An argument for the Seahawks trading up in the draft

It feels necessary to write this again. The options for Seattle in this draft are really good.

I first made that case after the final game of the regular season. The Seahawks had dropped from the #3 pick to #5. A lot of people were dismayed but it was still a great position to be in.

At the time I argued there were four really good quarterbacks and two excellent defensive players in range. Even if you had to pick the fifth player instead of the third, you were in position to get one of the top talents in the 2023 class.

I’ve since adjusted that approach because a lot has emerged about Jalen Carter through various reports. I’ve also been able to dig around a bit and say, with confidence, I don’t expect Carter to be a consideration at #5.

So now we’re down to the four quarterbacks and Will Anderson. That’s still a great place to be. You’re going to get a really talented player at a premium position.

I’m not sure why a large section of the fanbase is so against the quarterback options. I suspect the media narrative has had a negative impact, plus there’s a strong loyalty to Geno Smith — even if his contract is perfectly setup for the Seahawks to move on as early as next year.

Twelve months ago sections of the media were saying Malik Willis might go second overall. Then we had Desmond Ridder being touted as a first round pick. There was more buzz for a group of backup-level players in 2022 than there is about a group who are potentially going to fill out the first four picks of this draft.

This is an excellent crop, way beyond what we saw a year ago. The same source who told me he thought all of the top 2022 quarterbacks were third rounders, told me early in the process this year that the top four QB’s will go in the top-10 — and that Hendon Hooker could easily find a home in round one too.

There’s a fear factor among Seahawks fans I want to push-back against. The view is that these quarterbacks would be a wasted pick compared to a defensive player who can contribute immediately, in a more impactful way.

I’d argue the Seahawks have created the ideal environment for a young signal caller to succeed. Sitting and learning for at least a year is a good thing. With the extreme physical talent of the quarterbacks at the top of this class — it’s possible a smooth transition to a new long-term starter could create a situation where the franchise is set-up for the next 10-15 years at the most important position in football.

No, the quarterbacks available are not flawless. They rarely are. Yet as I noted last week, people said incredibly unflattering things about Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Had the Seahawks selected either with a top-five pick, I suspect fans would’ve been howling in pain at the decision based on the perception of both players.

Mahomes benefitted from sitting for a year. Allen benefitted from patience afforded as he went through a two-year learning curve. People forget Allen was a meme for a couple of seasons before the light switched on. Now, the Bills are seen as annual contenders because of their quarterback.

Even Pete Carroll and John Schneider have seemingly gone out of their way to set the table for the possibility of a quarterback pick — talking about the rare opportunity afforded Seattle to select this early in a good QB draft.

Having the opportunity to draft a player and develop them for the future would be a good thing at this position. While there’s no certainty it’ll work out — the same is easily true of any defender you take in the top-five.

Equally, if the Seahawks don’t trade up, increasingly it looks like someone else will. That would mean Will Anderson potentially lasting to #5 — unless the Colts also trade down so someone else can land the top defender.

This feels like a cause for celebration, not anger or argument. Seattle can get an exciting quarterback or Will Anderson. Tremendous!

I think the Seahawks will be enamoured with Anderson and Anthony Richardson. We’re talking about an ideal scheme-fit defender with all of the high character, alpha-dog mentality, production and physicality Seattle craves. We’re also talking about the kind of physical talent at quarterback that gets Schneider and Carroll out of bed in the morning. Carroll runs a development program and with Richardson, he’d get to try and develop a player the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

I also think they will be fond of Will Levis. I know he seems to be persona non grata in mock drafts at the moment but I’m not sold on that. He’s a physical marvel, highly intelligent and he’s well versed in pro-schemes. In particular, you can watch 2021 tape and see him excelling in something akin to Seattle’s offense.

However, Richardson is just taking the league by storm. The buzz is legit. The upside is through the roof. He has a magical charisma to him — and it’s no wonder there’s a growing feeling someone will trade up to #3 to secure his services so that they can work to turn him into a star.

At #5, the Seahawks could sit tight and get either Richardson or Anderson. It’s also possible, however, neither will be there.

If they are the two players Seattle is focusing on, then I think they should try and trade up. The only reason not to is if they rate Levis highly enough (and I think Schneider might) to stick at #5.

Otherwise — the statement of, ‘we might never be here again’ needs to be taken seriously. That’s not just about having the chance to pick at #5. It’s about being within striking distance of moving up to get a player you really want.

You can eliminate any doubt or mystery by trading up to #3 or #4 with Arizona or Indianapolis. If the Cardinals are willing to deal with a division rival and be realistic over compensation, do it. If the Colts are comfortable taking Levis and are therefore happy to trade down to #5, do it.

If it costs you #37 to make that move, so be it. If it costs #20, so be it. If you have the conviction that Richardson is the next superstar QB or that Anderson can be the lead stud on your defense for the next decade — make the move.

Nobody looks back at the Mahomes trade and talks about the extra first rounder Kansas City gave up. Nobody talks about the two second round picks Buffalo used to get Allen.

The Seahawks have 10 picks in this draft — ample to address needs later on.

I also think we need to be realistic about where this team is. They aren’t a draft away from being a contender. It will probably take another off-season to reach that position.

So if this is year two of a process — continue the process. You have a top-five pick. If trading to #3 or #4 gets you a player you believe can be a star, make that move. The one thing this roster lacks currently is a true, elite-level star player.

It’ll be harder to find that player in future drafts when the team is back picking in the second half of round one.

I’ll promise you this — if the Seahawks trade #20 to select Anthony Richardson or Will Anderson at #3, I won’t complain if it doesn’t work out. I’ll applaud the move. The boldness. The ambition. The conviction.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. Sometimes you have to take a risk. The key is to take the right kind of risk. Trading two first rounders for a box safety isn’t the right kind of risk. This, however, would be.

So unless they simply think Levis is as good as Richardson, or that Tyree Wilson is as good as Anderson, they should be thinking about the kind of bold trade-up that is suddenly being speculated by Vic Tafur and Tony Pauline.

The sooner you make that move, the more time you have to scale down your thought process to get this pick right. If you make the move to #3 in the coming days — you’ll have three weeks to determine whether it’s Richardson or Anderson you want (while keeping the door open on C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young, just in case). You can forget about any other players you might be considering at #5.

‘Pay the iron price’ as someone declared in one of my recent live streams. Using the #20 or #37 pick to move up would be a hefty price. But with 10 total picks and five in the first three rounds — you have the stock to make a move up the board and still address several other needs.

It’ll be worth it if Richardson becomes the next superstar quarterback or Anderson the next game-wrecking defender.

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  1. Josh


    Love all of the articles leading up to the draft.

    Thinking about the Josh Allen comparison, Allen really took off once Diggs showed up. Do you think having DK and Lockett already on the team will help a rookie QB develop faster?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t play Richardson as a rookie under any circumstances

      Let him sit and learn

      But when he comes into the team — it’ll absolutely be helpful to give him a great arsenal of weapons

  2. Ukhawk


    Thanks for banging the drum. I’m with you, hoping we go for it!

    I think PCJS are 💯 aligned to this thinking. It’s an unbelievable opp to setup the team for the future and equally unbelievable people would be against it. Feels such a fortunate situation to have the #5 pick, a QB bridge in place and a team setup with ALL the key offensive positions solidified. The benefits alone of having a young, quality QB who will eventually still be on a rookie contract is also incredibly appealing.

    Given we spent 2 first on a safety (ouch) the price move up to get our guy isn’t much.

    I hope they consider trading up to either #2 or #3 given that and HOU may also be open to trading down.

    No pick at 37 or even 20 seems good enough to counter the relatively low price of getting our QBOTF.

    • Elmer

      If the player they really want is Richardson or Anderson, then OK, especially if they don’t have to do it all with 2023 draft capital. Otherwise, it feels too expensive. Let the draft come to you.

  3. Tatupu51

    I’ll understand the decision if they do trade up, but to me just stay at 5 and take the 4th QB or Anderson. Surrendering another first rounder or an early second to move up two spots is too much, IMO. Unless they rate the first three prospects significantly higher than the next 2. I’ll trust PCJS, but I’m hoping we stay put at 5.

    Another scenario I’m really pulling for is using the first 3 picks on offense. QB at 5, one of Bijan Robinson/Meyer/Dawand Jones at 20 and JMS at 37. Use the next picks to shore up the d-line, but let’s inject even more talent to an offense that could be special!

    • JC3

      I also think there is a real possible first three picks will be on offense because they spend so heavily on D during FA. Give me a stud QB, WR and C.
      I don’t think they will take a NT early because they always fill interior with UDFA ala Poona Ford.

      • bv eburg

        Tend to agree with you JC. To me there are two paths to SB contention.

    • LouCityHawk

      Hail to another, if for some unknown reason Mayer is there at 20 you are standing at the podium to pick him club member.

      I recognize that you have to pick value adjusted BPA, but my hope for the top 4 picks is some combo of QB, WR, TE, and DL if the value is there. 3rd round may be to late to grab one of the really intriguing WR/TE prospects.

      On trading up or sticking, I recommend reading some big boards, *Rob’s are fantastic*, and think about who you really think are R1 prospects and where they fit. The Seahawks usually only have around 20 players with a first round grade. Make your own round 1 list, or look at a position group and rank it out yourself, adjust for value. No one draft pundit is right…I’m not one but I played, watch a lot of ball, and love going to games (even HS)…for example: I disagree with JMS being #1 center, for me it is Tippmann and Oluwatimi(C2), JMS and Wypler are identical to me, I wouldn’t touch any of them until R3.

      I think 18 players in this draft are worthy of the first round, 8 of whom I think are potentially elite. I have nearly 60 that I think of as R2 players. If I give up pick 37 to get one of the 2 QB I think are Elite, or the 1 of the 2 I like better, that is such a good deal for me it is like stealing. In 2017 Malik McDowell, Buddha Baker, Zay Jones, and Forrest Lamp went in the range of pick 37, I would trade all of them plus R1 then next year to get Mahomes.

    • Sean-O

      I 100% agree on staying put at #5, Tatupu51. Maybe they’re enamored with a certain guy but the cost is a little rich for me. Too many holes at other positions & lack of quality depth on this roster to lose a high pick.

      Stay at #5, draft the last of the QB’s or Anderson. Seems pretty simple to me.

      • Rob Staton

        This is a totally understandable position

        Can I ask though, if you knew they loved Richardson & Anderson way beyond any other player, would you be more inclined to trade up?

