Seahawks eyeing John Michael Schmitz… in round one?

John Michael Schmitz — destined for Seattle?

According to friend of the blog Tony Pauline at Pro Football Network, the Seahawks are very interested in drafting Minnesota center John Michael Schmitz:

The other center-needy team who really likes Schmitz is the Seattle Seahawks. The franchise has been eyeing Schmitz for the longest time and became enamored with him during the Senior Bowl. Would they pull the trigger on Schmitz with the 20th selection, their second pick in the first round? Ideally, they’d want to trade down, but you never can tell with Seattle.

Tony also reports interest from the Giants and Bills in Schmitz — believing there’s a legit chance he could go in the first round.

It’s a sentiment shared by others. Lance Zierlein has him graded as the 23rd best player in the draft. Jim Nagy called him a “two-contract, high-level starter” and one of the surest things in this class.

The Seahawks are going to draft a center. They stayed out of the relatively team-friendly veteran market, which is a big tell. After the combine I predicted they were certain to draft one of Schmitz or Luke Wypler.

Both players are perfect scheme fits. They have ideal size, wrestling backgrounds and they ran good short shuttles (Wypler — 4.53, Schmitz — 4.56).

I think both players are day two picks. The center position typically isn’t one that you see in round one. Neither player is an outstanding tester like Nick Mangold — the 29th pick in 2006 who ran a 4.36 short shuttle at 300lbs. However, Ryan Kelly ran a similar shuttle (4.59) and was the #18 pick — and the Seahawks were believed to be big admirers of Kelly in 2016.

It’s also worth noting that Schmitz and Wypler perfectly fit Seattle’s refocused approach to character. They are exactly the ‘type’ they are looking for.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Trading down from #20 feels plausible. Yet I fear the Seahawks might fall into the trap John Schneider says he’s keen to avoid. There could be some fantastic value at #20 and unless he agrees with Zierlein that Schmitz is one of the 25 best players in the class, it could end up being a slight reach to fill a need.

One scenario could be to trade down from #20 and trade up from #38 — hitting what might be seen as a sweet spot for value between #25-32. We know the Seahawks were open to trading up in that range last year. Dropping five spots would also keep Seattle ahead of New York and Buffalo — so it might be worth keeping an eye on a deal with Jacksonville who own the #25 pick, with Seattle potentially snagging Schmitz with their second selection.

I’d hope that having two viable centers might give the Seahawks confidence not to force anything. According to Tony’s extremely believable report though, it sounds like Schneider has locked on to his man. The lack of free agent additions at center speak to the distinct possibility Seattle will address the position early in this draft — making sure they land their top target.

If they continue to address the defense in free agency it could also be a sign that offensive picks in round one are very much on the agenda.

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  1. Robbie

    Well you know how much I want a Center, but at 20 seems a bit to rich for my taste though. But having passed on Creed maybe it’s worth it. I don’t know just not what I expected.

    • Trevor

      I really like JMS and Wypler a lot but at 20 that’s a hard pass for me. Center while important is not a premium postion.

      What about Cody Mauch as a third Center option?

    • Andrew

      Reaching for needs at non premium positions is a quick way to blow through all that excess draft capital. Hopefully they can maximize value

    • Sean-O

      I’m all for addressing the center position but not in round 1 ideally. Is there a steep drop-off to Wypler, Tippman, Oluwatimi, etc.? Avila is possibly a center? Round 2+ seems right…

      • Rob Staton

        Avila too big for Seattle at center

    • Clayton Smith

      Robbie John Michael Schmitz has the same ceiling and projection as Creed Humphrey according to some GM’s around the league and view him as a pro bowl caliber player something to remember also

      • Rob Staton

        Well physically he’s nothing like Humphrey. There’s a significant athletic difference between the two

        • Hawkhawk

          What about center Alex Forsyth from Oregon in the 4th or 5th round?

          • Rob Staton

            He didn’t test well enough to be drafted IMO

  2. Katal

    Cole Strange went earlier than anticipated last year, didn’t he? I suppose if JS really loves a player, he’ll want to reach for him rather than risking getting cute & missing his target.

    • MountainHawker

      Cole tested super well iirc

  3. geoff u

    Maybe if we trade down. Our 20+123 = Jacksonville’s 24+88. Still not crazy about the idea. As you and others have said, center is not a premium position. I’d prefer pass rush, if it’s there. It also depends on who’s still on the board, I’d also prefer Bijan Robinson or Meyer over any C, if they fell.

    Also, clearly you forget we are selecting Jalen Carter when he falls to us at 20…

  4. Bballin

    Don’t Pauline say the Seahawks were looking to move back into round 1 to draft desmond ridder last year?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, that is what he was hearing and it was incorrect.

      He’s also gotten plenty right. Including reporting Seattle was extremely interested in little known Terry Poole, weeks before they drafted him in round four.

      • Tatupu51

        Wasn’t Terry Poole 8 years ago?

        No offense to Pauline, but this leak about JMS seems like a smokescreen.

        Please center needy teams, draft the guy JS doens’t want so we could grab Wypler in the second round.

        • geoff u

          Don’t think it’ll work that way. If there’s center needy teams, plural, it could make one team take Schmitz, but then it’d make the other team(s) desperate and could start a run on centers, leaving us with none.

          If anything, it could be smokescreen to try and force another team to trade with them, so they can trade down on a favorable deal.

          I don’t know. This all starts to sound like 6d chess and the GM’s are always screwing with each other at this time anyway, who’s to make sense of any of it?

          • 509 Chris

            I agree with your 6d chess comment. I believe gm’s spend all their time looking at the board and other teams rosters and zero time listening to what’s being said about them in the media. Regardless of “what’s being said” you know who needs a position filled or whatever.

          • Scot04

            Washington, Tampa, Jacksonville, NYG, Philli, Houston, & Arizona all technically need Centers. So if we want one we might have to take one slightly higher than we might like.

        • Rob Staton

          Don’t think it matters when it happened

          And with respect, I always feel people find comfort in ‘smokescreen’ whenever they read something they don’t like. This is a very realistic report

          • Bballin

            I think the reality is being a draft insider/reporter is a hard job. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt until someone actually gets picked by a team.

  5. Forrest

    I was thinking the same thing. I’m betting they want Mazi (to replace Woods in a year) and JMS with 20 and 37. Both players are unique and will be on many teams’ radar. I’m not as high on Wypler or any other big nose (like Ika, etc.). The question is how they can get both players.

    • Scot04


    • Elmer

      They certainly need somebody. Unless I’m mistaken, it isn’t Poona.

  6. Dominic

    I guess my question is why in the world would the Seahawks leak who they want to pick at 20?

    • Rob Staton

      They haven’t

      Stuff gets out

      See: Mort to Russ “you’re going to be a Seahawk”

    • Dave

      We need a center. If their are only two who fit the profile, and his ranking is within draft range. Then don’t do a PCJS and trade down, only yo lose the player. That’s how we lost Montez Sweat and ended up with LJ Collier.


  7. Mike

    Why would the Hawks broadcast their interest like this? Isn’t that counterintuitive?

    • Rob Staton

      They aren’t broadcasting anything

  8. Dave

    As many have noted before, reports leak for a reason. Teams don’t typically broadcast their interests. So not sure what’s going on here.

    But i hope it’s true. The Seahawks need a great center.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not about broadcasting anything though

      Whether we like it or not, info does get out sometimes

      And this is very realistic

  9. MountainHawker

    With the talent on the board at 20 it would pain me to take a center that high after deciding not to take Humphrey in the 2nd. It’s a need and he seems solid but I’m not sure he’s worth #20. I’ll trust John on this one.

