A follow up on Damien Harris & Kerryon Johnson

I’m currently working through the running backs eligible for the 2018 draft. It’s a relatively impressive group. There will be a handful that ultimately make it to the NFL and become more than backups. I’m not convinced that outside of Saquon Barkley we’ll have another Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott or Leonard Fournette type — but there are options for teams that want to add a runner.

I’ve watched most of the big names now. I haven’t done articles on them all — that will come in time. I’m not sure anyone’s impressed me more so far than Alabama’s Damien Harris and Auburn’s Kerryon Johnson.

Read more about the pair here and here.

Both players seem to fit Seattle’s physical profile (we won’t have full confirmation until the combine — if they both declare) and they are both underrated.

For example, Harris is much more of a playmaker than people maybe realise. He’s on 8.4 yards per carry this year. Bo Scarborough — his much more publicised and touted team mate — is only managing 4.6 YPC.

Now let’s compare Harris’ YPC to some former prolific Alabama running backs:

Mark Ingram 2009 (Heisman winner) — 6.1 YPC
Mark Ingram 2010 — 5.5 YPC
Trent Richardson 2009 — 6.3 YPC
Trent Richardson 2010 — 5.9 YPC
Eddie Lacy 2012 — 6.5 YPC
T.J. Yeldon 2012 — 6.3 YPC
T.J. Yeldon 2013 — 6.0 YPC
T.J. Yeldon 2014 — 5.0 YPC
Derrick Henry 2014 — 5.8 YPC
Derrick Henry 2015 (Heisman winner) — 5.6 YPC
Bo Scarborough 2016 — 6.5 YPC
Bo Scarborough 2017 — 4.6 YPC
Damien Harris 2016 — 7.2 YPC
Damien Harris 2017 — 8.4 YPC

Alabama has been able to run the ball with great success for years. Ingram, Richardson, Lacy, Yeldon and Henry were all first or second round picks.

None of them at any point in their careers got close to Damien Harris’ 7.2 YPC in 2016 or his 8.4 YPC in 2017.

Maybe it’s because he isn’t enormous like Henry, fun like Lacy (with that crazy spin move), highly touted like Yeldon and Richardson or just playing for an Alabama team that strangely isn’t getting much hype. Nobody really talks about the Crimson Tide. The playoff committee did their best to conjure up a headline by putting Georgia at #1.

In previous years, maybe Harris would get more attention? Perhaps it’s because he’s not receiving the mammoth workload Henry took on? That’s mainly due to the committee approach with Scarborough and the fact the quarterback is also a better playmaker these days. Simply put though — when Harris gets his opportunities he’s taking them.

He’s not a plodder working the hard yards in a grinding offense. He’s making big chunk plays and scoring touchdowns. Eleven so far to be precise. We already know he was running a 4.48 at the Nike SPARQ combines — an almost identical time to Bryce Love despite carrying an extra 20lbs. He’s no slouch.

And take a look at this:

Don’t you just love that? Don’t you want the running back on your team doing that?


Johnson is a different type of player — more comparable to Chris Carson. Harris is compact and explosive while Johnson is longer and makes the most out of every run. They share one thing in common though — they’re both really impressive talkers during press conferences, expressing high character.

Don’t be surprised if these two make a big move as we get nearer the draft. Other running backs are getting more publicity — but I get the feeling Harris and Johnson will get ahead eventually.

High character, physical runners with great production, making big plays consistently for big teams — they tend to go early.

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  1. Rowlandice

    Harris really looks like he’ll move up the draft boards for sure. Rob, you’re up to your old tricks in finding players early on that end being out of the Hawks draft position range!

  2. Ty the Guy

    While watching the Alabama-Tennessee game, I was initially looking at Alabama’s D for potential studs (LOADED BTW.) I saw a few runs and kind of assumed it was Bo Scarbourough. Nope. Damien Harris. The more I watched the more it looked like the Hawks backfield this year. Scarborough was like Lacy and Harris was more like Carson. The more Again, the more I watched, the more Harris stood out. He checks all the boxes. He takes the yards he can get, finishes runs, can catch, and block.

    Haven’t watch as much of Johnson and I am sure there are other backs that are solid in this draft class. But for right now, excluding any pipe dream of Saquon Barkley or Darius Gulce, Damien Harris is at the top of my Day 2 wishlist.