        • GerryG

          Yes, however to me the decision can’t me made in a vacuum. The state of the teams roster and cap (as illustrated in crystal clear fashion by the great articles posted here) leave me pretty worried about the team’s outlook. The front 7 is still an utter disaster, currently worse actually because they don’t even have the bodies in place on the DL.

          TE is is barren after this year.

          No plan at Center currently (past this year)

          4 WRs on the roster, only 2 that are proven NFL players

          No plan at Guard after this year

          Two healthy LBs on the roster

          No cap space, negative effective cap space

          Cap space already tight for next year

          I love Richardson, I’m just perplexed by looking at the above points and trading away picks. If you’re going to trade away the assets needed to fix these problems, I think I’d rather they rolled with Drew Lock and spent Geno’s $ on signing more DL.

          All that said Rob, I totally get spending the capital to get your guy if you believe he is it.

          • Rob Staton

            With respect, giving up one pick in a trade isn’t going to significantly impact your ability to fill some of those holes.

            And some of those issues can be addressed next year

            • GerryG

              You’re actually conceding two of this year’s picks to fixing the problems of the 23 roster, because pick 5 is for the future (which is fine, but needs to be considered with respect to the 23 roster). To fix all the of the “this year” problems we need to have a draft with as many effective day 1 contributors as last year’s draft. For that to happen, the odds are a lot better imo of pick 20 being one of those day 1 guys than a Rd3 guy.

              • Rob Staton

                So eight picks to address other needs

                With the chance to trade down and get more

                • GerryG

                  Valid, still can get a lot of guys in here. I just fear we start picking in the 30’s with gaping holes on the DL and force picks drafting for need, again. It worries me a lot.

              • Peter

                I think your concerns work both ways.

                Address roster deficiencies on the one hand.

                On the other with very few building blocks: two tackles, woolen, hopefully Bryant, jones, walker there’s just a strong case, to me, now is the time for qbotf. In one to two years time most of this roster could be flipped into something else entirely.

                • bv eburg

                  What’s your thinking with this Peter “1 or 2 years time roster could be flipped entirely” Not sure I see that if drafting a C, G, WR to go with QB with first pick. At that point every position group is locked down for 3-5 years with the exception of TE and possible Lockett replacement. And TE on the free agent market are reasonable.

                  • bv eburg

                    On the offensive side I mean.

                  • Peter

                    We’re on agreement here. Point broadly is do we just fill holes and hope everything works. Or do we acknowledge that there’s as likely a chance that regardless of what we do in two years that’s when everything comes together….which probably means it’s a bew team and time for either a,qb then or the one we draft this year ro really roll.

          • bv eburg

            I would add RB to your list. Might we find a diamond in rounds 5-7? Sure, but most likely a bunch of jags. And this offense is predicated on a legit RB in the backfield 100%.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              I read this and I think, what about QB? Isn’t our offense also predicated on having a solid QB 100%?

              And that’s even being slightly facetious. QB is WAY more important than RB. Not to mention you can find good or better RBs in every draft.

              I dunno man. Folks must really believe in Geno Smith to think this way. Or they’re not thinking beyond the 2024 season.

              • bv eburg

                I have no problem grabbing a QB at 5. That is probably what the hawks will do reading the tea leaves. But it’s also saying don’t plan on a SB for 3 years. But you “might” be set up long term assuming the qb picked is legit and they hit on two more drafts.
                Personally I think there is a quicker path to SB but “might” sacrifice long term.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            TE is is barren after this year.

            No plan at Center currently (past this year)

            4 WRs on the roster, only 2 that are proven NFL players

            No plan at Guard after this year


            All they have to do to solve two of those “problems” is extend Parkinson and Haynes. Or if you don’t like Haynes, let’s grab an OG in this draft. Problem solved.

            Where you going for the next QB when Geno ain’t cutting it anymore?

            See, that’s a bit harder of a problem to solve. It might cost a LOT more than an extra R2 pick. And then what are you gonna do?

            Also, cap management is important, but that’s a red herring in this argument. Especially considering the dead money coming off Seattle’s books in the next few seasons and the expansion of the cap itself.

        • Sean-O

          I can see why a team would make that move. Go get your guy.

          Let’s say pick #20 is what they’d need to include to move up. If we use PFF’s top 20 list, would you trade one of the other three QBs & OT Darnell Wright for Richardson or Anderson? I’m not sure I would. The gap between certain top 5 picks isn’t large enough to sacrifice the quality of the player available at #20.

        • Phil

          Rob – I’m opposed in this instance of moving up and almost getting the guy you want. For example, moving up to 3 and then having something unexpected happen which means you just missed him. The first decision JSPC have to make is who is the guy they really want — if they can’t decide among 5 players, or 2 players, then I’d reconsider every day until they are committed. And then I would be bold and decide what assets you have to “invest” to get to where you are guaranteed to get your man.

          If you are “shooting for the moon”, you’re screwed if you miss by a mile or by 240,000 miles. Make sure your aim is true, then take a deep breath and push the launch button.

          • Rob Staton

            If you trade up to #3 you do it because there are three you love

            If you’re guaranteed one of Stroud, Richardson or Anderson, that’s awesome

            • Phil

              I hear you. I just think if they really put their minds to it, there has to be one guy they are aiming at. If you don’t know what you are aiming at, you are almost guaranteed to miss it. Be bold, not half bold.

            • Phil

              I would love to be in a position to be guaranteed one of Stroud, Anderson, or Richardson. But, up until today, the focus was getting one of the 4 qbs, or Anderson. I just think this sounds like the target is shifting a bit and until the target is clearly defined, it makes it more difficult to think of what you are going to do in the rest of your draft. To belabor the point, if Anderson is the target, then do you look for a QB deeper in the draft? If Richardson is the target, do you pick an edge or another DL at 20?

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t think you ‘have’ to get a QB if you want Anderson that badly

                But if you really like, say, Stroud, Anderson and Richardson, then you think there’s a gap to the rest, you are better off making sure you don’t miss out.

                For me, I like Levis too. So I’m not as fussed. But the Seahawks might think differently. For what it’s worth, I think John will be very high on Levis

          • Phil

            One more comment, I don’t want to hear from JS or PC 3 years from now that we really like Richardson’s upside, but we thought we could save our #20 if we just stayed at #5. No regrets allowed.

          • cha

            If the Seahawks really are talking about moving up, they’d be wise to – before they sign on the dotted line with Arizona – call Houston and make them the same offer or otherwise make sure they are dead seat at picking at 2.

            • Wilson502

              This is what Ive been saying ever since the Carolina deal move happened, yet here we are….

        • Elmer

          Yes. But carefully. I would go into it knowing where my “too expensive” line is.

    • Zeke

      The way I see it, they need to come away with one of the QBs because they’ll never get this opportunity again any time soon. If that means trading a 2nd+ with #5 to get to #3 then so be it.

      If Will Anderson was Myles Garrett, staying put would be an option.

      • Rscott412

        Pay the iron price and get your guy

    • bv eburg

      100% Tatupu51 on picking offense. I would go top 4 picks if you don’t get Bijan at 20.

  4. Murphy

    I understand your perspective and I have felt that way for a while. However, I am now of the mind that a trade up would be incredibly exciting for simple fact that whoever they take they have signaled that he is their guy. Rather than simply waiting for whoever is left.

    • Murphy

      Meant to be a reply to Tatupu

  5. LouCityHawk

    I say trade up, and to Carolina’s pick if the price makes sense for the player. There are 4, potentially elite QBs at the top of this draft, QB is the most valuable position by far, get your QB1 and call it a day.

    There is a real dovetail, or convergence, of groupthink related to this draft amongst a surprisingly large and vocal part of the fan base.

    Carter is the best player, worthy of pick 1; Anderson is best player 2; Tyree Wilson/Van Ness are best player 3; Stroud is maybe the best QB, but have you seen Hooker/Tune/McKee?!; Young is too short, Richardson is a bust, Levis couldn’t QB my sons Pop Warner team; draft a QB late, then just cut Lock; trade back and accumulate first round picks for next year, trade for superior QB prospect then; and whatever you do, do not trade up…even to select Carter…as only the Seahawks will be wise enough to select him.

    The same commenters/tweeters are similarly obsessed with drafting for immediate need. I can’t tell if they approach the draft like they are grocery shopping…’we are out of NT, so buy NT, oh look…Mazi Smith, take him at 5, ok need a DT, Bresee will do…” or if they like newbies at a casino table who don’t know how to play with house money, or if there is an influential media voice I haven’t heard or read, or is this a case of “it works in Madden”.

    There was a thread on another site where commenters were loudly and proudly stating they would pass on Bijan/Mayer/QJ not just at pick 20, but at pick 37, because ‘we need tranches’ and ‘focus on front 7’.

    • BK26

      That is 100% accurate for fan group think: it’s a grocery list. We are out of this so I need to get it. Perfect comparison.

      • Mel

        A great way to combat “grocery store list” is to do what Seattle’s done all offseason. Plug holes so you can feel comfortable getting something “on sale” rather than sticking to the list

  6. Tatupu51

    Rob, what positions of need you believe the Hawks could leave the draft without adressing?

    I’m guessing they could leave WR to be adressed with a FA signing this year and could be content with their depth at LB and CB for 2023. Can’t plug all the holes with one draft.

    • bv eburg

      Agree on LB and CB. I would have said safety until what they did with Neal yesterday.
      And how about positions most in need? For me in RBx2, NG/DTx2, WRx1, Cx1, Gx1, Sx1. That’s 8 needs and at least 6 you want difference makers not jags.

    • Andy J


      2 RB
      1 WR
      1 OL
      3 DL
      1 DB

      • bv eburg

        That’s also reasonable. I would argue a high end Center and Guard would make the Oline SB legit. It would neutralize all the resources the 9ers have spent on their Dline.
        But 3 on interior Dline is not a bad idea at all.

  7. Skirmish

    So trade #5 and #37 from the Wilson trade? We end up with a starting LT, a potential superstar QB and two filler players (Harris and Fant) because of Wilson.

    I’M IN!!!

    • BK26

      Plus Mafe as well. That looks awesome.

      • Peter


  8. Romeo A57

    Another reason to trade up to # 1.3 is for the the excitement level for the fans. Right now the Seahawks are a boring and mediocre team with a horrible defense. Not too many networks will want to put these guys in prime time games. If the Seahawks drafted Richardson they would be seen as young and exciting.

    I just want the Seahawks to be competitive but this argument is for the Seattle Media and group think fans who worry about the perception of the team.

    • Tatupu51

      Sorry, but that makes no sense. You trade up to draft A-Rich and he will drive up fan excitement and TV ratings by siting on the bench? I’m all for drafting Richardson, but he’s a long time investment, not an injection of fun for right now. And I disagree the Hawks were boring in 22, we scored a lot a points and had close games and the whole Geno redemption storeline.