    • Glor

      I don’t like it at 20, and surely don’t trust John not to reach big time (as he has many many times in the past) Just because one draft guy has him at 23 doesn’t mean he isn’t solid day two pick. Perfectly happy if we take a center at 38, but not 20.

  10. Matt


    I’m totally fine with Schmitz or Wypler, but man….Not in the 1st when you could be taking guys like…

    -Will McDonald

    Also word is Ryan Kelly might be on the block, or even released:

    “Some of those teams will stay very active on the phones, feeling out potential suitors. The Colts are believed to be one. Sources with several NFL teams say three-time Pro Bowl center Ryan Kelly is available for a potential trade or release. Kelly signed a four-year, $50 million extension before the 2020 season. With cap hits of $12.4 and $14.6 million in 2023-24, coupled with Indy’s rough outing across the offensive line last year, Kelly’s future in Indy could be tenuous. Tight end Mo Alie-Cox is another name a few teams have on their lists as potentially available.”

    If Kelly gets released the Seahawks should pull a lever to open up cap space and try to sign Kelly to a 2-3 year deal with a low year 1 cap hit. That would not only be a damn good hedge going into the draft, but might throw other teams off the scene that Schneider wants to address the position in the draft.

    Because as discussed ad nauseam….When Schneider targets positions instead of players in the draft he almost always screws it up. To go into the draft with a gaping hole at center is surely a recipe for us fans to dislike the part of the draft when Schneider forces a solution at the position.

    • Rob Staton

      Kelly’s play has been trending downwards for some time

      It’s why there’s talk of his release in the first place

      • Matt

        That’s fair, but I still think Kelly can be functional and to have a vet around at Center would be preferred. At minimum Kelly would be a great mentor and if a rookie beats him out so be it.

        Either way the Hawks need to add someone prior to the draft. Otherwise Schneider will be chasing/overdrafting the center position – And that’s when he’s at his worst in the draft.

  11. Big Mike

    I’m with Robbie (comment up above) in that I’ve been starving for a legit Center for years but man first round seems too much. Patience John. Maybe he’s broadcasting this in an effort to trick someone else into moving in front of Seattle for Schmitz so his intended target (McDonald?) is still available?

    • JK


    • Cheese22

      And then Wypler at the end of the second.

  12. KennyBadger

    All smokescreen! They want the Juice!

    They like-ah the Juice.

    Juice is good, yes?

    • Orcas Viking

      No, JS is too smart for that. This leak is a fake smokescreen to get NY and Buffalo to think they want Wypler, then one team will draft Wypler…but the other team will see that JS was really faking and that it really was a smokescreen so they pick JSM and we draft Tippman, who we wanted all the time. See how that works.

      • KennyBadger

        My fault OV, I was making a reference to a worn out SNL skit. But I see your 3D chess there 😆

        • Orcas Viking

          👍 Got the SNL ref, now we need to work in somehow Hanz and Franz or Dieter.

          • KennyBadger

            Carter could definitely use some Hanz and Franz. JMS however 💪

  13. Travis

    20 seems high for him but if they are locked in on him better to take him at 20 than getting too cute and have another team draft him instead

    • Ross

      This is where i’m at. If JS feels like JMS is a must-get and it’s not a massive reach, and this sounds like it’s possibly only a slight reach, then i’m okay with the pick at 20. It’s not exciting or sexy but we’ve been moaning about center play for a while.

  14. cha

    Personally I would prefer one of the pass rushers, Calijah Kancey, or one of the WRs like Zay or Downs at 20 if any of those choices are there.

    It would not surprise me if they did pick a center higher than we’d like, particularly if they are enamored with him.

    Keep in mind the Seahawks have no interior OL under team control starting in 2024 (unless you are a really big fan of Jake Curhan or Joey Hunt).

    If they hit on the C position like they did with Cross and Lucas, they’ll have the edges and the middle of the line locked and can mix and match with cheap guards for 3 more years.

    • Peter

      With respect why would they mix and match when Lewis is gearing up for a solid if not groundbreaking pay day?

      Resign Lewis if his trajectory continues and cross, Lewis.

      Won’t be jones and Hutchinson but also won’t be see the last ten years of crappt line play where we lament every year that this will be our year to fix it.

      • cha

        That’s not my preferred plan, just an attempt to figure out a pathway to what they’d be thinking by drafting a C so high.

        If there is a guard they don’t rate as highly, it might be a value move. 3 solid pieces on the OL and they may choose not to prioritize Lewis.

        • Peter

          I’m going to flip a gasket if Lewis continues being the best rated offensive line men and they move on so some other team will be stoked by our desire to get cheap for no reason.

          LG maybe, maybe not a priority. But I’d rather a still young still improving LG to. E what would amount to the veteran presence than lose him for another jackson, Haynes type.

          A man can dream but an oline with four locked in starters? Sounds terrible.

          • cha

            Fair and I don’t disagree.

            But Lewis’ agent’s eyes are having those cartoon-dollar signs popping in them seeing what some of the guards have gotten on the market recently.

            • Peter

              Great visual!!

          • 509 Chris

            He was a good pick in a run of terrible drafts. If there was ever an “our guy” its Lewis. Other than a slight hiccup moving to the leftside in his sophomore campaign you (average fan) almost never hear about him which is exactly what you want from o line. There isn’t a crazy amount of cap committed in future years and with a rookie qb on contract hopefully paying for continuity and success on the line shouldn’t be a problem.

            • Peter

              Cha is the numbers guy and I’m not.

              But I will say:

              Rookie first round cost LT, spendy LG, rookie Center, RG ?, cheap Abe Lucas.

              That’s around the same as what we’re spending on safeties this year.

              I can totally see the team leaning his thought process. I just wouldnt.

  15. JC3

    I rather take Dawand Jones? at #20 and move D. Lewis to C.
    This is a deep C group, no need to spend a 1st on C.

    • Peter

      Just because it’s deep doesn’t mean it’s all equal.

  16. Gary d

    Man, I love the idea of a center, but round 1 will infuriate me. Tippman can be had later. Wypler too. Guard is also needed , we really going in on interior with the best capital we’ve seen in years?

  17. IDhawk

    You know as long as they feel strongly about the player, I’m okay with it. Pete and John usually do pretty well with “must have” players. When they‘re just looking to fill positions, but aren’t that enthusiastic, that’s how you know it’s destined to fail.

  18. Mick

    I’d love a center. 20 might be too high for Schmitz, but if we end up with a Pro Bowler we shouldn’t care we drafted him too high. I still hope it’s Will McDonald at 20 (if we don’t get Will Anderson at 5) and a center in the second round.

  19. Palatypus

    Having watched JMS in person at all three Senior Bowl practices up close through my flawed, sometimes blurry, diabetic eyes. This is my take.

    The interior offensive linemen did very well in the first couple of practices, but the coaches wanted to see who was in the best condition this year. Constantly moving players everywhere made it very hard to get video. The offense or defense always did pushups if they lost a team drill. On the third day, players separated themselves from the pack.

    This was the day that Rob noticed people on Twitter saying “look at this win by JMS” when it wasn’t, and he was correct in that observation. Some of the tackles got better that day. But I saw some of the interior guys get turned around and pushed back.

    I did get some 1v1 footage of that which I posted and linked here.

    JMS I thought looked really good early, but the leaner, faster defensive players won day three. The tone of the practices showed up in the score of the game, which I did not attend.

    So, after the combine I’m pretty comfortable with Max Unger position pick of a center.

    • Palatypus

      Edit: I meant Chris Spencer’s position pick, which was 26th overall. Max Unger was picked 49th.

