A detailed free agency & draft plan for the Seahawks

Proven right tackle Trent Brown would be on my radar

With the recent coaching staff changes, I wanted to do a broad review of what I think the Seahawks could/should do this off-season.

As noted on Friday, I think the addition of Sean Desai to work with Clint Hurtt and Karl Scott is positive news. Provided the Seahawks avoid a ‘too many cooks’ situation, it’s a hint to change.

The next step is a more aggressive free agency period. The Seahawks are not as close as Pete Carroll suggested at the end of the regular season. They need to bridge the gap with some bold personnel moves. The focus needs to be more on quality not quantity. Do that and there’s no reason why they can’t be a much more serious threat in the NFC.

My target with this plan is to add three key players on the veteran market, retain the bulk of the existing roster, make some difficult decisions and set up the draft to finish things off.

Before we get started

I am not a cap ‘expert’. This is supposed to be a fun article. Quibbling over a million here or there isn’t treating the piece in the spirit that’s intended.

I want to review options, possibilities, share some opinions on what I’d like to see and piece together a possible pathway to success.

Cap space

The Seahawks are currently slated to have $34,740,761 in effective cap to spend, per Over The Cap. That is the eighth most in the NFL.

There are ways to raise even more.

Here’s a list of players and what they would save if they were cut pre-June 1st:

Bobby Wagner — $16.6m
Poona Ford — $5.25m
Jason Myers — $4m
Chris Carson — $3.4m
Gabe Jackson — $3m
Ugo Amadi — $2.5m
Nick Bellore — $2.15m
Kerry Hyder — $2m
Benson Mayowa — $1.5m
L.J. Collier — $1m

The Seahawks should be ruthless with the following question at the heart of their decision making…

‘Are we getting value for money?’

Seattle’s problems over the last few years are rooted within mixed drafting results and failing to pad out their depth with cheap, young talent — combined with spreading their money too thinly on average journeymen signings, spending too much on the wrong positions and of course the abysmal Jamal Adams trade.

I think you could easily look at the list above and say every player other than Poona Ford isn’t providing value for money.

You’re not going to get rid of everyone, of course. The Seahawks already have enough holes to fill and they don’t have extra draft picks — or a first rounder at all. Yet they should be prepared to add to their $34,740,761 so they can make some serious moves in free agency.

The future of Bobby Wagner

It’s time to add $16.6m in cap space by cutting a mainstay of the team.

Wagner has been catching too many blocks, he’s played with hesitancy, at times he has avoided contact and he simply doesn’t make enough impact plays.

Wagner was the 15th ranked linebacker per PFF in 2021 but he’s the second most expensive. His performance and ranking warrant a salary in the $8-10m range based on average salary — but I’m not even convinced he’s worth that.

The Seahawks have already invested in the linebacker position. They spent a first round pick on Jordyn Brooks — a player who played middle linebacker in college.

There’s no viable argument to say you need two big investments at this position. One is enough. The NFL is filled with examples of younger linebackers being productive. There are attractive, appealing options in this draft.

Further to that, you have players like Jarrad Davis potentially available on cheap prove-it deals. There was no noticeable difference when Cody Barton started instead of Wagner at the end of the season. Ben Burr-Kirven is still on the roster too.

For me it’s simply time to move on and save $16.6m.

As we’ve been arguing for over a year, they should shift resource to the trenches. You can only do this by making a difficult decision on Wagner’s future. Otherwise you don’t have the cap space to retain players you want to keep and add to the O-line and D-line. It’s that simple.

The Seahawks can’t be sentimental about this. Wagner has been a great player but he’s become too expensive, he isn’t playing well enough and he doesn’t make the kind of difference making, impact plays to justify the investment.

It’s time to put Brooks at middle linebacker and fill the other position at a much cheaper price.

I wouldn’t be against using #41 on the position, provided Seattle addresses the trenches in free agency. This is a class with some excellent linebacker prospects.

This defense needs to be more aggressive and attack-minded. Channing Tindall is explosive and lightning-quick. He’s constantly in attack-mode, flying to the ball-carrier with reckless abandon. He’s tough, physical and would establish a new path forward for the Seahawks, combining with Brooks.

You see this on tape time and time again:

I was watching tape recently and noticed this play. Look how he takes on the offensive lineman, despite a 100lbs weight deficit, dumps him on his backside then hammers the ball carrier:

Levi Onwuzurike’s earns $2m a year on his rookie deal as the #41 pick last year. I’m not a huge fan of spending yet another high pick on a linebacker. Yet if you truly address the O-line and D-line in the veteran market and then replace Wagner with someone like Tindall — I think it’s tolerable.

He’s not the only option. You could justify his two Georgia team mates — Quay Walker or Nakobe Dean at #41. I’m not convinced Devin Lloyd will go as early as some people think. Brian Asamoah will be a second rounder. You can make arguments for Damone Clark, Chad Muma, Christian Harris and Troy Anderson on day two. I think Nate Landman is going to provide excellent value for someone later on.

Yet it’s Tindall who plays the way I want to see on this defense. Head down, fly to the ball — speed, tenacity, impact.

Regardless of how they replace Wagner, change is needed. Seattle’s defense has been too passive and not aggressive enough. I’m afraid to say, Wagner is part of the problem.

Cut him, move on and take your available cap space to $51.3m.

Keep Duane Brown as a priority.

I think you need to re-sign Brown. He’s the best chance you’ve got of finding value and performance at tackle.

It doesn’t make sense to pay $18-20m for Terron Armstead. He’s 30 himself and battled knee injuries in 2021. It’s only a worthwhile signing if his market comes to you and I’m not sure it will.

Andrew Whitworth signed a three-year contract with the Rams at age 37. That should be the framework for a deal between Seattle and Brown. Whitworth’s average salary was $11.25m with $15m guaranteed.

Brown turns 37 this year. He’s likely to be more focused on the guaranteed money rather than the base salary or cap hit. Thus, you can probably restructure this deal to have a reasonable cap hit in 2022 (around $6-7m) with a backloaded final year, including an ‘out’ for the team.

He might not have had a brilliant 2021 season and yes he’s getting older. He isn’t a liability though and there’s no clear alternative for Seattle. He graded at a 71.5 according to PFF in a relative down year where the team struggled.

If that’s his floor, I’ll take it.

Make changes to the O-line elsewhere

The Seahawks tried to mesh Mike Solari’s blocking concepts with Shane Waldron and Andy Dickerson’s in 2021. Now, they’re going all-in with the new staff. It’s time to look at what the Rams do and try to mimic them.

After all, the Rams’ O-line graded seventh in the league per PFF in 2021. The Seahawks were 25th.

The make-up of LA’s offensive line is quite interesting.

They have two enormous tackles in Whitworth (6-7, 330lbs) and Rob Havenstein (6-8, 330lbs). Their left guard is David Edwards (6-6, 308lbs), their center is Brian Allen (6-2, 303lbs) and their right guard is Austin Corbett (6-4, 306lbs).

This is very different to the approach Seattle has used. Gabe Jackson is 6-3 and 335lbs and Damien Lewis is 6-2 and 327lbs. Both are huge, pure guards. Edwards and Corbett are lighter, more athletic college tackles who transitioned inside.

Ethan Pocic is 6-6 and 310lbs. That is bigger than Allen for the Rams.

I don’t want to see the Seahawks do things by half. They’re making the change to Waldron/Dickerson and need to commit to the types of players they want. If that means moving on from the interior power blockers Solari preferred, so be it.

I’m not going to assume Jackson, Pocic and Lewis don’t fit. They might do. Yet the Seahawks should be prepared to make changes if that’s what the scheme calls for.

If you spend $7m on Brown’s 2022 cap hit you would still have $44.3m in available cap space. That’s ample to reshape your line.

I would invest in bringing Brian Allen to play center.

He graded at 80.2 according to PFF with a 87.4 run-blocking grade. He is a bit of a ‘one-year-wonder’ type and that should cap his value somewhat. However, he knows the scheme and the Seahawks are crying out for a good center.

Allen is ranked here as the eighth best guard or center reaching free agency. Thus, he’s unlikely to break the bank but I’d do what it takes to bring him in.

I’d be willing to make an investment worth $9m a year. That is a million less than the $10m a year Arizona is paying Rodney Hudson. It would match the three-year $27m contract Connor McGovern signed with the New York Jets in 2020.

It’s time to make a commitment to this line and take a risk. Allen is playing in the blocking scheme you want to adapt. Invest in familiarity and upside.

He’s only 26-years-old so you can make this a 3-4 year deal and limit his year-one cap hit into the $6m range. This would leave you with $38.3m to spend.

I would consider going a step further and make further changes.

Gabe Jackson was going to be cut by the Raiders a year ago before Seattle swooped in with a trade to prevent him reaching the open market. He did not play well in 2021, grading at 63.6. I am not convinced he is a fit for the new-look line.

I would cut him to save $3m (taking you to $41.3m in cap space).

The Rams, as mentioned, are starting two former tackles at guard. They are tall, lean players. I would consider moving Stone Forsyth to left guard to be Seattle’s answer to David Edwards.

Forsyth is 6-8 and 307lbs. He too played tackle in college. It fits with how the Rams have built their line and he’s a left-sided player.

This in turn would allow you to move Damien Lewis back to right guard. Lewis had a torrid time after moving to the left side simply to accommodate Jackson. His PFF grade in 2021 was 63.6 compared to his rookie grade of 70.2 when he played on the more familiar right side.

He dominated at LSU at right guard. He impressed in Seattle at right guard.

He’s a right guard.

He might not ideally fit the blocking scheme as a bigger, power blocker. Yet I think he’s worth persevering with in 2022 to see if he can return to form.

Trading or cutting him only saves $774,351 so you’ve more or less made your commitment there.

If the Seahawks wanted to be truly radical, they could bring in Austin Corbett because like Allen — he too is a free agent. He likely wouldn’t break the bank either.

I don’t want to give up on Lewis though. At least not this year.

The final position to address is right tackle. Brandon Shell is a free agent but he does at least fit LA’s preference for size (6-5, 324lbs). I get the sense, however, the Seahawks will move on.

There are options. I’ll run through a few and then suggest what I’d prefer.

This could be a position where Seattle looks to the draft.

Washington State right tackle Abraham Lucas, for me, is a top-15 pick and I expect he’ll show that at the combine. I think I’m the only one grading him in that range currently. If, somehow, he lasted to #41 — he would be a fantastic, home-run pick for the Seahawks. I don’t think it’ll happen. If it does, run to the podium.

It’s plausible Bernhard Raimann could last to the Seahawks in round two. He’s a fine athlete with major potential but he clearly needs a lot of technical refinement.

The Rams like size so Darian Kinnard could be a mid-round option. Keep an eye on Obinna Eze — a blog favourite during his time at Memphis (he transferred to TCU). He has outstanding size and major upside.

You can run through different combinations.

Perhaps Stone Forsyth gets an opportunity to start at right tackle?

Phil Haynes and Jake Curhan also received positive reviews for their play at the end of the season. I’d rather both be depth and competition than starters but we’ll see how things shape up.

My preference above all else would be to continue spending in free agency.

I would make a play for Trent Brown of the Patriots or Morgan Moses of the Jets.

Both fit the size ideals of the Rams at tackle. Brown is absolutely enormous and for some time now has been an excellent right tackle. He gave up one sack in 2021 and graded at 77.6 per PFF.

He signed a one-year deal with the Pats with a $7,588,235 cap hit. I would gladly match or even better that to bring him in. He’s 28-years-old. Sign him to a two-year, $20m deal and solidify the right side with proven quality.

I would structure it so his year-one cap hit is $8m and then $12m the following year with a potential out for the team. It would leave you with $33.3m in effective cap space.

If you can’t get it done, Moses is a fine alternative. He has equally been a productive starter for a long time. He graded at 71.0 in 2021 and had a cap hit of $4.3m. He might cost half as much as Brown and would be a good ‘Plan B’.

So what are you left with? Two big investments on the O-line for proven players, while retaining your starting left tackle.

It’d look like this:

LT — Duane Brown
LG — Stone Forsyth
C — Brian Allen
RG — Damien Lewis
RT — Trent Brown

A reminder of where we’re at

So far we’ve cut Wagner and Jackson to create an extra $19.6m in cap space. We’ve signed a new center (Allen) and right tackle (Brown) plus retained Duane Brown.

There’s $33.3m to invest in other positions — with improving the pass rush and the retention of other starters the remaining priorities.

Keep key players

While I don’t agree with Pete Carroll that the team is ‘really close’ and ‘has what it needs to be great’ — I do think some players are worth keeping around.

Quandre Diggs has back-to-back five-interception seasons. For a team that has a really hard time turning the ball over, I think you need to make sure he sticks.

His injury makes this a really challenging situation to project. Will his market suffer? Does it hurt his value further that Jessie Bates, Marcus Williams and Marcus Maye are also scheduled to be free agents? Are you best to let him test the market?

I never expected to write this earlier in the off-season — but I think I would use the franchise tag on Diggs. It gives you another year at a relatively fair price (approximately $11.1m). It means you continue to spend a lot at safety — yet I think if you’re losing Wagner, you need an experienced leader of the defense. Just one who is still producing at an impactful level.

It would reduce your cap space to $22.2m.

Thus, I would use the franchise tag as a starting point to negotiate a longer term contract. Perhaps seeking security post injury, I would approach Diggs and offer him the same contract John Johnson signed with the Browns a year ago.

That was worth $11.25m a year. Johnson signed that deal following a 2020 season where he graded at 85.6 per PFF. Diggs, in fairness, only graded at 71.2 in 2021. So I think this is a fair offer.

The Jamal Adams deal does complicate things. Diggs could easily say he’s outperformed Adams — yet there’s a noticeable difference in salary.

However, the Johnson-style contract comes with $24m in guarantees and provides some degree of security for a 29-year-old safety coming off a bad injury.

The good news from a cap perspective is Cleveland structured Johnson’s contract to only have a $3.65m cap hit in year one. They are fully committed for three years with no outs. This would be a risk for Seattle, given it takes Diggs to age 32. However, I think this a gamble worth taking for a player still producing. Several players at Diggs’ position have played deep into their 30’s. I’m rolling the dice.

By lowering his cap hit post-extension, you raise your available cap space to $29.8m.

The other thing I wouldn’t have expected to write a few months ago — I would pay to keep Rashaad Penny.

He showed enough in those final few weeks that he can elevate your running game. Do I trust him to stay healthy? No. Do I fear what could happen? Yes, absolutely.

However, I’m choosing to take a chance — and I won’t complain if the Seahawks make that choice either.

Austin Ekeler, Nyheim Hines and Kareem Hunt all earn $6m a year. I will offer Penny that for 2022. It’s a reasonable amount to stay in Seattle. If he has a fantastic season, he can return to the market in 2023 and potentially cash-in.

You’re now left with $23.8m.

This kind of move has to come with a consequence. Thus, I’m cutting Chris Carson and saving $3.4m. He has a long history with injuries and while he might be everything Seattle looks for in terms of physical running style and explosive traits — you can’t have two running backs with questionable injury records leading your attack.

Penny gets the nod, for Carson it’s time to move on.

I would look to replace him via the draft. My immediate thought is Tyrion Davis-Price at LSU. I think he deserves a third round grade but he might be available much later. He is big, explosive, physical and has surprisingly quick feet. I think he has starter potential and would be a nice complement to Penny.

There’s a whole host of alternative options. This might not be a running back class with many first or second round prospects but there’s a deep pool of names.

