A tempting pass rusher & is guard back on the radar?

The top-20 defensive end that could tempt Seattle

Recently we’ve focused on the running back and defensive end positions. The Seahawks need help in both areas, whether it’s to fix the running game or get another pass rusher.

They’ll likely need to trade down to address both positions — unless of course they trade Earl Thomas and get a top-40 pick in return. That could potentially free up the #18 pick to be used (although there’s every chance they’d still trade down).

A player who could be of interest at #18, if available? Marcus Davenport.

We analysed Davenport in this piece back in December, so check it out.

But why would he be a player they’d consider taking?

Simply put, at his best he’s a game wrecker. The type you often need to spend a high pick on. He’s not quite got the freaky athleticism and length of a Ziggy Ansah and that’s why he might not go in the top-10. Even so, he tested well at the combine:

Height: 6-5
Weight: 264lbs
Arm length: 33.5 inches
Forty: 4.58
10-yard: 1.63
Vertical: 33.5 inches
Broad: 10-4
Bench: 22 reps
Short shuttle: 4.41
Three-cone: 7.20

Two of these numbers stand out, the rest is just solid across the board. His 4.58 forty is in the 94th percentile for an EDGE. The 10-4 broad jump is in the 91st percentile. So he’s quick and explosive.

Is that ‘special’ enough for the Seahawks? It’s a difficult question to answer. After all, Frank Clark ran a incredible 4.05 short shuttle at 271lbs and jumped 38.5 inches in the vertical. That’s special. Bruce Irvin ran a 4.50 at 243lbs and managed a 4.03 short shuttle plus a 6.70 three-cone. That’s special.

Even so, Davenport is the only pass rusher in the class not named Bradley Chubb where you put the tape on and you’re just wowed by his ability to get after the quarterback.

Personally I don’t think he’ll make it to #18. With pass-rush options so limited this year, you’d have to imagine someone will take him off the board. It could be Oakland at #10, Buffalo at #12, Washington at #13, Green Bay at #14 or Baltimore at #16.

There are reasons why he might last, however.

Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline today published an unnamed teams ‘top-15’. The team, understandably anonymous, owns a pick in the first half of round one. Davenport was not included in the top-15.

It’s only the opinion of one team (and considering they have three quarterbacks at the top, presumably it’s a team needing a signal caller). It’s still food for thought. It could be a consensus.

There’s also this. Bob McGinn has quoted an unnamed scout who offered the following take: “He is going top 20 but I wouldn’t take him in the first round… He scares the crap out of me. He’s a renaissance man, writes poetry and (bleep) like that. I don’t know if football is really that big for him. There’s times he can be soft.”

It’s not the most glowing review if you’re hoping to see him in Seattle. Having listened to interviews with Davenport, he’s clearly a deep thinker. I’m not sure I saw any softness on the field. It’s possible he heard that opinion a little too often at the Senior Bowl. Davenport didn’t really attempt a speed-rush in the early 1v1’s and seemed to try to prove he could bull-rush and win with power.

During the Senior Bowl game, Davenport did what he was doing at UTSA — winning battles and impacting plays. He even scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery.

He might need time to find his groove at the next level. The scout above might be right about some of his concerns. Yet if the Seahawks want to take a chance on a pass rusher — Davenport could be an option if he lasts.

Of course, it’s still more likely than not they’ll trade down from #18 and look in a different direction. Namely, fixing the run.

One other quick point to make — The Seahawks in 2010-2011 relied almost solely on Chris Clemons as a pass rusher. In 2012 they added Bruce Irvin. It wasn’t until 2013 that they signed Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

While they’ll likely want that type of rotation again in the future, they did take their time to find the right guys. They’ve already got Frank Clark, Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo and Marcus Smith. So while a pass rusher could be an early draft priority — if the options aren’t there they probably won’t force it. And 2019 is set up to be a very good D-line draft.

Guard back on the table?

The signing of D.J. Fluker seemed to indicate the Seahawks might look away from the guard position in the draft. After all, they only spent a second round pick on Ethan Pocic last year.

If Fluker was being pencilled in at right guard, Pocic was the presumed starter at left guard. It would’ve been hard to justify yet another high O-line pick, especially if it just forced Pocic onto the bench.

That still remains relatively true. Yet today’s news on Fluker’s contract is interesting:

Considering he’s only guaranteed $300,000 — they have the flexibility to cut him at any point. He’s not a lock to start on this contract. He’s not even a lock to make the roster.

Fluker, essentially, is a hedge. If they’re open to taking a guard but the draft works a different way, they’ll be covered. If they end up selecting, for example, Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez or Austin Corbett — they could just open up the competition and see how it goes.

And that would be a good thing. Wynn in particular is a fantastic prospect and possibly worthy of the #18 choice. Corbett and Hernandez are also very intriguing.

In an ideal world they’d be able to take one of the top O-liners plus a running back in the sweet-spot range of 25-45. Sadly with their lack of early picks there’s no ‘ideal’ situation this year. They have to prioritise. And Fluker provides the kind of experience at guard that Mike Davis and Marcus Smith cannot at RB or DE.

Yet it’d be unwise to rule anything out given today’s news on Fluker’s contract. I won’t mock a guard to Seattle any time soon — but I wouldn’t completely rule it out either.

A final note — this is a really great interview by the NFL Network’s Steve Wyche with Pete Carroll. In under three minutes Wyche asks all the questions that needed to be asked and even pushes Carroll on his future. Well worth a watch:

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  1. AndrewP

    Watch the Hawks sign DeMarco Murray, trade Earl, and really open things up @18.

    • House

      No thanks on Murray. I can’t handle another injury-riddled RB reclamation project.

      I am one that hopes Earl sticks around and stays, but if he’s moved for value, I’d be for it.

      I think trading down from #18 is our BEST option, unless “THE GUY” we have to have is there…

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Draft day trade with Dallas…..talk about an electric atmosphere at the draft in Jerry’s World.

      • Simo

        Agreed, stay away from Murray. We need young, fresh legs in the backfield this year, and probably more than just Carson. Most on this site seem to think the Hawks will trade down no matter what, as that’s been their MO the past several years. If they did stay and pick at 18, which player(s) could realistically be “the guy”?
        If we hadn’t already loaded up on DT’s, I’d say Vea if he dropped to 18. Who else?

        • DCD2

          I asked Rob this very question on the last Google hangout. He reluctantly said Vea – but he won’t be there. I think the only thing that having someone “drop” to us at 18 does is create a different trade down partner. If Ridley drops, maybe a team wanting to jump Dallas to snag the #1 WR comes into play.

          If we had a 2nd rounder OR a 3rd rounder (or both) we might be a bit more inclined to think about who “that guy” at 18 could be. As it is, I am coming around to the fact that there isn’t a realistic scenario where a guy that we can’t pass on will be available at 18.

      • TTownHawk

        Agree with everything you just said. Demarco Murray is no more than a name at this point. If you could bring him in at the vet minimum to be camp competition for younger guys, I am all for it. Otherwise, move along.

        I too hope they keep Earl. I think he still has at least 3-4 good years left. I am all for trading him if we can get a ransom in return, but that seems very unlikely at this point. I agree 100% with Rob’s take – stick to your asking price, if it doesn’t work out, you keep your all pro FS. Win-win.

      • AndrewP

        I’ll clarify… it’s not what I want, it’s the scenario that leaves ‘us’ wondering what they’ll do come 4/26.

  2. BobbyK

    If he stays healthy, the Fluker contract reminds me of Chuck Darby and Joe Jurevicius prior to the ’05 season. Huge impact. Limited financial cost.

    • STTBM

      Awesome comparison! I hope you are right–I’m pumped about them signing Fluker too!

  3. Frank

    The Fluker signing seems to be a hedge, against injury and being forced to sign a guard in the draft. We really don’t know what we have at Oline until we see what Solari can do with this group. I feel unless a true Blue chip prospect falls to us at 18, there is no way the Seahawks don’t trade down and attempt to create more top 100 picks. If it was me I’d be trying to trade Earl and our 1st for Barkley and a early 4th. I don’t think the Seahawks return to PC football without a top of the food chain back like we had before Marshawn got old lol. Trade our third and fourth then to move up to tap into a physically gifted safety and coach them up. It would probably hurt this year, but it’s a talent driven league and we need a RB that is arguably the best in the league to play the brand of football we like.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If it wasn’t for the traded away second and third round picks then things would break out differently. Because of those they just have to trade down and do the best they can. Still plenty of good players in the second round.

