‘All football’ and fixing the running game

Unless you weren’t already aware, Seattle sees fixing the running game as a priority.

And it’s no wonder really. The last two years have been a disaster.

Teams treat their running games differently. For some it’s a compliment or even an afterthought. For the Seahawks, it’s crucial. It connects everything together.

Pete Carroll made it abundantly clear again today at the Owners Meeting how vital it is they fix the run:

“Our formula of the running game being an integral part of it is really the focus… We’ve got to get that done. Without that, then we’re still kind of in a mode where we don’t feel as comfortable as we want to be. So it’s hugely important. Somehow we’ve got to keep our running backs healthy. In the last few years it just has not been the factor for us, and it’s been a problem even going back two years when Russell (Wilson) was hurt the whole year. So that needs to emerge as a significant part of our program, and everything else I think will fall into place. We know what the formula is, we know what it takes, we just have to get ourselves back and feel that continuity. So that’ll be a big focus again, and the challenge begins. Here we go.”

The Seahawks are in a transition, a re-tool or whatever other way you want to describe it. They’re not going to be able to fix every need in one off-season.

Does the defensive line need help? Absolutely. Yet with limited draft stock (and a loaded D-line class ready and set for 2019) it might be an area where they go for competition rather than a big splash.

Do they need talent at receiver? Almost certainly yes. Tyler Lockett will be a free agent next year and they’ve already lost Jermaine Kearse and Paul Richardson. Yet this isn’t a strong class of receivers either. Again, this might be an area where competition wins.

This draft class is tailor made to bolster the running game. It fits perfectly. It’s a beautiful coincidence but maybe the Seahawks deserve a bit of fortune? At the time they most needed some help in improving their run attack, here comes the 2018 draft.

It seems pretty clear. This is the focus for now. And if they can fix the run and find balance on offense — they will be competitive. Russell Wilson and a running game gives you a chance to win. Even as you make changes to the defense.

Carroll also spoke about the existing running backs:

“You can say (Chris Carson is the starter) because of where he was when he got hurt, but Mike Davis did a really nice job for us last year… Mike finished and sustained throughout the season, unlike some guys in the last couple of years, and he showed us consistency and toughness and production. I think Mike really comes back getting the ball first, and the competition is on. That’s the first handoff, then after that it’s dead even.”

And he spoke about the offensive line:

“This is the best we’ve been in some time. A little quietly it’s emerging that it’s a very good group and it’s going to be one that we’re going to look forward to seeing some real progress made… It hasn’t been mentioned that much, but we feel like we have continuity. We haven’t said that in so many years, but we feel like we have some continuity on the offensive line, so we’re looking forward to it.”

It’s difficult to project what the Seahawks are going to do because we don’t know what’s happening with Earl Thomas. That lingering situation will hopefully come to a conclusion, one way or another, very soon. The mystery isn’t really doing anyone any good. If Thomas remains in Seattle, a fairly obvious projection would be:

1. The Seahawks trade down from #18
2. They trade down just far enough to put themselves in position to address the running game

Whether you’re a fan of Ronald Jones II, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Derrius Guice or another — it feels likely the Seahawks will pick their guy. After that, the other needs are clear — D-line, tight end, cornerback, linebacker, receiver. All likely to be addressed, perhaps too the O-line and special teams.

But it all starts with fixing the run. This is the year to do it and the draft class to do it with. With so few early picks this year, they can’t afford to wait on addressing that vital need.

Bob Condotta also produced a series of quotes from John Schneider. He discusses everything from free agent departures, what happened with Richard Sherman and the possibility of an Earl Thomas trade.

All of those topics will be covered elsewhere. I noticed a theme, however, in Schneider’s answers.

The words “all football” kept coming up.

For example, when discussing the addition of D.J. Fluker:

“He’s all football. When he came out, everyone knew he was an all-football guy. If you look at all the guys we’ve signed and re-signed, we know they all have a chip on their shoulder, they have something to prove, and they’re all football guys, so we’re excited about it. All these guys, every single one of them we signed.”

On if there’s a theme among the collection of players they’ve signed so far:

“Smart, tough reliable guys that love football and have a chip on their shoulder.”

On the Maurice Alexander signing:

“Just a real fast, tough all football guy… We’ve got another fast, tough all football guy.”

On re-signing Mike Davis:

“Again all ball.”

It’s not uncommon for a General Manager to use terms like ‘all football’ or make reference to wanting players committed to the game. It’s a football buzz-word that often gets thrown around to describe virtually any type of player or personality.

It’s also quite common to hear the Seahawks talk in these terms. One of Pete Carroll’s big things is ‘all in’ and buying in. So again, it’s not that surprising to hear Schneider speaking like this.

Yet this is a very different off-season. More than ever these references seem to really mean something. They’ve released outspoken personalities. They’ve dramatically reduced the number of highly paid players on the roster and they’ve balked at paying a high price for anyone in free agency.

Two or three years ago the Seahawks might’ve been ‘all-in’ on a Marcus Peters trade or signing Ndamukong Suh. They would’ve been the ones looking at an $8m salary for Sheldon Richardson as a great opportunity.

Only a year ago they gave Luke Joeckel $7-8m.

This is a different plan now. This is about players with something to prove and a need to earn everything.

It could also be indicative of the Malik McDowell pick a year ago. McDowell might never play a snap of NFL football after hurting himself in an ATV accident during the off-season. There were already concerns about his focus and effort pre-draft. Who can forget John Schneider’s words on the phone when they picked him. “Remember what we talked about?” They knew they were taking a shot.

It’s unlikely they’ll suddenly become risk-averse. But this year, more than ever, they might pick their battles.

The theme of free agency is likely to continue in the draft.

So what will that actually mean?

It could be another indicator they’ll trade down (which already seems pretty certain). There’s an entitlement that comes with being a top-20 pick. So unless you’re getting an absolute must-have prospect (seems unlikely this year at #18) they might prefer to move down and get a player who dropped a bit — or is grateful for the opportunity of going in the 25-45 range.

It’s not cast-iron though. Bruce Irvin certainly appreciated Seattle believing in him as a top-15 pick. Irvin never carried a sense of entitlement and just became one of the guys.

It probably means you can forget about players like Arden Key. The risk is too similar to McDowell.

It doesn’t mean they’ll snub their ideals and physical preferences. Those will likely remain. They’ll just want the players that fit to be gritty, determined and have a point to prove.

It’s hard for us mere observers to properly judge who does and doesn’t have a chip on their shoulder. We can read backstories and watch interviews. It’s not enough really. And that’s the stark reality of any draft coverage. Blogs like this and the media simply have no chance of getting a proper read on these players. We don’t meet with them, we don’t track them from High School to college to the combine.

We can only make assertions and projections.

I think a lot of the top running backs in this class play with the kind of aggression and attitude that suggests they’re ‘all football’. It’s pretty hard not to watch Ronald Jones II and get that impression. Or Kerryon Johnson. Or Nick Chubb. Or Derrius Guice.

They all play hard and tough. It’d be difficult to separate them as a quartet really. However, I think Chubb in particular has the biggest chip on his shoulder.

Case in point. Watch this interview by Terrell Davis (a former Georgia running back). Keep an eye out for Chubb’s change in expression when Davis notes he was ‘surprised’ by his quick feet and the way he answers that question:

‘Guys like you who don’t know’


He also gave Davis a little look at the end of the interview. You can see the fire in his eyes.

A lot of the interior offensive linemen we’ve discussed are also ‘all football’. Isaiah Wynn, Austin Corbett, Billy Price, Will Hernandez, Frank Ragnow. There’s absolutely no question there. And especially not with Quenton Nelson.

Some of the tight ends in the draft also fit in that category. If you’re playing the position in 2017 and are willing to block as your first duty, you’re committed to the game. It’d be difficult to question Dalton Schultz, Durham Smythe and Will Dissly in that regard. Whether they grade well enough for the Seahawks, we’ll see. But they likely need to add another tight end at some point in this draft class.

On the defensive side of the ball it’s a little easier to judge. Pursuit, intensity, motor. These are all easily identifiable. B.J. Hill and Justin Jones for example, with their motors and the way they carry themselves, likely grade well in this area. You’re not likely to question the commitment of any of the Ohio State, NC State and Wisconsin defenders. They all play with attitude.

You see it in Andrew Brown, Josh Sweat, Harrison Phillips, Rashaan Evans, Ronnie Harrison, Maurice Hurst, Leighton Vander Esch, Josey Jewell, Leon Jacobs, Isaac Yiadom, Nick Nelson, Kemoko Turay and others.

This draft class has its faults. Yet for a team like the Seahawks — seeking to fix the run and get young talent on defense — there are options. For a team also seeking guys with good motors and chips on their shoulder, they should also be able to find players that fit.