Of course, I’d be ready to select Dameon Pierce at any point after round two. He is the epitome of everything Seattle looks for in a back and would be the ideal replacement for Carson. If he goes in round two like I suspect, there are a ton of other names on my horizontal board that could provide cheap depth.

Cutting Carson takes your available cap space to $27.2m.

The other players to consider retaining are:

Gerald Everett
Rasheem Green
Al Woods
Sidney Jones
D.J. Reed
Will Dissly

I think some difficult decisions are again going to need to be made — for two reasons. One, you’re running out of cap space. Two, I still want to make another move in free agency.

For that reason I am protecting $6m of our remaining $27.2m for a pass rusher. So we’ve got $21.2m to spend on the list of names above.

The cornerback market is incredibly challenging. A year ago, several players were paid big money. William Jackson, Shaquill Griffin and Adoree Jackson all received +$13m a year.

This list of free agent rankings has D.J. Reed as the #8 available cornerback. The eighth highest paid free agent at corner a year ago — Chidobe Awuzie — signed a three-year deal worth $7.25m a year.

It’s plausible that Reed could be looking at a contract worth between $7-10m a year.

Awuzie’s cap hit in 2021 is $6m. So you can’t even really spread it out that much.

I really want to keep Reed though. His PFF grade of 78.6 passes the eye test and he truly solidified one of the cornerback positions. Therefore, I’m going to sign him to a three-year, $30m contract that is back-loaded to keep the year-one hit at $6m.

We’re down to $15.2m to spend.

I’d quite like to keep Gerald Everett. He has the potential to be a playmaker. However, his $6m salary didn’t show up on the stat sheet in 2021 and the turnover-strewn game against San Francisco — plus the horrendous dropped touchdown in Arizona — are tough to shake.

I want to retain him but at the cheaper price of $4m. That feels fair. In order to create the money to make this happen, I’m making a difficult decision and cutting Nick Bellore and Ugo Amadi. Moving on saves you $4.6m. I would hope that would be enough to retain Everett and it’s better bang for your buck. Amadi regressed last year and is now quite expensive. Bellore, as brilliant as he’s been on special teams, might have to be a very difficult cut.

I’m challenging BBK to replace Bellore’s impact on special teams, while Marquise Blair and Ryan Neal make up for the loss of Amadi.

If Everett is going to cost more than $4m I would pivot to O.J. Howard — who has the feel of a player desperately needing a fresh start and could provide solid value on a one-year prove-it deal.

This is also an excellent draft class at tight end. It might mean you have to make a difficult choice on Will Dissly. Perhaps you can get him back at a reasonable price? Otherwise, you’ve already spent a pick on Colby Parkinson. Time to trust him to take a step forward. Then add a rookie.

I’m very interested to see where Cade Otton falls to due to his injury history. Could he end up being a day three steal? Is Jelani Woods available on day three? There are alternatives — from Cole Turner to Chigoziem Okonkwo to Charlie Kolar and others.

This is a terrific, deep class at TE that is worth tapping into.

If we retain Everett at $4m, while cutting Bellore and Amadi — there is $15.8m to spend.

With Rasheem Green and Al Woods — I’m going to cut L.J. Collier and Kerry Hyder. That saves $3m. I’m hoping that enables you to keep one of them. The other will probably need to be replaced in the draft.

Again, it’s about getting value for money. Collier has shown nothing and Hyder is a journeyman who had almost no impact in 2021. Green at least had 6.5 sacks last season and is worth retaining for the pass rush rotation. I hope $3m would be enough to bring him back on a prove-it deal. If not, you pivot to Woods (who cost $2.5m in 2021).

I’d like to keep Sidney Jones but at a team friendly price. His return will be dependant on what his market is. If it’s cold, then that’s when you make your move. I think you have to let him test free agency and see if you can get him back at a cheap cost, with a legit chance to start and re-enter the market in a year.

Ryan Neal can be kept as an exclusive rights free agent, as can Bryan Mone. So they will cost the league minimum which was $660,000 in 2021.

Signing Neal and Mone leaves us with $13.9m to spend. Remember — we’re saving an extra $6m on top of this for one final free agent splash. Thus, there is enough room to sign Sidney Jones for $2.5m — which is a doubling of what he was paid in 2021.

We’re down to $11.4m.

Phil Haynes is a restricted free agent. I think you have to roll the dice here on him not being signed elsewhere and be prepared to move on. It’s not worth paying him +$2m for the basic RFA tender (original round or qualifying offer). They might believe in him enough to tender him and then extend his contract but I’m not convinced we’re at that point with Haynes.

With the $11.4m left over, that is ample to see what other opportunities are out there. You could bring back the likes of Bellore or Amadi, for example, just at a cheaper price. You can pad out some of your lost depth.

The key thing is though — this padding occurs after you’ve already made significant moves. It’s not the meat of your free agency plan. You seek the value only once you’ve addressed key positions.

There’s a lot to get done this off-season for Seattle. They have a lot of players to retain. I appreciate that my amateur attempts to break down what they can or can’t do this off-season are not a true indication of what is possible. Yet I do think we’ve shown, to some extent, that they can keep a lot of their players and still add some keynote signings.

And it’s time for one more…

Add to the pass rush

By this point we have the $11.4m left over for depth signings and opportunistic moves. We’ve also saved the $6m for one last big tilt.

That $6m doesn’t sound like much. It’s all we need for this year though — and clearly there’s wiggle room to extend it by a million or two if needed.

Leonard Floyd signed a deal with the Rams worth $16m a year. They limited his 2021 cap hit to just $5m. That then accelerates to $20m and $19m over the next two years. They can cut him in 2024 to save $12m.

Robert Quinn signed a deal with the Bears worth $14m a year. His year-one cap hit was $6.1m. It then accelerates to $11.2m and $17.1m for the next two years. The Bears can save $10m by moving on in 2023.

These deals are the framework to add a pass rusher.

And I’m going after Chandler Jones.

Sean Desai worked wonders with Quinn in Chicago. He had 18.5 sacks in 2021.

Quinn and Jones are the same age. Thus, their value and potential could be aligned. I would bring in Jones and challenge Desai to work his magic, just as he did with Quinn.

I would offer Jones the Floyd contract. $16m a year — with a lower cap hit in 2021 ($6m). Yes it’ll be expensive down the line, especially if his play drops off. But if you’re going to run it back and try to win in 2022 — you have to make aggressive moves like this. You have to be prepared to take risks.

Now is not the time to be conservative. If you want to play it safe — rebuild. Create a five-year plan. Otherwise, it’s time to go all-in.

Pairing Jones with Carlos Dunlap and Darrell Taylor (and potentially Rasheem Green plus Alton Robinson and Benson Mayowa) would give you a serious edge rush group.

If his market is higher than this — and you can’t structure a deal to bring him to Seattle — I’m turning my attentions to Harold Landry. He had 12 sacks for the Titans in 2021, he turns 26 this year and he could be Seattle’s answer to Trey Hendrickson — who has had a major impact for the Bengals.

Hendrickson signed a deal worth $15m a year in Cincinnati. The Bengals structured it differently so his cap hits are $12.4m, $14.4m and $15.5m. They also protected themselves with an out as soon as this year. In my off-season proposal, the Seahawks couldn’t do that. They’d have to take a bit more of a risk to get the lower 2022 cap hit — meaning bigger money down the line and no out for 2-3 years.

I’m willing to take that chance.

By adding a quality pass rusher you can elevate your unit and then look to make another addition in the draft.

One final option — according to Mike Garafolo — Von Miller ‘fully expects’ to test free agency. He turns 33 in March but he had 9.5 sacks this season. I would not be unhappy to see Miller finishing his career in Seattle.

One last, final, bonus signing

I would call Cordarrelle Patterson and speak to him. People forget that the Deebo Samuel-at-running-back idea was inspired by what Patterson was doing in Atlanta.

I want to steal this. I want Patterson in this offense doing a bit of everything. Screens and quick hitters to get the ball in his hands. Some creative runs from the backfield. Sweeps. I want to use him as an elite kick returner.

He is a playmaker. I would challenge Shane Waldron to make him an X-factor complement to D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Gerald Everett and Dee Eskridge.

It would also improve your running back depth, knowing he’s shown he can take snaps there and be highly effective.

Patterson cost the Falcons $3m in 2021. I would be very willing to do that again with the remaining cap space left over.

The plan for the draft

Based on what we’ve done so far, I think the following areas need to be addressed as a relative priority:

Defensive tackle (preferably a pass rusher)
Running back

Obviously we’ve run through different possibilities. If you don’t sign Trent Brown, it might be that you draft a right tackle. As I’ve mentioned, if Abraham Lucas is there at #41, I’d probably take him anyway.

If you don’t sign D.J. Reed and/or Sidney Jones — then you probably draft a corner.

Losing Quandre Diggs would put pressure on you to find a young free safety.

If you don’t add an EDGE rusher — you might need to do that at #41.

Based on the plan above, I’m going to suggest the following moves to round-out the roster…

Pick #41

If a player such as Perrion Winfrey is there I’m giving it serious consideration. Likewise if Devonte Wyatt somehow lasts and depending on how he tests at the combine, I’d also consider Travis Jones.

Winfrey could be your Akiem Hicks type interior rusher — beautifully complementing the edge threat of Jones/Dunlap/Taylor. That, to me, would be a threatening and much improved pass rush and you could go into next season believing you’d made serious progress in the trenches.

It’s certainly possible, however, that Winfrey and Wyatt are not there at #41. If that’s the case (and the Seahawks will have a rough idea after the combine of their range) — I would be more inclined to see if there’s any way to bring Akiem Hicks to Seattle.

I’m prepared to take my chances on Barton or BBK next to Jordyn Brooks if needed next season. As I’ve said, I’m not that keen on spending yet another high pick on a linebacker. However, I think there’s potentially some serious value to be had.

I’m giving very serious consideration to drafting Channing Tindall. I want his aggressive, run-and-hit style. I think there are potential stars among this linebacker class — so it doesn’t have to be Tindall. He is the kind of linebacker I’d like this team to add, though. I want an attack-minded defender.

If you get a chance, I think it would be wise to tap into Georgia’s front-seven based on what they showed in 2021.

I do think the depth at linebacker stretches to round three, so that’s another thing to consider.

If you don’t sign Jones or Landry and perhaps sign a player such as Hicks instead to rush from the inside — you could then pivot to the rich pool of EDGE rushers in this class. I don’t think Boye Mafe will last to #41 but Myjai Sanders, Arnold Ebiketie, Drake Jackson, Travon Walker, Kingsley Enagbare and others could well be there.

Based on the available talent in this draft — DT, DE, LB and T are the positions I’m looking at with the #41 pick.

Pick #72

I would consider linebacker here if not addressed in round two — with Darrian Beavers, Chad Muma, Damone Clark, Christian Harris and Troy Anderson all plausible options. Failing that, I’d be willing to target Nate Landman on day three.

If cornerback hasn’t been fully addressed, this is where I would seriously consider Montaric Brown, Cam Taylor-Britt or Akayleb Evans.

This could be a reasonable range for a running back or tight end addition. It could also be the range where you look at a Max Mitchell or Obinna Eze for the O-line.

I think Travis Jones has elevated his play beyond pick #72 but it’s not totally out of the question he lasts. Ditto for Phidarian Mathis at Alabama or John Ridgeway at Arkansas.

If you need an EDGE there will be options. Sam Williams could be available at #72. DeAngelo Malone had a very impressive Senior Bowl. David Anenih is flying under the radar.

There’s a very good opportunity for the Seahawks to add two impact players in rounds 2-3. They’ve had success in this range before — such as Wagner/Wilson in 2012, Clark/Lockett in 2015 or Taylor/Lewis in 2020.

Overall breakdown

Key additions in free agency

Brian Allen (C)
Trent Brown (T)
Chandler Jones or Harold Landry (DE)
Cordarrelle Patterson (WR/RB/KR)


Duane Brown
Rashaad Penny
Quandre Diggs
D.J. Reed
Sidney Jones
Gerald Everett
One of Rasheem Green or Al Woods
Ryan Neal
Bryan Mone


Bobby Wagner
Gabe Jackson
Chris Carson
Ugo Amadi
Nick Bellore
L.J. Collier
Kerry Hyder

Draft focus

Defensive tackle
Running back
Tight end


I don’t think this a flawless plan by any stretch. It’s also written over a weekend and I don’t have the intel nor the man-power to run through the scenarios in the kind of detail and preparation a NFL front office would do.

I think, however, what I’ve been able to put together is reasonable and worthy of a conversation. Reinforcements to the O-line with proven players at a good age. A key pass rusher added. Most of the existing group brought back.

An improved pass rush, a continuing shift towards the Rams blocking scheme and all of your 2021 skill players returning apart from Chris Carson sets you up for a better season in 2022.

I’ll also add — I would do anything else to add proven talent. It’s time to get the credit card out. If you’re not going to rebuild, if you’re intent on winning now — prove it.

It’s a loaded free agent class at receiver, for example. If a player like Christian Kirk suffers as a consequence — I’d be ready to make a move. Likewise Cedric Wilson. I think you’ll have a hard time dragging Odell Beckham Jr out of LA — but I would go back to him and see. I know for a fact that he and Russell Wilson have a strong relationship and a mutual interest to play together.

The cap specialists in the front office need to be creative. The Seahawks need to be prepared to take a few chances.

They always say they’re in on every opportunity. Yet so few come off these days. Time for that to change.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

A final note

It was inevitable that Super Bowl Sunday’s ‘splash’ reports would include something about Russell Wilson’s future. Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero delivered, stating Tampa Bay is prepared to enter the veteran trade market to replace Tom Brady.

The chances of Tampa Bay putting a workable offer together are remote. They, like others, simply don’t have the stock. Teams like Washington and Denver are desperate, with higher (or more) draft stock. Unless the Seahawks are secret Kyle Trask fans (I think it’s unlikely) — there’s no quarterback option they can exchange.

Thus, it makes it incredibly unlikely the Buccs can present a tempting offer to the Seahawks.

However, with Green Bay making it clear in another ‘splash’ report today that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to help Aaron Rodgers win another Championship — the focus for the next few weeks will be firmly on Wilson and Seattle. This will especially be the case if Rodgers signs a new contract, which increasingly appears likely.

If Rodgers isn’t available, teams are going to be throwing offers Seattle’s way.

I still can’t imagine any trade that would tempt Seattle. There simply isn’t a quarterback solution that makes sense in any offer, short of Derek Carr (and even then — is that a tempting proposition for Carroll? I doubt it) or the Seahawks seeing greater value in this rookie class than virtually anyone else.

But if they do resist incredible offers — which are forthcoming — this will set up the big talking point for Seahawks fans in 2022.

If the season doesn’t go well and/or Seattle isn’t a serious contender in the NFC — fans will debate a lot the decision not to take a haul and re-set, knowing Wilson’s trade value will never be higher in this unique off-season.

The Seahawks might not be interested in a trade. But they have to listen. And if they ultimately reject any offers, they have a duty to be more aggressive than ever to put this roster in a position to challenge.

Clinging on to Wilson, rejecting eye-watering offers and then doing the same old thing in free agency — meaning they start the season with the same prospects of the last five or so years, isn’t acceptable.

It’s as simple as this. If you’re keeping Wilson — be aggressive. That’s the only choice. Otherwise, move on. Embrace change.

