Are the Seahawks thinking of trading up to #1?

Take this with a grain of salt — but this report in the Washington Post from Jason La Canfora is worth acknowledging if nothing else:

An NFL general manager, under similar restrictions about discussing prospects, concurred, and both officials said that from what they have gleaned, the Houston Texans (second overall), Indianapolis Colts (fourth) and Seattle Seahawks (fifth) are among the teams exploring what it might take to land the first pick.

This is the first suggestion we’ve seen that the Seahawks might be interested in trading up. La Canfora adds:

“He’s (Anthony Richardson) the kind of kid I could see Seattle looking to move up for,” the executive said. “He fits their mold. But [Seattle GM John Schneider] loves to move back. He doesn’t like giving up picks to move up.”

So what should we make of this?

Firstly, it shouldn’t be seen as a shocking development. Schneider has often talked about being in ‘every deal’. If there was an attractive opportunity to pick first, why not take it? Especially if there’s a player you really want in this class. There’s no indication this is anything more than a tentative enquiry at this stage.

We know the Seahawks were interested in acquiring the #1 pick in 2018 with a view to selecting Josh Allen to replace Russell Wilson. They’ve also had some success trading up over the years. Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and Jarran Reed were all taken after moving up. The Lockett deal in particular was very aggressive and was an inspired decision. The team also traded two first round picks for a safety — so being aggressive for a quarterback shouldn’t be seen as a grand departure.

Who might the Seahawks have their eye on if they were considering a trade?

Anthony Richardson is a reasonable shout — but not the only one. His incredible upside and athleticism will certainly appeal to Schneider. If he was willing to take Allen with the first pick, he might see Richardson in the same light.

Remember — Josh Allen was the third quarterback taken in 2018 after Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. It would’ve been quite the headline had Schneider traded Wilson, acquired the top pick and selected the raw but physically gifted Allen. Darnold was typically considered the consensus #1 — just like C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young are now.

People might react badly to such a move but we have to understand Schneider’s background. He loves traits. Pete Carroll is also a fan of athletic upside. The whole system in Seattle is predicated on an ability to compete and develop. I’m sure Carroll looks at Richardson and believes he can work with such a profile. There’s a sparkle of magic around Richardson as we saw at the combine. Carroll is keenly aware of that.

It’s also interesting to note Geno Smith’s words yesterday, speaking of his willingness to help a quarterback if Seattle drafts one. He almost sounded resigned to the prospect of having to compete for his job — perhaps not this year but in the future. The structure of his contract, to be fair, makes that a fact.

The Seahawks have done a tremendous job with the deal. They can create the ideal situation we’ve talked about so much — an Alex Smith-to-Patrick Mahomes style torch passing. Everything is set up to draft Richardson, who would benefit more than anyone from a redshirt year to bring out his incredible potential.

Here’s what La Canfora says about the QB’s in general:

The scouting community, for what it’s worth, continues to buzz about the Texans being particularly smitten with Young and the Colts being enamored with Levis. The Carolina Panthers, who pick ninth, are fixated on drafting one of those four quarterbacks, while the Atlanta Falcons (eighth), for all of their purported devotion to second-year signal caller Desmond Ridder, are viewed by other franchises as probable to select a quarterback as well. The Raiders (seventh), meantime, have to add to their quarterback room in a big way. If that doesn’t involve a veteran like Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo or Lamar Jackson, then it most certainly will involve one taken in the first round of the draft.

I wouldn’t assume the Seahawks, if they did move up, would do it just for the insane upside of Richardson. I get a sense Schneider will be a big fan of Will Levis. If the Colts are ‘enamored’ with him as JLC’s sources suggest, that could be motivation itself to move up. If the Texans and Cardinals are unwilling trade partners and you fear Indianapolis at #4 — the way to guarantee your man is to get to #1.

That would be seen as a highly controversial pick by many but again, people would’ve said the same about Allen in 2018. Let’s not forget Levis’ background in Seattle’s offensive scheme playing for Liam Coen. It’s not often you get to watch a college quarterback playing in your actual scheme before he turns pro. He also has incredible physical talent and the traits, again, that Schneider covets.

On C.J. Stroud — it’s worth mentioning how ‘Mahomes-esque’ his performance was against Georgia. We all know Schneider was very interested in Mahomes in 2017. As with Levis and Richardson, Stroud has fantastic character and he’s no slouch as a physical specimen. If they did move up, the three quarterbacks would be a serious option.

The final point I’d make is not to rule out the Seahawks moving up for Will Anderson.

The way the defense played last season (and let’s be honest, the last few seasons) left a mark on Carroll. With Jalen Carter’s legal issues almost certainly taking him out of consideration for Seattle, there’s really only Anderson left as someone with the potential to be an impactful defender in the top-five.

With the Cardinals (and as noted in my mock draft yesterday, potentially the Texans) ready to select Anderson — the only shot Seattle has is to move up.

I’m not convinced Anderson has the bend and twitch to be a dominant game-wrecker off the edge. However, I also think he’s tremendously low-risk. At worst, he’s not going to flame out provided he avoids any unfortunate injuries. He will be a contributor, just possibly more on a Bradley Chubb level than a Nick Bosa.

This quote from a NFC Executive in Lance Zierlein’s scouting report is also telling:

“Power Five players with traits who get sacks in college are going to get sacks in the pros. Anderson is way more likely to succeed than any of these quarterbacks (in the draft). It’s not even close.”

Although I suspect Schneider views the quarterbacks more positively than that — the Seahawks might see Anderson as a future star and the answer to their problems on defense.

It’s also worth noting what a tremendous character Anderson is. For a coach like Carroll who focuses so much on culture, he’d be drafting an immediate heart of the locker room and a future captain.

The short shuttle is the key to determining his upside. It’s hard to read much into Anderson’s combine considering he only ran a forty yard dash and did on-field drills. His forty and ten-yard split are unspectacular in isolation. We really need to know how explosive he is (vertical, broad) and what his short shuttle is.

As you can see below — elite edge rushers typically excel in the short shuttle:

Von Miller — 4.53 (1.62) at 246lbs (4.06 ss)
T.J. Watt — 4.69 (1.59) at 252lbs (4.13 ss)
Nick Bosa — 4.79 (1.62) at 266lbs (4.14 ss)
Joey Bosa — 4.77 (1.68) at 269lbs (4.21ss)
Khalil Mack — 4.65 (1.53) at 251lbs (4.18 ss)
Myles Garrett — 4.64 (1.63) at 272lbs (DNR ss)
Will Anderson — 4.60 (1.61) at 253lbs (DNR ss)

If he runs in the 4.1-4.2 range like the names above, that will be a serious indicator that he actually does have the potential to be something special.

Whoever the target is, I’m all for the Seahawks ‘paying the iron price’ (as someone put it on one of my recent live streams) if there’s a player they really want. Having the #5 pick is cool but you’re in the hands of four other teams. They’ll never be this close to the #1 pick — with ample stock to move up without impacting future drafts.

The Bears might be prepared to take a lesser deal to stay in the top-five, too.

