Damien Harris fits Seattle’s running back profile

Damien Harris — possible future Seahawk?

Damien Harris has somehow avoided hype. It’s probably because he’s been living in the land of the giants at Alabama. First Derrick Henry, then Bo Scarborough.

Yet when you actually take the time to sit down and study his physical profile, he’s someone we need to keep in mind for the Seahawks.

You’re going to read this a lot over the coming months. Seattle likes explosive running backs of a certain height/size. If you run through their draft history under John Schneider and Pete Carroll, the trends are pretty clear.

It’s helped us refine the running back options over the last couple of years. In 2016 we were able to focus on C.J. Prosise merely by following the trends. This year we noted the following after the combine:

The Seahawks have a type (explosive tester, around 5-11 and 220lbs) and the ones best matching it are Alvin Kamara, Aaron Jones, Brian Hill and Chris Carson. Kamara might be a top-45 pick and out of contention but Jones, Hill and Carson could provide day three value and extra competition.

Here are the running backs drafted by the Seahawks between 2012 and 2016:

Robert Turbin — 5-10, 222lbs
Spencer Ware — 5-10, 228lbs
Christine Michael — 5-10, 220lbs
C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs
Alex Collins — 5-10, 217lbs
Chris Carson — 6-0, 218lbs

Some of these players either didn’t test at the combine or had reasons for underperforming (injury, illness). We can make some physical comparisons though:

Forty yard dash

Robert Turbin: 4.50
Christine Michael: 4.54
C.J. Prosise: 4.48
Chris Carson: 4.58

Broad jump

Robert Turbin: 122 inches
Christine Michael: 125 inches
C.J. Prosise: 121 inches
Chris Carson: 130 inches

Vertical jump

Robert Turbin: 36 inches
Christine Michael: 43 inches
C.J. Prosise: 35.5 inches
Chris Carson: 37 inches

Short shuttle

Robert Turbin: 4.31
Christine Michael: 4.02
C.J. Prosise: DNP
Chris Carson: DNP

Bench press

Robert Turbin: 28 reps
Christine Michael: 27 reps
C.J. Prosise: DNP
Chris Carson: 23 reps

Look at the similarities here across the board. This surely isn’t a coincidence?

It doesn’t mean they’ll never sway from this profile. They did sign Eddie Lacy after all. It’s not completely down to physical profile either. Attitude, running style or versatility also seem to be important.

Yet when we’re running through possible targets, physical profile is something to consider. Are they likely, for example, to look seriously at 5-10 and 196lbs Bryce Love at Stanford? Maybe. He showed incredible form against Washington last night and is possibly too much of a playmaker to ignore. He would be quite a departure from their previous draft picks at RB though.

The evidence above shows the Seahawks are not too concerned with fantastic speed. They’ll take a back running in the 4.5’s. What they want is explosive power. The broad jump, vertical jump and bench press appear to be vital.

We’ll have to wait until the combine for a clearer picture on who may or may not be on their radar — but some information is already available to us thanks to the Nike SPARQ combines.

In 2013 Nick Chubb had a sensational workout and looks like the prototype Seattle draft target. He ran a 4.47 forty at 5-10 and 217lbs, jumped a 40-inch vertical and ran a 4.12 in the short shuttle. His SPARQ score of 143.91 is elite at any position.

Such a workout would put him in Christine Michael territory if repeated at the combine. For all of Michael’s flaws he was a sensational, other-worldly athlete.

Chubb of course suffered a serious knee injury at Georgia so we’ll have to see if he can repeat that workout performance at the combine in 2018.

So what about Damien Harris?

He too participated in the Nike SPARQ combines, working out at a regional Kentucky event in 2014.

While his performance doesn’t match Chubb’s incredible display, he still had a good showing:

Height: 5-10
Weight: 210lbs
40-yard: 4.48
Short shuttle: 4.00
Vertical: 38 inches
SPARQ: 126.93

That’s a really good score for Harris. For what it’s worth they don’t use the bench press in SPARQ — it’s a kneeling medicine ball throw instead. Chubb managed 43 inches, Harris 35.5. Both will be expected to match the bench marks set by the likes of Turbin and Carson when they test.

Harris’ profile matches up to a possible Seahawks target. He’s now listed at 5-11 and 221lbs. What you see on tape are flashes of suddenness. When he finds a crease he often explodes through the hole to break off big gains.

For example, look at the decisive nature of this run against USC last season:

Harris sees the hole, executes the play and then makes a great cut at the second level to maximise the run. He gets chased down but it’s Adoree’ Jackson — one of the best athletes in the NFL. It takes a complete effort by Jackson to make the stop too.

His cut-back ability is impressive and you see evidence of good vision and a desire to get north quickly without any wasted movement.

While his straight line speed and explosion is a big positive, where Harris struggles sometimes is when he tries to bounce plays outside. He’s an up-the-middle type of runner as we see here:

That’s not to say he won’t give absolutely everything to make it happen. Here’s another example where he bounces outside and should be stopped. Sheer effort (and some poor tackling) gets him into the end zone:

He’s a patient runner and as we’ve already seen — he can be a chunk play artist. This was the first snap of the game against Arkansas this season. He waits for the gap to develop and then hits a home run:

If you give him a crease, he’ll hurt you. Whether or not he’ll have such generous holes to work with at the next level will depend on the team he lands with. Alabama are, again, dominating every opponent they face. Yet Harris still has to make the plays. He is doing.

Look at the work he does here at the LOS. He cuts back to the right and finds the hole and then just explodes into the second level. Big play:

He puts his foot in the ground, makes the cut and breaks off a huge run.

He can also push the pile too:

Here are some general highlights:

An underrated positive with Harris is his lack of wear and tear. This year he’s sharing the load with Scarborough and even then it’s not a strenuous grind. Alabama has been so dominant at the LOS he has an incredible 8.1 YPC this season. So while he’s accumulated 730 yards and 10 touchdowns — he’s doing it averaging just 10 carries a game. The running backs eat, they get a big lead and then they get a rest.

Harris has only 90 carries for the season. He had 145 carries in 2016. Compare that to Derrick Henry and his time with the Crimson Tide. Despite sharing the load in 2014, Henry ran 172 times. As the feature back and Heisman winner in 2015 he carried the ball 395 times (!!!).