      • Palatypus

        Jimmy Graham was acquired in a trade for Max Unger and a first-round draft choice. Which is why I was confused.

        And, still am.

        • arias

          I’m confused by the conversation you’re having with yourself.

        • Big Mike

          Yeah well don’t feel bad. I’m STILL confused as to why they’d trade for Graham and then try to make him into something (inline TE) he never was and never was going to be. One of the worst cases of personnel management by this regime since they took over imo.

    • Palatypus

      And BTW, if the theme of this year’s NFL Draft, set by all these aggressive junior assistant coaches at the Senior Bowl, is all about who did the work and who is in shape?

      Well, I think Cannabis Carter of the Georgia Junk Food Dogs is in serious trouble.

  20. Troy

    As others have said above, I think there will just be too much blue chip players to take at 20…imo there is a very realistic chance that one or more of the following players will be available, all of whom I would take at 20 over this crop of centers. However I would be happy targeting center with either of our second round pics.

    List of better options of which some will be available most likely:

    Van ness

    • Palatypus

      I’ve seen some fascination with Van Ness in the Chicago Bears universe. That could be a possible trade-down.

  21. Gaux Hawks

    To Rob’s point a few months ago, it is certainly starting to feel like the second-rounders are starting to crowd the bottom half of round one.

    Or maybe with a more positive spin: I want one player in the top ten, then ten players in the next twenty.

  22. Thomas

    Yeah I think they’re gonna go center at 20.

    If he’s like Max Unger in value, that’s fine with me.

    I’m also starting to think they might grade Will McDonald higher than Anderson. If you place McDonald on Alabama, where would he get drafted?

    • Seattle Person

      I think ultimately if you view him as your starting C and potentially someone you give a 2nd contract to then you pull the trigger.

      The great thing about signing Jones and Reed is you don’t have to draft a starting DT (if there was one…). The guys in the 2nd/3rd rounds should be rotational pieces anyways.

  23. Steve Nelsen

    Do you think that Lamar Jackson is worth the #4 pick to the Colts? If their preferred rookie isn’t available?

    There are rumblings out of Baltimore that Lamar is going to get an offer. And the Ravens may be willing to move on for the 2 1sts.

    The Colts could trade out of 4 for a late 1st in 2023 and a 2024 1st.

    • Palatypus

      No, because of Salary. LJ has a lot of miles on him and is expensive. If Bryce Young doesn’t work out it’s relatively cheap by comparison.

      Have you ever dealt with a Mini Cooper dealership?

    • Rob Staton

      No chance the Colts do that

      Ballard is getting a rookie

    • Peter

      I don’t think the Ravens get two firsts.

      Lamar is not a valuable commodity unless you’re an internet fan.

      Lamar has done himself tons of damage in this process. And not my take. But not having an agent has really not paid off in this process.

      • TomLPDX

        Is it Lamar or his “agent” who is causing the problem. Let’s not forget his “agent” is his mom.

        • Peter

          I love my mom but I wouldn’t have her draft contracts for my construction business on behalf of her bestest, most special boy.

  24. swedenhawk

    Zierlein’s comp for JMS is Ben Jones, who is currently a free agent. Rob, what do you think of him as a possible draft hedge?

    • Palatypus

      I stood right behind Lance Zierlein while he watched JMS, but never really knew much of Ben Jones until Brandon Perna lost his shit about us taking Dre’Mont Jones.

      I hope that Daniel Failele replaces him in Baltimore, they draft Jalen Carter, and they share Moon Pies in the new Jabba V Jabba drill.

      • Palatypus

        Oops, that was Ben Powers, not Ben Kenobi.

        I’m going to bed now.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he will end up retiring

      And not a scheme match really

  25. Jabroni-DC

    Sedrick Van Pran at #20…what could have been.

    If Seattle doesn’t hedge C prior to the draft it certainly makes the game of chicken more exciting. Is pick X to early or pick Y too late?

    Bottom line is to pick winners. It matters not what number they were selected at.

    • Peter

      Jabroni I’m a million percent on this train.

      LG in the teens, no thank you….

      What’s that now? It’s Steve Hutchinson. Yeah I’ll take that all day.

  26. Joey

    I feel like 1 will be available at 51.

    My main assumption is Cards don’t trade out of 3.

    Then I’d take QB at 5.

    Trade down to ~28-30. Collect a late 2nd.

    Take Sanders @ 28-30.

    Take White / Ade / Ojulari / Anudike @ 37

    Take Schmitz / Wypler @ 51

    Take Kraft / CB (Turner / Kelly) / safety @ 60-70 / 83 / 122

    Beef up the trenches with the later picks

  27. Madmark

    Dejavu, Imentioned JMS 5 or 6 days ago at 37. Was listen to ESPN 710 Kirk talking about why you would want this guy. The game 1st game of 2018 he started for Minnesota and knew he was the leader of the offensive line. He started 59 games 4 full seasons and 6 games in 2020 due to the pandemic. He has his moments of being like a wrestler learns. If he’s not there at 37 then you grave Wypler and then you if Mazi Smith and he’s gone take Keenu Benton.

  28. Hughz

    Just saw Devin Bush visiting Hawks on Thursday. Good sign if the deal is right.

    • Sea Mode

      Cut Adams!

      Adam Schefter

      Giants’ free-agent safety Julian Love and Steelers’ free-agent LB Devin Bush are visiting the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday.

      • Sneekes

        Love Bush

        • Big Mike

          I prefer shaved but to each their own.
          I’ll show myself out now

          • Peter

            Just narrowly missed the “too early in the day,” window.

          • Robbie

            hahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciated the humor!

  29. ukalex6674

    For years people have been lamenting about the loss of Unger.

    Then we have had years of anger for not drafting Humphrey.

    Which all implies the need and want for Seattle to get a very good, or potentially very good C. Now they may do that everyone is up in arms because of the value of the pick.

    I’ve posted this before – new C to go with new QB. To grow together. If they take Schmitz and 20 then that’s great.

    • Peter


      I totally agree.

      And if Rob would let me one day I’ll post a long think piece on the concept of draft value and “premium positions” looking back on 13 years of draft re-do’s, that our own team has found a HOF corner and a DROY candidate corner ten years apart in the fifth round.

      Generally in balance I’m of the mind that it doesn’t matter where you draft a player as long as the overall composition of your draft is a win.

      Essentially it boils down to this as an example:

      I’ll use two blog favorites to illustrate.

      If you select JMS over Will Macdonald if both rookie contracts are good not great it’s a push.

      If Macdonald balls out and JMS looks like a JAG. We’re disappointed one direction.

      On the other hand if JMS plays great to say second team all pro level and Macdonald plays around say Darrel Taylor….good sacks liability in the run,

      Well you can see where this is going.

      The idea of premium positions, to me, only applies to Financials, contracts, and age.

      The idea of draft “premium positions,” presupposes that great CB’s, Wr’s, EDGE, and LT can only be found early. It’s true in as much as those positions everyone wants league wide. But not the only way to find those players.

  30. ElroyNumbers

    Rob – the topic of information flow in the nfl has come up on this thread. Years ago I actually called the late great John Clayton about this. But he either didn’t understand my question. Or chose not to provide any insight. Anywho, please share any insight on how information gets out in the nfl. Particularly draft information. My sense is when Schefter releases info. It’s authorized by gm’s. But for example the Hawks liking Poole. Is that example of someone lower on the totem pole in an organization, enjoying sharing secrets he shouldn’t? As this tends to be human nature.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Information flow is different depending on the type of information. For instance, all the Aaron Rodgers stuff that isn’t pure speculation is coming from Rodgers, Green Bay and the Jets. They use press conferences and interviews for some and share other info with some media people they work with.

