Are the Baltimore Ravens favourites to sign Jadeveon Clowney?

“Can I hitch a ride to Baltimore?”

Friend of the blog and leading NFL insider Tony Pauline is reporting for Pro Football Network that league sources believe Jadeveon Clowney will eventually sign with the Baltimore Ravens.

“A lot of people in the league believe that in end, he’s going to end up with the Baltimore Ravens… The Ravens need an upgrade with their pass rush. The belief from league insiders is don’t be surprised if he ends up with the Baltimore Ravens.”

According to Overthecap, the Ravens have approximately $16m to spend after parting with Earl Thomas. The Seahawks have about $15m available.

Simply put it will be unforgivable, having waited so long for Clowney, if the Seahawks allow him to join a team in a similar financial position.

Nobody can accuse the Seahawks of not being pro-active. Year after year they’ve been willing to make moves and be aggressive. The Jamal Adams trade is the biggest example of that but in the past they’ve completed various deals later in the year — from Clowney to Duane Brown and Sheldon Richardson.

However, it should be considered a stunning case of inactivity if Clowney ends up signing for another supposed contender for a financial package we know the Seahawks could afford.

The Ravens would be adding him to a line including Calais Campbell, Derek Wolfe, Matt Judon, Brandon Williams and day-two draft pick Justin Madubuike. They further bolstered their front seven by spending a first round pick on Patrick Queen.

Those are the kind of names many thought the Seahawks might look at as they attempt to, in their own words, fix the pass rush and the defensive line.

Going into the season genuinely relying on Benson Mayowa as the primary early-down pass rusher shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone. You can hope for the best but you also need to face reality. He’s a career rotational pass rusher (or in other words, a backup). Even if he personally has a solid season — you’re also still relying on a supporting cast of players like Rasheem Green and paper thin depth at defensive tackle.

It’s quite incredible really that as August turns into September, this issue still hasn’t properly been addressed. They’re keeping a decent chunk of cap space available because they know as well as we do that this unit simply isn’t good enough. As noted on Wednesday, it’s really saying something when Jake Heaps feels obliged to be blunt and honest about just how dire this defensive line is.

Fast forward to January. Do you really want to be sat here again discussing another early-round playoff exit, then spending an entire off-season talking about the need to fix the pass rush? Déjà vu anyone?

Signing Clowney won’t be a cure-all to the problem. Many have settled on Mayowa and Bruce Irvin being enough as a compliment. I’m not sure it is. The Seahawks needed a major revamp of their D-line. Noting that Mayowa isn’t as bad as a semi-retired Ziggy Ansah isn’t really anything to write home about.

Even so — the situation will be critical without Clowney. At the very least he’d provide an X-factor that in key games (NFC West or playoff) could be the difference. We certainly saw evidence of that last year.

It’ll be a tough pill to swallow if he ends up in Baltimore. The Ravens didn’t actually perform that well with their pass rush last year. They had 37 sacks, a hurry percentage of 7.3% and 140 pressures. All are in the bottom half of the league. That’s despite being by far the most blitz-heavy defense. They blitzed 54.9% of the time, with Todd Bowles and Tampa Bay in second place with 43.4%. If you’re blitzing 10% more often than Bowles then that’s quite a statistic.

The response has been a concerted and intelligent reshaping of their line. They haven’t splurged. The trade for Campbell was a statement of intent and they retained their top rusher in Judon. They then added extra pieces and now, reportedly, could be set to add another.

That’s a stark contrast to the Seahawks who talked a good game early in the off-season and said all the right things but then delivered very little in terms of addressing their self-confessed top priority.

If the Ravens get Clowney and Seattle ends up having to settle for what isn’t even Plan B (that was presumably Everson Griffen) — that would warrant some criticism that so far the team has avoided under a Jamal Adams shaped cloud of positivity.

I’ll keep repeating this line because I think it’s a season-defining point at this stage. What is the bigger gamble? Committing money to Jadeveon Clowney that you’ve so far been reluctant to pay, or going into next season hoping that your current D-line won’t cost you a wasted year?

For me, the obvious answer is to sign Clowney and roll with the punches.

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  1. Largent80

    The very fact that we are still saying the same things as back in the spring is the real head scratcher. Yet here we are less than 2 weeks from the first game of the season with this group of D-Line.

    Plus giving up all the capital they did to acquire Adams…..The front office is making moves and has made moves in the past that we as fans simply don’t get. Especially after the far less than adequate d-line personnel they are trotting out there for the last few years.

    It’s hard to get excited about anything other than the offense and the secondary at this point for me.

  2. cha

    Ravens even had time to sign Brockers to a $30m deal and then fail his physical.

  3. Ty the Guy

    One year deal for $15 million sounds good to me. The question I have is who are the cap casualties?

    Clowney and a depth piece at DT. You are spot on Rob. However, our current pieces do give me hope as a back up crew to JC.

  4. Big Mike

    Hate to be a negative Nick but I’ve resigned myself to Clowney not being a Seahawk and the team playing another season with a HOF QB that ends with no SB appearance.

  5. Big Mike

    BTW, Stephen Hauschka cut by Buffalo yesterday.

    • Big Mike

      And Coug fans, River Cracraft signed by the 9ers yesterday.

    • Chris Alexander

      For good reason: sub-80% on FGs the last 2 years and sub-50% from 50+ yards. He’s a shadow of his former self.

  6. Denver Hawker

    I think the part that feels the most frustrating about this possibility is that the Ravens in many ways are a better run organization. Players want to be there. Even their statement yesterday supporting justice reform was a class move.

    We’ve grown accustomed to the Hawks front office making mostly the right moves, but now seeing orgs like the Ravens, 9ners, and Chiefs out maneuvering.

  7. Uncle Bob

    Well Rob, from a Seattle fan perspective there’s no arguing with your position. But let’s put ourselves in Clowney’s position for a moment, assuming he wants to take a deal this season. This weekend you get two offers tossed your way. They are nearly identical dollar wise, incentive wise, and in all the other details of a contract. One is from your ol’ buddies in Seattle the other from the Ravens. Which D line do you want to work with and which one do you perceive will help you post a better set of personal stats for your next negotiation (presumably in a year or two). You want to work with a bunch of backup level guys where you’ll be the focus of at least double teaming nearly every snap as it was last season? Or do you want to be part of a D line where there are, comparatively, higher rated guys that will demand attention from the opposing offense leaving you more one on one opportunities?

    • Big Mike

      “You want to work with a bunch of backup level guys where you’ll be the focus of at least double teaming nearly every snap as it was last season? Or do you want to be part of a D line where there are, comparatively, higher rated guys that will demand attention from the opposing offense leaving you more one on one opportunities?”

      And sadly this points to the whiffs of draft picks on the d-line by Seattle.
      Oh but wait, L.J. Collier is gonna step up this year. Is Darrell Taylor the next in that line?

      • BC_Hawk

        And I don’t argue the fact that the Ravens are an excellent well run team, but we are still talking Russell vs. Lamar. Lamar is exciting and all, but I think he is Cam Newton 2; all the skills and talent, but just doesn’t have the “IT” to win championships. Maybe its me as a fanboy, but I can’t look at anything Russell is as a player, or human being and criticize it. I am never one to put a football player as an idol for kids and such (I save that for people that change the world), but Russell is actually is the one I would put in that category.