However — with four appealing quarterbacks and Anderson — you can easily make the case that they’re better off letting this play out and protecting #20, #38 and #53 (especially if Bryce Young is going to go as high as everyone says, meaning one of the other three QB’s will last to you). There’s still no harm in asking the question and staying in touch with the Bears just in case.

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  1. Tim

    Wow! That is an impressive article. It looks like you already had a summary of the Washington Post article. Another thought on AR. Could Carroll and Schneider be reflecting on the damage caused by Taysom Hill in the NO game this past season and realize that AR could immediately be employed in a similar capacity as he is being groomed to eventually assume the role as starter?

    • Rob Staton

      I hope not

      Richardson needs to sit and learn — not be playing as a gadget player

      • clbradley17

        100% Rob. Just let him stand on the sidelines like Mahomes did his rookie year if we’re lucky enough to draft him. This is the way.

        Hill has hardly been injured, at least not seriously. Just our luck Richardson would run it on a gadget play near the end of the 2023 season and tear his ACL or achilles, and miss the 2024 season as well.

        No thanks. Just hold the clipboard and refine your game in practice all 2023.

      • Cambs

        Bit fuzzy where one puts the line between “being a gadget player” and “using a player’s unique skills to stress the defense” perhaps but Lamar Jackson did the sit-and-wait thing for the first half of his rookie year while also being run out for a package play or three every game. Flacco made no effort to hide his annoyance about these, but that’s an example of having the guy sit and learn while also finding him a few live reps here and there.

        Even the 49ers were doing that at the outset of Trey Lance’s rookie year. Kyle stopped it a month into the season, said it took him out of his playcalling rhythm or something like that.

        • 509 Chris

          The 49ers did this with young and Montana if you really want to go back. Later on Montana talked about how much he hated it.

          • Roy Batty

            Young felt so guilty about sitting that he wouldn’t even deposit his rookie checks.

            Yes, they used to issue paper paychecks back then before the Internet.

            • youngorst

              For the record, Young was not a rookie when he got to SF, he’d 2 years in the USFL (and make good money) and 2 years in Tampa before going to SF in his 5th pro season.

        • Tim

          Thanks for your comment. IMO there is nothing wrong with combining both approaches. Let Pete and John worry about his development. All I want is a winning football team and having that dynamic player on the field occasionally will give the opposition defensive coaches fits.

          • Tim

            For example, would you rather have AR get the ball on a 4th and 1 or Geno?

            • Roy Batty


              It’s a sneak. No matter who receives the hike, they still need the front 5 to get a great push.

              Marshawn didn’t have the greatest track record of short and goal runs, and that man was one of the most violent runners in history.

              Keep the future QB out of the scrum. Let him develop and avoid any injury risk, especially at the goal line where about 1200 pounds of humanity is intent on you being crushed.

              • Tim

                Our recent lack of success says otherwise, but our opinions mean nothing. If they draft him, they get to decide how to use him.

            • Mr. Drucker in hooterville

              4th and 1? I’d throw a slant pass to the slot?

              • Wlp


              • SandJuggler

                Who wouldn’t! 😆

              • God of Thunder

                Dude, it’s too SOON!!!

              • Madmark

                Would you like to see Richardson run between Cross and Darnell Washington?

      • Elmer

        That’s the problem, isn’t it. Young QB’s getting drafted by bad teams and getting thrown into the fire. It hasn’t done Zach Wilson any good and he was highly regarded. I hope that none of this year’s QB’s get ruined.

  2. clbradley17

    Great content before, during and after the combine Rob. Excellent mock draft yesterday and points today. If JS sees a QB he has to have or Anderson if he lights it up at his pro day on 3/23, then we have the capital this year to move up.

    In case you missed it at the previous thread, just found the details on Geno’s incentives.

    “Brad Spielberger, Esq.
    Seahawks QB Geno Smith’s incentives are tied to his 2022 stats in five categories, per source:

    $2M each for:

    – 4,282 yards
    – 30 TDs
    – 69.755% completion %
    – 100.874 passer rating
    – 80% playtime & 10 wins/playoffs

    Extra $5M if he hits them all

    For clarity’s sake:

    The upside comes via roster bonus escalators in 2024 and 2025

    If Smith hits or exceeds his 2022 benchmarks in 2023, then he boosts the value of his 2024 roster bonus

    So max of $15M escalation in 2024 and 2025 based on 2023 and 2024 performance

    Technically they’re escalators not incentives. 2023 there won’t be any additional charge”

  3. KHammarling

    If JS has his guy and feels confident to trade up, i’ll go with it. His history on trade ups is good, and he’s done a lot of good work in the last two years to rebuild my faith in his decision making (including the Geno deal!). Whether its Young or Stroud i’m fully on board. I will need more convincing on AR or Levis but i’ll defer to JS and the scout team.

    That said, i’d be happy to sit at #5 and wait and see who falls. Stoud & Young go #1 & #2, Cardinals do something very Cardinals at #3 and don’t take Anderson by for some reason love Skoronski or Tyree or Murphy (or even Carter), Levis goes #4 and we are laughing all the way with Will Anderson at #5. A little stretch maybe, but well within possibility (Bears trade with Raiders/Falcons/Panthers, Texans take QB, Colts stay at #4).

    I agree however that the Texans are my expectation to take Anderson at #2. It fits that organiszation historically to draft Defence early, and would really show backing to the strengths of Ryans as the new HC. So Anderson is gone. Trading to #1 I think is going to be too costly for Schneiders tastes, it’ll be explored but against the Panthers and Tepper who’s willing to sell everything to make a splash at QB we’ll lose. Then it’s the Cardinals at #3, and an inter-division trade? Unlikely… And would the Colts, who want a QB themselves, then trade with us who would only be interested for a QB? Even less likely. So John may explore the chance to move up, but I don’t really see it happening (unless Panthers pull some wild QB move or go for Lamar).

    Leaves #5 sitting there, primed and ready for Bijan Robinson. Job done, slam dunk, everyone happy. He immediately have the most exciting RB room in the league, a player we could deploy as WR3.5, and if we re-signed Penny omg that trio in rotation would be a joy to watch. Minimised injury risk, maximised injury coverage. Takes pressure off Geno. Forces defences to stack the box and open mid-deep routes where DK and NoE can excel, whilst also making good use of our solid TE room. It really is the obvious choice after Anderson and QB. Then like your recent mock, Defence #20, #37, Centre #52 – the trenches would be stacked and a physical hard nosed superbowl window would be wide wide open.

    • Rob Staton

      They aren’t taking Bijan Robinson at five

      • KHammarling

        And they arn’t trading up – but we can express our own thoughts. Bijan at #5 wouldn’t be a bad decision if Anderson & their desired QB(s) are gone.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s literally an article reporting they enquired about trading up

          There’s nothing saying they are prepared to draft a RB at five. And we all know they won’t.

          You don’t spent top five picks on players you have to spell with another player when only one of them can touch the ball. It’d be a massive waste of resource

          • KHammarling

            And as in my comment – Colts won’t trade with us. Cardinals won’t trade with us. Texans won’t trade, as they’ll either take their preferred QB or Anderson. Leaving Bears, where we could trade and yes i expect that to be explored, but the cost will be too high for JS when up against the Panthers or other team more desperate to make a splash than we are.

