I had to do a video reaction to the CFB playoffs


  1. Sea Mode

    Good stuff. Happy New Year, Rob and SDB!

    Van Pran and Skinner in R2 would make me a very happy camper. Let’s see how they measure and test.

  2. KD

    “Be open minded about the QBs” I’ve never considered anything but a QB with that top pick because this is an insanely rare opportunity. If you want DLs who can be good, quality players, then you can find a decent amount of them on days 1 and 2. Hell, even some on day 3 maybe. QB is another story. If you don’t take a QB there, then you are not going to find another one in this draft, with apologies to DTR.

    QB is the one position in this draft that you will not get another shot at, whereas you will get multiple shots to draft guys like Mazi Smith, Calija Kancey, Byron Young, Saiki Ika etc.

    • Rob Staton

      “Be open minded about the QBs” I’ve never considered anything but a QB with that top pick because this is an insanely rare opportunity.

      Well plenty of other people are saying no no no to even considering a QB

      • cha

        Brian M’s thread this morning on it makes my head hurt.

        • cha


          • Matt

            Just read it…my God.

            We are playing a Jets team that has the same record as us and just had a colossal miss on a QB. Of all the times to completely invalidate his own theory – he picks this week with the poster child of how it doesn’t ruin your franchise.

            I just loathe that cadre of Seahawks Twitter. Truly loathe them.

          • Rob Staton

            I unfollowed last week because the draft takes were going to wind me up

            • Rob Staton

              But I really wish people would just STFU on what they’re against at this point and just be open minded

              Because QB or DL is justifiable

              Seahawks Twitter will set new records for stupidity over the next four months

              • cha

                It’s unfortunate. It will/should be 20 years until the Seahawks have 2 firsts and 2 seconds. This should be a joyful time full of hope.

                • Rob Staton

                  Should be

                  But isn’t going to be

                  • Matt

                    My favorite part of the thread…it’s so risky to draft a QB high…so build up the team then get the QB.

                    So if you have a good team you would technically need to trade up for said QB, which will cost you several picks…so that risk magically vanishes even though you’re spending more picks to get the QB?

                    That doesn’t set your franchise back? Do these people put any thought into this? So it’s a huge risk for us to sit at #3 and draft a QB but virtually no risk for a team like the Commanders to trade a boatload of picks to draft the same QB?

                    But why hasn’t Chase Young taken them to the super bowl?

                    Never interacted with such hubris in my life, with these people.

  3. clbradley17

    I would like either Prann, JMS of Minn. or Wypler of Ohio St. at center. JMS was the #1 rated center at PFF, his “92.7 run-blocking grade is more than six points clear of the next-closest center, & his 12 big-time blocks are the most in the country at the position.” Wypler wasn’t far behind at #6 overall.

    Brian Branch had a monster game in the Alabama Sugar Bowl win and can play nickel corner of safety. He had 12 total tackles-11 solo, 1 sack and 4 TFLs in a 45-20 win. One of the things he does that we need (from everyone on D) is he rarely misses tackles. Saw an article after the season that he only missed 2 tackles all year, and another in mid.-Nov. said “On 136 career tackle attempts, Branch has missed only two.”

  4. Big Mike

    No matter how good Stroud was, I am just so gun shy of Ohio St. QBs. Obviously one will come along at some point and break through. Maybe he’s the one? Still…….apprehensive.

    • Rob Staton

      Today, I’m more apprehensive about the guy who was blowing out of his arse in the biggest game of the year and didn’t have much impact playing on Georgia’s D-line

      • Big Mike


      • Ben

        I was wondering if you were as underwhelmed as I was with Carter.

        Have you posted a breakdown of the QBs somewhere that I can go read up on? I’m coming into this without watching NCAAF this year (aside from UW), so what I saw yesterday was all I’ve really got to go on besides reading here.

        • Rob Staton

          I spent the last four months providing 4000 word articles on the QB’s each week

          • clbradley17

            So does that move center Wypler farther up your big board too? As a center he’d be usually playing across from Carter at nose tackle. And Carter had 1 total tackle, no sacks or TFLs.

            • Rob Staton

              Well I didn’t study Wypler but I would only do that if he played particularly well. I’m not going to assume he did

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Joe Burrow broke my fear of that a few years back.