      Then at the other end of the scale is stuff like, “the Seahawks are interested in JMS at 20.” There is a lot of local fan interest in who the Seahawks might draft. There are also “Seahawks insiders” like Jim Nagy who has worked with PCJS, knows their “type” of players, has watched JMS at the Senior Bowl and almost certainly talked to Seattle scouts to share their evaluations.

      If I had to guess, I’d say the report of Seattle’s interest in JMS at 20 is part interviews with Nagy and part speculation (stated as fact) that the only way to be sure they would get him is to use 20. They could have asked Nagy if JMS is worth a 1st round. Nagy is pretty open about his thoughts on where a player will/should be drafted and I think he talked about centers and JMS specifically.

      JS talked recently about how there is a bit of poker playing going on at this time of the year. But, he also said it is more about hiding interest in a particular player rather than pretending to have interest in a particular player.

  31. Diehard82

    I saw an article yesterday that Vikings are trying to re-sign Garrett bradberry, and he’s got one other team after him. Unsubstantiated rumor was it is Hawks. His measurables are similar to Wypler across the board, including sub 32” arms.

  32. Diehard82

    And now I see I’m a day (or two) late and about $15M short, which is his new 3 yr deal with Vikings. Dang.

  33. SwedishSeahawk

    A question for Rob (or anybody else who knows).

    How come we have the fifth pick in the first round, but the sixth pick in the second round?

    Broncos record was worse than La rams, but somehow they pick infront of us in the second round (they have the 36th pick and we have broncos 37th pick).

    Can´t find an answer anywhere.

    • Rob Staton

      They rotate teams with the same record

      • Julian L

        Who might the Rams top targets be in the draft?
        One area they could well look at is IDL, with Robinson and Gaines free agents?
        Might make projecting Mazi Smith to the Seahawks at #37 a bit risky?

  34. Josh

    Rob, do you think there is any interest in trading back from 20/37/52 to acquire more picks in the 53-121 range? Just seems like there is a lot of talent in the draft and that is a huge window with only 1 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they will look into that, yes

      But I think increasingly the best value might be in the 38 range

  35. Cambs

    Center just provides such minimal cap leverage for the 20th pick. That pick will slot in for a rookie contract of about $4M AAV; only a few of the top centers make (slightly) north of even $10M at the position. Structurally it’s nowhere near the value you can access with a McDonald or JSN.

    • Sea Mode

      Worth taking into account for sure.

      Fwiw, I think he will last well into R2 since he’s not elite athletically. But who knows what teams think.

      • Peter

        I’m with you. It’s mostly been the rare athletes at Center that go in the first round.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        None of this year’s centers are elite athletes. Not even close.

        That’s why I’m struggling to understand all this talk about centers at 20, let alone in R1.

        Just go back and look at previous drafts where top centers went.

        Keep in mind JMS’s combine performance — 5.35 forty, 4.56 ss, 29.5 vertical.

        Last year Linderbaum went in R1 at 25 after putting up 4.98, 4.38, 33.5. Clearly a superior athlete.

        The year before no centers were taken in R1. Alabama’s Landon Dickerson was taken at 37. He didn’t test pre draft so I can’t compare him athletically to JMS. But he was widely considered an excellent C prospect and he lasted until R2.

        In 2020, Cesar Ruiz was the only C taken in R1, at 24. His combine numbers were 5.08, 4.64, 33, not the best short shuttle, still a better overall athlete than JMS.

        in 2019 it was Garret Bradburry at 18 (the highest since Ryan Kelly in 2016), a clearly superior athlete — 4.92, 4.53, 31.

        In 2018 the sole R1 C was Frank Ragnow at…20. His combine — 4.99, 4.51, 33.5 was perhaps the best Combine performance by a top C prospect in the last 10 years (there might be some freak athlete who tested better but never became a successful pro).

        In 2017, the top C taken was Ethan Pocic. Nuff sed.

        Anyway, my points are:

        Centers don’t get taken in R1 unless they’re top prospects and top athletes. And even then, it happens, at most once, a draft (statistically speaking, less often).

        I don’t often agree with Tony Pauline’s scouting assessments. Sorry, but there it is. However, I do respect his League sources. Nonetheless, his sources are not infallible, as was pointed out previously. That’s not a knock on Tony btw. It’s just fact. It’s possible that part of the rumor is true — Seattle are targeting JMS and Wypler — but the details about where they see themselves taking one of them aren’t.

        Just my opinions here folks

        • Rob Staton

          I agree on the center’s and I wouldn’t personally take JMS in R1. If they take him at 38 and rate him highly, fine. But not 20 or after a small trade down

    • Matt

      Man is this such a smart way to look at it. For me to draft a center in the 1st he’d have to be a hall of fame caliber prospect. Otherwise I’m waiting until at least the 2nd.

    • Steve Nelsen

      “Do you consider positional value when drafting?” is a question I wish they would ask JS on one of his interviews with 710.

  36. London Seahawk

    I wonder if prioritizing center is a response to SF pairing Hargreaves with Bosa. If Hargreaves flattens our center all game for both those games, Bosa will eat Geno for breakfast. TBF he may do that anyway, but at least a premium center would be us tooling up in response.
    Would also make me grade the top blocking TEs even higher for SEA. Not sure who the best middle round blocking TE could be.

    • Tim

      Great points and I would prioritize the offensive line. The last Super Bowl matched two teams with outstanding lines on both sides of the ball. I was especially interested to watch their interaction. Unless my eyes deceived me, for the most part, the QBs has plenty of time to throw, adequate running games, and decent pockets despite all of the pregame hoopla about the defensive lines and their dominant performances and stats through the regular season.

  37. Trevor

    Rob is it fair to say that Levis is more pro ready than Richardson year 1? If so could that be a deciding factor for who the Colts pick given that’s they don’t really have a starter on the roster? On the flip side if Stiechan plans to run an Eagles type offense is it fair to say perhaps Richardson would be a better fit.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes 100%

      • Ian

        Regarding Indy, once they see who’s gone at 1 and 2, could you see them moving up to 3 in order to assure themselves the remaining qb of their choice, preventing a qb-hungry team from jumping ahead of them, and still allowing Arizona to take Anderson?

  38. London Seahawk

    The consensus QB ranking now seems to be:

    1. CJ Stroud
    2. Young
    3. Richardson

    Going in some order to Carolina, and Indiana, and now Houston (solidified by Case Keenum signing as a bridge)

    You’ve then got Arizona… who could trade down or pick – probably – Will Anderson.

    So much hinges on how teams will view Will Levis!

    Do Indiana feel comfortable sitting and picking Levis if a Raiders or Titans leapfrog them to get QB3?
    Do the Raiders believe Levis might last til 7?
    Do Seattle see Levis as a possible face of the franchise if he is there at 5?

    It’s the Will Levis draft imo and everyone else is just living in it!

    • DW

      I’m not sure Case Keenum was signed as a bridge QB. I don’t think a team can say with a straight face that they feel comfortable running Keenum out there as their starting QB for any length of time. I personally think it is more likely just a true, solid backup than it is a bridge situation.

      I definitely agree with the rest, it really does seem like Levis and how teams see him will decide the top third of the draft.

    • Trevor

      Still think the most likely scenario is

      #1 Stroud
      #2 Young
      #3 Anderson
      #4 Levis as the Colts need a guy to start Day #1
      #5 Richardson – Hawks the only team truly in a postion to give him a redshirt year.