        • dcd2

          Sorry, but Lamar was the MVP of the league… in his 2nd year as a pro!

          RW is a great QB, leader and professional, but he’s also a weird dude. He comes across pretty cheesy though (remember Mr. Unlimited?).

          Ravens players gush about Lamar. They love him.

          We all love Russ, but I don’t think Clowney’s decision is going to have anything to do with RW vs LJ, and if it did, I’m not even sure that is in our favor.

          • BC_Hawk

            Cam Newton was an MVP too & players gushed about him….MVP and getting it done in the post season are two diff things. Think what you will; Russell (who embodies our culture also) and the culture are the reason vets want to come here; don’t kid yourself.

            • dcd2


          • Chris Alexander

            The league will adjust to Lamar. Long term, RW3 will price to be the superior QB.

            In regard to the original Q about which D-line Jaseveon Clowney might prefer, I would argue Seattle’s – not because of the talent or lack thereof around him, but because of the back seven in Seattle being vastly better than in Baltimore. Barring a trade or “major” signing, the Ravens are currently planning to “replace” ET3 with a 3rd year player who was only available for 6 of the 32 regular season games the last 2 years. On paper, even with their D-line moves, the Ravens D is wise than it was last year whereas Seattle’s D, even with the glaring weakness on the D-line, is arguably much better than last year. Clowney (plus a quality DT) gives Seattle arguably/potentially one of the best defenses in the league – why wouldn’t he want to be a part of that … considering “reasonably equal” offers.

            • Brandon Portney

              Lol the Seahawks back 7 doesn’t compare to the Ravens even without ET. Ravens still have 4 starting CBs (2 of which were the all pro selections last year in Humphrey and Peters). Tavon Young is one of the best sCB in the league and Jimmy Smith is a great #4 that could start on most teams. Chuck Clark is a great smart safety that’s just coming into his own. Add in Patrick Queen and Malik Harrison and it’s really no brainer.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the scheme fit is better in Seattle and that could vital.

      So could his positive experience in Seattle last season.

      But sure, he might seriously like the thought of joining the Ravens too.

      • WALL UP

        Agreed. His preference is playing in a 4-3, not a 3-4 OLB, due to projected cost benefits. He also loves it here.

    • DAWGfan

      If it is $ for $ then Seattle wins as at least (8) games he will not have to pay state income tax, Maryland I believe is 5.75%. Though that could be slightly offset by the 12% he would have to pay for the (2) games in CA. Also, as Rob stated below he is a much better fit in our 4/3 than the Ravens 3/4. My guess is who he believes he has a chance to sign a long term deal with, IMHO it’s Seattle over Baltimore. The Ravens have $89 million tied up to the defense in 2021 and that is without Judon, the $10 million dead cap hit they will take for releasing Thomas is going to really hurt them next year.

    • Simo

      Agreed, this is probably a fairly easy decision for Clowney, all things being pretty equal. So, Hawks have to offer more money than the Ravens, probably at least $1m more, in order to get him signed. And we can’t do that without making some more key cuts or restructuring a few big contracts.

      It seems very doubful Clowney remains a Seahawk at this point!

    • cha

      This still feels like another media plant by the Clowney team. They’ve been going strong all summer.

      • Rob Staton

        In fairness Tony said speaking to people in the league, which suggested other teams rather than one specific source (eg someone close to Clowney).

        • cha

          Fair point

        • Chris Alexander

          Aren’t most of Mr. Pauline’s “sources” on / related to the NY Jets? (read that somewhere else)

          With the Ravens seemingly “set” on the D-line and suddenly “in need” at safety, this seems more like a fabrication than a realistic possibility to me. Especially if members of Clowney’s “team” know some of Mr. Pauline’s contacts.

          • Rob Staton

            Tony doesn’t ‘fabricate’ stories.

            The Ravens don’t need a safety, they like their younger guys.

            As noted in the piece, their pass rush was crap last season.

            I’d show Tony a bit more respect.

            • Chris Alexander

              Didn’t mean any disrespect. Don’t usually follow Mr. Pauline and had read (on a Ravens site) that most of his contacts are in the Jets organization. My only other notable “exposure” to him was when he reported that Clowney’s preferred destination was either Dallas or New Orleans.

              I certainly don’t think he’s “fabricating” this story. Rather, I’m simply saying that it wouldn’t be surprising if Baltimore’s alleged interest was originally mentioned by someone in Clowney’s camp.

              • Chris Alexander

                To clarify, my original comment anout this seeming more like a fabrucation than reality was aimed at it being a fabrication by someone in Clowney’s camp, NOT by Mr. Pauline.

  8. pdway

    always scary to have a top SB contender being listed as a destination – because we all know good players want to play for the teams that have that chance.

    thing is – we do too w Clowney in the fold. it’s a real frustration.

    maybe we all should start a gofundme to bridge the gap?

  9. Phil

    Have we considered: Maybe the Hawks staff knows JDC’s health is a big question mark?

    I’ve been hoping we sign him, but is there a reason that we haven’t?

    • Rob Staton

      Then sign someone else.

      Don’t call him the priority, wait on him all off-season, and still keep your cap room available on the off-chance he comes back.

      If they thought he was a big injury risk they would’ve moved on in March.

      • Phil

        Alternative: maybe they both know he will end up signing unless he gets a
        “Blow his socks off” offer….he just doesn’t really feel the need to be in camp; so they have a head nod agreement. This would best explain why they’ve kept enough cap…and why they let Everson Griffen sign with JerryJones.

        Schneider has his price…Clowney hopes to do better…and Schneider is fairly sure he won’t.
        Think Kenny Rogers, The Gambler: “Know When to hold ‘em….”

        • Rob Staton

          And if the gamble pays off, fine.

          If it doesn’t? Questions will need to be asked. They probably won’t be of course. But they should be.

          • BC_Hawk

            I agree; It’s a gamble that SHOULD pay off. If it doesn’t, JS will have some hard questions to answer about why he put all his eggs in one basket and waste a season where he seemed to go all in with Adams.

            With the Ravens now in the convo; if Clowney were to sign there multi year, could that mean Judon would be available on the Tag? Maybe the hawks could do a similar thing they did with Clowney last year with Judon (ravens keep a little $$), and Clowney pushes some money into year 2-3. Just a thought; not sure Ravens would want both at mucho cash past 2020. Unlikely, but a quote.

            Rob: I havent watched Judon too much; how would he fill a role for the Hawks? What are your thoughts of his effectiveness in our system?

            • Rob Staton

              I think we need to remember something here.

              Teams don’t go around spending $7m for people to play elsewhere all the time.

              Houston did it for Clowney. That was the major exception, not the rule.

              And the Seahawks have virtually NO picks left. They can’t trade another good one for a rental.

              • Chris Alexander

                Agreed. But …. don’t be surprised if Plan B for the Hawks involves sending their 2021 2nd round pick (and a player or 2) to Jacksonville for their tagged, but unsigned, DE.