Harris isn’t going to get anywhere near that total in 2017.

Character wise he’s a very impressive talker in public. Personable, talkative and respectful. Teams will like him and the way he handles media interviews.

He’s only a junior and he could technically decide to return for another year at Alabama — especially if he has an opportunity to be the lead back and make a Heisman challenge in 2018.

If he does decide to turn pro, the combine will likely determine his draft range. If he gets close to his 2014 SPARQ performance — he could be a big riser.

Either way, he’s someone Seahawks fans need to monitor.

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  1. Kenny Sloth


  2. nichansen

    Bryce Love is going to tear up the league. Special back.

  3. nichansen

    Damien is a prototype but I don’t think he’s “special”.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I just want someone who will last through a season. He looks tough enough.

      • Ty the Guy

        I’m with AlaskaHawk. Just give us someone who is going to be on the field and have steady production.

        Bryce Love, Darius Gulce, Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb…… all look to have a “special quality.” But look at our draft capital. Love, Gulce, and Barkley could all go in round 1. Chubb may go early in round 2.

        Now, we can all agree that our 1st round pick will probably be traded for more picks. I could see us giving up the 1 for a 2 and a 3. Late 2nd/ early 3rd is where I see Damien Harries going.

        Harris just looks like an NFL back already. Solid frame, decisive runner, suddenness, a little bit of home run ability, and checks the boxes in pass pro and coming out for a pass.

        He may not be the next AP or Barry Sanders, but he could be a Mark Ingram or Terrell Davis. (I know, weird comparisons, but think about it.)

        • Rob Staton

          I do think the Seahawks require some degree of ‘special’. If for no other reason but they’ll feel obliged to feature that RB. They always had that pressure with Lynch. Now it’s too easy to abandon the run and put the ball in Wilson’s hands as the best player on the offense. They need someone they crave to feature and want to establish.

          • Ty the Guy

            Great point. This last offseason, I remember Pete talking about this guy Chris Carson. It is easier to feature someone if you have some excitement about him.

            But thinking on that, maybe that is a flaw of PC/JS. They want “their guys” to be special, so they give “their guys” more opportunities. I am not accusing them of favoritism or even that that is a bad thing, but it is interesting and is something I’ll keep an eye on.

  4. nichansen

    I’d take Bryce love over Damien Harris all day.

  5. Derron James

    My man, Josh Jackson starts off the game with a pick 6 🔥🔥🔥. 6th INT of the season.

    • East Side Stevie

      He had 2 pick 6’s in that game! Word around the campfire is he wont declare. He wants to return for his senior season.

  6. Sea Mode

    Very nice piece, Rob.

    Harris definitely seems like a guy you could lean on. And that’s been the first thing Seattle has been missing in their run game since Carson went down. Other guys have talent, but can they carry the load week in and week out?

    His testing numbers really aren’t that far off of Chubb’s. I guess the medicine ball throw factored heavily into the difference between their SPARQ scores, and will very likely be evened out now after weight training at Alabama’s program for 4 years I imagine.

    The point about less of a beating on his body is hugely valid and I think scouts will really appreciate that given the short shelf life of most backs in the NFL. Lucky for us, quite a few backs we are looking at this year have this benefit for one reason or another.

    Definitely an option in R2 if they want to go that way. They could trade down a few times and might be just as happy with any one of Harris/Chubb/Penny at the bottom of R2/top of R3.

  7. drewdawg11

    Are we settled on this offensive line group? Brown, Pocic, Britt, insert right guard here, and Ifedi? How do you improve the line and make sure that any running back we play has a fighting chance? I would actually be all for taking two backs, a power guy and a speed guy. Lord knows we need healthy bodies. Don’t tie up money in Joekel again, please. If we can somehow find the running game and some physicality again we will be really tough to beat. Right now we have too much inconsistency, too many penalties, and no real talent at running back.

    • Sea Mode

      I like Brown-Odhiambo-Britt-Pocic-Ifedi beginning immediately next off-season. Fant backs up and takes over in a couple years for Brown, and we draft another Guard in the next couple years for competition+depth at both spots.

      I think that could give us the continuity we need in order to achieve the consistency we need from that group.

    • C-Dog

      I feel good about Brown, Britt, Pocic, and Ifedi.

      Ifedi has had his shares of ups and downs this year. I just think he needs to settle down more and strike a balance between playing with an edge and playing smart. When he does that, I think we are going to see a really nice player.

      • Volume12


        Next year is possibly a make or break year for Ifedi. Year 3 is when most TC O-lineman make that big jump.

        Natural talent and athleticism for Ifedi? ✔

        Right mindset and attitude? ✔

        Technique? Not there. Yet.

        • C-Dog

          Yup. Year three was the magic year for Britt when almost everyone was ready to show him the dooor out of town. Is Ifedi a worse player than what year two of Britt was? I don’t think so. I think he’s better.

    • Ty the Guy

      $8 million/yr for Joekel?

      Should have paid that to Andrew Whitworth.

      Next year, no Joekel. Not for $8 mil.

  8. Alex

    Keep your eye on LJ Scott of Michigan State. He went off against Michigan last year. A game in which John Schneider attended while scouting Darboh, Hill, and Malik McDowell.

    • East Side Stevie

      I haddy eye on him. Unfortunately Ohio St shut him down. Not the worst thing in the world. Considering they have a top 10 Defense in the country.

  9. TheDarnold

    Man, the USC defense is handing out big hits.

  10. Sea Mode

    At the high praise thrown his way by Vol. 12 on the previous thread, I went back and looked at Bryce Love’s game tape vs. Washington yesterday. Wow. Simply wow.

    Bryce Love Highlights vs Washington // 30 Carries for 166 Yards, 3 TDs // 11.10.17

    I must immediately take back what I said about him yesterday as a first impression after watching highlights. He is certainly not just another Joe Williams homerun only type. I was misled to think that because the highlights showed so many long TD runs through big holes. My mistake. I definitely jumped the gun on that one and am grateful it was pointed out.

    What he did vs. Washington was highly impressive and he deserves serious consideration moving forward if he declares. He would add another dimension to our offense that we don’t currently have and I could easily see them going that direction early (they have a history of only drafting offensive players with elite athletic traits early), and knowing they can then grab their workhorse in Lavon Coleman (or Sony MIchel) later on, knowing that they should hopefully get Carson back as well for that role. Who knows, maybe Rawls will have bounced back as well in his 2nd year removed from injury, as often happens.