  5. Matt

    I finally figured out the Carter-Seahawks Twitter infatuation.

    It’s exactly the scene out of Money Ball where the old time scout says, “oh, he can really hit. He’s got a beautiful swing. Great body – just looks the part. Another couple hundred at bats and he will really figure it out. He’s a great hitter.”

    GM says, “if he’s a great hitter, then why doesn’t he hit good?”

    He’s the best DT since Donald. Much better than Quinnen Williams. Then why doesn’t he produce like them? I made the analogy in another thread but we are not throwing around receiving stats snd comparing a guy in the Air Raid versus a Triple Option team.

    So my question is simple – why doesn’t he produce? “Well he’s not asked to.” So you’re telling me a brilliant defensive head coach in Kirby Smart is intentionally putting the reigns on Aaron Donald…for what reasons, exactly? This reminds me of Travon Walker last year – if he was a brilliant pass rush prospect, why didn’t he do that at Georgia? Can somebody give me a rational explanation for this?

    Again – we are talking about a top 3 pick. I’m not talking about a player in the 20s, where you can subjectively answer the “yea, buts.” Sorry to get hung up on Carter but the “he’s elite” talk needs to be backed up by something. He *could* be is entirely different he *is*.

    • Matt

      It sure seems like “sacking CJ Stroud” would have been a good plan last night. It’s really too bad Kirby Smart told Jalen Carter not to.

    • Rob Staton

      So many fans on Twitter, still, saying ‘it’s too risky to draft a QB early, take the sure thing D-liner’.


      ‘Jalen Carter is the next Aaron Donald and Will Anderson is the next Nick Bosa’


      ‘A rookie QB pick is a waste because Geno Smith will be better than the rookie in 2023’

      Absolutely mind blowing nonsense

      • Trevor

        I have been critical of JS and his picks over the last decade but last year it felt like he took back control of the draft and the results speak for themselves.

        There is zero chance with Scheinder’s background that he would think that taking a QB would be a waste. Certain that he is chomping at the bit to take his guy and will be all over the QB evaluations this off-season.

        Remember the same Seahawks media and fans who spew this crap about not drafting a QB were saying Russ would not be traded and then were all clamouring to draft Malik Willis.

        • Sea Mode


          He’s been saying every year for a while now that he wanted to draft a QB but it just didn’t come together, etc. Well, in this draft there’s no excuse.
          Not “a defensive player for Pete’s last ride”.
          Not “we didn’t have a high enough pick”.
          Not “we needed to trade down and recoup picks.”

          We have the pick. The QB value will be there. JS will draft a QB.

          The only question for me is will it be with our very first pick or our second, native R1 pick, perhaps after a small trade up if necessary. And that’s where I’m more than willing to keep an open mind depending on how the top 10 falls.

          • CorkyAgain

            I would add that there’s no real need to trade down to recoup picks in this draft. Only Houston has more draft capital than us.

      • Donovan

        Remember when Aaron Curry was the sure thing, safe pick? Sometimes they miss.

        • Rob Staton


  6. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Last night changed my bias against Stroud. He was the best player on the field. I didn’t hear Carter mentioned all night. I changed my mind, I would get stroud. Bryce you g looed goid as well, but size concerns me,

    If not Stroud and they do decide to get QB’s later, Jake Haener has some IT factor. Like Brock Purdy, 4-year starter who lifted his team, Leadership and moxie.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Agreed. I would perfectly fine with drafting Stroud. Joe Burrow was an Ohio St. QB. No problem with drafting one.

  7. bv eburg

    One school of thought could be go QB, Robinson, Pran with your first three picks. Then a guard with the next pick or a high end one in FA. At that point your O-line would be a young strong group, Dk and tyler at wr, k9 and robinson as rb’s. I would have no problem putting a rookie QB into that situation and just try and out score every game.

    • Old but Slow

      In other words, go all in on offense? Our offense is still in the top half of the league and our defense is at the bottom. I too want a QB first, and I want a center, but I would like to see most of the picks go to the defense.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    Happy New Years everyone. Some really great games yesterday. Let the rebuild dreams begin!

