gibbs I believe will last to that point as well and would be good spot for him, just like it was for KWIII last year.

  8. Palatypus

    Without boring you all with the details, I did a mock on PFN last night with both Chicago and Seattle.

    After doing it, Ithink we are going to get one hell of a haul out of this draft.

    And taking a quarterback at #5 is not going to change that.

  9. Blitzy the Clown

    If you look at the roster at this point in FA, it’s easier to see where they’re likely to go in the draft.

    For example, it looks like a certainty they’re drafting a RB and an OG (G, C or T convert) because we’re so thin at those spots. But this draft class is fairly deep at both positions such that there’ll still be good talent on Day 3, and the starters already on roster are quality players. So they’d be adding depth/competition as opposed to upgrading, and consequently I doubt they’ll draft either early (unless the value is too good to pass).

    I’m thinking someone like Chris Rodriguez, Chase Brown, Roschon Johnso, Evan Hull, Zach Evans, even Deuce Vaugn starting late R5 and on.

    Btw, that OG pick would be in addition to what looks like an almost certain early-ish pick at C.

    Slot WR also looks like a group they’re likely to improve. Eskridge is the only decent prospect among them, and he’s basically been a bust so far. WR3 has never been more important in the NFL, as well as having an effective slot WR, and Seattle lacks both. But the WR class is structured with the talent concentrated at the top of the class. There are some ok Day 3 prospects and Schneider-Carroll have been known to look for WRs in R4.

    But they’re also known for draft WRs in R2, even trading up for them in that frame. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re targeting Jonathan Mingo (Josh Downs for sure but he’ll go earlier than 37). If they miss on Mingo, I think they’ll look for Bryce Ford-Wheaton. He’s not a slot type but his physical/athletic upside might be too tempting to pass on.

    • TomLPDX

      Add Devone Achane to your RB list. He would be an intriguing addition.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Agreed. Achane and Vaugn are really dangerous in the open and out of the backfield.

        If they do go RB earlier like late R2, Tyjae Spears would certainly be high on their board in addition to Charbonnet, Gibbs and McIntosh

        • j hawk

          I like Spears a lot.

          • Brodie

            I’m with you guys. Spears looks special, but will cost a bit. He might need to be taken in the 3rd, which makes it harder for the Hawks to justify.

            Probably in the minority here, but I’d be okay with it. Our offense literally falls apart w/o a dynamic RB. Many were complaining about going RB in rd 2 when we ‘had Penny’, but look how that went.

            Either way, I expect to leave this draft with 2 new RB’s. Spears in the 3rd and a UDFA like Deneric Prince maybe. His tape is limited (Tulsa) but he ran a blazing 40 and what little I watched on him gave me a Chris Carson vibe, where he finishes his runs looking for someone to hit.

            • Rob Staton

              Spears will go R2

              • Palatypus

                ^ This.

        • Rob Staton

          There are a few question marks about Achane’s personality fit in a locker room apparently

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I hadn’t heard. What’s being said?

            • Rob Staton

              Just that he’s a bit of a loner

              • TomLPDX

                I’ve never heard that and I’ve been following him for his entire Aggie career. Just because someone is more introverted doesn’t make him a bad team mate. Penny was a quiet one too and the team loved him. I wouldn’t be too worried about that.

        • Sea Mode

          I cooled off on McIntosh when I saw him at the Combine. Great that he’s a BAMF, but he’s too light and slow for my liking.

      • JimQ

        DEWAYNE MCBRIDE RB, UAB, 5-10/209, Might be a decent RB option, he runs HARD & checkout his +YPC, +TDs.
        Career stats: 484/3523/7.3-ypc/36-TD’s. Made Bruce Feldman’s Freak’s List – ranked #93. He wrote, “McBride, who ran for 1,371 yards and 13 touchdowns while averaging 6.72 yards per carry and **led the nation** with an average of 4.72 yards after contact in 2022, cleans 345 pounds and bench-presses 385 and has squatted 550. In addition, he ran the 40 in the very low 4.5s.”

        • Rob Staton

          Ball security an issue

          • God of Thunder

            Quick question. I know certain things are “innate” “god given” etc (pick your terminology), as Scott said in the recent interview. It stands to reason that ball security can be taught … but it does seem to plague certain players and follow them for their careers.

            Why is it so hard to improve ball security? I guess it could be physiology. Hand size matters I reckon.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s a good question and I’m not sure to be honest

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      I’m hoping for a tackle-breaker. A thunder to KW9’s lightning. I don’t know but Roschon Johnson seems about right.

    • Madmark

      What I like about Chris Rodriguez is he’s 5’11 at 225lbs. I think that’s the size Seattle looks for.

      • MountainHawker

        When I watched Levis film Rodriguez stood out to me. He runs HARD. Not afraid of going through a guy instead of around him. I thought he seemed like a Seahawks rb

    • Old but Slow

      A running back at some point seems like a no brainer. For me, I would like to see one that is complementary to Walker, as an alternative and perhaps as a 3d down back. Specifically, I see Walker as not a great receiver or blocker, and with the loss of Homer, these skills are needed. This draft class seems to have some good receiving talent at RB, but I do not have a feel for which ones block well.

  10. Cover 12

    Revenge of the Birds (Cardinal equivalent to Field Gulls) has been talking up them to be trading back some to get a CB and extra pick(s). Interesting…this would likely change the way we look at #5. Harder to think about a trade-back if there is not another party involved to make it worth your while. Right? So if they move, we are even More likely to stay put.

    Of course, None of our discussions will truly influence the draft maneuvers – nevertheless, it is entertainment.

    Hopefully, none of us take our opinions too seriously. No matter how badly we want our teams to follow our agenda, they will be following their own.

    • BK26

      I wouldn’t worry about an SB nation page being too…full of common sense. They tend to not always apply what the team can do, usually does, and could possibly do with reality.

      I HIGHLY doubt that their first pick will be a corner.

  11. Brodie

    Watching tape of Dorian Williams I have some thoughts. I’d like to see if anyone else had similar takes or disagrees.

    His highlight tape shows his best strength as a spy or in space. Tulane also seemed to trust him quite a bit in coverage. In the Cotton Bowl they even lined him up out wide on smaller WR’s like Raleek Brown. When it’s a power run, I thought he struggled consistently. He’s more of a pursuit LB to my eyes and when the play is coming right at him with a TE or second level guard, he usually gets blocked out of his gap. He can lay some big hits, but again they are in space and clean as opposed to being able to disengage from a block once hands are on him.