  4. Trevor

    Rob which option do you prefer Davenport at 18 or the scenario you outlined in your previous Mock where we trade back with NE and get Jones and Sweat? I prefer your mock option by a large margin but curious what you and others think?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they’ll pick at #18 unless they trade Earl Thomas. And even then I think they’d still trade down.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I’d love to see both those things happen and have us restock with some high end rookies in rounds 2-4.

  5. DAWGfan

    The level of competition Davenport went up against is sub-par at best. IMHO he’s a reach in the first round. His numbers are very eerily similar to Mike Mamula.


    • Rob Staton

      And he absolutely dominated the sub-par competition in a way that showed he was significantly a class above.

      He also played very well in the Senior Bowl game against better opponents.

      Not saying he’s destined to be a special NFL player — but he’s one of the rare smaller-school prospects that deserves not to be knocked for the level of competition he played against.

      • Trevor


        • JimQ

          I would add that the level of Coaching at UTEP is likely inferior to NFL Coaching. A relatively raw guy like Davenport should benefit greatly from NFL coaching. He would certainly seem to have some very desirable traits that could very well make him a future pro-bowler type DE, IMO, he’ll go top 40, so I don’t see him NOT being there at #18, which will leave PC/JS weighing their options & shaking their heads. Davenport could be a very tough guy to pass on, but then does he have grit? Love football? etc.

      • DAWGfan

        He had solid numbers but I would of expected much more production against the level of competition he was against. 8.5 sacks, 55 total tackles, and 3 forced fumbles as a SR. He did have a good game vs A&M in 2016, but he should of been able to have that kind of result every game this past year. He was pretty pedestrian vs Baylor and FIU the best teams he faced in 2016.

        • DAWGfan

          * 2017 vs Baylor and FIU.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d recommend watching his games and not focusing on the stats. He absolutely dominated.

    • FresnoHawk

      Davenport stood out at Senior Bowl I saw it on TV. Corbett can play all OL positions and the only position he might not be a stud at in the future is LT.

    • Trudy Beekman


      Best comp physically is Ryan Kerrigan. I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t be on board with that type of prospect.

  6. Trevor

    Really surprised the Hawks got Fluker on that contract. I would be worried but Giants fans seem pissed he is not coming back.

    Maybe he really wanted to play for Solari and looked at this as an opportunity to come in win a starting job, have a positive impact on the run game and then increase his value for a long term deal. He is still a young guy and last year was his first at G. He knows Solari’s scheme so it really is the perefect low risk signing IMO.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It almost feels like stealing. Jmarcus Webb got twice as much as that. I would have thought he would get between $3-$4 million.

      • 80SLargent

        It’s about time they got one of those “buy low” guys right on the O-Line.
        Jamarcus Webb was a 2 year $6.5M waste. Is he even in the league anymore?
        Luke Joeckel was a 1 year $8M joke sold to us as “one of the best guards in football” by offensive line genius/guru Cable. Notice he hasn’t signed with anyone either. He’ll be lucky to get a veteran minimum deal with Cleveland after June 1st at this point.
        These were the kind of guys they were signing and telling us they were trying to fix the offensive line and run game. They should’ve known better, this looks like progress.
        Maybe Fluker’s pass blocking is bad, but it can’t be worse than Glowinski/Aboushi/Rookie Pocic at RG, and at least he’s good at the something Seattle wants/needs to improve (run blocking), and it’s great to find out they didn’t pay through the teeth to sign him.

        • DCD2


      • Thy Hawk is Howling


        I could live exceedingly comfortable on 1.5 Million for the rest of my days. I’d spend most of my money helping people in need and making a positive impact on those in need.

        It’s only a silly game and he’s going to make far more then a professor/teacher and fire fighter would make in ten year’s in one season.

        Stealing? Quick someone report a robbery!

        • hawkdawg

          Maybe you could, and maybe instead you or somebody for whom you felt responsible would get sick, for example, and need far, far more money to live on, for medical care, etc.. That’s the thing about life. There are no guarantees of long-term health, followed by quick death. To say the least.

  7. CharlieTheUnicorn

    A good read. A reminder that NFL players are not robots and some have overcame tremendous odds to make it into the league.


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’m thinking they might kick Ifedi in to RG and then draft a RT….. a guy such as Williams might “fit the bill”.

  8. no frickin' clue

    Dear Pete, please change your mantra to “Wynn Forever”. Thanks in advance.

    • Trevor

      He is my hope for our first pick too. His consistency and technique is just off the charts. The stat that sums up Wtynn best as an OT playing in the best conference in country he allowed a pressure every 108 snaps on average for his career. That is incredible IMO and the type of guy the Hawks OL so desperately needs.

      Supposed to be a great character guy. Was coached by our new OC and played with the Griffin brothers in High school so there are definitely links to the Hawks.

      You could not get a less sexy pick but I think he would be the best in years for JS if he pulls the trigger.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Not me. I want a quality RB first to fix the running game, not a later round JAG. IMO, if we don’t pick a RB first, we will NOT fix the running game this year.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hell yeah No Frickin! That’s clever and I’m sure I would have come up with that if we draft him. You beat me to it, Touche!

      It’s not about if you Wynn or Loose, it’s the fun that matters!

      Actually not always.

  9. AlaskaHawk

    I was impressed by the link to Tony Pauline, especially the interview with QB Josh Allen. It’s great that he is getting the training to transition from small school program to the pros. He has many more months to work on his game before preseason, who knows how much better he will be by then?
    What a change from players like Johhny Manziel.

    Also seeing the top 15 just makes me wonder if the players after them would all pretty much be equal in abilities into the second round. Since they aren’t moving up for an elite player, it wouldn’t matter if Seahawks trade back as they are all pretty good players. It is just a question of getting the player you want.

  10. TTownHawk

    Every year I hope we don’t trade down and every year we do. This year I REALLY hope we trade down. It sounds like this draft is setup perfectly for us to trade down at least once and tap into the value on day 2. A lot of Hawks fans are in panic mode, but personally I think we are going to field a good squad in 2018. It won’t be the one we are used to, but we will contend. We still have all a great core (Russ, ET3, Bobby). I think Seattle wants to be the 2017 Saints and that vision is achievable. Fix the run game, take pressure off your elite QB, reshape your defense with a few key pieces.

    • FresnoBrad

      TTownHawk I was pulling weeds an hour ago thinking about Hawks and came to the same conclusion. I really like all the acquisitions, departures, and trades! Feeling really good about this off season and can’t wait to watch the draft, far more than other drafts of the past. There a ton of late round small school prospects that look really good, perfect draft for teams who prefer to make a living off late rounds, especially Carroll who loves late round secondary & RB prospects.

  11. EBurgz

    aren’t all the hawks free agent signing generally hedge bets? Joeckel is one guy that seemed to be penciled from the day we signed him but Pocic could have taken his spot in training camp so I’d argie he was a hedge too. Cary Williams is another one but they weren’t afraid to cut him when it didn’t work out so you can assume they weren’t banking on him completely.

    I expect to see some similar players drafted to the dudes we have signed. Who is the Mingo of the draft?

    • EBurgz

      The Winston signing before drafting Britt is a good example.

  12. RWIII

    The Seahawks desperately NEED a pass rushing defensive end.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, they need another pass rusher. But whether they ‘desperately’ need one is up for debate. They’ve got Clark. They brought back Dion Jordan. They re-signed Marcus Smith. They signed Barkevious Mingo. It’s not Bennett, Avril and Clemons but neither is the depth at corner, running back, defensive tackle or safety (especially if they trade Earl Thomas). As mentioned in the piece, they were competitive with just Clemons in 2011 and then had Clemons and Avril in 2012. Plus it’s a much stronger looking D-line class in 2019 than this year.

      They will draft/sign/both a pass rusher. But it’s not a ‘drop everything and take whichever one is there’ pick either.

      • 80SLargent

        I know you meant Clemons and Irvin in 2012. 🙂
        Speaking of Avril, it’s interesting that he is still on the roster. Obviously I don’t think anyone is banking on him coming back, but if he did, that would sure change the outlook of their edge rusher rotation this year. I’m holding out hope; good player, even better person off the field. Plus, they’ll have even more draft capital and cap space to address the position in 2019.
        Now I’m just waiting for the news to drop that they re-signed Maxwell.