    Love + Carson + Coleman + McKissic would be an amazing backfield. Throw in NC State TE/FB Jaylen Samuels as a pass-catching threat from the FB spot, and now we’re cooking with gas!

    • Rob Staton

      Love looks sudden for sure. Little bit concerned he might be a bit of a Steve Slaton. But he’s very intriguing.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, we will have to study him in depth. These 2017 stats though… insane. 150+ yds in 8/9 games this season? (ok, 147 in one of those) What are they feeding this guy?


        • Volume12

          Didn’t u just post something on NC St’s Jaylen Samuels?

          That dude has ‘Seahawk’ written all over him.

          • Sea Mode

            Yup, here: https://seahawksdraftblog.com/marshawn-lynch-shaped-hole-still-gaping-in-seattle#comment-345447

            Saw you gave him a shoutout too back on Oct. 5.

            • Volume12

              He’s gonna be able to do so many things for a team. HB, FB, H-back, a little slot receiver. Might be the biggest trash talker I’ve seen all year. Former 2 star recruit to the nations most versatile weapon? Impressive.

              Will probably get knocked because teams will wanna know what position he plays, but he’s a football player. That’s most important.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I see him as a change of play back getting 10 carries a game. A definite game changer. So are a couple other running backs though. I’m actually happy there are so many choices. Seahawks can draft two pretty easily, even after the missing picks they traded away.

  11. nichansen

    Anyone know anything about Duane Browns injury?

    • C-Dog

      Coming from Brown, he made it sound like it’s no big deal and he should be good to go. I think the one injury outside of Sherman’s that is a big concern is the hamstring of Jarran Reed’s. He could be out for a while.

      • Del Tre

        Hammies are always bad for big men, we lost Mebane to it in 2014.

        • C-Dog

          That’s what I fear. Fingers crossed it isn’t that bad.

  12. Volume12

    Love Damien Harris myself. Doesn’t have any one special trait, but he’s really good to great at a handful of others.

    He’ll play a long time in the NFL as a feature back for someone. He absolutely, 100% ticks all the boxes for Seattle.

    • C-Dog

      Ah, you beat me to this. I was just going to bring up that little exchange we had a few weeks ago when you mentioned that you thought he did a bunch of things really well but not necessarily outstanding at any one thing.

      That’s a little bit like Marshawn, IMO, with the exception that the one thing Marshawn provided that was clearly outstanding was his brute toughness.

      Harris just looks like a back that can have success in this offense. Vision, patience, balance, suddenness, .. just that ability to make that initial smart decision and the explosion to do the rest after.

      There’s flashier talent out there, but he’s really solid.

      • Volume12

        Marshawn’s toughness and that unique bow/split legged running style.

        • Volume12

          Lynch, Barry Sanders, and Derrick Thomas are my all time favorite players. Not sure why I felt like I needed to share this. 😉

          • C-Dog

            Derrick Thomas was tremendous.

            Kenny Easley, Mean Joe Green, Reggie White, Cortez Kennedy are all Patron saints of football for me, but I put Marshawn right up there. Guys that legitimately made players on the other team think “holy crap, we have to deal with that?!”

            • DC

              I still remember his 7!!! sack game against us. Crazy.
              But we won 🙂

              • C-Dog

                Mudbone’s evasion of that last sack to find Skanzi in the end zone for the go ahead score was the precursor to the RW era. I seem to remember Thomas being quoted after the game how haunting that was and all those sacks were for not.

                • Greg Haugsven

                  Almost had 8 unail i think Kreig went deep to Skansi

                  • C-Dog

                    Yup. Although I believe it was more of a red zone play, back of the end zone.

    • Ty the Guy

      Volume 12, my thoughts exactly. Harris just looks like an NFL back. The fact that he has been sharing carries his whole NCAA career doesn’t scare me one bit. Look at Carson, he wasn’t a feature back in college, but was looking that way early on with us.

      He was the #2 back out of HS in 2015. Behind only Ronald Jones (who should also get a look.) Ahead of guys like Barkely, Gulce, Love, and others.

  13. HawkFan907

    I think an important part of analysis is finding comparable players in later rounds. What ends up happening is that I end up finding great players early on, and they end up being drafted out of range. I love finding great early round prospects, but finding gems later make it exciting. Here are some of my favorites who could potentially fill Seahawks needs:

    Damien Harris — Demario Richard RB ASU. He should be available later. He may be a better pro prospect than Ballage who I was trying to watch in the first place. Fits the size profile.

    Dorance Armstrong — Fred Warner OLB BYU Both are athletic freaks who makes plays. Both excel in coverage and pass rushing. Seattle plays a lot of nickel so they may refuse to draft another LB very high. Warner could be a late round steal and looks like a game changer. Interested to see how his wingspan measures.

    OG – Will Hernandez — Will Clapp OG LSU Glow needs to go, and Aboushi has been subpar. With Pocic locking down the left guard spot, why not get him his former teammate to hold down RG. Solid player, let’s see how his explosion tests.

    CB Adonis Alexander — Chris Seisay CB Portland St. Adonis is a Seahawky CB and there is no doubt. Check out Seisay though. Not as tall, or strong, but he is loooong. He is an Oregon transfer and former WR. Could be an UDFA steal.

    Vita Vea — Deadrin Senat DT South Florida. We all love Vea. He will go too high. Senat will be a steal. We are suddenly very deep on the D Line, but if we can fill that Garrison Smith spot with a potential game changer then why not?

    • Volume12

      Good post.

      Warner is much more of a De’Vondre Campbell type for me.

    • C-Dog

      I have enjoyed watching Richard. Good call on that.

    • Volume12

      Weren’t the Hawks just at am Arizona St’s practice this week?

      • HawkFan907

        They’ve been to a few games as well. I’ve learned the last couple of years that when I try to get cute and mock players like Adoree Jackson or Derrick Henry to the Hawks it comes back to bite me. They don’t fit the physical profile. FA’s are different because they have seen players play against NFL talent so the profile can’t be stretched to them. As much as I like Ballage, I honestly think Richard is the target.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice find on Richard. Hadn’t noticed him before. Here are some highlights (that aren’t titled correctly) on YT:


  14. Volume12

    I don’t see LeVeon Bell or get where those comps come from in regards to Auburn HB Kerryon Johnson, but he’s intriguing. STs guy, good receiver outta the backfield, good pass pro, runs hard, tough to bring down 1 on 1.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice long strides. Wonder if they would think he could add a little more weight (they usually do).