    He wore #24 as a sophomore and that’s where a lot of his ‘highlights’ came from. He switched to #4 as a junior. Kind of helps to timestamp a highlight, when you see a great play.

    He’s undersized for a ILB but considering the 3 safety looks that we will run, he could act as that ‘3rd safety’ with his skillset. Pete has said they look at a guy and focus what he CAN do, not what he CAN’T. Williams can spy, cover and play zone really well. He actually reminds me of Devin Bush a bit (pre-injury).

    Has anyone else watched him and drawn their own conclusions?

    • Brodie

      An added bonus of watching the Tulane games is getting to watch Spears when they’re on offense!

      • jujus

        You should check out Syracuse rb sean tucker.

        I like him more then Spears and is super fast

        • Brodie

          I might have ‘take-lock’ on Spears at this point, but I’ll check out Tucker.

    • OTS

      I am looking forward to seeing the team’s direction at linebacker. If they are truly committed to a classic 3-4 look, I speculate they might go the opposite direction at ILB with a player like Noah Sewell. Sewell has the size and demeanor to directly take on OG.

      The Dre’mont Jones signing suggests to me the opposite, though. They would like to move back to more 4-3 under sets with Jones playing the 3T base to passing downs (ala M. Bennett) with the OLB/LEO rushing the weakside to force 1v1 matchups there. In that formation, a chase player like DW is protected and could excel.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think it’s either to be honest.

        They’ve doubled down on the scheming with their words and the addition of another safety in Love backs it up. They want to run a lot of three safety looks with only one linebacker on the field. That’s why a year ago they didn’t really do anything to add to the LB position and it’s why this year they’ve focused on DL + S and just brought in Bush as a LB project.

        I’m not even sure they’ll draft someone. They’d need to fit what they go for and that’s hard to gauge because barely anyone ran a short shuttle and nobody ran in the 4.1’s.

        • OTS

          Interesting take.

          As teams go nickel to dime, they usually pull the SAM then the WILL (or one of the ILB in the 3-4, depending terminology), leaving one guy playing MIKE. The rush OLB/LEO still rushes, of course, to make four up the field.

          This team is so bad against the run right now that I can’t see them taking two linebackers off the field unless it’s really long yardage 2nd and 3rd down.

          Last year the ILB were just bad at taking on OL directly. Brooks was competent, but Barton was just terrible or terribly inconsistent.

          I think that the moves at linebacker will say a lot about the defensive philosophy.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, it appears they structured the scheme entirely to have one MLB and two OLB’s playing (the rush guys) and then have a third safety on the field. They’ve spelled it out really — with words and actions. And their moves at linebacker are already telling you that. They’ve gone big on the DL and at safety and signed a cheap reclamation project at LB

            • OTS

              No doubt this is right. It just seems a real gamble to put the majority of your run tackling on a guy that had a major injury last year and is still rehabbing (Brooks) or a guy that is still finding his way back (Bush). I like Nwosu, Taylor, and Mafe, but they got shredded outside last year. The NFL is a passing league, though!

        • Steve Nelsen

          The key point of the Love signing to me is that Love is likely to replace Coby Bryant as starting nickle CB. Although it was impressive the way 3 very inexperienced CBS (Woolen, Bryant and Jackson) started all year, Bryant and Jackson did not play to league average starter level. So, they both need to continue to improve. I expect them to add another CB to the competition in the draft.

          The DB competition and depth will be really solid this year.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think Love will be the nickel

            I think this is indicative of their plan to run three safety looks

            • Steve Nelsen

              You might be right. But the Fangio 3-4 scheme doesn’t use a lot of 3-Safety. It is possible that Seattle used more DBs last year to keep Barton off the field and with better LBs, they might get back to more typical formations.

              I was imagining Love competing with Neal for starting SS (I am assuming Adams won’t be ready to start the season if he is even still on the team) and then moving to a Big Nickle role in 5DB formations.

              • Rob Staton

                Sean Desai used a lot of three safety stuff in Chicago

                They were adopting that and had to adjust when Adams got hurt

                But the signing of Love suggests they are committed to it

  12. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, fantastic job again on the free agency round up article! I don’t see any need to read any other sites including much less ESPN, their information is not nearly as accurate in forecasting what will happen in the draft compared to yours.

    I will be curious to see which players you have highly regarded who slip in the draft. There is always a couple who you have really high that slip (frequently players most other sites don’t highly regard either) and who later turns into a good to great player like Lucas or Watt. Seems like those types of guys end up being steals who turn into future pro bowlers. Any thoughts on players you are particularly high on that aren’t getting much buzz in relation to their talent?

    One other question, where is the strength in this draft? Is there a lot of talent between 15-40? Is there a lot of depth in the 4th and 5th round? Just wondering where we may see some surprises and where we may want to add or keep picks.

    • Rob Staton

      Any thoughts on players you are particularly high on that aren’t getting much buzz in relation to their talent?

      I think Josh Downs is being severely overlooked, plus Jonathan Mingo. Downs is one of the best players in the draft. Mingo is far better than the media are suggesting, people are sleeping on him big time. I thought for a while Darnell Wright and Dawand Jones were going to be a pair — but the media have finally caught on there.

      One other question, where is the strength in this draft? Is there a lot of talent between 15-40? Is there a lot of depth in the 4th and 5th round? Just wondering where we may see some surprises and where we may want to add or keep picks.

      I think it’s difficult to pinpoint a range in terms of round where you would say — that’s a thick area at a variety of positions. With so few ‘legit’ first rounders, everyone is going to get bumped up. Thus, I’m kind of viewing this as which positions have the most depth and where is it best to pick players?

      It’s a top-heavy tight end class. I think if you don’t take one in the top-65 you probably miss out. But there are seven who could go in that range. It’s a long cornerback class throughout without that one, stud, legit-obvious top-10 type. I’ve been doing the rounds asking about depth and someone told me it was a really good safety class for depth and upon reflection, I see why they said that because on my horizontal board, the numbers are there. Rounds 3-4 should be good for interior O-line. Round four, there should be some interesting edge players left. I think it’s a ten receiver draft where if you don’t get one, you probably just leave it or take a flier on someone with traits on day three. Very top heavy at QB, basically you’ve got the quartet early, then Hooker, then a massive blackhole.