It’s been tough for Seahawks fans recently. Seeing the Rams add players like Peters and Suh. Watching Richard Sherman move to San Francisco and Michael Bennett to Philadelphia. Earl Thomas could still depart too.

Yet when this draft class is put together and you get to camp — the excitement will be back. This draft is well suited for Seattle’s needs and they’ll have an opportunity to put together a newly competitive environment.

Finally, it seems Texas A&M receiver Christian Kirk will workout for the Seahawks:

Kirk is a highly dynamic, X-factor type receiver. It suggests they’re still looking for downfield speed for the offense (a theme with the receivers they’ve added so far). It also suggests they might be trying to acquire multiple second round picks (the range Kirk is expected to go).

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  1. Nick

    From the get-go, Chubb has been the guy who ticks all of Seattle’s boxes. Intriguing to see Seattle look at Kirk, too. They’ve now had multiple visits or interest with 2nd Round prospects (Bates, Kirk, Corbett etc). It makes you wonder if they are anticipating getting at least two 2nd rounders this year. Maybe even three if Earl goes.

    • Rob Staton

      Round two looks absolutely golden this year.

  2. Millhouse-serbia

    After Carroll’s comments today about OL, i would be really.surprised if we draft OG early.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    I would welcome a change from picking players because someone got goo goo eyes during the underwear Olympics. Lets concentrate on guys with a chip on their shoulders who play every down like it means something, guys who leave their efforts on the playing field instead of yacking and bickering off the field.

    Looking forward to next season and seeing how all these trades and free agents pan out.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a misconception though that the Seahawks are overly focused on the combine in making picks.

      Pocic wasn’t a great tester. Lockett wasn’t a great tester. Neither was Richardson. Britt was decent but not special. Jarran Reed didn’t have a great combine.

      • Christian

        Everytime I think we got a handle on what they are going to do, they do something wacky like workout a top 5 WR. Sign a Guard, sign a OLB, etc etc. Darn you JS and your hedges I can’t tell the intent through the smokescreens. Here is what I KNOW is going to happen. Thursday April 26th I’ll be working till 5, then unable to follow the draft, I’ll get home, and the seahawks will be on the clock, and the ticker tape will go across and it will say Seattle has traded the 18th overall pick to blah blah for the blah blah pick, then I’ll wait with baited breathe for that pick to come up, then it will say Seattle has traded pick, to blah blah. As I watch as pick after pick I liked for the Seahawks gets picked by other teams, and by the time it’s all over I’ve lost all my hair, developed ulcers, and had a heart attack.

        • Nick

          You won’t be alone.

        • Malkavian

          Sound like every other day one draft day!

        • AlaskaHawk

          I haven’t watched the first round of the draft in years. Seahawks have traded out too many times. I’m in favor of them permanently banning the Seahawks from the first round and just giving them two second rounders instead.

          Of course I’m also in favor of banging Cleveland from the first round, and Arizona and LA Rams.

          • Darnell

            What do you do instead on a Thursday night in April?

            I’m always impressed with people who can avoid watching it, as they have more willpower than I. I haven’t watched rds 4-7 in years lol because it would make me feel like I’m wasting a Saturday.

        • Mark Souza


      • C-Dog

        I think it’s safe to say they pay attention to special traits. Jarran Reed was an elite run defender and tackler. Ethan Pocic was a highly rated pass blocker. Lockett a special returner and Richardson a deep threat artist.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Oh please, you’ve devoted whole articles to test measurements and who is seahawky or not based on previous draft picks that meet those measurements. Arms have to be 32 inches long. Short shuttle speed has to meet this. Just admit it – I had you at GOO GOO EYES.

        • Rob Staton

          Alaska, there’s a world of difference between a preferred physical profile (eg long armed cornerbacks) and someone who is a workout warrior.

          Wanting a long armed corner is no different than saying you want a receiver with good hands or a 220lbs running back.

          Certain measurements and tests are vital for certain positions. The short shuttle and three cone is a clear and obvious test for short area agility and quickness, the type that is vital for pass rushers. If someone has a great short shuttle, that’s not ‘getting goo goo eyes’ and focusing too much on ‘underwear Olympics’. That’s just called receiving information that is relevant to the next level.

          FYI — I also wrote a piece last year clearly explaining why the Seahawks are not obsessed with SPARQ and ‘workout warriors’ https://seahawksdraftblog.com/are-the-seahawks-really-that-focused-on-sparq

    • Volume12

      Depends on the position.

      You’ll see them attack SPARQ more so when it comes to the skill positions.

  4. Drew

    Nick Chubb was not amused during that interview. He definitely looks like he’s pissed off for greatness. And I don’t know what TD was talking about, I don’t see how Michel is the most complete back in this class…heck not even 2nd behind Barkley.

    • Trevor

      I think Michel is the 3rd best RB in the draft after Barkley and Rojo. I guess only time will tell.

      • TTownHawk

        I like Michel a lot. He needs to learn how to hold onto the football though. That could be his down fall if he does not improve that area of his game. Doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you consistently put the rock on the turf you will find yourself riding the pine.

        • hawkdawg

          For the Hawks, I prefer Chubb. An iron will. But you gotta be careful about falling in love with any particular player, as a fan, before the draft…

          • drewdawg11

            Chubb>>> Michel. I’m sorry, but a few splash plays against Bama don’t make Sony the better player. I would roll with Nick Chubb all day. He’s the best we can expect to acquire in this draft. I was shocked that TD said that about his feet. He obviously doesn’t pay too close of attention to his Alma mater. That’s one of things I love about the kid.

            We also probably need to figure out if we need a second back later on. The anticipation is killing me and I’ll be pretty upset if we pass on this kid for another back. RoJo is also exciting. I may have been one of the first people to post about him on this site during the season. The only thing that gives me pause is that if you take him, he’s probably part of a tandem so you can keep him healthy. I don’t like the combination of a little upright and barely over 200 lbs, but I love everything else about him. I see he and Carson as a really solid duo. However, I see Chubb as a bell cow runner with Carson and maybe McKissic and a really versatile trio.

  5. Ross

    Pete’s comments about ET inspire absolutely zero confidence in an extension. I think they’re going to let him play out his contract or trade him if/when the right offer comes along. Seems obvious that they’re not interested in a 3rd contract.

  6. Trevor

    Nice writeup Rob I think you summed up the theme for the Hawks off season perefectly.

    I think this has been JS best off season in quite a while and you can tell he is extra focused on getting back to what made him and Pete such a great team as well. I think this year will be a breath of fresh air for Hawks fans. I know I was so tired with all the locker room and off field drama combined with lack of discipline, too many penalties and uninspired play on the field.

    It was time for the a change / refresh and I am excited to see version 2.0 of the PC/ JS team build.

    • Malkavian

      Well said Trevor, I totally agree

    • AlaskaHawk

      +1 on that .

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, Im more excited about this upconing training camp than I have been in a while. I like to see some position battle that we really havent had recently. I hoped Im even more pumped after the draft.

  7. Adog

    Here’s the draft strategy i see happening…stay put at 18…draft chubb…trade back and pick up a 2nd or a 3rd along with swapping the 1 and draft two rbs with your first two picks…penny and jones…ot they trade thomas and draft two running backs in the first round or they tarde back both of their firsts and take two rbs in the 2nd. However it shakes out they draft two rbs with their first two picks. Carrol hinted at syaying injury free in the run game and despite his usual compliments for second and third stringers…he wants some real competition at running back.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Alrighty then . . .

      • drewdawg11


        • Logan Lynch

          So we have Adog, C-Dog, and drewdawg11 who I will say is close enough to D-dog.

          Can we get a B-Dog in here please?

  8. EP

    Chubb definitely has something about him, he’s a professional, clearly takes everything he does seriously. Looks like he’d be a guy to come in and beat anyone in a competition. He’s always been faster and stronger than most people but he has that look of sheer drive in him, as if becoming the best at what he does is something he lives for. Not about being a celebrity etc, just wants to be a brilliant running back.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s the big thing with him. He has been bigger and faster than the rest but he never seems to have rested on that fact. Has always been grinding.

  9. Trevor

    I think if the Hawks go RB early then durability will be something they place great importance on given the issues our RBs have had staying on the field.

    Of the top RB which guys have been the most durable?


    I have not really looked into it but plan to this week.

    • Volume12

      Maybe more importantly, who has the biggest chip on their shoulder? That seems to be the theme this off-season and what or rather who they appear to be targeting with this reset.

      • Trevor

        Great point. I know Guice has that and seems like Chubb and Rojo too.

  10. Del Tre

    Something always brings me back to Chubb even though I have backs I prefer in this class, I think he will be the Hawks pick and I think he will be great. Getting a guy who feels like its his point to prove and his job to be the next franchise back was what the Seahawks got from Lynch in the first place. They want guys who have a point to prove on the football field, that’s how they built our first superbowl team, and with Russ at the helm it should stack up to be a pretty quick recovery. With some help from the health gods C.J Prosise and a few other promising players may make an impact this season.

