Thoughts on Seattle’s growing injury problem

The Seahawks can still make a run at the playoffs, can still win the NFC West and can even still claim a first round bye.

But the injuries are mounting — and Monday’s game against Atlanta will show us just how badly they’re impacting Seattle’s chances.

Kam Chancellor has been ruled out already, amid reports from the NFL Network that he’s out for the season. Pete Carroll tempered those reports during his press conference today:

It’s often said the healthiest teams are the ones who prosper. The NFL is a war of attrition. Surviving and being balanced are as important as anything.

Seattle’s roster has been hammered by injuries. And there’s still seven games to go.

No Cliff Avril, no Richard Sherman and now possibly no Kam Chancellor.

Add this to the Luke Joeckel, Duane Brown, Jarran Reed, Chris Carson, Malik McDowell and other injuries.

It’ll be hard to criticise anything the Seahawks do the rest of the way in 2017. Imagine how ineffective the Rams would be if they suddenly had to deal with the following:

— Todd Gurley broken leg
— Andrew Whitworth bad ankle
— Trumaine Johnson torn achilles
— Robert Quinn neck injury
— Roger Saffold knee surgery
— Lamarcus Joyner neck injury

Then have Jared Goff have his jaw reset as Russell Wilson did this week. Let’s also say Aaron Donald misses a couple of games too as Earl Thomas just did.

The Rams would struggle to survive such a long list of key injuries.

Instead it’s the Seahawks needing to cling on.

The season really comes down to Wilson and his ability to keep the offense ticking along. They need to become what they’ve never really been under Carroll — a team dependant on the quarterback.

They can’t lean on the run. They might not be able to rely on the great defense. Indeed the biggest impact might be felt on the run defense. Chancellor and Sherman so often helped set the edge against the run and teams weren’t able to misdirect to the edge because of their tackling form. Now? It’s going to be a real test.

They might give up more pass plays too. Teams will want to test the cornerbacks more than ever. That could create some opportunities and it might be to Seattle’s benefit — but only if the DB’s can make the plays.

It’s not all bad of course. The front seven remains as good as any in the league and Bobby Wagner should be a candidate for defensive MVP. Earl Thomas is still the best safety in the NFL.

Wilson and the offense still might need to score more points. It’s some relief that so far they haven’t suffered any major injuries to the TE’s and WR’s. Getting Duane Brown healthy and on the field is vital.

Wilson has always been good enough to lead the team forward. His connection with the players he’s throwing too has never been more efficient or important.

LA has a difficult run of games coming up. They might win some of those — but Seattle’s road win against the Rams and current 3-0 record in the NFC West works in their favour. They could, quite easily, be #1 in the West by the end of this weeks games.

Monday is such a big night. The Seahawks need to, somehow, fight through the adversity and make a statement that their season is still very much alive.

As for Chancellor’s injury — there’s no denying it’s another huge setback. Hopefully this neck injury isn’t the end of his playing career. Ditto Cliff Avril. One thing is sure though — we’re talking about two warriors here. It’ll need to be very, very serious for either to walk away under these circumstances — without going out on top.

Either way though, it does feel like we’re edging closer to the end of an era in Seattle. The aggressive trades felt like this was a team trying to get another Championship, possibly ahead of inevitable change at the end of 2017 or 2018.

That’s a discussion for another day. With seven games to go, it’s time for new stars to emerge. Or for one quarterback to prove once and for all he’s right at the top of his craft.

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  1. Greg Haugsven

    This team seems to score points when they have to, so maybe that time is now.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Also watching Nick Chubb tearing up the Wildcats is fun. That dude is a monster.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah he’s having a good game today.

        • Greg Haugsven

          He reminds me of Lynch a little. Not a split legged runner like him but he can really make you miss or flat out run you over if necessary. Had good speed as well on that long touchdown.

  2. Greg Haugsven

    You forget about how important Sherman tackling is. That might be missed more than anything.

    • cha

      I suggest you read the article again.

    • BobbyK

      I read the same article and thought he highlighted how important the tackling of Sherman was…

      • Greg Haugsven

        Correct, I was just agree g with the portion of the article that talked about his tackling. We always think Sherman will be missed in.pass defense but the tackling is equally important.

    • Kenny Sloth

      One forgets* lol

  3. cha

    I’ll be going Monday night and I can’t wait. This team seems to rally around adversity with the best of them.

    The defense is strong up the middle. Is there anyone that wouldn’t swap their DT-MLB-FS for Sheldon-Wagner-Thomas?

    This feels like a perfect game for Sheldon to assert his interior dominance and remind teams this defense is not going to roll over and die.

    It also feels like a unique opportunity for RW to blossom as truly game-changing QB near the level of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. No running game? OL shaky? Half the starting backfield hurt? No problem. I got this.

    The Hawks will go as far as RW can take them this year. And he can take them far.

    This will also require all of PC’s coaching acumen.

  4. Matt

    The Seahawks *could* make a run. But the string of injuries, coupled with an offense that can’t run the ball to save its life, is going to make it near impossible to get to the Super Bowl.

    I have hope but I’m not sure it’s based in reality. Even if Russell plays lights out for the rest of the season, I’m not sure it’ll be enough. At a minimum, this gives the young guys a chance for some big time game experience so JS and PC know what they have depth wise for 2018.

    • Dale

      No Matt, they can’t make a run… that’s the problem. LOL!

      • Hawktalker#1

        Disagree. They absolutely CAN make a run, although it is going to be a challenge. It’s seriously hard to say a team with this much talent can’t make a run. Easy, no way. Doable, or sure. What if a sluggish offense finally starts scoring points. What if all our young D talent starts pressuring/sacking the quarterback and helps continuine shutting down the run? What if we increase our takeaway ratio? A lot of things ahead could sure go right !!!

        Go Hawks

        • Comfect

          I think the joke here is that they can’t run the ball, so they literally cannot make A RUN.

  5. Dale

    The end of an era possibly but not the end of winning. That will depend on how long the Pete Carroll/John Schneider duo stays together in Seattle. When either of those guys moves on it will be time to gnash your teeth and remember the good times.