    I’m not watching all the players , so to be fair I’ve never had Carter or any other defensive tackle on my radar. I based my opinion off what I read on this blog. To that point – I think there needs to be some separation from what is said on Twitter and the more indepth and intelligent (har) comments made on the blog.

    I think it’s fun when you mock something like all linemen, but we know your just playing.

    There is no Donald in this draft. There may not be a Donald but once in 5 years. At best you could find a couple defensive ends who are worthy of a top five pick. But the Seahawks need both a quarterback of the future and defensive ends. The tackles can be found later in the draft.

    So It’s now down to Stroud, Levi or Richardson. All quarterbacks with strong arms.

    Young is too small, we are seeing to much of Tua and concussions to trust that. I like Duggan but I’ll place him in the 5-7 round category, he missed a lot of throws yesterday and doesn’t have a big arm. What he has is a willingness to play that surpasses any of the first three QBs mentioned.

    I’m leaning toward QB and then defensive end. Hopefully a center and another defensive player in the second. Though there are a lot of wide receivers to consider in the second.

    Great blog – enjoyed your reaction. Lets Go Seahawks!

  9. Cambs

    It would be a very Seahawks move to be presented with the poetic opportunity of the RW3 trade organically gifting them the next franchise quarterback, to pass on him for some ephemeral consideration that boils down to maxing out your September Vegas lines (barstool trivia ten years from now: “what quarterback did the Seahawks re-sign in 2023 instead of drafting perennial all-pro X?”), and then to spend the 2020s cycling through retreads and draft reaches while the guy they could have had tears it up for the Colts instead.

    This season has basically been the fourth stanza of Casey At The Bat, events improbably breaking to make possible the big swing we could only dream of a short time ago. You might strike out still, but you sure as @£$! can’t bunt.

    • Rob Staton

      Exactly this.

      The Seahawks were all geared up to go quarterback in the 2023 draft. They used their cap space for 2023, unquestionably, with the expectation that they would have a cheaper QB in 2023.

      And simply because 32-year-old Geno Smith has had a good year, they want to throw all of that away. Pay Smith the same salary Russell Wilson had. Not have a long term option for the future. Hope that drafting one defensive player with revolutionise the defense — when it hasn’t for Jacksonville or Detroit this season.

      No planning for the long term future. No attempt to find greatness at QB.

      Some fans don’t even want to talk about it as a consideration.

      They have made their minds up. The guy blowing out of his arse in the biggest game of the season, with six sacks in three seasons, doing nothing of note in the game, then waving off the crestfallen Ohio State fans is the apple of their eye.

      • AlaskaHawk

        No one on this board has been talking about paying Geno Smith the same salary as Wilson. You were right about waiting till the end of the season to evaluate him. Smith will be lucky to get 10 million. And he will have a drafted QB gunning for his position.

        • Ben

          Talk about going from extremes. 1yr/10 mil vs 4/140.

          I’m going out on a limb and guessing it’s somewhere in between 🙂

          Rob, you’ve got me convinced on a QB, I’m open to all 4 of them with the #3 pick.

          What’s your pick for sleeper QB pick? I’m always interested in 3rd+ round QBs and what success they have. Cousins/Wilson vs Luck/RG3. I feel like there’s a lot more depth of talent than people think there is and the success of Geno and some other backups this year is proving that out some.

          • Peter

            Ben I’m not sure your parameters of success so I’ll define mine. Superbowl wins.

            There aren’t that many later round qbs that have had success.

            Of course you have Brady throwing all the data out of whack.

            Going back 45 years you see way more first rounders. Bradshaw, Aikman, Steve Young, the manning Brothers, big Ben, mahomes, Stafford, Flacco, Rodgers.

            • Ben

              Are you telling me 1st round QBs have a higher likelihood of success?

              That’s the hard-hitting analysis I came here for!

      • Sea Mode

        Sadly, you know it will only get worse if he does well at the Combine…

  10. TomLPDX

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Yesterday’s games were so enjoyable to watch. TCU and Max played their hearts out and won the day. What a great victory! Go Frogs!!!

    Stroud was beyond amazing. Too bad they missed that last second field goal to win the game. Bennett had a hell of a game as well and in the end the DAWGS get the win.