    • Volume12

      Let’s say Seattle doesn’t believe some of these RBs projected at the top are ‘All Football.’ Would fans be mad if they spent a pick or two in the mid rounds on backs who are? Pete seems pretty fired up about the group they have for better or worse.

      • Trevor

        I have been saying that for a while which is why I thought Kelly from Tenn might be an option but clearly I am in a minority in that thinking. I think Pete genuinely likes Carson and has since he drafted him as his guy.

        • Christian

          Well if you’re in the minority then I am too, however I want him as the 2nd back we draft. Give me Chubb/Rojo or Johnson as our 1st drafted rb then kelly or Scarborough, or else as the 2nd back we draft…put them and Carson, prosise, and Davis, and McKissic all in a caged match, and let’s find out.

        • Volume12

          He likes Carson and seems to really like Davis as well. And maybe with some blocking TEs, improvements on the O-line and a possible addition of a FB that’ll help solve some of the issues.

          Schotty loves to throw to his backs. Prosise would be awesome in his type of offense if he could ever stay healthy. McKissic is good, but not special like Pete likes. I could see them hedging for Prosise/McKissic or even Davis over Carson.

          I’m not advocating for this nor do I think they go that route, but I won’t rule it out.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I thought McKissic played like a starter last year. Big question will be durability. But that is true of every back on their squad.

            • Volume12

              McKissic played very well last year. Not convinced they’d be comfortable with him having a heavy workload though.

              Agreed about the durability of their backs as well. Would be one ballsy move to expect Carson to also shoulder a brunt of the carries, at least initially, but when doesn’t Pete roll the dice?

              • AlaskaHawk

                The thing that frustrates me is they had a durable back and his name was Collins. Arghhhhh!

                • Hawktalker#1

                  Keep Lacy and dump Collins, Yeah I saw that blunder the second it happened.

        • Volume12

          And just something to keep in mind. They’ve only spent their first overall selection on 3 positions. OL, DL, WR.

          And only twice has their 2nd overall selection been on another position. LB ’12, RB ’13.

          Doesn’t mean they won’t use them on something else, but personally it’s interesting.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, in 2013 their first selection was a RB really. Christine Michael was their first pick that year.

            And if we’re saying Percy was their first pick that season, we need to add TE to the list of ‘first picks’ because Jimmy Graham was their first pick in 2015. Plus Earl Thomas was their second pick in 2010 so you’d need to add safety to that list.

            When you start considering they’ve taken OL, DL, WR, TE, RB, LB and S with either their first or second pick — it doesn’t really tell us much other than they’re open minded!

        • Rob Staton

          Clearly Carroll likes Carson.

          But that doesn’t mean he’s Pete’s guy.

          There is virtually no way the Seahawks go into next season relying on Carson and John Kelly — two players who have been the complete opposite of what they need — reliable and available RB’s.

      • Rob Staton

        The RB’s projected at the top, this year, are the ones that are ‘all football’. It’s the ones in the middle rounds I worry about.

      • Del tre

        That depends on a few things, if a top 10 pick falls then i doubt anyone really cares if they go RB late in favor of another player but, if they select Royce in the 4th i doubt fans will be frustrated, most people i talk to seem to want Royce over the backs we have discussed.
        I think it would be smart to go runningback early, a real difference maker to give us a run game brings this team from 8 to 10 wins to 10 to 12 wins.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll say this — I think if they draft Chubb, they’ll add a second back later on. One that can compete with Prosise and McKissic.

      • Del tre

        I agree with this completely. I would expect an Ito Smith or smaller back to come second, or maybe just a back that falls.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        Rob, why do you say this about Chubb, but not Rojo? Too similar to Prosise and McKissic?

        • Rob Staton

          They might also draft a second runner if they take Ronald Jones II first. I just think it might be a bigger back in that instance.

          • H

            Im rooting for Jones and Scarbrough. Gives us one of each kind both carrying heeps of upside.
            RoJoBo and Co. to be the RB group in 2018!

            • mishima

              IMO, Scarborough is a player that might not be ‘all football.’

              • drewdawg11

                Based on what?

                • Mark Souza

                  Scarborough has flags for me as well. I worry about a back who had a major role on a major program only to be relegated to part-time back-up the next year. Why? The other thing I noticed about Scarborough is he was hell on wheels with a head of steam and a truck-sized hole, but otherwise, pretty ordinary.

            • Eburgz

              Chubb and Kelly for me.

            • Icb12

              Chubb and martez carter would be my picks.

              Carter will go earlier than I initially thought.

              • SheHawk

                I’d love to see Chubb early and Scarborough in the middle

  11. TCHawk

    After Barkely, who won’t be available to us, my preferences at RB are Chubb (exactly the bell cow we need), and RoJo (a flashy athlete who doesn’t match the typical Carroll/Sea RB profile, but could be a Marcus Allen type for us). Then pick up a late round good fullback and another low profile RB to compete in camp and I would be flying high.

  12. Trevor

    Pete was clearly ahead of the game in teaching the rugby tackling and not using the head. Should give the Hawks a little edge with the new rules coming down the pipe.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I don’t understand why every NFL, college, and High School team isn’t teaching Rugby tackles all day every day. 10x more sure of a tackle and 100x safer than traditional head-in-front tackling. I coached HS ball for 10 years and it only took showing the team one “rugby big hits” video on YouTube to convince them all that was the way to go. They all want the flashy tackle, I promise you its there in Rugby style.

  13. Bryan C

    Been a long time since I have commented, but I see at least two trade downs before our first pick depending on where they see Chubb being drafted. To me, he is the most probable pick.

    I also think Earl Thomas will not get traded and also will not get an extension. If Earl plays this season like he is capable of, I think he gets franchise tag in 2019. If he does not play all 16 regular season games, we let him go and take the compensatory pick.

    Also, IMO Kam will get cleared and play this season. Avril will not get cleared and will retire.

    All just my opinion but with the McDougal move I think they are hedging for Earl leaving in either a season or two.

    • Trevor

      Hope you are right about Kam. He would be a great leader / mentor for this young group.

      • Christian

        Honestly I would fail Kam on his physical. Cut him with an injury settlement, and immediately hire him as Assistant DB Coach

        • Hawk Eye

          injury settlement?
          that would be about $19 mil on this years cap.
          not going to happen.
          He has guarantees and will get every penny guaranteed

    • AlaskaHawk

      If you will take any of the trop five then trade down into the second round. If you are committed to Chubb, you probably should pick him after one trade down in the first round.

  14. TCHawk

    I also like to see PC’s positive comments about Mike Davis, stating he will get the first chance at being the starting RB, but it will be a fierce competition. I liked Mike Davis once he got on the field.

    • Christian

      I’m ok with Davis getting the training camp first rep, but after that it’s wait and see

    • 80SLargent

      I don’t see why anyone is excited about a guy who has a career average of 2.9 yards per carry. I really don’t get it. If he’s their starter, then I wouldn’t call that “fixing the run game”, but it means literally everyone else got injured again.

      • TCHawk

        MD ran hard, seemed light on his feet, cut well, and was durable (albeit for the few games at season’s end). I think he’s a good fallback or safety net, but I agree he is not going to move our needle enough to have an elite running game. Any of the top draft RBs should have a higher ceiling. MD averaged 3.6 ypc behind an atrocious OL in 2017, and seemed to catch well out of the backfield. He passed my eye test, more than I can say for Eddie Lacy last year.

        • 80SLargent

          Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls were the two worst RBs in football according to Football Outsiders DYAR. Guess who was just three places higher than them? Mike Davis. Saying he was better than Eddie Lacy isn’t saying much. I don’t care what the guy looks like, I care about results. Carson and McKissic were significantly better than the three others I just mentioned. Maybe Davis is a likeable guy; so is Rawls, so are guys like Brad Sowell. That doesn’t mean it’s good news that they’re playing meaningful snaps. There are reasons why Davis couldn’t even cut it on a 2-14 San Francisco team, one of which is he isn’t a very good RB.

          • drewdawg11

            He’s not an NFL starter. He’s decent, but he’s slow. Zero breakaway speed but he found some ceases last year. I wouldn’t trust him to be anything more than depth, but quality depth.

  15. EP

    Big fan of the way this offseason has been going. The churn is on big time. Definitely need 50 guys in the building come game 1 that are going to scrap for every yard and every penny in their contracts. Are we rebuilding? Yes but compare our rebuild to that of the jets or browns. We’ve got Russell Wilson!! And Bobby Wagner!! They were each in the discussion for MVP and defensive MVP. Fair enough we are rebuilding but we’re doing so with cheat codes. With them at the helm we’re automatically better than half the teams in this league IMO. Hopefully the situation with Earl sorts itself out quickly and we can have some clarity. I want some mean rookies in camp this year, let’s see them compete to start and push the guys we took last year. Darboh etc have really got to step up in camp and show that they were worth the pick, if not, cut them. We’ve got to be ruthless, no point waiting on players to show something when the guy next to them can get a shot. The original recipe for success under Pete Carroll. If you can’t do it, let’s find someone who can and let’s trust him to get it done.