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  1. Hawks4life

    Great write up Rob, I wouldn’t be mad at all if this is the direction we go this offseason, although I have zero faith something changes with Pete still running the show. I haven’t been this happy going into a offseason for quite some time, it was getting tiresome watching this team continue to trend downwards, and reluctantly listening to local media suck up to pete and the staff. Thanks for creating this space for us Hawks fans.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  2. BobbyK

    Love the idea of cutting Jackson and signing a center.

    Lewis never should have been moved. He’s a right guard. Leave him there. I don’t hate Wilson because he can’t play SAM and I don’t hate Poona Ford because he can’t play TE. Leave frickin’ Lewis alone at RG. He showed enough there to me as a rookie that he could lose 10 pounds and still be greatly affective in this new Seahawks OL approach. Lewis is a mainstay moving forward, but not at WR, RB, LB, CB, or any OL position other than RG.

    Would love to be able to add a Travis Jones. I’d really like have the opportunity to pick up an extra pick or two by moving from 41 into the 50s or 60s somewhere and being able to nab him (if Wyatt is gone at 41). I’d rather have a chance to get multiple players we like in the 3rd round instead of having to pick a single one player.

    If we can resign Reed, have Tre Brown come back, and get a CB in the 3rd or 4th (because both of those 4th round picks are early) then all of a sudden that position group is starting to look good.

    If the Hawks have a good offseason, there’s no reason we can’t be the team playing in this game next year.

    My thoughts now;

    2. Travis Jones, DT (after a trade down to get an extra #3)

    3. Kerby Joseph, FS (this would be early in the 3rd, Pete would trade his #2 next year because he has no long term vision… this is about now with a 71-year old coach… I see that Diggs interview as a guy who probably won’t be back)

    3. Damien Pierce, RB (I want Penny back, but I want to have a bell cow at RB2 with the injury history… if Pierce is gone, I like Brian Robinson Jr. here)

    3. TE – not saying a specific one but one they will poorly utilize because that’s what they do with TEs.

    4. LB

    4. CB

    5. Project OL who fits their system

    7. Pete picks a kids whose Dad he was once friends with who has no hope of ever doing anything.

  3. Seattle Person

    Great breakdown Rob. Yes! It is time to add talent. Stop being cheap and pretending to be smarter than the rest of the league. It’s the same problem that some people have with used and cheap cars. They go cheap and then have to constantly fix parts to make the car work. Just buy a good and dependable car.

    That’s exactly what the Seahawks need to do. Be opportunistic to add talent. If Xavian Howard is grumpy and wants to be traded — make the freaking call. Especially if DJ Reed moves on. Tag Diggs if you have to and seek a long term deal. If he’s grumpy, flip him for picks. Target another safety. There options young and old. Cheap and expensive.

    Trust in some of the talent you drafted. Invest in their development and let them play. Robinson, Parkinson, Barton, Blair needs to play.

    Do the the heavy lifting in FA and let the draft fall to you. Instead of reaching for positions and players. Apparently Pete sold Sean Desai on the potential moves in order to convince him to come to Seattle. “Just do it!” Execute a plan. Dump that used car and get a Honda, Ford, or Tesla. I don’t care. Get something that works well.

  4. pepoandarat

    Great piece Rob, I really enjoyed it. I agree addressing center is must in FA and the projected numbers are reasonable. At FS is there a Plan B in FA the Seahawks could look at for replacing Diggs or do we go with Neal at FS if Diggs leaves?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love Jessie Bates (did going into the draft too) but the Seahawks turned down offers for Earl Thomas and then didn’t draft him, so typical of this team. I think Cincy franchises him.

      Marcus Maye has slumped a bit but could be worth a look. Justin Reid at the Texans maybe.

      I think if Diggs goes I’m looking at the draft. Some good options there in the middle rounds.

  5. Scot04

    For 6200 words it sure didn’t seem like it. Probably the fact whenever you’re enjoying something it seems to go quickly.
    Great write up, loved it.
    I mean all any of us want is to see the Seahawks make an actual honest effort to upgrade this roster.
    Obviously no plan is flawless, but this is definitely one I could get on board with.
    I never thought about Forsythe at LG, but with the additions you made & moving Lewis back to RG; definitely makes it intriguing.
    Probably my favorite out of the box idea. I haven’t heard anyone really give it a legitimate thought, until here.
    Patterson would be a great idea as a weapon.
    I remember PC thinking no changes were needed.
    Then the Jody Allen meeting. Now Norton, Curtis, & Solari all gone & replaced with Younger coaches with hopefully fresh ideas.
    I’ve been thinking 3 Free-agents as well if they’re serious.
    Hoping the surprises continue in Free-agency as they did with the staff.
    Thanks again for the great thought out offseason plan Rob.
    Very much appreciated.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👏🏻

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    What a Super Bowl Sunday morning treat! I freakin loved reading this, probably because it reads a lot like my internal dialogue about what I think the Seahawks should do this offseason, some of which I’ve posted in previous comments.

    Now that Seattle are reportedly hiring Andy Dickerson, I’m coming around on aiming for Brian Allen instead of Ben Jones or Ryan Jensen (both of whom are more experienced and physically larger). Notwithstanding the ‘one year wonder’ aspect to Allen, he did have a fantastic season in the very style of offense Seattle are apparently all in on replicating. I don’t think you could do much better.

    WRT the draft, there are three prospects I’d take at 41 if they were available, period. In the following order of preference:


    Of the three, I’m most infatuated with Winfrey. But Seattle need both DT and OT, and this draft class is much deeper at DT. So if one of the top OT prospects – for me, Lucas or Raimann – were to somehow magically fall to 41, I’d run to the podium for the pick. But I’m virtually certain both will be gone; Lucas in the top 20 and Raimann in the top 35. Also fwiw, I think Devonte Wyatt will go in the first round.

    If none of those three are still on the board…Channing Tindall might be my pick. He’s the Earl Thomas of LBs.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  7. Mick

    Love the article Rob, great work. I have a couple thoughts:
    – it would be sensible to cut Wagner and Bellore but I just don’t see us do it. I expect us to rework Wagner’s deal and I doubt he’ll want to leave.
    – I’m all in on cutting Carson, as bad as I feel for him. Paterson would be a great alternative. Keeping Penny is an option, and also it’s the year when you want Dallas to finally deliver.
    – Hyder, Mayowa, Collier, happy to see them leave. Al Woods was one of my favorite players mentality-wise and he can do better in a better line, so keep him. Green will be harder to keep, there will be teams interested in him.
    – I totally agree with your idea of making the trenches a priority. I would love to get better at G and I’d move Lewis back to RG, but I have strong doubts about Forsythe at LG. Sign or draft someone there – maybe Cole Strange. Trent Brown would be an awesome addition at RT.
    – as I know Carroll, I doubt he will get over Diggs’ comments and bring him back. We need to balance the expense at S and sign someone cheap or get clever in the draft.
    – I’m thinking Desai was brought with the idea to replace Pete at some point in the future.
    – the last few days make me believe the biggest chase at QB will be Kyler Murray.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s hard to rework Wagner’s deal. He’s due $20m this year. How do you lower that without making a big commitment in the future? He’s not just going to take a massive pay cut without testing the market.

      I can’t see Arizona doing anything with Murray. The control is there and this is a franchise that knows what the arse end of the NFL is like. Sounds like he’s not a classic leader of men but he’s too talented to give away. I think they’ll be fine for 2022, then we’ll see.

      • Peter

        Agree on Murray. AZ has some great but aging players and there is a reason they were able to draft him first overall just three years ago. Not sure the team and fans want to go right back there rolling the dice on Matt Corral, Willis, etc.

  8. Forrest

    Great piece, Rob.

    I really like:
    Brian Sims C – fits the new approach and fill a big void, also a leader.
    Harold Landry – finally a real young LEO, just hitting his stride.
    Cutting Wagner to save $$, moving Brooks to MLB and adding Channing Tindall for outside speed.
    Watch for Adams to play in some LB packages and you have three LB rush options to confuse offenses.

    I don’t like retaining Diggs. He sounds like his heart is elsewhere and I can’t justify $10M for such a severe injury. I would LOVE to replace Adams with Jayron Kearse, who has the same versatility, without the salary and injuries. Neal could replace Diggs if the pash rush and LB speed improve. I’d love a fast free safety, but will look for that in a future draft. I’m not paying for Tyrann Mathieu at his age or price. We need a Trevon Diggs or Antoine Winfield JR., but I don’t see one in this draft.

    I think the Seahawks liked where they ended the year at RT. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went with Shell or Curhan. I do like Trent Brown, though.

    I don’t think Gabe Jackson is a fit. Lewis needs to move back to his position. He may not be a long term fit in this scheme. But, he’s still cheap. I’d give him a chance to show what he can do in his correct position. Give me James Daniels to play RG (Austin Corbett, if not).

    I believe the Hawks have a huge hole at CB without Reed. I’d love to see Reed retained. I think the other FA CBs are uninspiring or aren’t a good fit, with one exception – Rasul Douglas. At 6’2”, he shined this year in GB, adds INTs, and I love everything I’ve read about him and his projected price on the FA market.

    Finally, I like retaining Penny at the right price, cutting Carson and adding a young hungry RB to be option 1b in the draft.

    • Forrest

      I forgot to mention DT as a need. I love Woods and Mone for cheap options (and John Jenkins, DaQuan Jones and Derrick Nandi could be a similar options later in FA for cheap run stuffing options). We could really use someone who can put some pressure up the middle. Jarran Reed had a down year. I doubt he comes back to SEA, but it could be an option. I also like BJ Hill, who at 26 will be expensive, but is peaking and seems like a good leader to have in the locker room.

      Also keep an eye on Eli Apple. He’s becoming a talker, who might fit well in Seattle.

  9. Peter

    Rob great stuff as always.

    Love the Forsyth to guard project. Generally down on projects but the suze, style, and likelihood that he ever plays neaningful downs outside injuries to Brown have ne intrigued with this.

    Very, very into the patterson aquisition. Old pete loves a gadget player abd his utility in a few areas could be very good value.

    The only player/price evaluatuon that I’m off of is Green. I think he goes for a bit more. I too am not a cap guy but I see him as about 4yrs/21-22 million, 17 million guaranteed.

    Not much of a comp since I don’t watch Detroit but sportrac has Charles Harris, DE “market value,” about 8 million a year. Stat wise he’s not done much more than Green but he’s almost 4 years older and been injured. Not necessarily saying he is worth that or that valuation is high, I just think Green for a third rounder getting rotated far too little has unfortunately already sort of “proved it.” Perhaps it means he walks?

  10. Gaux Hawks

    Quick visual…

    SB LVII: Seattle 41, Cincy 38

    QB: Russell Wilson, Anya Neeze
    LT: Duane Brown, Stone Forsythe
    LG: Phil Haynes, Stone Forsythe
    C: Brian Allen, Pier-Olivier Lestage
    RG: Damien Lewis, Jake Curhan
    RT: Trent Brown, Jake Curhan
    RB1: Rashaad Penny, Tyrion Davis-Price (4)
    RB2: DeeJay Dallas, Travis Homer
    TE1: Gerald Everett, Colby Parkinson
    TE2: Will Dissly, Cade Otton (5)
    WR1: D.K. Metcalf, Cordarrelle Patterson
    WR2: Tyler Lockett, Dee Eskridge

    DE: Chandler Jones, Rasheem Green
    DT: Akiem Hicks, Phidarian Mathis (3)
    NT: Poona Ford, Bryan Mone
    LEO: Carlos Dunlap, Benson Mayowa
    SAM: Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson
    MIKE: Jordyn Brooks, Cody Barton
    WILL: Channing Tindall (2), Tanner Muse
    NKL: John Reid
    RCB: D.J. Reed, Montaric Brown (4)
    LCB: Sidney Jones, Tre Brown
    FS: Marquise Blair, Ryan Neal
    SS: Jamal Adams, Josh Jones

  11. Leo

    Truly incredible content Rob, just wanted to say I feel lucky that you’re a Seahawks fan so that I get to read your stuff every day. I look forward to reading the blog more than watching the games at this point!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Leo

  12. Big Mike

    Great stuff Rob, many thanks.
    I’m going to 100% agree about Bobby as I’ve stated several times here before. The money saved would go a long way toward upgrading the trenches.
    Nearly 100% disagree about Penny. I want nothing to do with the guy. The problem is, we may actually need him since Carson is very likely to be gone and the other guys on the roster are JAGS. Patterson is a creative and wonderful option but no bellcow and that’s what’s needed imo, and needed badly. If only Jonathon Taylor or Nick Chubb. Since that’s not the case and despite badly needing to upgrade the lines, if Pearce is there at 41 and you’re convinced he can be a mostly every down back, I go get him.
    The proposal to franchise Diggs is very interesting. It seems very obvious that he wants no part of returning so how would that play out if you went through with the tag? Suppose he’d come in for 11 but I highly doubt Carroll’s ego would let him anywhere near the Seattle lockeroom after his comments this week so I just don’t see him a Seahawk in ’22. Maybe coffee cup can play both S positions.
    Yes please retain Reed, move Lewis to RG where he belongs, etc.

  13. Big Mike

    Oh one other thing. Love the Allen at C via FA idea. He might actually have a slight advantage vs. Donald over another FA at Center since he’s practiced against him. I am not suggesting it would be a huge deal cuz well, its Aaron Freaking Donald but as a Hawk fan who’s used to seeing Donald set up a tent and cookstove in the Seattle backfield, I’ll take any advantage I can get no matter how slight.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks need to dedicate a whole three weeks this summer purely to watching the last eight games of Kyle Shanahan’s team vs Aaron Donald.

      Donald barely has any impact vs the Niners. Yet he dominates Seattle.

      Find out why and learn

      • cha

        Maybe look within a little? Not having RW holding the ball for 4 seconds on every play vs the Rams would be a nice start.

        • Big Mike

          Your post from about 2 weeks ago cha:
          “Pete Carroll refuses to run the ball vs McVay and keeps taking deep shots, constantly playing from behind, exposing RW and a horrible OL and giving the Ram D the ability to pin their ears back and attack.”

          So you’re saying run the ball and use a short and mid-range pass game? So that approach would be like, um, oh the 49ers?! (who beat the Rams like a drum)

  14. Henry Taylor

    Excellent read thanks Rob.

    It would be extremely exciting if they were able to pull all or even most of this off. Focus on the trenches and setting yourself up to best capitalise on the strengths of the draft.

    I wonder if Curhan might be the better fit to shift inside to guard, similar lighter build and tackle experience to match the zone scheme. Plus I wonder if 6’8 is just too tall for a guard. Plus I think Curhan did play some guard last year, right? Either way happy to give both a look there, especially if you are able to bring in a Brown/Moses that locks down the RT spot.

  15. JimQ

    ****Excellent piece Rob, I agree with the vast majority of your “plan”. A good job, very well done!

    First question:
    RE: Bobby Wagner, would there be any possibility of maybe getting a high day-3 pick in trade, even if they had to pay a part of his salary to make the trade workout? I think he could provide value for a team needing a veteran leader type. I don’t have any idea about dead money or cap space implications, but it would just seem to me that an extra draft pick in this draft could be handy to have for many reasons. Not the least of which is using it for a player that unexplainably drops, or trade-up ammo to get one of “their” guys and/or a BAMF or impact type player of need.

    Second question:
    You discussed being “all in”, but you didn’t discuss the possibility that the Seahawks could potentially use some of their 2023 draft capital – this year to potentially add picks, that would certainly improve their flexibility in the coming draft. To me, going “all in” often entails dipping into future drafts.