    Looking forward to the final game next week and hope it is a barn burner (no blowout please).

    As for today’s game against the Jets, I honestly don’t know which team will show up. I just hope it is an exciting game and there are no injuries. Should be fun to watch Sauce and DK/Tyler battle and you know DJ Reed will be in the mix too. Would love to see Tariq get a pick 6 (or two!) and complicate the DROY selection.

    • Ben

      Definitely great games. How dumb was that stopping for a 50-yard FG though? They should’ve let Stroud get them 20-yards closer.

  11. Ukhawk

    Rob. Big kudos !!!

    Love the video and comments esp points on the 12’ mark about these shootout games and hoping people reconsider a QB.

    Enjoying the journey alongside your analysis this year and how you advocate keeping an open mind and your willingness to evolve your opinion.

    Admittedly I’ve been fixed on D. We had a mid season debate on Anderson vs Carter and, whilst I preferred Anderson at the time because of stats, you encouraged the review on-field performance. Since then I’ve come to agree that he doesn’t have the full skillset nor size to possibly succeed or produce similar to the Bosas, Garrett or Von Millers. Same goes for Carter when comparing to guys like Suh and McCoy. Not to say they won’t be successful, it’s just to say they aren’t dead carts.

    So with that in mind, where are you now in terms of ranking the top 4 QBs??

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll have an updated horizontal board soon

      • Peter

        Great video to kick off my morning!

        Can’t wait for the new board. I’ve been having a hell of a time ruminating on a mock. I don’t do simulators because they are both fun and pretty unrealistic.

        I’m moving away a bit from the all defense all the time mocks. I can’t find any dlinemen that I’m in love with…..that Seattle would draft.

        All the ones I really like probably won’t fit Seattle’s parameters. So I’m left looking at best big boy that takes up space.

        Though he’s fallen out of favor. I’m still very high on levis. He had one of least competitive supporting casts. His ridiculous footwork and fire, more the previous year, have me thinking playing with Seattle’s weapons he could be potentially dynamic.

        Rough draft, draft:

        3. Levis

        Trade down from 12-19: van pran. End this b.s. about being the bully and let’s go be the bully.

        36. Skinner. Neal/Skinner could be something very special as opposed to a man made of glass and quandary “business decisions,” diggs.

        44. Best biggest boy. Need testing to start separating.

        Third round: rodriguez. Seattle offense doesn’t function when the rbs have off days. Extra third from early trade….next best biggest boy.

        With the scheme (quote/unquote) I’m not even sure how to proceed on defense. Feels like the plan is to magic up better players. But with no suh, Mccoy, williams, heck there might not be a jarran Reed in this draft I’m at a loss how this team instantly gets better.

  12. Trevor

    Defense can be fixed with scheme changes and there are options to upgrade talent in free agency and later in the draft every year. If the Hawks will do that is up for debate but there are options.

    There are not options to find a franchise QB in free agency and getting fortunate and finding a Wilson, Prescott or Hurts in rounds 2-3 is a complete crap shoot.

    If the Hawks really like one of (Young, Stroud, Robinson or Levis) then they should just take the gift from Denver and make the pick.

    On a positive note the play of Stroud and Young yesterday only made a top 3 pick even more valuable. Both looked amazing and I have always preferred Levis or Robinson. Stroud’s play improvising and running in particular was eye opening. He really does have a Justin Herbert feel to his game the way he was moving the pocket and hitting that crossing route was text book.

    • Peter

      “Defense can be fixed with scheme changes”…..

      This is what sucks. If that were possible (and should be btw) why haven’t they?

      Short of Pete saying nah, we’re bringing back my 4-3 and everything old is new again and bringing back the LEO where does this team go?

      Taylor, mafe, nwossu, and missing persons list robinson should all be doing something by the final two games of the season.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Scheme changes won’t fix players out of position and poor tackling – specific to runs. Was interesting watching Ohio State rush 3, kind of a blueprint for us.