  16. House

    My RB list from the beginning was: Michel, Johnson, Chubb and then Jones. Chubb has taken the top spot for me. Throughout the years, this FO has drafted as you’ve said YOUNG, HUNGRY and POOR guys. Chubb is HUNGRY to prove some people wrong and let them know they were mistaken for sleeping on him.

    I think it’s almost certain we trade back from #18. I feel a trade with the Colts, #18 for #36/#49 would set us up nicely. IND gets 2 players in the top-20 and we end up grabbing 2 top-50 picks. I think we could land our RB and OL/DL/whatever with those picks.


    • Volume12

      The Colts as a potential trade partner is ideal. JS and their GM are also close so maybe that helps us out.

      You could even drop off of #49, back into the 60’s and probably get a pick in comp range of the 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      Indy are in a similar position to us really (providing Luck returns). And like us I think they’d rather pick multiple times in R2 than have #18.

  17. Sean Harker

    I’m really excited about being an underdog again. I think it fits this group. Even losing Moses and Sherm, these guys still have a huge chip…Now even more….

    As far as a running back, interesting that they gave Davis a little more $$$ than expected. I think they wait on RB. Royce Freeman or Penny in the 3rd if they can acquire a pick in that round. I think WR is a big need for this team. They lost their #2 and #3 pass catchers. I would love to see Kirk or DJ Moore in a Seahawks uniform.

    I also think they have to get a pass rusher and if Davenport is there they will jump on him…

    • Rob Staton

      Mike Davis has $300,000 guaranteed like D.J. Fluker. So cutting him will not cost much at all and he provides some solid depth at the position.

      The Seahawks are making it very clear today, again, that fixing the run is their priority. I will keep saying this — but you don’t fix the run by simply signing Fluker and re-signing Mike Davis. More is forthcoming — and if they wait until round three for a runner… the good ones will be gone.

      • Sean Harker

        I agree with you on that. Mike Davis is not a game changer…I just thought his comments on JD, CJ and Chris were interesting as well…You definitely know more than I do. Just interesting they would have Kirk in for a workout without thinking they may go WR early…

        Freeman and Penny will be gone before rd 3, or do you not consider them good ones?

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve got a piece on the Christian Kirk interest tomorrow which might help explain things a bit. If they acquire multiple picks in the top-75 — a real sweet-spot for this draft will be 25-75 — then Kirk could be a nice option to go along with a RB pick and a possible DL, TE or S pick.

          I think Freeman will be R2. I think Penny could be R2 but maybe early R3.

          • Nick

            See my post below! Can’t wait Rob.

      • hawkdawg

        If a healthy Chris Carson was a “good one,” that is not necessarily true. Although the odds do go down…

        • Rob Staton

          I was talking specifically about the 2018 draft class of RB’s.

  18. Nick

    I’m looking at potential trade partners and Denver could offer a great deal:

    #18 for #40, #71, #99

    A deal with Indy would make sense:

    #18 for #36, #67, #104

    Cleveland is an obvious one.

    #18 for #33 & #64

    NYG too, especially if they don’t go QB with their first pick.

    #18 for #34 & #69

    • Rob Staton

      I still think a more likely deal might be with New England. They need a LT.

      #18 for #31 and #63.

      • Nick

        Didn’t even consider that. That would be intriguing. You could imagine they then trade down with someone like NYG or IND who would like to scoop up a QB for that 5th year option.

        • Rob Staton

          I think NYG and Indy might move up for an offensive lineman actually. Plus Denver. Whoever doesn’t get Quenton Nelson might move up for one of Wynn, Hernandez or Corbett.

          • Nick

            Great point. The realist in me thinks SEA gets three picks in between 30-100.

            If Earl comes into play, 4-5 picks.

            • Greg Haugsven

              For sure the New England makes sense. They could still then go from 31 maybe to say 36-40 and grab that teams early third rounder as well. It would be nice to have 3 picks from the first 96. If they did this they could have somewhere around 40, 63, and 71. I would take that all day.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And I’m not sure RoJo makes it past Philly at 32

  19. Patrick Toler

    Nice article Rob.

    In February, Seahawks.com posted an article where the front office said they are learning their new offensive coaches’ physical ideals, but that what they look for mentally has not changed.

    One of the money quotes from Trent Kirchner:

    “This is the first time in seven years that we haven’t been looking for the same thing every year. We knew, for the most part, what our coaches were looking for, so this is the first year in a long time where we’ve had to transition into learning something new. It’s going to be very important for us to communicate with them as much as possible, make it as clear as possible what their expectations are for us. We know it’s still fast, tough, smart, reliable guys, but now it’s, what physical attributes are we looking for?”

    They will keep looking for tough, reliable, “all football” guys.


    • Bill Bobaggins

      I think this is a really great point. It could be that, we see the same sort of guys drafted that we’ve seen since 2010. After all, JS and PC are calling the shots. So all of the great work that Rob has done over the years identifying explosiveness, short shuttle times, arm lengths, etc. could play out as they draft this year. However, I think there’s a real possibility that they lean heavily on the new coaching staff to help craft their guys.

      What does Shotty’s ideal RB look like? If the screen game is a big factor next year, does that warrant a different looking RB than Christine Michael or Chris Carson? WR? TE? Do those match what we’ve seen in the past from JS and PC?

      Does Solari have a profile that fits his style that is different from the JS and PC o-linemen?

      Two ways of thinking about it, I suppose; they hired new coaches who could mimic their schemes and take advantage of how they draft OR they hired new coaches and are banking on them to bring something new to the table.

      It’s like that Steve Jobs quote “we don’t hire smart people so that we can tell them what to do, we hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do.” Wonder if PC and JS are in that same boat. Time will tell.

      • Mark Souza


  20. Sean Harker

    Thanks Rob!

  21. Jake

    Great write-up Rob, as always. Terrific.

    In the context of “all football” guys, was very interesting to read Bob Condotta’s latest piece with Pete giving his take on each FA signing:


    Similar to Schneider referencing “all football,” you can see Pete directly emphasizing special teams for many of the signings: Jaron Brown, Mo Alexander, Barkevious Mingo. It’s been interesting to watch the Seahawks special team play somewhat deteriorate over the past few years (Top 5 in DVOA in 2012 and 2013, down to 15th in 2016 and 20th last year). Seems like this could be a natural result of a roster that is more top heavy, and not suffused throughout with the depth and competition that Pete likes.

    Seems like special teams (in addition to being “all football”) is another indicator of the Seahawks trying to get back to their core identity. Depth, athleticism, and competition across the entire roster. Rather than sign two expensive guys, they’d rather sign five or six hungry, athletic guys who will go out there and compete — including on special teams.

    • Nick

      Christian Kirk is a solid return man.

    • Rob Staton

      Plus — there’s lot of good special teamers in this draft class. Guys like Dorian O’Daniel, Natrell Jamerson. Big time special teams players.

      • Drew

        I would love to see O’Daniel on the Hawks. He was fun to watch at Clemson.

  22. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Bravo! Great write-up. Nailed it! Thank you. I love me some Chubb. Go Hawks

  23. calgaryhawk

    I still don’t feel as though Seahawks will draft a RB early. For the most part, it’s just not the way this management team works OK, they drafted Micheals early but once burnt, twice as shy. I also find it interesting that any mock I have seen or at least rarely seen, where Seattle drafts a kicker or QB, even in late rounds. I should think those are areas that would at least be possible in later rounds. Speaking of QB’s, is Kaepernick ending up in Seattle now that Boykin has been cut???

    • Rob Staton

      At what point in the last eight years have you gotten a sense the Seahawks have ever thought ‘once burnt, twice as shy’?

      Did the Harvin trade stop them going after Jimmy Graham? Did the Harvin and Graham trades stop them going after Sheldon Richardson?

      I hardly think Christine Michael not working out is going to eternally put them off drafting a running back early, especially when they keep saying fixing the run is the priority.

      I wouldn’t expect Kaepernick in Seattle.

      • calgaryhawk

        I wasn’t talking about the roster in general, Rob. Seattle seems to like to wait until the middle rounds to draft for the running back position. I meant that they are shy about drafting RB’s early. Ya, I don’t really see Kap coming to Seattle but I would like to see it.

        • Rob Staton

          I hate to just keep disagreeing but the Seahawks took a running back in the second round in 2013 — their first pick in the draft — when they already had Marshawn Lynch in his prime and they’d only drafted Robert Turbin the year before.