  6. RWIII

    Monday”s game against Atanta is HUGE

    Seattle has a better defense than New England(every year) . Russell Wilson is every bit as good as Tom Brady. Seattle”s skill players on offense are just as good if not better then the Patroits. And the Patriots offensive line is not much better then Seattle’s. What I don’t understand is why can’t Seattle keep winning like New England?

    I think the one difference is the NFC. Every year there are more good teams in the NFC. New England plays Buffalo, Miami and the Jets. That is six EASY wins every year. Last year Seattle was 4-0 against the AFC Least.

    One other thing is that Bill Belichick game plans every opponent. Sometimes it seems like Pete Carroll game plan is the same no matter who the Hawks are playing. I think Pete Carroll tends to be more stubborn. Russell Wilson is Seattle’s best player on offense. Seattle needs to put the game in Russell Wilson’s hands. Just like Bill Belichick puts the game in Tom Brady’s hands. At least the pass protection has improved (large part because of Russell Wilson’s) mobility. Maybe they will get the message and study the Patriots offensive schemes.

    • RealRhino2


      1. Russell Wilson is not as good as Tom Brady. I was about to write “not nearly” as good, but I don’t want this to turn into a digression where we argue degree. Brady is widely considered either the best of all time or 1a. Wilson is just one of the best 10 QBs in the league right now.

      2. Pats’ offensive line is much better because their OL coach is much better. Maybe you meant to say the talent isn’t much better.

      3. Pats’ seem more willing to dink-and-dunk their way down the field. Pete is probably too tied to the run-and-chunk philosophy that he thinks is necessary.

      • Tien

        Yeah, I’m with RR here regarding the QBs. I love Russell but there’s no way anyone can make an objective case that he’s on the same level as Brady. Before Rodgers went down with that injury, I would have rated him the best QB in the league, followed by Brady, with Brees at 2a or 3. Russell is in that next tier of good/great QBs.

        As far as the offensive skill players, we do have more talent at receivers than ever before but if I was to remove my homer glasses, I’d probably give a slight edge to Brandin Cooks over ADB and when healthy, no TE in the league touches Gronk. The Patriots RBs aren’t flashy but they are much more effective than the Hawks RBs in getting first downs and sustaining drives.

        And yeah, the Patriots do go for big plays every once in a while but their short & mid-range is so much better than the Seahawks and like RR said, Belichik has no problem with dinking his way down the field and betting that his offense will make less mistakes than the defenses. Contrast that with our offense, with a weak OL and yet we constantly run these deep patterns that require more protection for the QB. When it works, it’s awesome but too often, these low percentage plays fail to get the yards necessary to get first downs & sustain drives.

        I still have hope for the Seahawks playoff chances this year if we can avoid further injuries and the DL gets healthy and takes over as the dominant force on the defense but the Patriots are contenders every year because of talent and great coaching…not just because of the lousy teams in their division.

  7. Dale

    From a talent and salary cap perspective what is most likely composition of the defensive line next year?
    Givens: Reed, Jones
    Likely: Bennett, Jordan, Marcus Smith
    Definitely, if we can afford it: Richardson, Clark
    Health permitting: Avril(ir), McDowell
    Current fillers: Garrison Smith, Jefferson, Jackson, Coe(ir), Freeny

    • cha

      Clark is a given. Rookie deal through 2018.

      • Dale

        If they don’t think they can sign him in 2019 might they sign Richardson and trade Clark to recoup some draft capital? I think they will sign Clark to an extension but he’ll be expensive. I expect Bennett, Avril, and Chancellor to be gone in 2019.

        • cha

          If they can’t sign Clark they’re best served by letting him play out 2018 and sign a mega deal elsewhere and take the 3rd round comp.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I think they resign both Richardson and Clark. I agree Bennett and Avril may very well be off the books in 2019. If they resign Richardson and extend Clark there first year hits shouldn’t be to bad. They would only escalate after Avril and Bennett are gone.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I think you can look at the deal Tim Jernigan just got as a comp for Richardson ( 4 years $48 million). It would be interesting what Clark could get.

  8. Old but Slow

    Atlanta’s defense features Beasley and Claiborne, rushing the passer off the edges, and they are good. Claiborne got 6 sacks last week against Dallas. Beasley is all-pro.

    Will we see more read/option? It is a play that can slow speed rushers by making them choose who to cover. It exposes Russell, but he is exposed every time he drops back.

    • Dale

      I don’t think so for two reasons, 1) Russell is the offense right now. Lose him to injury for any time and our playoff hopes are done, 2) Atlanta’s defense is too fast. Quinn has built this defense from the same blueprint as the Seahawks. I expect to see a heavy dose of slants to Baldwin, bubble screens to McKissic and Lockett, and mid-range passes over the middle to Graham and Luke Wilson. Theoretically Atlanta should be vulnerable to the same thing the Seahawks have been hurt by over the years and that’s the middle zone just past the linebackers. However, without the threat of a running game the LBs can cheat and get deeper drops so they may be able to take that option away. That means we aren’t going to score much and Russell will hold on to the ball. If Brown doesn’t play I wouldn’t bet against Claiborne picking up the record for sacks in one game which is current seven by Derrick Thomas of KC. We’ll see.

    • Brandon

      They are also a bad defense, 20th against the pass, 28th against the run 24th overall per DVOA . People keep worrying about Atlanta’s defense and they’re are not as good as you think. Seattle has faced much better with this same offensive line. Even if Brown can’t go, they will be fine, they scored 41 against Houston at home with Clowney destroying Odiambo all game. Clowney is much better than Clayborn and I don’t believe there is a huge drop off between Odi and Tobin.

    • Del Tre

      They played the Cowboiys without Elliot or Tyron Smith, thats like us minus Russell Wilson on offense.

  9. sdcoug

    This is exactly why I kept saying not to give Kam an extension this off-season. There was no reason to. Let him play out the season and re-evaluate his worth. If he still brings what you’re hoping for, talk contract. If his play slips or he again misses multiple games to injury, let him walk or adjust your offer accordingly. Well…here we are. I know you can’t predict an injury, but you can certainly look at a player’s past for paterns. Kam has missed a lot of games and his impact is now above-average at best, certainly not elite. “Heart” of the team? Please. It’s a team full of alphas and all-pros. Non-issue there. Thought the extension was just sentimental bad business and believe it even more now.