      And thank you for the kind words

  13. Brodie

    Last year we double-dipped at Tackle, CB and WR. RB and DL seem like decent bets to be in play for multiple picks this year.

  14. PJ in Seattle

    Jaxson Smith-Njigba = Slow Golden Tate.

    That’s a thing of beauty. Well played, Rob.

  15. geoff u

    Great discussion. Concerning the quarterback situation, I’d also like to add that it’s not certain that quarterback, or a quarterback they like, will be there at 5. Are they supposed to tell Drew Lock “Don’t sign with another team until we see if we draft a quarterback in a few months, then we’ll sign you if we don’t”? Would never happen. So if they don’t sign Drew, then the quarterbacks go 1-4, now who’s the backup? And what’s Lock’s guaranteed money? If they do draft a QB and he’s advanced enough to be the backup, they can just cut Lock.

    In every scenerio, no matter how it unfolds, it makes sense to sign Lock at the start of FA.

    • Rob Staton


  16. Max from Van

    Ive bee thinking a lot about draft strategy this week. Everyone says go for BPA, which I can understand to an extent, but I think some semblance of a need based approach is needed. If I were JS, I would approach the draft like this;

    #5 – One of the QBs (My order of preference would be AR, Levis, Young then Stroud) or Will Anderson

    #20 – BPA IF if one of the premier players on your board has fallen (ie. Bijian, Mayer, Skoronski). If you don’t have that premier top 10 talent there, I would be inclined to trade down to later in the first/early second for a day 2 pick or several early day 3 picks. Regardless of whether or not you move that pick, that is the range I would prefer to address the IDL or EDGE. The players I would lean towards in this range would be Ade Ade, Mazi Smith, Will Mcdonald, or Keion White)

    #37 – This is my sweet spot for a WR to be a third option in the immediate future with the idea of taking over for Tyler Lockett in the future. Hyatt, Downs, and Zay Flowers would be my ideal targets with this pick.

    But the beautiful and exciting part of the draft for me is feeling out what other teams might do on draft day. You can go in with this strategy but maybe a run on WRs happen at pick 20 and feel like the guy you want at 37 won’t be there. I would find it so interesting to hear what goes on in War room on draft day!

    • PJ in Seattle

      Good insight and I agree with all of this except Jalin Hyatt. Screams bust to me. Downs or Flowers at #37 would be fantastic. If not, keep the powder dry and take Mingo or Iosivas or Dell or Michael Wilson at WR later and take BPA in the trenches.

      Gonna be a fun draft, no matter what.

      • Pugs1

        Rob mentioned Jaxson Smith-Njigba as a Golden Tate comp. I’d compare Michigan WR Ronnie Bell to Tate also. Might not have the 40 time the Seahawks look for (4.54) but Bell looks like a RB playing WR.

  17. Brodie

    If a possible plan includes approaching Jamal about a pay-cut and being prepared to release him as a post-June-1, drafting Antonio Johnson with one of our 2nd rounders would sure make that an easy transition.

    Maybe that’s already been accomplished with Love?

    I’d happily take Antonio and $17M in cap space compared to JA though. Really like what I’ve seen in watching his film. He’s got some warts in coverage, but as a run-filling, zone-scheme head-hunter, he’s awesome. I like Skinner too, and maybe his injury/draft position makes it a little more likely.

    He’s my dark horse – WTF pick. Considering how much we have tied to safety, I’d say it’s in the 1-5% likely range. If we look past this year though, and wanting to run a lot of 3 safety looks – Love and Johnson with a decision on Neal next year makes some sense.

    I know, I know. Guess it’s just my way of saying I really like Antonio Johnson’s game.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s too rich for Antonio Johnson for me

      And it’s a safety class with depth so no need to take one in R2

      Plus you don’t get $17m in cap space you get $8-9m this year

      • Brodie

        Do you have any day 3 safeties that have stood out? Sydney Brown tested well, but I haven’t watched any film.

        I know you’ve mentioned Ji’Ayir Brown as a player that could be on the radar. Jammie was a visit I think.

        I was high on Branch (favorite stat was 4 missed tackles in his career), but that testing was quite bad.

        Could be that they’re done at the position, but with everyone thinking LB (Brock said they will draft 2) I can see a versatile safety as an alternative. Curious who’s caught your eye.

        • Rob Staton

          Updated horizontal board this week 👍🏻

  18. Steve Nelsen

    Just watched the video and enjoyed it. Robbie trying to be calm while considering Anthony Richardson going #1 was fun. Also, Robbie describing his happy dance when he heard about Cody signing with Washington made me smile.

    • Robbie

      HAHAHA!!! 🙂 good! I’m doing my best to stay calm

      • Peter

        Sucks dude on the one hand I’d love for you to get a load of cash…..on tge other I want him in Seattle.

        • Robbie

          I’m in the same boat man, I’d love the cash but want him on the Seahawks. such a pickle!

  19. Palatypus

    I love seeing the tackle dummies go perfectly horizontal when a player hits. Here is Lukas Van Ness doing the same thing that Keanu Benton did when I saw him at the Senior Bowl. The only difference is that Van Ness is hitting them open-handed while Benton always used his fist.

    • dregur

      I truly wonder if Van Ness can play 3-4 end, even though he’s lighter than Tyree Wilson. But at least Van Ness played more inside at the 3 tech than Wilson (I believe, please correct me if I’m wrong). He has the length, but I just don’t know if he’s big enough, and I don’t really want him playing in space.

      • Old but Slow

        Van Ness is actually heavier than Wilson (by a pound), and those are 11″ hands doing the slapping.

  20. Glor

    Just watched the stream, I echo Robbie at the end. Thank you for all you do Rob, truly incredible the work you put in for us all.


  21. Thomas

    Great video. I could see them taking a center at 20 if they are concerned about the qb they might draft.

    I’m still a little worried about Richardson. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. I’ve come around to Young a lot more, but size is still concerning.

    I’ll say I’m glad they have Scot in the room again.