    I’m aware that this was a long read and you can’t hit on every concept with speculation but believe me you don’t have to worry about number of words, we are all going to eat it up and ask for more.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you could’ve traded Wagner a year ago, before he had his 2021 season and with two years on his deal. I think a young team would’ve gone for that. Now? I highly doubt it. He’s just too expensive and didn’t play well in 2021.

      I don’t want them using any 2023 draft capital unless it’s for an absolute home-run superstar. And I don’t mean someone like Jamal Adams either.

      • Big Mike

        Excuse me? “Best in the nation”

  16. pdway

    Really great piece – thanks for putting in all this work – it is very appreciated.

    Happily surprised to see you behind bringing back Diggs and Penny, if we can. I’m with you on both of those moves. And DJ Reed right behind them – I think he’s a bargain that fell into our lap, and we’d be dumb not to continue to capitalize on it – he also is one of the guys on that side of the ball who seems to have some fire to him.

    One question – is there a Russell re-structure that would add to our cap number? And is that only way that happen w an extension?

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, you can do that at any point.

      The Seahawks haven’t which tells me they’ve purposely kept their options open with Wilson

    • cha

      RW has a $19m salary. Converting that to bonus opens up $8.5m potentially. ($19-$2m minimum / 2 contract years left)

      If they took the max this year, Next year’s cap hit would be $48.5m with $21.5m dead if cut or traded and $27m cap space opened up if traded.

      There’s a reasonable argument to be made that 2022 is Seattle’s last go-round with RW. The dead cap hit and cap space opened up if you trade him isn’t a killer if you go all-in.

      If he stays, you’re extending him and that $48.5m cap hit gets lowered anyway.

  17. cha

    I think this is a great workup Rob. An attainable roadmap to contention next season. As has been said many, many times in recent seasons, the Seahawks must reverse course. Stop prioritizing depth role players early in the offseason and then pray that key difference-makers pop free in August. Go big early and then fit role players around them throughout the summer.

    A few thoughts:

    1-I think the aggressiveness on the OL is absolutely necessary but enjoyed the angle of getting the players to fit the Rams/Waldron/Dickerson model. That’s a real concern this year for me – yes they finally acknowledged that Solari isn’t the guy to coach the OL. But if they continue to stick to ‘Solari guys’ what have they really changed? I could easily see them doing that, and then next year going ‘ok we got our coaches lined up, now let’s get the players we need’ after another very disappointing year on the OL. They must act to unify the vision.

    2a-Agree Wagner has to go. Which LB in the draft has the best combo of upside & versatility? I could easily see the Seahawks playing Barton at MIKE and keeping Brooks at WILL to start the season, and then transitioning as the rookie finds his place. Barton’s best play was at MIKE last year. I’m not saying you keep Brooks out of position forever, but there is some room for Desai creativity there. Barton-Brooks, then slide Brooks to MIKE and have the rookie play WILL.

    2b-cutting Wagner soon after the Super Bowl today might be a classy move. He’d be a street FA and have the jump on the Unrestricteds and can spend almost a month assessing his options.

    3-The single biggest thing the Seahawks could do this offseason is a full evaluation and reworking of their training and medical staff. They’ve been absolutely hammered by stupid injuries and ‘he’s had this for a long time but it just now came up’ back-breakers. Phil Haynes, Colby Parkinson, Dee Eskridge, Rashaad Penny, Chris Carson, Darrell Taylor, Brandon Shell, Ethan Pocic, Jamal Adams. Not every one of those injuries was preventable – BUT – their staff should be under as much of a microscope as the Personnel and Coaching staffs.

    4-That said, I like the plan covers needs and still has room for young upside players to blossom. Haynes, Tre Brown, Eskridge, Alton Robinson, Brown, Blair, if one or two of these guys is coached up and steps into being the player the Seahawks hoped they would be in 2022, that’s a huge benefit. But there is zero reason to plan around them being major pieces.

    5-If the Seahawks follow the boldness of your plan, converting RW salary to bonus should absolutely be a part of the Seahawks’ considerations. They can gain a max of $8.5m of room to add talent. Maybe they keep it in their back pocket for a late-offseason or in-season acquisition like Von Miller or OBJ was this year for the Rams. But there’s no holding back. If you’re going all in, why not push your chips to the middle of the table and shoot your shot.

    6-Extending Poona Ford again and lowering his 2022 hit should not be out of the question. I’d love to see him either blossom at 3-tech or get moved back to his 1-tech spot.

    7-I have no evidence to support this, but I can easily see Rasheem Green pricing himself out of Seattle. Some bum-town team like Detroit or the Jets could talk themselves into the fact that he’s young and think he has major untapped potential and end up offering him money the Seahawks shouldn’t match. I’d welcome him back on a reasonable deal. But he feels very much like a player that has to go out and set his market and then decide what he wants.

    • Big Mike

      Really good point about the training and medical staff cha!

      • cha

        My jaw is still sore from hitting the floor when PC stood with a straight face and admitted Phillip Dorsett’s physical missed his long-standing injury.

        They paid him $1m that year and he never played a snap.

        Nice work if you can get it.

    • Seattle Person

      Is Ivan “The Terrible” still apart of the staff?

      • cha


        I’ve half joked/half serious’d that Virginia Mason might want to re-think their partnership with the Seahawks given their terrible track record in recent years with player health.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic thoughts Cha, lots of great points there

    • Peter

      You’re not wrong about green. What is a reasonable deal though? Poona ford money? More….

      I don’t think he has untapped potential however Seattle doesn’t rotate him out enough, pressures for snaps low – alternately- he gets more pressures from not being out there all day and i do think 6-8 sacks a year is pretty reasonable for a guy who is just now rounding into a man from playing basically as a kid.

      • cha

        Green led the DL in snaps this year, had 6.5 sacks last year but also scored a pitiful 50.2 PFF score.

        So he was on the field a lot, wasn’t good at run defense, and was marginal on pass rush.

        I’d take 6.5 sacks and a 70-75 score as a major breakthrough. Can Desai and Hurtt unlock it?

        Is that something you want to be asking of someone you invest $7-9m in?

        • Peter

          I’m not married to the idea of keeping him. Not even sure if there’s anything more to unlock.

          Just sucks that the DE market is so disjointed price wise. Guys with his “production,” are getting that 7-9 million range because pass rush is so important.

          You’re last sentence kills me. Not that you’re wrong but that this is the hawks. Who paid Adams for 2/3rds of a season and no production when he was on the field. Got to use the money wisely and you can’t cut Adams. But between the two I’d pay one for potential and 86 the other if it were possible.

        • Seattle Person

          Green also had a 6.7% pressure rate. That’s below Hyder and Robinson. The later had the same pressure rate as Darrell Taylor. How he didn’t see more of the field, I don’t understand. Barring injuries, we will never know. It’s even below our favorite Seattle son LJ Collier. Green is incredibly inefficient but had the most rushing snaps.

          • Peter

            You’re last sentence to me sort of sums it up. The conundrum. He was very inefficient.

            He also never played less than 51% of snaps. Often much, much more. Meanwhile collier may ne more efficient. But he never played more than 40% of snaps.

            So he and hyder, who also didn’t have near green’s snaps, should have played way more and had monster years. Or more likely green is just okay and frankly playing him up to 80% of the snaps in a game is both bad for him, his production just simply his game as it goes on and on and he wears out, and/or bad coaching.

            • Seattle Person

              It also tells me to lean towards the side that says his 6.5 sacks were an illusion.

          • cha

            At this point Green is a younger version of Hyder or Mayowa – not specifically in talent or makeup.

            But a guy who can fill depth but is not a building block. You don’t pay up for guys like that.

            However, I’d take him over Hyder or Mayowa though simply because of his age.

  18. Sea Mode

    This is what I’ve been thinking as well. Mahomes couldn’t overcome it last year either. The Bengals better have a dang good game plan in place for this and not fall behind quick and need to chase the game by passing…

    Mike Tannenbaum

    There will be a million ways to look at this game, but here’s the one matchup I just can’t look past;

    The Rams are 1st in Pass Rush Win Rate(Espn)

    Bengals are 30th in pass block win rate (Espn).

    Rams 37-21.

    • pdway

      That’s my thought too – the likeliest scenario is that the Rams pass rush ruins everything for the Bengals.

      Burrow does seem to have some magic, so maybe he can take the punches and keep his streak going….but feels like it ends (for now) today.

    • Rob Staton

      Burrow has Brady DNA

      Just a born winner

      LSU and now Bengals

      I think he will keep it close, if not win it

  19. Happy Hawk

    Awesome write up Rob! What about getting Calais Campbell in free agency?

    • Rob Staton


      I’ve always liked him

      • Big Mike

        What do you think his snap count capability is assuming the Seahawk D isn’t on the field more than any other team……say they’re middle of the road. 60%? 50%?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure to be honest

          But if other options aren’t available, I’d happily take him for the right price

          80.8 grade from PFF in 2021

          • Big Mike

            That is better than I expected.

  20. Sean-O

    Great work as always Rob! We appreciate the time you dedicate to these articles & this site.

    FYI – I did see a report from Rapoport stating the Raiders were looking at an extension with Carr (thus eliminating a popular potential Russ destination).


    • Rob Staton

      To be fair, I wouldn’t trust anything at this point from anyone.

      ‘We are prepared to talk contract with Carr’ isn’t a major headline. Not being willing to — that’s a headline. So right now, you say what you say to avoid drama.

      I can see McDaniels being very interested in Carr. However, it’s said he thought Mac Jones was good not great and that’s why he was open to a new challenge. I’m not convinced Carr has any higher ceiling. So we’ll see what happens.

      Remember, the Cardinals once said ‘Josh Rosen is our guy’ amid all the talk of drafting Kyler Murray #1 overall… which they did.

      And if Rodgers/Wilson aren’t dealt, the Raiders could get some very, very juicy offers for Carr.

      I also wouldn’t rule out a U-turn by Tom Brady and him suddenly popping up in Vegas…

      • Palatypus

        Rob said, “To be fair, I wouldn’t trust anything at this point from anyone.”

        Winston Churchill said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

        That’s what I loved about going to the Senior Bowl practice. It was like Game of Thrones without all the sex and murder.

  21. Palatypus

    Great plan!

    They’ll never do it.

    Rams 31 Bengal 21

    Last Bengals touchdown in garbage time.

  22. Rob Staton

    If people are able to share this article around on other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, forums, reddit etc) it would be much appreciated

    • Trevor

      Absolutely! Great work as always Rob!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Trevor

    • Palatypus

      Will do!

    • cha

      You might consider doing a 5 minute Youtube video montage of the players you propose and a link to the piece in the comments.

      • Rob Staton

        On my next stream, whenever I do it, I have a few clips saved to showcase of 2-3 players

  23. Rob Staton

    Re-watching Senior Bowl 1v1’s.

    Bernhard Raimann wasn’t bad. He was terrible.

    I know he’ll test well and that will help but he can’t start early. Might have to be tried at guard to start with. His technique is non-existent.

  24. Rob Staton

    Rodney Harrison just said Aaron Donald told him he might retire if he wins the Super Bowl today.

    Go Rams!

    • Seattle Person

      Well, Whitworth is most likely retiring. Go Rams indeed if we can guarantee that haha. What a pain in the ass Donald has been…

    • Peter

      I wanted to root for the bengals, but….

      Jokes aside. If he is good with his money, why not? He’s a first ballot HOF w/o a ring. It’s so hard to get back let alone win again he might just be spinning his wheels (into Wilson) if they win for the rest of his career afterwards.

  25. Rob Staton

    Not mentioned in the piece but I love Channing Tindall’s personality too

    Has every chance to be an exceptional NFL player


    “I’m just a freak of nature altogether”

  26. Donovan

    Like the plan. But I’d happily forego Everett to free up money to sign a marquee D lineman, if the $6 M you allotted isn’t enough.

  27. Palatypus

    He’ll probably be sitting there at #41, then take some player that makes everyone scratch their head.

  28. Seattle Person

    Adrian Peterson got arrested for domestic violence. We don’t know very much but damn shame if it’s true.

    • Big Mike

      Beating on the wife instead of the kid?

      • Seattle Person

        Looks like it.

        • Big Mike

          Figured. POS human.

      • bmseattle

        Being reported as a verbal incident on an airplane… not physical.
        He was removed, his wife remained on board.

        • bmseattle

          must be more to the story if he was arrested.

          • bmseattle

            …though, in some states, law enforcement are “required” to make an arrest when responding to a domestic call.

            • Peter

              Pretty sure you get arrested if you’re kicked off a flight as well.

              • Bmseattle

                Not necessarily.
                There are many reasons a passenger could ne removed that arent actually a violation of a “law”.

  29. Mike

    Love the cordarelle Patterson idea, haven’t heard many people being up the idea of adding him

  30. Big Mike

    Lambs 29
    Bungles 22

  31. Sea Mode

    Aww, we couldn’t get a “can you smeeeelll….?” from the Rock?

    • Palatypus

      In that purple outfit he looks like the Jurassic Park take on Barney the Dinosaur

  32. Palatypus

    Crossbuck on 3rd and 19?

  33. Bmseattle

    Rams center not looking great early on.😬

    • Rob Staton

      You’re passing judgement after one failed drive, then a TD drive?

      • Bmseattle

        Of course not.
        I was just focusing on him…really for the first time.
        I meant no more than what i said.

  34. Rob Staton

    Remember when all those Seahawks fans said they didn’t want ODB because he was washed?

    • Peter

      Just thinking that seattle could have used him.

      Or old dirty bastard. Either way.

    • Big Mike

      Could’ve had him on waivers, but you know, money. But at least Seattle was in it til the end.

    • SEAhemoth82

      Ole Dirty Bastard…from the Wu-Tang Clan!? SHIMMY SHIMMY YAH!
      We all know that OBJ was the long lost member of Shaolin.

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah for some reason I have a habit of calling OBJ ‘ODB’ by mistake

        • STTBM

          Lol! +1

  35. Palatypus

    Greg Cosell was saying that out of a “trips”set the Rams like to put Cooper Kupp in motion on that side to dictate the coverage with Beckham as the X in single coverage on the other side of the formation.

    BUT, with an extra week to prepare they might dig a little deeper into the playbook. There Odell was on the “trips” side.

    • Seattle Person

      That’s their flood concept formation. What to look for is a deep shot for the isolated player on either side. The motion player is often the check down in their flood plays.

  36. Tomas

    Yes. But many did want him, not to mention Russ. Has to sting him a bit.

  37. Tomas

    The great PC culture somehow wasn’t enough to lure OBJ.

    • Palatypus

      He didn’t take his shirt off and flex for him.

      • Bmseattle

        He should have bleached the top op his hair for him.
        Gotta know your audience.

  38. Palatypus

    NFL Network Game center is showing Bengals have been in Shotgun in every snap until this one. Looked like two TE.

  39. Peter

    Rob did you think Jamar Chase was going to be this good out of the gates? I never focused on him much because I knew he’d go early. But damn he’s had a short curve getting up to nfl speed.

    • Bmseattle

      His familiarity with Burrow probably sped up tje transition for him.

    • Rob Staton


      It was clear to anyone who studied LSU in 2019 that he was a phenomenal talent

      We still had a load of utter nonsense from draft media a year ago with people second guessing him. But we never wavered.