                • Rob Staton

                  There’s literally no chance of that.

                  No chance at all.

                  • Steve Nelsen

                    Rob, you know how much I respect you. I don’t understand posts like this that seem to cut off or preempt discussion.

                    I can think of 3 ways that a win-win Ngakoue trade could happen.

                    • Rob Staton

                      With respect Steve, it was my intention to cut off the discussion.

                      It’s not happening.

                      It’s really not happening.

                      It’s not worth us dwelling on for even a second. There are so many factors. You’re needing Jacksonville to absorb probably half of his salary (just because Houston did it with Clowney doesn’t mean every team is going to do this). They have three picks in days one and two in the next two years… two second rounders and a third. Do you know how many players they have on one-year deals?? They can’t have zero picks even with a muddled college football season. Especially for what amounts to a one-year rental. They need someone who can anchor and create pressure not another 245lbs EDGE.

                      They are not trading for Ngakoue. They made their trade a few weeks ago. That’s it.

              • BC_Hawk

                I agree, not gonna happen but this is just an IF conversation. What are your thoughts on Judon as a a player is our system? Whom would he mirror to in our past?

          • BruceN

            Whatever happened to “let’s split the difference and call it a day” instead of this game of chicken? It’ll be very disappointing to whiff on JC after missing the chance on Griffen. Very disappointing.

  10. All I see is 12s

    Yes, which is also probably why he’s not looking at a contract in the 20+ million range. That also doesn’t explain why the Seahawks have been seemingly keeping extra cap room to make a move but yet have not done so.

  11. Mike

    Im just wondering, why would we want clowney on a 1 year deal? Wouldn’t you want to sign a backloaded 3-4 year deal? Make the average high enough to make him happy, and then not have to renegotiate every year, at increasing prices?

    • Rob Staton

      At this point I would take either.

      • Mike

        I mean, i think we all would. If offering what we have this year doesn’t work (isn’t enough), then by adding multiple years you could make it more lucrative after year 1. At least that is what i was thinking. Plus, how rare is his level of talent on the market in the first place.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I don’t think the question is what contract length Seattle wants. The question is what does Clowney want?

      I think Seattle has been holding cap space for Clowney and that Clowney will wait until the end of preseason to make sure he knows for sure what is the best offer before he signs. I think Clowney is OK with returning to Seattle and I think Seattle will match or beat any offer Clowney gets and he will be back in Seattle.

      But I also believe JS has a backup plan. In fact, I believe he has multiple plans. He was working on the Clowney trade with Houston last offseason and I think he is working on a similar trade now if it becomes necessary.

  12. cha

    This is really going to disrupt their team strategy if they can’t field even a middling defensive line.

    There’s going to be enormous pressure put on the offense. They need to be able to establish the run and eat the clock up to help the defense, while simultaneously be ready to respond to another opponent drive for points, possibly with quick strikes.

    I’m willing to bet there will be games they can do it. RW is that good, and the speed at WR and effectiveness at TE will at times make it look easy. And that likely will mask the massive problem on the DL in fans’ minds.

    But there most certainly will come games when the defense has to make plays to win the game. And what they have in terms of pass rush will most certainly be exposed.

    • Big Mike

      Well said. Concur 100%

    • AlaskaHawk

      It will be interesting to see how the offense plays with 3 new offensive linemen. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wilson ends up running for his life a few times. Might be a good time to learn some quick passing plays.

      • Rob Staton

        And I bet the last two years you said something similar about the O-line.

        Yet Wilson was just fine.

        • Mike

          Well, by week 3-4 yes he was fine. Week 1 & 2 tends to be pretty tough sledding, which makes sense. Id expect the same this year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve probably been saying that for five years now as a succession of players are tried out, moved around in different position, and eventually leave. Just because they put five players together, and somehow Wilson survives without injury each year, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a viable strategy forever.

        AT least they have Lewis to build next years line around.

  13. Ashish

    Feel too much pressure on what hawks will do to fix DL. Another 2 weeks things will be clear one way or other. Counting on JS/PC.

  14. cha

    Gregg Bell
    Russell Wilson says on
    if #Seahawks had a game scheduled this week they wouldn’t have played it.

    Team is deciding now what united act to do during the NFL season
    9:28 AM · Aug 28, 2020

    • millhouse-serbia

      Uf…I would have so much to say about this.situation…but dont want to ruin this great place where we talk about football…

      • Aaron


        • Mac


          • GoHawksDani


  15. Ukhawk

    My frustration grows about the D Line which started with losing Frank.

    My jealousy may kick in, If the Jags sign Clowney and Campbell – wasn’t that our plan?

    My head hurts, JSPC spent all their money and have so little to show for it.

    My fear is this is going to be a pain to fix – if it can be – which I can’t see.

    We’ve improved in so many areas, think are closing the gap but it is true, the DL may hold us back

    Get it done with Clowney!!

  16. Scot04

    I’m sure the Jets Draft Room is hoping this is the D-Line Seattle decides to play the 2020 season with.

  17. RWIII

    It’s NOW TIME! It’s time to SIGN CLOWNEY. Now that the Ravens have released Earl “The Pearl” they now have cap room to go after Clowney. Clowney is a perfect fit. It would be a shame for the Hawks to lose out on Clowney.

    • Chris Alexander

      Kind of.

      Releasing Earl, and trying to void his $10M guaranteed salary really only “saves” them $6M this year as once Earl files a grievance, 40% of that $10M gets added back to their cap (and potentially ALL of it, depending on whether or not Earl wins his grievance, and when).

      But, more to the point, the Ravens NEED a safety because despite the Ravens coaches “saying the right things”, there’s no way they want to head into Week 1 with a 3rd year safety in ET3’s position when that 3rd year player has missed 26 of 32 regular season games because of injury.

  18. Isaac

    I’m going to be so happy when this offseason is over. I’m over talking about the defensive line. Let’s talk about something else.

    • cha

      I hear that Isaac. Problem is, the offseason is when you can do something and there is still a window to get Clowney.

      If that window closes and we go into the season with this DL, it’ll be very rough to watch as our LBs get swallowed whole and our DBs forced to cover for 5+ seconds.

    • Chase

      With the roster as it stands, I think you are going to be hearing about it a lot during the season.

  19. Cortez Kennedy

    Once Griffen was signed, they should have closed in on Clowney with a greater sense of urgency. Griffen, Fowler and Quinn will be making about as much as Clark did in 2019, which is less than what we paid Ansah.

    I remember feeling energized earlier in the year, reading Rob’s articles about different trades and potential free agent targets who along with resigning Clowney could boost the anemic pass rush. I didn’t realize it was a preview for the 2020 Baltimore Ravens. It’s kind of a trip that the Ravens could end up with Calais and Clowney and cut a HoF safety (and former Seahawk) while the Hawks went all in on a safety and signed Benson Mayowa.

    • dcd2

      Their draft was pretty solid too. They took a lot of the guys we discussed:

      Patrick Queen
      JK Dobbins
      Justin Madubuike
      Devan Duvernay
      Ben Brederson

      • Big Mike

        But hey, the Hawks drafted LJ Collier 2.0 to “play” DE and a LB that won’t start so there’s that.