      And yeah, I don’t see Bell at all. If anything, a touch of David Johnson maybe.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        David Johnson type would not be a bad back to have…. !

  15. Sea Mode

    Here is a BIG BOY to take a look at:

    RB Jarvion Franklin, W. Michigan
    6-1, 228
    Major production throughout all 4 years of college.
    Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8a0Llp172Q

    • HawkFan907

      I’ve seen his tape, and I like him. He brings the thunder, which is what the Hawks need. We need a lightning back who can break off big chunk plays and then a thunder back who can deal those body blows. Franklin fits the profile and can bring the thunder.

  16. Dawgma

    I think it bears thinking about toughness. We found multiple backs who COULD carry the offensive load, if they could stay on the @$% field. Beast Mode wasn’t just a freak because he was an elite athlete; he was ALWAYS out there. His durability was nuts.

    That’s not easy to predict. But it’s incredibly impressive. If Rawls had proved as durable when he first came on the scene, we likely wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    • Rob Staton

      Toughness… and talent. Part of me thinks they need a special back. Someone who commands their attention — someone who warrants keeping the ball off Russell Wilson. Lynch did that. Sadly, RB’s are still going very early. They probably need their Fournette… Gurley… Zeke.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes it’s sad that so many of the five running backs are hurt. We are lucky to field two in the same game. Maybe that is the difference between first round and 7 th. But we have seen plenty of first round players hurt too, like Gurley last year.

  17. Sea Mode

    One last name for now:

    Texas A&M RB Kieth Ford
    5-11, 215
    Has the build, but not much production. Runs hard at least.
    vs. UCLA 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs6axsILNwo

    • AlaskaHawk

      Add Mississippi State Aeris Williams to the mix – 2 touchdowns today.

  18. WALL UP

    Not exactly sold on the guard prospects for next year. Pocic’s offseason strength conditioning will be crucial for his development. I think both he and Odhiambo would be best served with another year as backups, if they are able to make a bold draft move for a RG in next year’s draft.

    JS is willing to use early draft capital on talented players, most of which have been for proven veteran talent (Graham, Harvin, Brown & Richardson). Quenton Nelson could have a pro bowl career that will help hawk fans to forget about losing Hutchinson. With the window as it is, having Nelson as their target in Rd 1, would be a bold move.

    Can he be available for them? Obviously, JS would need to make a move up to get him. Is it out of the question for him to use a future 1st, if Nelson fell far enough to deal for him? Depending on how this season goes, this could be a possibility.

    Could you imagine Brown & Nelson opening holes on the right side? With Carson returning and whatever selection is made with their 3rd Rd for a RB, both will have plenty opportunities to redevelop a strong run game. Is this unrealistic to imagine? I don’t think so. There’s always a chance..

    • WALL UP

      4th Rd, not 3rd Rd.

    • WALL UP

      This is a BAD MAN..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=148F8rR2GSg

      • House

        Nelson will be LONG gone by the time we pick in the 1st

        • WALL UP

          That is the general consensus. His range has been from 4th pick to 2nd Rd. The hope is that if he does drop to the teens, then (2) 1st may afford that opportunity. If they want to solidify that OL, such a bold move will have to be made.

          The matchup that is going to be interesting is Nelson against Norton. Those are the two that I hope to JS could pick up in the 1st & 4th Rds respectively.

          • WALL UP

            Norton & Nelson are going at it!

        • WALL UP

          Miami seems to be having their way right now. This an important game for Nelson: https://fansided.com/2017/11/10/college-gameday-week-11-guest-picker-notre-dame-miami/

  19. cha

    PC project potential: Bishop Sankey’s measurables match up with all the guys listed above. 2017 season over in the preseason with a torn ACL. Could be a good camp competition type pickup for the minimum.

    • East Side Stevie

      who does he play for?

      • cha

        Currently on IR for Minnesota but will be a UFA in 2018.

  20. C-Dog

    Might be me and my love of running quarterbacks, but Nick Fitzgerald is one tough son of a gun. He was literally punishing Bama defenders.

    • Volume12

      That was a great game.

      Jalen Hurts has quite a few of the same intangibles that Russ does.

      • Volume12

        Can’t beleive he threw it out the back of the end zone. Oops.

        When did Miss St. get Todd Grantham as their DC? The college version of Greg Williams. Will call a great game and design some really cool looks and pressures, but 2 minute drill and its like they’ve both never seen it before.

        • C-Dog

          Massive brain fart on that last throw, and that drop was ridiculous.

      • C-Dog

        He does. He’s getting so much better in the passing game. Some really pretty throws tonight. Just a gamer. What a fun game to watch.

        Shoot, I’d take Harris and Scarborough on this Seahawks roster right now. Can we just make that happen?

        • Volume12

          God damn that would be amazing. Just insert ‘Bama’s backfield into ours? Run the ball 30-35 times a game? We need that in our lives.

          • C-Dog

            Yes, please.

            You know what I really, really, really miss? Point guard Russell Wilson.

            You stay with that run game, you get that play action going, you mix in a bit of zone read.. may not look pretty at first, but you stay with it, explosive play happen and by the fourth quarter, you’re up a few scores, the defense is gassed, and you just freaking run the ball to kill clock.

            Yeah, I’d love to see Seattle grab a one of these solid backs and then double down on another.

            • Volume12

              Me too man. Throwing it only like 19-22 times a game? Just spreading it around? Different receiver leads the team in catches and yards every game?

              I would start convulsing if we got this again.

              • C-Dog

                Yes, please. Just something closer to that, for goodness sake.

                50% run 50% pass if they must, but I would much rather to see the average RW stat line reading 18 of 24 passes, 230 yards, 2 TDS, 0 INTs in comfortable wins, more than 27 of 45 for 350 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT in nail biters that gas the defense, and give me more gray hairs. Running the ball effectively just helps everything, and life outside of football viewing is stressful enough as it is.

                • Volume12

                  ‘ and life outside of football viewing is stressful enough as it is.’

                  Amen my man. Ain’t that the truth.