  40. Seattle Person

    Beckham just caught a pass off a dig route off of the flood concept play. So hard to stop.

  41. Rob Staton

    Just added a clip I was saving for the next stream to the article where I discuss Channing Tindall in the Bobby Wagner section.

    Tell me you don’t want that.

  42. Palatypus

    Odell Beckham, Super Bowl MVP

    “But we were in it until the very end!”

  43. Hawks4life

    Bengals are playing scared, rams are playing for the win. Maybe Donald will retire!!!!

    • Palatypus

      They beat up in the playoffs without Aaron Donald and a backup quarterback.

  44. TomLPDX

    I just loved a SB commercial! Serena!

  45. Palatypus

    Surprised the Rams didn’t stunt on that tilted front on 3rd down. I guess they’re saving it for later.

  46. Nathan_12thMan

    Great job Rob. A ton of work. I wish I could marry your draft expertise with a cap expert, a FA expert and a scheme expert. But I’m pretty sure only front offices have all those guys under one roof working together.

    I will say, I only have one problem and it stands out like a sore thumb for me; We all agree priority #1 is the trenches with OL being 1b to pass rushes 1a. But I just can’t get behind the risk that is a move that has your plan A being Stone Forsythe starting on this OL. He has played 14 snaps in his career and as you point out, he’s a career OT that you have STARTING at guard? To me that is the type of move that rips open the seemingly healed scab between RW & FO in regards to OL along with being waaaaay too risky.

    Obviously they have information we don’t have and maybe if they did it it could really work. I’m always open to being proven wrong. But what we, fans, going off of is… what? The fact that he played well enough at OT to get drafted R6, didn’t get any looks in game his rookie year and hasn’t played OG in his career? So basically you like his body profile and therefore he’s plan A? I just can’t with that.

    All while you also cut Gabe Jackson, allow Haynes to walk and don’t take an OG in the draft. So basically it’s Forsythe or bust at the LG position. Who do we have at OG if Forsythe is a bust? Pocic, Fuller, Jamarco Jones?

    If they did that I would be SO disappointed and call it another classic Seahawks move on the OL. Cut the vet who played decently, don’t re-sign the promising young player who flashed and instead bet on an entirely unknown player based on little to no evidence. You’re just moving the bad Center decisions to LG. Instead of Fuller at C we finally fix that position by signing a good vet but now we throw a young project player with no experience at LG to start there.

    • Rob Staton

      I just can’t get behind the risk that is a move that has your plan A being Stone Forsythe starting on this OL. He has played 14 snaps in his career and as you point out, he’s a career OT that you have STARTING at guard? To me that is the type of move that rips open the seemingly healed scab between RW & FO in regards to OL along with being waaaaay too risky.

      The Rams are starting David Edwards, a fifth round tackle from Wisconsin, at left guard.

      If you’re copying LA, that’s the kind of player they start at guard.

      All while you also cut Gabe Jackson, allow Haynes to walk and don’t take an OG in the draft. So basically it’s Forsythe or bust at the LG position. Who do we have at OG if Forsythe is a bust? Pocic, Fuller, Jamarco Jones?

      There’s ample cap space left over to sign a guard. Or re-sign Phil Haynes.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        The fact it worked for LA doesn’t really mean anything to me other than their process worked or they got lucky and a player they bet on turned out to be good. I don’t have confidence in SEA’s process given what we just had happen with Fuller at C.

        However, if the plan is a Haynes versus Forsythe competition or Forsythe versus a (good) free agent signing then now I’m much more open to this idea. But this can’t be Fuller vs Pocic 2.0. That can’t be allowed to happen again at any OL position.

        • Rob Staton

          The fact it worked for LA doesn’t really mean anything to me

          The whole point is to mimic the Rams.

          The whole damn point.

          • Nathan_12thMan

            Mimic everything even when you don’t have the personnel? That’s my damn point. You of all people know the same body profile doesn’t = the same player. If you wanna say that’s an interesting experiment they should do but with no expectations of results for at least a year, then sure.

            Also, maybe this is just a fun thought exercise for you but I’m looking at this as if it’s THE plan SEA is going to execute and I’m criticizing it as such.

            You CAN copy every single process of theirs but if you don’t have the personnel it’s a mistake. Because we have a OT with a certain profile he becomes plan A for LG because that Rams found a OT who can play LG well (David Edwards)? I’m not down with that no matter who we’re trying to mimic unless a competent OL coach (idk if Dickerson is that guy) believes strongly in Forsythe’s skills as he projects him to LG. But I’m going to safely assume they have been developing him exclusively at LT and so they don’t even have practice film of him at OG. Meaning the projection would be entirely imaginary. Odds are that’s a project that pays off in 2023 at the earliest.

            • Rob Staton

              Mimic everything even when you don’t have the personnel? That’s my damn point.

              They are literally starting a converted tackle, fifth round pick, with Stone Forsyth size at left guard.

              I don’t understand why you’re not getting it.

              If you wanna say that’s an interesting experiment they should do but with no expectations of results for at least a year, then sure.

              It’s not an experiment.

              When the Rams started David Edwards at left guard, he wasn’t a proven player. It’s about fit, copying what they’ve done.

              It’s a very simple point.

              Also, maybe this is just a fun thought exercise for you

              Give it a rest.

              You CAN copy every single process of theirs but if you don’t have the personnel it’s a mistake.

              I’ve already addressed this.

              Because we have a OT with a certain profile he becomes plan A for LG because that Rams found a OT who can play LG well (David Edwards)?

              Yes. The point is to mimic the Rams. That is literally what they did.

  47. Big Mike


    • Big Mike


    • Palatypus

      That’s going to make Van Jeferson the primary X.

      • Palatypus

        Aaaaaaand Stafford throws an interception trying to get the ball to him.

        Turnover battle now even.

  48. Bmseattle

    Burrows is getting the ball out quickly, and the vaunted Rams pass rush has been a non factor.

    • Bmseattle


      • Palatypus

        There was that stunt I was talking about.

    • Rob Staton

      Aaron Donald anonymous

  49. Hoggs41

    First of all this is unbelievably thought out and appreciated. Main areas where I might disagree is keeping Everett. I would prefer to keep Dissly and have him, Parkinson and a draft pick. Also not sure how comfortable I would feel with Stone at LG. Would rather have Haynes back to at least compete. I would probably vote for Reddick or Landry over Jones. We can also cut Mayowa for some extra space to. Also can cut Myers to save $4m. I could see them using a 7th rounder to draft a kicker to compete with Myers and hopefully he wins. Great article.

  50. Palatypus

    I have almost no interest in this half time show.

    • Hawks4life

      The Weekend was pretty bad last year. I’m sure this will be better

    • Rob Staton

      I like it. It’s like every night out I had at University.

      And remember, over here the drinking age is 18. So we went out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

      • Palatypus

        Ever play Pub Golf?

        • Rob Staton

          I haven’t

      • Tomas

        One of several reasons I’ve always questioned whether the American Revolutionary War was really a good idea.

    • 206

      Your loss! Got to respect the west side

      • jeff

        Best halftime ever and I am not a rap/hip hop fan.

  51. Palatypus

    Jennifer Lopez stars in “Marry Me.”

    This woman has been divorced three times.

    • BobbyK


  52. Rob Staton

    Calais Campbell is on the UK broadcast

    Just made a very violent speech about football

    And I want him in Seattle all over again

    • Happy Hawk

      That is why I brought it up earlier – sign him please!

  53. Sea Mode

    Ramsey 🔥🍞

    • Palatypus

      That wasn’t much of a grab, but there will be some serious bellyaching.

    • Sea Mode

      (on further review, that was quite a face mask, but still feels good)

      And the pick! Wow, Beckham’s loss being felt.

      • Palatypus

        I don’t know, it looked like he was trying to fight his way to the ball and was incidental.

  54. Big Mike

    Shut up Al with the Butler int crap

    • Palatypus

      Are you talking to me, Albert Butler?

      • Big Mike

        We’re never going to live it down sadly

  55. Palatypus

    Looked like Aaron Donald got a shot to the head from the tackle there.

  56. Sea Mode

    Ouch. Turned his ankle a bit.

  57. Palatypus

    We don’t need any quarterbacks.

  58. Bmseattle

    Wow…actual defensive adjustments?!
    Who knew?

    • Big Mike

      Sacks too. I hear they’re important

  59. Bmseattle

    Oddly, i haven’t seen aaron donald drop back in to coverage once this game. 🤔

    • Big Mike

      Poor game plan obviously

  60. Bmseattle

    I dont remember The Rams WRs being so ineffectual before they signed OBJ.

    • Bmseattle

      Forgot about Robert Woods injury

  61. Palatypus

    How big is that bobbled snap on the extra point attempt going to be?

    • Big Mike

      Just said the same to my wife. Not sure she understood 🤔

  62. Sea Mode

    No no no no pls

  63. Palatypus

    As of right now the MVP is Joe Mixon.

  64. Justaguy

    I wouldn’t trade Kupp’s 4.60 for any 4.40 wide receiver in the league. There is only one better at Kupp’s position in the league

    • Bmseattle

      He’s amazing.
      He looks 4.4 on the field.

  65. Palatypus

    Pretty safe to say this is four down territory.

  66. 206

    Russ talking to the Goodell again. The man really wants to be an executive! lol

  67. Hawks4life

    So they don’t call that shit all night, wait until CIN might win and call a BS holding call…..

  68. Bmseattle

    It doesnt seem like a personal foul should just offset with a regular penalty.

  69. Pran

    Looks like league decided it in favor of Rams..

    • Hawks4life

      100% shit like this makes me want yo give up on the NFL

    • Bmseattle

      …or the league want to make Burrow a folk hero.

    • Thomas Wells

      Went the full game letting them play. I was thinking to myself all game: how refreshing to see a football game not prominently featuring the referees. Then they go full WWE to force the deciding rams touchdown at the very end. Couldn’t help themselves, had to get that shiny new franchise in LA a win. Lord knows that town won’t support a loser

    • Poli

      They would’ve called back the 75 yard Higgins TD if that were the case

      • Pran

        They were not calling all game…if you look at the tape there will be several calls both ways. They just had to start throwing flags in the end to push Rams over the goal line.

  70. Palatypus

    If Kupp is the MVP, how much money does he ask for?

  71. Pran

    Man.. McVay running the show with Cupp and no one else..that’s some skill.

  72. Rob Staton

    Get ready.

    A whole bunch of teams just watched a beaten-up, middling Matt Stafford win a Super Bowl with a late drive.

    And you better believe those trade offers are coming.

    • Rob Staton

      Plus, the most aggressive team in the league just won the Super Bowl…

      • Palatypus

        But we were in it for ODB until the very end.

      • Ryan

        Yes, Rob, they were aggressive… but… they don’t have the that 32nd pick now that they can use to trade back into the mid 2nd and get an extra late 3rd in return — what’re they gonna do now? Fools.

        *sarcasm font*

  73. Hawks4life

    Barf…. NFL did what it needed to get LA a SB. Sucks that it happened on the last drive

  74. Whit21

    Bengals were robbed..

  75. Pran

    Zac Taylor called a BS offensive game in the 2nd half…literally gift wrapped SB for his guru McVay.

    • Big Mike

      Is the shotgun on 4th and a 1/2 yard was insane and why wasn’t Joe mixon in the game on 3rd and short? Was he hurt?

      • Sea Mode

        They had been ripping off 7-8 yd runs and under pressure every drop back. Go get 1 yd on the ground.

      • Scot04

        You put it your best players hands and that’s Burroughs.
        Just like the 4th down call to Cooper Kupp.
        Heck the whole last drive for the Rams was all Kupp.
        He should get MVP.

  76. Big Mike

    Donald is one of the 5 greatest defensive players of all time the only defensive tackle that I’ve ever seen that maybe was as good as him is Bob Lilly
    Yes my age is showing

    • Palatypus

      Bob Lilly? He’s no Geno Marchetti!

      • Big Mike

        I’m nor that old lol

      • Tomas

        Geno! Yeah, great reference, he was awesome. I had his 1963 football card, Baltimore Colts. Thanks for the memory.

    • Rowdy

      Reggie white

  77. Palatypus

    Joe Burrow was sacked seven times.

    Think they’ll draft for OL?

    • CaptainJack

      Not to mention instantly pressured on the last play of the game

  78. Scot04

    Gutsy call by McVay on that 4th & 1 on their 30.
    But the horrible call against the Bengals was sad.
    No hold game likely Bengals win.
    Tough luck on Bengals.
    For all hoping Donald will retire, won’t happen, he’s only 30..
    Hate late game calls that can decide games.
    Yes Bengals got away with the face mask, but I couldn’t believe they called that hold at the end.
    Feel bad for Cincinnati, their Defense played great.

    • Palatypus

      I’m surprised there wasn’t one of those B.S. taunting calls in this game. One could have easily been called on Donald when he took on the entire Bengals bench.

  79. CaptainJack

    Well game is rigged for LA. yup refs missed the hold on ramsey earlier but that holding call on Wilson was bogus.

    Hard to imagine the money in a metropolis like LA and the lack of money and influence Cincy has as a small midwest town in ohio doesn’t play a factor into some of these calls.

    It hurts as a hawks fan to watch mcvay and donald get a ring.

  80. Big Mike

    For all of you complaining about that ticky tack holding call and it was you have no idea if Cincinnati would have scored without the face mask that wasn’t called. The only difference was the 2nd call that went against Cincinnati was late in the game. Sorry folks but I don’t see any kind of conspiracy here. If you’re old enough to have seen Super Bowl 40 you know what It looks like when the NFL is steering a game for their desired result. I just don’t believe you can complain about the call against Cincy while discounting the face mask.
    If you feel otherwise we will agree to disagree and I was rooting for Cincinnati.

    • Palatypus

      The infuriating thing is that the league consistently officiates differently in the last two minutes of every game.

    • 206

      I agree. Plus, that holding call, while BS, wouldn’t have kept the Rams out of the endzone necessarily. I thought it was a fair game, with the refs staying out of it for the most part. A holding call inside the 10, whatever. Burrow and company had a real chance at the end, I wish they would have pulled it out. On the bright side, maybe Donald is going to the beach?

    • Scot04

      I think it’s the timing of the call.
      The officials had been letting defensive players get away with little holds all game.
      Plenty could have been called, & I liked they were just letting them play; that’s the only reason I thought it was sad.
      I prefer consistency.
      If you don’t call legitimate holds on DB’s all game, you dont do it there.
      Regardless the Bengals had an opportunity at the end & didn’t convert.
      Great game.

  81. Pran

    Last year Tampa, now LA…home teams, aggressively built rosters to win now. Russ can get his 2nd with LV in 2024 if he makes the move and LV goes aggressive. LV is hosting SB in 2024 in the new shiny stadium.

    • Scot04

      They made a new rule so neither team with have a home field at the Superbowl.
      Atleast I believe so.

      • BobbyK

        That’s why all future Super Bowls will be in Minnesota!

        • Palatypus


          • BobbyK

            Or Detroit.

            • Big Mike

              Nope, Dallas

  82. Rob Staton

    Calais Campbell is AMPED on UK TV

    Says he is definitely carrying on his career and is desperate to win a Super Bowl

    • Scot04

      Him or Hicks, sign me up.

      • CaptainJack

        Hicks feels like a lock to seattle in FA with desai coming here.

    • Hawks4life

      Looks like he’s not coming to Seattle lol

      • CaptainJack

        He’s going to the rams after AD retires

  83. Palatypus

    Well, Jim Nagy thought it was a bad call.