    Gut instinct tells me Harris will go late 2nd or early 3rd round.

    • D-OZ

      Harris is a 1st. rounder all day long.

      • Sea Mode

        I have to disagree on that one. R2 sounds right to me.

      • j

        Have to remember he is a RB.

        • Ty the Guy

          This will be yet another case of Rob and The Blog identifying a talent before the national media does and then him rising up too high for us….. i.e. Sheldon Richardson, Hassan Reddick, etc.

          Walter Football, Draft Wire, & MSN have Harris ranked as the #3 RB.
          CBS Sports has him at #5.
          Drafttek has him at #12?!?!?

          I can remember when OBJ was coming out. A lot of mocks had him lasting into the 2nd round. My buddy and I thought he was special, but overlooked in college. Could be the same situation.

          Looking forward to sorting out perceived needs and player values, as well as debating trading out of the 1st round.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Walter is also projecting a lot of running backs taken in the second round. Safest too take him at end of first or top of second round.

          • D-OZ

            CBS has him going in the 1st. in their mock, ahead of Seattle’s selection.

  3. Greg Haugsven

    Harris would be my choice all day. I could really see him coming back being the prime ball.carrier raising his stock.

    • C-Dog

      I would be pretty happy with either one. I sense a likelihood the Hawks going RB early and then grabbing another one later.

      • D-OZ

        Johnson looks like a carbon copy of Carson. Get ready to be let down with Harris being off the board before Seattle’s selection in the first. He is that good. He is a young Lynch to me….

      • Ty the Guy

        Johnson looks more obtainable. For sure.

        If we can get another Carson, I’d be satisfied. Hopefully Carson can come back full strength and the RB “problem” turn into a problem for opposing defenses.

  4. C-Dog

    Really feels like an offseason where Seattle is going to make fixing the run game the emphasis. It was interesting listening to Carroll in his press conference today almost concede that the team is likely going have to carry on for the remainder of the season relying on the pass while trying to find its “balance” with the run game.

    I kinda think it’s also no small accident in a year where the run game hasn’t been there like they want it to be, running backs have been having quite the year in CFB. Feels like they were willing to roll with Lacy, and hoping something from Prosise and Carson would pop during camp. If not, there would be this draft staring at them. Almost got it with Carson.

    As it stands, I would jump for joy if Damien Harris or Kerryon Johnson joins Carson in the backfield next year. I’d love to see Seattle grab a couple backs. My faith in Prosise is about at nonexistence, and my faith in Rawls feels at it is nearing an all time low.

    Mock Draft.

    22: R1P22

    Carroll loves those Bama players. Maybe they would like a home run hitter to go with the grinding style of Carson.

    124: R4P22

    Seattle continues adding depth to the aging LOB.

    146: R5P8

    Seattle looks to add help at SAM with someone who can also rush the edge.

    151: R5P13

    Fitzgerald is raw but a nice athlete who plays tough. Maybe there is something there to mold.

    168: R5P30

    Seattle looks to add competition at guard.

    233: R7P11

    Seattle looks to add depth at linebacker

    244: R7P22
    DL B.J. HILL

    Seattle looks to add depth at DT

    251: R7P29

    Seattle grabs another tough physical runner.

    254: R7P32

    Seattle looks to add depth at OT.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It sucks doing these mocks with no 2nd or 3rd.

      • C-Dog

        Pretty much screams the probability that they trade down to perhaps acquire a couple day two picks. I read something recently that said the prevailing feeling is that this draft is looking good through the first 65 picks or so, but gets weak beyond. Not as bad as the 2013 draft, but looking like the worst since then.

        Maybe Seattle trades back to acquire more picks and then after their first pick, trades up to get back into the top 6ish?

    • D-OZ

      Nice mock C-Dog!!!!! A Player to keep an eye on in the Apple Cup is that RT on the O-line of Wazu.
      Outdoors-man who loves to hunt. Was a walk-on who earned a scholarship, I believe. His name escapes me at the moment.

      • D-OZ

        Cole Madison RT WSU. Junkyard Dog….

        • C-Dog

          Seattle has been paying close attention to the Cougars. It’s going to be a great game.

          • Ty the Guy

            Several WSU O-Liners could be solid, nasty NFL guys.