  22. Jeff M

    A thought about the #2 & #3 players chosen.
    What if Houston, with 6 yr contract coach, convinces the GM to follow Niners model of building a contender, namely draft early picks (2 & 12) on DL, focusing on QB in the next few years. So they choose Wilson or Anderson. Now Az doesn’t want to trade back to LV or others and miss out on needed pass rusher, so they stay at #3 and choose Wilson/Anderson. This would then leave us with a choice of 2 remaining QB. Anyone think this is likely ?

    • DougM

      If Seattle has a QB to target, then they should trade up with Houston. They have the draft capital. Isn’t that one of the things talked about right after the Wilson trade that they would now have capital to trade up to get the QB they want? They have been filling the necessary holes in FA to give themselves the freedom to move up.

  23. Jabroni-DC

    PFN Mock Draft Simulator had Jalen Carter going #48 to Detroit.

    • Palatypus

      My last mock had him going #6 to Detroit.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t rule it out…

      • Blitzy the Clown

        From everything I’ve read, I’m not saying it would make a difference. But if anything could, going from consensus overall #1 prospect to the 48th pick might light a fire in him to prove the haters wrong

        • Peter

          That’s the rub Blitzy.

          I don’t think there are haters.

          I’m just not certain dude burns for football. Just what football provides him.

          In Rob’s video he referenced a McGinn (sp?) Piece that better articulated my concerns….

          Paraphrasing here but : how does the best talent in the draft never produce? Why was he a college career sub 40% snaps player? If I had the best player in college I would want them on the field every snap I could.

          While we go round and round with him you got guys like Bijan robinson maybe the next best player in all of college who actually showed who he was. Gets like ade ade, three star recruits playing for non football schools, absolutely grinding turning themselves into no name third round adjacent picks into probably bottom half of the first round picks.

          Get me guys like Lockett that love the game.

          • Peter

            And by non-haters pff on their morning draft show still have him top five. Where he’s been for most of the draft cycle.

            But it’s pff. Where Vegas can move up to AZ for a late third round pick. Which is the cheapest move up for a qb that has ever happened…so there is that.

            Dear pff, how can your analytics be trusted when you can’t be bothered to use a sheet of paper and a pencil and just look at all the trades for a qb in the top ten and what they cost?

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I meant haters from his pov

            Hence the fire to prove them wrong

            But I’m pretty sure this entire conversation is moot

            • Peter

              It would be cool.

              I posited an idea that he should redo his proday and bust ass over five weeks now that the spectre of any substantial criminal involvement is gone.

              Get on a aerodyne or rowing machine. Drop weight. Put a shirt on or do farmers carries til his arms burn the do them more and put up some testing and drills like seven days before the draft.

              Make a statement about how he’s sorry and football is his life.

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Football is all about imposing your will over your opponent’s.

                But conditioning is the foundation of football (any sport really). And conditioning is mostly about imposing your will over yourself, of your mind forcing your body to keep going, pushing through the physiological alarms and psychological barriers.

                And if a guy isn’t able to impose his will over himself, how on earth can he impose it on someone else? At least with any kind of consistency?

                • Troy

                  fair and interesting take blitzy

  24. Robert Las Vegas

    I have been thinking about this the Seahawks ranked 26 in the NFL in run defense averaging 150 yards a game sport fans that’s not good. We all know the 49ers beat the Seahawks 3 times but they beat us up in all three meetings.we have to get tougher.bring back the bully bring back at fear in eyes in the opponent .

  25. samprassultanofswat

    As much as I like Al Woods he is 35 years. For what it is worth Lindy’s had him as number one DT in the draft against the run.

  26. Peter

    Really starting to warm up to the idea of RB being a bigger priority than people think.

    Walker was awesome and I think he will keep on being awesome.

    The other RB’s counted for 111 carries to his 228.

    The top runners last year all had plus 300 carries for really awesome totals. I just think the game has changed. Of course I totally agree with the idea that anytime another player is on the field the ball is not in walker’s hands.

    With the new ridiculous 17 game season I think it’s going to very hard to find running backs that can give you 20+ carries each game plus playoffs.

    I don’t know, I’m rambling. I just don’t see it as a 3rd down thing or a complement. I think there’s an argument to finding two that are equally good and figuring out the when and where to use them.

    • Hawk Finn

      Lots of content here as late so I may have missed it if this was already shared, so my apologies. There was an article a couple days ago that suggested Seattle as a possible trade partner with KC for CEH for a low draft pick. Obviously salary would have to be worked out but wondering if it is a viable plan in addition to adding a back in a pretty deep draft.

      • BK26

        2 years ago, I’d say absolutely. Unfortunately, he can’t stay healthy and hasn’t been able to put it together. I want someone that will at least prove to be durable. Really like Charbonnet and Rodriguez.

        CEH was supposed to be the running back piece that they were missing and he hasn’t been able to get on the field, injuries and with his play.

        And because I am seeing it here and there, for all that is holy, DO NOT sign Kareem Hunt. Dude shouldn’t be in the league. Him, Tyreke, and all of other upstanding guys that the Chiefs have signed are the reason I can’t stand to see them win. And I live just north of KC……

    • Rob Staton

      I agree, I think they need someone who can take on a fair few carries. Probably need to add two ball carriers. But the draft is deep enough to address that between R3-7

      • Peter

        If their going with the two carries route I think two later best man wins style competition.

        I think I’m officially cutting back on my non SDB approved seahawks content. My rambling rant was off the back of watching the roughest draft I’ve seen for Seattle where “we” select four straight defensive front seven players with our first picks….and claiming that’s not what they would do but what John would do….wtf? No center? No tight end? No need for a true third reciever who may actually become a one or two in about the sane amount of years as time probably starts to catch Lockett?

        • BK26

          I agree, it’s incredibly frustrating on all of the other pages: doubling down on group think, not being open to any other idea or route the team could take, can’t even have a discussion. It’s a little demoralizing and it makes me just want to get the next 6 weeks over with.

          But then I do see something like Nagy’s interview last week with a Youtube page that I had never heard of before, I think it was the “33rd Team?” Jim got me excited for guys that I would have said “pass” on. He got me feeling a little better about Young if we take him (still will be mad that they let it fall then be proactive if that is the case). I was genuinely excited to see something from someone else whose opinion I trust.

          • Peter

            Great minds? I ran into that page after Rob talked about it.

            That video with Nagy ruled.