    Go ahead, blow me up…

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree with you. Kam is a great player = but his body won’t last. I would let him go and wish him well = while he is still relatively healthy.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Oops I forgot he already has an extension.

    • Ed

      Nope, good points. But sometimes you have to do it. For good will, good karma I wasn’t a fan of the extension and think they should have traded Sherman as well. They drafted a lot of DB’s this year, so need someone else to step up besides Shaq.

    • Rob Staton

      He picked up a freak injury, right at the end of the Arizona game.

      Save ‘I told you so’ for some place else. They were right to reward Kam Chancellor and secure his career in Seattle. And that’ll be the case whatever happens.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think they had to do the extension as well but I disagree that it was a freak injury. These stingers can be caused by years and years of vicous hits. His style of play doesn’t have a long shelf life. At least that’s my 2 cents, or maybe just a penny.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re pretty rare though. How many players go out for the year with a stinger? Seattle has two!

          • Trevor

            The odds of two pro bowl players going on IR from the same team in the same year have to be pretty astronomical. Can you think of one other case?

            Could it be related to the tackling method Pete teaches? I highly doubt it as I thought that method was meant to reduce head and neck injuries.

            • Trevor

              Meant to say on IR with Stingers.

          • RWIII

            Sorry. But there was no reason (other than good will) to give Kam an extension. Remember Bill Walsh”s philosophy was to let a player go a year to early vs. a year to late. I hope Kam proves me wrong but I think it was a COLOSSAL mistake giving him an extension.

            • Hawk Eye

              keeping the locker room happy is a BIG reason to give him the extension. Plus, they can get out of it without huge penalties after next year. Every player is an injury risk, and 29 years old is not ancient. One more year of Kam and if they need to move on, they hope Hill can take over in his 3rd year.

    • H

      I think extending Kam was more about telling him, and the defence at large, that you’re our guys and we’re gonna look after you. Now go win a championship. Season ending injuries are just bad luck.
      If im right in thinking that the deal is structured so the hawks can get out of it after 2019 without too big a hit, then it shouldnt be an issue long term.

  10. cha

    USC just pulled the punt misdirection play that the Hawks did with Sherman a couple years ago. Completely faked UCLA out and scored a TD.

  11. Volume12

    Cal HB Patrick Laird runs hard. Like his ability to run out of shotgun. Gonna be a nice addition as a day 3-UDFA for someone.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Baker Mayfield is fiery!

    Keep a camera on that kid, because he’s a soap opera waiting to happen.

    You want to put asses in seats? Draft this guy after Jackson’s gone

    • Volume12

      Ooh boy. Scouts have concerns with Josh Rosen’s character?

      Watch Rosen blow teams away when he lights up that white board.

      • Kenny Sloth

        For real. So savvy for a young guy. He has a fresh vibe that I think you can build around.

        I see him and Jackson as the franchise guys in this draft.

        Maybe Mayfield and Darnold. Need to watch more of Sam

        • Volume12

          I mean u might be drafting a smarter version of Jay Cutler in Rosen, but that’s not too bad. Especially with the dearth of talent currently at the QB position in the pros.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    Nooooo wtfffffffffffffffff

    DBD is behind a paywall now there isn’t an emoji to simulate my anguish

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, I found that out 3 days ago as well. It is only $2 though, TBF, and is really just enough for them to get rid of the ads. Would have been nice for them to offer it as a premium, ad-free option though. Oh well.

      • Old but Slow

        $2 a month. Probably a bargain for most, but for a retiree with a mortgage, is doesn’t make sense. Sad.

    • Volume12

      U literally know there’s a way around this right? Free service, shows videos of anything and everything?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I just ALWAYS used DBD for my postseason scouting

        I dont like CHANGE

        • Volume12

          I feel ya. Who does?

          When did go behind a paywall anyways?

  14. nichansen

    Anyone else intrigued by Washington TE Will Dissly as an UDFA? 270 pound TE who moves very fluidly.

    • drewdawg11

      Will has come a long way since he was a DT. Soft hands, excellent run blocker, and can move a little bit. I wouldn’t mind it if he ended up in Seattle and gave us more of an in-line blocking option at TE. He’s no stiff, though.

      • Old but Slow

        He moves very fluidly for such a big man, and he catches the ball well.

  15. nichansen

    I also like Tyrone Swoopes making the roster next season…

    • Forty20

      I think he is definitely a guy they have been trying to keep everything low key about. Flashed nicely in his first preseason as a tight end and given the benefit of a year to properly develop he could be a cheap and efficient part of the 53.

  16. drewdawg11

    This season has been brutal for the Hawks and Huskies injury-wise. Losing players the quality of the guys we have lost is absolutely impossible to overcome completely. If they make the playoffs it will be an accomplishment.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    When all hope appears lost… is when rooting for your team is the best.
    I’m expecting an entertaining game Monday.

  18. TJ

    My long-term concern with the team is the loss of draft capital moving forward. I love the trades that they have made these last few seasons because the championship window is now. However, with all of these injuries, it feels like the Hawks are starting to show their age… or maybe their mileage. I won’t say that they need to rebuild, but do think that they need an infusion of younger talent. That’s going to be a challenge with so many of their future high picks now owned by other teams. If these players can come back healthy, the window is still open. If these injuries are a sign of things to come, we might see a movement toward younger, less expensive players, which takes draft capital.

    • Del Tre

      I don’t understand this concern when we’ve reloaded the defense and have only seen 1 rookie seriously start this year. We have Delano Hill as our future at SS, we have McDowell to help replace an aging Bennett, we have Naz jones who has made as big an impact as any. They already got an infusion of young talent, people are just ignoring it because stars are getiting injured and “nobody can replace that guy” well as fans we think that, but you can always replace “that guy”. We are going too replace Sherman with Griffin, its done, the kid has earned it, the only thing missing from his game thats keeping him from being a better DB is veteran savvy, or defense is younger and we have the best group of young players we’ve had in a long time. These injuries suck but they are just as much an opportuniry as a loss

      • Greg Haugsven

        I sgree with Del Tre, the last two years we drafted 11 players in the first three rounds. Or you can say that it’s 10 and add McDowell to this year’s class as his contract wot start until next year (assuming he doesn’t see the field this year)

        • Del Tre

          Plus its been a good while since we have snagged a UDFA star, i know they are rare but someone is always going to slip through the cracks. After our trade back (unless by the time they get to 32 the #1 CB is still on the board) we should have a 2nd and a 3rd all we’ll be missing is our first

      • TJ

        While I don’t disagree with you at all, especially about this years rookie group, we all know that the team has also had a few lean drafts in recent years. The players that you listed are showing great promise, and I am optimistic that they will become impact players. Some may become pro bowl players, others won’t. It’s not only about replacing our stars at a semi-comparable level, its also about quantity and quality of depth; something that is hard to do without draft choices. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the SB window is still open, and love the trades. I just don’t want to see this team become too dependent on older, oft-injured stars who don’t have talented depth behind them. Just have to trust Carroll & Schneider… which I do.