        • Rob Staton

          Sorry yes, Irvin not Avril.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I agree on Maxwell. He is the one left to sign. Avril coming back would be a pleasant surprise as he should have some fresh legs. Malik could be a wild card as well.

      • McZ

        I’m actually quite high on Marcus Smith. He should develop into a solid performer once he gets more snaps.

    • D-OZ

      They need a 3 tech more than they need a DE…

  13. mishima

    Suh to the Rams.

    • mishima

      Ian Rapoport reporting 1 year / $14 million.

    • DAWGfan

      Their defense is going to be ridiculous this year. Scary push up the middle.

    • Del tre

      That sucks. Still doesn’t change my outlook on the Rams, fully expect their lockerroom to be way too much now, might not show in their record, but doubt they make it past the divisional round.

      • Patrick Toler

        I tend to agree. They might win 12 – 14 games, but I still need to be convinced that Goff and that offense can be consistent when the going gets tough.

        Quite an arms race between LA, Philly, and Minnesota.

        • Del tre

          I don’t think LA is even in the arms race, I’m not impressed by a 32 year old corner and a 25 year old with a history of disrespecting coaches and being a distraction.
          And Suh is notorious for having a bad attitude and being a dirty player, and that sounds like a perfect pairing with Donald who has already held out.
          I think they lead the league in penalties and attitude.
          But honestly their offense feels like less of a threat, Watkins is gone and he drew attention from teams, i also wouldn’t count on Woods to replicate last year, their left tackle is 35 now, how much longer can you count on him? Clark put a whooping on him and Goff still toe taps whenever he feels pressure, i wouldnt say that bodes well for their offensive future especially considering their most recent game was a blowout loss to the Falcons.

          • Mark Souza

            Who has two thumbs and called this a couple weeks ago? This dude. Life just got very rough in the NFC West. Our O-line has got to take a quantum leap in light of this news.

            • Dan Mock

              It will be curious to see how offensive coordinators around the league will scheme against the Rams. How many plays will see the pocket shift, or quarterback roll-outs…from the shot-gun formation. 🙂

            • Del tre

              Suh had less TFLs and sacks than Robert Quinn. We’ll live, the rams have had lines just as scary in my opinion.
              Besides that we no longer have an OC who became a but predictable by the end of his career, and an O line coach who is now being accused of sending out players unprepared, then on top of that we have Russell.
              Paper champions rarely end up with superbowls.

  14. Trevor

    I really think that when you look at the strength of this draft (RB, Interior OL ,S, DT and LB) it sets up perfectly for the Hawks to really fix the Run Game / OL and add much needed depth and speed on Defense.

    Use this year to churn players and play the young guys on defense to see who is a keeper or even building block and who isn’t. I think the offense will be much better this year so the team will still be competitive.

    Then next off season they have lots of cap space to lock up the newly identified core longer term and address DL, FS, CB and Wr in next years draft as they seem like the areas of strength. DL in particular.

    In this scenario if you trade Earl you have more draft capital to speed up the youth movement on Defense which is great and if you don’t trade him you have a pro bowler and one less need on defense. Either way works IMO.

    • McZ

      Yes, but I think we may interpret to much on PC telling the whole world, they want to “fix” the run game.

      If you loudly imply, you want to take a RB early, all the other needy teams will move RB up their draft boards. This essentially improves your downtrading lever, only if you NOT want to draft a RB early.

      With all the needs at DE, OL, DL, WR and RB they need lever in negotiations.

      I’m a burnt child predicting the Hawks drafting a RB early, last year I said they will draft Dalvin Cook. Nope.

  15. DCD2

    Oh Boy. Rams just signed Suh.

    Reported at 1 year – $10M

    That D is going to be a nightmare. Hopefully they trade for OBJ and the locker room implodes.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I’ve been watching this to take my mind off it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt2vixTuiUg

      • Greg Haugsven

        $14 million. I knew it would have to be a one year deal. Screen passes, zone reads and outside runs and big games from the tight ends is how you may have to win those games.

        • Greg Haugsven

          for some reason I watched that whole thing. Damn them steaks look good.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Bro I’ve been waiting until I got home to project it onto my tv

            Restarting it now

            • Kenny Sloth

              Gordon Ramsay is literally one of my role models….

              But he needs to chiilllll w/ the duxelle on that welly.

              Never gonna go in the first round like that

      • Kenny Sloth

        Rob, I like you more and more all the time!!

        Can we start a Steaks Draft Blog?

        I can’t stop marveling at the marbling.

        • Rob Staton

          Steaks Draft Blog might be more fun next year with this Rams team in the NFC West!

          • SoCal12

            ‘With the first pick of the Seahawks Steak Draft, Rob Staton selects… Wagyu Beef out of Kobe, Japan!’

            “Wow what a shocker Ken. I thought for sure he was going to go for Porterhouse, but it looks like Wagyu’s tape was too sizzling to pass up!”

            • Kenny Sloth

              And the Giants take the hometown kid.

              Manhattan Beef is staying in New York City!!

              Fans have already coined the moniker The New York Strip Sacks

            • Rob Staton

              Love it 🙂

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Marveling at the Marbling! Nice Kenny Duck!

      • Gohawks5151

        Unexpected. And not one bit disappointed.

      • Hawk Eye

        the first guy cut the steak as it was cooking – criminal
        but I guess I would have to taste it to make sure

        never had Kobe beef, but grass feed Nicaragua beef is pretty top notch
        and $30 for a whole tenderloin, with sides and a few beers for 3 people is hard to beat

        • icb12

          Last time I was in Japan, I majorly splurged and got 2 Miyazaki Wagyu Steaks.

          Suffice it to say, it was NOT 30$. But it was amazingly delicious.
          and they have beer in vending machines. Bonus.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Most rules people have about cooking steaks are myths

          • Kenny Sloth

            Sure wish I had the luxury of ruining all my knives like that though

            • drewdawg11

              I’m a big time Kobe believer. It’s amazing.

            • Chris

              That knife was uber sharp

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I don’t know about you guys, but I rarely make to the end of (food) porn videos. I achieved climax after that ribeye.

    • 80SLargent

      Hopefully Pocic is hittin’ the iron hard. Maybe Seattle still needs to draft interior O-line after all?

    • Aaron

      Hawks gonna be in max protect every passing play and put Russ in a giant hamster ball for good measure. Donald is lightning, Suh is thunder…together they gonna make it rain on QBs. That being said, why are Rams going all in with a third year QB after only one good season? Isn’t their window wide open? Why all this right now?

      • icb12

        Because they can afford it right now.

        Pretty Soon that have to pay Goff, Gurley, Peters, and Donald, and Kupp not too far down the road.

        They will still have talent, but safe to assume they won’t be able to bring in free agents like Suh, or Talib after they start paying some guys that they have cheap right now.

  16. Drew

    Suh to the Rams, 1 year for $14m. RW is going to be running for his life.

    • McZ

      Let’s draft a G, and hire Johnny Football as a hedge. Just kidding…

  17. House

    Suh to LA 1-yr/$14M. This OL of ours better protect Russ

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey can someone please give an update on Suh. I don’t know how to look up the NFL on the inter Webs?

      For those of you who live in Seattle, it’s cloudy out today. I’ll give an update later so you know what’s going on.

      Tis better to be a Smart Ass then a Dumb Ass.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Ian Rappaport @twitter,, Instagram and other social media ballocks–

        I’m hearing now that it’s Dark in Seattle because it’s night time. Reports are that they are expecting the Sun to rise by morning.

        It sounds like Mother Earth is still in orbit around the Sun!

        Go Hawk’s!

  18. Trevor

    Suh signing in LA is a worst case scenario for Hawks. Glad it is only a 1 yr deal.

    Just another reason why Wynn or Hernandez just make too much sense with that first pick. The entire NFC west have good DL units with LA downright scary. Makes the OL and a power run game even more important than ever.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I think Russ just shit his pants.

      • Trevor

        If not he should have.

      • sdcoug

        Rumor is he’s working on a 12-step drop now

        • pran

          backward or forward? he can score more TDs by running forward for life 🙂

        • Greg Haugsven

          He might as well just take the shotgun snap like a punter.