      • GoHawksDani

        Wow…I would take that draft in a heartbeat. An OK OG, One of my favorite WRs in this draft. A big RB and most importantly a good DT (don’t really care about Queen, we could’ve drafted Taylor instead there). Our defense would still suck but at least it’d be interesting to see some rookies

    • BruceN

      Yes, when Griffen (our plan B) signed with D we should’ve closed in on JC. Sadly, I suspect PC and JS would be OK rolling with who we have if JC doesn’t happen (translation, no plan C).

  20. Kingdome1976

    So if everybody thinks we should’ve signed Clowney a long time ago and still think we should than why haven’t we? My only conclusion is that the front office knows something we don’t. Let’s just leave it at that.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah it’s that pesky front office saying stuff like how much of a priority keeping Jadeveon Clowney is several times and making numerous confirmed offers to him including one, per Michael Silver, that was worth $15m a year. And they’ve been saving this cap space all this time too.

      Clearly it was a giant ruse and all along they used it as a deflection so they could sneak in and grab Benson Mayowa instead.

      Good call.

      • Ashish

        I believe we know half truth here. We don’t know what was difference between the two parties, is it 1 or 5 Mil. Hawks are very notorious doing deal, I remember we let go long snapper for few hundred dollars and struggled a lot in game and now we over payed Irvin, B J finney and more.
        Well i will have 2 drinks once this saga ends, either way 🙂

        • Chris Alexander

          I think we can read between the lines and figure out “the whole truth” pretty easily.

          1. It’s pretty solidly understood that Seattle initially offered $15M a season.
          2. Clowney pretty clearly wanted / expected to get offers of $20M+.
          3. Clowney would have gotten $18M for the 2020 season had Seattle been allowed to franchise-tag him.
          4. When Clowney didn’t get the offers he expected at the start of free agency, he reportedly lowered his expectation to $17M-$18M.
          5. Clowney has reportedly turned down multiple offers in the $15M range, including “confirmed” offers from both the Seahawks and the Browns.
          6. Clowney has reportedly “not budged” on his exoectation of $17M-$18M.

          I think it’s extremely reasonable to conclude that the gap between Seattle and Clowney is about $2M-$3M.

          • Ashish

            Good explanation. Since we didn’t sign him in first rounds of free agency when gap was 5 mil, now it may be 2 or 3 mil but thats huge as we spend money wisely (sarcasm)

  21. Steve Nelsen

    I thought Earl Thomas was filing a grievance about his dismissal. I understood that Baltimore is on the hook for all Earl’s bonus money if he wins his grievance and it remains on the books for Baltimore until that grievance is resolved.

    • Chris Alexander

      Bonus money, yes. Baltimore is on the hook for $5M this season and $10M next season as $15M of the $20M signing bonus is basically water under the bridge.

      The Ravens worded their release the way they did because they are trying to void Earl’s $10M guaranteed salary for 2020. In theory, that $10M came off their books when they released Earl. But, assuming he files a grievance, which he almost certainly will, 40% ($4M) will go back on their books until the grievance is resolved.

  22. Chris Alexander

    Seattle agreeing not to tag Clowney this offseason when they traded for him was a mistake if the team’s desire was to have him as anything more than a 1-year, $8M rental.

    They then compounded that mistake by offering him “only” $15M when a) the franchise tag for defensive ends this year is $17,788,000 (see Jacksonville, Yannick Ngakoue) and b) CLOWNEY’S tag would have been slightly higher (120% of his $15M 2019 salary, $7M of which was covered by Houston, is $18M).

    Even before going on record and saying that improving the pass rush was their #1 goal and resigning Clowney was their top priority, Seattle essentially had ZERO LEVERAGE and Clowney knew it (and still knows it). Until/unless the team makes an offer that is in the $17M-$18M range, I think Clowney (rightly) “stands on principle” and continues to wait for the offer he feels he’s earned.

    I only hope that offer comes from the Seahawks.

    • Logan Lynch

      2 things.

      1) Seattle agreeing not to tag Clowney was a condition of the trade. If they hadn’t agreed to that, maybe he wouldn’t have approved the trade in the first place.

      2) Seattle rightly “only” offered him what they did. No one else signed him either, so they clearly had his value pegged correctly.

      • Chris Alexander

        No real argument on either point.

        But, as it stands right now, Clowney was a 1-year, $8M rental so I stand by my point that IF Seattle wanted more than that then the agreement was a mistake.

        Also, I’m not saying Clowney is “worth” more than $15M a year. Like you, I think “the market has spoken”. But, with zero leverage and a painfully obvious need, I think it will take what Seattle WOULD HAVE given him on a tag in order for him to return.

        I hope I’m wrong and it’s just a case of him not wanting to go through training camp for “only” $15M.

        • Logan Lynch

          Clowney’s pride will be the key. I really don’t think SEA is going to give in.

  23. cha

    8-28 Press Conf w Ken Norton

    [corbin smith] Much made about Brooks in camp, Barton handling comp with Irvin there as well? BBK? “Cody Barton, good FB player, plays hard, smart, impressed, right direction. BBK toughness, smarts. A lot of depth, guys have work cut out for them.”

    [michael shawn d] Had discussions about Blake? How go? “Very emotional. A lot of us live this life every day. Concerned about voting, things we can control.”
    Other actions impactful? “Season approaches, ongoing discussions. No final decisions. Talking about it.”

    [art thiel] Intersection of sports and race, what do you tell young black Seahawks about rising up? “Really good for guys to ask and get informed. Know what’s going on. Get caught up in own world. Everybody involved now, effects everyone. Platform that we have and use. Know what you’re talking about. Organize.”
    [art] Share you own personal experiences? “No question. Certain situations have come across. The younger guys care and want to act is moving.”

    [joe fann] Real positivity about rookies, hasn’t seemed like level of excitement w Brooks? “No, really excited about Brooks. Fantastic FB player. Looks/acts like a LB. Pleased w development so far. Scrimmage made plays. Among best in league w Wagner and KJ. Got a lot of growing to do. Set a strong foundation.”
    [joe] Trait see in camp? “Physical, play fast. Really good carrying teaching to field. And a gamer. Game shows up, lights come on, he turns up.”

    [Jackie m] Diggs, secondary? “Quandre, happy w camp so far. Working well with Jamal. Knew each other before. Smart, fast, think on the run, playmaker, gamer, practices well, guys like playing with him. Good addition. Prob one of the best secondaries we’ve had in a long time. Great communicator. On track.”
    [jacke m] Adams energy? “See him on the field, fireball, smart, loves ball, loves to practice, fits Seahawk defense. Tough, swagger, fitting in well.”
    [Jackie m] Blair? “Knew what he was capable of. Understand his role, makes us a really good man coverage team. And a good blitzing team from the nickel spot.”

    [] Transition to nickel Blair? “Didn’t play a lot last year. Getting a chance to see him play a lot of FB this year. If he can cover slots tight. Cover in man is main thing. Really good blitzer. Comes off hard. Giving us everything, very very happy w development.”