          If the Seahawks are willing to take Michael in that situation as early as they did, they’ll be willing to take a running back early this year, with this class, with this need in the running game.

        • mishima

          Last year, they addressed the running game by signing Joeckel, Aboushi and Lacy, then waited until the 7th to draft Carson.

          Since then, they’ve traded for Brown, fired Cable, signed Fluker and met with OL and RB. Signs point to them learning from past mistakes.

          After a slight trade down, I think they target the best of Jones/Chubb/Johnson.

          Or, they blow minds and draft Lamar Jackson…

          • Hawktalker#1

            With their first selection pick Jackson? Whaaaaaaat? Come on man. Lol

      • Elmer

        Boykin released. Who’s next, Johnny Football? Nah, I don’t think even the Hawks would do that.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Once bit and twice shy Rob?


    • Icb12

      Kap would be the opposite of “all-football” in my opinion.

  24. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The underwear Olympics doesn’t necessary make a player … but it can break a player.
    It shows commitment to your craft. If you are a “certain” top OT and run and test very poorly because you didn’t take it seriously, that would be a major flag to me. If you then come back and test better at your pro day or show signs of taking things seriously….. then this is useful information. The most important parts of the combine are the physicals and interviews… which we sadly will never get to see. I wish they would have the balls to show the interviews 5 or 10 years down the line with all the guys one team talks to. That would be amazing.

    I mean, watching a 340+ pound guy run a 5.0 40 yard dash… that is unhuman ability. I guess it is the same idea as when people used to go to the carnival to see the “freak” show.

  25. Greg Haugsven

    I keep flip flopping on Chubb for some reason but man, he seems like he could be destined to be a Seahawk. He is very explosive and at 227 can handle the load in the NFL. He just seems like a Pete Carroll kind of guy.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      What I liked, in the interview, as he stood next to his teammate…. he looked like he had a man’s body.
      He looks like he would be durable for the NFL game.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, he is thick everywhere which is built for 20 carries a game.

      • Christian

        A man’s body, you mean you could see his pee pee? or something else?

        • Christian

          perhaps we c an leave a Man’s Body nonsense out of it, I’m a man and I look like the pillsbury dough boy. How about he’s ripped, or 0% body fat, or has impressive musculature etc

        • hawkdawg

          I knew exactly what he meant, personally, and it had nothing to do with Chubb’s “pee-pee.” Perhaps we can leave that sort of Pee-Pee nonsense out of it.

          • Christian

            Every prospect entering the nfl draft has a “mans” body at least until we have a woman playing in the nfl. My point is the sex of the prospect is silly to equate to them being ripped whats more helpful is “hes evenly built” or thick biceps and through the chest but pudgy around the middle or has thick tree trunk like legs or skinny toothpicks. Having a man body shouldnt be a valid description. When literally it applies to 50% of the adult population, and if you are differentiating between physical prospects by saying one has a mans body then you are inferring either they have a girls body, or somehow they are less than a man, a boy? Well that carries racist connotations.

            • Tecmo Bowl

              How much PC is too much PC?

            • drewdawg11

              Christian, you’re way off base man.

              • Christian

                Not the first or last time I’m sure

                • Kenny Sloth

                  So woke we’re asleep

                  Lol jk

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Did you guys know, Seattle has only selected 1 RB in the 1st round….. Curt Warner.

    Man, looks through some of the picks along the way…… SMH

    • Darnell

      And Shaun Alexander

    • vrtkolman

      Shaun Alexander was a 1st round pick.

      • SeahawkeyezSubj80

        I would gladly make Chubb another first round pick. As long as we recoup a third in a trade.

    • C-Dog

      Shaun Alexander and John L Williams were first round picks.

      • BobbyK

        Williams was actually drafted as a fullback.

        • BobbyK

          The “official records” may indicate he was a RB, but everyone who was a fan back then knew he was a FB because that’s what the coaches said (and that’s how he was used with Warner).

          • C-Dog

            Oh, I remember it well. The time where play making fullbacks were a thing. John L is one of my favorite all time players. Listed as a fullback, but 100% playmaker. I think it was 1989 and 90 where is was essentially The Offense.

        • Kenny Sloth

          A running back is always a fullback but a rectangle can’t be a square

          Or something

          • Kenny Sloth

            F before B except after C

  27. vrtkolman

    I hope the Rams trade for OBJ, the amount of drama in that locker room would be off the charts when they lose a game or two. Expectations are getting astronomically high for that team, an early playoff loss or worse would blow that team up.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      And then get Dez from the Cowboys. After signing Kaepernick.

    • Simo

      Give em Johnny instead of OBJ! Plenty of drama without the actual on field production!!

  28. RWIII

    I have mentioned before. But I have serious doubts about Seattle trading Earl Thomas. I also have serious doubts that team would be willing to trade a first round pick for E.T. Another point. Earl is going to want BIG money. Earl is going to find out teams are not willing to pay him what he wants. I would say it is less than 50% chance of Earl being traded.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If they can get what they wanted for Sherman I dont see them getting it for Thomas. Sherman was 29 last year with 2 years left on his contract. Earl will be 29 with 1 year. I believe he will be a Seahawk.

  29. Kenny Sloth

    Pardon the interruption is asking who is more exciting Manziel/Luck

    What is this 2013????

    • Christian

      Hawks think it is

  30. Kenny Sloth

    USA bouta play Paraguay in soccer

    • Greg Haugsven

      I got it on in the background. Still cant believe they arent in the World Cup

      • Mark Souza

        We were too inconsistent to be in the World Cup. That falls on the team, coaches, and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

  31. C-Dog

    All Football Mock Draft

    Seattle finds no takers for Earl Thomas and hang onto their all pro all football FS.

    Seattle finds a trade partner with Atlanta to move back 26 and also pick up pick 90.

    Seattle finds a trade partner with Cleveland to move back to pick 33, and pick up pick 114

    33: R2P1

    Chubb was a teamer cat at Georgia. He’s also an explosive athlete and a tough inside runner. Too many boxes checked of for Seattle not to select this all football runner.

    90: R3P26

    Seattle misses out on Kirk, but goes for the all football player maker OKG from Washington. Prolific returner with nice receiver skills. Sounds like another Seattle WR taken in the third round a few years ago.

    114: R4P14

    Seattle has a bevy of 3Ts in Naz Jones, Tom Johnson, and Shamar Stephens to go along with Jarran Reed at nose. All football Justin Jones can play nose and rush the passer, and is probably a great value here.

    120: R4P20

    ALL FOOTBALL Griffin is the guy Pete Carroll wants. Could be looked at as a rush SAM or off ball backer, maybe even safety, will definitely be a specialist and a fan favorite.

    141: R5P4

    TEF warrior. He has the hair of an all football guy, or at the very least, all Megadeath roadie. Either way, kind of intimidating. Good value here, though, right?

    146: R5P9

    ALL FOOTBALL all blocking TE, and another Chris Peterson AKG. If Seattle wants to run the dang football, this guy should help.

    156: R5P19

    Boykin has been given the boot, and rightly so. Falk is made of spare parts, but is gritty as they come. I like his comp to Kirk Cousins. I think he can be a solid backup who might even develop into a decent starter. I think Seattle might really like him, and want to keep him in the PNW. I think he’s all football ball.

    168: R5P31

    Ejiofor is an effort guy with some Bennett like qualities. Dion Jordan will be the guy to inherit that role, but has an injury history that should concern. Q Jeff could be behind him. Who knows about McDowell. Feels like Seattle might look to add.

    226: R7P8

    Seattle adds late round CB

    248: R7P30

    Pete Carroll loves players coached by Jim Harbaugh. They are almost always all football guys. Seattle could use a FB, and this guy is a bit beastly.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      C-Dog thank you for putting Dante Pettis in your Mock, you got me pumped!!! Don’t be surprised people when we draft him!

      Go Hawks

      • C-Dog

        I believe Seattle has shown some interest in him. Go Hawks!

        • Greg Haugsven

          Im the opposite, I love every player in that mock except for Pettis. Id be interested who else was available at 90.

          • C-Dog

            Ultimately I like them to address run game and pass rush early, but it is interesting that they are showing interest in Kirk, and what that means. I think they spent time with Pettis during his pro day, or have been said to have shown interest.

    • SheHawk

      Drop the Mic c-dog!!! I love every pick.. Chubb is my favorite RB. Bet hawks new disdain for drama means more UW dawgs (pettis + dissley) coach Pete akg = all football! Twin grit with Griffin and Cool Hand Luke ( spare parts perhaps but more grit and perseverance than top 4 QBs in draft combined). I doubt Luke makes it by NE or Denver but we can hope!