    • Rob Staton

      With the greatest respect to both Wynn and Hernandez, they aren’t making a blind bit of difference vs Donald and Suh.

      You’re not stopping those two with guards. You have to have other weapons and scheme against weaknesses elsewhere.

      • mishima

        2 games / year, I start Pocic at QB and split RW wide.

      • EBurgz


        It will have to be scheme, not personnel, that will give us a chance to beat the Rams. I want to roll with the guys we have on the line and focus on RB and defense front 7 in the early rounds of the draft.

      • Trevor

        I like our chances better of scheming against Suh and Donald with Wynn, Britt and Fluker vs Joeckel, Britt and Pocic last year. Better players make better schemes.

        • Rob Staton

          Well they already have Britt and Fluker.

          Listen, I like Wynn as much as you do. But let’s not pretend he’s going to be the difference between limiting Suh and Donald and Russell running for his life.

          Guard play will not stop those two. They will have to try and scheme around it. Won’t be easy. They’ll likely need big defensive performances vs the Rams.

          • EBurgz

            Donald and Suh would eat Wynn’s lunch. Any rookie. Even all pros like Norwell would take their lumps. Gonna have to keep extra blockers in and move the pocket and get the ball out fast. Dickson signing looks big right now for his pass blocking ability on the edge.

            • Trevor

              I think you will be seeing a lot of 2 tight end sets and max protect against the Rams. Really hope the Hawks develop some sort of screen game it was really lacking in the offense under Bevell. Guess we will find out if that was on Russ or Bevel now.

          • sdcoug

            Hawks couldn’t even limit Donald by himself. Russ was running for his life and they still refused to scheme around it. Maybe now they will have no choice but to, or perhaps Schotty can talk some sense into them.

          • Trevor

            Rob I agree a rookie guard is not going to come in and stone Donald and Suh, two of the best DT in the league. But good consistent Guard play allows you to at least scheme around that strength. Last year there where so many whiffs and blown assignments that there was instant presssyre up the middle in the pass an run game on what seemed 30-40 % of the snaps.

            I guess it is the consistency, sound fundamental and focus on assignment that I want to see most from our OL and that I guess is why I want to see Wynn in a Hawks uni so bad because he personifies those traits.

            • Rob Staton

              Again though Trevor, none of this really matters in relation to the Rams. The reason Solari is here is to dramatically improve execution and performance. And I suspect he will achieve that. But a rookie guard isn’t doing a darn thing to limit Suh and Donald. You will have to scheme around that and find other weaknesses. You’re not blocking those two. Especially not with rookies.

              And I’ll say it one more time. I like Wynn. But obsessing over one position group will do us no good in this run up to the draft.

    • Patrick Toler

      I actually wish it was a multi year deal so that the Rams would have to deal with dead money. They get to pay only for what presumably will be the best year in his remaining career, as he will likely fade as he ages.

    • H

      I kinda have the opposite view. This moves makes me want Ronald Jones even more.
      How many big runs did he have for SC where his OL gave up immediate penetration? No rookie guard is dealing with those two one on one, but a RB like RoJo might be able to make them miss.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Wilson better practice that screen pass! Because he will be throwing it a lot.

  19. Trevor

    Peters and Talib must be pumped. All that pressure up the middle and QBs rushing throws off their back foot. Wonder how many INTs they get as a duo I say 15+.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yeah, that’s a good combo. They’ll know the ball is coming out QUICK!

  20. Nick

    I am super scared about Suh…but let’s remember how we all reacted to getting Sheldon Richardson. We all thought our D line would be unstoppable. Sometimes it doesn’t work the way you think it will.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree Nick, these big signings fail more than they do work.

      • Rob Staton

        Very few teams win the Super Bowl in March.

        • BobbyK

          Actually, no team in the history of the NFL won a Super Bowl in March. 🙂

    • Patrick Toler

      Good perspective; this is absolutely true.

    • Lewis

      What scares me the most is the thought of Suh and Ifedi taking swings at each other.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I could really see a lot of screen passes against the Rams next year. Just let those two guys through and hit the RB

        • Hawk Eye

          didn’t the Eagles win the off season about 5 years ago?

          let’s see how it all ends up, and maybe the Rams don’t have the “no injuries luck” 2 years in a row

      • Nolan

        Hey if that’s how ifedi has to take suh out of the game so be it Lewis

        • drewdawg11

          This is easy: Play Reece at guard and have him get into a scuffle with Suh. When Suh takes a swing, he’s gone. Problem solved. After he leaves, everyone focus on Aaron Donald and make sure he’s got two OL and a back on him at all times. 🙂

  21. Trudy Beekman


    One thing we haven’t talked a lot about is WR, and I would made the argument that it is the position where we have the greatest need. Any thoughts on this WR class?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a poor receiver class. Very little to get excited about. And given the team has lost its way a little bit as a run/defense outfit first and foremost, I think they’ll roll with the guys they’ve got and see what’s available on day three or UDFA.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I look forward to watching Darboh run block. He did quite a bit of that at Michigan.

        • EBurgz

          We shall see about Darboh. He looks the part. I’m personally more interested to see what Lockett does with some more targets and another year removed from his horrific leg injury.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I cant wait to see that either.

      • 80SLargent

        Apparently they’re bringing Brice Butler in for a visit.


        • House

          We looked at Butler at being a possible CB-convert (same steps of Sherman) before the 2013 draft. He did a good job in DAL last year and I am a bit surprised he hasn’t received much interest. He’s got good size and speed. I wonder if his comments turned people off. I personally think they weren’t bad and he needs a chance. Could be an interesting signing for a middle of the field/RZ guy. Kind of what I envisioned Pryor’s role would’ve been. Just much cheaper

    • Kenny Sloth

      I agree. We’re losing a TON of production in terms of scoring and big plays from Richardson and Graham.

      You have to think they want to add some kind of wildcard to push Darboh and Lockett.

      Not to mention the very thin TE room.

      I like that Khalid Hill but he’s really raw as a blocker

      • RealRhino2

        I know they thought TE was a big priority in the offseason. Don’t know if they think Dickson alone makes them comfortable there. Probably not because he’s not a run blocker.

        I think if we had our “normal” draft picks you’d be right, and we’d see a WR picked in the 3rd or so. But Rob’s right, the WR class is really thin. I think we’ll end up looking at the kind of size/project guys we’ve gone after in FA/trades once we hit the 4th & 5th rounds. I like TreQuan Smith from UCF, Michael Gallup if he lasts that long.

      • Hawktalker#1

        But WR, the BIGGEST need? Really?

  22. SeahawkeyezSub80

    Steaks and 2019 draft prospects. Sizzle Sizzle.

  23. Greg Haugsven

    Update on the cap space these signings have taken up with Flukers numbers:

    Mingo $2.4
    McDougald $3.33
    Dickson $1.87
    Brown $1.78
    Alexander $720k
    Fluker $1.37
    T Johnson $2.1
    M Smith???
    M Davis???

    Total is $13.57 million in cap space for 2018 between 7 players.

    If you add in the tenders for Jordan and Coleman it would be $18.37 million for 9 players.

  24. EBurgz

    Everyone is so worried about Suh (me included). And yet, if I had to spend 14 million on a player I’d rather spend it on Earl.

    • Drew

      I love Earl, but not for $14M

      • AlaskaHawk

        As a general rule of thumb I think they should limit players to 10 million a year, and never trade away a first round draft pick. RW being the one exception.

  25. C-Dog

    At this rate Seattle might want to draft Davenport just keep him out of the Rams hands because if that team acquires a top level edge rusher, good night Irene.

    Also, seems like Seattle isn’t done looking at veteran wr. Brice Butler is coming in for a visit.

  26. Greg Haugsven

    One month from now will be draft day gentlemen. Let the countdown begin.

  27. Burner

    How much cap space have the Rams left after signing Suh? They can’t possibly squeeze in OBJ too, can they?

    • John_s

      About $14 mil in cap space after the Suh signing.

      It’s the luxury of having a qb with a $7-8 mil cap hit.

  28. Trevor

    How must Josh Rosen feel when his idiot ex head coach Jim Mora gets on the NFL network and says theBrowns should take Darnold not Rosen. Thanks for the loyalty coach!