            And as in my comment – Preference is for Anderson first, QB(s) second, but in the case they are gone who do you take at #5? I agree with you that Tyree Wilson & Murphy are both big reaches and not-scheme fits. Skoronski would be interesting but also feels unlikely. Carter is a no go. #5 is just really awkward, but not bad enough JS will sell out entirely to jump to #1. But Bijan, whilst a luxury, so is the #5. You can get him on field on 3 downs either as RB, as a decoy RB, or with his soft hands in a variety of catching set-ups, getting plenty of us from him. Usage that goes up if KW3 takes any kind of injury. It’s a luxury and unconventional but has a set of real upsides that should be considered given the cost associated with #5. Bijan feels more likely than one of the CBs, WRs etc.

            Ok tbf that is also based on my belief neither AR or Levis are worthy of the #5 unlike yourself. So i have spent more time working on non-QB options at #5 whereas if you view there being 4 worthy QBs then the #5 spot is fine and trading up becomes a luxury to grab the one you really want. And ultimately i defer the additional knowledge of JS and will back whatever route he goes (even if that’s giving up 5, 20, ’24 1st & more for his guy).

            Finally, not trying to be combative – do enjoy the blog and analysis. Just offering up some commentary that whilst an article on trading up is there – does trading up actually make sense or feel likely? To me no, or at least on the same level as drafting Bijan #5 🙂

            • PJ in Seattle

              I wouldn’t state it definitively that Houston or AZ won’t trade with us. Both teams have a lot of holes to fill and we have the draft capital to make what could be a best offer. Staying in the Top 5 while picking up additional prospects could entice either team. I agree it’s unlikely, but you can bet that JS is talking to everyone except the Colts to gauge what a move up might cost.

              • Big Mike

                This. Not likely but otoh never say never.

              • Roy Batty

                If the Hawks offered the 5, 20 and another pick, the Cards are smiling all the way to the bank.

                To them, its a slam dunk deal. The Hawks use their first pick on a QB who will sit and may or may not work out in a couple of years. The Cards get 2 picks in the top 20 and a day 2 pick. That’s 3 picks to plug holes in a very needy roster.

                Nah. The myth that teams will not trade within their own division is just that, a myth. Plenty have done it.

            • Rob Staton

              The article literally says they called about #1, not picks 2-4. And you asserting it’s too expensive doesn’t mean anything because let’s be right, none of us have any idea how much it’d cost or whether Seattle would pay it

              The point on Bijan remains true too

              You aren’t taking someone at #5 who can only be on the field and impact the game when Ken Walker isn’t. That would be a ludicrous waste of resources.

              • Geoff u

                Seattle gave up two 1sts for a safety and we’re arguing whether or not they’d pay a similar price for a potential franchise quarterback to replace Wilson? If the right guy is there and they know they won’t make it to #5, I think it’s very likely they do trade up.

                • Osprey

                  As much as I disliked the trade at the time and have grown to hate it given how they ended up using Adams and learning his personality…

                  The team assumed those would be low first round picks, a magnitude of difference from including a top five.

            • Spectator

              There are 4 QBs and Anderson. We are guaranteed one of those at 5. It’s not that awkward a spot to be.

              • AlaskaHawk

                The only player I think the Seahawks would target at #1 is Stroud. He has the best chance of success among the Quarterbacks – according to draft pundits. If they want Richardson or Levi they don’t need to move up. One will fall to #5.

                • Rob Staton

                  I wouldn’t be so sure about that

                  I think if they moved up to #1 it could be any of the QB’s or Anderson. Would be fascinating

                  • Wilson502

                    Moving up to #1 for Will Anderson just seems like a stupid waste of resources. The only reason to do this is to ensure you get the QB of the future which I’ve banged the drum for all along.

        • Elmer

          All 5 of them can’t be gone.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Looks like when the Hawks get inside the five yard line. Geno Smith is going to want to throw for a Touchdown pass instead of handing off the football to the running back.

  4. Waldo

    Why are we not considering Seattle trading with Arizona? I realize trades are rarely done between division foes, but it makes sense for both parties…especially, if Chicago trades with Carolina out of the top 5. Seattle would be in the top 3 and guaranteed one of the QBs. Arizona would likely get the top defensive player in the draft at #5, and gain some draft capital (pick 37?)

    • Rob Staton

      Why would Arizona want to help Seattle get their chosen quarterback of the future?

      ‘Let’s help the guy who drafted Russell Wilson find another ten year winner’ doesn’t seem like a good plan for them

      • Waldo

        That fact that there are 4 potential QBs not just one. If Arizona stays at #3, they likely draft Anderson, and Seattle still gets a QB at #5 (potentially the best long-term QB anyway). Same outcome but less picks for AZ. If Arizona trades with someone else, they miss out on a top defensive player

        • Rob Staton

          And what if the Colts take the guy Seattle wants?

          You honestly think the Cardinals can explain to their fans why they just let the Seahawks draft the exact QBOTF they’re after?

          They would be crucified. What a way for their new GM to kick things off… letting Seattle guarantee the QB they want

          • JD

            But Rob, what if alternately, the price to trade up to #1 is too costly and the Panthers offer something absurd. They take Stroud, then HOU takes Richardson, then ARI takes Anderson and IND takes Levis. We are left with Young. Trying to trade with ARI would be our only other option to avoid that scenario.

            IF Sea makes it a little more attractive than just a 2nd this year, the GM can show the fans he ‘fleeced’ a division rival, still got in range to get Anderson

            • seahawksfan1201

              Being “left with Young” sounds like one if them good problems

              • JD

                True! Could definitely be worse. But Young just doesn’t appeal to me the same as the 3 others. I don’t think the ceiling is as high and the risk of injury is higher.

              • TomLPDX

                And if Young is the last top 5 player standing and not who John wants, there are other teams between 6-10 that would love to trade up to get him as their QB and give us a good trade package. Going to be interesting.

            • Rob Staton

              If I just say yes can we move on?

              Because the Arizona GM’s first ever big decision as a GM isn’t going to be ‘helps division rival get franchise QB’

              • TO

                There is no way AZ trades with us and gives us a stud QB.
                How would Seahawk fans feel if this were a role reversal.
                Their GM would be fired before he got started.
                If JS and PC love a player, go get him at number 1.

  5. JD

    Great article Rob.

    I am not against trading up but if it is guaranteed that the Texans take either Young or Anderson, then we just need one other team to take the other and we are guaranteed one of the 3 QBs. If CHI and ARI stay in top 4, that is almost guaranteed then. So my big fear now is watching all the QB needy teams behind Seattle.

    I’d like to guage the chances each of these teams trades up – DET, LV, ATL, CAR

    DET – seems to like Goff but does have trade capital
    LV – Has no QB and Arod appears to be going to NYJ
    ATL – Probably not satisfied with Ridder so motivation is there
    CAR – 1000% will be desparetly trying

    Then there could be others like GB if the Jets give the 13th pick and a haul for Rodgers. I doubt CHI or ARI would go that far though so that’s why I’m focused on the 4 teams above.