      • C-Dog

        I think he is probably more likely to go Day two or early day three. I actually think NE would be a great landing spot for Falk. If for some reason he makes it into R5, with Seattle’s four picks, I would actually be disappointed if they didn’t grab him, especially if RB, DL, OL, LB is addressed earlier.

        It feels like the projections of Falk are a bit all over the place. Lack of background playing under center, limited arm strength is often cited. Hasselbeck didn’t have a gun of an arm, though, and arm strength can improve. I think he’s an interesting project for a team that has a QB centric HC or OC.

    • McZ

      So, how does this draft “keep our RBs healthy”?

      • C-Dog

        I think that comment could have related to the strength and conditioning, training staff. This is the All Football Draft

        • McZ

          Okay, all football. Got it. It’s not about better run blocking, for sure.

          But, to play devil’s advocate…

          Do you think, it’s a good use of scarce “all football” draft picks to get a Alvin Kamara rated guy like Chubb at #33, 8 spots ahead of Dalvin Cook of yesteryear, who had a slightly better rating than Ronald Jones, who is presumed to be Top 25?

          In a market, where supply will exceed last years – which, apart from Barkley, we can frankly debate -, while meeting steady supply?

          I think, this would be insane.

          And because the Hawks have always drafted to individual player value, how probable is that? I think, they cannot afford to such overpay extravaganza. Not this year. Regardless, what they are telling the world about fixing this or that. We have a guard spot to fill. Fluker is a patch, he may not even survive training camp.

          • McZ

            Second supply = demand

          • Rob Staton

            I hate to say it but you sound awfully like someone who has decided you’re only willing to consider one pick (guard) and you refuse to accept any other possibility.

            There’s nothing ‘insane’ about acknowledging that this team has stated, clearly, its desire to fix the running game. And then further acknowledging the addition of D.J. Fluker and that a tremendous group of running backs will leave the board between 25-50, with a major drop off after.

            Plus you’re writing off Fluker before he’s taken a snap.

            If/when the Seahawks do take a running back early this year, the complaining from the anti-run brigade on Seahawks Twitter may only be defeated by the complaining of the ‘draft an O-liner first every year’ crowd.

            • McZ

              For the record, the argument, that the Seahawks cannot afford to overpay in R1/2 this year is true for G like Hernandez and Wynn, too.

              If they take a RB, Edge or DL as a first pick for a real value price, it would be okay. Which, for RoJo is around #35, Nick Chubb a little later. If they manage to do either, I’m all for drafting RB first.

              Plus, we could have a different definition, but loudly telling the whole world, you may want to draft a RB, driving up demand and prices in the process, having few resources, is insane. Especially, if you really want to draft a RB.

              Fluker had lots of snaps. He wasn’t able to cut it at OT, he was mediocre at best as G. He will get his chance, the risk is low. Actually like the signing. Wonder, who his competition will be.

              Twitter i dunno.

    • Christian

      Was gonna say this yesterday, but silly phone wasn’t working. I love the draft I am a bit surprised to see Duke Ejiofor available in the 5th round on my big board I had him going in the 2nd. Course my DE Big Board looks like:
      Chubb, Davenport, Hubbard, Green, Key, Ejiofor, Landry, Armstrong, Holland, Sweat.

      I don’t think we have a realistic shot at either Chubb, or Davenport.

      The two guys out of the list I’d most like to see as Hawks are Green, and Sweat. And because one is DT/DE and the other DE/OLB. I wouldn’t mind drafting both. 🙂 I did hear however through various peeps on this site that Sweats tape was unimpressive for some. And I am enamored with the prospect of the Griffin twins playing on the same Defense which would mean drafting Shaq to play at OLB/ST, which might preclude drafting Sweat. But then again JS has been known to throw a crap ton of players at a position in the hopes one of them sticks.

      • C-Dog

        I think it might be a stretch to expect Ejiofor to last that long. I expect the freakier athletes to go earlier, the edge rushers, just because of the dearth there. Seems to be much more DE/DT types. Lewis, Breeland, Ejiofor, Hand, Brown, Green, the list goes on and on. If they don’t go edge early, it feels like maybe one of these guys could be a target later, which, I think because of Jordan’s injury history or the total uncertainty of McDowell, not a bad way to go.

        Carroll confirmed Mingo will be an edge rusher, and the team also brought back Marcus Smith. So there is depth there. It feels more scary thin behind Jordan.

        If Davenport falls to 18, things get very interesting. I also doubt he does.

  32. Nick LOB

    With the Boykin news, what do you guys think the plan will be at QB behind Russ?

    • C-Dog

      Austin Davis would be a logical move. He knows Brian Schotty’s system from St Louis. I think they look FA and probably either the draft, or UDFA route. I kinda think this might be the year they draft QB for the first time since RW.

      • Christian

        I defy logic bring me Kaep. Then if Russell gets injured, Kaep can play in the NFC Championship game, against the 49ers and he can attempt a fade against Sherman, but this time make it.

        • C-Dog

          I love it.

  33. Coleslaw

    I’m stunned that Jordan Matthews is still available… In his first 3 years he caught at least 67 passes and had 19 TDs in that time. One bad year after changing teams playing injured and he’s a bottom barrell option? NO. Get him in here.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Does he kneel for the anthem? Im just wondering why he is still available.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Maybe Matthews has a set price he won’t drop. He’s coming off a terrible injury riddled season in Buffalo, but its still a bit strange his name has been silent especially as a WR. He didn’t kneel for the anthem. There are still A lot of quality players available.

      • SoCal12

        I think that’s probably the reason. My guess is that he or is agent want north of $8 million due to his solid past production record, while teams look at his recent injury and dropped passes and are offering less than that.

        I think I wouldn’t pay more than maybe $6-7 million for him personally. Paying him $8 million would render Paul Richardson’s release kind of pointless since you’d be paying him the same as Paul but with less upside. But if Jordan wants to sign for less than that then I’m all on board.

  34. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I had a dream the other night that Boykin got arested again and now I see that he did. I hope I have a Dream that we draft Ronnie Jones II !!!

    • Hawktalker#1


    • DC

      I hope you have a dream that we win a second Super Bowl.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      What a knucklehead…. given a second chance and blow it.

  35. Eburgz

    Mock with options after trading back for a late second pick (I think Rob’s scenario of a trade with the Patriots makes sense). The idea is Bigger/Faster/Stronger with an emphasis on fixing the run game, restocking the front 7 and focusing on special teams.

    R1 RB:

    R2 Edge/SAM:
    Carter/Sweat/Turay (Hand?)

    R4 DL/DE:

    R5 TE depth
    Shultz/Dissly/Smyth (Wells?)

    R5 runningback depth:

    R5 LB depth and special teams:

    R7 DB depth and special teams:

    R7 Fullback:

    • EBurgz

      Can probably switch TE and DL. Shultz probably goes way earlier than Andrew Brown.
      I don’t see brown projected anywhere near rounds 2-3 except here.

    • Trevor

      I like this Mock a lot. I would replace Chun with Rojo but everything else looks solid.

  36. Tecmo Bowl

    Top notch article Rob! Really hit it how I’ve been envisioning this draft.

    ” So I think by far it’s the best we’ve been, if we can keep these guys healthy we’re fine. Maybe we add to that in the draft as well. But right now, knowing all those guys are 100 percent and ready to go is a big plus for us.” PC

    We love our RB’s buuuutttt we are going to draft 1 or 2.

    This is the time of year where every team is chainsmoking and blowing it towards the media.

  37. RWIII

    Eburg. What about taking Griffin in the 2nd round?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Love him, but that is WAY too over-priced for Shaq. Mid 3rd at most. Even then, I might still prefer Leon Jacobs.

    • EBurgz

      I wouldn’t use an earlier pick on him than what we spent on his twin brother haha. Considering the situation at hand. And idk where he fits as a starter/major contributor on defense.

  38. Jeremy

    Man, that picture of Carson…dude is so built! Excited to see what he can do this year!

  39. House

    Just saw something saying we were interested in bringing in Butt-Fumble with the release of Boykin. WOW

    • C-Dog

      Schottenheimer coached him in NY, played for PC at USC. I could see that.

      • House

        I’m not shocked by it. Today was just a crazy day for our backup QB position

        • SheHawk

          We should draft Luke Falk and forget this nonsense

          • C-Dog

            I would love that.

  40. Saxon

    Chubb is another medical risk: horrific knee injury and ankle issues. To come back like he did is impressive but he will have to share carries in the pros, as he did at Georgia with Michel. I would rather they find a guy with a clean medical that projects as an every down, bell cow back…like Penny.

    But I really hope Seattle waits on RB til their later round picks. Chris Carson is a good example that you can find talented backs late. Heck, even Alex Collins looked good once he got the carries in B-More, apart from the fumbles. The Hawks need to continue to prioritize Defense, especially pass rushing DT and rangy FS.

    • Rob Staton

      And Tom Brady is a good example that you can find talented QB’s late. Etc etc etc.