  13. Producehawk

    3. C.J. Stroud
    QB Ohio State

    24.O’Cyrus Torrence
    OG Florida

    35. Sedrick Van Pran
    OC Georgia

    49. Siaki Ika
    DT Baylor

    80. Tommy Eichenberg
    LB Ohio State

    2024 BAL 1st
    2024 BAL 2nd

    I know it is unrealistic. After last night I doubt if C.J. Drops to three. Then some kind of trade back to pick up the guard. I doubt we could get a first and second but that is what it is. QB and a rebuilt Oline. Ika probably not there at 49 but some Dline would be. Then Eichenberg or BPA at 80. Something along these lines would be good. However, I think the Bears at number two control what Seattle will do big time.

    • Peter

      Baltimore is moving off of Jackson for presumably a qb at #12?

      • Producehawk

        I think that would be the only way they would offer a 1&2. It is just the option the simulator gave. I don’t want to take the guard at twelve so trading back seemed wise. I’m still pissed we took Eskridge when Creed Humphrey fell in our laps. I was sure they would take Creed. Still cannot believe it.

  14. Joe Strummer

    I watched a lot of football yesterday followed by my usual 10pm New Year’s Eve bedtime.
    A few thoughts…
    CJ Stroud, nice game. I’m on board for a new Seahawks QB, add him to the list.
    What is with the lack of defense in these games? Makes it hard to project defensive players to the pros.
    Anderson and Carter don’t show up in games, especially Anderson. That is a concern.
    The only D lineman that jumped off my screen (OK, more of a short hop) was Dylan Horton of TCU. Granted it is just one game and I’m a casual fan, but that was my impression yesterday. I think he’s interesting, was recruited out of high school as a safety and has a track/basketball background.
    I guess J.T. showed up on 2-3 plays too. Whatever.
    I’m admittedly a homer, but I would match Washington’s top 3-4 receivers against anyone’s. They catch it with their hands. I do like those OSU receivers though.
    Ryan Day, yuk.
    And the age-old question, is the Big 10 always overrated?

  15. Mr magic

    Stroud was the top QB prospect coming into the season and now more than ever. He’s the top prospect as it ends. Draft him if we’re lucky enough for him to slip to three or four, which I highly doubt. He is likely the #1 pick!

    Tough game foe Carter. He was double teamed all night though and still created pressures.

  16. Katal

    Every year certain players fall farther in the draft than anticipated (eg, Johnson last year, who many of us wanted at 9 but dropped to the late-20s). Were Carter to fall & we were selecting in the 7-13 range, would you take the leap with Seattle’s second pick?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would wait till late second round or third round before picking a defensive tackle. I don’t see the early value there. My choice is Qb, de, center and wide receiver.

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    I said it before, this year’s KC Chiefs are maddeningly like the 2015-2016 Seahawks. Good team loaded with talent that somehow seems to play down to the level of their opponent instead of commanding games the way they should.

    Not that any of us GAF, but I think they falter in the AFCC or maybe even the divisional round depending on who they play.

    Meanwhile, Russell Wilson just ran for a TD against them and he looked like he’s pissed off to prove a point

  18. Palatypus

    If we draft C,J, Stroud and Sedrick Van Pran, I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations. I would put them in adjacent lockers.

    • Mr Magic

      no way CJ still available when we draft unless we draft #1.

      • Rob Staton

        ‘No way’ is not accurate

  19. Mike714

    My dream would be 1a Richardson/Levis/Stroud 1b Bijan Robinson 2a JL Skinner 2b Siaka Ika. I also hope they take another QB in R3/R4. I like Geno but I really think this season was an aberration and not what we can expect in the future from him. You don’t get to pick like this often, has to be a QB.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Yeah Richardson was my favorite. But now, I’d be happy with him, Stroud, OR Levis.

  20. Matt

    Can already see it…

    Eek into playoffs. Extend Geno. Draft Carter.

    9-8 in 2023. Same issues. “We are really close.”

  21. Ben - Fort Worth

    What’s up with Woolen? Is he hurt?

  22. Hebegbs

    I was really underwhelmed last night watching Ohio States line wash out Carter. They have a good line for sure but for the next “sure thing” d-lineman-certainly didn’t see it last night in the biggest showcase game of his life.

    I hope Hawks go QB with Denver’s pick. I don’t see a sure thing in this draft right now. I think they need to swing for the fences for a QB.

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