        • sdcoug

          Cole Madison was a 3-star TE recruit, not a walk-on

  5. nichansen

    Antonio Brown continues to be great.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ill take it, that means Ben is being great which is good for my fantasy team.

      • Sea Mode

        I know nobody cares, but I’ve got Antonio. 🙂 (and Big Ben on the bench behind Russ…)

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Julio Jones is nursing an ankle injury and was held out of practice on Thursday.
    This will have to be monitored very closely for game-time prediction purposes.

    • Drew G

      He normally is held out or limited in a practice or two each week nursing some ailment but then still plays

      • Greg Haugsven

        Anybody got Jeff GIllooly and Tanya Harding’s number? Maybe we can make sure he doesnt play on Monday 😉

        • Greg Haugsven

          Sorry for you younger folk who probably have no idea what Im talking about.

          • Kenny Sloth


            • Rowdy

              Me* me* me*

  7. nichansen

    How many true “first round” prospects are in this draft?

    • House

      18-20 max IMO

    • Volume12


      • House

        Volume, you see that many?

        • Volume12

          No. It was a joke.

          • Volume12

            I think there’s 24-25 this year.

            Guys like VA-Tech’s LB Tremaine Edmunds (19 years old), Ohio St CB Denzel Ward, Auburn CB Carlton Davis, ‘Bama LB Rashaan Evans really add to it this year.

            • House

              I figured you were joking. I feel MUCH better seeing you said 24-25. lol

              I was wondering if I was crazy

            • Kenny Sloth

              Ill take the under.

              There’s maybe 20 for me.

              Running backs (along with dl and ol) will determine the flow of this draft

  8. House

    Harris would be a great addition. Another thing to mention about the list of Alabama players above are the amount of mileage on them, struggles in the NFL and the LACK that is on Harris’ compared to some of those guys. I think that Harris will go late-1st rd, early-2nd.

    Depending on testing, I have a feeling Johnson is a 2nd rounder. Just a feeling

  9. Sea Mode

    I can’t hold off any longer. I appreciate Kerryon and especially Harris, but if we are constantly comparing Kerryon to Carson, and we got Carson in R7, I think there will be solid, well-rounded backs waiting to be found in R4-R7 (Lavon Coleman comes to mind, maybe even Rashaad Penny lasts to the end of R3-top of R4). Plus, Carson should be back as well. So, with our early pick, if we really want a spark on offense, someone who will keep their attention at all times…

    Bryce Love is Earl Thomas at RB, in the sense of athleticism and instinct. I can’t argue with the 2014 SPARQ combine 4.47 number, but he is clearly faster than that now.

    If the Seahawks were willing to give up their R1 pick in order to take a gamble on paying Percy Harvin big bucks, it shows that on offense, what they look for early is elite athleticism. Percy Harvin ran a 4.41; he was still the fastest guy on the field by a mile. Harvin was 5-11, 192. Love is listed at 5-10, 196. Their 40 time mattered less than their football speed anyway.

    What sets Love apart is that he can also navigate between the Tackles. Vision and patience are outstanding and he’s not afraid to venture through the wave of big men up front. (I understand Stanford also incorporates some zone concepts in their blocking, which would be an added plus, though I haven’t had time to look further into that.)

    I was also surprised to see that he consistently finishes his runs. Instead of trying to run through a defender to finish like a 220lbs back would, he sets them up with bad angles on their tackles and then runs through the arm tackle with his speed. Force = mass x acceleration, right? What he lacks in mass, he makes up for in acceleration. (and that’s of course if the defender even manages to touch him…) He is also known as a gym rat, so there’s more power and explosiveness than there first appears to be behind those pads.

    I would not recommend paying as much attention to his highlight reels and long runs as to his game tape in order to appreciate the way he finishes his runs. What I like about him is that, despite being a home-run threat, he is also content to take what he can get on a run, not always trying to bounce it outside and instead cutting and diving forward for the extra 2-3 yards to keep his team in good down/distance situations. He mentions in one of his interviews that he does not like to get too amped up during games, as that could cause him to miss a read or not see a hole. He prefers the calm intensity. That’s definitely a Marshawn trait we would like to see again in Seattle’s backfield. (as fun as Rawls’ outward intensity may be at times… 🙂 )

    Negatives to analyze: pass blocking is no good and perhaps he looks better than he is because of an excellent OL in front of him? I don’t know. This article shows a few things that could be interesting in that regard:

    Granted, when they went for Harvin, we already had Lynch. But I don’t think we are going to find another Marshawn anytime soon, so I would be all in for Love with our first pick (hopefully after a small trade down) and then another RB later on to add competition with Carson/Rawls/Davis.