    For us to trade up to #1 would be costly, but what would you think it would realistically take to go from #5 to #3? Would #37 get it done? Value is more than ARI’s on the trade value chart. ARI = 2200, SEA = 1700 + 530

    • McZ

      I think it’s increasingly obvious, who is calling the shots in Seattle. And, honestly, we need to start looking at the situation through Pete Carroll’s eyes.

      There is a reality, were we cannot stop the run and are unable to score enough points vs top defenses. Geno, for all his accomplishments last season, and the surrounding team was fleeced by a team with a 7th round rookie QB, and needed the refs vs. the Rams to get into the playoffs. The front 7 development continues to stink, and this since a couple of seasons, actually. One has to wonder, what plan C is here.

      But that is not the world PC is living in. In his opinion, this is a team just needing some improvement up front, getting back a Pro Bowl safety tandem, is settled at CB, has a decent young OL, the best TEs in the league, a fearsome run game, a top notch WR pair for another two seasons and a top 10 QB, who will play for the rest of Pete’s contract anyway. There were a couple of games PC thinks he should have won. A few picks, a few wins away from competing, in other words.

      The idea of trading up is borne out of the idea if a perfect situation, where a youg QB can learn from an elder one. Some weird type of deal, where PC gets Geno, and JS gets a top 4 QB. I find this idea tough to swallow.

      PC has two seasons, were he is in win-now mode.
      PC needs a defense for that to happen, and FA is basically spent
      PC will like Hendon Hooker a ton, the guy just doesn’t turn the ball over

      This is what I think will happen.
      And I’m pretty much ready to eat crow and celebrate, if that isn’t the case.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Hooker would be a decent second round alternative if the Seahawks go defense first. He has a big arm too .

        • Hawkdawg

          Bucky Brooks actually ranks him higher than both Levis and Richardson, in fact. Although Bucky seems to be swimming alone in that lane…

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s all well and great except Hooker ain’t playing until 2024 at the earliest. So, not sure how that works for a win-now PC with only 2 seasons.

        Also, and this is just opinion work here by all of us, but it sure sounds like Schneider is calling the shots on personnel these days. Unless you have something specific to point to.

      • Old but Slow

        You are talking about Anderson, then, because I do not see any other defensive player that belongs In the top 5. Additionally, Pete likely wants a defensive tackle first of all, and the strength of that position is in the late first through day 2.

        My scenario would include a free agent DT who is a step up from Ford or Mone, draft a qb at 5, and then concentrate on defense. You don’t need to use a top 5 pick to find an impactful defensive player, just as you don’t need one for a qb. But, when the talent is there, go with the talent.

  6. Hawk Finn

    Great article, as usual. I admit that I would be disappointed if Seattle were to trade up to the number one spot for Anderson. If he’s there at five, great. But to commit the resources necessary for such a move for someone who may be “safe” or even very good seems irresponsible. Should they trade up, I feel it should be for a quarterback, and only for quarterback. This perspective may be different if Anderson was on a level like a Bosa rather than Chubb.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate you looking at this from all angles and presenting well-articulated supporting arguments rather than simply pushing a narrative.

    • Peter

      I’m with you.

      I’m very comfortable with Anderson at five. Not my favorite scenario. But I’d feel like that’s a big win.

      Moving up though? Yeah, that’s not for me.

      On Carter. The one gm mentions character and culture of Seattle and specifically Pete. Aside from the possible criminal outcome I was already off of Carter from the press conference where he knowingly admits he was told he could be a top ten pick. But never burned for greatness to get there. It was just said and manifest and that was enough for him.

      With Anderson you never get that energy. You get a guy who is good maybe great who always seems to be working at that.

  7. London Seahawk

    Wow – nice work getting on that call, Rob! How valuable getting those insights…

    I think the route looks v. clear now to drafting a QB high – as you’ve been projecting and arguing all along.

    On the trade up question, it surely comes down to the variation in grading that JS/PC has for the top QBs.
    On here we’ve been saying that pretty much any of the top 4 would be a great option… Is that truly the case for JS/PC ? – or would one or two feel like a slightly disappointing consolation prize – with a painful ‘what if’ hanging over them from the guy or guys they just missed out on… (you could include Anderson in the mix here too). That scenario and that feeling of possibly missing out is the thing that would push them to go up…. otherwise you just sit and be happy with what falls to you.

    Without inside knowledge of them all it’s easy for us to say, let’s sit and wait for whichever nice apple falls from the tree… They’re all great! I somehow can’t believe going through the process and getting to know these people in real life that you wouldn’t emerge with a preference and then the subsequent compulsion to act on it.

    • London Seahawk

      From my POV I’m with the ‘protect 20, 38 and 53’ camp and take whichever falls to you…. but am just pointing out that’s much easier to say at a remove from the real people in the room.

    • Big Mike

      Well said. Would be surprised if they didn’t have preferences.

  8. Kerren

    If you’re CHI trading with SEA gives you a second bite at the apple for trading back. Unless they become truly enamored with Anderson If you trade with SEA at 5 you can still trade a second time with a QB desperate team at 5 (or if someone offers AZ a crazy offer you get Anderson at 5). You could also have the fun situation of HOU taking Anderson at 2 and trading back to 5 to take the last remaining QB they have that much capital. That is not possible with partners at 7/8/9. Without moving up SEA is guaranteed one of the 4 or Anderson. This is why you pay JS to make decisions and it will truly be an impactive one that reverberates for years to come…

    • Peter


      I get a lot of the seahawks self crafted talking heads on blogs, pods, and twitter are friends.

      But it is wild to me that so many of them love, love, love torrence’s big sloppy out of shape game.

      Here on the blog there’s been interesting conversation about moving Lucas inside. But seriously. What would be better?

      Move the extremely athletic, great sized, scheme knowledgeable RT inside and draft an even better (?) RT….no dig on lucas in the slightest….like Jones or for me Wright if possible….

      Or. Literally spend a top 20 pick on a big, sloppy, maybe less athletic James Carpenter when there’s tons of interesting dline help right there?

      It’s brain bending to me.

      Tyree Wilson. No testing. Looks un-quick. Might physically not fit. Sure…let’s just keep mocking him to Seattle. There’s at least five players around his size I’d rather have and none are top five picks.

      • PJ in Seattle

        This. If we turn #5 and #20 into a speculative edge with poor get-off and a big, slow guard who somehow gets blown into the backfield all the time, we will deserve the years of disappointment that will be sure to follow.

        • Peter

          At least it’ll replace the tj watt, creed Humphries talk with two new players selected and every pick between 5-37 as names of what could have been so that’s a positive…😆

          • Big Mike

            I’d laugh Peter but I’m too busy crying.

    • Robbie

      I found this mock draft interesting. I don’t know how realistic it would be but in this scenario the Bears move down a bunch and end up with a ton of 1st rd picks next year. As far as the Hawks go, miss out on all 4 QBs who go 1-4. Makes me wonder what other teams are going to be willing to pay the Iron Price to move up to secure their future.

      • Peter

        This one was pretty well crafted and not just from a hawks perspective.