      If you want to make the Hawks exciting in 23, you draft Bijan Robinson and pair him with KWIII, reinforcements for the o-line and Mingo as WR#3. That team would score a shitload of points!

      • Romeo A57

        You could use AR in some goal line and short yardage situations in 2023. The 2023 Seahawks Offense excelled against the weak defenses but were ineffective( boring) against the niners 3 times, Bucs, Giants and Broncos. Bijan would be a great spark for a few seasons but I worry about RBs having a short shelf life.

  9. TJ

    Quick quiz: What price did the Seahawks pay to move up for Cortez Kennedy? It seemed high at the time, but was, without question, worth it.

    If they identify their guy, believe that he is a future superstar, and don’t feel confident that he will last until #5, they should move two spots to ensure that they get him. Period.

    • GerryG

      Was he? Tez was fantastic, he was a truly dominating presence for 3-4 years, but the team was awful. Those were some of our darkest years. In hindsight I wonder (and I don’t even know who else was available that year, too long ago!) if we would have been better off trading back and acquiring more actual NFL caliber players.

      • Geoff u

        Are you kidding me…

        • GerryG

          No. The Cortez Seahawks were the worst teams of my lifetime. I loved Tez, but having a great player on an awful team at the of the day, was, so what.

          • JJ

            It is a real shame we got to watch a hall of fame player. Instead we could have watched Chris singleton and ray Agnew.

          • geoff u

            True, what good is having a historic defense if all you can do is win 2 games? But I think this shows more that the FO and coaching was complete trash and did you really trust the FO of the 90’s to hit on all those other picks? The same ones who picked Dan McGuire and then Rick Meier in two of the three following years to lead the team? Frankly, I’m surprised they got the Tez pick right.

            Along those lines, we were stuck in franchise quarterback hell and couldn’t get out of it until (briefly Moon) Hasselbeck. And I think this shows the futility in trading up that high for a defensive player when you don’t have a quarterback. And also the importance of the quarterback position. When were the Seahawks good to great? When we had Zorn, Kreig, Hasselbeck, and Wilson. When did we suck? All those other years when our QB sucked.

            This is my roundabout way of saying, depends what you’re trading up for. If you don’t have a franchise QB you do what it takes to get one. Unless you’re FO sucks and you trade up for Jeff George, like the 1990 draft…

            • TJ

              Are you saying that Stan Gelbaugh wasn’t a franchise QB? Come on man!

              • geoff u

                I will never forget him coming in and sparking a come from behind overtime win against the 7-4 Broncos that, in week 13, gave us our second and last win of the season. That may have also been Gelbaugh’s only win of his entire career. Check that, in a twist of cruel fate on who gets credit for wins, Kelly Stouffer got the win. A true Seahawk legend.

                • One Bad Mata'afa

                  I was at that game!

      • TJ

        Do you know who N.E. picked with the two 1st round picks they got from Seattle? A linebacker and a guard. N.E. continued to be just as crappy as Seattle with those 2 above average players. In fact, three years after that draft, N.E. “earned” the #1 pick in the draft with a 2-14 record, which they used on Drew Bledsoe, a franchise QB who eventually led them to the Super Bowl.

        • JC3

          Just don’t trade up to two spot because the second QB taken is forever going to be cursed, Rick Mirer, Ryan Leaf & Len Bias come to mind. OK, Len Bias was not a QB, just to make my point.

          • TJ

            The Great Bledsoe vs. Mirer debate. Seattle was clearly the worst team in the NFL that year and and N.E. was clearly the second worst team, yet Seattle beat N.E. late in the season in perhaps the most meaningless game in NFL history giving N.E. the #1 pick and Drew Bledsoe. The Seahawks were even shitty at being shitty. Good times 🙁

    • Malc from PO

      8 and 10 for 3. If they have a clear favorite among the QBs and he does not get picked 1 or 2 I’m sure they will try to trade up.

    • Mel

      Hey TJ, from what I could locate Seattle traded:

      Pick 8: Chris Singleton
      Pick 10: Ray Agnew
      Pick 64: Jimmie Jones
      ‘91 Pick 101: David Rocker


      Pick 3: Cortez Kennedy
      Pick 29: Terry Wooden

      I’d say we came out ahead on that one

      • PJ in Seattle

        Yep, that was a slam dunk. They were very dark years as said and the team was so frustrating to watch, but Cortez was one of the only reasons to.

        There are other examples where moving up didn’t pan out. THe jury is still out, but Trey Lance sure looks like a miss. But in this example, we have clear evidence that both moving up to get your guy can be a wise investment, and that even a HOF-level , gamewrecking DL talent can’t make a bad team competitive.

        We are not a bad team, but all the people continue to mock Carter to us by default seem to think he’s exactly the talent we need to be a deep playoff contender. Sigh.

      • TJ

        Good call on Wooden Mel. I didn’t realize he was part of that deal. The 1990 draft was actually very good for Seattle. Kennedy, Wooden, Robert Blackmon, and Chris Warren. Unfortunately, even that haul of talent couldn’t save them. The Behring years were dark times.

  10. Geoff u

    As Carroll said, there are four “legit” prospects at quarterback. We need a quartback. We will most likely never be in this position again. From the available information I have, you absolutly do what it takes to get your guy at the most important position in football.

    Now it’s certains there’s stuff i don’t know. Perhaps after looking into the players, Pete and John arent sold on them being any better than a Baker Mayfield. Or, they’re certain one of them will be there at five. Or they just prefer Anderson. That’s possible, and I’ll take that to.

    But man are we going to be kicking ourselves for a decade if this ends up like an 1983 draft with Elway, Kelly, and Marino in it and we didn’t do what it took to move up a few spots. A few spots away and we blew it. People may not believe that all four of these could pan out, but last year there was ZERO top QBs. Things have a way of evening out.

    • cjjo

      If the draft followed anything resembling 1983, Elway #1, Kelly #14, Marino #27:
      I see no Elway in this draft, Stroud,Young Top 10-15. Levis, late 1st, Richardson is a wildcard.
      A QB that will lead your team for 10+ years needs to be able to read and react to the D in front of him, and not by escaping pocket for a 30 yd gain. Running QB’s are not successful after 2-4 years.
      Much more important to pickup 2nd and 3rd options in passing progression.
      I believe in John. Pete and scouts. Whomever we pick (or trade DOWN) at 5, I will be totally behind.
      Go Hawks!

      • geoff u

        So you see two Jim Kelly’s and a Marino and you think, pass at 5 but at 20, in this day and age, Marino will easily fall to us? I mean, that’s one way to take an analogy too far. Just because you RATE a player at 10-15 doesn’t mean everyone else will, or that that’s where they go. If you’re fairly certain someone will be a legit franchise quarterback, you do what it takes to get them. Obviously, to me, you don’t see an Elway, Kelly, or Morino in this draft AT ALL. And that’s fine, but just say that.

        • cjjo

          I believe I did. My main concern is a trade up for boom/bust
          If Stroud/Young fell to 5, fantastic.
          Richardson, Levis, Hooker, the 2 above or a 5th rounder could all be “the man” lets take a look in 3 years.
          Just because, as some folks think, we have a “gimmie” pick at 5, thanks to Broncos,
          I would rather not draft on potential.but solid tape.
          You are correct about huge reaches for QB in todays world.
          Gonna be an interesting 1st round.

          • Geoff u

            I obviously disagree on the quality of this QB class, but you’re right, you never know how these things are gonna go. Odds are two of these top four QBs will be complete busts and not necessarily the two you’re thinking. The sixth quarterback taken in the ’83 draft was, imo, the best one (Marino). And oddly, none of those quarterbacks won a championship until late in Elway’s career when Shanahan built one of the greatest rushing teams in history. But then could never make it back after Elway retired. History is weird.

            However, picking earier is always better as it gives you the pick of the litter and best odds to succeed, and what it comes down to is, do you trust the FO to make the right choice? At the end of the day, it doesnt matter where you pick but who you pick.

  11. Romeyda

    Hello Rob! A big Brazilian fan of your work! Thank you so much for all your patience and information.

    I believe that everything will depend on the decision of the new Arizona GM. In my opinion John Schneider is quite influential among GMs. Do you believe that there is a frank conversation with Arizona already with the names of the choices on the table? I think that makes a deal a lot easier.

    Big hug here from Brazil!

  12. Forrest

    If we trade up to #3 now and Richardson is the target. What happens if he goes #1 or #2?

    I see the Hawks having a deal in place to move up on draft day, if their guy is available at #3 (not before).

    I can’t see trading up with the Colts, if Richardson and Levis are available at #4. The only way they trade back is if they know they’ll still get their guy. So, the trade would be a waste.

    • Rob Staton

      You trade up to #3 because there are three players you love.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think there are 4 players in this draft Schneider and Carroll covet:


        (Alphabetic order)

        Trading up to 3 guarantees you get your choice of two of them. Not trading up means you could miss out on all of them.

        • JC3

          Yeah, we don’t want another RW type again.

          • Sea Mode

            This is unfair. You know it’s not just his height.

          • cjjo

            I’d be all over another Wilson type, a proven winner

  13. Jabroni-DC

    This FO has a pretty good track record when they identify their guy and ‘trade up’.

    If the cost to move up is a single pick (#20) then I’m still okay. If it was #20 & #37 I’d probably get a stomach ache. Bottom line is that they pick the right guy.

  14. Rick

    I think that the reason to trade up to #3 to get Richardson instead of maybe getting Levis at #5 would be age.

    Will Levis – June 27, 1999 (age 23 years)
    Anthony Richardson – May 22, 2002 (age 20 years)

    With Richardson you get a QB that is 3 years younger that you can develop.
    Someone who has less years of bad habits to unlearn.
    Someone with the athletic upside that you could burn 2 years of the entry level deal and still be ahead.

    By the same token if you think that Levis can play after one year of learning he has the reps and experience to make that adjustment quicker than Richardson.

    Really all depends on what your scouts/spies are saying about who the Colts want to take at #4.
    And if another team is going to move into #3.

    The arguments to moving up to #3 for Anderson have to be going through the Cardinals minds about is it worthwhile to trade down and miss out on him.

  15. Palatypus

    I think it looks like this:

    Cardinals gets 1(5), 1(20) and 2(52) [1700+850+380 = 2930]

    Seattle gets 1((3) and 2(34) [2200+560=2860]

    Arizona does not have a 4th round draft pick to make up the difference, so I think you let it slide.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’m betting their price is our 5 and 20, minimum. 2550 to 2200 overpay and they would have to be certain that Indy will go QB and not trade out.