    Let me know what you all think!

    • Volume12

      ‘I was also surprised to see that he consistently finishes his runs. Instead of trying to run through a defender to finish like a 220lbs back would.’

      So…unlike Barkley.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like him as a runner and game changer. He won’t be pushing the pile though. On another note he is playing injured this year, so he is also tough.

      • vrtkolman

        He played against Washington with basically one ankle, and put up that performance against THAT defense. He’s a stud for sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Love — but I’m not convinced he’s as good as suggested here. My fear is he’s a Steve Slaton and when he gets to the next level he’s only a decent athlete instead of a spectacular one.

      • Sea Mode

        I agree there is no surefire prospect out there ever, and am certainly open to revision on Love, but just wondering what makes you think potentially Steve Slaton and not Percy Harvin (that is, without the personality headaches and missed time for injuries)?

        Probably just a gut feeling I imagine, which is absolutely fine and part of scouting. Or is it the 4.47 number from 3 years ago maybe? Would a time in the 4.3s at the combine be all you needed to put all reasonable doubt to rest, or is there just something beyond that in his style of play that holds you back? I’ve looked at all the 2017 film of top opponents, and am still waiting to discover holes in his game.

        For me, on the question of speed, I would make a comparison to Messi in a sense. He does not have the fastest top speed, not even on the Barcelona squad actually, but his stop-go speed is second to none, and ends up making a much bigger difference on the field of play, together with his ball skills and genius of course.

      • D-OZ


  10. Hawk Eye

    Rumors of Kam being done for the season, from David Hsu.

    defense is going to take a hit missing Kam and Sherm
    but if Brown and Joeckel can play and play well the rest of the season, hopefully the offense is able to run a bit and the season is not lost.
    the NFL is a game of attrition. and maybe just not the Hawks year.
    but I will hope we win until it cannot happen

    • Greg Haugsven

      If he is done for the year that would suck bad. 2/3 of the LOB in one game. At least Earl is back or we would be in deep shit.

      • House

        Losing Kam would really suck! Just like the Sherman situation, you can’t “REPLACE” a guy like that.

        The huge difference is Bradley McDougald being around. He can start at SS. This isn’t a Steven Terrell or a Dion Bailey back there.

        • C-Dog

          The McDougald signing seems all the more significant, for sure. I’d like to see what a Delano Hill can do with some action, as well.

  11. Greg Haugsven

    I see reports saying that Delano Hill would start if Kam couldnt go. Im pretty sure it would be McDougal and not Hill.

    • House

      Pete mentioned it yesterday that McDougald has been preparing and will start at SS

      • Del Tre

        I’d rather see Hill starting, he’s heavier and a better tackler. Plus the truth is he is our future. Maybe we resign McDougald but he’s more of a JAG than a future pro bowler, his ceiling isn’t exactly much higher than his level of play at the moment. It could be valuable on field experience and a confidence boost for Hill to come in and have a great game against a struggling falcons team.
        Julio and Matt Ryan have not been connecting downfield, their number one running back is out. Sure their defense looked great against a cowboys team that already wasn’t very good, and is now completely torn apart by injury/suspensions. But at the same time they only mustered 27 points against a very bad defense in Dallas. This gane is perfect for this defense to say “its a team game, no one star defines us, besides he’s coaching on the sidelines now”

        • C-Dog

          Hill should definitely see some more action, regardless.

          • Del Tre

            With Kam to IR we need to see what we have even more now. While McDougald will be better in coverage we lost a huge run stopper. McDougald can’t play down on the nox, he isn’t built to put people on their bum, he certainly doesnt tackle like it anyways

  12. Sea Mode

    Have some fun watching Derwin James blast off…


    • Volume12

      He’s had a strong outing these past 2 weeks or so.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He needed it.

        Combine could mean millions for him

  13. Volume12

    So the Jets love QB Josh Allen huh? Why does that not surprise me? I mean they are the team that just spent a pick on QB Christian Hackenberg.

    • cha

      Somebody in the 5-9 range is going to score a windfall from the Jets trading up for him.