      • Scot04

        Pretty similar to what I posted awhile ago for my possible top10.
        2023 Mock top 10/ Chicago doubles up on trade downs:

        1. Indianapolis trades up for CJ. Stroud
        2. Houston takes Bryce Young
        3. Carolina trades up for Anthony Richardson
        4. Vegas trades up for Will Levis (Chicago continues to add draft capital)
        5. Seattle takes Anderson with all QBs off the board
        6. Detroit takes risk on Jalen Carter
        7. Chicago takes Tyree Wilson
        8. Atlanta takes Christian Gonzalez
        9. Arizona takes Myles Murphy
        10. Philadelphia takesBjion Robinson

    • Old but Slow

      What an awful mock. Not only poorly researched but dishonest. In his intro he says he does not take the Combine much into account, and then with his first pick chooses Stroud because of his performance at the Combine. What?

      • Old but Slow

        This comment should have been to the mock that PJ posted at 7:01.

  9. EIEIO

    Great article. I would have no problem if the Seahawks were able to trade-up to #1 to ensure getting the QB who is the apple of their eye. In fact, I believe it is the type of “opportunity” one has to seize if one truly wants to be a champion. Risk is part of the equation, but if you don’t try you will never know. This appears to be the Seahawks plan based on their approach in re-signing Geno to a team-friendly, incentivized contract. Consequently, I hope they go for the QB with the highest long-term ceiling as opposed to the one who can have the most immediate impact. Based on the stuff I’ve read and watched, and the analyses I have read in this blog, the player who jumps out is Richardson, although it could be Stroud or Levis…who knows? Whomever they covet, I hope they “go for it”.

  10. Peter

    Rob I can’t thank you enough for keeping my interest in the team going all these years as the on field product at times had gone stale.

    I’m joking mostly but I often feel like you are a counselor or life coach maybe even a bit of a therapist writing all these articles to let scenarios play out so we can collectively work through them.

    “Pay the iron price.”….so good.

    I’m being redundant to myself here but what exactly was the plan a year ago this week trading Wilson? Of course getting that third pick from Denver would have ruled. Alternately one has to think that John had at least a slight thought after trading Wilson and signing Geno to a paltry one year deal that they would be taking some combination of picks to get a qb of the future.

    Obviously with such a unique draft I would love to keep all the picks. But I’ve long considered them moving up for a qb.

    • BK26

      They HAD to be thinking quarterback. What other choice was there? They very likely could have always been planning on being able to trade up as well. There are just too many tea leaves leading to getting a quarterback for it to not happen. That is what is saving my sanity at the moment.

      And I am really thinking of having the wife make me a shirt that says “pay the iron price” for me to wear during the draft hahaha. Really debated about going in person but not a fan of crowds and I know that it is going to be chaotic down here.

      • Peter

        Do it!!! That shirt would rule on draft day.

        Same on crowds generally. Seahawks having two picks? That might compel me to attend if I could.

      • Tien


        A couple of my friends in my ff league have been talking about attending the draft in person this year. If we actually follow through, I may steal your idea and wear the Pay the Iron Price t-shirt to the draft!

  11. Forrest

    This begs a big question – do the Texans, Colts and Seahawks all want the same player? If not, the obvious choice is for Chicago to trade #1 to the Texans and then trade back again to #4 or #5. If I’m Chicago, I would NOT trade back with Carolina. If you want Anderson, trade back to #4 with Indy. Then AZ might trade with Carolina for a QB and you still get the best defender at #4. If AZ does take Anderson, you trade #4 to a team that wants to leap Seattle and get a QB at #4 (or you trade back one slot to Seattle and still get Anderson at #5.

    Can you imagine Chicago’s haul if they:
    *Trade back from #1 to #2 with Houston
    *Trade back from #2 to #4 with Indy
    *Still get Will Anderson at #4 or trade back again with Carolina to leap Seattle or trade with Seattle to move back one slot (and still get Anderson at 5 or trade back with the Raiders to get the last of the 4 QBs if AZ took Anderson at 3).

    That’s how you rebuild a franchise! The only way it doesn’t work is if the Texans and Colts secretly want the same QB and the reports mentioned above are inaccurate smoke screens, which certainly happen this time if year.

  12. BK26

    If we trade up to #1 and take Anderson, I will be extremely pissed. Miss out at the one chance to get a quarterback with the talent to compete with the best and give up depth picks? I know Anderson has a pretty high floor but all it feels like to me is a safe pick. I don’t see that helping our window at all. To me, that is Pete getting his too involved again.

  13. Huggie Hawks

    I would love this. When are we ever going to be this close to #1 with the picks to make the move. Go get your man, Hawks.

  14. LetARichCook

    With a handful of interesting DE prospects in this draft, to me moving up for Will Anderson would be a waste. Surely there is a guy at 20 or 37 with traits and intrigue

  15. Geoff u

    Oh man, I’d give somebody else’s right testicle to see John’s big board and how they rate these top players, especially the quarterbacks. It’s very possible there’s a Baker Mayfield or two in this class and they’ve dropped them low on their board and are thinking of trading up to make sure they get their guy.

    • Big Mike

      “I’d give somebody else’s right testicle…”.
      Very magnanimous of you, but I agree about how great it would be to see John’s big board. 😀

      • geoff u

        Hey, at the end of the day it’s just a game, and I’m not willing to give up MY testicle for that information. But I might know a guy…

    • Robbie

      I got kids, I’ll pay the iron price LOL but not just for this year. It’d have to be every Draft Board from here until forever. My kids kids kids will have access to it 😀 haha

  16. Steve Nelsen

    A couple of things about this story. It doesn’t say when the Seahawks enquired. I am certain it was before signing Geno. I don’t think signing Geno changes Seattle’s desire to draft a QB but it does allow them to let the draft fall to them if they choose.

    And of course JS would enquire about trading up for the top pick. Part is due diligence but most importantly by talking to Chicago he is getting valuable insights that will help him identify what Chicago is asking for, who else might be bidding and how likely their rivals are to move up. This will help him predict the first four picks and better gauge the likelihood that the guy(s) Seattle wants will be there at 5.

    And I tend to agree more with the source that said JS likes to trade back, not up. I know there have been stories about Seattle’s interest in trading up for 1 to draft Josh Allen but I take those stories with a bit of skepticism. Josh Allen went 7. If Seattle was really looking to trade up for Allen, they could have traded up for 2 or 3 or 4 or…

    What I like from this story is confirmation that JS is on it. I am certain he will have a solid lock on the first four picks before the draft. And whoever Seattle is interested in (Richardson, Levis, Anderson, Stroud or Young) JS will know what price Seattle needs to pay.

  17. HOUSE

    Adam Thielen was just released. Thoughts as him being WR3? I know he’s 32 and cost would have to be perfect.

    Can’t wait till Monday and “legal tampering” begins. Eager to see how things shake out for the league

  18. Ashish

    Just fyi we do have 7th round pick which was not clear

  19. Big Mike

    I’d like the move but of course for the right price/duration of contract as you mentioned. I believe he’s been dinged up the last couple of years, no?