      • Trevor

        My only fear is Raiders trading to 3 and taking Richardson.

        • Sea Mode

          Then we get Anderson and the Cards don’t. That’s a win in my book, even if a QB would be preferred with pass rusher, perhaps McDonald, at #20.

          • Roy Batty

            That’s my take, too.

            No matter what happens, the Hawks are assured a QB or Anderson. That’s not a bad position to be in.

            They will walk away from this draft with a leader on one side of the ball.

            • Ben

              According to a new three letter network mock draft, this happens but the hawks would then pass on Will Anderson to take Wilson. While Carter then goes at 6 before Anderson at 7! Sheesh.

              • Peter

                Clearly someone on this board is also writing mocks for CBS and trolling us.

                This would be something I personally would do and find funny.

  39. Trevor

    Come on JS.

    -Sign Nwosu to a 3 yr extension
    -Cut Adams with June designation
    -Sign Ashawn Robinson to shore up the run D
    -Sign Drue Tranquil as a young, fast coverage LB
    -Sign Isiah Wynn as starting G and backup OT for both spots.
    -Bring in Bobby or Calias Campbell on cheap 2yr deal to lead this young defense.

    Then relax and focus on BPA in the draft.


    • Sea Mode

      I think Lewis clearly has one guard spot locked down, but who would win the job between Haynes and Wynn? Let’s hope “always compete” makes a return!

  40. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    Free-agent DB Lonnie Johnson, the Texans 2019 second-round pick, is visiting the Seahawks today.

  41. samprassultanofswat

    London Seahawk fan makes an excellent point. Now that the 49ers signed Hargraves you can actually justify taking John Michael Schmitz with pick #20 in the first round.

    Stay tuned.

    • Sea Mode

      Oops, reply fail. See below comment.

  42. bringbacktheoldlogo

    Do you think there’s no chance of them going for the Michigan centre, then?

    • Rob Staton

      🤷‍♂️ We need to see him run a short shuttle

    • cha

      They can only draft Olu Olu to be the center if they also draft Ade Ade for the DL.

      They’re a package deal.

  43. Trevor

    I think if the Hawks get a QB at 5 it is almost a certainty they go defense at 5.

    If they don’t get a QB and go defense at 5 then perhaps they consider an offensive player at 20-30 after a trade down. (Mayer, Washington, Robinson, JMS, JSN etc)

  44. SwedenSeahawk

    Mine too,

    However, I agree with Robs analysis on this matter.

    In your first draft as GM, you need to make sure you pick a guy who can set the right tone in the locker-room and build a culture around the team, and W.Anderson looks alot to be that kind of a player.. If he fits into their plans of how the want to play defense, I don´t think they will risk trading down and end up with another generic player.

    • swedenhawk

      SwedenSeahawk? If you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts?

      • SwedenSeahawk

        It was to Trevors comment above: ” My only fear is Raiders trading to 3 and taking Richardson.”

        • swedenhawk

          I meant whereabouts in Sweden are you. I’m in Stockholm.

  45. Sea Mode

    I’d really like to take a shot at Will McDonald at #20, or even trading up a few spots if needed for either him, Bijan, or Meyer if any were to fall through the cracks.

    I think the centers will still be there in the top/middle of R2. As another scenario, we could stay put at 20 and jump up from #52 for JMS if they fear he won’t last or just want to make sure.

    My favorite draft as of now would be:
    #5 Anthony Richardson
    #20 Will McDonald
    #37 Mazi Smith (or WR if they sign a NT in FA)
    #52 JMS/Wypler

    I definitely need to watch some more players though that stood out at the Combine.

    • BK26

      This is 100% what my dream is. Get the freakiest quarterback ever and then set up our trenches for a few years. This would be perfect.

      Have the rest of the draft be value, BPA, depth picks: receiver, lb like Campbell, at least one running back.

      • Peter

        But why get a qb this year that you can train in your own system for two years when you can do a fantasy trade down from five to say eight and gamble on having a top pick next year and when that doesn’t work you can spend tons of draft capital moving from the teens to the top of the draft in two short years as you get ready for life w/o Geno who only had one good year ( and I hope he has more)…

        I’d much rather blow a Rams for Goff amount of picks in the future then get a qb today.

        • BK26


          • Peter

            I can’t read that. You didn’t include enough poop and clown emojis as punctuation.

    • Julian L

      This is a favourite draft scenario for me too, though Mazi Smith could be a target for the Rams too at #36, as they need a NT. In a scenario that Mazi Smith is off the board at #37, one of the freeky Tight Ends could be an option also.

    • Hawkster

      This is a frequent fantasy draft of mine too, but really want an RB out of this class. A pair of backs, Geno, upgrade at center, QBOTF on the bench, big help on the DL, both RBs coming into their own. I think Charbonnet is gone if you don’t take him on day 2. Gray from Oklahoma fits the size toughness I’d like to see, has good hands, seems almost slowish on tape (just never see any wow burst) but can get slippery, makes people tackle him. Get Gray in the 3rd with your draft on top, that’s be somthin.

    • VegasHawk

      I don’t get the infatuation with Richardson. Yes he can run fast and yes he can jump long and high and he has a cannon for an arm. But can he play quarterback!? His accuracy is horrendous. He literally had a 33% completion percentage in his last game in college. That’s not someone that’s improving. We’ve seen that recipe fail so many times in the NFL. Josh Allen was an outlier. Not to mention our offensive system is about accuracy and quick reads. So he’s backing up Geno and Geno goes down, he can’t come in and take our team anywhere with our current offensive scheme. Meaning we would have to have a whole another scheme set up just for him. It doesn’t make sense to use a top 5 pick on an athlete who doesn’t know how to play the QB position hoping he can learn accuracy, timing, touch and pocket awareness when there is a QB from Tennessee with all those skills available much later.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, he can play quarterback.

        He needs time and development. But he is an excellent player with incredible potential.

        From someone who has watched all of his games.

  46. SpennyDunks

    Clowney about to get released again. What an… interesting career hes had

  47. Sea Mode

    Hard to disagree here. He has looked excellent throughout the process.

    Jim Nagy

    Tulane RB Tyjae Spears is most dangerous open-field runner in #NFLDraft. Yes, including Bijan.

    No RB in this class has had better pre-draft process than

    • Brodie

      Love this kid! I know it’s a deep RB class and we can find really solid backs on day 3, but I sure would like to see Spears as a Hawk.

      Seeing how our offense stalls when we have to run out a lesser back, I’d be okay with splurging on Spears in the 3rd and going for a couple of UDFA RB’s from this class.

      Brock was suggesting that we ‘need’ a veteran RB to pair with Walker. He suggested McKinnon and I just don’t see it. RB is probably the easiest transition of any position for college-to-pro.

  48. Hebegbs

    Every time I read about John Michael a song pops into my head of old. Maybe you’ve heard of it. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. I’m not sure I can handle the Hawks drafting him. It is getting annoying.

  49. HOUSE

    I know it’s not JMS related, but thoughts on Devin Bush? Coming back from an Achilles injury, he didn’t have the greatest season last year, but that does take time to heal and maybe he would be a steal for cheap?

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’m kinda meh on him. There’s potential there, but he’s never really more than JAG in the NFL. Would much prefer Drue Tranquill.

      • TomLPDX

        A 1-yr prove-it deal for Bush would work for me. We need to start getting that position taken care of while Brooks is out recovering.

        • Peter

          I’m with Tom here. Shallow LB class. Free agents running out.

          When I think of players Pete does well with Bush is that type.

    • cha

      His game is all speed. Any physicality he derives is from that.