                  • D-OZ

                    I am really liking the left side of the Miss. St. OL.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I really lije Stanford’s line.

                    You put a speedy gut behind wide open holes like that?

                    I mean Love takes it to another level, but that OL is doing half the work for him.

                    David Bright is super solid and technical at LG. Quick feet when pulling and really looks like a classic road grader

                    The other guard Herbig? He’s big and I like him maybe very late or udfa, but he doesn’t look anything special.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Better start grabbing some Bama offensive line guys too then. You don’t get one without the other! A lot of people wanted Cam Robinson last year.

                  • C-Dog

                    They could always use another lineman, but I like what’s happening with Brown, Pocic, Britt and Ifedi. I think the bigger issue with the run game is what they got as runners. They only person who stepped up with consistently was Carson.

  21. sdcoug

    Hercules “One Bad” Mata’afa with 8 solo tackles, 5 TFLs, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery tonight. And that’s when he wasn’t being held every other play

    • Josh

      When he played my Broncos, he was a 1 man wrecking crew. It’s nuts how much oressure he can bring as a 250lb DT. I would love him as a hawk.

  22. Volume12

    Man. I would love for an NFL team to pull a Navy and win games without completing a single pass. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about. That’s sexy right there.

  23. Volume12

    Oh my god. Khalil Tate is on? With Rod Gilmore announcing? Is it Christmas already?

    • Volume12

      Haha. Tate just completes a dime for a 1st down and Gilmore says ‘the 1st rule of the game is to stop the run.’ I love this man.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Kerryon Johnson and Nick Chubb look solid, perhaps spectacular

    • C-Dog

      I thought Kerryon Johnson had himself a really nice game.

  25. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I noticed on the other article about the Sherman injury…… too much pessimism.

    This is exactly when Seattle thrives, when no one expects them to be good (the proverbial chip on shoulder). I personally find it exciting, since it gives everyone (fans/the team) a chance to see the young guys for extended looks and maybe the DC will break some tendencies with coverage and scheme…. making the defense much less predictable.

    This is in no way a remark to besmirch Sherman. He is an extraordinary outside corner, but gut feeling was that the turning of the page on the LOB would be happening soon (this off-season)…. with or without the unfortunate injury.

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to pay a back (such as) Carlos Hyde 4M a year.. and call it done?
    He has demonstrated production in the NFL and will not break the bank.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been thinking that way for a while, and I think Hyde would be a great fit, but considering just how much of running back seems to be shaping up to be the strength of this draft and also just so happens to be Seattle’s biggest need, I think it feels more likely that they would draft the position.

      Also, they are going to have some big decisions to make regarding Sheldon Richardson, Jimmy Graham, Paul Richardson, etc. They might not have much $ left to dabble in FA if they hope to retain a number of their own players. Personally, I don’t think they traded a high pick for Sheldon to not extend him, and since they have been utilizing Graham way more effectively lately, they might not want to lose that aspect of their offense if he continues to have that kind of impact. And do they want to say goodbye to PRich just as he has come on to become one of Russ’s favorite targets? Wasn’t there some admitted regret that they didn’t find a way to hang onto Golden?

      • Kyle

        Tate should have been retained. Dude is one of my favorite players. Him and Doug together are fire. I wouldn’t put huge money to keep prich just because he is rocking this year. The dude is good, but so fragile. If it were between him and Hyde at 4m i take Hyde all day. If we can keep him, cool but i wouldn’t mind letting him walk and moving darboh to his spot with Lockett still here.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Are cap is going to be real tight. Not sure if we will have any space for an outside FA

      • Ukhawk

        Do both, draft and get a FA like Hyde. Bit like DL, can’t have enough.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Blount only got 1.5 million but he may get another superbowl ring with Philly!

        • C-Dog

          That could be the plan.

  27. Kyle

    I want a back that can catch the ball. I hate having a back that has to tip the cap to defenses. If we can get a back that can be a true 3 down back like Johnson, bell, or even gurley/zeke I’d be ecstatic. Zeke and gurley aren’t amazing ball catchers but they are good at it and even better running it.

    • Kyle

      That made it seem like I’m talking nonsense. I mean someone like Kamara or hunt who do both things well. If we could get a bell Johnson zeke or gurley then my brain would explode in ecstasy. But I’m not dillusional, we just need a back who can run and make those yards while being able to catch the screens and short to intermediate routes. It’s also why i want Reece back as our fb. It keeps the defenses honest or the pay for it

      • C-Dog

        I think there’s a chance they might bring Reece back. He’d be a nice addition down the stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a view roster moves happening soon to get ready for the Falcons.

      • Volume12

        Go get NC St’s Jaylen Samuels. FB, RB, H-back, little slot receiver, maybe a little off the line TE. He’s a guy that would allow Bevell to do multiple things with. He really opens up a playbook. The ultimate ‘backyard’ football player.

        (2015) highlights:

        • Ukhawk

          Love this guy, great call. John L Williams Vol2!

        • Kenny Sloth

          You forgot QB

        • Kenny Sloth

          I can’t wait to see how he tests. Mostly for his true h/w

        • C-Dog

          This right here. Yes, please.

  28. Volume12

    Seattle bringing in CB Alex Carter (from Stanford). I believe for a visit?

  29. Volume12

    LOL. Again. Is this who Seattle likes from USC?


    Developing as a pass rusher, raw with big time upside, stat sheet stuffer, hot head, might be the best coverage backer in the country with 11 PBU!

    • Old but Slow

      C’mon, V12, the book is full. How can a bumble headed fanatic put this all together into a reasonable, respectable top 100, when you keep adding all this jumble? I value your acumen, and I trust your judgement, but just, quit. For a while, as I catch up. OK, old buddy?

      • Volume12

        I try man. I’ll disappear for a couple days and do my WWE thing, but this game always comes calling. I know u know how that is.

    • Sea Mode

      and Jones II

    • Ukhawk

      He moved from safety to LB, no? Bit small but if he has speed/ length I think he’ll be of interest.

      • TheDarnold

        He’s 6’2″ 240 lbs. For comparison, Von Miller is 6’3″ 249 lbs. I don’t think size is an issue.