  84. L80

    Hopefully PC and JS watched all of it (except the dreadful halftime show…Bruno Mars please).

    Hello Mc Fly, THIS is how you win a SB in the modern era, you go all in. Damn the torpedos.

    Here’s your sign…..any other euphamisms?

    Quit being cute / stupid with resources and use your most valuable commodity. As so exquisitely pointed out in this awesome article by Rob.

    If they don’t get a clue….we will all be living in a van down by the river , eating government cheese.

    And I typed this sober.

    • Palatypus

      Bif Tannen couldn’t play any football if George McFly wasn’t doing his homework.

    • BobbyK

      Trading for Jamal Adams is “going for it now” 101.

    • Seattle Person

      I thought the halftime show was pretty good. It should have really just been Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Eminem. Sorry but 50 Cent and Mary J were bad additions to the show.

      • Tomas

        Are Paul Revere & the Raiders still performing? Old dog here.

        • Palatypus

          When they have the Super Bowl in London, they should have John Lydon sing “God Save the Queen.”

        • BobbyK

          Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find!

          • Tomas

            Kicks are indeed more elusive, but remain a GOOD THING.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Halftime show was essentially their 2001 “Up In Smoke” tour. The Tacoma dome was a giant hot-box that particular evening two decades ago.

  85. BobbyK

    Bengals need a big money signing on the OL and need to use their 1st round pick on that unit.

    I know Jalen Ramsey got screwed on the Higgins catch, but bad calls earlier in games are easier to overcome. You know the deficit, there’s time to come back, etc.

    Logan Wilson got absolutely hosed. It’s as if that ref had money on the game. Such a crap way to end a season.

    • CaptainJack

      NO idea if this is true BUT>>>\

      some people on twitter were saying Wilson held earlier in the play off screen and they didn’t show it on tv. I guess people at the game saw it. Could be rams fans trying to make the game look cleaner though. IDK I guess it’s possible there was a real hold earlier in the play since only the end of the play was shown on tv

      • BobbyK

        That would make me feel better. However, if the hold would have happened much earlier in the play, then it stands to reason the flag would have been thrown much earlier.

        Instead, the flag seemed to 100% coincide with what we saw on tv and that was 100% BS.

        • CaptainJack

          I agree, although from one angle on tv it did look like a hold (not saying it was), the other angles made it clear it wasn’t a hold but its ALSO possible refs made an honest mistake

          • BobbyK

            Hope so.

            It’s the Super Bowl. Let them play. Call something obvious, but don’t go ticky-tack with the season on the line. Let the players decide the game, not some worthless ref.

            • Sea Mode

              NFL wants the LA market and did what had to be done…

              • CaptainJack

                I live in LA. Rarely see people in Rams gear. I don’t sense there’s much enthusiasm for the team here. I wear seahawks stuff out all the time and never get shit for it. NFL just isn’t a big deal here, still

                • Palatypus

                  Always been Lakers and Dodgers.

            • CaptainJack

              Yup I am with you , very against the call. I just hope it wasn’t an indication that the refs held some bias towards LA… I really really hope that is not the case because if it is… why continue to watch a game like this

          • Palatypus

            The reason why nobody thinks it’s an honest mistake is because they are so bad for the first eight weeks of the year EVERY SINGLE YEAR because of the league’s points of “special emphasis.”

            No rule should ever get special emphasis. If it does it does it is a bad rule. Especially when that rule leads to disqualifications. It smacks of point shaving.

            • Palatypus

              Also…Brian Flores.

      • Palatypus

        Either way, this was no SB XL.

        • BobbyK

          Absolutely. All the calls that game went against one singular team.

        • CaptainJack

          big money in pittsburgh… lol

          • Palatypus

            Stealers fans are like Raiders fans. They’re everywhere.

        • Big Mike

          Not even close to XL*

  86. Seattle Person

    The biggest thing I got from this Superbowl was build up the freaking DLine! Both OLines got their asses kicked.

    The Bengals have a bad Oline and they got steamrolled.

    The Rams have a good Oline and the Bengals shut down their running game and got after the QB.

    I’m getting into debates with other people on other platforms. They argue that we need to invest most of our cap on a LT and C. That means throwing money at Armstead and Jensen.

    It’s not feasible and I’ll still argue our Dline is not in good shape and we need to seriously throw money at this group first. I’m convince you can win with good to above average Oline but you win SBs with a dominate Dline.

    • Palatypus

      I’m about 75% on board with that.

      Left tackle is so important. Remember Walter Jones?

      That said, if there is one player, I want from this draft it is Boye Mafe. We won’t get him.

      • Seattle Person

        You need a good LT. You don’t need to pay for a Walter Jones. I’m on board with paying Brown for 1-2 years on a modest contract compared to what the top LTs are making.

        Either that, or someone like Duane. You don’t need to shell out huge contracts to a Terron Armstead. It would be nice to have a Walter Jones but you have cut costs somewhere…

        Especially since you know you have to build up that Dline. You can’t afford a top of the line expensive LT.

        • Peter

          Agree. You pay walter jones money for him. Not armstead.

          Rob has a laid out a great plan. We can quiblle with names for free agents but this draft has all the makings for seattle to once and nearly for all fix a lot of the defense.

          Try to get Brian Allen at center. Retain brown. Move lewis back to RG. I know it’s not perfect but i’d rather a less than ideal oline and a formidable d line via draft than a 30 plus year old hyder type and projects at oline.

  87. Gross MaToast

    This column should be required reading at the VMAC.

    • Palatypus

      They wouldn’t understand it.

      • Gross MaToast

        Pete would have stopped reading at the third paragraph with, “The Seahawks are not as close as Pete Carroll suggested at the end of the regular season,” and gone out to shoot hoops.

        Plus, Rob really isn’t open-minded enough to do things the way they’ve always been done.

  88. Tomas

    Rams won with 43 rushing yards on 23 carries. They failed to establish the run, but prevailed.

    • Denver Hawker

      Sacks- defense won war of attrition

      • Palatypus

        They lost the turnover battle but won the field position battle on special teams.

        Also, I don’t think this game would have been close if the Rams had no injuries. ODB was big. Only Kupp scared you.

    • Palatypus

      Re-sign Penny now!

  89. Denver Hawker

    What does Russ talk to Goodell about at the SB box?

    • Palatypus

      Trash talking Olympic Ice Dancers.

      • Denver Hawker

        Ha! Was thinking more like “SB in Vegas in 2 years- would be good for business to have me in it playing for the home team right?”

        • Palatypus

          And Ciarra doing the half time show…

          Before their ugly divorce.

    • Don Logan

      Still trying to figure out why Russell was there all dressed up with Roger. Who arranges that? Who is using who? Will it be an annual event?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s because he was Walter Payton man of the year and the previous winner always awards the following winner at the SB

        • Don Logan

          Aha, thanks.

  90. hawkdawg

    I like this plan. I think Green will command more money, and so will Jones. Jones maybe not much more.

    Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, though.

    And I think Diggs is worth the gamble, at least to try to retain him. The players respect him, he tackles well and hits a ton, and he is smart on the field.

    • Palatypus

      “I think Green will command more money” is something I never thought I would see anybody write on this board.

      • Jordan

        6.5 sacks in your age 24 season playing in a rotation could open some eyes. This player is trending upwards in a, perhaps, very significant way.

        Take a look at what Mike Bennett, Matt Judon, Z’Darius Smith were doing in their age 24 season. Not quite what Rasheem did.

        It’d be a shame to invest the time in what you knew at the time was a developmental prospect just to watch a different team reap the benefits of the eventual breakout.

        • Palatypus

          I don’t think you’re wrong.

        • Peter

          A few of us going round and round on green on this board but you nailed why I hate to see him go.

          “It’d be a shame to invest time.” 100% green is just now only 24 and though he is less efficient than others i just think….you made this pick, he’s been getting a little better every year, and with a better rotation a guy who is only 24 who has tons of value left to add it’s hard to let him walk.

          • Palatypus

            I doubt there is anyone on this board over the age of 30 that doesn’t wish that someone gave them a second chance at 24 years old.

            I don’t remember who said it in the Seahawks organization, but I think they said that a male prefrontal cortex, that controls judgement, doesn’t fully develop until about that age. You get a head injury like Malik McDowell and well…

            Improving and mature? I’ll take a chance on that.

            Arrogant selfish 21-year-old who hasn’t even learned how to hold his liquor with $20 million? That turns into Koren Robinson…

            …OR HENRY RUGGS…

            • Group Captain Mandrake

              Experts are saying it’s more like 30 than 24 before the male prefrontal cortex is settled. And if you happen to be someone with ADHD, add another 5 years to that.

      • Peter

        I never wrote the word “command.” But if you look at contracts i’ve long felt he will get 7-8 million per year. Maybe it’s not the right amount but there are about a half dozen guys easily, older than him, who have done about or even less considering tenure than him, making 7 odd million a year.

        • Palatypus

          Seems like you have done your homework.

  91. Palatypus

    How much money will Cooper Kupp demand next season?

    Let’s see…

    The top contract for a WR according to OverTheCap is $27,250,000 for DeAndre Hopkins.

    Kupp led all WR in the regular season with 145 receptions.

    Kupp led all WR in TDs with 16.

    Kupp led all WR in yards with 1,947.

    Kupp led all WR in YAC with 846.

    Kupp never fumbled the football this season.

    Kupp was the Super Bowl MVP.

    Jamal Adams makes $17 Million APY according to OverTheCap. Jalen Ramsey at $20 Million is the highest paid defensive back in the league.

    If you’re his agent how much money are YOU asking for?

    • Jordan

      Kupp is a ufa in 2024. The market should grow even bigger by then, and if I were him I’d be looking to get to market.

      • Palatypus

        There is no way he is going to report to camp without a new contract.

      • Palatypus

        Cooper Kupp’s cap hit for 2023 is $18,425,000, but there is $0 in guaranteed salary. He’s making slightly more than a Seahawks safety that he regularly makes his little bitch.

  92. Rob Staton

    This guy here just asking the questions that need to be asked, wowzer:


    This is how it is done.


    • UkAlex6674

      What a rambling answer to the question about the 4 team list. Wilson was totally out of his comfort zone there!

      • Rob Staton

        Impressive questioning. Put Wilson right on the spot.

        Which was unexpected given the jokey opening.

        That was a classic, pressing interview in the end. From an interview set up to discuss a sandwich!

        • Roy Batty

          I would sooner eat gas station sushi than walk into a Subway and order “The Dangerwich.”

          OK, maybe if I was in Santa Clara and I just finished watching Wilson torch the Niners in Levi’s Stadium, walked down the street to the nearest Subway, and promptly shouted out my order for all to hear.


    • Mick

      In principle he went very simple yes/no and he touched all delicate topics. And still Russ has managed not to give definitive answers. I loved that he didn’t buy the “media made up a story” crap and challenged Russ on it.

      • Rob Staton

        How it should be done. Didn’t accept answers, pushed for more.

        It took a jokey podcaster to put someone on the spot.

        • Sean-O

          About the 5:10 mark, you can almost see Russ think “why did I agree to these interviews?”. A lot of non-answers & typical cliche stuff from Russ but the interviewer did a real, solid job in the time he had pressing him.

          • 206

            Get this guy more interviews!

    • GoHawksDani

      Could we put somehow Pete Carroll in front of this guy? 😀

    • pdway

      you know what …you’re totally right…was very satisfying actually to see someone press RW on the list of 4 teams point especially. way to go Niners podcast guy, that was kind of ballsy.

  93. Sea Mode

    Oh, man. That hurts… (if the pic is real; I didn’t check) Would have loved to see Ramsey burnt one more time for the game winner.


    • Roy Batty

      Imagine assigning an up back to double Donald when the title is on the line, thereby allowing Burrow more than a couple of seconds to scan for open receivers?

      Nope. Trust in the line that was failing the entire 2nd half.

  94. Cortez Kennedy

    Always my favorite article of the year Rob. You get me all excited with the possibilities and then the team disappoints me with reality. 2020 was especially frustrating.

    But you are absolutely right that the time to be aggressive is now. Go hard and go for quality. This team needs guys who make a difference.

    And I love the idea of OJ Howard being 2022’s 7-9 million dollar free agent tight end.

    • Peter

      Really like howard but that seems like a lot of cash for a player who didn’t/hasn’t come back from injury.

      I think howard could be had for a more modest prove it deal. Everett has his boneheaded mistakes but did quite a bit more than howard.

      Again I like howard and he might need a new team, new start.

  95. Silly Billy

    What kind of “Bargain Bins” QBs out there are you fans of?

    If we are talking hypothetical situations where Russ leaves (doubtful in my mind though)… I don’t see going big @ QB as a viable option (unless you count Carr as “big”), and there won’t be a day 1 starter in the draft.
    Are there any cheap <$15mil QBs out there you'd be okay with, considering what else can be done with cap savings?

    • Comfect

      I personally would like to see Tyrod Taylor if they go that route; he had some actual success with the Bills before they got Josh Allen and he looked good with the Chargers before they got Justin Herbert (and he got his lung punctured by their training staff…) plus he plays Pete-ball already with the avoidance of turnovers. Not by any means a replacement for RW, but if we’re looking cheap I think he’d be cheap.

  96. Mick

    If I learned anything from this SuperBowl: you don’t need the best QB to win – Stafford was just good enough but not in the same topic with Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen & Co – you need the best overall roster construction and the best game plan. Even if Ramsey had a terrible day, the Dline won the SuperBowl for the Rams, and one could say bad QB protection lost it for the Bengals – so invest big in the trenches. Another big lesson is that you go to your best weapon when you need plays – give the ball more to Metcalf and Lockett.

    As much as I’m not happy to see the Rams win, Sean McVay deserved this.

    • cha

      For me the big lesson was having innovative in-game coaching.

      Burrow was getting the ball out quick and the DL wasn’t getting home. The Rams adjusted.

      The Bengals offense kept getting stopped in the 2nd half. They adjusted, but not quickly enough. The Rams adjusted then quickly and stopped them. The Bengals couldn’t respond.

      Adjustments used to be a Pete Carroll Special. Remember those games they’d go into half time ahead 10-7 to a lesser team and we’d all be frustrated? Then they’d come out of the locker room and reel off 10-17 points and cruise to a win?

      Those days are long gone. We can point to several 2021 losses where the Seahawks lost the adjustment game. One especially early ones that could have really put money in the bank for later in the season (Tennessee, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, New Orleans)

      • Cortez Kennedy

        The Chicago game screamed “modern day Seahawks loss” from the lack of adjustments to clearly playing not to lose.

      • CHaquesFan

        wasn’t Pittsburgh a game where they did make adjustments to storm back there?

        • cha

          Yes but that’s really hard to give them credit for that one.

          Adjusting to a ridiculous game plan (Geno throwing a lot in his first real start in years against one of the best pass rushes in the NFL) is the football equivalent of a boxer going ‘gee, maybe instead of taking a pounding to my jaw I should put my gloves up.’

    • pdway

      My takeaway was more general – which is just that stars make plays. There are contributions all over, and coaching adjustments matter – but in crucial moments, having Aaron Donald, or Cooper Kupp, etc. – – is often the deciding factor.

    • Scot04

      Another big lesson if going for all in trades only do them for premium positions.
      QB, CB, DE, OT, or game wrecking DT. Spend on top Free-agents for trenches.
      Rams go CB, QB, and DE/Edge via trade. Signed Floyd.
      Seahawks go Safety at Top QB prices via trade. Signed “Quantity”
      How many times were Safeties mentioned for huge played. Maybe Eric Weddle for a couple? I don’t think the Rams spent much on a retired Safety.