      In the end, I don’t think AZ will risk losing Will Anderson and will just take him at #3 unless they get a really big capital incentive to take that risk. But the Seahawks are in the best position to make it (or Indy). Trading with anyone else means you are certainly not getting Anderson.

      • Palatypus

        In my scenario, on the PFN Simulator, they ended up getting Will Anderson, Ade Ade, and Calijah Kancey.

        We ended up getting Anthony Richardson and missed out on the top center by one pick.

      • Glor

        That’s why I’m not sure they trade out. I mean if we aren’t the trade partner then they are sure they aren’t getting Anderson

    • Ben

      I’d be all on board with making that trade. Arizona gets a bunch of resources, and we get our guy.

  16. Hawks Fan 0503

    I know Cardinals probably don’t want to trade with a division rival, but if you’re JS, couldn’t you say, trade with us and you still get the top defender in the draft. I’d you trade with anyone behind us, you lose out on Anderson because we will take him. Trade with us and you get draft capital and your impact defensive guy… Logic should prevail and they do a deal with Hawks.

    • Blitzy the Clown


      Also tell them if they don’t trade down, we’ll still get our target.

      So they might as well gain the extra draft capital.

  17. Quinn

    The Bills and Chiefs fans clearly have no regrets, but it has been a fun stick to beat the Niners with. (who despite their lack of draft capital and cap space are somehow stacking their roster again?!)

    For me, either taking who falls to you at 5 or making a trade up is cool. You alluded to it Rob: we’re in such a good position that this is a chance for Hawks fans to really enjoy the debate about which awesome option to take.

    • Josh

      If it makes you feel better, look at SF’s 2024 cap numbers and then realize it doesn’t include Bosa.

    • JimQ

      With PC’s trade of two firsts + a bunch of $$ for a damn box safety that can’t stay healthy & is almost a liability in the defense, spending whatever it takes (the iron price) to land a QBOTF should be an EASY (and a much better) decision. A really great QB prospect is worth a heck of a lot more than any box safety that ever played the game -IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      we’re in such a good position that this is a chance for Hawks fans to really enjoy the debate about which awesome option to take.

      It’s just a shame a lot of fans don’t see it that way 🙂

  18. Steve Nelsen

    Has anyone seen a report of Seattle meeting with Jalen Carter?

    I suggested that it was unlikely for Seattle to draft Carter without meeting with him given all the character/conditioning issues. I was told that Carter had met with Seattle but I never heard mention of it. I asked the commenter for a source and haven’t heard back.

    • James Kupihea

      no, but I’ve seen this article full of hilarity…WOW just WOW

      • Rob Staton

        “Show me you’ve not put much thought into this without telling us”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Are you asking because you’re worried there’s still a chance they’ll draft Carter?

      Or because you hope there’s still a chance?

      • Steve Nelsen

        I’ve been telling the Carter stans that I don’t think Seattle would draft Carter without meeting him. And they haven’t. (As far as I can tell) Occasionally someone will say, “I read a tweet about his Pro-Day” Nope. “I read that they met at the Combine.” Also nope. And no 30-day scheduled. Any time I ask for a source, I never hear back.

        There is a chance I missed something although I read EVERYTHING at this time of year. But, I’ve been specifically looking for info about Carter meeting with the team. I figured if I did miss it, someone here could set me straight.

        • Rob Staton

          There was talk they met him at the combine, the day before the big legal issue emerged publicly

          Since then, absolute crickets about anything else

          People are going to be very surprised on draft day… and they shouldn’t be

          • Steve Nelsen

            Do you remember where the talk was of them meeting the day before the combine? I saw someone say something similar on Reddit but they didn’t have a source.

            There was nothing from Seahawks media and nothing on any of the meeting trackers. Nobody posted about it here and we posted about every other meeting even if it was a 5th round safety 😆

            • Rob Staton

              Someone like Rapoport mentioned it during the combine coverage

              Then the big news dropped about his arrest

              • Steve Nelsen

                Interesting. I can’t find anything. I even went back through Rap Sheets old tweets just to make sure I hadn’t missed something. He did say Carter had met with several teams before he left to answer the charges but he didn’t name any.

                I have just about convinced myself that Seattle hasn’t met with Carter but I trust your memory.

                • Rob Staton

                  One of the reporters definitely mentioned a meeting

                  But teams talk to a ton of players at the combine so it’s no surprise. This was before the big arrest news too. Crickets since — which is telling.

                  • Steve Nelsen

                    Rapoport did mention that teams that had talked to Carter before the news of the warrant for his arrest were surprised by the news and that Carter had not disclosed this pending issue in his interviews.

                    So, I guess if Carter did speak to Seattle before the news, then his lack of transparency might be another reason why they have failed to schedule a follow up interview.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    I watched some of the Sea Dragons game last night and there’s two things I think about it:

    They’re pretty good.

    And the XFL is a bit like watching football on Nick at Nite

    • Palatypus

      Saw that here in Florida.

    • Sea Mode

      Saw the Josh Gordon TD catch highlight. And read they just signed Phillip Lindsay.

      • Pugs1

        I haven’t been watching close enough but maybe a hole we have could be filled with a XFL standout.

  20. Hawkster

    Trading #20 and 5 for #3 puts a lot of pressure on this draft. To me the problem is which rounds particular talent is likely to be around.

    Without the 20 it seems IOL and IDL are the day 2 priorities, again, based on where the gaps fall looking at Rob’s horizonal chart. There is a drop-off in e.g. TE, but it seems without 20 there is not the luxury to grab one of the top TEs

    I know this is supermarket shopping list speak (a really good analogy up there in the thread somewhere). Trying to avoid shopping list foolery one needs to identify the later round fall-backs then.

    Identify day 3 IDL/IOL to sub if an insane talent is there at 37 or 52. Last years hold-out for Abe Lucas was brilliant. Crap I might have taken him at 41 (so good bye Walker, although Pierce was available later).
    3 Richardson
    37 Downs (somebody is going to fall to 37)
    52 Skinner
    83 Tippman
    105 Pickens (a reach)
    123 Ojomo
    151 Broeker
    154 Strange
    198 Rodriguez
    237 Beal

    A very different drat than if 20 was available (and 105 was from ARI as part of the trade), but it would not suck. No Ade Ade or Mazi or JMS etc., but hrd to cry bout Downs nd Skinner.

    So I really want Mazi at 37 and Mauch at 52.

    • Hawkster

      FWIW I gave ARI
      4 Anderson Edge
      20 Porter CB
      34 JMS OC
      66 Kancey DT
      96 Zach Evans RB
      168 Battle S
      180 Mallory TE
      213 Curtis OG
      which doesn’t suck for ARI

  21. Ashish

    Rob, there’s chance Texans goes defensive instead of QB? If yes we should get 1 QB.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Not if you listen to, well, pretty much everyone.

      But I think there is a real chance they take Anderson.

      Fwiw I think Anderson is a better EDGE than Young is a QB. But QB is so important, and Houston’s OC Bobby Slowik will probably love Young’s game. If any QB in this draft is made for Shanahan’s system, it’s Young.

      Having said that, Hendon Hooker would look pretty good running running that offense too, so…🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Rob Staton

      I think that ship has sailed — everything they’ve done so far is gearing up to take a QB

  22. samprassultanofswat

    Two points.
    1). Did you notice who was front and center with Anthony Richardson throwing the football. None other than John Schneider/Pete Carroll.

    2). The second point is more of a question than a point. Why is the Seahawk front office leaking that they might move up to and take Richardson? They might not be the party leaking this information. But somehow the message is getting out to the media.

    • Rob Staton

      They were front and center for Levis too

  23. Huggie Hawks

    Pay the Iron Price!

    • Purpleneer

      The Iron Price isn’t a price. It must be just that fun to say that we keep using that phrase, because it couldn’t fit less.

      • James

        The iron price is taking something from someone you defeated. I get what you mean, but it’s still fun to say. If we get Richardson, it will definitely feel like we took him from everyone else.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: Frank Reich was also in the photo. Would the Carolina Panthers consider taking Richardson?

    • All I see is 12s

      I think both Carolina and Indianapolis, for that matter, both have really good rosters sans the qb. I don’t think Carolina has the need to get AR when Stroud and Young are ready right away. Regarding Indianapolis, a couple years ago I’d have thought that Minschew or Foles could be the bridge, but not anymore. Levis is much closer to ready than AR.

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    So this guy’s basically riding Carson’s back to hawk his dubious training programs on an unsuspecting public, and he can’t even spell his client’s name right?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Show the man some respect and look at things from his perspective. Who has time to perfect your client’s names when you’re designing the most practical (and “safest”) way have them balance cinder blocks on their squatted quads while they juggle three 30 lb kettlebells over their heads?

    • Rob Staton

      How the Seahawks let Carson go anywhere near Seedman is staggering

    • Big Mike

      Boy, the former Vikings WR Chris Carter sure looks young still. Talk about aging gracefully.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s the Seedman effect

  26. Hawkster

    Looking at the Jets 2018 trade up it was #6 plus 3 2nds, 2 that year, one the next.
    So maybe 5, 20 and 52 would be more likely or some such. Pretty tough pill.
    I could see ARI really liking the #20. Get anderson and one of the top CBs and then their 34 and our 52 to do something about their IOL.
    SEA is basically the only one that can offer (indirectly) Anderson and one of the top CBs.

    Would JS give up 20 and 52?

    • God of Thunder

      No no and a reiteration NO. That’s too much to give up. The team has considerable needs.

      • Hawkster

        I guess Im thinking they have considerable needs and they eill not be able to address everything, but you can spend a decade chasing one position, QB.

  27. Michael M.

    Hey Rob, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how all 4 QB’s are viable options at #5. I don’t recall ever reading exactly how you rate them from the Seahawks perspective.

    If PC/JS had the #1 pick who do you think they’d prefer?

    Personally I’d rank them:

    1. Richardson
    2. Stroud
    3. Levis
    4. Young

    What’s your take?

    • Rob Staton

      Stroud #1

      Like all the rest fairly similarly

  28. Big Mike

    Was listening to “D

    • Big Mike

      Was listening to “dari and Mel” on espn radio this morning, the Mel being Mel Kiper. They were discussing Richardson’s pro day and Dari asked him where the right spot would be for AR and the first thing out of his mouth was “the Seattle Seahawks”. He went on to explain why……needs a year to just sit and we have Geno, mechanics need work, etc. Dari (male, host) said how about Detroit and Kiper agreed that would be a good landing spot too. He stressed several times that AR is not ready to step in right away.