        • Del Tre

          2013 and 2014 weren’t exactly great draft classes and we still have a few guys on the roster. In 2015 we got a star in Frank Clark and a really productive receiver in Lockett. Last year we got Reed, Ifedi, Vannett and Rees (who we should be thankful to at least have had at the time instead of someone even worse) so i see 5 starting players from those 3 drafts. Thats not bad especially considering Ifedi, Clark, and Reed have all been impressive (hate on ifedi for the penalties but he’s miles better than Gilliam) Clark and Reed are both likely long term pro bowl caliber players. Thisyear we probably pulled out 3 or 4 long term replacements, thats not too bad in my opinion. I think we were spoiled for a few years by JS being ahead of the curve.
          I dont understand tand your point about depth, we have both quality and quantity of talented players on our team. Just because they haven’t made their first pro bowl or all pro yet doesn’t mean they can’t in the future. The seahawks have developmental prospects mostly, we have to let them develop because it will pay off. Your pounts were relevant in 2015 and 2016 but not this year. This year we’ve made a lot of good moves to make this team better and deeper both in the draft and free agency

    • LeoSharp

      The problem is more that the secondary is overpaid. It limits the teams ability to invest in moderately priced free agent depth and veteran players like Marcel Reece.
      Earl Thomas is likely to have recurring hamstring injuries and is past his physical peak, Richard Sherman isn’t a top 5 corner anymore that may be due to injuries but that doesn’t excuse the dropped Interceptions. Kam Chancellor is an injury risk and isn’t much of a play maker in the passing game.

      Additionally this team has holes all over the offense: No consistent No.2 receiver, lack of talent at TE (Jimmy Graham is too inconsistent and is past his physical prime), RB and O-line. They also traded for a LT who has never been a dominant run blocker.
      Moving forward they must improve their offensive scouting and player development. Acquiring young athletic talent on offense needs to happen in order for them to remain a consistent contender.
      Outside of Russel Wilson the best offensive player this team has drafted is Golden Tate.

  19. Greg Haugsven

    Rooting interest for week 11.

    Chicago over Detroit

    Minnesota over LA Rams

    Washington over New Orleans

    Not sure who to root for Philly vs Dallas. I guess the Eagles (give them the number 1 seed and get Dallas out of contention) but this one could go either way.

  20. Brandon

    I see this as an opportunity to put Pete’s defensive philosophy to the test.
    Sherman and Chancellor are generational talents, to be sure… but you can’t rely on having multiple generational talents on your defense at any given time.
    The Falcons have been beaten this year, by teams with far less talent on defense than the Seahawks, even with all our injuries.
    At home, especially, we should be able to win this game.
    Going forward, the rest of the season, will give us a chance to see how Pete handles having fewer superstars on defense, and how he schemes around that.

  21. Del Tre

    Goff is horrible, not a legit NFL QB and never will be. Watching him under pressure, watching him make throws in tight spaces his panic under pressure isn’t going to go away. Yeah Keenum is a much better QB. Goff better be sending McVay flowers everyday because if he were playing for an OC like Bevell where the players have to outperforn the scheme he’d probably be back on the bench

    • Derron James

      All that matters is they are 7-2…

      • Del Tre

        Theyre about to be 9-7 so lol i guess it wont matter. Look at their schedule

    • Volume12

      Goff is fine. Your seeing the problem with every single collegiate QB. Yes, even Peyton Manning and the likes.

      It takes them a season or two before they figure out good, legit, NFL defenses. Coincidence that Goff’s worst games this year have been against Seattle, Jax, and Minnesota?

      • Volume12

        I f***ing love Sean McVay. 31 years old. 31! And he’s out scheming coaches that have been doing this for 40+ years. Never let anyone tell ya that just because you’ve been doing something longer than them makes u better at it.

        And his audibles? This is hot man.

        • Del Tre

          Lol love the audibles. And i give McVay all the credit for their 7-2 start, its a place they have no business being but his coaching got them there. I doubt it lasts though, he will level out as teams begin to figure him out. Still think he’ll be a regular 10-6 pest for us to keep us on our toes.

      • Del Tre

        No because those are the only halfway decent teams hes played? McVays scheme is saving Goff’s career, he does not have NFL accuracy, he does not have poise, he’s like Nick Foles light. As their 35 year old left tackle shows his age they are going to unravel, Goffs success is predicated on his protection and Todd Gurley he rarely has to make throws to guys that aren’t completely open. This isn’t manning, he was on team that was horrible and still managed 26 TDs under constant pressure (yes 28 interceptions, I’ll still take that over Goff). This is also a different era so that comparison doesn’t make much sense to me. Look at legitmately good QBs since 2010 even if they rode the bench/played bad we saw them make throws under pressure, we saw them put them team on their back for a win, Goff will never be able to do that

        • Volume12

          Goff’s play is predicated on his protection and a run game? So every QB ever?

          • Del Tre

            Ah so i see you ignored “Look at legitmately good QBs since 2010 even if they rode the bench/played bad we saw them make throws under pressure, we saw them put them team on their back for a win, Goff will never be able to do that” Goff is a backup, Case Keenum completely outplayed him today. He’s good with a lead, but you know who else is? Blake Bortles. We just watched a prime example of who Goff is, he was a horrible first overall pick, but not the worst ever, he has a place in this league, its just never going to be as a top 10 qb.

            • vrtkolman

              I think you may be a bit too hard on him, but I can agree with some of your points. Goff’s issue is that whenever he hits adversity a few times he turns into a potato for the rest of the game. It’s been that way since college. Remember the Stanford game where he threw 4 picks into the exact same coverage?