    How did that guy get so many HC jobs it makes no sense. Whenever you get frustrated with Pete think about the Jim Mora years.

    • C-Dog

      Jim Mora Jr is the worst.

      The way that dude flipped out and threw Mare under the bus, threw his OL under the bus in his one and done stint as HC in Seattle. The way he went after Brock Huard when Huard had every right to question Rosen’s toughness last season, and now the QB he was so fiercely defending he now says the team with the first overall pick should take the QB from his former LA CFB rival. Priceless.

      Actually, though, I think he was right. I would totally take Darnold over Rosen in a heartbeat.

      • Trevor

        I agree Darnold is the pick for the Browns but you would think Mora would have a little loyalty and class. If he gets another HC job then whoever hires him should be fired immediately!

        • C-Dog

          You nailed it.

          • D-OZ

            That’s exactly what he is doing, auditioning for a job. He is so vanilla…

      • Forty20

        Brock wore the slur fantatically though and they even made it part of their show intro which cracks me up every time I listen to it!

      • sdcoug

        Not to mention Mora’s UCLA squads were about the dirtiest, most classless teams I’ve ever seen

    • RealRhino2

      Maybe he feels great. Maybe he’s thankful that Mora is pushing whatever narrative he needs to in order to keep Rosen from going to Cleveland with their terrible coach and bad team. I would, too.

      And is he wrong? Rosen fits the profile of the outspoken NY intellectual, while Darnold fits the profile of the blue-collar, working-class hero. Darnold probably is a better fit for Cleveland, both because of his persona and frankly, because he’s better at running for his life and executing off-platform than Rosen is.

      Remember when Pete Carroll kind of blasted Mark Sanchez when he left USC? Remember how people thought he shouldn’t have done that, that he should have been more supportive of “his guy”? What I remember is that he was right and he was honest, which is more important.

      • McZ

        Darnold at this stage is more refined than Rosen. Also, it seems Rosen wants to go to New York, not into that dark territory called Cleveland.

        So, I guess, Mora has helped more than he hurt.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Darnold is more refined than Rosen?!?!?

          Maybe his footwork is better and he definitely has a more talented arm, but that’s why Rosen has had to compensate with accuracy and intelligence.

          Y’all be havin some straight up strange takes.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m sure Rosen is pretty secure in himself.

      I’m sure he values Mora’s opinion the exact right amount

  29. Trevor

    Pete is master at deflection and answering a potentially negative question in a positive way without really saying anything. He is right though no matter what happens Sherm and Earl are Seahawks.

  30. Isaac

    Pete really seems to hedge when talking about earl staying with the hawks. I just don’t see it happening. He will be traded at some point.

    • EBurgz

      Nothing made me think he would be traded more than the answer to that question

      He’ll always be a hawk… just like sherm. Ah crap

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        +1 writings on the wall

      • AlaskaHawk

        Don’t be surprised if it happens mid season next year. Some team might be desperate for an experienced safety after theirs is injured.

  31. Trevor

    Everytime I see Hue Jackson during the draft build up all I can think is how does a coach with a 1-31 record still have a job? I want to get on board with the Browns being an up and coming team but with him as HC I just can’t do it.

  32. C-Dog

    Interesting things from John Schnieder today via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

    1. The reason they cut Sherman was they knew he was going to be a cap casualty and wanted him to get out there ASAP to get the best deal for himself.

    2. The team has not been in discussions with representatives of Earl Thomas about a contract extension and he refused to answer whether discussions would start. Just said he doesn’t want to talk about contract situations with players.

    3. Sheldon was hard to figure out in extending. They couldn’t get a feeling on his bottom and ceiling or his role, having the ability to play the number of positions that he has. (I personally thought that was interesting)

    4. He likes the veteran additions on the DL, and they like how there DL is looking. He said they are going to let Mingo rush more in Seattle. Mentioned Marcus Smith played 2017 hurt, but he will be given more opportunity. He is really high on Dion Jordan.

    5. They like Mo Alexander a lot. Love his speed and ability to play SS and WILL.

    6. When asked about Fluker, said he liked his size inside, but said he volunteered that they thought Ethan Pocic played well as a rookie and they like him coming in with the added weight of 322. They like their size inside. (Thought that was interesting)

    7. He mentioned Russell Wilson, Duane Brown, Bobby Wagner, and Doug Baldwin is cool guys to build around. Said there are other guys, as well.

    8. He said the team doesn’t know about the statuses of Avril, Chancellor, or McDowell, but they will all be having scans sooner to determine whether they can play. (Interesting that he grouped McDowell in there)

    There you go. Go Hawks

    • cha

      great notes, thanks!

    • Trevor


      Interesting that he did not include Earl when discussing the core guys.

      • C-Dog

        It was a bit telling

    • Rob Staton

      There was an even more interesting reference from Schneider too — piece on it coming later today.

      • C-Dog

        Looking forward to it!

  33. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    This year offseason is about 2019 and beyond(5 year window as Pete put it). Its going to be at best 9 and 7 I’m thinking more like 8-8, 7-9. This year and next years draft are huge! as far as the Pete Carrol era. Somehow someway I see JS getting atleast (2) day 2 draft picks this year. Trade back into second round and recoup a third round for it. Unfortunately I see us only getting a second or third round pick for Earl this year. If we don’t take the best offer possible or like Sherman he will be a free agent next year.

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’m not quite that anxious to give up on this year and say everything Pete and John are doing now is all about next year. What is Pete’s montra? Always compete next year? Give it some time.

      • 80SLargent

        His mantra was the same when Seattle was 7-9 in 2010 and 2011. They won’t be a doormat, but they’re not that close to being contenders either. There’s nothing wrong with that or being realistic about the team, instead of seeing them through homer goggles.

        • Patrick Toler

          They won’t be among the core group of contenders, but they will be definitely be among the bigger group of fringe contenders and if they get lucky or have an unexpected amount of development, they could be a championship team. Plenty of talent if things go well.

          • peter

            I’m going to go full homer here. When Seattle was 7-9 and churning it up the team was a joke minus marshawn.

            Allow me to reframe the slim margins off the pro game for fans. First three field goals puts this allegedly crappy Seattle team above the mighty rams last year.

            Second. the fierce and terrifying rams needed how many key injuries against Seattle to beat them? I mean this is the new era rams we are talking about and not the same rams who in the same season “goffed” it up at home against an already limping seattle. I mean the rams. the name alone sends kids running for cover.

            going back to the team in churn phase one. Unlike then Seattle now has a q.b. That has been in the mix for mvp two times in three seasons. Just ponder if you will anything that looked like a run game last year vs. all of us on the blog taking turns toting the rock? What’s Wilson not being 98% of total offense worth? At least one win.

            I guess I’m not ready to anoint the off season winners the actual winners. I’m positive Seattle is playing in a tough division again but I just can’t see last season and how injured they were and how horrible the kicking was and think that’s the pattern going forward.

            • Rick

              I’m expecting the Seahawks to be competing for the Wildcard. The biggest thing to me is that we’re already seeing an improvement to our OL. Adding Fluker and Dickson, having Fant return, and Pocic having another year of experience should give backs a bit better of a hole and Wilson an extra second or two, against most defenses. If we can manage an improvement to the running game together with a possession passing game, we’re going to see the offense use up a lot more of the clock.
              For the defense, it looks like the DL theory is that if we have a lot of good (even if not great) linemen who can rush, we can rotate them and keep them fresh, keeping constant pressure on the QB. Also, if the offense is eating up more of the clock, the defense doesn’t need to be as good as they won’t be spending as much time on the field.

        • GerryG

          I don’t see the 2018 Hawks as title contenders, but expect them to be better than the 2017 team. Last years team was so frustrating and terrible to watch. I wouldn’t e surprised to see them go 10-6 and show a lot of potential. That may not even make the playoffs in the NFC though.

          If the Rams stay heathe division is theirs for the taking again.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Just finding a decent field goal kicker would be enough to elevate their poor kicking.

  34. SeahawkeyezSubj80


    Atleast we got RW. He will make the Rams defensive line look like keystone cops. Lol

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Thanks for sharing that M8!

      I won the Game and now I’m gonna jump,

      Bo Jackson !