    [condotta] Shaquem Griffin, could different roles, thoughts? “Really solid for us, showing up every day. Energy, speed. Backup SAM w Bruce. 3rd down ability to rush like last year. Like his emergence, gonna help us on 3rd down and backup SAM. Speed and effort. He possesses them.”
    [condotta] PC said defense faster than last year? “Add Jamal, Blair, Brooks, Irvin, key positions. Making us smarter, faster, tougher. Study with Zoom offseason, happy w development. Attitude and aggressiveness.”

    [brady] Bruce said new perspective, what do you see? “Bruce amazing young man. Really awesome to watch his development. Example to talk to team and young players, started out and where now. Together in Oakland, mature, smart, knows how to take care of body. Also understands development of younger players. Guide them in right direction, pro life, freedom. How to be pro’s early on.”
    [brady] Pushed back idea of 32 over the hill…Athleticism? “Best SAM ever in our program here. Toughness, set the edge. Played S, LB, DL, amazing ability. Good place in life, career. High expectations.”

    [Gregg bell] Quinton Dunbar RCB? Trey responded? “Really good. All watching him first time. Watched film in Wa. Getting to know him how he practices. Good first impression. SMart, great vision, sticky, understands FB. Flowers rising to competition. Comp LJ and Rasheem, same w Dunbar and Trey. Brings best out. Trey come a long way. Sticky. Good technique.”
    [Gregg bell] how win competition? “Consistency. Deep balls. Comfortable? Penalties, make the play or panic? Sticky, having great vision and figure things out. Make plays.”

    [michelle ?] Scheduled off day, teams skip practice, talk of players sitting out today? “Lot of conversation. Talking about issues. Not just act and react. Come together. Means different things to everybody. ‘this is how we want to show solidarity.’ ”

    [] Rank this secondary? “Hard to tell, can’t rank on what can do. Jury still out on what they can accomplish. Lot of games to play. History here, they need to step up and make their statement about who they are.”

  24. BobbyK

    I just can’t wrap my head around they would give money to Irvin and Mayowa and not spend it on someone good. I think Mayowa is an average back-up. And Irvin has really never been overly good aside from the first half of the Packers game when he was a rookie. Solid player? Yes. Really good? No.

    • BobbyK

      It’s no big deal we don’t have any good pass rushers. We can always wait for the end of training camp and send some high picks to get one. After all, we do have an abundance of high picks coming up in the next couple drafts. We can spare some.

  25. JLemere

    Cowherd on his show today had a top 10 list of players/coaches in the NFL who have the most pressure this season. He had PC at #6 siting the usual o-line is crap, 1988 offense, and 32nd rank d-line according to analytics. I think PC is putting all his chips in on player development. He is banking on LJ Collier, Darrell Taylor, and Alton Robinson on the d-line and banking on Ethan Pocic and Damien Lewis on the o-line. If it doesn’t work out for SEA this season (7-9, 8-8, or 9-7), then i think PC will decide to retire after his contract and for the final season he will either go all out in FA or be very conservative.

    • Rob Staton

      “He is banking on LJ Collier, Darrell Taylor, and Alton Robinson on the d-line”


      • dcd2

        I fear you’re going to have an aneurysm if we end up with Clay Matthews and Brandon Mebane as the finishing touches on their prioritization of the DL.

        • Rob Staton

          Nope… I’d just call it what is it. A failure.

          • dcd2

            I’m afraid it already is. “fixing the DL” is mission failed. Even if we sign Clowney and a DT, we’re still a far sight from having it fixed. We just go from an awful DL to a bad one with Clowney.

            I take some solace in believing that the rest of the defense is improved, but the addressing of the DL has been one of the most puzzling approaches of the PCJS era.

      • JLemere

        PC isn’t going to cave for Clowney unless you see this headline on the sports network “Seattle Seahawks cut/trade KJ Wright”. Until that happens, Clowney will either accept the value and take 1 yr 12 mil with BAL or sit out the season. But as you have been saying for the last few months, they won’t cut/trade KJ, so yeah at this point in time PC will put all of his chips on player development.

        • Rob Staton

          K.J. Wright has absolutely nothing to do with Clowney.

          They can have both. Easily. They’re not remotely tied.

  26. Ashish

    we discussed on SDB KJ Wright will not be cut or traded but interesting article. End result looks good

    • cha

      People have been trying to cut or trade KJ all summer. Not seeing it.

      PC said Brooks is way behind KJ.

      Ken Norton just today said Brooks has a lot of growing up to do.

      • Ashish

        May be KJ and Bobby were exception learning system early. They did anticipated learning curve hence investing first round in Brooks and let learn behind KJ. Next year they can let go KJ.

      • GoHawksDani

        I’m pissed that they drafted a guy in the first round for a position that was not a direct need and that guy doesn’t even a plug’n’play player. If you draft someone you don’t really need that dude should be a top10-15 talent who fall for some reason (but no valid reason)

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not happening.

      Completely wrong.

    • TomLPDX

      Please just stop trying to get rid of KJ.

    • GerryG

      12th Man Rising is uberlulz

  27. cha

    Not practicing today

    Benson Mayowa (unkown why)
    Steven Sullivan
    Philip Dorsett
    John Ursua

    Still not practicing yet

    Colby Parkinson
    Darrell Taylor


    Jamal Adams (hand cut)
    Brandon Shell (ankle)

  28. Frank

    I still don’t see this as Clowney and win a Super Bowl, fail to retain him and have ultimately failed your fan base. He’s a fine player, good borderline great some days. With his injury history, and lack of ability to get sacks, I totally understand JC hard line on not going over a certain number. If he wants more than the league is willing to pay him, why take it on ourselves to assume we know his value better than his coaches with full information about his medicals. He’s a disruptive force, but even if they resign him, he probably wouldn’t lead the team in sacks. I’m in favor of him being on the team, but he doesn’t recognize his true value and seems too hard headed to listen to professionals. Until something legitimate comes up, like he’s lowered his demands, or going thru covid screening I’m pretty sick of hearing about him. I’m really excited bye the DB/LBERS on the team, we have the talent elsewhere to have the ability to develop Taylor, Robinson, Reed, Poona, Green, LJ. I think we are a better team next year, (not this year) if we just let him bug off and get “our guys” the reps. Win forever, not sell out for today. I’m also far more interested in next years draft, especially at the online where we need more save some money with rookie contracts.

    • Rob Staton

      “I still don’t see this as Clowney and win a Super Bowl, fail to retain him and have ultimately failed your fan base.”

      Nobody has ever said it’s ‘sign Clowney and win the Super Bowl’.

      It’s simply this — don’t sign him and you might have the worst D-line in the league. And given your stated priority at the start of the off-season was to fix the D-line… yes, you would’ve failed the fan base.

      “If he wants more than the league is willing to pay him, why take it on ourselves to assume we know his value better than his coaches with full information about his medicals.”

      So if the medicals were such a big issue, why has it been confirmed they offered him $15m a year? Why have they waited for six whole months to try and sign him, saving cap space for him?

      “I’m in favor of him being on the team, but he doesn’t recognize his true value and seems too hard headed to listen to professionals.”