      And the Achilles robbed him of his speed.

      They better vet that knee and see if he is on the mend, or barring that, sign him with no guarantees and no promises.

      • Max from Van

        Different sport but it took Leanardo Spinazzola a full 10 months playing first team futbol before he was back to similar levels of speed and acceleration.

  50. Brett

    So the Seahawks have talked to safety draft prospects JL Skinner, Jammie Robinson, and Jordan Howden and are bringing in FA Julian Love for a visit. Seems like they want to do something at the safety position… and perhaps Love and Robinson are nickel candidates and they want to bump Bryant outside?

    • Rob Staton

      It could be depth and thinking long term, too —- but certainly interesting

    • GrittyHawk

      I think it’s possible, if not likely, that we will draft a safety this year without cutting Adams. It’s always been my assumption that Diggs and Adams would stay with the team through this year, but both will be prime cut candidates next year — cutting Diggs will save $11M ($4.1M dead money) and cutting Adams would save $9.4M ($14.2M dead) pre-6/1, or save $16.1M as a post 6/1 cut ($7.1M dead in 2024/2025). Ryan Neal’s long-term future is also up in the air at the moment, so similar to our TE situation, I expect them to take at least one player as a hedge against those scenarios next year. That said, we are also currently tied for the fewest players (23) under contract in 2024 so I’m expecting them to try to trade back and accrue even more picks, especially with the depth of talent available in rounds 2-3.

    • Demitrov

      Seems like a smart move. Id love to grab Skinner if he falls and stash him for a year. You give J Adams one last chance to contribute this year and if he doesn’t you cut him, replace him with Skinner and reinvest that money away from the Safety position into another area of need.

      If they ace this draft this team would really be in good position to make a push in 2024.

  51. Mick

    OK does this mean everyone says he was stressed, poor guy, and we make him a top 10 pick?

    • geoff u

      Hopefully this means someone makes him a top 5 pick (but not us)

  52. Peter

    Based on comments here such as:

    Heel turn

    It’s a work.

    “Smart,” fans

    For the few wrestling/ufc nerds on here let’s discuss how JMS looks like a young Brock Lesnar who smiles more. That’s almost enough for me in my draft evaluation.

    • no frickin clue

      John Michael Schmitz looks like the love child of Brock Lesnar and Bill Self, head coach at Kansas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


      Luke Wypler looks more like a mix of Harris Barton and Don ‘The Rock’ Muraco.

      Since Barton was an actual football player, and a good one, I think the edge goes to Wypler here, if we’re basing our choices around plausible offspring of WWE wrestlers.

      Sidebar: I liked Muraco better when he was still referred to as the Magnificent One. He seemed more disdainful of his competition back then. Eating donuts in the ring etc. 🙂

      • Peter

        Now I need to find the player that looks like Dr. Death and we’re set.

  53. Hawkster

    I am not sure the internet, or PFF, will survive JMS in R1. But hey, using that and the other comments,

    #20>JAX for #24 + #88
    #37 + #88 >PHI for #30

    #5 a QB, PFF flips between Levis and Richardson as the available
    #24 JMS (turn off twitter)
    #30 McDonald or Mazi, I lean towards McDonald here
    #51 Charbonnet (earning a D from PFF)
    #83 Tucker Kraft

    Works for me.

    • Troy

      Ya I like this trade down + trade up scenario. However i feel if either Mayer or Bijan lasts to 20 BPA forces your hand and you don’t trade, you just thank your lucky stars you got a cornerstone player and draft him.

      • Hawkster

        I wouldn’t normally think C in R1, had penciled in #51 as BCA (best center available). Having something special drop to 20 would definitely make for some awesome War Room viewing, who knows what they would do there. But I like Charbonnet and Kraft at the considerably cheaper price. Oh the trials of rosterbation.

    • Peter

      I like the additional parenthetical comments. Perfect.

    • Hawkdawg

      We need a 3-4 nose. Big Al is a 30-40% of snaps guy now, at best, and neither Jones nor Reed is a real nose. Can’t count on Mone coming back from injury, or Poona coming back at all.

      Smith all the way, if we don’t hedge with a nose, somehow, before the draft, let alone come up with some beef at LB.

      • Hawkster

        Definitely wouldn’t shed any tears getting Smith. Building from the middle (JMS and MS), where SEA has been soft as hell.

    • Sea Mode

      I thought PFF liked Charbonnet. Is it not so?

      • Hawkster

        yes, you cant get Charbonnet after day 2 on PFF.

        • Hawkster

          … but they still give you a bad grade for drafting RBs before the 7th round, Charbonnet is #60 on their big board.

      • cha

        Pay no attention to PFF’s grades.

        I got a C+ for drafting Will Levis at 5 with Anthony Richardson still available.

        Next draft I got an A- for drafting Will Levis at 5 with Anthony Richardson still available.

        Go figure.

        • Hawkster

          They panned the KWII pick as the worst pick since Noah chose elephants over mastadons, they really dont like drafting RBs.

        • GrittyHawk

          Yeah their pick grades don’t make sense. I got a C- for picking Wypler at 57 when they have him ranked at 53 and say that C is our top need. So dumb.

  54. BobbyK

    If he becomes a 10 year starting center we’re not going to care if he was taken 10 spots too early. I am sick of sucking at center year after year.

    Maybe they go QB/C in round one and have the QB of their team and QB of their OL for a long time. They generally haven’t had a longterm vision so here’s to a change… and even more evidence Schneider now wears the big boy pants in the organization.

    • ukalex6674

      I’m on board with this. We need a good C, let’s not try to get cute and trade down for this and that. The link Rob kindly provided showed a great insight into last years draft and I hope they keep it simple, and just get the guys THEY want , not ones that they are left with.

      • JimQ

        If the available QB at #5 is Stroud, (IF Levis & AR are gone) his college center was none other than Luke Wypler. Familiarity and trust between QB and OC already established. That should make the 1-st year NFL QB more comfortable. Now, if they were to get one of his college receivers as well, he’d be I’d guess ……………….. damn comfortable. Stroud is a very likely a future “STAR”. His arm, accuracy and ball placement are fantastic. Also, he should be able to start on day one perhaps more so than the other 3 QB’s.

    • Peter

      I’m with you.

      It’s rough reading these comments while a lot of us here are talking about John taking control. Is he dolt then if he thinks that a team that has NEVER drafted a center to play just center finally needs to get right and draft one?

    • TJ

      Agreed. If they think he’s their guy, they should take him. If he solidifies the position for 5-10 years, it will be worth it. If they give Wypler a similar grade and expect him to be there are #37, waiting may be the better course of action.

  55. GrittyHawk

    Georgia Tech pro day today! Anyone know if Keion White is expected to go through full testing?

  56. Shawn McElhinney

    Is it possible to grab him as late as pick #51?

    We need a QB, a DI, an ED, and maybe a Dawand Jones before thinking of Schmidt. Since the Niners signed Hargrave, I have been thinking of drafting Dawand as RT and moving Lucas in as RG to really build a Maginot Line on the right side. But Dawand is not likely to fall to #37 if the PFF draft simulator I have been toying with is accurate. I was consistently getting Clancey at #20 but with the signing of Tre’mont Jones have modified strategies and going for Edge at #20. It seems probable we could get either Levis or Richardson ar #5, McDonald IV at #20, and make a trade up to get Dawand.