      • nichansen

        Allen has BUST plastered over him.

  14. WALL UP

    Any thoughts on Kamryn Pettway, 6-0 235lb redshirt Jr RB from Auburn? There’s been an assortment of injuries for him this season. He was a first-team All-SEC selection last season. Pettway had 1,224 yards with seven touchdowns in 10 games and led the conference in rushing yards per game.

    You might call his year thus far as Prosiseistic in nature when it comes to injuries, even a fracture in his scapula to boot. As there middle 5th Rd pick, it would be a low risk high reward selection if he chooses to to go pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7p2PqlTKl4

    • Rob Staton

      I did a piece on Pettway before the season started. Really liked him but he’s been hurt all year.

      • WALL UP

        I think the risk of having a similar injury filled 2018 year would be low. He doesn’t have an extensive history of injuries as did Prosise. I hope he does declare for the draft. There are a plethora RBs in this years draft to choose from. His injuries may cause his stock to fall and be available for their middle 5th Rd pick.

        The combination of Carson & Pettway, sprinkled with a bit of Prosise would bring the dominant run game they’ve been hoping for, if all were healthy.

  15. RealRhino2

    I find all of this RB talk futile. Don’t think much is going to change unless/until changes up the ladder are made. I look at the list of teams outrushing us this year, in Y/A or YPG, I see teams featuring Orleans Darkwa, Bilal Powell, Buck Allen and a guy we cut, Isaiah Crowell, and a host of other JAGs.

    Whenever some friends and I would argue about whether a particular college coach was good enough to retain, inevitably somebody would say something like, “If he just got a new coordinator he’d be fine.” My response has always been that if your head coach can’t tell what’s a good coordinator and what isn’t, he’s not a good head coach to begin with.

    So if you’re telling me that Bevell and/or Cable are fine, but only if they get a new high draft pick RB to go along with our top 10 QB, great WR, and high-priced TE, you figure out the rest….

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody is saying that.

      Chris Carson ran well for this team before getting injured.

      This is about finding a compliment, insurance, upgrade — however you want to describe it. They had a good back that worked for this team. Now we’re trying to identify another.

      • WALL UP

        Agreed. They were hoping Lacy would be that big bruiser of a back to pound the rock with. Pettway is that type of back that would complement Carson in YAC, that would wear down defenses.

        • mishima

          At some point, you have to ask why JS/PC thought Lacy (slow), Rawls (injury), Prosise (injury), Joeckel (coming off significant knee surgery), Aboushi would improve the run game.

          That 7th round pick Carson had limited success was as much surprise as indictment of the FO for failing to address the run game in the off-season.

  16. House

    NFL Network is reporting Kam is done for the year…

    • Hawk Eye

      wow, wheels falling off the bus. 3rd pro bowler off the defense this year. Might need to start holding practice in a hospital parking lot…

      But when you compare personnel on other defenses, there is still enough talent for the D to be good. Not great,, but good enough to win if the offense can take a step up and have Brown and Joeckel solidify the line. But the margin for error may be at zero now (below that, if possible??). Russ has to be in MVP form for them to go to the Super Bowl this year. But I hope he does not win it, as the last few keep losing the big game.

      on a brighter note, looking at the last draft, I think the Hawks did very well.
      Malik and Carson should come back and be future starters, Pocic and Griffin will start next year, and Hill, Jones and Darboh have a good chance to be future starters. Really need Griffin and Malik to be stars, maybe Carson too, for it to reset the hawks like the 2012 draft did.

    • Aaron

      Could easily see Bennett, Avril, and Kam retire in the offseason. Thank goodness we have emerging new core members in Naz, Shaq, and Clark. It’s sad to see these guys get older and injured, but the last two drafts have been solid imo and sets us up to still contend after a lot of these core guys leave or retire. Just gotta get that lead running back again to balance out the offense.

      • Greg Haugsven

        This will for sure be an interesting offseason. We can still win without Kam but the offense is going to have to step up. This week and beyond will test what this team is made of.

        • House

          I know some will call me crazy, but Kam is a MUCH bigger loss than Sherman. Of the 3 members of the L.O.B. Earl is the best in my eyes. We had Kam/Sherm and were getting torched last year.

          The Defense has been reloaded and we do have a bunch of young talent.

          This just really sucks that now we have traded for Richardson (improve interior DL) and Brown (LT was a HUGE need), the stars are dropping.