      Carson played four games and got hurt. He had 49 carriers for Oklahoma State in 2017. He’s been injured or hurt for the last three years.

      The Seahawks still have Earl Thomas at FS and they’ve signed two DT’s with a third imminent. They need to prioritise the running game. And they are doing.


        Insider info, re: another DT signing? Doesn’t look like we’ll be drafting any! That’s a full house.

        • Logan Lynch

          There’s been the links to Bennie Logan and Quinton Dial. Probably one of those two. Dial is my guess.

    • peter

      I don’t think he had to share his carries I think Georgia realized they had two great trimming backs and a freshmen qb and you can win a lot games in football by running the ball.

      Penny is interesting. Wish he didn’t need a full back to create for him there’s nothing wrong with that it’s a style that works well. For me I don’t see him in the same level as johnson, jones, chubb so it feels like it would be another good steady back but not any one of note.

  41. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob great article thank you very much I have two questions for at one point in time the seahawks had this bully attitude but sometimes I think we lost a little bit of that would you agree with that ?my second question is Pete has also like players from Alabama is there a player in this draft from Alabama that screams seahawks to you

    • Rob Staton

      I like Evans the linebacker and Harrison the safety. Also Averett the corner. Not sure any fit the Seahawks though or what they’re currently looking for.

  42. Hawktalker#1

    Hey Rob,

    How about another full Seahawks mock draft with a realistic ET trade included in this version?

    That would be exciting.

    I’d personally love it!!!!

    Anyone else interested?

    Also looking forward to the next Rob-cast. The solos you produce are just so focused and clean. Will be very interesting when you start bringing in guests as well. At least I’ll know you’ll queue good questions for them. Thx.

    • Trevor

      That would be interesting.

    • peter

      Here’s my rock bottom my likely get for earl.

      A second and a fourth and a third next year. From dallas. Jerry Jones can get his first round pick, still gets earl thomas and Seattle recoupes the brown trade.

      • peter

        Not my likely but……most likely get.

      • Simo

        Bring it on please!! I hope a Dallas trade looks more like a 2-3 this year, and a first next year. Think transition year in 2018 and major restocking next year.

        • peter

          I think if they could get a 2 this year and a first for the following you’ve got to run to phones and answer that call!

        • john_s

          I don’t think Seattle is getting a 1st just for the simple fact that Earl has a year left and they other team is unlikely to be able to negotiate an extension prior to the trade.

          I would take a 2 this year and a 2 or 4 in 2019 depending on if the team can extend/franchise Earl.

  43. Millhouse-serbia

    Rob, both PC and JS, when speaking about leaders, core players for next year, didn’t mention ET. What do you think, will that affect on ET and how if he is going to play for Seahawks next season?

    • Rob Staton

      I dont think so. I mean it’s possible Earl hasn’t even seen the quote. He’s also never been a team captain so leadership might simply be an area he’s never truly excelled.

  44. CHawk Talker Eric

    Been saying for a while SEA won’t leave the draft without either RoJo or Chubb.

    Maybe Guice is their 3rd option (but I say that only because of Pauline’s report a while back that they’re interest in him).

  45. Georgia Hawk

    The look on Chubb’s face when TD tells Michel he is the “most complete back” in the draft is exactly why I want the Hawks to draft him. He literally bit his cheek to keep from saying anything. That tells me he disagrees and will be out to prove something, and that he has teh great character to let his friend bask in the praise. Just the type of player we need to kick start the Offense.

    Also, one thing that really stuck out to me from Pete was him saying that guys like MIngo will be playing ST. I think that is just what we need to get back to the gritty, tough Seahawks of old. We were at our best when nobody was too big to play ST.

  46. McZ

    Keeping RBs healthy IMO doesn’t necessarily translate to picking a RB early.

    I predict that they will trade dow to middle R2, getting a couple of R3 and 4 picks in the process, take Austin Corbett or Braden Smith in R2, DaShawn Hand in R3, plus Freeman and Kelly at RB. A guy like TreQuan Smith will be the new WR.

    If Reuter is right and Corbett and Smith fall to R4, they could replace Freeman with an earlier RB, or pick Hayden Hurst as a solid top-notch TE. It may come down to what player is the best individual value, when they pick.

    If there is a deal on ET, they will invest in one of the top edge rushers in the draft. It needs to b a first-day performer will all-pro potential.

    But Rob may have deeper insight, so this could equally be utter rubbish. We’ll see.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think anyone has suggested drafting a RB early would translate to keeping them healthy. You can’t prevent any player at any position from getting hurt by taking them early.

      I don’t want to be harsh but in a thread where Pete Carroll has quoted the benefit of consistency on the O-line, spoken of the importance of the signing of D.J. Fluker, again reiterated their absolute desire to fix the running game and talked about the need to draft guys who play with a chip on their shoulder, you think they’re going to trade down to go O-line first (and presumably put Pocic on the bench), then go defense with a massive underachiever and wait until the top running backs are gone before picking a RB?

      It’s not about deeper insight. It’s just about looking at the draft class, picking the right positions in the right area and going with what they’ve talked about — fixing the run as a priority and getting gritty players.

      If the value at running back this year was rounds 3-4, that’s what we’d discuss. This year it’ll come in the top-50. No doubt at all. So you have a choice to make as a team needing to fix the run. Tap into it in that area, as many will (Seattle, Washington, Denver, NYG, others). Or risk missing out. And nothing PC has said this off-season makes me think they’ll be content missing out on a run game fix.

      And I guarantee Reuter is wrong about Corbett. He’s a fringe R1/2.

      • McZ

        You may be right. Definitely on Corbett. We will see.

        What makes me scratch my head…
        I was under the impression, it is RoJo or Chubb to most commentors here.

        NFL.com rates the presumed Top 25 pick Ronald Jones like a yesteryear #41. Picking Top 25 also means no trade down. Chubb is rated like a middle R3-guy of 2017, who is a committee back @NO, so Top 40 is also a stretch.

        This is overpay they simply cannot afford this year. Regardless what they say. If those prospects come by at realistic spots, they shall and will bite. But this is a big if.

        The reality price sweet spot this year is somewhere around #45. If they could convert #18 into three or even four picks in 45-80 range, they could do so much more. Including at best fixing the last gaping hole in the OL, at worst adding depth. “Benching Pocic”? No, outcompeting Fluker! Keeping RBs healthy in the process. Which we will draft two of, I’m inclined to guess.

        • Rob Staton

          For me personally, it’s not down to two RB’s. I think we’ve identified a couple of runners — Chubb and Kerryon Johnson — that fit what they’ve tended to go for. I personally choose to include Ronald Jones II for various reasons. One of the main ones being he’s just so freaking dynamic, aggressive and he looks like Jamaal Charles as a player. And I think if you have a chance to draft the second coming of Jamaal Charles you should consider it.

          On NFL.com Lance Zierlein, who grades the players for the website, has Ronald Jones II graded as the 15th best player in the draft. I think he is firmly a top-15 player based on talent too. I don’t think he will go that early for a couple of reasons and therefore will present great value later on, probably somewhere between 20-35.

          Lance considers Chubb a third or fourth rounder. I disagree and think he will easily go in the second round. I have read sources that feel similarly, such as Bob McGinn’s anonymous scouting sources, that have him in the R1-2 range.

          I personally feel (and this isn’t an opinion based on a whim, I’ve been studying these players for months) that Barkley, Jones II, Chubb, Kerryon, Guice, Michel, Freeman and Penny will all go in the top-75. I think six could be gone by pick #50. So it’s not overkill at all to take a runner before #50 if it plays out as I expect. And I think after pick #50 the options are going to be pretty thin. When the top eight have gone, the options will be quite poor. So it makes perfect sense to draft for the position when it’s a strength.

          I see you’ve brought up this ‘gaping hole on the O-line’ point again which is a shame. You’re writing off Fluker. That’s your choice. But it’s silly.

    • peter

      Just loset out all of the running backs. go to walter football or something and see an actual list. there are truly 7-8 great talents based on your likes in a running back.

      then a cliff.

      It’s not a smooth arc. guys like jarvion Franklin ,etc. late round guys players who fit the what if mold are borderline JAGS. John Kelley had a solid but not spectacular career. Perhaps a good pick in the fourth. Is he better than davis/carson? I don’t think he is I think he’s exactly where they are at. Bo scarborogh great tester probably not an “all football type.”. Akrum wadley, the blog has a lot of his fans. Not a ton of yards per carry , not really explosive, small for pc’s type. More importantly another compliment piece. I

      And that’s the problem. Seattle is going to need reinforcements on the defense. Personally I think two lateish wr or wr/te combo is in order. And the olin e has a lot of picks and even players like fant, rees, roos, etc. At some point they have to make that thing work. But what Seattle doesn’t have is an all the time every play running back. Davis is a great story but he’s kind of like getting excited for mo morris. Carson is an awesome story but even he’s had his own durability/consistency concerns.