        • Big Mike

          I think I’m officially cutting back on my non SDB approved seahawks content

          It took you this long?
          Seriously, the other sites aren’t worth the stupidity

          • Peter

            I just figured that with the most intriguing draft in a decade we wouldn’t just regurgitate the sane stuff every day.

            But… we are. Six weeks to go and the mocks never change. The names never change. It is unreal how disinteresting other places have become.

          • MountainHawker

            I enjoy the Seahawks banter in season on other sites and YouTube’s. But the draft content is seriously lacking thought. A lot of fans that don’t think beyond this year and that expect contributions from the rookie class that are unrealistic. What we got from our rookies last year is RARE. It’s not realistic to expect that. Even if we spent every pick on the front 7 it’s unlikely we get any players that would make the impact fans think they will (as a rookie). It takes time for these players to develop and grow.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I’m a little surprised they let Penny get away. That’s a cheap deal that we could’ve matched. Maybe he was dead set on going somewhere else where he could garner more time instead of spelling a 2nd year up-and-comer.

        This is a very deep RB draft so they certainly could double dip with all the picks they have. I’m guessing they are very confident in being able to find the complement to Walker they need in this draft, thus were willing to let Penny walk on a 1 year, 1.35M prove it deal.

        • cha

          Condotta says Penny wanted a fresh start

          Bob Condotta
          Mar 17
          My understanding is Seahawks wanted to keep Penny and let him know that, but given the injury history in Seattle he wanted a fresh start, or as he put it, “changing my narrative.” Hard to blame him…..

          • PJ in Seattle

            Thanks. Can’t say I blame him. Won’t be surprised at all if he stays healthy next season and tears the league up in Philly.

  27. Forrest

    Sad to see we missed out on Mack Hollins for $2.5M. I thought he could have been a good possession WR3 and contributed in a number of ways (excellent run blocker, excellent special teams, runs reverses, etc.). To me, that would have made so much more sense than Nick Bellore for similar money.

    • STTBM

      I for one think Seattle is going to draft their WR3. They can’t wait on Dwayne Eskridge to remember how to play football any longer.

      Unless they spend real money on a third WR before the draft, or trade for one, I think they will target a WR in the first three rounds: my bet is the second round.

      • Blitzy the Clown



  28. UkAlex6674

    Bellore is by far a better ST player and I like to think our WR3 will be better than Hollins has shown so far at that position.

    Just because someone is cheap it doesn’t always mean you should shoe horn them in.

  29. Spectator

    I may be in the minority here, but i think id rather have Bellore. Hollins doesnt excite me anymore than Bellore, and Bellore seems to have familiarity and rapport in the locker room.

  30. cha

    The kudos are rolling in for the Geno contract, and I find some of the backpedaling amusing.

    The Seahawks signing Geno Smith to a $25 million-per-year deal is a great move, but the structure of the contract really stands out.

    That’s not a bad deal for Seattle, though one suspects Geno could have received more in the form of guarantees.

    • cha

      PFF projected Geno would land $72.5 million in guaranteed money.

      Why didn’t he get that?

      The league has been devoid of any true mid-tier contracts at quarterback — as evidenced by the Daniel Jones deal above and the Derek Carr deal below — but this contract legitimately fits that description for a quality starting quarterback…

      We underestimated the lack of leverage Geno Smith had in negotiations, with roughly $17 million in career earnings to date and a flooded quarterback market this offseason potentially limiting his options, and Seattle took full advantage.”

      SDB was talking about these factors back in November.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I thought the Seahawks gave him a very generous contract with 40 million guaranteed. He played for less than 10 million the year before. So I think Geno will do fine with his 40 million plus that he earns. If he continues to play well he may even earn more in his next contract

        • 805Hawk

          It’s only $27m guaranteed, so it’s even better than that. This years cap number is $10m and they can cut him after the year with $17m dead cap money.

      • Big Mike

        Yes, you both were in November. But hey, we should’ve just signed Geno in mid-season for 40 per. *eyeroll*

        • cha

          Imagine where we’d be right now if the Seahawks had franchise tagged Geno as so many were insisting they would like it’s a foregone conclusion.

  31. Roy Batty

    KJ on Brock and Salk saying, in no uncertain terms, absolutely NO on Carter.

    Also, Brock brought up Jones at #20, then sliding Abe to Guard.

    Such and original idea🤣🤣🤣

    • Matt

      Man…Brock has fallen off a cliff with his takes. Seems very uninformed since he came back.

  32. lil’stink

    I’m hoping that either the Titans or Washington love the QB available at #5 and want to trade up. If we could somehow pry Jeffrey Simmons (who will be getting paid) or Jonathan Allen (who is getting paid)…

    • Rokas

      Since you read this blog, you do realize, that it’s very likely, that John Schneider will be in love with the QB as well?

    • MountainHawker

      Why on earth would Seattle trade into the teens instead of taking said QB themselves? Why would you give another team the shot at a qbotf instead of taking it yourself?

      • Pugs1

        I’m cool with taking a QB @ 5 but don’t we need to at least be open to the idea that they are happy with their QB situation? Neither the contract they gave Geno or resigning Lock keep them from drafting a QB @ 5. It even looks like they are preparing to take a QB early but with their history of trading back I’m not ruling it out. IMO all options are on the table.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m cool with taking a QB @ 5 but don’t we need to at least be open to the idea that they are happy with their QB situation? Neither the contract they gave Geno or resigning Lock keep them from drafting a QB @ 5.

          You’ve answered your own question there

  33. AlaskaHawk

    Since the Seahawks may be playing with less linebackers and extra safeties – I wonder if a heavier and harder hitting linebacker would improve the run defense. Like someone in the 260 pound range? Any thoughts on what player would fit the role? They might get a tweener player cheap.

  34. Erik_in _Oregon

    My probably_incorrect and for sure way_too_early compensatory pick tracker says the haws “lost 3” and signed 5 free agents, so no compensatory picks so far.

    • Gaux Hawks

      What about Desai ??

      • Dregur

        That only applies for HC and GM’s.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I wouldn’t expect there to be any. They had too many holes to fill and not enough interest in their own free agents (so far). Compensatory picks something that teams with good rosters can take advantage of.

    • Brodie

      We definitely will not be getting any comp picks.