    • nichansen


    • JimQ

      The current stats on Nwosu show that he is very active as a LB with a lot of disruption as a pass rusher. The linked article seems to indicate that this player has matured beyond his previous “hot head” status. This is a player that I’ve followed for the last couple of years and I think he is really showing up this season as a disruptive pass rusher & he’s not bad in the running game defense. IF, the Seahawks trade down and work some magic, this might be a player of interest for them. IMO-The Seahawks are pretty set at DL, the only real need that would require a RD 2/3 pick may be (1) Pass rusher to replace Avril, (2) RB, (3) WR, (4) OL.
      If I had to guess, Nwosu may not be positioned well in the rankings to make it as a Seahawk pick, but you never know, PC/JS do know how to often work the draft to their advantage.

      OLB-Uchenna Nwosu, USC, 6-015, 240, 4.77/40, currently ranked #111, Rd-3/4 by draftscout.com
      2017: 11-games, 60-tkls, 35-solo, 5.5-Sacks, 7.5-TFL, 1-FR, 1-INT, 11-PBU, 8-QBH
      2016: 13-games, 53-tkls, 28-solo, 7.5-TFL, 3-Sacks, 5-PBU, 2-QBH, 1-FF
      2015, 2014 played sparingly, warmed up in 2016 & ………… is having a GREAT season so far in 2017.

  30. Ukhawk

    Maybe I missed it but what round does Harris project to go in? I like him – athletic, smooth, tough and he’s got that chip. As much potential as any RB in the class.

  31. WALL UP

    Talent analyst have always been subjective when listing a valued ranking system upon players. One factor that holds sway over these subjective opinions is that “Speed Kills”. That was so duly displayed in the Demolition down in Miami.

    There was much rhetoric given by some analyst concerning a dominant run game spearheaded by the right side of Notre Dame’s OL. The speed and strength of Miami’s defensive front made ND’s OL look as if it were running on a sandy beach rather than a green turf.

    I wondered, was Miami really that fast, or was Notre Dame that slow? The conclusion I got was that it was both. Miami’s speed completely overwhelmed ND. Also, Notre Dame’s OL is an impressive group that has (2) 1st Rd talented players leading the way for them. But, this is the reason that some may not place such great credence on their capabilities when matched against speed.

    The Achilles for Nelson when going to the next level is confronting defensive fronts that have speed and explosiveness. Most defensive fronts in the Pros will have those factors that he will have to adjust to.

    Some analysts may see this as a reason for not grading him as highly as others. Could he be a first Rd prospect? Surely. But, an early 1st rounder @ #4 as some have placed him? I beg to differ in that respect. As those of you were able to witness, “Speed does kill.”

  32. Isaac

    I’m curious to know what marshawn Lynch’s combine numbers were. Did they line up with these ideals?

    • Kenny Sloth

      🔥 wasnt far off from AP

  33. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks about to be fined for letting Wilson play that drive without being cleared.

    You’re not a doctor Russ. You don’t get to decide if you’re injured.

    You thinj you’re fine because you’ve been getting concussions your whole life.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Someone needed to grab him.and stop him. Have some balls. They just let him.go.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Richard Sherman has played with a bad heel for years apparently.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Another example of the coaches/doctor not taking control.

    • Volume12

      Had a suspicion something was wrong with him. He’s not making the throws we all know he can make.

  34. Kenny Sloth

    Let me get hear some takes on Baker Mayfield

    He looks like a good fit for the Chargers or Patriots.

    I really like his intangibles and think if he finds the right system he can develop into a super bowl winning QB.

    What do you think of the prospect

    • Derron James

      I would love to see him on the Saints, fairly similar to Brees and has all the weapons around him for a long successful career.

    • C-Dog

      Scott McCloughan has compared him to Farve and said that he would take him ahead of any of the other passers in CFB this year. Those are pretty hefty words coming from a guy not known for hyperbole.

      I do think he has a pretty dynamic It factor that feels like Farve. Some are saying second or third round because of his height, but I kinda call bull on that. He’s probably an inch or two taller than RW, and has a very similar game in terms of efficiency and playmaking. That should put him well into R1, I would think.

    • Volume12

      Like him. Want to see make throws before the play breaks down. How is he gonna handle NFL teams forcing him to throw before he wants to?

      • East Side Stevie

        A lot of reports that a team is gonna bite on him in R1. Especially if Darnold stays at USC instead of declaring for the draft. (Likely)

  35. Ehurd1021

    Seahawks are bringing in Bryon Maxwell, Trovon Reed, and Alex Carter.

    I think we can all agree based on that list who the Seahawks SHOULD sign. Bryon was a fantastic corner for this team when he was here. He knows the system – which was KEY with the Seahawks signing Freeny (Atlanta) – and his skills haven’t diminished. Maxwell has simply been on BAD teams with BAD secondaries. I really hope we see #41 back with the Seahawks again. He fills an IMMEDIATE need with veteran leadership.

    • C-Dog

      I would love to see Maxwell back in Seattle.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Good call. Just signed!

  36. Greg Haugsven

    Big rooting interest today.

    We want the Bills to beat the Saints.
    We want the Redskins to beat the Vikings.
    We want the Falcons to beat the Cowboys. (Both would then be 5-4)

    • Greg Haugsven


      • Greg Haugsven


        • East Side Stevie

          1 for 3

          • Greg Haugsven

            Better than 0-3.

  37. Volume12

    Man. The Vikings are gonna he scary good when they get Teddy B and Dalvin Cook back aren’t they?

    CB Xavier Rhodes is top 3 for me. Goes Marcus Peters, Sherm, and Rhodes.

    • Volume12

      CB Trae Waynes is garbage though. They gotta replace him.

      • nichansen

        Xavier Rhodes is such an awesome name

        • nichansen

          I don’t have rooting interests. I just want the Hawks to take care of their own.

          • Smitty1547

            The nest time Peters tackles someone bigger than him will be the first. Sherm a much more willing tackler

    • vrtkolman

      Their offense is a well oiled machine with a backup QB and no real superstars. Norv Turner is a fantastic coordinator.

      • nichansen

        He isn’t the coordinator anymore

        • RealRhino2

          Vikings’ success vs. the Redskins just illuminates what a complete clownshow our offense is, and that includes Russ.

          • Forty20

            Conversely the Steelers got bombed on multiple times by the lowly Colts in the first half of that game and even now are fighting for their lives to win. We are far and away from the only good/great team with obviously issues in the NFL. Frustrating for sure but oft times we are so focused on the Hawks (obviously so given the nature of Rob’s blog and our fandom) that we can lose sight of the bigger picture.