      • Rob Staton

        Mel knows

        Plus I’ve always thought Dari and Mel sounds like a quirky animated comedy

  29. JimQ

    The current rankings match up with the Seahawks draft picks pretty well if they don’t make any trades and pick the players as they are “currently” projected. Some pretty decent picks, with decent alternatives, without any major “reaches” or loss of any draft capital.

    5—-QB-Anthony Richardson(7) -or- QB-Will Levis(12), — whichever QB falls to #5, I like them BOTH.
    20—DL-Calijah Kancey(24) -or- EDGE-Adetomiwa Adebawore(46) — IF Kancey is gone, Ade Ade is in play++.
    38—DL-Mazi Smith(40) -or- EDGE-Will McDonald(39) — Smith is a must get, Byron Young later, if they miss.
    83—SS-J.L Skinner(87) -or- FS-Ji’Ayir Brown(92) — One of these Safety positions are maybe addressed here.
    123–DL-Byron Young(126) -or- LB-Dorian Williams(132) — Smith or Young or maybe both? Williams IF set.
    151–WR-Bryce Ford-Wheaton(164) -or- WR-Rakim Jarrett(158) —WR-3 take your pick.
    154–CB-Mekhi Garner(170) -or- WR-Charlie Jones(153) — A tall CB need filled If a WR above isn’t picked.
    198–RB-Chris Rodrigues, Jr.(202) -or- DL-Jerrod Clark(199) — RB-3, or an extra NT, IF still needed.
    237–IOL-Anthony Bradford(239) -or- IOL-Jordan McFadden(293) —IOL help, big need filled here (if one falls)
    —-> I would be very happy if the draft fell exactly like this (however it’s probably very, very unlikely).

  30. Big Mike

    Pay the iron price John. Be bold.

    • James

      just a little FYI, the iron price in a song of fire and ice is “stealing” instead of paying or trading lol…

      • Rob Staton

        I think from now on it should always be known to describe an aggressive trade up in the draft 😂

        • Huggie Hawk

          Agreed! That phrase shall henceforth have a second meaning lol…

        • Allen M.


      • 509 Chris

        I thought it’s taking it off a corpse you made.

        • LouCityHawk

          My take away from ASOFAI

          In the religion of the Iron Islands it is shameful to pay money or fair value for something.

          Paying the Iron Price means taking what you want.

          So I do not think it is an imperfect saying for what some want the Hawks to do.

  31. Julian L

    I think if you trade up, you trade up to #2. I think there are only 2 QBs worth major trading capital for, the other two they can come to you at #5 and they might then offer value.

    I love Will Anderson too, but I think a Will McDonald or Ade Ade plus whichever other QB is at 5 is a greater sum part than Will Anderson on his own, which is what the trade value in player capital will come to if CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson were #1 and #2 off the board and the Seahawks were picking at #3.

    The only grounds for trading up to #3 at this stage is if you think Will Levis or Bryce Young are worth it? Maybe one is?

  32. Matt


    What do you think about the Seahawks being “QB or bust” with the #5 pick (or trade up)? As discussed often…

    1) The Hawks probably won’t draft this high again for a long time.
    2) Geno feels more like a placeholder until the next franchise QB is found.
    3) The DE/EDGE class is very deep – Especially compared to QB’s.

    When you add all that up it certainly does seem like the Hawks should do whatever they have to do get either Richardson or Levis. Even if you like Hooker, getting him in the 2nd/3rd is way different than now having to take him in the late 1st (as is rumored he will go now).

    What seems better…?

    1) Richardson/Levis and Adebawore/McDonald
    2) Anderson and Hooker

    Or if you punt the QB position into the future, how are you getting a SB caliber one when you’re probably drafting in the 20’s going forward?

    The more I think about it, the more I think we have to be “QB or bust” later this month.

    • God of Thunder

      Taking Hooker at 1.20 — from that program, with his age, his need to convert to a pro system, with that knee history — is a waste of a first round click in my opinion.

      Hooker is projected to be a Geno Smith type QB. IF he reaches his ceiling.

      We already have a Geno type approximately at his “Geno” ceiling for potentially 3+ more years.

    • Rob Staton

      I just think it’s a big time consideration but not the only consideration

      I think a great DL has to be considered too and has been

  33. God of Thunder

    If Richardson has the potential to be a transcendent talent, why would he be there at 1.3? So I’d be against trading up to 3, without some certainty about him (AR) being there.

    Otherwise, wait at 1.5 for Levis or Young or Anderson.

    Re: Anderson, I wouldn’t give up 1.5 and 1.20 for him at 1.3. As Rob has said — quite rightly I believe — Anderson is excellent but he’s not a Bosa brother. For that amount of capital, I’d expect a Bosa level talent. And, as mentioned, Anderson might even drop to 1.5, if Arizona trades the pick to a team wanting a QB.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      If Richardson has the potential to be a transcendent talent, why would he be there at 1.3?

      Could be because the teams picking at 1 and 2 have different boards and rate the QBs differently. Which doesn’t mean they’re right and Seattle’s FO are wrong, or vice versa.

      Or it could be because those teams don’t have the time or tenacity to wait for Richardson to reach said potential.

      Or maybe it’s because the FOs of those teams don’t have the kind of autonomy and job security you’d need to take an even bigger gamble of taking Richardson at 1 overall (as opposed to 3 overall).

      Or a combination of those and possibly even other factors.

      It’s a fair and reasonable perspective not wanting to trade up in this draft. But it shouldn’t be because other teams do or don’t rate the guy it looks like Seattle would move up to take.

      Fwiw I think there’s a chance Carolina decides Richardson is too gifted to pass up.

      Still think they go with Stroud, but it’ll probably come down between those two and not Stroud/Young as has been reported lately.

      • Big Mike

        Fwiw I think there’s a chance Carolina decides Richardson is too gifted to pass up.

        I think you’re right Blitzy but for AR’s sake I hope that doesn’t happen. I think they’d end up rushing him to play far too soon and it could ruin his chance at a great career. Maybe he ends up developing like Allen did, but maybe not.

  34. Purpleneer

    I’m willing to make a move up, but absolutely not for Anderson. I wouldn’t be happy sticking at 5 and taking him. It blows my mind that people are anywhere near happy to roll forward with Geno, let alone doing it while hurting your chance to find the next guy even next year.
    Using this pick on anything other than a QB or using it to increase 2024 capital is dooming this team to purgatory of no chance of competing for a title while probably avoiding being bad enough for a top pick.
    I actually have a strong preference for Levis over Richardson. AR needs to play, and somewhere that should have some patience; I think people are struggling to realize how difficult development in the league has gotten with the practice restrictions. Houston is actually the best situation for him to me, by a lot, with no reason for early expectations, plenty of capital for building around him, and at least a solid left tackle to protect him (I might be missing if their interior is terrible, but that’s fixable if so). Houston can hold him back a bit, but get him on the field some early and work through his development. The other concern there is keeping an OC and system long-term as successful offensive coaches get head jobs quicker, but that would mean good things are happening and a bridge you’re happy to be at.
    And that’s my thoughts if I liked Anderson better than I do.

  35. Belgaron

    If they trade up and get the next big thing QB who becomes all world on his year 3 and dominates the league for a number of years, they’ll look like geniuses. If they stand pat and get an awesome player (maybe even the one they would have traded up for), they’ll be lauded as having an awesome draft, especially if that player has success in the league for a number of years. No matter what they do, the true grade comes 5 years from now. Don’t fall for draft grades based on current group think which in the longer term will include a lot of miscalculations, incorrect assumptions, bad luck, and/or bad circumstances.

  36. HawkFanGA

    Thanks again for all of the great work, Rob. Much appreciated!

    What I don’t see talked about enough is whether Seahawks fans will have the same excitement level for a QBOTF if we stay put and draft Will Levis at #5 (or trade up to #3 and take him there for that matter). All of the focus tends to be on Anthony Richardson and I get the tantalizing traits and potential. I personally would be thrilled seeing Richardson wear the green and blue. That being said…will we as fans be just as excited about Levis? I personally think he has a higher floor than Richardson without the same ceiling. Are we going to be disappointed come draft day if our Hawks end up selecting Levis because Richardson was taken in front of us or if PCJS value Levis over Richardson and make the trade up to get Levis at #3? Personally, I will be excited for either prospect, but most of the emphasis and discussion seems to be focused on Richardson. Thoughts?

    • Geoff u

      Quite a few of us like Levis more, like me, but I’m fine with any quarterback we take. It’ll mean the FO is sold on that player and thinks they can develop them into a franchise QB.

      So I’m fine staying put, however there is the risk that Arizona will trade down and all 4 QBs will be gone.

    • Rob Staton

      I bet Seahawks fans will go ape shit if they take Levis

      I would be fine with it. It would be a great pick IMO.

      And let’s not forget the reaction to the Ken Walker pick a year ago…

      • samprassultanofswat

        If the Hawks do trade up to three. It would be for Richardson. I consider Levis a very good QB prospect also. But I think that JS/PC would take Richardson over Levis.

      • Happy Hawk

        agree 100%

  37. Trevor

    Still really think Richardson goes #1. If you are David Tepper the owner you want a super star and face of the franchise. Someone who fills stadiums and brings add revenue etc.

    A GM or coach may not want to take a risk on Richardson for fear of getting fired if he is a bust but the owner can take that risk because he is not going anywhere. Tepper met and say all these guys in person. All 4 QBs looked really good but only one looked like a potential superstar IMO.

    • Big Mike

      Robbie would make some serious coin if you’re right.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Stroud has oozed class and superstar potential at the combine and pro day

    • 509 Chris

      I think they need someone who can play this year and that isn’t Richardson. If he were to busy it would be from going to the wrong organization and failing early. All for robbie seeing those 15 big ones though.

      • 509 Chris

        Bust not busy

      • Rob Staton

        Why do we need someone who can play this year?

        • 509 Chris

          Sorry by they I meant Carolina. I think they need someone who can play this year.

          • Rob Staton

            Ah, got it. I agree.

  38. Hawksorhiking?

    Hey Rob,

    Do you read Kenneth Arthur’s email newsletter? I guess you guys had a podcast together back in the day, but never heard it. I appreciate his takes as well as yours, but he’s specifically been putting you on blast recently. Mostly about your longstanding affinity for Levis and your willingness to challenge commenters on here. He also, to paraphrase, called Robbie and Adam guys you got off the street for your podcast. My guess is he is trying to grow his readership by bashing you. Any thoughts?