            • Volume12

              No one is saying a top 10 QB. U always skipped over the part where I said ‘Goff is fine’ if we’re going tit for tat. He fits what they wanna do, but struggles against good-great D’s like the majority of year 1 or year 2 QBs which was my original point. He’s improved quite a bit since last year. Let’s see what he does next year before we write him off.

              • Tien

                I agree with Vol. Last year, it’d be accurate to say that Goff wasn’t a legit NFL QB. But this year he’s played well enough that if you put enough talent around him (like the Rams have) and he has good coaching, he can be/is a legit starting QB that you win games with, which the Rams have. I have no idea if Goff will be a great QB but with the huge improvement in his play from year 1 to year 2, I can’t discount the possibility of it happening either.

  22. Volume12

    This season has such an empty feeling to it. Sure they could make the playoffs. But being one of 10 or 11 teams playing in a 12 team tourney ain’t the same as being one of 3 or 4 contending for world championships. See what being spoiled for the past 5 years get ya?

    Making the playoffs is great. Its exciting. Nothing to scoff at. Thing is, here’s that empty feeling, no team is going anywhere come January without a running game. 😢

    • RWIII

      Volume 1 Agree . That’s why EVERY game is a playoff game. Seattle NEEDS a first round bye. I prefer a number one seed. But would settle for a number 2 seed. Last year Seattle beat Detroit than had to travel to a well rested Atlanta Falcons game. We know what happened. Seattle needs, a first round bye.

      • Hawk Eye

        they just have to get there

  23. Volume12

    Listen to Charles Davis. Best announcer in the NFL not named Tony Romo.

    Keep Michael Bennett around. Your counting on Malik McDowell to have an impact for ya next year? Most of ya’ll thought he was a knucklehead? Keep the man that’s gonna groom him on how to win and how to conduct himself as a pro.

    • RWIII

      Shock! Can’t believe the Vikings beat the Rams. Before the game I thought the Rams wad the best team in the NFC. Also can’t belive how the Vikings ran the football against Rams. Can’t believe how Todd Gurley only got 37 yards on the ground against the Vikings defense.

      Volume 12: I would be surprised if Michael Bennett is not on the team next year. He is too good

      • Volume12

        I wonder why Seattle decided to sign Eddie Lacey over Latavius Murray.

        • Matt B.

          I think that Murray’s performance has more to do with that O-Line than necessarily his skill as a RB. Doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well, just don’t think that if you drop him behind our O-Line he’d look nearly so amazing.

    • Sea Mode

      +1 for Charles Davis

  24. drewdawg11

    The young infusion of talent has been solid, but we have yet to see many of them perform as featured players. Frank shows flashes but he’s not elite yet. He can get better, more consistent. Reed and Naz could be a formidable tandom to team with Sheldon for years to come. Griffin looks like a good player. If they don’t eventually find a running game, they won’t be able to overcome key losses on defense. We have enough weapons in the passing game, and Russell is a magician. Find a running game and they can mitigate the defensive losses.

    • PowerPeanut

      Didn’t Clark rack up 10.5 sacks last year? That’s respectable. was only one behind Avril if i remember correctly

  25. Volume12

    When did the Nick Chubb dislike start? Is he being evaluated on what he could’ve been instead of whom he is?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there’s much dislike, just a relatively healthy desire to hear about the health of that knee and see, via the combine, how explosive he still is.

      • Greg Haugsven

        We should ask Kentucky how healthy he is. Man I could really see him as a Seahawk.

  26. nichansen

    Good results for us today: saints losing, rams losing, cardinals losing.

    • nichansen

      Not the mention Packers losing. But they already felt like a sunken team.

  27. Nick

    Things are going Seattle’s way. Look, we win this Monday and then we most likely beat the 49ers.

    That leaves us at 8-3. This season is far from over. I so appreciate this community and its perspective.

    • Volume12

      Me too my man. Me too.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      Monday night is a winnable game. ATL isn’t the same team they were last year and the game is at the CLink.

      After that, SF and ARI should both be wins. Thankfully we play PHI at home. Between JAX and DAL on the road, I’m more concerned about JAX.

    • Rob Staton

      Go hawks!

      • Greg Haugsven

        We can win. I think limiting the penalties will be key. I’ll be going to the SF game as I live near Sacramento so that should be fun.

  28. Volume12

    I really like Miss St OL Martinas Rankin. Good feet and hands. Good build.

    He has what it takes to play LT at the next level, but even if he don’t for some teams, he’s a guy that can play every position up front except for C.

    • D-OZ

      I like Rankin a lot also, problem is he is projecting mid 1st. Won’t make it to #20. IMO There are other tackles I like in that range though.

      • Rob Staton

        After the Brown trade, I can’t see us going tackle in round one.

  29. nichansen01

    Saints are scary… for real…

    • Rob Staton

      They didn’t look too scary until the Redskins imploded.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      MIN and PHI are the teams to beat in the NFC.

      • Greg Haugsven

        It just kills me how teams get so conservative late in the game. If they get a 3rd and 1 they win. Trusty run up the middle for -1 yards gets you an L.

      • Tien

        Agreed. Neither the Vikings nor the Eagles are flashy but they have great defenses & a strong running game and they make you beat them as opposed to them making mistakes to lose games. Wenz is better than Keenum/Bridgewater so I give the edge to the Eagles.

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    Was fortunate to attend UCLA vs USC last night. It was soooo much fun. In comparison, I was also fortunate enough to see SEA at NYG a few weeks ago in MetLife Stadium. My first pro game in years. It was fun too, but nothing like CFB.

    About last night’s game, I sincerely hope both Darnold and Ronald Jones return for at least one more year in college. Both could really use the experience. Jones has the tools and size PC covets in his RBs, but right now he seems more like a RBBC than a bell cow in the pros.

    Rosen is really quite remarkable. He was dropping bombs and dimes all over the field to a bunch of different targets. His numbers would’ve been even more impressive but for some boneheaded drops by a couple of WRs. He will be the #1 pick in next year’s draft if he declares.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Ooops hit submit too soon….

      UCLA C Scott Quessenberry also really impressed me. Moves really well, gets to the 2nd level quickly, can find someone to block and doesn’t let go of his man once he locks on. He’s a nice mix of power and finesse.