            Making sense of how good a given team is by pitting one win over another gets you moving in a circle real fast.

        • vrtkolman

          Woops! You’re right, it’s Pat Shurmur now.

      • Volume12

        I’m gonna attribute that to HC Mike Zimmer. He’s probably the most underrated coach in the league.

        • Volume12

          Because of guys like that.

          I loved DE Danielle Hunter coming out of LSU. U can see the flashes, and with the right coaching, they’ll be better pros than college players. Bo Scarborough is another guy who will wind up that way.

        • Kenny Sloth


  38. Forty20

    Anyone freaking out that our championship window is closing or closed needs to only look at New Orleans this season I reckon. 1 good/great draft can reignite a team if you already possess key pieces. Our 2016 and 2017 draft classes are looking pretty good right now. Even with limited picks as it stands right now one more strong draft from Schenider could quickly put us back over the top.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      I like this optimistic observation. I agree that 2-3 draft hits might send us over the threshold of success.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Or staying healthy for an entire season. I would love to blame draft picks and coaching for team problems. But with the rotation of players in to fill spots- they have been doing a fine job of coaching. And the draft picks are working two man deep on the defensive side.

  39. Donald

    I am expecting Baker Mayfield to be drafted either by San Fran or Arizona in the first round. San fran could trade down from their #1 or #2 pick and still pick him in the top 8. He is taller than RW, and they have been beat by RW so often that they want a RW for themselves.

    Damion Harris would be nice for Seattle, but I like Robinson from Oklahoma better. Will he be available in the ’18 draft?

    • Volume12

      Yeah, he’s a R-SO. He’s become a breakout star for them. Has had 2 seasons cut short due to injuries (was out all of last year). He’s finally looking the highly recruited, 4 star guy. Runs with a ton of power.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Mayfield is the 3rd rounder waiting to happen. Size and some injury concerns are knocks on him…. and there are around 5-6 “prototype” QBs most likely in the draft ho might be deemed to have more upside.

  40. nichansen01

    Mock draft:

    20: R1P20
    84: R3P20
    122: R4P20
    151: R5P13
    167: R5P29
    234: R7P12
    242: R7P20
    250: R7P28
    254: R7P32

    I LOVE the idea of going wide out round 1.

    • Volume12

      Its not a bad idea TBH.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like getting a big wide receiver with good hands. I’m a bit jealous of the Panthers large receivers = so it would be beneficial to add another big guy.

      Running back wise, don’t forget Washington’s Coleman, and I even read a mock that thought Gaskin would be available = though he is pretty light. If Stanford’s Love was still around in round 3, I would be very interested in him.

      I also think they will need a tight end, so perhaps that 250 pick or UDFA. With Graham being a cap casualty next year.

  41. Volume12

    Giants HC Bob McAdoo.

    Cop? Or on the run?


    • nichansen

      Dude has the worst hairdoo on any head coach ever

    • cha

      Passive-aggressive boat salesman

  42. East Side Stevie

    Iowa CB (Junior) Josh Jackson
    6’1 195lbs (Don’t know arm length)
    7 Int’s
    23 PBU’s
    4 Pick 6’s
    Can’t find his tackles for the season, however I read that he started out his freshman year as a wide receiver before being moved to DB in the fall.
    Word around the campfire is he wants to stay at Iowa for his Senior year. We shall see…

    • Volume12

      39 tackles.

    • Volume12

      I recommend using this.


      Click on a team, and then on the left bar click on roster.

      • East Side Stevie

        Clutch! Thanks my man, give me your thoughts on Josh?

        • Volume12

          I haven’t really focused on him. Only watched 1 game and liked what I saw.

  43. nichansen

    49ers picking up first win… too bad for them, since the browns lost.

    • East Side Stevie

      Wonder when they hand the keys over to Jimmy G? CJ Beathard played well today.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Jimmy G is supposed to start against the Seahawks. That should be fun!!!!

      • Smitty1547

        Against us

  44. bankhawk

    Been lurking a lot lately. What do yall see as a worst-case scenario in terms of what the league is likely to lay on us for the Russell Wilson/concussion controversy thing?

    • Rob Staton

      A fine.

      • JC

        Little discussed about the entire controversy is that there is a independent doc working for the league who didn’t do his job either, or whoever is upstairs checking for these issues who could’ve signaled down to the field that #3 wasn’t out long enough. If the player does what Russell does, how is anyone on the Seahawks sideline worrying about the game supposed to know what happened?

        • East Side Stevie

          Its also worth noting Russ was hit in the chin NOT the head. There was no crown of helmet against crown of helmet contact. Plus I dont see how it wasnt a penalty.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Any hit to the neck or head area is subject to review.
            I concur with the statement that “how are the Seahawks supposed to know if he is cleared or not”… when he shows back up on the sidelines with his helmet in hand. They might have assumed he passed the protocols and was back in the game.

            I’ve heard a fine of 100k might be in order, but they might also be ordered to forfeit a draft-pick according to John Clayton, but he doesn’t believe that will ha[p[pen this time.

            • David

              It’s a shame that the NFL is more worried about how the concussion protocol was handled as opposed to how biased and horrible the officiating was in the game.

              • AlaskaHawk

                With all the controversy over concussions there is no way RW should have been allowed to disregard protocol. He should have found the doctor if he wasn’t there. Guess what – Seahawks are now liable for all future brain damage that occurs.

                I agree about bad officiating but that is a separate issue- and a lot of it springs from Seahawks holding or false starts. Plus special teams can’t resist blocking in the back.

  45. Kenny Sloth

    Brock Osweiler starting for the Broncos is so underratedly hilarious

    • nichansen

      Broncos being horrible is my favorite thing about this NFL season

      • Ed

        And just last year people were talking about how great Elway is. He got PM and drafted VM top 5. That’s it. He is so overrated as a GM. JS all day and twice on Sunday.

        Joeckel/Lacy/Graham/McDougal/Wilson/Wilhoite/Richardson/Walsh all gone. That’s 29 million.

        Resign/restructure Smith/Richardson/Clark

        2018 OL Smith/Pocic/Britt/Ifedi/Fant

        2018 draft:


        • Old but Slow


          • Ed

            Yep, my bad. Typing and not thinking

        • Old but Slow

          And get rid of Russell?