    • bmseattle

      Don’t bother Hawksorhiking… this has been brought up here several times recently.
      Rob isn’t interested in a back and forth like that, and won’t take the bait.

      • Hawksorhiking?

        Got it, hadn’t seen it brought up

    • Big Mike

      Rob might actually be sleeping right now (hopefully for his sake but somehow I doubt it). I’ll mention that he’s addressed this a couple of days ago and he basically isn’t worried about what someone else thinks, only interested in his site/blog.
      As for Adam and Robbie, if Rob grabbed “a couple of guys off the street” why would he bring in people who at times disagree with him? Wouldn’t he want guys who made him look correct all the time?

      One other thing, when someone starts getting more known/bigger there’s always someone who wants to tear them down. It’s a sad commentary on human nature but it’s a fact.

    • BK26

      Yeah, let Kenneth do what he wants. Those creepy articles just make him look bad. It comes from trying to write an article every day for like 3 straight years. It’s bound to get watered down. It’s a horrible selling point. And a very strong dose of jealously

      A lot of people are going to be lost and confused from the draft because the team didn’t do what they religiously thought they were going to do. And their readers will be as well from close-mindedly believing those takes.

      • Hawksorhiking?

        Yeah, I agree that it makes Kenneth look bad, it’s turned me off on him somewhat for sure.

    • Peter

      I mean…..

      It is Robs blog after all. He can challenge comments all day.
      Robbie and Adam rule. Guys off the street.

      Opposed to what?

      Guys with just as little credentials who aren’t actual journalists who do pfn, etc, mocks and have zero cue that the trades are meaningless and/ or people who literally have zero clue about short arms, third round corners, TEF, etc, ad infinitum.

      • 509 Chris

        I’ve heard those guys disagree with Rob a lot. Robbie was all about taking a center early when Rob has always said this scheme can make a jag work. If I remember it right Adam supported the Russ bashing week 1 when Rob thought the fans were being a bit harsh.

        I would say rather than finding guys that will only agree with him, Rob has found guys who make informed decisions and are willing to change said opinions when presented with new information. The fact that they agree on so much is because Robs been right on almost every major topic he’s voiced. (Especially the ones he was on about for a while)

        • Hawksorhiking?

          Thanks for all the info and comments on this. I hadn’t seen anyone bring up the topic, but I don’t read every comment on here either. This is definitely the best Seahawks community though!

          • Rob Staton


  39. Allen M.

    I love how this has gone from DMs on Twitter to a good friend of mine where I was saying the Seahawks need to draft Anthony Richardson (back last fall) to his rise up the draft boards and now the possibility of the Seahawks trading up for him. It’s pretty amazing when you like a guy and his fit for the team to see the progression and it being a comment to a potential reality. One thing missing from all the Pro Day stuff to now is people aren’t talking about his running ability.

    You have a Lamar Jackson/Cam Newton-esque running QB with a cannon arm, drive, character – all the traits. Yet, we’re worrying about giving up too much to set the franchise up for the next decade. Not just with a prolific downfield passer, but a dual threat greater than Russell Wilson ever was. This just makes far too much sense not to make happen.

  40. Big Mike

    “multiple teams”
    (Sorry if someone posted/mentioned this already)

    • Big Mike

      Update: Multiple NFL teams have taken Jalen Carter off their draft board for the 2023 Draft, according to @RandyMueller_(via @Softykjr)

      • bmseattle

        Clearly just means multiple smoke screens.

        • Peter

          Top 30 visits but with a smoke machine on in the office.

  41. PJ in Seattle

    New, bold idea.

    Seattle trades #5 and #20 to AZ for #3. Then takes Will Anderson. Then calls AZ to enquire about them trading out of the #5. :):):)

  42. Demitrov

    As someone who used to watch the podcasts with Rob and Kenneth I can tell you it got infinitely better once Arthur left. He writes thousands of words yet says nothing and seems to have quite the case of sour grapes for whatever reason.

    Rob is always getting snarked on by these seahawk commentators. I think because he garners a bit of attention because he’s often ahead of the curve and does his research to inform his opinions and the rest of them don’t so they feel the need to tear him down to build themselves up

    • Phil

      The Cardinals situation is interesting, since it has been mentioned here before that it is a new GM who would look willy if the Seahawks got an elite QB due to trading with them. My counter would be that trading the Seahawks should be irrelevant to that mostly. Seahawks could take Anderson, but if they did, one of the top four QBs would be there where the Cardinals could get premium value for another trade. I also do not think that the Cardinals would be particularly upset with Tyree Wilson either.

      The only way the Cardinals would guarantee Wilson or Anderson while trading back and getting more picks would be to trade with the Colts or Seahawks. Let’s do a thought experiment, if the Cardinals pick Anderson, then the Seahawks still can get a potential star quarterback, but if the Cardinals prefer Wilson then it would be foolish to not pick up some draft capital since if they were to draft Wilson, the Seahawks would then have their choice of Anderson or the last QB.

      What I am saying is that trading with the Seahawks is one of the few scenarios where the Cardinals can get a top talent while getting a pick(s) to fill another hole. The media will probably trash the Cardinals for it but I think any scenario could make the mainstream people laugh at the Cardinals. Ex 1: Seahawks pick Anderson, the Seahawks are guaranteed a QB and they look dumb if he is a stud (Why didn’t they trade to make sure the Seahawks didn’t get a QB!?!) Ex 2: they trade and the Seahawks get a stud (why did they guarantee the Seahawks got their pck of choice?!?!) Ex 3: they trade the pick to someone else and the Seahawks take Anderson who ends up a stud (why did they let the Seahawks get the best defensive player in the draft when the Seahawks need was defense?!?)

      TLDR: I think the Cardinals might be really tempted to trade to the 5 spot so they can have their cake and eat it too.

      • Phil

        The previous comment was not supposed to be a reply, my apologies. This is my first time commenting here and I clearly did not know what I was doing.

        • Demitrov

          Lol, my comment was supposed to be a reply to someone else too so no worries.

      • Vanhawksfan

        I agree. What is being lost on the trade with the Hawks is that Arizona gets the top defensive player in the draft and a pretty awesome lottery ticket at 37. When is the 3rd choice of QBs the best choice in a draft? Without taking the time to research my rhetoric i have a pretty strong feeling that 5+37 would likely break pretty well for Arizona and the Seahawks should be quite comfortable with the risk based on position value of a qb, their need and the wuality of available choices. It smells like a potential win-win.

  43. Rob Staton

    Colin says the Seahawks should trade up for Anthony Richardson:

    • Big Mike

      2 or 3 days ago he said they should stay put and draft Carter. I am not kidding Rob.
      Yo Colin, don’t be a stooge.

      • Rob Staton

        He should check out a blog to get a good steer on his local team 🙂

        • Big Mike

          Maybe he did between his “takes”. 😀

          • Rob Staton


        • Trevor

          He does make some good points about Richardson being a Pete and John type pick.

    • Michael G

      Colin had opposite things to say about Levis & his ridiculous selfie flexing (and how it’s being perceived across the league)

      A month ago cowherd was talking Levis up. He needs handlers to re-steer his ship.

      • Rob Staton

        Or maybe we need to stop overreacting to a flex on social media

  44. Matt

    Anyone remember just after the Hawks traded Russell Wilson that there were reports that they were going to trade for Deshaun Watson…?

    Pretty much any trade or signing they’ve made we heard about it basically when they made it.

    So of course they may trade up, color me skeptical that they will.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, Daniel Jeremiah tweeted something saying his buddies thought it might happen

      That was hardly a ‘report’

  45. Rob Staton

    For all the attention his social media pics got, Levis didn’t look ‘jacked’ after his pro-day. Looked a lot more conventional and simply athletic:

    • Trevor

      Have to think some teams like the Raiders, Atl, Ten, Wash and TB would only be to happy to have some bad reports go around about Levis in hopes he might fall.

      • Rob Staton

        Also agreed

    • Trevor

      If him being too jacked and working out too much is his biggest red flag I think teams might be able to look past that one. Get him to replace a few upper body workouts with a little Pilates and Yoga and he will be all set.

      • Rob Staton


      • Scot04

        Right with you on that Trevor.

    • Scot04

      The thing I find interesting, especially after this week’s John Schneider show; was Schneider saying teams aren’t supposed to take prospects out to dinner or entertain them any more, Its no longer allowed. That came up after being asked if they have had any dinners with any players.

      • Scot04

        Was supposed to be separate post

      • Geoff u

        And yet the Panthers are taking each QB out to dinner. Apparently it’s only sort of a rule? Strange.

        • Rushless pass

          Steelers took Mazi out as well.

    • Wilson502

      Those pics in the Twitter link from a couple days ago looked like he was on the Trenbolone sandwich…..

        • Rob Staton

          Or maybe they did and that’s why both players stupidly went in R2

          • Wilson502

            Nobody has an issue with it because he’s a Seahawk 😂. But personally I don’t mind the pics either way. I just hope it wasn’t a result of taking PEDs, u even said yourself he looked too “jacked”.

            • Rob Staton

              He’s too smart to take PED’s right before his pro-career begins (that would be the dumbest thing to do ever) and he lives in the gym. He just needs to tone it down a bit. But let’s also not forget this is a flexed pose, designed to show off on social media. When he’s not tensing every muscle in his body, he looks like most other QB’s.

              • Wilson502

                Fair enough. He probably has top tier genetics regardless. I agree taking PEDs would be dumb but I saw quite a few Trenbolone sandwich comments on that Twitter posts because he definitely did look like he was on it with how he was flexing and the lighting. But I’ll give Levis the benefit of the doubt. Either way I’d be stoked to have him or Richardson.

          • Wilson502

            I was referring mostly to Levis for the most part except first sentence.

  46. GoHawksDani

    What happens if AR goes #1?
    Stroud goes #2 or HOU seems set on Young?

    If Hawks trade up to #3 to get a QB and it goes #1 Richardson, #2 Stroud, it would really suck. I don’t want Young at #3 and not sure it’d be worth trading up for Levis to #3 (although I would mind it less than for Young).

    If we could get Stroud or Richardson at #3 or we could get Levis at #5 I’d be really happy. If we could get Anderson #5 I’d be simply happy. If we could get Young #5 I’d be OK with that, but if we trade up for Young or Anderson I wouldn’t like that too much

  47. KHF

    Two thoughts:

    1) With a raft of players starting in the mid-first round that are essentially similar in value to those available into the mid-second round, there’s not much difference between the player you’re getting at 20 and the one you’re getting at 37. So IF they end up having to give up #20 to move up, there’re not giving up much value. Thought of another way, 20 isn’t worth as much this year as in deeper draft years. That’s yet another reason this is the year to make a bold move.