    With a bit of tweaking, I was able to get the following slate of players on the PFF mock draft:

    #5: QB Will Levis (Kentucky)
    #20: DI Calijah Klancey (Pittsburgh)
    Trade pick #51 and 2025 2nd rounder to Texans for pick #33
    Trade pick #37 and 2024 7th rounder to Cardinals for pick #34
    #33: ED Will McDonald IV
    #34: T Dawand Jones (Ohio State)
    #83 S Jammie Robinson (Florida State)
    #122 CB Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (TCU)
    #152 HB De’Wayne McBride (UAB)
    #156 LB Dorian Williamson (Tulane)
    #196 C Juice Scruggs (Penn State)
    #238 WR Derius Davis (TCU)

    • Hawkster

      This is not QBOTF in my (and others) earlier notions of AZ#3 to SEA#5, but it still has the new GM in AZ trading back to Seattle so they can presumably get a stud that they can face twice a year.

  57. Kuya

    A couple of tidbits this morning from Brock & Salk show.

    – They had Albert Breer on and he mentioned that Seattle should be thinking the same approach as Titans / AJ Brown – trade a draft pick for a player who’s not going to get paid by the current team and willing to move. Breer mentioned trading 20 for Chase Young or 37 for Montez Sweat?

    – Myles Jack was cut by Steelers this morning. Bring him home or nah? He has 3-4 experience

    • Peter

      I wouldn’t do either of those trades.

      Why would montez sweat be worth the lower deal?

      On Chase Young…all I can say is….at least Jamal Adams was actually at the time a really good football player. Read that any way you want.

      • Kuya

        Worded it wrong. Would the Seahawks be willing to part with 20 or 37 if Washington offers Chase Young or Montez Sweat?

        I don’t see it happening, but they are special players. Seahawks were interested in Sweat in 2019, Young was out of reach in 2020, being picked 2nd overall.

        Chase Young was DROY, however injuries kept him out of games in 2021 and 2022.
        Sweat has been consistent in putting up stats.

        Both seem like fits for 4-3 defense, not sure where they would fit in our 3-4 alignment.

        • Peter

          I like Sweat. He’s what I hope Taylor turns into.

          I know Young showed flashes. Just me I’m not trading stock for a multi time injury risk.

    • cha

      Breer is right in theory but wrong with his suggestions.

      This is the flipside of not getting Payne – they now have big $ invested in the DL and Sweat with an $11m cap hit in 2023 and set to walk next year. They’re not in a strong bargaining position.

      Young…as Peter said, why offer a top pick for a guy so badly injured? They’re stuck if they think he’s worth that much.

      If the Seahawks were going that route, I’d keep one eye on Tennessee and just monitor the situation with Jeffery Simmons.

      There isn’t much chance he leaves – he’s said all the right things about wanting to be there. The Titans have been clearing cap so that’s not much of a problem. But he has said he wants something before the season starts. If they can’t get something worked out by April, there might be an opening.

      The Seahawks could tell Tennessee that Kancey, Mazi, Ade or Benton all might be there at #20 and what’s the point of investing big money in Simmons when they’ve stripped the team down.

      Flight of fancy to be sure. But that’s the kind of deal that I envision when Breer says poaching a top talent that a team might be hesitant to pay.

      • Kuya

        Great point, Curtis. We should probably throw in all other young DLs looking for an extension: Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins, Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver.

        Jeffrey Simmons would be the unicorn acquisition.

        Peter – I agree with you on Young, can’t rely on injury prone players anymore.

    • GrittyHawk

      I don’t see that type of trade making sense this year. We might be competitive this year but I don’t think there is one player who would launch us into contention the way AJ Brown did for the Eagles. That seems like the type of move we should be making in a year or 2 once our future at QB is settled and we’re rid of the Adams contract. It would be a horrible waste to trade a cost-controlled draft pick for a huge contract when we’re not realistically a contender.

      And if we do make that kind of move… Chase Young really ain’t it.

  58. HOUSE

    Myles Jack is now a FA after being released with the Steelers signing of Cole Holcomb. Dang

    • TomLPDX

      I’d at least bring him in and kick the tires. We need legit help at LB.

  59. Thomas

    I really suspect they might grade McDonald as above or equivalent to Anderson. I don’t know if they would take him at 5 but maybe.

    Right now I’d say they’ll do something like this.

    McDonald after a potential trade for a pick next year. Probably swap next year’s second for our trade partner’s first if possible. If not, just take him at 5. If he can beat Wright, he’s better than Anderson on a loaded Bama defense.

    Center at 20. (Thought this right after Rob’s combine eval)

    BPA 37

    Best Running back

    • Ukhawk

      Agree. Rob has sold me on WM4

      Only other guys I crave are WHITE & ADE ADE

      Would love to know how we can get 2 of 3

      And maybe one of Benton & Pickens & Mazi too

  60. Ashish

    I see all the mock drafts and SDB folks choice of the draft and just one things to my mind. Let our #5 pick be one of Levis/Anthony Richardson/C J Stroud. Rest of the draft picks are important but this will set the hawks roster for the next decade.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, I think most of us would prefer exactly that, but if someone trades up with Arizona and the QBs go 1-4, then it won’t even be our choice to make.

      • Wilson502

        This is why I wanted to trade up. Not coming away with a long term answer at QB out of the RW trade just sucks IMO. Will Anderson just doesn’t do much for me and doesn’t impact the team like a long term answer at QB will.

        • Hawkster

          Looks like that ship has sailed. If acting as if one is AZ then goto #7, + 30 and 70 (and some 2024 pick(s)), then AZ comes away with:

          7: OL Skoronski
          30: ED A-Uzomah (meh, follow the crowd)
          38: WR Downs (or vice versa with 30)
          66: QB McKee (you know, to settle down the divided QB fan-base, McKee is healthy, right?)
          70: CB DJ Turner/Garret Williams
          96: WR Michael Wilson
          (plus early 2024 comp from LV)

          While Seattle gets
          5: ED Anderson
          24: C JMS
          37: NT Mazi
          51: LB Henley (or Ade Ade?)
          83: RB Gray
          88: S Skinner

          • Wilson502

            Doubtful the Faiders move up with the Jimmy G signing

  61. Peter

    The day I figure out how to link tweets it’s all over….

    Apparently Keion White has run a 4.74-.75 40 yard dash at GA. Tech’s pro day.

    Just saying.

    As Rob would say.

    • Simo

      Pretty good 40 time for a big man for sure, but I suspect Rob is more interested in his 10 yard split and his short shuttle time!

    • Hawk Mock

      Looking forward to seeing JMC at guard and KWhite as center, looks like a perfect D to Oline convert with those numbers.

      • Peter

        Comedy = tragedy plus time.

        • Peter

          Maybe Ade Ade can play in space and solve our big nickel problem.

          • Hawk Mock

            I think Ade Ade can basically play anywhere on the field. The ultimate Swiss army knife with his numbers. I would like to see him in Kam’s role or he could even be a modern day Christian Okoye with his 4.49! Crazy.

            • Peter

              Okoye!!! Excellent deep cut.

          • GrittyHawk

            I mean hey maybe we wouldn’t have had such a problem with DEs being dropped into coverage if it was Ade Ade instead of Dunlap and Mayowa lol

      • Big Mike

        I’d laugh Hawk Mock but I’m too busy crying.

  62. Peter

    Sadly I’m not sure we’re getting those with pro days.

    But even if you adjust like .05-.1 for track speed that’s a great 40 for a guy at his size.

    It’s ade ade and his brain bending speed.

    Kancy….duh he’s always looked quick.

    The only Jalen I’m interested in, Redmond.

    Dante Stills.

    But White is not insignificantly taller, longer, or both on those prospects.

  63. Gaux Hawks

    i’m starving for some sort of move… anything, please!

    • Big Mike

      Need a LB
      Need a ru stuffing DT

      Please, what Gaux said!