  97. cha

    Ian Rapoport@RapSheet · 9m#Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr is believed to have torn his ACL in last night’s Super Bowl win, source said. That means a long road of recovery for the free agent, who has a challenge to be ready for 2022. Beckham had 2 catches for 52 yards, 1 TD and 1 moonwalk before the injury.

    • Big Mike

      Already being reported that the Colts are releasing or trading Wentz. Guessing Indy would love to have Wilson under center for them. I don’t think he’d wave his no-trade to go there because it’s the wrong market. It is however a very good roster in an eminently winnable division so who knows. I’ll bet Jonathan Taylor would put the full court press on him.

      • Peter

        Guess it comes down to what’s more important. Rings. Or media market. Because the colts to me would be great for an older qb. Good line. Great running. An owner that is actually a fan. Indoors games. Until further notice a baby soft conference. Robbie not being out place rocking his number 3 jerseys.


        NY. Outside games. A team not a qb from winning. An owner that thinks a free small soda is a “treat.”

        Heck, aaron “can’t play in the cold,” rodgers should consider them if not for the new denver head coach.

        • Big Mike


  98. AlaskaHawk

    I have to hand it to you Rob, you keep writing great articles. It’s taking me some time to digest all this information. I liked your ideas on the offensive line! Seahawks need to get their best players into the game. It seems like you can articulate your plan better than any ramblings and misses that PC puts together.

    Overall – I wish you were the Seahawks General Manager.

  99. Blitzy the Clown

    Tom Pelissero

    The NFL’s free-agent negotiating window opens one month from today.

    It’s gonna be a long month

  100. Ashish

    Like the off season plan Rob –
    Like the idea on OL good starter with quality backup, which is imp if we keep Brown
    keeping Penny is good- though 6M same as Austin Ekeler will be too much. Maybe Penny will take 4M but not a topic to discuss. Drafting a RB in 3rd round or later will be good idea as a backup over Carson.
    Can we trade Carson and Wagner for late round picks? Not sure if they have market based on their contract and injury history.
    Chandler Jones will be good signing as DL Keeping Green will ideal as he has age on his side and well trained in the scheme. Woods can be replaced with draft or other vet signing.

    Now next how can we tie Pete and JS to the chair and have someone read this article slowly for next 5 days. They might need that to understand.

    • cha

      Unfortunately no one is going to be willing to pay Wagner $16.6m to play MLB for them, let alone give a draft pick for the privilege.

      Carson probably wouldn’t even pass a physical at this point, let alone make someone want to give a draft pick to pay him $5m next year.

      • Ashish

        hmm true. We never got anything back for Sherman, Thomas, Kam had career ending injuries. Why should I surprised if that happens for Bobby. Other teams like NE does better job to part from the player at right time to get something in return as a draft capitial and/or cap space.

    • Peter

      This is getting desperate the pressing from National writers to find homes for marginal QB’s.

      I’ve got lots of doubts about what Seattle will do but I’m pretty confident that they aren’t blowing a first round pick on Corral.

    • Mick

      We’d have to be really dumb to get rid of Russ and pick Corall and Raimann.

      • BobbyK

        Insert ‘best in the nation’ joke

  101. Happy Hawk

    Next big upcoming date(s) = The TAG deadline is Feb, 22- March 8th. That will tell us more who will be on the FA shopping list for the Hawks. I like C Jones, T Brown and C Campbell as my must haves in FA. Rob what is your off season thoughts on the Hawks place kicker? Myers = no value for that contract. What about Atlanta’s Koo? What do you think he goes for if not tagged. Draft a kicker ala Cinn?

  102. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Rob, great article. Not just the thought process and depth of preparation, but I really enjoy your writing style. It is so easy to read. Well done.

    • Rob Staton


    • Matthew

      Spot on. I don’t even like what I’m reading most the same, but it’s so well done it’s a pleasure to read.

  103. rad_man

    I love the mention of Cordarrelle Patterson.

    I’ve wanted him since draft day and was upset they traded their pick for Percy instead of just drafting him, who can be used in much the same way.

    He’s been criminally misused in his entire career and now near the end of it coaches seem to have figured it out that he’s not a traditional WR but a multi tool scat back. The guy had loads of talent that was just wasted away.

    Overall, dig your plan. I’d put Harold Landry over Chandler Jones, because I want youth to match with Taylor, Robinson, and Green for a few years going forward. Jones and Dunlap just seem old to me and pass rush is a young man’s game even though they still perform well, historically more sacks are found pre age 28 when they still have elite bend and burst.

    I actually have pretty high confidence in the FO ability to find a pass rusher in the draft so if they went O line and DB in FA and drafted a DE/Edge I’d be ok with that as long as they actually use what they have correctly.

    • GoHawks5151

      Great article Rob. I would love to see Trent Brown on this team. Stone at LG seems an odd fit to me. He already has leverage/power rush issues. Moving inside seems counter to that. You’d really be counting on Dickersons coaching and the scheme to protect him. Speaking of, do you think that the scheme change takes a trade for Caesar Ruiz off the board? I have really stuck to the idea he could be had for a 4th rounder and would like to see him on the team.

      • GoHawks5151

        Uggh not meant as a reply. My bad

      • Rob Staton

        I’m just trying to mimic the Rams though and that’s the move they made at LG, they kicked inside a talk college tackle

        Not sure on the scheme but I’d still welcome a trade

  104. Sea Mode

    1. Boot

    2. Glad to hear he’s getting help and maturing.


    • DriveByPoster

      Nice. Sports fans are often in the habit of thinking about players as objects to be bought & sold, benched, cut & traded. So it’s nice to see something like this where we see a player as a human being just the same as us.

    • Mick

      I’d love to get the rookie year Metcalf back, he was so much fun.

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s the scoop on #1:

      Ian Rapoport

      #Seahawks WR DK Metcalf recently underwent foot surgery to remove a screw from a previous procedure, source said. A minor issue, but he was bothered by a foot ailment all season. Metcalf posted on IG yesterday a pic of himself in a boot

    • GoHawksDani

      It’s hard…if he can break down the mental barriers, and act like a pro in every way, he could be a true superstar, hall of famer. But if he drifts, he can be out of the NFL, like so many very talented WRs. I really hope coaches can see where’s he headed most likely because that could be the difference of a ton of money well spent and a superstar on the roster vs a ton of money burned and bad investment.

      I root for him, but tbh I don’t trust him. There are guys like Kupp or Lockett. They are stars, without the attitude. DK seems a bit more like Brown, OBJ, Gordon…guys who are amazing players but having trouble coping with all of it.
      Tbh, if someone would offer something like 2xR1 or 1xR1, 1xR2 maybe…I’d probably take it. It’d hurt a bit, but I wouldn’t wanna risk a big contract.

      I’d rather target AJ Green or TY Hilton and Mike Williams or Goodwin or Kirk. Two of these yearly avg should be between 18-25m, while I think DK will demand at least 25m if not more.

      • BobbyK

        He’s not the type of guy you give a second contract to.

        Jamal Adams is not a leader of men. DK is not a leader of men. But based on their contracts, they are whether we like it or not. They’ll be the highest paid guys on the team aside from QB and they aren’t what you want others to look up to. Heck, you can see/feel the negative jealousy (rightly so) from a good football player like Diggs who is a guy who can lead by example, yet he’s considered a second rate guy who’s better, yet will never make Herpes money. I’d be mad, too. And that’s not good for team chemistry. And DK is just a supremely talented baby. He didn’t want others looking up to him. Or paying him.

        • BobbyK

          But 71-year old Pete would never trade him (hope I’m wrong) because of now.

          I’d be thrilled with a Lockett, Kirk, Eskridge trio at WR. I’m not saying they’d be among the league’s best, I’m just saying that the team could be so much improved if they could get a couple of good/great picks this year and another pick next year or the year after. It’d open up a lot of future salary space for FA this off-season, too. I’d much rather the highest paid players be good leaders, too.

  105. swedenhawk

    Rob, thanks so much for this excellent piece. As a journalist and family man myself, I can hardly fathom how you manage to stay so prolific while keeping the quality of both content and writing so high. And after a bout with Covid no less!

    I’d be thrilled to see the Seahawks draft an interior pass rusher this year. You mentioned Akiem Hicks as an option if the Seahawks miss out on Winfrey and Wyatt in the draft… I’m curious to hear more what you think about that possibility. His performance has dropped off from his Pro Bowl year, but it seems like he can still be quite effective on a managed snap count — provided he’s healthy, that is. PFF doesn’t grade him as highly as Calais Campell, but he’s still far ahead of the likes of Collier, Hyder, and Nkemdiche. Seems like he could also add some veteran leadership if the team moves on from one of Diggs or Wagner. Some fan sites are projecting Hicks’ next contract will be in the range of Linval Joseph’s two-year 17 million. Do you think that’s a fair estimate? Do you think his history with both Hurtt and Desai a recruiting advantag, or will Seattle will have to overpay?

    Also, speaking of free agents who’ve played under Desai, what do you think about bringing on Artie Burns for depth at corner?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it all helps. I like Hicks but wonder about giving big money to an ageing DT not named Aaron Donald. The big guys seem to suffer the bigger fall when the end is nearer. Edge rushers can continue to produce for longer.

      I’d rather keep their corners and draft Montaric Brown than look outside personally.

  106. MoBo

    What makes the NFL.com guys the draft “analyst”?
    Chad Reuter three round mock:
    – 4 QBs picked until pick 11
    – Jermaine Johnson pick 21
    – Mafe pick 65
    – Abraham Lucas? Not taking any mock serious where he is not taken in the first round? How about one where he is nonexistent in the first three rounds

    Feels like the cardboards of our draftroom making more accurate picks

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t want to hammer anyone

      But I can’t even read a mock without Abraham Lucas in the first three rounds. That to me is absolutely ridiculous. And Mafe at #65 is equally insulting.

      They are two first round picks.

      • Rob Staton

        Dane Brugler’s top 100.

        Mafe 75
        Lucas 83

        And Sam Howell at 37

        I don’t get it. I just don’t get how anyone can think this. It blows my mind.

        • Peter

          If Mafa is really going to put in a show at the combine with his purported 40″ vert then him in the third round is laughable. Strong senior bowl performance, good if not great tape (held down by the team overall,) and plus athleticism….give me a break. Some team is going to run to the podium if he’s there in the second.

          I don’t get the Lucas blindspot. It’s not that I just trust you, Rob, but you do have an uncanny eye for oline talent. Having watched a few games is it simply that WSU is a no man’s land? Is it the draft “experts,” just keep repeating other names over and over til it’s true. Saw a mock thing maybe on Bleacher report saying seattle should take, 6th rounder at best to me, fallale in the second.

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s a lot of things.

            It’s hard to critique without sounding like you’ve got all the answers, which I absolutely do not.

            But a lot of people have platforms to talk about the draft and it’s hard not to wonder… why?

  107. icb12

    “I’m prepared to take my chances on Barton or BBK next to Jordyn Brooks ” – I physically shuddered when I got to that bit.

    But yeah… hard choices, and some risks need to be taken and money spent more wisely. This team isn’t good enough, isn’t even close to being good enough. Great article.

    • Poli

      Bring back KJ for a season please

    • cha

      I get your concern and don’t disagree.

      But given the choice, I’d rather be heavy on the DL and light at LB every day of the week and twice on Sunday (see what I did there?).

      This contract Wagner is on has been wasted in my view by not having a proper DL. They’ve simply asked him to do too much. He had career highs in blitzes and pass coverage snaps in 2020, which is insane. It watered down his effectiveness and probably hastened his decline a bit.

      Time for a reset.

      I’d also argue having a ‘real’ defensive coordinator lining things out, the drop in talent will be mitigated. Just my opinion but reading/studying Desai makes me think he has a skill to get more with less, and with the FO’s team building missteps they’ll need it.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.

        Why hasn’t anything been announced by the team on Hurtt, Desai, Scott?

        • cha

          I like to think Desai’s agent is working out language to uber-clearly define his role.

          And also crafting an escape clause that allows Desai to walk away the minute PC tries to re-assert control over the defense and wrench it back to dropping 330lb defensive lineman in coverage.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Ok, but why no statement on Hurtt or Scott? It’s complete silence from the organization.

        • TomLPDX

          I read a comment from Mike Dugar in one of his articles on the Athletic when asked this specific question and he said Seattle will probably do just one announcement of all their staff changes.

          • Rob Staton

            Yeah… but what’s the delay???

            • Bmseattle

              I agree…the delay makes me nervous.
              I keep expecting to hear that a team swooped in and offered Desai
              a DC gig.

      • Poli

        KJ had a $3M cap hit with the Raiders. Would you take him back for that price?

        • cha

          I wouldn’t jump on him day one of free agency that’s for sure. I think considering KJ is one of those ‘okay we got through FA and the draft and we’ve got some pocket change, let’s see who’s out there’ type of moves.

          So it’s hard to say at this point. Too many questions to address before you go after him…

          Is Wagner still in their plans? If so, would they want to add to the aging/expensive mold of linebackers?

          If Wagner is cut do you feel like you need KJ to mentor the LB group?

          Is he willing to come back and play SAM? He didn’t like it but did it for the team in 2020.

          Is he willing to be a role-player?

          Have ties been severed? His recent comments didn’t slash PC but they sure weren’t complimentary.

          What does the staff envision for the defense? More nickel? More Bear Front (shudder) ?

          • Peter

            If your younger players like brooks need to be mentored when a generation ago you had Wright and Wagner dominating as rookies then you really did make poor picks. Lb is the defensive runningback. Easiest position (relative) to get up to speed and contribute right out of college.

            The right dollar amount for KJ? Who knows. A fourth round LB, like KJ before them, should or could contribute soon and cost about a million a year.

            • cha

              You’re not wrong but we’re too far down that road. The KJ/Wagner heyday is long gone.

              The Seahawks were bad defending the running backs in the passing game last year. Historically bad. That’s right in KJ’s wheelhouse.

              It might be a nice act of humility to bring KJ back in and consider that gaping weakness addressed.

              • Big Mike

                But didn’t he, like with Diggs, make mention of the Carroll problem which would mean there’s zero chance he comes back imo.

          • Big Mike

            chuffing bear

            • Peter

              I just picture like a wheezing paddington bear bent over hands on knees ashe tries to chase down runningbacks. “Chuffing(ton) bear”

  108. Rob4q

    Excellent read all the way through and really appreciate the effort you put into this Rob!

    So looking at the draft, I wonder if the Seahawks have enough to jump back into that end of the 1st round if one of the impact players they want drops? What would a trade like that look like and how much would they have to give up?

    Penning, Lucas, Jermaine Johnson, Devonte Wyatt…if one of those guys is there at 27, 28, 29…could they tempt a team to trade back?

    • Rob Staton

      Depending on a teams desire to move out of R1 I think it could cost anything from a R3 to a R4

  109. CJ Beast

    Rob, Great stuff here but I missed a couple of things. Kicker and Backup QB. Do we keep Geno or move on? I think the more important question is kicker. I remember at least a couple of games that were decided on Myers struggles last year. Do we move on? Any good kickers in the draft to surprise everyone with?

    • Rob Staton

      Geno — move on. It might be Eason.

      Kicker — I’d like to move on but there’s not a great list of alternatives and projecting kickers in college is v. hard.