    2) I continue to believe that one advantage Seattle has in the AR15 sweepstakes is that, of the teams able to get into a position to draft him, they’re best situated to take on a QB who wouldn’t play in the first year. The other teams will be under some pressure, if they’re drafting in the Top 5, to select a player who is likely able to contribute right away.

  48. Daniel D.

    Let it come to you. Whatever you think you know about the difference between, say, Levis and Richardson, you are wrong. They’re all lotto tickets– extremely valuable ones, because of the value if they hit. But there’s no reason paying double for a lotto ticket. Just take the one that’s there at 5.

    • Allen M.

      *IF* one is there at 5. Certainly there is a chance Arizona trades down with a team other than the Seahawks leaving zero of the top 4 QBs available. Yes, Anderson would be a great consolation prize, but if you want a special QBOTF, perhaps you need to got up and get him.

    • Rob Staton

      If you’re a GM and you see a guy you LOVE you go and get him. Especially at a key position.

      You don’t give yourself the chance to regret your lack of activity for the rest of your career.

  49. 509 Chris

    I want the team to trade up because I want a qb. I don’t want Anderson at 5. He’s good and might be great but that doesn’t set the franchise up for guaranteed competition over the next decade. Maybe Richardson or Levis doesn’t end up panning out but I think that’s worth the risk. How many late first round picks has this franchise whiffed on anyway? View that #20 pick as LJ Collier.

    Also why getting a qb over Anderson is the play… Would SF trade Bosa for Burrow or Allen? In a heartbeat they would, but no one wpuld ever make that deal. It’s why even with that dominant D line they still traded all those picks for a shot at a special qb.

    If this team was hot garbage and didn’t have anything going for it then I’d feel different, but it’s probably the best situation in the NFL for a rookie qb to get drafted into. A lot of talent especially on the O side of the ball in a winnable division. Now if we had drafted qbs early in 2 of the last 5 drafts it would make sense to say “stop shooting on qbs.” But Seattle hasn’t drafted a qb in the first 3 rounds in over a decade, and I think they’ve only drafted 1 period since Russ. The #5 pick that was earned by someone else seems like the absolute prime place to trade up and get the guy.

    • Wilson502

      You made really great points here and I agree 💯. This is my line of thinking as well. That line about if they could trade Bosa for Burrow or Allen really drives the point home. QB is THE most important position on the field. Anderson just doesn’t impact the long term trajectory of the team like a QBoTF does and would. If youre trading up, you aren’t doing it for a non generational edge rusher in a top heavy QB class.

  50. IDhawk

    If they do make this happen with Richardson, I would say embrace the long term vision and take someone like Jalin Hyatt or Zay Flowers at 20 (if they don’t have to use it in a trade), or Jalen Reed/Tyler Scott later. I know there are needs at d-line and center, but having another receiver along with DK who can go get those 60 yard bombs would be the equivalent of a safety blanket for AR.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d prefer Josh Downs as a R1 receiver

      Or Josh Mingo in R2

  51. obiweiss

    Great April Fools day post, Rob! The Cardinals gifting a team in their own division with a franchise QB!
    Funny stuff!
    if the Seahawks were the only team interested, the only one offering to trade up, then maybe. But the Raiders will make an offer (They took Richardson out to dinner for goodness sake!) And having to move up further will mean the Raiders will offer a bigger package to do so. And that is just the Raiders, you could make an argument for several teams. The Cardinals will trade down, they will take the biggest package they can get. They have had an awful free agency, their current roster is a mess.
    As for the Cards staying in the top 5 for Anderson, they have made it clear that they like Tyree Wilson, and I don’t think they have an actual cornerback currently on their roster. They are far from one defensive player away.
    If it was another team sitting at 3, this post makes sense. But not a division rival starting a rebuild of their own.
    Appreciate the film study you do, and I love reading your stuff. But this post, the unlikeliness of it, belongs on the day it was posted.

    • Rob Staton

      Great April Fools day post, Rob! The Cardinals gifting a team in their own division with a franchise QB!
      Funny stuff!

      I’ve made this argument many times myself. I’m still sceptical it happens. This is an argument for why it might be a good idea for the Seahawks.

      if the Seahawks were the only team interested, the only one offering to trade up, then maybe

      That’s the opposite of why you’d do it. You make the move because you fear somebody else going up and getting the guy you want.

      As for the Cards staying in the top 5 for Anderson, they have made it clear that they like Tyree Wilson

      All the more reason to trade down into a spot where one of Anderson or Wilson is guaranteed to be at #5. Any lower and they might both be gone.

      If it was another team sitting at 3, this post makes sense.

      The post still makes sense. It discusses why it might be a good idea for the Seahawks.

      Appreciate the film study you do, and I love reading your stuff. But this post, the unlikeliness of it, belongs on the day it was posted.

      People are relaying sources saying it could happen. I’ve made an argument why it would be good for the Seahawks. It’s not a prediction. Spare me the April Fools stuff.

      • schuemansky

        Rob, I really admire your calm and patience. You must love your “second job” sooo much, if you are able to try to reason with comments like this one. And it’s not about what was written (one can actually argue with the points made as you have done hundreds of times already) but how. The obvious try of ridiculing your reasoning would have driven me nuts. So all my respect and thank you again for your endless efforts for your and our joy.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you

      • Obiweiss

        Is it plausible, in the abstract, that the Seahawks should trade up for a player that they like? Yes. That’s true every year, at every point of the draft.
        But in this specific case, there are two big “if’s”, one is the Seahawks being interested enough to trade up (the “We are interested if any of these guys fall to us” interest vs. “We have to have this one guy and trade up for him” interest. The second, Arizona’s willingness to trade within the division, especially if trading down further nets them a larger haul of draft capital.
        And no disrespect intended, but you posted it on April Fool’s day, I really did wonder if you were messing with us.

        • Rob Staton

          Whether you agree or not, trading up is being reported per league sources as something doing the rounds and it was a detailed piece

          You’re just being glib calling it an April Fools joke

    • Chris

      It’s well established that teams will consider trading within a division. The idea that they won’t/don’t has long been debunked. It can be self-defeating for a team to systematically remove beneficial options in that manner.

      “And having to move up further will mean the Raiders will offer a bigger package to do so.”

      This is illogical and contradicts your earlier point. If the Cardinals are unwilling to trade to a division rival there is no need to offer a “bigger” package. It also seems to confuse the # of picks with the size of a package. The Seahawks #5 alone is very valuable and a big contribution to the size of the package. Raiders would have to contribute more picks to MATCH the size of a Seahawk package. This necessity doesn’t mean their package is bigger. The packages offered would likely be of a similar size (seahawks with fewer but more valuable picks, Raiders with more but less valuable picks). Given similar package offers I could see the Cardinals going with the Raiders, but there isn’t much more than that which can be said.

  52. Bertelli

    After the pro-day performances and all of this trading talk, I’m beginning to think the top 5 will go like this:

    CAR – A Richardson (They can’t pass on the player with the highest upside – he’ll be starting Week 10 lol)
    ARZ – W Anderson (They can’t leave the draft without Anderson, so they give up #34 to move up a spot)
    HOU – B Young (They get their man and an extra pick)
    IND – CJ Stroud (They get their choice of him or Levis and opt for the Big Ten star)
    SEA – W Levis – (I think the majority would be happy with this outcome – no trades, get your QOTF)

    If Arizona’s asking price is too steep to find a partner to trade down and HOU can bluff them enough to think they might take Anderson, I can see them getting desperate and pulling the trigger to ensure they get him.

    My ideal next four……
    #20 Ade Ade or W, McDonald – I’m really worried they’ll both go before this pick
    #33 Mazi Smith – we might have to trade up a few spots to do it, but #123 would probably work
    #52 Tyjae Spears – backup RB, jet sweeps, electric player
    #83 Byron Young – ideal fit for the Hawks
    + Four more picks BPA

    Any thoughts? I also wondered about Nadamokung Suh. Any injuries or anything holding him back? He’s 36 and from Portland, maybe kick the tires on a big man to clog up the middle. Might be a good hedge for Mazi I always hated playing against him!

    • Rob Staton

      There’s little reason for Arizona to trade up — and they can’t afford to give up #34, they have so many needs. It’s basically a rebuild from scratch.

      • Bertelli

        I get that it’s not likely, I was just playing around with a scenario that ARZ might think they HAVE to have Anderson and this seemed like a way they could ensure they get him. I’m going to LMAO if Anderson goes #2 and ARZ gets stuck with the third pick and is unable to trade it, then has to take T Wilson or B Robinson. Thanks.

  53. Ishmael

    If they’re even halfway convinced Richardson could be great I think it’s a shot the Seahawks have to take. I totally believe Will Anderson will be a very good player, but where has even Myles Garrett taken the Browns? The Eagles with how many star linemen still couldn’t hold up when it really mattered.
    Maybe Richardson busts but at least you’ve had a swing.

    One thing I’d love to hear more about, Jeremiah mentioned it on a podcast recently, is the processing test teams have started to get QBs doing over the last five years – came over from baseball. Apparently Mahomes was elite, Allen best in his class, and Purdy had the highest score last year. Bryce Young meant to be top this year. Tiny sample size obviously but does seem to have some predictive value.

    • Ishmael

      Just to follow myself up after a quick Google, S2 Cognition Test is what it’s called. Burrow also tested incredibly highly. Allegedly tests for perception speed, instinctive learning, distraction control, search efficiency, decision complexity, tracking capacity, impulse control, visual learning, and improvisation.

      • Trevor

        I wish there was a way to see the test scores for this years draft class. Particularly Levis and Richardson.

    • Wilson502

      Your point about Myles Garrett is why I’m on the QB or bust 🚆. Even a great defender like Myles Garrett hasn’t made that team good or even great.

  54. Thomas

    Seems like this all depends on how Arizona evaluates Wilson vs Anderson.

    If they were fine with either, I could see them trying to work a three team trade with Detroit so they don’t fall farther than 6.

    Or they could throw us all for a loop and take Carter. As was pointed out to me, the counter argument for Carter is that he’s a top talent WITHOUT pushing himself. Just a hair of discipline and…

    I’m not saying I’d do it, but Arizona could get him, Anderson, or Wilson at 7.

    • Rob Staton

      I would be STUNNED if Arizona, with a new GM and a massive need for a major culture re-set, are even considering Jalen Carter

      But it’s very plausible they’re comfortable with Wilson or Anderson in their scheme. That would make for trading down to #5 more comfortable for them. Much lower, though, and they’re taking a risk.