          – Frank Clark is a good replacement for Avril. Bringing in Freeney and Jordan have lightened the blow. Avril’s career may be done.

          – Sherman cannot be replaced. Lane/Maxwell can do an “admirable” job in my eyes. I think Sherman will return to form next year.

          – Time will only tell who can man Kam’s position (McDougald or Hill). I worry about Kam’s future in general… Similar to Avril, stingers are no joke and I fear he may call it quits for quality of life

          • Volume12

            Draft picks are over valued more now than ever before.

            You don’t need all 1st or 2nd round picks to have a successful draft if your scouts are good. I’d argue till I’m blue in the face that Seattle has one of the top 3 scouting staffs in the league.

            • House

              I agree Volume. It’s the reason guys like Doug Baldwin are found. Scouting is KEY

            • AlaskaHawk

              Top three scouting?? maybe on defense.

    • Lil'stink

      The game-specific circumstances that ultimately led to Kam’s injury just make it that much more disappointing for me. In light of recent injuries I think how this weekends games play out might very well be a turning/breaking point for our entire season.

  17. Benjamin Ft. Worth



    Truly tragic!

    • Hughz

      Let’s not jump the gun yet. I expect he’ll be on inactive list for a few weeks. On the flip side I am interested to see Delano Hill play at some point. Looked like a tackling machine in college.

      • Greg Haugsven

        It would be nice but I’m betting B Mac starts.

  18. nichansen

    Kam, Sherman, Avril all out for season.

    When does Earl return…

  19. nichansen

    I’d like to see Lano and Tedric start a game to be honest.

    • Lil'stink

      I’d love to see Hill play but can’t think of a worse game for him to make his first start than this Monday night. And Thompson was so completely awful in preseason I’m really not sure what to think about him. Maybe the coaches saw something, but perhaps the only reason he made the team was because they burned a 4th round pick on him.

    • Volume12

      Careful what ya wish for. I’ll be surprised of Tedric makes it outta TC next year.

  20. nichansen

    Let’s just draft all defense this draft… oh my…

    • Aaron

      All defense and RB…and maybe TE if Jimmy is too expensive to keep and refuses franchise tag. Gotta keep restocking on D for sure, only Cards are an older defense than us.

      • Greg Haugsven

        We have a good young core on the D Line…Richardson, Clark, Jones, Reed, and McDowell. Wagner has a lot left. Not sure what they do with KJ (extend him or let him play out his deal). Good youth in the back as well with Shaq, Hill, Coleman, and Thompson. I’ll bet the extend Earl as he is still only 28. I’d like to see a speedy young LB to come in and replace KJ and maybe add another CB. We may also have something with a 27 year old Jordan but it’s to early to tell. I think Bennett (32) Avril (31) and Sherman/Chancellor make us seem older than we are.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I would actually like to Trade Bennett in the offseason. Maybe get one of our 2nd or 3rd’s back. Let KJ and Avril play out there deals (if Avril doesn’t retire) . Draft a young speedy LB to be the future at the Will. Bobby is only 27 and Earl is only 28.

          • Volume12

            Trade Bennet? What’s the plan here? The lass rushers this year outside of the Clemson duo and Bradley Chubb have been atrocious.

            • Volume12


              • Greg Haugsven

                He is declining and it’s only going to get worse. We have no 2nd and no 3rd. If he stays a Seahawks I’m guessing this would be his last season. I’d rather have a draft pick and salary cap relief then a 33 year old declining player eating up cap space. If you could get a decent draft pick I would do it. If not then he is our starting DE. The way that Jordan plays the rest of the way could be a tell as well. That’s my thought process.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Mc Dowell will also be arriving essentially as a 2018 draft pick even though he is very unproven.

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    After looking at the numbers a little more carefully we would only gain about $3m in cap space by trading him. That’s not that good. I don’t thi k that’s worth it unless we could get a 2nd rounder which we probably couldnt.

                  • Volume12

                    I mean I get where your coming from and your line of thinking. They need to try and get a another ring with this group and IMO Bennett is a big part of that.

                • lil'stink

                  Bennett has been a total stud on the field this year. Still stopping the run, still incredibly versatile, and on his way to double digit sacks. And he’s still taking a ton of snaps. Yeah, he’s getting older and might miss some time because of it. But his play isn’t declining at all.