      No — he just wants to be paid a fair amount. When you consider Kawann Short, Arik Armstead and Leonard Williams earn what he wants, he’s completely justified believing anything less is unfair value.

      “I’m pretty sick of hearing about him”

      And I’m sick of the Seahawks having a crap D-line. C’est la vie.

      “I’m really excited bye the DB/LBERS on the team”

      Then you’re easily excited.

      “Taylor, Robinson, Reed, Poona, Green, LJ. I think we are a better team next year, (not this year) if we just let him bug off and get “our guys” the reps.”

      Or alternatively, you waste the 2020 season and predictably end up in the same predicament in March.

      “I’m also far more interested in next years draft, especially at the online where we need more save some money with rookie contracts.”

      You do realise they don’t have their first and third round picks, right?

      • Frank

        There’s only so much money to go around though, at some point you have to decide to have certain team strengths and pay top dollar for them, and mask your weaknesses in other areas with scheme, and cheap rookie contracts. If a team decides like the hawks have to go all in at LB and DB, they can’t spend as much on defensive line, and in my personal opinion if your going to approach 20 million a year, they have to be confident in get sixteen regular season games, and hopefully a few post season games at full strength. Same with paying top dollar for a QB, that splurge has to be saves in other places on the offense to maintain balance, such as oline and Wr. You don’t have to hate a player, for not trusting them to be available all season and deciding they have a limit. We spent all the picks on dline to save our money there, to break the bank for any player after all the draft capital invested is certainly a waste of resources, either the picks, or the free agent is a mistake at that point. I think you can upgrade the oline with a second and 4th round pick, so yeah I’m still very interested in the draft, especially given it’s going to be a weird one historically and want to see how all teams approach it.

        • Rob Staton

          “There’s only so much money to go around though, at some point you have to decide to have certain team strengths and pay top dollar for them, and mask your weaknesses in other areas with scheme, and cheap rookie contracts.”

          Not when you categorically state, numerous times, that your priority is fixing the D-line.

          If that’s your stated goal and you’re left trying to mask it light a giant, enormous pimple on prom night — questions have to be asked.

          “If a team decides like the hawks have to go all in at LB and DB, they can’t spend as much on defensive line, and in my personal opinion if your going to approach 20 million a year, they have to be confident in get sixteen regular season games, and hopefully a few post season games at full strength.”

          They spent nearly $60m in free agency. They had ample money to invest in the D-line and could’ve still drafted Jordyn Brooks and traded for Jamal Adams. And Clowney isn’t asking for 20m a year any more.

          “We spent all the picks on dline to save our money there”

          They only spent one high pick on the D-line and a day three pick. They used as many picks on the tight end position.

          “I think you can upgrade the oline with a second and 4th round pick, so yeah I’m still very interested in the draft”

          Not at left tackle or centre you can’t.

          • Frank

            It’s still more forgivable than the big swing and a miss on resigning Clark. They spent all year telling us that Clark was a hawk, and going to remain a Seahawks only to trade the rights to him. Obviously they believe the market for defensive line, has out run the value of the position, and believe you can produce a better overall team with spending elsewhere. I believe they stated Clowney as a major priority, because they didn’t see this dragging on endlessly, but once they spent a 2nd and 4th rounder this year on Leo, and a 1st and 3rd on the 5tech in the last two years that they’ve invested in a way that mitigates the lost talent from Clowney. Given the draft choices, I’d have been strongly in favor on spending the money that was planned for Clowney on a difference maker at DT. I don’t think we can blame them for not addressing their stated needs in the manner that we envision, it shows great flexibility to be able to read that your original plan isn’t coming together and find a way to put together a strong defense in a different way. I prefer financially and schematically the way the Giants that stopped the Patriots perfect season. Multiple mid tier pass rushers kept in a rotation to always be fresh.
            I’m far more concerned for 2020, that DT, RG and Rt are going to be major issues, on and otherwise really top notch roster. Trust me, when I say I’m extremely disappointed with how they spent the free agent money this year. I’m just more focused on how to envision a working system given the situation as it is today, not four months ago. If the Clown comes back great, I personally won’t put pressure on the team to value him higher than they do. Kinda like Earl Thomas, I’d have loved to have kept him on the team, but there was a reason they had a set value on him, and we are only seeing what that reason is now. Maybe they just think he’s playing for a big payday and won’t have that fire after getting it, (there are certainly enough rumors that he isn’t a self motivator) or don’t think he’d make it thru sixteen games and be available for playoffs at full strength. Like with Earl, the Hawks don’t talk crap about players and ruin their market, but definitely set an absolute value they aren’t going to budge on. I know it’s an agree to disagree point, but always respect that you have put considerable time into developing your belief. We all have misses and only time will tell whether they royally screws up, or made a shrewd business decision like with ET.

            • Rob Staton

              This is why I find this off-season frustrating though Frank.

              A terrible pass rush will end your season. That’s inarguable. If you can’t get any pressure on opposing QB’s, especially in Seattle’s division, you will fail.

              You say you’re ‘far more concerned’ about DT, RG and RT. Come on. When’s the last time a right tackle has cost the Seahawks (or anyone) a season? For all the hand wringing about Germain Ifedi, Justin Britt and Breno Giacomini over the years, the right tackle has never been a serious hindrance. They always had players that were replaceable, sure. But that’s it.

              The same goes for right guard. If anyone on here thinks that Damien Lewis is ‘far more concerning’ than the pass rush, I don’t know what to say other than this is 100% wrong.

              Seattle’s pass rush is not fit for purpose as it stands and will cost them another wasted season unless they do something about it. It’s as simple as that.

    • Big Mike

      Taylor hasn’t participated in a single practice yet. Might as well not include him in your group of guys to get reps. LJ Collier 2.0

      • Starhawk29

        Can we stop calling Darrell Taylor Collier 2.0? We knew going into the draft that the knock on him was health. We knew he might miss time, and there is no way PCJS didn’t have some idea this would happen. He’s a better athlete than Collier when healthy, let’s slow our roll a bit.

        • Rob Staton

          Everyone knew he had injury flags.

          I don’t think anyone expected him to miss camp — including PCJS.

        • Big Mike

          Agree with Rob. Very unlikely they get any significant pt from him this season. Doesn’t that sound like Collier last season? He seems so far to be just another whiff in drafting d-linemen. Look man, I love what Pete has done for Seattle, but the drafting has been more miss than hit the last 5 years and the we’re seeing the results of that play out now in terms of lack of depth and significant problems with quality especially along the d-line.

          • GerryG

            The DL has been extremely snake bitten. Ignore where they were drafted, or how dedicated to football they are. Look at how many recent DL have been hurt and missed camp, games, seasons: McDowell, Collier, Taylor, Christmas have probably participated in a total of 3 or 4 preseason practices amongst the entire group. That’s crazy.

  29. charlietheunicorn

    Clowney, apparently it is not so cut and dried that the Ravens can sign him. It depends on if ET files a grievance. If he does, then a % of the guaranteed money would be tied up until that is resolved. That could take weeks. SAo they might, on paper, have 16M+ available, they really have closer to 12M and can’t accommodate Clowney unless they cut another player or do some contract maneuvering.