      Caught the 4th quarter of UTAH/UW and came away liking UW TE Will Dissly.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Another thing about the QBs in UCLA/USC…

        Rosen reminds me a lot of Luck. The same poise, arm strength, touch. He just doesn’t have the same supporting cast as Andrew did at Stanford. USC is by far the superior team, but UCLA made a game of it. I sat among UCLA fans and we were all pretty surprised the game was still a game in the 4th quarter. That was ALL Rosen. He’s got that confidence top QBs need to succeed in the pros. The belief that as long as there’s time left on the clock, anything can happen.

        Darnold reminds me a bit of RW. The same improvisation skills, the same point-guard approach to the QB position. He just lacks RW’s awareness and decision making (when RW was at Wisconsin). Another year at ‘SC would do him a lot of good.

      • Volume12

        Seattle likes someone on that Udub or UCLA team. Any time a GM scouts a game that’s telling.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Not hard to imagine who they’re looking at on UW roster.

          Less clear with UCLA. Wadood? Kenny Young? Soso Jamabo? Quessenberry???

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s funny, I’m pretty young, but I much prefer the family environment of pro games to rowdy college games.

      Maybe it’s just at Autzen, but cfb stadiums make me HELLA nervous.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Been nice having you back, btw, man. Glad you made it out to a game!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Thanks Kenny. I’ve never been to a game at CLink, so maybe I’d feel differently. Let’s face it, Metlife isn’t a happy place for the home team, regardless of which one.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think I heard you through the broadcast 12§12

  31. RWIII

    Rhino: There is no one who can convince me that Brady is better than Russell Wilson. What would Brady’s numbers be if he played for Pete Carroll? Vice versa. What would Russell Wilson’s numbers be if he played for Belichick?

    I guarantee Bill Belichick would know what to do with Russell Wilson.

  32. vrtkolman

    Well the injury bug finally hit the Rams. Webster’s backup got toasted and Woods was carted off late. Huge loss there. Is this season going to won by who is healthier?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It often is…

      • vrtkolman

        It takes away from the magic of winning thy superbowl. How’d you win? Oh we got lucky and fewer of our players blew out their knees.

  33. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hey V12 sorry about your Chiefs. Total shocker (especially after watching NYG in person). I think today was Reid’s first loss ever after a bye week against a team with a losing record.

    • Volume12

      They sh** the bed in the worst way today. I think your right. Like Seattle, I’d like to see them add some size outside at receiver.

  34. Volume12

    Nathan Peterman has thrown 4 picks in one half. HC Sean McDermott is impressed with his maturity. Welp.

    Apologize to Tyrod Taylor right f***ing now.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Was he gonna be surprised by his immaturity?

      Wtf are they doing out there.?

    • cha

      Fun fact: Peterman had more INT’s in the first half than Tyrod Taylor has all season.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        McDermott says he needs to review the game film before making a decision about who starts next week!

  35. Pickering

    Off topic, but Budda Baker had a great start.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice. Always happy for the homers.

  36. Steele

    “Either way though, it does feel like we’re edging closer to the end of an era in Seattle. The aggressive trades felt like this was a team trying to get another Championship, possibly ahead of inevitable change at the end of 2017 or 2018.”

    Correct, Rob. I’ve been saying for a while now that the SB loss vs. NE was the last great opportunity. It was especially painful that they blew it. Even then, the team and the aging veterans were coming off of their peak, and between malaise, age, injuries, the continued rope given to Bevell/Cable/Richard, and (in my opinion, but many of you disagree) unstellar offseasons, it was going to be hard to get back on top. The days of true domination were behind them. Nobody wanted to believe it.

    They are still in striking distance again, but they will need help from opposing teams collapsing and favorable matchups.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t agree with this review of the post 2014 Seahawks. The last great chance? Even last season, despite all of the injuries, if they just hold serve vs Arizona they get a playoff bye and face the Falcons at home for a chance to host the NFCCG.

      They might be coming close to some personnel changes involving high profile players — but I don’t see why we need to throw on some Radiohead and act like we’ve been living under a dark cloud for three years.

      • Hawk Eye

        Patriots “dynasty did not win Super Bowl for 10 years. Almost lost to Hawks and Falcons. 2 SB wins in last 13 years?? Tough to win in this league, 30 other teams trying to win (not even counting the Browns!).
        Hawks have top 5 QB, the o line will improve next year, D will be top 10 for a few years at least. The window is OPEN

      • Kenny Sloth


        Radiohead plays non-stop here and I don’t need to tell you about our dark clouds.

        Very poor choice of words.

        They play Pearl Jam before every commercial break in Seattle.

        Paul Allen has every beer he’s ever drank above his bed and eyeliner to go with his emo hair

        • Rob Staton

          Sounds like a tough gig…

  37. drewdawg11

    You sincerely hope that Cliff and Kam wish to regan and return to form next season. However, if this is the end there will be cap room to resign guys and go out and fill in some gaps as well. As long as you have the QB you have a start anyway. Fix the running game! Solidify the line. Add a pass rusher. Add a big tight end to compliment Jimmy, (and yes, resign Jimmy!) Brown, Britt, Ifedi should be building blocks to a more consistent offensive line moving forward and maybe they can find a really good player in free agency to solidify a guard spot, with Pocic and Reece battling for the other spot. Sherman will be back. Griffin is coming along, and Earl is still Earl. Bobby has several good years left as well, and Frank and Sheldon are proven quantities, while Reed and Naz look like the future. Let’s stop pressing the panic button.

  38. nichansen01

    Let’s go cowboys

  39. Hawk Eye

    probable NFC playoff teams.
    Philly. 2nd year QB, may fade a bit as season closes and teams change how they play him.
    N O. defense is better, but played a lot of bad offenses also. Brees has bad games, but still can win it all.
    Minny. Very good D, but Case Kenuum winning the SB?
    Rams. Improved, but Goff still not a great QB. They have some tough games yet
    Carolina. Very good D. Cam can be very good, but if things don’t go his way, he pouts. Too emotional, up and down.

    Just have to get to the dance, Hawks have best or 2nd best QB in the field, defense is as good or almost as good as the others, just need to have the o line do a little better at run blocking by the end of the year

    the injuries are tough, but every team has them, just need to see how it plays out

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Losing Avril hurts, but Freeny and Jordan have eased that pain.