          • Ed

            Nope. He’s a Hawk for life

            • nichansen


  46. Greg Haugsven

    Jimmy Garrapolo making his 49er debut against the Hawks.

  47. bankhawk

    Anybody see anything recent on just when Joeckel might be due back? Im powerful curious to see what having him and Brown on the field at the same time would look like at least a couple of times before seasons end.

    • East Side Stevie

      I imagine he returns to practice this week, probably a game time decision for next Monday nights game.

  48. Cameron

    Thanks for doing this one Rob! I’ve been looking forward to an in depth view on Harris, as he’s really the only [attainable] RB whose running style I’ve truly coveted out of this year’s [potential] class. Very tough, good vision, and ability to break tackles when needed, he and Carson would make a hell of a 1-2 punch.

  49. Millhouse-serbia

    Freeman will not play against us next monday.

    • vrtkolman

      As usual, the game will be decided based on how many times the Seahawks shoot themselves in the foot.

  50. vrtkolman

    If you go back to when Carroll started in Seattle, the quote I remember most from him revolved around him wanting to build a team that was interchangeable at the QB position. Fast forward to now, and this team is probably driving him crazy with how much Russell is forced the shoulder the load. He knows those types of teams lose in the playoffs, thus why the need to fix the running game is so important.

    My prediction for the off season is that Carroll goes hard on improving the running game. I think we draft a running back early and perhaps often. Perhaps they shell out money for a big time interior lineman, as they tried to do with TJ Lang.

    • vrtkolman

      Carroll just said Chris Carson could be back in December.

    • Sea Mode

      I think they were just trying to get the most experienced lineman available at the biggest position of need. We had reason to hope in Fant/Ifedi on the outside and were priced out of the Tackle market anyway, so it only made sense to go after an interior lineman to upgrade over Glowinski. As we know, they tried for Lang and due to reasons out of their control, he chose to go elsewhere and we ended up with Joeckel as the best we could do.

      Now that Fant went down and we have Brown, I think that is the big veteran leadership we are willing to pay for, and we will most likely let Joeckel walk (unless he vastly improves and accepts a deep, deep discount) and stick with Pocic and Odhiambo on the interior, along with Roos and some other R5-ish draft pick.

      Running back early and often I totally agree. One early and one later. (haha, guess we only have one early pick anyway…) Ideally one thunder and one lightning. My favorites so far:

      Lightning (early pick): Bryce Love (please, please, please), Ronald Jones II, (Prosise, McKissic)

      Thunder (later pick): Rashaad Penny, Lavon Coleman (Carson, Rawls)

      • Volume12

        I like what Seattle is trying to do at RB.

        – the workhorse (which they don’t have)
        – the ‘do everything’ type in Chris Carson
        – the scat back/gadget guy in McKissic (or Prosise if he ever stays healthy which is doubtful)
        – and as a backup, the ‘hammer’ or goal line/short yardage back in Lacy or a rookie

      • AlaskaHawk

        I give the Seahawks a lot of credit in trying to find pros to fill in weak spots this year. I don’t think either guard position is worth paying a lot of money for, unless your rookies are injured. The roster is full of guards who either aren’t used or don’t do well when they are used.

        Draft another guard = that is the absolute easiest draft on the offensive line you can make.

    • Dylanlep

      Not sure the money will be there for a splash fa o lineman. Feel like its kind of been spent on Brown already.

  51. Hawk Eye

    I tried to watch football yesterday, but no rooting interest and lots of BAD games.

    So now we know what Dak looks like with an LT and running back like Russell has lived with for a while. Let’s pump the brakes for anyone calling Dak a top 10 or 20 player in the league. Pretty good for a 4th round QB, but not MVP material. And I know Wentz and Goff are playing well, but I need to see them play well next year also after the league has an offseason to adjust. Remember Foles? And Matt Ryan is still good, but not MVP caliber this year. Russell is the best QB left standing in the NFC.

    Saints are for real and the Rams are getting better on D as are the Pats, although against bad competition. Not sure what Steelers team shows up in the playoffs, but I doubt they can go to NE and win there.

    I think the Hawks still have a chance. But it does involve the offense having some sort of consistency, which means the line has to improve and the running game has to get better. I think the defense is good enough to win with some consistent offensive support. Still 2 pro bowlers on each level and how many teams can say that?

    • Volume12

      The Saints scare the living sh*t out of me. They already have Drew Brees, sorry he’s the best QB in the NFC, young pieces on D (don’t even have CB Dalvin Breaux back yet), and now a 2 headed rushing attack that can go on the road and win games for ’em? Yikes.

      ‘Bama HB Damien Harris reminds me so much of the good, bruising version of Mark Ingram.

      • nichansen

        The saints have been a sleeping giant for years.

      • vrtkolman

        The Saints are kind of what Seattle used to be, right? Nasty power running game with a top 5 pass defense. Brees just has to manage the game at this point, but if they need him to step up you know he can win the game for you at the end.

        • DC

          The Saints did a salary purge and picked top 15 3 years in a row with good results. They are winning on the road and if the playoffs go through the Superdome… good luck.

        • Volume12

          They ran the ball 24 straight times yesterday. 24!

          Had 6 rushing TDs. Seattle has 2. For the entire year!

          And in 2012, 2013, 2014 Seattle was ranked in the bottom 3 for least amount of pass attempts. Now RW is leading the league in passing yards.

          As the old adage goes. ‘You run the bal to win.’

      • Hawk Eye

        yeah, Brees would still qualify as a better QB than Russell, but still close.

  52. House

    Just saw that Carson could be back in December! If that’s not something to be pumped about, I don’t know what is

    • DC

      If he comes back 100% that would give us a chance at winning a road playoff game.

    • cha

      Cautious optimism. That means treatment and rehab progressing nicely.

  53. pran

    Maxwell signs with Hawks per Adam Schefter

    • DC

      That’s welcome news. Hope he can still punch the ball out.

    • Steve Nelsen

      His familiarity with the Seattle scheme and technique should allow for a quick transition. He could easily end up starting next Sunday. I hope he has something left.

      • pran

        if he hadn’t picked up bad habits since he is gone

    • Volume12

      Good. Makes too much sense.

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