      • cha

        Half of Arizona’s former Front Office has DUI and reckless driving charges, they fired a couple position coaches for misconduct in Mexico and they just got rated one of the worst franchises in the NFL by players.

        If they really are committed to improving they would not touch Carter with a ten foot pole.

        • Rob Staton


        • GerryG

          Great point.

          Counterpoint: leadership starts at the top. The owner is still there. Are they committed to changing?

          Zero clue about their owner, just tossing out the idea.

          Me and a buddy both believe Carter and Cowboys are a perfect match.

    • Matthew

      I’m sure millions of dollars in the bank regardless of performance will motivate him. Doesn’t play to full potential, still makes top 5 money…why change anything?

  55. Allen M.

    I’d have a Seahawks top 5 in tiers like this:

    Tier 1:
    Tier 2:
    Tier 3:

    I suspect the team will have a tiered board like this themselves. Perhaps they like Young more than I do. If the Seahawks tiers were like this, it would show how a trade up makes more sense than not. Thoughts?

  56. Brian W

    If you have the chance to get a legitimate franchise QB, you have to do it. Give Arizona #5 and #20 for #3. Get a 4th rounder back as well. We all need to take off the ‘next season’ glasses and look at the bigger picture.

  57. QAgrizzly

    I’m not sure I see how Arizona trading with Seattle guarantees them getting Anderson if thats their guy., Assuming Seattle wants a quarterback and there is some kind of understanding of that between the two teams, Anderson still has to get past the Colts pick. Somebody like Vegas or Detroit could make the move for Anderson and still leave Colts with shot at QB, not to mention the possibility of Colts taking Anderson. If say they view somebody else on a par with Anderson then sure it all makes sense.

    • Rob Staton

      Eh? What?

    • Hawkster

      IND may well have the greatest QB need of any team in this draft. That said the more conservative trade is for ARI to just flip with IND for a more modest sum, say for #79. IND will have their choice between 2 QBs, ARI choice of the first defender off the board is essentially assured, and SEA will be left with the last QB if they so choose.

      Alternatively, #20 could be worth enough for ARI to risk it as well. The only way I see them getting Anderson and one of the top CBs is to get #20 from SEA. Robs last mock e.g. had he 4tb CB coming off at #23, well before their pick at 34.

      • Rob Staton

        The Cardinals might not be that committed to Will Anderson

        They might be committed to getting the biggest haul they can get

  58. brendon light

    Did you see Feldman has Seattle drafting Carter, then trading 20 for a second at 41, and a third, both with Tennessee. What a stupid trade! Is he serious? Who trades back 21 spots for only a third rounder in return?

    The titans took Levis there too. I can’t believe that got through the editors!

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I thought a lot of it seemed massively far fetched

      And his pick at #5 is wayyyyyyy wide of the mark

      • brendon light


  59. McZ

    There are two things we need to separate.

    Yes, it makes sense to trade up and draft your guy. But this discussion comes two months too late. It would have made sense to call Chicago when there was time to do so. With unprecedented firepower the Seahawks could have made it. They didn’t. They could still call Houston. They don’t. The market? Every position behind #1 is picking for scraps, especially if Richardson is your guy.

    So why don’t they act decisively with confidence?

    PCJS consider themselves the “smart guys ™”, winning a SB with a murderous defense and a QB on 0.49% of cap space. They have largely ignored elite talent in the draft for years, with 2022 being absolutely no exception to that rule. We got a bunch of good enough hole fillers.

    I also don’t buy the high character idea. I mean, it’s a good idea and a source of success. But then you don’t pick a middling Charles Cross over Jordan Davis. You don’t trade for peacock. Every single action is telling they don’t give a damn.

    The Seahawks are what they are. They are content running things their way. It is translating into the most uninspiring, job security first, lazy brand of NFL football. It’s a bureaucracy.

    • Rob Staton

      1. They couldn’t match what the Panthers offered at #1

      2. I have no idea how what you said gives any indication that they ‘don’t give a damn’ about character

  60. clbradley17

    New 8 1/2 min. college highlights video of Ade Ade. Lots of highlights showing his speed and strength getting in the backfield to the QB or stopping the runner.

    Just after the 4 min. mark, he slams into recent SB winner and rookie RB Pacheco of the Chiefs during the exchange and causes a fumble. So fast with his sub 4.5 speed looks like he could play multiple spots on the Dline and wreak havoc.

  61. Trevor

    I think the decision is quite easy. If Richardson or Stroud are there at 3 you offer the Cardinals a 1st rounder in 2024 and get the deal done unless they flat out refuse to deal with the Hawks. Optically a 1st round pick would be easier for Cards fans to swallow than #37 even more so if they still get Anderson at 5. If they want more than that then JS would really like to have to like one of those guys a lot more than Anderson or Levis.

    Hawks trade #5 and a 1st in 2024 to Cards for #3
    Hawks trade #20 to Chiefs for #31 and #63 in order to get an OT

    #3 Richardson (trade from Cards giving up 2024 first round pick)Hawks get thier QBOF with the highest upside QB to enter the league in a long time.

    #31 Darnell Washington- Chiefs move up to #20 to get a LT and the Hawks take a freak TE who will help in the run game immediately and could develop into a star as Richarsons safety blanket in the pass game. Seahawks Twitter goes crazy as the Hawks take two of the better athetes in the draft but both on offense.

    #37 Mazi Smith -Seattle gets a freak athlete fill a huge hole in the roster at NT

    #53 Luke Wypler- Hawks get their Center for the future to develop alongside Richardson.

    #63 Derrick Hall – Has the length, speed and explosiveness the Hawks look for on the edge.

    #83 Julius Brents- The idea of Brents opposite Woolen is really exciting. He won’t have to start Day 1 but expect him to compete for that spot immediately.

    #123 Moro Ojomo- Ideal size and length to play base DE in the 3-4 and would be a great addition to the DL

    #151- Cammeron Young – Solid and under rated DT who is stout against the run and will be a great addition to the DL rotation.

    #154 Dorian Williams- Athletic and aggressive LB who can learn behind Bobby with the idea of being a starter in 2024.

    #198 Andrew Vorhees – Vorhees would be a Day 2 pick but the torn ACL means he will need to red shirt but could compete to start at Guard in 2024.

    #237 Yasir Abdullah- Played edge at Louisville but has the speed and agility testing #s to be a quality off ball LB in the Hawks scheme and quality special teamer day 1.

    Adding Mazi Smith, Derrick Hall, Moro Ojomo and Cammeron Young to the DL rotation gives them great size and depth in the rotation and drastically changes the quality of the front seven going forward. If they want to fix the DL this would certainly do it IMO.

    Would have like to add a WR3 option but I think the team like Tyreke Smith a lot. Also think they will try to add Safety depth at some point in the draft or UDFA.

    • Rob Staton

      Even with the testing numbers, there’s just something about Darnell Washington that prevents me from being that excited. He’s such a plodder as a route runner on tape.

      • Trevor

        Have to admit he was a great blocker in College but did not look nearly as fast as he tested. Seemed to have lost weight for the combine could it have made that much difference?

        Also Rob Dalton Kincad is getting a lot of 1st round buzz despite missing most of the pre draft process. Where would you rate him in this group?

        • Rob Staton

          Kincaid has a lot of potential on tape but I couldn’t draft him early due to the lack of testing profile

          Washington is a plodding receiver. There’s also this, per Bob McGinn’s scouting sources:

          “His football character is also questionable. He has immature life skills. He’s a 5-star kind of guy that’s kind of been pampered his whole life. It’s going to be an adjustment”.

          • Trevor

            That probably has him off the Hawks board if they stick to the character script then anyways.

    • Mick

      That’s my take on the matters too. If your guy is there at 3, make the trade. Don’t trade with Arizona now just to see Richardson going at 2. I understand it might be cheaper to trade now than on draft day, but sometimes that’s life. I don’t really believe in trading up because you like 3 guys equally and you want to be sure you get one of them. In that case you better stay put, chances are you get one of them, and if you don’t and end up with Young or Levis, who are most likely to drop IMO, you’re not that bad.

      I fear the Colts will end up trading with AZ anyways.

      • Rob Staton

        What if you have three guys you really like?

        • Mick

          What if the Colts have three guys they really like too? And what if one of the three guys we like is Anderson? I doubt AZ will trade with us so we can take him if say Stroud and Richardson are our guys 1 and 2 and they are gone. They’re better off making a deal with the Colts.

          • Rob Staton

            Well the Colts don’t have as many picks as we do. We can outbid them.

            • Mick

              If you are AZ, by trading with us instead of the Colts you add the unknown of what happens at 4. In principle Colts could take your guy if you don’t make a deal with them, and you are in the position of saying “if you don’t raise, we make the deal with Seattle”.

              This is all what ifs. My main point is that I would rather trade with AZ when I know how #1 and #2 went. Maybe all 3 guys I really like are there at 3 and then I can stay put.

              • Rob Staton

                Why are we discussing Arizona’s plan though? For all we know they’re comfortable with Anderson or Wilson or a cornerback and will just take the best offer.

                The main point was timing to trade up, now or on the clock. And the point I made was you can easily justify doing this now if there are three players you are very prepared to take at #3. If they love Stroud and Young too, or Stroud and Anderson too, then really there’s no reason to wait.

                Waiting until you’re on the clock means risking a bidding war and not getting it done in the crucial short time frame.

                • Mick

                  I think it’s a matter of how you assess risk. You also risk having traded up for nothing. Pete and John also speak of 4 top QBs, so they could actually like all of them, and they also like Anderson almost for sure, while they seem to prefer getting a QB. If you’re after only one guy (most likely Richardson) you should either try to get 1 (that train left) or do business on the clock if he is still there when you have a trade partner – I doubt Houston will trade with us.

                  I believe that this news is also a signal to AZ not to make a worse deal with pick #7, #9 or #11, we’re ready to bid too if someone wants to jump us.

                  • Rob Staton

                    But you haven’t traded up for nothing

                    You’ve guaranteed you’ll get a player you really like

                    Your answer to everything always seems to be a ‘yeah but what if?’

                    The point is if they like three players more than the others in this draft, it’s justifiable to trade up now and remove any doubt

            • Ian

              Rob, do you have a good handle on what the ‘iron price’ would be to move from 5 to 3?

              • Rob Staton

                I think either #20 or #37

                • Ian


  62. Rokas

    Cowherd basically repeated some points which Rob said in his YT video about moving up for AR15.

    Carroll is great with young players and loves traits, also, SEA have the luxury of moving up due to the gauntlet of picks.

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