    • Big Mike

      Meant as response to HOUSE about Thielen.

      • HOUSE

        Down year in 2019. 2020-2022 he’s averaged 70 catches, about 800 yards and he has 6TDs last season. Behind Justin Jefferson, a heavy dose of Cook, the trade for Hockenson and Cousins throwing, it looks like this was a cost move.

  20. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, on a different topic. Is it possible that Seattle is bringing in Dawand Jones to evaluate his possible fit at LT?

    I know Cross was drafted 9 but there was some talk (including by you) that he might be better suited for G. And Cross did not play as well at LT as Lucas did at RT last year. Or maybe they think Lucas could move to LT…

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely

      • Steve Nelsen

        Agreed. But this the second time they have talked to him. So, I think there is something there but I can’t figure out what?

        Maybe it is part of some smokescreen at 20? Or, maybe Abe Lucas came up in their trade up discussions with Chicago?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s possible they’re just intrigued by him and need to do a bit more work on him, because they gathered less intel during his college career compared to other players

    • rowlandice

      I’d like the idea of using him to play outside the tackle then crashing the defensive line towards the center leaving half side of the defense open for K9!

    • Rokas

      Yet his PFF grade was slightly higher when Lucas if memory serves me well. And based on the eye test, i felt that Cross was improving. I think he still can become a very good left tackle, like a prime and healthy Okung. No need to mess up with a young and promising LT. We invested a lot in him.

  21. Joshua Smith

    This gives me a lot to think about Rob, Thanks!
    The fact that the 3 teams listed are the three teams in the top 5 likely looking for QB help is interesting
    It gives the impression the Bears DONT want to trade out of the top 5 and also creates a little bidding war for those 3 teams. Carolina might try and offer their entire draft (the ballad of Mike Ditka) and it might take that to get the Bears to drop that far.
    Also, (and I’m not comparing players) but I am getting a weird Aaron Curry vibe regarding Will Anderson. I don’t remember exactly what was said about Curry but it was mostly glowing by the media. The “safe” player. A lock to be a great player.
    I didn’t pay as close attention to the draft back then so it was all media driven..And I have zero logical basis for this feeling….it’s just there.
    I really hope they trade up to one and grab whatever QB John loves.

    • geoff u

      Curry was widely considered the safest pick of the draft and a can’t miss prospect.

      • Joshua Smith

        Yep. 👍That’s what I remembered.
        Maybe anytime I hear phrases similar to the “safest pick” it makes my neck hair stand up..
        I was sooo excited when Curry “fell” to us at #4.
        And he was poo from the get go lol

        • geoff u

          I absolutely hated the pick. I’m firmly against linebacker in the first round unless they can rush the passer, and Curry showed zero ability to do that.

    • DC1234

      I could be wrong, but i read somewhere Curry admitted he lost interest in football after he got his rookie contract. Rookie contracts then was massive before the rookie contract scale was implemented.

      Maybe based on Saban’s comment about Anderson, he has love/passion for the game of football. Im not worried he will be like Curry.

      • Joshua Smith

        Good point.👍

      • PJ in Seattle

        The knock on Curry once he hit the NFL was that he had the physical tools, but low football IQ. He looked lost on a lot of plays. Then ended up on our coaching staff, which was always a headscratcher to me.

  22. JD

    IMO, a likely scenario is that IND trades with CHI, HOU stays, CAR trades with ARI and CHI stays at 4

    which would translate to
    IND – Stroud
    HOU – Young
    CAR – Richardson
    CHI – Anderson
    SEA – Levis

    I understand Rob’s point that the Colts might like all 4 but they seem desperate after many failed veteran attempts at the position and will most likely prefer one out of the 4. They have been aggressive with trades and I don’t think they settle here.

    Houston is enamored with Young apparently, Carolina wants a big splash, what’s better than someone who most resembles Cam Newton, Chicago gets trade capital and potentially still the best player in the draft. Seattle gets their guy.

    Would be extremely nerve-racking watching this unfold but would be worth it.

    • Rob Staton

      Chris Ballard loves picks though

      And he’s retained quite a lot of power — they didn’t appoint Jeff Saturday after all

    • Geoff U

      Do we know Carolina wants a big splash? Or is this just an unfounded narrative that’s been thrown out there? Where did this idea originate from? You might be right, I just don’t remember if this is based on fact.

      • Rob Staton

        David Tepper the owner has been incredibly aggressive and vocal about his desire to find a special QB

        The GM even referenced trading up in a press conference

        So no, it’s not an unfounded narrative.

        • geoff u

          Thanks. Definitely something to worry about then.

  23. Chavac

    The other way to read this is a ploy with the purpose of convincing a LV or Carolina that they have to leapfrog Seattle, should that 4th QB be available at #4. Tell people you wanted your QB so bad you were even willing to trade for the #1. Then sit back and see if AZ will trade in addition to CHI, and in turn Anderson slides to 5.

  24. Group Captain Mandrake

    My preference would be to for the Hawks to stand pat and keep those valuable picks. Hopefully Young and Anderson would get picked before Seattle picks, so at least one of the QBs would be available. My preference would be AR, but I’d be ok with Stroud or Levis too. That said, if they could move up a bit I’d be down with that too as long as it wasn’t too expensive. I think #5, #20 AND a second might be a bit much for me, but I’d totally understand the logic behind it.

  25. Gary

    I GREATLY prefer yesterday’s mock draft post to this trading-up scenario – just stay put at 5 and draft Anthony Richardson.

    A question I haven’t seen considered is – what would be the impact of selecting our next QB at no. 1 on the Alex Smith – Patrick Mahomes scenario that Rob has advocated for? Wouldn’t there be greater pressure from the fans and media to go to the backup at the first sign of trouble if he was the first overall draft pick? I am solidly behind the ‘red-shirt year’ plan that Rob has laid out, and Geno’s contract sets us up perfectly for that.

    • Rob Staton

      I think by signing the popular Geno Smith, they’re set up to avoid any of that

      They bought patience by re-signing him

      • Elmer

        Changing focus a bit. They have apparently reached an agreement with Adams for 2023. Are they now severely limited by the cap in terms of what they can do in free agency. Sounds like the same old tune.

    • geoff u

      Thing is though, yesterdays mock was just one possible scenario. What if Richardson is your guy, you feel he’s a far better prospect than all the others, and he won’t be there at 5? What if the Texans plan to take him at 2? Do you still stand pat and take a lesser talent that you view more as a Baker Mayfield? Or do you do what it takes to move up and get your Josh Allen?

    • BK26

      Pete and John aren’t going to give in to any pressure. And anyways, what media and fans know better than a front office that has won a Super Bowl and been to another?

      Geno is also the perfect player to quell any of that talk.

  26. Bankhawk

    Ditto! 😁

  27. Trevor

    My #1 choice for the Hawks is Richardson followed by Stroud. Though my 3rd choice I like Levis a lot and could very easily see him being QB1 on the Hawks board.

    That being said ever since Rob interviewed Levis last year it had just felt inevitable that he would be a Seahawk and I think that is more likely than ever right now. Give him a year to sit behind Geno to learn the offense and really fine tune is mechanics then next year hand over the reigns.