      • Mick

        Well Geno has starting experience last season so he could be an option for Panthers or Commanders. JK.

      • TomLPDX

        I know a lot of people are down on Myers right now and I get it, but I think we keep him and let him regain his form. He had a bad year, the year before was outstanding. Kickers are hard to find as Rob said.

        • Big Mike

          I lean towards agreeing with you but keep in mind they’re like golfers and putting in that once “issues” are in their heads it’s hard to get the mental aspect straightened out.

          • TomLPDX

            Well, the top-ranked golfers who go through the yips get their butts on the practice green and start working on mechanics. Still waiting for Rickie Fowler to break through them but Jordan Spieth (to name just one) broke through and got back on the gravy train.

  110. JimQ

    The rankings on most big boards this year are BADLY in need of update, perhaps it will get better after the combine shows more information. Based on their current big board, here is a mock from today’s rankings at Drafttek.com. I think it clearly shows how out of date some rankings are, but I sure like most of the results!

    42—–DT-Devonte Wyatt, Georgia(62) —————— ALT: DL-Perrion Winfrey(45)
    74—–OT-Abraham Lucas, Wa. St.(88) ——————- ALT: OT-Bernhard Raimann(75)
    106—OLB-Channing Tindall, Georgia(131) ———– ALT: Quay Walker(122)
    112—RB-Dameon Pierce(215) —————————— ALT: OG-Marcus Hayes(113)
    151—EDGE-DeAngelo Malone(161) ——————— ALT: WR-Alec Pierce(155) (151 = hardest pick to figure out)
    227—CB-Monteric Brown(273) —————————- ALT:CB-Alontae Taylor(236)

  111. Rob4q

    Really love using the board Rob puts out as it helps identify where guys will be drafted. It’s been fun the last couple years to use that and watch the PFN sim adjust as we get closer to the draft…most of the guys Rob identifies start moving up the rankings!!!

    Looking at some mid/later round guys that are interesting:

    RB Hassan Haskins, Michigan – loved watching this dude run! He looks like he has it all to me.

    TE James Mitchell, VT – what a weapon! Can do a little of everything and could be used in a lot of ways.

    LB Jeremiah Gemmel, UNC – a little light for a LB and will have to see how he tests, but he just makes plays! Was the leader on the UNC defense this past season.

    S Markquese Bell, Florida A&M – former 4 star recruit at Maryland, dismissed from team in 2017 before ever playing due to unspecified rules violation. Spent a humbling season playing JUCO in Kansas, then lost a season at Florida A&M to COVID. Watch his tape, he is a difference maker on the field!

  112. Ben

    Decided to put together the “whoops we traded Russell” Version.

    Overall Summary:

    Still compete in 2022 with a great defense and committing to the Rams style offense while setting up to get a QB in 2023. By trading Russell, Bobby, and DK you are moving on from the heart of the team, but bring in a ton of talent (Chase Young, Daron Payne, Cam Thomas, Carlton Davis, Sauce Gardner, and Garrett Wilson) and stabilizing veterans in KJ Wright and Calais Campbell while returning to competition with Bridgewater, Minshew, and Mariota going at it. 2023 will feature 90+ million in cap space as well as 2 firsts and 2 seconds.


    R Wilson to Commanders for #11, 2023 1st, 2023 2nd, Chase young (3.7m), Daron Payne (8.5m)

    Bobby Wagner to Cleveland for #78

    DK to Chargers for #17

    Jason Myers
    Gabe Jackson
    Chris Carson
    Benson Mayowa
    Kerry Hyder
    Nick Bellore
    Travis Homer

    2022 cap: 82 million

    QB plan:
    Sign Mariota, Bridgewater, trade for Minshew, Draft Eleby

    Ryan Neal
    Bryan Mone
    Gavin Heslop
    Phil Haynes
    Will Dissly
    Jon Rhattigan
    ~6 million

    Poona Ford, 4 yr 45 million


    QB Mariota, 5 million
    QB Bridgewater 5 million
    LT Cam Robinson, 4 yr, 76 million (18 per), 12.5 million in 2022.
    CB Carlton Davis, 4 yr, 80 million, (19 per), 14.75 million in 2022.
    DT Calais Campbell, 1 yr, 9 million
    TE Robert Tonyan, 2 yr, 6 million (3 million guaranteed)
    SLB KJ Wright 1 yr 4 million
    DE Jacob Martin, 4 million
    TE Demetrius Harris (blocking), 1 year vet min
    RB, Dontrell Hilliard, 1 year, vet min

    Summary so far:
    ~67 million spent, 15 million remaining for draft, IR, rollover.

    11 via WAS- Sauce Gardner, CB, Cincinnati
    17 via LAC- Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State
    41 via WAS- Zion Johnson, G, Boston College
    72- Zach Tom, C, Wake Forest
    78 via CLE- Brandon Smith, WLB, Penn State
    4th- Jerome Ford, RB, Cincinnati
    4th- Tyrion Davis Price, RB, LSU
    5th- traded for Minshew
    7th- Kaleb Eleby, QB, Western Michigan

    Depth Chart
    QB- Mariota, Minshew, Bridgewater, Eason, Eleby

    RB-Dj Dallas, Dontrell Hilliard, Jerome Ford, TD Price

    WR- Lockett, Garrett Wilson, Eskridge, Swain, Cade Johnson, UDFA

    TE- Dissly, Tonyan, Parkinson, Harris

    LT- Cam Robinson

    LG- Zion Johnson, Phil Haynes

    C- Zach Tom, Kyle Fuller

    RG- Damien Lewis, pierre Oliver Lestage

    RT- Jake Curhan, Forsythe, UDFA

    DE- Chase Young, Darrell Taylor, Alton Robinson, Carlos Dunlap, Jacob Martin

    DT- Poona Ford, Daron Payne, Campbell, Mone, Collier

    SLB- KJ Wright, UDFA

    MLB- Jordyn Brooks, Ben Burr-Kirven

    WLB- Brandon Smith, Cody Barton

    CB- Carlton Davis, Sauce Gardner, Tre Brown, Ugo Amadi, Gavin Heslop

    SS-Jamal Adams, Muse

    FS- Neal, Blair

    P- Dickson

    K- UDFA

    Plan for 2022, compete!

    Trade 3rd place vet QB, keep 1 of Eason/Eleby, return of the churn!

    Going into 2023:

    Cap: 83 million with ~35 under contract with 2 firsts and 2 seconds, about 70 million for free agents

    After extending Poona, Daron Payne is your only major free agent. But the problem remains, you need a QB. The picks, cap space set up for a chance to go get your guy in the draft or FA. Still underwater with Jamal Adams until 2024…

    Potential needs: RB, RT, S, Slot corner, DT, SLB

    • Peter

      This is a bit off the rams plan though. They had a good team and then made it better with aggressive moves. Turns out stafford is actually pretty good ad just needed yo be put with a winner.

      You could build a great defense but I’m not sure you’re competing with bridgewater and mariota. I need to look no further than this team that had started to get stronger on defense but wasn’t good until they had a good qb. Plus they turned almost all of their picks into stars as well as some master strokes of luck bringing in Avril and Bennett. This team is currently bringing in hyder and mayowa.

      I do get it from hoping to rebuild. I really do. But if you’re still competing somehow, let’s say 8-9 wins then you’re out of the qb sweepstakes or youre hoping to trade up for bryce young while AL is currently getting to 0 for every attempt at producing a qb.

      • Ben

        Committing to Rams (Waldrons) offense, not the Rams roster building style. 3 Qbs gives a shot at finding one that can run Waldrons offense and hope to get to league average. The Wrs would give plenty of over the middle production and YAC.

        We know Pete isn’t going to full rebuild, this would be a fight and claw for a playoff spot type team, with the capital to easily go after a QB in 2023. Is a trade the best idea? No. But clearly the Seahawks are gonna listen. It looks a lot better than projecting a Bears trade I’ll say that much and that’s without receiving a franchise/upside QB.

        • Peter

          Gotcha that makes sense per the rams offense.

          A bears like trade would become rough sledding real quick with bo qb and more than likely those picks beig middle to low in the subsequent years.

      • Tomas


    • Jordan

      “Potential needs: RB, RT, S, Slot corner, DT, SLB”

      QB as well. Probably the most glaring need on that roster.

      • Ben

        Ahh yes, that’s meant to be the major need, while everything is potential based on how guys play.

    • cha

      Nice work, a lot to like there.

      Not sure how you got to $82million in cap room? That seems high.

      And unfortunately there is no way you’re getting a high 3rd for Bobby Wagner in trade.

      • Ben

        The cuts and trades open a ton of salary space, using the OTC site. I’m convinced Bobby still has decent value even at $16m in cap hit for somebody to bring some legitimacy and improve the run game. Particularly in a system where he has to play less coverage. That said a 4th may be more correct, and cutting him isn’t the end of the world.

        In this version, he’s swapped out for a LB, where we could as Rob says run it with existing guys or late rounders.

        • cha

          Unfortunately there is no way people can look at Wagner’s 2021 tape rationally and connect ‘$16m cap hit’ with ‘decent value.’

          • Rob Staton

            Nobody can justify that cap hit for Bobby.


            • bmseattle

              I really, really hope you are including Pete and John in that “nobody” group.

  113. Gross MaToast

    Re the lack of news on hiring – maybe some things were assured in negotiations that didn’t find their way into the actual contract waiting to be signed. Or, maybe it’s just that they’re waiting on a new ink cartridge for the printer. Who knows?

    Also, I think I would trade DK right now, if you can get a couple of 1s for him. I’d rather use the $20m he’s going to cost next year on a LT and a d-line guy.

    Finally, the Seahawks could have an all-Texas kicking duo with Dicker the Kicker, likely to be an UDFA. He might be fine-to-decent and you save $3m+ moving on.

    “What did you do today, honey?” I saved the Seahawks $23m and got them 2 first round draft picks. “That’s nice.”

    • Rob4q

      MSD over at The Athletic has an article up on the new defensive coaches and this is up near the top:

      …a look at what the Seahawks are getting in these defensive coaches, whose hires are expected to be formally announced later in the offseason (Seattle tends to do one press release with all the staff changes)…

    • Big Mike

      I go back and forth on DK but no matter what we believe, I think the bottom line is that if you want to keep Wilson, trading away one of his weapons isn’t a path to making that happen. Now if you do trade him (shudder), then yeah, move on.

      • TomLPDX

        Well, if DK is really trying to mature (as referenced above in Sea Mode’s twitter post) then there is hope for him. I won’t give up on him yet.

    • Peter

      I’m out on the trade DK train. This is an offensive league. Can’t see how this team is going to be better losing a big time weapon. Unless Eskridge is the second coming of a young OBJ/ Watkins before his injuries it’s a pretty big risk playing with one WR and hoping to make up ground through free agency.

      I could see the desire for this trade. Get some great dline talent. Save money.

      I just agree with Big Mike that Wilson would hate that.

      • pdway

        You can make a pretty good case that he is the only player on the roster other than Wilson who’s upside is being elite at his position. we don’t have enough of those to get rid of him. Also, and I know it’s not exactly Belichikian – but DK is one of the only exciting things the Hawks have going on. We get even more boring without him.

        • Peter

          I like that framing of his upside. And it’s true this team lacks star power everywhere.

  114. Henry Taylor

    I was taking a look at PFF’s free agent list: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2022-free-agent-rankings-free-agency which is well put together and gave me some names I thought would be interesting fits not named in Rob’s article.

    Contract Projection: Five years, $50 million ($10M per year, $24M total guaranteed)

    A guy with starting experience all across the iol who excels in a zone scheme that we appear to be leaning into who could be an alternative to, or additional signing with Brian Allen to remake the interior line around Waldron’s offence. He is just 24, plus maybe he Desai connection gives us some inside information.

    Contract Projection: One year, $1.125 million

    Just mentioned because he is another former Rams C who would offer a cheap alternative if money is spent elsewhere. Never got a chance with the Cheifs because of injury, and with Creed there now he becomes available.

    Contract Projection: Two years, $20 million ($10M per year, $11.5 million total guaranteed)

    Just an amazing athlete at the position (4.32 40, 37″ vert) who has had good career in Carolina but with the Panthers buying up corners all over the place he could be available. PFF specifically mentions Seattle as a good scheme fit for him (despite his 29.5″ T-Rex arms). I prefer bringing back our own guys at the price but thought he was an interesting name if we lose out.

    Contract Projection: Three years, $20.25 million ($6.75M per year), $13.25 million total guaranteed

    Just had an amazing breakout season with the Packers and has the look of a classic Seahawks corner. Could be fools gold but at that price and still aged just 26 I would be interested.

    Contract Projection: One year, $4.25 million, $2.25 million total guaranteed

    This is my favourite underrated pickup for the Seahawks. He was a blog favourite a few years back but never experienced the rise we’ve come to expect from Rob’s personal, early process, favourites and went in the 5th round. That said, based on what he has shown he maybe should have gone higher and yet still remains unheralded because he’s been buried behind an elite group of young DLineman in Washington. From PFF: Settle has still yet to play 350 snaps in a season, but his second straight 72.5-plus pass-rush grade and three straight seasons with double-digit quarterback pressures are intriguing for teams in need of a potential rotational interior pass-rusher. If you are targeting a Wyatt or Winfrey at #41 Settle, still aged just 24 with the opportunity to bring him in on a prove it deal, has the look of an ideal draft hedge with upside. My offseason mantra: Get Settle in Seattle!

    Contract Projection: One year, $2.5 million, $1.25 million total guaranteed

    He’s only on here as an emergency option if you lose Diggs, but he was a player I loved coming out and could be the right sort of PC reclamation project. He reminded me of Earl Thomas coming out, started his career well before an injury and is cheap, so why not?

    There were others but these were just the guys I had personally not really thought of for the Seahawks. But read the article yourself, because my main takeaway was there are lots of opportunities for the Seahawks to do some exciting things before the draft.

    • TomLPDX

      That’s a good list of potential FAs, Henry. Well done mining the PFF list. I like the Settle option and Blythe Austin at C on the cheap (can’t be any worse than Pocic).

  115. TomLPDX

    Here you go, staff announced…


  116. Magmatizer

    Seahawks officially announce the appointments of Clint Hurtt, Karl Scott, and Sean Desai. We can breathe a bit easier now.

    • Magmatizer

      Should clarify that this is per 710 ESPN.

      • Ben

        Amped! Seems like some relatively great hires. Good to see Hurtt get free rein to bring in his guys.

        • Tomas

          Would any of the other 31 teams even been remotely interested in hiring Hurtt as DC? Granted, he’s liked by the players but so (we were told) was Norton. Hurtt may be a great one, but as far as I’m concerned he’s an unknown quantity, much like Waldron was (and is.) I’ve got an open mind, and will be plenty enthusiastic later if Hurtt proves out.

          • Rob Staton

            I like Hurtt, having listened to him speak. So I’m rooting for him to succeed. Also, I like the additional appointments to bolster the staff and bring in new ideas.

            I just hope Carroll can bring it altogether, not allow a ‘too many cook’s problem to develop and be willing to actually listen to the guys he’s appointed. Perhaps even let them gameplan and adjust.

  117. Eduardo Ballori

    Hey Rob,

    I think the more one looks at the shift to Cover 7, one has to believe that CBs and safeties from Alabama will play a role come draft day. A Josh Jobe or Jayln Armour Davis could play into the picture to fit the scheme. Just a thought.



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