  35. cha

    Brady Henderson
    Details on QB Drew Lock’s one-year, $4M deal with the Seahawks, per source:

    -$1.75M signing bonus
    -$1.74M base salary
    -$510K per-game roster bonuses
    -$3.5M available in incentives

    The base salary is not guaranteed, so the $1.75M signing bonus is the only guaranteed money.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hometown discount or really tepid offers 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • BK26

        John P. Gilbert and Fieldgulls said that he talked to someone with the Bucs that he knows about Lock. Paraphrasing, but they said “why would we want him, we’ve already had a Jameis WInston.”

        I enjoyed that take hahaha.

        • Roy Batty

          I never bought into that hype.

          Lock has proven nothing in 4 years, except that he is equally good at turning it over as he is at scoring.

          He will be a good back up beause he knows the system and he is healthy.

          That’s about all the hype I have for him.

    • BK26

      Hmm….looks like the quarterback of the future and a good door slam on the “take a rookie top 5….”

      Still hearing people defend him as a long-term solution because of this contract.

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    I keep seeing Stanford WR Michael Wilson linked heavily to Seattle, mostly because he’s the only WR Seattle met with at the Combine.

    But he ran a 4.58s 40 and they don’t usually draft sub 4.5s WRs.

    What’s up with that?

    • Madmark

      That’s Doug Baldwin’s pick for Seattle from Stanford.

    • Big Mike

      More lazy mock drafting?

    • Gaux Hawks compares him to Mack Hollins (referenced in a post above by Forrest)

    • Geoff u

      Jermaine Kearse speed

      • Peter

        But does he have kearse’s hands?

  37. Blitzy the Clown

    And what’s up with this?

    Noah Fant @nrfant

    Actions speak louder than words.

    11:49 PM · Mar 19, 2023

    • Rushless pass


    • Roy Batty

      Was Fant referencing another tweet, or was it some obscure thing?

  38. SGEHawk

    Might be because of his Senior Bowl performance and Seattle’s tendency to draft such Senior Bowl standouts. I wouldn’t mind using a late rounder on him , while praying that he doesn’t end up like our last Senior Bowl receiver.

  39. Brodie

    Interesting mock from DraftWire today. Stroud-Young-Wilson-Levis-AR-Will A top 6.

    Hawks with AR at #5, Kalijah Kancey at #20. Darnell Washington at #37, Felix Anudike-Uzomah (KSU Edge) at #52 – two spots in front of Ade Ade. #83 – Owen Pappoe 🙁 surrounded by a dozen SDB faves.

    Carter (8), Bijan (9), JMS (25) to NYG which has been talked about via the Pauline bit. Kind of went off the rails in round 2-3, but compared to most mocks, it wasn’t bad.

    • Spectator

      Love the first 3, but give us Ade Ade instead of FAU and OSU center at 83, please. That would make for one heck of a draft

    • Dregur

      As much as I love Kancey, I don’t think he works as 3-4 DE with his shorter arms. You need length there, and he would be much more successful as a 3 tech in a traditional 4-3 going up against guards.

      • Brodie

        I tend to agree. He’s redundant with Dre’Mont too I think. He’s a shorter version of the penetrating 3T. Zacch Pickens might provide the same w/o the first round price.

        There are only a couple of true NT’s. Mazi being the highest profile. Coburn from Texas has the body, but I think his arms are shorter than Kancey’s. Siaki Ika has been off my radar as Rob mentioned his pitiful run D.

        Benton, Byron & Cameron Young seem stout like you’d want a 1T to be, but they’re all closer to 300lbs than the 330, you’d want from a NT. Jeffery Simmons was only 301 coming out though too, but none of these guys profile like he did.

  40. Sea Mode

    From an Athletic piece on JMS.

    In offseason work, he’s taken on added responsibility. Others in their group have regularly relayed details to offensive line coach Brian Callahan of Schmitz’s influence.

    “The big thing for John, it’s now his offensive line,” Callahan said. “I couldn’t be more pleased with how he’s taken that upon himself. He’s the leader of the group. He’s a throwback, an old school kind of guy, somebody who truly, truly loves the game.”

    In Arizona last year before the bowl game, Morgan, the quarterback, had a conversation with Schmitz’s dad, John, about how he taught his four kids to strive for the top in all they do.

    “John Michael embodies that,” Morgan said. “He’s an incredibly selfless person. Leading is a lot easier when you have him in the huddle.”

    In that way, Fleck and Schmitz have clicked since before Day 1 together at Minnesota.

    “We bought his work ethic,” Fleck said. “We bought the fit. We bought his ‘how.’ We bought his family. We bought his blue-collar mentality. We had to turn around a culture, and we needed really strong-minded people who truly believed that, believed in what they were doing and wouldn’t be persuaded to do something else.

    “That’s why he became such a great fit for us.”

  41. Scot04

    With just the 36yr old Woods & the injured Mone at NT, I’m taking Mazi at #37.
    So overall with their draft:

    #5. Anthony Richardson
    #20. Calijah Kancey
    #37. Mazi Smith
    #52. Will McDonald
    #83. Luke Wypler

    • Scot04

      Meant as reply to Brodie

    • Brodie

      We’d probably have to take Will at #20 (if he’s still there), and move Wypler up to #52. No Kancey and get another option at #83.

      Based on what Rob and Kiper have been saying, Will will be long gone by #52.

      • Scot04

        I 100% agree i just went by their board. There are far too many players too low in their rankings.
        They need a major player grade update.

    • MountainHawker

      This is my favorite one yet

  42. Sea Mode

    Oh no! 🤭

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Let’s bake

  43. Sea Mode

    Per Breer, Raiders were looking into moving up for a QB. And, in case there was still any doubt on whether Houston will take a QB, here’s yet more evidence.

    The market early was limited. The Bears talked to the Colts ahead of the trade (Poles and Indy GM Chris Ballard worked together in Kansas City and remain close), but Indianapolis wanted to go through the full process with the quarterbacks and wasn’t convinced enough to move. The Raiders came in hot, but Poles and Vegas GM Dave Ziegler hit some bumps on the package of picks Ziegler would send east.

    At one point, Poles thought he’d trade down to the second pick with Houston, then down again to the ninth pick with Carolina. The problem was that negotiations with the Texans were dragging—doubt crept in that it’d go where Poles wanted it to, and the Panthers were acting with urgency.