    • Spectator

      If Hawks dont have a chance at Stroud, who I think has the highest floor currently, I am hoping that they get Richardson, who as the highest ceiling. Levis has a higher floor than Richardson, but lower ceiling than, and he might have a slightly higher ceiling than Stroud, but Lower floor. With those two measurables, he is 2nd in both. I know he isnt the same type of player as Zach Wilson, but I have weird feeling he could have similar vibe. We all loved Wilson coming out, and he has really flamed. Thats just my gut feeling, not really based on anything. I still like Levis.

  28. ElPasoHawk

    The only way you’re guaranteed to get your top guy is to have the #1 pick. The question is value on both sides of the trade. Anderson is the clear cut top defender and I don’t think Chicago is going to risk losing him to Arizona at three unless the overpay is crazy. Carolina is the only team that I think might do that. I really think Chicago hard sells that everyone is wanting the #1 pick and will end up taking the best offer they can get from Houston. If Houston has one guy they can’t miss out on they’ll give them a good enough offer and then after that pick 3 will be up for grabs. My prediction:

    Houston – CJ Stroud
    Chicago – Will Anderson JR
    Indy – Levis
    Arizona – Carter (Unless he’s charged with a felony)
    Hawks – Richardson
    Carolina – Young

    • Steve Nelsen

      The Jalen Carter wildcard is still in play. I don’t think Seattle will touch him at 5 but different teams value maturity/character concerns differently. It is likely he was #1 on some draft boards before the racing incident. We know he was talking to teams about it at the combine. I would imagine Chicago and Arizona were two of those teams but I never heard confirmation about any teams or any leaks about how well, or poorly, those interviews went. Did anyone else come across any reports?

  29. Jordan

    Fantastic article, and the data on short shuttle results from high end edge players was cool to see.

    I would find myself pretty hyped with Anderson or any of the 4 QBS. Even Bryce Young, who is a fantastic natural at QB; though those concerns about him having that Sam Bradford clothes hanger slight physique will always present some lingering some concern.

  30. Tecmo Bowl

    “with four appealing quarterbacks and Anderson — you can easily make the case that they’re better off letting this play out and protecting #20, #38 and #53 (especially if Bryce Young is going to go as high as everyone says, meaning one of the other three QB’s will last to you).”

    This is where I’m at. PC mentioned how theres only 4 picks in front of them before they pick. Hinting that its pretty easy, for JS, to predict who be available at 5. Theres a strong argument to be made that Bryce Young is the QB most ready to produce day 1, and all the other QB needy teams are looking for day 1 starters. Its a solid bet that Levis, Stroud or AR will be there at 5. Will Anderson or Young would be a helluva consolation prize!

    • DJ 1/2 way

      This is all about managing risk. Tecmo has it right with the one exception being all four QBs are gone. That is a risk that the Seahawks may not be willing to chance no matter how good Will Anderson is.

      Another risk is to trade up to #1 and then be beat in the playoffs by a QB taken later. Mahomes and Josh Allen have inflicted that trauma to several teams. The 49ers are nodding their heads. The big investment in trading up can really escalate the damage done by a QB who does not work out. The long term damage done to the fan base can be significant.

      Maybe the lowest risk is to stay at #5 and be satisfied by who is available. Per Tecmo it could be a nice consolation prize and either the best defender in the draft or maybe the best little QB ever.

      We have all lamented when Denvers pick dropped from #3 to #5, but look how much more interesting the speculation has been since. Also, in the end, the Seahawks might take the same player at #1, #3 or even #5. I think it would be AR and that would be my choice as well.

      What risk do you want to take? How exciting do you want this to be?

  31. Mick

    I see the Titans cut Ben Jones and he’s got decent PFF grades last seasons. Wonder if he fits the scheme for us, I’d prefer him to Pocic.

  32. KnoxHawk

    Having starting tackles on rookie contracts is a huge bonus.

  33. TomLPDX

    Saw a question earlier about or rd.7 pick. From, it says we have pick 237 in round 7.

  34. Henry Taylor

    In two minds about this. On the one hand, there are 5 players I’d be very happy with landing and #5 guarantees us one of those guys.

    But on the other hand, I’m so freaking excited about the possibility of Richardson I’d be extremely tempted to avoid any doubt. There’s a handful of alien QBs in the league at the moment who make their teams automatic contenders every year and having one of those guys is the most valuable thing in the league. No amount of front 7 players comes close to one Mahomes or Allen. Plus they’re all in the AFC, we’d have the inside track to the Superbowl every year.

  35. cha

    Chris Cluff
    Shelby Harris today on IG, hinting at #Seahawks release?: “From 7th round pick 235 to going into 10 years in the league no matter where I’m at I’ll always be good”

    • Rob Staton

      Surprised by that

      Will need to be replaced and then you have to add to what you have

      Can’t imagine QJeff will stick around

      • Rob4q

        Yeah, agreed – PC and Hurtt really praised Harris and felt like he was a leader on the D. Wonder if they tried a restructure first? Maybe they want to release and hope to sign him back? Not sure, but if he’s released along with QJeff and Poona not resigned, they’ll need a whole new DL!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Could be they’re letting him test the market. Maybe he’s back on a friendlier deal.

        • Bballin

          They’ll probably welcome him back but he was never going to be around with that cap number,

          good dude good player, but if their gonna spend that money someone younger with more upside would be nice

      • Brett

        Clearing some space to add Hargrave or trade for Payne?

      • cha

        Harris does have a $2m roster bonus due next week. So if it was going to happen it will be soon.

  36. Madmark

    Did Seattle somehow pickup a 7th round, pick 237 that I didn’t hear about? It’s on the Simulator.

  37. Ashish

    Rob did you get chance to hear John radio show on Thursday? He is talking about how they evaluate players in draft. What they can do now and with skills in future. Sounds familiar.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    I read that Dallas cleared up about $30m in cap space by restructuring Prescott’s and Martin’s contracts.

    Wonder who they’re gearing up to go after in FA

    • PatrickH

      Possibly OBJ or trading for Hopkins. They also need to re-sign their TE Dalton Schultz (he was franchise tagged last year).

  39. cha

    If you want to listen to Florio and Peter King tell the world what we’ve been talking for months about Geno Smith and the QB market have a listen.

    • Rob Staton

      Anyone would think this is a good place for Seahawks chat!

  40. StevenD

    Rob – PHENOMENAL coverage of the draft. Have truly enjoyed following your coverage and interviews. Thanks for this and for playing out this possibility.

    Maybe I missed it in previous comments, but isn’t it possible that JS is simply doing his diligence to understand the trade up scenarios for others? Of course he’s playing poker and keeping all options open. He’s of course expressing genuine interest in moving up – maybe its cheaper than expected or maybe its more expensive than expected, but at least he’ll get a read on the cost from 5 to 1 and will better be able to infer the cost from other draft positions as well.