      • mishima

        Agree. I’m thinking first 2 picks on offense (RB and WR) and the rest on defense.

      • Christian

        Chase Edmunds

  47. Trevor

    I don’t get all the talk of Nick Chubb with our first pick. If he is I will be absolutely shocked. Seems like a quality kid with good character and work ethic but since his injury I see a solid between the tackles RB who runs hard and get tough yards. I also see an RB with none of the explosion he is supposed to be known for and a guy who struggled to get to the edge with any burst.

    Prior to the injury I would have been all for this pick but watching his tape since the injury I just don’t get all the love. Combine this with the fact that he did have major reconstructive knee surgery the risk reward makes no sense to me.

    If he is there in the late 2nd or 3rd and the other top RB are off the board sure take a shot on him but this 1st round / early 2nd is baffling to me. I just don’t see it but then again I am not an NFL scout so who knows I guess time will tell.

    The only RB I see in this draft besides Barkley who looks special enough for the Hawks to justify a top 40 pick in is Rojo who does look like a game changer. The rest are good solid RBs who would help the run game certainly but are they special enough to make our top pick given our limited draft capital. I know Rob thinks there are 5 -6 that will go in the top 50 I guess on this rare occasion I just don’t see it the same way.

    Pete could not have made it more clear that fixing the run game is priority #1 though so who knows.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I dont see it with the first pick either. Our second pick later in the second round (if we can get one) seems like a better spot.

  48. drewdawg11

    You may be alone in that. Explosion is measure in a few different ways. Exploding into contact, explosive, long runs. I think you see a runner who is patient and has decent vision. His feet in the hole are really good. I think he’s biggest weakness is making that speed cut at full speed in the secondary. He gets a head of steam and sometimes looks to finish the run where a guy like Rojo will maybe go for the hometuj more often. He has shown plenty of times post-injury that he can take it the distance. The knee is about the only negative for me. It’s been two years, however. He got put into a specific role with the emergence of Michel and I think some people see that and think he can’t do those things. This guy is built like a tank and can be someone who can wear down a defense over time. When they get tired of tackling him he will turn those 4-( hard carries into 15-30 yard romps.

    • peter

      I think the specific role aspect is going to be more known and understood by schottenheimer. It’s clear that post injury and the emergence of michel chubb role changes some.

      But I’m not seeing the lack of explosion. first the testing showed he was right where he needed to be and then some at the combine.

      and for me, it just me now, I see a guy who this season still has a second gear in the open field.

      Perhaps the pick in the first round and certainly at 18 seems outlandish ( I feel the exact sa!e way about jones as well, btw). But at say pick 26-28 after a trade down knowing the team only then has a late second/third? Yeah I’d pick either for different reasons.

      PC can say nice things about Davis and Carson all he wants but Davis is or has been this far a complimentary back and Carson has never carried the ball as much as chubb. He has been I hired and he has missed time more often than chubb.

      chubb like Gore pushed himself to come back after a horrible injury and then even though he’s still super productive gets knocked because Georgia used him as the hammer. I’ve made this point a half dozen times now but at one point chubb would have been the best running back in the draft. He’s a great value and I think will be an extremely good pro.

  49. drewdawg11

    Another positive is that despite the knee, the time off and rehab probably strengthened his legs even more, and with sharing the backfield, he won’t have the miles on his body that he would have had before he was injured.

  50. nichansen01

    I like Ronald jones a lot more than Nick Chubb.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I definitely think RoJo is a future superstar if he develops.

      Nick Chubb is all-football though.

      The look in his eyes when he’s demanding respect from a hall of fame alumnus. You can hear Davis back down too. He says “I was just tryna make sure they know what you can do”

      RoJo is a star, but Nick is an Alpha Dog.

      RoJo would compliment Russ and Doug a lot, but Nick Chubb would compliment Carson and Prosise.

      Both would come in with huge expectations and status. If thwy fail to overshadow their teammates it would be really bad for the culture imo.

      Nick Chubb is more pro ready. Not even close tbh.

      I think in terms of completeness as a running back Id rank the top 8
      Saquon Barkley
      Sony Michel
      Royce Freeman
      Nick Chubb
      Ronald Jones
      Kerryon Johnson
      Derrius Guice
      Rashaad Penny

      • Kenny Sloth

        I said not even close and then ranked them together.

        I do think that is an accurate ranking

        You could push Freeman down to #5 because he didn’t break tackles with physicality in college.

        Note; this is not how I’d rank their pro potential or draft range

        Barkley is just totally pro ready. Hard to argue it. He’s even a plus blocker.

        Michel catches well, runs sharp routes out of the back, good blocker, moves and vision and balance. Might still be a backup at the next level

        Chubb does a lot of the same, but is just hard to not hand off to. Not a ton of evidence of him blocking either

        RoJo’s pass catching and route running makws up for his vision and blocking issues. They’re easily correctable, but certainly present

        Freeman has crazy good vision and footwork. Hard worker and leader. Lack of physicality hurts him here as well as lazy routes.

        Johnson runs with the ball untucked. He’s raw and exciting, but not the most technical without the ball in his hands. Second biggest project of the top 8 backs.

        Derrius Guice is a hammer rarely saw him do anything but slam and churn. Might be a backup at the next level.

        Rashaad Penny has a lot of problems. His best runs come behind lead blockers and he has many many many failures as a blocker himself. Lazy routes and a pathetic chip and release. His interviews are also disappointing in that he has a very kiddish look and feel about him. Good hands and he knows he has to work on his blocking. The biggest project of the top 8 backs

    • Christian

      I totally like Vanilla over Chocolate but if all I can have is chocolate I’ll eat that.

  51. D-OZ

    With the 120th pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Hawks select Chase Edmonds/ Fordham. Just watched his game tape and all I can say is WOW!!!! Patient runner with elite vision and an innate ability to set up defenders. Stays low and and avoids big hits. Has good hands and has stayed healthy throughout his career. (always available) I like him better than some of the top prospects we have discussed. I’ll bet Pete does to…

    • Rob Staton

      They showed some interest at his pro day but he’s a seventh round type and a possible ‘second’ drafted RB not the guy Seattle is asking to fix the running game.

      • Kenny Sloth


  52. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like Mike Davis contract is for one year and up to $1.35 million. $350k guaranteed.

    Year——–Base——-SB——-Roster bonus——-Cap Hit


    He gets $15,625 per game on the active roster w/ an LTBE of 6 games. (thats why the strange roster bonus $15,625 x 6 = $93,750)

  53. D-OZ

    They might be able to get him with one of their 5th rounders. I doubt he lasts till the 7th. He is just to good. Watch the tape Rob. He is a big time sleeper….

    • D-OZ

      Interview’s well to. Smart and articulate. Well spoken.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen the tape. He’s pretty good. I think he’s an interesting prospect. He’s competitive. But he’s also a 5-9, 205lbs small school runner who ran a 4.55. So a little perspective required there. They’ve shown interest. I’ll be very, very surprised if they take him at #120.

  54. James

    Yes, Pete (and John) have said that fixing the running game is Job1, but that is mainly implemented through the work of Solari and Schotty, plus Fluker, plus a healthy Chris Carson, plus a miracle bubble around CJ Prosise. Adding an elite RB in late R1 would certainly be a plus. Adding an elite OG would be nice, as well. But what is sorely lacking on this team is CB, now that Sherm has signed on with satan. Even if we re-sign Maxwell, who is the backup if he or Shaq gets injured? And who is our CB of the future? Of all the needs on this team, CB screams the loudest, and the talent projects to be there with at our first pick, so that’s where my money is.

    • Rob Staton

      James, the talent really does not project there at our first pick.

      Certain players are getting bumped up. Like Josh Jackson. People should watch his combine workout during drills. It was truly awful. He had to start and stop several drills because he wasn’t doing it right.

      This is a really, really, really mediocre cornerback class.

      If they didn’t take a CB earlier than R3 last year with all the options, there is NO WAY they take one in R1 this year. Not a chance.

      They’ll do what they always do. Draft their guys and coach up.

  55. mac

    I want Chris Carson, CJ Prosise to be supplemented with Ito Smith and Nick Chubb. It would be one hell of a competition. We would be able to probably grad Ito Smith in the 5th or 6th round. Don’t get me wrong on Mike Davis, I think he is a useful person to have but I wouldn’t bet my running game on him being your second or third best, let alone first.

    Ronald Jones would be great to add but if we can’t get him I would be happy taking Nick Chubb and a flyer on Ito Smith.

    The Idea of trading Russell Wilson is ludicrous and useless!

    We most likely couldn’t find a replacement nearly as good
    We would be creating more holes on a team with plenty
    It would signal the firing of both JS & PC

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