    “There were some other opportunities, some hopping around to go from one to two, two to nine, that would have been pretty cool,” Poles says. “The thing was, instead of being greedy and trying to do all kinds of fancy things, I felt like, when we hit a certain point, I was satisfied.”

  44. Sea Mode

    Breer on the trade market remaining ice cold compared to past years:

    • The trade market, to this point, seems pretty flat. Jalen Ramsey went to Miami for a third-rounder and a backup tight end. Brandin Cooks was acquired by Dallas for fifth- and sixth-round picks. The Cowboys also made a deal for Stephon Gilmore for even less (a fifth-rounder). The Giants landed Darren Waller for a third-round compensatory pick. And Chuck Clark, Jonnu Smith and Shaq Mason went to the Jets, Falcons and Texans for, collectively, a bag of pylons.

    So what gives? Well, the last three guys were salary dumps. The others are all a bit older.

    But there’s no question that the trade market isn’t as hot as it has been the past few years, and I don’t think it’s a mistake. Last week I wrote about how teams were less willing to pay top dollar for good-not-great quarterbacks. I think the idea now applies to the trade market, too—where if you have a guy who’s older, or expensive, or flawed, it’s going to be a little tougher to move him than it was with the trade-happy trend swinging back.

    “I think we’re all getting a little smarter, just in how business is done,” one AFC exec said. “We’re not giving up as many assets for a depreciating asset, or something you don’t need, or slight improvement. Teams don’t want to give up the cost. There’s more value in the picks—it’s cheaper labor, and it keeps you from overpaying for something.”

    To me, the Rams’ subtle shift in approach over Sean McVay’s time is probably more indicative of how it’s happened. Early on, L.A. took a lot of swings, making deals to land guys such as Sammy Watkins, Marcus Peters, Cooks and Dante Fowler. Over time, they evolved to focus more on truly elite talents at premium spots such as Ramsey.

    So with all this taken into account, it’ll be fascinating to see what happens with Arizona’s DeAndre Hopkins and the Broncos’ receivers. At some point, you’d think those teams might decide the players would be more valuable to them than the return—from teams that might soon go sniffing around for a discounted rate on those guys.

    • cha

      The safety market has tanked.

  45. JimQ

    While reviewing the combine results, I think I found a *sleeper* WR that I think may be very much overlooked.
    This tall, fast kid improved throughout the 2021 season & has some decent stats. Currently, most sites have him projected as an UDFA. I think he would be an excellent value as a rd-7-ish pick.

    WR-Matt Landers, Arkansas, 6-043/200, 32.5″-arms, 4.37/40, 1.51-split, 37″-vert, 10′-10″-broad jump.
    2022: 13-games, 47-receptions for 901-yds, 19.2-ypc, 8-TD’s, with 4 100+yd. games, **His 19.2-ypc & 8-TDs were #3 for a WR in the SEC ** and that catches my eye. Currently ranked in the high 200’s and considered an UDFA on most ranking sites. A WR, well worth a late shot in the draft?

    • Sea Mode

      Jim, thanks for the name. I have been meaning to start my WR deep dive (my favorite position to scout) so I figured I might as well start with him since you brought him up.

      Bottom line: not good enough IMO. He doesn’t have good catching technique, often fighting the ball which can lead to issues with drops. And even though 4.37 is obviously a great time, you can tell it is “long strider” speed.

      I didn’t like his breaks in and out of routes and didn’t see even that straight-line speed turn into an extra gear for deep separation. (think DJ Chark)

      A teammate says he blocks well in the running game, so that’s something as far as special teams value might go, but I just don’t see the value or the upside at WR.

      And with him being a 5th-year senior who transferred twice, I just don’t see it. But hey, that’s just my take.

      Landers was inconsistent at Georgia, but he had 5 touchdowns on 20 catches for 514 yards at Toledo and then led Arkansas with 901 yards on 47 catches with eight touchdowns.

      “His journey has been his journey,” said offensive lineman Dalton Wagner, a teammate last season at Arkansas. “It speaks a lot to his toughness to be able to still come back and play, to continue to climb back to where he needs to be. He’s been a tremendous addition to us.”

      The 6-foot4, 200-pound Landers ran a 4.37 40 at the combine, perhaps solidifying his spot as a Day 3 pick.

      “Fast, tall, physical,” Wagner said. “Even besides his catches which he’s been great at. Watch his blocking. He takes corners out of bounds. A lot of our run success this year has come a lot from him as well.”

      • JimQ

        Sea-mode: I respect your opinion and perhaps you are correct about this kid. I haven’t watched Lander’s tape at all. I was just pointing out his stats, testing numbers and the fact they don’t really march up with his rankings, (I was looking for “outliers”). late round & UDFA WR types are always a shot in the dark, however they don’t all have the size & workout numbers (and in many cases good last year of production) that Landers has. An UDFA,
        as currently ranked, is perhaps the correct evaluation. His Size & speed plus his workout #’s would seem to justify that. IMO: If they are an athletic prospect and have deficiencies that may be correctable with good Pro coaching, maybe you luck out and get a steal for a minimal investment or the risk of higher draft capital.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes I think the criticism is fine but we are talking about a late rounder. I have one question? Is he better than Eskridge? If so he should be given a shot by some team.

          • Sea Mode

            From a talent standpoint, he’s nowhere close to Eskridge. Miles off.

            I think he will get a shot in R6-7 just based on testing alone, but Eskridge has way more potential, even if we’re frustrated he’s been injured and taken so long to adjust to the pro level.

        • Sea Mode

          No, that’s great. I start with the testing results too. When a guy tests like he did, it makes you go back and say, “if he’s such an amazing athlete, did he dominate at the college level like he should? If not, why? And I’ve simply tried to answer that question as best I can in my little assessment.

          But it’s certainly open to healthy debate if someone else sees something in him that I don’t!

  46. Sea Mode

    I follow European soccer, although not the English Championship. But since I follow you on Twitter and heard you describing this goal (“a goal etched in the club’s history.”), I had to take a look.

    Wow, what a stunner! I love the angles from behind the goal that show it curling away from the keeper.

    Truly, what a moment!

  47. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    Rob we need to hear you as a guest of reason on KIRO 710 again. You were on last year. Let’s get you on Brock/Salk.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to

      Any time, any day

      But since Jake Heaps left 710, I haven’t been invited on once. That’s despite, apparently, the positive reaction from listeners to the hits I did frequently over the course of 18 months. I miss going on.