    JS prides himself on being in on everything. It’s a strength and it’s his job. Think he’s just doing his job and is informing his team’s gaming of all scenarios in store next month.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s possibly some of that

      But I also think there’s no harm in knowing what it would cost to move up

  41. clbradley17

    Good to see JS start to make some other moves since Geno’s contract. He released Gabe Jackson and saved them 6.5 mil. Ryan Neal needs to be tendered by the 15th as a RFA or he becomes a UDFA. Need to renegotiate or release Harris by 3/24 or his contract is locked in for 2023.

    As of now it’s showing at over the that we have just over 30.5 mil. in cap space counting Jackson’s release, but not yet reflecting Geno’s signing.

  42. CojackTX

    Rob, I’m a few days behind but in looking at your comments regarding Tyree Wilson not being an ideal scheme fit, I’m wondering if you have the same thoughts regarding Lukas van Ness and Myles Murphy?

    • Rob Staton


  43. IDhawk

    Not sure if this has already been pointed out or not, and if it has then I apologize, but one thing I think you have to consider with Anthony Richardson is that you aren’t really getting a 5 year SB window on his rookie deal. Even in a best case scenario, he probably sits for a year, maybe struggles for a year, and then starts to hit his stride. At that point you’re looking at a 2 year window before you need to negotiate.

    Of course if he maxes out his potential, then it’s a moot point. And you just feel grateful for the chance to sign him to a mega deal.

  44. JimQ

    I just discovered this tab on the header of this site and found this “NFL teams draft target list”, to me it’s very
    “interesting”. —————–>

    Every team’s targets for -each- of their picks. Note: No Seahawks picks include a QB & their late round 7-th is
    missing. I think I’ll do something similar for myself with all of the Seahawk picks, so I can see after the draft if I was at least in the ballpark on predicting picks & possibilities. I don’t particularly care for some of the
    players they say are, or should be, focused on by the Seahawks, so I’m going to make my own damn list.

  45. JP

    Young, Stroud, Anderson

    If they stay at 5, I really do think these are gone. If Richardson is gone, I’m just curious if they’d just take a pass on Levis and take whatever defensive player they like that isn’t Anderson. Not as convinced they love Levis like they would RIchardson but if it were up to me, I’d take a shot on him.

  46. samprassultanofswat

    i have been complaining about Bryce Young. Saying that I want nothing to do with him. Because he is even smaller than Kyler Murray. Well. There is a big difference between Murray and Bryce Young. That difference is ATTITUDE. The difference between the attitude of Bryce Young and Kyler Murray is probably as wide as the Grand Canyon (Just exaggerating a little, not much).

    So, if it came down to Bryce Young and then taking BPA. I will let the Seahawks decide who they want.

    Rob made a couple of points that surprised me very much. He mentioned about trading up for the number one pick. And then he even surprised even further. Trading up to take Will Anderson.

    I wish the NFL draft was tomorrow. This speculation is killing me. Can’t wait.

  47. Rob Staton

    John Schneider on Thursday, discussing scouting quarterbacks (for anyone still unconvinced how he focuses on what a player can become rather than what they are not — and why this mentality can be particularly attracted to traits):

    “You have to be able to project where they’re going. You just can’t look at here’s A, B and C and that’s part of their game, you have to be able to say here’s A, B and C — what’s it going to look like at X, Y and Z? Where are they going to be? That’s the study, that’s the art, that’s the projection that’s involved.”

    • Trevor

      You have discussed JS / PC views on the draft as focussing on what a player can do rather than what they can’t and how JS was clearly attracted to traits when evaluating QBs. His comments confirmed this in the clearest possible way.

    • cha

      Applies to veteran acquisitions as well.

  48. Happy Hawk

    According to Over the Cap the Hawks have $30.5m in cap space and $13.6m to spend on Free Agency. Not much. However, most of the league is in worse shape. The Bears have $90m in cap space. I was wondering about the Bears – let say they trade down – stick with Fields as their QB and one of these draftable QB’s is a Hall of Famer. Gotta cross your mind.

    • Rob Staton

      The latest from Over the Cap is we have $18,380,704 in effective cap space — this is before Geno’s contract registers and before Shelby Harris’ seemingly inevitable release.

      • Wilson502

        Any clue on why its taking so long for Geno’s contract details to post, when all the other QB contracts have already posted (Derek Carr, Daniel Jones)?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s out now

          $10.1m cap hit in 2023

          • KennyBadger

            Unbelievable. So not $52 million then?

            • Rob Staton


              A lot of people with egg on their face out there today

          • Wilson502

            Thx Rob, if Geno is cut post June 1st in 2024, only a 9m cap hit. This contract structure just screams a bridge QB and not long term. You’d have to be silly not to take a QB in this draft with how you strucutred Geno’s deal

            • cha

              Post-June1 would be $21.4m dead since the $12.7m guarantee kicks in Feb 2024.

              • Wilson502

                So OTC is wrong then ?

                • cha

                  It’s confusing. They only update the numbers when the guarantees actually hit.

                  The little flag note under the year usually tells you what’s up.

        • cha

          Just posted

          2023 $10.1m
          2024 $31.2m + $15m roster bonus
          2025 $33.7m + $15m roster bonus

          $26.1m signing bonus
          $17.4m dead + $13.8m savings if cut before Feb 2024

  49. Blitzy the Clown

    Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

    Source: The #Saints are giving star special teamer JT Gray a 3-year deal worth $9.6M with $2.4M to sign… including an addition $500K per year in playtime. Max is $11.1M.

    6:41 AM · Mar 10, 2023

    Basically the same deal as Bellore, just a year longer

  50. Robert Las Vegas

    If you have seen Shelby Harris Instagram account it sure sounds like he is gone

    • HawkfaninMT

      At his cap savings and salary, assuming he is unwilling to renegotiate, it isnt a shock. I’d imagine FAs like Dalvin Tomlinson could be had for a cheaper cost and would be at worst a sideways move, potentially an upgrade. This is not to say I think he is a bad player, but not worth the 9(ish) M in cap savings by release

  51. Rob Staton

    Geno Smith cap hit in 2023 — $10.1m

    They’ll have $19.2m in effective cap space if/when they cut Shelby Harris

    That goes up to $23.5m in effective cap space if they cut Quinton Jefferson

  52. Brett

    According to OTC, Geno’s cap hits will be (without counting incentives/escalators):
    2023: $10.1M
    2024: $31.2M ($17.4M dead money / $13.8M cap savings if cut)
    2025: $33.7M ($8.7M dead money / $25M savings)

  53. Brett

    Panthers traded up to #1. Great call on that Rob.

  54. Scot04

    Rob with the Senior Bowl & Combine done; any chance you could See Houston moving from 12 to 3.
    So they could come away with Anderson & their QB..

    • KennyBadger

      So 5, 83, 2024 #1, 2025 #2, and dee eskridge would’ve done it? 😂

  55. Steve Nelsen

    John Schneider mentioned having dinner with Scott Fetterer at the combine. Maybe getting advice on the Bears trade? That is farther back than originally thought for Chicago. Maybe they think Jalen Carter drops to 9?

  56. Forrest

    I was never a Shelby Harris fan. Glad they’re cleaning house. That said, I’m having a hard time finding 3-4 DEs in the draft and free agency.

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