    As for KJ. Leave the dude alone. I thought he might be gone a few years ago, but he played his ass off in 2019 and if his snaps are reduced some in 2020, he could be even more effective when he is on the field. As for 2021, will KJ be on the Seahawks, we will worry about that when it comes….. seize the day, the 2020 NFL Season has almost arrived.

  30. charlietheunicorn

    It looks like about 75% chance Britt will be back on the team. He is in COVID 19 protocols right now according the the talking heads in Seattle. The same with P-Rich.

    • Rob Staton

      Clearly the plan at center was a roaring success.

      • Aaron

        They’ll say it adds competition to the position. They’ll also talk about Britt’s veteran leadership and how he can coach up Pocic and help Finney learn the calls since he’s new. Sunshine and rainbows.

      • Big Mike

        How much did they spend on “roaring success” Finney again?

        • Rob Staton

          $8m over two seasons

          • Big Mike


    • Steve Nelsen

      I think they knew he would not be ready for camp and might not be ready for the season which explains the Finney signing. They had a chance to evaluate whether Finney was a potential starter at C or better suited for a “super sub” role like he played in Pittsburgh.

      • BobbyK

        The worst part of the super sub theory is that he doesn’t seem good anywhere. Look at the wasted money on him, Mayowa, Irvin… crazy they could have had a good player for the price of a bunch of players who aren’t very good.

        • Rob Staton

          Spent $60m…

          Got barely anything for it.

          • Trevor

            It is hard to spend $60 mil and make the team worse but they have managed to do it.

  31. Wally

    Perhaps Clowney who has made over $50M in his career money any us will never be close to making , has decided that he must be paid a premium to play in a Covid -19 environment he may have see the risk to of playing not worth unless his magical number is met. Honestly I don’t think he will play this season take a year off get fully healthy and wait till Covid passes away.

  32. Chris

    Rob, I was looking at the Seahawks draft picks and was shocked that we only have 5 picks next year. What do you think the chances of shipping a couple of our roster bubble players off for some draft picks? ie. Lano, Moore and possibly Hollister.
    I wouldn’t expect a 2nd round pick for Lano or Moore but perhaps a 6th for a known decent back up or a 3WR especially for this COVID year.
    As for Hollister, I’m in your camp and see his contributions to this team, I really like the player. But I think we know how much JS loves his picks, and I could see him being tempted by a decent offer.
    Was curious if you’ve given this any thought.

    • Rob Staton

      Hollister isn’t a roster bubble player. He’s a firm member of the roster.

      I’m not sure Moore or Hill would get much.

      Frankly I’d be willing to dangle Cody Barton but I doubt they will.

      • Chris

        I guess roster bubble isn’t the right word for Hollister, more like Trade Bait. They traded Vannet last year when they were in a similar situation. Injured Ed Dickson, recovering Dissly yet they still traded him out. Granted Vannet was never a impact player like Hollister.

        • Rob Staton

          Hollister and Vannett are not in the same situation though.

          Vannett was a draft bust and on the roster bubble. They were more than happy to move him and as soon as he left, Vannett bad mouthed the Seahawks.

          Hollister did more in half a season last year than Vannett did in three seasons. They were so determined to keep him they placed a second round tender on him. He was Wilson’s security blanket last year.

          Very, very different situations.

          • Chris

            Totally agree with all your points, just trying to see how they can get themselves out of the hole they dug.

  33. Chris

    Ethan Pocic interviewed by Bob, Dave and Moore. Interview starts at 26:10 till 34:45.

    Nothing gained to much from the interview, just some basic player questions and personal position preference. And now we know how to pronounce his name finally (a bad Dave joke)

    • cha

      For what it’s worth, Pocic singled out Mone and Poona for their improvement this year.

  34. Albert Bryan Butler

    Raiders just traded for Raekwon McMillian. Doesn’t mean they are no longer looking at Clowney, but it is an interesting move. With 177 tackles and two forced fumbles in two years, he has strong safety size and speed with middle linebacker pop. Entering the last year of his contract, the Dolphins are getting an undisclosed late round pick.

  35. Albert Bryan Butler

    A few other things on my mind. When Jamal Adams comes back, I can’t wait until DK skies a fade in practice and calls him Strawberry Shortcake. “Maybe if you let Russ do the cookin’ you wouldn’t have cut yo’self.”

    I feel like one of the only really good sources of news during the lockdown is Hard Knox, with the Rams and Chargers. Apparently, the Chargers receivers don’t block. Except for Keenan Allen, who has been ferociously battling new CB Chris Harris.

    Anybody have thoughts on the Rams?

  36. cha

    Hawks Fans 5 Stages of Grief For the Pass Rush

    “PC knows there won’t be a season in 2020 because of COVID.”
    “PC and JS know what they’re doing. They’ve won a Super Bowl. Have YOU ever been a coach or GM?”
    “Hawks are saving cap space because future years could be bad.”

    “Stop talking about the pass rush! That’s all you talk about!”

    “A better back 7 will improve the pass rush.”
    “We got Jamal Adams and he’s a pass rusher.”
    “Our reformed OL is a bigger problem.”
    “Maybe Benson Mayowa can do a Chris Clemons.”

    “What’s the point of playing the season? We know how it’s going to go – It’s going to be 9-7 or 10-6 and a milquetoast playoff loss.”

    “Let’s enjoy RW while we can and marvel at special talents like DK Metcalf and Jamal Adams.”

    • Big Mike

      Post of the offseason.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s not whether you win or lose – It’s how you play the game within the limitations of cap space.

    • pdway

      oh noooo, it’s all so spot-on . . .

      well played.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Cha – I love it. Good work!

    • Albert Bryan Butler

      So, you’re saying I’ve accepted the situation. That’s fair.

    • Rob Staton


      Have you been reading my emails?

      This is both extremely funny and absolutely, 100% on point. This is the Seahawks fan base in a nutshell, 2020 style.

    • cha

      Thanks everyone. A little humor to break the tension.

      (although I should have included the media in there as well under Denial).

  37. cha

    Probably cancelling practice today

    Gregg Bell
    In the #Seahawks media room at team HQ (wearing a mask, of course), awaiting a Zoom press conference changed a bit ago to Pete Carroll. Had been scheduled to be players Chris Carson, Tre Flowers and Jarran Reed.
    11:43 AM · Aug 29, 2020

    Gregg Bell
    Carroll is supposed to be talking to us any moment. Something seems up. #Seahawks
    11:25 AM · Aug 29, 2020

    Gregg Bell
    #Seahawks last-minute Zoom interview change to coach Pete Carroll instead of players.
    11:25 AM · Aug 29, 2020

    Bob Condotta
    Carroll had been scheduled to talk at 11:20. Practice is set to begin at 1 p.m. We’re still waiting to hear from Carroll.
    11:32 AM · Aug 29, 2020

  38. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    The #Seahawks have signed WR Paul Richardson, sources say. He’s back in Seattle.
    11:56 AM · Aug 29, 2020

    P RICH is back

    • Aaron

      Did Dorsett break his foot in practice or the mock game then? Keep hearing about it. Excited to have P Rich back. How go get Britt, Clowney, and a DT.