  35. Trevor

    Sounds like Pocic is bulking up a little and is 320+ now which is good to hear. I really hope Ifedi is working on his craft all off season as well. He really is the key to the OL going forward. If he can develop into the big dominant RT they thought they were drafting in 1st round them this OL could be really good really quickly. If not then that was a huge waste of draft capital and RT is a huge hole. I have hope for him but enough with all the penalties.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Reading about Josh Allen and how he is training to be a better QB. I wish the Seahawks line were getting together and working out and training to be better blockers in the off season. The league is very controlling about amount of practice time. Seahawks haven’t ever fielded a decent blocking team at the start of the season. Between low practice snaps, and shuffling positions in preseason= they have always looked unfinished. So I wish they would get together as a unit with a trainer in the off season and treat it like a full time job.

    • Nick

      Here are some Gs that are in that weight area: Will Hernandez (327), Scott Quessenberry (315), and Isaiah Wynn (313). I think we’re sleeping on Quessenberry.

  36. Ishmael

    “He’s a renaissance man, writes poetry and (bleep) like that”

    NFL teams are just embarrassing. Imagine being scared by that.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80


    • mishima


      What about a team asking Derrius Guice whether he likes men?


    • Hawk Eye

      Cannot have intelligent people in the locker rooms. They might figure out that a lot of the coaches are not that bright and only have their jobs because of the old boys network.
      Can’t have the help smarter than the boss.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yo Ismael Rob”s cool with saying “Shit”.

      Go Shit!

  37. Greg Haugsven

    Someone on twitter mentioned a trade scenario (all opinion at this point I believe). What do you guys think?

    Tampa Bay gets Earl Thomas and #18.

    Seattle gets #7 and #38.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Would you want to ppick as is or trade back from either spots?

      • Hawktalker#1

        We trade down the crap outta that #7 and bank a ton of picks and load up for drafting at the end of round 1 through round 4.

        • SeahawkeyezSubj80

          I second that motion!

      • C-Dog

        I would probably be inclined to trade back from 7. Although, if Vita Vea was sitting at 7, I might be tempted to select there.

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80


      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        If we had #7 and Saquan was there. I would pick him, otherwise trade the hell out of the pick.

    • cha

      That values Earl at about pick 12-14 overall on the trade value chart, and that’s insanely high.

      But if they made that deal I could easily seem the auctioning Lamar Jackson at #7 off. Great options at 11-12-13 with Miami-Buffalo-Washington ready to jump up. Or San Diego at 17.

      Buffalo got a 3rd round and a future first round to move from 10 to 27 for Patrick Mahomes. I could see the Hawks netting something like that in a trade.

    • Rob Staton

      Unlikely I’d say.

  38. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I think that’s too rich for Tamba they have no 3rd pick this year. They would not have a pick in round 2 and 3(we know what that’s like. Ugh) I could see swap first picks this year and their third round next year. I’m not even sure what their free safety sit. is this year?

  39. Hawk Eye

    I am officially declaring that I will cheer for the Rams this year



    in 2012 and 13 I used to get as much pleasure out of a 49r’s loss as a Hawks victory. Almost.
    Had a similar feeling with the cards for a few years, but not at the same level.
    Always hated the Rams, but just for playing only 2 good games a year against the Hawks and then stinking it up against everyone else.
    after signing Suh, trading for Peters and Talib, Rams fans will be unbearable (almost Pats fans bad).
    This will not stand!
    Schadenfreude is back baby!

    • AlaskaHawks

      I second your motion. It’s time to slaughter the sacrificial Ram!

    • cha

      I can easily see a Seahawks game in 2018 with Peters benched for throwing a tantrum, Suh serving a suspension for a dirty hit and Talib single handedly moving the Hawks offense down the field with personal fouls and PI calls.

      • Hawk Eye

        that’s the spirit!
        actually, implosion sure feels like a real thing with them.
        I know that Phillips is a great defensive coach and they have some amazing talent
        but they also have some first rate head cases
        the games are played on the field and footballs can bounce funny sometimes
        a couple of bad breaks and they could unravel – that would be so sweet

    • bankhawk

      Plus one!

    • FresnoHawk

      It’s a long long season any injuries Rams are done.

  40. Greg Haugsven

    DJ Fluker has a roster bonus of $100k if he is on the week 1 roster plus $18,750 per game he is on the active roster with an LTBE of 9 ( thats why his cap hit is a goofy number)

    Signing Bonus $300,000
    Base Salary $800,000
    Week 1 Roster Bonus $100,000
    Active roster bonus
    of $18,750 with 9
    likely to be earned $168, 750

    Total Cap Hit $1,368,750

    • Patrick Toler

      So does that mean he is deemed likely to be on the active roster just nine games? Any idea how those LTBE numbers are determined?

  41. Coleslaw

    Wynn at 18 or after a trade down + trade earl for basically one of Michel, Chubb, Rojo. Wynn is such a beast…. Abso lute anchor. Him and Fluker would open up plenty of holes for whoever has the ball.

    • Coleslaw

      Also, what if Fluker played 6th offensive lineman and backed up both guard spots filled by Wynn and Pocic. Your right side could be Wynn, Ifedi, Fluker

    • Trevor

      That is exactly what I would love to see as well. Agree 1000 %

      • Rob Staton

        And you’ll miss the running backs and pass rushers just to put Fluker down as the sixth lineman.

        Again, I like Wynn a lot. But let’s not try too hard to force this.

        • Trevor

          Pocic would be the 6th lineman for me and RB would be addressed with the 2nd pick. In this scenario for me. I guess it is as simple as you value the RB position more when it comes to the run game than I do. I don’t think it matters who you have at RB if there are no holes and the RB is getting met in the backfield like all last season for the Hawks.

          I just firmly believe that until you have a good solid OL you can rely on that using the our first pick on an RB is like putting the cart before the horse.

          I won’t bring it up again as I have made my feelings clear on the matter but if you put Ronald Jones behind our OL last year do you think we would have had a good run game? I certainly don’t.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s not as simple as that at all Trevor. I’ve kind of repeated myself a few times on this.

            It’s about the best use of your resources. The Seahawks spent a pick on Pocic last year. Now we’re talking about making him the ‘sixth lineman’. That is not a good use of resources. He’d be a backup 98% of the season. And you won’t have addressed RB or DE.

            The idea that any old RB will do is a myth. I’m surprised any Seahawk fan is willing to make that point having lived through the Marshawn era.

            Does the OL need to improve? Yes. That’s why Solari is here. You’re asking whether Jones II could’ve run behind last years line. If you put Wynn in the line up with Fluker it’s still mostly last years line. It’s up to Solari to make it work. And for the Seahawks to fix the run it’s about the O-line and the RB position. Not one or the other. It never is. The O-line has received Fluker and Solari so far (plus Duane Brown). The RB position has received — re-signing Mike Davis. It needs help.

            Everyone knows how much I like Isaiah Wynn and Austin Corbett. And Hernandez, Price, Ragnow and others. Increasingly I’m having to argue against taking them though, just because the point keeps coming up that the solution to Seattle’s re-tool is to bench Pocic for yet another early O-line pick. I’ve said in this article — it’s more likely now we know Fluker’s contract numbers. He is expendable. But the Seahawks aren’t just going to endlessly focus on one area. And nor should they.

            • Georgia Hawk

              I look at it a little differently, but still the same result. I say draft a RB early. G is 1/5 of 1/2 of the running game. A good RB can influence a larger percentage of the game by himself, the guy that can make something out of nothing. No matter how good the OL is, they can’t force the RB to make the right reads or run faster. I’d rather take a flyer on a guy that can make magic once or twice a game than a guy who’ll add .5 yds per rush to his side.

              In all honesty, if the Hawks were to stay at 18 and grab Rojo II, i wouldn’t be too upset about it. I’d hate the value and lament the inability to gather more picks, but I wouldn’t hate the pick itself.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ll add too — nothing would make me happier than to land one of the guards and then one of the top RB’s between 25-45. But you have to make the most of your resources. And the investment has been made in the OL.

            • peter

              Rob knowing flukers numbers and that he seems to be playing a sort of scheme mentor with Solari do you think Seattle continues to address linemen but in more of the project range?