  21. Forrest

    Time for some new stars to be born. The season isn’t over yet, but the line between success and failure is almost invisible. Thankfully I think the offense can make some noise, and the defense is still really great, but I think the offense has to elevate itself to greatness.

    Like I’ve said before: There have to be some changes this off-season if the Hawks plan to be a contender moving forward. I just hope this allows some young guns to emerge and make statements. Go Hawks!!!

    • Volume12

      I really like Delano Hill. Think he’ll do jsut fine. Not gonna be Kam, but then again, who will be?

      Terrified of Jeremy Lane seeing any significant snaps. I think it’ll throw Shaq off not having someone who’s head is in the game and football IQ is off the charts in Sherm out there. Teams are gonna show him pre-snap motions now that he hasn’t seen yet.

      • Volume12

        If Earl ain’t out there, who’s the leader in this secondary?

        • Greg Haugsven

          I guess B Mac. It wouldn’t be pretty if all the LOB are gone.

          • DC


            Crazy to see such an incredible group rise up, peak as champs & then fall to injuries so close together.

    • cha

      This is RW’s time to rise. It’s time for him to elevate his game and will the team to wins.

  22. Volume12

    What the Seahawks have done these past 5 years is still impressive, but it’s so sad. One play away, one yard away from being a dynasty.

    Our ESPN ’30 for 30′ special is gonna be the drizzling sh**s.

    • DC

      It’s so messed to KNOW that the next play is Marshawn punching it (and the NFL) in (the nutz) for a teeder and then… what actually happened.
      One evil rig job, one marvelous masterpiece and one insanely battled heartbreaker in our 3 SBs. I am grateful to have lived to see the Hawks win it all. Yes of course I’d love another. Can we buy Clemson’s coach if PC retires?

  23. Volume12

    Why has Seattle been getting consultatioin from Mike Pettine? WTF!?

    • nichansen01

      Didn’t Pettine once lead the Browns to a 6-4 start? That’s pretty legendary.

      • DC

        That’s pretty damn funny 01!

  24. nichansen01

    Russell Wilson has a jaw injury… Is he playing on monday? He really should not… and I am just thinking abouthis health here. I care about his health more than winning Monday…

    • Greg Haugsven

      He ain’t sitting for that.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He is playing. He is a definition of a warrior. When fellow players see that in a leader, they will run through walls for him. His toughness has been under-appreciated by the masses. He is earning his pay check by being available every week and every play. He is not the prototype QB for size, but is the prototype QB for intangibles and heart.

  25. nichansen01

    Dude I really want to be a Hawk: Clelin Ferrell. We very well might be in range with all the injuries.

  26. PowerPeanut

    I have a question not related to draft;

    When counting a QB’s pass yards, is the yards counted from where the QB throws to where the reciever catches, or where the play ends? Cause, lets say RW throw a slant to Lockett for ten yards from point of throw to point of reception, but Lockett runs for another 80 yards, does RW get 10 yards to his count for the game, or 90?

    • Realrhino2


      • Realrhino2

        Well, 90 yards if it’s 90 yards from the line of scrimmage to where the receiver is down. They don’t count from where the QB actually releases the ball. They have a separate stat, air yards, that measures to the point of the catch.

    • cha

      The yardage doesn’t start at point of throw, it starts the line of scrimmage.

      So if the LOS is the 20 yard line, RW drops back to the 17 and throws a completed pass and the WR is tackled at the 25, that’s a 5 yard pass.

      In the ex you mentioned if he throws a pass 10 yards from the LOS and Lockett runs for 80 after catching it, RW gets credited with a 90 yard pass.

      • PowerPeanut


  27. Mark Souza


    Rob, I’m watching college ball, K St. vs Ok St. A new name for you to watch. Byron Pringle. Great speed, great moves, great escapabilty, great return man. Lockett has not been the same since he broke his leg. Richardson has never been was he was advertised as, a 4.3 guy who could take the top off the defense. I have never seen him get much separation. He does highpoint the ball and fight for it better than I would have given him credit for.

    Pringle just scored his 4th long touch down in this game. 3 deep passes where he left the defense in the dust, and a return where he juked through Ok St. before turning on the jets. See if you can find video on him

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take a look.

  28. D-OZ

    Saw that too. Pringle looked good…

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