      • Aaron

        *Now…dumb autocorrect

      • cha

        Either somebody’s hurt or the competition hasn’t been all that great.

        David Moore being put on notice.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Ursua and Dorsett are battling injuries.
          Moore is pretty much a goner.
          Not to mention, Gordon might end up back with the team at some point.

  39. charlietheunicorn

    Britt coming back would be an upgrade. He would be an upgrade over any guy on the roster last year or this year….. Pocic should excel at center, his natural position, but is not overwhelming…. I would cut Finney slack, the lack of an offseason and lack of reps hurt players coming into a new system. I like the insurance he can provide over the next 2 season (C/G). Was 4M/year for 2 years two much, probably….

    So, at the end of the day, the first game of the season the OL looks like:
    Brown, Iupati, Britt, Lewis and Shell… that is actually a pretty solid group.
    Just need some reps together to make it work.

  40. cha

    Gregg Bell
    #Seahawks say Pete Carroll will be on Zoom call with the media at approximately 12:45
    12:36 PM · Aug 29, 2020

    So yeah, probably no practice today since it was scheduled for 1pm.

    • cha

      Corbin Smith
      It’s 70 minutes and counting on delay for Pete Carroll presser. #Seahawks team meeting has been an extensive one.
      12:31 PM · Aug 29, 2020

  41. cha

    Press Conf 8-29

    (thanks Rob)

    “Big Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Chadwick Boseman portrayed him. Really big day. Talk to stuff on my heart. I’ve been coaching for a really long time. Over 50 years. Good fortune career and environment, different lessons that other people have had. Just last 6 or so years, what we’ve gone through and dealt with, enlightening in so many ways.”

    “Realized how crucial it is to keep growing, learning, competing. Everybody needs to be coached up. Always have a chance to learn more, and get better. I’m still curious. Keep growing and learning because of the environment and people I’m around. Leadership positions have an impact. This is a calling to address all the situations we can with our players.”

    “Podcast, Steve, Greg Pop and myself. 3 white guys telling the world about diversity. Share experiences where we’re coming from, other people might need to know. Steve, we didn’t go far enough. As far as we needed to. All the issues that have come to light. On the right topic, just didn’t get there. Today, I’m gonna try to get there.”

    “Coming back to camp, so many issues, COVID, George Floyd, social issues. Finally together working. This year, exchanges so deep, so rich. They’ve taken opp to teach us what the life of black men and women is like. Compelled to speak out more than ever. Less fear. We need to hear because this has been a process of truth telling and reality checks. About racism in America. White people don’t know. Need to be coached up. Black people can’t scream, march, bare their souls any more.”

    • cha

      “Black people know the truth. Exactly what’s going on. White people don’t know. We have just not been open to listen to it. Taught a false history of what happened in this country. Not been about equality for all. Freedom for all. Opportunity for all. Needs to be. Humanity we’re dealing with. Start loving everybody that is part of our country.”

      “Players screaming at us. ‘can you hear me? can you see me?’ Just want to be respected. All the same. A lot that don’t see it that way, but a lot that do. New door we can walk through together. Forefathers wrote it but got caught up in making money.”

      “Media now, nothing happens we don’t know. All have a voice. Seeing the truth of how black people being treated in streets. Guys frightened for their lives. Families lives. Crying out, calling out for us to listen. Fix all of the obvious problems. Do the right thing for caring and loving people.”

      “Coaches calling on all of you. Step up. No more being quiet. Can’t worry about your job. Screw it. We can’t do that anymore. It’s about education. Have to learn what’s really going on. We know all the issues we need to address. Can you imagine how long black people have hung on that things will be better? Unbelievable competitiveness. Still hanging. Still hoping. Racism’s going out the door. Got to go.”

      “Education, health, voting rights, elements screwed up. Gotta stop the people getting in the way. What can we do? Got 60 days. Make a commitment to vote. Everybody has the voice. Dont let anybody squelch voting potential. All of our players will officially be registered today.”

      • cha

        “My guys living scared to death. Never was OK. Now we see so vividly, have to get it stopped now.”

        “I hope somebody’s listening. Coaches, lead your communities in all different sports. Let’s go. Let’s get it done. So many more things to do. Players talked about living in fear. Speaking your peace. Go ahead, do your thing. Will help all of us. All POC, all people who want to come to our country.”

        “Finish with this – one way to do it – by caring. Treated equally, fairly, honestly. White people don’t understand that. Not able to be fearless. They just want to be like you. Need comfort, security.”

        “Thank people continue to influence, so much great work being done. Coaching world different, fortunate. Doesn’t mean we don’t act. Appreciate inspiration. Players have power. Need to hear them. Follow the right lead. Good things will happen.”

  42. TomLPDX

    Strong statement by Pete. My coach!

    Pete, I heard you!

  43. millhouse-serbia

    When Pete call players to vote…its for president election right?

    And basicaly call them to vote for democrats or?

  44. Aaron

    Did Pete Carroll condemn the destruction of private and public property going on in major cities, including Seattle? Livelihoods lost and people killed throughout this country for weeks on end. I’m all for peaceful nonviolent protest, it’s a right of every American citizen. I’m all for registering to vote, that’s the right of every American citizen from 18 on. However, when it descends into violence I will never condone or support it.

    • John_s

      Martin Luther King Jr peacefully protested and was assassinated and nothing changed. They marched around the national mall and nothing changed. They peacefully protested in Minnesota after Philando Castile was killed and nothing changed. Colin Kaepernick peacefully protested and he got blackballed by the NFL and nothing changed.

      We know that there are right wing antagonists who have created and elevated the violence and destruction of property that we have witnessed so I will not place the blame on the people who have tried to march and protest

      • Rob Staton

        Let me make this very clear.

        I am not having a lengthy back and forth on here where people have a go at each other and come up with conspiracy theories about who is causing violence on the streets and destroying people’s property.

        This is a football forum for Seahawks fans to discuss the team, the NFL and the draft.

  45. Rik

    Pete said that his players are scared for their lives and the lives of their friends and families. He also said to care for everybody and love everybody. That’s a message to all of us, and there is nothing controversial there. Love and care for everyone, and show it in your words and actions.

    It’s a message of hope for America.

  46. pdway

    This is why players want to play for Pete Carroll.

    He has his flaws, but so does every other coach in the league. It’s been a really good run, and we’re still contenders.

  47. charlietheunicorn

    The only way 2020 could get worse, if the Patriots win a SB.

  48. Michael Hasslinger

    Maybe Clowney does not want to play here. If so, we all we got, we all we need. Time to move forward. Let him go. He is not likely to play the whole season anyway. Let’s move on.

    • Rob Staton

      Cha, here’s another one for your list earlier…

      “Maybe he doesn’t want to be here” has cropped up countless times (despite him saying he does want to be here)

      • cha

        Right. And it’s step brother “Clowney just doesn’t want to go through training camp.”

        I tried to stick to just the greatest hits, but “we can trade KJ for Yannick Ngakoue” is climbing the charts.

        • Rob Staton

          This is all so funny, brutal, accurate and brilliant.

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