              I do get what you’re saying about resources and even though these guys were another eras picks you’ve got to start making some of it work.

              first I’m not sure how Seattle even gets a third round pick and second I don’t know if he would even last but I do wonder if Seattle would consider Braden Smith in the third with fluke r basically being a super cost effective rental?

              • Rob Staton

                I think Smith will go in round two.

                Fluker is a hedge on a prove-it deal. I don’t think it’s about mentoring. I think they believe he can be a factor in the run game and at the price, they’ll let him compete for a spot on the team. It doesn’t stop them going O-line early but it means they can focus on other areas and let the draft come to them.

                And it’s important to note — they can’t just keep pumping endless picks into this unit. That doesn’t mean they give the current guys years and years to develop either. But Ifedi is a one-year starter at right tackle. Pocic has played about half or a third of a season. Solari needs to work with these guys and see how they fit into his plan.

                They have very limited draft stock in the early rounds this year. Maxing out the resources is crucial. And they have a plan at guard now. I like a lot of these guards. But overloading the O-line and putting Pocic on the bench, while, ignoring other positions, isn’t logical.

                • C-Dog

                  Way too early to give up on Pocic, just like it’s way too early to give up on Ifedi. JS just mentioned Pocic as someone who has spent the off-season adding good weight. Fluker is on an inexpensive prove it deal that feels like a hedge. Depth behind Pocic and Fluker feels questionable at best. I think they probably still look to the draft for OL but IMO, it would be a major shocker if they didn’t go after one of the top running backs first, especially if there is no Earl Thomas trade.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    I’ll add it is way to early to give up on Fant. I am interested in seeing if Solari will make a meaningful difference in their blocking techniques.

  42. drewdawg11

    That wild Tampa Rumor would be a trip. I would honestly take Cora Vea if possible, but that’s just me. I like freakishly athletic DT’s who wreck game plans. If they traded down I would only trade back down around 10 spots or less, and if someone wanted a QB there it would cost them at least a top 20 puck and a second round pick. Plenty of teams would be wanting to move up, I think. It’s all fantasy, but I would still like a shot at either Wynn or Davenport, or even Derwin James and get that second rounder to hopefully get Chubb.

  43. C-Dog

    More takes from Bob Condotta

    1. Byron Maxwell is still a priority resign, but Seattle might add him and Dontae Johnson.

    2. Seattle is looking to bring in one more DT, don’t be surprised if Bennie Logan or Quinton Dial sign.

    3. JS’s new free agent approach is to make an offer with a deadline, take it or leave. Idea is everyone who signs wants to be a Seahawk. Not getting into bidding wars.

    I gotta say, I dig this approach. Feels very 2010. Go after players that want to be a part of it, and stay away from big names that want to cash in. Doesn’t seem like they are concerned with 2019 comp picks at all.

    And holy cow, are they going after free agent DTs, or what? If they get Bennie Logan, I’m really starting to like that inside rotation.

    • 80SLargent

      1. Yes to Maxwell. Solid but not great #2 starting CB. Dontae Johnson has good size and some starting experience, but he’s been pretty bad when he’s been on the field. He shouldn’t be any more than a camp body/Carroll project along the lines of Baptiste/Seisay.
      2. Dial seems like he’d be the cheaper and more likely candidate. Logan would obviously be awesome at the right price though.
      3. I like the free agent approach. I hope he carries that through at least toward the end of the season, and doesn’t extend anybody before that. Find out who really wants to be on this team.

      • C-Dog

        I think the most probable extension would be Duane Brown post draft. JS just mentioned him essentially as one of the core players moving forward. But, in all likelihood, they are most likely gearing up for a massive RW extension in 2019.

        • drewdawg11

          I hope they plan on resigning Frank. Young, ascending player.

          • C-Dog

            Me too.

  44. Millhouse-serbia

    Where I can find video of JS interview? I just saw video on seahawks.com but that is not all. It is really interesting that he didn’t mention ET as a core player to build around and I want to hear that.

  45. Reggie in IOWA

    One name I haven’t seen anybody on this blog mention is James Daniels. The kid out of Iowa is as good as they come out of college in my opinion. Not to mention Iowa linemen fare very well in the league! Opinions??

    • drewdawg11

      James is super agile and athletic for an interior player. I’ve mentioned before, however, that he’s not great at locking on to guys when he gets to the second level. He’s not a bully, but he’s going to be able to move. There were times in his game film where he would combo block with his line mate initially, then slide to the linebacker or safety and whiff. Upside for sure, but I would rather have him on day two and some team may draft him higher. Billy Price’s injury may help him.

  46. Alex6674

    Re the Schneider comments, I thought it was interesting when he said previously incoming players were in awe of the likes of Chancellor and Bennett and felt they were only competing for back up spots.

    • Sean-O

      Agreed. I liked that part as well. It reminded me of 2010 & 2011 when SEA drafted Earl, Sherm & Kam. That team had established vets in the secondary like Trufant & Lawyer Milloy. But the young guys cam in, competed & well, we know the rest.

  47. Millhouse-serbia

    Asked Pete Carroll about the leadership void with the vocal likes of Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett gone. Two names he mentioned: Jarrad Reed and Frank Clark. #Seahawks

    • Trevor

      Those two are definitely dogs. If they are the voice and image of the D it should be a tough, nasty unit. If Kam is not coming back would still like to see Eric Reid brought in. I always found he was a big hitter on the back end and I think the team could use that. I guess it would depends on price but I always liked his game.

    • C-Dog

      Interestingly enough, Sheldon brought up Jarran Reed in a press conference last season when asked about leaders on the defense.

  48. Millhouse-serbia

    Pete Carroll at NFL coach’s breakfast says “sure” when asked if he anticipates Earl Thomas being back in 2018. https://t.co/3IKqUTEzXa

  49. Trevor

    Pete is a class act. When asked about Sherm, Bennett etc he always still supports them and talks positively about them despite them not showing the same respect. As a fan I appreciate that about both him and JS they always try to take the high road in almost every situation when dealing with players both publically and in contract situations. Some perceive it as soft or not doing everything possible to get an advantage but I think it is human and a core part of the culture Pete preaches and practices.

    • 503Hawk

      +1X12 Take the high road!

    • Ishmael

      Did you hear Bennett on Bill Simmons podcast? Couldn’t have been more grateful or respectful towards Carroll, he was genuinely unhappy at being cut. I’m sure behind the scenes Sherman is the same, he’s just acting out for the media.

      Totally agree with you about how both Carroll and JS treat their players though. One of their very best qualities, and unfortunately a pretty rare one in the league.

    • C-Dog

      I think of it as fatherly. I don’t think he gets caught up in the he saids. He probably recognizes the context. Definitely get that sense from him.

    • AlaskaHawk

      PC has been thinking about how college and pro football drafting are similar. How you get a player for four years and then lose them. I think that is becoming their new business model. Quit trying to hold onto the best players for too long.

  50. nichansen01

    Schneider grouping Avril, Chancellor and McDowell together… I honestly don’t like the sound of that. McDowell better get healthy…

  51. Millhouse-serbia

    Chris Carson is 100% ready for OTA’s, Pete likes Fluker as RG and Ifedi as RT. Nothing new on Kam, Clif or Malik.

    Notes from Pete’s session at NFL league meetings.

  52. Georgia Hawk

    If the Hawks sign Dial or another, and are still looking to draft a DT, doesn’t that pretty much admit McDowell will not play this year or likely at all? The roster is looking stuffed and I doubt they let the guys in the mid rounds go without grabbing at least one. Just doesn’t look good at all for McDummy

    • Rob Staton

      Not necessarily. Might just be insurance in case he can’t go.

      I think with McDowell we just need to let the situation play out. We’re not going to know anything until training camp really. And we’ll tie ourselves in knots trying to second guess the situation every time they make a move. Let’s just hope for the best.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Such is the joy/terror of the off season in the NFL…

  53. Hawk Eye

    LA columnist has called new Rams D the Legion of Goon.

    • Del tre

      Sounds accurate to me

    • Logan Lynch

      I have this sneaking suspicion things are going to blow up in their face this year due to injuries much like what happened to us last year. Maybe it’s just my cautious optimism.

      I’ve just got a feeling about SEA this year that I can’t shake. Maybe not in terms of having a great record, but I think we’ll see that swag come back. They’ll have fun on the field, play fast and angry. Shades of 2012 where they struggle early, but really start coming on 2nd half of the year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        But not before they injure a couple of Seahawks! That’s why I hate playing the RAMS.