      • Mick

        Agreed with both needs, but don’t hurry to sign any guy just cause he plays the position.

  64. Madmark

    What do you think Rob about Bryon Young from Alabama after his pro day? It appears he’s no longer being considered a DE but they have him classified as a DT. His pro day stats weren’t good. It appears he’s drop so far you could get him in the 5th round and have him play the LDE spot. What do you think he has the perfect size.

    • Hawksnogger

      I think you’re mixing up your Byron Youngs. One is a DT from Alabama, the other is a DE from Tennessee.

  65. cha

    If you can laugh at the absurdity of the Jalen Carter draft hype situation, you might want to check out the latest Top Billin on youtube. Also if you were on the fence that TB had any credibility at all, that video should end that discussion pretty quickly.

    If you’d had your fill and it’ll only push your blood pressure to dangerous levels, just ignore this post and go about your day.

    • Big Mike

      Or since I don’t care about his opinion, I’ll just go about my day.

      • TomLPDX

        My thought as well.

    • Peter

      Cha think globally act locally.

      Just saw a comment on a seahawks youtube show that compared him to reggie white…..

      And another: (literally) turn on the tape!!!! Someone named Carter got all those sacks, tfls, and tackles!!!!

      Tell me you’ve never “turned on the tape,” without telling me you’ve turned on the tape.

      • Matt

        LOL – I believe I’m the first reply calling the guy an idiot :0.

        • Peter

          Ha! Awesome!

      • geoff u

        Or even the slightest look at stats. Pretty sure 6 sacks in three years is not all that many sacks

      • cha

        Just be careful. That guy gets vulgar in the comments.

    • icb12

      Didn’t watch the video.

      I just want to say in re to Carter. I hope that kid is ok.

      We are talking about an extremely talented young man with suspect decision making habits who’s going through some pretty serious shit in his life right now.

      His life is spiralling downward rapidly approaching terminal velocity and out of control status… and the world witnessed it live on tv yesterday, with instantaneous judgement and mocking spread all over online like a wildfire.

      I hope he gets some support and some help, not only in growing up and making better decisions, but just getting his mentals straight with everything going on.

      People are super quick to make assumptions and accusations online, and post absolutely anything including some vile trash. But hardly anyone considers what is on the other end of the internet. Not everyone has the mental fortitude to ignore that stuff, or the thick skin to let it bounce off, or the willpower to use those things as fuel; and when someone is already in a bad place in their life- it can lead to some dark dark shit.

      I hope he’s got or gets a good support network. Football is secondary right now, he looks to me like a young man that needs some guidance and support not more assholes on the internet and people looking to make money off him.

      • Peter

        But nearly every big name has people talking trash about them.

        Richardson was nearly getting booed by Florida at one point.

        People go out of their way to talk junk on levis.

        People in this board called Bolles an actual idiot for failing his wonderlic when it was more likely dyslexia or any other of a number if learning difficulties.

        I don’t recall anyone being magnanimous towards Malik McDowell when he got a traumatic brain injury.

        I never saw the apologies online when Shawn Oakman had his career actually taken from him.

        Carter on multiple occasions was caught being an idiot and now seems depressed that he’s costing himself millions.

        Even if he falls to like 18 he’s still going to be a multi millionaire and two families are going to be without their kids forever.

    • Brett

      What a joke. Acts like it’s no big deal he was gassed during those drills because he was doing them with EDGE guys… like what difference does that make? He was cramping and couldn’t FINISH the drills after declining to do any testing. He’s had two months to prepare for this and instead of being in great shape he’s put on 9lbs in two weeks and can’t get through a workout. If he’s not motivated to improve his draft stock, what makes you think he’ll be motivated to get in game shape and take care of his body to avoid injury when he’s already got a guaranteed contract? He’s an incredibly talented player but I think it’s clear now he got by on talent alone in college and that won’t work in the NFL. Work ethic isn’t just something you flip on — you have it or you don’t.

    • Rob Staton

      I will not be watching this

      But thanks anyway

  66. Group Captain Mandrake

    Ever since Rob’s comment yesterday, I can’t help but think of him as John Potato Schmitz.

    • BK26

      I will dub him “Yukon” John. Guy is going to be a spud in the league.

      • BK26


        Darn auto correct.

        • TomLPDX

          It’s the new AI thinking for you. Got it right the first time!

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Would he be the new Tater?

  67. Burner

    The #Seahawks have agreed to terms with C/G Evan Brown, per source. Brown started 24 games on Detroit’s line the last two years

    Wonder if this changes things?

    • Ashish

      Lions fans gave great reviews for the guy. Great signing good hedge for draft or nice backup at center and gaurd.

    • cha

      4.46 short shuttle

      • cha

        Spotrac had his market value as 3y $32m (they’re usually high)

        • cha

          Aaron Wilson
          It’s a one-year deal for #Seahawks and center Evan Brown, per a league source

          • Roy Batty

            Sounds like a hedge/depth piece to me.

          • geoff u

            At first I thought that meant 17 million for one year

  68. ulsterman

    He’s played both center and right guard so probably more of a competition signing than someone pencilled in to start.
    Think they’ll still draft a center

  69. Hawk Mock

    Not going to complain when they’re addressing the trenches. Get some Love and drop the dove(dove, peacock, whatever) next to go with Tranquil and Campbell!

  70. Volume12

    Solid signing. Great utility guy/1st O-lineman off the bench type. Was much better @ C 2 years ago then he was @ RG last year, but I like his versatility.

    • Steve Nelsen

      This is a solid signing. Kind of a Phil Haynes move at center. He can compete with a rookie to start at center and provide versatility as a backup if he doesn’t win the starting job.

    • MarkinSeattle

      Hopefully this takes the pressure off drafting a center with an early pick. I would prefer to wait for the third or fourth round before taking a center given the talents at DT and our needs there. It would also be nice to select best players available rather than over select for a need. I can’t think of our last great find when we were looking to fill a position of need, but I can think of a lot of great finds when we weren’t desperate to fill a need.

      The irony is that we keep hearing that small unwanted centers can be successful in this scheme and there has been a lot of speculation about selecting a center at the top center range in the first round. It just seems like a huge waste of draft capital.

      • Peter

        I don’t understand this at all.

        You can find a center late? But Seattle never has.

        I just feel like if the chiefs can find it within them to draft a center in the second we should stop dismissing as a waste.

  71. Zane

    Tested explosively at pro day: 5.03 forty @ 302lbs, 36” vert, 9’5” broad.
    Seems like it fills a nice hole and helps us avoid desperation in the draft.

  72. Blitzy the Clown

    I think what signing Evan Brown does (which I love btw) is allow them to BPA IOL regardless of whether it’s a C, G or T. And yes, I think T is in play for Seattle for IOL.

    You’d think he’s first team C at this point.

    Excellent signing, though I haven’t seen the number.

  73. Mick

    I wonder if he won’t end up taking the starter spot at RG.

    • Dregur

      He plays adequately at RG, but he’s definitely better at center.

  74. PJ in Seattle

    Plea deal for Jalen Carter. Fine and no jail time. At least that question mark has been removed. Maybe this kicks his stock back up for some other teams.

  75. JimQ

    From reader their scouting reports:
    My impression was that JMS is bigger & stronger than Wypler & very much better at run blocking than pass blocking, while Wypler has adequate strength & is adequate at run blocking, but he is much better at pass blocking. If the Seahawks are indeed a run first team, I guess JMS makes sense. In the event they wait to round 2 for a center and JMS is gone, I think Wypler is the more likely of the two to be a Seahawk.

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