      • Brodie

        Here’s a place to write the show. I just submitted a note asking to have Rob on as a guest. The fact that they talk about the Seahawks and the draft every day w/o having one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet in those areas of expertise is beyond me.

        • Jeff Marcus

          Thanks for the link. Just requested they get Rob on as a guest.

        • Hawktalker#1

          +1 Done

          • JimQ

            I just sent a message to the above myNW link & I think WE ALL SHOULD DO THE SAME ————>Make some major NOISE and maybe it happens? I assume radio shows want watchers just like bloggers want clicks, it’s a numbers game.

        • Olyhawksfan


          • Glor


        • Ashish

          I have put the request. SDB lets send the request

          • KnoxHawk

            I sent one in. Go Rob! Maybe a Bump and Stacy appearance would be even better so you could talk some sense into them!

            • TomLPDX

              Bump is clueless, just my take.

        • Rob Staton

          I would also caution about bombarding them with messages

          That might make them even less likely to offer invites!

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        If I recall, Stacey loved you as a guest. What’s she thinking?

        • Rob Staton


  48. cha

    Chris Simms rating draft QBs being cut and put on Youtube

    **** Tier 4
    5T. DTR
    5T. Levis

    **** Tier 3
    4. Richardson

    **** Tier 2
    3. Hooker
    2. Young

    **** Tier 1
    1. Stroud

    • TomLPDX

      I watched that on PFT earlier and agree about stroud. Levis, not so much.

      • Rushless pass

        Well the man did have Zach Wilson as QB1 in the class of ‘21

        • Spectator

          As did most of us here unfortunately

    • PJ in Seattle

      His track record here speaks for itself. Contrarian just for the sake of it. But I’m all for anything that pushes Levis and/or Richardson further down in the draft.

  49. Sea Mode

    Check out this rep.

    I like Brents, but that lack of makeup speed is truly concerning.

    Meanwhile, Mingo… 🏃‍♂️🔥💨

    Strength, balance, acceleration, easy hands.

    • Peter

      Mingo is my guy.

      Just based on where he goes I’m relation to others.

      • Peter

        Re: brents

        I don’t know, many think he goes in the second. I still think he’s a third rounder.

        On his speed he’s effectively faster and more explosive than Seattle’s best corner.

        • Sea Mode

          He’s about the same explosiveness as Woolen, but nowhere even close to being as fast. Not sure what you mean.

          • Peter

            Love me some Woolen.

            I’m talking about Seattle’s all time best corner. Sherman.

  50. Palatypus

    I’m curious, has anyone heard anything about Charles Cross and his offseason conditioning program?

    I want that boy pushing Cadillac Escalades with Walter Jones.

  51. Sea Mode

    4.59 40yd and the constant double clutches are not good.

    As far as character fit goes, wow.

    Stanford Football: My Stanford Story | Michael Wilson

    But he has a great build, gets separation, and knows how to box out.

    • Brodie

      Looking forward to your thoughts on Trey Palmer. Dude has a knack for getting open deep. Didn’t do anything but the 40 (4.33) at the combine, so his pro-day on Wednesday might fill in some blanks.

    • Sea Mode

      There is also a worrisome injury history with him as well I should mention. Only played in 14 games over the past 3 seasons.

  52. GrittyHawk

    OverTheCap has updated our cap space with the Lock and Reed contracts. We’re now sitting on $2.4M of effective cap space, with the Bush and Love contracts still not on the books yet. So it’s certainly looking like we’ll have to make some cap maneuvers even just to fit in the moves we’ve already made. If I was Jamal Adams I’d be very nervous about picking up the phone these days.

  53. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have quick question for you was Tyree Wilson at Texas AM more of a rotation role and last year at Texas AM didn’t he play like a outside linebacker once again I could be wrong.

    • Rob Staton

      Tyree transferred to Texas Tech, I don’t know anything about his time at A&M

      He played three man front and DE in a 4-3 at Tech. His best position is 4-3 DE

      • TomLPDX

        At A&M he was a redshirt freshman and then saw minimal action. Hit the portal in 2019 and the rest is history.

  54. cha

    Corbin Smith just published an article where he proposed the Texans would trade #12, #33 and their two 2024 first round picks for #5 and #52, so Houston could secure….Tyree Wilson.

    Three first round picks and a swap of 19 spots in the second round for Wilson.

    And then he has the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter at 12.

    • TomLPDX

      Stupid is as stupid does

    • BK26

      Sounds like someone lost a bet and had to put up as bad a mock draft as possible.

    • Ashish

      Couple years back I used to like Corbin Smith but looks like he smoking weed now

      • MountainHawker

        Eh weed isn’t the issue. I stopped paying attention when he started pushing his views and politics in some shows and calling those that think the opposite idiots. Keep it about football imo.

      • Big Mike

        Or is it a case of not smoking weed now?

    • Rob Staton

      Corbin Smith just published an article where he proposed the Texans would trade #12, #33 and their two 2024 first round picks for #5 and #52, so Houston could secure….Tyree Wilson.

      Three first round picks and a swap of 19 spots in the second round for Wilson.

      And then he has the Seahawks taking Jalen Carter at 12.



      • cha

        Oh. It sounds like he didn’t propose it, he was playing with a simulator and it spat that out.

        Corbin K. Smith
        Ok. I get it… Don’t blame me. Blame the simulator.

        You would think a Seahawks beat reporter would be able to smell a steaming pile from further away…

  55. samprassultanofswat

    As much as I like Al Woods he is 35 years. For what it is worth Lindy’s has Keeanu Benton as number one DT in the draft against the run.

    • Sea Mode

      I feel like I’ve read this post before and like I still have no clue what “Lindy’s” is…

  56. Crosljam

    Just an extra thought from watching the stream.

    Having Lock as the backup has that extra benefit that you have 2 QBs who know the playbook to help your rookie.

    When geno is on field (practice or game) having lock with the rookie talking through what the defence is showing, what to look at, coverage markers, how the motion is designed to show what the d is playing and how that might change the read order, why he’s calling at audible etc.

    It’s only a little thing, but it’s just one extra benefit to the QB bridge, backup, red shirt idea.

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