        • Logan Lynch

          If Aaron Donald was a bit of a hothead prior to Suh being there, I can only imagine what will happen now.

    • Sean-O

      It feels like one of two things will happen. One, the new additions buy in & the Rams have a hell of a season & get to the NFCCG or SB. Or second, things go south pretty quick & the Rams barely make the playoffs (or not at all) at 9-7 & get bounced in the 1st round.

  54. Logan Lynch

    Like C-Dog mentioned above, I’m really liking what Schneider is doing philosophy-wise this offseason. Get guys in here that love football and want to be here. Guys that want to compete with or surpass the Kam’s and Earl’s of the past. Let the young pups play and show what they’re made of.

    Have a philosophy and stick to it! Don’t be “forced” into making moves like they did with Sheldon last year. JS and PC are both going back to the core of Win Forever, and I appreciate that.

    • C-Dog

      Pure speculation, but does there exist any possibility that the Joeckel and Stacy signings were inspired by some sort of mandate from the big cheese Paul Allen, himself, and now after seeing how well those worked out, JS has reversed course?

      Personally, I thought last year’s free agent activity very much felt Seahawks pre-PCJS. This year’s activity feels very PCJS circa 2010, kinda like they have the Beatles’ Get Back to Where You Once Belong on repeat at the VMAC.

      • SeahawkeyezSub80

        Yep. I like the song too!

      • Logan Lynch

        I’ve seen that thought mentioned before and I think it’s definitely a possibility. Last year felt out of character for them.

        Other side of the coin is that PCJS knew they only had likely 2 more years with the current core (judging by how the contracts were structured) to win it all and they bet the house. Unfortunately, as they found out during the season, the foundation was already cracked below the surface and the support beams couldn’t hold the structure up.

        Injuries forced their hands, but now they’re committed to building it back up again the right way.

        • GerryG

          Agreed. They had a lot roster talent that was at/near the end. They had to make one last push with those guys, it seemed reasonable at the time. I’m glad they went for it. It just didn’t work out.

    • vrtkolman

      I’ve loved this off season. I’m still thinking Earl is traded at some point. Some team will blink and offer a 1st or two 2nd’s. I’m shocked Fluker is less than $2 million against the cap, he is a much better player than Joeckel. Last year’s off season must have been a huge wake up call to John.

      • Logan Lynch

        The reasonable contracts are one of the things I’m happiest about. Get the guys in there to compete and if they don’t work out, release them with little cap ramifications. I believe Lacy stuck around for the whole season last year because we would effectively lose money by releasing him and paying another player so it made sense just to keep him. Otherwise, he should have been released when it was clear he wasn’t a fit.

        This season churn, churn, churn…

  55. Tecmo Bowl

    Dion Jordan and Davenport at very similar athletes.

    Height: 6-6
    Weight: 248 pounds
    Arm Length: 33.78 inches
    Hand Size: 10.00 inches
    40 Yard Dash: 4.60 seconds
    10 Yard Dash: 1.65 seconds
    Vertical Leap: 32.5 inches
    Broad Jump: 122 inches
    20 Yd Shuttle: 4.35 seconds
    Three Cone: 7.02 seconds

    Height: 6-5
    Weight: 264lbs
    Arm length: 33.5 inches
    Forty: 4.58
    10-yard: 1.63
    Vertical: 33.5 inches
    Broad: 10-4
    Bench: 22 reps
    Short shuttle: 4.41
    Three-cone: 7.20

    • Logan Lynch

      Interesting point. Obviously they’re very different in Jordan’s case now since he’s around 285 I believe. I wonder what kind of athlete he is at this weight? That’d be fun to compare.

      • C-Dog

        Could be 285 of good weight making him stronger. In his spots last year, I thought he was playing much stronger than I was anticipating. Seemed like is was winning with speed and power. If he is at 285, that’s interesting, IMO.

        • Logan Lynch

          He did show great speed to power transfer and a bull rush I wasn’t expecting last year.

          I could be way off on the 285, that’s just the weight I remember reading/hearing for him.

          • Greg Haugsven

            On the depth chart he is listed at 275

          • Tecmo Bowl

            Remember hearing Jordan weighed 285 too. This is the first healthy and sober off-season in basically his whole career. 2018 is Jordan’s year to realize his potential, and he knows it. That bull rush is beastly!

            Would love to see what Jordan and Clark could do with 70% of the snaps. Mix in Smith, Mingo, Quinton, Jackson that’s a solid DE rotation, with some upside. Guess that’s my main point- that our front 4 has enough talent to push that draft priority down the list, behind RB, OL. Gotta fix the run game first and foremost. Wait til day 3, UDFA, cut downs to add to the competition.

  56. DCD2

    Looks like we’ll be needing to address backup QB this off-season too. Friggin Boykin.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He has to be gone. I bet we could get Davis back on a good MSB type of contract.

    • Rik

      What happened now?!

    • sdcoug

      Call me crazy, but i’d take a go at Manziel

      • DCD2

        Maybe Geno?

      • 12th chuck

        he beat his girlfriend as well

      • AlaskaHawk

        Oh Lordy!!!! Okay you are CRAZY.

  57. Patrick Toler

    I love Davenport’s length and athleticism – it shows up on tape. After watching his game against Baylor, I’m not really seeing any pass rushing move beyond a bull rush. He’s got a high ceiling, but will require quite a bit of development. Not saying I would be opposed to the draft pick – it’s easy to imagine him being a player you have to game plan against if he can develop.

    In the end I (like everyone else) think they trade down.

  58. drewdawg11

    I would be all for drafting Davenport. We really just need excellent players at this point. Running back will be filled, almost certainly by round two. We can always use pass rushers and special talents on a suddenly unfamiliar defense. If he turns out to be a DeMarcus Ware clone you’ll regret not getting him.

    • drewdawg11

      And yes, he looks extremely long-armed and he uses his levers well to get past his man.

    • Patrick Toler

      I’m down. I just wouldn’t expect him to make a big impact in year one, unless they are scheming to get him favorable matchups.

  59. Greg Haugsven

    Seahawks cut Trevone Boykin. You would assume that Davis would be resigned here not to long.

    • Patrick Toler

      Yep. Another season of the supreme team of Davis and Schottenheimer.

    • Overtime

      It looks like we are going to be in the market for a QB, Teams below #18 can forget about getting one, Mason Rudolph probably just advanced to the first round. If Arizona doesn’t take him Seattle may. We have been betting on Russell remaining healthy for too long.

  60. Tecmo Bowl

    Saw Texas A&M WR Christian Kirk has a private workout scheduled with Seattle. Not sure we’ll be in the range to draft him, but he’s very intriguing. We’ve missed an explosive playmaker since Golden left. Kirk and Golden have an eerily similar profile, build, skill set.

    Height: 70.00 inches
    Weight: 201 pounds
    BMI: 29.53
    Arm Length: 30.38 inches
    Hand Size: 9.88 inches
    40 Yard Dash: 4.47 seconds
    40 Yard (MPH): 18.3 (MPH)
    20 Yard Dash: 2.59 seconds
    10 Yard Dash: 1.54 seconds
    Bench Press: 20 reps
    Vertical Leap: 35.5 inches
    Broad Jump: 115 inches
    20 Yd Shuttle: 4.45 seconds
    Three Cone: 7.09 seconds

    Height: 70.25 inches
    Weight: 199 pounds
    BMI: 29.03
    Arm Length: 30.50 inches
    Hand Size: 9.25 inches
    40 Yard Dash: 4.42 seconds
    40 Yard (MPH): 18.51 (MPH)
    20 Yard Dash: 2.50 seconds
    10 Yard Dash: 1.51 seconds
    Bench Press: 17 reps
    Vertical Leap: 35.0 inches
    Broad Jump: 120 inches
    20 Yd Shuttle: 4.34 seconds
    Three Cone: 7.12 seconds

    • Nick

      Great info. It’s very intriguing how they are looking at a lot of round 2 talent. Suggests they may anticipate having a few picks in that area…

    • Volume12

      But they would never draft a weapon on day 1 or day 2 for the guy their building this team around.

  61. Millhouse-serbia

    After Carroll’s comments today about OL, i would be really.surprise if we draft OG early.

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