      Losing Sherm really hurts, but ‘Quille, Coleman and Lane failing his HOU physical should ease that pain.

      Losing Kam really really hurts, but hopefully McDougal and Hill will ease that pain.

      Even with those losses, SEA remain one of the deepest, most talented D rosters in the League.

  40. AlaskaHawk

    The Eagles look great tonight. Somehow they have three good running backs. They are just tearing up chunks of yardage. Carson Wentz and receivers are having a good game too. That’s some rough competition.

  41. nichansen01

    Eagles vs. Pats Super Bowl feels inevitable

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Could be, but I got this feeling PHI will lose in the divisional round.

    • Tien

      The Steelers D is good this year and their offense is still really dangerous with Big Ben, Antonio Brown, & Le’veon Bell. I think they can beat the Patriots this year and I see them as the best team in the AFC. Eagles are looking great but and that trade for Ajayi really solidified their running game. Their receivers are solid but there’s no one player that demands a double team and Wentz is still a 2nd year QB so who knows how he’ll play in a pressure packed playoff game. They can have enough talent to get to the SB but I don’t consider them a lock.

  42. Old but Slow

    Carl Chefers (sp?) is the crew chief Monday nite. Anybody got a site that tells tendency calls? Some call more holding, some call lots of PI, and so on. A couple of games I am familiar with had only 5 or 6 flags all game, and that is what I am hoping for. I know that most of the penalties are deserved, but a penalty free game flows much better.

  43. C-Dog

    Gotta be honest. Maybe it’s just me and my sunny glass half full approach, but I kinda dig Seattle’s chances moving forward through the rest of the year.

    Yes, Sherman and Kam are likely done, and that is a massive blow. Yes, the run game has been a continual work in progress, and that is disconcerting.

    Here’s what I like; a lot of vets are on one year deals and playing for their next contracts. Sheldon Richardson, Dion Jordan, Marcus Smith on the DL. Byron Maxwell and Bradley McDougald are both proven starters playing for contracts. Offensively, Luke Joekel, Jimmy Graham, Paul Richardson, Eddie Lacy, Aboushi are all up. That’s a bunch of starters and contributors

    • C-Dog

      Additionally, I think there is something legitimately up with Russell Wilson when his back is in a corner. Overall, I think his plays sharper, and this is his time to do so.

      With the Rams loosing today, the division is still in play. I’m honestly pretty excited to see if they can make some hay. I think they can.

  44. Icb12

    I’m not a cowboys fan at all.

    But man it feels good to see Jaylon Smith out there making plays. Good for him. That could not have been an easy journey.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I find myself rooting for guys like that as well. I remember doing the same a couple years back for Lattimore even though he was a Niner.

  45. Sea Mode

    V12, yes on Miss. St. OL Martinas Rankin! I actually still have a tab in the browser open on him and was just waiting to get around to posting on him. Glad you did!

    JUCO guy, versatile as you point out, and 2 time SEC academic honor roll. 6-5, 315 is the size they like as well. Definitely adding him to the watchlist.

    PS. Did you take a look at Miss St. RB Aeris Williams as well? Check out this backstory!

    Dude gets the tough yards, no doubt. Had 2 TD and almost 100yd vs. Alabama D. Now that’ll make you turn your head any day. Has been bottled up by some of the better teams though.

    Not a lot of cut-ups or highlights on him. If you guys like him too, maybe I could make one and Rob could do an exclusive way before anyone else is onto this guy.

  46. Preston

    Hey Rob, great post. Think the era of the LOB is coming to a close quickly. That said, let’s say we know Chancellor has played is last game. How high of a priority is it that we target a strong safety? Either in draft or FA. I know we have Thompson and don’t know yet his potential, and from what I hear Chancellor’s retirement only clears about $2mil – as its treated the same as a cut.

    Guess it may be too early to tell. Pete did say “Thompson and Hill have done everything they could to this point”.

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but I think between Hill and McDougald (understood, paired with Earl) we can be optimistic if Kam doesn’t make it back and don’t need to spend a high pick for SS unless somehow a Derwin James suddenly falls to us.

    • Rob Staton

      They planned ahead for such a scenario, so Delano Hill presumably would get a chance before they aggressively pursue a new SS — unless an obvious good option emerges. They could also re-sign McDougald.

      • LeoSharp

        Delano projects as an average to good starter at SS. Unlike Kam be doesn’t have the profile of a great player coming out of college.
        The LOB is basically over whether it’s through injures (Kam) or players moving on (Sherm) this secondary has aged out of elite play.
        This team has traded away it’s ability to always compete for championships by bringing in expensive free agents relative to their actual worth and being involved in multiple big trades that have been underwhelming.

        Percy Harvin
        Jimmy Graham
        Cary Williams
        Jeremy Lane
        J’marcus Webb
        Eddie Lacy
        Sheldon Richardson: similar statistical output as Naz Jones but without the sacks
        Duane Brown has shown he isn’t a consistently dominant run blocker throughout his career

        The only ones they can really be forgiven for are the last 2 as those guys are replacing injured players. They dug a deep hole with the Harvin Trade and they have been suffering since.

        • C-Dog

          Not to be contrarian to everything you just wrote, because I think you can definitely make a case for a number of those moves being underwhelming, but a few differing thoughts here:

          Sheldon Richardson has been consistently disruptive against the pass and run. He doesn’t have the sacks but he has a bunch of hurries and hits, and I think a number of other players have benefited getting sacks because of his play. He’s been great, IMO. He’s the one player I want to see them re up the most.

          With Duane Brown, the run game picked up with him on the left side, and went to poop on that side when he was out against the Cardinals.

          I think it’s too early to project what Hill will be. You might be right that he will be good to average as a starter, but he’s a really good athlete. After the draft, I remember some really applauding that selection, one analyst in particular saying that many scouts and insiders felt that while Michigan had a number of big names on their defense, it was Delano Hill “that was the straw that stirred the drink” with his leadership and play. He was their alpha. That’s what lead me to think he was drafted to be a serious hedge to Kam, and he’s one that I am going to be really interested in seeing play more moving forward.

          • GoHawks5151

            Also to be fair Hill is a pure SS taken in the the 3rd round. Kam was position less hybrid taken in the 5th round. Some would not call that profile elite right out the gate. It took Kam a few years to grow into his role as he learned from Lawyer Milloy so Hill should be able to follow the same path learning from Kam. Guys like Trovon Reed and Mike Tyson also have a chance to sit and learn this year and possibly hope to be a Byron Maxwell type of late bloomer that steps up and contributes. The LOB may never be the same but the leagues offenses always catch up and I think this group still has a lot of fight. Though they may not be flat dominant I wouldn’t be surprised to see them be a savy vet group that still is able to get it done a la mid 2000’s Ravens.

            • Sea Mode

              Yup, and when we have so much pressure up front, the secondary job becomes a whole lot easier. Just don’t let anything get behind you and you’re ok for the most part to just wait for the QB mistakes to come under duress.

          • LeoSharp

            I do agree Richardson has been disruptive but he is definitely not playing at a pro bowl level. When you’re paying him as much as you are and losing valuable draft picks then you need to be getting back a greater return.

            Duane Brown isn’t bad at run blocking he just isn’t the sort of player who adds to the identity of the team. Similar to all the other names I mentioned before he’s a good player but clearly does not fit the Seahawks mold.
            The best Seahawks have been consistent, took care of the ball, physical and played their best when they needed to most. Not a single one of the listed players fits that mold in it’s entirety while others just had no chance of being worth the price tag unless they continued to improve their game 5 plus years into their careers.

            Delano Hill is an overrated athlete. He’s basically a slightly faster and agile version of Bradley McDougald.

            Kam Chancellor is above average athlete. Fast and explosive for his size. He has a unique build for his position. Underrated in his coverage ability coming out of college but showed elite ability against the run. He’s nearly the exact opposite of Earl Thomas, only similarities being speed and unique size. That’s probably why they work so well together

            • Rob Staton

              They’re paying Sheldon Richardson $8m this year, not $16m. $8m is a modest DL contract these days. Wait until Frank Clark’s pay day arrives.

              They also just added one of the few competent LT’s in the league.

              People expect too much.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t see it that way at all.

          Rather be aggressive to go after Championships by adding elite talent (Harvin coming off MVP type season before injury, Graham was up there with Gronk) than be Green Bay and drift along squandering the best of Rodgers.

          • LeoSharp

            It’s unfair to compare them to Green bay who haven’t drafted particularly well for years.
            Free agent bargains, defense and RB are where this team has excelled. If this team had prioritized free agent o-lineman instead of consistently talking about the lack of talent and practice time then this team would likely be significantly better. It’s the one position group where you consistently get what you pay for and the players plug in and play.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s not unfair to make the comparison at all.

              Green Bay have been the antithesis of an aggressive team and Aaron Rodgers, who has as much talent and skill as any QB to play the game ever, doesn’t have the multiple rings he should have. The Seahawks have aggressively pursued highly talented additions via trade in order to go after Championships. At least they can say they tried, unlike Green Bay.

              I’m not going to regurgitate all the old O-line arguments that we’ve been over again and again. We’ve been over this so many times. It’s time to move on.

              Second guessing the Seahawks is almost as much of a hobby for fans as the endless Bevell/Cable scapegoating.

  47. PowerPeanut

    I personally would love to see another CB, and a Linebacker drafted this year. Of course, hit RB first, as it is a bursting need. One more pure CB in the mix.

    What are the strengths for this draft class? Especially middle round.

  48. nichansen01


    1. Cleveland: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
    2. San Francisco: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
    3. New York Giants: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
    4. Indianapolis: Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
    5. Cincinnati: Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
    6. Los Angeles Chargers: Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech
    7. Denver: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
    8. Cleveland: Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB/S, Alabama
    9. Tampa Bay: Christian Wilkins, DT, Alabama
    10. Chicago: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
    11. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
    12. Arizona: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State
    13. Oakland: Derwin James, S, Florida State
    14. Baltimore: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
    15. Miami: Billy Price, OG, Ohio State
    16. Washington: Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama
    17. Dallas: Da’ron Payne, DT, Alabama
    18. Detroit: Arden Key, DE, LSU
    19. Atlanta: Vita Vea, DT, Washington
    20. Green Bay: Isiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
    21. Buffalo: Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
    22. Seattle: Clelin Ferrel, DE, Clemson
    23. Jaguars: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
    24. Carolina: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, DE, Oklahoma
    25. Tennesse: Dorance Armstrong JR, EDGE, Kansas
    26. Los Angeles Rams: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
    27. Buffalo: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
    28. New Orleans: Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky
    29. Minnesota: Mike McGlinchy, OT, Notre Dame
    30. New England: Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson
    31. Pittsburgh: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
    32: Philadelphia: Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

    Notes: here, darnold and Trey Adams both stay another year in college.

    • nichansen01

      Typo: Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson*

    • Rowlandice

      Does Denver take ANOTHER QB without ever really trying to see what they’ve got in Paxton Lynch? That 7 spot would seem a prime location to trade down from.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could be down with Ferrel. Still would need to find a way to get a decent RB.

  49. D-OZ

    Clelin Ferril is the best edge rusher in this class and he is much more than just an edge guy….

  50. John_s

    I remember we had a lot of discussion about Budda Baker and where he could play either as a FS or slot.
    Dude balled out yesterday! 13 tackles, 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 sack.

    Love to see him excelling.

    • Sea Mode

      Melifonwu, on the other hand, going through some understandable growing pains. It is only his 2nd game.

      • mishima

        Both he and fellow draft darling Chidobe Awuzie have been injured much of the year. Liked both players and looking forward to seeing what they can do.

        Would take Griffin over both. Baller: The heir apparent.

  51. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Here is what is exciting about the rest of the season.
    “We” will truly find out if the front office knows how to draft and the coaching staff can coach/scheme up these guys. Imagine, if Seattle did make the SB with the current roster (excluding the injured)….. one of the better stories waiting to be written in the NFL.

    Would JS finally get an GM / Executive of the year award?

    (The Rams coach has the coach of the year trophy on lockdown)

    • mishima

      Doug Pederson.

  52. Greg Haugsven

    Less than four hours to go boys. Man Im pumped. Side note: Jimmy needs to get me a touchdown so I can to 9-2 in my fantasy league.

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